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You Are a Ghost Driving a Meat Covered Skeleton Made Out of Stardust

Consciousness is our awareness, our understanding, our ignorance, our daily experience. It leaves out more than it takes in, and due to this, it misses important things that could bring us relief if we were aware of them. A higher awareness, a better consciousness could bring peace. The deep-down truth is screened by our consciousness. Our sensory organs can only perceive certain things, necessitating the use of instruments to expand our understanding. Humans evolved to dominate the Earth, networking with each other to form communities and societies.

While other creatures form societies, humans are unique in their ability to customize themselves. We can mold ourselves into the person we want to be. However, we cannot be certain if animals or other life forms experience consciousness in the same way we do.

To truly understand the universe and experience life, we must surrender ourselves. Life involves both bliss and suffering. You allow negative experiences to feel satisfaction when things go well. Love exists due to the absence of self. The point of life is to pass the ball to someone else, to keep the game going.

If you define yourself only by your ego, you become a victim. But what about involuntary actions? You do them even though you don't control them consciously. We are fundamentally the alternate reality, pretending we are not. Our consciousness tends to overlook critical information.

To explore the extremes of the universe, we must first delve deep within ourselves. Take the Big Bang, for example. There are many theories but consider this: You believe you are strictly your human body, a small speck in the vast universe.

It Was Taught Only To The Chosen Few

Let's explore the fascinating realm of DNA, which serves as a storage medium for information. Scientist George Church embarked on an intriguing journey, encoding a digital eBook's zeros and ones into DNA's reading format, known as ctags. Remarkably, he then downloaded the book onto DNA, realizing its potential as a storage device for digital data. Church's experiments demonstrated that DNA could both store and transmit information, leading to groundbreaking revelations.


Further studies unveiled astonishing insights into the vast data storage capabilities of the human body. It was discovered that each individual's atoms harbor information dating back billions of years, essentially encapsulating the history of the universe within us. Delving deeper, researchers uncovered traces of ancestral memories embedded in our RNA, spanning multiple generations. These findings shed light on the profound impact of epigenetics, wherein traumatic experiences can leave lasting imprints on subsequent generations.

Dr. Bruce Lipton's groundbreaking work in epigenetics has revolutionized our understanding of self-healing. By harnessing the power of positive affirmations and Simatic frequencies, individuals can initiate the process of DNA rewriting and personal transformation. Through vocalization, we emit vibrational waves that hold the potential to influence the fabric of reality itself, offering a pathway to self-healing and empowerment.


In essence, the convergence of science and spirituality opens new horizons for personal growth and well-being, empowering individuals to unlock their innate potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

 Over the past two and a half decades, Robert O. Young has been widely recognized as one of the top research and clinical scientists in the World. Throughout his career, his research has been focused at the cellular level. Having a specialty in cellular nutrition, biochemistry and microbiology, Dr. Young has devoted his life to researching the true causes of "disease," subsequently developing "The New Biology™" to help people balance their life.


Dr. Young's research has been published in several noted journals, including The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. (Sympathetic Resonance Technology, Scientific Foundations and Summary of Biologic and Clinical Studies, Dec. 2002, Vol. 8, No. 6: 835-842.), the International Journal of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy in the Prevention and Treatment of Any Cancerous Condition and The International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccinations (Who Had Their Finger on the Magic of Life ; . He is the author of over 100 published peer-reviewed articles.

Alive for 20,000 Years


"Existence Spanning 20,000 Years:

An Intriguing Prospect"


Contemplate the notion of a life that stretches across two millennia – an existence lasting a staggering 20,000 years. Would you truly desire such an extraordinary extension of your lifespan? In this discourse, we delve into the realm of emerging technologies that aspire to make this seemingly fantastical concept a reality, or perhaps even surpass it.


As I stand in my 60s, my vantage point offers a unique perspective on life, one that those with fewer years under their belts may not yet fully comprehend. When they look around and observe the world today, the question naturally arises: Would they willingly embrace the prospect of an existence that stretches on for millennia?


Yet, before we explore this question further, we must consider the broader implications. Do we believe that humanity's unyielding drive and occasionally perilous hubris would enable us to reach such a remarkable milestone in longevity? And if that future does materialize, what kind of world would we find ourselves in?


For me, the answer resounds with a resounding "NO."


The idea of living for 20,000 years is not only a novel concept but a thought-provoking one. On the surface, the notion of extended longevity is alluring – the opportunity to witness the evolution of society and culture over countless generations, to accumulate knowledge and wisdom, to explore far-reaching horizons. But beneath this enticing prospect lie a multitude of considerations, questions, and reservations.


Our present world is marked by numerous challenges and complexities, ranging from environmental crises and political tensions to issues of social equity and personal fulfillment. The pace of technological advancement has, at times, outstripped our ability to adapt and govern the consequences. In such a landscape, the thought of humanity navigating another 20,000 years is daunting.

The pursuit of extended lifespans, however noble the intentions may be, could exacerbate existing problems. If unchecked, it could lead to overpopulation, resource depletion, and a potential imbalance in power dynamics. Our hubris, often driving innovation, may inadvertently engender unforeseen dilemmas that could persist for millennia. Furthermore, ethical concerns surrounding immortality, the distribution of life-extending technologies, and the meaning of life itself are paramount.

In this uncharted territory, envisioning the nature of this extended existence becomes increasingly enigmatic. Would we become detached observers, drifting through the ages as mere spectators of an ever-changing world? Or would we continue to be active participants, grappling with new challenges, forming deep connections, and nurturing our humanity?


As we ponder these questions, it becomes evident that the prospect of living for 20,000 years is a complex and multifaceted issue. It raises fundamental queries about the very essence of human existence, our collective responsibility, and our ability to adapt to a rapidly evolving world. While some may welcome the idea of an extended life, for me, the answer remains an emphatic "NO" – a testament to the profound uncertainties and moral dilemmas that would undoubtedly accompany such a remarkable journey through time.

The Secret Cult of The Black Cube


We find ourselves immersed in the enigmatic realm of the Black Cube Matrix. Perhaps you're pondering questions like, "What do these obsidian cubes represent? What secrets do they conceal? And why do they silently loom over every major metropolis worldwide?" Allow me to unveil the mysterious significance of these ebony cubes; they serve as earthly manifestations of Saturn's fabled cube, a celestial artifact residing at the northern pole of the ringed giant. Brace yourself, for the truth is far more perplexing than one might fathom.


Within the occult domain, Saturn assumes the mantle of Father Time, and its symbolism pervades the very fabric of our existence. The celestial bodies, those we commonly refer to as "planets," do not adhere to the conventional understanding you've been led to embrace.

Delve deeper into this cosmic tapestry, and you shall unearth a profound significance concealed beneath their superficial guise. It is strikingly apparent that the ruling elite harbor a peculiar affinity for Saturn, as evidenced by the ubiquity of its symbols.


Take, for instance, Michael Jackson's album cover, which prominently features the word "Xscape" set against the backdrop of Saturn's resplendent rings. What message do you think he endeavors to convey through this cryptic symbolism?


What if We Are Living on the Inside of a Larger Realm?


The bold idea of intelligent life inside Earth may seem laughable but holds credibility. London-based writer and TV presenter Andrew Gough explores the compelling notion that we might inhabit the Earth's interior.





🕊In these ends of days, deception is the enemy's primary weapon. The Holy Spirit is ours.🕊








Words are spells - be careful!


Don't let them cast a spell on you by using their words. We can dispel them!


💯 - words are powerful. They should be used wisely and well, with forethought for good. Stop just parroting. Make a joke out of those words meant for nefarious. Laugh at them. Weaken them, destroy the strength for that strength is only OUR perception. Don’t permit it.




" No Thinking " Is NOT EASY. Why Thoughtlessness Is Paramount to Discovering the Archon's Influence.


The Thoughtlessness Exercise: Sit or lay down in a dark room and relax. You can do this exercise with or without doing the full body relaxation exercise first. Become comfortable with your breathing and attempt to enter a state without thoughts. Simply try not to think or feel anything. As you do this you will come into contact with your internal dialogue - a constant stream of thoughts, feelings, appetites, appetites, etc.


Simply acknowledge these foreign installations and observe them as if you are watching them outside of yourself. Don't stress out and get upset because you cannot enter thoughtlessness. What we are attempting to do with this exercise is locate our inner dialogue so we can see what it is saying to us.

As you observe the foreign installations try pushing them away to enter no thinking. Do this for 5 minutes and stop & take notes on what you heard, felt, observed, etc. The more you do this the more you will get comfortable with it and you can do it upwards of 30-60 minutes.


The power plant Kratom can be a very effective aid with this exercise, and I have a video where I discuss this in great detail. By doing this exercise frequently and taking notes on what you hear, feel, etc. during the exercise - you will be able to notice the kinds of thoughts, etc. that are constantly playing on auto pilot in your mind.


This will lead to you being able to remove them from your mind.

Clairvoyance: The Secret Alchemical Practices of Rosicrucians


According to Heindel's teachings, clairvoyance is the ability to perceive subtle energies and non-physical realities through the use of one's psychic faculties.


Heindel believed that there are several levels of clairvoyance, ranging from simple intuition to full-fledged spiritual vision. At the most basic level, intuition allows individuals to sense things beyond their immediate physical surroundings, such as picking up on someone's emotions or knowing what decision to make in a particular situation. 

As one develops their psychic faculties further, they may begin to see visions or symbols, hear inner voices or messages, and even experience astral projection.

How Secret Societies MANIPULATE Reality


In this intriguing video, explore the enigmatic practices of the Rosicrucian society and their purported ability to manipulate reality. From ancient mysticism to modern esotericism, this secret society has captivated the imagination of many for centuries. Join us as we delve into the mysterious world of the Rosicrucian and uncover some of their most closely guarded secrets. 

Discover the methods they use to harness the power of the universe and gain insight into how they believe we can all achieve spiritual enlightenment. Don't miss this fascinating exploration into the hidden teachings of the Rosicrucian.




𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐕𝐄 𝐁𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆!!! 𝐅𝐮𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐰 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐝! 28


Comments -

-Great messages! I've been manifesting being able to heal myself by telling my cells what to do. We are like a computer. Love and light to everyone with many beautiful blessings from my heart to yours! 💛 ✨️🙌


-This is how you pray; you feel what you are asking and act as it has already happened.

-I am 55 yrs. old I have been talking about the 24 and no one has looked at what i have been talking about as I am aware of the innate the 24th is the key and I appreciate this message of confirmation to what I been telling people ....I don't get sick



And This Is What Will Happen


By letting go of our preconceived notions and mental constructs, we can free ourselves from the limitations of our own minds and experience the world in a more direct and intuitive way.


If “The Universe Isn't Real..." Then What Is It?


The Nobel Prize for Physics in 2022 made for some pretty big headlines because it acknowledged that the universe is not "locally real." But that phrase doesn't necessarily mean what a lot of people think it does. Here's what it actually means, and why it is worthy of the biggest prize in physics.

The Universe Is Not Real - And Nothing Actually Exists


When we think about reality, we often assume that what we see, hear, and experience is an accurate reflection of the world around us. But It's NOT.


As Carl Sagan put it, ‘We are a way for the universe to know itself’. From the very first moment humans had language, enabling them to think and imagine things, we were speculating on reality and our origin. Gradually we became more successful at it. The ultimate goal of the game is finally discovering our origin and giving it all meaning, including the universe and its emitted information.

0:00 Intro
4:26 Infinitesimal
9:07 Broken Brain
13:21 Consciousness
17:36 Simulated Universe

Ex-Occultist: "They Call it "THE MASTER KEY Of

The Universe”


0:00 - Intro
1:26 - The Natural Law
2:09 - Teachability
3:43 - Requirements
6:07 - Occult Knowledge
9:38 - Discovery vs. Belief
14:09 - Expression of Consciousness
19:07 - Human Condition
24:00 - How Our Reality is Built
29:52 - The Principles
31:39 - Mentalism
33:29 - Correspondence
36:48 - Vibration
38:23 - Polarity

40:00 - Rhythm
42:31 - Cause & Effect
48:40 - Gender
49:30 - The LOST Principle

15 Bible Mandela Effects


3 Wise Men Mandela Effect- 0:36
Phrases Not from the Bible - 0:58
Dragon Bible Mandela Effect - 1:34
Unicorn Bible Mandela Effect - 1:48
Matrix Bible Mandela Effect- 1:52
Book of Revelations/Revelation Mandela Effect - 1:57
The Creation of Adam Mandela Effect - 2:09
The Lion and the Lamb Mandela Effect- 2:53
Samson and Delilah Mandela Effect - 4:19
Delilah Got Away Mandela Effect 


- 5:11
Jesus the Carpenter/Stonemason Mandela Effect - 5:51
Roman Slave/Soldier Mandela Effect - 7:31
God's Name is Jealous Mandela Effect - 9:00
4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mandela Effect - 11:02
Noah's Ark Mandela Effect - 12:19
Dove/Raven Mandela Effect - 12:46




The TREE OF LIFE | These Spiritual Beings Are Influencing Us All the Time!


The Tree of Life is a central symbol in many spiritual and mystical traditions, including Kabbalah, Hermeticism, and Alchemy. It is often depicted as a diagram of ten interconnected spheres, or Sephiroth, which represent different aspects of the universe and the human experience.


The three pillars of the Tree of Life are a fundamental aspect of its symbolism. The pillar of severity is associated with the qualities of strict judgment, restriction, and discipline. The pillar of mercy represents the qualities of compassion, forgiveness, and love. And the pillar of balance, sometimes called the pillar of mildness, represents the qualities of equilibrium, harmony, and mediation.

The Luciferic and Ahrimanic beings are two opposing forces or influences that are associated with the Tree of Life. In some esoteric traditions, the Luciferic beings are seen as beings of light, creativity, and inspiration, while the Ahrimanic beings are associated with darkness, materialism, and illusion. Both of these forces are said to be present in the world and within human consciousness, influencing our thoughts, feelings, and actions.



If the Universe Came from Nothing, Where Did Nothing Come From?


This video is a short fiction story about the beginning and end of life in the cosmos. How far can life go? What is life's purpose? What will happen when it's all over?


Three Different Speakers... One Curious Subject - Are We Living in a Simulation? 







You are a Simulation & Physics Can Prove It: George Smoot at TEDxSalford


8 Years ago..


Astrophysicist, cosmologist and Nobel Prize winner George Smoot studies the cosmic microwave background radiation — the afterglow of the Big Bang. His pioneering research into deep space and time is uncovering the structure of the universe itself. He has also made a cameo appearance (as himself) in an episode of the 'Big Bang Theory.'








Are We Living in a Simulation? | Oleg Maslov | TEDxSPbU


5 Years ago..


What are the chances that we are artificial intelligence beings living in a virtual world? Oleg lays out evidence that suggests that those chances are much higher than we believe.

Oleg was born in Kursk, but grew up in the United States, where his family moved when he was five years old. In 2011, he received two bachelor's degrees from the University of Washington in Seattle – political science and economics.

In search of adventure in 2013, Oleg moved to Berlin, where he received a position at Ruptly TV. Starting his career in the newsroom, he quickly moved up to a position in the customer service department, where he helped Ruptly sign contracts with companies such as the Daily Mail and AOL. Oleg currently voices news and entertainment videos in English for Ruptly TV.




Are we living in the Matrix? | Navjeet Swatch | TEDxQESchool


1 Year ago..


In his talk, Navjeet explains the speculative idea that the world around us is a computer simulation. Navjeet Swatch is a Teacher of Mathematics in his second year at Queen Elizabeth’s School. Navjeet’s interests include astronomy and general science related topics as well as playing tuba in a local amateur orchestra. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


George Smoot looks into the farthest reaches of space to the oldest objects in the known universe: fluctuations in the remnants of creation. Using data collected from satellites such as COBE and WMAP, scanning the cosmic microwave background radiation (a relic of the heat unleashed after the Big Bang), he probes the shape of the universe. In 1992 he and his Berkeley team discovered that the universe, once thought to be smooth and uniform at the largest scale, is actually anisotropic — or varied and lumpy. Smoot continues to investigate of the structure of the universe at the University of California at Berkeley, mapping billions of galaxies and filaments of dark matter in hope of uncovering the secrets of the universe's origins.

Wanting to continue his education, Oleg enrolled in the double degree master's program between St Petersburg University and the Free University of Berlin "Global Communication and International Journalism". In March of this year, he became the winner of Public Speaking, having the opportunity to speak at TEDxSPbU.

Oleg is a co-founder of two startup projects: FlyFit and VideoGo. With the help of FlyFit, users can find and buy various services of fitness clubs, VideoGo is a platform for distributing and monetizing videos.




Blade Runner Tried to Warn You


We love him because we can relate to him. In the grand scheme of things, most of us are...nobody. The fact that a normal, average man can make his life matter in some way, gives us hope. - YouTube Commentor


Source Moon


The Universe in 90 minutes: Time, free will, God, & more


Everything you ever wanted to know about parallel universes, time, entropy, free will and more, explained by physicist Sean Carroll.  Do you have free will?


Is our Universe the only one, or do we live in one of many? And what does Einstein’s theory of relativity really say about the nature of reality?


These are some of the big questions that theoretical physicist Sean Carroll tackles in this Big Think video. In 2022, Carroll published The Biggest Ideas in the Universe: Space, Time, and Motion, a book that achieves that rare feat of detailing the inner workings of scientific concepts in a way that’s accessible but not overly simplistic.



0:00 Sean Carroll, Johns Hopkins physicist
0:18 What is the Multiverse and what does it mean to us?
2:38 What is the physicist’s version of the Multiverse?
6:43 Is every possible world real?

9:22 Why should we trust the many worlds of quantum mechanics?
12:24 How many worlds are there?
14:47 How does personal identity in the Multiverse work?
16:43 Do our decisions create different universes?
20:25 Why are we drawn to the Multiverse and how does technology propel it?



26:33 What is time? (And entropy?)
35:52 What is the past hypothesis? (The laws of thermodynamics)



41:32 Why is entropy essential to living?
44:33 Why are there complex structures in the Universe?
46:11 Do complex structures require design?
47:55 What is the effect of increasing entropy?
50:03 What is the difference between entropy and complexity?
52:52 What is emergence?


55:08 Why is physics such a difficult field to study?


58:14 Is life a struggle against entropy?
1:00:36 What are the origins of life here on Earth?
1:04:52 How many things had to “go right” for us to exist?
1:07:33 If this isn’t God’s design we’re seeing, what is it?


1:11:22 What is Laplace's demon, and do we have human agency?
1:16:30 What are the different viewpoints on free will?
1:23:44 How do our feelings fit into the molecular world?
1:26:24 Are there objections to the compatibilist worldview?


Ancient Stargate Metaphysics...

The Secret of Advanced Spiritual Technology!


In the fascinating presentation, researcher and author William Henry reveals that there once existed a high level of advanced spiritual technology, a Stargate Metaphysics incomprehensible until the present day that was known to ancient Egyptians. The goal of this metaphysics is to transform humans into beings of light preparatory to traveling through the stargates of the gods as star beings or light beings. This is the original Revelation or Secret Wisdom of ancient Egypt we are meant to discover. It was this metaphysics that motivated the construction of the Great Pyramid and other sacred temples as powerful human transfiguration or resurrection machines.




With a bone toothpick in hand and a wary eye on the year ahead, read on for our overview of Nostradamus’ predictions for 2023.


In a fun little passage of imminent marine annihilation, Nostradamus predicts, “Like the sun the head shall sear the shining sea: The Black Sea’s living fish shall all but boil.” This one checks out, folks, as recent research suggests many of the most commonly eaten fish species could face extinction as a direct result of climate-change warming, i.e. boiling, the Earth’s oceans. With one of humanity’s major food sources in peril, maybe we’ll take to eating each other after all.





Nostradamus Predicts the Antichrist Will Return and
Cannibalism Will Be Popular in 2023


French mystic Nostradamus published a trove of prognostications nearly 500 years ago from his garret in Paris – and many have already come true, including Hitler’s rise to power, World War 2, JFK’s assassination, and the 9/11 attacks.


If the prophet, also known as Michel de Nostradame, is correct in his predictions for 2023, we will be in for a momentous year.



Why Hollow Earth Theory is NOT a Fiction - according to Dr. Frank E. Stranges... A Rare Interview


@ancientsecretdiscoveries The late Dr. Frank E. Stranges, the founder and president of the National Investigation Committee on UFOs speaks to Tracie Austin about the evidence that has been gathered to support the theory that Earth is most certainly hollow. Do we finally have the evidence to turn this theory to fact?


Terrifying Signals from Parallel Universes

That Scientists Can Not Explain


Comments -


-What i hate is that when doctors and scientists can't explain something, they say it's not possible to exist😕 Just like in the past when someone came up with the idea of being able to talk to someone on the other side of the world through a device, people called them crazy😵



Is Elon Musk Pushing the Cult's Agenda - David Icke


David Icke is often simply described as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, although this feels a little too vague and dismissive. In reality, David has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to investigating, researching, questioning, documenting, and writing about “who and what is really controlling the world”. And I would argue despite his outspoken nature, he is most often misunderstood, at least by those who fail to listen.



You have 14 generations of memories within your DNA. 


Billy Carson is the founder and CEO of 4biddenKnowledge Inc and the two-time best-selling author of The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets and Woke Doesn't Mean Broke. Carson is also the founder and CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge TV, a new streaming TV network.


“It’s a TABOO, it is Absolutely Forbidden”


Leonardo da Vinci said "The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions " Plato shared with us wisdom he learnt from Egypt, wisdom that was a death sentence in Greece, Rome (Christianity). Pythagoras, Socrates and later Hypatia of Alexandria. Plato in his dialogue "The Republic " tells the parable of " The Cave " Plato starts by telling us of prisoners being held in a underground den, let us examine this den via the geometry of Bernhard Riemann and Felix Klein. Klein bottle. 3rd and 4th dimensions.


The Hidden Truth About Noah's Flood

From The Bible (We Were Lied!) | Short Documentary Part 1

The Hidden Truth About Noah's Flood From The Bible (We Were Lied!)


In this video, we will reveal the hidden truth about Noah and the Great flood and we will share with you the story of the seven wise men from Edfu who are believed to be the only people who survived the flood. They are the ones who put the beginning of our civilization.


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The ancient inscriptions on the walls of the temple refer to a group of seven wise men. They were "the only divine beings who knew how to build temples and sacred cities." And they supervised the construction works on the 'ancient hill' as they call it. Interestingly enough, many experts equate the "ancient hill" on the rocks with the location of the pyramids of Giza. Another such place is Heliopolis, as there was a sacred peak or a hill from which the "first sunrise had been seen." It sounds so beautiful.


Thoth himself participated in the activity of the wise men, and together they are believed to have built the first mythical temples of ancient times, including the Egyptian pyramids as Thoth himself recounts in his Emerald Scrolls.

And the Tiles tell us: long before the flood of the Euphrates River, there was the city of Shurupak, when the gods decided to flood the land. The god Ea, who participated in the council of the gods, chose to be a guardian of the man Utnapishtim and decided to warn him of the impending disaster: 'Man of Shurupak, give up your wealth and build a ship to save your life. Take all kinds of seeds with you on the ship. The measures by which you shall build are well calculated..."

That confirmed Smith’s assumption that the man was experiencing the same thing as Noah from the Bible. The Mesopotamian legends were more detailed and contained considerably more additional information than the Old Testament.


Later in the story, Gilgamesh did find his relative Utnapishtim and asked him how he, too, could achieve the immortality of the gods:


"Tell me: how did you gain access to the gods' council, and how did you gain eternal life?
After Gilgamesh and Utnapishtim talked for a while, the latter told him (Plate 11, 267) that the gods had a strange place where a miraculous flower grew, that made him immortal like the gods:
"I'll let Gilgamesh know what's hidden! I will tell you the secret of the gods: there is a plant there, you can prick on it like on a thorn."


The two of them set out on their way to the "eastern sea" to get the flower. According to the legend, the submarine-like vehicle was sailing on the water or under it and a few days later it finally reached its destination. Perhaps the travellers were using a submarine, because in the legend Utnapishtim pointed out the plant's location on the seabed, and then showed Gilgamesh a type of plant and explained its property:

"... these plants are magical herbs and bring back youth to people."

In 1876, after three years of hard work, George Smith returned to England, where he published his innovative for that time theory regarding the Bible:


"Noah and Utnapishtim are in reality the same man who was struck by that same natural disaster."

Sadly George died when he was only 36, and he couldn’t witness the triumph of the geological confirmation of his theory by Sir Charles Leonard Woolley. In August 1998, after many years of research, Dr. William Ryan of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, using 20th century technology once again confirmed Charles L. Woolley's results. According to them, after the warming of the northern hemisphere, the water from the melting glaciers had raised the level of the ocean to such an extent that the former land strip between Europe and Asia Minor had broken off at the Bosphorus.


According to Dr. Ryan's theory, the Black Sea did not yet exist, but around its deepest point there was a freshwater lake, whose shores were inhabited by people. Around 8900 B.C. the Mediterranean Sea must have overflowed the former lake, which today can still be found at the bottom of the Black Sea, with a force two hundred times greater than that of the Niagara Falls. For two years, about 16 cubic kilometers of seawater kept flowing into the Black Sea every day, so that the sea level was rising by about 15 centimeters a day. In that flood-like disaster the lake expanded by two kilometers in one day.

Dr. Ryan concludes:  "Out of this hell could have arisen the biblical Deluge.”


Short But Incredibly Wise Irish Proverbs

And Sayings | Irish Wisdom


Wise proverbs and sayings of the people of Ireland will help you find peace and tune in to success. Wise quotes and thoughts of the Irish have been accumulated over the centuries and remain relevant to this day. The Wise Men of Ireland have left us a rich legacy that is changing the lives of many around the world. Irish sayings can make you smile at a difficult moment and motivate you to develop. I hope you enjoy the wise quotes, aphorisms and sayings that I have collected for you today!


Jeff Rense Show

Featuring David Oates


A Buffet of Reverse Speech



Luke Cry-Walker


Proving that AI can simulate any type of mental illness, I debate a White, Woke Feminist (seriously)!

Funny! I Debate White Woke Feminist (AI)!


This 1963 book Inspired John Carpenter's They Live


John Carpenter's iconic film "They Live" was inspired by this book..


This 1963 book, Eight O'Clock in the Morning, is about a group of aliens who come to Earth to take over and control the human race. The book was originally published in Spanish and has since been translated into over 20 languages.


I Figured it Out!!


Sometimes we must go around in circles to find things we didn't see in the beginning.

Why not venture over here - Discussions