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The ghost of Jobs is here to kick the crap out of Gates... I'll always choose Jobs. He's a much classier Nerd.








The art of Japanese precision walking by these high school students is stunning!


Scientists Find Ancient Scroll That Reveals Something Huge Happened During The Reign Of This Pharaoh


I often scan over the contents of the videos to see if it's the same ole same ole. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was actually new information I hadn't known about in this one.






M3GAN Moments That Made Our Skin Crawl


This was actually a pleasant surprise. I think what made her so creepy is the fact that we are not too far off when you look at what Boston Dynamics & AI / CHATGPT are accomplishing it's quite frightening.




Velma's Jokes Were Written By Psychopaths


Here's my reaction to some of the Jokes from Velma. They were bad. Not even remotely funny. I'm not watching the show. I'm not going through that pain.


Supertramp The Logical Song


Nothing smacks of the world we are living in more so now then the lyrics to this song. Supertramp must have time traveled and seen our future.


"The Logical Song" is a song by the English rock group Supertramp that was released as the lead single from their album Breakfast in America in March 1979. It was written primarily by the band's Roger Hodgson, who based the lyrics on his experiences being sent away to boarding school for ten years. The song became Supertramp's biggest hit, rising to No. 7 in the UK and No. 6 on the US Billboard chart.


It was a very personal song for Hodgson; he had worked on the song during soundchecks and completed the lyrics and arrangement six months before proposing it to the band for the album. In 1980, Hodgson was honored with the Ivor Novello Award from The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters for "The Logical Song" being named the best song both musically and lyrically. "The Logical Song" also has the distinction of being one of the most quoted lyrics in schools.


10 Things You Didn't Know About Good, Bad, & The Ugly


Comments -


-The story. The Plot. The genius of Ennio Morricone's music score. The cinematography. The timelessness. This is one of the greatest movies ever made.


-"If you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk." One of the great movie quotes ever.


-This was such an iconic and amazing film! The score by Ennio Moricone was legendary! Clint Eastwood and company had played their roles to the hilt! Thanks, Minty for reviewing this awesome film!


-Of the dollars trilogy i think that "For a few dollars more" is actually my favorite of the three. But GBU is nearly tied with it. What's fun is that GBU is actually a prequel to the first two dollars films as the civil war period was earlier than the time when the dollars films take place which is evidenced by the guns and technology seen in the films (a surprising continuity detail that even modern directors would probably flub) and you can see how the Man with No Name obtained his iconic look throughout the GBU film which would be his main attire for the dollars films. Furthermore, Lee Van Cleef's character in For a few dollars more is a civil war veteran making the film obviously post-civil war. Lastly, a Fistful of Dollars occurs chronologically after For a few dollars more going off some dates shown in each film (1872 on a newspaper in dollars more, and 1873 on a gravestone in fistful of dollars).



Die Hard - How Alan Rickman

Created the Perfect Antagonist


A video essay reviewing and analyzing Alan Rickman's performance as Hans Gruber in Die Hard. This was Alan Rickman's breakthrough performance at the age of 42. This video breaks down the subtle nuances of Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard.


NEW John Wick 4 Clip Shows

Keanu Reeves Being HUNTED..


Welcome back to Drama Central, today on the channel we're going to be talking about NEW John Wick 4 Clip Shows Keanu Reeves Being HUNTED. If you're excited to learn more about this then make sure you watch the whole way through because you don't want to miss the details we have for you!












Was Mr. Rogers trying to warn us? LISTEN TO THIS!




Every night a scary monster comes to a woman to do this


Laura left the husband to start her life with a clean slate, but she had no idea there was a monster living in the lake near her home.



The Last 60 Minutes Before Asteroid Impacts with Earth


A not so fun animation depicting what the last hour before an asteroid impact on the earth would be like for humans and then the sad aftermath to follow.


Source The Infographics Show




Dont be surprised if you feel the fire..



I gotta gloat
watch me as I lock n load
I rock a show
Ollie B unstoppable
My music rock n roll
Lets move it rock the boat
Yo Lets prove that I could flow
Kill this beat? I got it bro

[Verse 1]
imma be that fighter in the dog pound
fuckin with that song’s sound like I’m
all in with those claws out and i'm doing the beat like that saw's out
bustin up the wall now
buckin all that talk down
when I go in I go all out
Cus I was flown in from that baller town
I came up in a city where it’s windy never thought I’d be a rapper
that would spit it so sickly
like every line that I rhyme is a sign of my design to chill your
spine to and blow your mind up into smithereens.
Imma say it crisply. there’s no way to miss the
meaning of the message in this mayhem when it hits the
speakers like a cyclone making waves up in your city
it’s the nitty gritty flow….. GO




yo yo yo cus imma crush it like im killin this.
everybody feeling this fired up real shit
Ollie B that real shit
I crush it cus im killin this.
everybody fillin this fired up real shit
Ollie B that real shit let’s go


[Verse 2]
Imma wreck it Imma rant
so poetic so intense
so prophetic no pretend
when I go Imma get it no question
arrested cus my attitude
Damn that cop eats too much food
Hey there Badge number 1042
better quit your job and fuck you too
I'm killin on the beat worse than
a villain in the street.
It’s got me filing like a beast that is
unwilling to be beat
Im hot as skillets in the heat.
I'm cold like chillin on a peak.
I spit it ill and imma wreak that doom
I’m the goon on the moon
crashing down onto the planet with a boom
Rapping like a maleficent pharaoh on the dunes
cus I put that beat into a tomb




🤣Eddie Murphy Savage Moments🤣












Honey under the microscope is super trippy!





TechZone Comments -


-I wonder if that flex hybrid would be able to support sophisticated digital art apps. And make calls. I would also probably make a custom cover that looked like a leather-bound book that had a pocket for a full qwerty Bluetooth keyboard and maybe a solar wireless power bank or two just to be extra!


-I've thought about the idea of vehicles batteries being charged with track years ago. I'm just not an engineer. So cool


-Gonna need all the robots we can use once the massive depopulation happens






-Decades ago, much of this was science fiction and has become science fact. The first contraption puts me in mind of the book by Robert Heinlein, starship troopers. A wearable suit of armor that enhances the wearer in every aspect, sight, sound, strength agility etc. That it may become a reality in my lifetime is thrilling.


Source TechZone

The First Fish in the World That Can Talk


WATOP Comments -


-I use to pet them and hold them underwater and swim with them under me for a little while if I kept at a right distance from the floor and wasn’t too thrashy. Moving too fast would push them away so they swim away instead. If you go slow, they can follow.


-My boss once caught a small silver fish, (around 4" in length) in one of our weekend expeditions. When she was about to remove the hook so she could release the fish back into the water, it squeaked and made an audible sound loud enough for me & my other colleagues to hear. I'll never forget it. I know about whales and dolphins but couldn't believe that smaller fishes can make sounds, too. We were all quite surprised and fascinated.


-I guess those who don’t fish or are near bodies of water don’t know about fish talking but the first fish I’ve heard is catfish they’re pretty talkative when you try to take out the hook. The other thing was fish have bad eyesight so like WATOP was talking about with the fish and sonar, when you fly fish, they hear the sound of your hook hit the water and when you reel it in to attract their attention.


Source WATOP




Knocking on Heavens Door-The Ghost of Johnny Cash


David Radcliffe




The End of INK? Testing the $200 Inkless Pen!


Today I'm testing out a so-called "inkless" pen that cost $200 vs a similar model that cost only $5.50.


-Sonny said “I’m sorry, I’m very controlling.” Joe responded, “It’s okay” gently 🤣

Joe Rogan Tries Mad Honey for the First Time on The Air


"It was a pleasure joining the show. Let’s do it again when I have a new batch of wild foods to bring you." Joe's Guest, Sonny.


Comments -

-The brother saying “I should maybe eat a banana” at 5am after a trip is the most relatable shit ever 😂😂😂

-His brother going from "Its awesome" to "this is weird" to "regret" Is hilarious


Scientists At CERN Announced

A CHILLING New Discovery


The LHC, like all physics experiments, aims to verify theoretical predictions – in this case, the so-called Standard Model of particle physics – and see if there are any holes in them. As strange as it may sound, physicists are itching to find a few holes in the Standard Model, because there are some things, such as dark matter and dark energy, that can’t be explained until they do.


So, physicists all around the world were ecstatic to see the world's most advanced high-energy particle collider get operational. After all, they had waited decades for this magnificent technology to alter our understanding and understanding of the universe. The Large Hadron Collider has helped scientists solve many of the universe's riddles in numerous runs since its inception.


However, only recently, scientists from CERN made an announcement that when they powered up the Large Hadron Collider with a new maximum beam of energy, they discovered something unexpected and disturbing. They've been attempting to figure out what triggered this incident since it happened. In today's video, we are going to find out what actually happened.

Kaufman Institute for Coincidence


Are you or a loved one suffering from a medical coincidence? You want proper medical care, but you don’t want people sniffing around asking a whole bunch of questions about what might be causing your problem.


At the Kaufman Institute for Coincidence, we won’t look into the cause of your heart or other problem, we’ll just fix it. That’s right, we promise to only look at your symptoms.


We won’t get all curious looking for causes, because that could get your employer, or your doctor, into some legal hot water.


And nobody wants that!


At Kaufman, we understand that coincidence is now the leading cause of death. And if we want to operate at the speed of science, there’s no time for looking for causes.


That’s right, no pesky questions about drugs or vaccines you might have been given. At Kaufman, we specialize in the effects and leave the causes to the conspiracy theorists.


And let’s be honest, we know the cause anyway.


It was a coincidence, right? For each new patient, Kaufman’s talented team of doctors' strap on their blinders and look directly at the problem area, usually the heart, just like the CDC recommends.

Give your coincidence the attention it deserves, but not the wrong kind of attention, at Kaufman. Schedule your appointment today at and receive a doctor’s note with real "sciency" sounding explanation to provide to your anti-vax friends, proving to them it was definitely not the vaccine that caused your coincidence. Kaufman:

Because coincidences happen… pretty much all the time.

Our main campus now treats the following coincidences:


-blood clots
-heart arrhythmia
-heart attack
-magnetic skin
-difficulty breathing
-full body blisters and burning
-kidney failure
-memory loss
-sudden death
-and much much more


Sleeping Pods in Stations at Tokyo

😪 & Fantastic Robot Cafe 🤖 ☕️


We tried using the mysterious sleeping pods & working booth located in various stations in Tokyo.  We also visited a robot cafe in Shibuya.




8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Inbreed


If you’ve got the hots for your cousin or your aunt, you may want to pay attention to this video before you take any chances! What are the medical outcomes of inbreeding?


ASMR Eating Fresh Honeycomb from my Beehive


YouTube Comments -


-This is good asmr. No stuffing your face, no extra drama, just a nice guy eating honeycomb. 🙂






Top 10 SNL Sketches 1980s (NOT ALLOWED TODAY)


There's one good thing about getting older. You remember when SNL was watchable.



Flying Car Prototypes Are Starting To Take Off


Science fiction is one step closer to reality as several companies' debut working prototypes for flying cars.


Flying cars have fascinated the public for decades — “The Jetsons” helped popularize the concept back in 1962, but the idea is almost as old as the airplane itself, possibly older.







Definitely worth the Watch!



I put Hammers on a Piano then

hired Pro Pianists without telling them


this video should actually be titled "half an hour of a Scandinavian man suffering crippling social anxiety over minorly pranking a pianist." -YouTube Commentor


-A bit interesting how their whole spirit punishment thing was a self-fulfilling prophecy, even if they weren't actual spirits. They believed it, they did it and then the "white spirits" came in massive metal vehicles with mysterious weapons and possibly disease.


The Cannibal Killing of Michael Rockefeller


Comments -


-I’m glad that you cleared up the fact that you do not condone cannibalism, thank you for your transparency.


-"You can say what you want about the cannibal tribe, but wasteful they were not".... thank you sir





The 1 Million Dollar Video That Never Got Released..


Comments -


-Watching prime Tyson smiling in your face taunting you while dodging every punch you throw at him before he launches those weapons of mass destruction of his has got to be a life changing experience in its own


-TYSON was and still is a SUPER LEGEND. 56yrs old and still showing young and old ppl you can be in great shape at any age. His boxing videos are inspiring to everyone. Long live the KING of Brownsville New York. God bless iron MIKE TYSON 🙏


-The calm seriousness of the narrator during

these funny stories deliver more impact.

It's like listening to a comic book.

How To Torture Telemarketers With One Word


This guide shows you How to Torture Telemarketers with One Word


-- My latest, greatest, and Favorite is, "Hello?" After every Hello they --




Comments -


-I love how he took one second to think about the moron question.


-"You're also a moron?" "Yes" Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice, Mason!


-I like how they get upset if you waste their time when they are the ones who always waste your time.


-- YES! --





12 Most Incredible and Mysterious Finds That Really Exist



Top 10 SNL Sketches That Were

NEVER Going to Go as Planned


Let's face it, these chaotic "SNL" sketches were NEVER going to go as planned. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most entertaining skits that took a drastic turn. Our countdown includes "Locker Room Pep Talk," "Girlfriends Game Night," " Super Showcase Spokesmodels," and more!




Fleetwood Mac is PROOF We're Living in a Simulation


Are you real? Am I real? Is any of this real? This week I'm going to prove to you we're living in a simulation using very simple evidence: the band "Fleetwood Mac"




Jamie Lee Curtis Then and Now


Jamie Lee Curtis is arguably one of the most successful celebrity children of all time. She’s maintained a decades-long career and marriage despite the challenges of Hollywood.



African Tribe tries Burger for the first time


In todays Episode we are in Zanzibar, trying out a Burger for our first time. We kind of tried once before but we hadn't checked how to eat it correctly so it was kind of a fail. We also show you around Zanzibar little and do some comedy. Maasai are often in Zanzibar as we find work here and its very beautiful, however I never stay long as I always get homesick.



I Opened A FAKE McDonalds


I opened a fake Mcdonalds, I have done a fake employee prank at McDonalds, but today I'm taking it one step further and opening my own McDonalds restaurant.





Chubby Checker Sued Over Penis Measuring App


Are you a fan of Chubby Checker? This fantastic singer and songwriter have been entertaining audiences and putting out records for nearly six decades and is considered to be one of the icons of the oldie's music generation. And yet, he was involved in one of the more surprising lawsuits you can imagine.




▬Contents of this video▬

00:00 - Intro
00:47 - The Chubby Checker
02:04 - The Lawsuit
03:14 - The Settlement
04:12 - How He Got The Name
05:47 - The King of The Twist
07:46 - Chubby in the Modern Era
08:25 - Outro


So, what makes pearl lobsters so special?

And why are they so expensive?

Why Pearl Lobsters Are So Expensive


Tropical rock lobsters, or pearl lobsters, as they're better known, are one of the rarest and most expensive lobster varieties. The colorful crustaceans are so valuable that there have been international smuggling attempts of its larvae.

Commercially bred pearl lobsters sell for about $50 per kilogram, while wild-caught pearl lobsters sell for $99 per kilogram. This makes pearl lobsters more than six times as expensive as Maine lobsters.



Amazing Discoveries Made By Construction Workers


Every day, construction workers risk their lives to keep the world up to date. From start to finish, these courageous individuals are risking their well-being for your great living space. Though there are many jobs in the construction industry, these workers have found items left behind by previous builders or that were once thought lost for centuries. Contrary to popular assumption, construction workers are not all just hammers and saws - instead, constant discovery is being made around the clock through the land they help create.



Was Banned by Johnny Carson!


Here's the absolutely crazy reason why Lola Falana, the reigning queen of Las Vegas during the 70s and 80s, found herself banned from TV's "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson".


-I ran into Ms. Falana back in 1999 after I moved to Vegas. It was in a local supermarket (Albertsons) at 11pm. I was in the canned goods isle. I noticed a woman and her back was to me. When she turned towards me, I knew her immediately. She's got the biggest eyes I've ever seen. Like in those old school paintings of big-eyed kids.


She seemed physically mobile and didn't really show any signs of the MS she has. She still looked good, so I thought about flirting with her. Just for the fun of it. Hey, it's Lola Falana, right?


But there was something in those big eyes. Something that made me want to say something more respectful and not flirty. Back in the day, they called her the First Lady of Las Vegas. So, I told her, she'd ALWAYS be the first lady. She smiled and thanked me, and I went on my way. But those eyes.... WOW. Her presence was incredible. - @mikomon309 YouTube Commentor



I really want to know what

Temperature is made or not made of


There was a song called "Does anyone Really Know what Time it is?". My question is "Does anyone Really Know what Time is made of?" ...why does and how does heat and cold move and if it does move what comes or goes...Nobody Knows.



I get the sleeping posture, and using the pillows to help sleep in a relaxed state, I've seen this mentioned before, also by people who research in sleep, the part with sleeping with you head towards the north, I would love to see he's research behind, other than a random guy saying its bad and you will die, but then again, paired with some nice dramatic video effects and such, it makes for a good video, and people can believe what they want to :)





Chinese Master: "I'll Teach You


Simpsons Predictions For 2023

That We Can No Longer Ignore


In this video, I'm sharing some predictions for the year 2023 that we can no longer ignore. The Simpsons have a knack for getting things right, and I believe they have some accurate predictions about the future that we should pay attention to. From Trump to Brexit, the Simpsons have been on the forefront of major events over the past few years. In 2023, they have some predictions about the future that we should be aware of. From the rise of artificial intelligence to a major pandemic, be sure to watch this video and see what the Simpson's have to say about the future!











Animals VIDEOS Compilation OF The 2022 #shorts#animal


I'm Fine With Being Called "Antiscience"


This got deep real quick. Well said. How ever, If we are the only life in the middle of nowhere in a cold dead universe, then we are the last sparkle of life before death takes everything. We are the only hope the universe has to live again..... That makes us the center of the universe once again.





21:38 minutes of Cute Dogs and Cats!


Biden Comfort and Hospitality



The Monkey's Fist Is Illegal In Many Countries... But Why?


-Legal in Ohio, as are brass knuckles, switchblades, sap gloves, billy clubs, etc. They become illegal when used as a weapon. If used in self-defense, it's up to the prosecutor. In other words, you better be able to prove you were under attack.


Why Salvia is One of the Strongest Psychedelics on Earth


Salvia, or Salvia Divinorum, is one of the most potent hallucinogenic plants on Earth. It's so powerful it can make you feel like an inanimate object, have an out of body experience, or think your feet are on fire. In fact, this plant is so powerful and unique the DEA isn't sure how to regulate it. Join Hank Green for all the fun details on this psychotropic member of the sage genus in this episode of SciShow.



Weird Experiments With Unexpected Results


Car vs. eggs, keyboard vs. acetone, and cooking steak in lava. It's time for some crazy experiments!




200 Incredible Moments Caught on Camera


We've gathered the best Internet videos from this month in a single compilation: start watching now!


Ötzi the Iceman Had Way More Tattoos Than You


Throughout history, humans have used tattoos to protect themselves against sorcery, claim membership in groups, declare their love, honor their loved ones, or simply express themselves. Tattoos date back thousands of years. Ötzi the Iceman is the 5200-year-old mummy who was found embedded in glacial ice in 1991 in the Ötztal Alps. He had sixty-one markings across his body that are considered to be tattooed by the experts. Other mummies with tattoos have been recovered from at least 49 archaeological sites, including locations in Greenland, Alaska, and the Philippines, which only suggests that tattoos were a worldwide thing.


Joe Rogan Reacts to NASA's

"Creatures Lurking in the Deep Sea"


A rover touches down on an alien surface in a place that has never been explored before. It’s dark, but when the rover’s searchlight switches on, it reveals a landscape teeming with strange creatures that’ve never been seen before. Somehow, there is life thriving in this remote place.

While this may seem like the opening scene of some science fiction story of life discovered on another planet, it’s not fiction at all – and the setting isn’t some alien planet, it’s right here on Earth, at the bottom of the sea.



Knocking on Heaven's door -Bob Dylan's

Ghost of Johnny Cash #knockingonheavensdoor

Reason a lot of these older singers' sounds were so convincing is because they lived it. Especially Johnny Cash.


Sammy Hagar - Montrose 1974


I don’t always listen to Montrose, but when I do….so do the neighbors!!🔥👊🏽🎶🎶🤣🤣🔊🔊🥁🎤🎸


The Old Grey Whistle Test
BBC Television Centre (Pres B Studios)
London, UK
May 21, 1974

00:02 Bad Motor Scooter
03:02 Space Station No.5




The Wizard of Pink Floyd


I do not take credit for the movie or the music. I simply just merged them together. A tribute to Pink Floyd The Wall.



Crazy Rocket man: ENGINE MELT DOWN!

never stops running!


Oh my god...Check out this crazy bastard... His ENGINE IS ON MELT DOWN..!

He's a kid trapped in an older body. Truly an epic dude. Long life to you, sir! <3


20 Creepy Things That You Will See First Time Your Life


How are you doing today? Are you feeling alright? I hope you aren’t feeling too jumpy because we have gathered together a bunch of pretty weird stuff to mess with your head. That’s right, we at the Fancy Banana do enjoy getting a little bit creeped out from time to time, how about you? So, just in time for spooky season we have scoured the Internet and, well, frankly, we have scraped the bottom of the barrel on your behalf just to give you and your lucky eyeballs the creeps.



Cult Leader Loses It | Just for Laughs Gags


Very Funny!!



Awesome Women's Fight! BKFC 2:

Bec Rawlings vs. Britain Hart


A Treat from Jul 19, 2019! Nothing like Females Fighting!


Bec Rawlings faced off against Britain Hart at Bare Knuckle FC 2! Make sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button for more non-stop action like this.



Terminator (I - II) Cast: Then and Now ★ 2022


Terminator and Terminator 2 - Real Name and Age.


In this video you`ll see how the actors of the movies have The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) changed. You`ll know their original names and age. I will show you how they looked then, and what`s with them now, in 2022.


Weirdest Facts About Male's Body


Did you know that every man on Earth begins to exist as a woman? The Y-chromosome which is responsible for the development of a fetus into a male is inactive for the first five weeks and the embryo develops into a female. Starting with the sixth week, when the chromosome comes into play, everything changes. The body of a future man is formed with certain peculiarities dictated by evolution. For example, men have big noses because they consume more oxygen. They also have fewer pain receptors, which makes them resilient. The peculiarities of the male body and psyche are essential for survival, finding a mate, group interaction, and producing healthy offspring. And achieving success in all these aspects makes him a champion. Both in primitive times and now.


Oxana Gagloeva (Russia) vs Gabi Garcia

(Brazil) | MMA fight HD


Professional Russian heavyweight MMA fighter Oksana Gagloeva against Brazilian high skilled athlete, BJJ grappler and member of the IBJJF Hall of Fame Gabi Garcia. Fight took place in Saitama, Japan on July 30, 2017. Full MMA fight video in HD.



Soul Train Line 1974 (War - Ballero)


A "Soul Train Line," takes place when all the dancers form two lines with a space in the middle for dancers to strut down and dance in consecutive order. Originally, this consisted of a couple—with men on one side and women on the other. In later years, men and women had their own individual lineups. Sometimes, new dance styles or moves were featured or introduced by particular dancers.



The sound of Silence -The Ghost of Johnny Cash
#johnnycash #SoundOfSilence #Disturbed


-I think this is the closest I've ever heard someone get to Cash's voice. He perfectly hit those little nuances of Johnny's Arkansas accent that are so difficult to nail down.



Marilyn Monroe - The Making of Some Like It Hot #marilynmonroe #documentary


2006 documentary on the making of Some Like It Hot. Interviews with Billy Wilder, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and others surrounding the production of this movie classic. #marilynmonroe #documentary



Cop found shot to death months after estranged husband gunned down in suspected 'murder-for-hire' plot


A captain with the California Highway Patrol has been found shot to death just two months after her estranged husband was murdered in a suspected "murder-for-hire" plot.


Last Saturday, the lifeless body of Julie Harding, 49, was discovered by a mail carrier near the driveway of her home in Celina, Tennessee. Harding had died of a single gunshot wound to the head. An internal memo released from CHP reportedly called her death a suicide, though the Nashville medical examiner is not expected to give an official cause of death for several weeks. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that "no foul play" is suspected.



Steven Seagal has lost his mind. He barely moves in this
| So Bad It's Good #58 - Sniper Special Ops


Apparently, Steven Seagal wanted to see if he could make a movie while sitting through the entire thing. He succeeded. Unfortunately for us, that made for one boring movie. This dude doesn't even care about these flicks, anymore. Plus, everyone in this is way too old for their roles.


It forces us all to wonder... How did he move his fat ass around that movie set?




Godzilla vs Superman Full Animation


-To be honest, Heroes like Superman, Captain Atom, Hulk, etc., would have a hard time with Godzilla. Even if they managed to surpass the G-man in a contest of strength depending on the version, Godzilla's penchant for stealing and eating nuclear radiation would extend to the heroes who rely off of said radiation in order to survive. The longer they remain in contact with him, the more at risk they are of becoming shriveled husks while G-man just gets stronger.


The Life of Ted Cassidy Lurch from

Addams Family to Star Trek to The Incredible Hulk


The life and career of Ted Cassidy who played Lurch on The Addams Family TV Series, along with Gorn and Ruk on Star Trek. Did you see him playing Hamid and Habib on the I Dream of Jeannie Television Show? Learn his connection to the JFK assassination, the Incredible Hulk, Tarzan and many more Cast Secrets and Facts



Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family

(Full Episode) | MGM


Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family: Lurch's tiny fire-eating mother visits and demands that Lurch's employers wait on her boy hand-and-foot. Lurch revels in the unexpected attention he gets from Morticia and Gomez.


The Honeycombs 1965, (This song was banned.)


-It was called "EYES". Joe Meek never hid his sexuality, nor did the rest of the band. It was never really banned, but never got much 60's air play. Therefore, it was lacking in sales and was discounted on that value alone. The "ban" was advertised purely to accelerate more sales. This never happened and it sank into oblivion. It was the 60's where being gay was frowned upon. It was just a typical 60's love song that was mis-interpreted and was never recognized as such. The mere fact that the drummer was female always decried Joes excellent tunes and devalued just how good a band they were.





I can't imagine how tiring it would be to fight an actual battle with this gear. I give the warriors of the past my respect.


Creepy Foods People Ate in the Victorian Era


If you’re eating food right now, then you need to stop. Welcome to Nutty History, here are some foods you could expect to encounter in Victorian Britain.


Victorian England was a strange, strange place. It was the center of the largest and most evil empire to ever exist. The British, in theory, could have plundered its colonies for nothing but the most delicious foods. Instead, they ate some horrifying things and plenty more bland things. And if today’s diet supplement offerings seem crazy, just wait until you hear what the Victorians ate to aid weight loss.



The Infamous Censored Eleven Cartoons (1968)


Why have these Warner Bros. shorts been taken out of rotation and banned from airing? Learn about their history and content in this informative look at the past.



How Racist Is That?


New Yorkers SHOCKED by These REAL Joe Biden Quotes


Democrats want you to believe that Joe Biden is a champion of the black community, and that Donald Trump is a raging racist -- but is that actually true?







Better Way …


                                    By Jimmy James



Match Game Synd. (Episode 17)

(Meet Contestant: Kirstie Alley) (Part 1)


Robert Pine, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dick Martin, and Betty White


Comments -


-Watching this video is my tribute to Kirstie Alley, who passed away today. I'm completely stunned when I first heard these news. Even more when I learned that she had cancer. R.I.P. Kirstie!!!


What's equally MYSTERIOUS is these

people DON'T even KNOW each other!


-The object at 4:29 is almost identical to one I seen a few weeks ago here in Indiana was slowly going through the sky between 2 cloud banks that looked like something massive went through and parted the clouds their was wave like clouds there but the object looked similar to a passenger plane but with no wings and their was what looked like windows down the side of it I tried getting my phone camera going to get pics but their was trees in my way so I walked down the road some and by then it had vanished


Discovery In Jordan Defies All Sense!


A shocking discovery terrifies the people of Jordan and Israel when they hear the news about a mystical lagoon adjacent to the dead sea. The Dead Sea, also called the Salty Sea, is a large endorheic lake situated in the Jordan Rift Valley. An endorheic lake is a drainage basin that typically retains water but does not extend or flow to external bodies of water like rivers and oceans.


Americans Are Still Tricked by

The Biggest Fib in Food History.


Oh but johnny, wherever shall I find grass-fed butter? The company will tell you on the label. Good companies are proud to call their butter grass-fed. If you are unsure, google the company!


Scientists Just Sent Out A Chilling Message

After This Got Released Into The Wild


The world is a freaky and strange place, and we every so often make bizarre new discoveries that either completely change our known history or completely stresses everyone out, and there is no shortage of wacky discoveries that scientists are still reeling over. From inexplicable ancient artefacts to alien like lights and bizarre undersea occurrences, here are 15 Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Still Can’t Explain.



These are 20 creepy stories from

Chernobyl that will haunt your dreams


The man-made disaster that was Chernobyl is one of the most devastating of all time. A mountain of horrifying stories went down. These are just a few.




What Lurks Beneath is a channel focused on true scary stories and true horror stories, I cover the supernatural cryptids, bigfoot, dogmen and scary mysteries. In this channel, you'll find storytelling of the unknown, the supernatural and the paranormal. If you enjoy shows like Unsolved Mysteries or Paranormal Witness, you'll enjoy What Lurks Beneath


Songs That Sound EXACTLY The Same #7


Have we run out of NEW SONGS?!!


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-As a drummer, rhythms are very hard to 'make unique', and rap faces that struggle, in that 'sameness' kind of sound. Heavy Metal had a lot of re-used rhythms that made songs sound similar as well. It's what makes genres, well, genres.

-I felt the two "America" songs were almost identical.











WTF Did She Say 🤯


You might want to listen.. Twice... And maybe again after that.


Sketchy Things About Steven Seagal That We All Ignored


Steven Seagal is a bit of an enigma for a lot of martial artists because a lot of people see him as a person who is incapable of telling the truth, but at the same time, they respect him as someone who has achieved a high level of skill in the art of Aikido.


The problem is that if Steven Seagal, the movie star, were just Steven Seagal who runs a martial arts gym in Suburbia, Midwest USA, he would be seen as a predator who would be in one of Rob's McDojoLife McDojo News videos because Steven Seagal is an absolute monster who has done nothing his entire career but place himself in positions to engage in predatory behavior.

What REALLY Happened When

Steven Seagal Fought Bruce Lee


A few days ago I found out that Steven Seagal said that he fought Bruce Lee. This all came to my attention when a video came across my Browse page on YouTube from a channel called Bruce Lee Real Fight. This channel is all about Bruce Lee and nothing but Bruce Lee.


So I took a look at the video, and I saw that he was breaking down an interview from 2012 that Steven Seagal did with Michael Schiavello. I had seen clips of the interview before where Seagal trashed Michael Jai White, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Dolph Lundgren as being fake martial artists, so I wasn't too surprised that Steven Seagal might be on there telling some tall tales about how he fought Bruce Lee, and that they were good friends.


You can tell that they were both having an awesome time!!! What an energetic, fun performance!!!!


What a perfect match up. These two legendary ladies both had the same kind of explosive energy for performing. I saw this originally when I was a kid. It's still solid gold.





Hi everyone. I'm continuing my quest to find Pianos In Pubs and Pianos On The Streets or in shopping centres etc. This evening I just happen to be in Tokyo, Japan and I find a 'Street Piano' amongst a collection of shops here in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Hope you like it. Special thanks to Darrin Mooney for the excellent camera work. All the boogie best. Terry Miles



A Monk Started Meditating and Told People to Wake Him Up in 75 Years, This is What Happened Next


Shaolin monks are known all around the world for their incredible mental and physical prowess. These incredible monks can perform impossible feats that make them seem like superhumans.




10 WEIRD Ways the Sigma Male

Can Make ANY WOMAN Chase Him


The sigma is a red-blooded male, and just like the majority of men, he is attracted to a woman with smoking hot looks. But unlike other men, this isn’t enough to really catch his interest… and women feel exactly the same. We’re going to tell you 10 of the weirdest ways that sigma males can make any woman chase him.



Proving The World is Flat! -

Don't Start Judging. Humor Me and Watch


I am asked on a regular basis by the "flat earth army" about the world being flat, and I even watched some documentaries on it because I was curious to their point of view, I decided I would create a way for them to prove or disprove their theory once and for all.







This is how the head of a spear went

through a bone during the Roman Gaelic War.

It still remains in the bone after 2070 years.


Abraham Lincoln Brought to Life in

Motion & Color, with History


What was Abraham Lincoln really like? Lincoln is one of the most celebrated men in American History. But some of his more personal struggles are lost amidst the larger triumphs of his life: Ending slavery in America. Lincoln was a gentle, funny man, whose speeches amazed thousands. Unfortunately, there was no end to the many tragedies in his life, and he felt them deeply. Today we’ll talk about Lincoln’s fascinating life, and then of course reveal some re-creations, restorations & motion of the Great Emancipator to really bring him back to life.




Sharon Osbourne Goes on WILD Rant

About Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson


Sharon is right, though. I would never know who Bruce Dickinson was, even if he were standing right next to me in a supermarket.




Earth is Flat! - 100% PROOF!! AMAZING!!

(Flat Earth Comedy)


The fact that this video has so many dislikes, shows that society is unable to understand sarcasm nowadays.


Toro y Moi 'MAHAL' Listening Party

Comments -

-If this was an actual series, just like, these chill big-headed guys listening to mellow music, and talking about it, I would watch the hell out of it.

-This reminds me of the entire 90's, the music lacked the subtlety displayed here, but we all had big paper-mache heads just like this.

-This makes me want to have a set of friends that we all chill and drink n smoke and have a listening party






DIY Very Powerful Subwoofer with PVC pipe





cadence 1990 chain gang march (soul patrol shuffle )



The Woke Mob Goes After "The Addams Family"


The woke mob is angry that the only black actors cast in the reboot of "The Addams Family" are the bullies. There aren't really any nice characters in the show in general, so I'm not sure what people are upset about.





How High Will This 1 Ton Rubber Band Ball Bounce?

To be honest, I didn't even think it was going to bounce.


Linda Evangelista


We adored and idolized her in the early 1990s. She was really the first model historically to take what Madonna did, always running ahead of the pack changing her whole image constantly. That had never happened before because traditionally famous models always had 'a look' that they were celebrated for and stuck to that. Changing it was career death. Linda turned that notion completely on its head.




Ann-Margret - "Bill Bailey" Screen Test 1961


Ann-Margret here in January 1961 performing "Bill Bailey" for the second part of her screen test. This footage here showcases more of her singing and dancing abilities, this was a part of her personality test.


Man Born in 1846 Talks About the 1860s and

Fighting in the Civil War - Enhanced Audio


Julius Franklin Howell (January 17, 1846 - June 19, 1948) joined the Confederate Army when he was 16. After surviving a few battles, he eventually found himself in a Union prison camp at Point Lookout, Maryland.


In 1947, at the age of 101, Howell made this recording at the Library of Congress.





That Dirty Dancing Final Dance..


What Is It For?


Tim sometimes refers to WIFs, a WIF being an object where you ask, 'What's It For?' And he has quite an impressive gadget here which seems to have lost the instruction sheet along the way. So - what is it for? All will be revealed...

A wall mounted decorative wooden item that folds out to create a place to keep your letters.

A penguin automaton. You have to wind it up, and it then slowly revolves on the table, all the while the music box inside plays 'Twinkle, twinkle, little star...'

A wooden jigsaw in the shape of an animal, where you can only remove one piece at a time.

A Flock of Seagulls... not the English new wave band formed in 1979, but a set of novelty cocktail sticks... a small flock?

A camera lens - extremely realistic, but it turns out to be a mug.

A wallet with 30 or so compartments. Tim was given this by a magician. Of course he was!

A novelty colouring book, but this one is inverted - instead of colouring in inside the lines, this book has patches of colours and you have to provide the lines!

Judge sentences Daughter to Death.. (emotional)

Comments -

-i like judges who arent biased and dont take disrespect.

-Well done to that judge for sentencing that woman in the orange clothing.

-Boy you have to be real nasty when your own attorney throws their hands up by saying to the judge what the last one stated.

-I respect these judges



Billy the Exterminator: Nearly 5000 Wasps Take a Household Hostage (S3, E2) | Full Episode


Big Bill and Donnie agree to chase down a serpent that has invaded a friend's house. Meanwhile, Billy has his hands full with nearly 5000 wasps in almost a dozen nests that have taken a household hostage, in Season 3, Episode 2, "Donnie's Snake Attack."


OneWeb 1 Mission

SpaceX is targeting Thursday, December 8 for a Falcon 9 launch of the OneWeb 1 mission to low-Earth orbit from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Liftoff is targeted for 5:27 p.m. ET (22:27 UTC).

The first stage booster supporting this mission previously launched CRS-24, Eutelsat HOTBIRD 13F, and one Starlink mission. Following stage separation, the first stage will land on Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.



Black Obese Tiktokers Tell White People How To Eat Healthy

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-How you a nutritionist out here looking like Charles Barkley. -Keith Hodge

-I’m convinced we are living in a simulation


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