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Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/31/2023 | BREAKING FOX NEWS March 31, 2023

Florida Legislature Approves Carrying Concealed Loaded Guns Without Permits


A measure allowing people to carry concealed weapons anywhere without permits was approved by Florida’s Republican-controlled Legislature on Thursday.


The proposal would do away with extra background checks, licenses, and additional regulations for firearms training that are currently part of the concealed weapons permit process.


Under current law, people who want to carry concealed weapons in public in Florida must acquire licenses from the state and meet certain requirements in order to do so.


The new rule would not change the inability of those who are prohibited from possessing or purchasing firearms under other Florida laws.


People carrying concealed weapons would only need to have valid identification on them under the new bill, which is known as “constitutional carry” by Conservatives and gun rights activists and “permit-less carry” by gun safety activists, proponents of gun restrictions, and neutral organizations. There would be a $25 penalty for not doing so.

The Senate’s approval of the bill comes just three days after a shooter entered a school in Nashville, Tennessee, killing six people, three of them children under the age of nine. DeSantis has not yet made any public comments regarding this assault.


The bill now goes to Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who has repeatedly indicated he will sign it.

Remember when they impeached President Trump for telling the Ukraine president about Biden breaking the law by withholding money from the past Ukraine president until he fired the prosecutor?


... That again right there was a horrible abuse of the Democrat communist party. Yet Biden is on video bragging to a group of people how he said that Ukraine president he was withholding the money until he fired that prosecutor that was investigating his son. But impeaching president Trump on something that Biden actually did they turned around and put him into office as our president of the United States! And the Democrats communist act like President Trump is a danger to America!


Now you have this Democrat communist prosecutor who waited 8 years to bring this before a grand jury, plus the timing you're so obvious just right before President Trump and other politicians throwing their hat into the ring to run for president, which if it's true he would have done still done nothing wrong because it would have been under a non-disclosure agreement. 

And I guarantee you that half of the politicians in Washington who hate President Trump with the passion have also paid off someone in the past like prostitutes and a non-disclosure agreement. Yet conveniently they've never been indicted for anything even remotely close to this or anything at all.


This is what communists do. They abuse their power to get rid of the political opposition so they can keep control. We all see how it ended in the past with communist dictators that took control overtaking out their political opposition and the people suffered by probably close to 150 million people even Communists that supported the Communist dictator that were murdered under those regimes. Shea Provines - FB Commentator




Glenn Beck & Tucker Carlson REACT to Trump's INDICTMENT


Two of our finest and most outspoken Journalist Reporters Respond to the Horrendous Administration of our US Government So Far. This and the Indictment of Donald Trump.




The Zombie Apocalypse Has Arrived


These videos will have you convinced you're already in the zombie apocalypse.

Moderna paid U.S. government $400 million for pay-to-play participation in

Operation Warp Speed


Prior to its inclusion in the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed scheme for the rapid deployment of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” Moderna agreed to pay the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) $400 million to license the spike protein technology the company used in its mRNA (messenger RNA) covid injections.


A newly disclosed contract shows that Moderna engaged in a pay-for-play type of arrangement with the federal government, which apparently owns the patent for the covid spike proteins that were the center of attention from early 2020 when the “pandemic” began until now.


For years, Moderna executives denied any type of relationship with the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., but changed its story in late 2021. The company also disclosed the existence of the contract in question during earnings call it held on February 23.


According to the company, the $400 million it paid to the NIH was merely a “catch-up payment” made specifically to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a division of the NIH that, at the time, was headed up by none other than disgraced medical charlatan Tony Fauci.


The contract states that Moderna would pay the NIH a “non-creditable, nonrefundable royalty in the amount of Four Hundred Million dollars” for the rights to use its spike protein technology in the company’s vaccines. This is far more money than the “low single digit royalties” that were initially confirmed by Moderna, but later redacted.


Why is the government trying to hide its royalty's arrangement with Moderna?

The 34-page contract was obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, though, again, numerous portions of it that specifically pertain to royalty payments are redacted.



“The licensee agrees to pay to the NIAID earned royalties on net sales … as follows,” reads one such section about royalties, the rest of which is completely redacted from public view.


The reason why these sections are redacted, according to the NIH, is because the agency has the right to withhold “trade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person and privileged or confidential.”


“They redacted the royalties, even though there have been press releases about the royalties,” explained James Love, director of the nonprofit group Knowledge Ecology International. “It’s common but [expletive] to redact royalties on a negotiated license on a government patent.”


What we do know from the unredacted portions of the contract is that Moderna had, in fact, agreed to start paying the NIH royalties before the agreement took effect in late 2022, along with “minimum annual royalty,” “earned royalties,” and “benchmark royalties.”


The contract was signed on Dec. 14, 2022, by Michael Mowatt, director of the Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Office at NIAID, and Shannon Klinger, chief legal officer at Moderna.


The payments specified therein were to include a royalty within 60 days of government officials providing a “reasonable detailed written statement and request” for an amount “equivalent to a pro rata share of the unreimbursed patent expenses previously paid by the NIAID.”


So far, Moderna has raked in nearly $37 billion from the sale of its Chinese Virus injections. In 2023, the company expects to bring in an additional $5 billion, all thanks to the lucrative contract agreements the company forged with government bureaucracies.


“The NIH shares ownership of the spike protein technology with researchers at Scripps Research Institute and Dartmouth University Geisel School of Medicine,” reports explain.


“Both are named as partners in the contract.”

Florida Will Not Assist in An Extradition Request

DeSantis Statement on Trump Indictment


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) issued a statement Thursday evening on the reported indictment of President Trump by a Manhattan grand jury in the alleged Stormy Daniels hush money probe–but didn’t mention Trump’s name. DeSantis has been laying the groundwork to challenge Trump for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination but until recently has been reticent to speak directly about Trump.


DeSantis’ statement was tweeted on his official governor account. He said Florida would not “assist in an extradition request.” However, with reports Trump will fly to New York next week to turn himself in, that stance is more cheap grandstanding than a principled stance.


The weaponization of the legal system to advance a political agenda turns the rule of law on its head.


It is un-American.


The Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney has consistently bent the law to downgrade felonies and to excuse criminal misconduct. Yet now he is stretching the law to target a political opponent.


Florida will not assist in an extradition request given the questionable circumstances at issue with this Soros-backed Manhattan prosecutor and his political agenda.

March 30, 2023

"We're DONE with you!" - Zelensky STUNNED as they walk out


Politicians in Austria walked out of a speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday, placing signs in their places that said “A place for peace” and “A place for neutrality.” Zelensky was addressing the Austrian parliament via video feed.


The conservative party called the Party of Freedom had warned that they would stage some kind of demonstration if the Ukrainian president showed up in parliament to ask for military support.


Austria’s current public-facing position is that it supports Ukraine politically but will not send weapons or engage militarily in its conflict with Russia because neutral is neutral.


Apparently, some politicians really mean that.

Redacted Comments -


-I applaud the Austrian politicians who chose not to listen to this warmonger.

-Austria you should vote for this party in your next election.

-Well done to Austria! Finally, someone who has the gall to stand up and voice themselves. Clearly there is some hope left in Europe after all.

-I have been waiting vocally but patiently for PEACE for UKRAINE. Kudos to Austria for bringing attention to a desperately needed end to this horrible game the West are playing. There has been enough suffering and death. No plot of land is worth that. No stolen resources are worth it either.

The Only Solution is to Shove it Down Their Throats and Put Him Back in the White House!!!

Donald Trump Jr. Gives EPIC Response

to Garbage Trump Indictment


The exact charges are unknown at this time. Before springing this nasty surprise, the jury announced on Wednesday that they were going on a month-long break.  Manhattan jury voted to indict President Donald Trump Thursday afternoon.  The exact charges are unknown at this time. Before springing this nasty surprise, the jury announced on Wednesday that they were going on a month-long break.  As Cassandra Macdonald noted, Trump is now the first former president to be criminally charged in history.


Trump’s attorney Joe Tacopina told NBC News that the former president would go to New York to turn himself in but did not specify what day it will be happening.  “Two sources familiar with the situation also told NBC News that Trump’s attorneys are already in touch with prosecutors and expect him to be arraigned next week,” the outlet reported.


Trump’s eldest son Don Jr., issued a defiant response to the BS indictment.


This isn’t just the radical left weaponizing the government to target their political enemies, this is them weaponizing the government to interfere in the 2024 election to stop Trump. The only solution is to shove it down their throats and put him back in the White House!!!  Trump Jr. then gave a stern warning for comes next: The radical left will target everyone from MAGA to the RINOs secretly giddy over Trump’s persecution.  As President Trump often says: “they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

We all know that the RINOs are secretly happy about the indictment, but the fascist left won’t stop with Trump. They’re power-hungry & will do anything to crush their political opponents. If we’re ever going to save our country, the entire GOP needs to finally figure that out.  Trump is accused of providing $130,000 in 2016 to his disgraced former lawyer Michael Cohen, who then allegedly passed the money on as hush money to Daniels.


Cohen was previously convicted of several crimes and sentenced to three years in prison in 2018. These charges include lying to Congress, as well as campaign-finance violations and tax evasion.  Federal prosecutors for the Southern District of New York decided against charging Trump related to the Stormy Daniels payment back in 2019, despite Cohen’s testimony. The Federal Election Commission also closed the investigation into the case in 2021.


However, Bragg, whose campaign was funded by billionaire far-left extremist donor George Soros, has opted to revive the case to bring charges against the former president.

North Korea Preparing To Send 50,000 Troops

For Russia's Aid Amid Ukraine War: Report


Russia-Ukraine Crisis: North Korea has issued a call for volunteers to fight in the Ukraine war. The country is preparing to send 50,000 troops to support Russia, as per the report.


North Korea is preparing to send 50,000 troops to support Russia's invasion of Ukraine, The Eurasian Times reported quoting a Russian state TV correspondent, The journalist Aleksander Sladkov, who specialises in military affairs, claimed that North Korea is strongly supporting Russia during the Ukraine war.


He claimed that North Korea is willing to send troops to participate in the war, citing Pyongyang sources, and that at least 50,000 North Korean troops are ready to assist the Russian military. North Korea has issued a call for volunteers willing to fight in the war, and he claims that around 800,000 people have expressed their interest.


"I spoke with a friend of mine who is the head of a Korean War veterans' organisation. He was recently here. 'What do you have?' The journalist was quoted as saying in the report. "50,000 special forces are ready for deployment," it added.


The US had earlier asserted that Russia was obtaining weapons from North Korea and using them in the invasion of Ukraine. Both North Korea and Russia have refuted the allegations.

White House Alleges Russia Of Seeking More Arms From N Korea:


The White House said on Thursday that Russia is still looking for arms from North Korea for the Ukraine war, despite Pyongyang having already shipped artillery munitions to the Wagner Group fighting on the front lines, news agency AFP reported.


John Kirby, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, had previously stated that North Korea is secretly supplying a "significant number" of artillery shells to Russia. Kirby also added that North Korea is rerouting the shipments through nations in the Middle East and North Africa.


"Our indications are that the DPRK is supplying covertly, and we will monitor to see if the shipments are received," John Kirby said.


US officials stated that Russia's acquisition of weapons from Iran and North Korea shows that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and western sanctions have weakened Russia's military capabilities and reduced its ability to manufacture new weapons.

Biden’s embarrassing behavior is now ‘sickening and infuriating.’


- Even People from Other Countries are LAUGHING at Us! -


Sky News Contributor Kristin Tate expresses frustration and disappointment with the President's insensitive remarks, stating, "this man does not know how to conduct himself as President of the United States."

"It was embarrassing for a long time, and now it's just sickening and infuriating," she told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Deaths in Children Up 20%, Scientists say 'A Crisis

Like No Other.'


Deaths in children have increased 20% as a result of our own poorly thought-out health policies.


  • 0:21 There has been a dramatic increase in the death rate of children and adolescents.
  • :45 The Virus had little to do with the surge in death rates.
  • 2:30 An increase of nearly 20% in all-cause mortality for children ages 1 to 19 years old between has taken place between 2019 and 2022.
  • 3:30 All-cause mortality for children 9 and under increased in 2021 by 8.4%.
  • 4:10 Significantly more children died from suicide, homicide, overdoses, and injuries, than died from C*19.
  • 6:45 Injury mortality for ages 10 to 19 rose 22.6% between 2019 and 2020.
  • 6:55 Homicides for ages 10 to 19 rose 39.1% and drug overdose deaths increased by 113.5%.
  • 7:45 Transportation-related deaths increased by 15.6%.

This Is Not a Vaccine Story, It's A Population Control Story 💉☠ - PLANDEMIC - ☠:



Created by the team behind the game changing Plandemic video segment from Mikki Willis featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits that went viral and was banned on every major social media platform for exposing the truth about Covid-19, this new FEATURE LENGTH PIECE which is the most revelatory film on what is driving the vaccine agenda, the various roles of the WHO, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Anthony Fauci and more.





If I just yell the loudest, we can take people's rights without bearing the consequences.


If I just yell the loudest, we can add more taxes without bearing the consequences.

If I just yell the loudest, I get what I want.


Our politicians are jokes. Every time something is the “hot” topic for the day they just yell and screw us over.











The Tears of a Ukrainian Man Fed Up

with the Leadership of Ukraine.









Muslims Occupy Times Square for Ramadan






BREAKING: Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs's press secretary

has resigned after posting a tweet advocating violence against

those who oppose the radical trans agenda.






Just a day after declining to comment on our story

uncovering political contribution irregularities


The top Election Administrator in Maryland has announced a timeline for her resignation.

March 29, 2023

STUDY: Pregnant women who consume garbage reprogram their unborn Childrens brains to become junk food addicts


-- You hear that, Mothers-to-be? No eating the BUGS. --


New research out of Rutgers University in New Jersey has found that women who consume unhealthy foods during pregnancy pass on the consequences of those bad choices to their children, who end up developing their own junk food addictions and associated health problems.


If a woman is obese during pregnancy, the paper found, then she is more than likely to deliver an obese child, or a child who becomes obese over time. Whatever the mother does, in other words, the child will also likely do – bad eating habits and all.


“According to the study, when a child in the womb is given ‘early over-nutrition’ it can actually rewire their developing brain to crave more unhealthy snacks and foods,” reports explain.


Eating healthy during pregnancy will wire your child’s brain to do the same throughout life

For their study, researchers conducted an experiment on mice. Some of the rodents were given an unlimited supply of high-fat foods during pregnancy and breastfeeding while others were kept slim by only having access to healthier foods.


While the adolescent mice born to the obese mothers who were fed garbage stayed slim for a time, they ended up following in their mothers’ footsteps in adulthood when given access to unhealthy foods.


If those same mice born to obese mothers were fed only healthy food, then they stayed skinny into adulthood. However, compared to mice born to healthy mothers, mice born to obese mothers were much more prone to binge eating junk food whenever given access to it.


“Results indicate that while individuals born to mothers who were overweight during pregnancy and nursing may find it harder to regulate their snacking habits, they can still safely satisfy their hunger with healthy foods,” reports explain.


“Researchers add this work may help drive the future development of brain-altering drugs intended to cut down on unhealthy food cravings.”


Generational obesity, the paper further found, goes beyond just immediate environmental factors. As explained by Mark Rossi, a professor of psychiatry at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and senior author of the study, junk food cravings and habits are passed down from mother to child via brain reprogramming.


“People born to overweight or obese mothers tend to be heavier in adulthood than people born to leaner mothers, and experiments like this suggest that the explanation goes beyond environmental factors such as learning unhealthy eating habits in childhood,” Rossi said.



“Over-nutrition during pregnancy and nursing appears to rewire the brains of developing children and, possibly, future generations.”


An earlier study from four years prior addressed this same subject, finding that pregnant mothers who gorge on junk food can end up delivering children with serious mental health issues.


“Avoiding chips, cheeseburgers, and piles of sweets should be as important as not smoking a cigarette or doing Jäger bombs while you're pregnant,” reported Revolver.

“This especially goes for poor families, who tend to be even more generationally obese, because they lack education on nutrition and the know-how to shop for low-cost healthy food … If we don’t get it together and do something about this obesity crisis, this country will be crushed by our own body weight … It’s time to start addressing this dangerous problem where it [is] likely starting – in the womb.”


In the comments, someone added to the conversation that companies and corporations that sell and advertise addictive junk food, particularly to children, “should be thrown in prison.”

Senate Bill 686 is Closing the Door on Spy State Lockdown


The establishment is setting the stage for a final takeover of society.


Alex Jones exposes the details of Senate Bill 686 and how it will be used to implement the Spy State Lockdown across the nation.

Learn more here:



This is REALLY bad!


NATO led by the United States and Britain just introduced depleted uranium tank shells into the fight which Russia warned about weeks ago. Putin now says nukes in Belarus are a response to this NATO escalation. Here we go!

Covenant School Active Shooter Case--MNPD Body Camera Footage


MNPD Officers Rex Engelbert, a 4-year veteran, and Michael Collazo, a 9-year veteran, were part of a team of officers who responded to the Covenant Church/School campus Monday morning and immediately entered the building. Both of those officers fired on the shooter, who was killed. This is their body camera footage.

March 28, 2023


Tucker Ends AOC's Career For January 6th LIE | "I Died"


She was ...Brave... And Stunning, A survivor of a "Harrowing" experience.


Vintage Tucker, well deserving of us all to watch AOC as she stuck to her script and cried she was going to die.. 

Tucker Carlson Has the American People on His Side, Poll Shows


A majority of American voters agree with Tucker Carlson that the events of the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol were less violent than have been portrayed by the media.


According to exclusive polling for Newsweek by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, 69 percent of American adults believe the incident was less violent than reported, with just 26 percent saying it was more violent.


The Fox News host described those involved in the riot—in which supporters of then-U.S. President Donald Trump attempted to disrupt the certification of the election of Joe Biden—as "sightseers" earlier in March, as Carlson reproduced CCTV footage from the day that he was granted access to by Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


--- There is a video with that article. Those of you who follow my shares, should note the editing and rewording that the Left does in the video's narrative when describing Tucker's views in reporting. They paint Tucker as "downplaying" the "Dangerous Insurrection."


They almost revile James O'Keefe's talent, only James was presenting truthful facts, doing what all reporters do, when doing an investigation and that is editing when necessary.

There is no mention at all about Ashley Babbitt's murder. It should also be noted that she had no weapon at all and was targeted by a capital police officer who has not even seen an investigation on his actions. - D. Gradin TBT ed.


US Lawmakers Move to Strip China of Developing Country Label as PRCs Economy Overtakes US


US-led institutions granted China “developing country” status in the late 1990s and early 2000s, allowing the country to take advantage of certain perks, such as the right to apply higher tariffs, reduced responsibilities on climate change, and lower interest loans. In recent years, Beijing has voluntarily agreed to give up many of these benefits.


In a rare display of bipartisan unity, the US House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation requiring the US government to refuse to treat the People’s Republic of China as a developing nation.



The bill, literally entitled the “PRC is Not a Developing Country Act,” passed unanimously in the House in a 415-0 vote on Monday and requires the State Department to “oppose the labeling or treatment of the People’s Republic of China as a developing country in any treaty or other international agreement to which the United States is a party.” The same goes for international organizations.

Glenn’s POWERFUL Nashville tragedy message: THIS is the way out


We have a truth problem, Glenn says, and the most recent tragedy at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, shows just how dangerous that problem has become. So what’s causing this? Why have tragedies like this one become so commonplace? ‘It is the loss of the gold guards of our civilization,’ Glenn explains. But there IS a path forward. In this powerful message, Glenn explains ‘the way out’: Remembering our principles.

SCOTUS Asked To Weigh In On State Law Banning Therapists From Advising Against Conversion Therapy


A case has been brought before the Supreme Court asking justices to rule on the constitutionality of a Washington state law that prohibits therapists from advising their patients against transitioning to a different gender, Fox News is reporting.


The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a non-profit civil rights organization, filed a petition with the Supreme Court on Monday on behalf of Brian Tingley, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Washington state. Tingley argues that the state law is unconstitutional because it prohibits private discussions between client and counselor regarding sexual orientation and gender, the outlet noted.

The group argued that the state law only allows for a one-way conversation regarding gender transitions.

Gutfeld: The Babylon Bee’s headlines keep coming true


'Gutfeld!' panelists react to several stories from the satire site the Babylon Bee coming true. #foxnews #fox #gutfeld


Comments -

-The sad part is that this is the reality we are living in right now. The more stupid or absurd the joke is the more chances it will come true.

-It is definitely ironic that the Babylon Bee headlines have come true. I completely agree that reality is just too close to satire these days.

-It's not that their headlines are coming true, it's that Babylon Bee keeps giving Democrats ideas.

-This segment is both hilarious and horrifying.

Donald Trump: This investigation is unbelievable.


Former President Donald Trump responds to the investigation into his alleged mishandling of classified documents and shares what he thinks about mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting on 'Hannity.' #foxnews #fox #hannity


Trump spoke with Hannity about the Mar a Lago raid and said he had tapes no one wanted to see or show. Hannity said he would show them.



Levin: Our leaders need to wake the

hell up


Fox News host Mark Levin explains why China and Russia’s growing alliance should raise concerns on ‘Life Liberty & Levin.’ #foxnews #fox #levin



Republican majority

passes sweeping

anti-trans bill in Kentucky


The amended Senate Bill 150 has language from other bills that would impact trans youth, including banning gender-affirming care.



This is what childhood dementia does


I had no idea there was such a thing as Childhood Dementia.

Instead Of Addressing Nashville Shooting, Biden Begins Event by Talking About Jenis Ice Cream:

I Came Down Because I Heard There Was

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (VIDEO)


Christian children were just murdered in a mass shooting at a Nashville elementary school, but Joe Biden started the event by talking about chocolate chip ice cream.


“I eat Jeni’s Ice Cream, chocolate chip. I came down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream. By the way, I have a full refrigerator full upstairs,” Biden said.


For the record, Jeni’s ice cream (also Pelosi’s favorite) goes for $12 per pint so Joe Biden is bragging about having hundreds of dollars worth of ice cream in his freezer as Americans struggle to make ends meet because of the inflation crises he created.


Fox News hosts were shocked Joe Biden was joking about expensive ice cream while ignoring the death of Christian children.

Oh SH*T, we're out of bullets!" -

Ukraine admits the truth in the war


In an interview with Japanese newspaper journalist Yomiuri Shimbun… Zelensky talked about a lot of things. But the biggest item that he let slip is that Ukraine is out of bullets. And then he kind of drew a line in the sand, he told the newspaper that Ukraine won’t launch a counteroffensive until the West sends more weapons and ammunition.


Absolute Devastation in Mississippi

After Deadly Tornado Outbreak


After a deadly tornado outbreak carved a 100-mile path of destruction in the Southeast, FOX Weather's Robert Ray and Nicole Valdes report on the devastating aftermath in Rolling Fork, Mississippi. #Tornado #Mississippi #Weather









The Kindergarten Teacher is now reciting everything we ALREADY KNOW and spewing more lies about who the aggressors are. Welcome to 'MERIKA.


Rand Paul STAFFER BRUTALLY ATTACKED in Washington as Suspect Arrested and Democrats Remain Silent


Comment -

-Ravenous with vengeance, but mindful of the justice inbound that causes such panicked lashing out.

March 27, 2023

A Trip through a 15 minute city in China..




Israeli president urges halt to judicial

overhaul after protests


JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli President Isaac Herzog urged the government on Monday to halt its bitterly contested judicial overhaul, a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sacked his defense minister for opposing the move, sparking mass street protests.


"For the sake of the unity of the people of Israel, for the sake of responsibility, I call on you to stop the legislative process immediately," Herzog said on Twitter.


The warning from the head of state who is supposed to stand above politics and whose function is largely ceremonial, underlined the alarm the divisions opened up by the proposals has caused. It followed a dramatic night of protests in cities across Israel, with tens of thousands pouring out on the streets following Netanyahu's announcement that he had dismissed Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.


A day earlier, Gallant had made a televised appeal for the government to halt its flagship overhaul of the judicial system, warning that the deep split it had opened up in Israeli society was affecting the military and threatening national security.


Three months after it took power as one of the most right-wing governments in the country's history, Gallant's removal has plunged Netanyahu's national-religious coalition into crisis, during a deepening security emergency in the occupied West Bank.

While the government says the overhaul is needed to rein in activist judges and set a proper balance between the elected government and the judiciary, opponents see it as an undermining of legal checks and balances and a threat to Israel's democracy.


Netanyahu, on trial on corruption charges that he denies, has so far vowed to continue with the project and a central part of the overhaul package, a bill that would tighten political control over judicial appointments, is due to be ratified in parliament this week.

He is expected to make a statement later on Monday.


As well as drawing opposition from the business establishment, the project has caused alarm among Israel's allies. The United States said it was deeply concerned by Sunday's events and saw an urgent need for compromise, while repeating calls to safeguard democratic values.


(Reporting by James Mackenzie; Editing by Edmund Klamann and Raju Gopalakrishnan)

The judicial overhaul, which would give the executive control over appointing judges to the Supreme Court and allow the government to over-ride court rulings on the basis of a simple parliamentary majority has drawn mass protests for weeks.


Netanyahu agrees to pause judicial overhaul plans following widespread unrest in Israel


JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed Monday evening to pause a divisive plan to overhaul the country’s judicial system until the next parliament session following widespread unrest in Israel.


As unprecedented strikes gripped Israel, Netanyahu said he was postponing voting on the judicial overhaul to allow time to reach a consensus.


“I will turn every stone in order to find a solution,” he said in a televised address. “We are in the height of the crisis that is threatening our basic unity.”


But he maintained that the overhaul was still needed.


"A large majority of the public today recognizes the necessity of democratic reform in the judicial system," he said.


The move came after a paralyzing day in which hundreds of thousands of people refused to work to protest the government’s proposal. The general strike was called off following Netanyahu's speech.


The prime minister's change in plans came after National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, the leader of the far-right Jewish Power party who had been a major hurdle to postponing the vote, said he would agree to delaying it.

German Doctors Are Attempting to Reverse

Death and Resurrect Humans


A company called Tomorrow Biostasis is focusing on human cryopreservation in the hopes it can eventually reverse death.


The new Berlin startup has already preserved the bodies of about 10 deceased humans.


Liquid nitrogen is the main ingredient used to ensure cryopreservation.


The waiting list for Tomorrow Biostasis, a cryopreservation startup based in Germany, is in the hundreds. And the company already has about 10 cases with some bodies preserved in a lab. What comes next is the real issue.


According to a report from Tech.Eu, the company’s “standby ambulance” has already been busy, with cofounder Emil Kendziorra working to launch Europe’s first cryogenics company (there are already a handful of them in the United States). Kendziorra’s goal: As soon as somebody dies, Tomorrow Biostasis immediately responds to preserve the person’s body and/or brain in a state of stasis. Then, once future advances materialize, the company will treat and reverse the person’s original cause of death and bring them back from the dead to enjoy a life extension.


That’s the plan, anyway.


Kendziorra says his company has “about 10 people” already cryopreserved for training purposes and hundreds more on the waiting list. The company’s typical clientele are 36 years old on average and tend to work in tech, which is perhaps the least surprising development of all. A few of these people just want their brain preserved, thinking their future selves may prefer a new 3D-printed body... or maybe not even a body at all.

When the bodies get transported to Rafz, Switzerland for long-term storage at the European Biostasis Foundation—the process is technically considered a scientific body donation, to make it legal—they get cooled to -196 degrees Celsius and placed inside an insulated tank with liquid nitrogen to lock in the preservation.


Of course, waiting for medical advancement to progress to the point it can reverse what caused your death isn’t the only hurdle in this entire cryopreservation concept. There’s still the small issue of nobody knowing how to actually revive a dead cryopreserved human. Sure, they can freeze the brain to preserve cells and tissues, but bringing a previously dead brain back to life with regular function and memories isn’t quite a thing in our world—yet.


And those are just the big questions. There are also plenty of smaller issues, such as who makes the decision on the revival, because, well, you can’t freeze up on the right timing.

Holy Cow!!! Train Catches Fire at Bryan, TX!!! 3/23/23


This evening when I went trackside to get NS 9818 leading UP train MASEW (Manifest Gateway Yard [East St. Louis, IL] - Englewood Yard [Houston, TX]) at Bryan, I happened to catch one of the trailing units (UP 5626) literally blowing up and catching on fire!!!! It was crazy!!!! Eventually they stopped the train by College Station and firefighters were at the scene to extinguish the flames on the second unit of the consist. Luckily no injuries were reported.




FedNow Service Launching in July - GOODBYE FREEDOM


In this video I talk about the FedNow Service that is launching in July and how this is the backbone for a CBDC which will soon follow.


The FedNow Service is a way for people and businesses to bank directly with the FED and to be able to send instant payments.


The FedNow Service 2023 is what would be required for a CBDC to work effectively. If you want to know about the new FedNow 2023 and the potential for a FedNow CBDC then this is the video for you. In order for the government to launch a CBDC they first need people to be banking with the FED.

The FedNow Service in itself is not a CBDC, but rather the first step in launching one. A CBDC will strip away our freedoms and if you are worried about this, I suggest transferring wealth outside of the current system and into gold and silver.


I have been buying gold and silver for 5 years now and I know my wealth is protected even if a CBDC were to be rolled out tomorrow. Protect yourself.

March 26, 2023

Transgender woman finishes in first place at New

York City cycling event, sparks outrage


Tiffany Thomas has been racing at an elite level for a few years


A transgender female appeared to finish in first place at a New York City cycling event on Sunday.


A social media post from NYC Cycling News showed Tiffany Thomas standing in between two biological females as the first-place winner of Randall’s Island Criteriums on Sunday. Thomas is a transgender woman who rides for LA Sweat.


"Tiffany is a scientist by day, athlete by night," Thomas’ bio states. "Her favorite organ are the blood cells. You will never see anyone with a bigger smile than when she sees a beautiful electron microscopy picture of a red cell. She has never met a barbell, a bike, or a dog that she doesn’t like. She is so incredibly excited to race and represent the LA Sweat team this year!!!"


Now get out there Tiffany and compete against your TRUE gender. And hand that first place award to the second place winner, the one who deserves it.

Heads Up! Big Chemical Spill Into Delaware River, Philadelphia Residents Told to Drink Bottled Water


- An estimated 8,100 gallons of latex finishing solution was released in Otter Creek, a Delaware River tributary near Bristol, the U.S. Coast Guard said Saturday. Authorities said they were alerted of the spill just before midnight Friday.


Philadelphia officials on Sunday morning advised residents to consider switching to bottled water following a chemical spill late Friday night in Bucks County that affected the Delaware River.


The City of Philadelphia advised area residents on Sunday to drink bottled water “out of caution” after a chemical spill in the Delaware River.

“City of Phila recommends using bottled drinking water from 2PM 3/26/2023 until further notice for all Phila Water Department customers,” according to cell phone push alerts shared with CNN. #Breaking #News #Philadelphia

‘Everybody’s dropping like flies’: Federal ‘tranq’ warning follows escalating concerns in Mass.


The new warning from the DEA over “the deadliest drug threat our country has ever faced” follows escalating concerns in Massachusetts about the dangerous animal tranquilizer.


Boston 25 News Comments -


-Congratulations to that Lady who got off the streets and is working toward living a life she wants desires and respects.


-Sucks to see so many suicidal people. They may not be directly trying to kill themselves but that's exactly what they're doing and why they do the drugs. It numbs them from life. May God heal the wounded and bring these poor souls into the light.


-Man, I am so glad I made the decision to get clean 2 years ago. Looks like it was just in time. This is terrifying to witness and to know it could've been me. I feel for everyone out there fighting this addiction. I was placed in a situation that made me get clean, and I hope every struggling addict can have that motivation one day. Just hopefully, it's something different than what forced my hand. I can't wish what happened to me on anybody.

March 25, 2023







Nuclear War Is Coming...By Dr. Vernon Coleman

Harvard Physicist Preparing Expedition to Recover Possible Alien Artifact


Harvard physicist Avi Loeb — yep, the Oumuamua guy — hasn't given up on his quest to recover what he believes could be a potential alien artifact at the bottom of the Pacific. Based on a recent update, he and his team are closer than ever to finally getting their highly scrutinized $1.5 million Galileo Project expedition up and running, setting a date for sometime this summer.


"We have a boat. We have a dream team, including some of the most experienced and qualified professionals in ocean expeditions," Loeb announced in a medium post. "We have complete design and manufacturing plans for the required sled, magnets, collection nets and mass spectrometer."


"And most importantly," he added, "today we received the green light to go ahead."


Interstellar Visitor


It may be a veritable shot in the dark, but what Loeb's expedition is searching for is likely real, though some academic peers might consider his hopes of finding something alien a little hokey.


Their target: a meteorite, designated CNEOS1 2014-01-08, that appears to be one of the few interstellar objects ever observed in our solar system, and the best candidate for one that crashed to Earth.


It's one tough nut to crack — literally. An analysis by Loeb and his team suggested that the meteor is harder and tougher than all of the nearly 300 meteors in NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies catalog. True to his reputation, Loeb posits these clues could mean that what we're dealing with isn't random space debris, but an alien probe.

Ocean Haystack


After years of effort, Loeb and his collaborators have pinpointed where they think the meteor impacted: somewhere within a roughly four-square mile area off the coast of Manus Island in Papua New Guinea and submerged beneath some 0.65 miles of ocean.


Narrowing it down that much is an impressive feat, but Loeb's adventurers still have their work cut out for them. The interstellar meteorite disintegrated into tiny fragments when it entered our atmosphere, meaning they might as well be searching for a shiny grain of sand at the bottom of the ocean. In fact, that's pretty much what they are doing.


Still, they've come up with as practical of an approach as is imaginable in the face of such overwhelming odds. Sleds equipped with magnets, cameras and lights will sift through the seafloor, towed along by a boat. In theory, the magnets should dredge up any meteoritic fragments — be it the iron shards of a natural object, or stainless-steel slivers from an extraterrestrial craft.


"There is a chance it will fail," Loeb told The Daily Beast. But Loeb knows that it's a risk worth taking. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

They want Ukraine DESTROYED, and Putin is ready


Chinese President Xi Jinping completed his first day of visits in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two leaders seem to be getting along swimmingly, with the West watching closely. The U.S. has begun ramping up accusations that China is considering sending lethal weapons to Russia although National Security spokesperson John Kirby admitted that “the U.S. has no evidence China has done so.” China and Russia are continuously warning about NATO aggression and NATO is giving them reason to by signaling that they will amass 300,000 troops along Russia's borders.

Russia and China pledge friendship, denounce the West


Chinese President Xi Jinping promised Russian President Vladimir Putin that significant changes are coming at the conclusion of the latter’s state visit that had both nations denouncing the United States and the West.


This occurred at the end of Xi and Putin’s three-day meeting in Moscow, with the Chinese leader informing his Russian counterpart that their nations have become the main drivers of geopolitical change around the world.


“Right now, there are changes – the likes of which we haven’t seen for 100 years – and we are the ones driving these changes together,” Xi told Putin through a translator as he and the Russian president stood at the door of the Kremlin saying their goodbyes.  “Please take care, dear friend,” Xi said, shaking Putin’s hand.


Before this ominous departure, Putin and Xi pledged to strengthen their special “no limits” friendship. They also jointly denounced the U.S. and the West as they strive to create an alternative power structure to American attempts to create a “unipolar world” controlled by Washington, D.C.  “We are working in solidarity on the formation of a more just and democratic multipolar world order, which should be based on the central role of the United Nations, its Security Council, international law, the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,” said Putin.


The two nations also discussed their “serious concerns” about American nuclear weapons and bio-military activities. In a statement signed by Xi and Putin, they requested that the U.S. clarifies its position regarding the use of nuclear and biological weapons, step up efforts to destroy chemical weapons stashes and refrain from actions that violate the Biological Weapons Convention.


Washington dismissive of brewing Moscow-Beijing alliance

Commenting on the meeting between Xi and Putin, the White House said China is not impartial to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. Washington is urging Beijing to pressure Moscow into withdrawing from Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders to end Europe’s deadliest conflict since World War II.


The U.S. has also expressed disdain over China’s peace proposal for the conflict in Ukraine, claiming that such a ceasefire would lock in Russian territorial gains in eastern and southern Ukraine and give the Russian Armed Forces too much leverage over Kyiv.  China has not responded to the White House’s entreaties. But as Xi left Moscow, Ukraine faced a new series of Russian drone strikes that damaged military infrastructure across the country.

“The world should not be fooled by any tactical move by Russia, supported by China or any other country, to freeze the war on its own terms,” claimed Secretary of State Antony Blinken.


Putin, meanwhile, said in a joint press conference near the end of Xi’s state visit at the Kremlin that Beijing’s peace plan “correlates to the point of view of the Russian Federation.”

March 24, 2023

Transgender HHS official confirms that

Biden fully supports child mutilations


Dr. Rachel Levine, the highest-ranking openly transgender U.S. official, has confirmed that President Joe Biden’s administration is fully supporting the practice of drugging and mutilating children for gender transitions.


During her (It's) speech at the Pediatric Grand Rounds session of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) assistant secretary lauded the medical institution and further promised that medically changing genders of children will soon be normalized.


“I think that it’s not going to be politically advantageous. It wasn’t particularly in 2022. And so I think that as we look at all the different elections in 2024, I think the next two years are going to be challenging. But I am positive and optimistic and hopeful that the wheel will turn after that and that this issue won’t be as politically and socially such a minefield,” Levine said.


Opponents of institutional child abuse and critics of the gender-altering medications and medical castrations slammed Levine’s “optimism” on the normalization of what they call “gender-affirming care.”


Dr. Stanley Goldfarb of the Do No Harm organization, a national association of medical professionals that combats woke activism in the healthcare system, told Fox News that Levine’s appearance at Connecticut Children’s Hospital praising gender-affirming care for minors and claiming it will be fully embraced is wrong and must be countered.


“There is no good evidence that children treated with gender-altering hormones or puberty blockers have improved mental health assessments,” he said. “Despite assertions to the contrary, a recent study from the University of  Washington showed that there was absolutely no change in the psychological well-being of children with gender dysphoria treated with these medications.”


He added that there can be irrevocable harm being done by pushing for these radical, ideologically driven treatments. These procedures, especially for minors, need to be based on rigorous scientific inquiry, not on dubious, agenda-driven studies or the demands of activists.


Rep. Andy Harris, a member of the House Doctors Caucus and co-chair of the Pro-Life Caucus, echoed the sentiment.


“Many pediatricians, particularly pediatric endocrinologists, have expressed serious concerns about the use of puberty blockers, hormone blockers and sex transition surgeries in minors. These doctors know that these medications and procedures can impact children’s bone growth, fertility, and risk of breast and prostate cancer,” he warned.


Harris urged the public to protect the children from these woke movements.


Biden: Florida’s stance against child mutilation “close to sinful”

Levine’s statements came just a week after Biden criticized Florida for its tough stance against child mutilation.


“What’s going on in Florida is, as my mother would say, close to sinful. It is just terrible what they are doing. It’s not like a kid wakes up one morning and says, ‘You know, I decided I want to become a man, or I want to become a woman, or I want to change. I mean, what are they thinking about here?” Biden said.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the state’s legislature have enacted laws that ban classroom discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in primary schools. The Sunshine State’s medical boards have also banned gender-affirming care for minors.


The governor hit back on Twitter with a post saying: “It is not ‘sinful’ to prohibit the mutilation of minors. It is not acceptable for the federal government to mandate that procedures like sex change operations be allowed for kids.”

Michael Boldin discusses the ways people can

stop unconstitutional acts


According to “Path to Liberty” host Michael Boldin, there are three ways for people to stop unconstitutional acts.


The first thing people can do is demand public officials to stop doing the wrong things. However, Boldin said this strategy is bound to fail.


“Those people are [just] doing the right thing at that moment, or because it’s politically important for them because there’s such an outcry about such an issue. [But] as long as they still have the power to do the wrong thing, then you’re in – as St. George Tucker puts it – a state of slavery,” he said.


Boldin, the founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center (TAC), also referenced Founding Father John Dickinson, who said free people are “those who live under a government so constitutionally checked and controlled, that proper provision is made against its being otherwise exercised.”


The second action that people do is file a federal lawsuit, with the hope that federal judges will limit government power. However, Boldin mentioned that there are problems with this approach as well. The third action that people do, he added, is try to vote the “bums” out with the hope that the new set of people voted in will use their newfound power properly. The TAC founder pointed out that these three actions – calling out the government, filing a lawsuit in federal court and using the ballot – form part of the whole structure and should not be downplayed. However, he warned against using either of these three as their primary or sole approach.


People’s sovereignty supersedes bad government


Quoting Dickinson, Boldin said a good constitution cannot guarantee that people will have a good government. The best it can do, he added, is to promote good government.

When a nation has a bad administration, exercising the people’s supreme sovereignty is the only thing that must be done. He also quoted former Supreme Court Justice James Iredell, who said people resisting government the moment it usurps powers not delegated is the way to keep it in check. This response relies on people who understand the Constitution and want it enforced, Boldin added.


According to the “Path to Liberty” host, the American system is based on power from We the People. “All governments are just emanations of a delegation of power from the people,” he said. When the government does things it is not authorized to do, it is tantamount to usurpation and theft of sovereign power.  Boldin ultimately remarked that it is not about asking the government to stop doing unconstitutional things. Rather, it is about stopping government when it tries to do or always does the wrong thing. He added that free people do not beg, ask and demand freedom...


they take it instead.

  Knesset members introduce legislation to outlaw preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Israel violators would face PRISON time.

Israel is Definitely Not America


It could soon become a crime in the state of Israel to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who is not already a believer.


Two members of the United Torah Judaism Knesset, Moshe Gafni and Yaakov Asher, co-introduced legislation that would make it illegal to tell others about Yeshua Hamashiach, the penalty for such being one year in jail if the person is an adult and two years in jail if the person is a minor.


In years past, such a bill would have been easily rejected – and it has been, seeing as how Gafni, who is nearly 70 years old, has been introducing a version of this bill every year with no success since 1988 when he was first elected to the Knesset. This year, however, could be different.


Because the Israeli legislature is now controlled by Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews, there is a greater chance than ever before, since Israel once again became a nation in 1948, for such a bill to actually get passed.


Israel losing American support the more anti-Christ it becomes


Writing for All Israel News, editor Joel C. Rosenberg explains in further detail how the 120-seat Knesset now has a majority who are likely in favor of prohibiting evangelical Christianity in the modern state of Israel.


“These members are far more aggressive in this legislative session than ever before in pushing for legislations to be passed that advance their theological worldview,” Rosenberg says.


If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hopes to remain as such while advancing his other agenda items, including stopping the Iranian regime from building nuclear weapons, making peace with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, strengthening and expanding the Israeli economy as the United States economy slows, and passing sweeping judicial reforms, then he will likely have to sign off on the majority’s demands.

At the same time, Netanyahu risks ostracizing evangelical Christian supporters of Israel, who are among the modern state’s most loyal supporters. If the average Christian turns on Israel, then Israel as it currently exists may cease to persist.


“Indeed, the current judicial reform movement raises further concerns for Evangelical and Messianic Jewish leaders,” Rosenberg warns, adding that even though many believe that such reforms are necessary to improve Israel’s flawed legal system, these same leaders worry about the passage of the Gafni-Asher anti-Christ legislation.


“… if the currently proposed version of the ‘override clause’ also becomes law, then a simple majority of just 61 Knesset members would be able to cancel the High Court’s decision,” Rosenberg explains.


“That would enable the current Knesset to go forward with banning all forms of evangelism in Israel and would provide no legal recourse whatsoever to Jewish and Gentile people – Israelis or foreigners – who love Jesus and want to tell others about Him.”


While most evangelical Republicans, eight in 10, support Israel, support among Democrats and Independents is waning. If the new legislation passes to outlaw Christianity, support for Israel among all groups is expected to plummet.


“This is why the Jews will have to go through the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, during which, as Zachariah says, at the end of this seven-year period, they will cry out for their Messiah and will mourn Him who is pieced, Jesus,” wrote one commenter about this shocking new development.


“Israel should be careful what they vote for,” added another. “Their rejection of their Messiah 2,000 years ago led to 2,000 years of exile among the nations. Do they really want to follow their fathers in the same foolishness?”


The Five 3/24/2023 | BREAKING FOX NEWS March 24, 2023


The Five Comments -


-Gutfeld killed it today. "It's pronounced important."

-I agree 100% with Greg, Richard said, "imporant" without the T and did you see the look on his face when Greg brought it up? Priceless!

-I trust Canada much as I try spending their coins in machines

-Mr Biden you got no clue at all what's going on in the world nowadays 😂

-It is concerning when aoc says, "freedom over fascism.". Has anyone yet taught her the definition of fascism?

-the only point on joe's mind is his ice cream cone, and its particular point. Joe is a basket case.

CLIMATE CULT CLOWNS: University of Helsinki awards Greta Thunberg an honorary doctorate in THEOLOGY for her evangelical work in converting world to green religion


The University of Helsinki in Finland has announced that this year’s Conferment Jubilee ceremony, which began on March 20, includes the issuance of an honorary Doctorate of Theology to climate activist Greta Thunberg.


On June 9, Thunberg will be awarded her Doctorate of Theology alongside various professors and bishops. In essence, the school is treating the global warming fanatic like some kind of religious prophet whose efforts to scare everyone about climate change have apparently contributed greatly to the spread of the “green” religion around the world.


The University of Helsinki’s announcement about Thunberg’s Doctor of Theology award comes at the same time that a Swedish court has given her and hundreds of other climate extremists the go-ahead to proceed with a class-action lawsuit against the Swedish state for “insufficient climate policy.”


Thunberg, along with about 600 other extremists who belong to a global warming group called Aurora, filed a lawsuit against the Swedish government back in November. Their claim is that not enough is being done in Sweden to fight global warming and live up to the European Convention on Human Rights.


In the comments, numerous readers suggested that the University of Helsinki just massively devalued its degrees, which are now worth “zero,” due to its embrace of Thunberg as some kind of globalist-approved “Pastor Greta” who will teach the world the gospel of “green.”

“Whoopi Goldberg says that Greta is a wonderful surgeon,” joked another about the ridiculousness of this whole situation – because why not also give Thunberg a medical degree while they are at it? “I hear that Greta will be performing gastric bypass surgery on Whoopi in Juarez, Mexico. That would be fun to watch.”


Another took pity on Thunberg for embracing all the laud and praise she is receiving, which is exploitative to the core.


“Poor Greta,” this person wrote. “She had to drop out of middle school because her autism prevented her from coping with rigorous classes. But that does not stop her from lecturing us all on a field that she is clueless about.”

Reports indicate that Thunberg will receive the title of “doctor honoris causa” at the University of Finland, this being its highest recognition.

“Among the most high-profile names included in the list was Sauli Niinistö, Finland’s president since 2012, who has been appointed an honorary doctorate in philosophy,” reported Fox News‘ Bradford Betz about the announcement.


“The ceremony is part of Finland’s centuries-old Conferment of Jubilee, in which individuals are recognized for their professional and artistic achievements … Thunberg, a world-recognized climate protester from Sweden, was previously appointed an honorary doctorate at the Belgian University of Mons.”

Do you trust Pastor Greta to save you from

the climate apocalypse she feels is coming?

As you may recall, Thunberg also received a prominent accolade from TIME magazine in 2019, having been named its “Person of the Year” for her efforts to raise awareness about global warming.  Thunberg first launched to fame following a speech she delivered to world leaders at the United Nations (UN) while she was still a teenager. Thunberg scolded the room for refusing to put an end to “eternal economic growth,” which she hysterically claimed is responsible for a coming “mass extinction” event.


“How dare you!” Thunberg howled as crocodile tears began to form in her eyes. “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words, and yet, I am one of the lucky ones.”

When an electric vehicle crashes, even in a minor accident, insurance companies junk the entire car because its battery has to be tossed


The corporate-controlled media is finally coming around to accepting the truth about the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, which is not even close to being as environmentally friendly as its supporters and promoters claim. Reuters published a piece this week revealing that even the smallest EV accidents, including minor fender-benders, almost always result in insurance companies having to total the entire car. The reason for this has to do with EV batteries, which are so expensive to replace that it makes more sense to just replace the entire car.


“We’re buying electric cars for sustainability reasons,” said Matthew Avery, research director at the automotive risk intelligence company Thatcham Research. “An EV isn’t very sustainable if you’ve got to throw the battery away after a minor collision.”


The battery pack in your average Tesla, for example, costs tens of thousands of dollars to replace. The battery pack alone represents a sizable portion of the vehicle’s overall price tag, it turns out. Tesla and many other EV manufacturers have made battery packs a structural component of their cars in order to reduce costs for end consumers – but at what cost to the environment? Unless EV manufacturers change the ways in which they incorporate battery packs into their cars, all this needless waste will continue to pile up.


“The number of cases is going to increase, so the handling of batteries is a crucial point,” said Christoph Lauterwasser, managing director of the Allianz Center for Technology, a research institute owned by Allianz.


Manufacturing EV batteries is costly, exploitative and damaging to the environment

According to Lauterwasser, producing EV batteries is anything but clean and green. Compared to conventional fossil fuel-powered models, EVs and the batteries they contain produce significantly higher carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. And when the batteries are discarded far too early due to an accident, the environmental cost is even greater.


“If you throw away the vehicle at an early stage, you’ve lost pretty much all advantage in terms of CO2 emissions,” Lauterwasser said.  As for the Tesla Model Y, Sandy Munro, head of Michigan-based Munro & Associates, says this particular model of Elon Musk’s fleet has “zero repairability.”


“A Tesla structural battery pack is going straight to the grinder,” said Munro, who analyzes vehicles and advises automakers on how to improve their functionality and repairability.


Then there is the social cost of mining up all the metals needed to make these too-easily disposable batteries. Children in Africa are forced to work like slaves for pennies a day to gather all the materials needed to make these “green” vehicles, adding insult to injury.


“So much for the EV revolution and the green ‘circular economy’ touted by carmakers, politicians, NGOs, and climate activists,” reported Zero Hedge about the matter. “These EVs appear even worse for the environment when compared with traditional petrol-powered vehicles.”


In the comments, someone stressed the fact that modern EVN junk is worse for the environment than 150-year-old combustion engine technology – imagine that.


“But don’t tell Greta,” this person further joked, referring to global warming activist Greta Thunberg who was caught trashing her Tesla EV with junk and fast food wrappers, cans, and other debris. Another pointed out that all car insurance premiums now reflect this EV deception.


“You’re paying to scrap these new EVs,” this person said. “Changing the true rate to insure an EV would lead to further ‘EV hesitancy.'”


Comments -


TedMfftt 5 hours ago

Blanket statement much. Okay I just had my Leaf totaled. In reality the car came away pretty good and the battery is being resold to others who battery isn't holding as much charge. It also wasn't my first fender-bender, the others were minor and easily fixable. The author is full of it. I was able to salvage most of the main components from the EV as the front end was destroyed yet the motor and charger was still fine. The battery was completely unaffected by the accident being directly under the vehicleoccupants. The totaling is due to airbags deploying and the cost of rebuilding the bodywork. Functionally the car was mostly intact, though I clear lost wheel alignment on the side of impact. the frame was still straight and true. I know because I tore the whole thing apart. Maybe Teslas suck, but the Nissan was a champ. EVs are not universal, that is very much true. I would never own only an EV. But my Leaf was a phenomenal get around town car and fun to drive. It's cost of ownership was very low and even the high price of battery replacement is only equivalent to the cost of gas over the same time. For the 8 years I drove it I spent money on tires and wiper blades and that is about it. My battery still had at least half its life yet with 50K miles on it and 12 bars (out of 12) of charging capacity.


We Aren't Arresting You, We're Just Taking You to Jail - Torrance County Sheriff David Frazee

Deadly Fungus Spread Rapidly During the Pandemic, C.D.C. Says


CDC says a deadly fungus Candida auris is increasing in the long-term health facilities.  It is being said to be resistant to alcohol and bleach. With these references in mind, we are going to need to take a hard look at what is going to be added to the list of "Infections" that will target those taking the "Jab."

Biden Accuser Announces BOMBSHELL Decision that’ll RUIN his Career for GOOD


Joe Biden is about to be in some major heat. With a new bombshell announcement from a woman who has accused him of sexually assaulting her, it looks as though his career may finally be ruined for good. As the backlash against him continues to grow, it's becoming increasingly clear that Biden may not be able to survive the accusations that his accuser has consistently made against him.


People are buying into Xi's plan to replace the US: Tudor Dixon | American Agenda


This is nothing short of an INVASION.


"President Xi of China is trying to replace the United States and people are buying into it, we should be terrified."


Tudor Dixon slams an electric vehicle battery plant for pledging allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party.


U.S. Economy on the Brink of Ruin as Federal Reserve Destroys the U.S. Dollar


| Redacted News


The Federal Reserve raised interest rates again by a quarter percentage point, or 0.25% on Wednesday. Even though there seems to be a looming banking crisis, the Fed did this to slow inflation.


Powell really is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he had paused rate hikes, it would have caused more panic about a financial crisis.

Raising rates as planned indicates a stay-the-course mentality. It may slow the economy, but it will reduce the amount of free money that the government created out of thin air during the pandemic.

March 23, 2023

Deadly Fungal Infection Spreading


Local health officials are on high alert amid an alarming spread of a deadly fungal infection.


-If you drank out of the creek when you were a kid, you're immune... If you washed your hands in the gas station bathroom. And then dried your hands on that disgusting rotating towel... You're immune.


-You have played the game, you’ve seen the TV show, now you’re living it in real life


-This is something that is already around so don't alarm the bells but what I do find interesting is why no one can tell us why or how it's spreading except it being in hospital settings. The hospital is one of the worst places to be because you can attract just about anything. 😅


-Please keep these things on hand. Being able to treat things at home either while you wait for EMS or to prevent the illness from being bad enough to have to go to the hospital. Even if you never ever use them and the medical system in your area works like a charm it's so so important to have it as an option.


Medical basics



Activated charcoal: use for poisons, food poising or when you have an upset stomach. Can also be used for allergies or allergic reactions
Arnica tablets: good for bruises, swelling, sprains, strains or general pain. Arnica is called nature's aspirin
Electrolyte drink: used when the patient has been throwing up, has diarrhea, has taken activated charcoal for more than 3 days, or has heat stroke or heat exhaustion
Vitamin capsules

Witch hazel: soothing for cuts, hemeriods, yeast infections, UTI. Is an astringent
Hand sanitizer
Doggie bags: anything with bodily fluids goes in here
Puppy pads: used to create clean area to work

First aid:
Ice packs: used for sprains, strains, migraines, fevers, and if a person is in shock
Steri strips
Ace bandages
Aloe: good for burns directly after the patient has been burned until they stop feeling the burning sensation
Lidocane: spray and gel

Arnica: "nature's aspirin"
Comfrey: cell regeneration
Mullein: lung support
Tumeric: anti inflammatory
Valerian: muscle relaxers
Chamomile: calming
Lavender: healing
Dandelion root: cleans kidneys
Euclyptus: mucus clearing
Peppermint: upset stomach
Rosemary: pneumonia
Milk thistle: cleans liver

Medical supplies:
Nebulizer: with breathing saline
Pulse ox
Blood pressure cuff

Razor: used to shave hair around wound
Snake bite kit
Bentonite clay: used topically for bug bites, poisin ivy, hives
Colidial silver: good for burns, in nebulizer for lung infection
Base salve: good to add oils and use on cuts
Zinc oxide: mix with colidial silver for burn cream, mix with witch hazel for rashes
Lavender essential oil
Chamomile essential oil
Rosemary essential oil
Peppermint essential oil
Thieves essential oil
Euclyptus essential oil


THIS is the Biden scandal with China



There’s a reason why the far-left will stop at nothing to go after President Trump: It’s all a distraction. There’s several failures, missteps, policy decisions, and SCANDALS the Biden Administration would like to keep hidden, and in this clip, Glenn exposes just one of them.


He explains the beyond-suspicious business dealings Hunter Biden — and possibly Joe, too — have had with the Chinese energy company CEFC. Is President Biden helping to make DEALS with China — one of our ENEMIES?!


Joyce Meyer just did it again....

Reaction from a Christian Perspective!


This video is not about if tattoos are good or bad (no, tattoos are not an automatic sentence to hell) ... This video is about Joyce Meyer abusing Scripture! My point is not that Joyce Meyer got a tattoo; my point is Joyce Meyer is using the Bible in a dangerous way!


I don't mean to judge... But her face is so stretched out, she has a Joker's Smile.

Meanwhile In Texas...


Officials are warning to stay inside and issued a shelter in place order after a major leak at a company called BioLab in WestLake Louisiana shutting down I-10. Also, a major chemical plant has exploded outside of Houston Texas in Pasadena.


The INEOS Phenol plant exploded releasing Cumene into the environment near Houston Texas. Prepare now as the supply chain and factories keep shutting down. The Food and the water are becoming poisoned with toxic chemicals.


Eye drops recall sparks alarm as doctors

see infections linked to a dangerous bacterium.





The FDA has warned that two over-the-counter eye drops, EzriCare Artificial Tears and Deslam Artificial Tears, could be contaminated with deadly bacteria that cause dangerous infections. NBC News’ Anne Thompson has more details on what you need to know.


The REAL Reason They’re Going After Trump... AGAIN.


While the Trump indictment rumors dominate the headlines, here’s what this story is trying to distract you from: The banking crisis here in the United States has started to spread to Europe. In the middle of that, some of the largest corporations in America have announced tens of thousands of layoffs.


Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse for the Biden administration, the House Oversight Committee released a memorandum revealing bank records that show multiple payments from a Chinese energy company to several Biden family members.


That SHOULD have been a lead story — but along came some well-timed coincidences. Hunter Biden announced a lawsuit against the computer repair shop owner who exposed his laptop. Then a leak to the mainstream media suggested Donald Trump was about to be arrested. Coincidences, coincidences. Are more people talking about what’s happening with the banks and the economy, or are they talking about Trump?


Are more people talking about an apparent pay-for-play scandal that could potentially go all the way to Joe Biden himself, or are they talking about Trump?


Glenn argues it’s all an elaborate distraction and shows you how deep this all goes.


Peter Schweizer, expert journalist on political corruption and author of “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” tells Glenn, “I don’t know of any other political family as bad as the Bidens.”


This is not just a Hunter or Hallie Biden story — this is a Biden family corruption story, with Joe at the center of it all.


March 22, 2023








Rand Paul calls for DA Alvin Bragg to be jailed for ‘disgusting abuse of power’ in Trump probe


Sen. Rand Paul ripped into Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on Tuesday over his handling of the criminal investigation into Donald Trump that might lead to the former president being indicted.  “A Trump indictment would be a disgusting abuse of power. The DA should be put in jail,” Paul (R-Ky.) wrote in a scathing tweet on Tuesday.


Paul is the latest Republican to accuse Bragg of leading a politically motivated investigation into the 76-year-old former president, who is accused of directing a $130,000 hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016 in exchange for her silence about an alleged 2006 affair.


House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) wrote to the Democratic Manhattan DA on Monday calling his plans to charge Trump “an unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority.”  

The two lawmakers stopped short of Paul’s demand that Bragg be jailed but asked the prosecutor to hand over documents and testify about “what plainly appears to be a politically motivated” prosecution of the ex-commander-in-chief.


Sen. Rand Paul called for Alvin Bragg to be jailed over his Trump probe.  Paul is the latest Republican to accuse Bragg of leading a politically motivated investigation into the 76-year-old former president.

Government report finds that fluoride lowers

childrens IQ bureaucrats quickly bury it


The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) conspired in tandem to cover up the findings of a six-year, long-delayed review of fluoride’s toxicity conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), it has been revealed.

It was Assistant Secretary for Health “Rachel” Levine, the infamous transgender “woman” that fake president Joe Biden appointed to head up the HHS, that intervened last June to stop the release of the May 2022 NTP review, known internally as a monograph.

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) responded to Levine’s obstruction of the review by filing a lawsuit, which ultimately prompted the report’s release on March 15, 2023. The conventional media is ignoring the report, of course, but we certainly are not as it shows that there is no safe exposure – none – to toxic fluoride.

Confirming and strengthening the findings of two earlier drafts of the study that were published in 2019 and 2020, respectively, the new meta-analysis received unanimous support from external peer-reviewers who determined that both prenatal and early-life exposure to fluoride reduces IQ levels in children.

Why does “Rachel” Levine want to keep you and your family in the dark about fluoride’s toxicity?

As far as we know, there is only one other historical example of an NTP report being blocked like this indefinitely, and that one centered around bombshell data exposing the carcinogenicity of Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) asbestos-contaminated talc baby powder.

Just like with that blocked study, Levine, in this case, wanted to stop the public from learning the ugly truth about fluoride, which is added to most municipal water supplies across the U.S. Most other countries, comparatively, do not add fluoride to their water supplies.

The meta-analysis determined that 52 out of the 55 studies looked at definitely linked fluoride exposure to reduced IQ. Of the 19 studies deemed as being of the highest quality, 18 of them came to the same conclusion.

“[R]esearch on other neurotoxicants has shown that subtle shifts in IQ at the population level can have a profound impact … a 5-point decrease in a population’s IQ would nearly double the number of people classified as intellectually disabled,” the NTP review states.

FAN announced that the court had been waiting for the NTP report since the summer of 2020, during which there were many distractions occurring such as the George Floyd psy-op and the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) scamdemic.

At the time, the judge in the case put it on abeyance following the first two weeks of trial and expert testimony, expecting the monograph to be published not long after that. The report never came, though, despite undergoing two unprecedented peer reviews by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM).

Though a controversial topic for many years, the review’s authors concluded that fluoride is a “presumed developmental neurotoxicant,” with 27 out of the 29 highest-quality studies confirming that fluoride at levels commonly added to water supplies heavily damages the brains of children.

“We have no basis on which to state that our findings are not relevant to some children or pregnant people in the United States,” the NTP announced about the findings, making sure to abide by political correctness in calling them pregnant “people” as opposed to pregnant women.

Despite their best efforts to hide this ugly truth from the American public, the Biden regime ultimately failed to keep this study in the closet, thanks to the efforts of FAN in giving it a proper “coming out” celebration.

Soros has been exposed as major player behind

the scenes in possible Trump indictment.


Far-left billionaire George Soros funneled $40 million dollars into district attorney campaigns nationwide, and now his beneficiaries represent around 20 percent of Americans, a new report suggests, and that includes Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is reportedly preparing to indict former President Donald Trump over obvious politically motivated charges.


During an appearance on “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday, Matt Palumbo, the author of “The Man Behind the Curtain,” shared his research findings on how the global financier has influenced prominent campaigns throughout the country.


“He’s had more than a 90% success rate in getting a lot of these DAs elected,” Palumbo said in an interview with hosts Todd Piro and Carley Shimkus. “I hate to use the term brilliance with Soros, but one of the brilliant things he realized is… when you want to get policy reform done with law and order and in this case, degrading it, going through a DA is so efficient because you don’t have to go through a state legislature, you don’t have to go through a mayor.”


“You just back someone with millions of dollars who’s going to do what you want, and that’s what he’s done… across the nation,” he continued.


Why anyone would want to degrade law enforcement to the point of creating chaos is open to interpretation, but it seems quite obvious that the most logical reason is to destroy a society — one that has given someone like Soros so much. Which makes him a truly evil so-and-so. In an op-ed published in the New York Post, Palumbo drew attention to how the 92-year-old financier had invested millions of dollars to ensure that critical districts had left-leaning prosecutors, thereby advancing his goal of “remaking the country” (into something uninhabitable for anyone who isn’t an animal).


The report indicates that Soros’ generous funding has supported 75 prosecutors across the country, who collectively represent at least one-fifth of the U.S. population, and among them are some notable successes. High-profile winners include Bragg, George Gascon, the Los Angeles DA, Larry Krasner, the Philadelphia DA, Buta Biberaj, the Loudoun County DA, and Kim Foxx, the Cook County DA. Soros has funded groups that paid out millions to support the most far left of candidates and who are now coming under fire for basically refusing to enforce laws for violent behavior and causing mayhem in their cities.


“I just cannot find a theory for why anyone would think these policies work,” Palumbo said. “I hate to give the lazy answer of the guy is just evil, but there is no, there’s not even really a moralistic spin on this one, so it’s really all I can think of.”

“Maybe he sees… there is benefit and chaos and reshaping the country from that,” he continued.


According to Palumbo, the failure of liberal DAs to enforce the law in 2020 was a “one-two punch.” This was due to the scarcity of prosecutions and the shortage of law enforcement personnel, which was already a challenge at the time. He highlighted that the US had 30 percent fewer police officers per capita compared to the global average, Fox News reported. The combination of a dearth of law and order, along with the pre-existing shortage of police officers, had undeniable consequences, Palumbo emphasized.


“We were cutting on top of being below the world average and the consequences were impossible to ignore,” Palumbo said. “It’s very seldom the case that a policy can blow up in your face this quickly. But in 2020, you know, while there was a nationwide crime increase, it was the most pronounced in these Soros jurisdictions. You saw a near doubling.”


“And then there were some crimes that, you know, the lack of enforcement even changes how they’re getting reported. So violent crime skyrocketed… that data is very reliable,” he continued.


If we had a functional central government that wasn’t aligned with Soros’ warped political ideology, he would have been behind bars long ago for seditious conspiracy in destroying the fabric of our society.

March 21, 2023


DeSantis criticizes Manhattan DA for Trump probe


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, seen as a leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, broke his silence on the expected indictment of former President Donald Trump for hush money payments to a porn star, hitting out at a New York prosecutor but also taking a veiled swipe at Trump.


As bad as it gets: Credit Suisse rescue deal sparks

fears of full-blown banking crisis


The controversial rescue deal for troubled lender Credit Suisse and the continuing fallout from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank indicates the world is sliding into a crisis “far worse” than the GFC, one analyst has argued. Following crunch talks aimed at stopping the stricken bank from triggering a wider international meltdown, Swiss bank UBS on Sunday agreed to take over its rival Credit Suisse for $US3.25 billion ($4.8 billion) – less than half its Friday closing valuation.


The deal, in which Switzerland’s biggest bank will take over the second largest in the country, was vital to prevent irreparable economic turmoil spreading throughout the country and beyond, according to the Swiss government.


“This is as bad as it gets,” ACY Securities chief economist Clifford Bennett said in a note on Monday.


‘Best solution’


The Credit Suisse deal was welcomed in Washington, Frankfurt and London as one that would support financial stability, after a week of turbulence following the collapse of two US banks. After a dramatic day of talks at the finance ministry in Swiss capital Bern – and with the clock ticking towards the markets reopening on Monday – the takeover was announced at a press conference.


Swiss President Alain Berset was flanked by UBS chairman Colm Kelleher and his Credit Suisse counterpart Axel Lehmann, along with the Swiss finance minister and the heads of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) central bank and the financial regulator FINMA. The wealthy European nation is famed for its banking prominence and Mr. Berset said the takeover was the “best solution for restoring the confidence that has been lacking in the financial markets recently”.


If Credit Suisse went into freefall, it would have had “incalculable consequences for the country and for international financial stability”, he said.


Regional banks at risk


It comes amid warnings that nearly 200 banks in the US are as vulnerable to the same fate as Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). The study published on the Social Science Research Network identified 186 banks that could fail if half their depositors withdraw their funds quickly. US authorities inadvertently triggered a squeeze on regional banks last week by announcing a de facto bailout of SVB depositors, waiving the $US250,000 ($370,000) insurance cap to fully protect all customers.


MS Yellen was grilled by Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford during a Finance Committee hearing on Thursday, where she appeared to confirm the existence of a two-tier system under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

“Will the deposits in every community bank in Oklahoma regardless of their size be fully insured now? Will they get the same treatment that SVB or Signature Bank just got?” Mr. Lankford asked. “A bank only gets that treatment if a [supermajority] of the FDIC board, a supermajority of the Fed board, and I in consultation with the President determine that the failure to protect uninsured depositors would create systemic risk and significant economic and financial consequences,” Ms. Yellen replied.


Ms. Yellen appeared unable to answer how the government planned to prevent large depositors from moving their funds out of community banks into the big banks. “Look, I mean, that’s certainly not something that we’re encouraging,” she said.


Mr. Lankford replied, “That is happening, right now … it’s happening because you’re fully insured no matter what the amount is if you’re in a big bank, you’re not fully insured if you’re in a community bank.”





Watch Nasty Press Quarrel Erupt At 'Ted Lasso' White House Visit


A White House news briefing with the cast of “Ted Lasso” devolved into bickering among the media on Monday. It intensified and got more personal after the actors left. (Watch the videos below.)


Today News Africa’s Simon Ateba, who has a history of interrupting news conferences, began to complain to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that he had not been called on in months and accused her of discrimination.


“We’re not doing this. We’re not doing this,” Jean-Pierre replied with the “Ted Lasso” cast gathered around her.


Ateba, who later aired his grievances on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” told Jean-Pierre: “This is the U.S. This is not China. This is not Russia.”


“Decorum please!” one reporter can be heard shouting. “Let it go,” another said.


“Welcome to the press briefing room,” Jean-Pierre said sarcastically to the actors who awkwardly watched the drama unfold.


“Are we gonna behave?” Jean-Pierre asked the room.

“Ted Lasso” star Jason Sudeikis was there to discuss mental health, but Ateba’s insistence on being heard continued to rile fellow reporters, The Hill noted.


Ateba complained again as national security spokesperson John Kirby was about to take the podium. Fellow journos weren’t having it.




Japan's Futuristic Smart Cities Hide a Dark Secret


Saudi Arabia's NEOM smart city project has gotten a lot of attention lately, but Japan has a handful of smart cities in development that are every bit as innovative and weird and... maybe problematic? Especially a project called The Woven City by Toyota. Let's take a look at them.


0:00 - Intro
3:36 - SSTs
4:36 - Akio Toyoda
5:43 - Woven City
6:49 - Hydrogen Fuel Cells
7:27 - Health Monitoring
10:00 - Progress and Funding
13:20 - Sponsor - Brilliant



Tucker: This is an abuse of power


Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out the possible indictment of former President Trump over alleged hush money sent to Stormy Daniels on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'


Liberals don't care what charge there will be, they just want to see Trump Handcuffed and indicted.


Mother Shares 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Disturbing Classroom Activity “Hunter, Bear, Hooker” (VIDEO)


A Texas mother, Laura Maria Gruber, is speaking out about a bizarre and troubling classroom activity her 13-year-old daughter was subjected to. Her daughter’s class played a game called “Bear-Hooker-Hunter,” an adult drinking game, which had the children striking poses as either a hunter, a scary bear or a “seducing hooker.”


Gruber recounts that the game was held in two different classrooms by two different teachers.


The New York Post reports:


“I picked my daughter and her best friend up from school and my daughter said, ‘We played this game at school, Mom, and you’re going to be upset,’” Gruber told The Post Saturday from her home in San Antonio.


“When she told me about kids getting up in class and posing as hookers, I almost crashed the car.”


The September incident was so disturbing, Gruber said, she pulled her daughter from the school and demanded an apology from administrators. As part of the game, Gruber said her daughter and the other seventh graders in the Social Emotional Learning class at KIPP Poder Academy had to pair up and stand in the front of the room.


The kids were then told to strike poses — either as a hunter, pointing an imaginary gun at each other; as a scary bear with its paws up, or as a “seducing hooker,” with a hand on one hip and another behind their ear, the distraught mom said.


The goal of the game was unclear other than being some sort of “team building” exercise, said Gruber, who felt the game sexualized the children. Her daughter declined to play the game, Gruber said. The boys and girls were organized from youngest to oldest, with some allegedly bribed with candy to get them to play along, the daughter told the mom.


Gruber joined Fox & Friends to discuss the incident.

March 20, 2023

The Third Temple is FINALLY Being Built But Something SHOCKING Is Happening Now!


The rapture of the church is the next major event that is scheduled to take place according to God's agenda for prophetic operations. And there is still unfinished business with regard to the predictions before the Rapture can take place. Which is a matter of time; it might take place at any moment. In point of fact, the only thing that is preventing it from happening right now is the kindness and compassion of God, who is long-suffering.


Thus, the fact that there are no signals of the Rapture does not change the fact that there is at least one key piece of evidence that it is very near at hand. 

On the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where the current Jewish Temple now stands, this sign indicates the current state of preparations for the construction of the new Jewish Temple. Thus, keep watching this video to see what will happen if the third temple is built.


Alex Jones: Trump will turn himself in this week


| Redacted News


President Trump is expected to turn himself into federal prosecutors sometime this week. Manhattan is prepping for chaos as metal barriers are being erected around the Criminal Court building.


Will this turn into civil war?




State Rep. Comey arrested, charged with OUI after crash near state capitol


A Connecticut state representative was arrested for operating under the influence following a crash near the state capitol.

But has she blamed Trump yet?


Agenda 21 Going According to Plan


The $17 billion wipeout of Credit Suisse bondholders has not gone down well in Europe


One section of Credit Suisse's bondholders is set to be wiped out following the struggling bank's takeover by UBS, causing them to see investments worth 16 billion Swiss francs ($17 billion) become worthless.


The Swiss regulator FINMA announced Sunday that the so-called additional tier-one bonds, which are widely regarded as relatively risky investments, will be written to zero as part of the deal.


The move has angered Credit Suisse AT1 bondholders as their investments have seemingly been lost, while shareholders will receive payouts as part of the takeover. Usually, equity investments would be classed as secondary to AT1 bonds.


Therefore, the decision "can be interpreted as an effective subordination of AT1 bondholders to shareholders," Goldman Sachs' credit strategists said in a research note published Sunday.


"It also represents the largest loss ever inflicted to AT1 investors since the birth of the asset class post-global financial crisis," they added.


However, FINMA's move should not come as a shock, Elisabeth Rudman, global head of financial institutions at DBRS Morningstar, told CNBC's "Squawk Box Europe" on Monday.



"AT1s are there to absorb losses, so it's not a surprise," she said. "They've done what they were supposed to do."


AT1 bonds, also known as contingent convertibles or "CoCos," are a type of debt that is considered part of a bank's regulatory capital. Holders can convert them into equity or write them down in certain situations – for example when a bank's capital ratio falls below a previously agreed threshold.


AT1s were created in the aftermath of the financial crisis as a way of shifting risks away from taxpayers in crisis situations. Due to their elevated risk factor, they often have higher yields than other bonds.  Credit Suisse's takeover deal, worth $3.2 billion, by rival Swiss bank UBS was agreed to Sunday with the help of Swiss authorities.

March 19, 2023

Body Language: Defense Secretary Austin, Gen. Milley


Body Language Ghost Comments -


-I have zero respect for either of these clowns. As a military mom, they will never recover any respect from me. The best part of watching this is your read on them and your way of calling them out.

-Milley knows he is a traitor; we all know it!

-These people are genuinely, insane. I can’t remember, ever living through, anything like this. We live under a form of fascism, literally; technically. it’s just shocking. At least we know they are both, clearly, eating very well.

-Milley, the General whose forces posted the lowest recruitment numbers this past year and falling because of pro-LGBTIQQ etc. and anti-White policies he endorses. I'm surprised he doesn't come out in the clown paint. And Austin is only a couple gasps away from a heart attack. OH! The Big Top is sooooo entertaining! [Z]


-The reason we have unmanned drones is because killing actual soldiers could trigger a war. The Neocon response is like stabbing your neighbor for kicking your Roomba.

So, the question was posed to me last night:


Now that we finally have a major situation unfolding, and the dominoes are officially falling. I trust your analysis of timelines. My main question is time. I’m not holding you to anything. I believe your all about Truth, and extremely well grounded in reality. Time my friend. How much time do we have left. And are you envisioning a rapid or a prolonged deterioration from here.


The short answer is, “nobody knows.” I understand you’d prefer a more solid answer than that, but the problem is that nobody has any real idea. Frankly, I’m surprised we’ve made it this far. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as I’ve previously posted my opinions, basically saying “any day now…”


Events are moving so rapidly, now, with the failure of three banks in the past week, and the desperation moves by the Federal Reserve to keep the house of cards from collapsing, are now obvious. Cracks have been seen in the dam for quite a while; now the spider-webbing is accelerating, water is starting to escape.


I’m still of the opinion that the banks will do a “banking holiday” on a Friday, preferably before a 3-day weekend, as that’ll prevent people from having anyone to actively protest for at least 3 days, while the politicians figure out what their “story” will be… and get their own payoffs. The next 3-day weekend for the USA will be April 7-9, 2023.


But if things are falling apart at a much faster rate, it’ll obviously be earlier. I don’t believe it will be a slow grind, happening over years… but over a period of weeks to a few months, before the crash-and-burn is over, and we’re left fighting to survive. While the conditions and overall events will be largely the same as what has happened throughout history with all fiat currencies, the speed at which things are occurring are much faster; another byproduct of technology, information-sharing and alternatives to government-controlled MSM.


Understand, though, the Federal Reserve probably won’t be direct trigger of the economic collapse. They have established the conditions, so that it will happen, and cannot be avoided. Michael Yon made a great point, using forests as an example: if you want a forest fire, you just let undergrowth be uncleared, fail to manage it, and then have a nice hot summer, and the conditions become such that a forest fire WILL start, whether due to careless campers lighting a campfire or a lightning strike from a summer storm. Once the conditions are set, it WILL happen, regardless of what the actual spark is.


I summarized in “Crash Positions,” the results I expect to see as the financial collapse gets into high gear. Instead of me rehashing it, I would ask that you please read it in its entirety.


The conditions are ripe for dollar collapse, due to a loss of confidence in the USA:


The EU is fracturing, as Germany will be forced to face the fact that they’ve been sacrificed like a Bishop on a chessboard, in the Ukraine conflict. They will be forced- sooner or later- to leave the EU and NATO, and go to Russia, hat in hand, to beg for gas. They will do this, or they will die. It really is that simple.


Once Russia pulverizes Ukraine- due to really get rolling at any time now- NATO will no longer be viable, and the European coalition will fail. The individual leaders will be forced to face that the USA is no longer the “good guy” but very much the “baddie,” and that they’ve been used and abused. Public opinion regarding the USA will swing negative, the dollar losing standing along with it.


The Afghan withdrawal debacle has eroded trust from Saudi Arabia, who is now accepting other currencies than the US dollar for oil… This is no surprise. What WILL be a surprise will be when Saudi Arabia (the progenitor of “Operation Sand Man”) repudiates the dollar. This is especially likely now that China has brokered a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Given the war-footing that China is on, to retake Taiwan, prior to the start of operations, they will cease all shipments of goods to the USA, weakening the USA with supply-chain disruptions, before “festivities” start over Taiwan. They may- at the same time- repudiate the dollar, which would (again) erode confidence in it as the worlds’ reserve currency.


Since all of the BRICS+ nations have been trading their US dollars for physical gold, there will come a time when pretty much all of the dollars held by the other countries will have been converted to gold (at prices artificially suppressed by the US government), at which point the international repudiation of the dollar will commence., and then it’ll be “game over.”

One economist I was watching stated the dollar will be done when people no longer have faith in it. They may come as a result of bank-runs and financial collapse, it may come via war, as China and Russia go kinetic against the USA and all the other countries stuck in the Western financial Ponzi scheme, or it may be something which we haven’t even considered.


The full impacts of this economic collapse will be brutal, especially so on the Western countries who’ve lived under the thrall of the fiat-banking systems for the past 200 years. The price to be paid, in my opinion, will end Western civilization as we know it.


Those people who specialized in liberal-arts degrees, enjoy arguing the merits of “democratic socialism” versus “national socialism,” are “woke,” believe a man can- through sheer willpower- transform into a woman, or vice versa… Those people who “identify” as whatever ridiculous demographic of the day or have an entitlement mindset and believe in “white privilege,” all of the people who take their kids to LGBTQXYZ++<> “pride” events, are doomed to become worm-food, prematurely.


Life is going to be tough, and people who are demonstrably weak-willed sheep will be slaughtered pretty much out of hand. They lack the mental fortitude to stand up for anything, and will be unable to save themselves, much less civilization.


Something to keep in mind, is that the Western countries- members of the EU, NATO, Japan and the UK- all use fiat-money systems, yet they produce nothing of consequence. All told they make up a population of ~1 billion people; the other 7 billion people are represented by the BRICS+ countries. So, it’s simply a matter of time, before this happens. Something we always assume, is that China will absolutely INSIST on being the new worlds’ reserve currency… but that isn’t actually needed. They just need to make sure the dollar isn’t it, and that would be enough. Nobody will switch to the Euro or the GBP or the Yen, because they’re all worthless, too.


Some unambiguous signals that the Shit has truly Hit the Fan, are:


The FDIC has no more funds to insure banks accounts, and the Federal Government is unable to recapitalize the FDIC (for whatever reason)
The first “too big to fail” bank does fail, and the government cannot stop it with whatever tools they have available (this includes international banks such as Credit Suisse)
China halts all exports to the USA.
China, India or Saudi Arabia repudiate the use of the dollar for international trade.
Germany leaves the EU and/or NATO.
The US mint stops all sales of gold to private buyers.
The US government declares “martial law” in the USA.
The US government activates the National Emergencies executive orders where they take over everything, and the citizens are now slaves.
Keep watch… and keep preparing.


Source Capitalist Eric

March 18, 2023

Boom: Trilateral Commission Declares “2023 is Year One of this new global order”


The Trilateral Commission’s 50th anniversary marks the culmination of its self-proclaimed “New International Economic Order”. On March 12, the Trilateral Commission held its plenary meeting in New Delhi, India to discuss issues relating to globalization. Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Technetronic Era” has apparently officially arrived.


Amid the new world alliances that are forming as India and China seek to normalize relations and as China just brokered a relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the globalist narrative has opened a new, and possibly final, chapter. According to NikkeiAsia, one unnamed Trilateral Commission member addressed the plenary meeting and stated,


“Three decades of globalization — defined as integrated, free-market based and deflationary — has been replaced by what will be a multidecade period of globalization defined as fragmented, not-free-market-based but industrial-policy based and structurally inflationary. This year, 2023, is Year One of this new global order.”


This reflects Brzezinski’s early strategy to transform the world as he wrote in Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era:


“The nation-state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.”

Welcome to the “new global order”.


The Trilateral Commission Gives the Signal To the WEF


Leaked documents show Pfizer CAUGHT doing the UNTHINKABLE with vaccine production


| Redacted News


Pfizer is trying to sell the EU Covid vaccines that it never makes or ships. That sounds like a crap deal. How did that come about? Oh right, Ursula von der Leyen's texts message inside deal. The terms of that deal will get extended unless something is done about it and many EU states are pushing back so that something can be done about it.


JPL Announces Country Killer


NEO 2023 DZ2 Inbound After Holding the Information for Two Weeks!


Comments -


-Doesn’t seem like anyone is talking about it, maybe on purpose.


-I just calculated the kinetic energy of this asteroid, assuming a density of 2.1g/cm^3. It has the power of a 1,400 kTon nuclear bomb, slightly more than the nukes that the US has in service today. This is assuming there's absolutely no integrity loss during atmospheric entry, which mitigates a significant amount of that energy.


-Well guys, it's been nice knowing you. Guess that movie Don't Look Up wasn't so crazy after all.








Project Blue Beam: WEF Insider Reveals ‘Fake Alien Invasion’ Will Unite Humanity


They have technology that will make you think that aliens are real for now, and we are under ALIEN INVASION - DO NOT FALL FOR THIS.


They think we are stupid and will believe anything they say to us now. We know all about their playbook schemes. We know about Marxist ways. We know what false flags and distractions are. God is coming. And there will not be any place where a WEF'er is going to be able to hide.

March 17, 2023

Minnesota Nuke Plant Admits To 400,000 Gallon Leak of Radioactive Water


Hello Everyone. We at the Minnesota State Regulators want to you to know that We fixed that LEAK that resulted in HUNDREDS OF GALLONS of RADIOACTIVE WATER from the Xcel Energy's Monticello Nuclear Power Plant that happened in NOVEMBER OF 2022.




What international repercussions

will Putin face after arrest warrant?


Seriously? Who would in their right mind actually see this as reality? This is right up there with Zelensky wanting to call all of Russia "Moscow." This is just more LEFTIST FANTASIES.


How They’ll Use the Banking Crisis to Control YOU


| Glenn TV | Ep 260 - When Beck uses the chalkboard, you know we are in trouble.


A few days ago, the White House tweeted: “Our economy is moving in the right direction under President Biden’s leadership.” Does it feel that way to you? Or does it feel like the administration is moving it in a direction that ENSLAVES people like you and me?


Glenn heads to the chalkboard to show the ACTUAL state of our economy and asks: Were the collapses of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate Capital fluke closures, or were they part of a much larger, systemic problem?


And will the Biden admin use the banking crisis to move us closer to nationalization and a central bank digital currency?

Forbes magazine editor in chief Steve Forbes tells Glenn that central banks “must NOT have digital currencies.”


It will be the ULTIMATE oppression and the end of privacy and freedom as we know it. He also slams the Fed’s moves to “create money out of thin air,” warns the audience of other economic problems yet to come and reveals the REAL way to fight inflation.

Why Tucker Carlson Stopped Airing Jan 6 Footage


Defense attorney Joseph McBride discusses why Tucker Carlson, after airing new January 6 footage on a single day, then stopped. What’s up at Fox?


Dinesh Comments -


-The fact that Democrats and Rinos want to stop the January 6th footage shows their guilt

-During the President Trump speech, the networks would not even cover the speech. But notice how fast the cameras were in place as the so-called "'Insurrection'" occurred.

-No way in the world was it TCs decision to stop.


-I’ve been wondering this for over a week. Thanks for clearing this up Dinesh. I wonder if Paul Ryan had anything to do with it seeing that he’s on the board of Fox Corporation. 🤔

Bidens DOJ Tells Court More Than 1,000 People Could Still Face Charges in Connection with January 6


Biden’s Justice Department recently told a federal court to expect more than 1,000 more prosecutions related to January 6.


Two years later… Most J6 defendants committed no violence and were charged with the crime of ‘parading’ on restricted grounds. The US Attorney in DC sent a letter to Chief Judge Beryl Howell, an Obama appointee, letting her know more J6 prosecutions were to be expected.


Bloomberg reported:


More than 1,000 additional people could still face charges in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol, according to a letter to the DC federal court from the US attorney in Washington. The one-page letter, which was reviewed by Bloomberg News, was sent late last year to the chief judge and hasn’t been previously reported. It offers details on what Attorney General Merrick Garland has called “one of the largest, most complex, and most resource-intensive investigations in our history.”


The Oct. 28 letter from US Attorney Matthew Graves to Chief Judge Beryl Howell, which came as the department neared its 900th arrest, estimated an additional 700 to 1,200 defendants. That could roughly double the number of cases filed so far – with this month marking the 1,000th arrest, according to statistics from the US attorney’s office. Biden’s Justice Department with Merrick Garland at the helm has been caught withholding exculpatory evidence in its case against Jacob Chansley.

The DOJ earlier this week responded to Tucker Carlson’s report last Monday on the Q-Anon Shaman Jacob Chansley being escorted by Capitol Police through the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Chansley committed no violence. He said a prayer in the Senate chamber thanking the police for their service. He asked for permission to enter the US Capitol shortly after he entered the building.


Chansley pleaded guilty to obstruction of an official proceeding – a new charge that is only used on Trump supporters, not leftists who disrupt Congress on a regular basis.


Today Jacob Chansley is serving 41 months for his crime of being an eccentric Trump supporter.






This Black Man's life mattered to me. One of the final podcasts he left us.  Find out HERE why he was targeted.

“The Woke Ideology and the Agenda 2030

Constitute an Immense Threat to the Same

Survival of Mankind” – Archbishop Vigano


Italian Archbishop Vigano spoke at the Founding Congress of the International Movement of Russophiles (MIR)


Archbishop Vigano gave a speech the day before yesterday, in video connection, at the Founding Conference of the International Russophiles’ Movement. His focus was the battle against Globalism, which unites – significantly – President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin.


The woke ideology and the Agenda 2030 constitute an immense threat to the same survival of mankind: let’s fight this battle with honor, knowing that we are under the protection of God.


source Station Gossip


Archbishop Vigano shares in his message:


Download Archbishop Vigano’s entire

message or read from Here

631746934 Achbishop Vigano MESSAGE To Russophiles 14 March 2023
PDF – 256.9 KB 68 downloads

POLL: More Than Half of Democrats Say Their Lives Will Never Return to Pre-Pandemic Normal


One of the fascinating things about the COVID pandemic was how it broke down along partisan lines. You could almost tell how a person voted by how they handled the pandemic.


Democrats not only were much more cautious and likely to wear a mask, but in some cases, it seemed like they never wanted it to end.


Townhall reports:


More Than Half of Democrats Say Their Lives Will Never Return to Pre-Covid ‘Normal’


It’s not difficult to find individuals who haven’t returned to pre-COVID normal roaming in our midst. People still wear face masks on planes and public transit — and sometimes while driving alone in their cars. The ultra-boosted crowd still posts selfies while getting their umpteenth jab. Others still insist that it’s “unsafe” to attend large events…


Gallup’s survey found that, overall, one-third of Americans said their lives are “completely back to normal” while 20 percent said things aren’t yet normal but will be and 47 percent said things are “not back to normal” and “will not return” to normal.


Gallup emphasized in its report that, despite waning pandemic mandates and restrictions, those “who don’t foresee a return to normalcy may be getting used to a ‘new normal’ that, for some, means occasional mask use, regular COVID-19 vaccines and avoidance of some situations that may put them at greater risk of infection, particularly at times when COVID-19 infections are spiking.” No thanks?


The pollster also noted that the “issue remains politically charged, with Republicans more likely to report a return to normal, while Democrats are more likely to say their lives will never be the same again.”


Broken down by party affiliation, a whopping 53 percent of Democrats say life is “not back to normal” and never will be. Forty-nine percent of independents say the same, but just 33 percent of Republicans think the normalcy ship has sailed. What a miserable way to live and look at the world. Most Americans want freedom. The last three years have seriously gotten in the way of that.