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Treat Your Kidneys, Liver, and Diabetes with Just 1 Plant!


Explore the unexpected advantages of Eclipta Prostrata, commonly known as False Daisy, in this brief and enlightening video. Delve into the ways this unassuming plant can revolutionize your liver and kidney health, assist in diabetes management, and offer numerous additional benefits.

The Secret To Quitting Sugar For Good!


Want to quit sugar for good? Here is what I did to quit sugar and sugar substitutes and how it works.


♥️ 👀 Next: Top 10 Ways to Beat Digestion Woes: Gut Microbiome Boost!


NACPro+ Free Sample (

Clear phlegm now! how to get rid of sputum: cold, flu, pneumonia.


Hi guys, Jason from Mr. Physio here. Today, I'll demonstrate two simple techniques to help clear sputum from your airways. But first, let's understand the anatomy of your lungs.

In the middle of your lungs, you have a windpipe called the trachea, which then divides into two main stem bronchi. From there, numerous branches known as bronchi spread across your lungs, leading the air to the alveoli where gas exchange takes place.

When you have phlegm in your airways due to conditions like flu, pneumonia, or COVID-19, it can block the air passage, reducing gas exchange. The sputum can also move down into the base of your lungs, where most of the gas exchange occurs, leading to decreased oxygen levels in your body and affecting your overall function.

To clear this sputum, even if you have cold symptoms, I'll now show you how to perform these techniques.

First, take five small breaths, using only 50% of your full breath. Hold each breath for five seconds to allow the air to reach deeper into your lungs. Then, exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this process.

After the small breaths, take five deep breaths. Place one hand on your belly and the other on your lower ribs. Inhale deeply, hold for five seconds, then exhale slowly. Repeat this process.

These techniques help move the air behind the sputum, facilitating its removal, while also moisturizing the airways and reducing the stickiness of the sputum.

 Don’t eat these @BrolyGainz007 @Dodeezfitness @MamaGainz



Golden beets are a root vegetable that are similar to

red beets in terms of nutritional value.


 They are rich in antioxidantsvitamin Avitamin Cflavonoidspotassium, and more 1. Here are some of the top health benefits of golden beets:

  1. Lowering blood pressure: Golden beets contain potassium, which is known to be a blood pressure-lowering mineral. Eating potassium can actually reduce the effects of consuming sodium in your body because the more potassium you consume, the more sodium you flush out via your urine. In fact, one study revealed that when participants supplemented with potassium, their average blood pressure readings dropped significantly 1.

  2. Fighting inflammation: Golden beets contain betaxanthins, which are antioxidants that help fight inflammation 1.

  3. Supporting liver health: Golden beets contain many vitamins and minerals along with health-promoting nitrates and antioxidants. These components are known to support liver health 1.

  4. Providing dietary fiber: Golden beets are a good source of dietary fiber, which is important for maintaining a healthy digestive system 1.

Fibromyalgia: scientists have found the cause and successfully treated it. We show you how.

Scientists uncovered the cause and successful treatment for fibromyalgia over a decade ago, yet the knowledge hasn't permeated medical practice. Years back, patients experiencing widespread pain with inconclusive test results were labeled with fibromyalgia. This diagnosis arose when no identifiable cause for the pain could be determined.

Research revealed that fibromyalgia stems from the chronic bombardment of the nervous system by prolonged pain, resulting in its sensitization, termed as sensitization. Myofascial trigger points, commonly known as trigger points, stand as the primary source of this enduring pain. Scientists found that by alleviating the pain from these trigger points, fibromyalgia could be cured.

However, this discussion highlights the lag in the adoption of scientific findings by the medical field, juxtaposed with the immense profits reaped by pharmaceutical companies offering symptom-based treatments. Their vested interest lies in perpetuating the notion that fibromyalgia has no cure.

The potential treatment or cure for fibromyalgia by targeting these trigger points offers hope for those suffering from this condition.

Flesh Eating Bacteria that is killing more people


In recent times, there has been a significant rise in flesh-eating bacteria (Vibrio Vulnificus) cases, especially during the warm months of July, August, and September. The CDC has issued a national health alert to spread awareness about this severe health risk.


This video aims to educate viewers on how to protect themselves from these potentially fatal bacteria, primarily found in coastal waters, which has recently caused serious infections and fatalities in states like Connecticut, New York, and North Carolina.





Do This 1 Thing to Your RICE...Lower Carbs & Glucose, Less Calories, Heals Gut! Dr. Mandell


The Scary New Research on Sugar

& How They Made You Addicted to It!


Jessie Inchauspé | E243



0:00 Intro

02:02 What is it that you do and why does it matter?

15:14 Why glucose?

26:45 The symptoms of bad glucose spikes

35:06 What is glucose?

38:06 What happens to our bodies when we have a glucose spike?

43:44 Glucose as it relates to weight gain

48:30 10 Hacks to prevent glucose spikes

01:02:14 The right meal to have for breakfast

01:09:26 Why you should be drinking vinegar

01:11:54 You have to be doing this after you eat

01:14:46 Your perfect diet

01:24:24 Our conversation cards

01:31:18 The last guest’s question



Herpes - The Gift That Keeps On Giving


In this video, Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses what causes herpes, how you contract it, why you can never get rid of it, and potential treatment options for herpes outbreaks.

12 Odd menopause symptoms that are more

common than you think!


This video lists 12 odd menopause symptoms that are more common than you think. Many of these perimenopause and post menopause symptoms are not experiences that you would think to associate with shifting hormones but many perimenopausal and post-menopausal women struggle with them.



0:00 - Introduction
0:25 - Menopause flu
1:15 - Body odour in menopause
1:55 - Lack of spatial awareness in menopause
2:30 - Phantom periods in menopause
3:00 - Foot pain in menopause
3:34 - Internal vibrations in menopause



4:01 - Electric shocks in menopause
4:40 - Blurry vision in menopause
5:21 - OCD in menopause
5:54 - Extreme temperature shifts in menopause
6:32 - Disorientation in menopause
7:06 - Change in taste in menopause
7:38 - Final thoughts

The SHOCKING ROOT CAUSE of Cancer & How To STARVE It Naturally | Dr. Thomas Seyfried


My wife has been cancer free for 19 years. She had cervical cancer (one lemon sized tumor and the other was the size of an orange). She was told she wouldn't be able to have children. Her doctor at the time wanted to treat the cancer aggressively with high dose radiation and chemo. He said her body would be able to handle it since she was young and in decent health. She got a second opinion, and this doctor told her she needed to "starve" the tumors. We thought the guy was insane, but she was willing to try anything other than the cancer cocktail. She watched her mom try to battle cancer using that method and didn't want to go through that, so I supported any decision she was comfortable with. She decided to take the 2nd doctor's advice. She water fasted for 60 days. Then went no sugar, extremely low carb for 6 months then did another 60-day water fast. I did the process with her. The tumors had shrunk more than 80%. After that, they blasted them with two rounds of radiation and that was it. Both of us have been sugar free, low carb ever since and we intermittent fast. We also do an extended fast once a year. Plus, we have 3 beautiful children together😊.

I commend doctors like you who are willing to step out of the norm and provide alternatives to your patients even if it risks you sounded like a lunatic because everyone isn't going to want to take their health into their own hands or are too afraid because they don't know if it will work. Also, a lot of people want a cure without sacrifice. I'd rather take this shot as long as I can still eat some sugar, I'd rather take this pill as long as I don't have to exercise, etc. My friends, family members, associates all ask how I've maintained my weight over the years. Then when I tell them, they come up with all kinds of excuses for why they can't do it or how unhealthy it is or that it's too restrictive. Now, I don't even debate with people because ignorance is truly bliss. My wife and I feel better than we did when we were in college which means our bodies are less stressed, less inflamed, and receiving vital nutrients. All this to say, take control over YOUR health. @alphasthrive1906 (YouTube Commentor)

11 Not So Obvious Signs Your Parent Emotionally Neglected You: Lisa A. Romano

Today, we're going to be discussing a very important topic that affects many people - emotional neglect from parents.


"When we flee our vulnerability, we lose our full capacity for feeling emotion."


I love this quote by Gabor Mate. This quote identifies the necessity for the exploration of pain, rather than the walling ourselves off from the experiences in childhood that caused emotional trauma.


In this video, I'll be sharing 11 signs that your parent emotionally neglected you, and how to start healing from this experience. So, if you're ready to learn more about this topic and start your journey towards healing, make sure to stick around and hit that subscribe button for more healing content created for you, the Adult Child from a dysfunctional home.


Dear One, it's not you -- it's only your programming. Emotional pain causes our limbic brain to build walls that prevent us from being able to access the most sacred and human parts of ourselves. Identifying the root causes of codependency, abandonment trauma, and relationship anxieties, is one of the major steps we can take to begin healing our lives.


Codependency recovery, takes time. The best codependency treatment begins with acknowledging a problem exists. Getting codependency recovery support, on your healing journey is essential to heal. Feel free to join my codependency support group on Facebook. I also offer codependency books and you can find them here;


My Breakthrough Warrior Membership offers codependency resources, and codependency help all within one library. This membership is alive, meaning, every month, I create new resources to help you heal from codependency, childhood emotional neglect, abandonment trauma and narcissistic abuse.



HIV Cure Announcement | AGT103-T Phase I Clinical Trial


On Friday, June 9, 2023, AGT's Jeff Galvin made an announcement about the results of their AGT103-T Phase I Clinical Trial for a potential HIV Cure. In this video I cover all the major points in this latest HIV news...






It’s been thought that brain cells don’t regenerate—but is that actually true? Learn more!




In the U.S. alone, 50 to 70 million people experience some type of chronic sleep disorder, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).


* Breathing disorders

One billion people worldwide are thought to suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, in which the airway gets blocked for short periods, breathing stops, and less air reaches the lungs, increasing the risk for cardiovascular disease. Less common is central sleep apnea, a potentially fatal disorder in which breathing stops and starts unpredictably because the brain isn't working properly.


* Insomnia

About one in three U.S. adults report trouble falling asleep or staying asleep or waking up too early and not falling back to sleep, according to the American Psychiatric Association. Worldwide, the prevalence of insomnia ranges from 10% to 60%.


* Excessive sleepiness

Conditions where people oversleep and fall asleep at inconvenient or dangerous times - such as while driving - are known as hypersomnia. Causes range from a lack of a chemical in the brain that regulates wakefulness to seasonal changes: In winter there is less sunlight sending wake-up signals to the brain. Sleeping too much - more than nine hours per night on a regular basis, according to the AASM - can also be a sign of underlying health problems.

* Parasomnias

Parasomnias are unwanted events that occur while a person is sleeping. People with parasomnias might move, talk, and express emotions while appearing to be awake, even though they are really asleep.


* Movement disorders

Among the best known is Restless Legs Syndrome, in which sufferers feel a burning or itching in their legs when they lie down. Others include painful leg cramps in the middle of the night, uncontrollable muscle movements, and bruxism, or grinding or clenching of the teeth.



In this video, you'll learn about the distinct traits and behaviors exhibited by dogs with rabies, as well as the telltale symptoms and effective preventive measures. Rabies is a viral infection that can be transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. The video clarifies that the virus loses its potency in the saliva of a rabid dog after it has been exposed to open air for an hour. Therefore, caution should be exercised if coming into contact with a dog's saliva.


The video emphasizes the importance of reporting any unusual behavior in animals, as this could be a sign of rabies. By being vigilant and alert, we can prevent the spread of this deadly virus. 

Proper awareness and prompt action are key to safeguarding ourselves and our furry friends from the risks associated with rabies.


THIS Happens When You Use Castor Oil Before Bed


Have you ever heard of castor oil? It's popular in several cultures. This is all thanks to it's amazing benefits on your health. You can use castor oil on your face, hair, and skin. Some even suggest using it before bed. But does it really have the effects people rave about?


In today's video, we'll discuss exactly this. Is it true it works as a laxative? Can castor oil moisturize you? Wait, can it be really used to store and clean your dentures? We'll be talking about all of these AND more…

Natural Collagen! At 50 the wrinkles are gone!

Oil for wrinkles in 10 minutes


Natural Collagen! At 50 the wrinkles are gone! Oil from wrinkles in 10 minutes. How to get rid of wrinkles at home? An easy recipe for coconut oil cream. Homemade recipes in your kitchen are easy, affordable and healthy. Simple recipes for your skin. The video is for informational purposes only.


Recipe and preparation:


friends hello Today we are preparing an anti-aging face cream that will fight the signs of aging on the skin.
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Wash 1 large orange thoroughly in warm water with baking soda.
Orange cream smooths wrinkles due to the content of essential oils. They penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis and activate metabolic processes. Improves cell regeneration.

Finely grate the orange zest. 🍊
1 medium carrot. 🥕
6 bay leaves.  🍃
1 tablespoon coconut oil.  🥥🍾
4 tablespoons olive oil.  🍾

Place a towel on the bottom of the pot.
Top up with water, but in such a way that no water gets into the cream during cooking.
Bring to a boil and cook over medium heat for 40 minutes.
Pass through a sieve.
Place in the fridge until cool. Store in the refrigerator after use.
An orange mask prevents aging. Oranges contain substances that slow down the drying and wrinkling of the skin.
The effect is amazing, the skin becomes very soft, the result is noticeable from the first application.
Friends, write in the comments, what do you think of this orange cream?
Be sure to test on a small area of ​​skin before use.


And now let's prepare an amazing tonic tea.

juice of 1 lemon.  🍋
Slice the squeezed lemon.
A piece of ginger.  
700ml of water.
1 cinnamon stick.
Bring to a boil and let cool.
Add squeezed lemon juice.
1 teaspoon of paprika.

This tea strengthens the immune system, increases body tone and speeds up metabolism.

Ginger tea has an antibacterial, bactericidal, calming, cleansing and warming effect on the body.

Bon Appetit, friends!

Erases all wrinkles on your face! Effective anti-aging mask! Tightens the skin in 3 days! 🔝


Anti-aging mask! Firms skin in 3 days and fills in wrinkles and fine lines. Erases all wrinkles on your face! Effective anti-aging mask! Tightens the skin! 🔝 Coffee will make you an 18-year-old girl no matter how old you are. anti-aging mask. Ingredients a million times stronger than Botox, apply them all over your face. Erase 10 years from your face instantly. Collagen stimulation! Japanese secret! Tightens the skin! Removes pigment spots on the skin! Erase all folds. Removes eye wrinkles. Natural anti-wrinkle remedy. How to remove wrinkles at home? Friends, this mask is awesome!!! You will see the difference after the first application! The skin becomes soft, smooth and whiter. You must try this easy and quick anti-wrinkle mask recipe. If you persevere you will definitely see the results!!! Health in the kitchen 👌🍀🌞


1 recipe and ingredients:

We need a spoonful of instant coffee.
Add a spoonful of water.
Add a teaspoon of gelatin.
Mix well.
Put a cotton cloth in a pot and put our face mask on it.
add water.
Over low heat, the gelatin should dissolve.
Allow to cool slightly.


Our anti-wrinkle mask blend has gone cold.
Apply the mixture well to the face and neck.
it can even be applied to the creases of the hands.
Leave the mixture until it dries completely on the skin.
After about 30 minutes.
Remove the mask - peel it that way.

👉 The skin is smooth as glass, firm and beautiful!

Wash your face and hands and moisturize your skin.
This mask also removes facial hair.
You will see the difference after the first application of the mask!!!


🔝 I'll show you another very quick and easy recipe!

Add 1 teaspoon of instant coffee.
We need 1 yolk.
We add 2 vitamin E capsules.

The result is radiant, younger-looking skin without wrinkles!
It helps you with skin blemishes, remove melasma!
Apply a thick layer.

It can be repeated 3 times a week.

Wait for it to dry and remove it that way!

Rinse off with lukewarm water and hydrate.

❗ The masks we prepared today will not be stored!

Be healthy! 💚
Thank you for watching! 😊 Do not forget about contraindications, before use, be sure to consult your doctor.

❗ Clean the skin first before using this mask!

👉 Grind 1 tablespoon of your favorite high quality coffee.
Add a teaspoon of coconut oil.
Add a teaspoon of olive oil.
Mix well.
Exfoliate your skin with this peeling in gentle circular movements.
Continue exfoliating for 1 minute to remove dead skin cells.
Then wash your skin with warm water.
it can be repeated 2 times a week.


❗❗❗ Do an allergy test before use! Apply to a small area on the inside of the hand and wait 30 minutes.


Be healthy! 💚
Thank you for watching! 😊 Do not forget about contraindications, before use, be sure to consult your doctor.






Benefit of moringa leaf for poultry and livestock.
Moringa leaf is loaded with many vitamins,
Moringa leaf is booster for snail and birds and animals.
Benefit of moringa leaf and seed.
Every part of moringa leaf, seed is vitamins.
It contains crude protein, carbohydrates, crude fiber, crude fats and fatty acid.
Moringa leaf is Rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium and zinc.
Moringa leaf contain 7 essential amino acid needed for normal body weight and growth.
Moringa leaf increased eggs production and meat production and growth.
Moringa leaf increase immune system of birds, animal and fish.
With moringa leaf you will achieve 88% eggs production and eggs size INCREASE.




Moringa seed contain 46 antioxidants.
Moringa leaf has 15 time more vitamin C than orange.
Moringa leaf has 20 times more vitamin D than bonemeal.
Moringa leaf has 25 times more protein than yoghurt and milk.
Moringa leaf has 10-time potassium of banana.
Every part of moringa leaf, seed, peel is nutrient and VITAMINS.
Moringa leaf is rich in vitamin C.
When your birds and animals is panting, they need vitamin C for stress relief.
Vitamin C help to increase immune system against DISEASES.
Moringa leaf increase layers eggs production and eggs size quality.
Moringa leaf is rich in vitamin D, if you are having leg paralysis or lameness among your birds and animals get fresh Moringa leaf Air dry and powder mixed 300gram to 25kg feed for 5 days.
Moringa leaf is rich in vitamin D and calcium for strong bone and strong eggs shell.
Lack of calcium can lead to poor growth and lameness, leg paralysis in birds and animals especially broiler
Moringa leaf is rich in vitamin E and K.
Not all birds that you see that have twisted neck is Newcastle, lack of Vitamin K and E and at the same time injury to neck can cause twisted neck.
One Of the chronic stages of Newcastle disease is twisted neck which has no treatment ( organic now have treatment for it)
Moringa leave increase layers eggs production and eggs size.
Air dry and powder and mixed 50gram to 25kg feed.




Get 500gram of fresh moringa leaf.
Get 100gram of lemon grass.
Put all together into clean pot and add 3 liters of water.
Boil it for 30minute.
Allow the juice to thick.
Use 30ml to 1 liter of water for 5 days.
Layers 50ml to 1 liter of water for 5 days.
If you're interested in knowing more about benefits of moringa and other leaves like papaya, tea, mango, pumpkin, Cayenne pepper, orange peel, rosemary leaf, black pepper and so on....... Leaves and uses of aloe vera and others.
Most especially if you're interested in knowing more about organic and synthetic farming join us now training is ongoing already.


The guava fruit, leaves and bark of the plant possess some therapeutic properties and have been known to treat various disorders.
The guava fruit has carotenoids, flavonoids, saponins, essential oils, eugenol, lectins, triterpenes as well as polyphenols.
The guava leaf is high in flavonoids and quercetin, in fact, the majority of the medicinal properties of guava are attributed to the flavonoids seen in the fruits and leaves works as treatment for many diseases.


Hibiscus is used for treating loss of appetite, colds, heart and nerve diseases, upper respiratory tract pain and swelling (inflammation), fluid retention, stomach irritation, and disorders of circulation; for dissolving phlegm; as a gentle laxative; and as a diuretic to increase urine output.


Garlic is used for many conditions related to the heart and blood system. These conditions include high blood pressure, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, inherited high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, heart attack, reduced blood flow due to narrowed arteries, and 'hardening of the arteries' (atherosclerosis).

Ginger is commonly used to treat various types of 'stomach problems,' including motion sickness, morning sickness, colic, upset stomach, gas, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, nausea caused by cancer treatment, nausea caused by HIV/AIDS treatment, nausea and vomiting after surgery, as well as loss of appetite and many more.




What They Aren't Telling You About Nicotine


Forget everything you think you know about nicotine...


If you takin the jib and you're seeing all the “sudden deaths” and your worried. PINE NEEDLE TEA may help.


Dr Mikovitz explains.


If Soda Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads (Coca-cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper Parody)


If it's hot out and you're in dire need of refreshment, just grab yourself an ice-cold bottle of candy.


Reframing soda in my mind as "liquid candy" has actually helped me stop drinking it so often.





REVERSE AGING: What to Eat & When to Eat for LONGEVITY | Dr. Mark Hyman & Lewis Howes



What benefits could you experience if you

gave up sugar for just two weeks? Find out!

What Happens If You Stop Eating Sugar for TWO Weeks


0:00 Introduction: What would happen if you gave up sugar?
0:10 #1 Your face and midsection will change.
0:52 #2 Improves eyes, brain, arteries, and kidneys
4:19 #3 Decreases urination at night
5:00 #4 More energy
6:35 #5 Cravings between meals go away
8:57 #6 Less stiffness, pain, and inflammation
9:57 #7 You'll lose weight.
11:32 #8 Better skin
11:50 #9 Improves insulin resistance.



Do You Have Vertical Ridges on Your Nails? (Cause)


Today we explain what causes vertical ridges on fingernails. We will also explore some natural remedies for these nail ridges. These vertical lines form from the top of the nail to the base and are an indicator of a Vitamin B12 or iron deficiency. When the nervous system becomes overworked, due to the stress we tend to burn through or B vitamins, including B12. Vertical ridges are a good indicator that this is the case, which can inform us to take action steps in order to restore our health.


How to Never Get Another Cavity Ever Again


Find out the best way to prevent cavities naturally.


In my opinion, to get rid of cavities, you need to address the underlying cause. You have to stop consuming sugar and starches.  The ketogenic diet has many benefits beyond weight loss, including promoting good oral health—and it’s great for adults and children!




The First Sign of KIDNEY DISEASE is ...


Do you get up a lot at night? Learn more about the kidneys and the first sign of kidney disease.