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Never Give Up - TRUMP 2024

(Gangsta's Paradise)







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The Dirt Files

A newly added page to the website. All you ever wanted to know about the Clintons but were afraid to ask.

JULY  2024







This is just an opinion. Based on what I have been reading so far about Trump and this Heritage Group, He may know "of them," but he might also be telling the truth about not being "Part of" them. I say this based on his first term as President.


He went in and made his own decisions based on the needs of The People. His agenda might had resembled some of the projects listed on the Project Heritage list, but if you look it over, it is a list some conservatives agree with.


As far as the article I shared with you guys is concerned, it appears that the anger and hate over a possible "Agenda 2025" could mean shutting down and removing Biden Administration Agendas.


That would be including Financing for Abortions, Paying for Student Loans, external financing such as Ukraine, etc..


They are using Fear Mongering Tactics in "Educating" their constituents and party members into believing the Trump Administration would be the party of "The Rich."

Trump has demonstrated again and again that he is for The People and has concerns for the poor and struggling of AMERICA.


It's always been an AMERICA FIRST agenda.

Tom MacDonald - "You Missed"

Thomas Matthew Crooks: "You Got the Wrong Guy"




NBC and other mainstream outlets are reporting that Trump's would-be assassin has been identified as Thomas Matthew Crooks, who was reported killed by return fire from the Secret Service last night.

But this young man claims that he is Thomas Matthew Crooks and that "I hate Republicans, I hate Trump - and guess what? You got the wrong guy!"

The photo of the deceased shows a huge swathe of completely dried blood across his face.

That person looks like he'd been dead for several hours, not minutes and the deceased resembled Maxwell Yearick, who was arrested in 2016 for being involved in an anti-Trump protest in Pittsburgh and who was sentenced to 3-12 months in Allegheny County Jail.

It appears that the identity of the shooter is being deliberately confused.

RFK, Jr. speaks out after shots fired at Trump: 'End the vitriol'





Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. remarks on the shooting at former President Trump's rally in light of his own relatives' assassinations.





Shame on our current Administration. They can hand out money and find ways to shelter illegal immigrants, but to hell with the American citizens who are homeless. Gretchen needs to understand the difference between illegal and citizen, taxpayer and freeloader. We need to end this crap. Vote Trump. TRUMP 2024!

Body Language EXPERT Reacts To Donald Trump Assassination Attempt


@rickgarcia7334 -- Trump looked pissed!!!

Not scared, but F'ing PISSED!!

MUST-SEE: Glenn Beck's Instant Reaction to Trump ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT



Former President Donald Trump was led off stage by Secret Service at a rally in Pennsylvania after an apparent assassination attempt. Glenn Beck reacts after hearing the news and gives his advice for the troubling days ahead: "I ask you today to be loving and to take this opportunity to show the other side that you don't strike back. You show them who WE are...Pray again for the Republic."


Footage appears to show rifle and body on roof after Trump shot




Two people have died after a gunman opened fired at a Donald Trump rally in Pennsylvania - with the former president also suffering a bullet wound to his ear.

The gunman is believed to have fired from a nearby roof - aerial shots show a rifle next to a body (we have blurred this).

Biden addresses suspected shooting at Trump rally 



Joe Biden, speaking from Delaware, addressed events at former President Trump's campaign rally today in Butler, PA where shots were fired. Biden was asked if it was an "assassination" attempt. It has been reported two died at the event, the shooter and an attendee. There are more reports Trump was hit by glass fragments and not a bullet, from the rifle hitting a teleprompter near his head.

Well see, as I keep watching the videos over and over and listening to the different rhetoric that's out there, this looks like an actual buildup for a real civil war.


As I keep watching the videos over and over and listening to the different rhetoric out there, this looks like an actual buildup for a real civil war. The polarization is palpable, with each side becoming increasingly entrenched in their beliefs and distrust of the other. The discourse is heated and inflammatory, fueling anger and division among the populace.


Historically, such intense divisions and rhetoric have been precursors to conflict, where words eventually give way to actions. The media, social platforms, and political leaders play significant roles in either exacerbating or mitigating these tensions. The risk of civil unrest or worse seems more tangible than it has in a long time, making it a critical moment for efforts toward understanding, dialogue, and unity to prevent escalation. TBT

BREAKING: The Georgia Election Board has voted 3-1 to adopt rule to require ballots be hand counted at the precinct level by poll officers each day of voting to ensure the totals match with the machines





This is a GAME CHANGER for election integrity


"The poll manager and the two witnesses shall sign a label affixed to the container indicating that it contains all of the correct ballots from the indicated ballot box and no additional ballots." - The new rule says


This rule used to exist until corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ordered poll managers to stop doing it. I now think Georgia is going full blown red because of this and other good changes that have been put in place.



Rep and doctor sounds alarm over Dem ‘intelligentsia’


Biden's family meeting at Camp David this weekend reportedly blaming top campaign advisors and CNN moderators for the poor performance, saying the advisors overprepared him and they should be fired.

Reports are that Jill Biden and Hunter were the loudest voices urging the President to stay in the 2024 race.

Time Magazine reported Jill Biden assured donors he was ready to go before the debate. Bill Ackman said he is no longer blaming Biden for refusing to step aside and is now saying it's really Jill Biden's fault.

Here's what Ackman wrote: Jill Biden becomes irrelevant once her husband is no longer President, no more being treated like a queen when traveling. I'm sorry to be harsh, the First Lady cares about what is best for herself, rather than the country at large.

~At the end of the day, we all knew about Joe. We knew there were others behind the scenes 'programming' Joe, telling him what to say, and orchestrating the movements of the Biden Administration. Many individuals were involved in this. But the only ones truly 'fooled' were those who followed the Democratic leadership and believed the false narratives. - TBT~

The Speech That the WHOLE World Needs To SEE


 Javier Milei WRECKS Woke Culture




Watch Javier Milei deliver a powerful speech on the dangers of woke culture and the impact it has on society. This is a must-watch for anyone concerned about the direction of the world economy and the influence of woke agenda.

The Reckoning Is Here: Trump's Military Tribunal Bombshell Rocks America





No, he's not doing it because they're political opponents, he's doing it because they're traitors! Thank you, President Trump. 2024

Trump BREAKS Internet With Hysterical New Ad TORCHING Kamala's Word Salads | This is Genius 🤣






Kamala Harris can be destroyed just by using her own quotes. Hilarious ad.

‘Gutfeld!’: Dems debate Kamala’s fate


If they swap out Joe,
Where will Kamala go?
And what Democrat trick can
Replace their diversity pick?
Dems know Biden is fading faster
Than blue jeans in a bucket of bleach,
But if they replace him,
What do you do with Kamala Harris?
She's about as helpful to
Democrats as she is to the English language,
But it's really a question of what can be
Unburdened by what has been.

Lunar soil samples shared with Soviet scientists are key evidence, according to the chief of the Russian space agency


The previous head of the Russian space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, was far more skeptical about the Apollo missions, saying that while many in Roscosmos defended Washington’s version of events, no conclusive proof was ever presented to him. According to Rogozin, several unnamed academics even angrily criticized him for complicating international relations and undermining the “sacred cooperation with NASA.”


Despite all the US missions being closely monitored by its space rival, the USSR, skeptics have questioned the authenticity of the Apollo program ever since astronaut Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon on July 21, 1969. Conspiracy theorists claim that the Moon landings were actually staged by NASA, which needed to quickly respond to the Soviets after they sent the first man, Yury Gagarin, into space on April 12, 1961.

9/11 families call on Biden and Trump to address new footage 


9/11 Justice, which also includes survivors and first responders, are calling on Biden and Trump to address new footage allegedly showing a Saudi agent “casing” the U.S. Capitol as the terror attacks were being planned.

The group addressed what they say is “explosive” revelations. 9/11 Justice is also urging Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to provide “justice and closure” to families of victims. “As a former FBI Special Agent who took part in the investigation of the 9-11 attacks (Flight 93), of which the majority of the terrorists were Saudi, I have so many questions here," William Evanina, who was head of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center during the Trump administration, posted on X this weekend.

“Evidence is evidence. And it took a civil court case for the release?” LiveNOW from FOX will update as this progresses.

NYC Hispanic Democrat GRABS the mic from Trump, NOBODY expected this


Oh boy, this is one of those videos they do not want out, especially the media. They do not want this out, but guess what? It's out there, and we're going to make sure more people see it. Especially when a Democrat comes out and endorses Trump for millions and millions of people to see, and also calls out the corruption.

Lately, we've seen a lot of people waking up. A lot of people are even leaving the Democrat Party. As you can see, we wonder why. We're living in some dark, tough, woke times, y'all. And that's why I'm wishing the best for all of you.

Before we get into this video, make sure y'all drop a like and share the video around so more people can see it. Because again, they don't want this one out, you guys. They do not want this one out, man.

Tucker Drops BOMBSHELL:

Obama Personally Plotting to BACKSTAB Biden at DNC, Jill Running White House


You might mistake what Michelle Obama is doing right now for the beginnings of a presidential campaign. First, you have a manufactured white racism panic—that's a clue. But the clincher is menopause. Unlike every other woman over 50 in all human history, Michelle Obama, we're sad to tell you, has menopause. It's not clear where she caught it; maybe there was an outbreak in Edgartown. But it's bad. At one point, Michelle Obama gained up to six pounds. You don't know how much she suffered. Let's put it this way: Bataan Death March survivors, she laughs at you. You can't fathom her pain.


Watch her talk about it on TV:


"I am still physically active and my goal now, instead of having 'Michelle Obama arms,' I just want to keep moving. Just keep moving. If I can walk, move—I don't have to run, I don't have to beat everyone. So, I've had to change the way I see myself in my health space.

I never used to weigh myself. I'm not trying to stick to numbers, but when you're in menopause, you have this slow creep."

And no, she's not talking about Joe Biden here, who is technically one of the slowest creeps in America. She's talking about her own thighs. Now, why is Michelle Obama telling you about her menopausal thighs on a TV show? Possibly because she's a crazy narcissist who thinks her own thighs are interesting to you, and that's of course true. But there may be other reasons. Tucker Carlson

Biden To Discuss Future of His Campaign with Family After Shaky Debate Performance: Report



President Joe Biden may be on the verge of reconsidering his run for a second term in the White House after a fumbling debate performance last Thursday.


BRUTAL: Resurfaced Video of Joe Biden Should Destroy His Campaign




He lied back then and even plagiarized his colleagues' speeches... He was corrupt then and is now even with dementia.






I don't care what your political views are; this administration is an embarrassment to all Americans.


After the debate, I believe President Biden is the most existential threat.


Trump is the only president in my lifetime who did not start any wars and promoted peace throughout the world.



✈️ Vivek Makes SHOCK Vice Presidential Announcement as Trump’s Plane Is Spotted Secretly Leaving Ohio ✈️




Will Vivek Ramaswamy be Donald Trump's Vice-Presidential pick?


Picking Vivek as VP would be the nail in the coffin for the democratic incumbents.