April 20, 2023







Watch: RFK Jr. Tells Deep State "Nice Try" As Fire-Alarm Interrupts

His Presidential Announcement


As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. officially announced he is running for the Democratic nomination for President in 2024, the fire alarm at the packed-out Plaza Hotel in Boston interrupted his speech as he waxed lyrical on failures of the deep state.


Kennedy had turned to talking about how China is mastering infrastructure, building roads and bridges while the U.S. military industrial complex has been bombing them into rubble.


Then the fire alarm sounded.


“Nice try” Kennedy quipped after the alarm continued, prompting the crowd to roar with approval.


Source Zero Hedge 

Did the Pentagon just FOOL everyone with this fake document leak story?


| Redacted News


The recent leak of Pentagon documents raises suspicions about its true motives. The leaks seem to provide a convenient excuse for the Department of Defense (DoD) to withdraw from Ukraine while simultaneously increasing pressure on China. This has led some to speculate whether the Pentagon intentionally leaked these documents to divert attention away from their actions. Clayton presents various theories to explain this possibility.

US military drone spotted UFO over Middle East – Pentagon


The “metallic orb” is the first detected by an unmanned craft


The Pentagon declassified a video on Wednesday, captured by a US MQ-9 Reaper drone, which encountered an unidentified flying object (UFO) zooming over the Middle East. This incident, the first of its kind involving an unmanned aircraft, has been renamed as Unexplained Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) by the military.


During a Senate hearing, Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the Pentagon's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), provided details about the bright and shimmering "metallic orb" observed by the drone. Kirkpatrick described it as silver, translucent, and metallic, flying at altitudes ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 feet with velocities varying from stationary to Mach speeds, and no thermal exhaust typically detected. He noted that the object's behavior was consistent with other observations of "metallic orbs" in the region.

Unlike previous UFO sightings that required human observation, the Reaper drone's camera was able to track and follow the orb without a human pilot present. Kirkpatrick did not rule out the possibility that the orb could be breakthrough technology from an adversary, but also mentioned it could fall under the categories of known objects/phenomena or even extraterrestrial.


Kirkpatrick informed the Senate that the AARO usually manages to determine the identity of airborne objects, including providing intelligence on unknown technologies possessed by adversaries. The AARO was established in July with the purpose of consolidating efforts from various Defense Department and federal agencies to detect, identify, and attribute anomalous, unidentified objects in space, air, water, and other mediums. The department was created in response to a Senate bill that demanded transparency on "unidentified aerial phenomena" but left lawmakers with more questions than answers.


Source RT

Fetterman raises eyebrows with choppy opening

statement in Senate return: 'Frightening'


Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., raised eyebrows on Wednesday with his choppy opening statement after his return to the Senate.


Fetterman returned to the Senate this week after a lengthy stay in the hospital for clinical depression that began in mid-February.


The Pennsylvania Democrat, who suffered a stroke on the campaign trail, resumed his chairmanship of the Senate Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Food and Nutrition, Specialty Crops, Organics and Research.


Fetterman’s opening remarks after his months-long hospital stay were choppy, with users online reacting to a clip of his comments.


Podcaster Jewels Jones called the clip "frightening," while Harrison Fields, communications director for Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., joked about Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s reaction to the clip.

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If people weren't committing crimes, these stores wouldn't be closing

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Clinical Trials Are Fraudulent: Expert


Several experts and journalists in different countries have raised serious concerns over Pfizer’s clinical trials for its COVID vaccine. They charge that the pharmaceutical company dropped subjects who suffered adverse events and used a flawed methodology to arrive at the claim the jab is 95 percent effective. France spoke with French biostatistician Christine Cotton, who published a report on Pfizer’s trials.

April 19, 2023

Senators Make New Demand Regarding FBI, Hunter Biden, Obama White House


Two GOP senators who have been investigating alleged Biden family corruption for years have stepped up their efforts. After Facebook and Twitter suppressed, to an extent, explosive revelations about Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin want more answers.


Grassley and Johnson have sent a letter to Zuckerberg noting that in October 2020, “when the New York Post published articles based on evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop, many news and social media organizations inappropriately rushed to censor and discredit the initial reporting and falsely labeled it as ‘disinformation.’”


Mainstream media outlets have finally admitted that the information gleaned from the laptop was not Russian disinformation but was in fact real.


“You recently appeared to indicate that the reason why Facebook made the unwise decision to censor articles about Hunter Biden’s laptop was based on an alert from the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” the senators wrote.

Whistleblowers have also alleged to Senator Johnson that local FBI leadership instructed its employees not to look at the Hunter Biden laptop immediately after the FBI had obtained it,” the senators noted further, going on to say that Americans “deserve to know whether the FBI used Facebook as part of their alleged plan to discredit information about Hunter Biden.”


“Congress and the American people require clarity with respect to the extent the FBI communicated with Facebook during the 2020 election about Hunter Biden-related information,” they added.


Hunter Biden’s problems continue to get worse.


During his 2020 campaign, then-Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden repeatedly said he was never involved with Hunter Biden’s business ventures and never discussed them. However, a new report published Tuesday appears to refute those claims definitively.


A 13-year-old drag queen performs

at an event as adults

cheer him on


So, let me understand this... Is this the newest entertainment craze? Children (boys) dressing as Drag queens and dancing provocatively for ADULTS?

Dr. David Martin is FIGHTING to get Alex Azar, the Perpetrator of the LARGEST GENOCIDE This country has ever seen, BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!


Alex Azar is the boss of Anthony Fauci, the CDC, and so many other ENTITIES..

WHO's Shocking Plan Revealed: A Digital Gulag for America and the World


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  • It's finally time for American citizens to Unite.
  • God, please help us 🙏🇺🇲
  • They lied and none of their information was correct. Screw them.
  • This has been in the works for a long time, but people didn't want to listen.



Biden Attacks Religion — The Vortex


Bad news for believers.


For the First time in history all the truth is being exposed, this could end in a catastrophic event for all.

April 18, 2023



Disaster In New York, 1 Dead, 5 Injured, Parking Garage Collapses In Lower Manhattan


Between 4:00 pm and 4:30 a 4-level parking garage in Lower Manhattan, New York City with a cellar collapse killing 1 person and injuring 5 others.

HALF of Chicago's Walmart Stores Just Closed (Here's Why)


Brandon Johnson, the newly elected Mayor of Chicago, will face a challenging situation as he takes office amidst an increase in crime rates, a high tax burden, and a declining business environment. In addition, the city recently experienced the departure of three major companies, Boeing, Tyson, and Citadel, who moved their headquarters elsewhere in 2022.


Johnson received significant financial support from the politically active Chicago Teachers Union during his campaign, and as Mayor, he will face tough decisions. 

He must decide whether to adjust his progressive agenda to align with the city's economic realities or continue with his plans despite potential risks to the city's stability. Ultimately, his decisions could impact the city's future, and it remains to be seen whether he will choose to accommodate the situation or double down on his progressive policies.

What are the ODDS of this occurring! You can't make this stuff UP!!


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  • It’s. Being. Done. On. Purpose!!
  • Impossible odds to be coincidence, but I’ve noticed this years ago with other things. Is this a simulation?
  • Coincidence is a thing of the past.
  • They are distracting you from a failing Ukraine war and a failing dollar, feels like it's all just small pieces of a bigger play.


It's Getting Εven More Βizarre.. Something STRΑNGE Happening Tο Αmerica's Food CΕNTERS And Farms


18,000 cows. Gone. In minutes.


Of recent, we have seen some more Βizarre circumstances surrοunding farms across America. In this video, I discuss some of the latest goings on, like Best Buy closing many stores and also a dairy farm losing 18,000 cattle in less than an hour! Also, I explain why all this is happening.

Also, many celebrities of recent have been buying up farmland, such as Chris Pratt, Russell Crowe and others.

Republicans Gets the Last Laugh after Nashville Florist Denies Business to the RNC


As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine, and it seems that Republicans are getting their dose of it after a Nashville florist denied them service and called for strict gun control measures.

We Are Being Smashed Politically, Economically, Medically and Technologically by the Elite’s ‘Great Reset’: Why?

How Do We Fight Back Effectively?


The elites' 'Great Reset' is causing political, economic, medical, and technological devastation. Throughout human history, people have always struggled against elites who attempt to control them and their resources. The author notes that these struggles have had varying levels of success, but overall, people have managed to resist the elites' control.


However, since the World Economic Forum launched the 'Great Reset' in January 2020, it has become the most significant challenge to humankind's freedom and nature's well-being. Despite our resistance, the elites are still winning. The author also acknowledges that other serious threats, such as the risk of nuclear war, could pose a significant risk to our future.


To overcome this challenge, we must understand who is driving it, their motives, intentions, and methods. Only then can we create a successful strategy to counter this threat.


We Are Being Smashed Politically, Economically, Medically and Technologically by the Elite’s ‘Great Reset’: Why? How Do We Fight Back Effectively? - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

April 20 hybrid solar eclipse: An observer's guide


This month will see the first of two solar eclipses in this year of 2023. But this upcoming eclipse will be a rather special kind of eclipse.


When speaking of eclipses of the sun, there are three basic types. First are partial eclipses, when only the moon's outer shadow, called the penumbra, interacts with Earth. From within the penumbra, only a part of the sun is seen to be covered by the disk of the moon. Next are total eclipses, where from only from within the dark shadow cone of the moon, called the umbra, can a total eclipse be seen. And then there are annular eclipses or "ring of fire" eclipses, so called because the moon is too far away and hence too small to cover the sun, so a ring of sunlight remains visible around the edge of the moon at maximum. In order for the umbra to reach the Earth during this type of eclipse, the moon must be closer than its average distance.

However, there is a fourth type of solar eclipse, known as an annular-total or hybrid solar eclipse, the rarest variety of all. Of all types of solar eclipses, hybrids account for just 4.8%. In the 21st century, only seven such eclipses take place. And one of them will take place on Thursday, April 20.



How about living in a country where you can do all the drugs you want and poop anywhere you want to?


The United Nations says that we should decriminalize all sex and drug-related activity in the name of human rights, including sex with minors. Oh, and they want you to be able to poop on the street. Is this progress?


This comes from a United Nations organization called UNAIDS in [a report] released on March 8 to honor Women's Day. It is sort of a best practice suggestion for international communities on how to police "conduct associated with sex, reproduction, HIV, drug use, homelessness and poverty." The basic suggestion is you don't.

This is a strange document but the strangest is Principle 16 which suggests no age limit for consensual sex. It also suggests no criminal penalties for sex work, buying or selling, and no criminal consequences for people who make money by other people's sex work. We used to call these pimps. Do we still?


The report further suggests decriminalizing all drug use and drug possession as well as leaving homeless people where they are to poop in the street.


And your right to live in places where people do not do drugs, poop on sidewalks, sell other people for sex, and have sex with minors? You don't have that right apparently. It sure does seem like the UN is in favor of social collapse, doesn't it?

"Jordan Peterson: I Need You to Pay Attention to What I'm About to Say!"


In the video, Jordan Peterson dives into the various aspects of digital currency that can pose challenges and potential problems. One of the issues he raises is the lack of regulation and oversight, which can lead to fraud and exploitation. He also notes the potential for digital currencies to facilitate illegal activities, such as money laundering and terrorism financing.


However, Peterson also acknowledges the potential benefits of digital currency, such as increased accessibility and convenience for consumers. He notes that digital currencies can offer greater financial inclusion for those who do not have access to traditional banking systems. 

Additionally, he discusses the potential for digital currencies to disrupt the current financial system and provide greater financial freedom for individuals.


Overall, Peterson's analysis is nuanced and thought-provoking, highlighting the complex nature of digital currencies and their impact on society. His insights challenge viewers to consider both the potential benefits and challenges associated with this emerging technology and engage in important conversations about the future of finance and money.

April 17, 2023

Tucker: 'Here's Proof The CIA Staged A Coup Against President Nixon'


| You Have Been LIED To!


Tucker explains in a detailed manner how he believes that Watergate was orchestrated by the CIA and FBI to target Richard Nixon. According to him, the Deep State placed Bob Woodward, who he refers to as a "fake reporter," in the Washington Post, and the FBI provided him with information.

Ex-Obama Staffer Turned Whistleblower Exposes Biden's "Kickback" Scheme


Between 2011 and 2017, McCormick collaborated with Biden and documented an important conversation involving the vice president, his assistant Jake Sullivan, and the media that took place ahead of their visit to Kyiv, Ukraine, in April 2014.

Oh SH*T, it's starting again


| Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris


Numerous document leaks indicate a bleak future for Ukraine, with total destruction of the country being the inevitable outcome. These leaks also suggest that NATO forces will be unable to deter Putin from his aggressive actions. Shockingly, it appears that the US government is aware of this fact but is deliberately deceiving the American people. Redacted has returned from a hiatus and has a wealth of news to report on this matter.

More Train Derailments


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  • I still don’t think we have caught the average of train derailments yet. We seem just to be focused on them. But look at all the fires 🔥 and the kind of derailments this stinks of terrorists.
  • It is pretty obvious what is going on with all the train derailments and food factories/food producers being destroyed.
  • Plain as day we are under attack. If you keep picking the feathers out of a EAGLE HE WON'T BE ABLE TO FLY ANYMORE AND HE'S FLYING PRETTY DAMMM LOW YALL WAKE UP.

Artificial intelligence is learning at an ALARMING rate. Are we PREPARED?


Glenn has issued a warning that artificial intelligence is rapidly learning at an alarming rate, and switching it off may no longer be an option. This raises the question of what steps we should take to prevent tools such as ChatGPT from surpassing our capabilities. In this video, Glenn discusses the possibility of science fiction becoming a reality and proposes a single solution to address this challenge.

Federal appeals court strikes down Democratic city's natural gas ban backed by Biden admin.


A federal appeals court ruled unanimously Monday that a natural gas ban proposed by the City of Berkeley, California, would illegally circumvent federal law.


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that Berkeley's natural gas piping ban, which the city's government passed in 2019 as part of its climate agenda, violated the federal Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) of 1975. By banning gas pipes in new building construction, the city effectively violated the EPCA which prevents local regulations from impacting the energy use of natural gas appliances.


"Instead of directly banning those appliances in new buildings, Berkeley took a more circuitous route to the same result," Judge Patrick Bumatay wrote in the opinion of the court Monday. "It enacted a building code that prohibits natural gas piping into those buildings, rendering the gas appliances useless."


In July 2019, Berkeley's city council passed the ban, which was set to go into effect in January 2020, making the city the first in the nation to approve such a measure. Berkeley Councilwoman Kate Harrison, who authored the legislation, said at the time that it was part of the city's effort to take "more drastic action" on climate change and curb greenhouse gas emissions.

However, months after it was approved, the California Restaurant Association (CRA) filed a federal lawsuit challenging the city's ability to pass a law banning new natural gas hookups. After a lower court ruled in favor of Berkeley in July 2021, the CRA filed an appeal, leading to Monday's ruling.

April 16, 2023

Most People in the United States are Completely Unaware of This,



It's called Agenda for the 21st century.


179 nations came to an agreement on a plan known as the Agenda for the 21st Century. However, this plan has been criticized for promoting a totalitarian state that seeks to control all aspects of life worldwide, including land, water, minerals, plants, animals, construction, production, food, energy, information, and especially humans.


The United Nations adopted this plan in 1992, and it aims to bring all systems into harmony to facilitate centralized control, which is the ultimate goal of Agenda 21 - one world government with total control from a central unit.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this plan, and they mistakenly believe that it's about promoting sustainable development and creating resources for everyone.


In reality, it involves moving populations to concentrated city centers and clearing rural areas to facilitate centralized control. Each nation that signed on to Agenda 21 has its own local plan, but people in the United States are generally uninformed about it.

Lawmakers push to limit US

president’s nuclear authority


Democrats have warned that a “rogue” leader could someday take control of America’s atomic arsenal (They mean "Now")


On Friday, Senator Ed Markey and Representative Ted Lieu introduced the 'Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act' in the House and Senate. This bill aims to prevent any US president from initiating a nuclear strike without obtaining prior approval from Congress. Additionally, it would reinforce lawmakers' war powers as outlined in the US Constitution.


Senator Markey emphasized that no US president has the right or constitutional authority to declare war unilaterally, much less launch a nuclear first strike. Similarly, Representative Lieu argued that no single individual should possess the power to initiate a war that could potentially end life as we know it.


This bill reflects concerns among some US lawmakers regarding the potential dangers of granting a single individual too much authority over nuclear weapons. Supporters of the bill believe that it is essential to ensure that any decision to use nuclear weapons is subject to robust debate and oversight by Congress, rather than being made by the president alone.


According to the joint statement issued by Senator Markey and Representative Lieu, the risk of nuclear warfare has become increasingly evident, particularly with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and they accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of making nuclear threats. However, Moscow has dismissed these accusations as "hysterical reactions" from the US and its allies, as stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.


In addition, the lawmakers marked the anniversary of the April 15, 1969 shootdown of a US spy plane by North Korean forces over the Sea of Japan. They alleged that then-President Richard Nixon, who they described as intoxicated, ordered a nuclear strike in response. Although the order was ignored, they claimed that the incident revealed the possibility of a rogue US president ordering a nuclear strike without Congressional approval.

These examples highlight the importance of having a clear and robust process for making decisions regarding the use of nuclear weapons. The 'Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act' seeks to address this issue by ensuring that any decision to launch a nuclear strike is subject to thorough scrutiny and approval by Congress.


It should be noted that the claim made by Senator Markey and Representative Lieu that President Nixon ordered a nuclear strike while intoxicated following the 1969 shootdown of a US spy plane over the Sea of Japan by North Korean forces lacks substantial evidence.


The two lawmakers have introduced several similar bills in recent years aimed at restricting the president's authority to launch nuclear strikes. However, these efforts have failed to pass. President Joe Biden had pledged during his election campaign to adopt a policy that would only permit the use of nuclear weapons in response to nuclear attacks. However, he later reversed his stance, instead reaffirming the long-standing US policy of utilizing nuclear weapons to deter non-nuclear threats.


The introduction of the 'Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act' demonstrates the ongoing debate surrounding the US president's power to launch a nuclear strike without Congressional approval. While some argue that this authority is necessary to maintain the nation's security, others believe that it is too much power for one individual to possess, and that any decision to use nuclear weapons must be subject to careful review and oversight by Congress.


Source World News




Hundreds Of Black Teenagers TAKEOVER Downtown Chicago Causing Massive Violence And Destruction


All young people are being indoctrinated into believing that they are entitled to their behaviors. We must look to whoever is leading them into this destructive organizing. Teenagers don't just think to organize on this level out of the blue on their own.

On Saturday night, there was a significant turnout of teenagers at Millennium Park in Chicago, which prompted the police to respond. This event occurred only a day after a comparable gathering took place at 31st Street Beach, resulting in increased police presence along the lakefront.

Jim Jordan Tells Fox News He is 100%

for President Trump for 2024

Despite Legal Challenges


In an interview on Friday with Fox News Digital, before his speech to the National Rifle Association, conservative hero Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) reaffirmed that he is “100% for President Trump” in the 2024 presidential election despite the legal challenges the left continues to smear him with.


Bragg revived the investigation which culminated in charging President Trump with 34 felony counts. Read the indictment here.


Bragg has filed a lawsuit against Jordan to prevent Congress from getting involved in his case against President Donald Trump. The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of New York and alleges that Jordan's actions are unconstitutional and a direct attack on Bragg's criminal case against Trump. Bragg's lawsuit aims to stop Jordan's committee from enforcing a subpoena that was issued to Pomerantz.


Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil dashed Bragg’s desperate efforts and denied both the temporary restraining order and the show cause order.

Fox News reports:

Speaking with Fox News Digital ahead of his speech to the National Rifle Association convention, Jordan argued Trump was the only president to do what he said he was going to do and did so successfully despite the entire political establishment standing against him.


“No one has demonstrated that they will do what they said and get things done like he did, and he did it with everyone in that town against him. And that’s what I still respect about President Trump, and I’m for him all the way,” Jordan said when asked about the increasingly heated Republican presidential primary contest.

Alongside his certainty over Trump’s candidacy, Jordan stressed he “liked” all the current and potential candidates, and that he was “friends” with each of them.


“I just talked to Vice President Pence. Great guy … Governor DeSantis, a great guy. When we formed the Freedom Caucus, there were nine of us. He was one of the nine. But I am 100% for President Trump,” he said.


Jordan has been one of Trump’s staunchest defenders against the felony falsification of business records charges brought against him by New York district attorney Alvin Bragg last week and has launched an inquiry into the latter over his efforts targeting the former president, which includes subpoenas to provide documents pertaining to the investigation to the House Judiciary Committee later this month.


Sec. Antony Blinken Asked What Would Happen If The United States Cut Off Aid To Ukraine


During a House Appropriations committee hearing prior to the Congressional recess, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) questioned Secretary of State Antony Blinken.




Calcified Placentas: A Nurse Midwife’s Disturbing Testimony


A recent report shows that maternal deaths have increased by about 40% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is partly due to the pandemic. When COVID-19 vaccines were introduced, the situation got worse.


Dr. Naomi Wolf recently interviewed Ellen Jasmer, a highly experienced nurse midwife, who has observed some concerning things in her practice since the pandemic began. According to Jasmer, placentas are calcifying on the baby's side in a way that she has never seen before.


This phenomenon is causing cloudiness around the vessels instead of a clear vein pattern that is normally seen in placentas. In the interview, Jasmer discusses the impact this new development has on unborn and newborn babies.

April 15, 2023

Japan PM evacuated after blast at speech in Wakayama


On Saturday, there was an incident at a port in Wakayama, where Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was scheduled to give a speech. According to various reports, including from Kyodo news agency, a "smoke bomb" was thrown, leading to the evacuation of the Prime Minister. Fortunately, there were no immediate signs of injuries or damage at the scene, and Kishida was unharmed. Local police declined to comment, and there has been no official confirmation of the incident. However, reports indicate that a person was detained at the site, and footage shown on NHK revealed security and police detaining an individual as a crowd scattered at the scene.

This incident comes after the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in July 2022, which has led to increased security measures in Japan. The country is currently hosting G7 ministerial events in northern Sapporo and the city of Karuizawa in Nagano, with a leaders' summit scheduled for May in Hiroshima.

Are Men Replacing Women in Society? A Look at the Trans Agenda


There are only two genders: male (men) and female (women). This scientific biological reality is not disputable or debatable. It is an unmitigated fact of life, and when we die, it will still be a fact. There are only two genders, and those who are trying to tell us otherwise are doing so for political expediency and power.


Only within the recent three years has there been doubt about the number of genders in society. Sad to say, America has never been in doubt of its genders until Joe Biden and his circus of clowns entered the White House.


Once the Biden circus set up their tents, complete chaos broke out across the country’s heartland with confusion over genders and the introduction of trans people. This administration appointed a man to the position of United States Assistant Secretary for Health and another man as a nuclear energy specialist. In both instances, the administration told the public they were women. They even recognized and gave a man an award during International Women’s Day.


Taking a cue from the White House, corporations and sports have followed and are recognizing trans men as women in their hiring practices and sponsorships. Nowadays, America is bombarded with advertisements of men morphing into women and vice versa.

At the moment, it would be hard-pressed to find biologically male and female as representatives of their actual genders.


To say the least, it is embarrassing watching men portraying over-the-top caricatures of women, and while society seems to be accepting it, free speech advocate Bebe Diamond is not. She says she is done with the trans ideology.

Diamond said tells the hosts of “After Dark” that it is time to dismantle the trans agenda, for it is pure evil and “the line has been crossed.” She continued and said she is done with the agenda of pushing men as women and questioned why feminists like Gloria Steinem aren’t lending their voice to speak against the replacement of women by men.


Even though the road ahead seems bleak, there is always hope. Diamond said Christians, Muslims, and Jews must be united to stop the left-wing trans-agenda.


Bebe Diamond is a free speech advocate. Her passion for the black family has led her to start a ministry and non-profit aimed at helping the broken black man, whom she says is the cornerstone of the black family. In addition to the ministry, Diamond is the assistant to Barbara From Harlem, a nationally recognized speaker and author who has been dubbed the godmother of the black conservative movement. Diamond wrote the introduction to Barbara From Harlem’s compelling and inspirational memoir “Escaping the Racism of Low Expectations.” She and Barbara are hosts of “Our Urban Story,” a weekend podcast that airs on Saturdays on Facebook.

The West calls Ukraine for a territorial compromise with Russia


Insisting on the return of Crimea to Kyiv, Ukraine is painting itself into a corner. The Ukrainian leadership will be pressured by the West to abandon the fruitless idea of "liberating" the peninsula. This was reported by Bloomberg.


Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his advisers have repeatedly stated that the ultimate goal of the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to capture Crimea. However, such plans lead the conflict to a dead end, since the Russian side will not agree to it, and the Ukrainians will not have enough military forces to carry out such an adventure in the foreseeable future.


The American agency predicts that Western elites will increasingly urge Kyiv to abandon its plans for Crimea, threatening to halt military and financial support for Ukraine otherwise.

Meanwhile, Ukraine places high hopes on the expected counteroffensive. However, Bloomberg points out that American and European allies of Kyiv consider the advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by no more than 30 km a realistic goal. The West does not expect more success from Ukrainian militants, as Russian troops are well-prepared for enemy attacks.


Earlier, Western media reported the postponement of the Ukrainian offensive from spring to summer due to weather conditions and a shortage of ammunition in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

JUST IN: Washington Passes Bill Allowing Children to Legally Be Taken from Parents if Parents

Don't Consent to Gender Transition


A new bill passed in the state of Washington seeks to undermine parental rights by allowing “shelters” to provide gender transition medical services to minors without parental consent.


Senate Bill 5599, sponsored by Sen. Marko Liias, will allow certified shelters to contact the Department of Children, Youth and Families instead of parents, for children seeking reproductive health services or gender-affirming care.

Many argue that this bill could lead to abuse and exploitation of minors, as it creates a potential avenue for predators to take advantage of vulnerable children who may be seeking shelter or medical services. This could also have long-term consequences on the mental and physical health of children who may not have the maturity or capacity to make informed decisions about their healthcare.


Others have also pointed out that the government should not be involved in providing gender-affirming care to minors, and that such decisions should be left to parents and medical professionals.


This must be more than just a coincidence!


The International Space Station managed to snap a picture of a swiftly moving object shaped like a cylinder as it flew by. Remarkably, a witness on Earth also happened to capture an image of another cylinder-shaped object that looks very much like the one spotted by the ISS.





Democrats Who Have Allowed Crime to Flourish in Chicago Outraged

About Closure of Walmart Stores


The leadership at Walmart never came out and said it, but shoplifting and theft are obviously the problem that has led to these stores losing millions and deciding to close.


It was previously reported that Walmart is shutting down four stores in Chicago. Although the leadership of Walmart did not explicitly state it, the reason for the closures appears to be related to shoplifting and theft, which have caused significant financial losses.


Despite this, the Democratic leaders of Chicago, who have been criticized for allowing crime to increase in the city, are expressing their displeasure at Walmart's decision to leave the community.


Aziz Rupshi received the news of the closure of the Walmart store in Chatham, where he operates a Subway sandwich shop, while he was at the doctor's office with his mother. This news has sparked a demand from leaders of the South Side community for a meeting with Walmart's leadership and a potential boycott. It is widely believed that the stores' closure is due to shoplifting and theft, which has resulted in millions of dollars in losses. The Democrats who govern Chicago have been criticized for allowing crime to thrive in the city, and now they are expressing outrage at Walmart's decision to leave the community.

Aziz Rupshi has been running his Subway sandwich shop inside the Walmart store located in Chatham, South Side for several years. He stated that the grocery store has always been busy with customers. However, Rupshi learned about the store's impending closure like many others - through local news. He said that no one informed him or any other business owner inside the store about the closure.


On Thursday, Rupshi joined other business owners, community leaders, and elected officials to protest against Walmart officials for abruptly closing four full-service stores, mainly on the South and West sides, due to poor sales. The protestors demanded that Walmart officials halt the store closures and meet with the community before closing their doors on Sunday. Father Michael Pfleger, a South Side community leader, urged Walmart to "put the brakes on" and have a dialogue with the community.


In the event that Walmart declines to cooperate, resulting in empty buildings and a scarcity of resources in the communities, leaders have stated that they will hold another protest outside an Evergreen Park location and boycott the company. “If Walmart leaves us, we will leave Walmart,” said Pfleger. According to Alderman-elect William Hall (6th), Walmart has exhibited “corporate racism and corporate greed.” If the company does not agree to invest in the community, Hall stated that they will divest across the nation.


Source YourDestinationNow 







Unhinged Trans Lunatic Flips Table of Conservative Student Group at University of Washington (VIDEO)


Conservative students who are part of Turning Point USA were exhibiting at a table on campus at the University of Washington, when a trans activist approached their table and flipped it over.

Polish official proposes ANTI-BUG LAW that requires food products containing insects to display warning labels


A Polish official is proposing an anti-bug law that will require food products in groceries to come with warning labels if they contain insects.


According to Janusz Kowalski, a member of the Polish parliament and the deputy minister for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the proposed bill aims to increase awareness among Polish consumers about the use of bug additives in food products. In recent years, bugs have emerged as a popular alternative source of protein globally. The bill seeks to ensure that Polish consumers are well-informed about the presence of bug-based ingredients in the food they consume. Kowalski, who is a member of the United Poland party, believes that the bill is necessary to promote transparency in the food industry and to enable consumers to make informed choices.


The bill proposed by Janusz Kowalski on bug additives in food products is part of a broader political discussion in Poland regarding traditional meat consumption and the introduction of alternative protein sources such as insects. This debate has been fueled by a recent campaign by the United Right, the ruling conservative coalition government, which includes the United Poland party. The campaign claims that opposition groups, including moderate, liberal, and left-wing parties, are attempting to restrict traditional meat consumption and promote insect consumption as an alternative.


Opposition groups have denied these accusations, stating that they have no intention of restricting traditional meat consumption or promoting insect consumption. Despite this, the debate has gained traction in Poland, with both sides presenting their arguments for and against the consumption of insects as a viable alternative protein source.


As a member of the Sejm and the secretary of state for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Kowalski's proposed bill is aimed at ensuring that Polish consumers are properly informed about the use of bug additives in food products. This is particularly relevant given the increasing global trend towards the use of insects as an alternative protein source.


Janusz Kowalski, a member of the Sejm and the secretary of state for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Poland, has proposed a new law to require clear labeling of food products containing insect protein. Kowalski, who belongs to the conservative United Poland party, has called the legislation an "anti-bug law" and stated that it aims to protect Polish consumers and preserve traditional Polish culinary cultures by providing transparency regarding the use of bug additives in food.


The proposed law requires that products with insect protein include a label stating, "Warning, this food product contains insect protein." Kowalski claims that "Eurocrats" and opposition figures like Rafal Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw, are promoting the consumption of insects as an alternative source of protein. Kowalski, on the other hand, believes that Polish citizens should be able to rely on "normal Polish food, Polish meat, Polish dairy products."


The proposal has received support from many supporters of the ruling conservative coalition government, including those who fear that the opposition could restrict traditional meat consumption if they win the upcoming parliamentary election in November. Hungary and Italy are also considering similar "anti-bug" laws.

The European Commission recently approved products made from mealworm larvae and house crickets as safe for consumption, and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, of which Warsaw is a member, has recommended cutting meat consumption as part of efforts to combat climate change. Conservative media outlets in Poland have criticized Warsaw's participation in the C40 Group, claiming that it puts Polish residents at risk of being involved in efforts to curb meat consumption.


Source Domigood




IMF unleashes Unicoin, a new global CBDC

intended to enslave the entire planet under

a one world digital currency


The powers that be are working feverishly to unleash a new central bank-controlled cryptocurrency for the new world order, and one viable contender is the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) new Unicoin Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).


During the recent IMF spring meetings, a new digital currency was unveiled called the Universal Monetary Unit (UMU). The UMU operates like a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and serves as a global and legal form of currency. Its purpose is to ensure that banking regulations are enforced and protect the financial integrity of the international banking system. Banks can use the UMU via SWIFT codes and bank accounts linked to a digital wallet, making digital cross-border payments possible. The IMF claims that this will facilitate the best wholesale exchange rates of settlement currencies along with real-time settlement.


The IMF sees the UMU as a way to strengthen the current cross-border payment system, which is slow, expensive, and risky. However, the UMU is not popular among the general public, as CBDCs are seen as a way for governments to introduce social credit scores and digital IDs, leading to individuals fully ceding control over their assets and spending to the government. The IMF wants to differentiate UMU from decentralized cryptocurrencies, so they refer to it as a "Crypto 2.0" and not a "crypto."

Despite the benefits of UMU, its implementation is worrisome as it may pave the way for a worse financial slavery system than the current one. If central banks control digital money, then there is a risk of more spying, tracking, and social credit scoring. This could lead to a loss of freedom and liberty. This is reminiscent of the Bible's predictions of a one-world currency and the mark of the beast, which will be a necessary component of buying or selling. It remains to be seen if the mark will be a CBDC or a more elusive decentralized paradigm. The FedNow pilot program is launching soon in the US, and major payment processors are already on-board with it, which could lead to a major marketing blitz.

Illinois trucking company shuts down unexpectedly, leaving drivers stranded and unpaid


An apparently fraudulent trucking company called Cromex Inc., based out of Villa Park, Ill., left several of its employees in the lurch under disturbing circumstances this week.


The incident involving the father and son driving team and Cromex highlights a major problem in the freight industry: fraudulent carriers that deceive and mistreat their employees. In this case, the father and son team were promised replacement trucks by Cromex, but the promise was never fulfilled. Instead, they were left stranded in a hotel with no pay or means of transportation back home.


The situation worsened when attempts to contact Cromex's owner, Danijel Krizanac, failed. When he finally responded, he informed them that the company was bankrupt and closed, and the trucks had been returned to the bank. However, the recent opening of Krizanac's wife's new trucking company, Boscro Cargo, under a different name, suggests that Cromex may not have actually gone bankrupt.


Cromex had a history of poor operations, with high out-of-service rates, frequent truck breakdowns, and accidents. The father and son team had driven for the company twice, but left the first time due to constant truck breakdowns and low pay. When they returned, they discovered that the new company they had moved to was also struggling financially and failed to pay on time.


Krizanac's disrespectful response to their concerns about payment and the company's problems highlights the mistreatment of employees by some carriers in the freight industry. The incident shows the need for better vetting of carriers to prevent the fraudulent behavior that affects the lives of employees and causes disruptions in the industry.

April 14, 2023


Solar Radiation Now Affecting Earth on

Catastrophic Levels World Wide 2023


For 3,657 years, humans have not witnessed a spectacle of this kind, and unfortunately, we have a front-row seat to it.

How Long Til a City Dies?


Portland, a city located on the West Coast, has gained a reputation for its unusual and eccentric culture. It has been the subject of ridicule in television comedies. However, many of its residents are no longer finding the situation amusing as the city's livability and safety have deteriorated significantly. What was once a great city has become a place of concern for its inhabitants.

Whole Foods Faces Store Closings As Biggest Retailers In America Brace For Bankruptcies


Now several Whole Foods stores are being shuttered as fears of retail bankruptcies grow across the sector. Experts are saying that the organic supermarket chain is Amazon’s biggest risk and many pieces of evidence show why Whole Food locations are falling apart faster than other grocery stores.


The flagship Whole Foods store in San Francisco has recently announced its closure due to poor street conditions, just one year after opening. This decision has caused frustration among customers, as evidenced by social media activity. In addition to this, the company has also announced closures in several other states.


Experts in retail are warning that Whole Foods is Amazon's biggest risk, and with the upscale grocery chain consistently failing to meet earnings expectations due to rising inflation, the situation is becoming increasingly concerning. This worry is further compounded by Amazon's recent closure of many physical stores, including Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, and Amazon Style.


Furthermore, Whole Foods has experienced six consecutive quarters of declining sales, and data suggests that rival chains are significantly cheaper, with a large number of customers switching to them. In an effort to cut costs and save its business, Amazon is rushing to reduce its retail footprint. However, a Deloitte survey has predicted that retail bankruptcies in 2023 will be worse than pre-pandemic levels.


The increasing financial stress will continue to separate winners from losers, with only the strongest companies expected to survive. It remains to be seen whether Whole Foods, Amazon's biggest grocery chain, is strong enough to weather the storm.



Earlier this week we found out that Biden was in on the unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful raid on President Trump’s iconic home Mar-a-Lago.


Attorney Mike Davis appeared on FOX News immediately after the illegal raid on Mar-a-Lago. He emphasized that the raid was unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful. According to Davis, President Trump was allowed to take any classified or unclassified documents he wanted with him to Mar-a-Lago under the Presidential Records Act when he left the White House.


It is unclear why President Biden and AG Garland would conduct a raid on the President's iconic home to retrieve documents from President Trump.


Some have speculated that Biden's intention was to obtain documents that would expose criminal activity by the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, and the corrupt DOJ and FBI.


Specifically, these documents were allegedly related to the Russia collusion hoax against President Trump.


This week more evidence came out that Biden was involved with the raid on Mar-a-Lago (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/america-first-legal-biden-white-house-was-involved-in-mar-a-lago-raid-on-leading-political-opponent-president-trump/):


…new NARA records obtained through America First Legal’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Mar-a-Lago raid further confirmed that the FBI obtained access to these records through a “special access request” from the Biden White House on behalf of the Department of Justice (DOJ).


It appears that the Biden White House and DOJ coordinated to obtain the Trump records and perhaps create a pretext for the law enforcement raid by way of a “special access request.”


Must see interview with Davis... WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!

Attorney Davis was on Bannon’s War Room Tuesday night and he shared more on this topic that was newsworthy. Bannon and Davis discussed the various legal cases and actions against Trump and Americans.


DA Braggs’s move against Jim Jordan and the House is unprecedented. Jordan has every right to request information from Bragg who is using federal money to attack President Trump in the bogus case there. Jordan is over the target, especially in regard to Michael Colangelo working for Bragg after moving from the Obama and Biden gang to the DA’s office and a couple of months later Trump was indicted.


But at the 11:00 minute mark, Davis discusses the five bogus attempts to get President Trump. This was an excellent overview.


At this point Davis makes it clear that President Trump had the right to have documents at Mar-a-Lago, classified or not but Biden had no right to have classified records in his possession while he was Vice President.


At the 14 min mark, Davis discusses the Mar-a-Lago situation more in-depth.

It’s very clear—Biden had to waive executive privilege for Trump. He green lighted Garland’s unprecedented, unnecessary, unlawful home raid on Trump, his political enemy…


Davis argues that Biden wanted to get back documents showing the Clinton, Obama, and Biden connections to Russian collusion and Garland did the raid to cover up for Biden. Only Biden could waive Trump’s executive privilege.


Bannon at the 17:00 mark points out that the timelines show The Regime knew about Biden’s issues with classified documents being held illegally and this is why they went after President Trump.


When this comes out there is going to be impeachable crimes by President Biden…he weaponized the Justice Department to go after Trump…This is impeachable.


The truth is coming out!


Jim Jordan Subpoenas FTC Because It Harassed Twitter After Elons Takeover Abuse of Authority


In a letter to FTC Chair Lina Khan Jordan said, “The committee on the Judiciary is conducting oversight of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) abuse of its statutory authorities in investigating Twitter.”


On Wednesday, House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, issued a subpoena to Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan regarding the agency's investigation into Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter. Axios obtained copies of the subpoena.


The investigation into Musk's purchase of Twitter has become a target of House Republicans in their battle against what they see as the politicization of the U.S. government against conservatives. The subpoena seeks a broad range of documents and internal communications related to the FTC's investigation and requests that they be provided to the committee by April 26 at 9 a.m.


According to a report submitted to the Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was accused of engaging in "overreach" in its efforts to investigate Elon Musk's Twitter use. The report further stated that the FTC's requests to Twitter for information, in terms of timing, scope, and frequency, suggested a partisan motive for its actions.


The report submitted on March 7 accused the FTC of engaging in "overreach" to harass Elon Musk's Twitter account, citing multiple demands made to the company following his purchase. The report suggests that the timing, scope, and frequency of the FTC's requests to Twitter indicate a partisan motivation for its actions, particularly as they seem to coincide with Musk's efforts to promote free speech on the platform. The report argues that information already gathered by the Judiciary Committee shows that the FTC has inappropriately used its regulatory power to target Twitter. It further suggests that the FTC has misused a revised consent decree with Twitter to justify its campaign of harassment, as partisan actors and interest groups have urged it to do.



Women System
Epoch Times

Feinstein Asks to Step Away From Senate Judiciary Committee Amid Retirement Demands


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) declined to resign in response to mounting pressure from fellow Democrats who expressed concerns about her ability to fulfill her duties but instead requested an indefinite leave of absence from the Senate Judiciary Committee while she recovers from shingles.


The New York Times reported Wednesday that Feinstein was diagnosed in February and has been absent from the Senate since then. Her prolonged absence has caused problems for Senate Democrats, impeding their progress on judicial nominations. With no indication of her return after a two-week recess, pressure has mounted on her to step down from her position.

She announced on Wednesday evening that she would not resign but instead proposed a temporary solution by requesting a replacement for her position on the panel, the Times said.

April 13, 2023

Tucker Carlson: This will make you sick to your stomach


It is evident to any astute individual that the propaganda promoted by this administration has been apparent from the beginning. The extent and magnitude of corruption are incomprehensible.   You are absolutely correct, Tucker. I feel nauseous. These perpetrators will likely not face any repercussions, while the life of this young man will be ruined.


It's heartbreaking to see this young man suffer unjustly. 

This situation is a disgraceful representation of our country, which has gone beyond the point of redemption. My prayers go out to the courageous young man. The government's response confirms the authenticity of the documents.

Breakfast is literally a scam.


Comments -


  • I remember something a literature teacher told me. "Breakfast shouldn't be about eating right when you get up. You eat when you feel hungry and eat fresh things you'll enjoy."
    Breakfast cereal is functionally a snack sold as a day starting meal. I prefer to start with meat or cheese. It actually makes me feel better than starting with cereal... I often eat "breakfast cereal" at night. Lol.


  • Breakfast is the most marketed meal of the day.


  • Bravo. Great video. Also, worth noting that the breakfast “muffin” was invented so Americans wouldn’t feel bad about eating cake for breakfast.
  • Being a Mexican American born and raised in Texas then moved to south Florida, growing up we never got cereal or pop tarts for breakfast, we would eat left over from the day before, carne asada/ skirt steak 🥩, or chicken breast with rice and beans, or steak and potatoes, something with protein, and at night we would eat a bowl of cereal or some pancakes as a snack maybe once every 2 months, then when I got to around 15 and lifting weights my weight lifting coach told me cereals nothing but sugar in a bowl and I’ve been doing the right thing, crazy nothing's changed.

The case against Assange poses a “grave and unprecedented threat” to press freedoms, the lawmakers argued


A group of Democratic lawmakers, known as ‘the Squad’, has written a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland urging the immediate release of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange and calling for the Department of Justice to drop its charges against him.


The lawmakers argue that the charges against Assange pose a serious threat to the freedom of the press and would set a dangerous legal precedent. They cited warnings from human rights and press freedom groups, including the ACLU and Amnesty International, who have argued that Assange’s case represents “a grave and unprecedented threat to everyday, constitutionally protected journalistic activity.”

Assange was arrested in 2019 and has been held in the UK’s Bel marsh Prison since then as the US presses for his extradition to face charges under the Espionage Act.

CHD Sues NIH Over Failure to Comply With FOIA Request for Correspondence With COVID Vaccine Injury Victims


On Wednesday, Children's Health Defense (CHD) filed a lawsuit against the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for failing to respond to CHD's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents concerning correspondence between NIH researchers and people who contacted the agency about adverse events they experienced after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The complaint, submitted in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, states that CHD submitted the FOIA request on November 10, 2022, but the NIH has not produced the documents or provided a final determination, and has stopped communicating with CHD. CHD claims that the NIH violated the legal time limits for responding to FOIA requests and is withholding important information from the public.


“Lawsuits like this are critically important,” said Kim Mack Rosenberg, CHD acting general counsel. “Government transparency concerning its research on injuries following COVID-19 injections is of paramount importance.”

Rosenberg added:


“The U.S. government has encouraged, and in some cases, mandated, these injections. How can it now turn a blind eye to requests for information concerning injuries?

“Individuals have a right to this information to promote informed decision-making. By ignoring CHD’s FOIA request, NIH only further undermines the public’s trust in NIH and other government agencies.”


According to The Defender, several individuals who suffered vaccine injuries and spoke with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shared their experiences and participation in a study the agency was conducting on vaccine-injured people. However, the NIH has denied having any data on such individuals or conducting such research on numerous occasions since then.



U.S. Approves First 3 COVID Vaccine Injury Claims — And Pays Out a Total of $4,634.89


A total of $4,634.89 has been granted by the U.S. government as compensation to the first three individuals harmed by COVID-19 vaccines. The monthly report from the Health and Resources Service Administration (HRSA) vaccine injury claims reveals that one payment of $2,019.55 was granted for anaphylaxis, while the remaining two payments of $1,582.65 and $1,032.69 were made for myocarditis.


The Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) administered the payments, which were awarded under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act. The PREP Act is designed to shield pharmaceutical firms from being held responsible for injuries sustained from "countermeasures" such as vaccines and medications administered during public health emergencies.

Although the program has compensated 33 claims for vaccine injuries since its establishment in 2010, these are the first awards made for COVID-19 vaccines. Children's Health Defense's (CHD) Acting General Counsel Kim Mack Rosenberg noted that the payments were "overdue, highly anticipated and speculated upon." However, the fact that less than $5,000 was paid in total underscores the inadequacies of the program, according to her. CHD Acting President Laura Bono criticized the payments made for myocarditis as "insulting," given that the mortality rate increases to 50% within five years of diagnosis.


Full Article childrenshealthdefense.org

CRIME - It's out of control.


Comments -


-Sure, just let looters, robbers, rapists and criminals free, but continue to prosecute those who disagree with you politically and put them in solitary confinement for years without a trial!


-Way to go America, diversity and inclusion is your strength

  • It's an endless cycle:
  • go build up a great
  • community and thrive.
  • welcome inclusive and diverse people.

  •  get "culturally enriched".
  • escape now former great community.
  • repeat.

Russia's Terrifying Message for the USA.


The Russian Foreign Ministry is asserting that the US and Russia are in a heated phase and is urging the US to resume some form of dialogue. Meanwhile, NATO appears uninterested in pursuing peace talks. Additionally, the UK is sending depleted uranium and the US is continuing its Biolabs program in Ukraine, while NATO plans the largest military air exercise in its history for this summer.


This exercise is being labeled as such, as NATO would be forced to admit being on the same side as Russia otherwise.


Beginning next month, thousands of NATO troops will unite in Europe against Russia. The US has been caught destroying the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, damaging America's perceived moral high ground. Leaked Pentagon reports suggest that Ukraine is losing the conflict, and both sides have threatened the use of nuclear weapons.

The Ukrainians have already launched an attack on a nuclear power plant, and a nuclear war with Russia appears imminent. Meanwhile, China is currently simulating precision strikes on crucial targets in Taiwan. In the event of an invasion, the US is expected to side with China, as the UNA party and the media have been highlighting China's actions for several weeks.


US Senator Lindsey Graham is already preparing to send troops, but the Department of Defense has warned that the US lacks the necessary munitions to fight China. The millions of rounds of ammunition sent to Ukraine have depleted stockpiles, and it will take years to replenish them. This presents a favorable opportunity for the CCP to invade.



The recent questioning of Colorado Magistrate Judge Kato Crews by Louisiana Senator John Kennedy has generated a lot of attention, leading some to question whether there is any relation between the senator and JFK. During a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on March 22, lawmakers from both parties posed questions regarding President Joe Biden's judicial nominees.


Biden has recently added more names to his list of 161 announced federal judicial nominees, as part of an effort to increase diversity in the US courts. A viral exchange between Kennedy and Kato Crews during the meeting has sparked interest in the Republican senator, prompting some to inquire about his potential connection to one of America's most prominent families.




Despite the similarity in their surnames, Republican Senator John Kennedy is not related to former President John F Kennedy (JFK). 

Kennedy frequently uses his middle name, Neely, to avoid confusion between himself and the late president. Although Kennedy was born in Centreville, Mississippi, he grew up in Zachary, Louisiana, a town close to Baton Rouge, and has represented Louisiana in the Senate since 2017.   Kennedy has been relatively private about his family background, and little is known about his parents.


It's not unusual for people to assume that Senator Kennedy is related to the Kennedys, given the family's long history in politics and the continued involvement of some of JFK's blood relatives or those connected by marriage, such as Jake Auchincloss and Joe Kennedy III, in political activities.

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope: Stunning new images captured of the universe | 60 Minutes


NASA's Webb telescope is on a mission to uncover the first light from stars and galaxies while capturing the universe in unprecedented detail. Scott Pelley provides an exclusive look at the new discoveries made by the telescope. It's difficult to express the awe-inspiring feeling that arises from witnessing such incredible feats of discovery. Those who have contributed to the planning, development, and exploration of this marvel should be commended.


The fact that a small photo can contain around 130,000 galaxies is astounding.

 It serves as a reminder of the unfathomable number of stars and planets in our universe. The desire to know what lies beyond is insatiable. The universe is full of secrets waiting to be uncovered.


Although we may never physically reach these distant places, the hope and imagination that fuel our exploration will never die. There's always more to discover, and the possibilities are limitless.







Pfizer just lost in the UK Court case over misleading info about Covid vaccine safety


The latest development is that Pfizer has lost a court case in the UK regarding allegations of providing misleading information about the safety of their Covid vaccine. Personally, I support the original poster's opinion that this news should be given more prominent coverage. Let's continue to push for accountability!

A Spike in Mysterious Deaths - Why are Young People Suddenly Dropping Dead Worldwide?


Shocking statistics have insurers on Wall Street alarmed. Edward Dowd says it's time for a national discussion over the latest threat to American's health.


Comments -


-My wife is a Health Care Aide who refused the jab in the middle of the so called "pandemic". They forced her to get tested every second day or be fired. It was a real pain, because she had to show up at work 20 minutes early for all the testing nonsense. She never one tested positive for the scary virus, while all around her, the fully vaxxed residents, and fellow workers were testing positive.


-I lost a friend of mine last year, he was my roommate for 5 years and I have never seen him go to hospital, he was always healthy, he took the vaccine and last year September he collapsed, no one knows the cause, they said he couldn't breath well😢, they say it was cardiac arrest...

-After receiving the booster shot, my boss began losing his neurological function. 6 months later he died. It is so devastating. We are all shocked because he was so healthy and sharp.


-The decision from employers who fired workers for not being vaccinated and the states that denied unemployment benefits for not being vaccinated- will go down as the worst labor and workplace decisions in history.


-My sweet mom died after taking the vaccine. She was very healthy and super picky about eating healthy. I miss her so bad.

April 12, 2023

Ready to eat TUMOR nuggets?


Artificial chicken meat grown in stainless steel “bioreactors” is the next thing to hit the American market, thanks to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Two lab-grown "chicken meat" products for human consumption have been approved by a corrupt federal regulatory agency, namely Upside Foods and GOOD Meat, both from California (GOOD Meat also has an office in Singapore). The FDA announced last year that Upside Foods' laboratory-derived "chicken" is safe to eat, allowing the company to begin mass-producing it for consumers. The process involves harvesting cells from live animals, chicken tissue, and using bioreactors to grow meat in stainless steel tanks. Commissioner Robert M. Califf declared that Upside Foods' fake meat is safe for human consumption, and the FDA has no further concerns about its safety. Califf stated that "the world is experiencing a food revolution."


“Advancements in cell culture technology are enabling food developers to use animal cells obtained from livestock poultry, and seafood in the production of food with these products expected to be ready for the U.S. market in the near future.”


Related: Check out some earlier coverage from last year about the abomination known as lab-grown “meat” and why you should avoid eating it at all costs.


According to FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf, the agency's primary objective is to promote fake food. Califf lauded the fake meat industry for aiding the FDA in approving anything synthetic and potentially harmful to human health while upholding the safety of foods available to US consumers. Upside Foods CEO Uma Valeti publicly praised the FDA's decision, stating that it was a positive development for the company's profits. Reuters also celebrated the FDA's decision to approve GOOD Meat as the second "cultivated meat product" on the market, and the agency indicated that it has no questions regarding the safety of the product. The FDA approved GOOD Meat's conclusion that foods made of or containing cultured chicken cell material are as safe as comparable foods produced by other methods, similar to its approval of Upside Foods.


It's worth noting that while the FDA approves lab-grown meat products for human consumption, it still prohibits the sale and purchase of natural raw milk or butter, claiming they are unsafe. The approval of fake meat products, such as chicken, brings the US closer to seeing them on store shelves and restaurant menus, with no indication of proper labeling.

In the near future, it is highly likely that meat products in standard American restaurants will contain synthesized ingredients that imitate the taste, smell, and appearance of real meat, without consumers being aware of it.


“It takes two weeks to grow the equal to one chicken, a thousand chickens or 100,000 chickens,” Valeti told the media about how long it takes for his company’s lab-grown chicken meat to form in a bioreactor.


Some may argue that those in positions of power are transforming various aspects of our lives, including the food we eat, into something dreadful and inhuman. The quality and nutritional value of the food that we feed our loved ones may be at risk as a result of these transformations.


To learn more, visit Frankenfood.news.

Sources for this article include:





Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg LAWSUIT REJECTED MUST TESTIFY in Congress Before Jim Jordan and James Comer


Meet H.A. Goodman: a passionate writer, producer, and journalist with a unique perspective on politics. As a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders and a vocal critic of Hillary Clinton, Goodman has gained notoriety for his commentary on controversial topics such as the Clinton email scandal, FBI coverup, and the presidency of Donald Trump.


Beyond his written works, Goodman also hosts a popular YouTube show, H.A. Goodman Live, where he discusses current events and shares his opinions with his audience. 

His views have been featured in prominent publications such as The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and The Daily Caller, as well as international news outlets like The Jerusalem Post.


As a producer and writer of a TV series titled after his own name, H.A. Goodman, he showcases his unique views and opinions. Additionally, he maintains a website where visitors can purchase his books and merchandise, as well as access his contact information.


He Knows He Can't Win.


Donald "Deirdre" McCloskey, a trans-identifying professor, has dropped out of a debate with me that was scheduled for next week at the University of Pittsburgh. For weeks, he's baselessly smeared me as a "fascist" but nonetheless insisted upon the importance of debating ideas rather than running from them. Apparently, he's changed his mind. I’m happy to take a victory by default, but it’s telling that even a distinguished scholar with three Harvard degrees and half a dozen honorary doctorates cannot defend transgenderism.

Imperfect Allies:


  • 1877.
  • A New England parish.
  • A window in memory of two white women.
  • Christ and Gospel women represented as people of color.
  • What's going on?


A Women's Window


In June 2022 we removed an 1877 Henry Sharp Studio-stained glass window from an 1830 church in Warren, RI. The window depicts Christ with Mary and Martha (top panel), and Christ with the Samaritan Woman (lower panel), all rendered as people of color. Mounted as Reconstruction was coming to an end, the window was given in memory of two sisters, white women married into a slave-trading fortune, and abolitionists.

The window is unusual--possibly the first representation of a Black Christ and Black Gospel Women in public space. And it is enigmatic. In mounting this window, what was the parish saying, to itself, to others, and to us? About women? service? race? reparation? reconciliation? allyship?


We Have Two Goals:


  • (1) Find a museum home for the window. What institution(s) have the resources, the reach, the chops—and also the public’s trust? —to preserve and display this massive, fragile, complicated piece of public art and share it with national audiences?
  • (2) And just as importantly: wherever the new home may be, how do Rhode Islanders keep having conversations about the window and with each other, responding to each of the provocative questions the window poses?


How to accomplish both objectives has generated countless conversations. Check back here for more information and updates, posted as PDFs below.


To receive occasional e-mail bulletins, OPT IN to our mailing list.

What is GOING ON? This is the THIRD time in FIVE days!


Comments -


-I remember those days, not so long ago, when your videos were just cloud formations sunsets and rises and occasionally something odd you would analyze, discovering it was simply birds. These days lately an overwhelming amount of "I've never seen anything quite like it". Over the years I have seen unbelievable unexplainable unnatural in overabundance THINGS on your channel. Recently it's becoming concerning.


-Has any media mentioned the balloons or has there been any formal explanation?


-We hit 81 in S/E Michigan today, due to the green new deal the Governor is pushing we barely had enough power. 

Shes working with the electric companies to shut down natural gas power stations and using wind/Solar electricity.  We spent the day having brown outs and surges. One of my surge protectors blew. As soon as the higher charges for electricity kicked in (4:00pm - 8:00pm) the power settled down and we had enough. Strange.


Lady was from New York/New Jersey it sounded like. Crazy stuff the government is putting in the sky. Thanks for your efforts, some good video and you have a great eye in describing them.


-is this the daytime fireball over Maine?



VB Libertea (Virginia Beach Libertea) Video Question/Answer




Rona Marsh
Question - how are the costs of replacing Princess Anne High & Bayside High being contained? Are sq footage still being supersized (50 percent larger schools)? How will scj

Rona Marsh
How will Schools get paid for as there had been excessive costs per sq ft (over $900 at Bayside)

Teresa Langille

Kathleen you’re Awesome and doing great!

Teresa Langille

Good question Laura.

Rona Marsh
Thank you for doing this podcast on VB Schools

Teresa Langille

Is it not illegal to expose children ( minors) to pornographic and like it material. Will parents be able to sue should third minor children suffer such exposure.?

VB Libertea

I will be giving them your questions in just a moment.

Teresa Langille
That’s photographic and illicit material.



On March 15, 2023, a significant development took place in the ongoing legal battle surrounding the raid on President Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago. Judge Aileen Cannon granted Trump's request for a Special Master review of the materials seized by the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) and issued a temporary injunction that prevents the Biden administration from accessing and using the confiscated materials until the review is completed.


The judge's decision and highlighted a startling revelation in pages 2-3 of the ruling. It was Joe Biden who gave the order for the FBI to access Mar-a-Lago documents and President Trump's personal belongings, contradicting previous denials from the White House and Biden himself.


This new information puts Biden and his administration in a difficult position, as they have been caught in a lie. It remains to be seen how this development will affect the ongoing legal battle and the reputation of the Biden administration.


In moments of uncertainty, the mind often wanders to the powerful figures in charge. As the consequences of the raid unfolded, the question on everyone's mind was: What was the Biden Administration thinking?


Surely, they were aware that legal battles and exposure of their involvement were inevitable. So why didn't they take action to prevent this tyrannical operation from happening in the first place? The answer remained elusive, as people struggled to make sense of the chaos and the ramifications of the administration's inaction.


The possibility that the Biden Administration relied on the media to cover up their role in the raid lingered in people's minds. Could it be that they believed the media would shield them from the consequences of their actions? Maybe they did, and maybe they still do. Only time will tell if the media will play a part in the story or if the truth will come to light despite any attempts to suppress it.


Ex-Trump, Hutchinson Lawyer Passantino

Sues January 6 Committee


Former White House lawyer Stefan Passantino is suing the House Jan. 6 committee, accusing its members of pushing a "false narrative" that he encouraged witness Cassidy Hutchinson to lie to the panel. Hutchinson, a Trump White House staffer, had accused Passantino of advising her to mislead the committee about certain events related to the US Capitol attack. Passantino's lawyers denied the accusation and claimed that the committee leaked Hutchinson's testimony to the media without verifying it. The resulting media coverage caused Passantino "reputational, emotional, and economic" damage, according to the complaint he filed on Tuesday. Passantino had parted ways with his law firm after Hutchinson's testimony was revealed.


Law firm Michael Best & Friedrich parted ways with Passantino shortly after the testimony became public. A group called Lawyers Defending Democracy last month filed a complaint with the Washington bar seeking the removal of Passantino’s law license over his work for Hutchinson.

Cassidy Hutchinson testified publicly before the House committee in June 2022, represented by Joseph "Jody" Hunt, a former high-ranking official in the Trump Justice Department. During her testimony, she alleged that Stefan Passantino advised her to claim she did not recall the details of an episode in which former President Donald Trump lashed out at members of his security detail in an SUV on the day of the Capitol attack. Passantino had defended his work for Hutchinson, stating that he had represented her "honorably, ethically, and fully consistent with her sole interests as she communicated them to me."


Passantino filed the complaint under the Federal Tort Claims Act, which requires the government to respond within six months before he can file a federal lawsuit, according to his attorney Jesse Binnall. The complaint alleges that the House Jan. 6 committee leaked "an outrageous tale" about Passantino to the media and pushed a "false narrative" that he encouraged Hutchinson to lie to the panel, causing him "reputational, emotional, and economic" damage.

There has been no immediate response from a spokesperson for Rep. Bennie Thompson (D., Miss.), chairman of the Jan. 6 panel, regarding the complaint.


April 11, 2023


Mom shoots kids in Winston-Salem murder-suicide


On Tuesday, police discovered a tragic scene inside a Winston-Salem home where a mother had shot her two daughters and son. According to the authorities, Ethal Syretha Steele, 40 years old, was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The children were identified as 9-year-old Sakendra Syann Steele, 12-year-old Sakenya Syretha Steele, and 14-year-old Sakenlo Shawn Steele Jr. The police received a call at 11:54 a.m. and had to use force to enter the residence.




Over 2,000 Indiana residents ordered to evacuate after fire ignites at recycling plant


A large fire broke out at a recycling plant in Wayne County, Indiana, on Tuesday afternoon, leading to the evacuation of over 2,000 residents within a half-mile radius. Officials have urged anyone who can see the large smoke plume to shelter in place due to concerns over air quality. The plant, which processes recyclables including plastics, is located near the Indiana-Ohio border.


As of 6:30 p.m. ET, the fire has been brought under control, and no injuries or deaths have been reported. However, the smoke's harmfulness is still unclear. Residents have reported hearing explosions and smelling a burning odor from their homes located several miles away from the plant. Richmond Mayor Dave Snow expressed concern about the incident's impact on air quality and urged people to limit their exposure to the black smoke.

This just came out of NOWHERE! What HAPPENED?


A dairy factory in Texas has suffered a devastating explosion, marking yet another in a recent string of food processing plant disasters. Just two weeks prior, the Palmer Chocolates factory had also exploded, adding to the growing list of facilities destroyed by fire or explosion over the past year.


Eyewitnesses have reported that the entire dairy factory was engulfed in thick smoke, leaving many to question how such a catastrophic event could occur. The cause of the explosion is still unknown, but investigators are working diligently to uncover the root of the disaster.

Breaking: New York Judge Looking Over Donald Trump's Case Facing Major

Accusations Linked to Past Actions, Increasing the Chances of a Mistrial


The case between Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and former President Donald Trump has caught the attention of many, including the judge overseeing the proceedings in New York. However, the judge's own past actions have now come under scrutiny, and he may find himself facing an ethics complaint and investigation.


The judge's previous conduct is being reviewed by legal experts, who are investigating whether he may have violated any ethical standards. The outcome of the investigation could result in the judge being subject to disciplinary action or even disqualification from the case.


As the case between Bragg and Trump continues to unfold, it remains to be seen what impact the investigation into the judge's past conduct will have on the proceedings. Regardless, it serves as a reminder of the importance of ethical standards in the judicial system and the need for all those involved to uphold them.


Legal experts and former prosecutors are scrutinizing Judge Juan Merchan's conduct, as he may have breached New York's Code of Judicial Conduct by making donations to Democratic candidates in 2020. This potential violation of ethical standards could lead to an ethics investigation and possibly a mistrial if he continues to preside over the case.


If the allegations against Judge Merchan are proven, it could raise questions about his impartiality and objectivity in the case. The integrity of the judicial system relies on the judges who preside over cases, and any hint of bias or impropriety can erode public trust.


As the legal experts and former prosecutors review Judge Merchan's actions, the outcome of their investigation may have a significant impact on the ongoing case. It underscores the importance of judges upholding ethical standards to maintain public confidence in the justice system.


The Conservative Brief reported:

Per Section 100.5 of the New York Code of Judicial Conduct, sitting judges cannot “directly or indirectly engage in any political activity.” Among the prohibited political activity: “(h) soliciting funds for, paying an assessment to, or making a contribution to a political organization or candidate.”

The New York State Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics’ yearly updated handbook points this out clearly: “A sitting judge may not make political contributions at any time, even to a U.S. presidential candidate or to a federal congressional candidate outside of New York State (Opinion 11-146; 22 NYCRR 100.5[A][1][h]).”


And, according to the American Bar Association’s Model Code of Judicial Conduct, a judge shall not, unless permitted by law, “solicit funds for, pay an assessment to, or make a contribution to a political organization or a candidate for public office.”


“However, Merchan — a New York state judge — made three political donations in 2020, according to public Federal Election Commission records,” Breitbart pointed out.


FEC records reveal that Merchan contributed $15.00 to Biden for President, Trump’s opponent, on July 26, 2020, through ActBlue.


On the following day, July 27, 2020, he made a $10.00 donation to the Progressive Turnout Project, an organization focused on encouraging Democrat voters to turn out.


He also donated $10 to Stop Republicans, which is part of the Progressive Turnout Project that seeks to resist the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s “radical right-wing legacy” which is also through Act Blue.


Former Republican chief counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mike Davis, has expressed concerns over Judge Juan Merchan's impartiality in the ongoing case involving former President Donald Trump. Davis pointed out that Judge Merchan had donated to Joe Biden's campaign, which could create an appearance of bias against Trump.


Furthermore, Davis highlighted that Judge Merchan had a history of presiding over cases involving President Trump, which could also raise concerns about his impartiality. The potential for bias, whether actual or perceived, undermines the fundamental principles of justice and fairness.


Given these concerns, it may be necessary for Judge Merchan to step down from the case to ensure that justice is seen to be done. Upholding the integrity of the judicial system and the public's trust in it requires judges to avoid any perception of bias or partiality.

Biden just begged Canada to do his dirty work in Haiti | Redacted with Clayton Morris


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-I’m glad we have people like y’all to inform us in a world filled with fake news!

-Canadian here. Haiti could probably take our military anyway.

-Redacted should stop calling FJB "president", he should be called by what he really is... a resident.

-What happens if China decides to Help Haiti" by rebuilding infrastructure etc. Right in our back yard" just as they have done in Africa" and now south America.

Shiveluch volcano erupts in Russia,

sending ash 20km high


An eruption from one of Russia's most active volcanoes occurred in the far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula, resulting in ash being dispersed high into the sky, engulfing nearby villages in a thick layer of grey volcanic dust, and prompting an aviation alert. The Shiveluch volcano erupted shortly after midnight on Tuesday, with its intensity peaking about six hours later and releasing an ash cloud spanning an area of 108,000 square kilometers (41,700 square miles), as reported by the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The branch director, Danila Chebrov, indicated that the ash rose as high as 20km (12.5 miles) and moved towards the west, causing a significant ash fall on adjacent communities.


Approximately 24 hours following the onset of the volcanic eruption, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Kamchatka, as reported by the Geological Survey. According to Russian scientists, the earthquake was a repercussion of a previous earthquake that occurred on April 3. The volcano's lava flow led to the melting of snow, raising the possibility of mudflows along a nearby highway. The eruption also resulted in villages being covered in deep deposits of grey ash, with some areas experiencing the most significant ash accumulation in six decades, reaching depths of up to 8.5cm (3.3 inches). Officials shared videos displaying a massive ash cloud towering above snowy forests and rivers. The eruption posed a potential hazard to aviation, causing the paralysis of several villages. Volcanologists issued a code red alert for flights, while Russia's aviation authority, Rosaviatsia, advised crews to keep a constant watch on meteorological information for changes.


The Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team, responsible for monitoring eruptions in the region, reports that Shiveluch is 60,000 to 70,000 years old and is one of the largest volcanoes in Kamchatka. As of yet, there have been no immediate reports of casualties, although scientists have stated that the volcano continued to erupt for 15 hours after it initially resumed activity. The governor of Kamchatka, Vladimir Solodov, disclosed that the villages of Kliuchy, Kozyrevsk, and Mayskoye were the most impacted, with inhabitants advised to remain indoors, and schools closed. These rural villages are situated on the eastern side of the peninsula, on the Kamchatka River. Solodov cautioned residents to stay at home and await the eruption forecasts from volcanologists who would assess how long the ashfall would persist. He further stated that schools would transition to online classes until the disaster's aftermath was over. Solodov also reported challenges with the water supply, but officials were delivering bottled water. Health officials had also visited every house and apartment in the affected villages to check on the residents.

Ukraine changing military plans after Pentagon leak


Anonymous sources told CNN on Sunday that a significant release of classified documents exposing Washington's plans for war in Ukraine has led to increased precautions and changes in military posture by Kiev. A source close to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky stated that "some of its military plans" have already been modified due to the alleged Pentagon files leaked online. However, the specifics of the alterations and their severity were not provided.


The trove of leaked documents, which CNN has reviewed, consists of 53 files that appear to have been compiled between mid-February and early March, but their authenticity has not been officially confirmed.


According to the report, the leaks have shed light on US spying efforts on key allies such as Ukraine and President Zelensky personally. A source cited by CNN stated that the revelations were "unsurprising" but nevertheless frustrated Ukrainian officials.

An intelligence report from the US also claims that in late February, President Zelensky suggested using drones to strike Russian deployment locations in Russia's Rostov Oblast due to the lack of long-range weapons, according to CNN.


Last week, a senior aide to Zelensky, Mikhail Podoliak, attempted to downplay the significance of the leak by dismissing the documents as "photoshop and virtual fake leaks," adding that Moscow "is eager to disrupt the Ukrainian counteroffensive," which is expected to begin soon.


The sensitive documents on Ukraine were first uploaded to the chat platform Discord in late February and early March, but the first reports on the leaks did not emerge until last week. The files provide an assessment of Russian and Ukrainian battle readiness and casualties, timetables for training and equipment deliveries, as well as weaknesses in the weapons used by Kiev.


In addition to the documents on Ukraine, the New York Times reported on Friday about another leak of sensitive US documents, which focused not only on Ukraine but also on China, the Middle East, and terrorism.


The US Department of Defense announced on Sunday that various government agencies are collaborating to assess the national security implications of the leaked documents.

Sabrina Singh, the Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary, stated that the department is currently reviewing and evaluating the authenticity of the photographed documents circulating on social media, which seem to contain sensitive and highly classified information.


Sources CNN, RT

Three Hunter Biden Paintings on Display

At SoHo Gallery for $85,000 Each


Hunter Biden is currently selling his art for a whopping $85,000 per piece while former President Donald Trump is facing indictment and arrest over allegations of paying $130,000 in hush money to Stormy Daniels more than five years ago.


“Bridging the Abstract,” a show at Georges Bergès Gallery in SoHo, is displaying three pieces of Biden's that are priced at $85,000 each, CNN reported last week.


Although the Republican majority House of Representatives is leading investigations into Biden's conduct, his friend and gallerist, Georges Bergès, has continued to defend the display and sale of his artwork.


“It’s been challenges unique to him that no other galleries would have with an artist, so you almost have to be passionate about this to continue … really believe in him as an artist on many, many different levels,” he told CNN.


When asked about the hefty price tags on the pieces, Berges responded: “You could buy a politician for a lot less than that.”


Wow... Case closed.



DeSantis: This Is The Next 'Woke' Initiative We'll Ban In Florida


In remarks to the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference this past Saturday, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) took aim at "woke banking."

Here's what we know so far from leaked intelligence files..


The recently leaked highly classified Pentagon documents, which have been confirmed as authentic by The New York Times and other sources, contain embarrassing revelations that have caused DOJ and US intelligence officials to search for the source of the leaks.


According to CNN's report on Monday, one document from the leak confirms that the US has been spying on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, which has left officials in Kiev feeling deeply frustrated.


The leaked US intelligence report suggests that American officials have been concerned about potential decisions made by Zelensky that could lead to an escalation of the war, including striking deep into Russian territory using unmanned aerial vehicles in late February. This move could potentially lead to direct clashes between Russian and NATO forces.

The Washington Post details that "many of the documents seem to have been prepared over the winter for Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and other senior military officials, but they were available to other U.S. personnel and contract employees with the requisite security clearances."


Zero Hedge Offers 14 more major revelations contained within the leaked intel document trove based on various media sources.

Come and drink this brand or there

will be no future for Bud Light...


Prior to being embroiled in the Dylan Mulvaney trans-TikTok influencer controversy, Bud Light's Vice President, Alissa Heinerscheid, spoke in an interview about the necessity to move away from the outdated frat party image and towards a more inclusive one. On March 23, Heinerscheid, a well-educated white woman in the upper income bracket who is middle-aged, was a guest on the "Make Yourself at Home" podcast.


"I'm a businesswoman, I had a really clear job to do when I took over Bud Light, and it was 'This brand is in decline, it's been in a decline for a really long time, and if we do not attract young drinkers to come and drink this brand there will be no future for Bud Light,'" she said.


Heinerscheid emphasized the importance of "evolving and elevating" the Bud Light brand, moving it away from the "frat boy" humor and outdated notions that appeal to younger consumers. She elaborated on this concept:


"What does evolve and elevate mean? It means inclusivity... It means shifting the tone. It means having a campaign that's truly inclusive and feels lighter and brighter and different. And appeals to women and to men. And representation is sort of the heart of revolution."


Approximately a week later, presumably under the guidance of Heinerscheid or her team, trans-TikTok influencer Mulvaney, who was commemorating "365 Days of Girlhood," posted a brief video endorsing Bud Light. However, the promotion sparked a significant backlash, with "Boycott Bud Light" trending on Twitter for several days.

It is possible that Heinerscheid is simply using "woke" advertising tactics to enhance Bud Light's Corporate Equality Index and social credit score. However, it is unfair to suggest that she is deliberately attempting to destroy the brand with "woke ideology" based solely on this assumption. It is important to note that companies and brands have increasingly been adopting more socially conscious strategies in their marketing efforts to appeal to a diverse audience and align with changing societal values.

Democrat Activist and Springsteen Guitarist Steven Van Zandt Calls for Republican Genocide

- Exterminate these Cockroaches Once and for All...


--From Station Gossip: Little Steven Van Zandt, E Street Band guitar player and longtime close friend of Bruce Springsteen, reportedly posted and then deleted a hate-filled rant on Twitter Sunday that called for the genocide of Republicans. --


Before taking the stage at the UBS Arena in Belmont Park, Long Island, as part of a two-night stand on the International Tour with Springsteen, Van Zandt made a controversial post calling for mass murder. It's worth noting that Springsteen's tour is focused on the mortality of aging rockers like himself.


Some may view individuals like Van Zandt as idealistic, dreaming of a world where they are the center of attention and can continue their long-held lifestyle. They may even aspire to have a devoted following that will worship their outdated performances and music indefinitely. However, when one politicizes their show, they risk alienating some of their audience, particularly conservative fans. Labeling Republicans as "Roaches" in need of extermination is as inflammatory as Kathy Griffin's infamous severed head incident.


In today's world, there seems to be a clear divide between what is and isn't acceptable, and people are taking sides. It appears that Little Stevie is seeking more notoriety, perhaps craving another five minutes of fame by making controversial statements.

Bud Light salesman claims NO ONE IS BUYING his product anymore!




Comments -


-It’s not a slap in the face to consumers. It’s a slap in the face to REAL WOMEN.

-Hopefully this becomes a well known message to all major corporations that consumers will sack your products if they continue take part in this twisted agenda.


-I feel bad for the people who work for them, but the punishment is due.

-Anyone boycotting should be sure to boycott all Anheuser Busch products. And continue to boycott until the company goes broke or issues a clear apology that explains exactly what they did wrong, why it is wrong, and why they shouldn't have done it. In the plainest language possible. No hedging. No "we were trying to..." Make them beg for your business. Make them swear off any further involvement with ideologies and people who hate you. Nothing less is good enough.

BUD LIGHT GOES DARK: Faces Brutal Reality Check After Pushing Radical “CIA” Agenda On America


Does a Social Credit Score or old-fashioned CIA plot lie behind the brewing storm of controversy surrounding Bud Light's sudden recruitment of Dylan Mulvaney? Perhaps both? For over a week, Bud Light has been radio silent on their social media platforms, leaving many to speculate whether CEO Brendan Whitworth is just riding out this botched marketing campaign.

April 10, 2023

Don't listen to your friends, IT'S HAPPENING NOW!


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-My poor dad tried to fight cloud seeding in the 60s. Family and friends gave him such a hard time making fun of him and calling him crazy. He passed away a few years ago but did get to see the truth come out. Thank you, Doug! Keep up the good reporting.


-I am an aircraft mechanic and have been told I was a conspiracy theorist; told I was crazy and a looney bin. I have been spouting off at this for years and like you Doug I watch the trails every morning over Lake Havasu Az, and everyone here wonders why we haven't seen rain in over 5 years with the exception of this year. The sad thing is when people try to pipe up, they are stonewalled and labeled crazy. Keep fighting the good fight my friend!


-So now I wonder if this is why the asthma is getting so much worse! Especially when I go outside! 😱 Thanks Doug, it's very brave of you to expose this kind of horror. May God protect you and your family! May he keep you in the cleft and send many angels to surround you and your family! Lum 💖

⚠️ THIS IS IT: We tried to warn you and now it's here... And it starts in a couple of weeks.


All of our freedoms will be completely gone because the government will be able to control one side of every transaction that takes place. So, they will be able to control everything. We will no longer be free. This is complete totalitarian control. And it starts in a couple of weeks.


Thank you so much for watching my video. I do sincerely appreciate it. We're going to start here with the Federal Reserve.gov press release. This came out just yesterday. So, it is breaking news. However, the FedNow service has been talked about for a number of months, and we've not known until now when they were actually going to be launching this program.


But essentially, this is going to be a way for people to bank directly with the Fed, as the name implies, FedNow service, and be able to send and receive money instantly. So, what I actually want to do is scroll down to the About the FedNow service, and we're going to read this paragraph here.

So, it starts off, the Federal Reserve banks are developing the FedNow service to facilitate nationwide reach of instant payment services by financial institutions, regardless of size or geographic location, around the clock every day of the year. Through financial institutions participating in the FedNow service, businesses and individuals will be able to send and receive instant payments at any time of day, and recipients will have full access to funds immediately, giving them greater flexibility to manage their money and make time sensitive payments.


Access will be provided through the Federal Reserve's FedLine network, which serves more than 10,000 financial institutions directly or through their agents.

Where are people boycotting Bud Light over partnership?


Sooner or later, Budweiser will either have to dump its campaign or continue to lose profits.


Iowa is a state with least boycott activity, and Illinois has a little more than the Hawkeye State. Here are the top 10 “boycott Bud Light” states, according to the study...

Utah, Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee,

Wyoming, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Ohio



Scientists Are Getting Kinda Anxious About a Pothole in Space


  • The Earth’s magnetic field protects us, and our orbiting tech, from the worst effects of the Sun’s energetic rays.
  • In a region called the South Atlantic Anomaly, however, the magnetic field is significantly weaker than over the rest of the planet.
  • NASA is tracking the anomaly, and researchers believe it may have popped up in our sky before.


Earth’s magnetic field is incredibly important to life on our planet. Beyond allowing for compass navigation and displaying the Aurora Borealis way up north, it is responsible for shielding us from the worst effects of the Sun’s rays. A little bit of Sun, we need—a lot would have some serious negative impacts.


Thankfully, we do have a magnetic field. But there’s a bit of a problem: Our magnetic field has a dent in it—what Science Alert calls a “pothole in space.”


It’s called the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), and it’s not a physical dent. It’s a region in the skies between South America and Africa where our magnetic field is weaker than it is around the rest of the planet. This weakness isn’t life-threatening—it would have to be way more significant to threaten the planet’s surface—but it is an issue for the craft we’ve launched into orbit.


Objects like satellites and other spacecraft reside within our magnetic field as they orbit the Earth. As such, they still benefit from its protection. Take that away, and you get a mess of potential technical difficulties—from small glitches to data loss and serious damage of important components—caused by too much exposure to high energy particles from the Sun.


It’s enough of an issue that those monitoring spacecraft that pass through the SAA often just power the craft down before they enter the region. As such, NASA has been keeping a close eye on this dent for a number of ears now, trying to figure out how it behaves, what’s causing it, and if it’s a sign that things are about to get a lot worse.


The SAA seems to be caused a huge reservoir of very dense rock deep underground called the African Large Low Shear Velocity Province. The biggest contributor to the creation of Earth’s magnetic field is the movement of molten metal in the outer core of our planet, and the African Large Low Shear Velocity Province disrupts that flow, weakening the overall magnetic field as a result.


So far, it at least seems like the region isn’t some kind harbinger of doom—it doesn’t look like we’re losing our magnetic field any time soon. But it could mean we have something to brace for. Some researchers theorize that the SAA is an indication that the Earth’s magnetic field is about to flip (which can happen, though over the course of hundreds of thousands of years), which would most likely have serious consequences for our electronics and communications systems.


But there’s still a lot we don’t understand about this anomaly, especially regarding its behavior. For example, a study from 2016 discovered that the SAA is drifting slowly northwest, and in 2020, it was announced that researchers had discovered the region was splitting into two smaller regions, each centered on an especially weak point.


Even though we still have a lot of questions about SAA, we think we know one thing: this isn’t the first time it’s popped up.

 In 2020, researchers released a paper suggesting that the SAA just pops up every so often, with occurrences dating back to 11 million years ago. This would indicate we’re not, in fact, looking at the first signs of a flip at all, but some other less-world-altering event that has happened many times in the past. So, even though a dent like this may seem scary, it’s probably something life on Earth has survived before.


NASA will continue to monitor the SAA until we really and truly understand the dent in our sky. Until then, we may just have to keep turning our satellites off and turning them on again.


Source Popular Mechanics, MSN

TikTok: What's going on and

should I be worried?


TikTok is an immensely popular social media platform that allows users to create, share, and discover, short video clips. It's received explosive growth since it first appeared in 2017, and now it claims to have well over 1 billion users, an estimated 150 million of them in the US.


In 2020, India was the first country to ban TikTok (), along with some 200 other Chinese apps that were all blocked from operating within the country. The decision came two weeks after a Chinese military operation in India’s northern border lead to the death of at least 20 Indian soldiers.


In the same year, retail giant Amazon sent a memo to employees telling them to delete the popular social media app from their phones. Even earlier, in December of 2019, the US Army banned the use of the app on government-issued phones.


Should I be worried?


The risks of allowing TikTok on corporate or hybrid devices very much depends on your threat model.

While it is understandable that governments, the military, or defense contractors are among the first to ban TikTok from these devices, many other organizations are facing a lot of threats that are a much greater concern.


On the other hand, if the app, or any other app, is not needed for work purposes, why would you allow it on a corporate device? Using Mobile Device Management (MDM) can go a long way in keeping risks and distractions away from corporate devices.


Banning the app from personal devices that are used in a work environment is a whole different matter. Your employee satisfaction might even be a bigger concern than TikTok potentially spying on you.

Who is Darrell Castle and

Who is The Constitutional Party?


It is the Fifth Largest National Political Party in America. And it certain fly under my radar since Trump began his campaigning in 2015..


Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party's presidential candidate, says alienated conservative voters are backing his campaign. - CASTLE 2016


During his 2016 Campaign, Castle said it would not matter “one iota” if his candidacy has a spoiler effect, as the Bible prohibits picking the lesser of two evils.


“People say, ‘Well I have to vote for the lesser of two evils because if I don’t Mrs. Clinton may get elected,'” he says. “But I speak to a lot of Christians, and I tell them as a Christian you cannot do that if you have some regard for scripture because Romans 3:8 says you’re prohibited from trying to achieve a good result by doing evil.”


Castle, whose party's reverence for the Constitution is rivaled by its ambition to shape public policy around conservative Christian principles, offers voters a unique set of policy positions.

The Tennessee lawyer strongly opposes abortion and says he doesn't believe there’s such a thing as a same-sex marriage. He freely makes head-turning statements questioning the sincerity of Trump’s religious beliefs. He has many libertarian positions, expressing appreciation for whistleblower Edward Snowden, opposition to arming Syrian rebels and support for decriminalizing marijuana.


Will This Man Run Again for 2024?

Mom Explains What It Took to Rescue Daughter From Transgenderism


Erin Friday’s daughter was introduced to gender identity ideology in a comprehensive sex-ed class in seventh grade. “The seed was planted after that class,” Friday says. “And in fact, all of her friends, there were five, sat in my front yard saying what their new labels were.”


Friday says she was “alarmed by the language that they were using,

including 'pansexual,' which is not a term that 11-year-olds should know.”


The mother began looking into what her daughter was learning in school and was struck by the fact that other adults were not also questioning the teaching of gender ideology to middle schoolers.When her daughter said she was "transgender," Friday began taking decisive steps to rescue her from transgenderism. She took her daughter's phone, put her in a new school, and tried her best to surround the preteen with the truth about who she was as a female.

It was not easy, but Friday says, as a parent, “you have to be strong enough, your love for your child has to be strong enough, to take their vitriol.” After about a year and a half, Friday’s daughter stopped claiming a transgender identity.


Today, through the work of the parental support group Our Duty, Friday is helping other families navigate through gender identity ideology. Friday joins the show today to share her story, and to explain how parents can protect their children from the harms of gender identity ideology.


What I've Learned Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy

Anime, social media, and an older teen girl all played a role in my once girly daughter's abrupt announcement that she was now transgender.

Stunning Short History - of Why the World has Gone Mad!


This one is a keeper. Not much more than half an hour and you will be more educated on crucial history than 99.99% of people - on WHY we are where we are in the world. Am I wrong on this?


-- A very informative video that gives you a look into the World Economic Forum WEF, And All the other Entities in CaHoots with them. --

Assisted-living homes are rejecting

Medicaid and evicting seniors


Shirley Holtz, 91, used a walker to get around. She had dementia and was enrolled in hospice care. Despite her age and infirmity, Holtz was evicted from the assisted-living facility she called home for four years because she relied on government health insurance for low-income seniors.


Holtz was one of 15 residents told to vacate Emerald Bay Retirement Community near Green Bay, Wis., after the facility stopped accepting payment from a state-sponsored Medicaid program. And Emerald Bay is not alone. A recent spate of evictions has ousted dozens of assisted-living residents in Wisconsin who depended on Medicaid to pay their bills — an increasingly common practice, according to industry representatives.


The evictions highlight the pitfalls of the U.S. long-term care system, which is showing fractures from the pandemic just as a wave of 73 million baby boomers is hitting an age where they are likely to need more day-to-day care. About 4.4 million Americans have some form of long-term care paid for by Medicaid, the state-federal health system for the poor, a patchy safety net that industry representatives say pays facilities too little.


Residents of assisted-living facilities — promoted as a homier, more appealing alternative to nursing homes — face an especially precarious situation. While federal law protects Medicaid beneficiaries in nursing homes from eviction, the law does not protect residents of assisted-living facilities, leaving them with few options when turned out. In Wisconsin, residents who entered facilities on Medicaid, as well as those who drained their private savings after moving in and subsequently enrolled in Medicaid, have been affected.


“It’s a good illustration of how Medicaid assisted-living public policy is still in its Wild West phase, with providers doing what they choose in many cases, even though it’s unfair to consumers,” said Eric Carlson, a lawyer and director of long-term services and support advocacy at the nonprofit group Justice in Aging. “You can’t just flip in and out of these relationships and treat the people as incidental damage.”

Senior care is crushingly expensive. Boomers aren’t ready.


The U.S. government does not monitor or regulate assisted-living facilities, and no federal data is available on the frequency of evictions. In Wisconsin, The Washington Post counted at least 50 since the fall based on statements by operators and nonprofit and government Medicaid agencies. But evictions have become so common that some states, including New Jersey, have enacted policies to curb them.


Emerald Bay did not explain why it stopped participating in Medicaid. But advocates, family members and the nonprofit that managed the facility’s Medicaid contract contend the motivation was financial: Medicaid reimbursement is lower than full private pay rates.


Family members said they were upset and angry. Holtz spent her entire savings paying out of pocket with the understanding that she would be permitted to stay once she qualified for low-income insurance, her relatives said. Ann Marra, Holtz’s daughter, said her mother — who worked much of her life as a professional secretary and raised her family in Algoma, a small town on Lake Michigan — deserved better treatment.


Marra feared the eviction would affect her mother’s mental health.  “It’s cruel, heartless and sad,” she said.


This is what we've been reduced to... Homelessness so HORRID,

a woman is forced to give birth on a sidewalk...

April 09, 2023

Chinese team behind extreme animal gene experiment says it may lead to super soldiers who survive nuclear fallout


  • Modified human embryonic stem cells showed supernatural resistance against radiation, according to paper by Academy of Military Sciences team in Beijing


  • Shanghai-based scientist says study may open a can of worms, particularly when funding is involved


A team of military medical scientists in China says it has inserted a gene from the microscopic water bear into human embryonic stem cells and significantly increased these cells’ resistance to radiation.  They said success in this unprecedented experiment could lead to super-tough soldiers who could survive nuclear fallout.  A team of military medical scientists in China says it has inserted a gene from the microscopic water bear into human embryonic stem cells and significantly increased these cells’ resistance to radiation.


They said success in this unprecedented experiment could lead to super-tough soldiers who could survive nuclear fallout.


From water bear to super soldier


The water bear, also known as tardigrade or moss piglet, is an eight-legged animal smaller than 1 millimeter long and the hardiest creature on Earth. Over years of scientific testing, it has survived -200 degrees Celsius, more than an hour in boiling water and after flying in space.  The water bear’s toughness comes in part from a gene that can generate shieldlike proteins to protect its cells against radiation and other environmental damage.

The Chinese team said it had found a way to introduce this gene into human DNA using CRISPR/Cas9, a gene-editing tool now available in most bio-labs.


In their laboratory experiment, nearly 90 per cent of the human embryonic cells carrying the water bear gene survived a lethal exposure to X-ray radiation, according to the team led by Professor Yue Wen with the radiation biotechnology laboratory at the Academy of Military Sciences, Beijing.


There has been a growing interest in the study since Yue and his colleagues published their findings in the Chinese-language journal Military Medical Sciences in October, according to a Beijing-based life scientist.

A Transgender God? - Putin is not buying it: "Millions of people in the

West realize that they are being led to a spiritual disaster"

Putin's Message: I want ordinary western people to hear me, too.

Spike Protein COMPLETELY ELIMINATING healthy GI bacteria from the gut


New alarming development: The Covid Vaccine’s spike protein is not just effecting, but COMPLETELY ELIMINATING important GI bacteria from the gut for months after vaccination.


Even babies breastfeeding from their vaccinated mothers are experiencing this. 9 months post-vaccination, the bacteria does not repair itself and come back.



Dr Arne Burkhardt Confirms Sperm Has Been Almost Entirely Replaced by

Spike Proteins


This is a Bloody Nightmare.

Trump Indictment Paving The Way For His Comeback To Oval Office, Predicts Gingrich


The charges against former President Donald Trump are giving a major boost to his bid to return to the White House, according to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.


“They’re forcing Republicans to choose between corruption and Trump,” he told The Epoch Times, noting that even Trump’s Republican critics, such as Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush haven’t been impressed with the case.

“Trump is stronger today than he was a month ago,” said Gingrich, a contributor to The Epoch Times.


Recent poll data and political analysis largely lean in favor of Gingrich’s prediction.


Trump has raised $8 million in the four days after a New York grand jury in a deep blue county indicted him on allegations relating to his alleged role in a hush money payment to adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels. A Yahoo! News-YouGov poll taken immediately after the indictment found 57 percent of respondents supporting Trump over his leading potential rival Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who had 31 percent of the hypothetical votes. In a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on April 3, 48 percent of Republican respondents backed Trump as their party’s presidential nominee, up from 44 percent in a March 14-20 poll.


The 34 counts of felony charges brought about by Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg made Trump the first former president to face criminal prosecution. Trump on April 4 pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The unprecedented indictment has united all major Republican 2024 hopefuls to rally behind Trump, and Gingrich—who says the case from Bragg is no more than a “publicity stunt”—said the prosecution has made it “very hard for anybody to attack him, because it sounds like you’re siding with the corrupt establishment.”  Trump, Gingrich said, will likely become the Republican nominee and “Biden’s policy failures are going to make it more likely that Trump will win the election.”


“He’ll be the first American President to lose an election and come back and win a second time after Grover Cleveland,” who won the presidency in 1884 and then again in 1892, Gingrich said.


Gingrich quoted from a speech from a Cleveland ally, Democrat Edward S. Bragg from Wisconsin, who said that people love and respect Cleveland “not only for himself, for his character, for his integrity and judgment and iron will, but they love him most of all for the enemies he has made.”

Over 100 More Classified Docs Appear Online: US Secrets 'From Ukraine To Middle East To China'


A more expanded document dump and leak of highly classified materials is being reported in the wake of the initial disclosure that memos related to US strategy in the Ukraine war appeared online, including material marked "Top Secret".


This time the leak appears more expansive: "A new batch of classified documents that appear to detail American national security secrets from Ukraine to the Middle East to China surfaced on social media sites on Friday, alarming the Pentagon and adding turmoil to a situation that seemed to have caught the Biden administration off guard," The New York Times reported Friday evening.


"The scale of the leak — analysts say more than 100 documents may have been obtained — along with the sensitivity of the documents themselves, could be hugely damaging, U.S. officials said," the report continues.


One senior intelligence official was quoted in the report as saying the leak is "a nightmare for the Five Eyes" - in reference to the intelligence-sharing nations of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Like the Ukraine war plans earlier reported on by the Times, some of these latest documents appeared on Twitter and other social media platforms, and they include reports labeled with one of the highest classification ratings of "Secret/NoForn" - which means they are sensitive enough to not be shared with even foreign allies.


Interestingly, the NY Times notes that one intelligence slide which is circulating features "an alarming assessment of Ukraine’s faltering air defense capabilities." But these leaks, some of which actually appeared on a Discord server devoted to discussing Minecraft and other unusual places, include more than the initial content on Ukraine war planning:


But the leaked documents appear to go well beyond highly classified material on Ukraine war plans. Security analysts who have reviewed the documents tumbling onto social media sites say the increasing trove also includes sensitive briefing slides on China, the Indo-Pacific military theater, the Middle East and terrorism.


The report quotes one analyst who warns this is likely "the tip of the iceberg" and that more major leaks are coming, or possibly have already happened, in something which could begin to rival the 'Pentagon Papers' of the Vietnam war era.


A former senior Pentagon official, Mick Mulroy, was also quoted as saying this could possibly hinder Ukrainian military planning given that "many of these were pictures of documents" and thus "it appears that it was a deliberate leak done by someone that wished to damage the Ukraine, U.S., and NATO efforts."


This assessment suggests a leak from inside allied forces, and not from a foreign adversary, even though US officials are accusing Russian-linked entities online of being the chief spreaders of the leaked documents.


US officials are also warning that some of the documents may have been digitally altered to fit a more pro-Kremlin narrative, as we detailed earlier. Twitter has acknowledged that US officials are requesting that it act to scrub classified materials from the platform.


There's growing concern that the leaks could be coming from within the Ukrainian military...

Pentagon and US intelligence officials are also scrambling to discover the source of the leak in an ongoing investigation. Likely this is to result in greater scrutiny on Kiev and how its chain-of-command handles sensitive data shared from the Pentagon.


Source ZeroHedge

Soros junior's White House access revealed – NYP - Alexander is regarded as his father’s ‘new ambassador,’ one critic claims


Alexander Soros, the son of billionaire and longtime Democratic Party donor George Soros, has made at least fourteen visits to the White House since Joe Biden took office, according to visitor logs seen by the New York Post.


The younger Soros, 37, a noted Democratic Party fundraiser, met with Biden administration officials a minimum of twelve times last year, according to recently updated logs. He also visited twice in 2021.  Alexander Soros is the chair of the liberal Open Society Foundations, whose remit, it says, is to provide grants to causes that promote “the growth of inclusive and vibrant democracies.”


His father George Soros set up the foundation, which has distributed more than $32 billion to various causes supporting liberal issues since 1998. He is a deeply controversial figure within some conservative sections in the US and abroad, who argue that his ‘philanthropy’ is merely political meddling.


“[He has done] tremendous damage to our country,” said Mike Howell of the Oversight Project at the Conservative Heritage Foundation told the New York Post on Saturday. “The Soros agenda is one of death and destruction in the name of open borders and ending Western civilization.”


The nature of Alexander Soros’ White House visits include a meeting last December 1 with Nina Srivastava, an assistant to former Biden chief of staff Ron Klain. Later that same evening, Soros was among 330 attendees at a state dinner to honor French president Emmanuel Macron, records show.

A day later Soros junior met with Mariana Adame, who advises the counselor to President Joe Biden, as well as Deputy National Security Advisor Johnathan Finer, according to the logs. The content of the meetings remains unclear, and the White House did not respond to inquiries made by the New York Post.


“All throughout the White House, there is a Soros hold somewhere,” a critic of George Soros, Matt Palumbo, also told the Post. “[Alexander] is his father’s new ambassador.”


The elder Soros has again recently come under fire from right-wing critics recently after it was revealed he donated $1 million to a political action committee that later backed Alvin Bragg – the Manhattan DA pursuing a criminal conviction of Donald Trump. Soros denies directly funding Bragg or even knowing who he was.

BREAKING: Travis County Jury Finds Texas Soldier Guilty of MURDER For Shooting Armed BLM-Antifa Protester

in Self Defense During 2020 Riots


Meanwhile in the Democrat hellhole of Travis County…


A Texas soldier was found guilty of murder on Friday after Soros-backed District Attorney Jose Garza sought murder charges for an act of self defense during the 2020 George Floyd riots.


Sgt. Daniel Perry, an army soldier who shot and killed an armed BLM-Antifa protester in Austin in July 2020 was indicted on a murder charge in 2021.


Perry’s lawyer, Clint Broden, argued his client, who was driving Uber when rioters mobbed his car, was acting in self-defense after the BLM activist, Garrett Foster pointed a gun at him.


“It is important to note that the standard of proof required for an indictment is significantly less than the standard of proof required for a conviction,” Perry’s lawyer said in statement said.  A Travis County jury found Daniel Perry guilty of murder. The jury found Perry not guilty of aggravated assault.


KVUE reported:

The nearly week-long trial for a U.S. Army sergeant accused of killing a demonstrator at a social justice protest in Downtown Austin nearly three years ago has come to an end.


After hearing testimony from dozens of witnesses, the Travis County jury heard closing statements from both the defense and prosecution on Thursday in the case of Daniel Perry, who shot and killed Garrett Foster in July 2020. Following 17 hours of deliberation, the jury found Perry guilty of murder in connection with Foster’s death.


The jury found Perry not guilty of aggravated assault, the other charge he faced.


On July 25, 2020, Perry was working as a rideshare driver when he took a turn onto a street where a group of people were protesting police brutality. That wrong turn led to a clash between Perry and Foster.  According to Perry’s lawyer, Perry dropped off a rideshare customer in Downtown Austin and was then surrounded by demonstrators. Some of them allegedly beat on Perry’s car – including Foster.


Foster and his fiancé had attended previous demonstrations. At the one on July 25, Foster was holding a rifle.  Perry claims Foster raised a weapon, prompting Perry to shoot him. Perry called 911, but Foster did not survive.  Perry said he acted in self-defense and turned himself into authorities after the shooting. Since then, he has been out on bond.


In the summer of 2020, Police confirmed that two people fired shots during an altercation in Austin between a motorist and a Black Lives Matter-Antifa protester, during which the protester was shot and killed.  Police say that the man who was killed, Garrett Foster, was armed and confronted the vehicle — but was not the other person who fired shots.


The Austin Police said during a late-night press conference in July 2020 that Foster was carrying a rifle and may have approached the vehicle prior to the shooting. Prior to being fatally shot, Garrett Foster said on camera that the “people who hate us” are “too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it” when asked why he was carrying a rifle.


A still frame from footage of the incident appears to show Foster in a posture that looks like he was pointing a weapon at the driver.  Side-by-side video with both angles, you can see Perry come to a complete stop before having to defend himself from the mob and Garrett Foster.

Poland is trying to HIDE the truth in Ukraine with

this move | Redacted

w Clayton Morris


Poland's government is targeting journalists for revealing the truth about the war?


Pablo Gonzales is a Spanish journalist who has been covering the Ukrainian refugees in Poland, and has been doing some excellent reporting. But telling the truth is a bridge too far and now he's in solitary confinement.

April 08, 2023

Toronto pushing to decriminalize all

drugs for any age, including fentanyl and crack


A new report from the City of Toronto in Canada claims that, because criminalization of unregulated drugs “does not effectively deter youth substance use,” all of them should be decriminalized for any age.


Should the “city-wide” exemption be granted, effectively decriminalizing all unregulated drugs in Toronto, it would not apply to child care facilities, airports, or schools.


“The exclusion of child care facilities and schools is intended to maintain alignment with provincial legislation intended to prevent alcohol, cannabis, and unregulated drug use in these settings,” city officials said.


“Airports are excluded because they fall under federal laws.”


Trafficking, exporting, and manufacturing unregulated drugs would still be criminalized under Toronto proposal

As of January 31, it is no longer a crime anywhere in the entire province of British Columbia to be caught with illegal drugs, just so long as the amounts are 2.5 grams or less, which is considered to be for personal use.


BC’s decriminalization plan does not apply to children, though. What Toronto is asking for constitutes an even more lenient decriminalization framework in that it also applies to children.

Another thing worth noting is that neither of these decriminalization plans applies to the trafficking, exportation, or production of illicit substances. Those caught with unregulated drugs for any other reason than personal use will still be prosecuted.

“Drugs in possession for personal use can vary considerably depending on the type of drugs being used, or an individual’s tolerance to a substance,” Toronto city officials said.


“For the anticipated benefits of decriminalization to be available to all Torontonians, the model should apply to all drugs in possession if they are for personal use.”


“However, individuals will still be investigated for and charged with trafficking and / or possession for the purpose of trafficking, exporting, or producing a controlled substance where there are reasonable grounds for any such charge.”


Toronto is also proposing the introduction of a pilot program to allow drinking alcohol in public parks.


Parents sew recording device in toddler’s jacket, capture audio of day care workers


Two employees of a San Antonio Day care directed profane language toward young children, with one of the women even threatening to harm kids in her care, according to audio recordings obtained by KSAT Investigates.

“His Kind” Is YOU!


Now it’s Glen Youngkin. Virginia Governor Youngkin said in a release on Tuesday that he will lead a Virginia delegation to Taipei City, Taiwan, Tokyo, and Seoul, South Korea, from April 24-29.  Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, John Bolton, Asa Hutchinson, Glen Youngkin… The Republican wing of the UniParty is throwing everything possible and pulling every level within their control, including last night’s outcome in Wisconsin, in order to retain the illusion of political parties as the source/solution within a nation collapsing.


None of what DC Democrats, Republicans, the RNC or DNC presents is true or real within the landscape of the conflict tearing our nation apart. This is where the battle between pretending and reality is taking shape. I am not sure how we get this message communicated when the communication networks are purchased as part of the fraud.


On the positive side, every day more people are becoming aware of their false assumptions. Every day the social compact between citizens and elected officials is being scrutinized. Every day more people are starting to realize everything they thought about the construct of government in the United States is something entirely different.


We send politicians to stop the madness of government, but nothing changes. Why?

Washington DC is a Potemkin village.


We focus on the visible, but the constructs that impact us do not originate from the false facade. There’s something behind that facade, and what we see is…. entirely… a facade. That’s why sending the politicians doesn’t change the outcome. To get to the core of the issue, we must first stop looking at the Potemkin village, and instead look behind it.


Legislation, rules, regulations and laws are not written by congress. The paperwork comes from the assembly of legal and lobbyist foot soldiers on K-Street. That’s where the ink is put to the paper, and the legislative outcomes first originate. K-Street is where the corporations, multinationals and financial organizations control the process.


If the corporations behind the DC facade want to shift the money, they proactively write the rules, regulations and laws that steer the actual policy outcomes to their financial target or destination. Their wealth expands, and they reward the participants, the politicians.


Most of the entry level politicians are oblivious to where the corporations have proactively moved; however, a few of the politicians -the leadership groups- know exactly where the destination of the legislative intent is going. The latter are tenured in the power structure behind the facade.


Two private domestic corporations, completely unaffiliated with the constructs of constitutional government, known as the RNC and DNC, require membership in order to participate in the pretense of American democracy. The same financial entities that fund the K-Street operation, fund the private political clubs.


We The People, voters, are engaging in their construct to send ‘representatives’ into a political construct that is a facade. The financial entities on K-Street, those who position wealth and generate the rules to maintain it, are the same financial entities that fund the mechanisms of the two private corporations (RNC/DNC).


The United States system of government is now operating to maintain this construct of common benefit.


The institutions within our government are now operating with the primary purpose of maintaining this system. Maintaining the Potemkin village is their first line of defense, to stop any larger awakening from recognizing the futility of sending ‘representatives‘ into the woodchipper.


All of the institutions we discuss are mission-focused on preserving the system as described. The intelligence community, the federal police, the federal courts and every institution and subsidiary agency within this construct now operate to preserve the DC system. A system where the core of the originating activity does not take place in the Potemkin village of our focus.


The two political parties, two private corporations, funded by the multinationals and financial interests, are intended to keep us focused on the village. As long as we focus on the false front, the system can operate as designed. The financial institutions behind the village retain and hold the power; the politicians -many unwittingly- fulfill their role, and the bread and circuses are maintained. This is the baseline for what comes next.


In 2016 we disrupted the system. We threw an anvil into the woodchipper when we nominated then elected, Donald J. Trump.

“His kind” is you!

Trump didn’t come with the private club approvals. The private RNC corporation, meaning the people within it who control the operations of it, was not okay with the non-approved member getting the 2016 nomination. The multinationals and financial donor institutions who control the RNC corporation were furious.


The DC corporations who are at the epicenter of the power structure in Washington DC, did not and do not approve.  The woodchipper could not handle the anvil we threw in it.  Immediately, all of the mechanisms of the system, a system entirely designed to defend and protect itself, were laser focused on removing that anvil. This battle is not an issue about political parties. The same interests that are funding Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley or even Glen Younkin are not focused on political parties.


The multinationals, billionaire donors, corporate constructs and Wall Street financiers are not concerned about political parties. Their issue of priority is self-preservation of a system, this system – built and exploited upon the backs of American workers, created to keep We the People within controllable boundaries, while preserving their status.


This fight, within the American system of government, is not an issue of political parties. The same people funding Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley or Glen Youngkin will just as quickly support California Governor Gavin Newsom or Former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice in the general election of 2024.


Their unified opposition, the only person they cannot permit to succeed, is the one person who threatens the system they seek to preserve. That person is Donald John Trump. Removing Donald Trump from the equation is not about political battles between parties. Removing Donald Trump from the equation is mitigating the existential threat he represents because his specific policies and outlooks are focused on America First.


President Trump represents the interests of the American people; that makes him dangerous to Big Club’s life of affluence, influence and control. Republicans and Democrats cannot permit Trump to succeed, but the powers these interests use to achieve their goals are derived from We the People.


We can change the dynamic. They can be defeated if we withdraw our consent.


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Source The Last Refuge

Central Bank Digital Currency Is The Endgame, Part 2


In Part 1 we noted that “money” is no more than a medium of exchange. If we cooperate in sufficient numbers, we could create an economy based upon an entirely voluntary monetary system.  We don’t need banks to control our exchange transactions and modern Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has made voluntary exchange on a global scale entirely feasible.


We contrasted the true nature of “money” with the proposed Central Bank Digital Currencies. CBDC is being rolled out across the world by a global public-private partnership.  What we call money is actually fiat currency conjured out of thin air by central and commercial banks. Even so, CBDC is nothing like “money” as we currently understand it.


Prior to the pseudo pandemic, fiat currency circulated in a split-monetary circuit. Only commercial banks could access a type of money called “central bank reserves” or “base money.”


Since 1971, when central banks finally abandoned any semblance of gold standard, many have lamented the supposed loss of fiat currency’s “intrinsic value.” The possibility of adding “intrinsic value” to CBDC through smart contracts is apparently enticing some to now welcome CBDC and, thereby, their own enslavement.


The Russian and Iranian governments have already proposed a possible gold backed CBDC “stablecoin” for interoperable cross border payments. “Interoperability” suggests it could be “backed” by Sberbank’s tokenized gold DFA.  If this sounds suspiciously like a shell game that’s because it is. Nonetheless, some are convinced and have extolled the alleged virtues of this “gold backed” CBDC.  It makes no difference if CBDC is backed by gold, oil, nuclear weapons or unicorn horns. All claims of its advantages are nothing but CBDC flimflam.


No matter how it is spun, the brutal fact is that CBDC affords an unimaginable degree of social control to those who program it. From our perspective, unless we have completely taken leave of our senses, nothing warrants taking that risk.


It is all so shiny and marvelous, isn’t it?



The BoE is among the central banks to reassure the public that it won’t “implement central bank-initiated programmable functions.” Elsewhere, it also claims that is a public institution, which isn’t true. So, we have little reason to believe anything the BoE says.  Not that it matters much, because the BoE assurances given in its CBDC technical specification don’t provide reason for optimism:


Central bank-initiated programmable use cases are not currently relevant to the Bank and HM Treasury’s policy objectives for CBDC.


Perhaps “not currently” but enforcing programmable CBDC may well become “relevant,” don’t you think? Especially given that the BoE adds:

The design of a UK CBDC must deliver the Government and Bank’s [the BoE] policy objectives. [. . .] Over the longer term, innovation and evolving user needs may mean a broader range of CBDC payment types could be offered. For example, offline and cross-border payments could support public policy objectives.


As if this mealymouthed squeamishness wasn’t bad enough, the BoE then goes on to suggest we should welcome their dream of a stakeholder-capitalism CBDC Wild West:

[T]he Bank [BoE] would aim to support programmable functionality[.] [. . .] These functionalities would be implemented by PIPs [Payment Interface Providers] and ESIPs [External Service Interface Providers], and would require user consent. PIPs could implement some of these features, such as automated payments and programmable wallets, by hosting the programmable logic [. . .]. But other features [. . .] might require additional design considerations. [. . .] [T]he Bank would only provide the necessary infrastructure to support PIPs and ESIPs to provide these functionalities. [. . .] An automated payment could be particularly useful in IoT [Internet of Things] use cases. [. . .] PIPs could host their own logic that triggers a payment.


If the BoE don’t “currently” feel the need to program your “money,” how about handing program control over to HSBC, Barclays, Mastercard or PayPal? They will program your CBDC to “deliver the Government and Bank’s [the BoE] policy objectives.”  Undoubtedly adding some lucrative “contract logic” of their own along the way. What could possibly go wrong?


Let’s say EDF Energy is your energy provider. You could let BlackRock, working in partnership with the manufacturers it invests in, exploit the IoT to program your washing machine to automatically pay for your energy use by deducting your “money” from your CBDC “wallet”, subject to whatever “contract logic” BlackRock has agreed with EDF Energy.


If you run a small UK business, you could let your bank automatically deduct income tax from your earnings and pay it directly to the Treasury. No need for the inconvenience of self-assessment. CBDC will be so much more “convenient.”  Of course, this will be entirely “optional,” although it may be a condition of opening a business account with your bank. In which case your CBDC “option” will be to work in a central bank managed CBDC run business or don’t engage in any business at all.


How does that all sound to you? Because that is exactly the “model” of retail CBDC that the BoE are proposing. So are nearly all other central banks because CBDC is being rolled out, for all intents and purposes, simultaneously on a global scale.


Putin critic faces maximum prison sentence for charges


Writer Vladimir Kara-Murza, a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, faces 25 years in prison after speaking out against Russia's invasion of Ukraine. CNN's Bianna Golodryga speaks with his wife, Evgenia Kara-Murza.

Rand Paul Calls For Arrest of Manhattan DA After

Evidence Surfaces in Trump Case


Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul took Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to task after former President Donald Trump was indicted, saying Bragg could be forced out of office and into court himself.


“Wonder if DA Bragg remembers Durham DA Mike Nifong who withheld exculpatory DNA tests on the Duke lacrosse players. He was subsequently forced out of office, disbarred, and convicted of contempt of court,” Paul said, referring to Nifong, the district attorney in the 2006 case accusing Duke University lacrosse players of rape. The three players were exonerated and Nifong even spent one day in jail.


“A Trump indictment would be a disgusting abuse of power. The DA should be put in jail,” Paul said in a separate statement just before news late last week about the indictment.


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared that Congress will take action after former President Donald Trump appeared in Manhattan on Tuesday for his arraignment in the case brought against him by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.


Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 charges regarding allegations that he falsified business records related to adult film star Stormy Daniels’ hush-money case. Trump was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury in a case involving his purported role in hush money payments to Daniels ahead of the 2016 election, allegedly to keep Daniels quiet about an affair the two of them had in 2006.


“Alvin Bragg is attempting to interfere in our democratic process by invoking federal law to bring politicized charges against President Trump, admittedly using federal funds, while at the same time arguing that the peoples’ representatives in Congress lack jurisdiction to investigate this farce. Not so. Bragg’s weaponization of the federal justice process will be held accountable by Congress,” McCarthy tweeted.


In late March, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene indicated in a tweet that was “exculpatory evidence,” which proves that Bragg has no case. She also said he should now be indicted for improperly pursuing an investigation.


“Now it’s time to arrest Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for prosecutorial misconduct after hiding hundreds of pages of exculpatory evidence!” she wrote. “Bragg is on the verge of indicting an innocent former President and top Presidential candidate against the opposing ruling party. Bragg is breaking the law and trying to incite civil unrest with his Soros-funded political war. Hold him accountable!”




"Built Directly into Our Bodies” 6G by 2030 - CEO Of Nokia


Watch to the end. You will see the big surprise.

April 07, 2023

Fed-up Trump calls on Congress to

defund weaponized FBI, Justice Dept.


Donald Trump has been targeted by our corrupt FBI and ‘Justice’ Department since the moment he came down the escalator in 2015 at Trump Tower in New York City to announce his run for the GOP presidential nomination, and he’s finally had enough.


The former president called on Republicans in Congress to temporarily defund the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Wednesday morning, a day after his arraignment in New York City, according to Breitbart News.


REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS SHOULD DEFUND THE DOJ AND FBI UNTIL THEY COME TO THEIR SENSES,” Trump noted in an all-caps post on his Truth Social platform, going on to note, correctly, that the Democrat-aligned deep state has hopelessly weaponized law enforcement and is now attempting to interfere in the 2024 election.




Trump made the statement on the morning after he spoke to a crowd at his Mar-a-Lago residence following his arraignment, which took place earlier that day. The courthouse saw a chaotic scene as anti-Trump protesters clashed with Trump supporters prior to the event, Breitbart News noted.


An agreement appears to exist among Republicans that federal agencies are being utilized as a weapon against conservatives. According to a recent Insider Advantage survey, 79% of Republicans believe that the government has been weaponized against Republicans and conservatives, said the outlet, citing the survey results.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is among Republicans who have said Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whose campaign was financed, in part, by leftist billionaire George Soros, has “weaponized our sacred justice system” against the 45th president.


“Alvin Bragg has irreparably damaged our country in an attempt to interfere in our Presidential election. As he routinely frees violent criminals to terrorize the public, he weaponized our sacred system of justice against President Donald Trump. The American people will not tolerate this injustice, and the House of Representatives will hold Alvin Bragg and his unprecedented abuse of power to account,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted in recent days.


Hang on! Ukraine did WHAT to a Spanish journalist?


| Redacted with Clayton Morris


Is Zelensky's government in Ukraine targeting journalists in Spain for revealing the truth about the war?


Ruben Gisbert is a Spanish journalist who has been covering the Donbas and has been doing some excellent reporting. But telling the truth is a bridge too far and now he's under investigation by the attorney general of Spain after a phone call from the Ukrainian government.

We Need to Pay Attention to all of THIS...


April 7, 2023 - Nothing Like This Has Ever Happened Before. (We won't survive this)

2023 message world news current events full video new video today this week this month this year collapse.. There are no laws requiring informed consent for food.

“The prisoners are running the asylum

at SFSU,” she wrote.


“This is proof that women need sex-protected spaces. Still only further assures me I’m doing something right. When they want you silent, speak louder,” she said.


Her husband, Louis Barker, also told Fox News Digital that the young swimmer reported being “hit multiple times.”


“I was shaking. It made me that mad. It makes me sick to feel so helpless about it,” the hubby said. “She was under police protection and was still hit by a man wearing a dress.”


The activists — “organized by SFSU’s Queer and Trans Resource Center” — waited outside and then “rushed in when the event was over,” according to a spokesperson for the university’s branch of the conservative group Turning Point USA, which hosted the event.


Bremer, Gaines’ agent, told Fox that Gaines wanted to “share her personal story of competing against a biological male athlete, Lia Thomas, at the Women’s NCAA Swimming Championships last year.”


“Instead of a thoughtful discussion tonight at SFSU, Riley was violently accosted, shouted at, physically assaulted, and barricaded in a room by protestors,” he said.

“It is stunning that in America in 2023, it is acceptable for biological male students to violently assault a woman for standing up for women’s rights.


“This will not stop Riley from boldly educating people of the dangers of biological males in women’s sports.


“She will continue to speak the truth against the radical left that no longer understands the difference between men and women.”

San Francisco Has Fallen - What happened to San Francisco?


Comments -


-I remember visiting San Francisco a few decades ago. When I checked into a hotel, the manager asked If I'd been to San Francisco before. When I said no, he pulled out a map and circled a few areas, saying, "Don't go here, don't go there, enjoy your stay." Now I guess he'd draw a circle and say, "Leave town while you still can."


-I'm surprised the first woman was able to get him out of the car without giving him a 90 days eviction notice

-I live in Portland and I can sympathize completely with San Francisco. The northwest used to be an incredibly beautiful place to live and as someone who was born and raised in Portland I’ve watched it die from the inside out. Never let ultra liberalism rear its ugly head in your city or it’s only a matter of time before it’s gone.

New Biden Education Rules Prohibit

Blanket Bans on Males in Girls Sports


The Biden administration proposed new regulations on Thursday that would prohibit schools enforcing blanket bans on trans-identifying males in girls' sports.


In Connecticut, several high school girls filed Title IX claims in a federal lawsuit in 2020, arguing that competing against trans-identifying males made them miss their chances at championship titles, state records, and scholarship opportunities.


Parental rights advocates slammed the proposed regulations as too vague, saying the rules will scare off schools from trying to enforce any limits on males in girls' sports.


“The Biden Administration is trying to have their cake and eat it too: inject gender identity into athletics while placing the onus upon school districts to determine whether doing so would be problematic or not,” said Nicole Neily, president and founder of Parents Defending Education.


Leonardo Dicaprio Testifies Against Obama Money Laundering Scheme Tied to CCP


Just when you thought Hollywood couldn't get any sketchier, news breaks that mega-star Leonardo DiCaprio and the founder of The Fugees were caught up in an illegal money-funneling scheme to support former President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

The Truth About Tulsi and The WEF


Tulsi Gabbard (2020 Presidential candidate and former Congresswoman) is a target of conspiracy theories after her photo appeared as a "Young Global Leader" on the World Economic Forum website – but the real story goes much deeper. Tulsi reveals the truth.


Shocking reports linked 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard to the WEF – a globalist organization founded by Klaus Schwab – and painted her as a “controlled opposition agent” in service to the New World Order. Despite publicly leaving the Democratic party in 2022, Tulsi is subjected to constant attacks after her name and photo appeared as a “Young Global Leader” on the World Economic Forum’s website. What’s the truth?


“I’ve never gone to any of their events,” says Tulsi Gabbard, on the November 25 episode of Ask Dr. Drew. “I’ve literally not had anything to do with the World Economic Forum.”


She’s never been invited to Davos, but if she ever was, Tulsi says she’d go and “speak the same kind of truth to them as I speak to anyone else… because I think it’s important that we not just live within our own echo chambers, but we actually go out and vigorously engage in this marketplace of ideas.”

“Look at my record,” she says. “I have been talking about and warning against the very things that these people are pushing.


So how did the WEF get permission to use Tulsi Gabbard’s name and photo on their website?


They didn’t.


“I was never asked to join,” explains Tulsi. “I was never informed by them that they had put my name or picture on their website.”


“The reason why people are concerned about this is actually very important,” she continues. “I’m glad to just make clear that there is no connection between me and the World Economic Forum.

Frace's anti-MACRON protests are escalating as demonstrators storm the Paris headquarters of BlackRock, the world's largest asset management firm.


As we enter the 11th week of protests, citizens remain opposed to President Emmanuel Macron's executive order, which raises the retirement age from 62 to 64.


BlackRock, with over $9 trillion in assets, has become a symbol of global financial power. Although not directly involved in Macron's pension reform, its influence on financial policy and aggressive investments in residential housing worldwide have made it a target for demonstrators.


BlackRock has been buying up significant amounts of residential real estate worldwide, including Canada, with critics arguing that this trend contributes to inflated housing prices and affects the average individual’s ability to purchase a home.


The Parisian protesters, equipped with flares and flags, have set furniture ablaze on highways to obstruct traffic. As the Blackrock HQ building was enveloped in smoke, the demonstrators chanted anti-Macron songs.


Read The Full Story
Keep fighting for what is right.


Mike Campbell


P.S. Stay up-to-date on this evolving story and BlackRock's impact on the global housing market by following our coverage on SignalFromParis.com. Consider joining our mission of true and free journalism by becoming a Newsroom Insider.

April 06, 2023

FEC: Trump-Stormy case not

a campaign finance violation


A key member of the Federal Election Commission today rejected the Manhattan district attorney’s indictment of former President Donald Trump as a violation of federal election laws.


“It's not a campaign finance violation. It's not a reporting violation of any kind,” said FEC Commissioner James E. “Trey” Trainor.


“I don't know how you get around the evidence that both the Department of Justice in their investigation of the federal campaign finance issues and the Federal Election Commission in their ultimate jurisdiction over campaign finance issues, neither of them found there to be any violations whatsoever, and I think the jury is going to see that and they're going to have to rely upon the fact that both the law enforcement experts and the civil enforcement experts, as far as campaign finance are concerned, didn't find any violation of the law here,” said Trainor.


Trainor, a Texas-based election lawyer appointed by Trump, listed several reasons why the FEC decided not to take up the payment to Daniels in 2018. He also released a statement, shown below, that he and Commissioner Sean Cooksey wrote in April 2021 explaining why the FEC voted to dismiss the case.

First, he said, Cohen took the blame in his plea deal. “At the end of the day, there's the person who committed the crime, and there's the person who is behind bars because of it,” Trainor said of Cohen.

Second, the paperwork violation in question came well after Trump’s 2016 election, so it couldn’t have been done to help his election.


Third, it is not obvious that the reason for the payment and the reimbursement to Cohen was to influence the election, thus failing the “objective standard” of law. “It has to be something that anybody on the street can look at and say the only reason you did that was to influence the campaign,” said Trainor. “There's a lot of reasons that he could have done it that aren't related to him being a candidate for president, and so therefore, it wouldn't have met the standard as campaign expenditure under federal law,” he added.


Also, the statute of limitations on the case was running out, and it wasn’t worth the time and expense to prosecute, he said.

It's Not for Us to Decide If a Transgender Terrorist Murdering Christians Should Be Classified a Hate Crime










Last week Karine Jean-Pierre said the trans community is under attack after a transgender terrorist killed 6 Christians.








Joe Biden cracked a lame joke and laughed when he was asked if he

believes the Nashville victims were targeted because they were Christians.

Get Woke, Go Broke: Marketing Experts Reveal Bud Light

Is Losing Customers After Partnering with Transgender

Dylan Mulvaney Say Kid Rock Represented Customer Fury

By Shooting Bud Light Cans (VIDEO)


This isn’t a parody. Dylan Mulvaney is now the face of Bud Light.


-- First, I want to say that I never liked any of the Budweiser beers. I've tried them and they all suck equally. Second, and this is very important, nothing shows more idiocy than wasting money on a product to shoot at it, or pour it down the drain, etc. But this is a free country. I would just personally not buy that product if I wanted to Boycott. Ed. TBT--


Bud Light partnered with Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male pretending to be a female, to celebrate “365 days of girlhood.”


People pouring beer down their sink, it says quite a bit about how out of touch they have been with this campaign.


Cutting your core audience in the hope you can draw a completely new audience in, who haven’t been exposed before, doesn’t make sense.  Most US families are exposed to their father drinking the beer, or other family members, but it has never been seen as the cool beer.


Kid Rock is the poster boy for Bud Light, and for someone like him to come out and shoot cans it tells you a lot about the reaction from their core base customers.


Bud Light hits back as transphobes lose their minds over Dylan Mulvaney partnership.


Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Bud Light, defended its partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney as conservatives and anti-trans trolls called for a boycott of the company on social media.

This isn’t a parody. Dylan Mulvaney

is now the face of Bud Light.

Read the indictment against Donald Trump


The 16-page indictment against Trump was unsealed Tuesday as he became the first former U.S. president ever to be arraigned on criminal charges.


“Not guilty,” Trump said from his seat to Judge Juan Merchan during the hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court.


The indictment says those payments were part of a broader scheme to suppress claims by the women, porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal, that they had sex with Trump, in a bid to keep their stories from affecting Trump’s chances against Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.


636099657 Donald J Trump Indictment
PDF – 120.9 KB 73 downloads

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his intention to run for President of the United States in 2024.


Robert will take on octogenarian and failed president Joe Biden in the Democrat Party Primary.


Robert distinguishes himself from many modern Democrats in that he still believes in free speech, the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and standing up against government corruption.


Check out this tweet today from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. also has a massive following in the populist movement for his courage in taking on Tony Fauci and the tyrants in the American medical community whose policies killed hundreds of thousands of Americans during the COVID pandemic. Kennedy continues to speak out on the dangerous mRNA COVID vaccines.


The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Robert Kennedy Jr. back in August 2022.


Robert Kennedy Jr. discussed his book “A Letter to Liberals”. The book challenges the “lockdown liberalism’s” embrace of tyrannical policies that were at one time an affront of their cherished precepts.

The book is available on the Children’s Health Defense website.


Robert Kennedy, Jr published “The Real Anthony Fauci,” a number one best seller on Amazon and The New York Times in 2021. Over 1,000,000 million copies were sold despite the mainstream media and big tech attacks on the book and its author.


It will be interesting to see how many Democrats stand with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as he defends the principles that made America great.

April 04, 2023

Trump Charges Tally Up To 136 Years In Prison!


No, you didn’t read that headline wrong—this isn’t a Venezuelan news site—this is a completely factual, non-sensationalized headline. …


President Trump is reportedly facing up to 136 years in prison for the sham 34 felony counts against him.


I can’t stress this enough: this is what they do in communist countries—endless counts of essentially the same charge and ample jail time, well beyond the acceptable norm. …

This is how they punish political dissent and political opponents and the United States just took its shameful place in joining those banana republics.


- And I am being told by MY sources that this is 34 pink monkeys which are probably a lot of monkeys being pulled out of their a$$s.--

That sounds pretty “end of the world-ish”. I’ve never heard any audio like that before.

Terrifying stuff.


Sounded like an amplified special effect from the opening of an old movie called Forbidden Planet. Starring Leslie Nielsen, and Ann Frances😊


That sound from the sky is mind-blowing I've heard a lot of sounds from the sky in the past on different videos this is the best I ever heard thank you Mr. M God Bless


Australian Aboriginal Tribes are very obsessed with "sky" phenomenon. 


It would be interesting to ask them what they think those "sounds" are all about? (Near Sydney Australia)

District Judge Thomas Parker issued a temporary injunction,

hours before the law was due to come into effect.


A federal judge in Tennessee has issued a temporary injunction delaying legislation due to come into effect on Saturday, which would prevent drag shows from taking place in public or where children might be present. In his decision on Friday, Judge Thomas Parker said the law was a violation of free speech.


“At this point, the court finds that the statute is likely both vague and overly broad,” said Parker, an appointee of former US President Donald Trump. He added that the state had so far failed to posit a valid reason why the law should be introduced.  “Ultimately, the statute’s broad language clashes with the First Amendment’s tight constraints,” Parker said.


The bill, which was passed by the state legislature earlier this year, states that “adult-oriented” drag shows are “harmful to minors.” It placed strict restrictions on where these types of performances can take place, precluding anywhere that a child could be present.


The proposal of the law – which makes no mention of the word ‘drag’ – comes amid efforts by Republican lawmakers in at least 15 states to impose restrictions on theatrical performances by “male or female impersonators.” The legislation had also classified drag performers as adult entertainers, similar to strippers or exotic dancers.


Tennessee’s Republican Governor Bill Lee had argued that the law would protect children from being “potentially exposed to sexualized entertainment, to obscenity.” 

Instead, Parker sided with Friends of George’s, a Memphis LGBTQ theater company that filed a lawsuit against the state.


Other critics of the legislation have also said it was unconstitutional and that the concerns of the state were already addressed in pre-existing obscenity laws. It was also argued that the law had unfairly targeted the state’s LGBTQ community.


Lee had also come under fire earlier this year after he signed into law legislation which banned gender-affirming care in the state. He has faced criticism for perceived anti-LGBTQ stances, particularly after a photograph emerged of him dressed in women’s clothing in 1977. He called the comparison of the photograph and current drag show legislation proposals “ridiculous.”

Drunk drivers are getting a free ride in New York City.


Nearly half of all drinking-and-driving offenses in Manhattan were tossed out of court last year – as dismissal rates soared over five times higher than they were before state lawmakers enacted a controversial evidence reform law in 2020, records show.


Of the 262 drunk-driving cases handled by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office in 2022, 128 – or 49%—were dismissed on technicalities or for other reasons.


In 2019, the office, then led by Cy Vance, handled more than double the amount of DWI and other drunk-driving cases, yet only 55 — or 9% — of the 589 were tossed.


Critics blamed the startling statistics on the new “discovery” law overwhelming New York’s criminal justice system – which even the soft-on-crime Bragg concedes is a huge problem for prosecuting traffic offenses.



Old News Made New News with Proof..


"A new report shows that the U.S. was hiring Covid-19 researchers three months before the pandemic began. And where were they hiring for these positions. Ukraine. Of course.



Since When does

a Company have Constitutional Rights?


Disney CEO responds after DeSantis orders investigation into Reedy Creek Improvement District agreement.

April 03, 2023



Comments -

-God's judgment will fall on the wicked and evil ones.

-His lawyer said their won't be a mugshot.

-TRUMP should license that MUGSHOT as an NFT and make MILLIONS...








If they all hate him, we should all support him.

Banana Republic: Bidens America just Joined Seven Other Sh*thole Nations by Arresting an Opposition Leader


With the indictment and impending arrest of President Donald Trump on flimsy charges in the state of New York, lots of people have pointed out that America looks like a banana republic.


Why do people make the “banana republic” comparison? Because historically in the U.S., presidents and party leaders don’t get arrested. By contrast, the use of a “novel legal theory” to arrest a declared presidential candidate is substantially more routine in the more, er, “flawed” democracies of the Global South. It’s the sort of behavior that the U.S. has a long history of lecturing other countries about — and don’t worry, they’re definitely happy to remind us of that.

But as America has invited the rest of the world inside its borders, it has also become like the rest of the world. Here are seven other countries that share America’s newfound love of incarcerating opposition political leaders.

Judge Sends Dominions $1.6 billion Garbage Lawsuit Against Fox News to Trial Disgruntled

Former Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson Booking Producer May Serve as Star Witness


A Delaware judge ordered a jury trial in Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News.


The case will now go to trial in mid-April. The ruling is a loss for Fox News because there were seeking to have the case tossed.


Furthermore, the “judge” claimed in the ruling the network’s statements about Dominion and the 2020 election were false. Now a jury will determine whether FOX News acted with actual malice.


The evidence developed in this civil proceeding demonstrates that it is CRYSTAL clear than none of the Statements relating to Dominion about the 2020 election are true. Therefore, the Court will grant summary judgment in favor of Dominion on the element of falsity.


The entire lawsuit is total garbage. Recall The Gateway Pundit previously reported that FOX News found in discovery that even Dominion’s top executives, including former executive Eric Coomer, expressed serious concerns about the security of its machines.


The Associated Press reported:


A voting machine company’s defamation case against Fox News over its airing of false allegations about the 2020 presidential election will go to trial after a Delaware judge on Friday allowed a jury to decide whether the conservative network aired the claims with actual malice, the standard for proving libel.


Superior Court Judge Eric Davis ruled that neither Fox nor Dominion Voting Systems had presented a convincing argument to prevail on whether Fox acted with malice without the case going to a jury. But he also ruled that the statements Dominion had challenged constitute defamation “per se” under New York law. That means Dominion did not have to prove damages to establish liability by Fox.


“The evidence developed in this civil proceeding demonstrates that (it) is CRYSTAL clear that none of the statements relating to Dominion about the 2020 election are true,” Davis wrote in his summary judgment ruling.

The decision paves the way for a trial start in mid-April.


Dominion is suing the network for $1.6 billion, claiming Fox defamed it by repeatedly airing allegations by then-President Donald Trump and his allies in the weeks after the 2020 election claiming the company’s machines and its accompanying software had switched votes to Democrat Joe Biden.


Fox has said it was simply covering newsworthy allegations made by a sitting president claiming his reelection had been stolen from him. In his ruling, Davis said Fox could not escape potential liability by claiming privileges for neutral reporting or opinion.


“FNN’s failure to reveal extensive contradicting evidence from the public sphere and Dominion itself indicates that its reporting was not disinterested.” the judge wrote.


Meanwhile, The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week that disgraced former Tucker Carlson and Maria Bartiromo producer Abby Grossberg is offering herself up as a star witness.


Former FOX News booking producer filed lawsuits against the channel on Monday after the left the company. Abby Grossberg was a booking producer at the channel for Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson.


On Monday Grossberg filed a lawsuit alleging the company’s legal team urged her to answer “I don’t know” to questions in the company’s lawsuit with Dominion voting machines.


Grossberg started with the company in 2019 – not that long ago.  Abby Grossberg deleted her Muck Rack account.  Sounds like another BS lawsuit.


Again, what the fake news media is not telling you: FOX News found in discovery that even Dominion’s top executives, including Eric Coomer, expressed serious concerns about the security of its machines.


Last Monday, Grossberg filed a frivolous lawsuit against Fox News’s legal team alleging the company’s legal team urged her to answer “I don’t know” to questions in the company’s lawsuit with Dominion voting machines.

April 02, 2023

Omicron supremacy


My instincts 2 years ago were not to go anywhere near the vaccine. Something that would normally take years to develop being suddenly authorized for use and tests not properly carried out raised red flags straight away for me. I was already aware of Pfizer's history in Nigeria before the pandemic as well, so my mind was well made up early on. Thank you, Dr John, for helping to shine on the disgraceful behavior of world governments and the elites in science, tech, pharma and media.






Finally... Someone steps forward and tells the Truth!

SHOOTING ITSELF IN THE FOOT: Florida's Misguided Attack on Free Speech Is Horrible News for Conservative Publishers


Since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has held office in the Sunshine State, it has seemed that the state has taken a refreshing step towards ending censorship and promoting free speech, with the passage of laws protecting academic freedom and preventing Big Tech to censor conservative speech online.


HB991, officially titled, “Defamation, False Light, and Unauthorized Publication of Name or Likenesses,” was introduced as a way to open access to the courts for defamation claimants who might not otherwise be able to afford to hire lawyers to defend their reputation. While this is a great goal, the proposed law decisively misses the mark.


Florida originally enacted its anti-SLAPP statute in 2000 and later expanded it in 2015. “SLAPP” is an acronym meaning Strategic Lawsuit Against Public. These sorts of lawsuits are usually filed by a well-heeled plaintiff against a defendant with the goal of using the cost of hiring an attorney and litigating the case to intimidating a defendant. Often, those plaintiffs are Hollywood celebrities, democrat politicians, and radical leftist groups.


Florida’s existing anti-SLAPP law corrects this imbalance by giving defendants a necessary tool to defend themselves against these types of baseless legal actions and recover their legal fees. In this way, the law discourages plaintiffs from bringing frivolous lawsuits in the first place and safeguards free speech from people that might want to bully and intimidate them. Conservative media organizations like Fox News and Newsmax have both used anti-SLAPP statutes to defend themselves in court before in response to frivolous lawsuits seeking to bankrupt them.


Florida’s proposed law would gut the state’s anti-SLAPP statute and remove the only positive aspect of the law, the ability of a defendant to recover their legal costs from the plaintiff.


Without this ability, a defendant would still have to foot their attorneys’ bills even if they win. The result of repealing these protections will ultimately harm all conservative media organizations, especially the ones that stick up for conservative rights and tell the truth to the American public.

There’s another hitch in Florida’s proposed law that will ultimately harm conservative media organizations. Ordinarily, a plaintiff can only file a lawsuit where either the plaintiff or defendant lives. The proposed bill would change that and allow a defamation lawsuit to be filed against a media outlet in any court in Florida. While Governor DeSantis has so far done a good job at fighting radical leftist judges throughout the state, some counties in Florida remain safe spaces for liberal judges who rule however they want. Knowing that, a plaintiff could choose a liberal county in Florida to file their lawsuit against a conservative media outlet, and any chance to have a fair trial would be lost.

If HB991 is passed, there is no doubt that conservative media outlets will suffer. Instead of being a tool to help Floridians fight fake news and harassment, there is no doubt that the law will be used to try and take down the only remaining sources of truth-telling free speech in our country, conservative media.

2023: Something Biblical

is Happening Worldwide!


Comments -


-This made me cry. Because all the nuclear testing & missile testing & stupid windmills & sonic booms underwater. We have no control over what these elites do while they blame us for driving our cars or eating a hamburger.


-Weather manipulation, and the shift in magnetic poles, are my guesses. Seeing all different species and sizes of fish means it’s a broader event than localized pollution, though that may contribute to some fish kills.


-I know this is prophecy coming to fruition, but I'll still pray for mercy and grace for those living in those areas.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Admits He Used Federal Funds in Trump Investigation


Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg confirmed he used federal funds in his investigation into Trump’s so-called ‘hush payment’ to porn star Stormy Daniels.


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and House Administration Committee Chair Bryan Steil last week launched an investigation into DA Alvin Bragg, accusing him of abusing his power.


Last Monday the three House GOP lawmakers sent Bragg a letter demanding testimony and documents related to his investigation into the ‘hush payment’ after Trump said his arrest was imminent.


Bragg fired off a nasty reply letter earlier this week – and the House Republicans hit back again in their relentless quest to hold Bragg accountable.


Alvin Bragg replied to the House Republicans again on Friday.


As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported, Bragg on Friday pushed back against House Republicans’ efforts to investigate his prosecution of President Trump with a scathing letter.


Alvin Bragg accused House Republicans of collaborating with Trump to “vilify” prosecutors and judges.


The Soros-backed Manhattan DA also admitted his office indeed used federal funds in his bogus investigation into Trump.


“Our review of the Office’s records reflect that, of the federal forfeiture money that the Office helped collect, approximately $5,000 was spent on expenses incurred relating to the investigation of Donald J. Trump or the Trump Organization.” Bragg’s office wrote to GOP Reps. Jim Jordan, Steil, and Comer.

“These expenses were incurred between October 2019 and August 2021. Most of those costs are attributed to the Supreme Court case, Trump v. Vance—subpoena-related litigation in which the DA’s Office prevailed and which led to the indictment and conviction of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg and two Trump organizations. No expenses incurred relating to this matter have been paid from funds that the Office receives through federal grant programs.” Bragg’s office said.


“Federal funds = congressional oversight” House Judiciary member Rep. Russell Fry said on Friday evening.



Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/1/23

| BREAKING FOX NEWS April 1, 2023


Not only do Americans need Trump but the world is in dire need of him.

April 01, 2023

Nikki Haley SLAMS Ukraine Criticism: ‘I’m NOT a Warmonger’


| The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 179


As ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley took a hard line against dictators, especially Russia, China, and Iran, which she calls the “new Axis of Evil.” Now, after watching President Biden let the dictators flourish, Haley wants to re-draw that line as America’s next president. But her solution for how to deal with Russia's invasion of Ukraine has led to accusations of being a warmonger and “neo-con.”


On this episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Glenn gives her a chance to respond. 


Haley sits down to lay out her strategy for making America respectable again, both around the world and here at home. This begins, she says, with returning to the basics, making the government serve the people again, and “cleaning house” in D.C.

She also breaks down her 2024 platform, including where she stands on CBDC and the Federal Reserve and why she calls the United Nations and the WHO “a farce.” This episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast" is part of a series leading up to the 2024 election. These interviews come with no agenda. The point is to ask all of the candidates all the questions that people need to ask.

Billionaires Brin, Pritzker, Zuckerman And Ovitz Issued Subpoenas In Epstein Lawsuit


Billionaires Sergey Brin, Thomas Pritzker, Mortimer Zuckerman and Michael Ovitz were issued subpoenas this week by the US Virgin Islands as part of its lawsuit against JPMorgan over the bank's relationship with now-deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter.


The subpoenas seek any communications or documents related to JPMorgan and Epstein.


The four men are some of the wealthiest people in the U.S., and it couldn’t be determined why they were being asked for the communications and documents. In civil cases, lawyers can use subpoenas during the discovery process to get information from people who aren’t a party to a lawsuit but could provide evidence related to the case. -WSJ


JPMorgan is being sued by the US Virgin Islands along with several Epstein accusers in a combined case over Epstein's sex trafficking operation. The plaintiffs claim that the bank facilitated abuse by allowing Epstein to remain a client while helping send money to his victims. The lawsuit also alleges that JPMorgan turned a blind eye to Epstein's activities after receiving referrals for high-value business opportunities.


Brin is a co-founder of Google and sits on the board of parent company Alphabet. Pritzker is executive chairman of Hyatt Hotels. Ovitz is a venture capitalist and co-founder of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and Zuckerman is a real-estate billionaire and owns US News & World Report.

Porn Star Stormy Daniels Celebrates Trump's Indictment in A BIG Way...


According to former adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels, the news of former President Donald Trump's indictment had her celebrating with champagne as orders for her personal merchandise soared.


On Thursday, a Manhattan grand jury indicted the ex-commander-in-chief on unknown charges related to the hush-money payments he made during his 2016 presidential campaign in order to keep her quiet about their alleged affair. In response, Daniels took to Twitter to express her appreciation for the support she has received, noting that orders for her "#TeamStormy" merchandise and autographed posters of herself in lingerie had been flooding in.


The allegations of Trump's affair with Daniels dates back to 2006, and Michael Cohen, his former personal attorney, and fixer, paid her $130,000 in 2016 to keep her quiet, according to reports. Trump has denied any such affair, yet Cohen pleaded guilty in 2018 and was sentenced to three years in prison.


Trump, 76, is the first U.S. President — former or sitting — ever to face criminal charges and is expected to surrender to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office on Tuesday. Regardless of the outcome, Donald Trump's indictment marks a historic moment in American political history.

Source BlabberBuzz, Twitter



So, THIS was all a

LIE in Ukraine?


| Redacted with Clayton Morris


Ukraine has admitted that it is out of ammunition as heads of state go to China to talk about peace. Meanwhile, those weekend warriors that up and went to Ukraine at the beginning of the conflict turn out to be frauds. Who'd have thought?




Russia begins next wave of army conscription | DW News


A fresh wave of army conscription gets underway in Russia, after President Vladimir Putin signed a decree calling up 147,000 citizens for statutory military service. It comes after 120,000 people were recruited in November. The Kremlin says this latest recruitment is routine and has nothing to do with Russia's war in Ukraine. In Russia, it is mandatory for men aged between 18 and 27 to carry out one year of military service.



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-At this point, I don’t blame the Russians who quit and surrender in this situation. It’s not cowardly, it’s showing humanity, empathy and a smart survival move. Tricky 🇬🇧 🇺🇦

-Russian National Service has existed since 1918... this isn't news.