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In the past few weeks, a mysterious phenomenon has taken over social media. From a young man who supposedly developed strange superpowers (could it be a glitch in the matrix?) to unexplained sightings of a disc shaped object, and scary encounters with the paranormal, in this video I will analyze the strangest and most unexplained videos that will make you rethink everything. Welcome to the Impossible channel where James LaFleur analyses the creepiest and the most mind-blowing videos for your entertainment

The Seven Towers of Satan:

Iraq's Lovecraftian Horror



Is Iraq and the rest of the Mesopotamian region haunted? If so, then by what? And how is it connected to one of the country's oldest Kurdish communities? In the early 1900s, the French Sufi philosopher Abdul Wahid Yahya, believed that he discovered a metaphysical secret that governed the entire planet and the lives of everyone on it. Known as the Towers of Satan, could this theory explain why this part of the Middle East is paranormal?

Unexplained And Creepy Things Caught on Camera

From strange glitches in the matrix to creepy encounters and bizarre UFO sightings, in this episode I react to unexplained and creepy things caught on camera. I'm James LaFleur and I will be reacting to and analyzing this mind-blowing compilation today for your entertainment.

Man With Time Machine Suddenly Vanished & Now He Reappeared with A Terrifying Message


Humanity has been fascinated with the concept of time travel ever since we came up with it. Movies like Back to the Future, Terminator, and the recent Avengers Endgame have piqued the curiosity of many people, as we wonder if time travel truly exists. While we might be quick to dismiss the idea as impossible, various time travel stories have made many retain doubts about the impossibility of such a venture. Examples of such stories include Mike Marcum and Sir Goddard. In this video, we will explore such stories and reveal what Mike said years after reappearing. We will also discuss the scientific limitations and why scientists do not believe time travel is possible. 

Keep watching as we take you on a mind-boggling journey.



Exclusive Footage the Military's Encounter with a

Massive Ancient Sea Creature Scary Comp

Someone help me here... What are my eyes seeing?


Creepy videos that defy logic


These eerie YouTube Shorts and enigmatic TikToks are causing a stir across the internet, leaving viewers perplexed and unsettled. The compilation includes spine-chilling celebrity conspiracies, baffling UFO sightings, and mysterious glitches in the matrix. And if that's not enough to keep you awake, brace yourself for shocking paranormal experiences and encounters with strange creatures.

Man wakes his whole family up to go outside to see what was in the sky, they were all speechless!

It even shocked me!

The story behind the strange theory about the existence of the Grand Cannon of Hololuminescence that began in the Cold War.






The incident in the Finnish countryside, known as the Curtain Vara incident, played a crucial role in the trials of the Hol luminescent cannon back in 2002. NASA, in collaboration with the International Council for Space Safety, sought to refine the cannon's capabilities following complications during the new moon operation.


Located on the outskirts of the village of Curtain Vara, the site was chosen meticulously to minimize impact while conducting tests. Extensive studies by the FBI and geographical services of prominent American and Canadian universities deemed it the most suitable location, given various factors such as distance from major cities and population density.

The tests aimed to calibrate the cannon's projection beam and explore its potential for creating low-temperature passages underground. Despite initial challenges, engineers successfully condensed the cannon's energy, paving the way for further experiments across continents.

The incident in the Finnish countryside, known as the Curtain Vara incident, played a crucial role in the trials of the Hol luminescent cannon back in 2002. NASA, in collaboration with the International Council for Space Safety, sought to refine the cannon's capabilities following complications during the new moon operation.

Located on the outskirts of the village of Curtain Vara, the site was chosen meticulously to minimize impact while conducting tests. Extensive studies by the FBI and geographical services of prominent American and Canadian universities deemed it the most suitable location, given various factors such as distance from major cities and population density.

The tests aimed to calibrate the cannon's projection beam and explore its potential for creating low-temperature passages underground. Despite initial challenges, engineers successfully condensed the cannon's energy, paving the way for further experiments across continents.

However, catastrophic failures occurred during the initial prototypes, leading to the release of hazardous elements into the atmosphere. The explosion of prototype 3A resulted in significant damage, causing fractures in molecular tissues and strange phenomena witnessed by residents.

The aftermath revealed burnt trees, mysterious holes, and unusual spheres hovering above the snow. Radiation readings indicated abnormal levels, suggesting unforeseen consequences of the disaster involving element 116.

Reflecting on the events of that summer night in 2002, witnesses grapple with disbelief and uncertainty about its cause. Yet, the possibility of similar occurrences looms, underscoring the need for cautious exploration and understanding of unknown phenomena.

THE SALISH SEA FEET: What you NEED to know about


The discovery of human feet encased in shoes that have been washing up on the shores of the Salish Sea. Despite ongoing investigations and scientific analyses, many questions surrounding the Salish Sea Feet phenomenon remain unanswered. The mystery continues to baffle both the public and experts.


21 Feet washed ashore.. Whose feet were they?

The Creepiest and Most Unexplained Videos Actually Caught on Camera


From mysterious phenomena in the sky to unexplained creatures caught on camera, in this video I'll analyze the creepiest and most unexplained videos actually caught on camera.

You've probably heard of skin walkers, right? In most cases people mistake normal creatures or animals for these mysterious and creepy entities that lurk the deserts, but in this particular and very strange case recorded by @the1cowboy things are a bit different - and he might have captured one of the creepiest encounters with skin walkers on camera. Let's watch to find out.

Imagine going Kayaking in a sunny afternoon with a friend of yours and all of a sudden you see this huge wave forming in the lake you're at. There's nothing around that could explain it unless - it's a huge lake creature, like the Ogopogo or Lochness monster. Well, this happened to one of our subscribers a couple of years ago and she was able to record everything.

Imagine coming across a square shaped object in the sky, something that isn't apparent but it's there leaving a huge shadow on the clouds. You look around and there's no explanation for it. Sounds like something coming from out of a sci-fi movie, isn't it? But apparently some people have been recording these mysterious phenomena and no one knows what or why this is showing up like this.

"They Uncovered Something in Antarctica That No Man Should See"


The Hollow Earth Theory is not just believed by Godzilla x Kong Fans but credible scientists like Edmund Halley and Mathematician Leonhard Euler also believed the center of the earth is hollow. There is even a story that the cherished Admiral Richard Byrd discovered Agartha an advanced ancient city beneath the ice in Antarctica (Operation High jump). Joe Kirby from Off the Kirb Ministries is going to investigate this and other biblical theories that the underworld could be inside earth and that Jesus descended to Hades.

A Terrifying Creature is Hunted and

Caught on Camera - Horror Videos


A strange column of dust that seems to have life, the ghost of an animal and even the capture of what it seems to be, a siren. Although it is hard for you to believe it, in the last time they have come to light disturbing records that serve as evidence to the theory that the paranormal lives among us, I'm Leonore Clay and this is "The Darkest Secret".

Peter Stumpp: The Werewolf of Bedburg


In the year this literary work was published, 1612, the story of Peter Stump became widely known throughout Europe. However, as the centuries passed, this story gradually faded into oblivion, and any written details about this unfortunate man were lost in the annals of history.


In 1920, an English clergyman and writer named Montague Summers saw a long-forgotten pamphlet in the British Museum detailing the singular case of Peter Stump. The pamphlet details Stump's life, including his crimes and the trial that followed his capture. Everything we know about this event comes from these 16 pages. The original broadsheet was published in German, with an English translation of which only two copies now exist. Besides one in the British Museum, there is another in the Lambeth Library in London. No copy of the original German pamphlet survives.

5 Creepiest Encounters with Extraterrestrials

and the Real Men in Black


In 1996, a psychologist named Jonathan Reed embarked on a seemingly ordinary hike with his dog Suzy in the Pacific Northwest.


Entering a clearing on the trail, Reed stumbled upon a heart-stopping sight -- a black obelisk hovering silently just above the ground. Next to this mysterious and seemingly gravity-defying object stood what appeared to be an alien creature.


The extraterrestrial resembled the classic depiction of a 'gray' alien with a large, elongated head, slender limbs, and an approximately humanoid bipedal form. It wore a skin-tight black suit that covered most of its body.


The creature was startled, and Dr. Reed claims it fired an energy weapon, vaporizing his dog. Blinded with rage, Reed grabbed a large tree branch and struck the alien, knocking it to the ground.


Convinced he had killed the creature, Reed wrapped it in a thermal blanket and carried it home, later capturing a now-viral video of his examination of the body. The footage—hauntingly punctuated by Reed's frantic breaths—shows him first unwrapping, then carefully manipulating the entity's limbs and rotating its head.

After storing it in his freezer that night for later examination, Reed awoke to discover it gone—seemingly revived and escaped. This terror, however, was only the beginning of Dr Reed's troubles. He soon became a victim of harassment by government agents and the infamous 'men in black.'


According to Reed, these operatives confiscated his high-resolution footage of the being, leaving behind only a grainy, low-quality backup copy, which now circulates on YouTube. Dr Jonathan Reed published a book about his encounter, which has drawn the attention of both skeptics and ufologists and remains a hotly debated topic to this day.


While numerous individuals stand by the legitimacy of Reed's accounts, an investigation believes that he might have used an alias, potentially being a Seattle local known as Mr. Rutter. However, concrete evidence remains elusive, only leaving us with a deeply unsettling narrative and an equally chilling video...

Korean A.I. of 1986 (PART 2)


An artificial intelligence was created in the 1980s in South Korea, and its inventors attempted to test its sensitivity.


There isnt an official or widely recognized Korean version of SCP-079 within the SCP Foundation's database. However, the SCP Foundation is a collaborative creative writing project, and it's possible that since then, someone has created a Korean version of SCP-079 or a similar AI entity within the SCP universe.

If you're interested in finding such content, I recommend checking the official SCP Foundation website or community forums for any user-generated content or translations that may have been created after my last update.

Please note that new SCP entries and variations are frequently added by the community, so there may be more recent developments in this regard.



This Girl Has Been Dead for a Century, But What She Does Every Night Is Terrifying!


When Mr Lombardo found out he was having a little girl as his first child he was simply over the moon. It was all he had ever wished for! But just two years later a mysterious sickness fell upon his city later known as the Spanish flu. His little girl Rosalia was just two years old at the time. He and his wife did everything they could to protect her but she ultimately fell very ill. So ill that she died…This left behind a devastated and heart broken father that didn’t want to let go. That’s when he did something crazy. Something that left his century old little girl to do something strange every night…


SCP-1139 The Broken Tongue | object class Euclid

| Church of the Broken God scp


This scp foundation wiki reading is about SCP 1139 "The Broken Tongue". Upon application of electricity a direct current, the object affects all individuals within a given radius through unknown means. Any person within the radius of effect begins speaking and writing a new language, though they apparently believe they are speaking their native tongue. Subjects lose the ability to speak or comprehend any prior known language(s). Linguistic analysis indicates that the new languages are fully formed languages, but all attempts at translation have been met with complete failure. Attempts at translation continue. 

Subjects have proven incapable of learning or re-learning any real-world language after exposure to SCP-1139. Class AA amnesiacs successfully counteract the effect, though subjects are thereafter of little use to the Foundation, and Class AA amnesiacs are not advised in future testing. See Experiment Log 1139-1.

@Iceflkn - 2 years ago (edited) - I wonder if an electrical shock, like a taser, or even a shock treatment would reset the affected persons minds instead of the amnestic? Possibly enabling them to translate the language at long last. Could be accidently discovered by getting shocked from a doorknob during winter or maybe a bare wire in a room being touched delivering the shock giving that person a few minutes of normal communication?? Hmmm....






They Don't Want YOU To Know About This!







This 12,000 Years Old Statue is NOT From This Planet!

The Only Existing Video of Seth Speaking Through Jane Roberts With Some Additional Goodies

I think you will enjoy this. I have revamped and edited the only existing video of Seth speaking thru Jane Roberts. Richard Kendall (Dickie), my wife Deborah and I got together to create this video in 1993. I decided to put it on YouTube tonight.


But first: Who was Seth and Jane Roberts?


Seth is a nonphysical entity or personality who was channeled through the trance medium Jane Roberts from 1963 to her death in 1984. She DICTATED her 30-40 books to her husband, Rob, who transcribed them by hand before typing them up.


Jane also held weekly Seth classes in Elmira for about 10+ years in the 1960s and 1970s. I attended those original Seth classes for about year in 1972-3. If anyone is familiar with the classes, I was one the “The New York Boys” and Seth called me “our poet.” I have written 4000+ poems and counting.


Weekly transcripts were made of Seth's comments made during these 4-hour classes--including class members' comments and questions--and have themselves been turned into books as well.


Dr. Jon Klimo, in his book, “Channeling,” credits Seth as ushering in the modern new-age movement—introducing concepts like “you create your own reality, simultaneous time, you’re as dead right now as you’ll ever be,” and much more.


In short, Seth's concepts empower each person to find their own answers, and not look to others for answers.


His idea is that when you ask a question, it is flag that tells you that you already have in the answer inside you-and so find it. He added that if he answers all of our questions, then we would stop looking for answers—believing we had the full answers—but we would only have half the answers. It was up to us to find the other half and more—within ourselves.


Thus, he suggested that people take brave journeys of self-awareness in order to better understand ourselves and the beliefs behind our emotions and expectations--in order to see how these all connect to our life’s experiences and forming our realities.


And in the process--we should be gentle with ourselves—and realize that perfection is a state of becoming and that we are all perfect with our imperfections.


He has also said that love is the basis for existence and the glue that holds physical reality together. Thus, as we learn to form our own realities—we are to do so including helping and not harming others.


Getting back to this video, the following is what was edited and revamped:


The questions in the interview with Jane and Rob--which open the video--have now been put in chronological order--so it is easier to follow Jane's and Rob's story as they tell it.


The interview has been broken up into segments which are now introduced by Richard Kendall using the comments and questions that I wrote for him to read. His "TelePrompter" were separate sheets of loose leaf paper with my handwritten text--which we taped onto the camera below the lens.


Since Seth can be difficult to understand at first--I have added captions to the the Seth class part of the video so everyone can read what Seth says as he says it. Using the equipment I had at the time, I had to type in the captions in sections as the words were spoken--and then insert them into the video as we viewed it. I clicked them in as the video ran in the editing machine--at what I believed would be the best time to do so. We only had one chance to do this.


Following the Seth Class Video are segments of a San Francisco radio interview that Jane gave. I tried to pick out the most interesting one. These segments together total 15-minutes. I also wrote out the captions for these segments so you can read them along with Jane's words.


Additionally, I tried my best to fix the black and white video--making the "blacks more black and the whites more white.."




PS: My wife suggested that I mention my book, and so I will. I have written a book called "The Seth Material Q&A: The Spiritual Inner Journey of Self-Awareness: Original Seth Class Member Answers Your Questions." It can be found on Amazon.

Panicked woman on a flight claimed to be sitting next to a shapeshifter


This is it. Don’t shoot the messenger. An AI robot that is a human hybrid AI organic bit has escaped, or been released from its lab. This was apparently a global initiative. You will NOT be able to determine him from human. He is moving and he is the Antichrist released. I don’t disbelieve anything first. Let’s see how this plays out.

What is GOING ON up there?


Two separate photos of a Strange Black Cloud.


Comments -

-Could that darkened (almost black) area in the clouds be a giant flock of birds or swarm of insects? I’ve seen some very eerie sights that indeed were birds or insects. It’s a still photo, so if it were birds or insects, it would be moving. Thank you for your content.

-Those black clouds actually gave me real goose bumps. Holy moly.

-If you look at the Ellis photos closely, the shadow could very well be a malfunctioning cloak on a massive ship that we are not supposed to know about yet...

20 Weird Old Photos

You Have To See


Here, you'll find a collection of the most interesting and mind-blowing discoveries. The videos are packed with fun and engaging content that will undoubtedly leave you saying, "Wow, I didn't know that!" From the strange and bizarre to the latest scientific breakthroughs, these discoveries cover a wide range of fascinating topics. So, why not embark on this wild ride of exploration and witness for yourself just how captivating the world can be?







This Is Proof That Dragons Really Existed!


What Happened to the Massive Underwater Antenna That Was Photographed

Under Antarctica


The Eltanin Antenna is an intriguing underwater structure that has been a topic of discussion among researchers and theorists for decades. Discovered in 1964 by the USNS Eltanin, an Antarctic oceanographic research vessel, the antenna is located deep beneath the Antarctic Ocean.


The Eltanin Antenna is a massive object, with a height of approximately 300 meters and a base that is roughly 2.5 kilometers wide. It consists of a central shaft that is surrounded by several arms or spokes, giving it the appearance of a wheel or a star. The structure is made up of metal, and some experts believe that it may have been artificially constructed.


There are several theories regarding the origin and purpose of the Eltanin Antenna.

Some suggest that it is a natural formation, while others believe that it was created by an advanced civilization that existed on Earth long before our own. Some even speculate that the antenna is part of a larger network of similar structures located across the planet or possibly even beyond.


Despite the numerous theories, the true origin and purpose of the Eltanin Antenna remain a mystery. Researchers continue to study the structure and gather data, hoping to unravel its enigmatic nature and shed light on its purpose. Nonetheless, the Eltanin Antenna remains an enigmatic object that continues to fascinate and intrigue many individuals interested in the mysteries of the universe.







Mysterious Stone Has Magical Powers? 😨 #Shorts


What is this stone?




For those of you who didn't see it... Here is Someone who looks like Biden scratching his neck and creating what looks like "Folds" on his skin. As he turns to the camera, we can see other anomalies on his face.

This Woman Who Claimed She Travelled To Earth Suddenly Vanished But Then Reappeared Years Later


Today, we'll delve into the case of a woman who allegedly traveled to Earth but disappeared, only to reappear years later. This enigmatic figure has puzzled many.


Known as the "Mystery Woman," she first made headlines in 1954 when a convention held at Mount Palomar in the United States discussed sightings of unknown aircraft and shared accounts of encounters with unidentified flying objects.

Moreover, we'll explore the stories of four other individuals who have been shrouded in mystery throughout history. Despite numerous attempts, their identities remain a puzzle yet to be solved.




The Danger of the Ouija Board -


Jeff Harshbarger was only in the third grade when his parents bought an ouija board. It seemed like a lot of fun until he found out that it was no game.




In this video, we dive into the long history surrounding the Ouija board. From ancient techniques used in China, spirit writing/psychography, early spiritualism, the Fox Sisters, Kennard Novelty Company, and everything leading up to the modern-day Ouija board.


00:00 - Intro + Part 1: Automatic Writing
04:10 - Part 2: Early Spiritualism
06:23 - Part 3: The Fox Sisters
10:45 - Part 4: Talking Boards
13:00 - Part 5: Modern Times

Mermaids: The Dark & Messed Up Origins | Exploring the Myths Behind Infamous Sea Creatures


Mermaids - Today we take a look at the stories behind Mermaids from Greek mythology, Mesopotamian mythology, Russian & British folklore.


YouTube Commentator - In the Igbo myth from Nigeria , we also refer to mermaids at Mami water.. known for bringing fortune to those who can sacrifice and leave treasures at the shore. They are also connected to the sea worship and the cleansing of souls..

Siren Biology Explained | The Science of Mythology's Deadliest Creature


Another entry in the mysterious archives uncovered at Angel wood University, authored and recorded by a scientist known only, at this time, as "Zeiger." His topic for today: the biological properties of the siren.


YouTube Commentor - My grandfather, born in Italy, used to tell stories about how he once saw a strange creature while in a fishing boat in the Mediterranean Sea. He described the encounter as the most unsettling experience ever. During the night they began to hear some voices crying for help, or at least that's how it sounded to them. They quickly began looking for someone in the water but couldn't find anyone. The sky was cloudy, it was very dark and cold. After some time, they went inside the boat, tired, worried and confused. My grandpa stayed on deck for a while, as he couldn't shake the feeling that there was someone out there in the water.

Or something.


Eventually he began walking inside as well to warm up a little, and suddenly saw something with the corner of his eye, turn to his right, and there it was. The clouds had cleared a little, enough for some moonlight to pass through, and in that silver light, about 30 meters from the boat he saw a feminine figure standing with her upper body in the water, gazing at him. Her skin seemed to shine, reflecting the moonlight with a light blue tint. Both stood in silence for a few seconds, and the figure suddenly banished, submerging back in the water in an instant, making no sound but allowing to see some fin fish as she went down.


He never told that to his mates but did not go fishing anymore. The next time he was at sea was to board a ship to America.

Brand New Mandela Effects 27


Comments -

-As a non-American I can confirm that I have never heard of/seen the Energizer bunny, but the Duracell bunny is very well known and a brand you can pretty much buy everywhere for as long as I can remember.


-I remember my high school teacher telling us there were NO survivors of the Hindenburg crash. I still remember the quiet that came over the class.


-I always knew about the electric cars and that they were some of the first cars to ever be invented, it's simply not talked about. What caused their demise was battery inefficiency. 

The Venus thins I also always knew and saw the pictures many times from many many years ago but was not really aware of the date. But the solar panels thing completely blown away and all the other effects, especially Japan's islands and the Hindenburg along with the offer effects, had completely freaking me out. What is even going on with history... Every time I watch these videos, I get completely paranoid that the past is being somehow edited and changed because there is no other explanation to these things, which would confirm the simulation hypothesis.


Terrifying Sounds from the Sky Being Heard Around the World


WTF comments -

-Most of us who have heard or hear/see this type of thing on a regular basis don't talk about it anymore due to everyone calling us crazy. Either that or it wasn't on tv/youtube/screen devices so it didn't happen. There's some scary noises late at night like giant breathing sounds or wings flapping, usually when it's too cloudy to see anything. Sometimes screaming or roaring coming from the sky, usually between 10P-3A. The horns of the Apocalypse are most common though but they changed tone this year.

-I heard this back in 2013 at 4am in the morning in the suburbs near London. Could be the tectonic plates grating against each other - earthquakes are increasing Around the world!






EIM Comments -


-So glad you take up this subject! I stumbled upon vibes of cosmos, about 8 months ago. I used to be really into space travel, but now I don’t believe it anymore. I feel it is the truth that on this plane there are lots of continents, which are separated from us deliberately! Your vid makes a lot of sense to me!!🙏🏼


-Beyond the wall of ice there is a lost history of civilization. And you did mention the water is inherent with giant serpents. That is very interesting.


-Admiral Byrd paid the ultimate price for speaking out in public of His Antarctica expedition and what He discovered beyond the ice wall...


Scientists Just Revealed That a Mysterious Black Goo That Bonds to Hosts Was Found in Egypt


Scientists just revealed that a mysterious black goo that bonds to hosts was found in Egypt. Today, we take a look at this mysterious black goo that was discovered in Egypt.


A few years back, Egyptologists revealed they found a mysterious black goo, with them saying that it was used to cover Mummies.


Several artifacts and mummies were covered in this mysterious black goo, and after tests were conducted, the team said they were able to trace it to the nineteenth and twenty second dynasty.


It's reported that one of the mummies that was found to be covered in this substance was a priest to the Sun god Amun.


MISSING 411: Before you go to the NATIONAL PARKS Watch This!


Over 600000 people go missing every year in America, and 1600 of those missing disappear in our own National parks, and the Park service does not want to talk about it. #MISSING411 #NATIONALPARKSERVICE #jailbreakoverlander


Why i dont f*** with ouija boards (true story)


Hello everyone, it's Colton Caito here from Mindseed TV. Today, I am sharing with you a deeply personal and true story about my past experiences with Ouija boards.


This is not just a story for the sake of entertainment, but a cautionary tale about the dangers of playing with spiritual forces. I will be taking you through my traumatic experiences and explaining why I am still uncomfortable using Ouija boards to this day.


If you have ever had any curiosity about these mysterious devices, or just love true ghost stories, then this video is for you. 


Join me as I delve into the dark side of the supernatural and discover why Ouija boards should be approached with caution.



13 Famous SONGS With Creepy BACKSTORIES


13 Famous SONGS With Creepy BACKSTORIES includes the true meaning behind some of the music industry's most infamous tracks...


She Was the Psychic Who Found Patty Hearst & Murderer Son of Sam


Dorothy Allison was a New Jersey psychic who helps police in hundreds of investigations. Most of her cases were homicides, many involving children. When she was fourteen, she had her first indication of her psychic abilities when she predicted her father's death.


Duringher career, Allison worked on more than 5,000 cases for law enforcement agencies around the globe and was credited by many with helping to solve more than a dozen murders and find at least 50 missing children.


The mother of four first volunteered her services in 1967 when she told the Nutley police she had dreamed of a blond, blue-eyed boy in a green snowsuit with his shoes on the wrong feet, drowned in a pond and his body stuck in a drainpipe. A month later a missing boy, whose description had not been publicized, was found in a drainpipe, and his shoes were on the wrong feet.


In 1974, San Francisco’s Randolph Hearst invited her to help find his kidnapped daughter, Patricia. Allison didn’t find the young woman but later called the FBI twice to say she felt Patty was hiding in Pennsylvania and then in New York City. Both “feelings” proved accurate, and Allison also was correct in predicting that the newspaper heiress would join her captors in robbing a bank.


Two years after that, Allison saw the word “MAR” and oil in connection with a missing 14-year-old girl. In 1978, two boys found the girl’s body in an oil drum on New York City’s Staten Island near a rock with the word “MAR” scrawled on it.


Before David Berkowitz’s arrest, Allison also was credited with giving an accurate description of the “Son of Sam” killer to a police artist and correctly predicting that he would be picked up on a traffic violation.


But Allison also had her very public failures. When she was called to Atlanta in 1980 to assist police in investigating the murders of several black children, an Atlanta police detective branded her “that wacko broad . . . [who] rode around in a big limousine, ate really well for three days and then went home.” He said she gave police 42 possible names for the murderer, none of them that of the man ultimately arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced.


A year earlier, a Paterson, N.J., detective flat out called Allison “a fraud” and said she wrongly claimed credit for leading police to the body of a strangled 8-year-old boy in order to promote her book. He said Allison had led dozens of policemen and bloodhounds on a wild goose chase and had herself given up the search when nothing was found. A witness who saw the suspect and the boy together, the detective said, actually led to the discovery of the body and the arrest and conviction of the killer.


In 1996, Allison led police to a five-acre field near Newark International Airport, after she had a vision that five black teenage boys who disappeared in 1978 had been murdered, burned and dumped there. Police dug but found only teeth which they never determined were human. They gave her a plaque for her efforts but considered the lead a failure.


A nonstop talker who resembled television’s Edith Bunker and lived a quiet life in Nutley, N.J., Allison candidly conceded that she couldn’t find her own reading glasses or anything else she misplaced. She never pretended to understand her “gift,” but disputed the theory that clairvoyance is inherent in all people. “I don’t believe everybody has it,” she told The Times in 1983. “If they did, why aren’t they using it?” Considered the dean of the detective psychics, Allison wrote a book about her work in 1979 titled “A Psychic’s Story.”


She died of heart failure on December 1, 1999.

Mind Blowing Phenomena Viewers Are Struggling to Explain - What is this? Another Planet? Taken on 01/04/23.


-What's going on with the sun greatly affects earthquakes. In fact, they can pretty accurately predict earthquakes that way. If you're interested, you should check out the Suspicious Observers or Dutchsinse channels. They both have great info and are on this platform.


Source Everything Inside Me

So far, His Predictions Have Never Been Wrong, AND THE WORST IS IN SIGHT


Everything Inside Me Comments -


-Before PG&e came and dammed up most of the rivers, California used to get so much rain and run off that the entire valley was an inland sea, from the sea of Cortez to Redding, so deep the Buttes near yuba City would be covered. This is why the valley was so fertile and I said WAS. I am getting close to 70 now and I have seen the rich brown soil in the valley become what looks like grey moondust. Because the valley no longer gets the nutrient carrying run off from the mountains. So of course, fertilizer companies provide plenty of artificial fertilizer now. Funny how everything seems to end up benefiting the "elites", almost as if it was in the plan all along.


-I'm 65 years old. When I was 6 years old, I had a dream of California breaking off in huge chunks and falling into the ocean! I didn't know anything about earthquakes. California will fall in huge chunks due to one massive earthquake after another. Each earthquake will keep triggering more faultless. Even aftershocks will trigger more faultless. This will happen when I'm 70 years old - in 2027. God have mercy on our souls.




From a chilling detail in a video captured at a funeral home that might show a ghost to scary footage of what looks like a moving rock on Mars, we look at chilling details in videos that leave audiences shocked!


Slapped Comments -


-I was at Stonehenge that day. There was a moment that felt weird, like a second repeated. I asked my brother “did you feel that?” He said, “I felt something weird”. We kept walking around for 20 minutes, then helicopters came and started circling. We went to one of the mounds and got a vantage point, there it was.


-The disappearing rock is actually easy to explain... one of the Nasa techs working in the area where they shoot the rover footage is as clumsy and detail oriented as the astronauts are and tripped/bumped said rock and knocked it out of frame and when a coworker or a supervisor pointed out that people pick apart Nasa footage looking for anomalies there was an attempt to put it back. (They already got busted shooting rover footage in a remote area of Canada with a hazy filter overlay that they passed off as actual Mars footage)




Chilling Detail in Video Leaves Audiences Shocked!


-A friend of mine almost drowned in a hotel swimming pool in Rome. They brought him to hospital, where a doctor checked him over. Five years later, in Mexico, he had a bad turn, and had to go to hospital. The doctor who treated him said he remembered treating him before.


My friend said he didn't think so, but he got a shock when the doctor told him he saw him after nearly drowning in Rome! These weird "coincidences" do happen.


Source Slapped Ham


NEW *Mutants* - MORE 'Freaks of Nature' of 2022!


Mutant Lemons, Squashes, Blackberry bush, Corn, Maple Leafs, Mutant carrots, Mutant pumpkin vine, Giant Sunflower, Giant Marigolds, Mutant Tomato with sprouts.




Google Earth Pro Hi RES Quantum 4k Maxar Satellite Imagery
Radioactive Pyramid 81°36'25.21"S 28°17'35.84"W
Digging/Tunneling: 79°14'34.61"S 28°59'57.30"W
4 Cave Ins: 80°51'40.80"S 30°11'49.74"W
Hidden Building: 80°25'56.94"S 30°45'54.08"W
Double Slit Experiment Site: 78°57'16.02"S 27°51'22.89"W


Disturbing Creatures Caught on Camera in Chernobyl


0:00 - Intro 1:06 - Radioactive Farm Animals 1:55 - Wondering Wolves 2:42 - Unusual Toad 3:26 - Brown Bears 4:18 - Unidentified Organism 5:01 - Headless Moose 5:39 - Porpoise Carp 6:16 - Amorphous Fish
7:11 - Unknown Lifeform 7:53 - Giant Larvae 8:45 - Two-Headed Catfish 9:53 - Giant Worm 10:43 - Chernobyl Mermaid 11:32 - Long-Tailed Mutated Pig


The Shocking Truth Behind the Mandela Effect:
CERN is to Blame? Large Hadron Collider


For a few years now I have said that I believed that CERN was possibly to blame for what we have been calling unexplained "False" memories, De-Ja-Vu.


Have Middle Eastern Authorities Stumbled Upon a Gateway to the Egyptian Afterlife?


Egypt’s Book of the Dead - Exploring connections between Ancient Egyptian mythology and mysterious phenomena across the modern-day Arabian Gulf and the Caspian Sea.


Could modern day encounters with sea monsters, aliens and strange phenomena above and below Iraq, Iran and Kuwait have links to Ancient Egyptian Mythology? In the 1920s, when Reginald Fessenden wrote in his paper on ‘The Origins of the Book of the Dead’, that the Egyptian mythological landscape it describes correlates directly with the geography of Ancient Persia.




Submarines through the Ice?
73°56'35.96"S 27° 9'0.58"E
Serpent Skeleton Near Portal
71°31'24.19"S 24° 3'50.49"E
Spinal Column?
71°59'20.80"S 23°15'56.54"E
Statue of Face?
71°39'32.04"S 25°17'45.01"E
Tank Turret?
71°46'21.11"S 25°42'42.51"E
Secret Facility??
69°28'24.00"S 39°36'17.18"E
Hidden Array?
72°30'57.43"S 26°58'49.50"E
List of 15(!) Hidden Building Edges and Corners
72°10'48.87"S 24°31'9.06"E
72° 4'34.13"S 24°31'32.16"E
72° 1'24.91"S 24°31'38.98"E
71°37'12.57"S 26°55'39.58"E
71°43'48.80"S 27°24'59.35"E
71°46'7.44"S 27°21'56.37"E
71°51'16.74"S 27°21'38.35"E
71°53'43.47"S 27°21'30.01"E
72°30'9.52"S 24°56'38.31"E
72°26'46.96"S 25° 1'37.83"E
72°30'17.85"S 24°49'53.64"E
72°30'45.75"S 24°36'10.95"E
72°23'39.62"S 25° 1'21.75"E
72°20'36.20"S 25° 1'24.86"E
72°17'30.27"S 25° 1'18.07"E
Primary Cable:
Begins @ 71°58'48.48"S 24°55'59.69"E.
runs 36 miles on a course of 359.29 degrees.

Ends @ 72°30'14.84"S 24°57'15.81"E.

Secondary Cable:
Begins@ 72°30'31.12"S 24°56'21.51"E.

runs parallel to Primary Cable on same heading approximately 1650 feet distant directly West (270 degrees)

Appears to End in the mountains 19.4 Miles away @

72°13'44.17"S 24°56'1.50"E




The Osiris Shaft: A Closer Look at the Mysterious Black Goo


-How familiar are you with black goo not found in Egypt? I’m talking about the black goo that’s almost like it has a mind of its own. It acts like it’s alive. Surely in your research for this goo you came across the other black goo. The one I’m talking about is probably the inspiration for venom the marvel character.





Elon Musk Just LEAKED What

NASA Is Hiding for Decades!


Elon Musk thinks that either there are many extraterrestrial beings there, or there are none at all. Both the thought of having many aliens and none at all is equally horrifying to him.



The Most Mind Blowing Videos Of 2022


From mysterious sightings to unexplained things, strange creatures and creepy paranormal phenomena caught on camera, in this video I will analyze the creepiest and most unexplained videos of 2022. Welcome to the Impossible channel where James LaFleur analyses the creepiest and the most mind-blowing videos for your entertainment.



Evil Moments Caught On Live TV - Part 3


In this video, we continue our series on Evil Moments Caught On Live TV. In this third and final part, we see a man caught on camera stealing a bike and then proceeding to smash it with a sledgehammer. If you're looking for some truly scary stories to tell at dinner, then look no further! In this video, we see some truly chilling and evil moments caught on live TV, and we can't help but be terrified! From bike theft to murder, this series is sure to keep you entertained all night!




The Dark Origins of Santa and His Elves


This clip describes the pagan origins of Santa Claus or Sinter Klaus and his evil demonic elves known as Krampus and other titles.


Is X-FILES relevant now... Did X-FILES predict the future?


Comments on Rumble -


-"...a government hiding, hoarding technology for 70 years..." Didn't Pfizer want to hide information about their jabberoos for 75 years...?



-JOHN D'SOUZA SAID THEY STOLE HIS FILES. He was FBI and got in trouble so they had him cover these kind of stories. The whole 1st year of x files was his cases. Watch his interview on YouTube with Laura Isenhower.


-Wow, wasn't this like 15 to 20 years ago? That's exactly what's happening, they conditioned us to think it was just Sci fi X-Files and not really happening. Evil b*st*rds!

Step pyramid planned parenthood.

This video has been censored.


The Aztecs murdered and sacrificed their enemies on the step pyramid. Planned parenthood decides to build a step pyramid and sacrifice its enemies to the devil!


Well now. We definitely can look at it this way. Abortion is the "Preferred" Birth Control, and those who are quite willing to "Help" you through your uncomfortable problem.


Stranger Things Mandela Effect Mystery


Comments -


-Yea, I'm a Stranger Things fan, and I have watched the show many times. That scene was in the show, for sure. That's why Steve Harrington smashed his camera, because he saw the photos of Nancy. They might have removed it or whatever, but it definitely existed

-That scene definitely happened. Because that scene when he's developing the photos, Carol's friend walks in and sees that photo of Nancy. Then Johnathan panics, takes all his photos and leaves. Finally when he's confronted about them, Carol hands that photo to Nancy and says "I bet he's saving this one for later" it happened for sure

*Exclusive* Interview with eyewitness of a 'Rogue Dark Planet/Moon'! ENTIRE family saw it!


Did anyone else happen to see this in the sky during the very early morning hours of November 16, 2022, around 2:30am? It was as large as our moon and not inside the atmosphere, dark surface only visible by the moonlight casting on it as it was about 10 to 15 degrees behind the moon moving at the same speed as the moon, essentially following the same path of the moon. It was big enough to block background stars and was visible for approximately 1 hour, then disappeared in a strange fog-like haze that lasted for about ten minutes. Once the fog-like haze dissipated it was no longer visible. This was witnessed in the sky by four people. If you happen to have seen it as well, please send an e-mail to ( Thanks, and have a great day.


Organism 46-B


Dr. Anton Padalka claims to have been part of the first scientistic expedition to explore the lake. “We encountered Organism 46-B on our first day. It disabled our radio - which we later learned, to our alarm, was intentional. It is also able to paralyze prey from a distance of up to 150 feet by releasing its venom into the water. Tragically my colleague and lifelong friend was killed this way."


Later, while diving in the lake, the group were attacked, the creature releasing its venom into the water which took hold of one of them, then killing and eating him. As Padalka stated "He tread water wearing a blissful smile as the organism approached him. We watched helplessly as it used its arms to tear off its head then popped its remains in its mouth. It was as if it had hypnotized him telepathically.”


The Very Strange Case of The
NSA And Lake Vostok
In Antarctica
From Harry Mason
orbitx@ (2-28-01)


From Harry Mason

Dear Jeff,

I have received several e-mails from irate Antarctic personnel and others upset at "MY" article re Lake Vostok and "NSA Override-Coverup" as shown on your web site. Basically, they seem to think that I verified and am the source of the Anon NSA Override-Coverup" story that started this entire discussion - which I was NOT!!!

Whilst reviewing the recent post on your web site it has become obvious that the ex-Nexus ex-Scientific American ex-Anon (believed to be a NASA-JPL insider) "NSA Override-Coverup" story line as reproduced there DOES give the impression that I have written it and verified it.

I am sure that this is purely an editing error whilst attempting to cull the various dispatches forwarded to you by me a few months ago. In fact, I DID NOT write it, NOR have I verified its veracity. AND, in later emails on the subject matter over the last few months I have raised several RedFlag outpoints concerning different aspects of this allegedly true "NSA Override-Coverup" Anon story.

In short, I am reasonably certain that 90% of the original Anon story is a concocted piece of bullshit that was foistered upon Nexus Magazine via Scientific American magazine from person(s) unknown for reasons unknown.

The story of the reforged repatriation of the two female Antarctic skiers, the alleged "pulled" satellite image, the location of the Lake Vostok camp and magnetic anomaly, and the original dispatch's apparent legal NASA advisory report number are all seriously flawed and quite untrue aspects of this Anon story. Thus, there appear to be enough outpoints to junk the entire story. This was not the case when I first received it a few months ago - but has been the case since a week after my first dispatch on this matter.

Some basic aspects of the original Anon story ARE factual e.g.: regarding the Lake Vostok magnetic anomaly and potential environmental dangers of drilling there. What I have done is to append to my advisory e-mails to you and others on this Anon storyline MY OWN views on geological aspects and INFO from my discussions on matters geological with Prof. Thomas Gold (which he was keen to see go public) as regards to the Lake Vostok magnetic anomaly and the possible truth of the environmental gas emission dangers reported in this Anon story.

I append below relevant quotes from my various e-mails on this subject for your info. Perhaps you could post this correction onto the same page as the Lake Vostok story to clear up any misunderstanding that might arise in your readers minds as to the EXACT origins of the original ANON Lake Vostok story line, and my personal beliefs as to its veracity.

Regards, Harry Mason

Excerpts from my more recent private discussion e-mails to Nexus Magazine personnel (Jeff Rense - and others) on the Lake Vostok NSA Over-Ride story line: -

Re: the two women skiing across the ice shelf scenario - they were interviewed on Australian ABC news a few days ago after being dropped off at an Australian Antarctic base by the US "rescue" team. I saw this news segment. They stated they personally requested airlift as their progress had been slower than anticipated and they were in danger from rapidly advancing winter storms. Once these hit you are isolated from air or ground rescue for months. They appeared quite relaxed but wistful about their need for rescue - did not appear "got at" - but who knows?

I have previously seen the most outrageous lies propagated by our ABC TV News over the AUM sect and Benjawan Station Sarin Nerve gas stories. My personal field research interviewed the Benjawan Station people (indigenous and white) and uncovered a huge series of lies aired knowingly by the ABC - so who knows on this Antarctic scenario? But I begin to suspect we should red flag this story as of doubtful veracity!

Just another point about the "Space Mapping Mission of Antarctica Aborted Due to NSA Over-Ride" story.

The letter states that "The linked photo at the end was released by NASA in Jan 2001 seemingly by mistake. It is no longer available from the official archive"!

Yet take a look at this reproduction of an official NASA web site of the EXACT SAME Radarsat image and the attached section (58.1Kb jpg) image I just cut out today (1-03-2001 - 2.00pm) from the Vostok High-Resolution Bird's-Eye View Tif (3.8Mb) that I downloaded today from

Thus, it has NOT been pulled as the Anon "NSA Over-Ride" story alleges ..........

Further - a close inspection reveals a road running diagonally from SW to NE across the lake (smoothed out on Anons original jpg - but just visible there also) that originates at a camp site in the SW corner of the lake with a NNW trending "airstrip" ??? The road continues NE off of the field of the image. I suspect that the image provided by anon has incorrectly labelled the SW airstrip and camp as the "Magnetic Anomaly" and has most certainly placed Vostok Station (Russia) with an arrow pointing where there is nothing but Ice. Incidentally elsewhere in NASA literature Vostok Station is said to be situated at the southern end of the lake and if NASA followed convention with it's image orientation then Vostok Station is where the airstrip-camp site show in the SW part of the lake. In otherwords who ever wrote up the story line did NOT know much about the correct location of things around lake vostok.

Also, the Russians have drilled down 3600 meters since the lake discovery in the 1970's (to some 400 meters? above the liquid lake surface) with preserved ice cores being sent to Montana State University a few years ago. These have been analyzed and they found various gases locked up in the ice (including methane).

Due to the above errors about the so called missing (removed) image and the location of sites around Lake Vostok I am inclined to place a very large red flag against this anon post. Do you have any corroborative data for the original premise of NSA Over-Ride and the removal from stage of Debra Shingteller..................

A friend has found NASA Press Release 01-24 from Feb 21-2001 which I copy below for your info. This is where the first part of David's original Anon post came from - namely the names and addresses of David E. Steitz and Rosemary Sullivent followed by the Release: 01-24 number.

It does not prove that David's post from the anon editor source is a fake however - since the body of his anon letter states who it came from - but it is a tad worrying as to why it was inserted in a manner that "appears" to give official status number 01-24 to the title "SPACE MAPPING MISSION OF ANTARCTICA ABORTED DUE TO NSA OVER-RIDE". When the actual title of NASA Release 01-24 is (as seen below) "SPACE MAPPING MISSION CATCHES ANTARCTICA IN MOTION"..............................

Personally, I would like to see some more backing for the original press conference - Anon story? Have you got any more info?

Just two extra points re Vostok story. I have just read the story in the Antarctic Sun

I quote from there: -

"The evidence is a huge magnetic anomaly on the east coast of the lake's shoreline. As the first SOAR flight crossed over to the lake's east side, the magnetometer dial swung suddenly. The readings changed almost 1,000 nanotesla from the normal 60,000 nanoteslas around Vostok. A tesla is the standard measure of magnetism. Staudinger typically finds anomalies of 500-to-600 nanotesla in places where volcanic material has poured out of the ground.

"When we first saw this huge magnetic anomaly, that was very exciting," Staudinger said.

Usually, magnetic anomalies are much smaller, and it takes some effort to distinguish the anomaly from normal daily changes in the magnetic field. In this case there was no confusion.

"This anomaly is so big that it can't be caused by a daily change in the magnetic field," Staudinger said.

The anomaly was big in another way, encompassing the entire Southeast corner of the lake, about (65 b 46 miles) 105 km by 75 km. The size and extremity of the magnetic anomaly indicated the geological structure changes beneath the lake, and Staudinger guessed it might be a region where the earth's crust is thinner.

To create the type of topography found at Lake Vostok, the earth's crust was probably stretched, thinning one to three percent as it pulled taut, Staudinger said."

I (HM) deal with interpreting aeromagnetic imagery daily in my mineral exploration work here in OZ. The huge size and intensity of the above-mentioned magnetic anomaly strongly suggests a very large ultrabasic complex is present below this section of lake Vostok in the continental crustal rock surface i.e., at the old land surface -pre ice level. This would fit with the apparently tensional pull-apart rifted tectonic style of the lake geo-environment and would probably represent a major mantle derived plume of ultrabasic intrusive along the lines of Prof Careys Expanding Earth diapirs - this fits the stretched crust model noted by Staudinger above.

As such it would also fit Prof. Gold's hypothesis that there is a substantial - possibly world climate dangerous amount if released - volume of methane (as hydrate at the expected temperatures?) plus oil and other exotic gas (He, X, etc.) component to the hot water lake - sourced from the Mantle-Core along the upwelling structural plumbing. The reported "ice boils" could easily be composed of gaseous plumes frozen into the ice - arrested as it were in their upwards progress - initially as hot water gas mixtures but cooled by the surrounding ice until their water content froze and they could no longer melt (i.e., rise) through the ice above them. As such these ice boils could represent fascinating analogies with granite intrusive plumes in mountain belts - both "boils" rise due to their heat melting above rock (ice) layers whilst their lower density relative to enclosing rocks causes a gravity gradient and drives their upward motion until they crystalize (freeze).

The ice "dunes" look like flat ice folded under stress - also analogous to folds in sediments in mountain belts around the planet - possibly due to gravity sliding away from the upwelling diapir of lake Vostok ???


--Original Message--
From: Nexus Magazine-UK
To: davidkingston@

Editor disclaimer: Yet unable to confirm authenticity of JPL source
2/24/01 6:23:56 PM Pacific Standard Time
This was sent to me. Where it came from I don't know yet.
David E. Steitz
Nexus Magazine

Headquarters, Washington, DC
February 21, 2001
Phone: 202 358-1730)

Space-Mapping Mission Of Antarctica Aborted - Overruled By The NSA

Contact: Rosemary Sullivant
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
Phone 818/354-0747

RELEASE: 01-24-01

In a brief announcement today, NASA and the JPL terminated all further study of Lake Vostok in S. Antarctica. In an apparent slip of confidentiality, spokeswoman Debra Shingteller alluded to "National Security Issues" allowing the NSA to assume full control of what had been an International effort to explore a huge, under-ice lake near the Russian Vostok research station. Ms. Shingteller was immediately led away from the podium, and an aid responded to the many further questions with the same answer: "the project has been halted due to environmental issues", and that no further releases were pending. The large crowd of press corp. were left clamoring as the officials left the stage. Ms. Shingteller has not responded to repeated attempts at contact.

The above is a report from an official JPL PR representative who attended the announcement.

The following is part of a letter written to an editor of Scientific American Magazine (who has requested anonymity). The linked photo at the end was released by NASA in Jan 2001 seemingly by mistake. It is no longer available from the official archive...

(See satellite images of Lake Vostok here ed)

Approximately 300 miles from the South Pole there is a lake, a very large lake. It is Lake Vostok. It is also located over 3/4 mile beneath the Continental Ice Sheet. The best photos of Lk Vostok are from space, where the outline is clearly visible. Current ice-penetrating radar studies indicate that the water is up to 2000 ft deep in places and has an over-arching dome up to 1/2 mile high. Estimates for filtered light at the lake surface indicate something like "continuous first morning light" during Antarctica's summer months. Thermograph imaging proposes an amazing 50-degree average water temperature with "hot spots" near 65 degrees. This can only be attributed to subsurface geothermal heat sources. At 300 miles long, and 50 miles wide, the encapsulated atmosphere should have the ability to cleanse itself through interaction with the lake, and possibly... plant life.

Also proposed as a possible route for atmospheric interaction with the lake's environment are what are being labeled "geothermal boils". These are thousands of bubbles in the ice sheet located in some 200 sq. miles of "ice dunes" discovered by the late Russian scientist Ivan Toskovoi who was stationed at Vostok research base until his disappearance in March 2000. The surveyed bubbles range from a few to several hundred feet in diameter.

Quite possibly just as exciting as all of the data related so far, is the discovery through Magnetic Imaging that there is an extremely powerful source of magnetic energy located at the North end of the lake's shoreline. As of this writing, no one has suggested an explanation for the magnetic "anomaly".

As recently as February 2000, at least two international teams were planning separate probes of the lake. Both consisted of fairly similar robotic sensors that would have been lowered through shafts (to be drilled). The team based at Cambridge University, London was sponsored by the UK and US governments, and backed by NASA technology. For reasons not clear, both programs have been shelved indefinitely, with NASA going so far as to deny any involvement, and both governments citing "environmental concerns". An independent source that visited Norway's research base some 150 miles to the East stated that a large amount of new equipment and personnel have been arriving at Russia's Vostok Station over the last six months. This is interesting considering Russia's current financial situation.

A final note is a verified dispatch out of Casey Station (AU). The pair of women adventurers who were attempting to ski across the continent last month and were extracted by plane during the last leg of their trip, did NOT request the intervention. Over the protests of the Australian crew at Casey, the two were airlifted via an extraordinary 48-hour flight by a USN Special Forces team out of American Samoa. According to the dispatch the women were insistent on reporting something unusual they had seen. The latest news reports have the pair resting in "seclusion".

LAKE VOSTOK: A Curiosity or a Focus for Interdisciplinary Study?


The Lost World of Lake Vostok Radio Echo Sounding of Ice Deciphering Mysteries of Past Climate from Antarctic Ice Cores Antarctica's Lake Vostok Exploring Lake Vostok Scientists say Antarctic Lake worth a look-see WARM LAKE FOUND UNDER ANTARCTIC ICE SHEET Frozen Time Capsule from Lake Vostok Arrives at Montana State University Bacteria May Thrive in Antarctic Lake The frosty plains of Europa.

NEXUS MAGAZINE UK Office 55 Queens Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1342 322854; Fax: +44 (0)1342 324574 UK Office e-mail: nexus@ Head Office e-mail (Australia): editor@ website:

Best regards,
David Kingston

The following e-mail reflects Professor Thomas Gold's views on the subject of the above Nexus Magazine Lake Vostok post data. Professor Gold and I have entered into a long e-mail debate over Martian Water & Palaeo Seas/planetary wide Ice sheets and have discussed at length his theories of continuously renewed Earth Core-Mantle derived methane and oil - as opposed to the finite volume squashed bug/plant theories of the origin of oil - extant in western oil company dominated science. Prof Gold had previously stated his belief to me that Lake Vostok could contain large amounts of methane under pressure and that drilling into same might represent a hazardous operation.....

See his various oil & gas papers (including reasons for magnetite concentrations) at

Dear Mr. Mason:

Thank you for this fascinating information.

I had previously considered informing the Vostok investigators, Russian,UK,US, that there was a severe hazard that above the water there would most likely be a large amount of methane, and breaking into that would be very hazardous. It may of course be so large an amount that letting it out would make a severe change of atmospheric chemistry, and hence of climate.

The bubbles in the ice, the large dome, and the magnetic anomaly all point to such a situation. Most permafrost regions have methane underneath them, and this would be by far the largest of them. May be the scientist who vanished crashed into a methane ice bubble. Large deposits of magnetite are common in methane-rich regions, being produced from iron oxides acting as oxygen donor to microbes that live on the oxidation of methane.

If you have the contacts, feel free, or even encouraged, to distribute this letter to other parties in this business, together with my name. I don't wish to hide behind anonymity.

Yours sincerely,
Thomas Gold


(Here is the original story on about the exploration of Lake Vostok. -ed)

Antarctic Lake Isolated 40 Million Years To Be Explored

By Roger Highfield
The Electronic Telegraph

Scientists are to explore one of the world's last uncharted natural wonders, a lake trapped beneath the Antarctic ice.

Eighty scientists from 14 countries will meet in Cambridge next week to discuss how to study the strange life expected to lurk in Lake Vostok, a body of water the size of Lake Ontario resting more than two miles under the East Antarctic ice cap. The lake is one of the world's 10 largest and one of about 80 lakes that underlie 10 per cent of the ice sheet of Antarctica.

Lake Vostok formed as a result of the combination of overlying pressure of ice and heat from the Earth's core. It fascinates scientists because it appears to have been isolated for millions of years, providing an opportunity for life to develop along a separate evolutionary path.

Micro-organisms that have been isolated for between one and 40 million years may be found in its sediments and water, potentially yielding promising new enzymes or antibiotics, and offering views of how ancient and contemporary microbes differ, says Cynan Ellis-Evans, who is organizing the conference at Lucy Cavendish College.

Dr Ellis-Evans, a microbiologist with the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, said the conditions in the lake are probably too barren and cold - sub-zero - for larger organisms to evolve. "It could be one of the most extreme, nutrient poor, permanently pressurized, permanently cold, permanently dark environments on the planet." This would lead to slow-growing microbes that are adapted to a life of starvation. However, if a volcanic or hot spring system pumped in energy, a greater diversity of creatures may be present.

Lake Vostok is likely to be the oldest of all the "sub-glacial" ice lakes because of its size. If it has been isolated for 40 million years, there would have been enough time for unique creatures to evolve, as opposed to creatures that have adapted to a new environment. The Antarctic studies may be a prelude to similar missions elsewhere in our solar system, notably to Jupiter's moon Europa. Nasa regards the Vostok mission as a testbed for the search for alien life on the oceans thought to exist on Europa.

The Vostok exploration would take place in the next five years. The exploration of Europa would be in a series of missions beginning in 2003 and lasting for 15 years. Dr Ellis-Evans said: "All the Nasa people I am talking to are very enthusiastic about an ice penetration mission in 2015. I have no problem with the basic idea that there may be microbial life somewhere like Europa as good life markers exist there, notably liquid water, organic molecules and chemical energy sources."

The first entry of a probe into Lake Vostok will require extraordinary precautions to ensure that the vehicle and its instruments are clean, so as not to contaminate the pristine lake. One suggestion is to use a Cryobot, a 10ft 6in pencil-shaped device with a heated tip that unspools a cable carrying power and a fiber-optic video and data cable.

The Cryobot splits into two under the ice and the top half stays at the ice-water interface to hunt for life. The lower part (the point of the pencil) continues down a smaller cable until it hits the sediment at the bottom, where it will also search for life and release a Hydro Bot, a tiny submarine equipped with sonar and a camera. The Hydro Bot rises like a soap bubble, reporting what it sees above and below it. 


Objects That Have Scientists Worried | Marathon 2


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Does anyone remember the tv show “V”? I think it was on tv in the early 80’s and was a multi part series. Nothing I hear really shocks or surprises me anymore. If lizard people were found to really exist, just add it to the list of other crazy things that exist in our world. As long as they stay in their lane and don’t try to have me for lunch, I’m perfectly fine.



Terrifying People Who Claim to Be from Space


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There are other things that are considered strange and unusual to some people...  The Anunnaki and Other Ancient Civilizations