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Mum Launches Campaign to Treat Her Son's Tumors | BORN DIFFERENT


AMARE Stover, 13 from Decatur, Alabama was born with a rare condition called neurofibromatosis type 1. The condition causes Amare to have huge tumours on his face which have severely affected his vision and breathing. Due to his tumours, Amare has no vision in his left eye and limited vision in his right eye. He’s been through a lot at such a young age and has sadly experienced some bullying because of his different appearance. Kandice, Amare’s mother, took him to the park one day where he was cruelly called a ‘monster’ by some local kids and he never went back to that park again. 

Amare is really close with his cousins and the three of them like to get outside and play in the park together whenever they can.  Born Different followed the three of them on one of their visits to a nearby park to hang out and play a little bit of football.

Senior Citizens Reacting to Life Sentences


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-Yeah the cops serial killer I read the book I read the book that this lady put together for her friend that passed away I think it was called the Golden gate serial killer it was a good book and a couple months after I read that book he was captured yes she went through all her friends notes and everything it was pretty cool putting the book together it's called I'll be gone in the dark a very very good book you guys should read it or listen to it I listen to it was a masterpiece that she wrote and her friends put it together for her after her death I think she had a heart attack in her sleep or something


-I could NEVER be in a courtroom with my child's murderer. I WOULD however pay bail for someone that murdered my child, if they were offered it...then they would be sentencing me.

-The system let D’Angelo get away with his heinous crimes for the majority of his life. Someone at least one person knew of his crimes. Someone higher up knew and allowed him to continue his awful deeds for years. Life in prison is meaningless for someone who will no doubt die within 20 years at most.


-@0:32 (also @21:36) - Good video, but since when is the age of "54" considered a "senior citizen"? The threshold is usually 60 or 65. Notwithstanding that, I think he was 64, not 54. But my point remains, why is 54 considered a "senior citizen?"

The Most Inbred Family: how

Inbred are the Whittakers?


Inbreeding refers to the breeding of closely related individuals, such as siblings, cousins, or other close relatives. It has been observed in many species, including humans, and can lead to a higher prevalence of genetic disorders and reduced genetic diversity within a population. The Whittaker family has gained notoriety for being one of the most inbred families in America. However, it is unclear whether they are the most inbred family in history, as there have been many cases of inbreeding throughout human history.


The Habsburgs, for example, are a well-known historical family that practiced inbreeding in order to maintain their royal bloodline. This led to a high prevalence of genetic disorders among their descendants, such as the infamous "Habsburg jaw." The Ancient Egyptians also practiced inbreeding, often marrying siblings or close relatives in order to keep their royal bloodlines pure.

Determining the degree of inbreeding in a family or population can be complex and involves analyzing genetic data. In the case of the Whittakers, their level of inbreeding has been estimated to be around 25%, which is higher than the average for the general population. However, it is worth noting that inbreeding is not always a deliberate choice, and can occur in isolated communities where there are limited options for mating partners.


Overall, while the Whittakers may be one of the most inbred families in America, it is difficult to say whether they are the most inbred family in history. Inbreeding has occurred in many cultures and societies throughout human history, often as a result of social or cultural practices rather than individual choice.




Debt Collector



Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Tugboat, a debt collector in Orange County, California.



Half Homeless: Living in Cars


| Poverty in the USA | ENDEVR Documentary


The poor bore the brunt of the sub-prime and credit crisis of 2008. Today, it is the turn of the middle class. The impoverishment of the American middle class is brutal. In a country which established liberalism as a creed, there is no safety net. For those who lose their jobs, the consequences are instantaneous and dramatic.


Larry Dodson, 52, used to manage a large customer service department. But two years ago, he lost his job and house. Today he lives in a motel room with his wife and two children and scraps by on $820 dollars a month, welcoming tourists to Disney World. After he has paid the motel fees, he’s left with just $70 for food and other necessities.

Terry used to be a sales manager and enjoyed a good life until he was made redundant. He ended up roaming from motel to motel in his car and eventually was judged ’economically incapable’ of raising his six children. The three eldest were placed in foster care.


There are currently 1,800 children growing up in the motels around Disney World. They move from school to school as their parents are forced to find cheaper accommodation.


We spent six months following the daily life of families likes these, affected by the crisis.

The 17YO Who Audio Recorded Being Murdered By Grandma


This 73-year-old grandma killed her own grandson in cold blood. The horrific murder was actually recorded in a harrowing 911 call where you can hear her repeatedly firing at her grandson as he pleaded with the 911 operator for help before finally dying. The grandma later claimed that she acted in self-defense, but was that really the truth?





UNTOLD ENDING (Adult Film Star)


Doomer (Doomsday Theorist) interview-Sam


Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Sam, a doomsday theorist AKA "doomer" in Austin, Texas.

Comments -

-Started watching this thinking this guy was going to be crazy. Here I am agreeing with everything he said.

-The definition of authentic. Great work, Mark. He’s fantastic and someone I’d drink a case of beer with…

Editor's note: I think it is wrong to withhold other modes of thinking. I would rather build bridges than burn them.  Even I find myself agreeing with much of what this gentleman has said.

-Love this interview and the direction your going with giving a voice to everyone! Real interviews, diverse views and opinions. And he's right, if things don't change we are fucked on many levels.

-Great interview! I didn't know there was a term for this. I guess I'm a doomer, thanks to studying environmental science 20 years ago in college, and reading Richard Leakey's book - The Sixth Extinction.