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I've Never Seen a Dog Do This Before


Something terrible is happening with the dogs.


The (Full) 9/11 Iceberg Chart Explained


This is the full three-hour 9/11 iceberg, uncensored with remixed audio,

updated visuals, and more accurate information.


There were additional explosions further down the building. The 911 Iceberg chart was created by a Reddit user named Math Metalhead and was instrumental in the making of this video. The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center were part of a complex of high-rise office buildings constructed in 1968 and opened in 1973. They were designed by the Japanese architect Minoru Yamasaki to reflect his fear of heights, with narrow windows for a sense of security and a system of steel beams forming load-bearing walls to maximize interior space. However, this design proved fatal on September 11th, as the planes struck the towers in a way that severed many of these beams, allowing jet fuel to easily ignite and spread throughout the structure. 

Most emergency exits were blocked or destroyed, leading to the eventual collapse of both towers. The North Tower stood for 102 minutes, while the South Tower lasted less than an hour. A total of 2192 civilians and 414 emergency responders lost their lives in the collapse. Today, the site is home to the national September 11th Memorial and Museum, while a new complex, including the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, has been constructed.

Victim Burnt Alive Survives Long Enough to Solve Her Own Murder


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The Most Horrific Freak Accidents Captured on 911 Calls


True 911 Calls: Eleven very real disturbing 911 calls with included updates and backstories.

Listen to scary 911 calls, recorded by local police and emergency departments. This includes some of the most scary police calls and disturbing recordings from crime victims live on phone. These chilling and creepy calls stories were recorded in the US.