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BREAKING: Secretary Lloyd Austin ADMITS likelihood of shooting warfare between U.S. service members and Gaza forces soon 👇


The statement "if everything is racist, then nothing is racist" holds true.


The cultish behavior of her supporters is deeply concerning.

Her appointment was influenced more by considerations of race than merit. Her loss of position was solely based on merit. It's a disgrace.

CDC: U.S. Birth Rate at Record Low

After Pandemic Boost

  Fertility rates in the United States hit a record low in 2023,

according to provisional data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday.

Total births last year fell two percent from 2022 to 3.59 million, “a level not seen since 1979, when about 3.4 million U.S. babies were born,” TIME reported. Brady Hamilton, a U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) demographer and lead author of the report, told the publication the rate of U.S. women of childbearing age having babies is the lowest since the CDC began tracking.

The decrease is ultimately a return to the two-decades-long trend of Americans having fewer children after a temporary boost during the coronavirus pandemic.

The birth rate for women between the ages of 15 to 44 was 54.4 births per 1,000, which is down from the previous low of 56 births per 1,000 in 2020 and down three percent from 2022.

“The data, based on more than 99 percent of birth certificates issued that year, is broadly in line with a general annual decline of roughly 1-2 percent over the last decade, a steady drop punctuated only by a steep plunge of 4 percent at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic followed by a modest, expectation-defying pandemic ‘baby bump,” ‘Forbes reported.

Researchers found that teen births also hit a record low in 2023, with 13.2 births for every 1,000 teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19. The decline was three percent from 2022, which is less than the average seven percent decline from 2007 to 2022.

The data revealed that cesarean deliveries make up nearly a third of all deliveries at 32.4 percent and increased for the fourth year in a row. The rate of cesarean deliveries is at its highest since 2012.

Researchers said the U.S. fertility rate in 2023 remained below replacement, which is “the level at which a given generation can exactly replace itself.” Demographers wrote that the current rate needed for replacement is 2,100 births per 1,000 women.

“The rate has generally been below replacement since 1971 and consistently below replacement since 2007,” the report states.

Supreme Court Poised to Agree with Trump: Former Presidents Are Immune from Some Prosecutions


“Presidents have to make a lot of tough decisions about enforcing the law, and they have to make decisions about questions that are unsettled, and they have to make decisions based on the information that’s available,” he said. “Do you really, did I understand you to say, well, you know, if he makes a mistake, he makes a mistake; he’s subject to the criminal laws just like anybody else?”

Dreeben pushed back, arguing a president “has access to legal advice about everything that he does.”

“Making a mistake is not what lands you in a criminal prosecution,” Dreeben insisted.

Alito was dubious of Dreeben’s claim that a president enjoys a level of protection because federal grand juries would not indict without evidence. Alito cited the “old saw about indicting a ham sandwich,” continuing to ask, “You come across a lot of cases where the U.S. attorney or another federal prosecutor really wanted to indict a case and the grand jury refused to do so?”

Dreeben acknowledged that, after which Alito quipped, “Every once in a while, there’s an eclipse too,” to laughter.

The arguments, while positive for Trump, did not reveal the Court would universally agree with his position. There is no indication that a majority of justices would agree some kind of immunity exists that would summarily end the current prosecution.

But if there is some type of standard to determine immunity, the usual practice would be to strike the lower court’s opinion and send it back down to the lower court with the test – a remand that undoubtedly would be a victory for Trump’s legal team.

Biden Campaign Tries to Spark Another

Donald Trump Hoax by Manipulating

Charlottesville ‘Little Peanut’ Quote


The Biden campaign is again working to contrive a false narrative about former President Donald Trump by twisting his post-court remarks.

After Trump’s Day of court in the Manhattan business records trial concluded, he spoke to reporters. Trump said the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia, riot, which he has strongly condemned, “was a little peanut” compared to the widespread antisemitic protests taking place on college campuses across the country and slammed President Joe Biden for having an “absolutely horrible message” on the matter.

In Trump’s full quote, he says:

And, very importantly — as you look at the various colleges all over the country and beyond colleges because it’s happening in other areas, too — you see what’s happening on the front having to do with Palestine and Israel and protests and hate, anger. Biden is sending an absolutely horrible message — horrible, horrible message. He has no idea how to message. He can’t speak; he can’t put two sentences together. He doesn’t know what to do. This is not our president. This is somebody that shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing because he can’t do it — he can’t do it well. We’re having protests all over. He was talking about Charlottesville; Charlottesville was a little peanut and it was nothing compared — and the hate wasn’t the kind of hate that you have here. This is tremendous hate, and we have a man that can’t talk about it because he doesn’t understand it. He doesn’t understand what’s going on with our country.

The @BidenHQ X account quickly spliced the video into an eight-second clip that omitted the quote’s larger context, writing in its caption, “Trump says neo-Nazis and KKK members marching in Charlottesville chanting, ‘Jews will not replace us’ was ‘a little peanut’: ‘It was nothing.'”

The disingenuous caption fails to note that Trump was comparing Charlottesville to the outbreak of antisemitism at many American universities, as the video itself starts only after Trump had already established that was the context in which he was speaking.

The Biden campaign’s manipulation efforts mirror that of the “Bloodbath” hoax in March. At a Buckeye Values PAC rally for Ohio Republican Senate nominee Bernie Moreno, Trump forecasted a financial “bloodbath” in the U.S. auto industry if he was not elected. The Biden campaign disingenuously edited that video to omit the auto industry context.

“Crooked Joe Biden and his campaign are engaging in deceptively out-of-context editing,” Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said at the time.

In other words, the document concludes, DOJ was leaning on Nauta’s attorney to “‘play ball or you have no chance of becoming a judge.’”


“Mr. Bratt followed up with words to the effect of ‘I wouldn’t want to do anything to mess that up,” it goes on.

“Upon Mr. Woodward’s arrival at Main Justice, he was led to a conference room where Mr. Bratt awaited with what appeared to be a folder containing information about Mr. Woodward,” the document reads. “Mr. Bratt thereupon told Mr. Woodward he didn’t consider him to be a ‘Trump lawyer,’ and he further said that he was aware that Mr. Woodward had been recommended to President Biden for an appointment to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.”

Biden’s ICE Sued for Withholding Information on Hiding Identities of Criminal Illegal Aliens.

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The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is suing President Joe Biden’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for withholding internal agency information regarding its policy to hide the identities of criminal illegal aliens that agents arrest.

On Thursday, IRLI’s Dale Wilcox announced that the watchdog group is suing ICE after the agency failed to reply to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

That request asked ICE to hand over internal information and emails on how the agency decides when to reveal a criminal illegal alien’s identity in press releases.

IRLI conducted an investigation last year which found that under former President Donald Trump, ICE named 97 percent of criminal illegal aliens identified in press releases while under Biden, only 67 percent of criminal illegal aliens are being named in press releases.

“ICE’s sudden decision to omit the names of alien offenders from press releases appears to be a deliberate attempt to keep the public from determining whether dangerous foreign criminals have been removed from the United States,” IRLI’s Director of Investigations Matt O’Brien said in a statement. “That’s rather hypocritical coming from an administration that claims to be the most transparent in the history of the U.S.”

Most recently, for example, ICE issued a press release that detailed the arrest of an unidentified 27-year-old illegal alien from Ecuador who has been convicted of second-degree assault and indecent assault of a child in Danbury, Connecticut.

In another, ICE detailed the case of a 32-year-old Dominican illegal alien who was convicted in Waterbury, Connecticut of trafficking cocaine. Despite the conviction, the illegal alien’s identity was not revealed.

Even in the most egregious criminal cases, ICE refuses to name illegal alien suspects. For instance, a 20-year-old Brazilian national was arrested by the agency this month after he was charged with raping a child in Milford, Massachusetts. The man’s name was not provided.

“This is yet another shameless attempt by the current administration to hide the disastrous impact of its immigration policies,” Wilcox said:

Not including the names of criminal immigration violators is effectively flushing their cases down the memory hole so that watchdog groups will have a more difficult time holding this White House accountable for their destructive actions. The American people deserve transparency on this matter. [Emphasis added]

The case is Immigration Reform Law Institute v. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, No. 24-cv-1101 in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Here's how the FBI and CDC are Tracking the UNVACCINATED

| Facts Matter


These actions violate HIPAA laws. No one has the authority to inquire about medical history without your consent! Any involvement in such unconstitutional conduct is betraying the principles of our nation.

Being flagged by the FBI for being unvaccinated might actually enhance your prospects for employment in Red States. I admire teachers who resist medical coercion.

Campus demonstrations growing around the U.S. in support of Palestine.

Police all across the country have arrested some 500 protestors, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.


We've witnessed significant gatherings on college campuses, including Chicago. Unlike the chaos seen elsewhere, things remained peaceful here today. Around 150 University of Chicago students protested, demanding the university sever financial ties with Israel. Meanwhile, Northwestern students maintained their encampment overnight, despite the university banning tents. Additionally, Columbia College, Roosevelt University, and the School of the Art Institute held a downtown walkout. Students and professors in Chicago explained their expectations from the university, emphasizing transparency in financial investments and divestment from controversial entities. The university, however, has a history of reluctance in such matters, as seen in its failure to divest from South Africa during apartheid and from the genocide in Darfur. 

In response, a university spokesperson emphasized support for free expression and protester rights, yet did not...

The farm bill faces a $30 billion

cut in nutrition programs.




Capitol Hill’s much-anticipated farm bill faces delays and controversy as lawmakers clash over significant cuts to nutrition programs, leaving farmers and vulnerable populations in limbo.


Key Points:

House Republicans cut $30 billion from nutrition programs in farm bill.
Updated bill delayed by one year due to partisan disagreement.
Focus on farmer safety net amidst inflation concern.


Potential Implications:

Nutrition program cuts could impact vulnerable families and food banks.
Farmers may face heightened financial risks without adequate safety net measures.
Updates like the Farm to Fly Act aim to address environmental concerns and fuel costs.


You're an idiot --Does anyone else find it disgusting that they’re cutting $30B but shred on a foreign aid package worth much more than that? Republicans and Democrats both!

Linda Neff -- People will starve, and they will attack politicians and their families Americans should block politicians from eating at their restaurants.

REVEALED: Former Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Senior Policy Advisor Charged

with Child Sex Offenses


 A senior policy advisor in former president Barack Obama’s administration is facing potential jail time for crimes involving children. 


The Daily Mail reported Sunday that 46-year-old Rahamim Shy was arrested by British police in Bedfordshire in late February. Court documents obtained by the Mail reveal Shy is accused of arranging the commission of a child sex offense. 

Shy has also been charged with possession of two category C indecent images of children and possessing a prohibited image of a child. 


The Mail reports he appeared at Luton Crown Court via video on Friday wearing a grey prison-issue tracksuit.

Shy is an American citizen who lives in New Jersey. He worked for the White House under Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. While working in the White House, Shy was responsible for directing the US government’s strategy to combat Islamist terrorists such as Al Qaeda and the Taliban. 

Shy specifically worked in a senior role at the US Treasury Department from 2008 to 2014, advising officials on countering the financing of terrorism and assisting foreign governments to impose sanctions on hostile regimes. This probably explains why he was brought into contact with Clinton since the State Department imposes sanctions on foreign powers.

He also provided strategic policy analysis to chiefs of staff at the Department of Defense (DOD)according to to the Mail.

As part of his work with the DOD, he went to Afghanistan to provide “expertise” to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), a NATO-led group responsible for maintaining stability following America’s invasion more than two decades ago.

After leaving the White House, Shy went to work for Citi Bank, where he held a variety of top executive positions according to his Linkedin page. A spokesman at the bank told the Daily Mail that Shy is no longer employed there.

Like a typical woke leftist, Shy’s pronouns are proudly displayed in his LinkedIn bio.

The Mail reveals Shy has not entered a plea at this time and is currently in police custody ahead of hearing in June. He is scheduled to go on trial in August.

Town's First Black Female Judge REMOVED For "Systemic Incompetence.” Claims Systemic Racism.


@EMYoutube1225 -- Black female attorney here. My professional opinion is that she needs to be removed from the bench immediately and disbarred.

@kimberlypride4046 -- My mother was one of the first females to be admitted to the bar in Mississippi in 1964. She took her appointment very seriously. She had worked in law offices from the time she graduated high school and went to law school at night to earn her law degree. She passed the bar exam the first time. This woman is a SHAME and a DISGRACE to Georgia’s legal system, just like Fanni Willis. What are they doing in Georgia?

@VroomBox42 -- She is not incompetent; she is corrupt & belongs in prison.

@jeanwissinger6013 -- I don't care what color you are, if you're incompetent you shouldn't have gotten the job in the first place. Thanks so much Affirmative Action.

TBT: The Vietnam war started with "Advisors."


US Poised to Send 60 Additional 'Military Advisers' To Ukraine


The US is considering increasing its small military presence in Ukraine by sending up to 60 additional military advisers, POLITICO reported on Saturday, the same day the House approved $61 billion in spending for the proxy war.

Four unnamed US officials told POLITICO that the additional troops would "support logistics and oversight efforts for the weapons the US is sending Ukraine."

Mandatory Queer Indoctrination

at School Causes Huge Uproar


In many American schools, administrators influenced by extreme-left ideologies from academia often impose their views on students, regardless of parental wishes. Recently, a plan for "gay pride" indoctrination in an Osseo, Minnesota school faced resistance, as reported by Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel.

The dispute arose when the school mandated a "gay pride" class for all students, with teachers required to follow prepared scripts, regardless of personal beliefs. The curriculum was difficult for parents to review or opt their children out of, with stringent requirements for accessing materials.

The push for this agenda came from four radical school board members, according to Liberty Counsel. Teachers were not permitted to opt out of teaching the lesson, and parents faced obstacles in reviewing materials or opting out.

The curriculum encouraged students to question their sexuality and adopt fake pronouns, with assignments labeled incorrect if they didn't embrace the ideology.

After Liberty Counsel intervened, the district relented, allowing over 1,000 students to opt out of the indoctrination classes at one school and over 400 at another. 

So many parents opted out that schools had to open additional spaces to accommodate those refusing indoctrination. Additionally, at least 500 children did not attend school on the day of the instruction.



Dying City Military Gun Detectors Placed in NYC


It looks like body scanners that detect weapons will soon be tested in NYC. Will this pilot program work to keep New York safe, or is this just another idea that lacks the muscle to stop crime for good?

Nearly 700 Migrants from China Apprehended for Illegally Crossing California Border

— in Just One Week


 Breitbart News reports:

A CBP source, not authorized to speak to the media, told Breitbart Texas the number of Chinese migrants apprehended represents a more than threefold increase from the same time last year. The source told Breitbart that China is now within the top ten nationalities encountered by the Border Patrol along the southern border. The bulk of the Chinese nationals are released into the United States almost immediately the source says as China adamantly refuses to take their citizens back.

“We have only conducted one repatriation flight back to China recently,” the source lamented. “Until that changes, unless we have specific derogatory information about an individual, we are releasing. There’s just no other option.”

The agency remains baffled by the continued increase in Chinese migrant arrivals. Twice as many PRC nationals entered Southern California during the third week of April than the entire 2021 fiscal year when a total of 342 PRC nationals were encountered by the Border Patrol along the entire Southwest border. 

According to the source, intelligence debriefings yield little information about the migrants and their purpose for entering. The language barrier and the sheer volume of crossings and apprehensions is a major challenge according to the source.

Hillary made the show about herself. Of course, she talked about herself as she spoke to the media on opening day.


"Hillary Clinton premiered 'Suffs' on Broadway and celebrated its opening in New York last week.

"Suffs" delves into the story of the suffragists in the early 1900s who battled for women's right to vote.

"In 1913, amidst the fervor of the women's movement in America, the suffragists — affectionately dubbed 'Suffs' — spearheaded the relentless crusade for suffrage. Crossing barriers of age, race, and class, these remarkable, flawed women both entertain and inspire us with their narrative of hard-won victory in an ongoing struggle. Despite the immense changes since the adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment more than a century ago, there's a poignant reminder that sometimes,

to courageously march into the future, we must first glance back," reads the show's description.

With the rather "colorful" history we all know Hillary to have, one has to wonder just how future women will see her when they look back on Clinton moments.

Trump GETS MISTRIAL AND PRESIDENCY 2024 When Michael Avenatti Testifies Against Cohen and Daniels


Blocked by the State

© Source: via Forbes Breaking News


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has signed a law reactivating a committee that can monitor local prosecutors like Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

The Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission was initially established last year but blocked by the state Supreme Court.

Are you a conservative, a libertarian, a Christian or a gun owner?  Are you opposed to abortion, globalism, Communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations or the New World Order?  Do you believe in conspiracy theories, do you believe that we are living in the “end times”?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are a “potential terrorist” according to official U.S. government documents.

At one time, the term “terrorist” was used very narrowly. The official definition of terrorism is “The use, or threat, of force with the intention of achieving a political goal.” That makes it pretty clear what sort of people are covered, and for decades it worked well.  The government applied the label “terrorist” to people like Osama bin Laden and other Islamic jihadists.  But the Obama administration removed all references to Islam from terror training materials, and instead the term “terrorist” was applied to large groups of American citizens.

We were lied to on so many levels it’s ridiculous.


Dr. Scott Atlas on Why We Were Forced to Jab & Mask | Real Talk


In 2020, Dr. Scott Atlas was an advisor to the president and a member of the White House COVID-19 Task Force. He was shocked to see how powerful figures in Washington, including Dr. Fauci, were incentivized to politicize and monetize the response to the pandemic. In this candid conversation with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit, Dr. Atlas reveals that many Americans may have died because of censorship, dishonesty, and the demonization of medical dissent. Will Americans allow this to happen again?



@niteshimmeror9847 -- I was hospitalized with pneumonia during this time. I was treated horribly by my appointed Dr and most of the staff because I refused to be jabbed. The militant way they made sure that I kept my mask on when I could barely breath from the illness was borderline cruel. Thank you, for sharing this information. Most of us realized what you are saying now, to be truth then.


@Dystopian2020 -- My biggest frustration is with the people who knew this was wrong and did nothing! I quit healthcare, lost friends, pulled my children out of school. I fought every entity that mandated the shit and masks, at all costs. No regrets. I will never work in healthcare again.

@camcam2457 -- Thankfully Ron Desantis was here in FL. He stood up for us and pushed for choice, not mandates. He worked hard to protect us and protect our individual rights.

The US government shattered

its own quarterly debt record.


by James Hickman via Schiff Sovereign


It’s barely six months into the US government’s ‘fiscal year’ (which started on October 1, 2023) and the federal budget deficit is already $1.1 trillion.

This number is utterly astonishing.

Of course, anyone paying attention to the rapidly dwindling US financial condition knows that the national debt is now hovering around $35 trillion.

That’s up $2 trillion in the last year alone, and up nearly $20 trillion over the last decade.

More importantly, the Congressional Budget Office has projected that the US national debt will increase by another $20 trillion over the next decade.

Those numbers are obviously bad. Horrendous, really.

But what’s even worse is how much NEW debt the government actually needs to sell each year just to repay its OLD debt.


Remember, whenever the government borrows money, they issue bonds in various denominations; these bonds can be as short as 28 days, all the way up to 30 years.

Whenever these bonds mature, the Treasury Department is obviously supposed to pay them back in full. Of course the federal government doesn’t actually have money to repay its debts. So, instead they issue new debt to pay back the old debt.

And the amount of money they have to raise just to repay old debts is staggering.

Last year alone the Treasury Department had to raise nearly $20 trillion to repay maturing bonds. Plus, they borrowed an additional $2.4 trillion in brand new debt on top of the $20 trillion.



One wonders how such a Palestinian state can possibly exist, when its potential members are being assassinated and starved to death daily, 24/7.


 UN Security Council to Hold Contentious Vote on Palestinian Statehood

Friday will witness another Gaza-related showdown in a very divided United Nations Security Council, as council member Algeria has prepared a draft resolution for the body recognize a Palestinian state.

It would require nine votes and no vetoes on the part of the US, Britain, France, Russia or China in order to pass - which means it won't happen, given the US as a close ally of Israel is expected to surely block it. The plan ultimately seeks to bestow on Palestine full UN membership status.

Looking ahead to the vote, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said Wednesday: "We do not see that doing a resolution in the Security Council will necessarily get us to a place where we can find ... a two-state solution moving forward."

The US position has long been that a Palestinian state must be born out direct negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians, and not accomplished superficially within an external forum like the UN.

Israel has clearly rejected that it will allow for a Palestinian state so long as Hamas still exists, and PM Netanyahu has even linked the more secular-leaning Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to 'terrorism'. He has also rejected a prior US call to allow the PA to take over and administer the Gaza Strip. The reality is that the current Gaza war makes the prospect of achieving a Palestinian state more distant than ever.

Tucker Carlson: Congress Is Lying To You About FISA


Authored by Tucker Carlson via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours)

The U.S. House is expected to vote Friday on a two-year extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, commonly known as FISA. This transcript has been edited for length and reprinted with permission from Tucker Carlson.

A few years ago, we learned conclusively that, in fact, the FBI and the federal intel agencies—the dozen or more federal intel agencies we have, for some reason—had been working secretly against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The Justice Department building on a foggy morning in Washington, on Dec. 9, 2019. 

Trump had whispered about this, then shouted about it, was roundly denounced as a conspiracy nut, a lunatic. But in the end, he was vindicated. It was true.

These agencies spied on Trump, and they leaked some of what they learned to the media, which used it against Trump. Then these agencies concocted false stories about Trump. They tried to crush Trump completely in 2016 and then for the entire course of his presidency. Then they did the same thing in 2020 during the presidential election.

And they’re doing it still. They’re trying to put him in prison for the rest of his life. So, if we take three steps back, what you have here is what we’re seeing now.

For the third time in three consecutive cycles, secretive federal agencies are trying to rig our presidential election. This is what the Democrats refer to as democracy, and they’re trying to defend it. But of course, it’s the opposite of democracy. It’s, in fact, the end of democracy in any semblance of a constitutional republic we ever had.

If you have a secret police force threatening people, spying on them, and working secretly the levers of political power, then you don’t have a democracy. You have no control over really anything as a voter.

So, if there’s one thing the Republican Party, the opposition party, should be doing in response to this, right now, it’s fighting back against this descent into totalitarianism. They should be working to return freedom and democracy to the country. They should defend the Constitution. They should rein in these agencies, Washington secret police.

IT HAPPENED! James Comer

EXPOSED The Whole DAMN Thing


Accusations of this magnitude demand our utmost attention. Within the corridors of power, darkness shrouds the truth as echoes of deception reverberate, exposing a meticulously woven web of lies designed to shield Biden's concealed agenda.

The impetus behind our pursuit of this information stemmed from whistleblowers who approached Senator Grassley, expressing grave concerns about the existence of Form 1023, an issue the FBI had seemingly neglected to investigate. Despite initial denials from the FBI, we persisted, driven by the weight of betrayal that hung in the air. As Comer's revelations cut through the deception, they unveil a troubling narrative of power and manipulation.

Senator Grassley meticulously reviewed a confidential whistleblower document, which shockingly alleges financial exchanges for policy decisions during Joe Biden's tenure as Vice President.

This document, concealed within the depths of secrecy, holds the potential to unlock a Pandora's box of secrets, capable of shaking the very bedrock of trust and integrity upon which our institutions stand.

The gravity of these allegations demands nothing short of a thorough and transparent investigation.

OJ Simpson's Darkest Secret


I found the initial moments of this video to be exceptionally captivating. From the outset, it managed to pique my interest and hold my attention effectively. If your tastes align with mine, you may also discover that the entirety of the presentation offers valuable insights or engaging content that makes it a worthwhile investment of your time. So, if you're considering whether to watch it, I would certainly recommend giving it a chance based on the promising start it provides.

'It bothers me!' Pennsylvania man finds 'mystery note' inside box of cereal.


This is news from Jan 4th, 2024. It had only just reached me today. So, has anyone else gotten one of these inside their cereal boxes?

Luzerne County, PA (NBC) — A family in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, is raising questions and concerns after discovering a cryptic note inside a sealed box of cereal. This isn't the first time such a "mystery note" has surfaced inside sealed food items.

"I opened up the box, took out the bag, and poured it into my bowl when out came this paper all folded up," said Joe Miller of Sugarloaf Township, recounting his discovery.

Miller purchased the box of Lucky Charms Smores cereal at a local grocery store on New Year’s Eve and opened it the next day. "I was devastated. I mean, I didn't even want to eat the cereal, although I still have the box here. I’m probably not going to eat it. I don't know what's inside the cereal or if this note was laced with anything."

The store's name and the note's contents remain undisclosed, but reports suggest the note contains a mix of words, current events references, and conspiracy theories.


Miller's primary concern is how a note found its way into a sealed food product. "It just bothers me; it's the note that really bothers me. These notes are found inside food, kids’ food."

Similar notes have reportedly surfaced in other sealed food items across the Wilkes-Barre region. Pennsylvania Congressman Matt Cartwright is investigating the matter.

For more information or to report concerns about food products, individuals can visit the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's website for consumer complaints.

Poland just did the UN-THINKABLE to Ukraine, Blackrock and Vanguard are FURIOUS

| Redacted News


Something remarkable is unfolding in Poland that demands our attention. Despite the mainstream media's silence on the matter, Polish farmers are currently in revolt against Ukraine. This morning, they began blocking the Ukrainian border at multiple entry points along the eastern border. But that's just one aspect of the story; it goes much deeper. Joining me now is Dr. Mike Kupa from Warsaw, Poland. Dr. Kupa hosts Vodom TV and is recognized as one of Poland's most insightful individuals.

Today, the Polish farmers, primarily from the southeastern region, particularly the subcarpathian area, have announced their protest by blocking all border entries into Ukraine. 

They've clarified that they won't disrupt essential transportation or regular travelers but intend to create significant blockades at all border points between Poland and Ukraine.

Kennedy family members endorse President Biden in a rejection of RFK Jr.



WASHINGTON ― Members of the Kennedy family, one of the most iconic names in Democratic politics, formally endorsed President Joe Biden's reelection bid Thursday in a firm rejection of their relative Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running for president as an independent.

The endorsement, which the Kennedy family made official at a Biden campaign rally in Philadelphia, is not a surprise. Several Kennedys had already made their support for Biden known, including by appearing with the president during a St. Patrick's Day celebration at the White House last month.

Yet the showing from the families of President John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., including six of his siblings, is an important display for Biden as his allies' work to keep third-party candidates from siphoning off voters from their coalition.

Even before Thursday's endorsement, several Kennedy family members publicly opposed Robert F. Kennedy's candidacy.

"Bobby might share the same name as our father, but he does not share the same values, vision or judgment," Kerry Kennedy and three other siblings − Joseph Kennedy II, Rory Kennedy and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend − wrote in a statement after their brother announced his bid last October. "We denounce his candidacy and believe it to be perilous for our country."


"Are you okay with people burning the American flag?"


Rep. Katie Porter: *silence*

"Are you okay with people chanting death to America?"

Rep. Katie Porter: *silence*


Breakdown: Foreign Aid Bills Would Send $95 Billion to Ukraine, Israel, Indo-Pacific.

The bills in the House’s foreign aid package, which will be up for a vote Saturday, would appropriate a combined $95 billion for Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific, with a lion’s share of $60.84 billion for Ukraine.

👀click to read👀

House Republicans on the Appropriations Committee released a memo Wednesday outlining the funding breakdown for the three bills in the package, which President Joe Biden quickly endorsed. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is combining the three bills into a single rule, which would unlock votes on all three bills if the rule passes on Saturday.


The Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, which is 49 pages, has the highest price tag, at nearly $61 billion, “to address the conflict in Ukraine and assist our regional partners as they counter Russia,” the appropriations document states.

The figure includes:

• $23.2 billion to replenish defense articles and defense services provided to Ukraine.
• $11.3 billion for current U.S. military operations in the region.
• $13.8 billion for the procurement of advanced weapons systems, defense articles, and defense services.
• $26 million to continue oversight and accountability of aid and equipment provided to

The document states that the bill “Mandates agreement on repayment for economic support by the government of Ukraine.” 


The 25-page Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act would allocate 26.38 billion “to support Israel in its effort to defend itself against Iran and its proxies, and to reimburse U.S. military operations in response to recent attacks,” according to the House GOP appropriation committee wrote.

The spending breakdown is as follows:

• $4 billion to replenish Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems.
• $1.2 billion for the Iron Beam defense system to counter short-range rockets and mortar
• $3.5 billion for the procurement of advanced weapons systems, defense articles, and
defense services through the Foreign Military Financing Program.
• $1 billion to enhance the production and development of artillery and critical munitions.
• $4.4 billion to replenish defense articles and defense services provided to Israel.
• $2.4 billion for current U.S. military operations in the region in response to recent

The bill also blocks the funds from going to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.


The third and final bill is the 15-page Indo-Pacific Security Supplemental Appropriations, which would commit 8.12 billion “to counter communist China,” including sending $2 billion to Taiwan.

Here is the breakdown:

• $3.3 billion to develop submarine infrastructure, including investments in dry dock
• $2 billion in Foreign Military Financing Program for Taiwan and other key allies and
security partners in the Indo-Pacific confronting Chinese aggression.
• $1.9 billion to replenish defense articles and defense services provided to Taiwan and
regional partners.
• $542 million to strengthen U.S. military capabilities in the region.
• $133 million to enhance the production and development of artillery and critical

It also makes military financing loans and loan guarantees more flexible, per the Appropriations Committee Republicans.

Biden’s endorsement of the “package” comes as Johnson’s aim at bundling the bills under one rule has caused growing dissatisfaction among his conference.

Moreover, some Republicans have criticized the package’s lack of border security legislation, and a growing number have publicly voiced opposition to Johnson’s rule, meaning he will need help from Democrats to pass it and unlock the votes.

Meanwhile, he faces a call to resign from Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), who cosponsored Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) motion to vacate against Johnson on Tuesday.


Breakdown: Foreign Aid Bills Would Send $95 Billion to Ukraine, Israel, Indo-Pacific - YourDestinationNow

Pelosi: Trump Is ‘Palsy-Walsy’ with Putin


Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that former President Donald Trump was “palsy-walsy” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Pelosi said, “What’s at stake is our democracy. I want to thank you for the attention that you have paid to Ukraine. It is all the things that are going, whether in a Manhattan courtroom or in Gaza and the rest, so important there. The attention to Ukraine has been diminished in my view in the press and our country. Nothing less is at stake than our democracy.”


She added, “It’s a tragedy that it has taken this long. I’m so glad, I won’t say glad, at long last, it has happened. The Ukrainians have been remarkable. The countries surrounding it have been taking in refugees, supplying humanitarian assistance and the rest. Those were members of NATO. They know they could be threatened should Putin prevail.


Those who are not members of NATO are scared. They made it clear to us that they have propaganda in their own country coming from Russia as well.”

Mitchell said, “I was saying to Chuck Todd a few moments ago that one of the things Donald Trump just said on Friday, I believe, was that no money should go for Ukraine until Europe does something. Europe did $54 billion when this legislation was sitting in the Senate and in the House. Europe did $54 billion. They don’t have the weapons, the air defenses and the ammunition that Zelensky and Ukraine need.”

Pelosi said, “That’s indicative of how irresponsible he has been on this because he is palsy-walsy with Putin for some reason. For him to say that shows his lack of knowledge, his lack of values and quite frankly, his lack of commitment to democracy.”

The DTCC is to start reporting Crypto.


Found this gem in the DTCC 2023 Annual Financial Statement.


As of next reporting period (Q1/May Release), the DTCC is to start reporting Crypto.

Controversial TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth, Notorious for Hollywood Exposs on Figures Like Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, and Diddy, Found Dead at 36


Kyle Marisa Roth, 36, a famous TikTok personality famed for her explosive celebrity gossip and Hollywood exposés, has been confirmed dead by her family.

Roth, who carved a niche for herself by sharing insider information, blind items, and uncovering scandals within the entertainment industry, was known for her fearless approach and had amassed a considerable following.

Her family announced her untimely demise on Monday with heartrending posts across various social media platforms.

“My daughter Kyle has passed away. She touched some of your lives personally and some of your lives via her immense life on another platform. Kyle loved and lived fiercely,” Jacquie Cohen Roth, Kyle’s mother, wrote on LinkedIn, hinting that more information regarding her death would be revealed in the coming days.

In an interview with NBC News, Roth said, “My message as her mother is TikTok, the toxicity, the mean spiritedness of what Kyle has faced, what so many people have faced and try to deal with because of that toxic space. I just want people to live their lives with the brightness of Kyle and her beautiful soul and spirit.”

Thousands of everyday snacks that face being BANNED in multiple states because their ingredients are linked to cancer - including Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Lucky Charms and Gatorade


Bills advancing in multiple states could see 'thousands' of America's favorite candies, snacks and sodas banned in their current form.

Last October California approved a historic 'Skittles ban' that outlawed four food additives linked to cancer and fertility issues.

Now, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois have advanced similar measures, targeting a total of 13 additives that are already banned in some European countries over alleged health risks.

New Jersey and Missouri are also considering the bans. If passed, they would force companies to change their recipes or face legal action.

Brett Kavanaugh's Questioning of January 6 Charges Sparks Fury



Justice Brett Kavanaugh's interrogation of obstruction charges against a January 6 defendant has stirred backlash on social media.

During Tuesday's Supreme Court session, arguments were presented regarding Joseph Fischer, a former Pennsylvania police officer indicted for his involvement in disrupting Congress' certification of Joe Biden's presidential win over Donald Trump.

Conservative justices on the court hinted at the potential to overturn many of the criminal charges against Capitol riot participants. A favorable ruling might also impact Trump's obstruction case, overseen by special counsel Jack Smith.

The conservative majority, comprising 6 of 9 justices, voiced reservations about prosecutors' use of the anti-obstruction provision from the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act in Fischer's case, initially designed in response to the Enron scandal.

Israeli army broadcasts intimidating sounds to lure, kill, and forcibly displace civilians

in the Nuseirat camp.


As part of its ongoing genocide, which started on 7 October 2023, the Israeli army is using new disturbing techniques to intimidate, lure, and target Palestinian civilians in the central Gaza Strip’s Nuseirat refugee camp.

Testimonies from camp residents, which were provided to the Euro-Med Monitor team, confirm that the sound of women screaming, and babies crying was heard late at night on both Sunday and Monday. When some of the residents went out to investigate and tried to help, they were shot at by Israeli quadcopter drones. The sounds they had heard were in fact recordings played by the Israeli drones, with the intent of forcing the camp’s residents out into the streets, where they could be easily targeted by snipers and other weaponry.

According to the testimonies, this tactic also involved broadcasting gunshots, armed conflicts, explosions, military vehicle movements, and occasionally songs in Hebrew and Arabic in order to psychologically intimidate civilians who live amid total darkness at night and total disconnection from the external world.

A 20-year-old camp resident, who requested anonymity due to safety concerns, reported to the Euro-MedMonitor team: “We were sitting at night when we heard voices of girls and women screaming: ‘Come, help me, I am injured!’ We went out to find out what was happening. No women were found, but we were directly targeted by a quadcopter drone.”

Iran SHOCKS the World by Exposing US and Isr@el's Hypocrisy at the UNSC Emergency Meeting.


I love how he told them they are hypocrites to their faces.

Top Cardiologist Raises Alarm over Turbo Cancer Spike in Vaxxed


World-renowned American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has issued a chilling warning about the soaring cases of “turbo cancers” being diagnosed among people who received Covid mRNA shots.

In a new video message, McCullough warns that the Covid injections are causing the “epidemic” of rapidly developing cancers.

“The COVID vaccines have at least three mechanisms by which they could start a cancer, or they could promote an existing cancer.”

He explains how the shots are destroying the immune systems of vaccine recipients and triggering deadly cancers to form.

Police Seize Unregistered Firearm From Deranged Trump Accuser


New York police have seized an unlicensed firearm from the home of E. Jean Carroll, the clearly mentally unwell woman who accused former President Donald Trump of assaulting her and sued him for defamation for defending himself in the media.

In 2022, New York passed a law that extended the statute of limitations for assault-related civil lawsuits beyond 20 years, giving New York residents a one-year window to file civil lawsuits against individuals who allegedly assaulted them. Carroll admitted during a previous interview that she helped New York Democrats pass the law to help her sue Trump. She was then able to conveniently file a civil lawsuit against the presumptive GOP presidential nominee just before the 2024 election, which came after Carroll repeatedly stated her intention to help President Joe Biden beat Trump.

Fox, CNN And Other Major TV Outlets Urge Biden, Trump To Commit To Debates


A dozen major news agencies, including Fox News and CNN, released a statement on Sunday urging the presumptive presidential nominees – President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump – to publicly commit to participating in pre-election debates.

“With the contours of the 2024 general election now coming into clear focus, we – the undersigned national news organizations – urge the presumptive presidential nominees to publicly commit to participating in general election debates before November’s election,” the news agencies said.

Indiana National Guard Member Shoots Illegal Immigrant Stabbing Others at Southern Border


An Indiana National Guard member reportedly shot an illegal immigrant who stabbed another unlawful immigrant at the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to an internal Border Patrol bulletin obtained by News Nation, a member of the Indiana National Guard discharged his weapon at an illegal alien, stabbing another illegal immigrant on U.S. soil near the edge of the Rio Grande River.

The National Guard’s Media Department  responded to the shooting by releasing a statement that reads, “The Indiana National Guard is aware of the incident that happened Sunday, April 14.”

“We support and care for our soldiers and airmen supporting Operation Lone Star.” added the National Guard.

SCOTUS Hearing That Could Wipe Out Jack Smiths Case Not Going Well For DOJ, Experts Say


The U.S. Supreme Court opened Tuesday’s hearing on obstruction charges against former President Donald Trump and others with deep skepticism, suggesting a line of consideration that is “not going well” for special counsel Jack Smith, according to experts.

Megyn Kelly, writing on X, covered opening statements regarding the charge of “obstructing an official proceeding” which Smith has charged against the former president and hundreds of J6 attendees.

“BIG- Supreme Court arg on whether ‘obstructing an official proceeding’ can form the basis for a crim charge vs J6 Ds (INCLUDING TRUMP – this is the heart of Smith’s J6 case vs him) is not going well for the govt. At all. (All 6 conservatives sound on side of the defense.),” she wrote, adding, “If they side with the defense here, it guts Jack Smith’s DC case against Trump. Huge huge import.”



On June 28th, Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, was a surprise witness in the January 6th committee hearings. Although heavily hyped as a “surprise witness” with startling “new information” much of what Cassidy said was both eagerly reported as “fact” by the mainstream media and just as quickly debunked by more objective news organizations.

I won’t recount here how quickly disproved Cassidy’s second-hand claim that President Trump, irate that his Secret Service detail would not take him to the Capitol, sought to grab the wheel of his Presidential Limousine and assaulted a Secret Service Agent. Even NBC News reported that Secret Service Officials are prepared to testify under oath that neither of these things happened.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney induced Hutchinson to say it was her “understanding” that “President Trump instructed White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to call Roger Stone and General Michael Flynn on the evening of January 5th” and that it was Hutchinson’s “understanding” that these calls were completed on the evening of January 5th.

Wisconsin Sex Offender Who Identifies as a Transgender Vampire Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Disabled Minor, Now Charged With Homicide


A Wisconsin registered sex offender who identifies as a “transgender vampire” has been convicted of sexually assaulting a mentally disabled girl — and charged with homicide for allegedly strangling a similarly disabled man.

Adam “Sabrina” Hetke, 35, was convicted last week of first-degree sexual assault by threatening the use of a dangerous weapon and second-degree assault of a mentally ill victim for an attack on a 16-year-old developmentally disabled girl.

Hetke was already a registered sex offender and was released from prison in November 2020

The Waukesha County Freeman reports, “According to the complaint in the case, Hetke met a 16-year-old girl with cognitive disabilities at a Waukesha gas station on July 6, 2021, went to her nearby home, and allegedly sexually assaulted her while keeping a knife nearby and threatening to use it before she jumped out of a bedroom window.”

JUST IN: Alvin Bragg Moves to Put Trump in Prison


Monday marked the first criminal trial of a former U.S. president, who is also a presumptive nominee for the next election. Just one day later, things are already off to a rocky start.

On Tuesday, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg filed a motion to hold former President Donald Trump in contempt of court, alleging that Trump violated the court’s gag order by making public comments about two key witnesses in his ongoing criminal trial. The action, filed in the New York Supreme Court, could lead to significant consequences, including imprisonment.

The court documents accuse Trump of intentionally defying a gag order that prohibited him from making public statements about Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels, both of whom are involved in the case. According to the motion, Trump’s comments on social media were a clear violation of the court’s directives.

“Defendant willfully violated this Court’s order by publishing several social media posts attacking two known witnesses—Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels. 

These attacks unquestionably violate the Court’s April 1 order,” Bragg stated in the motion. The document claimed that such actions by Trump could “threaten the integrity of the judicial proceedings” by potentially intimidating witnesses and adversely affecting the trial’s fairness.


Aussie Govt Orders Facebook and X To Remove Muslim Knife Attack Video


Parishioners and live stream audience members for the Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Sydney, Australia were enjoying a sermon by popular conservative Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel when a young male Muslim assailant entered the church and stabbed him repeatedly with a knife.  The live stream clip was immediately shared far and wide on social media with X and Facebook being the easiest sites to view the video.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is a leader of the Assyrian Orthodox sect who has a global following. He has expressed stalwart conservative views on Islam, the LGBT community, and was vocal in his sermons against lockdowns and vaccinations during COVID-19.  Four other members of the church were injured while subduing the attacker; the young man also reportedly cut off some of his own fingers during the struggle. 

The Australia government through their "E-Safety Commissioner" has voiced concerns over the spread of the clip and has "ordered" Facebook and X to remove it from public access within 24 hours on the grounds that it will "make people emotional" and "cause disharmony."  How much power Australia's E-Safety Commissioner actually has to follow through on her threats remains to be seen. 

Review: N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1): Friend or foe of cancer?


Due to the health emergency created by SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease, the rapid implementation of a new vaccine technology was necessary. mRNA vaccines, being one of the cutting-edge new technologies, attracted significant interest and offered a lot of hope. The potential of these vaccines in preventing admission to hospitals and serious illness in people with comorbidities has recently been called into question due to the vaccines' rapidly waning immunity. Mounting evidence indicates that these vaccines, like many others, do not generate sterilizing immunity, leaving people vulnerable to recurrent infections. Additionally, it has been discovered that the mRNA vaccines inhibit essential immunological pathways, thus impairing early interferon signaling. Within the framework of COVID-19 vaccination, this inhibition ensures an appropriate spike protein synthesis and a reduced immune activation. Evidence is provided that adding 100 % of N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ) to the mRNA vaccine in a melanoma model stimulated cancer growth and metastasis, while non-modified mRNA vaccines induced opposite results, thus suggesting that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines could aid cancer development. Based on this compelling evidence, we suggest that future clinical trials for cancers or infectious diseases should not use mRNA vaccines with a 100 % m1Ψ modification, but rather ones with the lower percentage of m1Ψ modification to avoid immune suppression.




US Hard-Pressed to React as Iran Gets Complete Map of Israeli Defense Capabilities


ran launched a large-scale missile and drone attack into Israel overnight Saturday targeting military and intelligence sites in response to an Israeli attack on its Damascus Embassy compound April 1. Prime Minister Netanyahu has threatened to “hurt” Iran, while President Biden has reportedly said the US won’t assist in an Israeli counterattack.

Israel’s war cabinet has reportedly failed to reach a consensus on when and how to respond to Iran’s weekend missile and drone barrage, with Israeli media reporting that US pressure has complicated planning.

“There will be a response,” an anonymous Israeli official was quoted as saying by Israel Hayom. However, a final decision has not been made, and the cabinet is divided over what the form the response could take and its timing, according to a Times of Israel report.

War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz reportedly proposed launching an attack against Iran immediately, with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and the Herzi Halevi, the head of the IDF, said to have been opposed to the idea. The Prime Minister’s office denied this information, saying “the opposite was true” regarding Netanyahu.

Pfizer to pay $0 in taxes, despite billions in income


It’s Tax Day, which, for most Americans, means it’s time to fork over lots of cash to the feds.

Unless you’re running Pfizer, which is paying a grand total of zero dollars and zero cents in taxes this year. In fact, Pfizer is expecting a hefty refund!

Despite bringing in $58 billion in revenue and billions in net income for 2023, Pfizer is not paying a dime in taxes. Thanks to their scale, size, and taxpayer-funded support system, Pfizer and its peers reap tax benefits that allow for the zeroing out of their tax burden. Such privileges are not afforded to Main Street businesses, highlighting an incredibly unequal tax code that benefits mega corporations at the expense of the average citizen and small businesses.

Breakthrough Paper-Based Battery Design Draws Inspiration from Plants


  • The paper battery achieves an open circuit voltage of 1.8 volts, a 1.0-volt current density of 100 mA/cm², and a maximum output of 103 milliwatts/cm².
  • The battery is eco-friendly, using carbon cathodes and a pigment electrocatalyst that has passed stringent safety assessments.
  • The researchers successfully tested the battery in a pulse oximeter sensor and a GPS sensor, demonstrating its versatility for wearable devices.

The public school system folks. It’s working just how they want.

They can’t even tell time! 😩🤦🏻‍♀️



Israels war on Gaza: List of key events, day 193


  • Two mass graves were discovered by Gaza’s Ministry of Health and the Civil Defence Forces in the north of the Gaza Strip on Monday. The first mass grave was discovered at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, and the second was found in Beit Lahiya.
  • Separately, four people, including a child, were killed and several wounded in an Israeli attack on a house west of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, the Wafa news agency reported on Monday.
  • Israeli army vehicles reportedly surrounded a school where hundreds of people were sheltering amid gunfire and explosions in Beit Hanoon in the northern Gaza Strip, according to a video verified by Al Jazeera on Monday.
  • About 90 percent of approximately 4,000 buildings located along Gaza’s eastern border with Israel have been destroyed or damaged, according to a preliminary analysis of satellite imagery from the United Nations Satellite Centre (UNOSAT) released on Monday.
  • The UN humanitarian agency, OCHA, said the first bakery to reopen in the north of the Gaza Strip received fuel just enough to operate for four days. Long lines have been seen outside the bakery in Gaza City after it received the fuel delivery from the World Food Programme (WFP) and the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS) on Sunday.

George Soros drops $60 MILLION into Democrats' war chest - second-biggest donation of the 2024 race to back ultra-progressive candidates and causes


The billionaire George Soros has donated $60 million to Democracy PAC, a super political action committee he uses to support Democrats, the second-biggest campaign donation in the 2024 election cycle.

A nonprofit founded and funded by Soros gave cash to boost the campaigns of congressional Democrats, pro-choice campaigners and black candidates in down-ballot races, a filing with the Federal Election Commission shows.

Democracy PAC spread $21 million to a dozen super PACs in the first quarter, including $4 million donations to both the House Majority PAC and the Senate Majority PAC.

It gave $2.5 million to Planned Parenthood Votes, and the same sum to Black PAC, which boosts candidates in state-level races for governors, attorneys general and lawmakers.

Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses Alejandro Mayorkas of 'treason' over 'links' to fliers handed out in Mexico telling migrants to vote for BIDEN.


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas for his ties to a non-profit that has urged migrants crossing into the U.S. illegally to vote for Joe Biden.

The testy exchange occurred during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing examining the Department of Homeland Security's $108 billion 2025 budget request. 

'You worked as a board member of an NGO that is working in conjunction with other NGOs, which are not only financing the invasion of the country, but also telling illegal aliens to vote in the United States elections,' Greene said.

'They are telling illegal aliens, noncitizens, to come vote for Joe Biden. That's your boss.'

'This is corruption at the deepest level,' Greene added. 'As a matter of fact, I would call it treason.'

EXCLUSIVEAmerica on EDGE: Voters are overwhelmingly concerned about violence disrupting the 2024 election and reveal their fears of turmoil in a shocking Daily Mail poll


Seven-in-ten Americans are worried about the 2024 election spiraling into violence, a DailyMail.com/TIPP poll shows.

Fully 70 percent of respondents were worried about rising tensions in the White House race between President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump.

Another 26 percent said they were not concerned, and 4 percent said they were not sure.

Our survey of nearly 1,300 US adults comes at the start of Trump's trial in New York for hush money payments to a porn star — part of what the Republican frames as a political hit-job against him.

Hundreds killed as storms lash Pakistan and Afghanistan


Lightning and heavy rains have killed hundreds of people across Pakistan and Afghanistan.

At least 50 people have died in Pakistan in storms that have been lashing the country, officials said on Tuesday, as they urged emergency services to remain on high alert. Authorities in Afghanistan also reported a death toll of 50 the same day.



IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have difficulty accessing this video (which is being blocked because it contains truths the conspirators want to keep hidden, go to https://www.vernoncoleman.com where you can read the entire transcript.


Dr Vernon Coleman was first to expose the covid fraud early in 2020. And he warned about the vaccine months before it appeared. Now he warns about the biggest threat to your life. They're going to make you want to xill yourself. And if that fails, they'll do it for you.

Red Lobster Considers Bankruptcy to Deal with Leases and Labor Costs




Red Lobster is reportedly weighing a possible Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in order to restructure its mounting debt.

The seafood restaurant chain — which has 649 locations nationwide — has sought advice from law firm King & Spalding on how to shed some long-term contracts and renegotiate a chunk of its leases, people with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg.

Red Lobster’s funds have taken a hit in recent months by strenuous leases and rising labor costs, among other issues, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity, per Bloomberg.

Israeli tanks push back into northern Gaza, warplanes hit Rafah


Israeli tanks have pushed back into some areas of the northern Gaza Strip which they had left weeks ago, while warplanes have conducted air raids on Rafah, where more than one million displaced Palestinians have sought refuge in the south of the territory, killing and wounding several people.

Residents reported an internet outage in the areas of Beit Hanoon and Jabalia in northern Gaza on Tuesday.

Tanks advanced into Beit Hanoon and surrounded some schools where displaced families have taken refuge, said the residents.

“Occupation soldiers ordered all families inside the schools and the nearby houses where the tanks had advanced to evacuate. The soldiers detained many men,” a resident of northern Gaza told Reuters via a chat app.

BREAKING: Judge Merchan Accuses Trump of Intimidating Left-Wing Juror Questioned Over Her Pro-Biden Facebook Video


Judge Juan Merchan on Tuesday accused Trump of intimidating a juror who admitted she posted a pro-Biden video to her Facebook page.

Jury selection was still underway on Tuesday in the Stormy Daniels ‘hush money’ trial after more than 50 prospective jurors were dismissed from the jury pool on Monday.

One potential juror was brought in for questioning after Trump’s lawyers discovered she posted a pro-Biden celebratory video in 2020.

“You had to get in the car to spread the honking cheer. it’s a full on dance party at 96th street,” the potential juror’s caption read according to Trump attorney Todd Blanche.

President Trump was allegedly gesturing and ‘audibly speaking in the direction of the potential juror’ while she was being questioned about her pro-Biden social media post.

Judge Merchan accused Trump of intimidating the juror.

IMF slams Biden spending as US debt balloons past $34 trillion: Something will have to give


The International Monetary Fund sounded the alarm on the Biden administration’s rampant spending as “out of line with what is needed for long-term fiscal stability.”

The latest forecast from the IMF — a Washington-based group tasked with fighting financial crises worldwide — warned that the ballooning national debt and the fiscal deficit threatened to exacerbate sky-high levels of inflation while posing a long-term risk to the global economy.

The IMF noted in its forecast that the US federal budget deficit grew from $1.4 trillion in fiscal 2022 to $1.7 trillion last year.

Woman breaks her neck inside St. Clair County Jail, isn't taken to the hospital for days


Lisa Brown takes full responsibility for why she ended up briefly behind bars. But now she says a 20-day jail sentence has left her with a life sentence of partial paralysis and disability.

Strange Shadow Races Across Field Before 2024 Solar Eclipse, Morristown, Indiana. What Was it?


16,205 views Apr 10, 2024




I’ve lived through several partial solar where the skies got a little funky strange shadow showed the eclipse the ground. But I’ve never experienced a solar eclipse with totality. This 2024 eclipse was coming over my house in, Indiana but only giving at best 1 to 2 minutes of totality. I did some research and found if I drove about 48 miles northwest to Morristown, Indiana we could be almost directly under the center line of the eclipse path and experience a full 4 minutes of totality! So, Jean and I packed up the car and headed out to the Asbury Cemetery just 1/2 mile from downtown Morristown, Indiana.

There I setup my video camera in a stationary position to film the event and 5 minutes before totality I threw up the drone and just let it hover at 300 feet to capture the beginning and end of totality from the sky.

I’m very fortunate as I have seen quite a few amazing things in my life, but this definitely rates in the top 5. I never forget April 8, 2024.

Hidden camera exposes horrific abuse of disabled woman | 60 Minutes Australia


Hours and hours of secret video recordings reveal the terrible scandal of how a woman was abused by the carers who should have been looking after her.

This segment, featured in a major investigation by Tara Brown, showcases some of the most distressing footage ever aired on Australian television. It sheds light on shocking allegations of mistreatment by disability support workers towards a vulnerable individual under their care. Instead of providing proper care, these workers displayed a callous attitude, seemingly indifferent to the well-being of the woman. Brown reveals how they arrogantly believed they could get away with their abuse because the victim was unable to communicate. 

However, their assumption was shattered when the woman's devoted elderly parents took matters into their own hands. They installed a hidden camera, uncovering the horrifying truth for all to see.

Israel Weighs Response to Iran Attack



On Monday, the White House refrained from commenting on any potential Israeli retaliation to Iran's recent attack. However, they emphasized their desire to prevent further escalation in the region.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby stated during the daily press briefing, "This is an Israeli decision to make -- whether and how they'll respond to what Iran did on Saturday. And we're going to leave it squarely with them."

During a brief meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani in the Oval Office, President Biden reiterated a similar sentiment, emphasizing the significance of their partnership during a crucial period.

"Iran launched an unprecedented aerial attack against Israel and we mounted an unprecedented military effort to defend Israel," Biden stated. "Together with our partners, we defeated that attack."

FBI opens criminal probe into Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore.



The FBI has opened a criminal investigation into the cargo ship that slammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge and caused it to collapse in Baltimore last month, according to two senior law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation. 


The news was first reported by The Washington Post on Monday morning. 

Federal agents conducted a search aboard the 985-foot Dali early Monday, armed with search warrants.

The Baltimore FBI confirmed the presence of agents on Monday, stating they were engaged in "court authorized law enforcement activity."

The investigation focuses on events preceding the ship's departure from the port, with a particular emphasis on determining whether the crew had prior knowledge of potential mechanical issues that could compromise the vessel's safety in the harbor.

FBI agents are gathering physical evidence and data from inside the ship pertaining to the moments leading up to, during, and after the impact.

Meanwhile, Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott announced on Monday that the city is pursuing "legal steps" regarding the bridge collapse.

Law firms have been hired to initiate legal action against those deemed responsible and to address the immediate and long-term repercussions affecting Baltimore City residents.

“The City of Baltimore will take decisive action to hold responsible all entities accountable for the Key Bridge tragedy, including the owner, charterer, manager/operator, and the manufacturer of the M/V Dali, as well as any other potentially liable third parties,” the mayor said in a statement.

New York City on Alert Following

Iran’s Attack on Israel

Iran's unprecedented attack has heightened global tensions as Israel deliberates its response. According to U.S. officials, over half of the 110 ballistic missiles targeting Israel either malfunctioned or veered off course. In response to the attacks, security has been intensified in New York's Times Square. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York was in Bethlehem when he observed the explosions. For further details, let's turn to Inside Edition's Steven Fabian.

What Elon Musk just said about Xbox is DEVASTATING, and this

is a Bud Light moment for Microsoft.




Xbox is having its bud light moment. Alienating its entire customer base. The head of Xbox's Global Product Marketing is a woman by the name of Kelly Lombardi. She decided it would be a good idea to post a statement on X saying... "Raise your hand if you're not a white man and you buy video games."

Senior executives used social media to promote an “unlicensed” Covid vaccine.


Pfizer found to have breached the regulatory code five times, Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) Pharmaceutical watchdog, relates to a complaint about a message posted on twitter November 2020 by senior Pfizer employees.



The complainant alleged that it turned out that such misbehavior was even more widespread than they had thought, extended right to the top of their UK operation and was apparently continuing to this very day.



The Panel noted Pfizer’s submission that on further investigation into this complaint four other Pfizer UK colleagues, including another senior colleague in the UK organization, had re-tweeted the same post.

The Panel queried whether a social media platform, such as Twitter was the appropriate forum to share such information.

The Panel noted the tweet contained limited information regarding the efficacy of the vaccine candidate with no safety information provided.

On the balance of probabilities, it was likely that the Pfizer UK employee’s connections would include UK members of the public as well as UK health professionals.

The Panel noted that the tweet clearly referred to the outcome of the Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine being developed to protect against COVID-19.

The Panel noted that Clause 3.1 prohibited the promotion of a medicine prior to the grant of its marketing authorization.

They must not mislead either directly or by implication, by distortion, exaggeration or undue emphasis. Material must be sufficiently complete to enable the recipient to form their own opinion of the therapeutic value of the medicine.

It must not be stated that a product has no adverse reactions, toxic hazards or risks of addiction or dependency.

The Panel noted the tweet made no reference to adverse events and was therefore concerned that important safety information relating to the vaccine candidate was not provided and ruled a breach of Clause 7.9 of the 2019 Code as acknowledged by Pfizer.

The Panel noted Pfizer stated that the senior employee whose re-tweet was the subject of this complaint had completed the social media training module in October 2019.

Activity which was clearly outside of company policy had not been taken down or deleted.


‘Unlicensed medicine proactively disseminated.’

“Unlicensed medicine being proactively disseminated on Twitter to health professions and members of the public in the UK.” Pfizer UK spokesman “fully recognizes and accepts the issues highlighted by this PMCPA ruling,” “deeply sorry.”


Pfizer ‘Accidental and unintentional’

Sixth time Pfizer has been reprimanded by the regulator over its promotion of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Ben Kingsley, UsForThem


“It’s astonishing how many times Pfizer’s senior executives have been found guilty of serious regulatory offences – in this case including the most serious offence of all under the UK Code of Practice.

“Yet the consequences for Pfizer and the individuals concerned continue to be derisory. This hopeless system of regulation for a multi-billion-dollar life and death industry has become a sham, in dire need of reform.”

David Hogg torched by a Chinese immigrant warning against gun control.


This is what happens when liberals do an open mic. They get wrecked. They can’t defend their positions.

“When our Republican colleagues introduced their bill to rename Dulles after Donald Trump, I said the more fitting option would be to rename a federal prison,” said Connolly in a press release.


“I see no reason to wait. Donald Trump faces nearly 100 felony charges. He has been found liable of sexual abuse and, subsequently, for defaming the victim of that abuse. He has been fined hundreds of millions of dollars in a civil fraud case. It is only right that the closest federal prison to Mar-a-Lago should bear his name. I hope our Republican friends will join us in bestowing upon Donald J. Trump the only honor he truly deserves.”

Trump, who is currently leading in the polls for the 2024 presidential election, faces 88 criminal charges spread across four different indictments, including in Florida, where special counsel Jack Smith has charged Trump with mishandling classified documents after leaving office. Each of the four criminal cases against the leading presidential candidate has hit various roadblocks, and none of the trials have yet begun.

Video Shows Teens ATTACKING Man Before He Fights Back

The Apple River Stabbings


So, there aren't a lot of guarantees in the criminal justice system, but for a long time now, there's been at least one thing you could be pretty sure of: if you kill somebody in self-defense, there's a very good chance in this country you're going to be charged with murder. Trayvon Martin called George Zimmerman a cracker right before pounding his head into the pavement, and famously, the entire country, including the president of the United States at the time, determined immediately that George Zimmerman was the bad guy.


And of course, Kyle Rittenhouse was nearly, very nearly, had to spend the rest of his life in prison for the crime of defending himself against several people who were clearly trying to kill him, including a pedophile who just got out of a mental hospital and an Antifa foot soldier who drew a handgun on him.


Now, everyone's heard of these cases because in both instances, there was a very clear racial angle to push, even though he didn't kill any black people. The Kyle Rittenhouse incident happened, of course, in the context of BLM mobs torching cities, so they had that angle, and that's why he became an instant target.

George Zimmerman, for his part, gave Barack Obama a chance to talk about how systemically racist America is, so his case was useful for a moment as well.


But there are many self-defense cases that don't make the mainstream news, at least not nearly to the same extent, and all of them, to one degree or another, contradict the prevailing media narrative. So, the corporate press ignores them, but they're important to talk about, in part because they show how prosecutors and witnesses are willing to lie to imprison people who exercise one of the most fundamental rights—you might say the most fundamental—which is the right of self-defense.


How casually they will destroy people's lives for the crime of trying to preserve their own lives. I'm going to go in depth into one of these cases, which is still ongoing, hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as it deserves, and plus it's the premiere day for Judge, so I did you know figure a deep dive on a court case seems sort of fitting. Here's the background.

DeSantis To Launch Effort Raising Money for Trump’s Campaign


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis plans to assist former President Donald Trump in fundraising for the 2024 presidential election, as reported by NBC News. DeSantis disclosed his intentions to donors and supporters at a private retreat last weekend. Although he withdrew from the Republican Party presidential primary earlier this year, he remains committed to supporting Trump's campaign. DeSantis' strong endorsement of Trump is viewed as a significant advantage for the former president, as DeSantis has a robust finance committee with extensive fundraising networks. Unlike some other Republican figures, DeSantis has openly endorsed Trump, emphasizing the need for a departure from traditional Republican politics.



Kiev has been struggling to mobilize enough men to send to the frontline.


The Ukrainian government must transition away from the "old-school mentality" and embrace genuine equality within the armed forces, asserted Oksana Grigorieva, Kiev's chief military adviser for gender issues.

Currently, Kiev is revamping its military service system, with Ukrainian lawmakers discussing stringent proposals to amend mobilization laws, aiming to lower the draft age and penalize draft evaders. While it has been stated that the legislative changes do not include the conscription of women, such suggestions have been raised previously.

"Our constitution mandates that every Ukrainian has a duty to defend their homeland, so it's only fair that women also serve," Grigorieva emphasized in an interview with The Times. Stressing that Russia won't simply vanish, she argued, "Like Israel, we must be prepared for this, and that entails training both men and women for combat readiness."


So far... We're all still here.

Vanderbilt Takes Action Against Students Involved in Anti-Israel Protest


Vanderbilt University disciplined 27 students involved in a disruptive anti-Israel sit-in protest last week. The university's review led to various sanctions, including probation, suspension, and possible expulsion. The protest occurred at Kirkland Hall, where three students were arrested for forcibly entering the closed building. Students have a 10-day window to appeal their case. During the protest, concerns arose about restroom access and food provision, with some students alleging neglect by the administration. Additionally, emergency medical services were called for a protester unable to change her tampon during the sit-in.

Feeling The Burn?



"A significant fire engulfed the door and part of the vestibule, impeding the egress of staff members who were working in the office and endangering their lives," authorities stated. No motive has been determined, and no arrests have been made yet. The Burlington Fire Marshal’s Office determined that the fire was "incendiary in nature."

Fortunately, none of the staff were injured, according to the senator’s team. "We are relieved that no one on our staff and, to our understanding, no one in the building was harmed," said Kathryn Van Haste, the state director for Sanders.

Sanders, a left-wing independent, served as the mayor of Burlington in the 1980s and has been a congressman since 1987. He has held the position of senator since 2007.

Sanders competed for the Democratic Party’s nomination in the presidential elections of 2016 and 2020, losing to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, respectively.

As Many Prepare for the Coming Eclipse, Bizarre Things Are Beginning to Happen

Strange events are unfolding in America,

folks. Let's dive into it.



We've got mass layoffs happening at California fast food chains as the $20 minimum wage law kicks in. Was this intentional? Just a few months back, there were talks of AI replacing fast food jobs.

Yum Brands, which operates KFC and Taco Bell, was planning to use chatbot-like bots to boost operations. Could the minimum wage hike be a pretext to bring in AI robots?

It seems like a strategic move, doesn't it? While many are playing checkers, those at the top are playing chess.

Remember Flippy the Chef? That automated grill making headlines just two months ago? It's no surprise it debuted in California, where the minimum wage was hiked. Now, there are talks of raising it to $50 an hour. But companies prioritize profit, and cutting costs by replacing human workers with automation seems like a logical step.

This could be an excuse to phase out American workers.

Robert Kiyosaki is warning about the impending crash, suggesting that millions of 401ks and IRAs will take a hit. He's advising people to protect their investments by moving them into assets that retain value. It's time to take action, folks.


TBT: This channel owner frequently deletes his content... Hurry and watch it.

Biden Demands ‘Immediate Ceasefire’ from Netanyahu in Phone Call




President Joe Biden called for an immediate ceasefire from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a recent phone call, warning that U.S. support for the conflict could be at risk if Israel does not comply.

In a statement released by the White House, the conversation between President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu was summarized:

"The two leaders discussed the situation in Gaza. President Biden emphasized that the strikes on humanitarian workers and the overall humanitarian situation are unacceptable. He stressed the need for Israel to take specific, concrete, and measurable steps to address civilian harm, humanitarian suffering, and the safety of aid workers. President Biden made it clear that U.S. policy towards Gaza would be determined by Israel's immediate action on these steps. He highlighted the importance of an immediate ceasefire to stabilize the humanitarian situation and protect innocent civilians. Additionally, he urged the Prime Minister to empower negotiators to expedite a deal to bring the hostages home. The leaders also addressed public Iranian threats against Israel, with President Biden reaffirming strong U.S. support for Israel in the face of such threats."

This statement indicates a shift in U.S. policy, aligning with Hamas's demand for a ceasefire before any hostage deal. Previously, the U.S. and Israel had agreed that a ceasefire depended on a deal.

Last month, the Biden administration abstained from a United Nations Security Council Resolution, allowing it to pass. While denying a change in policy, the resolution effectively detached a hostage deal from a ceasefire.

During a press briefing, White House national security spokesperson John Kirby declined to specify the consequences if Israel failed to meet Biden's demands. The accidental killing of seven humanitarian workers in an airstrike earlier in the week was cited as a significant factor influencing Biden's call for a ceasefire, despite previous resistance.

Biden's demand complicates Israel's military objectives, making it challenging to achieve its goals without U.S. support. Hamas's strategy of using civilians as shields to garner international outrage appears to have influenced Biden's decision, potentially leaving Israel to confront Gaza alone.

Meanwhile, Israel braced for potential reprisal attacks from Iran following an Israeli airstrike in Syria that killed two Iranian generals. Iran supports terrorist proxies that target Israel.

When asked about Biden's unwavering support for Israel's actions against Hamas, Kirby struggled to reconcile this with the possibility of policy changes.

CERN and the ECLIPSE: What You NEED to know about CERN and APRIL 8th


Yes, CERN is set to conduct experiments on April 8th, and there's been significant discussion surrounding this, especially regarding its potential connection to the eclipse on the same day.

While CERN will be occupied with experiments from April onward until October, it's crucial to understand their activities to address concerns appropriately. We've coexisted with CERN's experiments for decades, and it's become a part of our lives. The upcoming activation on April 8th is primarily to provide particle beams for their unstable ion facility called ISOLDE, a practice ongoing since 1967.

Though theories speculate about CERN's impact on seismic events like earthquakes, tracing such effects over decades is challenging. Yet, the recent attention to CERN's activities raises questions about their intentions and whether they seek this scrutiny.

CERN's recent activities involve restarting the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and conducting various experiments across different facilities. These experiments range from fixed-target physics to studying antimatter and exploring new methods of particle acceleration.

While deciphering their schedule might be daunting, it underscores the complexity of their research endeavors.

Despite the complexity, the attention garnered by CERN's activities grants them influence and resources. Their experiments, while intriguing, raise concerns about potential impacts on the environment. Whether their experiments affect natural phenomena like earthquakes remains uncertain, but the dialogue around it persists.

In conclusion, while CERN's experiments evoke curiosity, they also warrant scrutiny to ensure their activities align with broader societal interests. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and stay safe as we navigate these scientific endeavors together.

Sanctuary City Chicago: Tuberculosis Reported At Multiple Migrant Shelters




Health officials in Chicago, Illinois, have disclosed the presence of several tuberculosis cases at migrant shelters within the city. According to representatives from the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH), a small number of TB cases have been identified among new arrivals across multiple shelters.

The prevalence of tuberculosis in the countries from which migrants are originating is emphasized by a spokesperson from CDPH. They highlight that 10-20% of residents in Central and South America have latent TB infection, which, while asymptomatic and non-transmissible, results in a positive TB test. For individuals with active TB disease, CDPH assigns a nurse case manager and conducts contact tracing investigations.

Despite TB being curable with antibiotics and requiring prolonged close contact for transmission, CDPH maintains vigilance to contain potential spread. Notably, there have been no confirmed reports of TB resulting from exposure to new arrivals in Chicago, according to CDPH.

Chicago typically sees between 100-150 TB cases in residents annually, indicating that TB is not an uncommon illness in the city. However, CDPH remains committed to offering treatment and taking necessary precautions to prevent spread.

While CDPH did not disclose the exact number of TB cases among migrants or the specific shelter locations, Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez criticized city officials for neglecting public health concerns associated with mass immigration. He accused city leadership of dismissing warnings and urged Chicagoans to demand action to address the situation.

Similar issues have been reported in other sanctuary cities like New York City, where cases of TB and polio have emerged among migrants. Concerns regarding the health status of migrants arriving at the U.S. borders have prompted calls for transparency from the Biden administration. In 2023, a court-ordered report revealed that thousands of unaccompanied alien children had been released into the U.S. interior with inactive TB.



Antony Blinken Warns Israel Becoming Like Hamas; Losing ‘Reverence for Human Life.’


Secretary of State Antony Blinken cautioned that Israel risked being likened to the terrorist organization Hamas if it failed to prioritize the protection of civilians during the Gaza conflict. Speaking during a press conference in Brussels, Blinken emphasized the fundamental value democracies place on human life, contrasting it with the tactics of terrorist groups like Hamas.

While Blinken did not offer specific evidence to support his assertion, he urged Israel to uphold its democratic principles and prioritize the safety of civilians. Despite ongoing tensions and military actions, Israel has faced scrutiny over its handling of civilian casualties. However, recent reports indicate a notable decrease in civilian casualties compared to previous conflicts.

In the midst of the Gaza conflict, Israel's military efforts have been credited with maintaining a historically low ratio of civilian to militant casualties. According to reports, Israel has implemented measures to minimize civilian harm and adhere to international laws of war during urban warfare operations. This approach has garnered recognition from observers, including assessments by experts like West Point professor John Spencer.


Australians are facing a new climate criminal soil.

A study published in the Nature Portfolio Journal warns that Australia’s soil is becoming a net carbon emitter and threatens to ruin the country’s net zero goals. “They claim that over the next 80 years, Australian soil … will release up to 100 megatons of CO2 into the atmosphere,” Sky News host James Macpherson said. “There you have it … dirt is now a major threat to the future of planet Earth. “I reckon some greenie councilor is going to make you concrete everything now that they know dirt is a climate criminal.”

Todd Bensman exclusive video. Something is happening south of Juarez. Mexican agents hide their faces; Biden must have paid the $20 billion ransom to Mexico.


60 miles south of Juárez, in Villa Ahumada, evidence mounts of a very significant national crackdown on Texas-bound migration. I am seeing hundreds and hundreds of agents being transported around like this pic.twitter.com/5iGBXCuGgL

— Todd Bensman (@BensmanTodd) April 3, 2024


Mexico is bringing legions of immigration officers into Juarez to keep migrants away from the U.S. border in El Paso.

Mexico has massively increased enforcement on their side of the border after record high numbers in December, and a meeting in MX w/ Secretary of State Blinken. t.co/NONQNRYpeZ

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) April 3, 2024

Click the pics


Here Comes World War III: Tony Blinken Announces Ukraine will be Joining NATO Pushing US Closer to Nuclear War with Russia

Secretary of State Tony Blinken says that Ukraine will be joining NATO. Ukraine is a corrupt, non-democratic, authoritarian republic known as the most corrupt country in Europe. Under Article 5, this means that an attack on Ukraine will be considered an attack on the United States. As David Sachs says, “If you want nuclear war, vote Joe Biden in November.”

Nebraska State Sen. Mike McDonnell

changes party affiliation


State senator representing South Omaha district is joining the Republican Party


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A Nebraska state senator censured last month by the state Democratic Party said Wednesday that he is formally joining the GOP.

Mike McDonnell made the announcement at noon in the Nebraska Capitol Rotunda. He represents Dist. 5 in South Omaha, between 72nd Street and Interstate 480.

The Nebraska Democratic Party censured McDonnell in March after he voted alongside Republicans particularly on matters regarding reproductive rights and rights of transgender Nebraskans. There had been talk of a formal censure last summer over the same issues, but no such vote was taken.


In a statement Wednesday, NDP Chairwoman Jane Kleeb reinforced the party’s decision to censure him, denying the action had anything to do with McDonnell’s religious beliefs or affiliation.


“The Nebraska Democratic Party will continue to stand up for reproductive freedom and the human rights of the LGBTQ community. Our decision to censure Sen. McDonnell was never about him being a pro-life Catholic. Our decision was based on our party reaffirming our core values to protect women’s ability to make health decisions and to keep politicians out of our personal health decisions. We respect the ongoing work of Senator McDonnell on behalf of unions and his commitment to protect a fair electoral vote system we have in our state."

Following the announcement, Republican lawmakers welcomed McDonnell into the fold. Former governor and now Sen. Pete Ricketts noted that the flip makes the Nebraska Legislature “filibuster proof” in favor of the GOP — even though the Unicameral is technically non-partisan.

“I am pleased to welcome Senator Mike McDonnell to the Republican Team. The extreme new Democrats are pushing common sense officials and voters to our party. The addition of Mike McDonnell to the Republican rolls in the legislature means for the first time in recent memory there is a filibuster proof Republican majority in the Unicameral.”

Sen. Pete Ricketts, R-Neb.

McDonnell isn’t the first Omaha-area politician to make the flip. Longtime Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine officially changed his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican in October 2020.


An Ongoing Story   Nebraska State Sen. Mike McDonnell changes party affiliation (wowt.com)

DeSantis targets New York, California and Biden in his Florida State of the State address

He said residents in San Francisco, Chicago and New York have struggled with crime, homelessness and bloated government spending that’s driving people away.

“We ... continue to witness a great migration of Americans away from cities and states pursuing these failed policies with Florida serving as a refuge for freedom and sanity,” DeSantis said.

But DeSantis said not everybody is welcome to seek refuge in Florida. DeSantis, who in 2022 flew dozens of migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, before they could find their way to Florida, said the state is stepping in to counter illegal immigration while the federal government has failed.

“We refuse to sit idly by while Biden’s border crisis ruins lives across the nation,” DeSantis said. “Since President Biden won’t stop the flow of illegal immigrants and dangerous drugs across the border, Florida has been forced to pick up the slack.”

Trump's been banned from talking about

the judge's family in the

so-called hush money case in New York.

Kimmel went on to describe how he used to believe that while the U.S. had “areas for improvement,” it was mostly ahead in terms of cleanliness compared to most of the rest of the world.


“I go to Europe, and there are dirt holes where plumbing is supposed to be. I hold my breath, and I go, ‘I’m glad I’m not one of these people,’ and then I go back home,” he continued. Kimmel went on to praise the cleanliness of the bathrooms in Japan.

“The bathrooms in Tokyo and Kyoto are cleaner than our operating rooms here. Everywhere you go the bathrooms are clean, they don’t smell bad, they have those toilets that wash you from the inside out,” he marveled. Kimmel also joked that even truck stop restrooms were “cleaner than Jennifer Garner’s teeth — the cleanest. Beautiful.”

“And it’s not just the bathrooms,” the host added. “People carry their own trash. There are no garbage cans,” Kimmel said, mentioning the 1995 terrorist incident when a man put poisonous sarin gas in trash cans. This resulted in the country removing public trash receptacles and Japanese citizens adapting to dispose of their own garbage.

“People carry their own trash. There are no garbage cans,” Kimmel said, mentioning the 1995 terrorist incident when a man put poisonous sarin gas in trash cans. This resulted in the country removing public trash receptacles and Japanese citizens adapting to dispose of their own garbage.

TBT: Jimmy might want to note that every Blue State in Amerika is a shithole, catering to the whims of Wokiems whining to get their way with hands outs to illegals while ignoring the needs of their LEGAL CITIZENS.

Candace Owens off the chain


Candice, your strength and intelligence are admirable, and we appreciate your courage. Please continue shedding light on issues. We stand with you in your endeavors.

The former president is the presumptive Republican nominee in the 2024 presidential elections, having last month won enough delegates to secure the nomination and because all of his rivals have dropped out of the race.



Trump comfortably won four primary votes on Tuesday, in Wisconsin, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island, it is significant that in all of those states, a proportion of Republicans voted for politicians no longer in the race, showing anti-Trump feeling among the GOP is alive and well.

In Connecticut, the former president won 77.8 percent of the vote. Fourteen percent went to Haley while a further 4.8 percent said they were uncommitted.

Trump also lost some 20 percent of the vote in New York where he gained 82.1 percent of ballots to Haley's 12.9 percent.

In Rhode Island, he won 83.7 percent of the vote, while 10.6 percent of voters opted for Haley, instead.

The new religion by Bishop Williamson


Bishop Richard Williamson call the holocaust the new state religion that can't be questioned.

The handle “@realnewsandhistory” appears to be associated with various content online, including a Twitter account and discussions about news and history.

DeSantis abolishes 'squatters rights' in Florida.


The new law makes it quick and easy for homeowners to reclaim what's legally theirs.


On Wednesday, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new piece of legislation aimed at combatting squatters, making it quick and easy for homeowners to reclaim what's legally theirs.

When HB 621 goes into effect on July 1, Floridians will have the ability to call police and have them remove anyone illegally occupying someone else's property and refuses to leave. Those caught committing the crime will face harsh penalties.

"You are not going to be able to commandeer somebody's private property and expect to get away with it," DeSantis said during a press conference, per Fox News. "We are in the state of Florida ending the squatter scam once and for all."

He went on to slam Democrat-run states across the nation for "siding with the squatters."

"In fact, we have seen squatters move in and claim residence," the governor lamented. "This forces a massive, long, drawn-out judicial review before they can even be removed from the property. These are people that never had a right to be in the property to begin with. Earlier this month in New York, a woman returned to a property she inherited to find squatters living there. She changed the locks to get them out, and the state of New York arrested her instead of the squatters."

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody highlighted the fact that many illegal immigrants let in by the Biden administration were taking to squatting.

"After video evidence of their plan to take over homes emerged," she said, "we're ensuring Floridians are protected from this egregious and brazen scheme."Under the new law, it will be squatters, not homeowners, facing legal repercussions. Those who forge documents to make it seem like they have a right to the property will be hit with a first-degree misdemeanor charge, while a second-degree felony charge will be filed against anyone who unlawfully occupies a property and causes over $1,000 in damage. Those who knowingly advertise the sale or rent of a property without being the legal owner will face first-degree felony charges.

"Examining Suspicions: Why the Destruction of the BALTIMORE BRIDGE Points Towards an Inside Job Rather Than an Accident or Cyber Attack"


View the video footage of the ship, particularly in the last minute or two, as it abruptly alters its course, seemingly directing about 30 percent of its trajectory towards one of the two load-bearing pylons situated near the end of each side of the bridge, resulting in the deliberate collapse of the entire structure. Remarkably, mainstream media outlets swiftly disseminated identical scripted narratives, categorically labeling the incident as an accident and vehemently denying any suggestion of a terrorist attack. The astonishing speed and uniformity with which these assertions were made beg the question: How could such conclusions be reached without the conduct of a thorough investigation?

In a span of fewer than 10 hours following the destruction of the Baltimore Bridge by the container ship, the mass media apparatus, often criticized as purveyors of "fake news," appeared to have already resolved the case definitively, preempting any need for official investigations. Notably, the collision occurred shortly after midnight, leaving no time for substantive inquiry before the morning newspapers were printed, conveniently shaping the narrative consumed by the commuting populace. 

This apparent expediency in attributing causality raises questions about the role of the mass media industrial complex in precluding the need for investigative oversight by government entities such as the FBI, CIA, DHS, ATF, Coast Guard, Navy, and others.

"Biden Administration's Proposal: Incentivizing Undocumented Immigrants Who Entered U.S. Since Inauguration"


Biden's immigration agenda extends beyond granting amnesty to long-standing undocumented residents. Recent reports suggest his administration also aims to provide incentives for those who entered the country illegally since his inauguration in January 2021.


The influx of millions of new undocumented individuals requires a plan for resettlement, with Biden officials allegedly engaging in discussions on how to encourage cooperation from state and local authorities in accommodating these arrivals. Concurrently, some Republican governors have taken measures to transport undocumented individuals out of their states, redirecting them to predominantly Democratic areas like New York City and Denver.


Since January 2021, an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants, predominantly consisting of military-aged males, have unlawfully entered the United States. Many traversed through the challenging terrain of the Darien Gap in Panama en route to their destination.


Biden's emphasis on ensuring the welfare of these individuals is seen as a strategy to bolster his prospects for reelection in the upcoming fall. However, this objective faces significant opposition, as a sizable portion of American voters, disillusioned with Biden's leadership, seek alternative candidates to helm the nation.

The demographic makeup of these newcomers extends beyond individuals from Mexico and Central and South American nations, with reports indicating a diverse influx from regions such as the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Notably, a video captures a large procession of undocumented migrants descending a steep, rocky mountain after crossing into Jacumba, Calif. Among them, three men identified themselves as originating from Kazakhstan.



Are Tesla Med Beds real?


The concept of “Tesla Med Beds” has been circulating online, often described as advanced healing technology that uses frequencies and vibrations to treat various health conditions. However, it’s important to note that there is no scientific evidence supporting the existence of such devices with the capabilities ascribed to them.

While some videos and articles claim that these Med Beds can regenerate or rejuvenate the body using Tesla technology, these claims are not backed by credible scientific research or recognized by the medical community. It’s always advisable to rely on proven medical treatments and consult healthcare professionals for health-related issues. If you’re considering alternative therapies, it’s crucial to approach them with caution and seek information from reliable sources.