Evidence of Giants, Dragons, and Ancient Astronauts

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Were there three Moons above the Earth in ancient times, and where did they go?


Carbon analysis has shown that the disaster occurred about 5800 years ago, and this is the 4th century BC. It is believed that at this time there was the birth of civilizations on Earth. The luminous celestial body is mentioned by Egyptian, Babylonian, Old Norse sources, myths of the peoples of Oceania. There is such a mention in the Slavic-Aryan Vedas.

143,000 years ago, three satellites were orbiting over Midgard - Earth: Lelya - a small moon with a rotation period of 7 days, Fatta - an average moon with a rotation period of 13 days, and a Month-the current Moon with a period of 29.5 days. Fatta revolved around Midgard - earth in the equatorial plane, so perhaps on the ancient bronze disk, it seems to lie, resembling a boat. It also follows from the Vedas that Lelya and the Moon are the satellites that our planet had, but Fatta was dragged from the Earth by the Dey. These events are also reflected in the myths and legends of different peoples.

Also, from the Vedas, you can learn what happened in those distant times when one of the three moons died.

11 (139). You, on Midgard, live in peace, since a long time ago,

when the world was established...

Remembering from the Vedas, about the deeds of Dazhbog,

how did he demolish strongholds Koshcheev,

that they were on the Nearest Moon[59]...


Tarkh did not allow the treacherous Koschei Destroy Midgard as they destroyed Deya... ...

These Koshchei, the rulers of the Grays,

they perished together with the moon in a half-storm[61]...

But Midgard paid for his freedom,

Daaria hidden by the Great Flood...

12 (140). The waters of the Moon, that Flood created,

on the Ground from the sky they fell like a rainbow,

For the moon has broken apart,

and the army of the Svarozhichs

[62] descended into Midgard...

These events caused the earth's axis to tilt by 23.5 degrees, which caused various cataclysms and a worldwide flood. Huge chunks of the celestial satellite fell into the Pacific Ocean, causing waves that went around the entire planet. In the legends of the Indians of the Amazon basin, it is told that the stars fell from the sky, with a terrible roar and roar, and then darkness came and such a downpour fell that soon the whole world was flooded. Most likely, this is the event that was preserved by the Sumerians and Babylonians and is also described in the biblical myth of the Flood.





Why are God, Gods, Giants, Dragons and Eternity all Documented in all Cultures...Deep Discussion Pt1


Today we are too smart to even consider Gods, Giants, Dragons and some question God and Eternity or Spirituality at all. No God.  We may be smart, but it seems most if not all ancient cultures have these common threads....

God, Gods, Giants, Dragons and Eternity...... and there is now New Evidence in support of many Documents and Old Testimonials about Creation Knowledge.... when man walked with the Greek Gods.