Happy Endings

Even though we see so much bad in the world, there are good things too.

He Was Drowned Into A Bucket Of Paint Despite His Best Efforts To Beg For Forgiveness





This is Deva's journey. The cat was in a serious condition
He was dunked into wall paint buckets by the owner because Deva accidentally dropped them.

The 30 Most Unexpected Comics from The Perry Bible Fellowship, Backed by Dark Humor


The Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch has impacted many webcomic artists in one way or another. Nicholas is unquestionably one of the best painters and most stylistically diverse among the authors of wacky short comics. As far back as he can remember, he has been creating visual stories. Nicholas’ inventive process, which has sustained The Perry Bible Fellowship for 15 years, presents reality in an absurd way.


Check out these hilarious, unique, dark perspective comics that will make you fall in love with them.

The BEAUTIFUL young woman who

RUINED her life due to a bad decision.


Comments -

-In some ways I can and in other ways I cannot understand how things can get so bad that you would commit suicide. A very close girlfriend of mine committed suicide when she was 23 and I was 26. This was 40 years ago. She lost so much life, no second chance for her. She had a chemical imbalance in her brain that caused severe depression. She was on medication which helped but she needed to be watched 24/7. She quietly slipped away from this earth one Sunday afternoon. So sad, So sad. I still to this day visit her grave and put flowers on it as I sit and tell her about my life as if we were talking over a cup of coffee like we use to. Girlfriend, I hope to see you in heaven one day. She was such a beautiful person with a good soul. I miss you.

-I'm a nurse who has had patients who survived a self-inflicted gunshot wound and it is sad situation. God bless her heart and soul!

-If she was depressed before this tragedy, I can’t imagine how she really feels now. God help her.

-As a Vet from Vietnam I understand the pitfalls of depression. It is an insidious pain
that can destroy a family and lives. For myself I am under therapy and will probably
be on meds for the rest of my life. I was extremely fortunate to have a devoted and
very loving Wife for 45 years till she passed. Now I am struggling again but I have
found a group of people who understand, and we cover each other to help us thru
the problems we encounter. One thing I rely on is knowing that GOD as a plane for
each of us and until we fulfill our mission we will be here!

A Woman Took in a Kitten with Big Ears In the Morning She Got a Surprise!







He was able to save himself last second 😳👏


(via @Luiz Otavio Mesquita/TT) #shorts




UNBELIEVABLE Animal Encounters Caught on Camera


...over THREE HOURS | Best of Series



Cleaning up the house of an alcoholic. EXTREME DEEP CLEANING MOTIVATION ~ Satisfying Cleaning


Huge respect to the cleaners, this was tons of work.

They Painted Her Blue for Fun Then Discarded Her Crying in The Middle of The Rain...


This poor little kitten was found crying in the middle of the rain. We have no words to express our anger right now! What drives a person to do this? She had been painted blue with no care for her well-being.

The paint had hardened on her fur, causing her immense pain and discomfort. It was evident that she had been used as a toy by heartless individual...

Mom Discovers Strange HOLES In BABY’s Nose, What the Doctors Reveal Is Shocking


It really had me going too. I had to fight to resist speeding forward to see what the hell it was! - TBT Ed.


I’m a little angry that police were called before Susan was told the diagnosis! I’m sure she would have complied with doctors orders without all that drama!! Guns pointed at a new mother?!? Unnecessary! Wasn’t this hard enough for her!?! In the end the same outcome would have occurred!   - YouTube Commentor

She's running down the street crying on fire! Despite what’s done to her she still trusts human!


YouTube commentor -- I cannot express what I would be able to do to the monster who did this, for it would be censored. Harsh laws and severe punishments are necessary for the demons who commit these atrocities. THANK YOU and BLESSINGS for saving this pawed angel!! THANK YOU RIONA, for being so brave and not giving up!! From Granada (Spain) 🐕❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


She Was Chained There For 10 Years, Abandoned And Starved By Her Previous Owner...


A resident advised the owner to bring the sick dog to the doctor, but the owner refused, he only had to bring food regularly and find ways to help the animal, finally contacted us. We arrived in last minute. Owner scheduled euthanasia.


We tried our best, reminded, asked, begged, begged, but the owner ignored it. And we were forced to call the local authorities to take the necessary steps to stop this heinous act.  KIRA is in the clinic.  We've ruled out more serious illnesses and it looks like her condition is just due to malnutrition‼ However, we have more exams and tests ahead.  Kira is NOT contagious - she was just diagnosed with AZS, which could have been caused by fleas. Kira is also not on a special diet.

It is a healthy dog, only abandoned and starved by its previous owner. 10 days under our care. Do you also see the difference?


The puppy is recovering. Bitches gain weight and grow hair.  Kira is about 10 years old and is a very friendly dog. She is gentle and gentle with people and accepting of other dogs.

What It Looks & Feels Like to Have Your An*s Removed | Let's Talk IBD


What a brave lady!


I have shared much about my proctocolectomy surgery, but not what it feels and looks like three years later. I mean - I'm missing a major muscle, so it has to feel weird, right? In this video, I share what my scar looks like on my bottom as well as how it feels.


He Died 40 Years Ago, Now His Children Confirm the Rumors


He helped build a television empire. Made up half the formula of the sitcom genre. Lived the American Dream and nearly tore it all down for himself in the end. No public figure is full of so many contradictions quite like Desi Arnaz, once husband to the legendary Lucille Ball.




  • -Brother gave with his heart and everything he had in his wallet. Blessings on him and everyone in his life
  • -I ain’t win no 5k, but this shit definitely make you smile ear to ear💯…this is what forming a good community around you look like
  • -"Take my last, I'll figure something out.." A king among men here 👑 Masha Allah
  • -Man, imma keep this young kid in my prayers … this was beyond kindness




Ok.. This made me cry...




Emaciated Dog Found Dumped in Garbage Bag - It's A True Miracle That She Survived!


My heart was broken when I saw Nanook at AMA Center. She was discovered by a police officer in a garbage bag. She arrived in our vet so malnourished - couldn't move or lift head. After 10+ hours, she got better but still couldn't stand up. The vet discovered that muscles in her legs had atrophied indicated she kept in a small space, presumably a crate and had spending long periods lying in her own urine...


Brave man rescues exhausted coyote


Although it was difficult and dangerous, a kind and warm-hearted man was able to free the animal. What a good fellow! Thank you very much!


Woman Cuts Koala Free from Fence

– His Reaction Is So Heartwarming!


This woman came to the rescue of a koala trapped in a fence!





Cop Called to Home for Child Abuse, Kicks in Door, Finds Daughter