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BREAKING: Rep. Wesley Hunt tells his favorite Trump story, which involved a tense meeting with T*liban leaders.


Trump then “reached in his pocket, pulled out a satellite photo of the leader of the Taliban’s home,

handed it to him, got up and walked out the room.”

MAJOR UPDATE! Obama Rushed to White House! Kamala Screaming


| Jill Pleading: What's About to Happen?


1 day ago
Obama has no business being in the White House. He just has to be center of attention. It's killing him how popular Trump has become. We don't need Obama stepping in our business anymore.


1 day ago
When Obama was president, I always said that Biden was his court jester.


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1 day ago
This is what happens when a president is selected not elected a total train wreçk for our great country! TRUMP 2024 Q+ WWG1WGA

Solid Evidence! A Whole City on Mars! ~ 5/25/2024





That is honestly, one of the greatest pictures from Mars, ever! So many anomalies! It really looks like a destroyed city block, complete with roads. Amazing! Great analysis, Chris!

Gone are the days of needing binoculars to spy on someone.

Now, with smartphones and social media, privacy feels like a relic of the past. Are Siri and Alexa secretly gathering intel on us? Are our private moments truly private anymore?

CERN and the OCCULT:

What You NEED to know about CERN and the ALCHEMISTS


This organization believes it can conceal information from us, while simultaneously taunting and flaunting its occult-leaning agendas in plain sight.

"Free people can say 'no'. Free people can refuse demands for their money, time, and children. Slaves cannot. There is no freedom without the freedom to say 'no'. If someone demands that you do something and you can say 'no' and refuse to do it, then you are a free human being. If you can be forced to do something or surrender something that you do not wish to, then you are a slave. No other test need be applied" -- Michael Rivero

Joe Hoft: These Steps Must Be Taken to Ensure

Trump is Elected Fairly


That is what I love about Alex, he says what nobody else will say. I wish more people would listen to what he says and not listen to our corrupt media and what they said about Alex because it is all bullshit.


Alex is much more honest then any of our media and come to find out is turning out to be right on most of what he says. He has made a few mistakes but come on who hasn't.


I am surprised that the Dems have not tried to take Trump out and like Alex said if it gets to were Trump could possibly win it might happen.


Look these left-wing fools worked with China to release Covid on the world so they could go to the courts and have the election laws changed to get Trump out of office.  and if you go and look at the timeline and do the homework it is so obvious what they did and after they stole the election they have made it so no one is able to talk about the steal without losing their careers.

...and that is exactly what they wanted and so 2022 they stole that election with corruption and if you noticed nobody said shit and I feel like it will happen again in 2024.


Look what they have already done, making up crimes on Trump to try and get him convicted, these people are committing major crimes trying to get Trump on one, think about it they convicted Roger Stone and Mike Flynn on lying to the FBI about a crime (Russia Hoax) that never even happen...WTF. It is called CORRUPTION!!


- Megaidol (Rumble Commentor)





Biden Plans to Block Out the Sun


Part of Joe's plan to save the World is to Block the Sun. But we all know that Billy Gates was involved with that planning a couple of decades ago. They even bragged about this on David Letterman. Of course, only the Highly Educated Liberal Scientists get to experiment on the Earth, the Weather and our Bodies without our permissions. No one elected these people to perform these harmful tasks. They certainly didn't ask about how we might think about their Mad Science ideas.


Comments -


-These people had this planned for many years now it's in full force. You woke me up to all of this Alex. I'm a conservative and prefer to watch you then the fake news! I think they're actually part of this destruction and don't even realize how bad it's going to get. They will eventually when it starts affecting them.

-on top of all this, I think cbdc is ramping up as well, and I'm seeing a lot of strange stuff going on with employment data. for example, I got laid off in February. never ever had difficulty finding a job in the past. I am very educated, 3 degrees, and very experienced. I've been unemployed for 5 months now and almost no interviews. even temp Afghanistan l agencies won't help me. this coupled with "ghost job posting" makes me think there's a move to put people on the dependency track.  is anyone else experiencing this?


-Biden did say our darkest days are ahead of us not behind us.


-Blocking the sun to prevent people from seeing Nibiru perhaps?


-Drastic temperature fluctuations will cause the WEATHER to react VIOLENTLY. These guys have to many FLAWS in their GRAND PLAN of MASS DESTRUCTION.