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Giger's Alien - 1979 Documentary


Featuring behind-the-scenes on Ridley Scott's Alien with H.R. Giger.


These scenes are from the science fiction horror movie *Alien*, produced by 20th Century Fox and filmed at Shepperton Studios in England. Our documentary will showcase some of my work behind the scenes. I was responsible for all the fantasy scenery in the movie, designing the unknown planet, the wreck of the alien spaceship and its interior, the so-called Exile, and various types of alien monsters.

I created the initial sketches and designs in my studio in Zurich after discussing the project with director Ridley Scott. Subsequently, I flew to England multiple times where my paintings were evaluated, and we discussed possible alterations.

Here are a few variations of the alien figure that I envisioned, all emerging from my personal visual world, which I call biomechanical.

- **The Exile**: An unrealized project.
- **The Landscape of the Unknown Planet**: Conceptualized with intricate details.
- **The Alien Spaceship Derelict**: Including its structure and specific details.
- **Entrance of the Derelict and its Passages**: Designed with meticulous detail.
- **The Pilot's Seat and the Pilot**: Crafted with precision.
- **Shaft with a Membrane**: Detailed interior design of the Exile.
- **Model of the Exile**: Constructed meticulously.

At Bray Studios, a team of specialists constructed the models needed for the special effects scenes. My colleague, Evo Z, will explain how these models were made and used in the movie.

“The advantage of using plasticine,” Evo Z explains, “is that we can embed pieces of plastic pipe into it, and it holds well. For areas like this, we use pieces of plastic tube, cut and fitted, securing with nails or pins, and then dress up with plasticine. This model is currently being painted; the details will be finished later. We've cut through the polystyrene in specific areas to form parts of the alien spacecraft. This section was built full-size on a large stage at Shepperton Studios, approximately 12 to 13 meters high. You can get an idea of the scale from this small figure.”

Inside Shepperton Studios, where movies like *The Omen*, *Superman*, and parts of *Star Wars* were filmed, the science fiction scenery was set up in huge studios called stages. Here, the models were built to their original size for shooting the scenes.

Alien Restricted Access 1080p

(Remixed by Arramon)


From the Beacon to the events up to Aliens Colonial Marines, this is the remixed movie version of Prometheus, Nostromo, Sevastopol and Sulaco. *Restricted access* All files appropriated by the Company for usage of this black-box project and respective rights thereof shall---- click ~static

00:00 Intro
05:08 Credits
07:12 The Beacon
08:13 Prometheus
15:53 Nostromo
31:34 Sevastopol
1:22:40 Sulaco
1:31:41 Colonial Marines

Strange Blades: Blade vs Ghost Rider (2023) - by: KING VADER




After a brutal attack by a ghostly assassin, Blade embarks on a journey to find out why. Encountering ghosts, vampires and sorcerers, Blade learns that there may be a much bigger plot at play and will stop at nothing to protect humanity from the darkness that threatens to destroy it.


-- Great Video! -- TBT

Alien Prometheus Covenant
- Fan Short Film - Ridley Scott -
Hans Ruedi Giger's Art +Timeline Footage





Made from extra footage from both the movies arranged in a timeline.



Proud to finally release

our Wolverine fan film



Thank you so much everyone for commenting and watching our film. We are truly honored! We didn't expect that. Just for clarifications about his claws, they are bone claws. We just made them sharper because that's how we preferred it to be, design-wise. Thank you again everyone for supporting our work.

The Thing vs Alien


Welcome to another chilling episode on "Scripted by Machines," where artificial intelligence creates spine-tingling content for your entertainment!


In today’s episode, we present a fearsome face-off in our Tournament of Horrors: The Thing vs. Alien.


The Thing: A shapeshifting horror from the icy depths of Antarctica, capable of assimilating and imitating any living creature. How will its cunning adaptability fare in this terrifying tournament?

Alien (Xenomorph): The ultimate predator from the darkest corners of space, known for its deadly agility and ruthless hunting skills. Can it outmatch the deceptive tactics of The Thing?

I Wanna Show You Something...


It's the 25th anniversary of the first Matrix film, so it's interesting to explore what was really going on there. Instead, a walk this morning in one of the most beautiful places in a small middle-of-Texas country town.

A place where there's a waterfall, where one can climb onto the ledge just far enough to film the lily pads blowing in the wind. Where some stairs just stop being stairs at the water's edge, and time sits exposed, layers deep.

Where the long, skinny bridge across the river is crossed, and a pink dragon ring found in a ditch. How cool is that? And litter left behind by someone else picked up. Where the trees grow and the flowers bloom. Some aren't ready yet, and the ones called weeds are also allowed to grow freely and beautifully.

Where long ago, someone hung a birdhouse in a tree, and so many little green caterpillars just hatched. Where the ants have built a ginormous front porch to what must surely be a massive underground ant world.

A place where a field, never used for anything, is completely surrounded by a cartoonish amount of "No Trespassing" signs. Where one can sit on a bench and just gaze out at the river until it disappears, and a whispered wish for peace to those who passed before, as they passed. Where a graveyard is stumbled upon, and peace wished to those who passed before.

Where at any moment, one might expect to see the White Rabbit from Alice's Wonderland beckoning to follow him somewhere. Where winding paths through the woods terminate in places unknown. Maybe he lives here, but it could be there. Where nature reveals the mystery of the Fibonacci sequence.

Where a feather is found, and the birds are in love, and the snails are in love, and even the trees seem to be in love. But the deer are just chilling; they ain't paying you no mind. Where on the return, the long, skinny bridge back across the river is crossed again.

Where the past watches over in slow decay. Where the puddles are pondered and the holes in the rocks contain entire universes of their own. Where a lot of steps must be climbed to get back up to the car.

And where, at the very end, a bottle cap is found on the ground with a message that seems to be left just right there, just for someone to find.

This Son of WOLVERINE is More Powerful than his Father🤩|#marvel #comics #wolverine #xmen #comicbooks.



HP Lovecraft - "Nemesis"


(Scary Cosmic Horror Short Film) - AI Assisted


"Nemesis" by HP Lovecraft
Thro’ the ghoul-guarded gateways of slumber,
Past the wan-moon’d abysses of night,
I have liv’d o’er my lives without number,
I have sounded all things with my sight;
And I struggle and shriek ere the daybreak, being driven to madness with fright.


I have whirl’d with the earth at the dawning,
When the sky was a vaporous flame;
I have seen the dark universe yawning,
Where the black planets roll without aim;
Where they roll in their horror unheeded, without knowledge or lustre or name.


I had drifted o’er seas without ending,
Under sinister grey-clouded skies
That the many-fork’d lightning is rending,
That resound with hysterical cries;
With the moans of invisible daemons that out of the green waters rise.


I have plung’d like a deer thro’ the arches
Of the hoary primordial grove,
Where the oaks feel the presence that marches
And stalks on where no spirit dares rove;
And I flee from a thing that surrounds me, and leers thro’ dead branches above.


I have stumbled by cave-ridden mountains
That rise barren and bleak from the plain,
I have drunk of the fog-foetid fountains
That ooze down to the marsh and the main;
And in hot cursed tarns I have seen things I care not to gaze on again.

I have scann’d the vast ivy-clad palace,
I have trod its untenanted hall,
Where the moon writhing up from the valleys
Shews the tapestried things on the wall;
Strange figures discordantly woven, which I cannot endure to recall.


I have peer’d from the casement in wonder
At the mouldering meadows around,
At the many-roof’d village laid under
The curse of a grave-girdled ground;
And from rows of white urn-carven marble I listen intently for sound.


I have haunted the tombs of the ages,
I have flown on the pinions of fear
Where the smoke-belching Erebus rages,
Where the jokulls loom snow-clad and drear:
And in realms where the sun of the desert consumes what it never can cheer.


I was old when the Pharaohs first mounted
The jewel-deck’d throne by the Nile;
I was old in those epochs uncounted
When I, and I only, was vile;
And Man, yet untainted and happy, dwelt in bliss on the far Arctic isle.


Oh, great was the sin of my spirit,
And great is the reach of its doom;
Not the pity of Heaven can cheer it,
Nor can respite be found in the tomb:
Down the infinite aeons come beating the wings of unmerciful gloom.


Thro’ the ghoul-guarded gateways of slumber,
Past the wan-moon’d abysses of night,
I have liv’d o’er my lives without number,
I have sounded all things with my sight;
And I struggle and shriek ere the daybreak, being driven to madness with fright.

Sci-Fi Short Film “Hyperlight"




Two elite astronauts wake up in the abyss of space; they return to their stranded ship and discover the surprising reason behind their mission's catastrophic failure.

Sci-Fi Short Film: "The Looking Planet"




During the construction of the universe, a young spacetime engineer dreams of doing something more than his menial job of planetary ring construction, so he sets out on his own, breaking some fundamental laws in the name of self-expression -- and discovering there is more going on behind the scenes of this new universe than anyone imagined.

Freaks Were Outcast to Academy Filled with Murders and Witchcrafts |Wednesday Season 1


Wednesday, TV Series, Season 1, 2022. Follows Wednesday Addams' years as a student, when she attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a killing spree, and solve the mystery that embroiled her parents.

Epic Superhero Moments Throughout History | 1920 Universe |


@Jamesalec63 -- Superman meets Chaplin picture was pure fantasy of a moment, which was very cleverly done and to everyone, Charlie Chaplin will always be a film hero of comedy he stands alongside every movie star who were hero's of the silver screen in comedies and films of adventure and westerns and some were made about real life hero's dating to the first world war and second. It is fantastic that someone has taken weeks or months or longer to make these moving pictures, and the art is magical as if it actually is really true photos and believable.

I would hope to say if it's possible to do what about doing a future project based on Star Trek and possibly the idea from Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon and Dan Dare with DC Comics Legion of Superhero's and Tommy Tomorrow, Power Rangers? Or Zoror and Lone Ranger set at the beginning of 20th century or in the beginning of first world war and Charlie's Angels set in the 1920s?

Top 14 Female Barbarian Movies from the 80’s That Created a New Genre of Sword and Sorcery!


@Majere613 -- Red Sonja is one of my Favorite 'bad' movies. It's probably Brigitte Nielsen's best film (admittedly a low bar) and it's chock-full of quotable lines and crazy moments. Watch out for the wizard who gets caught out having his scrying mirror set to the porn channel. The final battle scene in a chamber lit by over a thousand real candles that had to be constantly re-lit and nearly burned the set down is a real highlight, with Nielsen and Sandal Bergmann doing a great job of looking like they really, really want to kill each other.

War Goddess is notable largely because the actresses who played Antiope and her rival for the Amazon throne, who engage in the oiled-up fight scene, reportedly hated each other's guts... and were both living with the director when the movie was being filmed.

Swords, Sorcery & Sex: 1980s ANIMATED FANTASY MOVIES


| Underrated Wizards & Warrior Animated Films


Animated Fantasy Movies were popular in the 80s. The early 1980s Brought us Swords and Sorcery of D&D and some Science FANTASY, along with a lot of sexuality. Animated Wizards and Warrior movies with swords, sorcerers, and sex dominated the movie theaters for a short time in the 1980s. They were underrated and completely unapologetic in terms of violence and sexuality.

8 Most Disturbing Pregnancies in The DC Universe That Shook the Fans - Explored


The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Full Episode


| New Episodes Every Sunday on AMC and AMC+


Daryl Dixon's arrival to France sets off a violent chain of events that inadvertently puts a young boy at the heart of a growing religious movement in danger. Daryl agrees to help shepherd the boy to safety in exchange for help returning to America.


Wolverine's CLAWS: Every Type Explained! (Deadpool 3 Update)


X-Men: Logan's Adamantium claws come in many different versions, from its original bony form, to golden Adamantine.

Deleted Scenes FINALLY Reveal Elizabeth Shaw's HORRIBLE Death


For several years after the release of "Prometheus," it was widely assumed that Shaw would return, and the sequel would focus on the Engineer's Paradise planet, where David and Shaw were headed. However, at some point, Ridley Scott or the studio chose to move away from the "Prometheus" narrative entirely, ultimately deciding to eliminate Dr. Shaw and the beings on the Engineer planet.


The biggest disappointment with Covenant is the absence of Shaw. It is clear that in the behind the scenes of Prometheus, Ridley wanted these movies to focus on David and Shaw. But the sequel came out too many years later. I imagine that, in that time, either Ridley, but more likely the studio, lost interest in Shaw's character.

Covenant has many interesting concepts, but its pacing is too fast, and its new characters are underdeveloped (unless you see the supplementary, extra videos, which shouldn't complete the movie). Prometheus isn't a masterpiece, but it grew on me with multiple viewings. Covenant isn't in the same league. - @segatasanchiro6334 (YouTube Commentor)



Human Xenomorph Queen Origin - First Human & Xenomorph Fusion Creates A Monstrous Variant Of Queen


New Deleted Scene Reveals What David Did To Shaw and Will Do To Daniels


As some of you probably know, Alien Covenant was released on iTunes and other digital stores. So, we actually got a few deleted scenes that clarify many questions that were left after Prometheus and covenant. Many of these scenes were actually from Alien Covenant novel, which I covered in another video. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get even more additional material after the blue ray release.


But now let’s talk about the deleted scene that explains the death of Elizabeth. In that sequence, David explains what exactly he did to Elizabeth Shaw and why David killed her he also explains his further plans and what he intends to do with Daniels. The camera shows his lab, embryos figures, the table with different instruments and sketches then he voice-overs explaining his motives for experimenting on Shaw, and what happened between them, he also gives more details about how the black goo works and interacts with living cells. David’s monologue is actually a report to Weyland -Yutani and he was sketching all these things to show step by step procedures of what he did with the black goo and different hosts.


So let’so go over what happened between David and Shaw. As he explains in the voice over, he traveled through space with the help of Elizabeth Shaw and found a rotting paradise. By the help of Elizabeth he clearly implies the fact that she put him back together and maybe in some why he still has gratitude to Elizabeth despite the things that he did to her.


Then David continues that says that he watched the planet bleed as a gift to Shaw and wanted to build a second Eaden but she refused. Probably Shaw was pretty angry on Engineers because of the way they treated humans in Prometheus and David thought that bombing the Paradise planet with the black goo would be a fair because Engineers were intended to do the same thing to Earth. Then David says that he wanted to build a second garden of Eaden, but Shaw refused. That implies that David destroyed engineers to please Elizabeth because he probably thought that she hates engineers after what one of them did to the Prometheus crew.

But It’s really confusing what the paradise garden means for a mad android and since populating the planet with vicious monsters is the exact opposite of the paradise. Most likely after the pathogen bombing, David wanted to experiment with the black goo and whatever was left from Engineers, but Shaw was against it probably there was some sort of conflict between them and maybe David even told her that he infected her boyfriend. We don’t know exactly what happened between them but as David said she refused to build a new Paradise with him.


It is shown how David removes her chest bones and the rib cage then he says he tried so desperately to make her something more than human, evolved. Without her cooperation, I had to salvage her parts to begin work on my masterpiece. That basically means that David used her reproductive organs to produce either human or engineer embryos or maybe other organic substance. That basically confirms what fan theories about the fate of Elizabeth.


David continues his monologue that says that “You wouldn’t believe the secrets I’ve unlocked” and there is a shot of him cutting out some part of Shaw’s organs and it appears to be her egg, it’s looked pretty gross.


David also says that while experimenting on Elizabeth Shaw he discovered that there is something extraordinary about the substance reaction to the human genom. Then we see the ending scene of Alien Covenant with alien emryos, David says that he has only one thing left to perfect and the camera cut to Daniels in her cryo-sleep chamber and He says the Queen, make no mistake this is going to change everything..

It’s not clear if he wanted to make Elizabeth the Queen, maybe she was like a test version and many things did not work out. Maybe he did not originally want to create the queen but now he thinks that it would be another step closer to perfection.

I really don’t like the way they dealt with Elizabeth, she was a really good he and it would be nice to see more of her but at least we now know exactly what happened to her and why David did that.



Every Cancelled Alien Movie That Was Extremely Good but They Never Came Out of Production Hell!


Every Cancelled Alien Movie explored.

Alien Romulus Is ACTUALLY Happening.. Here’s What We Know


Welcome back to Hero Spotlight. Today on the channel we're going to be talking about Alien Romulus Is ACTUALLY Happening.. Here’s What We Know if you're excited to learn more about this then make sure you watch the whole way through because you don't want to miss the details, we have for you!