Oct. 31, 2023

Tucker's Ominous Warning Stirs National Alarm


Our new speaker needs to be interviewed by Tucker. We need to be reassured that the Republicans, have our back and will actually start working for US! They haven't been. We are sick and tired of our tax dollars supporting everyone but us! We are sick and tired of being lied to! We are getting thoroughly pissed off, quite frankly!

Oct. 30, 2023

Asteroid 2023 TV3 will fly about 51,000 miles away (~82,000 km) from Earth;

estimated to be about 10.6 meters wide (35 feet).


Credit: Space.com | orbit animation: NASA/JPL-Caltech | edited by Steve Spaleta


Maybe it's me. But according to this simulation, it looks like it hits the Earth.

Gun Sales Spike 200% in Maine After Tragic Mass Shooting


Gun sales in Lewiston, Maine and the surrounding area spiked over 200% after a deadly mass shooting claimed the lives of 18 people and wounded over a dozen more.

Despite a shelter-in-place order being put in place in Lewiston, Maine, local gun shop owners were urged to open up their doors by community members who pleaded with them to open up shop.

According to Fox Business, Ryan Gagnon, who is a co-owner of 3 Cousins Firearms in Lewiston, reported, “Our sales were up, I would say, over 200% compared to a typical Friday.”

Another gun shop owner, Tony Lewis, shared that he did more business after the mass shooting than he did the entire month.

Exclusive: He Blames COVID Protocols for His Mothers Death. Now This Filmmaker Is Using His Camera to Tell Other Victims Stories.


Clover Carroll is CEO of New Story Media, a company he co-founded to produce content for major television networks. But after his mother’s death — which Carroll blamed on COVID-19 hospital protocols — Carroll found a new calling: telling the stories of other protocol victims.

Carroll has produced the first of what he hopes will be a series of documentaries, titled “Do No Harm: The Clifton Dawley Story,” featuring the story of Clifton Dawley, whose son believes his father also died because of COVID-19 hospital protocols.

Jordan Denies US Weapons are Transferred to Israel from Jordanian Military Base


Hundreds of thousands of Jordanians have protested throughout the last three weeks demanding that their government take a strong stance against Israel.

Jordan on Sunday denied the allegation of permitting the US army to utilize the kingdom’s military base to deliver equipment and ammunition to the Israeli army amid a devastating Israeli war on Gaza. 

The Jordanian denial was communicated through the state-run Petra news agency on Sunday.

I Was Wrong: Netanyahu Offers Official Apology


The rightwing Israeli prime minister has retracted claims that he was not warned of the October 7 Hamas attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has apologized for a post blaming the country’s security services for failing to predict the Hamas attack. 

Following his initial statement, Netanyahu received widespread criticism from the country’s media as well as members of his own war cabinet.

On Saturday, after a late-night press conference, Netanyahu’s office wrote on the social media platform X that “under no circumstances and at no stage was Prime Minister Netanyahu warned of Hamas’s war intentions.”

The office added that “on the contrary, all the security officials, including the head of military intelligence and the head of the (internal intelligence) Shin Bet, assessed that Hamas had been deterred and was looking for a settlement.”

Iran president: Israels failed ground invasion 2nd victory for resistance after Operation al-Aqsa Storm


Iran's president says Israel’s defeat in its ground invasion of the besieged Gaza Strip was the second victory for the Palestinian resistance groups that launched Operation al-Aqsa Storm against the regime.

Ebrahim Raeisi was speaking in an interview with Al Jazeera TV on Saturday.

Israeli forces, backed by warplanes, staged a brief ground raid into central Gaza on Friday, after frequent threats by the regime about launching a full ground invasion as part of a fierce aggression on the besieged Palestinian territory.

The regime’s army said its ground forces, accompanied by fighter jets and drones, “conducted an additional targeted raid in the central Gaza Strip.”

Iranian President: Israel Has Crossed the Red Lines


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said that Israel had crossed ‘red lines’ that could force everyone to take action.

“Zionist regime’s crimes have crossed the red lines, which may force everyone to take action. Washington asks us to not do anything, but they keep giving widespread support to Israel. The US sent messages to the Axis of Resistance but received a clear response on the battlefield,” the president said in a statement on his account at the social media platform X.

‘Axis of Resistance’ is the term used in the Middle East to reference the united resistance against the Israeli occupation and US military interventions. It includes Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other groups.



Somebody please tell me that this President of Cuba isn't brown-nosing against the grain here? Cuba is right up there with North Korea as far as I am concerned.  Their country has LITERALLY starved its people and kept them in POVERTY, for over 60 YEARS!


Miguel, you better take care of your OWN BACK YARD FIRST. 


We won't accept ignoring genocide against Palestinians: Cuban president.


The Cuban President has strongly condemned Israel’s genocidal campaign in the Gaza Strip and blamed Israel and the United States for 75 years of occupation and violating the “inalienable” rights of the Palestinians.

In his statements to national television On Saturday, Miguel Diaz-Canel expressed his country’s strong condemnation of the genocide, and the destruction of homes, hospitals, and civilian infrastructure perpetrated by the Israeli forces in Palestinian land.

“We will not accept any selective indignation that seeks to ignore the danger of the genocide that is being perpetrated against the Palestinians, portray the Israeli side as the victim, and ignore 75 years of aggression, occupation, violations, and exclusion,” he said.

“We reject the killing of innocent people as a result of the current escalation and fierce and indiscriminate aggression, without distinction of race, origin, gender, or belief,” Diaz-Canel stressed.

He described Israel’s bloodshed in Gaza as “unjustifiable” and in “serious violation” of humanitarian and international laws.

State of Palestine in the Bible (1905) this is BEFORE the Masonic infiltration.




The BOLSHEVIK JEWS killed their own kind to impose control and move forward in their Zionist AGENDA.

[flashback]: Zelenskyy wants Ukraine to be a big Israel. Here's a road map.


Speaking to reporters this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described the future he sees for his country in unusual terms: as “a big Israel.” Gone, he said, are hopes for “an absolutely liberal” state—replaced by the likely reality of armed defense forces patrolling movie theaters and supermarkets. “I’m confident that our security will be the number-one issue over the next ten years,” Zelenskyy added.


Iranian Foreign Minister warns U.S. will not be spared if the Israel-Hamas war escalates.


Iran’s foreign minister has issued an ominous warning to the U.S. that it will “not be spared” if the war between Israel and Hamas is allowed to escalate.



Tyson Foods pivoting from meat to BUGS with large investment in bug and INSECT proteins


Tyson Foods, known mostly for its chicken products, is partnering with a Dutch firm called Protix that raises bugs to convert and manufacture their "proteins" into "food," first in animal feed and eventually in human food.

Overcharged: Major Study Reveals Alarming True Cost of Owning an EV, Fueling Equal to $17.33 Per Gallon


A new study called “Overcharged Expectations” claims that without federal subsidies, the real cost of fueling an electric vehicle would amount to $17.33 per gallon of gasoline.

U-Haul Filled With 2,000 Pounds Of Marijuana Crashes Into California Police Station


Two people were arrested after a U-Haul truck filled with approximately 2,000 pounds of marijuana into the gate of a police station in Sierra Madre, California, on Thursday.

Female Martial Artists Refusing to Compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament After Being Forced to Fight Men Claiming to Be Women


Female martial artists are refusing to compete in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament because men who claim to be “transgender women” have “completely overtaken the women’s categories” of The North American Grappling Association (NAGA).

Total of 5,000 US Soldiers Partook in Israel's Overnight Raid in Northern Gaza - Reports


A total of 5,000 US servicepeople took part in Israel's overnight ground operation in northern Gaza, Iranian news agency reported on Saturday, citing sources.

The Israeli operation reportedly involved three divisions and several brigades of the US Armed Forces, according to the news agency.

The Israeli army is now trying to divide the Gaza Strip into two or three zones by entering from these areas and then starting the next phase of the war with Palestine to eliminate the link between the forces of Palestinian movement Hamas, the report said.

Maine police alerted about veiled threats from Robert Card weeks before mass shooting


Law enforcement officials in Maine received a statewide alert about “veiled threats” made by US Army reservist Robert Card — weeks before he opened fire at a local bowling alley and a bar, killing 18 people and wounding 13 others.

Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry said he sent deputies to Card’s home in September after the US Army Reserve tipped him off that the firearms instructor had issued “veiled threats” against an Army base — but couldn’t find him.

Merry then sent an “awareness alert” about Card to all of the state’s law enforcement agencies.

Saco Police Chief Jack Clements said he even deployed cops to patrol the local Army base where Card, a veteran reservist, had trained — but also came up empty.

“We added extra patrols. We did that for about two weeks,” Clements said. “The guy never showed up.”

CV19 mRNA Vaccines Were Meant to Harm


Dr. Michael Palmer MD was a biochemistry professor at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and was fired from his job in 2022 when he refused the CV19 so-called “vaccine.”  He now helps run Doctors4CovidEthics.org.  It is a website dedicated to warning people of the dangers of the CV19 mRNA vaccines.  Dr. Palmer has just written a book called “mRNA Vaccine Toxicity.”  Dr. Palmer has well over 1,000 hours of personal research conducted on the mRNA vaccines, which he calls “poison.”  Dr. Palmer also has an impressive list of contributors to his recent book that include world renowned microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (MD) and Catherine Austin Fitts, to name a few.  Dr. Palmer says the CV19 vax was an “intentional murder program.”  Dr. Palmer explains, “It was clear in 2020 that the risks that were being taken were completely unreasonable.  It normally takes many years to develop a vaccine. . . these years were condensed into just a few months. . . . If you combine the radical shortening of time for testing, which on its own creates a huge risk, combined with a new technology (mRNA) that means the risk is incalculable.  So, it’s completely irresponsible. . . .After the beginning of the vaccination campaign, and the first few weeks with disastrous results, it would have been necessary to immediately stop this campaign.  

What we have seen instead is relentless coercion, relentless censorship, relentless lying by the authorities about the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.  This must have been a necessity for these vaccines.  This must be a deliberate policy to harm and kill.”

There's Only So Much Propaganda Spin You Can Put on The Murder of Thousands of Children


The thing is there’s only so much propaganda spin you can put on the murder of thousands of children.

With other imperial military actions, the propagandists had an easier time spinning things. Oh no those evil communists are taking over South Vietnam; we need to stop them! Oh no Saddam’s got WMDs, we need to get him! Oh no Gaddafi’s gonna rape and kill all those Libyans, we have a responsibility to protect them!

In Gaza, Israel and its western backers are massacring children by the thousands with a shockingly vicious bombing campaign that is turning entire neighborhoods into gravel. They’re raining down military explosives on a giant concentration camp that is densely populated by children.

Biblical Views About the End Times.

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The original copies of the Old Testament were written in Hebrew and Aramaic, the Apocrypha in Greek and Latin, and the New Testament in Greek. Different aspects of these three sources were translated into English and compiled into the King James Bible, commissioned in 1604 by King James the Sixth and published in 1611. According to Manly P. Hall, it was edited by Francis Bacon and prepared under Masonic supervision, which can be seen on its title page.

The most talked about book of the Bible is the book of Revelation and throughout church history, there have been four different viewpoints regarding its meaning.

The Idealist or spiritual view uses the allegorical method to interpret the Book of Revelation. This viewpoint believes the book is using symbolic imagery to tell the story of good against evil. Edgar Cayce believed it was describing both the collapse of an age and the spiritual enlightenment of the individual.

The Futurist view is that the bible is to be interpreted literally. They are expecting a seven-year tribulation culminating with the battle of Armageddon, followed by a thousand-year rule of Christ on the earth.

The Historicist View is that Revelation is a symbolic account of history from the Apostles to the end times.

And the Preterist View, the focus of this video, is that the biblical prophecies were already fulfilled in 70 A.D., and we are living in the New Kingdom today.

Their first argument is scripture itself. Christ predicted his return in the lifetime of his contemporaries. Liberal critics have used this as proof of Christ’s failure to return when he promised to. The Preterist points to Matthew 24:34 where Jesus states, “Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place”.

And they look to the historical record where they have found several sources who recorded dozens of events between the years 66 and 70 A.D. that reflect those described in biblical prophecy. Such as the angels in Matthew 24:31. Josephus wrote that in the Spring of sixty-six, “chariots and troops of soldiers in their armor were seen running about among the clouds”. An event described by Roman historian Tacitus as “hosts joining battle in the skies”.

According to the Preterist, the Book of Revelation was about the tribulations of the Jews and the destruction of Jerusalem. The end of the Old Testament Jewish age, and the beginning of the New Testament Christian age. As Edward Stevens’ wrote “The unbelieving Jews were cut off from their inheritance and destroyed, while the faithful remnant of believing Jews, along with Gentiles, inherited those covenantal blessings. Thus, the establishment of the Eternal Kingdom of Christ at the Destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 was the fulfillment of all the things that were promised to God’s chosen people.”

The Preterist believes that we are now living in the new Kingdom of Christ and point out that when Jesus and the Apostles were describing the coming Kingdom, they were not describing a paradise. They were describing how man must act and behave within the new kingdom. They believe that the land of Israel is no longer in the flesh. That those promises are fulfilled in Jesus and his spiritual kingdom which all Christians now enjoy.

Like the Q-Anon psyop, Preterists argue that the End Times prophecy is being used to incapacitate a would-be Christian opposition to the evil control system currently being built to enslave humanity. There are millions of religious people who welcome this destruction because they believe it is the divine will of God.

Why did they choose to give a Mark-of-the-Beast style microchip the patent number 060606? Was it fate? Or a way to cement the futurist belief into the minds of Christians so that they believe destruction is unstoppable and resistance futile.

There are many different belief systems, but where is the good in sitting idly by to watch as evil devours the world around us?


Can we guess what killed him..?
It couldn't have been Covid. He was vaccinated.





For Palestinian and Iraeli Americans, war has made the unimaginable a reality


The latest conflict in the Middle East has left both Palestinian and Israeli Americans struggling with the loss of innocent lives. Jericka Duncan reports.


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Oct. 29, 2023

Oct. 28, 2023

Nearly half of Israelis want their government to delay the ground invasion of Gaza, new poll finds - piling pressure on Netanyahu.


A week ago, two thirds of those in Israel favored an ‘extensive invasion’, yet now only 29 per cent want the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to go in immediately, while 49 per cent prefer to wait. The dramatic shift came as fears grew of the Gaza crisis turning into a wider conflict after US warplanes launched air strikes on Iran-linked militant bases in Syria overnight.

iLeakage: New Safari Exploit Impacts Apple iPhones and Macs with A- and M-Series CPUs


A group of academics has devised a novel side-channel attack dubbed iLeakage that exploits a weakness in the A- and M-series CPUs running on Apple iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices, enabling the extraction of sensitive information from the Safari web browser. "An attacker can induce Safari to render an arbitrary webpage, subsequently recovering sensitive information present within it using speculative execution," researchers Jason Kim, Stephan van Schaik, Daniel Genkin, and Yuval Yarom said in a new study.

Israel-Hamas war live: Israeli ground forces expanding operations in Gaza


  • Israeli bombing of Gaza, particularly in the north of the enclave, increases in its intensity as communications in the enclave are cut.
  • Al Jazeera sources say negotiations, mediated by Qatar, on a ceasefire and prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas are “progressing and at an advanced stage”.

3,700 Detroit casino workers launch strike for better pay and improved working conditions.


Over 3,700 casino workers in Detroit have announced a strike against three major casinos in the city after the breakdown of contract negotiations over the summer. The casino workers are demanding higher wages and improved working conditions as the cost of living in the United States continues to skyrocket.

California City Blasted for Official Resolution Condemning Israel: Hamas Had a Great Night in Richmond


The city of Richmond, California, voted early Wednesday morning to condemn Israel — just under three weeks after Hamas terrorists breached the fence from Gaza and slaughtered 1,400 Israelis, many of whom were women and children.

Millions of smart meters will brick it when 2G and 3G turns off


A gaggle of MPs are calling for government to put together a timetable for the replacement of millions upon millions of smart meters that will be defunct when 2G and 3G mobile networks are switched off. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) comprised of cross-party MPs penned a report to update the rollout of the smart meters, with multiple deadlines missed along the way of the £13.9 billion project (c $17 billion). The report echoes an earlier one by the National Audit Office (NAO), which found that as of March 2023, energy companies had rolled out the devices to just 57 percent (roughly 32.4 million out of a potential install base of 57.1 million) homes and businesses. Of these devices, around 9 percent were not functioning properly. The PAC says in its latest report: "A fifth more (an estimated seven million) will lose functionality when the 2G and 3G mobile communications networks are closed if they do not receive costly hardware upgrades (the cost of which will ultimately be borne by the billpayers)."

Privacy advocate challenges YouTube's ad blocking detection scripts under EU law


YouTube's open hostility to ad blockers coincides with the recent trial deployment of a popup notice presented to web users who visit the site with an ad-blocking extension in their browser – messaging tested on a limited audience at least as far back as May. In order to present that popup YouTube needs to run a script, changed at least twice a day, to detect blocking efforts. And that script, Hanff believes, violates the EU's ePrivacy Directive – because YouTube did not first ask for explicit consent to conduct such browser interrogation.

Bidenomics At Work! Savings Rate Plunges as Spending Soars, Inflation Slows as Govt Wage Growth Nears Record High (Commercial Office Delinquencies on The Rise, San Francisco Soars To 30.4% In Q3)


Biden’s leading “economist” Lael Brainard loves to brag about the strong economy under Bidenomics, and then pulled a brain freeze when asked about crashing savings rates as consumers struggle with inflation.

The good news? One of The Fed’s favorite inflation indicators – Core PCE Deflator – slowed to 3.7% YoY in September (its lowest since May 2021). Headline PCE was flat at 3.4% YoY. Both were in line with expectations… But 3.4% is still far too high compared to The Fed’s target of 2%.

Prosecutors Accuse Trump of Threatening Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows


Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team accused former President Donald Trump in a new court filing this week of threatening his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, after a news report was published that said Meadows had been granted immunity in the federal criminal case against Trump over his alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.



Denise Gradin - The Brutal Truth


New York City finds itself grappling with increasingly strained resources as it attempts to address the surge of incoming migrants. In a desperate bid to dissuade newcomers from settling within its already overcrowded boundaries, the city has initiated a novel strategy: offering migrants a one-way plane ticket to exit the metropolis.


Migrants who were displaced from city shelters are being directed to a Manhattan "reticketing" office solely dedicated to booking flights to destinations across the globe. Some individuals have opted to jet off to countries like Colombia or Morocco, seeking relief from the city's mounting pressures.


City Hall spokesperson Kayla Mamelak, recognizing the absence of a foreseeable resolution, stated, "With no sign of a decompression strategy in the near future, we have established a reticketing center for migrants. Here, the city will intensify its efforts to procure tickets for migrants, assisting them in taking the next steps of their journeys."


Mayor Eric Adams has persistently sounded the alarm about the city's diminishing capacity, stating unequivocally, "When you are out of room, that means you're out of room." He likened the situation to the annual influx of relatives at Thanksgiving, stressing that there is simply no more room to accommodate newcomers.


New York City is now contending with the challenge of absorbing tens of thousands of undocumented migrants who have poured into the city over the past year. The arrival of over 130,000 migrants since last year has stretched the city's resources to their limits, compelling the establishment of new facilities to house them.


Recent weeks have witnessed a further surge in arrivals, with approximately 600 migrants arriving in the city each day. Over the summer, the city even resorted to distributing flyers at the southern border, warning migrants that there is "no guarantee" of shelter in New York and encouraging them to consider other destinations.

The city has already expended more than $1.2 billion to support migrants and anticipates this figure could rise to $5 billion. Mayor Adams has expressed his concerns, declaring, "This issue will devastate New York City. We're receiving 10,000 migrants a month... Every community in this city is going to be impacted."


To address the space constraints, the city has implemented new policies, such as limiting the duration of migrant family shelter stays. Families with children are now required to reapply for housing within the city's shelter system every 60 days. This measure is intended to prompt recently arrived migrants to seek alternative housing.


A similar policy is already in place for single adult migrants, who must reapply for shelter housing every 30 days. Preliminary data suggests that the policy is proving effective, as fewer than 20% of migrants who received eviction notices have reapplied for shelter.


In the midst of these challenges, Mayor Adams is actively seeking to suspend the city's "right to shelter" obligation, which mandates providing shelter to anyone who requests it. City Hall's legal team is engaged in litigation to address this issue in Manhattan Supreme Court.


Should the "right to shelter" obligation remain intact, the city will be compelled to continue finding accommodation for migrants who reapply for shelter. As a response to the space shortage, the city has opened over 200 emergency shelters and is contemplating the creation of a substantial "semi-congregate" facility designed to house 500 families, a move that may potentially conflict with state regulations mandating separate rooms for each household.

Pro-Hamas Protesters Locked Out While Jewish Students Shelter In Cooper Union Campus Library


Jewish students were locked in a campus library at Manhattan’s prestigious Cooper Union College on Wednesday as pro-Palestinian protesters outside the building called for the globalization of the Intifada.

U.S. Military Strikes Facilities Used By Irans Military, Terror Proxies In Syria


The U.S. Military conducted targeted strikes against facilities in Syria on Thursday night that are used by Iran’s military and its terrorist proxy group.

2023 Marks Worst Year Ever At The Border With 3.2 Million Nationwide Encounters, Congressional Report Finds.

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2023 has been the worst year on record at the border, with a staggering 3.2 million encounters nationwide, according to a report from the House Committee on Homeland Security.


“Encounters at the Southwest border (SWB) in FY2023 increased over 40% since FY 2021, 4% compared to FY2022, and more than 100% compared to FY2019,” the report explains. A total of 2.47 million illegal immigrant encounters were reported at the southern border in fiscal year 2023.

But there were also an additional 189,402 illegal immigrant encounters at the northern border during 2023, marking roughly an increase of 80,000 encounters since last year and a shocking jump up from just 27,180 northern border encounters in 2021.

The committee factsheet highlighted the increase in border encounters in 2023 compared to previous years, calling the figure “another unprecedented milestone under Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and President Joe Biden’s open-borders policies.”

Overall, there was a total of 3.2 million illegal immigrant encounters nationwide, a press release from the committee reported. But the shocking figure does not include the 1.7 million known illegal immigrant gotaways who’ve entered the country under the Biden administration since fiscal year 2021.

The surge shows no sign of subsiding, with data from September showing drastic increases in encounters compared to the same month in previous years. “Last month, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported a 40% increase compared to September 2021 and 18% compared to September 2022,” the report explained. “Encounters at the Northern border in September 2023 increased 409% compared to September 2021 and 41% compared to September 2022.”

With record numbers of border encounters, the report from the Homeland Security Committee honed in on the national security threat posed by mass illegal immigration. “In FY 2023, 169 individuals whose names appear on the terrorist watchlist were stopped trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border between ports of entry,” the report states before adding that 18 were apprehended in September alone.

The figure marks a “72% increase from FY2022 for apprehensions of individuals on the terrorist watchlist, and is the most on record,” it warns.

“So far in FY2023, CBP has arrested 35,433 aliens with criminal convictions or outstanding warrants nationwide, including 598 known gang members, 178 of those being MS-13 members,” the fact sheet reads, also stating that Customs and Border Patrol “has seized 27,293 pounds of fentanyl, coming across the Southwest border—enough to kill around 6 billion people.”

While the figure marks an 88% increase from fiscal year 2022, the report also warns that “Federal officials estimate they are only able to seize 5-10% of all illegal drugs smuggled across the Southwest border.”

“As this disaster spirals further out of control, the Biden administration does not know how many dangerous illegal aliens are entering the country undetected, especially as Border Patrol agents are being pulled off the front lines to help process and release the historic number of illegal aliens flooding the border,” the press release from the Homeland Security Committee charges. “Mayorkas simply continues to double down on his mass-parole programs, incentivizing and facilitating the entry of otherwise inadmissible aliens into the United States at a scale never before seen.”

The report comes after the House Homeland Security Committee, led by Chairman Mark Green (R-TN), revealed that over a quarter million “inadmissible aliens” have been let into the United States through the CBP One app, a digital platform expanded under the Biden administration that allows foreign nationals to remotely schedule asylum appointments. An overwhelming 95.8% of all aliens who used the app were allowed into the country, including those from China, Afghanistan, Russia, Venezuela, and several other countries.

But the overwhelming wave of illegal immigration could backfire on the Democrats at the ballot box, with a recent poll from CBS News found that a commanding majority of voters, 66%, said that they disapprove of President Biden’s handling of immigration. Just 34% said that they approve.


2023 Marks Worst Year Ever At The Border With 3.2 Million Nationwide Encounters, Congressional Report Finds | Women System (womensystems.com)

Soros-Funded PAC Labels Black Republican an Uncle Tom in Campaign Ad: Skinfolk Aint Kinfolk


A liberal Super PAC that counts billionaire George Soros as a major donor is running racially charged ads in Kentucky against Republican Daniel Cameron, who says his Democrat opponent should condemn the “racist and hateful” attacks being aired ahead of next month’s election.

Larry Elder Suspends Presidential Campaign, Endorses Trump: It's Time to Unite


Conservative talk radio host and 2024 presidential candidate Larry Elder announced he was suspending his campaign Thursday evening, saying it’s time for Republicans to “unite behind Donald Trump.”

DeSantis Pushes Back on Calls for Gun Control, Red Flag Laws: We Need More Institutionalization


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pushed back on calls for red flag laws and other gun control laws in the wake of the shooting in Maine this week, saying that he does not believe they are appropriate because they violate a person’s due process rights.

Maine Mass Shooting Suspect Found Dead with Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound


The gunman suspected of carrying out the mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine that killed 18 people was found dead on Friday, authorities said, ending a massive two-day manhunt.




Authorities found Army reservist Robert Card’s body on Friday evening with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills said Card’s body was discovered in the nearby town of Lisbon—where police had previously discovered his abandoned SUV.


Mills said she “like many people” was relieved knowing that Card was no longer a threat to anyone, as she thanked local, state, and federal law enforcement for their work.


Authorities refused to divulge more details about the site where Card’s body was found, and it is still unclear when Card died.

Michael Sauschuck, Maine’s public safety commissioner, said the state had lifted hunting restrictions that were in place during the manhunt.


At the press conference, Mills said: “I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Robert Card is no longer a threat to anyone else…I also know that his death may not bring solace to the victims of this tragedy…While this search has concluded, I know that law enforcement continues to fully investigate this tragedy so that we can bring what closure we can to the victims and their families.”

Israel-Hamas war: Ex-Israeli soldier says, 'this government can't defeat Hamas.'


Sky's Mark Austin has spoken to Gaza War veteran Benzi Sanders who said, "Hamas is stronger" even though they "had dealt them a decisive blow".


The ex-Israel Defence Forces soldier added: "The only way to defeat the idea of violent resistance is to create an alternative. One our government [Israel] opposes. So, this government can't defeat Hamas."

'Unwilling to lie?' Trump's refusal to face judge in ballot hearing puzzles sec. of state.

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According to Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, Donald Trump's decision to stay away from a trial centered on keeping him off the state's 2024 ballot – coupled with a refusal to testify on his own behalf – could give attorneys for the state a distinct advantage,

On Monday, all eyes will be on a Colorado courtroom where lawyers for six Coloradans – both Republicans and unaffiliated voters – will attempt to make the case that the former president is disqualified from running for office due to provisions found in the 14th Amendment with regard to taking part in an insurrection.

In an interview with MSNBC's Jordan Rubin, Griswold found it curious that Trump won't attend and is refusing to plead his case before a judge.

Noting that the trial will not include a jury, only a judge, and that there is a lower burden of proof needed in a bench trial, Griswold admitted she can't fathom the former president's reasoning for staying away.

"I think something really noteworthy about this case is, look, it’s going to the foundational question: Did Donald Trump disqualify himself by engaging in the insurrection?' she explained before adding, "You would think, with such a big case, that the potential candidate would want to come and give their side of the story."

She added, "He’s not planning to testify, he’s not giving deposition, and for someone who just loves to grandstand about the cases against him, his silence, compared to what his testimony would be under oath, is deafening."

Asked by Rubin how she expects Trump's absence to play out, she admitted, "I can’t get into too many specifics about how the case will play out, just given some of the orders around the case," before later adding, "So at the end of the day, Donald Trump has proven himself a liar. Maybe he’s unwilling to lie under oath. I don’t know. I can’t get into his reasoning about why he is choosing to not show up. But this is a really big case."

You can read more here.

Oct. 27, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Is Israel Planning to Nerve Gas Gaza?


Oct. 26, 2023

5 people found shot to death in North Carolina home: "This is not normal for our community"


Police are investigating after five people were found shot dead inside a residence in North Carolina.

The bodies were reported to police just after midnight on Thursday in Clinton, North Carolina, according to a news release from the Sampson County Sheriff's Office. The 911 caller said they had spoken to one of the people who was killed at around 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday. The caller, who has not been identified, said they found the bodies because they stopped by the house on their way home, according to the news release.

The sheriff's office said that the deceased included one woman and four men. All had gunshot wounds.

The five people were "of different races and ethnicities" and "ranged in age" from their 30s to their 80s, the sheriff's office said. It's not yet confirmed how the people are connected. The identities of the victims are being withheld until family members are notified, the sheriff's office said.


TBT: This just HAS to be a staged psyop to

push the gun-grabber agenda!

Maine shooter Robert Card's sister-in-law says he claimed to have heard VOICES at bowling alley and bar where he massacred 18 people - and family members have been texting him to plea with him to surrender


Maine shooter Robert Card heard voices at the bowling alley and bar where he went on to launch his deadly attack which killed at least 18 people, according to his sister-in-law. 

Relatives of the 40-year-old Army reserve firearms instructor have also been frantically texting him pleading with him to surrender as the manhunt enters its 17th hour. 

Card has been charged with multiple murder counts after the bloody massacre at Schemengees Bar and Grille and Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine, around 7pm on Wednesday. 

Officials were seen wheeling a victim in a body bag out of Schemengees the next morning as police combed the area for the gunman. 

Katie Card, who is married to the suspect's brother, said he had been struggling with 'an acute episode of mental health'


TBT: It's not the guns, it's the people!

What a shame the other folks at the bar and

bowling alley weren't carrying!

Wiped off the map: Before-and-after satellite images show how Israeli airstrikes have laid waste to entire Gaza neighborhoods after two weeks of bombardments.

👀click to read👀

Startling satellite images have revealed the destructive aftermath of weeks of Israeli airstrikes on neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip. 

The images, provided by Reuters, show the true scale of the devastation the Israel Defense Force's (IDF) airstrikes have caused in Beit Hanoun and Atatra in the Northern Gaza Strip.   

Prior to the bombing, large apartment buildings, homes, roads and the green of suburban trees and plots of land could be seen dotting the countryside. 

But a vastly different scene is the reality in these neighborhoods now, as the relentless bombing has laid waste to much of what stood before. Many of the images show a dusty wasteland with crumbling buildings and debris strewn all around.   

The IDF suspects Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists were hiding in many of these neighborhoods. 

The Israeli Airforce has been striking targets, many of which include weapons depots and Hamas tunnels, since the start of the war on October 7. 

Many Gaza residents have also been posting videos and pictures to social media, showing the destruction caused by the Israeli Air Force.

Meanwhile, the United Nations today said 'nowhere is safe' in Gaza amid Israel's bombing. 

Lynne Hastings, UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory, said in a statement: 'Nowhere is safe in Gaza.

'When the evacuation routes are bombed, when people north as well as south are caught up in hostilities, when the essentials for survival are lacking, and when there are no assurances for return, people are left with nothing but impossible choices.'

Reportedly more than 7000 people have been killed in Gaza since the start of the war.

So far, the total of 7028 deaths includes 2913 children, the Hamas-run health ministry said.

Yesterday the ministry reported 6546 deaths, including 2704 children.

Joe Biden said he had 'no confidence in the number that the Palestinians are using', though he did not explain why.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said it was 'deeply disturbed' by his comments and called on the President to apologies.

'Journalists have confirmed the high number of casualties and countless videos coming out of Gaza every day show mangled bodies of Palestinian women and children,' executive director Nihad Awad said.

more  Wiped off the map: Before-and-after satellite images show how Israeli airstrikes have laid waste to entire Gaza neighbourhoods after two weeks of bombardments | Daily Mail Online

Update your iPhone NOW: Apple releases urgent security update - here's how to install it on your device


Apple has released an urgent security update called iOS 17.1. The update contains several important bug fixes and security updates, as well as improvements to AirDrop, StandBy and Apple Music. What's more, the update addresses concerns of excessive radiation in the iPhone 12, which saw the device banned in France. Here's how to download the new update on your iPhone.

China completes first ever digital YUAN purchase for cross-border oil transaction as global DE-DOLLARIZATION accelerates.


The Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange (SHPGX) just completed its first ever cross-border transaction for oil in digital yuan rather than the petrodollar.

Forensic accounting expert: HALF of pandemic relief funds ended up in the hands of Americas ENEMIES


A whistleblower has disclosed that roughly 50 percent of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic relief funds ended up in the hands of America's enemies such as Russia and China.

They Hate Us So Much: World's Oldest Christian Nation Faces Ethnic Cleansing as Emboldened Azerbaijan Wages a Silent War


While war and atrocity dominate headlines around the world, a largely overlooked conflict in the Caucuses has escalated to ethnic cleansing of the Christian population from the oldest Christian nation in the world.

FBI Received ‘Criminal Information’ From 40+ Confidential Sources On The Biden Family: U.S. Senator


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has reportedly obtained information indicating that more than 40 confidential human sources have provided information to federal law enforcement about “criminal” activity involving President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and his brother James.

Fox News reported that FBI field offices across the U.S. were “provided criminal information to the FBI relating to Joe Biden, James Biden, and Hunter Biden.”

Grassley said that an FBI task force inside the Washington Field Office shut down “reporting and information from those sources by falsely discrediting the information as foreign disinformation,” the report said. The result was that a lot of the information that was given to officials went nowhere.

The 90-year-old senator said in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray that the information appeared to show “significant political bias infecting the decision-making of not only the Attorney General and FBI Director, but also line agents and prosecutors.”

“Our Republic cannot survive such a political infection and you have an obligation to this country to clear the air,” he added.

The letter seeks to find out from Wray and Garland what information authorities looked at and what information they never followed up on.

The news comes as Hunter Biden is in the middle of a criminal case after being indicted on gun charges. He is reportedly still under investigation for matters related to his taxes and his foreign business dealings.

President Biden is under criminal investigation by Special Counsel Robert Hur, a Trump-era U.S. attorney, over his handling of classified material.

Biden was interviewed by investigators at the start of the month in their investigation, a sign that the Hur is getting close to the end of his investigation. Federal officials have interviewed approximately 100 witnesses in the investigation.

Following Terrorist Attacks


BC, NBC, and CBS News have given zero airtime to the “Squad” Hamas-supporting Democrats following the terrorist attacks against Israel on October 7 that resulted in the deaths of at least 1,400 Israelis.

Princeton Students Chant Call for Murdering Jews


Students at Princeton University, often considered the most prestigious university in the nation, chanted “Long live the Intifada,” a call for murdering Jews.

IBM Hosts Internships That Bar Whites, Asians, And Men With Exception For Men Who Identify As Women


Technology company International Business Machines (IBM) sponsors at least two discriminatory paid internship opportunities, one that bars white and Asian applicants, and another that is only for women, with an exception for men who identify as women.

Massachusetts Mom Researched Ways to Kill Before Strangling Her 3 Kids, Search Warrant Reveals


A Massachusetts mother accused of strangling her three young children before attempting to kill herself allegedly researched “ways to kill” prior to the deaths.

Over Half of New Yorkers Believe Illegal Immigrant Crisis Will Destroy NYC, Poll Finds


The majority of New Yorkers believe the illegal immigrant crisis is a serious issue that will “destroy” New York City, a new poll finds.

Jack Smith Asks Judge Chutkan to Impose Stricter Gag Order on Trump, Send Him to Jail If He Talks About Witnesses


Special Counsel Jack Smith asked Judge Tanya Chutkan to impose a strict federal gag order on Trump and send him to jail if he talks about any witnesses.

In August Trump was hit with 4 counts in Jack Smith’s January 6 case up in DC: Conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.

Jack Smith is using the DC J6 case to gag Trump.

The special counsel’s prosecutors accused Trump of attempting to “prejudice the jury pool through disparaging and inflammatory attacks on the citizens of this District, the Court, prosecutors, and prospective witnesses.”

COINCIDENCE? Just Before Lewiston Maine Shooting

Something Big Happened & It’s Key to Everything!


Comments -


-1) Being committed to a mental institution makes you a federally prohibited person under 18 USC 922(d), unable to own or touch firearms; despite this, 2) Card was allowed to continue his military service as an instructor and retain access to firearms. The government chose not to enforce the law against Card, directly contributing to the shooting. Then 3) As a result of the aforementioned failure, the government tries to shape the narrative by telling us gun ownership is the problem and that he's a "radical Trump supporter". Hey federal government, stop lying. We know what's going on.


-I live in 🇬🇧, and I commented on sky news this morning (Uk time) every time that there is a “active shooter” it always seems to be a massive distraction for something else, it’s not only this time, it’s nearly every time there’s an “active shooter” it might just be me looking into things. But it’s so strange. Rip to all the people involved ❤

-WTH wasn’t Robert Card’s gun access curtailed after his hospitalization?!?


-He's on a military base, I mean, HE'S ON A MILITARY BASE and he's hearing voices telling him to... Sounds to me like "Voice to Brain" weapon. His reporting it suggests he wanted help. He might very well be a "targeted individual". I don't know what that voice to brain weapon is called. Feel free to correct me if you KNOW what it's called. It IS real!

Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson is slammed 'for locking huge crowd out of public meeting about plan for migrant camp in crime-ridden city - even though there was plenty of space inside'


Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson has been accused of barring residents from a community meeting about controversial asylum seeker accommodation. 

Video from Tuesday night shows dozens of people crowded outside Kelly High School unable to get inside with many taking up a chant of 'open the doors'. 

Meanwhile inside the meeting quickly grew heated with some residents opposing the city's plan to turn a site in the Southwest Side neighborhood into a tent shelter for asylum seekers. 

Cheers and boos erupted from the crowd, while outside, residents who had not been allowed in pounded on the doors. 

They were there to discuss plans to construct a migrant 'basecamp' at a private lot at the intersection of West 38th Street and South California Avenue that would house as many as 2,000 people. 

Maine Congressman Jared Golden changes stance on assault rifle ban opposition | ABC News


In the aftermath of a horrific incident, discussions about implementing a ban on specific weapons or even all firearms have surfaced. It is crucial to emphasize that such a ban would not have prevented the tragic event that occurred, nor will it deter future acts of violence. While the pain and emotions surrounding such incidents are entirely understandable, it is vital not to let these emotions cloud our judgment.


Amidst the emotional turmoil that follows such tragedies, there can be a temporary blindness to reasoned decision-making. When emotions guide our choices, it becomes challenging to implement effective and practical solutions. It is during these moments that we must remember the importance of upholding our rights and freedoms, such as the right to bear arms as enshrined in the Constitution.

Our deepest condolences go out to all those affected by this heart-wrenching event. We pray that they find the strength to heal and that swift justice is served. In these trying times, it is more important than ever to engage in thoughtful, rational discourse and consider the broader implications of our actions, especially when it comes to fundamental freedoms like the right to bear arms.

The Latest Middle East News


Jewish Military Raid Into Gaza On Night Video
Released At IAF Hits More Than 250 Targets Overnight


Macgregor - Russia Will Not Let The US Destroy Iran


Israeli Politician Wants Gaza Turned To ‘Dresden’


Israeli Militar Tik Tok Brained Perverts And
Tarts Not Ready For Prime Time - Rense Video


Hezbollah Reports Downing Of Israeli F-16 (?)
In Northern Palestine


Uke Train With HIMARS Missiles And DU Ammo
Was Destroyed In A Major Night Strike


Israel Planning To 'Flood Hamas Tunnels With
Nerve Gas Under US Navy Supervision’ - War Crime


1,000s Of Egyptians On The Trigger - Israeli Plan To
Force Palestinians Into Sinai Leaked - Sisi Deploys
4th Armored Division - Video


Putin Calls Israeli Holocaust In Gaza
'A Humanitarian Catastrophe'


Putin Orders Surprise Mobilization Of Russia’s Nuclear
Triad - R-29RMU Sineva And ICBM Yars Launched All
Missiles Dispersed For Massive Retaliatory Strike


Erdogan Moves To Final Phase Of Turkish Gaza Plan
'Hamas Is Not A Terrorist Organization But A Patriotic
Organization Of Liberators’


Macgregor Says Blinken Is Now A SITTING MEMBER
Of The Israeli Cabinet And National Defense Council !


The Strait Of Hormuz - The World's Most Vital
Oil Artery


22 Devastating Things That Will Happen If Israel
Launches Full Assault Against Gaza


Thousands Of Egyptians On The Trigger -
Israeli Plan To Force Palestinians Into
Sinai Leaked - Sisi Deploys 4th Armored
Division - Video


US Plan To Evacuate 600,000 Americans From Israel
Deploys 12 New Air Defense Systems F-16 Squadron


Israeli Army Once Again Tells Gaza Residents
To Move South


Israel Outraged After Erdogan Calls Hamas
'Liberators', Cancels Planned Trip To Mend Ties


MidEast Exploding In Escalations - Jews Keep
Threatening Using Nukes On Arabs If Needed


New Speaker Of The House, Mike Johnson, Uses
First Speech To Promise More Bombs And
Money For Israel - Gets Standing Ovation...


Israeli Airstrike Kills Eight Syrian Troops

In Daraa Governorate


Brave Israeli Former Gaza Border Guard Speaks the Truth Explains How the Deadly Hamas Attack Was AN INSIDE JOB Watch And

Listen To the Truly STAGGERING FACTS


- Share This Video


If you're not open minded that there may be disturbing contradicting information, then please move on and do not watch.

It Appears the Talking . . . . is Over. US State Dept. Planes Leave Tehran, Iran


Two jet aircraft designated "State 23" and State 24" have taken off from Tehran, Iran.   It appears the talking . . . is over.

The aircraft named "State 23" flew to Amman, Jordan. (Here)

The second aircraft named "State 24" is still in the air at the writing of this story (Here)

Meanwhile, the Iran Foreign Minister arrived back at the United Nations in New York City for "urgent talks regarding Gaza." (Here)

The situation with the Gaza Strip is at the breaking point Diplomatically.

At the United Nations Security Council meeting, a heated exchange of words took place between the ambassadors of Russia, China and Israel yesterday.


Hamas Delegation Is Visiting Moscow - Russian Foreign Ministry


A delegation from Hamas, the militant Palestinian group that controls Gaza, is currently visiting Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a weekly briefing on Thursday, without providing any further details.

Russia's state-run RIA news agency, quoting a source from the Palestinian delegation, said senior Hamas member Abu Marzook was among those visiting Moscow.

Russia has ties to all key players in the Middle East, including Israel, Iran, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

Moscow has repeatedly blamed the current crisis on the failure of U.S. diplomacy and called for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and the resumption of talks aimed at finding a peace settlement.

FDA says getting Covid shot on same day as certain flu vaccines may raise risk of strokes in elderly people - while children aged 2-5 slightly more likely to suffer seizures after a coronavirus vaccine.

👀click to read👀

A woman who has suffered a migraine for nine months says it is so painful she feels like there is a drill in her eyes — and doctors don't know when it will stop.

Mitta Quissorcumar, a publicist from the UK, has struggled with migraines since her early 20s which would last for hours at a time.

But in January this year, a migraine erupted which has been 'relentless' and refuses to go away — even after countless medications and trips to the ER.

Doctors diagnosed her with atypical hemiplegic migraine, a rare form of one of the most severe types of migraines which is linked to problems with nerve cells.

She has now spent more than $1,800 trying out cures — everything from drugs to acupuncture and even oxygen therapy — but with little luck, with the only thing slightly easing symptoms being cannabis drops to help her sleep at night.

Writing in the Insider, she said: 'The pain feels like I have a drill in my eyes and in the top of my head.

'I'm tense and have developed neck and back pain, as well as jaw pain from grinding my teeth. I'm sensitive to light, noises and smells.

'I'm constantly nauseous — I struggled to eat when it began.'

I've had an ongoing migraine for 9 MONTHS that feels like someone drilling into my head. Doctors aren't sure when it will end | Daily Mail Online

BidenGate: Most Voters Suspect FBI in Cover-Up


s House Republicans threaten contempt of Congress charges against Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray, a majority of voters suspect FBI officials tried to cover up a scandal involving President Joe Biden and his family.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 60% of Likely U.S. Voters believe it is likely that top officials at the FBI have helped cover-up wrongdoing by Biden or his family members, including 48% who think it’s Very Likely. Thirty-three percent (33%) don’t believe an FBI cover-up is likely, including 16% who say it is Not At All Likely. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The Greatest Heist You've Never Heard Of | Retro Report | The New York Times


One night in 1971, files were stolen from an F.B.I. office near Philadelphia. They proved that the bureau was spying on thousands of Americans. The case was unsolved, until now.

Apple TV customers threaten to CANCEL their subscriptions as prices are hiked: Furious customers say it 'doesn't have enough content' to justify the increase.


The change will bring the monthly cost from £6.99 to £8.99 in the UK, and from $6.99 to $9.99 in the US. Some customers say they are willing to pay for Apple TV+'s new higher price to continue watching popular shows such as Ted Lasso, and The Morning Show. However, many have criticised the changes, with some arguing that Apple doesn't have enough high-quality content to justify paying more.

Desperate To Sell Ukraine War, Biden Pathetically Appeals To Profit Motives


With prior narratives increasingly incapable of sustaining Americans' enthusiasm for pouring weapons into the West's proxy war in Ukraine, the Biden administration is now using a pitch that's both refreshingly and appallingly honest: promoting the Ukraine war as a way to enrich the U.S. arms industry and its employees.  


The new angle comes after Americans have been subjected to a succession of pitches aimed at selling a war that's utterly irrelevant to U.S. security interests. We've been variously told the war is necessary to defend democracy, to deter Putin's aggression, to degrade Russia's army, and even to deter China from invading Taiwan. With support for the war sagging across the political spectrum -- and a growing number of Republican legislators saying enough is enough -- the propaganda machine is increasingly grasping at straws 

Hillary Clinton did NOT like this....


There is no rehabilitating this.


[Warning: The utter depravity of the human heart]

Four Ways The Destruction of Israel Can Benefit The West


On October 7th, a group of “savages” from Gaza launched a brigade sized, combined arms offensive into Israel spearheaded by elite light infantry backed with drones, amphibious landings, cyberattacks, and a massive 3 to 5,000 strong rocket barrage launched in a time span of 20 minutes that obliterated the “Invincible Army’s” local command structures, overwhelmed its Iron Dome defense system, and dealt enormous casualties to Israeli soldiers and settler militias in their own bases. This was not a “terrorist attack” featuring lone wolves committing suicide bombings on public buses or shooting random civilians with zipguns. What we saw on Saturday was a planned incursion by a professional military that used the element of strategic surprise to grab the Zionist beast by its belt buckle and repeatedly stabbed it in its heart. The people of Gaza have watched the brutality with which Israeli settlements have advanced in the largely demilitarized West Bank, where the IDF was busy killing unarmed natives as the Hamas offensive unfolded and decided that they had to use whatever means necessary to force a conversation about their right to exist.


'The American people are losing count': GOP Rep. Mike Johnson rattles off FBI scandals right to Director's face.

👀click to read👀


Republican Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson rattled off several FBI scandals to Director Christopher Wray’s face during a Weaponization Committee hearing on Wednesday.

Johnson told Wray the American people have lost faith in the agency following the several instances in which it was involved in suppressing conservatives along with Big Tech and President Joe Biden’s administration. The Louisiana representative pointed to evidence that the FBI is “being used as a political tool” for the Biden administration to target conservatives.

“This is no time to mince words,” Johnson began. “The American people have lost faith in the FBI. All of our constituents are demanding that we get this situation under control and we have to do that. That’s our responsibility. This is not a political party issue, sir. This is about whether the very system of justice in country can be trusted anymore. Without that, no republic can survive. See, the American people that we represent are losing count of the scandals that are mounting.”

The representative named countless of examples of the FBI targeting conservatives, including removing information from social media platforms, arresting pro-lifers and raiding the home of former President Donald Trump. He specifically confronted Wray on former Special Counsel John Durham’s report in May, which concluded the FBI “failed to uphold its mission to strict fidelity to the law” relating to the investigation on whether the 2016 Trump campaign colluded with Russia in the presidential election.

He then pointed to United States Judge Terry A. Doughty of Louisiana’s recent legal injunction, which bars the FBI and other federal officials from communicating with social media platforms for “the purpose of urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner the removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected free speech.”

“Director Wray, I find it stunning,” Johnson continued. “You’ve made no mention of this court opinion either in your opening statement today or in this lengthy 14-page report that you prepared on July 12 which is eight days after the court ruling. Have you read the ruling, sir?” (RELATED: Every Major GOP Candidate Would Fire FBI Director Christopher Wray—Except One) 

“I am familiar with the ruling and I’ve reviewed it with our Office of General Counsel,” Wray answered.

“Are you deeply disturbed by what they told you about the ruling if you haven’t read it yourself?” the representative asked.

“Obviously, we’re going to comply with the court’s order, the court’s preliminary injunction,” the FBI director said. “We’re going to give guidance to the field and the headquarters about how to do that. Needless to say, the injunction itself is a subject of ongoing litigation, so I’ll decline to comment further.”

The agency worked with the Biden administration and Big Tech platforms to suppress information about COVID vaccines, the 2020 elections, and other conservative leaning opinions deemed to be “disinformation.” The judge ruled it to be a major violation of the First Amendment.

Johnson pressed Wray on the definition of disinformation, to which Wray refused to answer. The FBI director instead said they are focused on disinformation from overseas. Johnson called on Wray to read the opinion based on his answers contradicting the court’s findings.

Wray also claimed findings that the FBI suppressed information on the lab-leak theory is “absurd” because the agency was the only one to conclude COVID-19 likely leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. Johnson, citing the injunction, said his agents pulled information on the lab-leak from the internet.


Related News


Crowd Stunned by Bill Maher’s Rant

on Why Kids Should Skip College


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Bill Maher shocking his “Real Time with Bill Maher” audience with his controversial new rule: Don’t go to college. He rips apart Harvard University and the rest of the Ivy League for abandoning elite education in favor of indoctrination. Plus, Greta Thunberg getting on the Free Palestine bandwagon to attack Israel; the insanity and ignorance of Queers for Palestine; the murder of synagogue president Samantha Woll; Fox News' Hillary Vaughn asking Ilhan Omar the question about Hamas that she doesn’t want to answer; White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain telling Jen Psaki about Joe Biden’s concerns about growing Islamophobia. 

State Department spokesman Matt Miller admitting that humanitarian aid intended for Gaza could be used by Hamas to fund terrorism; Joe Rogan talking to Coleman Hughes about the latest Babylon Bee joke about the New York Times reporting Hamas’ talking points; and much more.

Oct. 25, 2023

Cattle Rancher Exposes Agenda 21 in US Heartland


In the heartland of the United States, a cattle rancher has raised a critical concern regarding the federal government's land ownership, emphasizing the need to uphold the Constitution. According to the Constitution, the federal government's domain should be limited to 10 square miles of land. This constitutional provision underscores the necessity for a careful evaluation of land usage and government interference, raising questions about political decisions and their impact on farmers and ranchers.


The call for political change is not exclusive to the heartland but extends to all farmers and ranchers. The notion of voting out all Democrats suggests a broader concern regarding the policies and decisions that affect land use, agriculture, and rural communities. It underscores the importance of political engagement and the role of elections in shaping policies aligned with the needs of these industries.


One practical solution proposed by the rancher is to buy products directly from local farmers and ranchers. This approach reduces the reliance on intermediaries, leading to more competitive pricing for consumers. Many websites can help individuals locate nearby ranchers and farmers who can provide fresh produce, including beef, chicken, pork, and eggs. In specific regions, such as Las Vegas, cooperative ranchers from Northern Nevada offer convenient delivery options, demonstrating that supporting local agriculture can benefit both consumers and producers.


The blame for price increases is attributed to intermediaries rather than the ranchers and farmers. This emphasizes the role that middlemen play in the supply chain and how their influence can lead to higher costs.

By circumventing these intermediaries and buying directly from the source, consumers can access affordable, quality produce while supporting local agriculture.


The rancher's concerns also extend to the government's role in regulating land use and interfering with the practices of knowledgeable Americans. The sentiment that the government has grown too large and is not always acting in the best interest of its citizens resonates with those who value individual liberty and the Constitution's principles.


The reference to Agenda 21, an international initiative aimed at sustainable development, underscores the rancher's apprehension about population centers, land ownership, and potential consequences. The mention of the San Joaquin Valley highlights the importance of preserving fertile agricultural land, which significantly contributes to the nation's food supply.


In addition to land-related concerns, the rancher raises questions about environmental practices and energy policies. These issues include the impact of sabotaging pipelines, forest management practices, and the role of private jets in climate summits. The mention of Hawaiian fires raises questions about the causes and consequences of wildfires, pointing to a broader discussion on environmental and energy policies.


In conclusion, the cattle rancher's message underscores the importance of adhering to the Constitution and evaluating the role of government in land ownership, agriculture, and environmental policies. These concerns are not limited to a specific region but reflect broader discussions on political decisions that affect the heartland and the nation as a whole.

JUST IN: Mike Johnson Delivers First Remarks As Speaker Of The House


The newly elected 56th Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) spoke after being handed the gavel and assuming his new role.

This guy is so white his nose shines. They better powder that nose of his.


Who is this guy? He sounds too perfect. Too polished. Too well rehearsed.


But then.. I have never seen this before...


Del. Stacey Plaskett Throws Document at Rep. Mike Johnson.

The House passed a resolution in support of Israel in the wake of the Hamas attack.


It was the chamber's first action since electing a new speaker, Rep. Mike Johnson.


Over a dozen progressive Democrats — and one Republican — did not vote for the resolution.


The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a resolution in support of Israel by an overwhelmingly 412-10-6 margin following the October 7 attack by Hamas.  Over a dozen progressive Democrats — and one Republican — voted "nay" or "present."


It was the first legislative action that the House took after electing Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana as the next speaker of the House, ending the lower chamber's 3 weeks of deadlock.


But to progressives' dismay, the resolution makes relatively little mention of civilian casualties in the Gaza strip, which have steadily mounted as Israel has carried out aerial bombings since the Hamas attack.


"Whereas since October 7, 2023, Hamas is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians," the statement reads.

"Members of Congress should be ashamed of themselves for voting for a resolution that mourns only Israel lives, but not Palestinian lives," said Waleed Shahid, the former spokesperson for the progressive group "Justice Democrats," in a statement.


Some progressives have been pushing for a ceasefire since the Israeli counter-offensives began, and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont accused the country of committing war crimes.


Furthermore, several progressives have described Israel as an "apartheid state," a description also employed by several international human rights organizations.


Meanwhile, Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky voted against the resolution because he disagrees with the resolution's call for sanctions and re-affirming the importance of foreign aid.

Rep. Mike Johnson wins GOP speaker nomination


Rep. Mike Johnson has won the GOP speaker nomination. In a third round of voting his vote total jumped up to 128.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy came in second with 43 votes, while Rep. Byron Donalds came in third with 29.


TBT: Johnson just crossed 217 votes.

He is the new Speaker of the House!


House Republicans Demand To Know How DHS Hired A Hamas-Supporting Former PLO Aide


Top investigators in the House of Representatives are demanding answers for how a Hamas-supporting former PLO spokeswoman was hired by the U.S. government to vet immigrants.

Biden Administration Focuses on Menthol Cigarette Ban as the World Burns


The border is non-existent, war is brewing in the Middle East and inflation is through the roof, but this is what they want to focus on.

Man, 82, dies after choking on live octopus served as a delicacy in South Korea.

  • The victim was eating a piece of live octopus when it became stuck in his throat
  • The 82-year-old man suffered a cardiac arrest as he was choking on the delicacy 

👀click to read👀

An 82-year-old man has died in South Korea after choking on a piece of live octopus, a local delicacy of freshly severed - and still moving - tentacles.

The victim was eating a piece of live octopus, known as san-nakji, in the southern city of Gwangju when it became stuck in his throat on Monday morning.

The pensioner suffered cardiac arrest as he was choking on the octopus and could not be revived by first responders at the scene, the Korea Herald reported. 

Medics had raced to the scene after an emergency call at 11.38am but they were unable to resuscitate the man, who was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

San-nakji is a local delicacy in South Korea, especially in the coastal regions, and is served immediately after cutting off the octopus' tentacles, meaning they are still wriggling on the plate. 

But the dish, traditionally served drizzled with sesame oil, poses a significant health risk and people are advised to cut it into smaller piece and chew thoroughly before swallowing. 

Whilst rare, the delicacy can prove fatal - as was the case with the 82-year-old man in Gwangju. 

Between 2007 and 2012, three people died after choking on the live octopus, according to data from Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters. 

Two more people died in 2013 and a man in his 70s died in 2019 after choking on the san-nakji dish, according to local media reports. 

As a result, the delicacy has been described as among the world's most dangerous foods, alongside the likes of bullfrogs and the poisonous pufferfish. 

But the dish has become popular with thrill-seeking tourists, who have posted videos of themselves eating the live octopus on YouTube. 

And in 2015, during an episode of Anthony Bourdain's CNN series 'Parts Unknown,' the famous chef used his chopsticks to peel a tentacle off his plate as he tried the delicacy. 

The dish also made headlines in 2012, when a South Korean man was sentenced to live imprisonment for allegedly killing his girlfriend and claiming it was a san-nakji accident. 

He was acquitted a year later by the Supreme Court for insufficient evidence, reported local media at the time. 


Man, 82, dies after choking on live octopus served as a delicacy in South Korea | Daily Mail Online

Peer-Reviewed Study Finds Hundreds of Billions of DNA Molecules Per Dose in mRNA Covid Jabs


A new peer-reviewed scientific study has found the “presence of billions to hundreds of billions of DNA molecules per dose” in both Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, directly contradicting the information given to the public by governments and regulators about the contents of the jabs.

A pre-print of the highly anticipated new study by researchers at the University of Guelph in Canada published on October 18 outlined the investigation into the “exploratory dose response relationship with serious adverse events.”

The study concludes “the data demonstrates the presence of billions to hundreds of billions of 61 DNA molecules per dose in these vaccines. Using fluorometry, all vaccines exceed the 62 guidelines for residual DNA set by FDA and WHO of 10 ng/dose by 188–509-fold.”

Trump Declares Opposition To GOP Speaker Nominee Emmer


House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN), the new GOP nominee for speaker, got hit by a Truth Social post as he worked to flip Republican holdouts who oppose his bid.

Countering the Woke Offensive


Did someone recently flip a switch? It seems as though Wokeism, the Great Reset, ESG, DEI, and an assortment of other radical left-wing positions, have just taken over. It is in the movies, media, sports, finance, retail businesses, and even in the beer industry. Yet, it is not a uniquely American phenomenon. Wokeism is a part of the international Zeitgeist. For example, this past June, I inadvertently experienced a huge “Pride” parade (reported as having tens of thousands of participants) in Wroclaw, Poland. (Photos not included.) Yet although the Woke agenda seems to be dominating everything, the mask is slowly being peeled away and some are starting to recognize the truly authoritarian agenda that had been so carefully hidden.

Wokeism exploded into our lives because it took advantage of two traits of human nature which readily manifest in capitalism. These flaws are our tendency to avoid work and our basic inclination to trust and rely on others. If a person can avoid work, he will. 

People are not necessarily lazy, but when costs can be avoided, they are. People act on these cost-benefit calculations. Additionally, people are generally trusting. We tend to trust the label of what we are buying. When one goes to the gas station, how do we know that the machine dispensed ten gallons into our car? When we buy a bottle of 500 caplets, do we immediately count them, or do we trust? Capitalism depends upon a tremendous amount of trust. Each transaction has a certain level of trust built into it.

Leaks: Feds Impose 'Keyword Warrants' on Google, Track Anyone Who Looks Up Specific 'Bad' Words


The United States government is reportedly attempting a new level of overreach by issuing “keyword warrants” to Google.

In an attempt to crack down on online criminals, federal investigators are utilizing the so-called keyword warrants to order Google to provide personal information on anyone who searches a specific keyword in their browser — completely breaching an individual’s privacy.

According to Forbes, this type of warrant has been used multiple times in the last five years to track down criminals. However, the method is particularly controversial, as the government is not working with information it already has about potential suspects. Rather, the orders are “effectively fishing expeditions” which allow the feds to review the search histories of anyone who typed in the wrong phrase.

Experts say 50 million miles of new power lines needed for green energy, and that may be impossible


It's one thing to try and replace fossil fuels with wind and solar power, but experts are saying the generation of power is only half the battle, and that the problems in getting that power to Americans may be insurmountable.

A new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) concludes that the size of the global electricity grid will need to double by 2040, in order to reach global emission reductions targets in line with the Paris Agreement.

That means, the IEA says, the world will need to refurbish or add 50 million miles of new transmission lines within 17 years — the equivalent of circling the equator more than 2,000 times.

The IEA estimates that global investments in transmission capacity will need to double to $600 billion per year by 2030 in order to reach that goal.

Non-Whites Only Tuition Waiver Program at Bismarck State College Challenged By Equal Protection Project


The Equal Protection Project (EPP) (EqualProtect.org) of the Legal Insurrection Foundation has challenged numerous racially discriminatory programs done in the name of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This discrimination comes in various ways, but the overarching theme is to exclude or diminish some people and promote others, based on race, color, or ethnicity.

The latest iteration is a tuition waiver program at Bismarck State College in North Dakota, which is open only to non-whites. EPP has filed a Civil Rights Complaint with the Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education. A full copy is at the bottom of this post, and reads in part:

We bring this civil rights complaint against Bismarck State College (“BSC”), a public institution, for its Cultural Diversity Waiver (“CDW”) program – a racially discriminatory program that reduces tuition for specific racial and ethnic groups for the purpose of “encourage[ing] enrollment of a culturally diverse student body for the benefit of all students and the academic community.”

1 To be eligible for the tuition reduction, students must be “African American/Black, Alaska Natives, Asian American, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Latino/a/x, Multiracial, [or] Pacific Islander.”2 The CDW program is only available to non-white applicants.

Palestine crypto donation scams emerge amid Israel-Hamas war.


As thousands of civilians die amid the deadly Israel-Hamas war, scammers are capitalizing on the horrific events to collect donations by pretending to be legitimate charities. BleepingComputer has come across several posts on X (formerly Twitter), Telegram and Instagram where scammers list dubious cryptocurrency wallet addresses and lure unsuspecting victims into sending them funds. Researchers have also spotted over 500 "fundraising" emails sent from entities claiming to be charities.

Israel Built Bomb Shelters Hamas Built Tunnels: The View Host Goes Off on Hamas


“The View” co-host Sara Haines questioned why everyone was angry with Israel in the wake of the brutal October 7th attacks — perpetrated by Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians — saying that it would make far more sense for the anger to be directed at Hamas.

KJP Tries To Clean Up Disastrous Anti-Semitism Answer; Only Makes Matters Worse


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to do some damage control after one of her responses during Monday’s press briefing sparked backlash from both sides of the political aisle.

School District Serving Colony Ridge Experiences Surge In Drug Overdoses


The school district serving the growing population of Colony Ridge, a sprawling development north of Houston that has become a magnet for illegal aliens, is facing a sudden surge in drug overdoses.

After New Evidence Slams into White House MTG Hits Biden with Shock Demand


Republican lawmakers have long accused Joe Biden of wrongdoing. Investigators have claimed Biden has engaged in a bribery scheme, with the help of his family members. An impeachment inquiry was opened to explore what evidence might prove these claims.

The House Oversight Committee, which had access to the Bidens’ bank records, recently revealed that Jim Biden paid his brother Joe $200,000. This came on the same day Jim Biden reportedly received $200,000 from a foreign entity.

Some Republicans are claiming this report is the evidence needed to prove Biden’s guilt. And a GOP House member is now making a wild demand against the president.

From Breitbart:
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called on President Joe Biden to resign after the House Oversight Committee revealed evidence that he received a $200,000 payment from his brother, James Biden, which Greene called “money laundering.”

TBT addition: RESIGN Joe Biden!  Nixon did the same thing. He resigned rather than allow further investigation to uncover the links between Watergate and the JFK assassination!


U.S. warns of Imminent military invasion in Europe.

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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has expressed deep concerns about the situation in the southeastern outskirts of Europe.

According to Time.com, Blinken has issued a warning to U.S. officials that Azerbaijan is preparing for an invasion.


Conflict with Armenia resurfaces

The conflict with Armenia is once again coming to the forefront.

The U.S. believes that Azerbaijan's leader, Ilham Aliyev, who is allied with Putin, is planning to invade the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The invasion could commence within the next few weeks, causing significant concern within the administration that the conflict could escalate.


France takes precautions

Just a month ago, Azerbaijan declared victory after a swift offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh, which forced over 100,000 ethnic Armenians in the region to flee.

Now, France, one of the EU's most powerful members, is preparing for a new attack. This week, France approved the immediate sale of anti-aircraft systems and other weapons to Armenia.

"Even though we are not part of the same military and political alliances, we operate from this defense relationship, based on the simple principle that you must be able to defend yourself and your civilian population," said France's Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu, as reported by Armenian news media Artsakh.


Armenia distances itself from Russia

The political support from the West is growing as Armenia increasingly distances itself from Russia, a former ally. Armenian leader Nikol Pashinyan stated just a month ago that cooperating with Vladimir Putin was a "strategic mistake."

"Armenia's security architecture was 99.999% linked to Russia. But today, we see that Russia itself is in need of weapons. Even if they wanted to, the Russian Federation cannot meet Armenia's needs," Pashinyan said, according to CNN.


European collaborations

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan share a border with Georgia and are part of several European collaborations. They are members of the European Political Community (EPC), the Council of Europe (COE), and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Both countries also participate in non-political events and organizations, such as the European football federation UEFA.


U.S. warns of Imminent military invasion in Europe (msn.com)

This State Suspends Basic Competency Graduation Requirements In The Name Of "Education Equity"


In a controversial move, Oregon's education officials have decided to suspend the requirement for high school students to demonstrate basic proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics for graduation until at least the 2027-2028 academic year.

This decision, they argue, is aimed at addressing the disproportionate impact of these requirements on students of color.


TBT: THE STATE OF Oregon has declared that

people of color are mentally inferior!


Longtime State Department official RESIGNS over unjust U.S. military aid to Israel


 The 11-year tenured director of congressional and public affairs for the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs – this is the guy who oversees United States arms transfers to other countries – has resigned in protest over the Biden regime's decision to continue sending weapons and ammunition to Israel in support of its genocide campaign against Hamas and the Palestinian people at large.

MTF transgender fencer beats 14-time women's champion, sparking another debate about INCLUSIVITY and FAIRNESS in sports.


The victory of a male-to-female (MTF) transgender fencer over a 14-time women's champion did not sit well with many.

Trump's Shocking House Speaker Announcement Revealed


The race for the next Speaker of the House takes an unexpected turn as former President Donald Trump breaks his silence, injecting his iconic style and humor. As nine candidates vie for the role, Trump’s surprising opinions and endorsements could significantly sway the outcome. Rep. Byron Donalds emerges as a strong MAGA-aligned contender, while House Majority Whip Tom Emmer faces criticism from Trump and his allies. Amidst political turmoil, threats, and major global issues, who will secure the speaker's gavel? Dive into this detailed report as Gary Franchi unravels the intricacies, controversies, and what Trump's statements mean for the future of the GOP. Plus, don't miss the final thought on why this matters to the republic and its people.

Trump Finally Responds to Sidney Powell's Plea Deal


In a recent development, Sidney Powell's plea deal has sparked reactions from former President Donald Trump, who expressed his concerns about the state of the justice system and called for action against what he perceives as corruption within the judiciary.


Trump, who has kept a watchful eye on the legal battles surrounding his presidency and the broader political landscape, issued a strong statement regarding the plea deal. He emphasized that if he were to return to the political arena, it would be essential to address what he views as a significant issue: the presence of corrupt judges within the system.


The former President's sentiments are indicative of the deep divisions and concerns within the United States' political and legal landscape. Powell's plea deal, in particular, has raised questions about the balance between political representation and the legal repercussions lawyers may face when associated with opposing political camps.


The reference to the "Gestapo" is a stark comparison, likening certain political actions to the notorious Nazi secret police. Such an analogy underscores the intense and polarized rhetoric surrounding the political and legal arenas.


The concern that lawyers may face criminal charges when representing or associating with political opponents reflects a growing fear among legal professionals. It underscores the challenges and ethical dilemmas that attorneys may encounter when handling politically charged cases.

The suggestion that Powell may have been pressured to accept a plea deal adds another layer of complexity to the situation. It is crucial to distinguish between legal investigations and potential political motivations in such cases. The line between a legitimate legal inquiry and what some might perceive as a "witch hunt" can be blurry, making it imperative to ensure transparency and fairness in the justice system.


In essence, Trump's response to Sidney Powell's plea deal raises critical questions about the current state of the U.S. justice system. It highlights concerns about judicial integrity, the ethical challenges faced by lawyers, and the potential influence of political dynamics on legal proceedings. These issues are central to the ongoing debate about the intersection of law and politics in contemporary America.


Watch this Video for more information.. -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M-LQz1Tqg

Oct. 24, 2023

Study: Popular Sugar Substitute Erythritol Linked to CARDIOVASCULAR ISSUES


Erythritol is often used as a substitute for regular table sugar. However, a study has found that it can cause serious health issues.

Lawsuit accuses NewsGuard of working with Department of Defense to 'coerce news organizations to alter viewpoints'


NewsGuard, which provides credibility ratings for news and information websites, has been sued by the Consortium for Independent Journalism for allegedly working with the Pentagon to "alter viewpoints" of news organizations and reporting media organizations to the government if they challenge U.S. foreign policy.

This TikTok Video Is Unintentionally Terrifying


The parents who raised their kids without silence are canceled.

The Ozempic scam.


This video does not provide medical advice.


This video is provided for entertainment purposes only. This video is not meant to be complete or exhaustive or to be applicable to any specific individual's medical condition.


Comments -


-First make people addicted to food to a life-threatening degree, then sell them an expensive product that they’ll have to take for the rest of their life to cure that addiction. Well, played, corporate overlords. Well played.

-About a year ago my doctor asked if I wanted to try Ozempic for weight loss. I said no because I didn't want to inject myself with something when I could just experiment with intermittent fasting-- for free! I'm so glad I didn't go for it.


-I knew a lot of the stuff you covered about Ozempic, but I didn't know about it causing food to rot in your stomach because you're digesting food so slowly. That's insane!

News Guard: Fact-Checkers with Too Much Power


Have you heard of News Guard? Its mission is to “counter misinformation on behalf of readers, brands, and democracies.” In other words, it “guards” the news by telling you what you can and cannot trust. Of course, this begs the question: can you trust NewS Guard?

Analysis: Did Pelosi's security chief perjure himself in Oath Keepers trial?


The Capitol Police officer assigned to the protective detail of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on January 6, 2021, appears to have given false testimony about his whereabouts during a key encounter with members of the Oath Keepers, according to an examination of Capitol closed-circuit TV video obtained by Blaze Media.

Mom prevented from sharing sexually explicit book available at school library at school board meeting


During the public comment section of a recent school board meeting, a Florida mother attempted to share a sexually explicit image featured in a school library book, but she was promptly interrupted, the New York Post reported.

Tennessee School Put Would-Be Shooter In Classroom, Told Parents To Become Left-Wing Activists If They Objected


Just months after three children were slaughtered at a Christian school in the state’s capital, a Tennessee public school district returned a student to the classroom who last year threatened to shoot up his school — putting him in close quarters with the students who had testified against him in court, a Daily Wire investigation found.

Independent News Publisher Sues US Gov, NewsGuard Over Alleged First Amendment Violations


An independent news publisher on Monday sued the federal government and a “watchdog” group that touts itself as a media fact-checker, claiming First Amendment violations and defamation.

Pro-Palestinian Activists In NYC Chant Nazi Sentiment At Anti-Semitic March: There Is Only One Solution


Far-left pro-Palestinian activists marched on the streets of New York City during an anti-Semitic demonstration on Monday night while chanting Nazi sentiments.

Lawmaker Calls For Tlaib To Lose Clearance Over Security Concerns : Her Allegiance Lies With Hamas


Rep. Rashida Tlaib is facing calls to be barred from receiving future classified briefings on military operations in Israel after she has continued to tout debunked Hamas propaganda and repeatedly attacked Israel in the days following an unprecedented terror attack in the country that resulted in the deaths of 1,400 Israelis.

Tucker Carlson media company signs its first ad deal


Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s new media company has officially signed its first advertising deal.

The agreement, worth at least $1 million, was reached with conservative-friendly shopping app Public Square, also known as PublicSq., on Friday, according to the app’s CEO, Michael Seifert.

Preliminary details of the agreement between Carlson’s new media company and PublicSq. were first reported by CNBC in July, just days before PublicSq. went public on the New York Stock Exchange. Carlson’s new company is named Last Country, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Late Show Shut Down Last Week as Ultra-Vaxxed Stephen Colbert Dealt With Third Round of Covid


Stephen Colbert is so jazzed about Covid vaccines that he did a cringeworthy song and dance about them but it doesn’t look like they have done him much good.

The far left “comedian” shut down the Late Show last week as he dealt with his third round of Covid.

Everyone is just going to have to wait for his latest slew of tired and uncreative anti-Trump jokes.   Once again, no one really noticed until now.

San Francisco Mayor Orders City Departments to Propose More Than $200 Million in Cuts to Reverse Doom Loop


Is a moment of financial reckoning coming to the city of San Francisco?

Mayor London Breed is ordering city departments to propose cuts totaling more than $200 million. As the famous saying goes, something that can’t go on forever won’t.

Retail outlets are fleeing the city and some real estate is losing value at an alarming rate. Imagine what Mayor Breed has seen in terms of the city’s financial outlook. It must be horrifying.

Largest banks in America have collectively cut 20K JOBS so far this year


The largest banks in America have collectively laid off approximately 20,000 employees since the beginning of 2023 due to rising interest rates in the mortgage industry, Wall Street deal-making fluctuations and increasing funding costs.

According to company filings, five of the largest banks in America are quietly cutting thousands of employees after a two-year hiring boom during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This hiring spree was abruptly curtailed as the Federal Reserve initiated interest rate hikes in 2022 to temper an overheated economy. As a result, banks became overstaffed, with fewer people getting mortgages and companies offering debt deals and mergers.

Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs had the most layoffs, with both banks downsizing by approximately five percent this year. Wells Fargo had cut 50,000 jobs over the past three years, while Goldman Sachs had large-scale layoffs in January. Both banks are still expected to reduce their staff due to changes in their business focus, but unlike Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs would only have a few layoffs.

Citigroup, which has a workforce of 240,000 employees in 2023, is already planning to cut 7,000 jobs this year. However, Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser's plan to overhaul the bank's corporate structure and the sale of overseas retail operations are expected to further reduce headcount in the coming months.

Hyper-Religious Politicians Support

HOLY WAR In Israel


| The Kyle Kulinski Show


Comments -

-My dad is a Trump supporter. I changed his mind about Israel by telling him about how Biden took 4 million from the Israeli lobby in the senate, more than any senator in US history, and now he wants to give them 14 billion. He called his GOP senators in Florida to say "no Biden bribes to Israel" today.

-I’m so happy SOMEONE is finally talking about the right wing takes on this whole issue because wow its truly something else. Social media is currently a dumpster fire of religious right wing takes. Over the past couple of days, I’ve heard some of the most extremist, racist and insane conspiracy theorist takes I have ever heard in a LONG TIME. I try to be the person that listens to both sides without judgement but man, this is getting OUT OF HAND.

-The pro-Israel lobby it is strong in America. I can see why we can't have a logical debate.

-I don't understand how these American Christians support Israel who doesn't even recognize Jesus against the Muslims who not only believe in JESUS but also put him in high regard as the Messiah.

A brief, unhappy history of Israeli massacres


It would be nice to think that, as an Israeli officer once put it, “This time we went too far” — that the killings of 17 unarmed protesters in Gaza by Israeli rifflers across a security fence on Friday would cause the world to sanction Israel for its conduct. But if you look over Israel’s history, you find that the massacre has been a ready tool in the Israeli war-chest; and Israelis have not been prosecuted for carrying them out. Indeed, a couple of those responsible later became prime minister!

Here, largely from my own memory, is a rapidly assembled list of massacres, defined by Webster’s as the killing of a “number of usually helpless or unresisting human beings under circumstances of atrocity or cruelty” (and yes, a couple precede the birth of the state).

Where's Bibi's boy? Israeli soldiers blast Benjamin Netanyahu's son Yair, 32, for 'abandoning' them by staying in Miami while 360,000 reservists are called up to fight against Hamas.


Yair Netanyahu, 32, has been in Florida since at least April, after his father told him to stop making inflammatory posts on social media, which saw him sued for defamation multiple times. Meanwhile an unprecedented 360,000 reservists have been called up - many of them dropping everything to fly back to Israel, even abandoning honeymoons.

Russia says US will not be at the center of new world order.


Russia has criticized the United States president’s assertion that Washington must be the driving force in a new “world order”, saying such an “American-centric” vision is outdated.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday that while he agrees on the need for a “new world order”, he does not believe the US should be at the helm. Any new system should be “free from the concentration of all mechanisms of world governance in the hands of one state”, he said.

President Biden Shocks Conservatives with $100 Billion Aid Request Its Not Even For Israel!


Last night, President Joe Biden took to the national stage after returning from his visit to Israel. His prime-time speech, however, raised more than a few eyebrows among conservatives. In his address, he underscored the United States’ commitment to supporting not just Israel but also Ukraine. What’s more, he has big plans to request an additional staggering $100 BILLION in aid from Congress.

Just two minutes into his speech, Biden veered off the track, shifting from discussing the Israel conflict to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. He attempted to draw parallels between these two conflicts, asserting, “Hamas and Putin may represent different threats, but they both share a common goal: the complete annihilation of neighboring democracies.”

The $100 billion emergency funding package that Biden aims to secure from Congress includes:


  1. $60 billion for Ukraine
  2. $14 billion for Israel
  3. $14 billion for so-called U.S. border “security”
  4. $10 billion for humanitarian assistance

It’s crucial to clarify that when Biden mentions “border security,” this isn’t about funds for border walls. Instead, it’s more about streamlining the processing of individuals who enter the country illegally.

If Israel Stops Murdering Thousands Of Children, The Bad Guys Might Win


You see kids, Israel needs to keep dropping bombs on buildings full of children and targeting civilians with siege warfare and murdering Palestinians in the West Bank and censoring the media and arresting dissidents and killing journalists, because if it doesn’t, the bad guys will win.

No no you don’t understand: if Israel stops killing children by the thousands in its relentless bombing campaign, the nation could be taken over by murderous terrorists.

Normal person: It’s wrong to kill children by the thousands by dropping military explosives on the places where they are known to be located.

Crazy person: Oh, so you’re saying you love Hamas, and you want them to kill every Jew in the world???

Normal person: It’s wrong to drop bombs on buildings full of children and it needs to stop right now.


It's A Little Bit Bomby In Gaza Today


It’s a little bit bomby in Gaza today,
at least that’s what the news men say.

Israeli victims were “murdered” and “killed”
and all mourn the innocent blood that was spilled,

but in Gaza explosives just fall from the air
and nobody mentions who launched them, from where.

They talk about “blasts” and how buildings were “hit”.
Who blasted and hit them? Eh, who gives a shit.

AOC blames Christian fundamentalists for fueling Palestinian-Israeli conflict


While many have focused on radical, Islamic fundamentalism following Hamas’s terrorist attacks on Israel on Oct. 7, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has decided to point fingers elsewhere: at Christian extremists.

“The country that is Israel today is not the Israel of the Bible,” the politician, known as AOC, told the New York radio program “Hot 97/WQHT” last week.

“It’s not just Islamic. It’s not just Jewish. It is also Christian,” the congresswoman said on Oct. 12 of the conflict. “In the United States of America, Christian fundamentalism and nationalism—which has also been extremely antisemitic—has also aligned itself with some of the most right-wing and authoritarian and inflammatory powers in the region.”

A spokesman for Ocasio-Cortez told JNS that her schedule was “slammed” and declined to comment.

'For Shame': Pfizer to Charge $1,390 for Lifesaving Covid Drug That Costs Just $13


U.S. consumer watchdog Public Citizen on Thursday excoriated Pfizer after the pharmaceutical giant announced it would more than double the price of a lifesaving Covid-19 treatment, which will soon sell for an estimated 100 times the cost of production.

Pfizer said Wednesday that it will price its patented Covid treatment nirmatrelvir-ritonavir—sold under the brand name Paxlovid—at $1,390 for a five-day course. Researchers Melissa J. Barber and Dzintars Gotham recently estimated it costs Pfizer $13 to produce five days' worth of the drug, which is taken in three-pill doses.

"Pfizer's new price is an estimated 100 times the cost of production," Peter Maybarduk, director of Public Citizen's Access to Medicines program, said in a statement.

Israel-Palestine war: Israeli officials 'unhappy' with released woman's description of captivity


Israeli officials are reportedly unhappy with an interview given by an elderly former captive of Hamas in Gaza because she had not been well prepared for the statement.

In a press meeting on Tuesday, 85-year-old Yocheved Lifshitz, an Israeli captive released from Gaza on Monday evening, said she was beaten on 7 October, the day Palestinian fighters stormed southern Israel, but later treated "gently".

Sources told Israel's state-owned Kan News that the interview was a "mistake", adding that a "preliminary meeting" may not have been held with Lifshitz prior to her press statement and that if one had been held, not "all questions" to do with the preparation were asked.

Israeli War Crimes Oct 7-14 2023


I condemn the massacre of Israelis by Hamas and lament the loss of human life which is sacred. Dupes don’t deserve to die. The attack was covertly organized by the Israeli government to justify the extermination of Palestinians in Gaza and divert attention from a civil war within Israel. It’s their MO.

Israel has exacted terrible revenge and would proclaim a ceasefire if deterrence and not genocide were its goal. 

Anyone who supports the current Israeli assault on Gaza has no moral recourse if they suffer the same fate as the Palestinian civilians in a nuclear war.  Your life is worthless if you believe the Gazans deserve their fate. Your soul is already dead. 

List of war crimes and crimes qualifying as genocide committed by Israel in Gaza between 7th & 14th October 2023

Wither we like him or hate him; he is a prominent figure in history. Censorship should NEVER be tolerated.

👀click to read👀

 The Quiz Channel's creator and producer said Michigan State didn’t ask for permission to use his content or pay him for it — and he defended his decision to include the question on his platform, the AP said.

“It’s an absolutely normal trivia question, shown in an inappropriate setting,” Floris van Pallandt wrote on his YouTube page, according to the outlet. “Ignoring the dark facets of history is by no means the answer, on the contrary.” 

The AP said the Quiz Channel is publicly available and free for users.

During the game — which Michigan won 49-0 — Michigan State spokesman Matt Larson apologized for the Hitler display, the outlet reported: “MSU will not be using the third-party source going forward and will implement stronger screening and approval procedures for all videoboard content in the future." 

Michigan State athletic director Alan Haller said in a statement that an "involved" employee has been suspended with pay pending the results of an investigation and added that no one in the athletics department viewed the entire video, which constitutes a systemic failure.

"I am deeply sorry for the offensive image we displayed on the Spartan Stadium video boards Saturday night," Haller added. "I apologize for the pain it has caused our community. Ultimately, it is my responsibility to make sure all those who interact with Spartan Athletics feel safe, valued and respected."

Haller added, "The image was harmful to our communities, especially our Jewish community which is currently experiencing a rise in antisemitism, including acts of violence."

In addition, he noted that MSU Athletics "is responsible for all content shown on its video boards. Before it was displayed, the video was not viewed in its entirety by anyone in athletics, exposing a failure in our process. The video was not part of a sponsorship and had no affiliation with any of our corporate partners or our community."

MSU's Board of Trustees stated Sunday that the board is "outraged at last night’s incident at Spartan Stadium. The projected image was unacceptable, and as the oversight body for MSU we want to publicly apologize to everyone who was in Spartan Stadium or learned of this through other means," the Detroit Free Press reported.


The board added that it "has spoken with Interim President Teresa Woodruff and Athletic Director Alan Haller and conveyed to them our extreme disappointment and our demand to know how this happened. MSU personnel must be accountable and held responsible for this disgusting display," the paper noted.

 Leaked Audio: Democrat Representative Unleashes Profanity-Laden, Abusive Tirade On 'F***Ing Idiot' Staffer


Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee – a Democrat representing Texas – was caught going on a profanity-laden and abusive tirade on a staffer that she described as a "f***ing idiot."


A staffer allegedly gave the leaked audio to Current Revolt – which then released the audio to the internet. In the leaked audio, the Democrat hurled obscenities and insults at her own staff. 

"I don't want you to do a goddamn thing," Lee is heard berating the staffer. "I want you to have a f***ing brain. I want you to have read it."

"I want you to say, 'Congresswoman, with such and such date.' That's what I want. That's the kind of staff that I want to have," she continued. "So some stupid other motherf***er did it. And, and I don't have the information. Nobody sent me the information."

"I need to, uh, ensure my, um, schedule and, uh, you know, if, if Boo Boo did it, s**t ass did it, f***face did it," Lee angrily declared. "And nobody knows a godd**n thing in my office. Okay? Nothing. I gave it to you." 

"Okay. So when I called Jerome, he only sitting up there like a fat ass stupid idiot talking about, uh, what the f***? He doesn't know. Okay? Both of y'all are f***-ups [inaudible]," Lee ranted. "It's the worst s**t that I could have ever had put together. Two goddamn big ass children f***ing idiots serve no goddamn purpose. Ain't managing nobody. Nobody's respecting them. Nobody gives a s**t about what you're doing and you ain't doing s**t. And this is an example of it. I gave it to Jerome. This is not child's work." 


She's a Real Lady, she is...

Lee has represented the 18th District in Texas for 28 years this year, and is currently a leading candidate in the Houston mayoral race.

According to the Houston Chronicle, "Over the past three decades, critics have repeatedly attacked Jackson Lee and her top aides for demanding workloads and high turnover rates. Congressional staffers have also routinely voted for Jackson Lee as the 'meanest' employer on Capitol Hill in Washingtonian Magazine’s 'Best and Worst of Congress' lists."

Blaze News reached out Lee's office for comment on the leaked audio.

(WARNING: Explicit language)

Inside the Resignation Shaking Biden's White House Core


Breaking: A senior State Department official, Josh Paul, drops a bombshell resignation over President Biden's arms support to Israel amid their conflict with Hamas. Why did he resign, and how does it reflect on the Biden administration’s foreign policy? Plus, an alarming breach as the White House exposes elite Delta Force members. This in-depth report uncovers the chaos within and the vital reasons every American needs to pay attention.

ALERT! Pharmacies Pulling COLD MEDICINE from Shelves! What is Happening?! Lazarus Come Forth


Comments -

-Not-very-fun fact: if you buy OTC diphenhydramine, it is like half the price when it is labelled an "allergy" drug as opposed to a "sleep" drug, though it is the same drug. 🤦🏾‍♀️


-Herbal remedies, rosemary, rose petals, lemon grass, there are all kinds of herbs that pharmaceutical companies used and put extra stuff in to make money off of the public, how did they do things before all the pharmaceuticals? Turmeric and honey, one of the best cold medicines!!!

-I am a registered pharmacist; here is how it is: pseudoephedrine was and still is the only nasal decongestant we have. However, more recent legislation required the purchaser to present identification and sign for it. All OTC meds were then reformulated to contain phenylephrine as the nasal decongestant component although evidence of its effectiveness isn't supported and possibly. I would advise to treat symptoms rather using a multi medication formulation such minimize taking anything necessary.

Coca-Cola sued over claims its 'all-natural' Simply Orange Juice has high levels of toxic forever chemicals


Coca-Cola is facing a lawsuit over claims its Simply Tropical Juice contains toxic forever chemicals.

The lawsuit claimed the product deceived customers with allegations of being an all-natural product.

Third-party testing was alleged to have found the juice contained PFAS, known as forever chemicals, at levels hundreds of times greater than federal limits for drinking water.

Exposure to high levels of PFAS can lead to increased risks of kidney or testicular cancer, fetal complications, liver disease and increased cholesterol levels. 

Inside LAs brazen sex market where women sell themselves in broad daylight emboldened by Californias new laws


Emboldened by new California laws that make it nearly impossible for cops to bust prostitutes, sex workers in Los Angeles’ red light district stalk for business wearing no more than thongs, G-strings and high heels in broad daylight.

A 40-block area of Figueroa Boulevard in South LA sees hundreds of prostitutes, some barely out of their teens, plying their trade since Gov. Gavin Newsom passed the controversial Safer Streets for All Act, which decriminalized loitering with the intent to work as a prostitute in January.

“Before, this type of activity only happened at night where most citizens wouldn’t see it, but now it’s 24/7,” one source told The Post.

“Now you can drive by at 2 p.m. and see it. Families drive by and see 10 girls on the corner, condoms on the ground. 

Oct. 23, 2023

The World Needs President Trump Now More Than Ever.

 | Opinion

👀click to read👀


Shortly after Israel was savagely attacked by Hamas terrorists, a popular meme appeared showing former President Donald Trump in silhouette in a Batman-esque bat signal with the line: "The entire world right now." Under Trump, "peace through strength" wasn't just a suggestive mantra; it was a governing imperative.


Trump understood that when the United States is weak or is perceived as weak, the good guys retreat, the bad guys advance, and the wheels come off the world.

Trump also knew that by putting America First, our allies and our adversaries would understand that he meant business: If the American people or interests were threatened, there would be an overwhelming U.S. retaliatory response. This kept the bad guys in check and allowed the world to enjoy relative peace, stability and prosperity.

Enter President Joe Biden, who, like most Leftists, put America Last. He rejected the moral and practical necessity of American strength and embraced feeble irresolution. He has projected constant weakness, equivocation, ineptitude and moral bankruptcy. The result has been an explosion of global instability, increased adventurism from existential threats like China and Iran, hot wars in Ukraine and Israel, and the advance of anti-American and anti-freedom forces around the world.

The globe is in absolute chaos because Biden has abdicated his role as Leader of the Free World.

The silver lining to this abject disaster is that it is becoming ever-clearer that Trump's robust, principled leadership is desperately needed back in the White House.

Biden's recent Oval Office address—delivered after Arab leaders canceled a scheduled summit while he was en route to the region and while U.S. forces in Iraq were being attacked by Iranian-backed forces—put that into bold relief.

Biden failed to punish Hamas's terrorist patron Iran, did not forcefully demand the release of American hostages, equated rampant antisemitism with invented Islamophobia, did not condemn the raging antisemitism in his own party, and announced a request for another unaffordable $100 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and other things.

This continuing weakness invites ever-more aggression from our adversaries. Taiwan could be the next casualty of Biden's impotence.

During the 2020 campaign, we were told by Biden's wingmen in the Left-wing press that because foreign policy was his supposed forte, the "adults would be back in charge" and "America would be respected again." Of course, those lies have now brought us violent mayhem, with America lunging from one crisis to another while going off the debt cliff.

Biden's catastrophic performance is a major reason why a competitive Republican primary hasn't materialized. Trump remains so dominant—his lead in the RealClearPolitics polling average has not dipped below 20 percent since April— that The Washington Post recently dubbed it the "make-believe primary."

No candidate has been able to successfully break through, despite two Trump-less debates. Voters aren't looking for worthless chatter or a rehash of tired, counterproductive policies. They want America First policies that improve their lives, keep them safe, and protect America's superpower status.

Only one candidate has a stellar record of delivering all of that as president. With tax cuts, regulatory relief, energy independence and fairer trade deals, Trump delivered a thriving economy with record-low unemployment, significant wage gains, little to no inflation, and a manufacturing boom. He essentially solved illegal immigration, enforced the border, delivered law and order, smashed ISIS, took on China, and ushered in a workable peace in the Middle East.

Despite constant pounding from the Left, Trump's historic policy successes made life significantly better for all Americans—a fresh memory that stands in stark contrast to Biden's many disasters. Most of the policies that the GOP candidates discuss as objectives, Trump has already done—and will do again. The other candidates are accomplished leaders, but America needs someone primed from presidential experience and ready on Day One.

Biden's radical policies have created staggering problems. Since he entered office, his inflationary spending has made the typical American family $7,300 poorer. Approximately 8 million illegal immigrants have crossed the wide-open southern border, bringing tsunamis of dangerous drugs and crime. Our once-great cities are in collapse. Three different American bases are under attack in the Middle East.

To be clear, President Trump's record doesn't just appeal to conservatives. A recent Bloomberg News poll found that the majority of all voters trust Trump over Biden to handle issues such as the economy, immigration, crime, the war in Ukraine, and U.S.-China relations.

It looks increasingly likely that we may be headed for a 2020 redux: two candidates, both of whom have been president but only one of whom has delivered a booming economy, enforced border and world peace.

A chaotic, barbarous world is calling out for strong American leadership. And for that, there's only one option: a restoration of the Trump presidency.

Monica Crowley is the Host of the Monica Crowley Podcast and served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury from 2019 to 2021.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own.

The World Needs President Trump Now More Than Ever | Opinion (msn.com)

Oh Sh*t! Thousands of these just disappeared overnight! Get ready for CBDC's


| Redacted News


All across the WEF backed world ATM's and local bank branches are disappearing. Where'd they go? What's behind this tide of closures? We examine the impending roll out of digital surveillance and Central Bank Digital Currencies

Jack Smith Gets Very Bad News


Any honest, ethical judge should have dismissed these trumped-up cases at the very beginning.

U.S. Advises Israel to Delay Gaza Invasion, Officials Say.

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WASHINGTON — The Biden administration has advised Israel to delay a ground invasion of Gaza, hoping to buy time for hostage negotiations and to allow more humanitarian aid to reach Palestinians in the sealed-off enclave, according to several U.S. officials.

American officials also want more time to prepare for attacks on U.S. interests in the region from Iran-backed groups, which officials said are likely to intensify once Israel moves its forces fully into Gaza.

The administration is not making a demand of Israel and still supports the ground invasion and Israel’s goal of eradicating Hamas, the group controlling Gaza that killed more about 1,400 people in terrorist attacks on Oct. 7, the officials said.

But fast-moving events since Hamas released two American women on Friday have spurred the administration to more urgently suggest that the Israelis allow time to negotiate the release of 212 other hostages, the officials said.

President Biden called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday afternoon to discuss the latest developments, the White House said. Mr. Biden also spoke to the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Britain.

Mr. Biden and Mr. Netanyahu agreed that after the entry of the first two convoys of humanitarian aid into Gaza on Saturday, there “will now be continued flow of this critical assistance,” a White House summary of the call said. The leaders also “discussed ongoing efforts to secure the release of all the remaining hostages taken by Hamas — including U.S. citizens — and to provide for safe passage for U.S. citizens and other civilians in Gaza who wish to depart,” the White House said.

Two U.S. officials said the advice to the Israelis to hold off on the land war was being conveyed through Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III because the Pentagon is helping advise Israel on military actions, including the ground invasion.

Mr. Austin has had near daily calls with his Israeli counterpart, Yoav Gallant, to discuss operational matters, American arms shipments to Israel and U.S. military deployments to the region. He has also talked about recovering the hostages as a priority, one U.S. official said.

A spokesperson for Mr. Gallant declined to comment on the conversations.

A diplomat from the Israeli Embassy in Washington denied that the U.S. government was advising the Israelis to delay the ground invasion and said: “We have a close dialogue and consultations with the U.S. administration. The U.S. is not pressing Israel in regards to the ground operation.”

An official with knowledge of the hostage negotiations, which are taking place mainly through Qatar, said Hamas had warned that a ground invasion would make hostage releases much less likely. Qatar has close ties to the political leaders of Hamas.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken avoided answering directly when asked on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday whether the United States was asking Israel to delay a ground invasion to allow time for hostage negotiations. He stressed, though, that the United States was giving advice to the Israelis on the invasion.

“It’s important, as we said, not only what they do, but how they do it,” he said, “particularly when it comes to making sure that civilians are as protected as they possibly can be in this crossfire of Hamas’s making.”

Mr. Blinken continued: “There are many, many Israelis who are hostages and of course, hostages from other nationalities. So we’re working to do everything we can, using whatever levers, partnerships, relationships we have to get them out. Israel is doing the same. But in terms of what we’re talking to Israel about with regard to their military operations, it really is focused on both how they do it, and how best to achieve the results that they seek.”


Mr. Blinken also said it was important that more food and medical supplies get into Gaza, as a humanitarian crisis worsens. Israel imposed a complete cutoff of water, electricity and food on the impoverished coastal strip of two million people soon after the Oct. 7 attacks. The Israeli military has maintained a naval blockade of Gaza since 2007.

American officials say they hope the ground invasion will be delayed, but they are wary of playing into the narrative that Iran and its allies have long spread about the United States secretly controlling Israel.

There have already been a flurry of drone attacks targeting U.S. forces in the region. U.S. officials said that leaving the impression that Biden administration officials are the ones pulling the strings in Israel could drag the United States into a direct conflict with Iran or pro-Iran groups in the region.


“In fact we expect that there’s a likelihood of escalation, escalation by Iranian proxies directed against our forces, directed against our personnel,” Mr. Blinken said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “We are taking steps to make sure that we can effectively defend our people.”

The State Department announced Sunday that it had ordered the departure of nonessential American government employees and family members from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and the U.S. Consulate in Erbil, Iraq, and increased the travel alert in Iraq to Level 4, meaning U.S. citizens should not go there. The department cited the threats of “terrorism, kidnapping, armed conflict, civil unrest and Mission Iraq’s limited capacity to provide support to U.S. citizens.”

U.S. officials fear that Iraqi militias supported by Iran will attack the 2,500 or so U.S. troops in the country and other American institutions or citizens.

Even behind closed doors, American officials are carefully wording their advice to the Israelis. When Mr. Biden met with the Israeli war cabinet during his trip to Tel Aviv last week, he avoided making requests of Mr. Netanyahu, officials said. Instead, the president offered a series of questions that should be answered before a ground invasion starts and raised the specters of the disastrous U.S. decisions to invade Iraq and to wage a long, open-ended war in Afghanistan.

Mr. Biden’s questions included who takes over for Hamas after the operation is finished and how the invasion might affect the hostages, as well as what a two-front war might do to Israel.

One of the U.S. officials said the Americans had stressed not only the hostage issue to the Israelis, but also concerns about civilian casualties and humanitarian aid.

Michael Herzog, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, said on CNN that the United States had frequently raised important questions about Israel’s war plans but had not tried to dictate decision making.

“There is really no pressure,” he said. “They give us advice, but they are not telling us what to do or what not to do.”

The ground invasion has been repeatedly delayed, according to four senior Israeli defense officials, who added that they did not know the reason for the postponement. Two of the officials said it was possibly related to the negotiations.

CNN reported Sunday that U.S. officials believe a delay could allow time for the release of more hostages.

The New York Times reported last week that American and other Western officials familiar with the talks said there was optimism that Hamas might release women and children because of international backlash to the abductions.

A senior Israeli military official said that based on conversations between the United States and Qatar, Hamas could possibly release about 50 dual nationals separate from any broader deal.

The repeated delays also reflect a growing tension between Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Gallant, his defense minister, who supports a broad military operation that would also include Hezbollah, the powerful militia in Lebanon.

Mr. Netanyahu has opposed the wider operation for now, and American officials have also privately expressed concern to Israeli leaders about any major strike against the group that would draw it into Israel’s war against Hamas, opening a second front.

Hezbollah has stepped up its rocket attacks aimed at northern Israel in recent days, and Israel has retaliated with airstrikes and artillery fire in southern Lebanon but has so far refrained from carrying out a major offensive against the group. The Israeli government has asked more residents of northern Israel to leave their homes.

During a visit on Sunday to the underground command of the Israeli Air Force, Mr. Gallant expressed his appreciation to the officers there and, referring to the invasion, his “confidence ahead of the next stage, which will come soon.”

Michael Crowley contributed reporting from Washington.

U.S. Advises Israel to Delay Gaza Invasion, Officials Say (msn.com)

Oct. 21, 2023

 BREAKING: RINOS Win! House GOP Votes IN SECRET BALLOT to Boot Jim Jordan by Large Margin as their Candidate for Speaker Candidate Forum to be Held Monday


The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today Jordan lost a third bid to be Speaker of the House.


After Jordan’s latest unsuccessful bid, the House GOP voted in a secret ballot at 1 PM regarding whether Jordan should remain the party’s nominee for Speaker.


Jim Jordan lost a secret ballot to remain the GOP’s nominee for Speaker, according to Jake Sherman.


TBT: It is now known that many House members, including Republicans who voted against Jim Jordan,

received donations from FTX... 

Which was heavily invested in by Zelensky, apparently with some of the cash he received from Biden.

 Jordan was promising more investigations and the first time that Ukrainian corruption is proven. 


Ramaswamy calls for DEPORTATION of all illegals, including ANCHOR BABIES


Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has proposed the deportation of all illegal aliens, including anchor babies.

Just When Υou Thought Things Couldn't Get Wοrse.. Thousands More Of These DISΑPPEAR


It's remarkable how people often overlook the worth of their own agency until it directly affects them. The ongoing concern about robots replacing human workers could be addressed if individuals chose not to support businesses adopting such practices, but regrettably, many won't take action until they are personally impacted, and by then, it may be too late.


Notably, BlackRock has been aggressively purchasing numerous houses, offering inflated prices, and restricting homeowners' rights, such as firearm possession. The situation is cause for mass, late-night protests by Americans. Yet, we remain passive spectators, even though there's a multitude of reasons to be upset with the government's inaction. This inertia is disheartening.


To rectify these housing issues, we should enact legislation preventing corporations from buying homes in the US. Implement a law that restricts home purchases to personal loans, thereby increasing housing availability and lowering costs. 

Alternatively, stipulate that companies buying these homes cannot rent them and must sell below their purchase price, ensuring affordable housing.


However, it seems our politicians are disinclined to address these concerns and prefer to see citizens homeless and financially strained.


The same principle applies to jobs. Enforcing a law that mandates companies to hire humans instead of robots whenever feasible would bolster the economy and elevate the value of human workers.


It's important to remember that before World War II, our society functioned differently. We had adequate housing, food, and more. The current situation is arguably worse than the Great Depression, and it's crucial for people to realize the gravity of the matter.

Study: Older Adults Who Regularly Use The Internet Have LESS DEMENTIA RISK Than Non-Regular Users.

👀click to read👀

Regular internet usage is often painted as a negative, but research has found a positive to the practice – especially in the case of older users.

A longitudinal study of a large group of older adults showed that regular internet users had approximately half the risk of dementia compared to their same-age peers who did not use the internet regularly. Participants using the internet between six minutes and two hours per day had the lowest risk of dementia, according to the study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

The authors said public discussions about internet use often revolve around problematic internet use – particularly among children and adolescents. But they noticed that this difference remained even after controlling for education, ethnicity, sex, generation and signs of cognitive decline at the start of the study.  

Studies often link large amounts of time spent on the internet with various adverse conditions. However, the internet also forms the backbone of modern economy and entertainment – providing lots of cognitively engaging content that is relatively easy to access.

Additionally, scientists have previously shown that online engagement can make individuals more resilient against brain decay or physiological damage to the brain that develops as people age.

This can, in turn, help older adults compensate for brain aging and reduce the risk of dementia. In this way, internet use can help extend the cognitively healthy lifespan.

Indeed, previous studies have shown that internet users tend to have better overall cognitive performance, verbal reasoning and memory than non-users.

However, most of these studies did not track changes over time or tracked them for very short periods. Thus, it could not be determined whether internet use helps maintain cognitive functioning or whether individuals with better cognitive functioning were more likely to use the internet.

In this paper, corresponding study author Dr. Virginia Chang and her colleagues wanted to examine how the risk of developing dementia is associated with whether adults regularly use the internet.

They were also interested in how this association changes over time and how the total period of internet use in late adulthood is associated with the risk of dementia.

Finally, they wanted to see if there might be an adverse effect of excessive internet use by examining the association between the risk of dementia and the daily number of hours spent on the internet.

How the study was done

The researchers followed more than 18,000 dementia-free adults and analyzed data from The Health and Retirement Study – an ongoing longitudinal survey of a nationally representative sample of U.S. older-age adults aged 50 and over.

All 18,154 participants were born before 1966 and were aged between 50 and 65 years at the start of the analysis period. The median follow-up period of participants whose data were analyzed in this study was eight years, but it went up to 17 years with some.

Data analyses were conducted from September 2021 to November 2022. The researchers examined the relationship between internet usage and education, race-ethnicity, sex and generation.

Moreover, they examined whether the risk of dementia varied by the cumulative period of internet usage to see if starting or continuing usage in old age modulated subsequent risk.

The study interviewed participants every second year since 2002 about their internet usage, including frequency, duration and purpose of internet use.

Assessments of dementia were also conducted every second year through the modified Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status. Study authors calculated how long participants survived without dementia. They also used various demographic data about participants in their analysis.

What the study showed:

Over the years, internet usage was monitored as was cognitive decline. Data statistics showed the following:

    • 65 percent of participants were regular internet users and 35 percent were non-regular users
    • 21 percent changed their internet use habits during the study period while 53 percent did not change them
    • 26 percent dropped out
    • Eight percent died during the follow-up period or experienced another event and were excluded from further analysis
    • Five percent of participants developed dementia during the study period

Regular internet users had a 1.54 percent chance of developing dementia. This risk was 10.45 percent for non-regular users.

When time until the development of dementia was analyzed, results showed that the risk of dementia of regular internet users was 57 percent lower than the risk non-regular users had of developing dementia.

Findings showed the relationship between dementia risk and daily hours of internet usage was U-shaped.

Adults using the internet between six minutes and two hours per day were found to have the lowest risk of dementia. This risk was much higher in adults who did not use the internet at all but also increased gradually with more daily internet use beyond two hours.

The study authors said: "Our findings show evidence of a digital divide in the cognitive health of older-age adults. Specifically, adults who regularly used the internet experienced approximately half the risk of dementia than adults who did not, adjusting for baseline cognitive function, self-selection into baseline internet usage, self-reported health and a large number of demographic characteristics."

The study had limitations that needed to be taken into account. Notably, the dementia assessment used might not completely agree with clinical diagnoses of dementia.

Additionally, the study included only individuals without dementia at the start of the study and excluded individuals who developed dementia early. Results might not have been the same if such individuals, who are part of the general population, were included in the study.


Study: Older adults who regularly use the internet have LESS DEMENTIA RISK than non-regular users | Women System (womensystems.com)

Gates Foundation Insider Admits Depopulation Drugs Are Pumped Into Fast Food Meals


Doctors in Kenya accused UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of playing God and sterilizing millions of women in Africa via the tetanus vaccine program. 


And they backed up their accusations with proof.


Dr. Stephen K. Karanja, former chairman of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, became suspicious of the program when he learned that involuntary sterilization programs posing as tetanus programs had occurred in other parts of the world.

Karanja, who passed away in 2021, convinced one of the largest health care providers in Kenya to test the tetanus vaccine being given, to make sure there was no foul play. But guess what? This anti-hCG-laced tetanus vaccine perfectly matched the anti-fertility vaccine the WHO had announced in 1993.

The conjugated vaccine effectively ends and prevents pregnancy as her own immune system will immediately attack and destroy the hCG as soon as it forms.

That same year, 1995, the Philippines actually won a court order halting a UNICEF tetanus program that was using tetanus vaccine laced with hCG. Anti-hCG-laced vaccines had also been found in at least four other countries.

Oct. 20, 2023

Sidney Powells Plea Proves Fulton County Prosecutor Went Nuclear To Get Trump


Lawyer and former Trump adviser Sidney Powell pleaded guilty Thursday to six misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to commit intentional interference with performance of election duties. Under Georgia’s First Offender Act, Powell’s plea agreement will result in the discharge of all the criminal charges after she serves six years of probation. That the Fulton County prosecutor settled for these misdemeanor charges when Powell faced seven major felony counts — including an expansive RICO conspiracy count — confirms the criminal justice system was weaponized to get Trump.

Worlds Electric Grids Incapable Of Supporting Renewable Energy Goals: Agency


Electricity grid capacity available in the world isn't keeping pace with the rapid growth of "clean energy" technologies, possibly putting governments' climate goals at risk, according to a recent report by the International Energy Agency (IEA). In order to achieve climate goals set by global governments, more than 80 million kilometers (49.7 million miles) of electric grids have to be added or refurbished by 2040, which is the “equivalent of the entire existing global grid,” according to the Oct. 17 IEA report. Even though “electrification and renewables deployment are both picking up pace,” there is a risk of the clean energy transition stalling due to a lack of “adequate grids to connect the new electricity supply with the demand.”

DHS Puts Pro-Hamas Immigrant Screener On Leave As She Reaffirms That She Celebrates Terrorism


The Department of Homeland Security has put an employee on leave in response to a Daily Wire story that revealed that one of the people tasked with “vetting” immigrants to the U.S. was a former spokesperson for the designated terrorist group the Palestinian Liberation Organization, who continues to support Hamas.

U.S. State Department Announces Worldwide Caution Travel Alert


The U.S. State Department issued a “worldwide caution” travel advisory on Thursday, warning American citizens to be aware in various locations as threats of terrorist attacks and other dangerous situations have increased.

Federal Judge Overturns Californias Unconstitutional Ban On Assault Weapons Again


A federal judge overturned California’s ban on so-called assault weapons on Thursday, saying the three-decade-old prohibition against semi-automatic firearms violates the constitutional right to bear arms.

Large Scale U.S. Military Buildup in the Middle East: Is America Preparing to Launch World War III?


An October 18 article by Nick Allen in London’s Daily Mail confirms that the U.S. had  “foreknowledge” of the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack directed against Israeli civilians.

The report acknowledges that:


“Within hours of the horrific onslaught on Israel by Hamas on Oct. 7 the U.S. began moving warships, jets and special forces to the region.”


Known to military analysts, such a deployment requires considerable advanced preparation and cannot be improvised  “within hours.” 


This fits in with the scenario that the Hamas attack initiated on October 7, 2023 was a “false flag” operation on behalf of Israel’s military and intelligence apparatus (which also coordinates such actions with the U.S.). 

 Trump Declares Victory as Judge Hands Him Massive Win in Class Action Lawsuit

👀click to read👀

Former President Donald Trump declared a "complete victory" after a federal judge ruled Tuesday that plaintiffs could not bring a class action lawsuit against him.


Trump entered into an endorsement agreement with ACN Opportunity LLC in 2006 to promote its marketing training services for independent business owners, New York City-based U.S. District Judge Lorna Schofield recounted in her order denying the class action lawsuit.


A series of agreements followed that lasted until June 2015, the month he announced his presidential candidacy. Three plaintiffs claimed in the lawsuit that it was Trump's endorsement that persuaded them to purchase ACN's products. Two of them said they earned no money from the venture, while another said she made just $38 over a two-year period.


The plaintiffs alleged that they did not realize Trump was being paid millions of dollars to endorse ACN.


Schofield ruled it would be impossible to define a class of individuals harmed by Trump's endorsement because people can be convinced by a number of factors, including their individual inquiry into the company, other marketing materials and what people may have told them.


"The majority of the content on the Opportunity Discs [promoting the company] portrayed testimonials from various successful IBOs, highlighting how ACN has enabled them to have, for example, a relaxed work life, expensive cars, and large homes," the judge explained.


"The nature of Trump's alleged misstatements also raises individual questions of whether any given putative class member believed the statements and therefore relied on them," Schofield added.


Trump ACN Order by The Western Journal


She further noted that "the record evidence shows that some IBOs knew or assumed Trump was a paid spokesperson."


And the statements Trump made about ACN -- such as it being a "great opportunity" and having a "winning business model" and a "proven track record" of "creating millionaires" -- can be seen as typical advertising puffery and not outright misrepresentations.


In addition to denying the creation of a class action lawsuit, Schofield directed the three plaintiffs to submit briefs by Tuesday stating why their claims should not be severed from the others and transferred as individual suits to the appropriate district courts in California, Maryland and Pennsylvania, where they reside.


Trump responded to the judge's ruling on Truth Social, writing, "Today we had a Total and Complete Victory against Far-Left Lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, on her ridiculous ACN Class Action Suit, yet another Election Interference Case."


"It was ruled that there can be no Class Action, and Certification was denied!" he added.


Kaplan represented E. Jean Carroll in her defamation civil suit against Trump in May regarding her client's allegations that Trump raped her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s.  The former president has denied even knowing Carroll.  In his closing argument in May, Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina said Carroll’s story was bogus.


“The whole story is clearly an unbelievable work of fiction,” Tacopina said


He said the tactic of the legal team representing Carroll was to have the jury hate Trump “enough to ignore the facts.”


Trump Declares Victory as Judge Hands Him Massive Win in Class Action Lawsuit (msn.com)

[Video] Bassem Youssefs Viral Interview with Piers Morgan on Palestinian Suffering


In a recent viral interview with British TV host Piers Morgan, Egyptian comedian and TV personality Bassem Youssef used dark humor to shed light on the ongoing Israel-Palestine war and the hardships faced by Palestinians.

[Video] Jewish Voice for Peace Holds Massive Rally at Capitol for Israel-Gaza Ceasefire


US Capitol Police say at least three people have been charged with assault on a police officer while processing close to 300 arrests during a protest near the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. The people were arrested during a protest by organizations calling for a cease-fire in Gaza as part of the Israel-Hamas war.

Why Isn't There a Palestinian State?


Why don't the Palestinians have their own country? Is it the fault of Israel? Of the Palestinians? Of both parties? David Brog, Executive Director of the Maccabee Task Force, shares the surprising answers.


If Israel just allowed the Palestinians to have a state of their own, there would be peace in the Middle East, right? That’s what you hear from UN ambassadors, European diplomats and most college professors.


But what if I told you that Israel has already offered the Palestinians a state of their own - and not just once, but on five separate occasions?


Don’t believe me?

Let’s review the record.


After the breakup of the Ottoman Empire following World War I, Britain took control of most of the Middle East, including the area that constitutes modern Israel.

Seventeen years later, in 1936, the Arabs rebelled against the British, and against their Jewish neighbors.

The British formed a task force – the Peel Commission – to study the cause of the rebellion. The commission concluded that the reason for the violence was that two peoples – Jews and Arabs – wanted to govern the same land.

The answer, the Peel Commission concluded, would be to create two independent states – one for the Jews, and one for the Arabs. A two-state solution. The suggested split was heavily in favor of the Arabs. The British offered them 80 percent of the disputed territory; the Jews, the remaining 20 percent. Yet, despite the tiny size of their proposed state, the Jews voted to accept this offer. But the Arabs rejected it and resumed their violent rebellion. Rejection number one.

Ten years later, in 1947, the British asked the United Nations to find a new solution to the continuing tensions. Like the Peel Commission, the UN decided that the best way to resolve the conflict was to divide the land.

On November 7, 1947, the UN voted to create two states. Again, the Jews accepted the offer. And again, the Arabs rejected it, only this time, they did so by launching an all-out war. Rejection number two.

Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria joined the conflict. But they failed. Israel won the war, and got on with the business of building a new nation. Most of the land set aside by the UN for an Arab state – the West Bank and east Jerusalem – became occupied territory; occupied not by Israel, but by Jordan.

Twenty years later, in 1967, the Arabs, led this time by Egypt and joined by Syria and Jordan, once again sought to destroy the Jewish State.


The 1967 conflict, known as the Six Day War, ended in a stunning victory for Israel.


Jerusalem and the West Bank, as well as the area known as the Gaza Strip, fell into Israel’s hands. The government split over what to do with this new territory. Half wanted to return the West Bank to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt in exchange for peace. The other half wanted to give it to the region’s Arabs, who had begun referring to themselves as the Palestinians, in the hope that they would ultimately build their own state there.

Neither initiative got very far. A few months later, the Arab League met in Sudan and issued its infamous “Three No’s:” No peace with Israel. No recognition of Israel.


No negotiations with Israel. Again, a two-state solution was dismissed by the Arabs, making this rejection number three.


Criminality Beyond Description: Netanyahu Supports both Hamas as well as Al Qaeda Terrorists


For those who have doubts concerning the criminality and insidious role of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government:  

1. Netanyahu is on Record for Supporting and Financing Hamas Terrorists:  


“Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas … This is part of our strategy – to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.”

(Benjamin Netanyahu, statement at a March 2019 meeting of his Likud Party’s Knesset members, Haaretz, October 9, 2023, emphasis added)

“Hamas was treated as a partner to the detriment of the Palestinian Authority to prevent Abbas from moving towards creating a Palestinian State. Hamas was promoted from a terrorist group to an organization with which Israel conducted negotiations through Egypt, and which was allowed to receive suitcases containing millions of dollars from Qatar through the Gaza crossings.”

(Times of Israel, October 8, 2023, emphasis added)


2. Netanyahu is also on Record for Supporting and Recruiting Al Qaeda Terrorists


Since the Onset of the War against Syria in March 2011, the IDF has actively recruited Al Qaeda and ISIS mercenaries. 

Just 0.1% of Sudden Deaths Are Unvaxxed, Data Shows


An alarming new data report has revealed that fewer than 0.1 percent of people who die suddenly are unvaccinated for Covid.

Statistics show that over 99.9 percent of sudden deaths are people who were vaccinated, despite only 75% of Americans having received Covid shots.

In recent years, reports of people dying suddenly have soared.

The corporate media insists that sudden and unexpected deaths have been happening throughout history and that recent spikes are nothing out of the ordinary.

However, what governments, health officials, and corporate media hacks fail to reveal is that the vast majority of recent sudden deaths were vaccinated for Covid.

In fact, since the rollout of the mRNA shots in late 2020, the number of unvaxxed sudden deaths is estimated to be fewer than 1 in 1,000.