Definitely Not Normal

This is where the "Woke" crowd will be going and the Influencers of "Wokeness." 

 There's just no other category to place them.

Observing the world turned upside down.

Canada, once a beacon of pride, has become an embarrassment. Dylan Mulvaney's antics should be a source of insult to women everywhere, as he shamelessly mocks them. Remember when individuals like Dylan were simply referred to as crossdressers, and their lifestyle choices weren't imposed on children?

The mayor of London's statement that "Terrorism is part of our lives now" is absurd. Should we respond with tears or laughter to such clownish remarks?

"Leave the fob at the front door"? If that's your preference. In Texas, they leave the body at the front door.

The proliferation of woke culture nowadays mirrors the prophesied one-world religion in Revelation.


Megan Kelly Comes Hard for Dylan


Comments -

-I am so sick of Dilly! I am not even 2 mins in and he has already disgusted me. He said they were looking at his crotch bcz he doesn't have a "Barbie Pouch ?" NO asshole you mean you don't have a VAGINA and you NEVER WILL. I AM a woman and no matter what Mr. Mulvayne no matter how much money you throw at a "Doctor" you will NEVER, bleed every month , you will NEVER push a baby through your "Barbie Pouch " as you call it bcz YOU are a man and I am sick and tired of you sir. It is NOT Halloween we as women are NOT A costume. Why can't women see that this is a slap in the face to real women? This is NOT a compliment. Not at all.

-Megan, being an ACTUAL WOMAN can say whatever SHE wants. When this mental illness fad fades into history, the only place left to grift will be the porn industry where they can get their views from curious onlookers. If they continue to attempt adding the “P” to their alphabet soup, they are going to pull back a nub. Dylan is nothing but a grifter. If he was truly serious, he would have had his surgery by now to complete his “womanhood…..





This Is Why

I Stay Home


Today we explore people who belong in captivity.





“Clown is a Valid Gender & Starbucks

FIRED Me for My Odor🦨”










This is what happens when you close down Mental Institutions


Woman Cries About Being Misgendered, and It's Actually Sad.


A woman that thinks she's a man went viral for crying about being misgendered. Typically, conservatives will laugh and make fun of videos like these, but that wasn't my reaction to this video. This video is just sad.

The Look on Their Faces Says It All!


I love how all those kids are just totally apathetic to the whole thing. And/or disgusted. That one kid just got up and left. It gives me hope.


"That's not inclusion, that's indoctrination" is the realest ish I ever heard when it comes to these situations.

Creepy Jeffrey Marsh Is Angry With His Critics


The Uber Villain of Transgenderism


TikToker Jeffrey Marsh is being creepy again. This time, he's telling his followers that getting angry with critics is okay. Righteous anger can be necessary at times, but anger will lead you astray more often than not.



Woman Identifies as a Red-Tailed Hawk


A woman on TikTok went viral for saying that she identifies as a red-tailed hawk. She very well could be a troll, but she's probably not. Some pro-LGBTQ people will laugh at this. However, there is no difference between this and transgenderism.


"I Want to Heal the People That Hate Me"

(Jeffery Addresses the "Hate")


Odin's Comments -


-Jeffrey is that type of dude you were warned to avoid at all costs when you were in elementary school, but now they promote them. Keep your kids safe!

-We want groomers like Jeffrey to stay away from the kids.

-Creepy isn’t strong enough word to describe Jeffrey.

-It's not hate.  It's deep concern that he may be preying on children. We are watching him with a skeptical eye.



"I'm Sorry, Please Don't Come for My Kids" (Jeffery's Fans Are Dangerous)


Jeffery's "fans' Come For TikToker Who Dare Disagree With Jeffery. Videos NOT Allowed on Youtube:


Join Me Free -  (Videos & Lives Streams NOT on Youtube)




Gutfeld: The woke are on high alert

for misgendering a pervert


'Gutfeld!' panelists react to Los Angeles district attorney George Gascon's decision to suspend a prosecutor for misgendering a convicted child molester. #FoxNews #Gutfeld!





Mentally ILL Men Can Have Babies Now! Rumble Exclusive










What you might have missed over the weekend


You know... I don't ever recall seeing Ronny Van Zant having half naked girls vomit on him on stage while he performed.


But here is Lady Ga Ga... 


"My DocMADE VAG is Better

Then the Real Thing" (trans woMAN)


"MY Fake Vag is TOTALLY BETTER than the Real Thing." "Dylan Mulvaney Inspired Me to Days of Boyhood"


Woke School Board Member STORMS OUT



YouTube Comments -


-She doesn't want to be on the innerwebs because she doesn't want to be properly held accountable for her actions. These "people" are the last ones who should come anywhere near children, let alone be in charge of school board curriculums. They're criminals and must be exposed and treated as such.


-It’s sad how pissed off they get when parents demand their kids be left alone from this narrative. They love to claim they aren’t pushing it on kids, but throw a fit when people say leave kids alone. Why would you get upset about that if it’s not your agenda to do what they are saying don’t do




"My 2022 S8XUAL Partners Recap" & More FreakShows


I remember back in the day when people didn't brag about being promiscuous.


Comments -

-I find it astounding that someone believes they are capable of dispensing medical advice based on how often they shove foreign objects up their backside. You cannot make this up.


Solo Dog Toy Pay Makes My Brown Rear O-Ring

Bleed on My Period (Man in Dress)


-Jazz's family is so predatory. How sick and why haven't they been arrested. Munchausen by proxy is illegal, no matter how many likes you get


-What's sad is 5 years ago I'd assume that girl crying "Paper of color" was sarcastically joking.... now a days I can almost guarantee she's being serious.


Lib Social Worker Secretly Trans-es

13-Year-Old Girl | Ep. 1149


A Maine school social worker secretly trans-es a 13-year-old girl, “kidults” are now the main drivers of growth in the toy industry, and tens of thousands of migrants are headed for the U.S. border.



Tragic Medical Experiment of a Mentally ILL Boy
for TV Viewers: TRANS'D for Ratings


Trans Medical Experiment FAIL on TLC: Jazz Jennings
TRANS'D for RATINGS. Dylan Goes Under the KNIFE..



nside the SMALLEST State in America - Rhode Island


This is not what Rhode Island is really all about. But downtown Providence is pretty much overrun with the homeless issue. And then we got this winner right here.. Brandon. Not to be mistaken for Biden AKA Gredin AKA Mashed Potatoes for brains... Though, on a brain scale I give this Brandon a "2".


Boy Cries Out for Help on Livestream, then THIS Happens
| Voddie Baucham, Matt Walsh, Bill Maher


A boy literally speaks out on a live stream... And FINALLY, He is HEARD!


This is shocking. With Voddie Baucham, Matt Walsh, and Bill Maher.



"I Found Out You Are Transgender" (Str8 Guy)


I think people have a right to date what they expect to date... If you're a man, you're going to want a real woman.. And vice versa..



TikTok Goes Viral Of A Self Loathing White Woman



Comments -


-NO MORE victim mentality.


-I just high-fived myself for being a great white person. Which is probably some sort of cultural appropriation, but I literally couldn’t give a crap.




-I love my gender, I love my ethnicity, and I love my color. I will never be embarrassed for something that makes me who I am. All of this nonsense imo is meant for a mental health practitioner 😁












I never thought I would live to see such sights.

In a Church no less.


Disrespectful to Patti LaBelle. She wasn't a Drag Queen.



I Found Cis W̶h̶i̶t̶e̶ Black TransPhobes

in Africa Matt Walsh Missed



Comments -


-As a man who grew up with Ugandans, I can say that they didn't have the luxury of additional genders, living through civil wars, you know...




-“Being a victim is supposed to be a step towards recovery. We’ve made being a victim the final destination on social media” -Destiny


TikTok's Gender Experiment Surge*n

TARGET$ Teens (Patient EXPOSES Her)



Comments -


-So, in short: this lady is the real-life version of the crazy doctor from the Human Centipede. And the fact she's not locked up shows how far lost our society really is.




-I remember when doctors used to improve health and not take glee in destroying it.
How times have changed!


The Truth About Dylan: Trans Tiktoker Targ*ting KIDS



Comments -


-When he called our private areas a "Barbie pouch," That's it.... I've had enough.




-Does this mean I am not a woman because I haven't cried three times today, and I haven't bought more clothes than I can pay for?