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EcoHealth Alliance: Controversial group back in the spotlight for alleged 'double billing' of Wuhan lab work (Video)


EcoHealth Alliance, a New York City-based nonprofit that works internationally to prevent emerging diseases, has been scrutinized by Republican politicians for its relationship with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China, and research money in the years leading up to the COVID-19 outbreak.


EcoHealth is now back in the spotlight following a CBS News report stating they may have double billed for Wuhan projects through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).


"What I've found so far is evidence that points to double billing, potential theft of government funds. It is concerning, especially since it involves dangerous pathogens and risky research," Diane Cutler, a former federal investigator hired by Kansas Republican Sen. Roger Marshall, told the outlet.

Knock, knock: Store controlling customer

entry after shoplifting, assaults


“Rampant shoplifting and assaults on staff” have pushed a clothing store to lock the doors and decide who to let in.


Central Hamilton’s Backdoor shop on Bryce St made the change on March 7, after two large thefts in as many days. This comes as two Hamilton dairies close their doors for good due to the escalating violent crime in the city.


A sign at Backdoor asks customers to knock or phone to get inside.


“Due to rampant shoplifting and assaults on staff we have had to resort to opening on demand ONLY,” the notice says. “Apologies to genuine customers but safety and wellbeing of our staff is our greatest concern.”


Thefts were getting out of control, shop policy doesn’t allow them to physically stop people, and they didn’t know what to do, manager Poppy Lowrie said.


“I think [thieves have] kind of changed their behavior, they’ve been acting friendly. We’ve been serving them and next minute they’ve got an armful of stuff, and they’re running out the store with it.”

“We’ve got people coming with getaway cars, and they’re parking them outside the store.”


The shop is isolated, Lowrie said, making it easier for people to get away with stealing. Shoplifting is happening at least once a week, but two large thefts in consecutive days were the catalyst for change.


“We thought, they’re clearly connected and if they know they can get away with it, they will keep coming back.”

Your Organized Pantry Is Rooted in Racism

And Sexism, Says College Professor


It’s almost spring-cleaning time, but according to one college professor, cleaning your pantry is racist and sexist.


A viral TikTok trend has emerged where users share their well-organized refrigerators and pantry closets. But Loyola University Chicago marketing professor Jenna Drenten wrote in The Conversation criticizing the trend, which she dubbed “pantry porn,” for glamorizing and stylizing home organization. Drenten then said that the trend was similar to the desire for niceness, which was rooted in racism and sexism.


“In today’s consumer culture, ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ isn’t just a mantra; it’s big business. Nowhere is this more evident than the kitchen pantry,” Drenten wrote. “As someone who studies digital consumer culture, I’ve noticed an uptick in glamorized, stylized and fully stocked pantries on TikTok and Instagram, giving rise to a content genre I dub ‘pantry porn.’”


Drenten wrote about how pantries emerged as a status symbol in the 1800s, then became more common in middle-class homes in the 20th century, before becoming ubiquitous in modern times. She then said that modern celebrity culture has made the pantry a status symbol once again, while social media influencers have also stepped in to bring the status symbol back down to the masses.


Furthermore, “pantry porn” stems from the early social media phenomenon of “food porn,” highly glamorized pictures of cooking and eating food.


Having established the pantry as a status symbol, Drenten goes further. “Storing spices in coordinated glass jars and color coordinating dozens of sprinkles containers may seem trivial,” she said. “But tidiness is tangled up with status, and messiness is loaded with assumptions about personal responsibility and respectability. Cleanliness has historically been used as a cultural gatekeeping mechanism to reinforce status distinctions based on a vague understanding of ‘niceness’: nice people, with nice yards, in nice houses, make for nice neighborhoods.”


“What lies beneath the surface of this anti-messiness, pro-niceness stance is a history of classist, racist and sexist social structures,” she concluded. “In my research, influencers who produce pantry porn are predominantly white women who demonstrate what it looks like to maintain a ‘nice’ home by creating a new status symbol: the perfectly organized, fully stocked pantry.”

Drenten also claimed that the trend reinforces sexist tropes about the domestic housewife as a feminine ideal. “Magazines like Good Housekeeping were once the brokers of idealized domestic work,” she wrote. “Now online pantry porn sets the aspirational standard for becoming an ideal mom, ideal wife and ideal woman. This grew out of a shift toward an intensive mothering ideology that equates being a good mom with time-intensive, labor-intensive, financially expensive care work.”


“Sure, all of those baskets and bins serve a functional purpose in the home: seeing what you need, when you need it,” she added. “But the social pressure to curate a perfect pantry might make some women work overtime. Pantry porn, as a status symbol, relies on the promise of making daily domestic work easier. But if women are largely responsible for the work required to maintain the perfectly organized pantry, it’s critical to ask: easier for whom?”

Tucker goes there predicts a hot war with Russia (and maybe China) leading to wartime

crushing of political dissent


Love him or hate him, Tucker Carlson has become the most important political analyst of our era. The release to him of suppressed J6 Capitol footage that contradicted the Democrat/media narrative dominated political news until Carlson's questionnaire on Ukraine policy to the potential GOP presidential field knocked it out of the headlines. Not since Woodward and Bernstein dominated the news with Watergate has a media source produced results that focused the national spotlight so completely as Mr. Tucker Carlson. Unsurprisingly, many are the progressives who want to see him knocked off the air.


Last night, he began his top-rated hour-long program with the following startling statement: "You're going to get a hot war with Russia — and China — whether you want one or not."


He followed with analysis of the Black Sea drone incident and the calls for retaliation and escalation from Lindsey Graham and "his friends in the war party" that would likely lead to outright war. And wartime, he noted at the end of the segment, leads to extraordinary suppression of political dissent.;


"...[T]he second we actually go to war with Russia, they will use that as a pretext to crush all dissent. Dissent is not allowed in wartime. And that's what this is really about (in addition to their personal enrichment). It's about changing the domestic politics of the United States. The second we can all say that we are at war with Russia, not 'in effect' but in reality in a hot war which is what they want, that's the moment you are no longer allowed to express your opinion. And the penalty is jail during war.."


He linked the timing of the incident to the war skepticism over Ukraine voiced by many of the GOP respondents to his presidential field questionnaire. He also claimed that a majority of both Republicans and the general public do not support war against Russia, yet expression of skepticism is characterized in the media as supporting Russia. The video clip examples he provided were startling, as was his analysis of the worried look on the face of General Milley discussing the incident:


Tucker noted that the U.S. has sent Ukraine more money than the typical entire Russian military budget, yet Ukraine complains that it is running out of ammunition and demands more. So, what has happened to the $100 billion–plus sent to the most corrupt country in Europe? Don't ask, or you will be demonized in the media, just as Speaker McCarthy is currently undergoing for refusing to pay a visit to Ukraine to kiss Zelensky's ring.


The fifteen minutes of this opening were the most important thing on television yesterday. If you missed it, be sure to watch the entire segment via YouTube. Right here on The Brutal Truth.

March 15, 2023 

Tucker: This was a disaster for America


Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out wokeness in American banking on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #foxnews #fox #tucker #tuckercarlson


Tucker Comments -


-The pandemic was the greatest wealth transfer in history. The poor got poorer, and the wealthy got wealthier.

-As a retired banker and daughter of a banker this is so disturbing. Truly an embarrassment. I have no words.

-All these “commercials” are exactly why we don’t watch TV. And if we do it’s streamed with no bs commercials. Sadly I’m all but forced to watch re-runs and old movies to continue to avoid the trash and evil they have injected into EVERYTHING. It really is sad and disgusting.


-Important detail: In 1992 Barney Frank lit the fuse on the 2008 Mortgage Crisis by requiring banks to make loans to underserved groups in spite of loan underwriting challenges. When the government agreed to backstop these loans, the bubble got going. Now we find him on the BoD of Signature Bank, this time partying on endless quantitative easing by the Fed.

Why the Banking System is Breaking Up


The collapses of Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank are like icebergs calving off from the Antarctic glacier. The financial analogy to the global warming causing this collapse is the rising temperature of interest rates, which spiked last Thursday and Friday to close at 4.60 percent for the U.S. Treasury’s two-year bonds. Bank depositors meanwhile were still being paid only 0.2 percent on their deposits. That has led to a steady withdrawal of funds from banks – and a corresponding decline in commercial bank balances with the Federal Reserve.


Most media reports reflect a prayer that the bank runs will be localized, as if there is no context or environmental cause. There is general embarrassment to explain how the breakup of banks that is now gaining momentum is the result of the way that the Obama Administration bailed out the banks in 2009. Fifteen years of Quantitative Easing has re-inflated prices for packaged bank mortgages – and with them, housing prices, stock and bond prices.


The Fed’s $9 trillion of QE (not counted as part of the budget deficit) fueled an asset-price inflation that made trillions of dollars for holders of financial assets, with a generous spillover effect for the remaining members of the top Ten Percent. The cost of home ownership soared by capitalizing mortgages at falling interest rates into more highly debt-leveraged property. 


The U.S. economy experienced the largest bond-market boom in history as interest rates fell below 1 percent. The economy polarized between the creditor positive-net-worth class and the rest of the economy – whose analogy to environmental pollution and global warming was debt pollution.

Is Tucker Carlson Being Censored? Consequential Republican Questionnaire is Mysteriously Muted as Carlsons Twitter is Banned from Searches


On Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson released his results from a lengthy questionnaire that he sent to each declared and potential Republican candidate both on his show and on his official Twitter account. The Twitter thread garnered millions of views by giving unprecedented insight into how the 2024 GOP field would handle the war in Ukraine and American support of it.


That thread, however, has seemingly disappeared as of Wednesday morning. The disparity was first noticed by Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern who wrote, “Hey, [Elon Musk]… Why is [Tucker Carlson]’s main account banned from the search results, and why are the answers to his questions about Ukraine being censored?”

Why is Tucker being Banned on Twitter?




FLASHBACK - Action Network bonds Antifa, BLM riots, and DNC at the hip


Over the weekend, the Trump Administration made a strong move to re-establish law and order in the face of violent, far leftist “protests.” The flash point is Portland, aka Antifa central.


Over the past 50 days, Antifa has established ground superiority over Portland. The Trump Administration, no longer willing to tolerate the constant violence and destruction, against the wishes of local authorities, sent the specially trained law enforcement BORTAC- Border Patrol Tactical Unit- to defend areas within Federal jurisdiction.


Not surprisingly, the Democratic Party chose the side of Antifa, claiming what was occurring in Portland were peaceful protests that were winding down, only now to be stoked back up by the President’s actions.


Though laughably brazen, the Democrats’ bizarre claims could not have come as a shock to Americans who had been following as events unfolded. With media allies, the Democrats were asking Americans to trust their voices and those of the media, and not believe their own “lying” eyes.


Did we really not see with our own eyes this hammer attack on a Federal officer?

Look at the size of that hammer!

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Overall, while ChatGPT may not be able to directly help you make money, it can certainly provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your career or business ventures.

March 14, 2023 

DeSantis Yanks Hyatt Regency Miami’s Liquor License for Hosting Holiday Drag Show with Kids Present


The state of Florida is revoking the Hyatt Regency Miami’s liquor license after the hotel’s event center hosted a drag queen-themed Christmas show back in December in the presence of minors.


Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation filed a 17-page complaint against the Hyatt Tuesday for violating a state statute that prohibits lewd or lascivious exhibition in front of those 16 years and younger. The complaint alleges that the drag show, hosted at the James L. Knight Center, which is connected to the Hyatt, featured:


"..performers forcibly penetrating or rubbing their exposed prosthetic female breasts against the faces or oral cavities of audience members; intentionally exposing performers’ prosthetic female breasts and genitalia to the audience; intentionally exposing performers’ buttocks to the audience; simulating masturbation through performers’ digitally penetrating prosthetic female genital; and graphic depictions of childbirth and/or abortion..."


The show, titled “A Drag Queen Christmas,” is a Christmas-themed drag spectacle that tours across the country featuring participants from the reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”


Before the show debuted, the department issued a warning to the Hyatt that it must not admit minors or else risk losing its alcohol license. But the venue still admitted minors as long as they were accompanied by an adult.


“Although Respondent [the Hyatt] updated its advertising to include a disclaimer that the Show was ‘recommended for audiences 18+,’ Respondent’s admission policies specifically allowed for minor children to attend if ‘accompanied by an adult,'” the complaint reads. “As a result, minors attended and were knowingly admitted into the Show by Respondent, including children appearing less than 16 years of age.”


Florida’s business department is under the authority of Gov. Ron DeSantis, who supports the complaint.


“Sexually explicit content is not appropriate to display to children and doing so violates Florida law,” DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin told Business Insider. “Governor DeSantis stands up for the innocence of children in the classroom and throughout Florida.”


This isn’t the first time the DeSantis administration has gone after a business for hosting a drag show with minors present. In July 2022, the Florida government filed a complaint against a Miami restaurant for hosting a drag queen brunch with children present, seeking to revoke its liquor license. Last month, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation filed a complaint against the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation for hosting the same Christmas-themed drag show with minors present.












Grocery stores in Canada are already starting to put up the

automated system which won’t let you access food unless you’re approved.






Vaers ID 1166062-1


A 5-month-old baby boy’s mother got her 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine.


Within 24 hours of breast feeding her son, he broke out in a rash, became inconsolable & died the following day.


Suspected exposure to mRNA via Breast milk, diagnosed with blood clots (TTP).

Most People Have No Idea What's Happening.. (BE CAREFUL)


On the exact same day that we witnessed the second largest bank failure in U.S. history, Wells Fargo experienced an unprecedented nationwide computer glitch that caused countless numbers of account holders to have “incorrect balances” and “missing transactions”.


When it rains, it pours. On the exact same day that we witnessed the second largest bank failure in U.S. history, Wells Fargo experienced an unprecedented nationwide computer glitch that caused countless numbers of account holders to have “incorrect balances” and “missing transactions”. This is yet another example that demonstrates why it is never wise to put all of your eggs into one basket. If you have all of your money in just one bank, you may wake up one day and find that you are suddenly not able to access any of it. For years I have been telling my readers to spread their assets around, because our banking system is far more vulnerable than most people realize.


In particular, I have never been a fan of Wells Fargo.


A nationwide computer glitch at Wells Fargo left irate customers with incorrect balances and missing transactions Friday morning, sometimes dipping accounts into negative balances.


Others anticipated Chase Bank and Bank of America would see an influx of unhappy Wells Fargo customers. JPMorgan Chase is the nation’s largest bank by assets, at $3.2 trillion, and Charlotte-based Bank of America is its second largest with $2.4 trillion in assets. Another Wells Fargo customer tweeted about “definitely closing” their account, using a SpongeBob meme to show how they felt — like they were begging for money.


Wells Fargo is further proof to keep cash on hand for use. In the blink of an eye, a computer glitch or whatever, your funds are inaccessible.


The number one thing that you should want from any bank is security.

Big credit card companies halt work on tracking firearms purchases with a code


Nearly all major U.S. corporations are now led by ‘woke’ left-wing CEOs more worried about “climate change,” “equity,” and using their positions to advance political agendas than actually earn higher returns and dividends for shareholders, as evidenced by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last week.


Previously, all major payment networks had agreed to implement a new merchant category code that would apply to all purchases made at gun and ammunition stores. However, purchases of firearms at other types of retailers would not be included, said the report — likely because the goal is to put gun stores out of business, not fellow woke corporations (which would then stop selling guns altogether).


“MCCs are one data point that would not provide any insight on specific purchases or resolve larger issues,” the Mastercard spokesman said, according to Bloomberg. “We are committed to working with policymakers and elected officials to contribute to constructive solutions that address the gun violence issue, while respecting important constitutional rights and protections for lawful activities.”


Discover has also announced that it will be removing the merchant category code (MCC) as well, stating that it is doing so “to continue alignment and interoperability with the industry.”


Visa and Mastercard’s earlier decision to implement the code had led to swift backlash from politicians. In September 24 state attorneys general had written to then-CEO of Visa, Al Kelly, and CEO of Mastercard, Michael Miebach, urging them to “take immediate action to comport with our consumer protection laws and respect the constitutional rights of all Americans,” according to the outlet.



Three in four Americans fear children's

exposure to transgender movement,

want doctors held liable for mutilating kids!


- In plain English, 3 out of 4 Americans want this all to STOP. -


The overwhelming majority of American parents, regardless of political affiliation, opposes the exploitation of children by the Cult of LGBT, multiple new polls have found. The overwhelming majority of American parents, regardless of political affiliation, opposes the exploitation of children by the Cult of LGBT, multiple new polls have found.


McLaughlin and Associates in partnership with had 71 percent of respondents in its poll agree with the statement that “pharmaceutical companies and doctors who promote puberty blockers and cross sex hormones for underage children seeking gender transition should be legally liable for any harmful side effects that arise.”


Seventy-two percent of Republicans, the same poll found, also believe that doctors and companies should be held liable for the “sex change” mutilation of children – this compared to just 59 percent of independents and 45 percent of Democrats.


Amazingly, 35 percent of Democrats in the poll indicated that they support slicing off young girls’ breasts, removing young boys’ genitals, and pushing children into the arms of LGBT groomers who want to sexually mutilate them.


Perhaps not surprisingly, older respondents leaned towards protecting children while younger respondents apparently believe that destroying children’s bodies is a good thing because it helps them become their “true selves.”


“Those over the age of 55 were more likely by a slim margin to say that doctors and companies should be held liable than those under the age of 55, at 63 to 56 percent,” reports The Post Millennial.


“Among Trump voters in 2020, 77 percent said the companies and doctors should be held liable, compared to 45 percent of Biden voters. 35 percent of Biden voters said they shouldn’t be held accountable.”


If you support mutilating children’s bodies, you’re a pervert.

Dr. Jeff Myers, president of and co-author of the new e-book “Exposing the Gender Lie: How to Protect Children and Teens from the Transgender Industry’s False Ideology,” commented on the results of the poll with the following:


“This poll reflects Americans’ growing concerns for what is happening to young kids in the name of transgender ideology. Doctors are routinely prescribing powerful drugs to kids as puberty blockers without FDA approval for such use.”


“In our new book we document how children are being subjected to dangerous risks and lifelong side-effects, all to promote a radical ideology and reap massive profits for the transgender medical industry. These doctors and pharmaceutical companies must be held accountable for harms that are likely to manifest years after treatment.”


A second poll conducted by the same groups found that 71 percent of respondents are either somewhat or very “concerned” about “efforts to expose children to the transgender movement using things like drag shows, school curriculum, and social media.”

As with the first poll, Democrats were far more likely to support this type of perverted exposure with 46 percent saying they are not at all concerned about the LGBT grooming of children at bars, night clubs, and even churches – this compared to just eight percent of Republicans and 28 percent of independents who feel the same.


Eighty-eight percent of Republicans say they are somewhat or very concerned about child grooming while less than half, or 44 percent, of Democrats feel the same way. Sixty percent of independents, meanwhile, say they are somewhat or very concerned about child grooming.


“From TV to Tik Tok to drag shows and trans curriculum in schools, our children and grandchildren are being bombarded daily with the transgender ideology,” Myers added. “This polling shows that the American public is concerned and angry about this targeting of kids.”

Multiple Mysterious UFOs Captured On Video Over California Puzzle Witnesses


A strange grouping of UFOs was recently captured on video in the sky over Menifee, California.


The glowing object or objects “moved slow and appeared and disappeared,” according to the witness.


“Watch this awesome catch in California,” prolific UFO expert Scott Waring wrote on his website. “The witness saw these objects appear and unite and then shoot into the clouds and vanish several times. This seems to have no other explanation except possible alien craft flying together.”


The person who shot the video of the UFOs stated, “Strange lights over Menifee, Ca. Moved slow and appeared and disappeared, they seemed to become one then disappeared and one would reappear and the up to four. This happened about three times before disappearing into the clouds.”


“This is very peculiar. I’ve never seen earth bound entities do anything like this,” one viewer commented. “Could be atmospheric life forms. There’s always the potential it could be alien.”


“I saw these and filmed these lights as well,” said another viewer who also witnessed the UFOs. “My video is not as clear as this but show the objects moving in the opposite direction after changing course. I can send you what I got if you’re interested.”

Another viewer claimed that these same UFOs were seen over Dubai about a year ago.


“Usually, I immediately say fake, but this looks legit…no idea what it is though,” someone else commented.

Hakeem Jeffries asked about Nord Stream 2 sabotage.


Everything this young man is questioning is SPOT ON. All of these Globalists care about is following The New World Order Agendas.


EVERY YOUNG MAN AND WOMAN needs to stand up like this YOUNG MAN..





March 13, 2023 





Joe Biden Blames Trump For Bank Failures And Broadening Contagion


Joe Biden on Monday blamed Donald Trump for the recent bank failures and broadening contagion.


South Carolina Bill Would Label Abortions As Homicide Make Participants Eligible for the Death Penalty


A South Carolina bill is making headlines for seeking to make a person who gets or performs an abortion guilty of homicide.


Under the South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act of 2023, a person involved in an abortion could ultimately face the death penalty.


Rep. Rob Harris introduced the bill and currently has 21 cosponsors.


The legislation would redefine “person” to include a baby from the moment of conception. This would afford a fetus the same protections as a person who has been born, including capital punishment for their deliberate killing.


There is an exception for a pregnant woman who gets an abortion “because she was compelled to do so by the threat of imminent death or great bodily injury” or if it was the absolute only way to save the mother’s life and efforts to save them both have failed.


The bill would not have exceptions for cases of rape or incest.


The proposed legislation has been under fire from RINO Rep. Nancy Mace, who is taking a break from her seemingly singular focus on legalizing marijuana to complain about the bill.

“To see this debate go to the dark places, the dark edges, where it has gone on both sides of the aisle, has been deeply disturbing to me as a woman, as a female legislator, as a mom, and as a victim of rape. I was raped as a teenager at the age of 16,” Mace said. “This debate ought to be a bipartisan debate where we balance the rights of women and we balance the right to life. But we aren’t having that conversation here in D.C. We aren’t having that conversation at home. We aren’t having that conversation with fellow state lawmakers.”


The South Carolina Supreme Court previously ruled that banning abortions after six weeks was unconstitutional. For now, abortion is legal in South Carolina up to 21 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy.

Jan. 6 Trial Involving Proud Boys Paused After Attorney Accuses FBI of Altering Evidence


A much-watched trial involving Jan. 6 defendants who are members of the Proud Boys organization came to a screeching halt late last week after an attorney for one of the accused leveled the accusation that the FBI had altered evidence in the case.


Dominic Pezzola, one of the defendants in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach trial, had the proceedings paused on Thursday after defense attorneys presented classified FBI messages in court. The defense attorneys claimed that the messages showed FBI agents discussing the alteration of evidence, The Epoch Times reported.


Pezzola is currently on trial for obstruction and conspiracy charges related to his involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach. He was arrested on Jan. 15, 2021, and indicted the same month. The trial began in January of this year.

“There are a couple of emails between FBI agents casually discussing altering a document and destroying hundreds of pieces of evidence. It’s very disturbing and right now we have more questions than answers,” Roger Roots, an attorney at John Pierce Law who represents Pezzola, told the outlet in an email.







MICHIGAN GOV. WHITMER ON COVID LOCKDOWNS: "We had to make some decisions that in retrospect don't make a lot of sense, right? [...] We didn't want people, you know, all congregating around the gardening supplies. [...] It was February in Michigan, no one was planting anyway..."







Some Folks are Truly Blind to Reality


Canberra Aus 🇦🇺 This is literally insane...🔥 Wow, a Looney Toon goes on rampage after seeing a Dedication to The Vax Deaths in the CBD. He says and I quote "𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙣'𝙩 𝙏𝙧𝙪𝙚 𝙋𝙚𝙤𝙥𝙡𝙚"...These people are in 𝘿𝙚𝙣𝙞𝙖𝙡 👇


What You Need to Know About THE MUKAAB


Here is an example of the future in 15-minute cities. Get your walking shoes on!

First Republic Shares Crash 60% As Regional Bank 'Crisis in Confidence' Spreads


First Republic Bank's stock crashed in premarket trading in New York following a statement issued on Sunday night that sought to ease investor worries about its liquidity situation in the wake of the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.


Shares of the regional bank are down 60% in the premarket. The lender said in a statement late Sunday that it had more than $70 billion in unused liquidity to fund operations from agreements that included the Federal Reserve and JPMorgan Chase & Co.


We pointed out over the weekend, "as a result of the SVB failure - one look at what is already taking place at some smaller, vulnerable banks such as this First Republic Branch in Brentwood should be sufficient to see what comes tomorrow if the Fed makes the wrong decision today."


If the Fed's goal was to shore up wavering confidence in the banking system by announcing the alphabet soup of bailout facilities, the BTFP lending program -- well, it hasn't worked yet this morning:


PacWest Bancorp's stock tumbled 27%
Western Alliance Bancorp's shares slid 17%
Charles Schwab's shares lost 6.7%
Bank of America's stock fell 4.4%
Citizens Financial Group's stock declined 2.7%
Wells Fargo's stock slid 2.3%

"Everyone Is Going to Be Wiped Out..." Colonel Douglas Macgregor's LAST WARNING


Colonel Douglas Macgregor "Everyone Is Going to Be Wiped Out..." 2023 message world news current events full video new video today this week this month this year Colonel Douglas Macgregor


The Chinese have this program, One Belt, One Road, which is really an attempt to reinvigorate the Silk Road that used to stretch across Central Asia, all the way through Russia, Ukraine, and then into Europe, and partially down into Turkey and the Middle East.


Colonel Douglas Macgregor is a retired U.S. Army colonel and government official, and an author, consultant, and television commentator. 


He played a significant role on the battlefield in the Gulf War and the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. His 1997 book Breaking the Phalanx established him as an influential if unconventional theorist of military strategy. His thinking contributed to the US strategy in its 2003 invasion of Iraq.






Congresswoman Embarrasses Kamala Harris on Border Issues




Sen. John Kennedy: This took my breath away


Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., joined 'Fox News Sunday' to discuss his concerns surrounding Biden's budget proposal and growing calls for the U.S. to designate cartels as terrorist organizations. #FoxNews


Levin: This is a scandal no one is talking about


Fox News host Mark Levin said the Democratic Party has an anti-Semitism problem on 'Life Liberty & Levin.' #foxnews #fox #levin

This individual (Farrakhan) has been making speeches like this for decades and it seems none of the legacy media or Democrat politicians have called him out on it. Quite the contrary.


Putin and China just launched the GREAT RESET on the west with this move | Redacted News


Europe is in real trouble after the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline and failed western sanctions on Russia. This week we saw our clearest indication yet that the Russia-China alliance just launched the great energy reset on the West after a series of massive trade escalations led to new records.


Red Cross Provides Maps to Illegals Sharing Where to Cross Border and Providing Helpful Tips


As illegals continue to pour over the Biden Administration’s broken border, The Daily Caller News Foundation has uncovered The Red Cross is sharing guides for U.S. bound illegals that includes a map to the border and helpful tips and free resources available to them.


According to Daily Caller reporter Jennie Taer, the map is “part of a packet stamped with the International Committee of the Red Cross and American Red Cross logos, shows a list of resources, including hotels, clinics and shelters where migrants can get support in Mexico and Central America.”


The map shows defined paths which take illegals directly to cities along the U.S.-Mexican border including direct routes to El Paso, Texas, Nogales, Arizona, and McAllen, Texas.


The packet also provides a helpful “self-care” tip for surviving the desert, addressing diseases most likely to occur, how to safely jump on trains and how to obtain free contraceptives.


I’m sure the child and human trafficking cartels and drug smugglers are deeply appreciative.

March 12, 2023 

Please listen to this Cliff High forecast update about the banks and the FED for the next few months and do what you need to do to prepare.


We have been warned for a few years now, but the time has come. He has his own terms for things like "the big ugly" with the collapse of our financial system and the "Mother Weffers" which are the WEF and their digital currency. But as we see, SVB and a couple of other small banks crashed on Friday. If people get spooked enough, all hell could break loose. He also tells the timeliness for the next few months.

What we can expect.


Exhaustive Study of German Mortality Data Finds Excess Deaths Tightly Correlated with Mass Vaccination


Excess mortality in Germany 2020–2022 is a preprint by Christof Kuhbandner (a psychologist at Regensburg) and Matthias Reitzner (a statistician at Osnabrück) that applies sophisticated actuarial analysis to the publicly available all-cause mortality data provided by the German government. It turns out that when you account for historical mortality trends, the virus no longer looks so dangerous, and the vaccines no longer look so great.


From the abstract:


In 2020, the observed number of deaths was close to the expected number with respect to the empirical standard deviation. By contrast, in 2021, the observed number of deaths was two empirical standard deviations above the expected number. The high excess mortality in 2021 was almost entirely due to an increase in deaths in the age groups between 15 and 79 and started to accumulate only from April 2021 onwards. A similar mortality pattern was observed for stillbirths with an increase of about 11 percent in the second quarter of the year 2021.

Something must have happened in April 2021 that led to a sudden and sustained increase in mortality in the age groups below 80 years, although no such effects on mortality had been observed during the COVID-19 pandemic so far.


What happened in April 2021 was the beginning of mass vaccination across Germany.


Here’s an overview of mortality deficit or excess by age bracket. 



Tucker Carlson: The truth needs to come out


Tucker Carlson sits down with Redacted Host Clayton Morris for a wide-ranging interview about the January 6th video controversy, the state of journalism, personal attacks and much more.


San Diego diocese faces lawsuit from insurance carrier for violating policies in clerical abuse settlements


SAN DIEGO, California (LifeSiteNews) — The Diocese of San Diego is facing yet another lawsuit regarding clerical sexual abuse cases, this time from its own insurance company.


On Friday, March 3, the Catholic Mutual Relief Society of America, also known as Catholic Mutual Group, filed a lawsuit in federal court against the San Diego diocese, accusing it of violating the terms of its policies. The insurance company claims it is not legally bound to continue paying settlements the diocese reaches with victims of clerical sex abuse.


According to the lawsuit, Catholic Mutual Group accused the diocese of knowing that numerous members of its clergy “had proclivities toward sexual abuse of children such that coverage is precluded.”


The insurance company also alleged that recent diocesan statements about the abuse cases violated the terms of the insurance policy. On Feb. 9, Cardinal Robert McElroy announced to San Diego Catholics that the diocese may be filing for bankruptcy because of the magnitude of the more than 400 cases it was facing, many of which dated to the 1960s through the 1980s. 

In a news conference the following day, Kevin Eckery, communications director for the diocese, estimated that it would cost the diocese $550 million to settle all of the current cases.

Ukraine's Zelensky advances petition to rename entirety of Russia 'Moscow.'


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky requested on Friday the "comprehensive processing" of an online petition to rename the Russian Federation to simply 'Moscow,' after the bill passed the 25,000 signatures needed to force the Ukrainian government to respond.


The petition, started in November, argued that the entirety of Russia should be renamed Moscow because "the historical name of Russia is Muscovy...'Russia' has existed for only 301 years, the name change gave ground for further encroachment on the history of Kyivan Rus'," according to petition author Valeriya Shakhvorostova.


Further, Zelensky warned that "the above-mentioned proposal also has international legal aspects ...the issue raised in the petition needs to be carefully worked out both in terms of the historical and cultural context and from the perspective of possible international legal consequences."

 That's a Whole Lot of Moscow. How does the Rest of the World feel about that?  Maybe we should call America "Washington."

Funny how ISIS shows up when the US needs to justify keeping troops in Syria, isn't it?




On March 11, terrorists believed to be members of ISIS attacked a group of civilians who were collecting truffles near Khanaser town in the southern countryside of Aleppo in Syria’s central region.


According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the terrorists “slaughtered” three of the civilians, all young men, and abducted 26 others, including women. The London-based monitoring group said that the attack took place near a position of Iranian-backed forces, who maintain a large presence on the strategic road leading to Khanaser and from there to Aleppo city.


ISIS cells in central Syria escalated their attacks against government forces and civilians in the region in the last few months.


Just a day earlier, a pro-government fighter was killed, and ten civilians were wounded in two separate attacks that took place near the town of Kobajjep in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor and in the area of al-Bruk in the governorate’s southern countryside. Both attacks were blamed on ISIS.







New York Gas Ban Rules


No Gas or Propane for Cooking, hot water, dryers, or Heating for New Homes built by 2025 and a Ban by 2030


Montana Wants To Ban The Vaccinated, People With Long COVID-19 From Donating Blood


A Montana state legislator filed a bill that aims to prohibit people vaccinated for COVID-19 to be able to donate blood, making the act a misdemeanor with a maximum $500 fine.


State Rep. Greg Kmetz’s bill has the short title “Prohibit donations of certain blood and blood products,” proposing a ban on blood donation from people who were treated with the COVID-19 vaccine or those who suffer from so-called long COVID-19.


“A person may not knowingly donate whole blood, plasma, blood products, blood derivatives, human tissue, organs, or bones containing gene-altering proteins, nanoparticles, high-count spike proteins from long COVID-19, or other isolates introduced by mRNA or DNA vaccines, mRNA or DNA chemotherapies, or other novel mRNA or DNA pharmaceutical biotechnologies,” the proposed bill read.


Long COVID-19 syndrome, also known as post-COVID-19 syndrome, is characterized by a variety of new, returning, or persistent symptoms that occur more than four weeks after receiving COVID-19. Post-COVID-19 syndrome can persist months or years in some persons and cause disability.


The bill also proposes to prohibit use, receive, accept, ship, transfer, or administer blood known to have been from someone in a similar situation.


New sections introduced by the bill to state law also provide to exempt “screening or testing” as part of the acts that can constitute discrimination based on vaccination status or the possession of immunity passport. A blood bank may also now be held liable “in the absence of fault or negligence for injuries” if the blood products it used weren’t screened and later discovered to contain spike proteins from vaccines.


Kmetz described the bill, which was formally submitted on Feb. 17, as “slightly controversial to say the least” near the end of a lengthy Facebook post titled “Week 8 Diary.”


“I was the bill sponsor and carried it, but the true sponsor was Dr. Christy Drivdahl from Miles City,” Kmetz wrote. “Dr. Drivdahl was suspicious of the trillion plus dollar program to vaccinate the whole earth for a disease that had over a 99% survival rate. She refused to buy into it from day one, and neither did I.”


Kmetz relayed that Dr. Drivdahl “noticed huge jumps in myocarditis cases in the young.”


“She had never seen that before and started asking the famous question… have you been vaccinated?” the state rep added. “She saw cancers take off like they were jackrabbits and again asked if they had been vaccinated, as she saw a correlation.”



Dr. Joe McArdle, a senior researcher at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, believes that such a law that Kmetz proposes cannot exist, noting that the bill is a “big waste of time and money.”


“No traces of mRNA actually remain in the blood after 3 weeks, so the whole thing is pointless. Also, all biologics authority in the US falls under the FDA, so once again,” he wrote.


It is noteworthy that Kmetz background is a bachelor’s degree in industrial education from the University of Wyoming. While his bill is lodged in the Health and Human Services Committee of the state congress, he is not a member of the committee.


The committee voted to table the bill in a 19-1 vote.


As of December 2022, the state of Montana has 69.64% of its population vaccinated with at least one dose while 60.41% is fully vaccinated.

Banks SEIZED By Feds In 'Extinction Level Event!' | Cash GONE, Total Financial Collapse Imminent?


Silicon Valley Bank collapsed yesterday after a bank run and a capital crisis led to the second-largest failure of a financial institution in U.S .history. This is bad..


This is why the laws should be change around banking:


1. Banks may only be a holding for private and business funds

2. Banks may only invest or use for investment 1% of the individual or investors bank accounts.

3. Every investment transaction will be made public even if you are considered a private bank or trust / thrift bank or credit unions or a savings and loan


4. Every account holder should be returned 10% of their portion of anything invested from their account.


Banks should never be bailed out only the individual account holders. Period, Ever.

March 11, 2023 

Guns for me but not for thee!


GOP rep unveils bill to install weapons lockers so House employees can take guns to work in 'crime-ridden DC'


Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., on Friday introduced legislation that would allow congressional employees to carry legally possessed weapons in self-defense to and from Capitol Hill and safely store them while at work.


The Safe Storage Lockers for House Office Buildings Act would require Capitol Police to install and operate lockers at the entrances of House office buildings where workers could store their weapons.


In Washington, D.C., individuals are allowed by law to carry and use certain weapons for self-defense, including self-defense sprays, stun guns and concealed firearms. However, both D.C. and federal law prohibit individuals from carrying these weapons inside a federal building.




LIVE: Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/11/23 FULL | TRUMP'S BREAKING NEWS March 11, 2023


Dishonesty That Knew No Limits - The Jan 6 Committee lied. Its members are LIARS.


Kamala Harris Brings Environmentalist Hysteria to New Low,

Claims Climate Is Causing This Illness Among Young People


I can almost picture the drug commercials now.


Envision it with me: A worried millennial walks through a smog-filled park, his/her/their/xir face fixed in a rictus of existential dread. Then comes the voice-over: “Do you have climate mental health issues?”


“Symptoms could include watching MSNBC for hours on end, worrying if your corgi is contributing to rising sea levels, and physically attacking your grandmother during Thanksgiving dinner for neither serving Tofurky nor giving a land acknowledgement to the Native Americans she stole her suburban flag lot from.


It sounds like a good drug name, doesn’t it? It also sounds like an inherently ludicrous woman one heartbeat away from the presidency who claims our children are facing “climate mental health” issues and don’t even know whether they can start a family or not.


According to Fox News, Vice President Harris was speaking at the “Aspen Ideas: Climate Conference” in Miami Beach, Florida on Wednesday, where she told the audience that young climate activists are at risk of mental illness thanks to climate change. That’s a new low from an elected official if I’ve ever heard one.


“One of the young leaders was talking to me about climate mental health. I said, ‘Tell me what’s going on with your peers,’” Harris said.


She then repeated what the activist told her: “Climate mental health.”


“I said, ‘I think I can understand that, but unpack it for me.’ And she talked about how her peers are thinking about it,” Harris continued.


“One example is, you know, whether, when they’re ready, could they start a family — worried about what that would mean and the stress of it.”

Fears Rise That Silicon Valley Bank Might Only Be the Start of More Bank Failures


The Silicon Valley Bank failed while the top executives at the bank sold their shares before the failure – an obvious misuse of insider information. Having insiders operating like these top executives gives you an idea of the ethics operating at the bank. The fish rots from the head, they say. These individuals may be in serious trouble.


Others were not so lucky.


There are fears that the Silicon Valley Bank may not be the last bank to fail in 2023.


Fears were mounting on Friday for the future of First Republic Bank, after the collapse on Friday of Silicon Valley Bank and the resulting ripple effect. Silicon Valley Bank, the 14th largest in the United States, specialized in supporting tech businesses and has been hard-hit by both the economic conditions and inflation.


On Friday it was taken into government control, and executives are hoping that another financial institution will step in to keep the bank afloat.


Other banks were rattled by the demise of Silicon Valley Bank – among them First Republic, the 16th largest, whose shares plummeted 50 percent on Friday, before closing 15 percent down.


First Republic issued a statement in the late morning seeking to calm investors, pointing to its ‘continued safety and stability and strong capital and liquidity positions.’

Swalwell is the last person who should dictating to our troops what type of television they are allowed to watch.


Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, who is best known for his relationship with Chinese spy and honeypot Fang Fang, suggested banning Fox News from troops overseas.


“I think about our troops… and nothing makes them feel more like home than their access to American television programming and a popular channel is Fox News and I don’t want to get in the business of telling troops what they can and cannot watch but if you have a news station that a court is going rule…that is perpetuating dis and misinformation… we need to take a look at how this is being broadcast to our troops,” Swalwell said during an appearance on fake news MSNBC.


Beginning in 2012 Eric Swalwell had a sexual relationship with Chinese spy and honeypot Fang Fang. Fang Fang was a “bundler” for Eric Swalwell and other Democrat candidates.


Deadly super bugs attacking infants and adults


| 60 Minutes Australia


We've all heard the horror stories - hospitals crawling with super bugs. Patients in for routine surgery who die from dreadful infections. That's bad enough. But even tougher, more sophisticated bacteria are at large in the community. They're everywhere. And the really frightening thing is just how swiftly they can strike. One day, you're quite healthy. The next, you're fighting for your life. Age is no barrier - the old, the young, the very young. There's now solid research that suggests a quarter of all sudden infant deaths could be caused by these super bugs. And in many cases, there's nothing we can do to stop them.


Jane Fonda Suggests Murder In Response To Overturning Of Roe V. Wade


Jane Fonda went on “The View” Friday and appeared to suggest that “murder” was an appropriate response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade — and when one of the co-hosts said the actress was “just kidding,” Fonda didn’t give them an answer.


Sonny Hostin then smiled and pointed at Fonda, stating, “That’s the activist. She probably will get a Nobel Prize.”


“It’s the truth, it is the truth,” Fonda exclaimed. “We’re gonna fight.”


When pressed further by co-host Joy Behar about what pro-abortion advocates could do besides “marching” and “protesting,” the “80 For Brady” star said “murder.”


“Well, I’ve thought of murder,” Fonda explained, before her “Grace and Frankie” co-star Lily Tomlin asked her to repeat that.


“Murder,” the “9 to 5” star explained once more, as the audience and co-hosts broke into laughter.


Behar replied that Fonda was “just kidding. Wait a second. … They’ll pick up on that and just run with it. She’s just kidding.”


The camera did a close-up on Tomlin, who genuinely looked surprised as she waited for Fonda to admit she was joking. However, when the camera panned over to the actress, she just gave a long stare, leaving audience members and viewers wondering if she was kidding or not.


Hostin then directed the conversation toward the Hollywood star’s well-known activism and the panel just moved on.


NIH, Big Pharma PLOT EXPOSED: $350M Royalties CASH COW Reveals Agency's Motive, Author Explains


Author of "Owning the Sun: A People’s History of Monopoly Medicine from Aspirin to Covid-19 Vaccines,” Alexander Zaitchik weighs in on third-party payments that the National Institutes of Health have allegedly received from Pfizer. Originally aired March 8, 2023; #NIH #pfizer






While driving on the highway today in NYC I saw a Trump/Gabbard24 bumper sticker.


I couldn't snap a photo while driving but I found the exact one I saw online 👇




I am worried. This push to jab everyone with these undeniably dangerous mRNA shots, violating patient rights and the Nuremberg code, only makes sense if the US is planning to fight WW3 with biological weapons. There has been more then one accusation of the US maintaining Gain of Function Bio-Labs.


Viewed from the military mindset, killing and crippling a million Americans is worth it, if the rest of the population is immune from whatever horror it is they've cooked up in those labs. The fact is that the US cannot possibly win a conventional war against a combined Russia and China. Everyone loses in a nuclear war. A biological war leaves all that precious infrastructure intact and ready to use by the invaders!


Many countries concerned about US military biological activity Russias Defense Ministry


Russia’s move to expose the United States’ military and biological activities made many countries wonder about the real reasons for the presence of US research facilities on their territories, Chief of Russia’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov said on Friday.

"The Russian Federation's disclosure of US military and biological activities outside its national territory makes a growing number of countries wonder about the real reasons for the presence of US research facilities on their territory," he pointed out at a briefing.


Kirillov noted that in December 2022, the Philippines’ Makabayan opposition bloc had called on the country’s Congress to investigate the Pentagon’s activities at the Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in Tarlac City. "The parliamentarians’ appeal points out that the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has overt and covert military objectives in the Philippines, which may not coincide with Manila’s interests. In their appeal, the MPs demand that the US military begin to examine the work of the Department of Justice, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Health, as well as the national defense agency," the Russian general said.


President of Pacific island nation pens explosive letter to China


The outgoing president of Micronesia has accused China of engaging in "political warfare" in the Pacific, in a scathing letter advocating for the dissolution of diplomatic ties with Beijing. In response, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said China rejects "smears and accusations" by President David Panuelo.


BREAKING: Big Bank FORCED to Close:

What It Means for YOU


| Glenn TV | Ep 259


Regulators just forced a massive investment bank to shut down in what is being called the “second largest bank failure” in U.S. history, according to the Independent. What does that mean for the economy and for you? On today’s Friday Exclusive, Glenn speaks with former investment banker Carol Roth, who breaks down what the shutdown of Silicon Valley Bank means and how it will affect the average person’s bank account. But first, Glenn tackles the latest Facebook suppression his social media pages are facing for daring to question the events of January 6 after Tucker Carlson released shocking footage that the January 6 committee desperately tried to keep the public from seeing. 


This is just the latest example of the corporate media suppressing stories from the general public. Finally, Glenn reacts to Vice President Kamala Harris sharing her unique wisdom on how “climate mental health” affects children.



Tucker Carlson: This is the largest bank failure since 2008


Fox News host Tucker Carlson breaks down the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and explains the larger ramifications for the U.S. on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'


Strange Phenomenon KEEPS Occurring!


Comments -


-I get better news from Mr. B. than most. Much appreciated.


-There was a train derailment in Ogden Utah a few days ago also. Definitely something going on!


-Thank you for the news, as always some are new to me. You're much appreciated for what you do daily. I hadn't heard about the Alabama derailment or the other Detroit one and I'm only an hour out.


-Wanted to let you know. Here in Utah, there was a Union Pacific derailment on 3/2/23 in Ogden, Ut spilling magnesium chloride. Then on 3/7/23 in Salt Lake City, UT another Union Pacific derailed. Three auto racks & locomotive derailed but stayed upright.


March 10, 2023 

BREAKING! Yet another Epstein and Clinton ally MYSTERIOUSLY dies


w/ Whitney Webb


Why do so many associates of Bill and Hillary Clinton keep winding up dead in mysterious circumstances? Another associated of Clinton died suddenly under bizarre circumstances this weekend and someone is trying to hide her past. Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb joins Redacted Host Clayton Morris for a closer look.


The Stuff Tucker Can't Talk About


Mr Reagan Comments -


-The fact the lawyers and judges knew there was evidence and would not let the defense see the evidence during discovery is a major red flag for all citizens.


-Tucker Carlson keeping it real👍 He's a national treasure. Please come back soon President Trump .. America desperately needs you


-There is a war being waged for the soul of our country. One side thought they had already sold it, the other is its keeper, and thought they never gave it up. This is spiritual. Lord God help us!


-I am so outraged at this point, she is right. These dogs in Government have to go. My father fought for this country for what? to be told loving my country is a crime. I was there Jan. 6. And I am PROUD of it. I stood against tyranny. "remember January 6" is the rallying cry against tyranny.



Trans Dudes Dominate Women's History Month


A former CDC director says Fauci stifled debate over COVID origin, Democrats refuse to get tough on fentanyl, and Michael spurs a crisis in Buffalo.


The View Settles With The Rittenhouses For $22 Million And A Formal Apology


ABC’s The View will compose a written apology to Kyle Rittenhouse and his mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, and deliver it along with a check for $22 million. The Rittenhouse’s spokesman, Joe Barron, says the settlement didn’t take long and “wasn’t very difficult.”


Apparently, the show’s producers have been eager to settle the matter to get them away from all the bad press. In the past few months, story after story about Whoopi Goldberg’s suspensions and firings along with reports of more than 11 lawsuits filed have the show’s team wondering if it was worth it at all.


Fact-Check: TRUE – The View Settled with Kyle Rittenhouse for $22 Million and an Apology


According to our records, the bulk of the attacks against The View come from sites pretending to be right-wing propaganda when actually they’re leftist trolls making fun of Trump supporters. None of the lawsuits have been true so far, but this one definitely is.


We promise.

The apology must include the words “Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t a murderer” at least four times, according to a friend with inside knowledge on several other matters. “What I don’t know is why the math is before the science,” said the source, “or what that even means.”

Our editors report that if the math is before the science, most likely none of it will make any sense, meaning Rittenhouse is definitely coming out ahead on this one.


God bless America.




| Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris


Was the lab leak in the U.S. and not in China after all? Why were U.S. biolabs researching Covid in 2019 and then shut down for "breaches"? Was Covid in the U.S. way before 2020?

We look into the U.S. biolabs and some strange coincidences that make it seem fishy that the U.S. has not opened its border to the WHO for origin-testing investigations.

Hmmmm....Was the lab leak in the U.S. and not in China after all? Why were U.S. biolabs researching Covid in 2019 and then shut down for "breaches"? Was Covid in the U.S. way before 2020?

Who Do You Want to Be Trumps Vice President for 2024? New CPAC Poll Shows Stunning Results


On Saturday, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held its famous straw polls to determine the presidential and vice-presidential contenders who are most popular amongst the grassroots. Amongst vice presidential candidates, some prominent names led the pack.


Former Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake led the pack with 20 percent support from the conservatives present at CPAC.


In second place was Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) with 14 percent support while former U.N. Ambassador and announced Republican 2024 candidate won 10 percent of the vote.


March 09, 2023 

Egg exports from Ukraine have soared 1370% since the bloc removed trade restrictions


EU countries are being confronted with an unchecked flow of eggs and poultry coming from Ukraine, according to the chairman of the Polish Federation of Poultry Breeders Pavel Podstavka, as cited by the Polish Press Agency PAP.


During the first eight weeks of this year, Ukrainian producers sold 32,300 tons of chilled poultry products to the bloc, marking a surge of 94% compared to the same period a year ago. Exports of frozen poultry soared 171.6% to 16,660 tons. Meanwhile, sales of eggs skyrocketed by 1370% to 4,457 tons.


Podstavka attributed the unprecedented surge to the EU’s decision to temporarily abolish duties and quotas on goods from Ukrainian producers.


He said Ukrainian producers are benefiting from low costs due to the absence of trade barriers as well as the lack of EU produce standards in Ukraine.


Last June, the European Commission temporarily removed all remaining tariffs and quota requirements on Ukrainian exports in an attempt to help the war-torn nation.

DeSantis: Run A Boat From The Bahamas To Allow Unvaxxed Tennis Player Blocked By Biden Admin Into US


The Biden administration’s attacks on the unvaccinated aren’t over – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting back against it.


The Biden Administration has no issue with millions entering the country illegally, however.


Fox News reported:


Novak Djokovic will not participate in the BNP Paribas Open this month after the Biden administration denied his entry to the United States, due to him being unvaccinated against COVID-19.


Djokovic, 35, requested a vaccine waiver, which would have allowed him to enter the U.S. unvaccinated, but it was rejected by the Homeland Security Department.


The 22-time Grand Slam champion subsequently withdrew from the combined ATP-WTA event, which begins Wednesday at Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, California.


DeSantis sent a letter to Biden blasting the decision. He called his denial, “unfair, unscientific, and unacceptable.”

New Jordan Peterson Documentary "Logos & Literacy"


Watch "Logos & Literacy" for free for a limited time only. Join Jordan in this feature-length documentary, renowned scholar Dr Jordan B Peterson takes us on a captivating journey through the Museum of the Bible, where we are met with historians, theologians, and philosophers who discuss the powerful impact of the Bible on our lives and our world. From the history of its writing to its influence on modern culture, this eye-opening exploration will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the timeless power of God's word.


Peterson Comments -


-It’s good to make the content free after a certain time. This content is important to reach young folk who may not be able to subscribe to daily wire plus, Jordan needs to be accessible to everyone.


-As a fellow psychologist I applaud your intense study, your honesty and openness, and especially your courage. As a former journalist, I am uplifted by your reporting. Many thanks to you and to Daily Wire.

Here We Go Scientists in Japan Create Mice by Using Two Fathers


There is nothing "Normal" or "Natural" about it. Therefore, it is Science pretending to be God again.


Male skin cells reprogrammed into a stem cell-like state? create so-called induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The Y-chromosome of these cells was then deleted and replaced by an X chromosome “borrowed” from another cell to produce iPS cells with two identical X chromosomes?


That's not what I would call "The cry of Nature's Calling"..


“The trick of this, the biggest trick, is the duplication of the X chromosome,”  .. Give me a break. There is nothing "NATURAL" about this procedure.


Not everybody believes the new technology will translate well with humans.


Harvard Professor George Daley said the experiment was fascinating but creating “lab-grown gametes from human cells” is much more difficult for humans than mice.

It appears scientist are trying to play God once again.

House Passes Bill to Prohibit Federal Officials from Pressuring Social Media Platforms to Censor Content


The House passed a bill on Thursday to prohibit federal officials from pressuring social media platforms to censor content.

The Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act states that it is intended to “prohibit Federal employees from advocating for censorship of viewpoints in their official capacity, and for other purposes.”


The bill passed by a vote of 219-206.


“It is the policy of the Congress that employees acting in their official capacity should neither take action within their authority or influence to promote the censorship of any speech, nor advocate that a third party, including a private entity, censor such speech,” the text of the bill reads.


The bill’s lead sponsor was Rep. James Comer, who said in a statement that “the Biden Administration has eroded Americans’ First Amendment rights by bullying social media companies to censor certain views and news on their platforms. The Oversight Committee is taking action to protect Americans’ constitutional right to free speech from government censorship.”


“It is inappropriate and dangerous for the federal government to decide what lawful speech is allowed on a private sector platform,” Comer said during a hearing on the matter on Wednesday.


“My bill, the Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act, makes this type of behavior an unlawful activity for federal officials to engage in — subjecting those who attempt to censor the lawful speech of Americans to disciplinary actions and monetary penalties,” he continued. “The federal government should not be able to decide what lawful speech is allowed — we have the First Amendment for a very good reason.”

Democrat Rep. Daniel Goldman argued that the bill was unnecessary.


“This bill purports to protect free speech from government censorship. And I agree, it’s a great idea. It’s such a good idea, in fact, that the Founding Fathers put it in the Constitution,” Goldman said on the House floor. “It’s called the First Amendment.”


“We don’t need a new bill to protect free speech because that is currently the law of the land. So, we must ask ourselves: what is the point of this bill?” he continued. Chad Wolf, Executive Director of America First Policy Institute, endorsed the bill.


“Our First Amendment rights are at stake,” Wolf said in a statement. “Time and time again, we’ve seen the current Administration betray the trust of the American people by pressuring, encouraging, and colluding with Big Tech giants to censor ideology they disagree with. This simply cannot go unchallenged, and we applaud Chairman Comer and the House Oversight Committee for proactively fighting this blatant violation of our most cherished and fundamental right.”

Chinese Military Rocket Disintegrates Over Texas


The rocket, which was launched from China, delivered military surveillance satellites to space in June and made its way back to earth on Wednesday over the United States.


The 8,000-pound rocket made its way back to earth on Wednesday over Texas. The debris field could be miles wide and several hundred feet long, USNI News reported.


USNI News reported:


The second stage of a Chinese rocket that delivered a trio of military surveillance satellites to space in June disintegrated over Texas on Wednesday, USNI News has learned.  The four-ton component of a Chang Zheng 2D ‘Long March’ rocket punched through the atmosphere on Wednesday over Texas at 17,000 miles per hour and disintegrated, two defense officials confirmed to USNI News on Thursday.


U.S. military officials have yet to find any debris from the rocket stage, however, USNI News understands the debris field could be miles wide and several hundred miles long.


According to North American Aerospace Defense Command satellite tracking data, the stage was a piece of space junk in low Earth orbit before it made its unscheduled descent.


Based on the NORAD tracking data, the stage belonged to a mission that delivered three military electronic signals surveillance satellites that were meant to collect signals data from the South China Sea, astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics told USNI New on Thursday.


The rocket took off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center on June 23 in central China.

Historic decline in IQ could stem from poor education, study shows


The professors who authored the study theorize that the quality of education could play a role in reversing the IQ gains enjoyed by previous generations.


The study, published in a spring 2023 edition of Intelligence, measures IQ test results among 18- to 60-year-olds to examine the phenomenon first observed by philosopher James Flynn.


Professors from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., and the University of Oregon in Eugene explain the Flynn effect: starting in 1932, average IQ scores increased roughly three to five points per decade. In other words, “younger generations are expected to have higher IQ scores than the previous cohort.”


Data from the sample of U.S. adults, however, imply that there is a reverse Flynn effect. From 2006 to 2018, the age groups measured generally saw declines in the IQ test used by the study, the International Cognitive Ability Resource (ICAR).


Overall declines held true across age groups after controlling for educational attainment and gender, but the study shows that the loss in cognitive abilities is steeper for younger participants. “[T]he greatest differences in annual scores were observed for 18- to 22-year-olds,” the authors write.


Exposure to education, including through obtaining a four-year degree, generally lessened the blow to IQ points. The study suggests, however, that this is less so for younger participants. “[E]xposure to education may only be protective for certain age groups,” according to the authors.


They continue to theorize that “a change of quality or content of education and test-taking skills” could explain the difference education makes in the IQ of younger versus older Americans.

Millennials–the main age group completing their K-12 and college education during the study–have experienced vast changes in the education system. These include students learning to read from an influential but defective curriculum and students receiving inflated grades from their professors. Grade inflation, as Campus Reform noted, is a possible response to the idea that all students–no matter their ability or preparedness–must attend college.


The study also implies differences in younger Americans’ skill set, an observation made by Higher Education Fellow Nicholas Giordano.


The authors say that “scores were lower for more recent participants across all levels of education.”


“[T]his might suggest,” they continue, “that either the caliber of education has decreased across this study's sample and/or that there has been a shift in the perceived value of certain cognitive skills.”

March 08, 2023 



All Out Chaos - Cops Refusing Calls: Is This The Beginning Of Anarchy?


New ways of policing is discussed..


Time to Increase UFO Activity


Georgian Government Warns of Imminent Color Revolution to Pull Country into Ukraine War


The opposition Russo-phobic party leader in the Black Sea country of Georgia, Levan Khabeishvili, called for “revolutionary changes” three times in a recent speech, before calling for the people to be “mobilized to fight… otherwise we will become a province of Russia”.

WaL found a small outlet called Front News Georgia that explained what could be the all-important difference that not only has Ned Price and Amb. Kelly Degnan calling it “Russian law” but US senators, German MPs, the European Parliament, Ukrainian officials, and others besides.

They cite domestic NGOs who claimed it had “intentionally omitted a paragraph from the authentic American (FARA) legislation” that allows the US president to “provide a list of the country’s partner states that should not be referred to as foreign agents,” writes Front News.

This was believed to be an effort to “stigmatize and restrict” domestic organizations being funded mostly by western donations: the exact way in which Saakashvili came to power, and the exact way in which Soros managed to accomplish it.

SINISTER UFO 'Covered in Spikes' Shocks Mexico Crowd | Alien Ship Witnessed?


-Ohio Train hopping... During the chemical explosions. That is a bird dropping to its death. Anyone who has been paying attention to what's going on in Ohio, knows that wildlife are dropping like flies at an alarming rate. - Ed TBT~


Today we cover a large batch of new UFO clips captured on camera from all over the world...



Is This Their FINAL MESSAGE? | Ominous New Guardians Of The Looking Glass Video


This is reminding me that I never went into lockdown like many went through. Trying to relate to whomever did. I was never scared, never listened, did whatever I wanted and guess what? Nothing happened.


What we call evil is desperately trying all sorts. But regardless of what "it does" it is powerless as it's not divine. Nothing can win over love, and it is the age of love. That can not be stopped in any way at all. The only thing that could happen, is that they end up causing the kind of reset that they don't want. Everything they do is backfiring.


I Spent 24 Hours in East Palestine Ohio


I will use the description of this video to update you on everything regarding the lab tests.


After the video, we shipped all the samples out. We also sent another chemical sample to a different lab. Now we are waiting for the test results.


Many labs refused to take the water and said they weren't accredited to provide the right information. It felt like they were gatekeeping people from finding things out. Or maybe it's just me...


Anyway, they are definitely trying to cover up the situation. The job isn't to clean the area, but to clear the train tracks so the trains can go back to operate.


It seemed premeditated, and few people have covered it like this. There needs to be some sort of restitution to these victims from Norfolk Southern and maybe someone should be held accountable.


It's sad, but that's the current reality. I'll keep you updated.


Triangle UFO and red Orb sighting over a cloud in Ilion, New York


YouTube algorithm goes ahead and hides this video further on your platform so that it is not seen by the overwhelming majority of our subscribers.


White Triangle Sighting in Ilion, New York.


Detailed Description: "Before I started recording a red orb flew out of it into the cloud".

Source: Mufon


March 07, 2023 


Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/7/2023 | BREAKING FOX NEWS March 7, 2023


-Schumer gave Tucker a Huge Boost in viewership


-This man is one of the best in media unafraid of exposing the other side of the stories, without him, we'd be akin to the insane liberals, unable to tell the truth from a lie, thanks Tucker.


-This is why the Uniparty MUST be defeated by any means necessary.

-Bravo. Can you believe Shummer and Murray held a press conference where they looked us in full in the face, and started eating their own bloody fingers off.

15-Minute Cities: The Government's Plan to Control When and How You Travel


So, What’s the Problem?


Why would anyone be against getting rid of the long commute and working from home? Who could object to strolling down to the village to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms?


Well, the issue lies with a matter called freedom of choice. To make the 15-minute city work, everyone must participate. Thus, local governments are in the business of limiting when people are permitted to drive their cars giving authorities the right to monitor citizen movement.


In the UK, residents in Oxford went bat guano when local authorities introduced new traffic filters, including automatic license plate readers. The purpose of the filters is to “fine drivers from outside the county of Oxford shire who entered central areas during high-traffic periods,” according to Bloomberg, which also noted, “Oxford residents will be allowed fine-free peak-hour access for 100 days per year, with residents of the wider county able to apply for a 25-day fine-free access permit.”


How generous of them. Those rules are for the proletariat – party members get free driving access. That’s a little hyperbole and sarcasm, but is it? The people of Oxford were so incensed that 2,000 demonstrators took to the street to protest their lack of mobility, and five people were arrested.

Exclusive: Mother Sues D.C. Doctor Who Gave Kids COVID Vaccines Without Consent


Children’s Health Defense is funding a lawsuit by a D.C. mother alleging a doctor vaccinated two of her children for COVID-19 without her consent after falsely telling the teens the shots were required for school.


The mother of two children who were given COVID-19 vaccines without the mother’s consent is suing the doctor who administered the vaccines.


An attorney representing NaTonya McNeil last week filed a lawsuit in Superior Court for the District of Columbia against Janine A. Rethy, M.D., M.P.H.


According to the complaint, on Sept. 2, 2022, McNeil took her two older children, ages 15 and 17, to the KIDS Mobile Medical Clinic/Ronald McDonald Care Mobile clinic, operated by Georgetown Hospital, to complete their required annual physical exam for the 2022-2023 school year.


The lawsuit alleges Rethy, director of the mobile clinic, held the children in the examination room longer than necessary for a regular check-up and vaccinated them against COVID-19 over their objections and without consulting their mother.


In order to attempt to obtain the children’s consent — which they are not legally able to provide without a parent or guardian — the doctor falsely informed the children the COVID-19 vaccine was mandatory for school attendance and told them they could not lawfully decline it if they wanted to attend school.


The suit, filed by D.C. Attorney Matthew Hardin seeks damages for false imprisonment, battery and fraud.


Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is financing the lawsuit because, according to CHD President and General Counsel Mary Holland, “CHD couldn’t just sit still and not allow this wrong to go unpunished and not bring this to the public’s attention.”


In an exclusive conversation with The Defender, McNeil explained why she is suing the doctor:


“I just feel like people shouldn’t be able to do whatever they want to do to other people and especially not to children. As a mother, I feel like, ‘You all just took all my rights away from me to do what you wanted to do to my kids.’


“I do want justice to be done in this case. I feel like something needs to be done. This can’t just continue to happen.”



‘I feel violated’


According to the complaint, Rethy’s stated goal is to vaccinate all children against COVID-19. The complaint quotes her statement to the press:


“Our goal is to increase vaccination rates in children here in D.C. . . . For more than 30 years our role has been to be in the community to help address the problem of health disparities, bringing families care where they are.


“For this particular effort, we are glad to be partnering with DC Health to provide both regular childhood vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines to all children.”


In addition to her role as director of the mobile clinic, Rethy is chief of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s Division of Community Pediatrics and assistant professor of pediatrics at Georgetown University School of Medicine.


McNeil said that when she took her older children to the clinic, she stayed outside the examination room to care for her infant. As soon as the children entered the doctor’s office, she called her daughter’s cellphone to let Rethy know she was just outside the door if the doctor needed to consult her for anything.


According to McNeil, the doctor did not ask or inform her about any vaccinations and did not ask her to sign anything. At the end of the physical, Rethy came out to talk to her.


McNeil said the doctor explained her son’s asthma treatment plan, but that’s all they discussed.


As they were heading home, McNeil said she was shocked when her daughter complained that her arm hurt “pretty bad.” When McNeil asked her why it hurt, her daughter said she was given the COVID-19 shot, even though she told the doctor she didn’t want it.


Cancer burgers are not for me!


Today I am looking at the hidden benefit of real food, not the evil cancer burgers grown in a lab from people like Bill Gates.


Vobes Comments -


-The last two years have not taught us all that much about how viruses behave, but it has taught us a great deal about how governments behave.


-It's a shame he didn't trial his foods on all those attendees at the WEF, in Davos, recently, instead of flying in expensive steaks! Thank you, Richard, x


-I am of the "baby boomer" generation and am grateful to my mother who taught me to cook, turning real meat and vegetables into wholesome delicious food. This is a skill that is sadly lacking in this modern world.




I say... Let's Boycott every drug store that sells Abortion pills.


Michael Moore demands nationwide boycott of Walgreens for not selling abortion pill: 'Bigotry and misogyny.'


Following the announcement, Moore, on his website, urged readers to boycott Walgreens, characterizing them as a pharmacy chain that "stands with anti-abortion extremists against the rights of women."






Where's Our Black Bereavement Leave? -Professor Argues for Paid Time Off Leave for Black Staff to Deal with Fatigue and Trauma from Systemic Racism


Southern Illinois University visiting professor Angel Jones is arguing that Black people should get special paid time off as bereavement leave in order to deal with systematic racism.


She writes:


I am a proud educator who loves what I do. But before that, I am a Black woman. A Black woman who is expected to return to “business as usual” on Monday after seeing a member of my community murdered on Friday. Although it is customary for employees to receive support and understanding while grieving the loss of a loved one, the same care is rarely shown to the Black community when we lose someone in horrific and traumatic ways. Where’s our Black bereavement leave?

This is an obvious, yet consistently underfunded, resource that could support Black faculty and staff who are dealing with trauma caused by racism and anti-Blackness on and off campus. Racial battle fatigue (RBF), a term coined by William Smith that refers to the psychological and physiological consequences of experiencing racism, has been well documented, yet its (sometimes deadly) symptoms continue to be minimized or ignored completely.

New Jan. 6 Footage DEBUNKS Radical Jan. 6 Committee Narratives


Blaze TV Comments -


-THIS is proof that President Trump needs to be given the second mandate that was taken from him.

-Fantastic work to share this. We knew we were being lied to. Thank you, Tucker, Kevin McCarthy, and the GOP led House. Keep going!

-The Jan 6th committee needs to be brought up on charges for pushing these lies.

-Schiff and Cheney need to appear before a new Jan 6 committee and explain themselves.

Dr. Fauci in TROUBLE, Feds are about to DROP the hammer on him.


Redacted with Clayton Morris


"Did Dr. Fauci and his doctor buds alter an academic paper in order to squash the lab leak theory of the Covid pandemic? That is what a new senate committee report suggests. The report comes from the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We discuss how much this implicates Fauci and what it may or may not cover up. "


My friend writes me and sends me this link.

And you know what? She is right.

We all better wake up and pass

this information to the right folks...;


MS Brutal Truth, this is very important. There is a chemical that they use to clean all municipal water in every city of the US. There is only one company in the IS that manufactures that chemical...that company blew up in January. The only other place that manufactures that chemical is China!! This is so fked up! What the hell is going to happen once everybody runs out of this chemical, and it's all gone!  Smh  She talks about this starting @31:00


March 06, 2023 

WOKE WITHERING: New Poll Shows Americans May Have Had Enough of 'Woke' Companies


Americans are tired of being preached to by corporations.


According to a recent Trafalgar Poll, 78 percent of consumers would rather do business with a company that maintained political neutrality —a sign that America’s love affair with wokeness may be ending.


From DC Enquirer:

But consumers aren’t the only ones who have voiced their displeasure with the rise of woke progressivism even beyond its use by corporations throughout America. Co-Founder of Home Depot Bernie Marcus weighed in on the issue last December, remarking that he was “worried about capitalism,” and that “Capitalism is the basis of Home Depot [and] millions of people have earned this success and had success. I’m talking manufacturers, vendors, distributors, and people that work for us [who have been] able to enrich themselves by the journey of Home Depot. 


That’s the success. That’s why capitalism works.” Marcus concluded by saying that “the woke people have taken over the world.”



Levin: This is a massive coverup.


Fox News host Mark Levin breaks down a classified intelligence report from the Energy Department that reportedly says COVID-19 most likely originated in a Chinese lab on 'Life Liberty & Levin.' #foxnews #fox #levin


Comments -


-Until governments start working for their people n not themselves, we can expect more nonsense....


-Something in the hands of a handful of people actually caused a living hell on earth for nearly the entire world population and unfairly defamed many admirable people. God save us.

-Fauci said there would be a pandemic during Trump's time in office. I think that's a pretty straight forward and direct admission of his guilt.


-In my lifetime, there have been only 3 journalists who have established unimpeachable credibility: Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and Mark Levin. We need more journalists like these professionals.



Fine. I'll do it. Introducing Jeremy's Chocolate.


We have two kinds: HeHim and SheHerOne of them has nuts. If you need me to tell you which one, keep buying Hershey's.



Equity Is Not Equality, Comrade


A reader who works for a federal agency (he asked me not to disclose which one) writes about his recent experience in a leadership training program;


Twenty percent of the training, 1 days’ worth, is devoted to woke diversity. I have attached the sanitized version of the power point that was presented to us. Going back, I realized this document did not have all the woke aspects that were presented to us.


I have spent decades in liberal bastions of academia (student, grad student and professor on the tenure track) and federal government. Diversity has been preached as a good unto itself. But diversity trainings have changed over time. They have become much more woke.


1. Equity instead of equality. Equality is no longer the goal. Rather equity and ensuring equal outcomes. The examples were that pay, bonuses, raises, etc. were provided the same across racial groups. The trainer did not mention equality or equal opportunity at all. It was all about equity and equal outcomes.


2. Allyship. It is no longer acceptable for people to exhibit tolerance. We must be allies who accept and embrace however people identify themselves. One of the largest topics was allyship particularly for LGBTQ. I must accept and embrace sinful behavior or else. I can’t just tolerate and work with people fairly, I must embrace all aspects of them and their behavior.

Ukraine Wants the US to Provide Cluster Bombs to Use with Drones


Ukraine has been seeking cluster bombs from the US to use in its war against Russian forces and is now asking for a type of the controversial munition that they want to adapt so they can be dropped from drones, Reuters reported on Monday.


According to House Reps. Adam Smith (D-WA) and Jason Crow (D-CO), Ukraine is seeking the MK-20, an air-delivered cluster bomb. They said Ukrainian officials were asking members of Congress to persuade the White House to sign off on the delivery during the recent Munich Security Conference.


Cluster munitions scatter small bombs over large areas, making them more indiscriminate than other munitions. According to Reuters, the MK-20 releases 240 dart-like submunitions or bomblets after being launched.


The bomblets in cluster munitions often don’t explode on impact, making them a huge danger to civilians who comes across them, similar to land mines. 


The 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions that bans the weapons has over 100 signatories, but the US, Russia, and Ukraine are not parties to the treaty.




NBA Team Forced to Apologize for Sin of Suggesting

Only Women Can Have Babies


The NBA’s Toronto Raptors found themselves in hot water after a team video celebrating Women’s History Month.


In the video, the team committed the grave woke sin of saying that only women can have babies.


The Women’s History Month video celebrates the theme of Beyonce’s “Girls Run the World” and asks players if they think that is true. The players share, “Girls run the world because they are the only one that can procreate. They birth everybody.”


We are now in a society that is forcing people to apologize for a biological certainty. And, in the ongoing efforts to cancel the uniqueness of womanhood, the radical left wants to co-opt one of the most beautiful, and exclusive, gifts of a biological woman…. bringing life into the world.


Although the original video has since been taken down by the Raptors, it can be seen here:


East Palestine Dam COLLAPSES, Releasing Toxic Derailment Sludge Into Local Waterways


It needs to be said...this is unacceptable, disgusting, horrible, repugnant and despicable.


These poor people can't catch a breath!! Praying for these people and God Bless them, their families and their community. STAY STRONG "Ohio"!!

Joe Biden : Every Racist Moment


Here are all the most racist moments of Joe Biden's political life (that I was able to find).


Mr. Reagan Comments -


-This should be shared to every Liberal, every leftist and every democrat voter

-As a Black man, it is heartening to see more Black American Men and Women waking up to the truth that the Democratic Party has taken our vote for granted for the last 60 years. Trump 2020

-The worst part is that there are thousands of people who will still vote for Biden after this.

-This is just the racist stuff he said on camera, imagine when the camera is off.....

-You're wrong. I doubt this is every racist moment.

What is REALLY going on up there?!


MrMBB333 Comments -


-We're not alone. We probably never were but at least now they're not hiding it. Does anyone else feel like we are teetering on the precipice of something that's both terrifying and amazing?

-I've been watching you for years now & its just getting stranger every week but we're all seeing it. I love that you post all this stuff. Thank you

-I saw one of these orbs 3 nights ago. It stopped, then disappeared. Reappeared then shot off at high speed. About 15 lines later there were around a dozen 'stars' in a perfect V formation under the moon, 10 mins later all disappeared. These were well in space. 


March 05, 2023 

Biden Quietly Makes Mysterious Financial Move in Delaware Amid Hunter's Legal Troubles


President Joe Biden took out a still unexplained and strangely timed $250,000 line of credit on his Delaware beach house as investigations into the shady business dealings of his son, Hunter, continue to ramp up, on top of continuing questions about his own looming classified document scandal.


Early last month, it was reported that Biden signed the papers on Dec. 5 for a home equity variable rate line of credit from M&T Bank against his $2.74 million Rehoboth, Delaware, beach house, Fox News reported.


In yet another example of a lack of transparency from this White House, despite public knowledge of the loan for nearly a month, Biden’s communications team has ignored all media questions about what the loan is supposed to pay for or why it was taken out by the president.

The White House Counsel’s Office has refused to answer any questions about the loan.

Marianna Williamson announces 2024 political challenge to Joe Biden


Williamson became the first Democrat on Saturday to announce that she will challenge.

President Joe Biden, who has yet to announce his candidacy, for the 2024 Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2024.


She talks like a Politician. She talks a good alphabet soup. She doesn't name actual problems; she doesn't target criminal politicians. Dropping her voice in a female growling baritone is not impressive when she has no real message to give.




Kari Lake Alleges She Was Offered a Bribe to Sit Out of Politics for Two Years


“Somebody showed up at my door this week,” Lake continued. “They called me before and said: I gotta talk to you in person, this can’t be done over the phone … They came to my door, and they tried to bribe me out of getting out of politics. This really happened. I’m telling you this because this is how disgusting politics is. A mom who runs for office and they’re afraid of me? They tried to bribe me with a job title, with a huge salary, a position on a board.”


Lake narrowly lost the Arizona gubernatorial election to Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, refusing to concede and filing legal challenges. The election was marred by tabulation machine malfunctions in at least 20% of the voting centers, prompting an apology from local officials and a Republican lawsuit to extend voting hours that was dismissed by a Maricopa County judge.




If you’ve ever been shocked by a radically progressive California law, chances are you have one group to blame.


Founded 20 years ago as an LGBT advocacy group, Equality California has since grown to become a major player in California politics. Fueled by millions of dollars in donations from corporations like AT&T and Comcast to advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood, the progressive group has emerged as the savviest user of Sacramento’s legislative system. Together with its Democratic allies, Equality California helps set the legislative agenda and has pushed all manner of "woke" policies that help minors get sex changes in secret and let men into women’s prisons.


The group now wants to make its mark on the rest of the country. From its Washington, D.C., office, the group lobbies for federal legislation to legalize abortion, grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, and ban guns. Donors who give $50,000 or more to the group are given access to Equality California’s highest donor tier, "National Trailblazer." In a speech praising the group, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) called Equality California "the way of the future" and warned that "the days are numbered for the people who would stand in the way of liberty and justice for all across every community in our country."

Enter Rick Zbur.


Zbur expanded the group’s mandate to include other progressive causes, like immigration expansion and abortion, while pushing to expand LGBT issues beyond civil rights protections. After the 2016 election, Zbur again reimagined Equality California as an anti-Trump "resistance" stalwart, leading a high-profile federal court fight against the administration’s ban on transgender soldiers.

March 04, 2023 

Michael & The Exorcist: "I Saw Her Crawl Up A Wall" | Fr. Dan Reehil


Very Rev. Daniel Reehil, VF joins the show to discuss the dangers of the occult and how to fight the enemy when he comes for you.


Knowles Comments -


-I arranged for Fr. Rehill to speak to a group of Catholics in Nashville and it was amazing. Greatest guest speaker ever arranged for University Catholic.


-Great interview. Very insightful. I was born and raised in socialist ex-yugoslavia, my dad was in the Communist party then and talking about church or anything connected with it was strictly forbidden. Even though my mom was a Catholic. I really enjoy your videos, Michael. They make me think and question everything I know. Greetings from Slovenia!!!😊🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮


-And people think the phrase "spiritual warfare" is purely metaphorical.


-I like when the priest explains the spiritual dynamics of these things. I think it’s very helpful for people that struggle to understand them.

Requiem for the Suicided: Terrance Yeakey


In this edition we turn the focus of our open-source investigation to Sgt. Terrance Yeakey, one of the first responder heroes at the scene of the OKC bombing who discovered something that conflicted with the official story of the bombing…something that cost him his life.


Corbett Comments -


-I saw some random Twitter post about this man. I have never heard of him (and I am old enough to have). Someone posted a link to this video on the thread. This is unbelievable. My jaw is on the floor and my heart is broken. I hope your video and channel does not get taken down now that it has been brought back to light. I am afraid that is what we are turning into. Don't question our government!


-Wow what a jaw dropping story!!! Rest well Mr. Yeakey ✨


-I've heard it said that the devil fails when honest men and women are willing to lay down their lives for the truth. May we all be so courageous.


Transgender powerlifter a biological male wins discrimination lawsuit after being banned from women's competitions


A transgender powerlifter who is a biological male has won a discrimination lawsuit against USA Powerlifting.


"I feel mostly relief," Cooper added to KARE. "I think we needed a win here, and it feels good to get that."


The station noted that Cooper said in a 2021 video produced by Gender Justice that "I never even got a chance, you know? No one should have to experience that kind of isolation and othering."


Now what?


The ruling includes a cease-and-desist order on USA Powerlifting regarding all unfair discriminatory practices in relation to sexual orientation as well as a request that the agency submit a revised policy, KARE said.


Cooper added to the station: "After years of experiencing discrimination from USA Powerlifting, and the backlash that has occurred due to that, of course I have complex feelings about the sport. But I think that this win ... is a representation of where we can move forward."

What did USA Powerlifting have to say?


Lawrence J. Maile, president of USA Powerlifting, said in a statement that his organization will be considering "all of our options" in the wake of the judge's ruling, KARE reported.


"USA Powerlifting has been involved in litigation in Minnesota involving participation of transgender women in competitive powerlifting. Our position has been aimed at balancing the needs of cis- and transgender women, whose capacities differ significantly in purely strength sports. We have received a summary judgment decision from the Court finding us liable for discrimination. We respectfully disagree with the Court’s conclusions. We are considering all of our options, including appeal," the statement read, according to the station.




U.S. government FORCES railroads to carry extremely toxic chemicals even if they don't want to


At first glance, the culprit behind the East Palestine train derailment disaster is Norfolk Southern (NS), the company that owns and operates the now-wrecked engine and cars. However, a closer look at the situation reveals that the United States government is actually the responsible party.


'Scott Shara' Proves "Hospitals Are Killing Factories" & Covid-19 Hospital Protocols Killed His Daughter 'Grace' October 8, 2022 -- We Must Not Forget Those Who Died in these Hospitals!


Scott joins David Nino Rodriguez with an update on the case of his and Cindy's daughter, Grace, who had Down Syndrome and passed away last October. She died at a 'COVID hospital' after a doctor labeled her DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) against the family's wishes, and then proceeded to overdose her on Precedex, Lorazepam, and high Morphine doses within a 30-minute window.


Report: Animals in Ohio parks dying 'at alarming rates' after train wreck


Soon residents were reporting cases of bronchitis, lung issues, and rashes that doctors and nurses suspect are linked to the chemical exposure.


A report from the Ohio Star said officials told East Palestine residents' days after the accident they could return home, "despite the reports of hundreds of dead fish in the Ohio river near East Palestine and residents complaining of headaches and illness since the derailment."


But, the report said, "A source told The Ohio Star that her husband, a wildlife biologist and consultant for the federal forestry, received hundreds of calls on both Sunday and Monday from colleagues who say forestry workers have found hundreds of dead animals in Ohio’s parks.


"The governor and the railroad were blocking scientists from getting soil samples in East Palestine, but they were able to still grab some for testing. Likewise, the soils are highly contaminated," she said, according to the report.



Amid incessant NATO aggression and escalation of hostilities within Russia, now also including US-backed Kiev regime terrorists targeting schoolchildren, Moscow has started revamping the doctrinal approach to the use of its strategic arsenal. Rather curiously, the new document, published by the “Military Thought” magazine run by the Russian Ministry of Defense, attracted little attention in Western media. It should be noted that such changes are made only once in several decades or even longer. The strategic posturing of countries, particularly superpowers, is usually “set in stone”, meaning that changes are prompted only by major events of historical proportions.


It was only a week ago that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Russia is suspending its participation in the New START arms control treaty. Putin cited continuous, blatant US and NATO violations of the agreement as the primary reason for the decision. With the treaty becoming a mere formality, Russia is not bound to honor it anymore, as this would undermine its own strategic security. With that in mind, the Russian Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) started implementing new ways to deter any possible direct US/NATO attacks on Russia, particularly as the belligerent thalassocracy has repeatedly floated the idea of “decapitation strikes” on Moscow in the last several months.

The authors of the document are Deputy Commander of the RVSN Igor Fazletdinov and retired Colonel Vladimir Lumpov. They argue that the US is on a collision course with Russia, as Washington DC and its vassals are becoming increasingly aggressive due to their political elites’ frustration with the loss of the “sole superpower” status. With America seeing Moscow as the main culprit for this, it plans on defeating Russia in a “single blow”, thus eliminating the main obstacle to total US global dominance. Fazletdinov and Lumpov argue that Washington DC plans to defeat Russia in a “strategic (global) multi-sphere operation”, the primary goal of which will be the elimination of its strategic arsenal.

UK Embassy Sought to Pay Sudanese Students to Protest Against Russia, Report Says


The Brits allegedly used a combination of bribes and promises of protection in an effort to create an astroturf anti-Russian street movement in the East African nation.


Britain’s Embassy in Sudan attempted to pay students who had studied abroad in Ukraine to participate in anti-Russian protests, a new report indicates.


Sudanese outlet Al-Rakoba wrote Friday that its staff spoke with an unnamed student who reports being approached by British embassy officials, who urged him to help put together an organization called the “Association of Sudanese Students in Ukrainian Universities” which would engage in anti-Russian provocations outside Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The student in question, who “refused to reveal his name for security reasons” according to the report, reportedly said the Brits offered the students money as well as protection from Sudanese authorities if they participated in the alleged plot.


As some of those contacted by the UK’s diplomatic staff have participated in anti-government protests, they were told they would be shielded from prosecution, Al-Rakoba writes.


Just how successful the British embassy officials were in their apparent efforts is unclear — as is the identity of the culprits. 

But British intelligence officers are known to use diplomatic cover which employment at their embassy provides to carry out their clandestine activities.


If true, it wouldn’t be the first time the Brits organized chaos in the streets of a foreign land to affect their political will.

The Obama-Iran Nuclear Deal Was a Sell-Out


Elder Comments -


-Another Conspiracy Theory has proven true, imagine that! 👌

-Wasn't this why Trump got rid of it?

-Well let’s remember the USS liberty and what Israel did in that situation. I think the United States needs to worry about itself before it worries about that country. Bunch of whining instigators.



Moment Frozen in Time: Researchers Discover Magnificently Preserved Lake Huron Shipwreck with Lifeboat Still Attached


A schooner barge that sank with its lifeboat still attached in Lake Huron 128 years ago has been discovered, the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary announced Wednesday.


The 191-foot Ironton cargo vessel collided with a grain hauler on a blustery night in September 1894 in the Thunder Bay area of northern Lake Huron off the Michigan coast. Both vessels were sunk.


The Ironton’s captain and six sailors clambered into a lifeboat, but it was dragged to the bottom before they could detach it from the ship. Only two crewmen survived.

The gravesite long eluded shipwreck hunters. But a team of historians, underwater archaeologists and technicians located the wreckage in 2019 and deployed remotely controlled cameras to scan and document it.


Video provided by UNCW/UVP AND NOAA TBNMS via Associated Press.

Kim Jong-un's daughter 'living well' while North Koreans in 'squalor'


According to sources cited by Radio Free Asia, the prevalence of Kim Jong-un’s daughter in the media has sparked widespread, secret resentment among citizens. This is because, as RFA writes, 'it reminded the people of the national pecking order: Those close to the country’s leadership come first, and everyone else lives in relative squalor'.


A resident of the northwestern province of North Pyongan spoke to RFA's Korean Service on the condition of anonymity due to security reasons. They said that media reports about the leader and his daughter’s latest appearance at a ceremony for the construction of a new street Pyongyang upset many people.


They added:


"It makes me angry that my situation is so hard to bear, and Kim Ju Ae, who we all know is eating and living well, is showing up on TV in her fancy clothes so often."


Other citizens pointed out how healthy Ju Ae appeared. The source said:

"The people are saying things like, 'She must be eating so well, her face is so white and plump like the moon'. Most people aren’t able to eat properly so their cheekbones stick out from their faces even more than ever before."


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's daughter, Ju Ae, makes series of public appearances.


~Grooming For Succession~


Kim Jong Un's daughter, Ju Ae, has made a flurry of public appearances over the last several weeks. Elizabeth Palmer has more on what the sudden appearance of the ruling dynasty's daughter could mean for North Korea.


Pink Floyd's Roger Waters educates the less politically astute people on the truth about the Russia v NATO conflict.


FINALLY! Someone BRAVE enough to step forward and tell it like it is!


#facts #listen #learn #russia #ukraine #fypシ #viraltiktok #putin #nato #minskaccords #unitedstates #nordstream2



Pink Floyd's Roger Waters educates the less politically astute people on the truth about the Russia v NATO conflict. #facts #listen #learn #russia #ukraine #fypシ #viraltiktok #putin #nato #minskaccords #unitedstates #nordstream2

♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

An important lesson..


What You Need to Know About TOXIC ATTACKS


There have been reports of toxic chemical gassing of all girl schools in Iran. Let's take a closer look.


WTW Comments -


-You are rapidly dropping TRUTH! I appreciate all the research and time you put into keeping Us informed. Many Blessings to You!


-Yes sir. Thank you for all you do. I may not always agree with what you have concluded, but you are always thought provoking and informed with your info. I've been viewing since 2017, you're one of the real ones.


-You tell us what the news doesn’t! Thank you.

March 03, 2023 

Biden Says He Will Sign Bills Blocking D.C.s Radical Overhaul of Voting Rights Criminal Code


President Joe Biden promised to sign a law preventing the city of Washington D.C. from overhauling its crime and voting laws.


The Washington, D.C., city council passed a bill to overhaul the city’s criminal code, and another one allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. But the House of Representatives passed two resolutions blocking those bills from becoming law, and the Senate is expected to vote on them as early as next week. Biden said Thursday that he would sign the bills if passed.


According to NPR, Biden reportedly told Senate Democrats during a closed-door meeting Thursday that he would not veto the bills, which are expected to pass with bipartisan support. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) confirmed the decision to reporters after the meeting.


Biden confirmed the news himself on Twitter. “I support D.C. Statehood and home-rule – but I don’t support some of the changes D.C. Council put forward over the mayor’s objections – such as lowering penalties for carjackings,” Biden tweeted from the official Presidential Twitter account. “If the Senate votes to overturn what D.C. Council did – I’ll sign it.”

The Senate is expected to vote on the bills as soon as next week. Two Democrats, Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Bob Casey (D-PA), have already expressed support for the bills. With Casey’s Pennsylvania colleague, John Fetterman, out for an extended period of time with health problems, the Democrats do not seem to have the votes to stop the resolutions from passing, POLITICO reported, adding that with Biden signaling his support for the measures, they could earn more Democratic votes by the time they reach the floor. The bills require a simple majority to pass and cannot be filibustered.

FBI Officials Were Skeptical of Trump Raid. DOJ Prosecutors Pushed It Forward: Report


FBI officials argued against raiding former President Donald Trump’s residence, but Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors pushed the aggressive tactic and ultimately won the dispute, according to a new report.


The unprecedented raid, carried out in August, threw the FBI under a torrent of criticism. Many Republicans saw the raid as further evidence that the DOJ has been politicized and that the FBI has been weaponized against Republicans, especially Trump.


The reaction was expected to some extent within the FBI, according to The Washington Post. Two senior FBI officials responsible for leading the raid argued against it because of the reaction it would likely incite. They also questioned the need of taking such a drastic step, preferring to continue to work with Trump and the former president’s legal team to secure classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago.


The FBI was also hesitant to appear too heavy-handed in politically charged cases after its handling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation in 2016 and the probe into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia that led to ex-special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation that came up empty.


DOJ prosecutors thought differently. Trump should not be given special treatment, they argued, and the classified documents at Mar-a-Lago were an imminent security risk. The prosecutors said action must be taken quickly to secure the classified material before it was moved.


The debate came to a head a week before the August 8 raid in which multiple DOJ officials and prosecutors met with FBI officials, including Steven D’Antuono, then head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office. D’Antuono, who eventually led the raid on Mar-a-Lago, pushed back against prosecutors’ assertions that the raid was necessary. He also questioned the scope of the search warrant and asked if Trump was the subject of a criminal investigation.


Jay Bratt, the DOJ’s counterintelligence chief, and several others argued in support of the raid, according to the Post.


The prosecutors won the argument, convincing the top brass at the FBI to back the proposed raid, and Attorney General Merrick Garland to sign off on it. The day following the meeting, Deputy FBI Director Paul Abbate ordered D’Antuono to head the raid on Trump’s residence. The criticism of the bureau erupted immediately and grew more pointed after classified documents were revealed to have been in Biden’s possession last month.


D’Antuono retired from the agency last year. The former FBI official had been involved in some of the bureau’s most controversial actions in recent years. Before heading the field office in Washington, D’Antuono led the bureau’s Detroit Field Office and oversaw its months-long sting into a group of militia members who attempted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.


D’Antuono moved to lead the Washington Field Office where he then oversaw the bureau’s investigation into the January 6 Capitol riot. He retired from the FBI at the end of November.

Source Hide Out Now

Italian police arrest sister of jailed mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro


The sister of Matteo Messina Denaro, described as 'the last godfather of the Sicilian mafia', was arrested on Friday after police found several Pizzini, small slips of paper that he used to deliver his typewritten instructions, at her home. Rosalia Messina Denaro helped her brother evade capture for 30 years until his arrest on 16 January and acted on his behalf as ‘cashier.’ 


Libs’ Disgusting Attempt to Blame Derailment on Trump Fails | Ep. 1194


Liberals try (and fail) to blame Trump for the Ohio train derailment, a mother lambasts Congress after fentanyl smuggled across the border kills her two sons, and Senate Republicans expose corruption at the FBI and DOJ.


Knowles Comments -


-I wish Michael would have brought up the fact the Biden laughed off the mother’s kids as “that happened on Trump’s watch.” In fact, a lot of the media and politicians did too.


-Color me surprised when the people whose only claim to fame is their sexuality and skin color blame other people for their failures.

-Not only did none of Trump's deregulation effect the railroads, Brandon's admin just finished negotiating with the railroad industry and their unions and completely neglected the maintenance and repair issues that were brought to the table by the unions. The admin was happy to give them 20% pay hikes and extra days off but didn't address the condition or safety of the actual steel rails. "This train's got to disappear in railroad blues."

Russia Says It Suspended New START Treaty Because the US Helped Ukraine Attack Strategic Sites


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Thursday that one of the reasons Moscow suspended its participation in the New START treaty was because the US helped Ukraine attack a facility housing Russian nuclear weapons.


New START is the last nuclear arms control treaty between the US and Russia and limits the deployment of warheads and launchers, including heavy bombers assigned to nuclear missions. Ryabkov said Ukraine launched an attack on facilities declared under New START.


“The situation was further escalated by US attempts to probe the security of Russian strategic facilities declared under New START by helping the Kiev regime to carry out armed attacks on them,” he told the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.



Trudeau Must Resign - PPC Petition






Recent CSIS leaks have Canadians of all political stripes concerned about the integrity of our democratic institutions and the current Trudeau Liberal Government.


We, the undersigned, have four demands that we believe are necessary to preserve faith and integrity in our democratic institutions and government, domestically and internationally.


1. There must be an independent and public inquiry into election interference and how it benefited or harmed all Canadian political parties. The commissioner of said inquiry must be independent, not another Liberal insider, and should be chosen unanimously by all parties in the House of Commons.


2. There must be an independent audit of all donations to the Trudeau Foundation during and leading up to Justin Trudeau's political career. We know the Chinese Communist Party used the Foundation to buy Favour from the Trudeau government; how many other foreign governments, corporate interests, or super-rich elites attempted similar bribes.


3. Don Valley North MP, Han Dong, must resign immediately, as well as any other MP whose election or nomination contest was affected by foreign interference. There must be prompt, free, and fair by-elections held in all these ridings.


4. Finally, and most importantly, Trudeau must resign as Prime Minister and MP for Papineau.


Recent news has made it clear to Canadians and the world that Trudeau does not have the credibility, moral authority, or integrity to continue governing Canada. Therefore, he must step down immediately to restore faith in our government and institutions.

March 02, 2023 

Snow blankets Mallorca, Spanish holiday island best known for sun year-round - Experiences Global Warming


Mallorca, a popular Spanish holiday destination best known for its beaches and turquoise sea, was blanketed in snow as Arctic winds brought freezing conditions to its shores.


Storm Juliette caused snowfall across the island Sunday, the Spanish meteorological agency AEMET said. Mountainous areas, particularly in the north of the island, were particularly affected, with roads blocked in some areas.


Photos showed snow across the island — a marked change in a place famous, according to its tourism board, for having more than 300 days of sunshine per year.


Domestic and wild animals being injected with mRNA. ZOETIS is subsidiary of Pfizer funded by Mark Zuckerberg. #wakeup #pfizer #mrna #wildlife #animals #pets #zoo #fypage #fypシ #fyp



Domestic and wild animals being injected with mRNA. ZOETIS is subsidiary of Pfizer funded by Mark Zuckerberg. #wakeup #pfizer #mrna #wildlife #animals #pets #zoo #fypage #fypシ #fyp

♬ Creepy and beautiful piano background music(918069) - TrickSTAR MUSIC

Domestic and wild animals being injected with mRNA. ZOETIS is subsidiary of Pfizer funded by Mark Zuckerberg. #wakeup #pfizer #mrna #wildlife #animals #pets #zoo #fypage #fypシ #fyp

♬ Creepy and beautiful piano background music(918069) - TrickSTAR MUSIC

How A Little-Known Scientist Cashed In After Helping Fauci Bury Lab-Leak Theory


If Anthony Fauci’s desperate, years-long effort to hide evidence that the mystery bat virus came out of China’s mysterious bat virus laboratory is finally unraveling, don’t blame Kristian Andersen.


If Trump said it was a lab leak and Fauci said it wasn’t, you know where Big Media, Fact Check Inc., the late-night woke-jokers, Facebook and pre-Elon Musk Twitter stood. Thanks in part to Sen. Rand Paul, we’ve since learned Fauci’s motivation for fibbing: His agency had almost certainly funded dangerous gain-of-function research on bat viruses in the Wuhan lab through grants to EcoHealth Alliance.


And Kristian Andersen? Fauci gave him nearly two million reasons to say the mystery bat virus didn’t come from the mysterious bat virus lab.

College Professor Admits Politically Targeting Students to Influence Them into Becoming Socialists


The Brooklyn College and Pratt Institute professor went on to brag about the power he exerts in his classroom.


“I’m in control. I have the authority and the depth of knowledge and experience…They’re kids and they oftentimes either don’t know any better or they’ve been influenced by their parents, and they never heard an alternate voice from a position of knowledge,” Tausch said.


“It’s hard for me to be politically apolitical in the classroom,” he said.


Tausch not only attempts to change how his students vote, but he also reminds them just how evil he believes Trump supporters are.


“It’s my job to be the middle of the road and to not be on one side or the other politically. But you know, it’s hard not to be like, ‘Look at these f**king [Trump] people. They are out for you. These people will f**king kill you,” Tausch said.

East Palestine Fallout - Animals Dying Across Ohio State Parks, More Cleanup Workers Fall Sick


- After a catastrophic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, early last month, President Biden, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, corporate media outlets, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Environmental Protection Agency, and some local officials have ensured air monitoring and water sample tests show everything is under control.


But is it? Well, not according to the local newspaper Ohio Star. Reporter Hannah Poling said a confidential source told her that a wildlife biologist and consultant for the federal forestry received hundreds of reports over the last several days from forestry workers discovering "hundreds of dead animals in Ohio's parks."


Several labs across the country have received specimens of whole minks, deer, elk, worms and livers of such animals, and they are finding toxicities that are off the charts, the source said.


"These highly toxic levels are the exact chemicals that were released from East Palestine. Wayne National Forest and Shawnee State Forest in Ohio are downriver from East Palestine and are two parks where samples are from," the source continued. #Breaking #News #EastPalestine




Replying to @eitherorr72 take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Want to know the truth about Ukraine?



Replying to @eitherorr72 take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. #wakeup

♬ original sound - VOLTRON4444

WATCH: El Salvador President Addresses Soldiers Battling Gang Violence, Has An Ominous Word For America


Video of Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele addressing soldiers tasked with battling rampant gang activity went viral on social media as the small Latin American nation seeks to control violent crime.


El Salvador saw a 56.8% decrease in the murder rate last year as the nation’s government launched an operation against gangs such as MS-13, which is especially infamous for its brutal killings of women and children. Salvadoran authorities arrested some 64,000 suspected gang members in less than one year.


Bukele previously shared a video on social media showing 2,000 gang members with shaved heads and no clothes except for identical white shorts being packed into buses by heavily armed prison guards and transported to a newly constructed supermax prison. Bukele, who assumed office in 2019, shared more footage from a speech he delivered to units of Salvadoran soldiers dressed in battle gear and positioned in a large field. He emphasized the government’s role in protecting the innocent.





Multiple Reports last night of a “small plane dropping white powder so thick we couldn’t see our neighbors house.” in the #WestVirginia #Maryland area. Multiple reports with pictures of cars coated in white dust particles.





What Exactly Keeps the Constitution Alive?


Here's an explanation of nullification in a clear and powerful way, to highlight the importance and power of the principle. Taken from our Regionalism and Shadow Government presentation.






Catholic — Headlines — March 2, 2023


Why are they STILL pushing

vaccines for pregnant women?


| Redacted with Clayton Morris


"The government continues to recommend vaccinations for pregnant women despite the fact that pregnant women were EXCLUDED from the clinical trials. What is going on here? Why are they continuing to push this on a population when there is no reliable safety data? MIT professor Retsef Levi joins Clayton Morris to discuss the latest stunning data.


March 01, 2023 


Why does a company called “Numina” - meaning “the spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place” - have cameras on street corners in New York and other cities?


They are pro-SMART City, aka the “15-minute city.” Is this technology helping to develop safe urban development, or facilitating urban prisons?

FMI on the legal and societal mechanisms behind the move to push people out of rural areas and into SMART Cities, read Rosa Koire’s “Behind the Green Mask, the United Nation’s Agenda 21.”

Anything backed by the Clinton Foundation is subject to scrutiny...




South Africa is officially collapsing under leftist WOKE rule as U.S. embassy issues emergency preparedness instructions to travelers


South Africa, under the left-wing rule of racist black political leaders, has now officially begun to collapse, marking a shocking reversal from being a nation that once secretly developed nuclear weapons.


“The SA government now wants to put through EWC and NHI. Expropriation Without Compensation where land is taken from rightful and legal landowners and given to the ‘previously disadvantaged.’ NHI is some national health thing where you use the government for medical aid.”


The thread went on to say that the country’s armed forces are a shambles as well.


“Our Navy, Army and Airforce are done. Troops are buying their own boots…army bases are being looted for copper vehicles and machinery are being cannibalized for parts,” the thread noted. “Our murder rate is higher than the death rate in Ukraine’s current conflict. Higher than an active war zone. 100′[s] of rapes a day. 1000’s of kidnappings every month. 90 hijackings a day. Farmers being murdered like flies in the most brutal ways imaginable.


“National cabinet reshuffle coming soon... doesn’t mean f**k all anyway considering they’re all ancient and on pension,” the account continued, adding that the country’s unemployment rate is the “highest in the world” at around 35 percent. The account also noted that there is zero border security.


“Sewage. Everywhere. In the streets. In the rivers and oceans... flowing through our freshwater dams too... just everywhere.”


“The only form of public transportation that is operational is the taxi industry. Their mafia tactics have ensured that over the years, they’re the only ones who will operate. They burn and kill anyone who gets in their way,” the thread said. “Our rail is dead. Almost the entirety of South Africa’s rail system is non-operational.”

Zelenskyy crosses a red line


“The US will have to send their sons and daughters exactly the same way as we are sending our sons and daughters to war... because it's NATO that we're talking about, and they will be dying."


"Vaccine-Induced AIDS" - Military Records

500% Increase in HIV after COVID-19 Vax


The Armed Forces of the United States recorded a five hundred percent (500%) increase in AIDS after administering the COVID-19 Vaccine to US Troops. The COVID-19 Vaccine is implicated.

White Blood Cells (WBC) fight-off infection in the human body. NORMALLY, the level of White cells in blood is usually about 5,000 cells per milliliter. During an infection, that level jumps - perhaps as high as twenty thousand (20,000) -- until the body kills the invading bacteria or virus. Once the invader is dead, the WBC count returns to the normal range of about 5,000.

After getting the COVID-19 "vaccine" many (very many) people started noticing they were becoming sick more often and taking far longer to fight-off whatever bug they caught. Moreover, people with Cancer that had been in remission, suddenly found the cancer was not only back, but had metastasized and spread everywhere.

So they knew.   They actually KNEW they were giving a part of the HIV virus to everyone who got their "vaccine."

Oh, and the people who developed this "vaccine" and others who pushed it off on the public as "safe and effective" . . .  they're all still out walking free on our streets.  


Where are the arrests?

If this pattern of VAIDS continues, then it would seem the COVID-19 "vaccines" will ultimately wipe out about six billion people on the planet.   Death on a scale this planet has never seen before.

Why are the people who did this still out walking free?  Sounds like Criminally Negligent Homicide to me.

Where are the police?

Where are the lawyers, suing?   Or are they just preparing to die like the rest after taking the "vaccine?"    Or maybe THEY didn't actually take it?   Maybe THEY knew all along what this "vaccine" actually was?

If so, that's the crime of premeditated murder.

Republicans unveil new debt ceiling bill that would force White House to propose its own plan to cut spending


A new Republican bill unveiled on Wednesday aims to force the White House to evenly match spending cuts to any increase of the U.S. debt limit.


"Due to decades of government waste and reckless spending, our nation’s fiscal health is in crisis. Our national debt has surpassed a record-breaking $31 trillion while wages have stagnated, leaving our families, farmers, and main street businesses to pay the bill," Iowa GOP Rep. Randy Feenstra, a member of the Ways and Means Committee, told Fox News Digital.


He is introducing the Dollar-For-Dollar Deficit Reduction Act in coordination with Wyoming GOP Sen. John Barrasso, chair of the Senate Republican Conference. Barrasso is expected to introduce a similar bill in the Senate at a later date.



GOP fires warning shot at Biden over deeply flawed WHO treaty on pandemic response


The resolution reflects Republican worries that Biden will look to adopt treaty obligations without first asking the Senate, and that the treaty itself is being negotiated in a way that may benefit China at the expense of the United States. Risch said the negotiating process is giving China far too much control over global pandemic rules when the WHO should instead be looking to hold China accountable for its role in spreading COVID.


"The WHO failed to hold China accountable for the global spread of COVID-19, which killed over 1 million Americans and thousands of Idahoans," Risch added. "Giving it power over any future health emergency affecting the U.S. would be a disaster with potentially deadly consequences."


"The United States is a sovereign nation that cannot cede power to the deeply flawed World Health Organization for any future health emergency," Risch said.

The WHO’s decision-making body, the World Health Assembly, agreed in December 2021 to negotiate an international agreement aimed at coordinating pandemic responses after COVID found its way into every country and disrupted the global economy. The WHO is aiming for a treaty by May 2024.

Train carrying more than

30,000 gallons of propane fuel derails in Florida

- Hazmat crews rush to the scene after six cars overturn


A train carrying more than 30,000 gallons of propane fuel has derailed in Florida, sparking new environmental concerns just weeks after a toxic train overturned in Ohio.


Southern Manatee Fire Rescue Chief Robert Bounds said Tuesday afternoon that six Seminole Gulf railway cars fell off the tracks near a homeless camp at the Sarasota-Manatee County border.


Five of the cars were carrying sheetrock, while the sixth was carrying propane. Another train car that did not overturn was also transporting propane at the time, and jumped the track during the partial derailment, FOX 13 reports.


So far there are no signs that any of the propane is leaking, and no injuries were reported. But evacuation orders may go into effect in the area as crews try to offload the fuel.


Hazmat teams are now monitoring the situation.

February 28, 2023 






Biden: "By the way, youdoxagoodifthesanensinlenotions"


WTF? Why is this clearly Mentally declined man still in the white house?!


Canadian Pastor Gets Violently Removed from

A Childrens Drag Queen Story Hour


The Calgary Public Library in Alberta, Canada, hosted an all-ages drag event (meaning children were in attendance) called “Reading with Royalty” last weekend.


Pastor Derek Reimer, angered by the public library’s decision to exploit vulnerable children, protested the event. A Calgary constituent filmed a video which opens with the pastor being restrained by a few grooming apologists and arguing with them.


He is then taken outside the library room and violently tossed to the ground. After the assault, the pastor lifts himself up and calls the behavior “very abusive.” Another man, possibly a friend of the pastor, can be heard telling a library staffer the children “are being indoctrinated with evil.”


The pastor goes to another side of the library and continues to express his outrage.


“We are not going to take this outside,” the pastor says. “I can speak as I please, I can speak my religion.”


“What happened in there, it is abuse (referring to the children being exploited) and they physically threw me out of there and it’s all recorded. So, I’m happy their faces are recorded.”


When one female library worker says he is “scaring children,” he retorts that the library is “indoctrinating children.”


He continues to lambast the event and warns parents to “not let their children become involved with this wickedness.”

While one is free to disagree with the pastor’s views, the violent response to his statements from these intolerant leftists is despicable and should be prosecuted.


Don’t expect anything to happen to his assailants, however. Justin Trudeau may even award them a medal.





Student SLAMS School's 'Equity Statement' as Divisive and Racist


MAJOR ESCALATION: Drone Attacks Strike Deep Inside Russia, Targeting Nations Oil Industry


Today’s reports mark stunning escalation of the proxy war between Russia & NATO, which now seems firmly on the path of World War III and potential thermonuclear war. We cannot over emphasize: PREPARE


If the below report from Zero Hedge says anything, it’s that we have now entered a new and very concerning phase of this nasty war playing out in a very nasty part of the world. In my opinion, the purpose of this war, from the West’s and NATO’s perspective, is to facilitate a regime change in Russia and get a “greener” friendly puppet leader installed in the Kremlin.


Putin is not ready to give up his dominant position in the global fossil fuels market, and therefore he must be removed. The green economy touted by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, Prince Charles, Tony Blair, Justin Trudeau, the Obama-Biden regime and the rest of the U.N./WEF globalists cannot be completely realized as long as you have a major country like Russia out there selling cheap oil and natural gas to Europe, China and India.



NATO worried, 130 thousand Russian citizens packed into Luzhniki Stadium to support Putin


About 130,000 Russians flocked to Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow to support their patriotism in a concert rally attended by Vladimir Putin. People participated in a folk tradition on the theme of the unity and support of Russian forces in Ukraine for exactly a year, which made Western countries and NATO anxious and confused.


"Dropping Like Flies": East Palestine Residents and Workers Diagnosed with ‘Chemical Bronchitis'


- Residents and workers near the site where a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed this month have been diagnosed with bronchitis and other conditions that doctors and nurses suspect are linked to chemical exposure.


Melissa Blake, who lives within a mile of the crash site in East Palestine, Ohio, said she started coughing up gray mucus and was struggling to breathe on Feb. 5, two days after the Norfolk Southern train derailed. That day she evacuated her home and also went to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with “acute bronchitis due to chemical fumes,” according to medical records reviewed by NBC News.


At Ceram Fab, a manufacturing company adjacent to the derailment site, five of its 10 workers were too sick to work as of Tuesday, according to general manager Howard Yang.


Yang said the company suspended operations for about a week because of the derailment and subsequent release of vinyl chloride, a carcinogenic chemical onboard the train that was intentionally burned to avoid the risk of an explosion. Yang's employees resumed work on Feb. 13, he said, but after about two days, they “started dropping like flies.” #EastPalestine #Breaking #News



"It is better to lose Ukrainians lives than to lose my popularity."

- V. Zelenskyy, while losing Bakhmut, Donbass, and his own sanity.














CNN guest SNAPS on-air over Dems Ignoring

Americans in East Palestine




Defense, State Departments Refusing to Cooperate on Examination of Their Afghanistan Blunders, Auditor Says


The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has been keeping tabs on a foreign matter that was largely out of the public eye even as U.S. “experts” appeared to make one blunder after another. After numerous embarrassing reports, DOD and State are now refusing to cooperate with SIGAR.


Joe Biden withdrew troops and contractors from the country overnight, without even telling Afghan soldiers on patrol. It left equipment behind, which the Taliban took and used for combat and propaganda, and some of the Afghan forces that the U.S. had trained to fight the Taliban themselves joined “extremist groups,” the report said.

Its interim report detailed a shocking combination of arrogance and incompetence by U.S. officials–one that led many Afghans to conclude that the Taliban was simply better at providing efficient government than the U.S.

Something Βizarre Is Happening Τo Walmart Ιn These Ρarts Οf America.


Walmart is making some interesting changes to their stores in 2023.


GodRules Comments -

-I'm glad I'm getting old. I can't bear watching this country and everyone's lives being ruined and limited by people who think they know it all. Freedom is so important and worth fighting over.


-I remember when they were talking about the Walmarts being used by FEMA and other organizations, they had scheduled closings for a day or 2 about 6 or 7 years ago for “maintenance”. this is all by design, they have been getting ready to push people in a corner for the last 10 or 12 years. But back then you were called a conspiracy theorist and “proven” how these things couldn’t happen. well, it’s all happening now, and they need it to happen slow and they also needed a catalyst to get it all started and to put blame. Look at what the railways are doing, there’s employee whistle blowers coming out the last year in these railroads.


-Every time I hear about 15-minute cities it makes me think of all of these dollar stores in the US. In the rural area around me it seems there is one in every little town.


I have thought for a while now that we were going to get to a point where traveling would be restricted along with food rationing and that we would only be able to purchase food at our assigned local dollar store. The volume of these type stores and odd locations have always seemed suspicious.


-I can remember a TV program from the 1970s, something like Night Gallery, or Tales from the Darkside, something like that...that talked about this very thing. That ALL PEOPLE had to stay inside; NO ONE was allowed outside at all because of "Danger" that was never disclosed, until someone decided to sneak outside at night and find out what was going on. I can't recall what happened, but I can recall the bizarreness of it all. It was around the same time that the movie, Logan's Run was released. Never, ever thought it would come to pass, but it looks like it's right around the corner.



BOOM! Cruz Exposes Zelensky's 'Theater' During Biden Visit


The Washington examiner reports, Ted Cruz says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is involved in "theater" during this week's visit from President Joe Biden.



Imposing Limits on the Woke?


| Christopher Rufo | EP 335


Peterson draws upon his extensive research and relatable real-life experiences to illustrate how to develop attainable goals for intimate relationships, meaningful friendships, and your career. Transform the chaotic potential of the future into actuality — with a vision.


In this episode, Dr Jordan B Peterson and Christopher Rufo discuss the creative left, the world of documentary filmmaking, how ideology has seeped in and taken hold of academia, and how Rufo among others are taking an active role in fighting back through legislature.


Christopher Rufo is a senior fellow and director of the initiative on critical race theory at the Manhattan Institute.

He is also a contributing editor of City Journal, where his writing explores various issues, including critical race theory, gender ideology, homelessness, addiction, crime, and the decline of American cities. Christopher was recently appointed to the Board of Trustees at New College of Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis. Every week, Christopher is creating new videos on his YouTube channel exploring these topics and more.


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February 27, 2023 



Tucker: This is an outrage


Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to report that the Energy Department has concluded COVID-19 most likely came from a Chinese lab on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'


What’s in your food?


| Dig in 2 It


When we go to the grocery store, we're used to checking all kinds of labels. From the expiration date to the calorie count. Now some doctors want you to look for another label - one that says no PFAS. Irish Kerry Gold butter is prized by many consumer reports for its grass-fed goodness. But what consumers may not have realized is that the grease-resistant wrapper contains per- or polyfuloroalkyl carbons, PFAS for short. This is a toxic artificial compound.


THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING TO THE PEOPLE [Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan]


Norfolk Southerns train derailment on February 3, 2023, is STILL being cleaned up and sorted out over THREE WEEKS later and there are STILL NO DEFINITIVE ANSWERS on what caused the accident or if the area is even SAFE to live in now. Add into the equation BlackRock (and Vanguard) may have a hand in the dealings of the clean-up and this whole situation takes on new meaning. The chemicals being moved around our country from Ohio to Texas to Michigan to Pennsylvania make this feel like a game of chess but WE THE PEOPLE have no players on the board. The EPA, CDC, local government and The President are dropping the ball in helping the American People.





Richard Gage - I am Now Solo from AE911Truth


Early in September 2021 AE911Truth issued a press release and an e-mail with an unrelated subject line to supporters which included this vague statement in the 7th paragraph: “…Richard Gage, organization founder, will no longer serve as the organization’s CEO.”


As you can imagine, this has raised many questions, which I decided to wait until after the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to address so as not to distract from the important 9/11 Truth Movement activities.


I don’t quit.


Here’s the rest of the story:


As you probably know by now, we had been working with Spike Lee for months on what was a good opportunity that the 9/11 Truth Movement had to reach a mainstream audience. It would have been included as the final segment of his video documentary mini-series “New York Epicenters: 9/11 & Covid” that was aired by HBO on September 11, 2021. That 30-minute segment, which included interviews of myself along with family members and other technical experts unfortunately was never broadcast.

This action by Spike Lee surely was, per Spike himself, due to enormous pressure from the powers that be, but perhaps also to my off-topic comments in a hallway interview at the Red Pill Expo in June 2021, quoted in Slate Magazine’s August 24th article.


Spike may well have been upset to see my comments quoted in the article, since the first two segments of his mini-series focused on Covid-19 in NYC, and in them he makes clear that he is invested in the official narrative of Covid and its “vaccine.”


Spike’s action was of course a great disappointment for all of us in the 9/11 Truth Movement and of course for me personally—to have worked so hard to reach that historic moment only for it to have collapsed—almost as fast as WTC Building 7.


San Francisco area push to ban gas appliances amid blackouts is ‘pure extremist politics,’ CEO says


Homeowners and builders are calling a possible ban on certain gas-powered appliances in the San Francisco Bay Area an extreme move, forcing a region prone to blackouts to rely even further on an over-burdened electrical supply.


"This is just pure extremist politics being taken to the ultimate extremes," said National Association of Home Builders CEO Jerry Howard. "You talk to anybody in California, their electrical grid can't take the current strain in the summer, obviously, and you're going to add to it by making every car electric, every furnace, every air conditioner, every refrigerator, every stove electric?"


"Once you start down this path that gas is bad, it gives momentum to all of these extremists who are choosing to ignore the facts and pursue an agenda that is only going to cause more people to be paying too much for their housing or, God forbid, more homelessness in an area that's already ravaged by homelessness," he continued.




Major Evidence for Another Structure Inside Earth's Core


Hello and welcome! My name is Anton, and, in this video, we will talk about a confirmation of the 5th structure inside Earth.



The "Hard Shock:" The New Madrid Earthquakes.


A Time of Great Terror for Sinners...


The largest recorded earthquakes in the history of the US east of the Rocky Mountains are still somewhat of a mystery to both scientists and historians, but the few first-hand accounts from this then sparsely populated land paint a grim picture indeed.


The History Guy Comments -

-Near the end I say, "Great comet of 1911," which, of course, should have been "1811." I apologize for the error. I also mentioned John Reynolds family feeling the shock. As several viewers have noted, Vincennes is in Indiana, not Illinois. However, while his autobiography says he had travelled from Vincennes, the family cabin was actually in Goshen Settlement, near Kaskaskia, Illinois, considerably closer to New Madrid than Vincennes. Again, I apologize for the error.


-My family (French Canadian) settled about 5 miles north of New Madrid in 1792 through a Spanish land grant. As far as what records still exist, which are few, they survived the quake only loosing several hundred acres to the river. William Clark, Governor of the territory granted ground to replace what was lost on what was then the west side of what is now Sikeston, Mo. I’m now trustee of the original Spanish land grant north of New Madrid. The farm has been in my family now for 230 yrs.

February 26, 2023 












In Order to Exterminate Vermin from the Planet




Clarence Thomas Uses Pagers in Hypothetical Questioning of Biden Lawyer in Key Twitter Case


On Wednesday, Justice Clarence Thomas questioned U.S. Deputy Solicitor General Edwin Kneedler, during oral arguments for Twitter, Inc. v. Taamneh.


Nancy Pelosi CONFRONTED While Having Happy Hour Drink As Democrats THROW Out Ukraine Activists!


-This is exactly what they called for against Trump supporters. Suddenly it's in bad taste though 🙄


-I love these ambush interviews that are finally coming for the leftists. They should not be shielded from having to answer the difficult questions.


-I love people who aren't afraid to ask these criminals difficult questions!!


Gang Member Does His Best George Floyd Impression While Getting Arrested For Triple Murder


What are yall's thoughts on this guy crying 'I can't breathe' while getting arrested for triple murder?!


-Criminals belong in jail, not learning that there is NO punishment by the Judges of liberal Courts! We need as citizens to hold Judges accountable for their actions!


-Imagine living in a society that tears down statues of great Americans like Washington and Jefferson and erects statues of career criminals like George Floyd...


-Until this country gets itself back on track, this type of thing will continue to happen. Criminals have been taught that they are untouchable in much of the country. 


All they need to do is claim abuse, racism, or numerous other false things and they'll get set free no matter what they did. Fix this issue of freeing criminals and you'll save lives. Accountability needs to come back to this country.

Justice Prevails: Kavanaugh Accuser CONFESSES to False Claims - Criminal Charges Coming


100 percent fed up reports, it was one of the most contentious and highly politicized Senate confirmation hearings in American history for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Additionally, Senate Democrats brought accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh to the Senate's attention, despite a lack of evidence in many of the allegations.


-Well said. This weak woman has made it tougher for legitimate victims to be believed. I don't know about others, but for me the Kavanaugh hearings were the straw that broke the camel's back. 



@paulspradbery9732 - 1 day ago - As a research scientist myself, it is widely known throughout the scientific community that there was/is a huge bio-lab in Odessa, South Ukraine. Clayton is 100% correct.


Other Comments -

-And to think Trump was impeached because he had the audacity to ask Zelensky to investigate the Bidens over this very matter.

-I am ashamed of the Americans that voted for Biden. Talk about a criminal!!!


-I can’t believe how EVIL this government is! I can’t believe how much this world has changed. We’re living in scary times.

February 25, 2023 







Ukraine has tacitly announced that it will be the first country to implement the WEF's "Great Reset" by launching the social credit app, which will include a universal basic income, digital ID and vaccination card in the already existing Diya app




Epstein case: ex-model agent Jean-Luc Brunel found dead in prison


The Frenchman was indicted for "rape of a minor" and placed under the status of assisted witness for "trafficking in human beings". According to our information, the septuagenarian was found hanged last night.


Former model agent Jean-Luc Brunel was found dead in custody, sources close to the case said. The 74-year-old Frenchman, an alleged touting of young girls for the benefit of Jeffrey Epstein, the American billionaire now deceased, had been indicted in December 2020 for "rape of minors" and "sexual harassment".


The suspect had also been placed under the intermediate status of assisted witness for acts of "aggravated trafficking in human beings to the detriment of minor victims for the purpose of sexual exploitation".


According to our information, the septuagenarian was found dead by hanging last night in his cell in the Paris prison of Health. He was found around 1 a.m. during the night watch. He could not be resuscitated, says a prison source.


Jean-Luc Brunel did not have an emergency protection cell (Cprou). 

These cells specially designed to prevent suicide risk, where the inmate is dressed in paper clothes and tear able sheets, are reserved for prisoners in crisis whose suicide risk is imminent.






EXPLOSIVE testimony today at the Sen. Elections and House O/sight hearings by Jackie Berger


Outlining the most complex investigation into Political corruption in AZ.

@katiehobbs and her husband are laundering cartel money through fake deeds and mortgages.






JUST IN: Greg Abbott Issues New Warning to Migrants Heading to Texas


At a roundtable on border security in Weslaco, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) had a warning to migrants heading to his state.


-Instead of 87,000 new IRS Agents we need 87,000 more Border agents.


-Thank you so much for standing against this organized invasion.

-Amen! Democrats must be held accountable, but Americans cannot just say, "oh, well, not much to do, NO, we MUST round the illegals up, and deport them. We must hold them accountable too.

February 24, 2023 




Tycoons and Oligarchs: Russia, Ukraine,

NATO and the Warring Elites


It was 23 February 2022. By then, the Ukrainian elite knew that Russia’s military attack was imminent. Wealthy tycoons and politicians, including Secretary of National Security Council Oleksiy Danilov, already made accommodations to make sure their military-age sons would be out of the country. The only thing left was to prepare government agencies for war. There “was a huge meeting of Ukrainian tycoons with President Zelensky” and his cabinet on February 23, commented Taras Berezovets, a Ukrainian analyst and television host. “They all declared their readiness to” stand with the regime and therefore mobilize the rest of the population to fight for their cause. The Ukrainian elite was prepared to defend its interests at any cost, as did its allies from NATO and opponents in Moscow.


A year has passed since irreversible decisions were made. Hundreds of thousands of homes are destroyed, and tens of thousands of people lost their lives, but the warring parties are further than ever from ending this senseless hell. “Toward beautiful future, I am starting my way,” goes a popular Soviet song, making a painful reminder to the listener of the contrast between past expectations and present reality in the post-Soviet space.


Once bonded together under the roof of the Soviet Union, representing the scientific and manufacturing core of the world’s second industrial power, with aspirations to overtake the capitalist West economically and in the space race, the people of Ukraine and Russia are now fighting each other in the most destructive conflict to hit Europe since the Second World War.


Every catastrophe has material preconditions, and the war in Ukraine is no exception. What motivates the Ukrainian elite to fight is something Russia had to learn the hard way, as its regime-change operation failed dramatically and metamorphosed into a full-scale war, with a front line over 1000 kilometers in length. While mobilizing the population and arming it with weapons and nationalistic opium, “Ukraine’s oligarchs have put aside both their differences with the government of Volodymyr Zelensky and any lingering pro-Russian sentiment to close ranks with the authorities in Kyiv,” reported Forbes on February 24.




Discussions on ways of splitting, destroying Russia under way in EU Russia's UN envoy.


Moscow takes note of ongoing discussions in European capitals and institutions about best ways of splitting and destroying Russia, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya told the UN Security Council.


"Of course, we used to suspect that behind the European exterior there was some dormant Russophobia, but to say frankly, we could never imagine what scale it would assume once released. It is not limited to an obsessive desire to defeat Russia on the battlefield with the hands of Ukrainians. It goes down way deeper. In order to please the most primitive Russophobes from among Poles and Balts, European capitals and European institutions hold events where ways to dismember and disintegrate our country are discussed," the Russian diplomat said.


"Against the backdrop of steps aimed at ‘cancellation of Russia,’ its culture, arts, and sports, we are developing a rather unambiguous image of our European neighbors. And what we see makes us want to shut the door or maybe board it up until this bigotry and Russophobia mayhem are over," he went on.


Death toll from Turkey, Syria earthquake tops 47,000


The death toll from the massive earthquake that hit parts of Turkey and Syria on February 6 continues to rise as more bodies are retrieved from the rubble of demolished buildings.


A magnitude 6.4 earthquake that struck the already battered province of Hatay this week damaged or demolished more buildings, compounding the devastation.


Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has raised the number of fatalities in Turkey from the magnitude 7.8 earthquake to 43,556.



Nuland Says US Ready to Discuss

New START With Russia Tomorrow


Victoria Nuland, undersecretary of state for political affairs, told the Russian news agency TASS on Thursday that the US was ready to hold discussions with Moscow on the New START treaty “tomorrow” if Russia was willing to do the same.


Her comments came after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he was suspending Russia’s participation in the New START, which limits the deployment of nuclear warheads and launchers and is the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty between the two powers.


“We’re ready to do it tomorrow if the Russian Federation is ready. And we’re also ready to allow inspections,” Nuland said.


February 23, 2023 


Snowing in Los Angeles today!


Southern California snowstorm: Yucaipa, Humboldt, Wrightwood


Snowing in Los Angeles today! Southern California snowstorm: Yucaipa, Humboldt, Wrightwood


Garland convenience store shooting trial begins, father of accused shooter faces capital murder char

The state maintains that Richard Acosta did "promote and assist" his son with the deadly shooting of three teens. The defense says the dad had no idea what his son was about to do.

Ukrainian mayor fined again for using Russian


The head of Kharkov’s city administration has already sued the language commissioner in response


The fine was issued by Taras Kremen, the commissioner for the protection of the state language. According to the document, Terekhov is guilty of using “a language other than the state one” on his Facebook and Telegram pages, which the politician listed as official channels. The punishment was instated late last year and the fine itself is 3,400 hryvnia ($93).


This is the second time Terekhov has been fined for using Russian. He was similarly penalized for the exact same sum last November for using the “non-state language” during a TV marathon.


Terekhov filed a lawsuit against Kremen for fining him the first time, the politician’s spokesman Igor Sidorenko told Suspilne Novini in January.


The mayor said he will continue speaking to Kharkov residents in Russian, while keeping all official communication in Ukrainian. Terekhov added that he was appealing to the court as an individual, not as a mayor.






⚠️ HAPPENING NOW: Hundreds of thousands of Americans in southern

Michigan suffering from an internet blackout following severe ice storms.


In light of the recent 60 days of explosions, derailments, etc... I think it's important to keep our eyes and ears wide open for all things happening. Even if it "seems" coincidental.



JUST IN: Trump Warns 'World War III Has Never Been Closer'


In a video released to social media, former President Trump warned of the threat of World War III, and detailed a plan to battle "warmongers" and "globalists" in US politics. posted feb 23


Biden reacts to Russia suspending nuclear treaty


Biden was wrapping up his visit to Ukraine and Poland with a photo-op in Warsaw when one of the reporters shouted a question about the treaty.


“I don’t have time,” the US president said at first. Pausing, he said, “big mistake.”


The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, known in the US as ‘New START’ and in Russia as ‘SNV-III’, was originally signed in 2010. Biden had agreed to extend it through 2026 during his first week in office. The US had previously withdrawn from the INF and Open Skies treaties, leaving New START as the last arms control agreement standing.


Addressing the Russian legislature on Tuesday, Putin said Russia would be “suspending its membership” in New START, but not withdrawing from the treaty. He accused the US of trying to “refashion the international order to suit exclusively its own needs and selfish interests,” demanding that Moscow abide by treaties such as New START “while they will do as they please” and Western leaders publicly make statements about “inflicting a strategic defeat” on Russia.


“This is either the height of hypocrisy and cynicism, or the height of stupidity, but they are not idiots. They are not stupid,” the Russian leader said.

Putin pointed out that NATO – which is not even a party to New START – had made “absurd” demands to inspect the Russian nuclear deterrent, even as the US-led bloc was openly aiding Ukraine in carrying out drone attacks against strategic aviation bases that host atomic weapons.


Before Moscow can return to the table, Putin said, it must have “a clear idea” of NATO’s nuclear arsenal – including the UK and France, who are welcome to join the treaty.


“Come onboard, we do not mind. Just try not to lie to everyone this time and present yourselves as champions of peace and detente. We know the truth,” the Russian president said.

LIVE: White House announces Russian

sanctions affecting banks, defense


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre speaks to the press. KJP offered out condolences to Dylan Lyons, a 24-year-old TV journalist, was killed while reporting, and to the other two community members slain by the same shooter and the nine-year-old also killed. She went on to blame the Republicans for resisting bans on guns.


Now there is worry about Banks being affected due to their attentions (Or intentions) in Russia.

You're all going to want to hang on every lit bit of Bull crap and propaganda falling from her lips.

Missing Washington woman ID’d from severed human foot found in shoe that washed ashore.


--After reading this article, the idea that a Serial Killer is on the loose came to mind. --


Human foot found in New Balance shoe belonged to woman missing since 2018.


The human foot was found in a woman’s size 8 New Balance brand shoe. Since the foot was the only part of the remains discovered, authorities were not able to immediately determine multiple factors about the woman, including age, ethnicity, height and weight, the sheriff’s office said.


More than a dozen other severed feet have been discovered in the waters of northern Washington and southern British Columbia since 2008, KOMO News reported in 2019 when authorities identified another human foot that had been found inside a boot that washed up on an island off the coast.


That human foot was linked to a 22-year-old man who had gone missing in 2016.

February 22, 2023 

Norfolk Southern trying to BUY OFF East Palestine residents for just $1,000 to silence them forever, and block all future cancer lawsuits resulting

from vinyl chloride train catastrophe


As payment for all the pain and suffering they are having to endure, Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw has promised to pay every resident in the 44413-zip code of East Palestine, Ohio, $1,000 each.


Stating that he is “terribly sorry” about the train wreck, Shaw told reporters that it is actually a really good thing the derailed cars carrying chemicals were intentionally blown up.


“Frankly, that told us there was a success and that the opportunity for a much riskier event occurred because of what was in the rail cars,” he stated to KWBN about the explosion.


“To this community, and I want to make sure you understand. I am terribly sorry that this happened to the community. Norfolk Southern is fully committed to doing what’s right for this community.”


In order to receive their $1,000 cash payouts, East Palestine residents will be required to sign away their right to sue, as well as to ask for any more money in the future, should they develop cancer.


“All they have to do is sign their name and say they’ve received $1,000,” Shaw stated. (Related: The East Palestine train wreck created the largest dioxin plume in history.)


Shaw says contaminated materials from East Palestine are being taken to landfills

So far, Shaw has no complaints about the cleanup process and the direction it has taken. “We’re making a lot of progress,” he said. As to where all the contaminated soil and liquids collected are being taken, Shaw did not provide any specific details other than to say that they are being taken to “landfills that are designed to handle that type of material.”


The interview appeared on “The War Room” this week, and you can watch it at The Gateway Pundit. One local resident responded to Shaw’s $1,000-per-person pledge by stating that this is not nearly enough money to compensate for the horrors he is having to endure.


“I’ve been coughing every day since the derailment,” this person said. “Take your thousand and shove it. I’m suing you!”




Another pointed out that the true success would have been for Norfolk Southern to properly grease the axles of the train, which was spotted shooting out sparks and flames in Salem, Ohio, which is located just a few miles away from East Palestine.


“I’m wondering if the repair and maintenance is logged on a computer, and if so, was any of the that info changed?” asked another person.


“Really, that would be such a simple move to cause chaos. Just hack the repair logs and make it look like all the cars have just been service and are good to go. I’m just thinking out loud, too many coincidences.”


To this, another person responded that the explanation given by the railcar inspectors, anyway, is that the entire process is done in less than two minutes, which is hardly enough time to identify any problems.


“Think if this was an airliner!” this person added. “No way. Railroads are just not professional at all.”


“We need to make the EXECUTIVES CRIMINALLY responsible for all preventable incidents. I bet they would never happen! The Conductor needs to be in charge just like an airline captain is in charge or a ship captain. Anything wrong, he makes the rules. Cut loose 75 cars on a sidereal. Whatever it takes to be safe.”


While there are regulations in place for the railroads, they are inadequate, suggested someone else – especially when lobbying and political gifting help to protect the railroads from ever being held accountable for disasters like this.











Blundering Joe Thinks Americans fly

Ukranian Flags from Their Homes..


Skin-rotting drug tranq infiltrates

big cities: Zombifying bodies


There’s a new drug in town — and it has deadly consequences.


Xylazine — otherwise known as “tranq,” “tranq dope” and “zombie drug” — is wreaking havoc in major cities across the country with its devastating effects: It can literally rot the user’s skin.


The substance, which seemed to first appear in Philadelphia before migrating west to San Francisco and Los Angeles, was used for cutting heroin, but, most recently, it has been discovered in fentanyl and other illicit drugs.


While approved by the Food and Drug Administration for veterinary use, xylazine, a non-opioid, is not safe for humans, and those who overdose on the drug do not respond to naloxone, or Narcan, the most common overdose reversal treatment.


Xylazine causes sedative-like symptoms, such as excessive sleepiness and respiratory depression, as well as raw wounds that can become severe and spread rapidly with repeated exposure. The crusty ulcerations, which can become dead skin called eschar, can result in amputation if left untreated.

Because it is not listed as a controlled substance for animals or humans, “tranq” lands in a confusing and horrifying gray area — and hospitals rarely test for it with routine toxicology screenings.


Last month, one Philly user suddenly developed xylazine-specific wounds near her opioid injection sites.


“I’d wake up in the morning crying because my arms were dying,” Tracey McCann, 39, told the New York Times.

I'm Taking Some Personal Time: Buttigieg Refuses to Answer Daily Caller

Reporters' Questions on East Palestine, But Creepily Snaps Her Photo


Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was questioned Tuesday evening while walking in Washington, D.C. by Daily Caller reporter Jennie Taer who asked him about the toxic train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio. Buttigieg was walking with what appears to be his husband Chasten Buttigieg.


Secretary Pete refused to answer Taer’s questions, save but one, repeatedly telling her to check out the “dozen” interviews he had already given today. When Taer persisted, Buttigieg informed her he was “taking some personal time”. He did say he was going to go to East Palestine but wouldn’t say when.


Buttigieg creepily took a picture of her with his smartphone.


One of the interviews Buttigieg gave Tuesday was with CBS News reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns who challenged him for not “showing up” to East Palestine. Buttigieg spoke about respecting the bureaucratic process.



Transportation Sec. Buttigieg says he's "planning to go" to East Palestine, Ohio, but hasn't specified when he'll make the visit.


: "But you ran for president. You understand politics better than most. And you know the importance of showing up. So why not go sooner?"



Quoted a re-post on Twitter to Jennie Taer. -

You're very brave and have every right to ask questions.

I would definitely want to know why he wanted that picture of you.


Source thegatewaypundit


Breaking News: A Nano-Second to Midnight


The main focus of the incompetent Biden Regime is on demonizing and criminalizing white Americans who are not Woke Democrats and on raising tensions with Russia which are already more dangerous than during the Cuban missile crisis. The crazed Jewish warmonger, Victoria Nuland, who Biden stupidly appointed, and the Senate confirmed Undersecretary of State, announced that Washington considers Russian installations in Crimea “legitimate targets” and the US government supports Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory.


Yesterday Putin announced that Russia is suspending participation in the last remaining nuclear arms agreement as Washington insists on Russia’s compliance in the absence of its own.


The US Ambassador was summoned to account for Washington’s participation in the Ukrainian conflict with Russia.

The US Ambassador was told that the money, weapons, targeting information, support personnel all prove the falsity of Washington’s claim not to be a party to the conflict. The ambassador was told that the US is actively at war with Russia and actively engaged in hostile actions against Russia, and that this would have consequences.


Putin has put Russian nuclear missiles on Combat Alert Status.

McDonalds Introduces Plant

Based Chicken Nuggets


McDonald’s has announced it will start selling plant-based chicken McNuggets at select restaurants.


I don't know about the rest of you, but I have given up on McAnything that is served in their menus. I will eat my vegetables the way I buy them and prepare them. When I want a CHICKEN ANYTHING, It will be made from a real CHICKEN.


McDonald's can go McScrew themselves.


The plant based McNuggets aren’t the first time McDonald’s has placed synthetic plant-based meat on its menu.


Back in 2021, McDonald’s introduced the McPlant Burger.


Oh, My Mag reported the McPlant burger was a major flop in the United States but was well received in Europe.


The McPlant burger was eventually pulled from McDonald’s menus in the United States after the plant-based burger was only sold 20 times a day on average at McDonald’s busiest chains.


February 21, 2023 



James O’Keefe & Project Veritas Part Ways


James O'Keefe, founder of the activist group "Project Veritas," is removed as leader and CEO and breaks it down for us, in his own words, just how despicable those minions under him are.


Putin suspends last nuclear treaty with U.S., puts new missiles on combat duty


MOSCOW (Reuters) -President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday suspended Russian participation in the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty with the United States, warning Washington that Russia had put new ground-based strategic nuclear weapons on combat duty.


"I am forced to announce today that Russia is suspending its participation in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty," Putin told his country's political and military elite.


The Russian leader said that some people in Washington were thinking about resuming nuclear testing and that Russia's defense ministry and nuclear corporation should therefore be ready to test Russian nuclear weapons if necessary.


"Of course, we will not do this first. But if the United States conducts tests, then we will. No one should have dangerous illusions that global strategic parity can be destroyed."


"A week ago, I signed a decree on putting new ground-based strategic systems on combat duty. Are they going to stick their nose in there too, or what? And they think that everything is so simple. What, are we going to let them in there just like that?"


The New START Treaty limited both sides to 1,550 warheads on deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine ballistic missiles and heavy bombers. Both sides met the central limits by 2018.


Putin announced the move during his annual state-of-the-nation speech in which he vowed to continue with Russia's year-long war in Ukraine and accused the U.S.-led NATO alliance of fanning the flames of the conflict in the mistaken belief that it could defeat Moscow in a global confrontation.


Speaking nearly a year to the day since ordering an invasion that has triggered the biggest confrontation with the West since the depths of the Cold War, Putin said Russia would "consistently resolve the tasks facing" it in Ukraine.


Flanked by four Russian tri-color flags either side, Putin said Russia was tilting towards Asia after the West hit it with the most severe sanctions in modern history.

(Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge; Editing by Andrew Osborn, Simon Cameron-Moore and Nick Macfie)



Serbia warns everyone is preparing for war - “Ammunition is selling like hotcakes..”


Belgrade says it is profiting from the arms and ammunition race but is worried about NATO encirclement.


Serbia’s military industry has ramped up production of weapons and ammunition to keep up with skyrocketing demand driven by the conflict in Ukraine, President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday. Visiting the IDEX weapons fair in UAE, Vucic said the world is preparing for war.


“Everyone needs ammunition. Everyone is buying everything, anything we can make gets sold,” Vucic said. “I don’t know how some of this stuff hasn’t ended up on the battlefields of Ukraine yet.”


Demand for things like rockets for ‘Grad’ multiple launcher systems has gone up by 70%, the Serbian president added, noting that Belgrade is looking to expand some of its ammunition production, since it’s all spoken for.


“Ammunition is selling like hotcakes,” Vucic said.


He claimed Russia uses up 35,000 rounds per day, and Ukraine about 16,000, which adds up over the course of a year. Serbia is trying to hold back at least some of the hardware for its own needs, Vucic said.


“Our army and our country must come first. At least 30% of everything made in Serbia must stay in Serbia,” he told reporters. “We can only sell what we can spare. Everyone wants to fight, everyone is getting ready for war.”


Worried about its own neighborhood, Belgrade is also importing whatever it can, including a bid for Rafale fighter jets from France. According to Vucic, a contract with the Emirates for kamikaze drones should be signed later this week.


“We are surrounded by NATO countries. Bosnia-Herzegovina is not [a member], but NATO troops are there too, as well as in part of our own territory, in Kosovo,” the Serbian president said.


Asked for comment about the situation in Ukraine, Vucic said he was expecting “great changes on the battlefield” in the next two to three days, which may lead to further Western pressure on Serbia. Vucic has so far resisted US and EU demands to sanction Russia, insisting on Belgrade’s military neutrality in the ongoing conflict.

The IDEX 2023 global defense exhibition, held in Abu Dhabi, is one of the largest arms fairs in the world. This week’s event is attended by 1,350 vendors from 65 countries. In addition to ammunition, Serbia is advertising its ‘Nora’ self-propelled howitzer and armored vehicles ‘Lazar’ and ‘Milos.’

Tucker: It looks like things are over for Mr. Don Lemon


I remember the first time I watched Don Lemon. All he did was shout at his guests and he talked over them too. He always followed a woke agenda too, which was disgusting, because anyone in his mind, who is black, and conservative is an Uncle Tom... Will I miss Don Lemon? Absolutely not! I also want to not miss Joy Reid too. She's another racist who needs to be removed from opinion/commentary television. Another who shoots first and doesn't even CARE what the question are after. In fact, everyone who cannot contain themselves and cannot agree to disagree in journalism, doesn't belong in the field.


You make your fame as a journalist by making it about your guests and the subject matter. It's never about you. I won't miss Don or Joy or any of them. I don't watch them.

Americas large grocery chains merging with Big Tech to track, control your food and drug purchases


Grocery giant Albertsons, along with partner companies Safeway, Vons, Shaw’s, Jewel-Osco, Acme, and Tom Thumb, is rolling out a new “Sincerely Health” tech platform app for customers to keep a close eye on their food and drug purchases.


The company describes the app as something that allows customers to “connect data from wearables, integrate prescriptions, design their diet and make telehealth or vaccination appointments.”


Albertsons is currently in talks with Kroger, by the way, to perform a merger. Should that be a success, the new Albertson’s-Kroger mega-grocery chain would capture control over 36 percent of the American grocery supermarket business.


Competitor Walmart, America’s largest grocery chain, is also rolling out a similar program to track customer’s food purchase habits in conjunction with the pharmaceutical purchasing habits.


“Your grocery purchasing habits have been considered very valuable data for decades now, with most major supermarkets offering things like ‘loyalty’ cards that give discounts on grocery products,” writes Brian Shilhavy for Health Impact News.


“But now, Big Food wants to merge that with your Big Pharma purchases as well, which would include prescription drug purchases as well as vaccines.”


More controversial is the “Pixel” tracking technology used in the app. Pixel, which is used to track users’ interests and provide “relevant content,” has been the subject of numerous lawsuits in recent years concerning its invasion of patient privacy.


Albertsons claims it does not sell any of this customer data to third parties, pointing to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – but is this still true in the post-covid era?


“All it takes is a declaration of a ‘public health emergency’ and pretty much the entire Constitution of the U.S. is suspended all in the name of ‘public health,'” Shilhavy notes about how HIPAA could already be a thing of the past.


“Your private health decisions are then broadcast to the public to be used against you, such as whether or not you choose to wear a facemask, or show your proof of vaccination, in order to enter their stores.”


It does not take a rocket scientist to ascertain how easily Big Food can now exploit customer data to push more medical fascism. When the next scamdemic arrives, Albertsons will be in a unique spot with its Sincerely Health app to punish customers who refuse to obey the state’s orders.

February 20, 2023 

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reportedly

has access to tens of thousands of hours of footage from

the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot, thanks to

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).


“There was never any legitimate reason for this footage to remain secret,” Carlson told Axios.


“Kevin McCarthy told us he’s going to get the evidence out in front of the American people, and that means releasing the 14,000 hours of tapes that have been hidden,” said Gaetz. He added that the videos would “give more full context to that day, rather than the cherry-picked moments that the January 6 committee tried to use to inflame and further divide our country.”


Sources informed Axios co-founder Mike Allen that Carlson’s team was in Washington, DC, last week going through some of the footage, and it will begin to roll out on Carlson’s programs in the forthcoming weeks.


The two sides have been communicating on the matter since earlier this month, Allen noted, citing correspondence he has seen. Additionally, the cache reportedly totals a whopping 41,000 hours of footage rather than the 14,000 hours previously reported.




ABC Declines to Renew Whoopi Goldberg’s Contract: “It’s Time to Move On”


They didn’t fire her. They didn’t cancel her. They didn’t even cancel her show. What ABC did instead, to deal with its neverending Whoopi Goldberg problem, was to simply decline to re-sign her to a new contract. The move will cost Goldberg her lead on a popular show and upwards of $36 million per year in salary and endorsements.


“It’s time to move on,” said Programming Director Joe Barron, “she had a good run, but now she’s just so angry all the time.” Barron said the network is constantly inundated with complaints from people who find her hateful, divisive, and un-American. “Most of them can’t explain why, but it’s their right not to,” he commented.


Goldberg’s manager, Art Tubolls, says the negotiations are far from over and that he expects ABC to offer his client a new contract through 2029. “She is the show,” he said, “who’s gonna run nit, Joy Behar? She doesn’t have the Starpower to do what Whoopi does.”


Barron says Behar isn’t the only option, as freeing up all that cash could net the show two new hosts. “I’ll bet we could get both Alyssa Milano and Kathy Griffin for half of that,” he chuckled. Alyssa Milano ignored our request for comment. Again.

Hopefully this new trend away from liberalism will continue so America can get back to the glory days.





We Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before!


How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?


In 2022, the U.S. government approved expenditures of $113 billion on aid to Ukraine. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget writes:


In total, CBO estimated that $6.6 billion of the $113 billion would be spent in FY 2022 and another $37.7 billion in FY 2023. Furthermore, CBO estimated more than half of the approved funds would be spent by the end of FY 2024 and more than three-fourths by the end of FY 2026.


How much will that cost the average household? There are approximately 131.2 million households in the United States. So, the average cost per household is $113 billion divided by 131.2 million, which is $861.


Of course, averages are often under-informative. That’s true of this one. In 2018, according to the Brookings Institute, high-income households, those in the top 20% of the income distribution, paid about 68 percent of all the tax revenue that the federal government collected. To be in the top quintile that year, you needed to have an income of $153,301 or more.


Assume for simplicity that these numbers, adjusted for inflation, are about the same today. Also, I’ll assume, even though I know it’s false, that this $113 billion will be paid entirely out of taxes rather than new debt. It’s not as bad an assumption as it looks.


To the extent it’s paid out of new debt and to the extent future taxes pay off that debt, based on a progressive tax structure such as the one we have now, it would be a pretty good assumption.




Ron DeSantis Takes Aim At D.C.s Accumulation of Power


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is advocating for breaking up the federal government’s heavy presence in Washington, D.C., by moving agencies across the country.


“Too much power has accumulated in D.C. and the result is a detached administrative state that rules over us and imposes its will on us,” DeSantis said. “While there are a host of things that need to be done to re-constitutionalize government, parceling out federal agencies to other parts of the country could help reduce the negative effects of this accumulation of power.”


DeSantis, a former U.S. congressman who handily won re-election as Florida governor last year, has not formally declared a campaign for the White House, but he is increasingly taking on the mantle of being a national leader within the Republican Party.

“I don’t promise things I can’t deliver,” DeSantis said, which the publication noted was in reference to his efforts to keep woke topics out of schools.


“Virtually every major institution in our country is attempting to impose a ‘progressive’ agenda on society,” DeSantis said. “Florida strives to protect the ability of its citizens to live their lives free from this agenda being shoved down their throats.”



Cincinnati And Northern Kentucky Shut Down Water Intakes After Train Derailment


Utilities in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky shut Ohio River water intake valves early Sunday morning over concerns about contamination by hazardous materials from a train that derailed in East Palestine, Ohio.


The two utilities, Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) and Northern Kentucky Water District (NKWD), said they are taking precautions as testing found at least low levels of chemicals from the toxic spill in some places at intakes along the waterway amid reports of fish dying en masse in local waterways and East Palestine residents reporting ailments such as headaches and rashes.


Cincinnati cuts off drinking water from Ohio River due to East Palestine derailment contamination.


It is "believed that low levels of butyl acrylate seeped into the Ohio River through a small creek about 300 miles north of Cincinnati," which prompted the water utility service to take the precaution.


The Ohio River's water intake for the city of Cincinnati will close ahead of incoming pollutants from the East Palestine train derailment in a move that the local water utility service says is "out of an abundance of caution."


According to Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW), a service provided by the city, Cincinnati's drinking water intake in the river will be closed sometime before the contamination is expected to reach that area of the river by early Sunday morning, a local ABC affiliate reported.


Water intakes are structures used for collecting water from surface waterways such as rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, and directing it to a water treatment plant where it will be made drinkable.



A Cover Up of Epic Proportions Is

Happening in East Palestine, Ohio


This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.


If you want a perfect example of how corrupt our system of government has become, just look at the massive cover-up that is going on in East Palestine, Ohio right now. Federal, state, and local officials are telling the public that everything is just fine when everything is obviously not just fine. On February 3rd, a 50-car Norfolk Southern train derailed in East Palestine.


Five of the cars were carrying vinyl chloride which is an extremely hazardous substance that has been proven to cause several types of cancer. Unfortunately, with the approval of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, a decision was made on February 6th to conduct a “controlled burn” of the wreckage. They knew that burning the vinyl chloride would create vast amounts of phosgene gas. By now, most of you already know that phosgene gas was actually used as a chemical weapon in World War I. The cloud of toxic chemicals that was created by the “controlled burn” was so large that it could literally be seen from space, and the long-term health problems that are being caused all over the east coast could stretch on for decades.


But Ohio Governor Mike Dewine doesn’t want to be blamed.


He is telling everyone from East Palestine to go back to their homes, and he insists that the water in the area is “safe to drink”…


Do you believe him?


For those that are gullible enough to believe him, I have just one question for you…Does this water look safe to drink to you?


"Caught Red-Handed": Blue Cross Blue Shield Backtracks on Racist Grant Program, Opens Up to White People


The $300,000 grant program, called "Advancing Healthy Food Equity" (AHFE), disqualified any organization with a white CEO from participating, while the community directly served by the program must also not be white.


"This opportunity is specifically designed to support community-rooted organizations that are led by, serving, and accountable to American Indians, Black, Latino, other People of Color, and members of immigrant communities, to increase their ability to engage in advocacy to address the root causes of inequitable access to healthy food," said a spokesperson for the grant in a promotional video.


Now, BCBS has backpedaled - and has changed its policy of excluding white-run organizations from applying for a new grant program.

According to Laura Morgan, program manager for Do No Harm (DNH)—an organization that investigates and spotlights discriminatory practices in medical institutions, BCBS "got caught red-handed when they tried to inject ugly racial politics into their grant-making process," the Epoch Times reports.


Dan Bongino: This is not some conspiracy theory


Fox News host Dan Bongino exposes the left's disinformation machine in Saturday's opening monologue of 'Unfiltered'.


Bongino Comments -

-The same here in Australia, they will cover rents going through the roof and interview a real-estate agent🤡, who just agrees they are going up and probably will go up more? No addressing of how it can be fixed or holding politicians' feet to the fire? Is sick.

-We're not going to vote our way out of this one, I'm afraid. Our apathy carried on for far too long and this is what we get.


-They are ALWAYS doing exactly what they accuse others of doing! ALWAYS! They are so crooked and dishonest! 😡

Satanic Temple’s disgusting ‘Sam Alito’ abortion facility isn’t a legitimate ‘exercise of religion’


As if touting religious ceremonies to kill unborn children wasn’t enough, The Satanic Temple – a nontheistic organization intentionally characterizing itself as religious – has escalated its rhetoric by naming a new chemical abortion facility in New Mexico after a U.S. Supreme Court justice the group apparently wishes were dead.


A combination of tasteless and threatening, the newly established "Sam Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic" is advertised as purveying chemical abortions by mail, with its website featuring a cartoon suggesting that Justice Samuel Alito’s mother should have aborted him. (Alito wrote the majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization finding no right to abortion in the Constitution.)


This sinister charade is also an assault on religious freedom. The Satanic Temple threatens everyone’s religious liberty protections with its ill-advised plan linking its pro-abortion propaganda with alleged religious practices.



February 19, 2023



Russian Military Accuses Ukraine of Using Toxic Munition Near Ugledar 


ONETSK (Sputnik) - Ukraine's army dropped a munition carrying an unidentified toxin on the positions of the Russian military near the villages of Urozhainoye and Velikaya Novoselka in the Ugledar direction, Russian military officials told Sputnik.


"In the morning of February 16, two enemy attack drones appeared over Russian positions near Ugledar. One of the drones was immediately shot down, while the other managed to drop a chemical munition on our positions," a military officer said.


The explosive detonated and two Russian troops exposed to the attack suffered lung burns, the officer said, adding that both men had the telltale symptoms of poisoning, including vomiting and irritation of mucous membranes.


"The fragments of the munition that detonated and the one from the downed drone were sent for examination," the officer said.  Sputnik has obtained photos of the purportedly chemical munition which looks like a metal cylinder tube covered with a black film on one of its ends.



Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, after the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics appealed for help in defending themselves against Ukrainian provocations. In response to Russia’s operation, Western countries have rolled out a comprehensive sanctions campaign against Moscow and have been supplying weapons to Ukraine.


On September 30 last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the heads of the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, signed agreements on the accession of these territories to Russia, following referendums that showed that an overwhelming majority of the local population supported becoming part of Russia.



NATO Preparing for World War III


Perhaps NATO is starting to wake up. They now realize that they may have to wage war on two fronts simultaneously. NATO is considering what they call a defensive move which is an “Article 5 conflict” but also an “out-of-area” battle. This is showing that NATO is no longer what it was supposed to have been – the defense of Europe against a Soviet invasion that never took place. The “out-of-area” is none other than China invading Taiwan. NATO is simply usurping power that it was never authorized to carry out. This, Article 5 event is an attack on a NATO member, whereas the “out-of-area” is a non-NATO member.


Clearly, we are witnessing how once power is taken, it is always abused. NATO has always billed itself as a “defensive alliance” but it has embarked on an offensive posture with Ukraine and now even Taiwan. Don’t forget, NATO joined the hostilities in Yugoslavia during the 1990s and again with Libya in 2011. Many have viewed that NATO has been usurped by the American Neocons to further their agenda of manipulating US foreign policy. That is becoming self-evident by even considering war with China and Russia.


All our sources confirm that the US has demanded that Brussels increase its defense expenditures. Everyone is expected to chip in 2% of GDP – ASAP. The US is now also expecting that it will have to fight on two fronts against both China and Russia. 

The Neocons are demanding higher Pentagon budgets now. They simply want war, and we have no right to vote on any of this confirming once again, we do not live in a democracy, but in a dictatorship masquerading as a republic.


You NEVER go to war without weighing the gains against the losses. What is taking place is the very same bankers that tried to take over Russia I wrote about in the 2000 Plot to Seize Russia, are back after 23 years and they are pleading to wage war and are licking their lips once again at seizing all the natural resources of Russia from gold and diamonds to energy and uranium. The problem, they may not survive their own greed this time.



Since Kamala Harris has claimed that The United States has formally Proclaimed Russia's Absurd

'Crimes Against Humanity' Allegations


Let's also get the Ukraine crimes recognized...


- Biolabs designing anti-slav DNA weapons
- Bird flu infected and released avians
- Migratory birds carrying weaponized release capsules
- Ukrainian Drones releasing nerve gas on soldiers
- Burying live combatants for refusing to fight and die in onslaughts
- Murdering captured POWs
- Organ harvesting units right behind the frontline
- Shelling Donbass civilians for 10 years, Killing Nearly 15,000
- Human Sex trafficking
- Child torture, organ harvesting and Adrenochrome production

Donald Trump Plans to Visit Ohio

Town of Toxic Train Derailment


Former President Donald Trump will visit East Palestine, Ohio, next week, tweeted his son, Donald Trump Jr.


"Breaking News: Trump will visit East Palestine, Ohio next week.


"If our "leaders" are too afraid to actually lead real leaders will step up and fill the void," Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.


The former president's planned visit comes as the Biden administration, Ohio state officials, and many mainstream media outlets have downplayed the environmental disaster in the small blue-collar town after a train hauling toxic chemicals derailed two weeks ago.


The botched response by the federal government, for instance, rejecting Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance early this week to only U-turn last night, shows the awful response effort by the Biden administration.


Trump wants to capitalize on what Legal Insurrection states, "Ohio's toxic train derailment is Biden's Katrina."


President Biden has barely mentioned the East Palestine chemical disaster. It took Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg nearly a week to respond publicly to the incident while reports of residents getting sick from the fumes flared up after a controlled burn of toxic chemical vinyl chloride.


Tucker Carlson Interviews East Palestine Resident Who Filmed the Contaminated Rainbow-Colored Water Near Her Home

"I bottled it, I labeled it, I dated it. So, DeWine and the EPA, here's their bottle of water that they can drink while they're making us go to the store and buy this bottled water."


Trump is taking advantage of Biden's response failure to civic catastrophe. We call this the 'Katrina play' as the former president will rile up his base next week about how lousy the Biden administration has been in assisting blue-collar Americans.


If this works, Trump might score political points ahead of the 2024 presidential election cycle. Americans just want answers about the chemical disaster that the government and media have kept so many in the dark.




MUST WATCH: Woman Trolls Biden Voters by Donning Pink Hair and

Holding Signs in TikTok Video – But It Gets Even Better After Elon Musk Responds


One would have a hard time finding a more apt representation of your typical Biden voter than this.


Earlier this week, a Twitter user named Vincent Kennedy posted a TikTok video of a woman mocking imbecilic Biden voters by donning pick hair and a goofy tie-dye shirt. The woman holds a sign that says “just because I voted for Biden doesn’t mean I’am stupid” with a sad face on the lower right.





The whole video is simply pure perfection.


The brilliant satire caught Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk’s attention. He responded with shame that he voted for Biden.  Poor Elon. Did he really deserve such a response after spending billions to own the liberals by purchasing Twitter? Well, he did vote for Biden after all. He and the rest of America better not make the same mistake in 2024.

Clearly Unconstitutional: US Government Is Funding Radical Leftist

Group Set Up to Blacklist Conservative Media Outlets


This is not a surprise.


The radicals at the US State Department funneled over $300,000 to a radical leftist group The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) that has targeted and blacklisted conservative media outlets.


The State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy, a non-profit funded by the US government, passed on the funding to the AN Foundation, the American arm of the *GDI*.


The Epoch Times reported:


U.S. taxpayer funds have been funneled to a British group that wants to block money from conservative media outlets.

State Department-backed entities have funded the London-based *Global Disinformation Index* (GDI) with the aim of “defunding disinformation.”


The National Endowment for Democracy, a nonprofit that is primarily funded by the government, passed on $230,000 in 2020 to the AN Foundation, according to the nonprofit’s website.


The AN Foundation is the U.S. arm of the GDI, the Washington Examiner reported.


According to the endowment, the grant would help the foundation “work with local partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean to research and assess disinformation risks of local online media ecosystems, using artificial intelligence as well as expert review.”


“The resulting risk ratings will be used to raise awareness among advertising companies and trade bodies of the risks that arise from funding disinformation. Partners will also use the data to positively shape and drive national policy debates on trust in media and on combatting disinformation,” the listing stated.


Leslie Aun, a spokeswoman for the foundation, told the Daily Signal that the grant was not meant for U.S. projects.


“We are not supporting any projects in the U.S. or funding GDI’s work regarding U.S. media,” Aun said. “Our grant was for targeting disinformation used by China, Russia, Iran, and other authoritarian regimes.”


State Department funds also went, starting in 2018, to an organization called Park Advisers to research, develop, and manage the Dis-info Cloud, the department told The Epoch Times in an email.


The CDC & Buttigieg Gaslight East

Palestine's Water | Ep. 1186


The CDC changed its toxicology report on vinyl chloride the month before the vinyl chloride spill (First time in 17 years) in Ohio, Democrat senator John Fetterman checks himself into the hospital for depression, and the cost of eggs passes the cost of beef.


  • 0:00 CDC Changes Toxicology Report and FAQ on Vinyl
  • Chloride the Month Before Accident
  • 3:19 My Favorite Comment
  • 5:29 Buttigieg: Ohio Has Gotten Lots of Attention, But We Have Lots of Derailments!
  • 8:45 JD Vance: If EPA Administrator Thinks Water's Clean, He Should Drink It
  • 10:13 Water in East Palestine, OH


  • 13:03 Crain & Co.'s Will Thomas Story
  • 23:06 CDC: Young People Suicidal
  • 29:23 Fetterman Checks Himself into Walter Reed for Depression
  • 31:59 Cost of Eggs Surpasses Price of Beef
  • 32:48 Mailbag

Hunter Bidens Art Dealer Refuses to Provide GOP Committee with Requested Documents on Hunters Illicit Art Sales


In January House Oversight Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) announced an investigation into Hunter Biden’s art-selling scheme.


Rep. Comer sent a letter to Hunter Biden’s art dealer, Georges Berges, seeking information on anonymous purchasers of Hunter Biden’s garbage artwork.


“The Committee on Oversight and Accountability is investigating President Joe Biden and his family’s foreign and domestic influence peddling schemes,” wrote Chairman Comer. “For over a decade, the Biden family has profited from Joe Biden’s positions as a public official. Your arrangement with Hunter Biden raises serious ethics concerns and calls into question whether the Biden family is again selling access and influence. Despite being a novice artist, Hunter Biden received exorbitant amounts of money selling his artwork, the buyers’ identities remain unknown, and you appear to be the sole record keeper of these lucrative transactions.”


On Thursday, Hunter Biden’s art dealer Georges Berges told the committee he will not provide the House Oversight Committee the requested disclosures into Hunter Biden’s art sales to anonymous buyers.


It looks like it’s about time to call the DOJ for a few arrests.




Hunter Biden’s art dealer, Georges Bergès, refused on Thursday to provide the House Oversight Committee requested disclosures into his art sales to anonymous buyers.


Hunter, an attorney and former lobbyist who is under investigation for tax fraud, has reportedly sold about 12 paintings to anonymous buyers during his father’s term as President of the United States. The price tags of artwork are reported to be $500,000 each.


In January, House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R-KY) requested Bergès testify before Congress and turn over relevant information about the art sales. Comer told Breitbart News in 2022 he is 95 percent sure the buyers of Hunter’s art are Chinese buyers, potentially implicating President Biden.


On Thursday, Bergès, who has a history of doing business in China, told Comer through his newly hired attorney, that he will not provide information related to Hunter’s art sales because the sales are intended to be secret — the very issue in which Comer has raised concerns.