Past and Present and Those with Connections

Absolutely UNDENIABLE proof? Sure,

LOOKS that way!

High Strangeness going on. Everyone can feel it.

"UFO SURGE" in New York & Mysterious Sightings in the SKY!!!


...Out of this World from a SyFy Movie..


The sky is not what we imagined anymore...

Arizona man captures HUGE flying craft disappear BEHIND the MOON!!


It appears to be happening WAY too often!

What is REALLY going on?



Several videos from different sources depict a phenomenon observed in the nighttime sky. Descriptions vary, with some referring to it as a shock wave and others as a smoke ring. The sightings seem to be a recent occurrence and are happening frequently.

One incident, reported in October 2023 in Chico, California, showed something unusual cruising through the sky. While it resembles a rocket, it behaves differently, emitting mysterious vapor rings. Similar sightings have been reported repeatedly, raising questions about their origin.

Despite speculation about rocket fuel dumps, the sheer frequency and behavior of these sightings suggest something more peculiar.

Multiple videos show what people describe as smoke rings or shock waves, with various narrations capturing the puzzling nature of the phenomenon.

These occurrences have prompted widespread interest and speculation among observers.

GAGO - Black Knight Satellite


| Full Movie | Documentary | The Untold Story


The Black Knight Satellite evidence that has never been seen and interviews from key credible sources. Anomaly analysis from digital imaging experts and more. A documentary by Billy Carson.

Has earth entered a GIANT debris field?

@ZeCahli -- I’m in Arizona and on July 20-something I saw a meteor I believe hit the ground, it was a bright flash of green and had a long tail, I know it was a round object because the green light illuminated it so much. I can’t find anything on it, though. Can’t help but think it was from whatever debris field we’ve been in. Been seeing a lot of shooting stars and other phenomena more than normal, as well.








The Knowledge of the Forever Time, (Episode 3) has once again rewritten the pages of our history. The film "Contact 2014," revealed a hidden alien message that is found in nearly every home video in the world. It is a repeating message from an alien source that is beyond our world. The movie, "Contact 2014," is a film that was made for the general public, and its repeating message was made for the slowest among us.


However, "Contact 2016 I.V," is a complete departure from the first. This film is created for the intellectual and the most intelligent of us. It reveals a captivating and riveting story that is so powerful that it will shake you from head to toe. The knowledge is overpowering, and the intelligence can only be described as, "Decadent."


This film reveals an intellectual connection between the UFO's and our world, and understanding this alone will completely bring you to hyperventilation. This film is truly made for the brightest among us. It is brilliant, awesome and full of wisdom, and it is truly for the intellectual......be one of them.


The Ezekial Wheel


This Massive Object Has Again Just Set Off Earth's Defense System After It Entered Our Solar System. According to NASA, they have not found any conclusive evidence of advanced life.  However, NASA has conducted many missions and projects that aim to search for signs of life beyond Earth. In addition, NASA has participated in numerous scientific studies and collaborations with international space agencies to search for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations, known as the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.


NASA images Show an Object 100 times Larger Than Earth Coming OUT of the SUN!




The Real MLordandGod Comments -


-I remember those giant black orbs. That was mind blowing. Those objects were so much larger than Jupiter! This is a very incredible capture.

-It could be a plasma vortex produced by the sun itself something similar as happens with lightning. Remember science still doesn't fully understand our star. So, it doesn't have to be extraterrestrial, but it could still be a very exciting discovery of something we could utilize.

-No, this isn't sci Fi. This object (s) exists. A few years ago, it appeared in sky for nearly 3 hours. square shape (50 square feet in dimensions) Stationary and with a spectrum of colors. Unknown origin.


Well, here ya go! They were seen AGAIN and even CLOSER this time! Same Night 48 miles away!


MrMBB333 Comments -


-Something big happening, I live close to a major army base in south Mississippi. And I've seen more activity in the last 48 hours then I've seen in 3 years

-Boom mic drop from MRMBB333! I love when people try saying you don't know what you're doing after all of the years you have dedicated to analyzing photos, and you clap back with receipts. I'm happy to see the new video from Texas. I'm even happier that you stood up for yourself!


Someone Just Reported This Massive Black Cube Was Spotted Above The US & No One Knows What It Is


Someone just reported this massive cube was spotted above the US & no one knows what it is. Today, we take a look at this massive black cube that was seen above the US. According to the national reporting center that investigates mysterious aircrafts, sightings in and around Virginia are up. Over one hundred and ninety reports were made in twenty nineteen, and as each year passes that number increases.


Fallen Angels & UFOs: The Movie (2023)


Fallen Angels and UFOs is a short documentary film that examines the link between UFOs and Fallen Angels.


In this short film, we explore the possibility that advanced alien angels have been visiting and observing Earth for thousands of years.


Are mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFOs) actually angelic beings from other civilizations visiting our planet? In this short film, we explore the possibility that angels have been visiting and observing Earth since the beginning of time.




Man Reveals That Something Big Was Seen in The Sky but Said They Had No Idea What It Was


Man reveals that something big was seen in the sky but said they had no idea what it was. Today, we take a look at what this man spotted in the sky.


Each year, thousands of mysterious reports are made, and what makes the majority of these interesting is the fact that many of them remain a mystery, leaving us to fill in the blanks.

People online have been saying that strange objects have been seen in the skies, prompting witnesses to take photographs and post them online.

Soviet’s X-FILES: Aliens without Faces & Time Travel Experiments by use of Mirrors


Author and Researcher Paul Stonehill, looks in more details into the Commission on anomalous phenomena of the Russian Geographical Society of the Soviet, and later Russian Academy of Sciences – he knows just too well that the Soviets had its own variety of men and black, and that 1990s the Soviets conducted a number of classified Time Travel Experiments by use of mirrors, led by the Russian Scientist Nikolai Kozyrev.










Ok, this is getting REALLY weird! I don’t think anyone was supposed to SEE this!! A ‘Sky-Train’?


So THIS is what the pilots have been seeing!

HUGE Fleet spotted in SKY!


MrMBB333 Comments -

-Good. It's about time more people see this activity happening. It's not only a 'crazy person deal,' now 'normal' people can see.

-Man something huge is going on down there in Antartica to have so much air traffic! I'm afraid we'll find out soon enough and I don't think it's going to be good! 😨

-I think it's interesting that the objects were headed that way (returning?) as the sun was rising. As if getting back before being more visible in day light.





Triangle Shaped Clouds?




Dark Historic Alien Conspiracy Theories


Is there proof of Alien Visitation and Interaction during the time of Christ? What Secrets are the Vatican hiding from us?






New US Federal law paves the way for government and government contractors UFO witnesses to finally come forward. It's time to act! --


Dr. Greer’s mission is to initiate peaceful contact and put an end to the disinformation surrounding contact. To achieve this goal, it will take one percent of the world’s population to come together with peaceful intent and initiate contact. To that end Dr. Greer has produced three incredible documentaries on the subject, amassed a large following on social media, and inspired a far-reaching network of independent CE5 Groups Worldwide.


𝗗𝗥. 𝗦𝗧𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗡 𝗚𝗥𝗘𝗘𝗥 is the founder of the disclosure movement and one of the world’s foremost authorities on UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations. Dr. Greer’s relentless efforts towards the disclosure of classified UFO/ET information have inspired millions of supporters around the world. 🌎

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Greer Announces Discovery of 4 New Energy Technologies That Could Save The Earth!


Greer Comments -


-Dr. Greer is more than likely the most genuine human being on this planet. I truly pray for his well-being and send (often) protection energy his way. This planet and its inhabitants should thank their higher power he is one of us and is here blazing the trails he is. Love from Canada.



-Dr. Greer is a Superstar in the UAP arena. His 1999 book, Extraterrestrial Contact, is a must read for absolutely anyone researching and trying to understand this phenomenon. He and his team HAVE done groundbreaking work. I cannot emphasize this enough. I have literally read hundreds of books since I was very young on this subject. I got a law degree with an emphasis in Space Law over two decades ago before it was a serious area of study, as it is now. Dr. Greer is a very credible person and I suggest you believe him.


-Dr. Greer you are an incredible person. Intelligent, credible, humble, and wise. I have listened to you for many years, and I believe you are one of the most important people of my lifetime. Thank you for being here at this time for all of us! We will see free energy in our lifetimes because of many people but you are putting the entire package together. Your humility is the reason I believe.


Dr. Steven Greer Playlists


"Massive Interstellar Object

That Crashed on Earth Is Alien Tech" - Scientists


Scientists Believe Massive Unidentified Object That Crashed on Earth Is Interstellar Alien Technology.


The year is 2014. A guest from beyond our solar-system is earth-bound, and everyone on Earth is absolutely clueless.


Back on our planet, life is going on as usual, when suddenly, a meteor believed to have been about 2 feet long enters Earth's atmosphere at more than 100,000 miles an hour before exploding into tiny, hot fragments that scatter and fall into the South Pacific Ocean.

The object wasn’t all that big, just a meter or so across, but its significance is massive.


Why? And what is it?


This UFO Story Is Legitimately TERRIFYING

— What Do They Know?


I had to read this headline twice to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. This is not a drill, folks.



5 Mysterious Objects That Fell from Sky


At approximately midnight on July 31st, 2022, locals in the Veracruz area of Mexico witnessed an unbelievable spectacle. A strange object plummeted from the sky, accompanied by a sound but no fire, and landed on a tree.


Closer inspection found the mysterious object to be a near-perfect sphere. The orb had no holes or obvious ways to access its contents and was reported to have an antenna.



Many speculated that the object was of alien origin.


It also featured a strange and indecipherable code written on its exterior, which some suspected may contain the key to opening it, while others believed that the orb would reveal its secrets in its own time...

What will it take for those who know the

TRUTH to tell the TRUTH?


Many now believe a full Alien Life disclosure could be right around the corner. Senators and Governors alike across the states are starting to dig deeper, and starting to knock on doors looking for answers. The secrets that have been kept for so many years now may be getting harder to keep secret. The truth could be around the very next corner...




Congressman Tim Burchett talks about UFO Secrecy


- MUFON 2022




He noticed them in the SKY as

he was DRIVING down the road!


Comments -

-I saw that one in Nov of '91 which was long before I'd heard of them. It was totally silent and shook back and forth as if something were wrong with it. A couple hours later there were military helicopters in the area I last saw it which was near the air-force base. I think it was one of our own. Edited: the one I saw didn't have a tail. And I once heard a military officer say if it has blinking lights on it, it's one of our own.


-Isn't it interesting that only in the last 2years that these "beings" are suddenly coming out into the open and becoming bolder in showing themselves? Wonder what precipitated it?











CUBED UFO PUZZLES PILOT - “It Shouldn’t Be There”
| The Proof Is Out There | #Shorts


Seems like people are REALLY starting to notice!


Comments -

-we saw the daytime version a moth or so ago. Object was flying past us at several thousand feet up above the clouds and going in an opposite direction that the clouds were going in bright sunlight. The two units were extremely reflective or lights ... very bright.


-I've witnessed exactly the same phenomenon, about 18 months ago, in south Liverpool, England. I knew it wasn't a star because of there being two lights and it had the same red / green appearance, although I didn't see a third light. Excellent video.

-For years now I've been suggesting that every aircraft be equipped with 4K (or better) cameras pointing in all directions of the aircraft; FORWARD, TOP, REAR, SIDES, AND BOTTOM. And when they land, all the data is downloaded, stored, and logged into the flight database. Do this also for nighttime flights and very soon you will see a LOT of data to analyze.

Unexpected And Strange Things

That Are Glitching Viewers Out


We have a UFO over a casino in Las Vagas with crowds of people staring and many videoing it. We also have living GIANTS spotted on mountains.. Andrew Ryan Watchorn was one of the people who documented these sightings.. Wait til you see this video!


Soviet UFO Landing Incident - Russian Military Badly Mistreated Alien Visitors


In January 1985 a UFO descended near an ICBM base in Soviet Russia, inciting a firefight between military personnel and extraterrestrial beings. Richard Doty relays details of the accounts of that night, which include the capture of the alien beings who interacted with nuclear warheads. It comes to light that this was not an isolated incident and there are reports of E.T. interference on other Soviet and U.S. nuclear launch sites. This prompts us to consider the messages being sent to us about nuclear proliferation and the threat of war.


Bizarre Portal Like Cloud Swirling with Appendages Filmed in Miami


Witness noticed something bizarre in the sky over Miami and quickly grabbed her phone and filmed this bizarre cloud swirling in the sky with appendages that look like a squid.


BREAKING! UFOs caught on camera over skies
of Wisconsin, multiple eyewitnesses | Redacted News


A wave of UFO sightings has been happening over the skies of Wisconsin. People are calling them firefly UFO’s because they've shown up at multiple locations caught on camera by multiple eyewitnesses. The man who broke this story is former FBI special agent Ben Hansen and we speak to him in today's episode of Redacted.


Ufo's on the Moon in Live Telescope Footage under Clouds Research in Ufology


by Bruce Swartz


Hello and Welcome. Thanks for Subscribing...this is a real video about ufos...no click baits here....ufos and lunar bases right here.

-Numerous sights of atmosphere, explosions, and what looks like layers of structure on the moon