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What a Weird Cat...


Fish That Kill Crocodiles, Breathe Air, Eat Wood and Even Can Talk


There are some very strange and very frightening species of fish in the water..






The Productivity Suckers..






Bird or Eldritch Horror?





This Cat Is Obsessed with Her Lizard Brother

l The Dodo







Different Reactions to Getting a Litter Robot





😆❤This Dog is Completely Insane❤😆

The dog is a well-meaning Idiot.







Corn Snake Poses for the Camera

|| ViralHog

Girl Saved 37 Toilet Frogs. Now They Sing in Her Shower


Kimberley adores nature and animals. When she saw poor toilet frogs being abused by a woman, she couldn’t ignore it. The girl saved 37 frogs and temporarily relocated them to the shower. She was surprised at their unique personalities and quirks!

Lizard Behaves Like Cat And Made Man Fall In Love With Him | Cuddle Reptiles


Raptor the lizard is 24/7 on his dad Joey's lap watching TV and asking for back scratches.


Although there are a lot of stereotypes about reptiles, Raptor shows people that he's as loveable and smart as any other fuzzy pet. Getting bonded to the reptile, Joey opened up a lot of Raptor’s quirks such as standing on his hind legs and falling every time he tries to get somewhere.


I don't think you've met such an Angry and Psychotic Cat before.


I'm publishing the videos of our cat friends living on the street for you I hope you like it...


He Laid In The Cold Rain And He Tried To Get Up To Let The Bugs Run But Failed.


My heart broke while watching this video on a social networking site.
A dog abandoned in the cold and wet weather
He couldn't get up, he looked like he was crying a lot and was in pain.
He tried to get up and run but failed
We suspected this was another collision.
At around 5:00 P.M. we were there and took the dog to the vet
Fortunately, the X-ray showed no broken bones.
But there was a bullet in the middle of the spine, which was a big concern.


One of his rivals show up.. He almost had her... Had his best game going on and everything..!


This Strange Creature Has Been Locked Away for Years


It’s a great tragedy that many of the creatures that have lived on this planet have gone extinct and will never be seen again. Whether it was millions of years ago, or just a decade ago, the creatures that have vanished from the surface of the planet may never be seen again. Human beings, however, can’t check everywhere, and there have been cases where a species was declared extinct but actually still existed somewhere on earth. You wouldn’t believe some of the things that people have found in remote corners of the world. Here are 20 animals once believed to be extinct but found to still be alive.


Do Cats Understand Hugs and Kisses?


Do cats perceive kisses as signs of affection? Do cats like it when you kiss them? And how do we tell if a cat doesn’t want to be kissed?


16 Things that EMOTIONALLY Hurt Your Cat


Despite their reputation for aloofness, cats have delicate feelings.  In this video, we will talk about 16 surprising ways you could be hurting your cat's feelings.