The Desert of The Real

Disturbing Discovery 17 years

after Hurricane Katrina


This is one of Slidell's oldest African American cemeteries that was under 7 feet of water during Hurricane Katrina. 17 years has past and very little has been done to it. There's trash spread thru out the cemetery, still have broken tombs/crypts and I even ran into a human skull. Which is pretty disturbing to tell you the true.


I end up showing the human skull. My reason is that I'm making an awareness about it. Something needs to be done. It shouldn't be sitting out like that. What if that was your loved ones? That would be a whole new story right there if so.

Maurice Robert Cemetery 👇🏻

Welcome to New York City

Historical moment when black and white tv was switched to colored live.


SWU Channel Update-March 2024


Pinned by Soft White Underbelly


@extrageneity -- I think a lot when I watch this channel about the end of Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson was trying to do, through his brand of drug-addled, autobiographical journalism, similar to what Soft White Underbelly is doing: Capture a picture of the world we don't see, in the hopes of changing how we understand the world that's normally shown to us. Thompson gives a deeply personal, chapters-long narrative about the men he met from that biker gang, about their history, about their interactions with them, about their perspective on violence and straight society, about everything. Then, at the very end, he writes an afterward, about how his time with the gang ended abruptly when one of them, for not much reason, beat him up, with some help but also with some pulling-away by the man's gang brothers. Thompson writes about this very sparsely compared to how he writes the rest of the book--not seeking to put us in that room, in that moment, with him. He simply says, angrily, that they turned on him and that now he's done with them. Sonny Barger, one of the most important of the Angels from that era, was there, and says that by his club's rules, Thompson had the beating coming to him.

This channel, more than anything, is a story about hustlers of all kinds. People who step outside normal boundaries of society, out of need or trauma or boredom. People who break laws, who live rough, who sell themselves, who hurt others, all to survive. Outlaws--people who live, or who have lived, outside the law. Survival systematically trumps, if not decency, respectability, for most of them--as it would for most of us in similar circumstances. 

There are other stories told here, too--SWU's interview style, patient, non-judgmental, listening with empathy, that style can be used to draw out all kinds of stories from all kinds of people.

But mostly, it's stories of people who are hustling to survive, who are in that struggle for some kind of reason, and who might still someday be utterly defeated by whatever that reason is.

Thompson was telling a story about violent outlaws, who ultimately turned that violence on him. SWU is telling a story about hustler outlaws, who have repeatedly sought--at times successfully, at times not--to hustle him. But there's a deep overlap between the desperation of outlaw violence and the desperation of outlaw hustling. Getting hustled is far from the worst that could happen to someone doing this work.

So, I don't just watch. I watch, and I worry. But then, after worrying for a while, I think about how outlaw risk threatens us all, whether we seek it out or not. The school children in Sandy Hook, in Uvalde, hadn't invited outlaw danger the way Thompson did, the way Mark does. It simply came for them one day. I wonder if maybe projects like this one are the only hope we have of ever really understanding why.

How Sensationalism Ruined the Whittakers



The Whittaker’s story went viral back in 2020 when photographer Mark Laita, interviewed the family at their home. The video touched many and spurred successful GoFundMes to aid the family with their living expenses. However, a YouTuber by the name of Tyler Olivera recently scrutinized the legitimacy of the charity, questioning Mark’s honor. 

While Mark did fire back with receipts, the headache of the drama caused him to pull back from the family. Many now accuse Olivera of ruining the Whittaker’s lives, all to clout-chase and to make a sensationalist video.

The Death of Larry Whittaker


Soft White Underbelly follow up Larry Whittaker's death in Odd, West Virginia.

Officers find a Woman eating mud.


It's intriguing that she retains some level of lucidity despite her condition. She's aware of her surroundings and can comprehend questions from the cops and paramedics, even providing her name. However, it's concerning that she has lost much of her motor control, resulting in flailing movements and unusual noises.

It's fortunate that she didn't resist the authorities. This situation is undoubtedly distressing, and I hope she receives the assistance she needs.

This incident highlights the urgent need to overhaul our healthcare system. Individuals like her require more than just a 30-day stay in a facility to address their complex needs effectively.

A Day in the Life of a Modern-day crackhead


Woman Runs Man Over After Altercation on Freeway


INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 2-25-24 6:36 am
LOCATION: SB I-5 JSO of 28th St
AREA/CITY: San Diego


911 Dispatchers received a call about a traffic accident.

Two Good Samaritans discovered a male victim lying in the #4 lane of the southbound I-5, with luggage and belongings scattered across the traffic lanes. According to the victim, his female friend threw him and his suitcase out of the vehicle before running him over and fleeing the scene. The victim sustained major injuries and was rushed to UCSD Hospital for surgery due to upper body trauma.

Meanwhile, SDPD officers located the female suspect in a Volvo SUV on the transition ramp from the I-5 south to the CA-15 north. The Volvo was parked on the right shoulder, and it was revealed that the vehicle came to a halt approximately 1/4 mile away after the victim, who had the key fob, was left behind.

During questioning, the female initially rambled but eventually admitted that she and the male had been involved in a fight at a downtown San Diego hotel, which continued as they left. She claimed that the male, who was driving, began strangling her, prompting him to pull over, exit the vehicle, and retrieve his suitcase.


While it remains unclear if she confessed to running over the male, evidence suggests damage to the hood and windshield of the vehicle, as well as a tire tread mark on the victim's back. After extensive questioning, the CHP detained her for further investigation.


...And A Handful of Comments.


@RMarshall-ud2yn -- As a former Army medic, it really bothers me to see NO sense of URGENCY in anyone's step anymore. EVERY second counts and severe pain and trauma is like an eternity.

@Lana-ir2fo3uj2q -- If I was lying on the side of the road, I would appreciate anyone coming over to comfort me. Hold my hand and let me know help is on the way. Imagine what this poor guy was thinking. Being run over like an animal and laying there suffering alone while hundreds of cars go by just staring at you. I hope to see an update on this. 😢

@Fr0galicious -- Heartbreaking seeing him lying on the side of the road in pain with nobody there talking to him, so he isn’t feeling alone while help arrives.

Viral Video of Black Employee’s Horrible Customer Service Gets Him Fired from Walmart

The decision to record him merely to ask that question speaks volumes about her intentions.


The man in question doesn't warrant dismissal; in fact, he deserves recognition or even a raise for his composed handling of the situation. He demonstrated admirable professionalism in dealing with the disrespectful behavior of the woman who chose to film him over a trivial matter.


It's evident that the customer, by deliberately confronting him about a non-related issue, was attempting to provoke a reaction. She should be held accountable for her actions and terminated from her position.

23 Sep 2009 Muammar Gaddafi speech at United Nations General Assembly




Muammar Gaddafi is hailed by some as one of the world's greatest heroes. It took time for some to realize that his outspokenness, as evidenced in a particular speech, ultimately cost him his life.

Under Gaddafi's leadership, Libya witnessed a remarkable transformation: the literacy rate surged from 10% to 90%, the minimum wage doubled, and the nation emerged from poverty without relying on loans from institutions like the IMF. Gaddafi garnered love not only from the Libyan people but also from many Arabs.

However, his aspirations, such as creating a Pan-African currency and challenging the United States' global dominance with the petrol dollar, may have led to his downfall. Gaddafi strategically held key trade positions in cities like Tripoli and Benghazi, posing a potential threat to Europe and, consequently, the United States.

Gaddafi succeeded in elevating Libya to an esteemed status, becoming an independent economic force in a remarkably short period. The narrative suggests that nations following a similar path, like Russia and China, pose a threat to U.S. dominance, triggering mass propaganda campaigns. Allegations of Gaddafi supporting terrorism or being perceived as a ruthless dictator are deemed unsubstantiated by the narrator.

Encouraging reflection on this historical period, the narrative prompts individuals to ponder what contemporary events validate Gaddafi's words. It calls for independent research, highlighting the massive demonstrations of grief in Libya following NATO-backed regime change, seen by some as serving America's interests. The narrative closes with a plea for divine mercy on Gaddafi, leaving his judgment to the higher powers on Judgment Day.

She was pronounced Guilty under Sharia Law.

But wait, what was her crime? She was gang raped by a group of men.

How dare she act in such a way.

13-year-old Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow in Somalia, was stoned for being the victim of a gang rape. By all means bring more of these stupid primitive bastards into western countries. They are being allowed to invade. They are not immigrating.

The very second their foot touches our soil they should be shot as the invaders they are.

Lots of folks made fun of his legs until they caught wind of what he's been up to. #respect


Duluth Bodycam is a Real Life “Fargo” Movie


@bobbyburch410 -- This was the strangest by far police interaction I have ever seen with a person who had just been shot eight times. It almost seemed fake, like comedically staged.

The Shocking Case of the Hated Hermaphrodite



Herculine Barbin was a French intersex person (often referred to as a hermaphrodite in historical texts) who lived in the 19th century. Assigned female at birth, Barbin was later reassigned as male due to medical and legal reasons. Barbin's life story gained attention due to the publication of her memoirs, which revealed the struggles of living between genders in a society with rigid gender norms. Barbin's memoirs shed light on the complexities of intersex identity and the challenges faced by individuals whose experiences do not fit within traditional gender categories.

 Michelle Wu shows off photo from ‘coloreds only’ party.


Boston Mayor Michelle Wu proudly shared a photo of the controversial “electees of color” holiday party she hosted on Wednesday, showcasing all the smiling government officials of minority backgrounds at the “no whites” gathering.

“Last night was my turn to host the annual holiday dinner for Boston’s elected officials of color—a special moment to appreciate that our affinity group now includes leadership across city, state, county, and federal offices,” Wu wrote in a caption alongside the photo on Instagram.

Wu, 38, came under fire earlier this week when her director of City Council Relations Denise DosSantos emailed the party’s exclusive invitation to all members of the City Council instead of only the “electees of color.”

Boston’s City Council is comprised of six minority and seven white members, who were not the intended targets of the email.

The aide realized her mistake approximately fifteen minutes after the message and sent a follow-up email to the white council members who received the invitation by mistake.

The insurance industry is f**ked.


The three tiers of insurance are, generally, directs (Geico, Progressive), mutuals (allstate, american family etc) and the Nationals (Nationwide Chubb etc)

The last picture of Adolf Hitler, 1945


This last known photograph of Hitler was taken about two days before his death as he surveyed the devastating bomb damage outside his Berlin bunker entrance. After the Six Years' War, with Germany ruined and defeat imminent, Hitler decided to take his own life.

But before doing so, he married Eva Brown and then wrote his last will and testament. At noon the next day, April 30, 1945, Braun and Hitler entered his living room to end their lives.

Awful Vintage Ads from the 20th Century:

Distasteful Ads from the Past


In the current advertising landscape, it's evident that certain contemporary ads face criticism for objectifying women.

However, a retrospective glance at mid-20th century advertising unveils a startling reality: Companies engaged in marketing practices that would be vehemently denounced today.

Before the Civil Rights Movement, major brands, including household names like Kellogg's, employed shockingly sexist slogans in their campaigns.

One notably egregious instance was Kellogg's infamous tagline, "The harder a wife works, the cuter she looks."

Beyond the deeply problematic sexism in advertising, this era was rife with openly racist ads that shamelessly perpetuated racial stereotypes and discrimination.

These ads endorsed products through offensive names and images, relying on caricatures that upheld harmful racial prejudices.

The armed robber’s family is upset because the store clerk was armed too.


Equity… Family members of the armed robber killed by a store clerk are angry the clerk was armed. Their brother counted on the store’s policy as a ‘gun-free’ zone to ensure his safety.

How sweet is this?


This Is How You Should Treat Your Neighbors


A neighbor shared this Ring Doorbell footage showing exactly what to do when dealing with a neighbor with complaints. This is probably one of the best videos that we've seen all year. Always treat people, including your neighbors, with patience and compassion.

WHO IS The 'Crazy' Meijer Lady? The Story Behind the Michigan Legend.


You've heard of the 'Crazy' Meijer Lady from Michigan, but do you know who she really is? In this video I talk about the several viral videos in 2020 that boosted her to internet fame and discuss the mystery around her true identity.


Who is the Meijer Lady from Michigan?


Where is she now?

The Horrific Truth About Brothels During The Wild West


Beneath the dusty tumbleweeds and the crack of gunfire, the American Wild West of the mid to late 1800s harbored a different kind of vice, found within the gilded doors of bustling brothels and the coy smiles of cunning madams. In a time marked by lawlessness and opportunism, these houses of ill repute carved out a notorious niche in the heart of the frontier.

As the flicker of gas lanterns danced across the faces of weary cowboys, miners, and outlaws alike, the siren calls of these establishments echoed far and wide.

Figures like Julia Bulette, the esteemed madame of Virginia City, and Pearl de Vere, the 'Soiled Dove of Cripple Creek,' presided over these dens of decadence, forever etching their names in the annals of American lore.

But who were these women who ran these businesses with iron fists cloaked in velvet gloves? What were the stories behind their clientele, and what role did these establishments play in the evolution of the Wild West?

"Cute" TikTok Gets Toddler Taken

Away from Mom Influencer


In a recently circulated TikTok video, a mother influencer has ignited a wave of apprehension as she attempts to depict her toddler's evident distress as a form of lighthearted punishment. The disconcerting footage unfolds with the child tightly wrapped, tears streaming down his face, while his parents find amusement in what they claim to be a playful moment.


The mother's narration, explaining the toddler's supposed misbehavior and subsequent punishment, is delivered with an unsettling contrast to the child's visibly distressed state. Despite the mother's insistence that the child is "having fun," it is clear that the toddler is bewildered and far from enjoying the situation.


What is particularly troubling is the parents' decision to turn this distressing moment into content for social media. Rather than addressing the child's evident discomfort, their reaction raises questions about their priorities and emotional attunement to the well-being of their own child.

The video lacks any genuine expression of concern for the child, who appears to be caught in a distressing scenario. The mother's focus on creating shareable content rather than acknowledging the child's emotional state is evident, prompting valid concerns about the impact of such experiences on the child's psychological well-being in the long run.


Viewers are quick to point out the potential for lasting trauma for the child in the future. The footage suggests a lack of understanding regarding the profound effects such incidents can have on a developing psyche, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the well-being of children over the pursuit of viral content.


In essence, the video, intended to be a light-hearted display of parenting, has sparked a broader conversation about the ethical considerations surrounding content creation, especially when it involves the emotional welfare of young children. As the online community reflects on this troubling incident, it raises awareness about the need to advocate for the safety and emotional health of children in the realm of social media.



"Scream For Me"

| Serial Killers Bittaker & Norris




"Scream For Me" is a true crime story about serial killers Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker and Roy Lewis Norris, two depraved thugs who met in prison where, I’m sure we’ll soon all agree, they should have stayed. But as fate would have it, the leniency of our legal system set these rabid animals loose on the public, resulting in innocent victim after innocent victim by way of some of the most violent measures imaginable.


Nicknamed by the Press as “The Toolbox Killers”, Bittaker and Norris had a lot of victims, both as separate individuals and together as a team. While they admitted to murdering five teenage girls, the total count of victims for these two clowns is unknown.

They abducted and killed women from the back of their van in Southern California. While their killing spree lasted only five months, the pair’s savagery is the stuff of nightmares. On top of the extreme and tragic brutality these two losers dealt out, they actually recorded the sounds of some of their victims on a tape recorder.


 This is The Brutal Disturbing Truth of The Toolbox Serial Killers.

"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."


-- Leading Nazi leader, Hermann Goering, at the Nuremberg Trials before he was sentenced to death


When People Die After Crying Out for Help: The Disturbing Case of Lisa Edwards and Others


This episode of “The Disturbing Truth” covers the horrifying reality of people dying after crying out for help and getting no answer. When 60-year-old Lisa Edwards needed medical attention on Feb 5, 2023, her horrifying experience with law enforcement and hospital staff left the public stunned. Edwards’ case mimics other recent tragedies where a person in need wasn’t treated as such.




Rest In Paradise -Matt (Last Interview GRAPHIC)


36 years old and died on the streets. That's so young. God please help these people.

Extreme Human Suffering Among Homeless Individuals Amidst the COVID-19 "Pandemic"


In a comprehensive investigative report, The Probe explores the dire conditions faced by homeless individuals in India during the height of the pandemic. The documentary captures distressing scenes in which homeless individuals suffer from infestations of flesh-eating maggots.


This news documentary delves deep into the hardships endured by the homeless population, shedding light on the prevalent issues of discrimination, societal neglect, and government indifference.

My Daughter Has Been Wailing All Day and Night For 3 Months..


For those who may not have had the opportunity to watch the entire video:


The production team took the mother and daughter to receive the necessary medical treatment. Upon evaluation, the mother was diagnosed with brain atrophy and subsequently prescribed an anti-psychotic medication. With the proper care and intervention, the daughter's condition improved significantly. During this recovery process, the daughter was able to articulate that she had been experiencing hallucinations of women yelling at her, which had left her feeling deeply frustrated and frightened, hence her tears.


While the daughter has made remarkable progress towards recovery, regaining her health and emotional stability, she continues to face challenges related to her physical mobility. Specifically, she has not yet regained the ability to walk unassisted.

 The Most Insane Cockroach (& Bed Bug) Infestation You'll EVER See




This was the worst German Cockroach infestation I have ever seen in my career. We are currently working with the family to coordinate follow-up treatments and guide them in cleaning out the home.


BUY Tekko Trio Here:


0:00 - You Can Smell the Roaches

1:10 - The First Look

2:20 - Bed Bugs Too!

4:11 - The Story

7:15 - The Products I Use

10:14 - The Worst Areas

12:59 - Starting the Treatments

17:46 - Cockroach Headquarters

22:27 - Flushing them OUT

25:39 - The Kitchen Island

27:22 - Bed Bug Treatment

30:06 - Final Fumigation


This very sad situation comes from years of neglect. Cockroach infestations like this are very rare but people need to know that this is the reality of some people's living conditions.

The Conogen Horses


They were deprived of experiencing the sunlight and fresh air. Instead, they lived in darkness underground, relying on their instincts and the guidance of their human partners, known as Conogens. These horses were born, worked, and perished in the dark, enduring strenuous labor. It was not uncommon for a single horse to pull up to eight heavy coal wagons alone. Despite their challenging circumstances, these animals maintained their dignity and were aware of their rights, such as refusing to move if they felt burdened with excessive wagons. They also possessed a remarkable sense of time, knowing when their working day should end and finding their way back to the stables even in darkness. This demanding work of horses in the mines continued until 1972 when technology took over, marking the end of an era. On December 3, 1972, Ruby, the last miner's horse, emerged from the mines in a grand fashion. Accompanied by an orchestra, Ruby, adorned with a flower wreath, was brought out of the darkness, symbolizing the conclusion of the era of mining horses and their Conogen partners. To commemorate their shared labor underground, a sculptural composition named "Conogen" was erected within the Museum-Reserve "Red Hill."



Drug Dealer

interview-Big Heavy


Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Big Heavy, a drug dealer in Los Angeles, California.

Multiple Personality Disorder Real Psychiatric Interview with Eve White Eve Black and Jane


This is an unrehearsed interview of an unusual case of multiple personality. This case study introduces Eve White, Eve Black, and Jane, three separate and contrasting personalities presiding in the same body. Shows the psychiatrist, Dr. Thigpen, eliciting each personality.


Multiple personality disorder (MPD), now known as dissociative identity disorder (DID), is defined as a disorder in which two or more distinct personalities exist together within one individual. This is a neurotic disorder.



Autistic/Antisocial Woman interview-Cassy


Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Cassy, an autistic woman with antisocial personality disorder in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Female Antisocial Personality Disorder Psychiatric Interview No. 1 Evaluation

Young woman displays antisocial and impulsive behavior. History includes promiscuity, illegitimate pregnancies, lesbianism, multiple marriage, drug addiction, theft, and bad-check passing. In addition during withdrawal from drugs, she has had epidoses of psychosis. Also see Interview No. 9

Comments -


-She seems more competent than the general population these days.

-This guy asks incredible questions and he’s calm, but firm. He doesn’t really let her evade on answers, but isn’t aggressive about it at all, it’s pretty brilliant! Therapist today need to take notes on this guy!

-If she were diagnosed today they would say she's suffering from PTSD not ASPD. Everything she says and does is a trauma response. I'm in awe of how well she is holding up considering what she must have been through.

-There is no way that this person is anti social or even narcissistic. She took full accountability for her pregnancies. She checked herself into the hospital and asked for treatments in hopes they would help. Prefers being “locked up” to being at home. It’s such a contrast to what we know about APD now.

-I was labeled a tomboy, even in the early 80's.I grew up practically mute until I was almost 4. I now know it was Autism and I also found out I am dyslexic. My mother would just label me stupid. I loved books, art, cats, jeans, sneakers, sci fi and being outside.I could sew, cook and create from a young age and my mother hated it. I did not like social instances and I still do not. I did not date because I found boys to be very annoying and immature. My mother tried to scare me with a religious boot camp. She was worried I would be a stain on society. It was awful. I felt like they were aliens all trying to convert me to something I am not. I was tested and found to have a high IQ and I excelled in Art and soccer/volleyball. My mother hate every ounce of me. My parents tried to marry me off at 18 but I just left home and never looked back. It was mental and emotional abuse. She continued until the day she died, trying to destroy me. I went out, travelled the world, kept up with my art, books and being outside and am very happy now, in my late 40's. Blessings to all these mislabeled women, who just were fed up and wanted to be free.

-Her mother has made a good job of convincing everyone that this poor woman was the mad one,thats how evil and calculating the real psychos are.

-The mother saying “you’re exactly like your father”. Cannot underestimate the damage that causes to how a growing person develops

-She doesn’t seem to have anti social personality disorder. I’m not a therapist; yet to me instinctively she seems to have complex PTSD. ❤

-“Fine when she’s not home” says a great deal. I know as an abused child, life was good until I saw my father’s car in the driveway.

-This woman is very articulate and probably highly intelligent, but highly abused.

Follow Up Female Antisocial Personality Disorder Psychiatric Interview No. 9 Treatment Evaluation

Follow Up Female Antisocial Personality Disorder Psychiatric Interview No. 9 Treatment Evaluation

Interview with the same young woman seen in Interview No. 1 after she has had several years of extended psychotherapy.

Young woman displays antisocial and impulsive behavior. History includes promiscuity, illegitimate pregnancies, lesbianism, multiple marriage, drug addiction, theft, and bad-check passing. In addition during withdrawal from drugs, she has had epidoses of psychosis.

Living Plain - Inside the Amish & Mennonite Community

In a small region of eastern Pennsylvania time stands still. At least, for some. The product of William Penn’s holy experiment magnetically drew persecuted Europeans to some of the most productive soil in the world. Today, the Amish and Mennonite population of Lancaster county live simple lives. This documentary goes in-depth with locals, from the most stringent of cohorts to the most lax. Providing viewers a rounded, holistic perspective.

Welcome to Living Plain.


Intro A - 00:00
Intro B - 3:20
OS Intro - 7:21
Paul - 7:38
Tony - 23:04
Nickel Mines Shooting - 30:48
Gary - 32:31
History - 35:16
Jill - 38:35
James - 40:07
Walter - 45:31
Carl - 48:08
Mary - 50:11
Anthony - 55:49
Produce Auction - 57:39
Dave/Sean - 1:00:57
Conclusion A - 1:10:06
Conclusion B - 1:15:26



Bike Jeff's Bed-time Stories.


Comments -

-I could tell that was a true story. Thank you for sharing it.


The only thing I know is I don't know, so I appreciate you giving me information to come to my own conclusions from your lived experience. You're a good man.


I struggle with my own demons on smoking and drinking to be totally honest.

-Jeff I love the bedtime stories! I get up at 4am for work so they are
morning stories for me. I came to God in a very similar way. Love to hear you testify!

YouTube's Darkest Videos 5


0:00 - Altitude
4:49 - Under the Tree
12:56 - Better Help
14:11 - I Nearly Died!
21:21- Goodbye Santika
27:38 - Come Little Rabbit


Comments -

-Rolf survives two bullets to the head, survives being burned, and still has the strength to tell his brother about the situation, testifies in court, and recovers. What an absolute unit.


-My man Rolf was such a damn trooper for surviving such a horrific experience. Perhaps… his daughter’s prayers weren’t all in vain.


-I feel horrible for Akmal he didn’t deserve any of that. Hearing come little rabbit is heartbreaking.


-Akmal Shaikh's story is so infuriating and heartbreaking. It demonstrates just how much more understanding and compassion is needed around mental illness, including awareness of how people like him are often taken advantage of. "Come Little Rabbit" may not be a musical masterpiece, but 

I can still deeply feel the wholesome intentions from his perspective.


Although it was the basis of a severe delusion, it came from a good heart that genuinely wanted the world to be a better place. The Chinese government is absolutely monstrous for what they did to that innocent and vulnerable man who needed HELP, not lethal punishment.


Speaking of mental health support, I agree with others urging you to drop BetterHelp as a sponsor. I understand that you've luckily had a good personal experience with it, but there are serious fundamental problems with it that can and sometimes do lead to harmful results. I won't get into too much detail here, but if you look it up, you'll find a lot of information about it written by highly qualified people in the field.

5 Weird Ways Toxic Family Members Punish a Truthteller for

Going No Contact


/Lisa A. Romano


#toxicfamily #scapegoat #truthteller in this video you will learn about 5 Weird Ways Toxic Family Members punish a truthteller for going no contact.


1)You will be accused of things you are not guilty of.
2) They may dig into your past to discredit you.
3) They may twist reality and gaslight you.
4) They will accuse you of wanting attention, for making things up and do what they can to triangulate others against you to protect the family secrets.
5) You will be accused of wanting to cause trouble and your intentions will be challenged and discredited.

Toxic families can become highly narcissistic, especially toward a truthteller or scapegoat child who dares to tell the truth. If you are dealing with a toxic family, you will be punished for speaking the truth, asking for clarity, and for wanting to confront unhealthy behavior.


Sick toxic family systems, hide secrets and protect those who should be held accountable for their actions. If you are a truthteller, you may become a scapegoat for the family's sick dysfunction. If you dare to go no contact, simply for needing to take care of yourself, a toxic family is swift to band together against the one who is looking to self care and save themselves.


WASP DOPE - WASP METH | Extreme Hallucinations and Paranoia Like Nothing We've Seen Before


This stuff is becoming more and more common. It's cheap, easy to make, and incredibly dangerous.


Wasp dope or wasp meth is being mixed in with regular meth, users are finding it harder and harder to tell the difference until it's too late...

I Investigated the City Where Every Drug is Legal...


Comments -

-Denial is the ultimate drug of the constituents in Portland who voted for this and did not follow thru. Shame, shame.

-I’ve been a homeless heroin addict and let me tell you, Drugs are the biggest issue in the homeless communities. They will blame everything else for their circumstances besides themselves and their addiction. I went through 2 weeks of hell during detox, but it changed my life and was one of the best things I could’ve endured. It is possible.


-This guy is insanely brave, and I guess he's just really passionate about helping.


Poly-Drug Addict interview-Brittany


Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Brittany, a crack, meth and fentanyl addict on Skid Row.




A video of a man whose foot has an injury of a sort..


Comments -


-Hope you did the right thing and save this man’s life. He really needs to be saved. It’s a tragedy our government is more worried about foreign affairs than our own people.


-Necrotic tissue at this point. He’s not just going to lose his leg, he’s going to lose his life. 😔

-I respect what this guys doing, but asking the question “you’re not gonna go get any blues with it are you?” Is seriously a stupid question. OF COURSE he is. If you’re gonna be giving people like this money, you have to accept that they’re going to use it to buy drugs. Pretending like they’re not is seriously ignorant.








Homeless man tiny house tour

#shorts #homeless #helpinghomeless #homelesshelp



She Killed Her Father and Made a Vlog about It


True 911 Calls: Five very real disturbing 911 calls with included updates and backstories.

In June 2021, the badly burned body of Daniel Halseth was found in the garage of his home. His 16-year-old daughter Sierra was missing.

These Homeless Camps In California Are Beyond Belief


I have never seen anything like this in all my travels.


I’ve seen a lot of homeless camps in my day. I travel a lot, and if you’ve been followin along, a lot of my focus has been on this mess, right here in the good ole’ USA. California has by FAR the biggest homeless crisis. It’s just out of control here, and keeps getting worse.


This was Day 6 on the road trip, and up to that point, I saw a lot of terrible. But it was in San Jose and Sacramento where I stumbled onto some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen.

This, though, was the oddest thing I think I’ve ever seen while on the road. It was 10 am on a random Sunday, and I was walking around a huge homeless camp not too far from the capitol building.


I’m guessing a few hundred people live here.  The weirdest part is, there was no one around. Just me.



Pyramids of Waste

(With English Subtitles)


Planned Obsoleteness. If it works... Hurry and replace it with an upgrade.


In simple terms, planned obsolescence is a practice followed by companies to intentionally design products with a limited lifespan so that they become outdated, useless or stop working after a certain period of time. This compels consumers to buy a new product, which generates revenue for the company. However, this practice has several negative consequences.


One of the major impacts of planned obsolescence is on the environment. The more products are manufactured, the more resources are consumed, leading to an increase in pollution and waste. In addition, when the discarded products end up in landfills, they release toxic substances into the soil and water, causing harm to the environment.

Planned obsolescence also has an impact on consumers. Companies use various tactics, such as fear of job loss, to compel consumers to upgrade to the latest model. As a result, consumers are forced to spend more money on new products, even if the older ones are still functional. This can lead to financial burden and a sense of frustration among consumers.


In summary, planned obsolescence is a practice where products are designed to have a limited lifespan, resulting in negative impacts on the environment and consumers.



Shocking plans to implement depopulation and a worldwide totalitarian system revealed more than 50 years ago


Get used to change…


“People will have to get used to the idea of change, so used to change, that they’ll be expecting change. Nothing will be permanent…” – Dr. Richard Day, 20 March 1969, quoted by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan


To find out more about the contents of the Dunegan Tapes, I encourage you to visit The Revelations of Dr. Richard Day, an extremely well-documented WordPress blog entirely dedicated to this subject, where you can explore the numerous topics allegedly discussed by Dr. Day in his 1969 lecture, such as:


  • Compulsory sterilization
  • Contraception
  • Euthanasia and the “Demise Pill”
  • Families will diminish in importance.
  • Fashion and sexuality
  • Fluoridation
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) crops
  • Homosexuality
  • Laboratory Babies
  • Living Space & Agenda 21
  • Media and sex
  • New difficult to diagnose and untreatable disease
  • Population Control
  • Sex education
  • Suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control

You can also find a transcript of the Dunegan Tapes by clicking on this link: I cannot vouch as to the exactitude of this transcript, so the best thing you can do is listen to the actual tapes on The Revelations of Dr Richard Day – Audio. It also contains a subsequent interview taped in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on 10 October 1991, where Randy Engel, Director of the US Coalition for Life, interviewed Dr. Larry Dunegan.



Last Stand | Sci-Fi Short Film

Made with Artificial Intelligence


How frightening and sad. Even AI doesn't have faith in Humanity.

I Drove Around California For A Month. It Was A Disaster.


I sent a month driving around California on a road trip. I saw devastating homelessness, amazing ocean views and interesting desert communities. California has a lot to love, but this place sure has changed a lot.


It's been said that as California goes, so goes the rest of the nation. Well, that might be troubling if we all follow California's lead. Here's an unedited view of my month-long road trip through California.


You Won't Believe What They're Doing To Children


Susie Krabacher is the founder of Haiti Children, and has provided care and education to abandoned, orphaned children. She has witnessed countless examples this awful deed, and even showed me the photos to prove it.


POLESQUE S&M PARTY 2022 | SHIBARI. Poryadnov & Bystrova


So Long as this is.. Performed, and Executed in a Consensual Manner with Respect to the Madam; this is Sensuous and Beautiful.. 🎨.





Crack Addict interview-Donald


Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Donald, a crack addict on Skid Row.



How I Live in My Car Without ANYONE

Knowing | Self-Converted

Camaro Camper


My name is Arslan, and I live in cars. Check out how I live in this self-converted 2010 Camaro, that is basically a house on wheels!




Comments -


-My sister would have turned 39 this year had she not passed away of an accidental fentanyl/heroin overdose in November 2022. Thank you for doing what you're doing. Much love and many prayers sent everyone's way ❤🙏


-That poor Man Curtis. Looking for his daughter. 😪 I am so grateful I have 11 years clean from IV Heroin and cocaine addiction. I've been on methadone for 11 years. I pray for All who are addicted and suffering. Great video. ❤ P.S. 11 years ago, there was no Fentanyl or tranq. This is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened. We are in the wealthiest Country in the world. This should not be happening.

-Very disturbing, but necessary to open eyes. This epidemic doesn’t discriminate. No state is immune!!😞🇺🇸🙏🏾✝️🙏🏾




Punk Rock Musician interview-Merle Allin


Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Merle Allin, a punk rock musician in Los Angeles.

Pharmakeia - Sorcery in

The Last Days




Comments -


-I had begun smoking marijuana again recently since its legal in my state & i have terrible anxiety, but as a Christian who wants only to be closer to Christ, I asked Him to show me a sign if it wasn't ok. 2 days later I'm offered a great job that tests for THC. I haven't smoked all week, and as I took the trash out tonight, I threw away all my stash & paraphernalia. I know it's not a big deal to people nowadays, but it felt right & I think I obeyed the red flags Jesus was showing me, and to me that's another step in the right direction. God Bless all who suffer from addiction of any sort 🙏


-Just got off the phone talking with my son in prison. Then this video pops up. He was addicted to fentanyl. He now reads the Bible every day and prays every day. He said he was going to pray that the Lord takes away his desire for the drugs (he's been having nightmares lately) he doesn't want to go down that path again. If anyone feels the desire to pray for Sean, I would be so grateful.


-I'm currently going back & forth with this issue, my body hurts I have neck and back injury I smoke marijuana for pain management but like you said the dispensary grade is so very potent. God has delivered me & healed me in the past. I feel stuck hiding it from my brothers & sisters in church. I refuse to take the opiates my dr. wants to give me. Please pray for me.


Groomed to Kill


After the horrific massacre in Nashville, the Democratic Party is hellbent on feeding the malignant narcissism of the “trans community,” in which they see a reliable, perpetually aggrieved voter base and a tool with which to terrorize society.


This isn’t “Christian nationalism.” Virtually every institution is sending a message that murderous violence toward Christians is acceptable, or at least less bad than exposing the “trans community” to obloquy. Law enforcement is obstructing the release of the manifesto. Merrick Garland won’t call it a hate crime, and neither will Joe Biden, who apparently thinks this is all a big joke.


Like Barack Obama, who was diffident about radical Islam, Biden’s Democrats are far more concerned with backlash against a politically favored group than the fact that six people, including three children, are now dead at the hands of an anti-Christian cultist whom they encouraged.


In a truly astonishing statement, Biden’s dimwitted lesbian press secretary gave a fulsome defense of the massacre, saying the “trans community is under attack right now.”


If it wasn’t already clear, the shooter in Nashville was a Janissary, a demented Foot soldier of an evil, totalitarian ideology that wishes to remake the world in its demonic image.


There is little daylight between the Wahhabis extremism of the shooter and the blasphemous maundering of Joe Biden, a “devout Catholic” who presumes to speak for the Almighty when he says that so-called transgenders are “made in the image of God.”


Biden has used the power of the state to force this twisted vision on the country, pushing “gender-affirming care” on minors and banning “conversion therapy” that would cure them of their gender dysphoria.


He is a leader in an unhinged cult that uses pseudoscience to maim children.


How ironic, now, for the cult to give lectures on the safety of children after the tragedy in Tennessee.


The massacre in Nashville is not the fault of conservatives, it is the bitter fruit of a madness that has poisoned an entire generation.  Like all totalitarian cults, the trans cult preys upon the youth, and drives a wedge between parents and their children.

It demands unyielding obedience and affirmation of its false creed, which burns with sulfurous hatred of Christians and the faith that was once the beating heart of the West. Society is paying the price for having tiptoed around these hectoring tyrants over the past seven or eight years.  People have become too afraid to speak the truth: “trans people” need humility, not “rights.”


It is beyond the power of society to satisfy them, as their grievance is with God, not man.  What they really want is to change their nature, and to make society accept their god-like self-image.  Should we be surprised that people who think this way are turning violent? Especially now, that they have been whipped into a frenzy with apocalyptic rhetoric from the likes of Biden about their “rights?”


Let’s have no more of “trans rights.” They have taken too many liberties with society already. They are aggressors, not victims.

They want control over society, over the bodies and souls of innocent children, over the conscience of every person coerced to play along with a delusion. Now, they presume to play the victim when one of their cult members lashes out. This is a major escalation in a reign of terror that began with demands for “tolerance.”


The time for “tolerance” has passed. Courage is needed now, the courage to defend the innocent and confront evil, courage like we saw in those fine officers who rushed headlong into the abyss.


-- Matthew Boose


Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose.





The Man Who Fed His Face To Dogs On PCP

Here's How the U.S. Military Hacks People's Brains🎙Darknet Diaries Ep. 65: PSYOP


PSYOPs, or "Psychological Operations" are happening all around us, 24/7. Sometimes they're used in warfare against foreign enemies, and sometimes we know them by different names: Marketing, PR, spin, and propaganda. This is the story about information being weaponized for good and shady ends.


--The best defense against Psyops is a critical mind clearly grounded in objective reality armed with a philosophy that is pointed towards objective truth, and the knowledge that everyone at one point or another is psyoping everyone else. When a society gets into a relativistic mindset on truth, it becomes too jaded to break past propaganda. 

At best it sees it for what it is and does nothing, at worst it perpetuates the problem with propaganda of its own or even worse embraces the propaganda of others in nihilistic resignation. 


When you are being played, you may be getting played with the truth twisted towards an agenda, a good mind knows how to separate the truth from the player. The truth at that point no longer belongs to them, they are disarmed, and what truth is gleaned is free to be understood on its own terms. - YouTube Commentor

Don't Let Drugs Keep You from Your Dreams


Ashley - A Dangerous New Drug Taking Over America


All the lies of “I send money every week” “I have a home health care job” “I have a room in a house” is all BS. She still has too much pride to admit she’s down bad. Usually when people are too prideful it’s hard for them to be completely honest with themselves as needed to get clean. Give her some more time, if she doesn’t die on the streets then there’s always a possibility, she can turn things around if she loses her pride and decides she’s had enough.






Invisible Fences


The impactful story of a woman & her best friend navigating through a Covid Vaccine Injury.





Lying Liars


How many times can someone lie to you before you stop believing him? Popular podcaster Tim Pool applies this question to a source you might be trusting a little too much.