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Maria Zeee LIVE - Tucker Carlson




Join Maria Zeee at 6PM to discuss Tucker Carlson's OBLITERATION of Aussie MSM in Canberra, Julian Assange's release, further land grabs by the UN revealed and much more!

The only “negative” is coming from the media! NOT telling the people the truth… only “stupid” people are still watching TV news. The idiots on TV and Radio in Australia are absolutely pathetic.

🚨☠ Nitazenes: The deadly drug a thousand times stronger than morphine | 60 Minutes Australia ☠🚨


Australia on high alert as a deadly new compound of synthetic opioids

called Nitazenes start to wreak havoc in the party scene.


Nitazenes are extremely potent painkillers which can be as much as a thousand times stronger than morphine. They were developed in the 1950s, then quickly deemed far too dangerous for humans and so were largely forgotten. But now these synthetic opioids have reappeared and are being produced in massive quantities in Chinese laboratories. As Dimity Clancey reports in this special 60 MINUTES investigation, Nitazenes are being shipped to western countries including Australia, where they are hidden in all types of illicit drugs, ready to cause harm – and often death – to unsuspecting users.

Brave Trump Supporter Gets Up and HUMILIATES Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) to her face




This man is absolutely correct! You have no idea how lucky Americans have it. That was cool to watch AOC be put in her place! Everything he said is the truth!

Lefties losing it: The View hosts showcase how ‘bitter, broken and miserable’ they are.


Sky News host Rita Panahi says each and every episode of The View showcases “just how broken the hosts are.”

“You know we can never go too long in this segment without featuring the work of the ladies of The View,” Ms. Panahi said.

“Each and every episode showcases just how broken the hosts are, including the alpha female of the pack, Whoopi, who cannot even bring herself to say Trump’s name without spitting – gross.

“They are so bitter, broken and miserable – not sure why that makes me smile, but it does.”

'The Five' reacts to Biden's disaster facing off with Trump



'The Five' co-hosts weigh in on the media's freak-out over President Biden's CNN Presidential Debate performance against former President Trump.


Trump just sat back and let Biden be Biden... and the rest is history. Jill Biden praised Joe like a toddler learning to use the potty - cringeworthy. It makes me sick. They've known for years that he's been falling, tripping, and mumbling, yet they act like it's a surprise.

Gutfeld: They lied to you about Biden


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld goes over this week's leftovers and 'Gutfeld!' reacts to the CNN Presidential Debate.





Post-Debate Reaction: The Most TERRIFYING Part of the CNN Presidential Debate


Glenn is furious after watching the CNN Presidential Debate between President Biden and former President Donald Trump. But it’s not for the reason you may think. President Biden’s performance was terrifying – he looked and sounded old, seemed to lose track of his sentences, and lied all over the place – and even the mainstream media is panicking. But while they all talk politics, Glenn says they should be talking about the COUNTRY: “How do we get this man away from the nuclear football?!”

Abilify Causes Chemical Lobotomy


Paxil ... One of the worst drugs out there to supposedly treat depression. Everything this young lady has described about Abilify happened to me on Paxil. When I asked the Doctor I was seeing, how long do I need to be on this, he said, what makes you think you'll ever be off of it?


That was a BIG RED FLAG to me. Unfortunately, at the time I quit cold turkey and had mini seizures on and off for years afterwards. They became less and less though as time passed. I would not recommend stopping cold turkey on pharmaceuticals. Find a good doctor that will help you taper off slowly. -- TBT

These are the craziest 'pro-Israel' votes on the Hill today


This week, the House of Representatives will be voting on the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs appropriations legislation. Among the 75 amendments to the bill that were made in order and will be voted on are a series of anti-Palestinian proposals that seek to eliminate any appearance of balance in the United States’ approach to the war.

Two of the amendments seek to “prohibit funds” appropriated in the bill from being spent on holding Israel accountable for any violations of U.S. law.

One, introduced by Rep. Brian Mast (R-Fla.) “Prohibits funds from enforcing Executive Order 14115,” which Biden announced in February of this year as a way to sanction individuals or groups who the administration deemed “undermining peace, security and stability” in the West Bank. The effort was widely seen as an effort to punish extreme Israeli settlers — as of March, nine Israelis have been sanctioned under the law — but in June the U.S. also sanctioned a Palestinian armed group.

The other, introduced by Reps. Andy Ogles (R-TN) and Eric Burlison (R-Mo.), would block “the use of funds from being used to administer or enforce National Security Memorandum 20.” NSM-20 is the memo issued by Biden in February that required the administration to receive written assurances that recipients of American military aid were complying with international law — in essence, ensuring that no one is using our weapons while committing atrocities, including blocking aid and medicine from getting to civilians.

Lithium battery plant burns to the ground in South Korea, at least 23 dead

It took 70 firefighters to put the fire under control, after which air quality tests were conducted and the lockdown order lifted.

900 tons of lithium batteries burning - this is what it looks like!

Bombshell Drops: Israel Was in on It! w/ Ben Swann




Investigative journalist Ben Swann has compiled substantial evidence demonstrating that the Israeli government was aware well in advance that Hamas was planning the October 7th attacks. Not only did Egypt warn Israel and the IDF had collected their own intelligence, but Hamas was staging obvious military exercises leading up to the fateful date.

Hungary Will Jump Off The 'NATO Train' Of Escalation as It's 'Hopeless': Orban



Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said in fresh interview that despite leading Western countries seeking the defeat of Russia in Ukraine, the situation remains "hopeless" for achieving this and it will only lead to greater death and destruction. He described that in the scenario the West actually does eventually succeed, the immense cost in blood and treasure would not be worth it.

"The situation looks like the Western world wants to defeat Russia with the help of Germany under the leadership of the United States," the prime minister said, as translated in TASS. "I think it is hopeless. And even if we succeed, which is not at all realistic, we will have to pay such a high price that it will not be worth it."

Dana Loesch Digs Into How Much $$$ Planned Parenthood's Giving to Dems (YOUR Tax Dollars at Work)


Another election cycle brings with it a glance at how much money Planned Parenthood is devoting to getting Democrats elected and reelected so that cycle can continue indefinitely.


Dana Loesch has a good thread outlining more reasons -- millions and millions of them -- for why Planned Parenthood shouldn't be receiving taxpayer dollars:


Planned Parenthood raked in over half a billion dollars in taxpayer money per their last 22-23 annual report. Why are our taxpayer dollars being used to fund Democrat campaigns? Defund Planned Parenthood NOW. https://t.co/2iaGLkki8d


— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) June 24, 2024

LEGO Produces 'Pride' Video With Drag Queens And Furries



Children’s toy company LEGO has released a ‘Pride’ video featuring drag queens and even furries in toy form.

Paxton Warns Texas Schools Not To Comply With Title IX Transgender Rules Or Face Legal Action




Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has issued an advisory to Texas schools, warning of potential legal action against any school district that adopts policies and procedures that align with the federal Department of Education (DOE) revised Title IX rules that include provisions allowing female-identifying male students access to female-only spaces like lockers and bathrooms.

“They Are ALL Dead” This Is Not What They're Telling You






Tuesday’s Senate hearing was stage-managed to give the appearance a reckoning for Boeing but was a sham to rehabilitate Boeing – one of the world’s biggest military contractors.

Video shows how autistic teen died after 10 hours in Ohio jail. Mother wants his story told





Isaiah Trammell, a 19-year-old with autism spectrum disorder spent 10 harrowing hours in an Ohio jail before he died. His mother, tells his story.

'I Just Wanna Get This Straight...': Jim Jordan Shocked By Judge Merchan Ruling at Trump Trial





At a House Judiciary Committee hearing held last week, Rep. Scott Fitzgerald (R-WI) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) spoke about New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg's decision to charge former President Trump, and Judge Juan Merchan's decisions during the trial.

Undercover Video Rocks Disney Empire What This VP Revealed Will Shock Fans and Shareholders


In a shocking expose, James O'Keefe and his team have uncovered explosive evidence of discriminatory hiring practices at Disney. Through undercover recordings, a high-ranking Disney VP reveals the company's internal push for diversity at the expense of fair hiring. The video captures candid admissions about the exclusion of white male candidates and the use of coded language to sidestep legal issues. This report comes amid growing controversy surrounding Disney's recent creative decisions, particularly with their new Star Wars series "The Acolyte." Fans are in uproar over what some call forced diversity and departure from traditional Star Wars themes. Our special report dives deep into these revelations, exploring the potential consequences for Disney and the entertainment industry at large. 

We'll examine how these practices might affect Disney's creative output, financial performance, and public image. Don't miss our exclusive analysis of this developing story that's sending shockwaves through Hollywood and beyond. Stay tuned for our final thought on why this matters to every American, whether you're a Disney fan or not.

Exotic Plants, Deadly Consequences: The Feel Free Story


Chances are that you have never heard of Feel Free before. It comes in a shiny blue bottle sold at convenience stores across the country as a social lubricant and substitute for alcohol. It proudly proclaims that it’s primarily kava—a southeast Asian tree root that has lots of traditional uses. But until recently, it was less forthright about its other, much more powerful ingredient: kratom.


A few years ago, I started seeing signs for kratom at my local head shop and figured that it was some sort of cheap marijuana substitute, but I didn’t give it another thought.


What I didn’t know is that since 2016 the FDA has been trying ineffectively to get the addictive opioids off the streets, while a powerful drug lobby has used a familiar playbook to keep it legal(ish).


The kratom industry is worth approximately $1.5 billion today.

In an amazing investigative series, the Tampa Bay Times tracked Kratom production from farms and ports in Malaysia and Thailand through shipping routes to Oakland and then overland to processing and distribution centers in Colorado, Georgia and Florida. They uncovered documents attributing kratom, at least in part, to more than 500 deaths in Florida alone. Back of the envelope math suggests the national total would be in the thousands.

And while kratom is having its heyday in the press, the various health elixirs based off of it are getting a lot less attention.

CHAOS: Kamala SCREAMED OUT of Jimmy Kimmel Show On LIVE-TV By Democrat Activists!

🚨 'We HATE You!'🚨



Kamala's interview got SHUT DOWN by Libs! Kimmel wasn't happy

The Sheep of America will stand up for another country but won't be standup for America.

Love watching the Left Eat the Left... 🤣

Putin, Kim sign pact pledging mutual support


In a show of solidarity against the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea's Kim Jong-un have signed a Cold War-era mutual defense pledge between their countries. This pledge of mutual assistance in the face of aggression is alarming to the United States and its allies. The Pentagon believes Putin is in North Korea to secure weapons to aid Russia in its fight against Ukraine.

John Fanelli reports live from the news center with today's closely watched developments.

"The U.S. and its allies are keeping a close eye on this partnership between Russia and North Korea," John Michael Shure notes, "due in no small part to the potential for Russia to provide Pyongyang with help to bolster its nuclear program.

Meanwhile, North Korea is expected to supply more weapons to Russia to continue its war against Ukraine."

In a display of this new alliance, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un rolled out the red carpet for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci Argue Over Trump's Innocence!


There're four programs I used to create this, one was AI, and the others were not.


The people that you're looking at are real. They are cut out from different talk shows. For example, Joe Pesci's cut out from the David Letterman show from many many years ago. He is not that young today. He's like 40 years older, and Robert de Niro was cut out from 3 weeks ago. A show that he appeared on called The View, he's cut out from there, so they are not AI they are the real people and so is the background where you see de Niro blabbing his mouth off to everybody. That's real too. Happened right after Trump's verdict. So what I did is obviously cloned the voices to sound as close to the real guys as possible. I think I did a good job on that. They sound pretty accurate. Not exactly but pretty accurate, nothing is perfect, and the lip syncing to the words I wanted them to say. I usually put a disclaimer at the front of the video, but I forgot to do it in this one. I was in a hurry to get it out and forgot to do that but at least at the end I made Joe Pesci thank celebrity recreations which is my other channel that I upload my videos to first, and then to this one, and I also made him thank Chris Dallas for putting this together and doing an awesome job. So, he tells you right there that it's put together. It's not real. But thank you to everyone for dropping by and watching the video. Regardless who's side you're on, I appreciate the support.

The entire trial was a sham and Trump will be exonerated! This was a jury pool made up of 85 to 90% anti-Trump people. Not pro-anybody, just anti-Trump! Judge Merchant, that fricking prick donated to Biden's campaign in 2020 to beat Trump. He didn't even recuse himself from the fricking trial! That alone is grounds for an appeal or dismissal let alone a shitload of other things! Plus, trump has his immunity case being litigated right now at Supreme Court and they'll have a decision by mid-july and there's no way they're gonna vote against it because that will affect every future president as well so that ain't happening, not in a million years, this is all BULLSHIT imo until that decision comes out, and when it does he will be exonerated of all charges even if Biden doesn't wanna pardon him who gives a shit! Trump knows he's on his own fighting against the corrupt LEFT the bloody DEMOCRATS!

A misdemeanor turned into 34 felonies! The justice system being weaponized! So fucking stupid! The 34 counts were just 34 different cheques that were signed to pay back Cohen! Hush money payments are NOT illegal! You can pay someone and say "Hey, don't tell anyone!" It's just a contract!

Mexico just SHOCKED the world and EXPOSED the WHO's bird flu lies


The WHO lied to Americans and People Around the World. We're watching all their lies unraveling before our eyes.




Well, the WHO tried to lie to us and say that the first person to die of bird flu happened in Mexico. The Mexican government and Mexican health authorities say that's not true. This is bad information. So, we're going to see how the WHO, the World Health Organization, is playing fast and loose with the truth here.

This is just one of many examples of the lies we are unveiling.

Are they maybe doing this to scare us?

Sounds like... Scaring us into making decisions we would not otherwise.

This is called "Manipulating the Population."

"Something has changed, and Putin is preparing for FULL war with NATO" says EX-CIA Agent



It's not like Russia wasn't provoked. Putin is doing what he needs to do to protect his people and his country. Let's be clear: it's not NATO, it's the USA calling the shots. NATO simply follows our lead. NATO is far from a defensive alliance; just look at their track record. They illegally bombed Yugoslavia, a direct violation of the UN Charter. And let's never forget what they did in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

🚨Senator Eggman🚨
After She Drops
🚨About Democratic PARTY!🚨


A Democratic senator from Castro Valley, California, has called it quits after she exposed her own party. And it’s easy to see that even Democrats within California are tired of the policies that they have there.


Especially the part where they go easy on criminal acts. Acts that should be considered felonies but are questionably counted as misdemeanors.


I guess it’s a different scenario if your name’s Donald J. Trump. But that’s a different situation altogether. So, Senator Susan Eggman criticized the policies in California!


Senator GOES OFF & SHOCKING Details About ENTIRE Democratic PARTY!

Confirmation of mRNA fears


Welcome to this Wednesday talk, June 12th.


Important statement from Dr. Joseph Fraiman, physician and clinical scientist. Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults

Yesterday, we discussed the risks associated with the rapid development of mRNA vaccines for various conditions. Beyond the COVID vaccines, the FDA has approved the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) mRNA vaccine, and an influenza mRNA vaccine is currently in phase three clinical trials.

Dr. Joseph Freeman, who we've previously interviewed, has issued a carefully worded statement on this matter, highlighting significant concerns about the mRNA vaccine program. Dr. Freeman was the lead author of a study that performed a secondary analysis of adverse events in phase three trials of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The study revealed a 16% higher risk of serious adverse events among mRNA vaccine recipients.

This translates to about 1 in 800 recipients experiencing a serious adverse reaction.

These levels of adverse reactions are, in my view, outrageously high, and the vaccines should never have been approved. However, these findings only cover the acute effects because the trials did not run for a long period. They do not provide information about the long-term effects.

Let's now hear from Dr. Freeman. Listen carefully to his insights, and then we'll come back to discuss further.

The Evolution of the B Cell Response in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination and Hybrid Immunity


Six billion guinea pigs await further experimentation. It would have been insightful to include a non-vaccinated cohort for comparison with the vaccinated population.


Ban all mRNA technology and initiate Nuremberg 2.0 trials for everyone involved. Like the original trials, these should start with top government officials and regulators and extend down to the media, doctors, and nurses who abandoned their oaths.

Saudi Arabia Just Ditched The US Dollar (How This Affects You)

👀click to read👀

Isn't odd that this story is nowhere on mainstream media? Anyone remember why Iraq's President Sadam Hussain, and Mouammar Ghadafi leader of Libya, had their life ended brutally?

The 2023 World Economic Forum gave the world a good glimpse into the future the global elites envision for us all. And it’s interesting to say the least.

Saudi Arabia’s Finance Minister, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, stunned reporters in Davos when he expressed that the oil-rich nation was open to trading in currencies beside the U.S. dollar for the first time in 48 years.

“There are no issues with discussing how we settle our trade arrangements, whether it’s in the U.S. dollar, the euro, or the Saudi riyal,” Al-Jadaan said.

His comments are the latest signal that powerful nations across the world are plotting a “de-dollarization” of the global economy.

Here’s why replacing the dollar is gaining popularity and why dethroning the greenback is easier said than done.


Kiev liquidates yet another political force amid doubts about the legitimacy of Vladimir Zelensky’s government.



A court in Ukraine has banned yet another political party, seizing all its assets at the request of the Ministry of Justice, marking the latest crackdown on opposition under Vladimir Zelensky’s administration.

A panel of judges of the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal ruled to ban the Nash Krai (Our Land) party, according to a statement on Wednesday.

“The court satisfied the claims of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: the activities of the political party Nash Krai were banned; the property, funds and other assets of the party, its regional, city, district organizations, primary cells and other structural units were transferred to the state,” it said. More information would be published at a later date on the Ukrainian Judiciary and Verkhovna Rada sites, it added.

The party was registered in August 2011 under the name “Bloc Party,” and renamed to “Nash Krai” in 2014. From 2015, the party positioned itself as a “group of local leaders and businessmen,” who wanted to avoid political games and intrigue, as described by RBK Ukraine. Only three of its members were elected to the Verkhovna Rada as independents in 2019, but the party gained some 1,694 seats in regional administrations during local elections in 2020.

Following the escalation with Russia in February 2022, Zelensky banned major political competition, including Opposition Platform – For Life (OPZZh), the second biggest party in terms of MP seats in the Verkhovnaya Rada. In an effort to consolidate the informational front in Ukraine during the conflict, he also cracked down on the media, shutting down multiple television channels associated with his political opponents and consolidating nine of the largest TV networks into a single 24-hour state-run broadcast dubbed “Telemarathon.”

Zelensky’s presidential term expired on May 20, yet he chose not to hold elections under the pretext of martial law he imposed after the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has noted that the Ukrainian constitution has no provision for prolonging a president’s term in this way. It forbids holding elections during a period of emergency, and explicitly states lawmakers should retain their powers until a new parliament can be elected by the people, he said, calling the current Ukrainian political situation a “usurpation of power.”



Mayorkas needs to be cuffed and hauled directly to prison.


This would never have happened if the border had remained closed. Thank this current administration.



He's guilty as sin. It's disgusting to listen to Mayorkas—what a complete failure. This administration needs to be charged with treason.


After watching and listening to this serious immigration crisis, it’s my humble opinion that this was a planned invasion all along. It goes deeper than our speculations due to the destruction of our economy and the breaking of our American citizens.


They are literally killing two birds (or more, most likely) with one stone by letting these mostly military-aged men into the country. They’re housing, feeding, and financing them while inducing fears of Covid-19 and leaning on private sectors of American business owners in a bullying and lawfare-like manner to force unmandated emergency-use-only vaccines.

Americans were bribed, frightened, coerced, and shamed into taking not only the vaccine but also boosters. Meanwhile, immigrants weren’t required to take the vaccine.

It was an intelligent, albeit evil, means to accomplish their ultimate goals. Now America is facing automatic drafts, whether we like it or not, and they are pushing to include women as well. We are being forced to go overseas and fight somebody else's wars.

Well, guess what? Those military-aged men who crossed the border are going to be subject to service as well. Service in the U.S. military means citizenship.

These Trump supporters say US isn’t a democracy. And they’re okay with it


It is a REPUBLIC. And here is your PROOF. The Pledge of Allegiance is a promise of loyalty to the United States and its flag.


It was written by Francis Bellamy in 1892 and changed three times, the last time in 1954 by President Eisenhower, who added the phrase "..One Nation under God."


The Pledge of Allegiance words now read:


"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

There are specific rules for how to recite the Pledge, such as standing at attention, placing the right hand over the heart, and saluting if in uniform or a veteran. The Pledge of Allegiance was influenced by historical events such as the Civil War and immigration.

Who's responsible for putting these lunatics in positions of power?


Met Office admits spraying skies

We all know it is happening now, but the Met Office put a nice spin on the danger.


The Met Office is the United Kingdom’s national meteorological service. They provide weather and climate-related services to the government, businesses, emergency responders, and the public. As an executive agency, the Met Office plays a crucial role in weather forecasting and climate monitoring.

Will Americans allow this to happen again?


Dr. Scott Atlas on Why We Were Forced to Jab & Mask

In 2020, Dr. Scott Atlas was an advisor to the president and a member of the White House COVID-19 Task Force.


He was shocked to see how powerful figures in Washington, including Dr. Fauci, were incentivized to politicize and monetize the response to the pandemic. In this candid conversation with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit, Dr. Atlas reveals that many Americans may have died because of censorship, dishonesty, and the demonization of medical dissent.

Vaccine Mandates: What Employers Are Doing NOW! (CRUCIAL!)

👀click to read👀

  1. Increasing Vaccine Mandates:

  2. Health Care Institutions and Insurers:

    • Many health care institutions, including Kaiser Permanente, Trinity Health, Banner Health, Atrium Health, and the Veterans Health Administration, are implementing vaccine mandates.
    • Health insurers like Cigna and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield have also started requiring vaccinations.
  3. Colleges and Universities:

  4. Alternative Approaches:

  5. Employee Resignations and Recruitment:

Hezbollah launches largest attack on Israel since Oct. 7, 100 rockets at once



BREAKING: Hezbollah launches largest attack on Israel since October 7th. According to a Hezbollah affiliated news outlet the terror group launched more than 100 rockets at Northern Israel at once.

This comes as 40 rockets and 5 drones were launched at Northern Israel said to be from Hezbollah, as well as an attack earlier this week during a holiday celebration.

The Truth About the Covenant School Shooting Comes Out.

It's Exactly What We Thought.

| Ep. 1383



Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a town in Massachusetts will now send social workers to respond to some 911 calls. What could go wrong? Also, Joy Reid claims that women in Missouri have been enslaved. That's news to most of us. And a morbidly obese woman wins a beauty pageant. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show.




00:00 - 00:25 Opening
01:54 - 02:04 Head To DailyWire.com To Hear The Main Story
02:58 - 09:03 Cambridge Massachusetts To Send Unarmed Social Workers In Response To 911 Calls
09:04 - 15:59 Joy Reid Calls Missouri A 'Slave State' For Women
15:60 - 23:20 James Carville Says It Is Okay For The News To Lie This Year
24:19 - 34:38 National American Miss' Pageant And Everyone Who Pretends Obesity Is Beautiful Is Canceled

Supermarkets Offer Edible Insect Kits for Families


In the US, supermarkets are now introducing "edible insects" as part of a campaign to help families cope with the "cost of living crisis" and the anticipated "global food shortage." This initiative aligns with the predictions made by Bill Gates and his World Economic Forum (WEF) colleagues, who have long suggested that insects, bugs, and crickets will become common food sources due to the high carbon footprint of traditional proteins like red meat and chicken, in line with Agenda 2030 and sustainable development goals (SDGs).


Additionally, Democrats in the US have signed a WEF treaty allowing food companies to include bugs and insects in popular foods without informing the public. In Minnesota, Senate Democrats blocked an amendment that would have required clear labeling for foods containing insects.


On April 4, the Minnesota Senate passed the omnibus agriculture policy bill, S.F. 4225. According to its author, Sen. Aric Putnam, D-St. Cloud, the bill largely reflects policy recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.



Israel-Hamas war: Hamas rejects ceasefire proposal, Israel says 



Israel says Hamas has formally rejected a U.S. ceasefire proposal while a Hamas official said the current proposal doesn't meet their longstanding demands. Both Egypt and Qatar said they had received Hamas' response, but did not disclose details. Meanwhile, the U.S. said Israel accepted its proposal, but Israel has not publicly stated this. The U.N. Security Council on Monday backed a U.S. resolution supporting the proposal outlined by Biden. 

Hunter Biden found guilty in federal gun trial,
convicted of all 3 felonies


(ASSOCIATED PRESS) Hunter Biden was convicted Tuesday of all three felony charges related to the purchase of a revolver in 2018 when, prosecutors argued, the president’s son lied on a mandatory gun-purchase form by saying he was not illegally using or addicted to drugs.

Jurors found Hunter Biden guilty of lying to a federally licensed gun dealer, making a false claim on the application by saying he was not a drug user and illegally having the gun for 11 days. The jury in Wilmington, Delaware, deliberated for about three hours over two days.Hunter Biden started straight ahead and showed little emotion as the verdict was read. After the verdict, he hugged both of his attorneys and smiled wanly. He kissed his wife, Melissa, and they left the courtroom together. First lady Jill Biden arrived at the courthouse minutes after the jury delivered its verdict and was not in the courtroom when it was read.

Hunter Biden left the courthouse holding hands with the first lady and his wife. They did not speak to reporters, got into waiting SUVs and drove off.

He faces up to 25 years in prison when he is sentenced by Judge Maryellen Noreika, though first-time offenders do not get anywhere near the maximum, and it’s unclear whether she would give him time behind bars. The judge did not set a sentencing date.

U.N. Security Council Backs Gaza Cease-Fire Plan | WSJ News





The U.N. Security Council adopted an American resolution calling on Hamas to accept a deal that includes an immediate cease-fire, the release of some hostages and withdrawal of Israeli forces in Gaza.

This is how bad it has turn in to



YouTube Commentators --


3 hours ago
In Dearborn, Michigan they’ve been saying “Death to America” for several months now. It’s only 30 minutes away from my house and it’s had me reconsidering selling my house frequently and moving somewhere where I’ll feel safer.


3 hours ago
These are the last days...in the BOOK of REVELATION.

34 minutes ago
We are not living in America Mexico or Canada anymore.
We are living in the North American Union

Mark Levin: The Supreme Court needs to take up this case











BEYOND THE RESET - Animated Short Film

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A 3D animated short film about not too distant but a dystopian future. It speculates on the potential consequences of the infamous Great Reset, medical tyranny, woke culture, and green agenda. Everything, that World Economic Forum (WEF) is planning for us. If you'd like to buy me a beer, here is my PayPal address:

oleg@3depix.com or you can support my work on Patreon:

Spoiler: you will get to see an animated Klaus Schwab.


Good morning! Here are today's most important news updates from around the world.


COVID-19 Update**
Despite extraordinary efforts, the government and health system workers are still struggling to curb the rise in cases from the latest virus variant. Five more deaths were reported today, and 30 million have tested positive. Citizens are now required to wear masks even on the balconies of their isolation facilities and can only remove them inside their rooms. Stay compliant. Stay isolated. Stay safe.


**Climate Change Initiative**
As the world combats climate change, we are excited to announce another successful project. At night, plants release CO2, a potent greenhouse gas. To address this, almost 100,000 square miles of South American rainforest have been cleared to construct one of the largest solar panel fields in the world, providing significant clean energy. We continue to fight against the "deadly" forests to combat climate change.


**Food and Agriculture**
Say goodbye to cows and beef. Livestock agriculture, particularly cows, produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. The authorities have initiated a cow extermination program, and the last herd has been eliminated. To meet protein needs, alternative protein manufacturing facilities have been built, producing food that is richer in protein than beef and does not contribute to global warming. Kudos to science and the green agenda!


**Universal Basic Income and Fees**
Bruce Kowalsky, your monthly Universal Basic Income of 2,000 Central Bank Digital Tokens has been deposited. The following fees have been deducted: accommodation, food ration, recycling, clean energy, personal greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and diversity. Your remaining balance is five Central Bank Digital Tokens, which will expire in seven days if not spent.


**Clinical Trials Opportunity**
Residents of Quarantine Facility #89, great news! Nova Gene Labs offers you a chance to participate in the trials of a new drug to combat the deadly virus. Participants will receive a significant social credit score boost, higher Universal Basic Income, and improved food rations. Our specialists will visit you within the next few hours for the injection, with daily online monitoring. Make a difference and follow the science. Nova Gene Labs is not responsible for any side effects, injuries, or deaths following the injection.


**Virus Spread and Lockdowns**
A new virus from Asia continues to spread globally. In our country, three elderly residents have died, and 500 new cases were registered last week. As a result, the entire country is going into a complete lockdown with a strict stay-at-home order. These tough measures are temporary and aimed at bending the curve within two weeks.


**Government Measures**
The pandemic presents a rare opportunity to reflect, re-imagine, and reset our world. Despite strict lockdowns, cases continue to rise. The government is considering declaring a state of emergency and relocating citizens to safe, isolated quarantine facilities.


**Evacuation Alert**
Attention all citizens: Your district is contaminated and will be evacuated immediately. Please take only necessary personal belongings and step outside your homes. You will be transported to a safe, isolated location.


**Compliance Alert**
Attention! Non-compliant resident alert.


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New Scheme to Tax Americans Uncovered: Car Owners Charged for Every Mile They Drive


Once again, the rapacious Democrats in California are proposing a new tax, this time targeting car owners by charging them for each mile they drive.

The plan to extract more money from the state’s struggling citizens isn’t merely up for debate. A pilot program called the “2024 Road Charge Collection Pilot” is already underway. In this program, car owners install a device in their vehicles to monitor their driving and calculate a tax based on mileage.

Reportedly, the new method of collecting road taxes is set to replace California’s high gas taxes. According to the financial website Motley Fool, California currently imposes the second-highest gas taxes in the nation at 51 cents per gallon, with only Pennsylvania surpassing it at 56 cents per gallon.

Michigan Governor Suddenly "Loses Connection" During Interview When Asked About Hunter Biden Trial


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) claimed she lost connection during a remote interview when asked about the criminal trial against Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son.

The incident occurred during CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, as Dana Bash inquired about the case, now in its second week in a Delaware federal court.

Hunter Biden faces charges of committing three felonies related to his 2018 firearm purchase, including lying on a background check and possessing the firearm despite his addiction to crack cocaine, which disqualified him from ownership.

When asked about these charges, Whitmer responded, “Dana, are you there?” The segment ended as Whitmer claimed she could not hear Bash.

Later, Whitmer rejoined the show and, when asked again about the charges, said, “You know, I don’t know how to weigh in on that, Dana.”

During the earlier part of the interview, Whitmer had much to say about former President Donald Trump and his trial in Manhattan, which many experts believe may be overturned on appeal. “Under this democracy, no one’s above the law. Everyone is held into account,” Whitmer said of Trump. “And this former president is now a convicted felon,” adding that he “flouts the law and cheats and just got caught.”

Lead Investigator Says President Biden ‘Committed Many Crimes,’ Impeachment Report ‘Imminent’


They can only hold it back for so long... It has been LONG OVERDUE.


House Republicans are poised to release a report detailing crimes uncovered as part of the corruption-focused impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, a lead investigator said on Sunday.


Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) made the announcement during an interview on Fox News after “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo pressed him on whether there would be any criminal referral for money laundering against the president after congressional investigators recommended his son Hunter Biden and brother James Biden face prosecution for allegedly lying to Congress.


“I think that it’s no secret Joe Biden’s committed many crimes, and I think that you’re going to see a report very soon. That report is imminent,” Comer responded. “That will probably be an interim report that updates everyone on the crimes that Biden and his administration have committed throughout this investigation and through the years of the Obama-Biden administration.”


Bartiromo: Are you saying that we could expect a criminal referral against Joe Biden for money laundering? 


Comer: I think it's no secret Joe Biden's committed many crimes, and I think that you're going to see a report very soon. That report is imminent. pic.twitter.com/v9LPW0ZVnV

— Acyn (@Acyn) June 9, 2024

Meanwhile at The White House

Dear Infidels: A Warning to America


Google Claims Conservative Content Booted From Play Store In Error

Google notified PragerU that it had violated its “hate speech policy,” according to a screenshot shared by the conservative non-profit, and the app was booted from Android users’ mobile store, The Jerusalem Post reported. The Big Tech giant also told PragerU that its app went under a review, which found “content or speech asserting that a protected group is inhuman, inferior or worthy of being hated.”

Hours later, however, Google said that the app had been reinstated “after further re-review,” and a Google spokesman told The Washington Examiner that the suspension was made in error.

We Designed mRNA To Kill CIA Whistleblower?


Forbidden News has divulged the “news” of an unknown CIA whistleblower – no names given – who tells us how the CIA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the WEF, and the Rockefeller Foundation, have invented the mRNA killer-technology.

The COVID plandemic was a tool to convert the surviving humanity into a surveillance state – into a One World Order (OWO), following a One World Government (OWG), with digital, programmable money – so-called “Central Bank Digital Currency” (CBDC), with mandatory vaccination, to eliminate a large proportion of useless people (Schwab’s Israeli adviser Yuval Noah Harari), to free up resources for the elite.

These deadly “vaxxes”, the Secret CIA agent says, were not developed in warp speed for a non-existent deadly virus, but were prepared at least ten years ahead of the plandemic to be used for depopulating the planet.

'THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED' Watch Speaker Johnson Issues WARNINGS To Biden Over 'Trump's Trial Lawfare'


We urgently need the Supreme Court to act in the best interest of the country, now more than ever.


Johnson, it is imperative that you take immediate action to stop this injustice against President Trump and Steve Bannon. This is a crucial moment for our nation, and failure to address these wrongs will have significant consequences.


If you do not act, the Republican party will lose the support and financial backing of the people. We are exhausted by empty rhetoric and demand real action.

Republicans must stand for America or be prepared to lose it. This is a critical juncture, and the future of our nation depends on decisive and principled leadership.

A Very Long but Worth Watching Video....



This film argues that climate alarmism is an invented scare without scientific basis. It claims that mainstream studies and official data do not support an increase in extreme weather events such as hurricanes, droughts, heatwaves, and wildfires. It counters the notion that current temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels are unusually high, asserting that both are historically low compared to the past half billion years. The film also argues there is no evidence that changing CO2 levels have ever driven climate change.

It questions why the narrative of 'catastrophic man-made climate change' is presented as irrefutable and why dissenters are labeled 'science-deniers.' The film examines the consensus behind climate change, the rise of the climate funding bandwagon, and the trillion-dollar climate industry.

It highlights the pressure on scientists to conform, including potential loss of funding, rejection by journals, and social ostracism.

Additionally, the film explores the political nature of the climate scare, linking it to an agenda against free-market industrial capitalism, advocating for higher taxes and more regulation, and appealing to those who support bigger government.

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation




Grab those Balls and put 'em on... The rest of you buttercups better buckle up.


Get a pad an pen too to take notes.


Former Vice President Mike Pence has announced that he will not vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.


Guess who Black Democrats are voting for?


TRUMP 2024

Steve Bannon Responds to Prison Order


Unfortunately, Speaker Johnson lacks the stones to invalidate Liz Cheney’s J6 clan. -- RanboSouth

Another containership went out of control in

S. Carolina seaport.


Throttle jammed OPEN! Crazy Speed!


An incident occurred in South Carolina where a large cargo ship lost control of its engines and went nearly full throttle through a harbor, prompting the closure of the Ravenel Bridge, one of the busiest bridges in the state. Harbor pilots assisted the ship to pass safely under the bridge, and the Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the mishap.

We’re three months closer to when all of their emergency loans come due…


Local banks are #Helldiving now. pic.twitter.com/o8yizsVYzg

— David Macfarlane (@Ex_Verum) June 5, 2024

The FBI admitted in court today that the Hunter Biden laptop is real and not "Russian disinformation."


The actual disinformation came from the Democrats and the media. For 20 minutes, mainstream media and others lied to protect the Democrats.


 The FBI just admitted in court that Hunter Biden's laptop is real.


Here are 20 minutes of Joe Biden, U.S. intelligence officials, and the American media claiming that Hunter Biden's laptop was "Russian disinformation."


The FBI has had possession of Hunter's laptop since… pic.twitter.com/5lzQaXitwq

— KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) June 5, 2024

Leslie Stahl: “We can’t verify the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

What she meant: “We are doing everything we can to cover up the corruption of the Biden crime family.”pic.twitter.com/XgfYKNJ1pY

— Dinesh D'Souza (@DineshDSouza) June 5, 2024

What's Next for Battlefield America: Israel's high-tech military tactics point the way.

👀click to read👀

Authored by John & Nisha Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,


“I did not know Israel was capturing or recording my face. [But Israel has] been watching us for years from the sky with their drones. They have been watching us gardening and going to schools and kissing our wives. I feel like I have been watched for so long.”

- Mosab Abu Toha, Palestinian poet

If you want a glimpse of the next stage of America’s transformation into a police state, look no further than how Israel - a long-time recipient of hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid from the U.S. - uses its high-tech military tactics, surveillance and weaponry to advance its authoritarian agenda.

Military checkpoints. Wall-to-wall mass surveillance. Predictive policing. Aerial surveillance that tracks your movements wherever you go and whatever you do. AI-powered facial recognition and biometric programs carried out with the knowledge or consent of those targeted by it. Cyber-intelligence. Detention centers. Brutal interrogation tactics. Weaponized drones. Combat robots.

We’ve already seen many of these military tactics and technologies deployed on American soil and used against the populace, especially along the border regions, a testament to the heavy influence Israel’s military-industrial complex has had on U.S. policing.

Indeed, Israel has become one of the largest developers and exporters of military weapons and technologies of oppression worldwide.

Journalist Antony Loewenstein has warned that Pegasus, one of Israel’s most invasive pieces of spyware, which allows any government or military intelligence or police department to spy on someone’s phone and get all the information from that phone, has become a favorite tool of oppressive regimes around the world. The FBI and NYPD have also been recipients of the surveillance technology which promises to turn any “target’s smartphone into an intelligence gold mine.”

Yet it’s not just military weapons that Israel is exporting. They’re also helping to transform local police agencies into extensions of the military.

According to The Intercept, thousands of American law enforcement officers frequently travel for training to Israel, one of the few countries where policing and militarism are even more deeply intertwined than they are here,” as part of an ongoing exchange program that largely flies under the radar of public scrutiny.

A 2018 investigative report concluded that imported military techniques by way of these exchange programs that allow police to study in Israel have changed American policing for the worse. “Upon their return, U.S. law enforcement delegates implement practices learned from Israel’s use of invasive surveillance, blatant racial profiling, and repressive force against dissent,” the report states. “Rather than promoting security for all, these programs facilitate an exchange of methods in state violence and control that endanger us all.”

“At the very least,” notes journalist Matthew Petti, “visits to Israel have helped American police justify more snooping on citizens and stricter secrecy. Critics also assert that Israeli training encourages excessive force.”

Petti documents how the NYPD set up a permanent liaison office in Israel in the wake of 9/11, eventually implementing “one of the first post-9/11 counterterrorism programs that explicitly followed the Israeli model. In 2002, the NYPD tasked a secret ‘Demographics Unit’ with spying on Muslim-American communities. Dedicated ‘mosque crawlers’ infiltrated local Muslim congregations and attempted to bait worshippers with talk of violent revolution.”

That was merely the start of American police forces being trained in martial law by foreign nations under the guise of national security theater. It has all been downhill from there.

As Alex Vitale, a sociology professor who has studied the rise of global policing, explains, “The focus of this training is on riot suppression, counterinsurgency, and counterterrorism—all of which are essentially irrelevant or should be irrelevant to the vast majority of police departments. They shouldn’t be suppressing protest, they shouldn’t be engaging in counterinsurgency, and almost none of them face any real threat from terrorism.”

This ongoing transformation of the American homeland into a techno-battlefield tracks unnervingly with the dystopian cinematic visions of Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report and Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium, both of which are set 30 years from now, in the year 2054.

In Minority Reportpolice agencies harvest intelligence from widespread surveillance, behavior prediction technologies, data mining, precognitive technology, and neighborhood and family snitch programs in order to capture would-be criminals before they can do any damage.

While Blomkamp’s Elysium acts as a vehicle to raise concerns about immigration, access to healthcare, worker’s rights, and socioeconomic stratification, what was most striking was its eerie depiction of how the government will employ technologies such as drones, tasers and biometric scanners to track, target and control the populace, especially dissidents.

With Israel in the driver’s seat and Minority Report and Elysium on the horizon, it’s not so far-fetched to imagine how the American police state will use these emerging technologies to lock down the populace, root out dissidents, and ostensibly establish an “open-air prison” with disconcerting similarities to Israel’s technological occupation of present-day Palestine.

For those who insist that such things are celluloid fantasies with no connection to the present, we offer the following as a warning of the totalitarian future at our doorsteps.


What's Next For Battlefield America? Israel's High-Tech Military Tactics Point The Way | ZeroHedge


Excess Deaths: The UNDENIABLE Proof Is Finally Here



The media is waking up to the fact that excess deaths have spiked since the rollout of the Covid vaccines. Way to catch up after years of lacking all curiosity on the matter! Dr. Kelly Victory from The Wellness Company warned about this! She joins us to discuss this groundbreaking new study and the media's final admission about it.

18 States Where Taxes Are Eating Up Your Salary


Southern states generally tax their citizens less than their northern counterparts, and Florida, Tennessee, and Texas lack a personal income tax. Northern states are known for their higher taxes, and these 18 states can eat up Americans’ salaries.

A senior official for the U.S. State Department has resigned after a report she worked on falsely concluded that Israel has not been block.


 A senior official for the U.S. State Department has resigned after a report she worked on falsely concluded that Israel has not been blocking humanitarian assistance to Gaza, going against the overwhelming view of the experts who contributed to the report.

Stacy Gilbert, a 20-year State Department veteran who served as a senior civil military adviser for the State Department’s Chief Humanitarian Office, said she was horrified when she found out the Biden administration falsified the document, which was then used to justify sending billions of dollars' worth of weapons to Israel.

Although the team had found that other factors also affected the flow of aid into Gaza, such as a lack of security caused by Hamas, it was obvious to them that Israel had a hand in limiting the medical supplies and food that made their way across the border to Gaza.

“It is absolutely the opinion of the humanitarian subject matter experts in the state department, and not just in my bureau – people who look at this from the intelligence community and from other bureaus. I would be very hard pressed to think of anyone who has said [Israeli obstruction] is not an issue,” she noted.

According to Gilbert, the subject matter experts who had worked on the report were taken off of it and informed it would be edited by those at a higher level, which meant they did not know what it would say until it was released.

She said that although she had been initially hopeful that the report would be honest since the White House showed some signs it may be toughening its stance on Israel, announcing a few days before the report’s release that it would pause sending 2,000-pound bombs to Israel that have been causing serious destruction in Gaza, she was “shocked” when she read the report when it was published on May 10 and saw the words “it is our assessment that Israel is not blocking humanitarian assistance.” 

According to Gilbert, this is the opposite of what the experts who compiled the report concluded – and the Biden administration was well aware that the report’s statements were false.

“That is not — that is not the view of subject matter experts at the State Department, at USAID, nor among the humanitarian community,” she said.

“And that was known. That was absolutely known to the administration for a very long time, not just within the government, but having received reports and letters from organizations on the ground in Gaza, organizations the U.S. government funds, credible organizations, saying Israel is blocking humanitarian assistance.”


A clause in the Foreign Assistance Act requires the U.S. to stop selling arms and providing security assistance to countries that are determined to have blocked the delivery of American aid. It seems clear that the Biden administration wanted the report to conclude Israel was not blocking aid so they could continue supporting their war efforts in Gaza.


Dozens of Biden administration officials have resigned over Gaza policies


Gilbert, who had been a subject matter expert for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and worked in several war zones, left her post as a result, sending in her resignation just two hours afterward.


So far, nine Biden administration officials have publicly resigned over his policy on Gaza, while dozens more have left quietly without making an announcement. The first official to publicly resign, Josh Paul, told The Guardian that he was aware of other similar resignations that are about to take place over similar concerns.


Meanwhile, the U.S. continues sending weapons and aid to Israel as they pursue their offensive in the city of Rafah, where more than a million displaced Palestinians have been seeking refuge.

Colorado Democrats approve law offering in-person voting to individuals BEHIND BARS this November



Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has signed into law a bill requiring election officials to provide voting services in 61 county detention centers and jails across the state for elections.


The new law, Senate Bill 72, will ensure that those awaiting trial or serving sentences for misdemeanors can exercise their right to vote, a right that remains despite incarceration. Colorado law bars individuals serving time for felony convictions from voting but allows those awaiting trial or convicted of misdemeanors to participate in elections.


Under SB 72, law enforcement and election officials must provide six hours of in-person voting and registration services within detention facilities. Additionally, eligible voters will have the option to return mail-in ballots if they prefer. County staff members will be designated as poll workers and election officials will be granted access to Corrections Department data to prevent those with felony convictions from voting.  

State Sen. and Majority Whip Julie Gonzales (D-Denver), one of the main sponsors of the bill, stated that logistical challenges have historically prevented eligible voters in detention from casting their ballots. In line with this, Gonzales stressed the importance of this initiative for incarcerated individuals.


"One of the things that we heard from people who had previously been incarcerated was that being able to weigh in on these elections was so important for them to remember that even though they are navigating the criminal legal system, that they still are a member of a community, a citizen of Colorado, and that they still had rights and obligations," Gonzales said. 


SB 72 was signed on May 31 and will go into effect in time for the November election.

Illegal Aliens Rush Over San Diego Border 12 Hours After Biden Announces New Executive Order on Asylum Seekers



Joe Biden’s America.


Illegal aliens rushed over the US border in San Diego County just 12 hours after Joe Biden announced his new executive order on asylum seekers.

Joe Biden on Tuesday held a fake border security press conference on his new asylum ‘restrictions’ from the East Room.


More than 15 million illegal aliens – mainly military-age males – have invaded the US on Biden’s watch.

Joe Biden took 94 executive actions in his first 100 days in office to destroy the border.

Now he’s acting like the savior with his new ‘asylum restrictions’ – only asylum is STILL AVAILABLE to thousands of illegal aliens every single day released into the US.

According to The New York Post, Biden’s new border ‘crackdown’ will still allow at least 1.8 million illegals to enter the US every year.

According to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, the illegal border crossers he encountered (mainly adult males) on Wednesday in Jacumba, California were from Colombia and Venezuela.

We have no idea who these people are.

Happening now: 12 hours after Biden’s executive order went into effect blocking asylum for illegal crossers (with numerous exceptions), we have a mass illegal crossing taking place here in Jacumba, CA. The people I’ve spoken to so far are from Colombia & Venezuela. pic.twitter.com/L715CcBDIM

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) June 5, 2024

Bill Melugin also encountered unvetted groups of men from the Middle East illegally crossing into Jacumba, California, including “Special Interest Aliens” from Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey.

A Special Interest Alien is an illegal immigrant who, based on travel patterns and point of origin, poses a national security threat to the United States.

Joe Biden’s open border is putting all American citizens in danger.

“A Jordanian man told me he came here for work, not asylum,” Bill Melugin said. “He told me he knows he broke the law, and that he doesn’t care.”


NEW: We encountered groups of men from the Middle East crossing illegally into Jacumba, CA, including “Special Interest Aliens” from Egypt, Jordan, & Turkey. A Jordanian man told me he came here for work, not asylum. He told me he knows he broke the law, and that he doesn’t care. pic.twitter.com/dROmoYVcH8

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) June 5, 2024

Teenagers' death highlights infectious disease casualties of genocide


 Overcrowded and unsanitary conditions for the 1.7 million people in Gaza who have been forcibly displaced have led to a spike in infectious diseases. Here a shelter in Nuseirat on 14 May. 


Death by bombing is not the only thing that destroys the lives of Palestinians in Gaza.

The spread of infectious diseases, high temperatures, water and air pollution, as well as hunger, and displacement, with 1.7 million people forced into overcrowded, unsanitary shelters, have also taken a severe toll.

All of these conditions hit the young, old and those suffering other health conditions disproportionately.

In early January, Ahmed al-Weidy, a lively 17-year-old, contracted hepatitis and “suffered from general weakness, loss of appetite, yellow eye color, and diarrhea,” his mother, Samia, said.

“Since birth, he had suffered from an inability to absorb enough oxygen and couldn’t move his neck well. His fingers were cramped, and he couldn’t move them as well. He underwent more than one physical therapy session, but to no avail, and his condition did not improve.”

Adding to Ahmed’s physical problems came those tied to trying to avoid Israeli bombardments, being surrounded by devastation and destruction and having trouble sleeping at night.

Last October, Ahmed and his family, like hundreds of thousands of others, were displaced from Gaza City and forced to move to a shelter in a United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees, UNRWA, center in the city of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

Overcrowded, suffering from the total absence of any functioning municipal services, and devoid of the most basic necessities of life, polluted water and waste accumulate near such shelters in which hundreds share toilets.

Infectious and skin diseases spread rampantly in such conditions.

Hospital treatment


Ruba Hijeh, a doctor the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, said the destruction of vital infrastructure and the impossibility of providing municipal services have played a key role in the spread of diseases.

“Solid waste is collected in random dumps next to the tents of displaced people, and this waste and wastewater accumulation cause the spread of harmful insects that transmit diseases.”

The doctor said the young are particularly vulnerable and that there had been a large number of children arriving at the hospital with hepatitis A, gastroenteritis, and diarrhea.

The UN has reported that children under 5 make up a disproportionate number of those affected by the spread of infectious diseases, affecting anywhere between a quarter and one-third of reported cases.

Biden Regime Indicts Epoch Times

Chief Financial Officer in Alleged $67 Million

Money Laundering Scheme


Damian Williams, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) on Monday announced the unsealing of an indictment charging Weidong Guan, a/k/a “Bill Guan,” the Chief Financial Officer of conservative media company The Epoch Times with participating in a $67 million transnational money laundering scheme.

Bill Guan, 61, of Secaucus, New Jersey, is facing up to 80 years in prison.

He was charged with one count of conspiring to commit money laundering, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, and two counts of bank fraud, each of which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

Bill Guan was arrested on Sunday morning and appeared before a magistrate judge on Monday afternoon.

“As alleged, Bill Guan, the Chief Financial Officer of a global newspaper and media company, conspired with others to benefit himself, the media company, and its affiliates by laundering tens of millions of dollars in fraudulently obtained unemployment insurance benefits and other crime proceeds. When banks raised questions about the funds, Guan allegedly lied repeatedly and falsely claimed that the funds came from legitimate donations to the media company.

Man out on low bail after allegedly raping young stepdaughter has now murdered her,

killed himself: Report


A Massachusetts man out on low bail after allegedly repeatedly raping his young stepdaughter has now apparently killed her and himself, police say.

On September 7, 2021, a young girl called police to report that her stepfather, Juliano Santana, had raped her on "multiple occasions," said a press release from Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, perhaps over the course of several years. The most recent assault had reportedly occurred just one month earlier.

The victim told investigators that Santana had warned her "not to be scared and not to tell her mom." Investigators also examined a diary in which the victim reportedly documented the attacks and shared them with her sister.

Are Joro spiders in Pennsylvania?




Like The Killer Bees... It'll be quite some time till they arrive, if they ever do.

A Terrible Horrible No-Good Time...


In the past few months, Joe Biden has faced perhaps the greatest political disaster of his life, which is saying something for a man with three failed presidential campaigns. This year has been particularly challenging. Without exaggeration, his situation can be likened to some of the most humiliating defeats in history.

Polls indicate that Biden is losing significant support from nearly every group that voted for him just a year ago, including Hispanics, moderate Democrats, African Americans, and independents, with the latter showing double-digit declines. The White House's remaining core constituencies appear to be anxious upper-income women with multiple college degrees and barren personal lives, along with members of the national news media.

However, even this support might be overstated, given the significant overlap between these two groups.

To make matters worse, Biden seems to be losing support from the media as well.






TRUMP 2024

John Kennedy DELIVERS EPIC TAKEDOWN on Obama and Biden officials


Earlier this month, longtime FBI agent and SWAT team veteran Steve Friend came forward as a whistleblower to expose what he has witnessed happening within the FBI under Joe Biden’s administration. According to Friend, Biden's FBI routinely uses heavily armed SWAT teams to raid the homes of American citizens who criticize the administration. These individuals pose no danger and haven't even been accused, much less convicted, of violent crimes. The goal is not to bring justice but to terrify and intimidate Biden’s political opponents.

One striking example from last year involves the FBI's counterterrorism division raiding the home of a 69-year-old Red Cross volunteer named Joseph Bolanos. 

An anonymous tip claimed Bolanos was at the Capitol on January 6. He wasn't accused of any violent actions, merely of being present. It later turned out that this claim was false.

Trump campaign accelerates vetting of potential running mates

The Trump campaign is requesting documents from several of the potential running mates...



...People close to the campaign and to the former president add that the list is longer than just those three names. They say that also being vetted are Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Tim Scott of South Carolina, Reps. Byron Donalds of Florida and Elise Stefanik of New York, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who served as Housing and Urban Development secretary in the Trump administration.

Fauci Now Blames CDC After Saying 6-Foot Social Distancing Just Sort of Appeared


After saying the six-foot social distancing guideline during the COVID-19 pandemic “sort of just appeared,” Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday testified that his statement had been “distorted” and that it “actually” came from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Fauci, a longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and former chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, was grilled during a hearing before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic on Monday. He said that the guideline to explain that the guideline “actually came from the CDC. The CDC was responsible for those kinds of guidelines for schools, not me.”

A transcript of Fauci’s past testimony about the health recommendations to reduce exposure made waves when they were released last week due to his comment that he was “not aware” of studies that supported the six-foot standard adopted for schools, businesses, and beyond.

Wis. Parents Seek High Court OK

of School Trans Policy Suit




A group of parents in Wisconsin are asking the Supreme Court to intervene in their attempt to overturn a district policy letting parents not be informed if their child decides to identify as transgender.

"Thousands of school districts across our country have these policies. If parents cannot challenge them until after their children are harmed, they have no way to protect their kids other than pulling them from public school," WILL deputy attorney Luke Berg said in a statement.

‘We’re All Plastic People Now’: “Plastics are Everywhere”, A Groundbreaking Documentary


The documentary film “We’re All Plastic People Now” explores how we have become embodiments of the trash we've created. Director Rory Fielding had four generations of his family’s blood tested for plastic-derived chemicals, revealing alarming results.

Many chemicals used to make plastic are endocrine disruptors. These substances mimic, block, or interfere with natural hormones, leading to issues in various physiological functions, including growth, metabolism, and reproduction.

Some endocrine-disrupting chemicals are also estrogenic carcinogens, which mimic estrogen in the body and increase the risk of estrogen-sensitive cancers.

You can make a difference by being mindful of your purchases and urging your national and local governments to address plastic use. Additional tips on reducing microplastic exposure are provided below.

Bombshell Development Could Overturn Trump Guilty Verdict In Politically Motivated Trial





I'm voting for Trump for the third time, and I will always support him. Nothing can change my mind, and no amount of money will ever sway my decision.

Planned solar farm threatens protected Joshua trees, other endangered species


Last year, California introduced its inaugural law to safeguard Joshua trees, a species threatened by climate change. However, a proposed solar farm in the Mojave Desert could result in the removal of over 3,500 protected Joshua trees1. Ironically, this project aims to combat climate change, yet it risks destroying the very trees the previous legislation sought to protect. The situation highlights the trade-offs involved in pursuing clean energy goals while impacting wildlife and undeveloped land.

Federal Judge Officially SHUTS DOWN Coordinated Complaints Against Judge Cannon


The Chief Judge for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals officially shut down coordinated complaints against Judge Aileen Cannon.

Judge Aileen Cannon is overseeing Jack Smith’s classified documents case against President Trump.

Leftists are losing their minds because they don’t have control over Cannon’s courtroom. Cannon is a Trump appointee, and she isn’t allowing Jack Smith to railroad Trump and his attorneys.

Cannon has been accused of ‘stalling’ the sham classified documents case against Trump.

Jack Smith indicted Trump on 37 federal counts in Miami last June for lawfully storing presidential records at his Mar-a-Lago estate which was protected by Secret Service agents.

Trump was charged with 31 counts under the Espionage Act of willful retention of national defense information and 6 other process crimes stemming from his conversations with his lawyer.

Espionage cases take years to prosecute, but Jack Smith is trying to get Trump convicted before the 2024 election.

Israel accused of releasing Palestinian detainee with amputated legs to evade treatment


 Israeli prison authorities have released a wounded Palestinian detainee soon after her arrest to evade responsibility for her serious medical condition, her family and a rights group told Middle East Eye.


Wafaa Jarrar, 49, was violently detained by the Israeli army during an incursion into Jenin in the occupied West Bank on 21 May.

An explosive device hit the military vehicle transferring Jarrar to the al-Jalama military camp near Jenin, causing severe wounds in her legs, according to the Israeli army.


The circumstances of the explosion remain unknown, and no further details have been While in detention, Jarrar underwent the amputation of her legs in the Israeli Afula Hospital, and during that time, an Israeli court issued a decision to transfer her to administrative detention for a period of four months, subject to renewal.


After several tests, it was found that Jarrar had suffered other injuries, including one in the spine and lungs, so Israel announced her immediate release and transfer from Afula hospital to hospitals in the occupied West Bank, which her family considered a renunciation of treatment.


She is currently at the intensive care unit at Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin.


Her husband, Abdul Jabbar Jarrar, had been in Israeli custody since February and is not aware of his wife's condition.

Home ransacked


Huthaifa Jarrar, her son, told Middle East Eye that the storming of the house was "brutal".

"The soldiers deliberately smashed the furniture, vandalized the contents, and painted the Star of David on the walls," he said. "They also shouted at my mother several times, demanding that she hand over any sum of money she had."

"When the soldiers didn’t find any money, they stole her gold jewelry and celebrated inside the house, chanting racist slogans," he added.

Has Georgia disarmed the West’s secret weapon?


A controversial law on foreign influence has come into force in Georgia, sparking mass protests.

What will it lead to?

The Kremlin called it absurd to consider the Georgian “foreign agent law” a “Russian project,” pointing out that the United States was the first country to come up with a “system to combat foreign agents.”

It is not a coincidence that a delegation of foreign ministers from the Baltic states and Iceland recently visited Tbilisi. The Estonian Foreign Minister openly threatened Georgia with severe consequences, while the EU announced that it intends to impose sanctions against Tbilisi.

This reaction was quite expected. The visiting foreign ministers joined the demonstrators on the streets of Tbilisi, demanding the law on foreign agents be repealed. In other words, the EU was directly interfering in Georgia’s internal affairs.