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The multicultural catastrophe

"The multicultural catastrophe in America"


The United States has experienced significant growth in racial and ethnic diversity since 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This increased multiracial composition raises discussions on the positive aspects of diversity, but it also sparks debates about the impact of multiculturalism on the national identity. While some embrace the changing landscape, concerns are raised about potential shifts in societal norms.

Adapting to this diversity requires finding a balance between celebrating cultural differences and maintaining a cohesive national identity.


Here, is the average man's perspective.

This is a clear case of price gouging! Don't let them gaslight you with different terms; it should be against the law.


Wendy's, which was already considered one of the more affordable fast-food chains, eliminated small-sized salads and started charging premium prices for most of their menu items. Personally, I rarely eat there now due to these changes, and the food quality isn't consistently the best.

It's time to boycott Wendy's – simply avoid eating there. We're losing the ability to cook real food, and cooking at home is always healthier and more cost-effective.

It's encouraging to see people waking up. Use your voice, your wallet, and your vote.

FEB 27, 2024







In Big Victory Against Lawfare, DC Court Of Appeals Smacks Down Jeff Clark Subpoena


The D.C. Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Jeffrey Clark, a Trump-era DOJ official, stating that he does not have to comply with a subpoena from the D.C. Bar's Office of Disciplinary Counsel.


The court determined that enforcing the subpoena would infringe on Clark's Fifth Amendment right. This victory is seen as a setback for Democrats, who have been trying to disbar over 100 attorneys involved in election integrity cases post the 2020 presidential election.


Their efforts extend to attorneys nationwide defending conservatives, including half of Republican attorneys general.

Indiana Republicans Move To Let Democrats Kick Any Republican AG Off The Ballot


Democrat Donors Decide Who Republicans Can Vote For


The executive director of the disciplinary commission, known for her advocacy of Marxist identity politics, publicly endorsed judges attending Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

All lawyers on the commission have a history of campaign donations, primarily to Democrats, according to OpenSecrets.org records, though some have also contributed to Republicans.


The chairman, Bernard Carter, a Lake County prosecutor, has been an elected Democrat official for over 30 years, making numerous contributions to Democrats, including from his campaign fund.

Several Democratic pressure groups, including The 65 Project and Lawyers Defending Democracy, are actively involved in harassing and intimidating their political opponents, with a focus on forcing substantial representation costs for constitutionally protected free speech. This creates a situation where any Republican attorney general faces a high risk of ethics complaints unless they refrain from challenging Democratic priorities.

Social media users criticize the FBI for featuring two white female models in a post about combating organized gang looting.


The choice of representation has sparked concerns about diversity and cultural sensitivity in the agency's communication strategies.


The FBI faced online ridicule after a post boasting about combatting organized retail theft. Looting, exacerbated by lenient prosecution policies, particularly in major cities, has become a national crisis. 


The post's attempt to address the issue raised eyebrows, especially as it failed to acknowledge the predominantly young people of color involved in organized flash mobs committing these crimes.

California School District’s CRT Ban, Transgender Notification Policy Will Stand For Now, Judge Rules


A judge in Riverside Superior Court ruled that the Temecula Valley Unified School District's regulations on Critical Race Theory and transgender parental notification will stay in effect for now.


The policies, challenged by a group of parents, students, and teachers, include prohibiting certain aspects of Critical Race Theory and requiring schools to inform parents if their child seeks to identify as a different gender.


The judge rejected the plaintiffs' claim that the Critical Race Theory ban was vague and emphasized the transgender notification policy's broader applicability. Parents expressed varied reactions, with some planning to appeal the ruling.


The Temecula Valley school district serves 28,000 students and has faced legal challenges similar to those in other California districts regarding transgender notifications. The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District is among those that have also banned Critical Race Theory instruction.





Georgia Student Allegedly Murdered By Illegal Immigrant. CNN Says ‘Little Evidence Indicating A Connection Between Immigration And Crime’


A young Augusta University nursing student, Laken Riley, was murdered during her morning jog, and an illegal immigrant, Jose Antonio Ibarra from Venezuela, arrested in connection with the crime. Despite this, CNN downplayed any link between illegal immigration and the murder. CNN's report questioned the connection, stating, "there is little evidence indicating a connection between immigration and crime."

Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp, in response, wrote a letter to President Biden highlighting the impact of an unsecured southern border and the arrest of Ibarra. He criticized Biden's silence on requests for accurate border data and outlined questions regarding Riley's murder. Kemp emphasized the need for federal action to address the ongoing crisis and urged Biden to provide necessary information for states to protect citizens.

TBT: REMEMBER - Vice President MASHED POTATOES FOR BRAINS, did not have authority to declassify and remove those documents. Trump, as President, did.


Joe Biden's reelection campaign is bracing for negative repercussions following the anticipated release of photos depicting the careless storage of classified documents in the final stages of special counsel Robert Hur's year-long investigation.


Though criminal charges are not expected, Biden's advisors are concerned about embarrassing images showcasing how classified materials were stored in Biden's Delaware residence garage and a private office in late 2022. The documents date back to Biden's time as vice president. With the potential for exploitation by former President Trump's campaign in the 2024 election, Biden's close advisers are expressing apprehension.

Dallas Mayor Explains Why He Switched Party Affiliation From Democrat To Republican


During an interview on Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) “Verdict” podcast with co-host Ben Ferguson, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson revealed new details about his decision to switch from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party.


Johnson discussed his upbringing in a family focused on faith, hard work, and a strong sense of right and wrong. Despite inheriting the Democratic Party as a cultural heirloom due to his African American identity, he felt politically at odds with its core beliefs. Johnson noted that the Democratic Party often attributes success and failure to factors beyond one's control, such as race and neighborhood, a perspective he didn't align with.

He emphasized receiving more concern and criticism for his party switch than he would have if he had left the church. Johnson criticized the Democratic Party's philosophy that downplays personal responsibility and promotes dependency on the party for success. In contrast, he advocated for the conservative ideology, emphasizing personal responsibility and rejecting the notion that a party is necessary for individual success.

Microsoft... Biden's new lapdog. You can post your article, but you can forget linking anyone to any proof you might have.


Dr. Phil Torches ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Over Impact of COVID Lockdowns on Kids: ‘That’s A Fact’


Dr. Phil McGraw criticized the leftist co-hosts of ABC's "The View" in a recent discussion on the impact of COVID lockdowns on school children. McGraw attributed the decline in children's mental health to the introduction of smartphones and social media around 2008, emphasizing the spike in depression, anxiety, loneliness, and suicidality.

He questioned the decision to shut down schools for two years during the COVID pandemic, arguing that it deprived children of crucial support systems and hindered efforts to address abuse. Sunny Hostin responded, acknowledging the pandemic but defending the government's efforts to save lives.

Whoopi Goldberg concurred, emphasizing the challenges faced during the pandemic, stating, "People weren’t laying around eating bonbons —".

Arrests as "Stop Cop City" Protesters

STORM NYC Building

The Video says it ALL...


FEB 25, 2024

It's The Real Thing, Baby... Uh Huh..

Trans ‘milk’ as good as the real thing – NHS



The makers of a drug used off-label to induce lactation in men warn it could adversely affect a baby’s heart.

The drug-induced nipple secretions of trans women are as good as mothers’ breast milk for babies, the University of Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust claimed in a letter to campaigners made public in a report by British think tank the Policy Exchange on Sunday.

The healthcare trust’s medical director, Rachel James, argued that the off-label prescription drug cocktail men transitioning to female take in order to produce milk was “similar to the natural hormones which encourage lactation to develop when the baby is newly born.”

“The evidence which is available demonstrates that the milk is comparable to that produced following the birth of a baby,” James wrote in the letter, sent to Children of Transitioners last August.

Biological men who wish to lactate must first take hormones to grow milk glands and then take high doses of either domperidone or metoclopramide to stimulate milk production. Neither drug is approved for this use, though they are occasionally prescribed off-label to biological women who have trouble lactating.

However, domperidone’s own manufacturer, Janssen, warns patients the drug “may cause unwanted side effects affecting the heart in a breastfed baby” and “should be used during breastfeeding only if your physician considers this clearly necessary.”

USHT doubled down on its claims that chest “milk” was just as good as breast milk on Sunday. “We stand by the facts of the letter and the cited evidence supporting them,” it said in a statement.

That evidence reportedly included a handful of decades-old articles comparing milk produced by induced lactation with postpartum mother’s milk - apparently not distinguishing between milk produced by biological women and that produced by biological men - and the World Health Organization’s recommendation of breastmilk (which the trust called “human milk”) over infant formula.

The trust also cited a 2022 study that found there were “no observable infant side effects” in the babies of lactating trans women. However, critics pointed out that the study lasted just five months and included no long-term follow-up. Most writings on the subject “have not looked at what’s in the milk itself,” one medical expert told the Daily Mail.

The group admitted its policy was based on advice from “external organizations,” though it did not name them. USHT was reportedly the first UK health trust to adopt the term “birthing people” as part of its inclusivity efforts.

Denouncing the NHS trust’s claims as “unbalanced and naive,” Policy Exchange Head of Equality and Identity Lottie Moore slammed the organization for “compromising women’s rights and child safeguarding” by encouraging unsafe practices.

“A child’s welfare must always take precedence over identity politics and contested belief systems that are not evidence-based,” she told the Mail.



Is The West Plotting A False Flag Provocation In Poland To Blame On Russia


Poland might very well be put up by its dual American-German patrons into carrying out a possible false flag provocation in order to generate popular support for the bloc’s rapid militarization plans aimed at building “Fortress Europe”.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said during a large meeting with the senior staff of his national security agencies on Tuesday that their Western counterparts are plotting a false flag provocation in Poland. According to his sources, it’ll be aimed against civilians there and be blamed on Russia and Belarus. This builds upon what KGB Chairman Ivan Tertel warned about in December, which in turn was an expansion of what Lukashenko himself raised awareness of in June.

The Belarusian leader warned about Belgorod-like terrorist incursions from Poland last summer, but then his aforementioned security chief hinted a few months back that this could be prompted by a false flag incident similar to the one that started World War II. On the subject of world wars, Lukashenko also said during his speech on Tuesday that “Now we are literally covered with an information wave of the so-called premonition of the third world war. There are grounds for concern.”

About 32,000 NATO troops have deployed in the vicinity of Russia and Belarus for the bloc’s “Steadfast Defender 2024” drills, the largest such ones since the end of the Old Cold War over three decades ago, while another 60,000 or so are training elsewhere in Europe right now. In this tense context, the possible false flag provocation in Poland that he warned about could set World War III into motion if cooler heads in the West don’t call it off or can’t de-escalate the crisis that would be sparked afterwards.

FEB 22, 2024

Was Russian Opposition

Leader Navalny Working With The CIA?


George Papadopoulos posted a video on Twitter claiming to present evidence suggesting that Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader who allegedly passed away in a gulag on Friday, had connections or collaboration with the CIA.


As previously mentioned by Kristinn Taylor, the Russian prison authorities have announced the death of 47-year-old Russian democratic leader Alexei Navalny on Friday. Navalny reportedly passed away in a gulag constructed during the Soviet era, located north of the Arctic Circle. He is survived by his spouse, Yulia Navalnaya, and their two children.

In advocating for reforms against corruption in Russia and expressing opposition to President Vladimir Putin and his administration, Navalny organized anti-government protests and actively participated in political campaigns, including running for office.

According to Ukrainian intelligence officer Andriy Yusov, the Russian army is currently utilizing Musk's Starlink on the front lines (https://greatgameindia.com/russian-army-now-using-musks-starlink-on-front-lines-ukraine-says/), as reported by RBC-Ukraine. George Papadopoulos shared a video earlier today, alleging an unusual situation wherein Navalny is depicted orchestrating a revolution with British intelligence through a high-ranking aide.


As Papadopoulos puts it:










— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) February 16, 2024

US House Republicans Expect Federal Gov't Shutdown


According to reports from Moscow's Sputnik, Republican Party lawmakers in the US House of Representatives are foreseeing a potential federal government shutdown unless a decision on further funding is reached. Axios, citing an unnamed Republican Party lawmaker in the House, states that there are predictions of a shutdown, even if brief, unless House Speaker Mike Johnson can find a resolution.


The news portal notes that a partial shutdown is imminent if the US government fails to pass a budget or a stopgap spending measure by March 1. Moreover, if there is no agreement on either a budget or spending stopgap by March 8, the prospect of a complete government shutdown becomes a reality.


In response to these concerns, Johnson stated last week that the House would meet the specified deadlines.

Upon the return of US Congress members from a recess, the House speaker is poised to confront a challenging dilemma. According to the news outlet, the choice lies between persisting in the budget dispute with House Democrats, risking a lack of resolution for government funding, or opting for a compromise that could potentially jeopardize the House speaker's own position.


The news report quotes one of the House subcommittee chairs conveying to a Republican colleague that the situation is at a critical juncture, stating that they are either "close to reaching a deal or it's about to blow up." This underscores the delicate balance and high stakes involved in the decision-making process as the government funding deadline looms.

Vermin coexists within our society.


The great war between Good and Evil is upon us. Choose your side carefully.


The slippery slope, grounded in scientific principles like "causal determinism" or "logical fallacy," is currently influencing our trajectory.

As a Christian, my perspective emphasizes forgiveness, but with a crucial caveat. While forgiveness is paramount, it does not grant free rein to those with harmful intentions. It is our duty to protect the minds of our youth from contamination.

When someone claims to be inherently burdened with troubling sexual desires, I contend that such inclinations may stem from past abuse.

In the Christian ethos, there is a belief in a singular chance for redemption. Disregarding this opportunity and persisting in sinful actions will inevitably lead to judgment and subsequent punishment.



The following youngsters are from before the times of cell phones, school holocaust indoctrination, and Marxist common core curriculum, that's attached to federal funds strings to teach leftist propaganda as education.

Are They Preparing For Violence

If They Lose The Election?


(Ep. 2193) - 02/22/2024


AnObservation -- As in 2020, they plan to do violence BEFORE the election. Their violence cowed the Supreme Court into doing nothing after the steal. Why would they abandon something that worked so well? If we do nothing to stop them, as we did in 2020, they will win again. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is Einstein's definition of Insanity.

Grizzbear11280 -- No aid to Ukraine period. Vote any political person out who votes for this. Our border first. Mass deportation first. Finish the wall. Designate the cartels as a terror organization. Use the military to secure the border and wipe out the cartels.

 The Chinese know history.


You know you're bad news when even the Chinese are awake to the eternal Jewish mischief and menace.
This Chinese man details the crimes, roguery and devilry of the Jews in Germany and before that in China.


The Right to Bear Arms...


I have said this numerous times. Every Citizen of good standing should

be armed in The United States of America. And this is why....

FEB 21, 2024

White clots USA, Part 2


There has been question as to when exactly these clots have been forming... While the individual is alive, postmortem or after a week...?

These doctors discuss this in the video. Clots have been found in living patients.

First seen early 2021. Discussion with Mr. Richard Hirschman.

The FBI hired Alexander Smirnov, an Israeli citizen, 14 years ago to spy for the US.


He was contractually allowed to break the law on the FBI’s behalf. When he alerted the FBI Joe and Hunter were receiving millions from Burisma the FBI buried the report. Now that Congress has it Biden’s DOJ is prosecuting Smirnov? To add insult to injury the DOJ didn’t want to give him bail because the FBI paid him so much over the years his net worth is $6M. The Biden regime is sending a message to whistleblowers: keep your mouth shut or go to jail.

Strange corners of the internet are awash with chatter about miracle devices that can cure nearly any ailment you can think of using the power of mystical energy. Some companies charge thousands for these "medbeds" - but their claims are far from proven.


A converted motel in a small town on the Mississippi River seems an unlikely home for a world-changing technology - what a flyer in the mostly deserted lobby calls a "new wave of scientific healing".

But since last summer, this building in East Dubuque, Illinois - three hours west of Chicago - has been outfitted with medical devices that supposedly imbue patients with "life force energy". It's one of a number of locations run by Tesla BioHealing - no relation to the car company - dotted around the US.

I tried out a medbed on a recent gloomy weekday afternoon. After being greeted at the front desk, a doctor tested my energy levels by having me place my fingers inside a metal box.

Then I was ushered into one of the rooms, mostly unchanged from its motel days, and I waited for "pure biophoton life-force energy" to stream into my body.

What you're NOT being told about

the upcoming MAIN EVENT!


This eclipse is big talk amongst Christians. We are in the End times...this is biblical! If you are not a Christian and not saved, I suggest you get saved now, because the Rapture is near, and you don't want to be left behind. Maranatha! - @lisapimentel7915

'Israeli apartheid worse than what South Africa endured': ICJ hearings


The ambassador of South Africa to the Netherlands expresses his nation's commitment to advocating for Palestine against Israeli apartheid and colonialism during the proceedings at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).


In a continued display of solidarity with Palestine, South Africa strongly criticized "Israel's" apartheid policies in Palestine (https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/-israel--must-end-occupation-of-palestine-to-stop-apartheid), comparing them unfavorably to the pre-1994 apartheid era in South Africa, during proceedings at the International Court of Justice on Tuesday.


South Africa's ambassador to the Netherlands, Vusimuzi Madonsela, conveyed, "We as South Africans sense, see, hear, and feel to our core the inhumane discriminatory policies and practices of the Israeli regime as an even more extreme form of the apartheid that was institutionalized against black people in my country."

Madonsela emphasized that the Israeli apartheid, considered a crime itself, is inherently linked to settler colonialism, a situation South Africa feels compelled "to call out and end."


The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is currently conducting hearings (https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/icj-oral-hearings-on-israeli-occupation-to-begin-next-week) throughout the week to examine the legal implications of the 75-year-long Israeli occupation. The court's attention is specifically directed at the past 57 years of the occupation, commencing in 1967. Notably, 52 nations, including the United States and Russia, are anticipated to present evidence during these unprecedented proceedings.

Trump Details His Plans For Crime, Cities, And More If He Wins In 2024


The guy has every reason to just be on his own and pay us no mind, but here's him still fighting for you.


At his rally in Waterford Township, Michigan, on Saturday, former President Trump detailed his plans for crime, cities, and more if he wins in 2024.

FEB 20, 2024

Contrails don't hang around for hours expanding in the sky at low altitude.


55 minutes ago
Most of our history is FAKE, when you referenced fake Jews, there is such a class of peoples called Katarina’s- “Kazarian Mafia”

1 hour ago
Definitely it’s planned.
Why it’s not there every day? Airplanes flying everywhere every day.

I agree with people that know it’s biological weapon and definitely destroying vegetation and bees and environment.
It’s time for population to start complaining and taking action to stop this crazy group of people trying to take control of the world.

2 hours ago
Science is not science when its controlled propaganda. Real con trails dissipate after about 100ft behind the plane. Never to be seen again. Chemtrails stay in the sky for hours.

A bill introduced on Friday by California Assembly Member Mike Gipson (D) proposes that insurance companies furnish lawmakers with an annual report identifying homeowners with guns in their residence.


The bill, AB 3067, stipulates: “This bill would require an insurer, by January 1, 2026, to include questions on an application for homeowners’ or renters’ insurance seeking specified information regarding the presence and storage of any firearms kept in the household, accessory structures, or vehicles kept on the property subject to any applicable insurance policy.”

"The inmates are running the asylum."


Discussing mental health, meet the 'admiral'—a self-appointed figure who identifies as both a woman and an admiral.

This country is not the one I grew up in; it feels lost. The only anxiety I feel is related to what this seemingly chaotic federal government might attempt to implement next. Climate change doesn't worry me; I'm more concerned about potential government actions like outlawing beef.


Trump vs. Biden ft. "Weird Al" Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic has accomplished the seemingly impossible task of making the first presidential debate enjoyable for Americans.

I'm convinced that Weird Al Yankovic is quietly one of the most talented artists of all time, often overshadowed by the humorous and comedic nature of his content.

It's astonishing that this is relevant again four years later.

This is awesome. The debate was not.

The lingering question remains: Did Weird Al ever recover his car keys?

People Who Want You Gone Have Names and Addresses [Sam Hyde]


Your Average John and Jane T. Public think like this... They are the masses who don't know what is Going On.

Sam Hyde's perspective on "being the bigger man" is the genuine thought process. Anyone advising you to take the high moral ground may be your sworn adversary. You cannot afford to remain in destitution while your enemies are constructing empires.

FEB 19, 2024

Central Oregon resident diagnosed with bubonic plague.


Oregon health officials have verified a case of human bubonic plague, believed to have been contracted from a pet cat. Fortunately, the case is deemed to pose minimal risk to the community.

Tucker Carlson buying Groceries in Russia Exposes the Inflation in the USA.



"Americas greatest enemy isn't outside the country. It comes from within." - Thomas Jefferson.



I couldn’t agree with you more. What has happened in the US is absolutely a tragedy and our politicians and our government are responsible. It’s also very frustrating because they are doing nothing about it!

Eritrean gangs clash in 10-hour riot during 'cultural celebration', attack police officers, set tractor-trailer on fire in North Carolina.


Rioters allegedly assaulted police officers with sticks, rocks, and other projectiles.


On Saturday, authorities in North Carolina apprehended eight African Eritrean migrants, charging them with offenses such as riot and assault that occurred during a cultural festival in Charlotte.

The disturbance originated from a conflict between rival Eritrean gangs, leading to a standoff lasting over 10 hours. Rioters reportedly attacked police officers using sticks, rocks, and other projectiles, and even set fire to a tractor. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department promptly responded to the scene.

Police reported the arrest of one female who has been charged with inciting to riot, failure to disperse, injury to personal property, and assault on a government official.

She allegedly assaulted an officer and was found in possession of a firearm during the riot, and the police subsequently confiscated the weapon.

The remaining seven rioters face charges of impeding traffic and failure to disperse.


source Eritrean gangs clash in 10-hour riot during ‘cultural celebration’, attack police officers, set tractor-trailer on fire in North Carolina | The Post Millennial | thepostmillennial.com

Scott Ritter: "Israel is in MAJOR TROUBLE! Iran is PLANNING TO ATTACK!"


Having a background in this matter, I observe that Iran shares a commonality with America. In both cases, any external involvement in their internal affairs tends to trigger a prompt unity, albeit temporary, as the focus shifts to eliminating the external threat and resolving matters internally. To put it more plainly, it's akin to you and your brother having a disagreement at home, and if a stranger were to harm your brother, you both would unite against the outsider, only to later resume addressing your original dispute.



This often leads to the creation of new bonds that prove unbreakable.

Let's also remember that Russia is an ally of Iran.

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.


This is not a share to those already aware. Thank God we all were aware to it right from the beginning.

And to those of you who had the courage and brains enough to listen and not take it, Respect to you all.


But to you, who has taken the first few, or continuing to take this mRNA shot...


..This message is for you. Go ahead and get in line for that free coffee and donut in return for this lovely gift.


Open your eyes and wake UP.

US signals it will block proposed Gaza ceasefire resolution at UN.





The United States has said it will block another resolution that will soon be presented at the United Nations urging a ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza.

Algeria has proposed a new resolution be put to a vote on Tuesday at the UN Security Council (UNSC) that seeks an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian group that governs Gaza, while also demanding an “immediate and unconditional release of all hostages”.

State Department threatening to obstruct censorship investigation: House GOP


Republican lawmakers are accusing the State Department of threatening to obstruct their investigation into “censorship” of companies in the United States.

House Small Business Committee Republicans have continued to request grant records from the State Department’s Global Engagement Center for an inquiry into “government censorship and revenue interference of American small businesses by proxy,” which the committee launched after a series of Washington Examiner reports on the interagency group funding the Global Disinformation Index, a British think tank blacklisting conservative media from advertising dollars. Now, the Biden administration is asserting it may resort to letting the GOP-led panel review documents solely under in camera supervision, which lawmakers say is a “veiled threat to further impede” their investigation, letters show.

“Not only is this an impermissible standard, but it improperly hinders congressional oversight,” House Small Business Committee Chairman Roger Williams (R-TX) 

and Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-TX) wrote in a letter Friday to GEC special envoy James Rubin and Naz Durakoglu, assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs. The letter once more asked the GEC to turn over lists of subcontractors and grant recipients, among other records, plus an internal document titled “2023.02.14 GEC-GDI-BLACKLIST.docx” and for a briefing.

Judge assigned to Trump's criminal case in Georgia once worked for DA


The state court judge appointed to preside in the Georgia racketeering case against former President Donald Trump once worked for Fani T. Willis, the current Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney who obtained the indictment.

Judge Scott F. McAfee, 34, is “brand-new on the bench,” according to Law360. He became a judge in February after his December 2022 appointment to fill a vacancy by Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. McAffee is the newest judge on the 19-member Fulton County superior court.

The Washington Post, the New York Times, Reuters and Axios also have stories.

Joe Biden's green energy plan is a gift to China, experts warn, amid fears Beijing could plunder more than $100billion from US taxpayer under scheme designed to BOOST American manufacturing


Beijing could plunder more than $100billion from US taxpayer funding thanks to a 'naïve' plan by Joe Biden to boost the American renewable industry, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Exclusive industry data shows China has already planted its flag on a dozen green energy projects that could benefit from uncapped tax credits.

The scheme, which could cost the US taxpayer $1.2trillion overall, was designed to improve American competitiveness in sectors that China currently dominates, including solar and electric vehicles.

But experts are now warning it could in fact allow Chinese firms to 'extend their global monopoly' and 'dominate' the US market.

Biden regime told Amazon to CENSOR books critical of COVID jabs, government weaponization committee finds.


The House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government has learned that the Biden regime, and specifically former Biden White House Senior Advisor for the Covid response Andy Slavitt, bullied Amazon into censoring books that are critical of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "vaccines."

Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) relayed the findings on X, explaining that "never-before-released internal emails subpoenaed by [the judiciary committee] reveal that the Biden White House pressured Amazon to censor books that expressed views the White House did not approve of." 

Unhinged liberals want Tucker Carlson to face criminal charges over his journalistic interview with Vladimir Putin


It is clear that unhinged liberals want nothing more than to see Carlson’s downfall. Their zealous pursuit of Carlson and desperation to find some reason he should face charges only makes them look worse. Why are they panicking so much? Are they worried that the truth about the Ukraine war will be exposed?

Carlson maintains that we have a right to hear what Putin has to say and decide for ourselves, but we all know how threatened the Democratic party feels by free thinkers. It’s not surprising at all that they don’t want the type of national debate about Ukraine that this interview could inspire. 


FEB 18, 2024

FDA warns addictive 'gas station heroin' supplement widely available in U.S.


The Food and Drug Administration has issued alerts regarding a potentially habit-forming dietary supplement prevalent in the U.S. Marketed as a supplement, "Neptune’s Fix" contains an ingredient called tianeptine, colloquially referred to as "gas-station heroin." Ali Rogin provides the details in her report.

Boobs on the Water ...... Fire in the Skies


So many times, I have laughed at some of Roger's titles... You can only imagine the expression on my face when I read this one... Roger's explanations...


My research into Mudfossils from the Great Hot Water Flood that cooked and preserved bodies of Giants and other creatures..... led me to God and Jesus and the ancient texts that support my findings and claims which support the ancient texts claims...Win Win..
"There were giants in the Earth in those days"
Gospel of Thomas.....

(1) And he said, "Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death."
(2) Jesus said, "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All."
(56) Jesus said, "Whoever has come to understand the world has found (only) a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse is superior to the world."
(80) Jesus said, "He who has recognized the world has found the body, but he who has found the body is superior to the world."

Conservative Republicans allege that Turner, who raised concerns about a "Russia" threat, is engaging in gaslighting aimed at the American public.

👀click to read👀


Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) urged an inquiry into Turner in a letter addressed to House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), as initially reported by Punchbowl. Ogles criticized Turner for a "reckless disregard of the implications and consequences said information would have on geopolitics, domestic and foreign markets, or the well-being and psyche of the American people."

He wrote:

In hindsight, it has become clear that the intent was not to ensure the safety of our homeland and the American people, but rather to ensure additional funding for Ukraine and passage of an unreformed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

This act constituted poor judgement at a minimum and a complete breach of trust influenced by the pursuit of a political agenda at a maximum,” he wrote.

On Wednesday afternoon, Turner, an advocate for aid to Ukraine, raised public apprehension when he released a cryptic statement regarding "a serious national security threat." He urged President Joe Biden to "declassify all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the Administration, and our allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to this threat."

Shortly thereafter, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan addressed a White House press briefing, advocating for the House to approve $61 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Sullivan disclosed that he had personally reached out to Turner and other members of the Gang of Eight earlier in the week regarding the purported threat that Turner later publicly disclosed. However, Sullivan expressed surprise at Turner's decision to make the information public.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), a staunch opponent of additional U.S. taxpayer aid to Ukraine beyond the $113 billion already spent, criticized Turner as "incredibly irresponsible."

On his show Firebrand, Gaetz remarked, "The game you’re watching is not the game that is actually being played. I think it was incredibly irresponsible for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner to go out and gaslight the country alleging this national security threat."

He continued by questioning the motives behind the gaslighting and the overarching claim of imminent harm to the American people. Gaetz expressed concerns about the House of Representatives working to block nearly $100 billion in deficit spending, stating that such spending might not enhance global safety and could potentially make the world considerably less secure, especially in relation to financial support for Ukraine and related provocations.


Investors are currently facing the quandary of choosing between the security of cash or navigating the uncertainties of a fluctuating stock market. Clear warning signs have emerged, prompting a reevaluation of investment strategies as many anticipate potential economic challenges in the future.

Enter a scenario, and it generates an entire fictional world in video form, conjured seemingly out of thin air (and computational power). The capability is reportedly reaching an impressive level, with rumors suggesting that it has been in development for a year.

WARNING: very graphic images; extreme discretion advised.

TBT:  Take a look at these images of kids, damaged with DU from their parents' exposure, and tell me with a straight face, that you would condone the actions of any government which caused this..

Imagine that. He was right.



“We still don’t know the risks of modifying people’s DNA & RNA.”

“Whether it causes other mutations.”

Back before the mRNA Shots were forced on the General Public Mark Zuckerberg was captured warning staff about the mRNA Gene Therapy Jabs.

Super skimmers: The new way criminals are hacking your account, even if you don’t swipe your card.


Criminals are adapting and employing increasingly sophisticated methods to pilfer your funds, even with chip cards. The emergence of super skimmers poses a greater challenge for detection, according to security experts who spoke to Boston 25 News. However, there are precautions to be mindful of in order to safeguard your finances.

America is the True Old World (Part 1)


The text argues that America is the "true old world," presenting evidence that America predates other civilizations in multiple aspects, including agriculture, pyramid construction, and mummies. It also suggests that the Mayan civilization had a significant influence on ancient Egypt.

FEB 17, 2024

What was the true reason for the death? Can we uncover the truth?


Putin enjoys an 86 percent approval rating.


I believe that hope is now surging in Russia. Today's democracy is entwined with the WEF, Clintons, and Biden, involving practices like "Pay to Play" and scheming to manipulate elections and amass fortunes.

FEB 16, 2024

Top Scientist: The Public Doesn't

Realize It's All Fake


1 day ago
There are 42,000 scientists in the USA -polled only professionals and academics who held at least a bachelor’s degree in the fields of meteorology, climatology, physics, geology, and hydrology.

The key question of the survey asked: “In your judgement, what will be the overall impact of global climate change on living conditions for people alive today, across the globe?” Fifty-nine percent said, “significant harm.” Thirty-nine percent said either “significant improvement,” “slight improvement,” “no change,” or “slight harm.” Two percent were not sure.

Among respondents with the most experience – those at least 50-years-old – less than half expect significant harm for people alive today. Scientists 30-years-old and younger were the only age group for which more than 60 percent expect significant harm. It would seem that the school indoctrination centers did a good job brainwashing the youth.

NY sheriff sounds alarm as migrants cross northern border in record numbers: 'None of this is humane'


In 2023, over 12,200 migrants were apprehended crossing illegally from Canada, marking a 241% increase from the previous year.

A New York sheriff, David Favro, expressed concern about the "significant increase" in illegal immigration at the northern U.S. border. Favro, from Clinton County, situated along the Canadian border in northeastern New York, emphasized the desperation of migrants willing to undertake extreme measures to cross. He highlighted the harsh conditions, including extreme cold and rough terrain, leading to tragic incidents such as drownings during attempts to cross waterways.

Favro criticized the situation as inhumane and warned that even if Congress were to close the borders today, it would take approximately five to six years to recover. He drew attention to recent attacks on law enforcement in New York City, deeming them repulsive and expressing concern that such incidents, if tolerated, could escalate into more significant future problems.

Did God slam Fani Willis?


‘It Is a Lie!’: Fani Willis Explodes on Witness Stand, Judge Has to Step In


Ethiopia rejects allegations its forces massacred civilians.


Ethiopia’s government on Thursday dismissed allegation its soldiers massacred scores of civilians last month in the country’s restive Amhara region as the West is demanding an investigation into the killings.

A rebellion broke out in Amhara — Ethiopia’s second-biggest province — last year when the government moved to dissolve regional forces and absorb them into the federal army. Later, rebels captured several towns across the region before retreating to the countryside.

Rights monitors have documented a range of human rights abuses by government forces during the conflict, including alleged extra-judicial killings.

Ethiopia’s state-appointed human rights commission says at least 45 civilians were killed by troops in the Amhara town of Merawi following clashes with a local militia in January. Another national rights body put the death toll at over 80. Both organizations said the killings included shootings that occurred during house-to-house searches.

Even Black People are not liking this. The US National Anthem is not Black or White.


1 day ago
I will never stand for the black national anthem. My brothers of all colors died under THE NATIONAL ANTHEM

Exclusive Rep. Hunt Demands WH Doctor Justify Bidens Exemption from Cognitive Exam: Americans Have Right to Know


Texas Republican Congressman Wesley Hunt is demanding President Joe Biden’s physician provide a plausible reason as to why Biden will not be taking a cognitive test as part of his upcoming overall comprehensive medical exam, “given recent events highlighting the president’s significant decline in memory,” arguing that “the American people have a right to know if the commander-in-chief is mentally compromised.”

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre cited Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the White House doctor who has served as Biden’s longtime physician, who insists that a cognitive test for the president is unnecessary, proposing that the president “proves his cognitive ability ‘every day [in] how he operates and how he thinks.'”

According to a letter from Hunt addressed to O’Connor and previewed exclusively in advance by Breitbart News, which is to be sent on Thursday, the Republican congressman seeks to clarify the rationale behind not including a cognitive screening test in Biden’s medical examination despite precedents and reports of memory lapses.

See what Just Happened to "THE ROCK, Oprah in Maui before it's Deleted.


Recent news about Maui... What happened to homeowners, Airbnb being forced on Maui residents.... and more.

Wall Street Journal Reporter Who Told Americans “To Save Money, Maybe You Should Skip Breakfast” Has Been Fired


Seattle Faces Disturbing Incident as Youths Carjack Woman at Gunpoint


On February 13, around 8:30 p.m., a woman dialed 911 to report an incident where, upon arriving home, she was approached by two individuals. They tapped on her window, brandished a firearm, and instructed her to exit the vehicle. During the encounter, one of the suspects fired a shot into the air, according to the SPD.

She gave them her vehicle and they sped off in the Greenwood neighborhood.

Was that a dead man laying there?

How Does Russia get a NICER SUBWAY

Than WE DO in America?


It's Over! The Middle Class Is Being Wiped Out - It's More Than What You Think


The American middle class, once a symbol of the American dream, is facing
unprecedented challenges today. In this eye-opening video, we delve into the harsh
reality of how the middle class is being wiped out, struggling to make ends meet amidst
soaring costs and stagnant wages. From skyrocketing housing prices to mounting debt
and diminishing savings, the middle class is feeling the squeeze like never before.

Scientists Combat Climate Change with 6,000 Gallons of Oceanic Chemicals near Martha’s Vineyard.


"Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) aim to pour 6,000 gallons of sodium hydroxide into waters off Martha’s Vineyard in August 2024, seeking to study its effectiveness in countering ocean acidification and climate change," according to The Wall Street Journal. The $10 million project, funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is pending approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). WHOI scientist Adam Subhas, the project's main investigator, explained, "By analogy, we’re adding this alkaline material to seawater, and it is letting the ocean take up more CO2 without provoking more ocean acidification. 

Everything that we’re seeing so far is that it is environmentally safe." The initiative reflects a broader trend of climate scientists exploring geoengineering projects, with the EPA stating, "EPA will follow the permitting process as described in the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act regulations before reaching a final determination to approve or deny the permit application."

Charitable Blacklisting: Conservative Groups Face Major Exclusion.

👀click to read👀

Charitable foundations nationwide are utilizing lists from left-wing organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Horizon Forum to screen grant recipients, categorizing mainstream conservative and faith-based organizations as "hate" groups. This practice potentially excludes these groups from funding, despite their eligibility based on other criteria.

“Being labeled a 'hate group' carries significant implications, deterring donors from association,” warned Robert Stilson from the Capital Research Center.

He cautioned against charitable intermediaries relying on biased views like those of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Horizon Forum, potentially overshadowing donors' intentions.

The DCNF found 11 community foundations, overseeing $12 billion in assets, using SPLC or Horizon Forum resources for donation policies. These foundations manage donor-advised funds, allowing individuals to contribute and direct disbursements later.

A letter from May 2023 revealed the Pittsburgh Foundation rejected a $5,000 grant to Turning Point USA, labeled a "hate" group by Horizon Forum. The letter lacked specifics on the designation or methodology, presenting Horizon Forum's flagged status as the standard protocol.

The SPLC's list has drawn criticism from conservatives and libertarians for equating mainstream conservative and faith-based organizations, like Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), with extremist groups. ADF supports parental rights, free speech, religious freedom, and traditional marriage.

Other organizations labeled on the SPLC's hate map include Family Research Council (FRC), a conservative Christian advocacy group; American College of Pediatricians, a healthcare professionals organization; Gun Owners of America, a pro-Second Amendment group; and Pacific Justice Institute, a civil liberties-focused legal nonprofit.

In 2012, an assailant, motivated by SPLC's "hate map," targeted FRC's office in Washington, D.C., leading to a shooting incident.

Research Source: https://www.womensystems.com/2024/02/heres-how-major-charities-are.html 

9/11 - WHO DID IT and HOW:
Rebekah Roth talks to Bill Ryan.


If we fail to reveal these reprehensible crimes against humanity and the web of deception, our decisions will continue to be driven by falsehoods, perpetuating the senseless state of affairs we find ourselves in today.

Bill Ryan is a Hero.

FEB 15, 2024



70 Senators passed a $96,000,000,000 foreign aid bill
without a cent for America

Pharmaceutical Companies are Abandoning mRNA Vaccines Leaving Governments Holding the White Elephant


War spurs medical innovation. Ambulances to swiftly deliver the casualties of Napoleon’s armies to field surgeons were the brainchild of Jean-Dominique Larrey. Florence Nightingale established professional nursing in the Crimea. The Kaiser’s War brought the Thomas Splint, reducing mortality and amputation following limb fracture; 1939-45 spurred Florey and Chain’s development of penicillin and McIndoe’s reconstructive plastic surgery.  All are now integral to civilian healthcare.

mRNA vaccines are offspring of George Bush’s ‘War on Terror’.   

The idea of mRNA vaccines goes back to Robert Malone’s discoveries of the late 1980s, but he was unable to pursue them and the patents passed to Merck, who spent the end of the old century expensively failing to develop a product. 

The idea might have remained in abeyance had it not been for 9/11 and the curious episode, immediately afterwards, when letters laced with anthrax spores were posted – allegedly by a disaffected U.S. Army scientist – to Senators and media outlets, killing five people and infecting 17 more.

A blast from the past...


Police have confirmed the deceased woman found in Huma Abedin's home as 48-year-old Lara Prychodko, a former associate of George Soros. The discovery occurred on Tuesday evening in the trash compactor of Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner's residence. Lara Prychodko is revealed to be the wife of David Schlachet, a Big Pharma executive and a long-time aide of George Soros. Schlachet holds influential positions in the Big Tech and Pharmaceuticals sectors, serving as a Director in various companies such as Teldor Cables & Systems Ltd, Chairman of The Board at Cell Cure Neurosciences Ltd, Chairman of Taya Investment Co. Ltd, and more.

Most people won't make the connection.


I was in a phone meeting where we were discussing the effects of today's music on young people... And no one who follows these celebrities will ever see them as Luciferians or Devil worshipers.

If only white men voted: GOP 493, Dems 45.


Electoral college results if only racial minorities voted in the presidential election: Democrats 538 delegates, GOP 0 delegates.

If only women voted: Dems 461, GOP 71.


If only men voted: GOP 350, Dems 158.

❤FEB 14, 2024❤

Gutfeld: A Cause for Concern in Two Words


The claim of being "ready to serve" from the most embarrassing administration in history instills fear in the hearts of 87% of voters. The question arises: what does she intend to "serve" us that we're not already regretting with this administration?

FEB 13, 2024

Who Are We Supposed to

Believe Is Running the Country?


It's crazy times we're living in... How does the average person still believe this president is running the country? I legitimately do not know how they are doing it. And I don't know how the media is able to keep gaslighting everyone with a straight face that he is. “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

― George Orwell, 1984

BREAKING: Homeland Security sec. responds to his impeachment by GOP-led House vote


The House has voted to impeach U.S. Sec. of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas along party lines, a first in 150 years for a Cabinet official.

Mayorkas impeachment: House GOP votes to oust DHS secretary.


This Ice Spice Song Is Comically Bad


Presenting the image of someone striving to mimic an exotic dancer while also aspiring to become a rapper, and unfortunately falling short in both pursuits.


Earth Is Hurtling Towards Something Strange and We Don't Know What It Is


Navigating Biden's Mental State: White House's Delicate Dance


Amidst swirling concerns about President Biden's memory and age, a call for transparency reverberates through the corridors of power. The Justice Department faces a demand to release transcripts of Biden's interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur by February 19 at 5 pm, indicating a quest for clarity regarding potential cognitive issues.


Despite this, the White House stands firm, declaring, "No need to test Biden's mental capacity." However, the call for transparency remains pivotal as Americans seek a closer look at their leader's mental acuity and his handling of classified documents.

In alignment with the official stance, Carine Jean-Pierre asserts, "President Biden has a sharp mind and controls the situation in the country." However, actions often carry more weight than words, and the cryptic nature of the White House's response sparks curiosity.


Vice President Kamala Harris's acknowledgment of her readiness to assume presidential duties, if required, introduces another dimension to the evolving narrative. While a contingency plan is reassuring, the public is left pondering the actual state of affairs behind closed doors.

LIVE: Brother Nathanael Kapner Reacts to Tucker/Putin Interview,
NATO/Ukraine War Propaganda EXPOSED


This is an extremely controversial subject. If you, as the reader,

are not well-versed in current world events,

the discussions ahead may be difficult to absorb.


This conversation stands out as one of the most seamlessly integrated, intellectually driven, and thorough interviews I've witnessed in a very long time. While MAGA may be well-intentioned, and the average conservative requires a platform to express their concerns, their level of education doesn't command serious attention from those who hold genuine influence. Moreover, their political leadership is guided by someone who is sympathetic to Jewish causes, and the short-term solutions proposed during their presidency haven't stood the test of time. However, it appears there's no other candidate seemingly willing to confront the influence of bankers, unless Trump is indeed not aligned with them. The MAGA patriot's mantra of "ALL-PART-OF-THE-PLAN" is absolute nonsense. Innocent Americans are losing their lives due to Trump's reluctance to take the right course of action. Instead, he engages in political maneuvers that jeopardize the lives of his constituents and the global community.

Kamala Harris asserts her readiness to serve amidst increasing

voter concerns regarding Joe Biden's age and cognitive decline.


Kamala Harris affirmed her preparedness to assume presidential responsibilities should Joe Biden be unable to perform his duties amid growing concerns about his cognitive decline. This comes in response to a recent NBC poll indicating significant worries about Biden's mental and physical health among 62 percent of voters. Special Counsel Robert Hur characterized the president as an 'elderly man with a poor memory' in a critical report on the mishandling of classified documents. 


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the 59-year-old Harris stated, 'I am ready to serve. There's no question about that,' addressing questions about the 81-year-old president's age.

Scary Counterfeit Foods in China: Fake Beef and Lamb Chops, Rice Made from Plastic,

Aluminum Dumplings


Here's real footage revealing the production process of synthetic beef in the factory. Would you consider consuming this type of meat? Additionally, would you be willing to eat these highly flammable noodles?

In a Chinese food buffet, you might encounter plastic rice, formaldehyde noodles, artificial meat, aluminum tofu, fake eggs... essentially, it's like dining from a recycling bin. Okay, understood.

The amount of effort put into creating counterfeit food is astonishing, and it would be impressive if it weren't so alarming. There seems to be a lack of shame or concern for fellow human beings in this practice. The absurdity that crafting a fake egg, complete with a shell, is cheaper than allowing a hen to naturally lay one is truly mind-boggling.

​Do not allow yourself to be afraid.

Fear and faith cannot coexist, and fear gets

in the way of clear thought.


No weapons formed against me shall prosper. Isaiah 54:17

1st published evidence of gene therapy insertion into human DNA?


In this exploration, we delve into initial published evidence, albeit weak, suggesting the incorporation of mRNA vaccine genetic material into the human genome. This assertion, though significant, is primarily presented in supplementary material without supporting research to definitively confirm or refute this preliminary discovery.

The investigation extends further into the background of Long COVID, sparking curiosity. The aim is to understand the prolonged presence of vaccinal or viral spike proteins, shedding light on the motivations behind this inquiry.




FEB 12, 2024

Rafah Airstrikes Claim Dozens of Lives Amidst Growing Threat of Israeli Ground Offensive


A wave of airstrikes in Rafah, the southernmost town in the Gaza Strip, has resulted in the tragic deaths of at least 44 people. This onslaught comes as over a million civilians, seeking refuge in Rafah, now face the ominous possibility of a comprehensive Israeli ground offensive. In the ongoing conflict against Hamas, Israeli forces have been steadily advancing southward over the past four months.

Rafah, situated on the border with Egypt and once home to approximately 280,000 residents, has transformed into the last bastion of safety for more than half of the Gaza Strip's population, totaling 2.3 million people. As tensions escalate and the specter of a full-scale ground offensive looms, the precarious situation intensifies for civilians seeking shelter in this beleaguered region.


Legislation Legalizing Assisted

Suicide Considered in Almost 20 States


In 19 states, legislators are considering bills this year that would permit doctors to administer life-ending treatment for patients diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Currently, assisted suicide is legal in the United States in Oregon, Washington state, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, New Jersey, Vermont, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C. Proposals to broaden access to this procedure have been put forth in 19 states in the ongoing year, indicating an increasing interest in the debate surrounding a doctor's involvement in assisting patients in ending their lives.

New bills on assisted suicide are emerging from various states across the country, including Arizona, Virginia, Tennessee, and New York. In Virginia, officials passed a bill through the state Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee, allowing patients with a terminal illness to request a doctor to provide a "self-administered controlled substance" to end their life. The legislation is expected to be voted on in the Senate in the coming days, as reported by local media outlet WUSA9.

On Sunday, Bishops Michael Burbidge and Barry Knestout of the Richmond, Virginia Diocese issued a statement expressing alarm and deep sadness regarding the bill. They encouraged the congregation to contact elected officials to voice concerns about the legislation. According to Christian belief, suicide is regarded as a sin.


The Brutal Truth

HERE WE GO: Fed Chair Powell Declares Certain Banks Must Go Amidst Commercial Real Estate Downturn


Is the regional bank crisis ending or just starting? Recent developments, such as the sharp decline in New York Community Bancorp's stock from commercial real estate losses, signal potential trouble. With $500 billion in debt maturing this year and falling property values, small banks are bracing for a crisis.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction.


Heizo Takenaka was Japan's Finance Minister - he’s asked - “why give up control of Japan's Financial system?”

He answers - “Because Japan was threatened with Earthquakes.”

Weather Warfare is undoubtedly very real & this also explains the relentless ionizing of the lower stratosphere via aerosol injection aka Chemtrails.

As Elon Musk states - Truth is Stranger than Fiction.



YES! Every POS that does things like this...


Egypt Warns Israel:

Rafah Invasion

Could Negate79 Peace Treaty


TBT: This is about to turn into a bloodbath, courtesy of the Israeli government and the IDF. Netanyahu intends to exterminate every Palestinian still breathing. Look for an increase of assassinations; disease; and starvation among all Palestinians in Gaza; Lebanon; and the West Bank. The Living will envy the dead. And watch O'Biden do absolutely nothing. 


Egypt Warns Israel: Rafah Invasion Could Negate79 Peace Treaty - With the threat of a looming ground invasion by the Israeli occupation is in Rafah, the situation has become dire.


The lives of more than 1 million displaced Palestinians are at imminent risk of being taken.





February 12, 2024


CDC Is Now Retaliating Against Its Own Scientists For "Wrong" Mask Research


In a congressional hearing last November on restoring trust in science, CDC Director Mandy Cohen kept evading questions on whether she would bring back mask mandates for toddlers.

“We have a lot of different tools to protect our children,” Dr. Cohen said during her cagey response.

Six days later, a BMJ journal published a study that found “mask recommendations for children are not supported by scientific evidence.”

GOP Representative Tenney urges the activation of the 25th Amendment to oust Biden from office following the 'alarming' Hur report.


Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney has urged exploring the use of the 25th Amendment to remove President Biden from office, citing the "alarming" report from Special Counsel Robert Hur. While Hur didn't recommend criminal charges for Biden's handling of classified documents, describing him as a "sympathetic, well-intentioned, elderly man with a failing memory," he acknowledged the difficulty in convicting him of a serious crime due to mental state. Biden defends himself, asserting his 'fine' memory and being 'the most qualified person in this country' for the presidency. Tenney, heading Fox News Digital, expressed "serious concerns" in a letter following the report.


GOP Rep. Tenney calls to invoke 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office after 'alarming' Hur report.

 Tucker Carlson: "People Should Be Preparing, This Is So Serious"


Tucker Carlson is an American conservative political commentator and writer who hosted the nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News from 2016 to 2023. Tucker says a lot that is worth hearing about the geopolitics surrounding current events in the Middle East. Those who think we have a duty to destroy Hamas, which we simply cannot do, are inviting world war. Macgregor has done the math; Blinken and company have not.

We Don't Want Your Over Priced Burgers, Chicken, Pizza and Tacos.


Rising fast-food prices prompt Americans to shun iconic chains like McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell, leading to a notable sales decline. CEO Chris Kempczinski admits that the first quarterly sales miss in almost four years is linked to lower-income consumers, earning less than $45,000 annually, cutting back on visits. The shift toward more affordable home-cooked meals is now a prevailing trend. Fast-food giants acknowledge the battleground shifting toward affordability during a recent conference call, anticipating heightened attention in 2024. The financial strain on specific consumer groups reflects a broader shift in the fast-food industry, prompting a significant transformation in the U.S. fast-food consumption landscape.


The Jabs are not the cure. They are the culprit. They will sicken you and they will kill you. And while you go to your doctor who pushed it on you to begin with, they will make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on you. Then, you will die.

FEB 11, 2024

Sun SWALLOWS the Earth! *Radiation Storm in Progress*


TBT-- I was feeling sickly and had a lot of pain the past two days. I have to wonder if this was why too.


⭐️ As bizarre as some of the footage you are about to see in this video is, it's all real. These are real-life encounters of 'something' the viewer saw, recorded and was unable to identify. These are ordinary people that saw something extraordinary. I also touch on earth and sun related topics such as a possible pole reversal, large earth directed solar flares that could take out the power grid and satellites, also monitor earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters.

And a Handful of Comments...

15 hours ago
When the sun pops, the ground shakes. We receive all of that energy. Step into your strength.

15 hours ago
Maybe this is why I feel like shit for no reason.

15 hours ago
I find the most interesting is the behavior of my 2 young cats. They just love to sit on the window sills. No matter the weather, cold, hot, stormy, or snowing, they just love sitting at the window screens. Today, 55 degrees with light rain all day and so strange, they won't go near an opened window. Could there be a connection between my cats and the solar storm?

16 hours ago
Yeah I’ve just been laying in bed. It’s usually very sunny where I live but nope! It’s a stay in the bed covered in blankets kind of day.

14 hours ago
I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️ about anyone else, but I’ve been in physical agony all week!! All of my arthritis, tendonitis, and joint ailments are just totally off the chart!! (I’m in the PHX area)

13 hours ago (edited)
I have been extremely tired today, can’t keep my eyes open, same with my husband and my mom..😮😮😮
Anyone else feeling heavy tired today??

15 hours ago
No wonder my 2 Amazon parrots have been screaming all day....they usually scream at sun rise and sunset but it was cloudy most of the day. Jeter my pug has been growling and restless today......they are all quiet and sleeping now....rough day for them.

15 hours ago
I wonder if this effects mood & sleep. I haven't been able to sleep the past couple nights and I been physically working and busy. I'm also more agitated like my awareness is up. Could be lack of sleep, but my not sleeping has zero reason and I have changed nothing.


White Clots Common...


Eighty percent of U.S. adults have received the jab, making those who haven't a rare minority. The lack of investigation into this is attributed to "denial" and a "fear of accountability." The extent of cowardice and malfeasance within the medical industry is profoundly alarming.

Not only has a crime occurred, but it continues to be perpetrated, allowing this situation to persist. God help us all.

The mainstream media's silence on this matter is resounding.

Surprising Development!


Well, the new version of Fetterman certainly appears to outshine the original in looks, demeanor, and communication skills!

Remarkably, his conservatism seems to have grown in tandem with the recovery of his brain function. Who could have anticipated such a transformation? He looks and sounds vastly improved now – a truly remarkable recovery! Perhaps that stroke served as a literal reboot for his brain. Clearly, he's on a more conservative trajectory now!

Ironically, the Democrat who endured a debilitating brain injury is now the only one within the party making coherent sense. As his brain function continues to recover, his stance leans increasingly conservative.


FEB 10, 2024

The Real Matrix Woman


They are sending electrical signals through our bodies at a high and rapid rate that is severely disruptive to our immune system because our bodies are electrical, biochemical and cells require a certain voltage to properly divide, replenish and exchange electrical blueprints and cellular instructions. The human biofield is a body part that was removed from common human knowledge about 150 years ago and formerly spoken of as the aura. Since I was born in 1979 people speak of the aura as if it’s foo foo and worthless when in reality it is 80% of our immune system and a massive component of our central nervous system and how our brain routes signals through our cerebral spinal fluid.



Legal analyst and researcher, Katherine Watt discusses the Department of Defense’s vaxx “Killbox” and the legal framework that enabled the militarization of public health and the rollout of a bioweapon being marketed as a “vaccine”.

👀click to read👀

Katherine discovered that the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR) were stopping the US legal system from stopping this crime against humanity. The IHR are the wedge that has been preventing people from accessing the courts and which have been preventing the courts from hearing those cases.

The IHR have been the key to waging this world war in a covert manner, via the militarization of public health and the merger of the public health apparatus with the military apparatus that made the COVID vaxxine into a military operation.

Military Countermeasures (MCM) are used during a Public Health Emergency, which is legally akin to a State of War, such that all kinds of emergency powers get stripped from their normal places – like courts, legislatures and state governments – and are given to the Executive Branch; into the hands of the President and the Cabinet Secretaries.

The creation of this juggernaut was gradual and built piece by piece when suddenly, in January 2020, it was all pulled out and we were told they had the authority to do what they proceeded to do.

One of the biggest benefits to the malefactors, as well as the biggest obstacle to the truth movement is the inability or the unwillingness of people to fathom the evil that has overtaken our institutions.

“This has been going on for centuries. It’s basically Globalist central bankers and lots of related organizations trying to get complete control of human beings through banking programs and through military programs and they kicked it into higher gear in 1913, with the Federal Reserve Act and then, they kick the public health aspect of it into higher gear starting in the 1930s and ’40s.

“Before the 1960s, they mostly did it through orchestrated armed conflicts and financial depressions and wars, which are very loud and messy and destructive to infrastructure and it makes it difficult for them to have plausible deniability and legal impunity for what they’re doing.

“So, in the mid-’60s, they got much better at inducing suicide and homocide by fraudulently labeling poisons as medicine or as vaccines or as prophylactics and telling people that submitting to that poisoning process was their civic duty. We saw that in COVID, with the shorthand for ‘Do this or you’re gonna kill your grandma.’

“And the way that the pharmaceutical method is useful to them is primarily that plausible deniability is much easier and legal impunity is a lot easier. They can achieve the same goal of killing lots of people without their fingerprints being all over it…

“The US Congress passed a law [in 1969] to set up the chemical and biological program and in that law, which is 50 USC Chapter 32 , there are very important key terms, including “protective”, “prophylactic” and “defensive”, which is how they justify doing it, by claiming they’re not going to do biological research and weapons except for protective or prophylactic or for defensive purposes – which is a false characterization, because all biologically-active products are intrinsically aggressive and toxic and lethal…”

The World Health Organization’s pretext for having the authority to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern is to “protect international trade from disruptions caused by disease outbreaks”, but it is actually a legal system for transferring sovereignty from the nation-state to the WHO and to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which happens automatically when a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC – pronounced “FAKE”) is declared.

Katherine Watt Exposes DoD ‘Kill Box’ Against Humanity - Forbidden Knowledge TV

EU Bends The Knee To Farmers: Drops Key Provisions In 2040 Climate Proposal


The European Commission has bent the knee to protesting farmers - and is dropping key passages in a proposal for a new 2040 goal aimed at cutting greenhouse gas pollution.

According to the EU executive's plan, "all sectors" need to now contribute to the effort - but the previously mandated 30% cut to agricultural production between by 2040 is gone. The revised draft has also excluded a mandate for citizens to make lifestyle changes - such as eating less meat, and a push to end fossil fuel subsidies,

Is it an oxymoron to suggest that Biden is too senile to face indictment but somehow fit to lead the country?


Joe Biden acknowledged the Special Counsel's report, which cited his age and cognitive decline as reasons not to pursue charges. In doing so, he essentially confirmed the veracity of the report's findings.

In reaction to the Special Counsel's report, stating that charges would not be pursued due to his age and cognitive decline, Joe Biden affirmed the accuracy of every aspect of the report.

Ukraine plans to conscript over 500,000 additional citizens, and those residing abroad who evade the draft could face asset freezes.


This marks a significant stride in the World Economic Forum's (WEF) vision for a novel dystopian future wherein individuals are required to engage in a monitored social contract, spanning governments, businesses, and citizens, right from birth to navigate daily existence. For those unfamiliar with the extent of this plan, it's time to become aware... Picture something akin to "The Hunger Games."



"In this case, you have Joe Biden, a sane, decent, normal human being, fighting against a man who is an existential threat to democracy and the foreign world, the international world, the universe. So this is not normal."

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Tara Setmire, senior adviser to The Lincoln Project and a frequent guest on MSNBC, said Wednesday that this election will be no different from past third-party spoilers.

Tara Olivia Setmayer is a former CNN political commentator, contributor to ABC News and former GOP communications director on Capitol Hill. She has appeared on ABC's The View, ABC's Good Morning America, and on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. On January 9, 2020, Setmayer was named as a Harvard Institute of Politics Spring 2020 Resident Fellow. Also in January 2020, she joined The Lincoln Project as a senior advisor and hosts the live show The Breakdown alongside co-founder Rick Wilson, on the organization's streaming channel, LPTV.

"I think third-party candidates are spoilers. History could potentially repeat itself, and now more than ever, the idea of a third party is a threat to our democracy. This is not the time for. I understand the frustration that American voters have. People always express a certain amount of frustration toward the two-party system, but that's the system we have. We're not in a position right now where we have two candidates Who are an equal threat to our democracy,'' she said.

Setmire said Trump was "a threat to our democratic system."

He scolded voters who think Biden is too old and said they need to "take a step back" and look at alternatives.

"Third parties don't work. They're spoilers. If you want Donald Trump to win the election, go ahead, throw out your ballot and vote for a third party. If you don't do that, and you destroy our democracy. Want to maintain and work to improve it within our system, maybe later on, there may be an opportunity for ballot access or a third party or whatever, that's fine. But right now, for our democracy The danger is so great that no third party candidature can be played with.”

The co-hosts of "The View" also recently sounded the alarm, as Sunny Hostin blamed third-party candidate Jill Stein for Trump's victory in 2016.

"I just found out today that when Jill Stein ran and it was Trump versus Hillary, there were three states, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where Stein's vote total was greater than Trump's margin of victory. So wouldn't she probably have been a part of it? , Hillary Clinton would have been president," Hostin said.

Co-host Ana Navarro said she remembers when Ross Perot was considered a spoiler against President George H.W. Bush, although some experts argue that Bill Clinton would have won even if Perot had been in the running in 1992.

"In this case, you have Joe Biden, a sane, decent, normal human being, fighting against a man who is an existential threat to democracy and the foreign world, the international world, the universe. So this is not normal." , 'Oh, you know what? We can put a spoiler. We can risk running [Joe] Manchin around,'" Navarro continued.


FEB 09, 2024

Why VICTORY Over Ronna McRomney is so IMPORTANT | We Have The POWER
🔥We Are Breaking The Machine🔥

FAA’s air traffic controller job listing includes individuals with disabilities, including psychiatric and intellectual delays,

raising safety concerns.


Current job listing for an air traffic controller on the FAA's website is open to people with disabilities including psychiatric & intellectual delays.

Doesn't it make you feel safe knowing your air traffic controller can have an intellectual disability or have a seizure while directing your flight?

DEI will get people k*ll*d.

‘There Was No Deal’: John Kennedy Explains Why Republicans Killed Bipartisan Border Security Bill


Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana informed Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Wednesday that Republicans did not view the bipartisan border security bill as a "deal."

Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Patty Murray unveiled the legislation's text on Sunday, providing $60 billion in aid to Ukraine and $14 billion to Israel, following weeks of negotiations involving Sens. James Lankford, Chris Murphy, and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. However, the bill was blocked on Wednesday when a motion to proceed failed by a vote of 50-49.

Kennedy clarified, "Some of my Democratic colleagues say Republicans welched on a deal. 

There was no deal to welch on." He explained that within the supplemental bill, Republicans had requested exploration of border provisions to slow down President Biden's open border policies. James Lankford was appointed by Leader McConnell to handle this, but upon review in the Republican conference, the Senate deemed it insufficient, stating, "James, we appreciate your hard work, but this is not sufficient."

Quotes from Joe, Barack and Bill all agree, ILLEGAL immigration is a problem. Apparently, they only believe that until they are in office.

Biden’s Greatest Accomplishments From 2023


All the wonderful things he has done.. Mhmm..

Butler Co. sheriff to address what he learned at conference


Joe Biden refused to speak with Sheriffs or other heads of National Police.


DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Two days ago, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones addressed the public to discuss crucial topics.

Having just returned from the National Sheriff’s Association in Washington D.C., Sheriff Jones shared insights into what he learned, including threats to the U.S. and essential "need-to-know information" with the public.

Speaker Johnson: 'We welcome it'


House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., expressed his support for the potential demise of the Senate border deal, stating, "We welcome it." Johnson has consistently opposed the bipartisan agreement, labeling it "dead on arrival" multiple times since its release on Sunday night, even at the House GOP leaders' weekly press conference.

Stating that Republicans cannot conscientiously support the bill, Johnson remarked, "And it looks like it may be in some jeopardy now that it's in the Senate. Could be on life support.

"We welcome that development because this is an issue that needs to be addressed in a way that truly solves the problem," the speaker added.

Democrats are alleging that Republicans have retreated from their demand for border policy changes in return for endorsing aid to Ukraine. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., stated that the GOP's resistance to the agreement, particularly in the Senate, "signifies a significant shift in Republican sentiment."

He further alleged that the House GOP's resistance to the agreement stemmed from its opposition by former President Trump, a claim that Johnson has refuted.

Addressing these accusations on Tuesday, Johnson initiated his press conference by highlighting specific aspects of the 370-page bill that he finds objectionable. The Speaker stated, "I would like to share with you some quotes outlining our numerous concerns regarding the bill in the form it was sent to us."

Footage surfaces of Joe Biden's trip to the "Liberal Mecca"

of West Hollywood, California on 2/5/2024.


The scene unfolds with a crowd passionately chanting, "F*** Joe Biden, F*** Joe Biden, #FJB."


In the absence of alleged voting irregularities, California appears to lean towards the Republican side. The thought arises that Democrats might only exist prominently within the media narrative.

Ep. 73 The Vladimir Putin Interview


Every bit of this information can be researched and found to have legitimacy in what Putin is describing. Hurry and look it up before the wokies rewrite everything to suit their narratives.

Good God, take a look at her expression during

the Zelenski interview.


– it's as if she's genuinely captivated. The whole dynamic feels less like an interview and more like a seventeen-year-old, out on a date with an older man. Did anyone else notice Zelensky's discomfort and confusion? I can't help but wonder if Erin and Zelensky had a cigarette after that one. I wonder if he let her snort a line before the da-- Interview.


The astronomical hypocrisy is enough to induce nausea – the lack of self-awareness, the glaring double standards – the usual repertoire, but a powerful reminder.

Erin: "Do you ever have time for yourself?"

Zelensky: "Why... Yes. I've just acquired a $17 million apartment in Dubai. I own a $39 million house in Florida, and another one in Tel-Aviv. Does that impress you?"

E: "Oh yes. It does."

They may as well have been talking like that. The interview left me feeling sick and irate at the same time. Please let there be Justice on the horizon.

Arresting someone for conducting an interview with a foreign president? That's... insane. Those proposing such measures need more than just an arrest, and the irony and amusement in Hillary Clinton labeling anyone an idiot isn't lost on me.

There's an evident fear surrounding anyone hearing from Mr. Putin, and all this woke rhetoric these days feels like the one-world religion mentioned in revelation.

FEB 08, 2024

[MIRROR] The Greatest Show on Earth (2023)


Based On The Work Of Derek Johnson

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* Laws And Orders Set the Table for Military Operations + Executive Legal Operations That Will Open Further Investigations *

Federal Continuity Of Government

Federal COG Directives 1 & 2

Executive Order 13818

Executive Order 13848

Executive Order 13912

Executive Order 13919

Executive Order 13961

Executive Order 13963

2021 FEMA Guide To Continuity Of Government

2023 FEMA Continuity Reconstituion Update




Department Of Defense Law Of War Manual

Key Chapters
- Chapter 11 > Military Occupation
- Chapter 4.3 > Unprivileged Belligerents
- Chapter 18 > Implementation And Enforcement Of The Law Of War

 Hey everybody, what's it called when you IMPEACH

a sitting President to HIDE YOUR OWN CRIMES?

Dramatic Scenes

At EU Parliament


| Fire & Tractor Barricades As Belgian Farmers Scale Up Protests


French farmers fired up their tractors this morning for another day of protests, declaring their intention to "starve Paris" after a night of celebrating with wine and sausages.

On Monday, these impassioned demonstrators disrupted major highways around the city and vowed to block the French capital in a growing confrontation

with the government over issues like working conditions, incomes, bureaucratic hurdles, and environmental policies.

The farmers argue that these policies weaken their competitiveness against other nations.

Liberal Media Highlights ‘The San Judas Break,’ Exposing Gap in USA Border Fence for Migrant Influx.


If Everyone Knows About this Hole, Then WHY is it STILL THERE..?


A break in the border fence has become a sought-after passage for migrants seeking asylum in the US. However, what awaits them after they set foot on American soil?

Jordan Peterson & Piers Morgan Notice Something About Award Shows..


It's too late for Hollywood to regain trust; the stigma is permanent.


Jordan Peterson and Piers Morgan have pointed out something about award shows that many have overlooked: people are weary of Hollywood's opinions and yearn for common sense. Peterson made a striking observation: why seek opinions from celebrities that you could hear from your own eccentric neighbor?

He's spot on! He also noted that when art becomes subservient to politics, it loses its vibrancy, which is a valid point.

The behavior of Hollywood "elites" is reminiscent of the odd characters in The Hunger Games. The backlash against woke activists and companies, as seen with Bud Light and Disney, shows that people are willing to boycott those who align with certain ideologies.

"'He is a useful idiot': Hillary Clinton scorns Tucker Carlson over Putin interview." 


I just want to vomit watching this woman. She is corrupt and a liar. And she is the WORST ELECTION DENIER ON THE PLANET.

Julian Assange is in jail for exposing US crimes. I recall a time when journalism engaged with all perspectives, not just those they align with. There seems to be an abundance of preemptive propaganda nowadays. It's ironic that journalists criticize a fellow journalist for practicing journalism. In today's world, you don't lose your job for lying; you lose it for speaking the truth. 

In the empire of lies, truth is considered treason.

Let's be grateful she'll never hold the presidency.

FEB 07, 2024

Trump not immune from Capitol riot lawsuit – US court


The federal court of appeals in the District of Columbia has ruled that former US President Donald Trump does not have presidential immunity in the case brought by special counsel Jack Smith regarding his alleged attempts to “reverse the 2020 election.”

Smith has charged Trump with four counts of “election subversion,” including conspiracy to defraud the US and obstruct an official proceeding, referring to the January 6, 2021, riot at the US Capitol. The 45th president has pleaded not guilty and argued for presidential immunity, citing his status while in office during the unrest.

The three-judge panel stated, “For the purpose of this criminal case, former President Trump has become citizen Trump, with all of the defenses of any other criminal defendant. But any executive immunity that may have protected him while he served as president no longer protects him against this prosecution.”

Two of the judges on the panel, J. Michelle Childs and Florence Pan, were appointed by President Joe Biden, while the third, Karen LeCraft Henderson, was appointed by President George H.W. Bush.

A deadly storm is battering California with over a foot of rain,

posing a threat to the banks of the LA River.


The storm has claimed three lives across the state and triggered flash floods in Malibu, leading to over 120 mudslides. This has put the homes of A-listers on high alert.

A deadly Pacific storm, the second 'Pineapple Express' weather system to hit the West Coast in less than a week, unleashed torrential rain over Southern California on Monday, resulting in widespread flooding of streets and more than 120 mudslides.

This severe weather system has already claimed the lives of at least three people. Among the victims are 82-year-old David Gomes in the former gold rush town of Yuba City, 45-year-old Robert Brainard II in Boulder Creek in the coastal Santa Cruz Mountains, and 41-year-old Chad Ensey in Carmichael, just east of Sacramento. All three were killed by trees uprooted by the strong winds.

Bombshell: Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with Vladimir Putin in Moscow – Full Transcript Released!


In a surprising development, well-known journalist Tucker Carlson has undertaken a monumental mission. Amidst the critical situation in Ukraine and its global implications, Carlson has traveled to Moscow, Russia, with the goal of interviewing none other than President Vladimir Putin. Could this bold move hold the answer to resolving the conflict in Ukraine and averting the looming threat of World War III? Explore this compelling narrative of bravery, journalism, and the pursuit of peace.


Exclusive: Tucker Carlson's Full Transcript of Interview with Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

BREAKING: House fails to impeach DHS Sec Alejandro Mayorkas


The House voted against the impeachment of Biden's DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

In a vote of 214 to 216, the House rejected the impeachment of Biden's DHS Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas. House Republicans initiated the impeachment motion due to their dissatisfaction with Mayorkas' handling of the US-Mexico border, where millions of illegal immigrants have entered under his watch.

Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Greene has been advocating for Mayorkas' impeachment for months, repeatedly introducing impeachment motions that have been consistently rejected. Among the Republicans who voted against impeachment were Colorado's Ken Buck, Wisconsin's Mike Gallagher, California's Tom McClintock, and Utah's Blake Moore, who changed his vote from yes to no at the last minute, allowing Republicans to bring up a Motion to Reconsider for a fresh vote at a later time.

FEB 06, 2024

Weird Secrets Inside the Canyon


NSA spied on Tucker Carlson to stop him from interviewing Vladamir Putin


They were reading his text messages. Let that sink in for a minute and think of all the text you send.

Specifically... They broke into Signal.

Rapper 50 Cent — ‘Maybe Trump is the answer.’


Renowned rapper 50 Cent recently voiced his frustration regarding reports that New York City intends to allocate millions of dollars to provide prepaid credit cards to migrant families.

In a recent Instagram post, the rapper went as far as suggesting that the policy might sway him to support former President Donald Trump in the 2024 elections.

The rapper, known for hits like "In Da Club," responded to a New York Post article published on Friday, which detailed a policy advocated by the Adams administration. The policy involves allocating $53 million to distribute among asylum-seeking families in the city through pre-paid credit cards.

X Factor Winner Reveals World's Secret Religion - Altiyan Childs


2 Peter 3:3
"In the last days scoffers will come, walking according to their own lusts."

'The tares shall be separated from the wheat.'
- Obadiah

If this video is taken down, it wasn't by me. I'm sharing this to assure you that my intent is not for personal gain, but for a greater cause. One night, I was saved by God on a midnight highway, where I should have died in a car accident. This experience has led me to share these words with you, as they are of utmost importance.

I urge you to pause any distractions and focus on the content of this video. The message I'm about to share is not something most people care about, but I believe it is crucial. I'm doing this for one person out there who needs to hear it.

God is calling you, especially in these uncertain times. Despite what you may think, the people who run the world are not defined by their religious beliefs. They belong to a secret religion, one that is hidden from public knowledge but has a significant impact on global affairs.

I was once a part of this secret religion, bound by an oath of silence under the threat of death. Today, I am breaking that oath to reveal the truth to you. Those who have spoken out against this secret religion have faced severe consequences, including loss of reputation, livelihood, imprisonment, or even death disguised as accidents or suicides.

The God who saved me is Jesus Christ, the one whom this secret religion despises, along with his followers. I am unafraid because I know my fate is in His hands.

Whether you are a believer or an atheist, I urge you to listen. This secret religion views both Christians and atheists as insignificant. What I am about to reveal is just the beginning of a much larger truth that remains hidden from most of its members.

Access to positions of influence and power in our world today often requires membership in this secret society. Their influence is widespread, and their control is nearly complete.

Prepare yourself for the truth that has been hidden in plain sight. Stay with me until the end, where I will reveal the shocking climax of this video.

Did You Know Gov Greg Abbott Is A WEF Member?


Libs ADMIT January 6th Was a ‘TV Production’ in New Documentary | ‘We Wanted To make A SERIES!’ 👀


It was all FAKE! A new documentary shows that the J6 Committee was a fully produced TV show. This is pathetic.

WTF?! Lesbian Couple INTENTIONALLY Breeds Disabled Children


A lesbian couple is facing intense backlash for intentionally having a deaf baby. Rapper Ice Spice has dropped a new track titled "Think You The Shit (Fart)," which is being hailed as a musical masterpiece. Additionally, Candace offers a rare defense of Ilhan Omar after she was accused of 'treason' for a speech where she allegedly unapologetically declared she is "Somalia first."

FEB 05, 2024







Tucker Carlson is making headlines for defying the federal government and reportedly traveling to Moscow for an interview with Putin.


...His departure from FOX News has been praised for bringing more transparency to journalism. Some are eager to see him interview Putin, viewing it as a statement against the current administration. There's anticipation for what the interview could reveal, with some speculating about Putin's potential insights into Biden. If this interview happens, it's expected to be highly watched.

10 States WARNED…You Won’t Believe What Is Happening Now


Better vote for Trump in 2024 to start the largest deportation program in the history of the United States to cleanup J. B’s mess! FJB!!

Tim Hawkins - The Government Can



484,297 views Dec 27, 2010

This is from his new DVD "Insanitized"

I am not affiliated with Tim Hawkins, just love his Christian comedy. :-)

© 2010 Tunafish Productions - Tim Hawkins


The Government CanObama Version

FEB 03, 2024

Polish farmers announce Ukrainian border blockade


Polish farmers will block border crossings with Ukraine during a general strike planned for next week, the Solidarity trade union announced on Thursday.   

In addition to making Ukrainian crossings impassable, the union plans intermittent road blockades across Poland to last through March 10, it said. 

“Our patience has run out. Brussels’ position on the last day of January 2024 is unacceptable for our entire agricultural community,” the union said in a statement, referring to Thursday’s EU summit, which was loudly protested by farmers from across the bloc.  

Orban linked to farmers protests FT


Close associates of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban are reportedly responsible for organizing the farmers’ protests in Brussels over the past week, the Financial Times reported on Friday.

The Hungarian leader personally met with protesters in the Belgian capital on Wednesday ahead of an EU summit on Ukraine aid, expressing support for what he described as “the voice of the people.” 

The farmers, thousands of whom have descended on Brussels, have been picketing the EU Parliament building, where they have burned pallets and piles of manure, and hurled eggs, stones and fireworks. They have also blockaded the Belgian capital using around 1,300 tractors.

Senior Russian diplomat calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza Strip


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin called for an immediate ceasefire in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and stressed that there is no alternative to the political settlement of the Palestinian problem on the basis of international law, the Russian foreign ministry said after his meeting with Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Simona Halperin.

"The sides exchanged views on the current issues of international and regional agenda of mutual interest, which are being discussed within the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly. Amid the ongoing unprecedented escalation of violence in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, special attention was focused on the current situation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank," it said.

"The Russian side once again called for an immediate ceasefire and steps to ensure safe and unimpeded humanitarian access to all those affected or in need. It also stressed that there is no alternative to a political solution to the 

Palestinian problem on the basis of generally recognized international law, with the two-state solution as the central element," the ministry said. "It was noted that the October 7, 2023 terror attack on Israel’s civilian population deserves every condemnation but it cannot and must not be used as a pretext for the collective punishment of millions of Palestinians, with growing threats of regional destabilization."

Biden in Rags.


Biden says he doesn’t want a wider war as he creates one, since you can always take him at the opposite of his words.

👀click to read👀

Biden in Rags

Yet he really has no secrets since his transparent corruption is almost palpable: He supports the Israeli/U.S. genocide in Gaza, the Ukrainian war against Russia, has expanded the war in the Middle East over the past few weeks, and will soon widen it further while the mass media report that he and his cast of fools are trying to “manage” their violent responses to prevent a wider war. The narrative has it that he is trying to outfox Netanyahu, who has often bragged how he has the U.S.A. in his back pocket.


It is hard not to laugh derisively.


Now Biden issues an executive order to sanction some Israelis on the West Bank, as if this blatant political move to help his election chances with Muslim Americans is an act of moral statesmanship, while the blood of over 30,000 Palestinians drips from his shaky hands and increases daily.


“Not Wanting” a Wider Middle East War, the U.S. Has Started One. “It’s Self Defense”. Edward Curtin

My guess is that he will, as CIA veteran Larry Johnson suggests, execute his militarily meaningless bombing late today, Groundhog Day, not so much because he has to endlessly repeat similar macho acts of a Napoleon in rags (which he does), but because the South Carolina primary is tomorrow, and acts of war are appealing to the state’s military connected voters. Additionally, to timely “avenge” the lives of the three black soldiers killed in Jordan might help Biden with the crucial black vote in this primary that will positively launch his reelection campaign or send him back on his heels.

Acts of war have long been the magic rabbit American presidents have relied on to bail them out of political jeopardy and to show their macho toughness. In this case, as in others, such as Trump’s 2013 attack on Syria with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles for the false accusation of Syrian chemical weapons use (a continuation of Obama’s war against Syria), the actual damage inflicted is often minor while the headline grabbing showmanship is major. That these presidents legally justify these acts of war based on the war authorization Congress passed following September 11, 2001, is telling.  The so-called war on terror and a supine Congress is the gift that keeps giving the warfare state carte blanche to attack and kill whomever it damn well pleases.


In Biden’s case today, these are the actions of a desperado, a war-loving bumbling puppet who is over or under or out of his head as he feigns outrage at the killing of three soldiers who were placed in a spot where their lives were at risk because they were cogs in an imperial war machine. Pawns in the game. A very dangerous game in which the Zionists leaders of Israel are as desperate as Biden and whose secret operatives are no doubt plotting a desperate scheme to try to expand the war.  Who is jerking whose chain may be questionable, but the dogs of war are barking.

U.S. Launches Strikes on Iraq and Syria in Wake of Jordan Drone Attack


The United States on Friday launched strikes on over 85 targets in Iraq and Syria allegedly linked to "Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and Iran-backed militia groups." 

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says, "we don't know" how operationally involved Iran was in the January 28 attack that killed three US troops, "but it really doesn't matter" pic.twitter.com/j57JLFuirG

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) February 1, 2024


TONIGHT: The United States struck 85+ different targets in Iraq and Syria. The strikes hit locations belonging to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and Iran-backed militia groups, according to U.S. Central Command.

— Trey Yingst (@TreyYingst) February 2, 2024

Deep State, Powerful Israeli Lobby Blocking US Withdrawal From Iraq and Syria: Fmr State Senator


US forces in Iraq and Syria have been coming under almost daily drone and rocket attack by militias since October amid Washington’s support for Tel Aviv’s military assault in Gaza. Last Saturday, three US troops were killed and 47 others wounded in a drone attack on a base in Jordan just across the border from an illegal US outpost in Syria.

A powerful foreign lobby and elements of the American deep state are working to prevent Washington from pulling troops out of Iraq and Syria, Richard Black, a former Republican senator in the Virginia Senate, has told Sputnik.

“The Israeli lobby is powerful, and [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu fiercely opposes any such US withdrawal,” Black explained.

“Even if he wanted to withdraw, [President] Biden [would face] resistance from the entrenched foreign policy establishment that could prevent his exit, just as they blocked President Trump from carrying out his plan to exit Syria,” the former lawmaker added, 

referring to efforts by members of Trump’s administration including former Pentagon chief James Mattis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former National Security Advisor John Bolton to undermine the president’s Syria orders.

Israel tries to discredit the ICJ by rubbishing UNRWA, says Avi Shlaim


It's not a coincidence that the attack on UNRWA happens after the ICJ ruling. Israel is trying to discredit the International Court of Justice, and one way of doing it is by disparaging UNRWA. However, UNRWA has fulfilled a heroic role since 1948 in providing health, educational, and other services to Palestinian refugees. It is heartbreaking that Israeli propaganda is demonizing UNRWA and leading some countries to cut off aid. My sympathy and support are entirely on the side of UNRWA, and I hope they continue to play the vital role in supporting the Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression.

Dozens Of Russian Drones Hit Ukrainian Military Facilities In Dnipropetrovsk And Other Regions


On the night of February 2, new wave of Russian strikes destroyed Ukrainian military facilities in different regions. At night, numerous Russian strikes were reported in the Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Kirovograd regions.


The Kiev authorities claimed that at night Ukrainian forces managed to shoot down 11 Geran UAVs out of 24 that were targeting infrastructure and military targets on the territory of Ukraine.

Last night was not calm for the Ukrainian military in the Dnepropetrovsk region, which came under several waves of strikes. Russian attacks were confirmed in several cities in the region, including in Kryvyi Rih and Kamenskoe (Dneprodzerzhinsk). The targets of the strikes were facilities used for accommodation of the Ukrainian military personnel and industrial facilities that provide for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

According to preliminary reports, one of the strikes was the air defense system deployed near Kryvyi Rih. As a a result of the attack, the radar of an undisclosed system was destroyed.

Another Iranian IRGC Advisor Killed In Israeli Morning Strikes On Syria


An advisor of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was killed in alleged Israeli strikes that targeted the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus, on February 2 morning, according to Iranian media.


Citing a military official, the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency said that Israeli fighter jets launched missiles from over the Golan Heights at the targets in southern Damascus. The official claimed that the strikes resulted in material losses only.

Nevertheless, the Iranian semi-official Tasnim News Agency said that an advisor of the IRGC named Saeed Alidadi was killed in the strikes.

The strikes targeted the Shia town of Set Zaynab, where the IRGC and affiliated forces like Lebanon’s Hezbollah are known to be present. Targets in the nearby town of Aqraba and along the highway to Damascus International Airport were also hit, according to Syrian media.

Jan. 6 Defendant Sentenced To 24 Months; Probation With 30 Days Home Detention


A Jan. 6 protester who spent 18 seconds inside the Capitol building during the protests has been sentenced to 24 months of probation with 30 days of home detention.


Angelo Pacheco, a 24-year-old man from Kansas City, will also have to pay $500 restitution for damages done to the Capitol building that day, which the federal government says totaled more than $2.73 million, according to an April 8, 2022, court filing.

Mr. Pacheco’s sentencing was held before Judge Randolph D. Moss on Jan. 31 via video conference in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.


He faced a maximum sentence of six months in jail, a $5,000 fine, and five years of probation.


According to the Jan. 6, 2021, criminal complaint, Mr. Pacheco was charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly conduct in a Capitol Building, and parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol Building.

As stated in the July 14, 2023 Statement of Facts, “The FBI received a tip from a confidential human source (CHS)” that Mr. Pacheco “was on the U.S. Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021.”

While the informant did not know Mr. Pacheco, the CHS “identified him by comparing images on his Facebook and Instagram pages with open-source photos from January 6, 2021.

Scott Ritter: Is Zaluzhny Getting Ready to Take Down Zelensky?


Ukraine is going through a crisis in civil-military relations which will have a tremendous impact on how it goes forward regarding the ongoing conflict with Russia.

President Volodymyr Zelensky reportedly summoned the commander of the Ukrainian armed forces, General Valerie Zaluzhny, to a meeting on Monday, January 29, 2024, where he informed his military commander that he was being relived from his position. According to accounts that have appeared in western media, Zaluzhny refused to step down. As of Friday, February 2, 2024, the precise status of General Zaluzhny remains uncertain amid a swirl of rumors regarding his imminent dismissal.

The rift between Zelensky and Zaluzhny represents a serious blow to one of the fundamental principles which underpins democratic society—a civil-military relationship predicated on the simple proposition that a democratically elected civilian leadership is the final authority on all matter, including military, and in the case of disputes between the civil and military leadership, civilian authority retains supreme authority.

US unleashes strikes across Middle East


The Pentagon has commenced retaliation strikes in response to a drone attack that killed three US troops at a secretive base in Jordan, targeting dozens of sites in Iraq and Syria linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Quds Force and affiliated militia groups.

“Our response began today” and “will continue at times and places of our choosing,” US President Joe Biden announced on Friday night. The airstrikes started around midnight on Saturday local time and hit more than 85 Iranian-linked targets, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement.

The bombings come nearly one week after a drone packed with explosives struck Tower 22, a US base in Jordan located near the Syrian and Iraqi borders, killing three soldiers and wounding more than 40 others. The attack, which the US blamed on the Iranian-backed Islamic Resistance in Iraq, marked the first deaths of American troops in a wave of assaults triggered by the Israel-Hamas war.

 East Palestine, Ohio Water Still Contaminated as Biden Prepares Victory Lap


President Biden's planned trip to East Palestine, Ohio, is pure politics as the election cycle begins. The White House plans to do a victory lap on its response to the train derailment that nuked the small town with toxic chemicals one year ago. Yet, a new report reveals the federal government's response has been sub-par, with cancer-causing chemicals still found in surrounding rivers and streams. 

One year after the Norfolk Southern train derailment, NewsNation found toxic chemicals in rivers and streams around East Palestine. This comes even as the Environment Protection Agency has given residents the all-clear to return. 


TBT: After the excitement of the election passes, people will still be suffering from cancer caused by chemicals that contaminated the soil and water from the derailment. 

The government won't care how their poor management contributed to these deaths. Their typical response is to make it seem like they've taken concrete steps to clean up the area, when in reality, they haven't done enough to prevent these cancers. The EPA's clearance for residents to return will be the final blow for many in the area.

Florida Defies Supreme Court Ruling Governor Snubs Biden to Help 1 Red State


Last month, the Supreme Court shocked the nation when it ruled against Texas. Even though millions of illegal aliens have swarmed the border, the court allowed the Biden administration to remove barriers put up by the state.

This has only increased tensions between Texas and the federal government. Gov. Abbott has vowed to continue putting up wire and other barriers to defend his state.

Numerous Republican governors spoke out to defend Texas. Some vowed to send more razor wire to protect the border from invasion. And now, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appears to be defying the Supreme Court by sending even more.

Nikki Haley Accused of 1 Fake Move Her Little Stunt Just Got Exposed


Donald Trump is leading in the GOP primaries. But Nikki Haley has vowed the fight is “far from over.” Polling suggests she will have a hard time overcoming Trump’s popularity. And she is losing donors who had hoped she could defeat the former president.

But recently, Haley made a post that might end up hurting her more than her previous gaffes.

The Republican candidate posted two images of letters from fans. Both claimed to be voters who were urging her to continue fighting Donald Trump. But it didn’t take long for keen users to notice a few problems with these “letters.” And they were quick to pounce.


From The Post Millennial:
Presidential candidate and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is under fire after posting “kind words” that she has received from what she claimed were Americans supportive of her campaign against Trump in the Republican primary…

Users on the platform, however, were quick to point out obvious flaws with the two messages that had been screenshotted.

One was written in what appears to be an email box that has not been sent yet, with the top of the email box stating “new message.” The other appears to be a hand-written note, but with closer inspection appears to be a font style that has the appearance of being written by hand.

Woke Mayor Endorses Insane School Move This Could Put Thousands of Students at Risk


The decline of America’s major cities has been widely documented in recent years. Thanks, it seems, to progressive mayors, blue cities have suffered unchecked rioting, crime, homelessness, and drug abuse.

It seems that, despite this decline, Democrat mayors refuse to make changes to turn things around. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Americans are fleeing these places.

One blue city is known for unchecked violence. The city is reeling from thousands of migrants, while crime continues to rise. And now, its mayor has just agreed to a policy that could put students at risk.


From Daily Wire:
Chicago Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson told reporters he agrees with the city’s Board of Education that police officers should be removed from the city’s high schools…

They Are Coming After Me


Democrat Civil War Spirals Out of Control Shock

Chant Throws Biden Campaign Stop into Chaos


It’s becoming increasingly clear that Democrats are fighting over the war in Israel. Far-left progressives have turned on their party. They have called Israel an “oppressive” regime and accused Biden of complying with “genocide” for supporting it.

Democrats are in big trouble. They cannot turn on Israel, since it is a top ally. But Biden cannot afford to lose progressives.

His campaign will have to scramble to win over these voters. In the meantime, the conflict is heating up. While Biden made a campaign stop in blue Michigan. Protesters were on hand to greet him with this chant.


From The Post Millennial:
On Thursday, President Biden failed to receive a warm welcome during a campaign stop in Michigan. The Democrat president was met with furious pro-Palestinian activists screaming, “F*ck Joe Biden,” in support of Gaza.

“A true great man. Great dad. Great actor. Great athlete.

So much fun to be around always..”


Carl Weathers, best known for his iconic roles as Apollo Creed in the "Rocky" movies and his recent appearances in "The Mandalorian," passed away in his sleep on Thursday, according to his family. He was 76.

“We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Carl Weathers,” his family stated. “Carl was an exceptional human being who lived an extraordinary life."

"Through his contributions to film, television, the arts, and sports, he has left an indelible mark and is recognized worldwide and across generations," his family added. "He was a beloved brother, father, grandfather, partner, and friend.”

Weathers rose to fame with his role as Apollo Creed in the 1976 film “Rocky” and continued his portrayal in three other “Rocky” movies. He also appeared in notable films such as 1987’s "Predator," Adam Sandler’s "Happy Gilmore" in 1996, and the popular series "The Mandalorian."

In addition to his film career, Weathers lent his voice to the character Combat Carl in "Toy Story 4" and other shorts in the Disney-Pixar franchise.

He showcased his comedic talent in the cult sitcom "Arrested Development" and had TV roles in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," "Magnum P.I.," and "Chicago P.D."

Adam Sandler paid tribute to Weathers, describing him as "Smart as hell. Loyal as hell. Funny as hell. Loved his sons more than anything. What a guy!! Everyone loved him."

Arnold Schwarzenegger also praised Weathers, calling him "a legend" and expressing how much he valued their time together on the set of "Predator."

"Carl Weathers will always be a legend. An extraordinary athlete, a fantastic actor, and a great person," Schwarzenegger said. "Every minute with him — on set and off — was pure joy. He was the type of friend who pushes you to be your best just to keep up with him. I’ll miss him, and my thoughts are with his family."

Japan's moon lander unexpectedly springs to life

- days after crashing down to the lunar surface upside down


It hit the headlines last week after crashing down to the lunar surface upside down

But it seems that all is not lost for Japan's moon lander. 

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has revealed that its SLIM lander has unexpectedly sprung to life. 

'Communication with SLIM was successfully established last night, and operations resumed!' JAXA delighted on X (formerly Twitter).

Scientific Alarmism Drives DoD Climate Policy


Executive Order 14057 justifies the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions as necessary to counteract the existential threat of climate change. The program’s comprehensive and prohibitively expensive initiative proposes to transform the operational military by achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, purportedly on firmly established “science-based” targets that are validated by computer models and consensus within the scientific community.

The narrative that the earth’s climate balances precariously on the brink of catastrophe and merits the distinction of a national security priority is constantly presented to the public in familiar, apocalyptic terms. President Biden warns that global warming is the greatest threat to national security. DOD Secretary Austin alerts the public of existential climate threats, including an ice-free Arctic Ocean, although as of January 2023 the Arctic sea ice pack is at its highest since 2003. The DOD and high ranking officials from the navy, army, and air force proclaim that it is incumbent upon the armed services to implement net zero without delay to avert a worldwide catastrophe. 

Despite the incessant fearmongering, no one appears to pause and consider that the DOD produces only 1 percent of the United State’s CO2 emissions, which in turn is responsible for 13 percent of the world’s total. Even if the DOD achieves net zero, eliminating 0.13 percent of the world’s CO2 output would not detectably reduce global temperatures.

Food Inflation Is Not Yet Dead


Food inflation may not be dead. 


Cocoa prices climbed to a 46-year high this week in New York as concerns about dry conditions across West Africa could reduce yields for the Ivory Coast, the world's largest producer of cocoa beans, ahead of the mid-crop in April. 

In the US, a rapidly shrinking cattle herd, now at the lowest levels in seven decades, has pushed the supermarket price of beef to a record of $5.21 per pound. Rising food prices are the central bank's worst enemy. 

To end the week, breakfast lovers will be disappointed to learn robusta bean prices in Vietnam, the world's largest producer of the bean, are absolutely out of control. 

Local robusta prices in Vietnam hit a record on Thursday, topping nearly 80,000 per kilogram. 

"That's threatening to push prices in London up further, even after the benchmark capped its own all-time high this week at $3,336 a ton," Bloomberg said, adding the surge in prices was primarily due to farmers "hoarding" the bean. 

To recap this week, cocoa bean, beef, and robusta bean prices have been marching higher.

Who Are the Israeli Settlers Sanctioned by The US Government?


While pressure has continued to mount on US President Joe Biden to take action in response to Israel's war on Gaza, he has instead set his sights on the occupied West Bank. Activity by Israeli settlers has dramatically increased since the beginning of the Gaza war on October 7 and a number of governments have begun imposing penalties and bans on those suspected of violent or illegal activity.

On Thursday, the US government said it had imposed financial sanctions on four Israeli settlers for violence against Palestinians to "promote accountability for certain harmful activities that threaten the peace, security, and stability of the West Bank". 

 ‘I just wanted to die’: How US-style 

school shootings took hold in Russia 

and what Moscow is doing about it.


The first such incident in Russia occurred

exactly ten years ago, this week.


Nearly 25 years ago, on April 20, 1999, American students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold carried out a deadly attack at Columbine High School, killing 15 people and injuring 24 others. Their actions have since become a symbol of the potential for violence from troubled teenagers dissatisfied with life.

Despite their heinous acts, Harris and Klebold have gained followers, and their influence persists. In response, Russia has recently banned any positive references to Columbine or the shooters.

This decision was not a result of "indiscriminate Russian censorship," but rather a response to a series of tragedies.

The Columbine Effect.


The Columbine massacre left a lasting impact on the American public. While the perpetrators sought to turn the shootings into a media spectacle by publishing a manifesto and recording videos of their preparations, the media's prolonged coverage and politicians' use of the tragedy for their agendas also contributed to the attention given to the criminals.

This widespread coverage and discussion of the event led to what is known as the "Columbine effect," where the shooting served as a model for potential copycat killers.

Whistleblowers Allege ATF Is Drafting Rule That Could Effectively Ban Private Firearm Sales.


 The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is working on a rule that could effectively ban the sale of firearms between private individuals, agency whistleblowers told a watchdog group.



Empower Oversight, a nonpartisan watchdog representing one of the Hunter Biden Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers, says that ATF whistleblowers informed it of a 1,300-page document being drafted by the agency that would require background checks for all firearm sales, including those between two private individuals. The new rule would “effectively ban private sales of firearms from one citizen to another,” according to a press release from Empower Oversight.

Empower Oversight submitted a records request to the Department of Justice seeking more information about the rule.

The rule would “violate the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution,” according to Empower Oversight President Tristan Leavitt. Leavitt also said the rule would “circumvent the separation of powers in the Constitution.”

Empower Oversight points out that the ATF’s rule could redefine individuals who occasionally sell guns as being “engaged in the business of dealing in firearms,” thus requiring them to acquire a Federal Firearms Licensee and run background checks on whoever they’re selling to.

In the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986, Congress established that the term “engaged in the business” of selling guns “shall not include a person who makes occasional sales, exchanges, or purchases of firearms for the enhancement of a personal collection or for a hobby.”

Leavitt pointed out that the courts would likely strike down the rule and argued that it is likely a ploy to fire up the Democratic base during an election year.

Private background checks are popular with voters, according to polling data.

A poll conducted by Morning Consult and Politico in 2022 found that 81% of registered voters supported background checks at gun shows and for private transfers.

Support for background checks is lower among Republicans than among Democrats. A 2021 Morning Consult and Politico poll found that 77% of Democrats supported background checks for all gun purchases, compared to just 53% of Republicans.

While Americans are open to background checks, banning certain kinds of firearms is unpopular among Americans.

Only 27% of Americans supported banning handgun ownership as of October 2023, according to Gallup. An April 2023 poll conducted by Monmouth University found that more Americans opposed an “assault weapons” ban than supported it.

The Biden administration has consistently pushed for stricter gun laws.

President Joe Biden pushed a rule that forced people who owned pistols with arm braces to register them as short-barreled rifles, Politico reported. Pistol braces remain legal as states and gun rights groups sue the ATF over the rule.

Registering a short-barreled rifle with the ATF carries a cost of $200. The National Firearms Act, the law requiring the registration of short-barreled rifles, was last updated in 1986.

Short-barreled rifles are illegal in some states.

Biden also banned the sale of firearm parts lacking serial numbers, which can be used to construct “ghost guns,” and has continuously pushed for a so-called assault weapons ban, according to Fox News Digital.

Some gun rights groups are ready to fight the ATF’s rule should it come to fruition.

“The records of these sales will eventually end up in the ATF’s firearm registry database,” director of federal affairs for Gun Owners of America (GOA) Aidan Johnston told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The ATF maintains a registry of firearms sales, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Johnston said GOA is “actively preparing to take legal action if and when Joe Biden’s administration releases their rule change.”

Empower Oversight and the ATF did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s requests for comment.

Whistleblowers Allege ATF Is Drafting Rule That Could Effectively Ban Private Firearm Sales - YourDestinationNow

Texas Business Activity Index Falls to Recession-era Reading Of -27.4 (Biden Freezes Natural Gas Exports)

Texas is a state of mind and is currently under invasion. Encouraged by BIG AGRA Senator Lankford (RINO-Oklahoma). Texas factory activity contracted in January after stabilizing in December, according to business executives responding to the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey. The production index, a key measure of state manufacturing conditions, dropped 17 points to -15.4—its lowest reading since mid-2020.

The members of the "Squad," a group of progressive Democratic lawmakers, voted against a bill that sought to bar members of Hamas terrorists from entering the United States.


The two Democratic members of the House, Reps. Cori Bush of Missouri and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, voted against a bill on Wednesday that would bar members of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad involved in the Oct. 7 attacks against Israel from entering the U.S. The bill, titled the "No Immigration Benefits for Hamas Terrorists Act," passed the House by a vote of 422-2-1.


The bill, introduced by Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Tom McClintock, aims to make individuals involved in the attacks against Israel initiated by Hamas on October 7, 2023, inadmissible to the U.S. It passed with a vote of 422-2-1 in the House. Democratic Rep. Della Ramirez of Illinois voted "present." Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Cori Bush of Missouri voted against the bill. Tlaib has defended the Palestinian rallying cry "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," while Bush has criticized Israeli actions against Palestinians.


Source https://www.stationgossip.com/2024/01/squad-dems-vote-against-bill-to-bar.html 

In a remarkable PBS documentary, the January 6th

committee admits the entire thing was

a publicity stunt / fabricated TV production

meant to manipulate the audience.


Which is why they brought in the former president of ABC News [James Goldston]


"It was Goldston who envisioned this as a miniseries."

"We knew how high the stakes were. We were either going to make people realize that this was important or once you've lost them you've lost them for good."


Well, you failed, and you lost most of the American public for good

🤣 Nice try though!

FEB 02, 2024

Our government is rolling red carpet for illegal while hard working

Americans are sleeping on the streets.

This is Biden’s America.

Half the jobs turned out to be smoke and mirrors...

The quarterly census reveals a stark contrast, with a meager 332k private sector job gains in Q2 ’23, painting a different picture than the advertised surge in nonfarm payrolls. The hefty downward revisions further add to the skepticism, uncovering a reality where job gains are roughly half of what was initially presented.







Texas responds to Washington’s demands for border access with demands of its own: The Border Battle in Texas. Be ready for the "unlikely event" in Texas! The Biden administration has decided to federalize the National Guard. White House Bluntly Responds to TEXAS to Follow Constitution.


'9 days to respond': House Republicans

issue ultimatum to Jack Smith


 Conservatives have argued that because Smith was not formally appointed by the president of the United States and confirmed by the US Senate, he is merely a private citizen and does not have the Constitutional authority to prosecute Trump. Ed Meese, who was attorney general under President Ronald Reagan, filed an amicus curiae ("friend of the court") brief before the DC Circuit Court of Appeals last month arguing that Smith's appointment was improper and that his prosecution of Trump is therefore null and void.

"Not properly clothed in the authority of the federal government, Smith is a modern example of the naked emperor," Meese's brief read. "Illegally appointed, he has no more authority to represent the United States in this Court, or in the underlying prosecution, than Tom Brady, Warren Buffett, or Beyoncé."

Meese further argued that the statutory authority Attorney General Merrick Garland claimed gave him the power to appoint Smith as special counsel did not authorize "the appointment by the Attorney General of a private citizen to

receive extraordinary criminal law enforcement power under the title of Special Counsel," adding that "there is no statute specifically authorizing the Attorney General, rather than the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to appoint such a Special Counsel."

'9 days to respond': Far-right House Republicans issue ultimatum to Jack Smith (msn.com)

FEB 01, 2024

European Farmers Unite: A Continent's Agriculture Future in the Balance


Spanish farmers are set to join protests spreading across Europe. From Spain to France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Romania, and the Netherlands, growing discontent is reshaping agriculture. The protests, causing disruptions in multiple countries, have gained support from the broader public, with people in France showing solidarity with the farmers.

In the midst of protests and fervent slogans, polls reflect a clear sentiment: an overwhelming 89% of people support the farmers. This strong backing highlights the public's deep concern for the challenges faced by those who cultivate the land and provide the sustenance on which our societies depend.

As the protests become a pan-European movement, it raises questions about the underlying reasons that have mobilized farmers and their supporters. Is it a fight for fair wages, concerns about environmental sustainability, or a broader demand for recognition of agriculture's crucial role in our lives?

Twelve states sound the alarm: Globalist banks are conspiring with the UN to WIPE OUT U.S. farms and food production. 


CIA Chief William Burns states in an op-ed that the US is no longer the dominant global power, aligning with recent views about the country's position in the world.

The FAA has reportedly implemented secret code words for black aviation students' resumes, raising concerns about preferential treatment and fairness in hiring practices.

Escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas sparks worries about broader regional conflict and potential economic impacts, leading to concerns about Israel's sovereign credit rating.

A fire at Feather Crest Farms in Texas raises questions about food safety and supply chain vulnerabilities, prompting individuals to consider alternative food sources.

Author Nassim Taleb warns of a growing US public debt crisis, with debt levels reaching unprecedented highs and potential ramifications for society.

Republican state agricultural commissioner's caution US banks about the potential negative effects of promoting ESG investing on food prices and availability, highlighting concerns about energy sources and agricultural operations.

These developments underscore the complex challenges facing the US and other nations, spanning economic stability, geopolitical dynamics, and food security. Staying informed and proactive is crucial in navigating these uncertain times.

Pro-Life Demonstrators Convicted, Could Serve Up to 11 Years in Federal Prison


Six pro-life demonstrators were convicted on Tuesday following charges brought by the Biden administration for a peaceful protest at a Tennessee abortion facility in 2021. They could potentially face up to 10.5 years in prison.

The Department of Justice accused the pro-life activists of violating the FACE Act and civil rights conspiracy during a protest outside a Mount Juliet abortion provider on March 5, 2021. The demonstration involved praying, singing hymns, and encouraging women not to undergo abortions.

The defendants in the trial were Chet Gallagher of Tennessee, Coleman Boyd of Mississippi, Heather Idoni of Michigan, Cal Zastrow of Michigan, Paul Vaughn of Tennessee, and Dennis Green of Virginia.

All six defendants were found guilty on both counts and are scheduled to be sentenced in July.


Source https://www.yourdestinationnow.com/2024/01/pro-life-demonstrators-found-guilty.html 

Catholic University Dismisses Professor Who Exposed Students to Abortion Doula


Catholic University of America has terminated the professor who hosted an abortion doula during a mandatory lecture, as confirmed in an email obtained by The Daily Wire.

University president Peter Kilpatrick stated in a campus-wide email, “Now that we have clear evidence that the content of the class did not align with our mission and identity, we have now terminated our contract with the professor who invited the speaker.”

During the lecture, Rachel Carbonneau, who identified herself as an “abortion doula,” used terms such as “birthing person” and “seahorse births” in reference to transgender individuals. This led to her dismissal and the subsequent departure of instructor Melissa Goldberg.

Kilpatrick elaborated, “The speaker's views on life issues and on the anthropology of the human person were not consistent with our mission and identity as a faithful Catholic university, and that she should not be allowed to address the class again.”

The university also clarified that Carbonneau would not speak to the class again, emphasizing that her views were not aligned with the institution's principles.

Krista and Todd Kolstad reported that their 14-year-old daughter

was taken from their custody and placed in a Wyoming facility,

where they were unable to communicate with her directly.


The issues reportedly started in August when the parents received a call informing them that their daughter had expressed suicidal thoughts at school. That evening, a Montana Child and Family Services case worker arrived at their home.


During the case worker's visit, the teenager stated that she had consumed painkillers and toilet bowl cleaner in an attempt to end her life. This resulted in a hospital visit, where tests showed no traces of these substances in her blood.


Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, a Republican, announced on Monday that the state had reviewed the case and determined that state policy and law were followed.

Social media & Big Tech under scrutiny in congressional hearing


This highlights the insufficient education, accountability, and parental responsibility regarding social media. In my role in school safety and security, I witnessed numerous cases of students facing issues like sextortion, bullying, and addiction on these platforms.

A child's behavior, appearance, and speech can reveal a lot about them, but parents require education to discern these signs. There is a pressing need for parental education. Social media should be treated with the same caution as drugs or sexually transmitted diseases, which were frequently discussed while we were growing up.

Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer

Safety Act Passed


The legislation aims to establish new penalties for individuals involved in high-speed vehicle chases while evading Border Patrol agents within 100 miles of the border. It passed with a 271-154 majority vote, with 215 Republicans and 56 Democrats voting in favor, and 154 Democrats and no Republicans voting against it.

Rep. Juan Ciscomani (R-AZ) expressed his satisfaction with the bipartisan support for his Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer Safety Act. The act is named after a Border Patrol agent who lost his life in a 2022 ATV crash while pursuing a group of illegal immigrants in Texas.

Rep. Greg Stanton (D-AZ) highlighted the dangers posed by smugglers along the border, leading to high-speed chases and deadly outcomes for law enforcement. He stated his support for the bill as a means to implement stronger federal penalties.

One Democrat who opposed the bill was Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL).

Yemen's Defiant Defense: Minister Challenges Global Powers

as Chevron Shifts Oil Routes Amid Escalating Tensions


Yemen's Minister of Defense has made a strong statement to America, Britain, and Israel, asserting that Yemen is immune to external attacks. This declaration comes at a time when global powers are closely observing the region's situation.

Alongside this declaration of strength, there is an interesting development involving Chevron, a significant player in the global energy industry. It is reported that Chevron is redirecting shipments of Kazakhstan's CPC Blend oil to Asia via the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, bypassing the Red Sea. This action is taken to reduce the risk of attacks by Yemen's Houthi rebels.

In a significant development, the Israeli Minister of Defense held a serious discussion with the mayor of Haifa.


They are reportedly growing impatient with Hezbollah, and there are concerns that this could escalate into a full-scale war soon. Additionally, there have been announcements about deploying more troops to the northern borders as a precautionary measure. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu has reaffirmed Israel's stance on Gaza, stating that there will be no release of Palestinian prisoners. The military has also been actively destroying Hamas tunnels in Gaza by flooding them. This situation reflects a complex and tense dynamic in the region.

Are Sanctuary Cities Reaching a Breaking Point?


This is Absolutely Horrible.


The city, with a population of just over 710,000, has become a top destination per capita for migrants arriving from the U.S. southern border.

Denver Health, the city’s “safety net” hospital, is seeking additional funds from both state and federal sources to address $10 million in unpaid medical bills incurred from migrants.

US troops told to prepare for war in Gaza media


US Air Force personnel in Iraq have been ordered to remain on standby in case of “on ground US involvement in the Israel Hamas war,” The Intercept reported on Tuesday, citing a Pentagon memo. 

Circulated earlier this month, the memo instructs an unknown number of troops to be placed  “on standby to forward deploy to support troops in the case of on ground US involvement in the Israel Hamas war,” the news site reported. The standby order applies to troops stationed in Iraq since last year, according to a separate Pentagon document seen by The Intercept.

The Pentagon did not respond to a request for comment.

Biden Ripped After Admin Leaks What Its Plans Are For Military Response


“Officials say plans call for the U.S. to launch a real bombing campaign, not just another round of one and done retaliatory strikes of the kind it has conducted so far,” CBS News reported. “Once it begins, the bombing is likely to continue for a number of days.”

Trucker Convoy Headed To U.S.-Mexico Border Highlighting Bidens Lax Enforcement


A trucker convoy is preparing to head to several locations along the U.S.-Mexico border next week to draw more attention to President Joe Biden’s lax immigration enforcement policies Republicans have blamed for millions of illegal crossings.

The issue is really coming to a head in Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott (R) appears to be defying the administration and the U.S. Supreme Court by ordering his National Guard to erect razor wire barriers along a section of border near Eagle Pass to staunch the flow of migrants.

“There will be a ‘Take Our Border Back’ multi-day trucker convoy from January 29th through February 3rd,” Rep. Keith Self (R-Texas) wrote in an X post. “Routes will end at Eagle Pass TX, Yuma AZ, and San Ysidro CA.”

Truthstream Media: What Trusting WEF Really Means


Dimethylamine Skies, 90 Second Alert

2 hours ago
That's why all the rainbows 🌈 not moister, it's a gas they are using, which causes that same rainbow effect as fuel hitting water, Nice D 💚

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Went skiing the other day, I smelled a chemical odor, which seemed like glass cleaner to me. Dad had a very dry eye afterwards...

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Here in NYC, following the completely manufactured & toxic "arctic outbreak", no mention by the "meteorologists" aka liars as to why any signs that we are (allegedly) in the winter season have completely vanished yet again, as is ALWAYS the case after the toxic, artificial & very brief "cool downs" 🙄

3 hours ago
Just watched White Noise which came out before and is eerily like the East Palestine train spill of vinyl chloride, a hazardous chemical used in the production of plastics.

We need a digital bill of rights.


Your phone is more than just a communication tool; it’s a powerful tracking device, and the SIM card inside is a key reason why.

I don’t actually have a SIM card in any of my phones, and in this video I’ll explain the reasons why.

I’ll also talk about alternative ways that you can still have connectivity on the go without a SIM in your phone, and I’ll dive into the downsides of not having a SIM in your phone.


00:00 Your Phone is a Tracking Tool
01:12 What is a SIM
01:44 Location Tracking
02:36 Covert Data Transmission
06:35 Split Tunneling
08:40 Internet-Only Phones

10:52 Mobile Hotpots
11:28 Benefits of Siloing SIM on a Separate Device
14:28 Calyx Hotspots
16:33 Downsides
18:36 Support the Calyx Institute
20:30 Summary


Having a SIM card in your phone has a lot of privacy downsides. But not having a SIM in your phone definitely has tradeoffs. You’ll have to assess whether this is something that’s right for your life.