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Can This Strange Mushroom Really Double Your Brain Power?


Imagine remembering every minute of your life since adolescence—from what you ate for breakfast on a random Tuesday decades ago to the exact words exchanged during a heated argument on a December morning in 1995.

For a very select group of people, this is their reality. Jill Price was the first-person modern science identified as having a condition called hyperthymesia, also known as Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM). Jill Price remembers every moment and every detail of every day of her life since the age of 14, and she's not alone. To date, 62 living individuals have been identified with this extraordinary ability.

Over the years, I've discussed incredible powers of the brain, from Savant syndrome to hyperthymesia. But what if there was a way to hack the brain to induce supernatural powers of cognition and memory without having been born with a super rare, one-in-a-million condition?

This Is the Most Dangerous Object Ever Created




The sudden recovery before death is known as the surge. This phenomenon can occur in many people and can last from an hour to several years, making it particularly unsettling. Imagine believing you've recovered, only to realize that it’s actually the last of your life force burning out. It's an absolutely terrifying experience.

Unexpected Discovery of Microbiome
Inside Our Brains but Why Is It There?


Hello and welcome! My name is Anton, and, in this video, we will talk about new discoveries about microbes living in our...brain

Alaska's Rivers are Bleeding as is Blood Falls
Antarctica and even in the Deserts this is Serious




This guy literally wrote books based on his research and according to him, we are nothing more than fleas on the back of a dragon...

Crazy! Woman captures surreal image of eye in the clouds before Houston storm!




That eye is spooky because it has an eye lid and a pupil. It looks like what someone would draw for practice of the eye. It’s that real looking. Perfectly proportional. In fact, it’s a left eye. WOW!

SCORCHED by the Dumb Cane!


This is NOT your average house plant! Although it looks like or may even be a plant in your home, do NOT try an experiment such as this.
On today's episode, Coyote travels to Costa Rica to compare the effects of the Dumb Cane leaf, stalk, and stem when touched to his arm. Perhaps not surprisingly to some, he was also dumb enough to touch the stem to his tongue!
While Coyote's side effects in this video were mild, make no mistake, this plant can cause severe irritation, burning, and even death.

Scientists Assumed They Were Looking at Two Different Species of Bat



For the first time in a mammal species, scientists are able to observe a rare phenomenon known as parallel evolution in real time on the Solomon Islands.

Scientists recently figured out that on two different islands, two types of bats that were formally assumed to be two completely separate species due to their unique size and look are actually the same bats. The larger ones simply evolved from the smaller ones at the same rate as other bats on a different island.

Scientists and researchers originally named the two species of bats in question on the Solomon Islands Hipposideros dinops and Hipposideros diadema. The Hipposideros dinops, also known as the fierce leaf-nosed bat, weighs almost twice as much as their friend, the Hipposideros diadema, or the diadem leaf-nosed bat.

As Dr. Tyone Lavery, a researcher at the University of Melbourne and co-author of this exciting finding, “We have two very different-looking bats, a smaller species (H. diadema) and a larger species (H. dinops). The sizes are vastly different (nobody has ever confused the two as being the same species).”

Wow! Human Cells Vibrate with Resonant Frequency and It's Technically Audible


Our Boy Anton has some very interesting Sciencey Information for us...


Making a MEAT Leaf 🍖 🌿


Mixing cranberry juice and milk of magnesia is weird.


Combining cranberry juice with milk of magnesia might seem unusual due to the contrasting flavors and properties. Cranberry juice is acidic, while milk of magnesia is alkaline, and it’s typically used as an antacid or a laxative. Mixing the two could potentially neutralize the acidity of the cranberry juice, altering its taste and possibly affecting the efficacy of the milk of magnesia. It’s always best to follow the usage instructions for medications and consult with a healthcare provider for advice on such mixtures.

The Original Double Slit Experiment


Light is so common that we rarely think about what it really is. But just over two hundred years ago, a groundbreaking experiment answered the question that had occupied physicists for centuries. Is light made up of waves or particles?


The experiment was conducted by Thomas Young and is known as Young's Double Slit Experiment. This famous experiment is actually a simplification of a series of experiments on light conducted by Young. In a completely darkened room, Young allowed a thin beam of sunlight to pass through an aperture on his window and onto two narrow, closely spaced openings (the double slit). This sunlight then cast a shadow onto the wall behind the apparatus.

Young found that the light diffracted as it passed through the slits, and then interfered with itself, created a series of light and dark spots. Since the sunlight consists of all colours of the rainbow, these colours were also visible in the projected spots. Young concluded that light consist of waves and not particles since only waves were known to diffract and interfere in exactly the manner that light did in his experiment.


The way I have always seen this experiment performed is with a laser and a manufactured double slit but since the experiment was conducted in 1801, I have always thought that it should be possible to recreate the experiment using sunlight and household materials. That is basically what I did here. I will show the interference pattern I observed with my homemade double slit on 2Veritasium, but I chose to use a manufactured double slit here to ensure that the pattern was impressive for observers at the beach.

Avi Loeb: Oumuamua’s Unceasing Journey and Imminent Encounter


'Oumuamua, the enigmatic interstellar voyager that soared past our solar system, is charting a course back towards us. Yet, the plot thickens: it’s not journeying in solitude. This quiet, celestial procession, birthed from the abyss of interstellar space, is shepherded by 'Oumuamua, acting as a stellar harbinger, signaling the approach of either undiscovered marvels or uncharted perils from the expansive cosmic sea.

Anton Talks Mind-blowing Discoveries About Viruses and Their Relationship with Us


Indeed, the statement "if viruses help their host, they are also helping themselves" reflects the intricate dynamics of symbiotic relationships. This complexity is further illustrated by the phrase "the anemone of my anemone is my friend," emphasizing the interconnectedness and interdependence seen in nature. The idea that "it's not that simple" is applicable to various aspects of life, highlighting the need for an open mind to absorb new information.

The notion of dormant viruses awakening in space adds a captivating dimension. The prospect of viruses behaving differently in space not only sparks scientific curiosity but also evokes creative possibilities, suggesting a potential movie plot waiting to unfold. The statement captures the multifaceted nature of viruses and their interactions, encouraging a deeper exploration and understanding of the complexities inherent in the natural world.

Japan Is Hollowing Out a MOUNTAIN


The Hidden Planet That Could Change Everything: A New Perspective

on the Kuiper Belt


What if there is a hidden planet in the Kuiper Belt, the region of icy bodies and dwarf planets beyond Neptune? That’s what two Japanese astrophysicists have recently suggested in a new study. They analyzed the orbits of 14 trans-Neptunian objects that show unusual behavior and ran computer simulations to see if they could be influenced by a hidden planet in the Kuiper Belt itself. Their findings are surprising and exciting, and could change our understanding of the outer solar system.

WTH is REALLY going on?!


This "fall streak" explanation would make sense if we had seen these same clouds years ago. We haven't to my knowledge. In fact, we haven't seen normal skies in quite some time. The "Fall Streak" would fall under unusual. Especially when we've had the pleasure of seeing them side by side, in twos and threes, in exactly the same shapes.

They just don't appear as normal. They're right up there with the rare shooting clouds. (chemtrails)

7 hours ago
Hole-Punch Clouds: Also known as a fall streak hole, this type of cloud is usually formed when the water temperature in the cloud is below freezing but the water has not frozen.

When sections of the water start to freeze,

the surrounding water vapor will also freeze and begin to descend.

This leaves a rounded hole in the cloud.

The theory on its creation is that a disruption of the cloud layer stability, which can be caused by a passing jet aircraft, creates a descending motion that can lead to the stimulation of evaporation, producing a hole.

I'll send you another one from Colorado.

Light Can Go Backwards Through Time, And This Experiment Proves It


This video delves into a fascinating experiment that suggests light may possess the ability to travel backward through time, hinting at a deeper relationship between light, space, and time than we can currently fathom. This discovery could potentially mark the beginning of a new era in physics, reminiscent of the groundbreaking work of visionaries like Einstein.


In his personal reflections, Einstein often drew inspiration from his boating experiences, particularly his observations of waves on the water. He noted that regardless of the speed of the boats or the size of the waves, the waves produced by him, and others always traveled at a consistent speed, remaining unaltered. This led to the formulation of two pivotal papers: the Photoelectric Effect and Special Relativity.

The video also explores intriguing hypothetical scenarios, such as placing an observer inside a transparent capsule surrounded by a container filled with sodium atoms capable of halting light. This setup raises questions about what the observer inside would witness and the potential for time travel into the future within such a capsule.


Moreover, the concept of time slits is discussed, and the video simplifies the understanding by likening it to the time/frequency uncertainty principle. The more precisely the arrival time of a photon is known, the less accurately its frequency can be determined, resulting in the interference of different frequency distributions, which underlies this intriguing phenomenon.

The Image NASA Didn't Want to

Receive from the Deep Impact Probe


@raymondsmit344 -- I’ve been recommending you to people I know who aren’t particularly familiar or very interested in these subjects by describing you as the David Attenborough of the Solar System. I use this comparison because just like Attenborough you bring forth the wonder and complexities of the natural world to the masses in such a marvelously detailed way. It’s digestible and enthralling. And once again similar to David Attenborough you are completely unique in the way you convey and portray the information on the subject.

I screen recorded this intro to this video to give them an idea because of how beautifully you put into perspective our historical interpretations of comets to our current capabilities to explore and interact with the seemingly unobtainable aspects of the sky above us.

It was truly inspirational to me and the people in my life I try to share your channel with.


Thank you for your passion and efforts. I’ve been on this channel back in the early days when you began your planetary solar system videos and it’s wonderful to see your growth and success, it’s well deserved! Thank you and thank you again and again.

Most Amazing Inventions and Smart Gadgets in The World


Earth hit by blast of energy from dead star so powerful that scientists can’t explain it.

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Earth has been hit by a blast from a dead star so energetic that scientists cannot explain it.

The burst of gamma rays, originating in a dead star known as a pulsar, is the most high energy of its kind ever seen. It was equivalent about ten trillion times the energy of visible light, or 20 tera-electronvolts.

Scientists are unable to explain exactly what kind of a scenario could lead a pulsar to emit such intense energy, and the researchers behind the breakthrough say that it “requires a rethinking of how these natural accelerators work”.

Scientists hope that they can find yet more powerful energy blasts from pulsars, with a view to better understanding how they are formed.

Pulsars are formed when a star dies, exploding in a supernova and leaving behind a tiny, dead star. They are just 20 kilometres across, and spin extremely fast with a powerful magnetic field.

“These dead stars are almost entirely made up of neutrons and are incredibly dense: a teaspoon of their material has a mass of more than five billion tonnes, or about 900 times the mass of the Great Pyramid of Giza,” said Emma de Oña Wilhelmi, a scientist at the High Energy Stereoscopic System observatory in Namibia that detected the blast.

As pulsars spin, they throw out beams of electromagnetic radiation, throwing it out like a cosmic lighthouse. That means that someone in one spot – like the Earth – will see the radiation pulses flash in a regular rhythm as they spin past.

The radiation is thought to be the result of fast electrons that are produced and thrown out by the the pulsar’s magnetosphere, which is made up of plasma and electromagnetic fields that surround the star and spin with it. Scientists can search the radiation for different energy bands within the electromagnetic spectrum, helping them understand it.

When scientists previously did that with the Vela pulsar examined in the new study, they found that it was the brightest everseen in the radio band, and the brightest persistent source in the giga-electronvolts. But the new research found that there is a part of the radiation with even more high energy components.

“That is about 200 times more energetic than all radiation ever detected before from this object,” said co-author Christo Venter from the North-West University in South Africa. Scientists don’t know exactly how that could happen.

“This result challenges our previous knowledge of pulsars and requires a rethinking of how these natural accelerators work,” says Arache Djannati-Atai from the Astroparticle & Cosmology (APC) laboratory in France, who led the research. “The traditional scheme according to which particles are accelerated along magnetic field lines within or slightly outside the magnetosphere cannot sufficiently explain our observations.

“Perhaps we are witnessing the acceleration of particles through the so-called magnetic reconnection process beyond the light cylinder, which still somehow preserves the rotational pattern? But even this scenario faces difficulties to explain how such extreme radiation is produced.”

An article describing the findings, ‘Discovery of a Radiation Component from the Vela Pulsar Reaching 20 Teraelectronvolts’, is published today in the journal Nature Astronomy .

Earth hit by blast of energy from dead star so powerful that scientists can’t explain it (



Human Y Chromosome Finally Sequenced!

Turns Out to Be Really Weird


The sequencing of the human Y chromosome has recently been completed, revealing unexpected characteristics that challenge conventional notions. It is crucial to refrain from describing genes as "junk," as a lack of understanding about their functions does not necessarily imply their redundancy. In fact, these seemingly mysterious genes may hold significance, especially in adapting to changing environments.


Rather than dismissing them as "junk" DNA, it is more appropriate to regard them as a historical archive, a repository of genetic information from the past that could potentially offer insights into the future.

These enigmatic segments of DNA may also contain as-yet-undiscovered instructions with purposes yet unknown, further emphasizing the need for careful examination and exploration rather than hasty classification.


Junk may also be unknown instructions for some unknown purpose.



Antibody Deficiencies: IgA & IgG Explained


Some people are sick all the time because of antibody deficiencies that may be caused by absent or reduced levels of immunoglobulin. Allergist Dr. Ty Prince explains the difference between two immunoglobulins that protect the body, IgA and IgG.

Video 15 Ig Antibodies and Immunoglobulin Function.



The immune system depends on special binding molecules known as immunoglobulins, also referred to as "antibodies" or "Ig" for short. Immunoglobulins are "Y" shaped molecules that connect on one end to invading microbes (antigens) and on the other end they bind with various white cells that effectively block and destroy the antigen. These specialized antibody molecules come in different shapes and sizes in order to provide flexibility in matching and destroying targeted antigens. Antibody molecules are found floating in the plasma as well as on the surface of specialized B-cells.

Immunoglobulins are constructed from two types of amino acid chains, heavy chains and light chains. Ig molecules contain two identical strands of heavy chains and two identical strands of light chains. The end with the two heavy chains forms a stable non-variable receptor point called an effector, which is the part of the Ig molecule that binds with our own immune system cells.

On the opposite end of the antibody are two antigen binding sites, each with a light chain and heavy chain combination. This combination of light and heavy chains forms highly variable tips that can adapt to match a specific antigen.

Immunoglobulins come in five basic types: IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM. Each type targets a specific type of antigen, which determines the make-up of the Y chain structure of each.

IgD, IgE and IgGs all use a single Y chain whether as stand-alone antibodies or as receptors connected to white cells.

IgAs use a double Y chain, called a Dimer.

IgMs are unique in that they form a single Y chain when expressed on the surface of a B-cell, but the stand alone version of the IgM molecule forms a combination of five Y chains, known as a pentamer. Consequently, stand alone IgMs form a very large antibody molecule.







This discovery in Africa scares scientist






It sounds like a record being played backwards.






Diatomaceous Earth Under Microscope (Fossilized Diatoms)


Bending Time: The Successful Time Travel Experiments using Kozyrev Mirrors

In December 1990, a daring experiment unfolded in a secluded village located above the Arctic Circle. Two Russian scientists embarked on a mission to explore the realms of human perception, aiming to unlock the hidden potential of extrasensory perception (ESP).


Their ambitious endeavor involved the construction of a remarkable device, designed to shield subjects from electromagnetic interference while simultaneously amplifying their biological energy. The contraption took the form of a sizable aluminum tube, ingeniously rolled and equipped with a chair within its confines.


Once the device was assembled, peculiar occurrences began to unfold in the vicinity of the village. Disc-shaped lights hovered curiously around the laboratory, while enigmatic balls of energy materialized and vanished without explanation. The Northern Lights, usually captivating in their own right, transformed into an astonishingly radiant spectacle, assuming a tangible form.


Inside the laboratory, an overwhelming sense of unease pervaded the atmosphere, dissuading all but the most determined from approaching the mysterious apparatus. Eventually, after considerable persuasion, the first subject agreed to take a seat in the chair, unaware of the astonishing outcome that awaited.

In an electrifying instant, a surge of energy erupted from the device, leaving everyone in the lab stunned by the sheer power of the phenomenon they had witnessed. The device had indeed worked.


However, it soon became evident that its efficacy extended far beyond their initial expectations. Not only did it augment individuals' psychic abilities as intended, but it also unveiled an unimaginable gift—the ability to perceive any location across the globe. As their experiments progressed, they even stumbled upon the astonishing realization that time, as conventionally understood, might be a mere illusion, confirming a groundbreaking theory first proposed in the 1950s.


This extraordinary turn of events opened up a breathtaking new realm of possibilities, challenging fundamental notions of reality and human perception. The scientists found themselves standing on the precipice of a profound discovery, their minds filled with wonder and the boundless potential that lay ahead.






NASA Warns That A Huge Object In Space Has Started Sending Earth Signals #shorts




"Om" (also spelled "Aum") is a sacred sound, a mantra, and a spiritual symbol with deep significance in various Eastern religions, particularly Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is considered to be a primordial sound that represents the essence of the universe and is believed to have a profound impact on the mind, body, and soul.


In Hinduism, Om is considered the ultimate syllable, representing the supreme reality or Brahman, the ultimate cosmic principle. It is often chanted at the beginning and end of prayers, rituals, and meditation sessions. The sound of Om is believed to encompass all sounds, encompassing the entire range of human vocal sounds from the beginning to the end.

Om is also significant in Buddhism, where it is used as a mantra and is associated with the practice of meditation. In this context, chanting or silently repeating the sound of Om is believed to help focus the mind and cultivate a sense of inner peace and unity.


The symbol of Om consists of three curves, a semicircle, and a dot. The three curves represent the three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. The semicircle at the top represents the illusion of Maya, or the material world, while the dot signifies the state of pure consciousness or enlightenment.


Overall, Om is considered a powerful and sacred sound that is believed to connect individuals with the divine, enhance spiritual awareness, and promote a sense of unity and harmony with the cosmos.

The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and stunning places on Earth, but there is more to this natural wonder than meets the eye. It holds secrets and mysteries that have remained hidden for centuries.


Did you know that the Grand Canyon might have been home to ancient Egyptians and giants and dinosaurs? Seems Surprising? Right?


But there is evidence to prove it. Let's dive into the hidden history of the Grand Canyon and explore the terrifying secrets that have remained hidden for centuries.




Unexpected (to me) New Discovery about Womens Health and the Small Intestine


The more I research the human body the more I marvel at its intricacies.


Comments -

-my husband just read that mother's save their baby's DNA code in their bodies from every baby they've carried. we pondered where it was stored. . . then I watch this next day.


-Probably for the baby before and after to feed mammy gland’s

-If the small intestine breaks things down into liquid, then women need extra liquid to produce milk perhaps

CERN Scientists Announced Something Weird Is Going On After They Turned On The Large Hadron Collider


In this video, we explore the story of the Large Hadron Collider, the most advanced high-energy particle collider in the world. Physicists from around the globe anxiously awaited its operationalization, following decades of anticipation.


Built with meticulous attention by the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the Large Hadron Collider has been at the forefront of scientific discovery, unraveling mysteries of the universe through various runs.

However, the scientific community was recently shaken by an unexpected and alarming phenomenon detected during a new maximum beam of energy. The cause of this perplexing event remains elusive, with various theories abounding.


Join us as we investigate what could have caused this phenomenon and the implications it has for our understanding of the universe.



Japan Releases Fully Performing Female AI Robots


Artificial Intelligence, for many, is considered the turning point of innovation. AI robots are slowly integrating themselves into our daily lives. A decade from now, humanoid robots and modern tech might take over every household, worldwide.


In fact, several humanoid robots are already paving the way for artificial intelligence.

From Russia’s space robot to a deep-sea diving bot, here are the 20 most advanced AI robots in the world.



What Would Happen If You Went In a Mirror?


Ok.. This is weird..



Stunning photos taken from April 23 Solar Storm...



UC Berkley Claims Your Text Books are Wrong and Finally Unlocks a Universe of simple Health Secrets


Research using new light techniques show biology in action at the atomic level. What you will see will amaze you and the door is wide open for creating a "Human Bacterial Database". Only Bacteria create Enzymes which create products and kill invaders to keep you Healthy!


Without a database to compare bacterial strains and quantity and locations we are using a Shotgun approach and the Good die with the Bad. A Database is Absolutely REQUIRED for comparing health to sick.




This Slime Could Change the World


| Planet Fix | BBC Earth Lab


In rural Mexico, there is a type of corn that has been grown by local farmers for hundreds of years. This corn is very special because it can fertilize itself without needing any outside help. 

In the third episode of 'Planet Fix', we learn about how this special type of corn could be used to help solve the problem of world hunger. It could also help farmers stop relying on harmful chemicals to fertilize their crops.


A hole in the bottom of the ocean!


| World News | WION


Experts are on high alert after discovering a crack at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean that could trigger a magnitude 9 earthquake. The hole in the bottom of the ocean is spewing a liquid that keeps the tectonic plates lubricated.

The Dogs of Chernobyl Are Experiencing Rapid Evolution, Study Suggests


For years, researchers have studied animals living in or around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant to examine how radiation affects their well-being, growth, and transformation.


A fresh analysis inspected the DNA of 302 stray dogs residing near the power plant, compared to other dogs living 10 miles away, and discovered remarkable distinctions.


Although the research does not confirm that radiation is responsible for these differences, the data represents an important initial stage in examining these exposed populations and comprehending how they compare to dogs living elsewhere.


On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor in northern Ukraine—then part of the Soviet Union—exploded, releasing a huge radiation cloud into the air. Nearly four decades later, the Chernobyl Power Plant and many parts of the surrounding region remain uninhabited, at least by humans.


Numerous animals have thrived in humanity’s absence. Amid radiation-resistant wildlife are thousands of stray dogs, many of whom are the offspring of pets abandoned during the rapid evacuation of the area many years ago. As the world’s most extensive nuclear catastrophe approaches its 40th anniversary, biologists are now scrutinizing the animals within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (CEZ), which is about the size of Yosemite National Park, to investigate how decades of radiation exposure may have altered their genomes and even, possibly, hastened evolution.


Scientists from the University of South Carolina and the National Human Genome Research Institute have commenced studying the DNA of 302 stray dogs discovered in or around the CEZ to better understand how radiation may have affected their genomes. Their findings were published in the journal Science Advances earlier this month.


“Do they possess mutations that enable them to live and reproduce successfully in this area?” co-author Elaine Ostrander, a dog genomics specialist at the National Human Genome Research Institute, stated to The New York Times. “What obstacles do they confront, and how have they coped genetically?”


The idea of radiation hastening natural evolution isn’t a new one. The method of purposefully irradiating seeds in space to generate beneficial mutations, for instance, is now a well-established technique for cultivating crops suitable for a warming world.


Scientists have been scrutinizing specific animals living within the CEZ for years, including bacteria, rodents, and even birds. One study conducted in 2016 discovered that Eastern tree frogs (Hyla orientalis), which are typically green, were more frequently black within the CEZ. Biologists theorize that the frogs underwent a helpful mutation in melanin—pigments that determine skin color—that aided ionization from the surrounding radiation.


This made scientists wonder: could a similar process be happening to the wild dogs of Chernobyl?

This new research revealed that stray dogs living near the Chernobyl Power Plant exhibited distinctive genetic differences from dogs living only 10 miles away in nearby Chernobyl City. While this may suggest that these dogs have undergone some form of swift mutation or evolution due to radiation exposure, this study is just the initial step in proving that hypothesis. One environmental scientist, speaking with Science News, asserts that these studies can be challenging, largely due to the difficulty of distinguishing radiation-induced mutations from other factors, such as inbreeding.


However, this research provides a framework for further investigation into the effects of radiation on larger mammals, as the DNA of dogs roaming the Chernobyl Power Plant and nearby Chernobyl City can be compared to dogs living in non-irradiated regions. Despite the lack of concrete conclusions at present, the study has once again demonstrated that an area that, by all accounts, should be a barren wasteland has become an unparalleled scientific opportunity to comprehend radiation and its influence on natural evolution.



Popular Mechanics

Science Advances

Harvard geneticists create an organism that is

immune to all viruses


Researchers at George Chuch’s Harvard lab have genetically engineered a bacteria, E. coli, to be totally immune to viruses.


In addition to blocking every virus the team has challenged it with thus far, their E. coli has also been designed so that its modified genes cannot escape into the wild, which does indeed sound like the plot of a lost Michael Crichton novel. (In fact, the parallels to Jurassic Park are there, but we’ll get to that.)


“We believe we have developed the first technology to design an organism that can’t be infected by any known virus,” genetics research fellow and study author Akos Nyerges said.


“We can’t say it’s fully virus-resistant, but so far, based on extensive laboratory experiments and computational analysis, we haven’t found a virus that can break it.”

Enter RNA: The new work centers around a specific type of RNA called transfer RNA (tRNA).


The tRNA’s job is to recognize each codon in DNA and then add the correct amino acid to whatever protein is being created — kind of like putting a key component into a car on the factory line. The Cambridge team had deleted codons called TCG and TCA and the tRNA that recognizes them from their bacteria. Both of those codons direct the tRNA to install serine, an amino acid, onto the protein getting put together.

Elon Musk Warns the Massive

Dome Shaped Uplift Is Still

Increasing In Size


Here, at the "Elon Musk Zone" channel, we transform the original content from shows, podcasts, and key-notes with Mr. Elon Musk to provide the viewers with a more immersive experience. We hope to educate as many people as possible through this channel.


We also make the messages of Elon Musk more accessible to people that are suffering from hearing disabilities by applying professional transcription to the majority of our videos.

We amplify the content's original message by making it more cinematic and easier to understand by the end consumer. This way, we hope to reach more people and thus educate more people with Elon Musk's valuable messages.

Recent Black Hole Activity at Cern Terrifies Scientists and Causes Panic but is it Warranted


CERN wants to dig into the deepest part of matter and create particles that might grow black holes. Black holes CONSUME matter and the fear is that Earth will be consumed and us with it. Is that silly or is it really a possibility and could it open the Gates to Hell...a place of TOTAL DARKNESS?


I have some actual material evidence (not simple theory) and research to present on this. Very "En-Lightening".


Elon Musk Just went public w/ Stunning Humanoid Robot


In this video, we examine Elon Musk's proposal to create Optimus, a humanoid robot capable of performing any activity that humans would prefer not to perform. Despite initial scepticism from critics, Elon Musk has proven them wrong by demonstrating the capabilities of the robot. These abilities include the ability to recognise faces, show information, play films, and chat via audio. The robot's battery life is sufficient for operating throughout the day, and it also has hardware protection to safeguard the safety of others in its close area. Nonetheless, there are still concerns about the consequences of a cybercriminal successfully hacking the robot. This film delves more into the Tesla Bot's capabilities as well as its evolution over time.


“Once You Can Bend Reality with

your Mind, the World is Yours.”


Today we break down the final research paper by Stephen Hawking. Of course, Stephen Hawking was a famous physicist, but what most people don't know was his views that reality was a hologram, and the universe was governed by the laws of consciousness. Today we will break down how to control reality with your mind, how to use physics to bend reality with the power of consciousness, and how you can apply these big ideas into your life for the law of attraction, manifestation, and creating your own reality.


These 12 minutes reveal how to control the universe with your mind.


It's not a porthole it's a pit They're opening. That's why it's on the ground horizontally and not vertically in the air.


Opening the Doorway to the Dark Side

One Collision at a Time


While I am surfing my resources for news, I listen to talk videos. This man has a whole lot of researchable information. This man has touched on a lot of information that was stored in the back of my brain, because at the time I learned about them, I couldn't really apply it anywhere.


Anyway... give it a listen.


I find this to be very true, was man even designed to know this detail of the inner workings of The Devine. And if we are able to gain the knowledge, what will we do with the knowledge.

Scientists Can NOT Explain Appearance of 4 Very Bright Rings Around the Sun in Canada!


The Real MLordandGod Comments -


-Would have never known about this if it weren't for you Carol. Thank you.


-Have you seen ADAPT's work a couple of years ago regarding caves and sky phenomenon? He made 2 both an hour long. Much of that's seen in our sky now was etched on the walls of caves.


-There is Galactic Dust building up around our Sun right now!
This build up of dust around the Sun will cause it to blow its shell, known as a Micro Nova. Our Time(12,000 years) is up

-There will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars.


-The 3rd Fatima says that strange things will happen with the sun, maybe this is one of them?



This Is What All the Big Lizards Are Afraid of


Pretty sure I read that Komodo dragons have dug up human graves to eat people. They're dinosaurs, it's awesome, but terrifying....


Yellowstone System Alert Just Announced The Massive Dome Shaped Uplift Is Still Increasing In Size


Yellowstone System Alert Just Announced The Massive Dome Shaped Uplift Is Still Increasing In Size


Futureunity Comments -


-Could the pressure build up to those levels still today? Do the hot spring geysirs discharge those chamber pressures constantly to prevent this? 🤔


-Signs of Time. Everyone needs to prepare for the big one. Love and hold your loved ones closer 🙏💗


-I'm vaccinated against volcanoes, so I'll be okay.



You Won’t Believe What NASA Found on Mars


I have no doubt at one point Mars was a terrestrial planet millions of years ago, only it got hit by something much larger and everything to sustain life was destroyed. That’s why I think Earth so special. The fact people are actually trying to get to Mars blows my mind!





Major Evidence for Another Structure Inside Earth's Core


Hello and welcome! My name is Anton, and, in this video, we will talk about a confirmation of the 5th structure inside Earth.




PlanetX Nibiru Wormwood Update Messages from the Heavens


Snow in California? Must be global warming..




Why These Rocks on Mars Shocked

Perseverance Scientists the Most


-I know they're just machines, but the way Alex personifies each one with such endearing, human characteristics really makes me tear up. 😭





You Wouldn't Believe It If I Didn't Show It to You.


Anonymous Official Comments -


-It's a time of trouble, like we've never seen before.


-A tectonic weapon was my first thought as it was some coincidence, that turkey was getting warnings of terror attacks after not letting Sweden into Nato. Plus, the surrounding countries are already under attack🤷🏻‍♂️


-25,960 years. We are about due, but they kept changing all our calendars, so it is hard to track the exact time frame. Plus, our far-arm location has been getting closer in its swing to the center of the galaxy.



What is going ON up there?? It did not move!


Sun Anomaly.


Uranium is risky, they frequently bring up an excellent point: what about thorium?


The Fukushima disaster reminded us of all of the dangers of uranium-fueled nuclear reactors. The nuclear power plant, which was severely damaged by the earthquake on March 11, 2011, is home to a total of six reactors, all of which went operational in the 1970s. The subsequent struggle to contain the fuel rods and keep them cool brought to light just how energetic uranium fission reactions are and how difficult it is to maintain control over them.


Of course, that level of energy is precisely why we use nuclear energy - it is an incredibly efficient source of power, produces very few emissions, and has an excellent safety record to boot.


On the other hand, when people talk about how nuclear power is beneficial, but uranium is risky, they frequently bring up an excellent point: what about thorium?


This Is Why NASA Never Returned to The Moon


On November 20th, 1969, while ascending back to the command module, Commander Charles Conrad Junior and Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean let go of the Apollo 12 launch vehicle, causing it to crash back to the moon. Immediately upon impact, an extremely unexpected event took place. It was reported that the moon had a seismic ringing effect similar to that of a bell for more than an hour. But what exactly did NASA hope to accomplish with this experiment, and why did it even conduct it in the first place? To find out, make sure you watch this video all the way through to the end because you don't want to miss out on this one.


Researchers from NASA wanted to gain a better understanding of the moon's make-up and how it was formed. During the Apollo 12 mission, astronauts installed a Passive Seismic Experiment (PSE) at the landing site as part of the broader Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package (ALSEP). Once the Apollo 12 astronauts were safely back in the command module, they smashed the lunar module into the moon's surface. The impact was the equivalent of detonating one ton of TNT and triggered what’s known as a “moonquake”—the first human-made moonquake to take place. The PSE seismometers recorded the resultant vibrations, which were far stronger and lasted much longer than the experts had predicted. They were nothing like the earthquake tremors we're used to. NASA resumed its moonquake studies with identical results on the Apollo 13, 14, 15, and 16 missions. The findings were shocking at the time since they pointed to the moon being much less dense than Earth, which it is: the moon is just 60% as dense as Earth. Does this, however, imply that the moon is hollow? According to Walter Cunningham who was the third civilian astronaut and was a lunar module pilot on the Apollo 7 mission in 1968, “With Apollo 12, people refer to it as a crash. It wasn't really a crash; it was an aimed deorbit of the rocket used to lift off the lunar module. And the crew separated the launch vehicle and crashed it back into the ground, right close to where they had a seismograph that they had installed down there. Well, it vibrated, so it was an early clue as to how solid was the surface of the moon.”


Your Body's Molecular Machines


These are the molecular machines inside your body that make cell division possible. Every day in an adult human roughly 50-70 billion of your cells die. They may be damaged, stressed, or just plain old - this is normal, in fact it’s called programmed cell death.


To make up for that loss, right now, inside your body, billions of cells are dividing, creating new cells.

And cell division, also called mitosis, requires an army of tiny molecular machines. DNA is a good place to start - the double helix molecule that we always talk about.


The Scientists Beginning To Doubt

The Theory of Evolution


The modern debate surrounding the origin of life on Earth has always been divisive. Historically, scientists have sided with the theory of evolution, whilst followers of the world's religions side with the theory of creationism. This documentary follows a meeting of some of the world's top scientists and scholars who harbor doubts that evolution holds all of the answers.



The Big Misconception About Electricity


The misconception is that electrons carry potential energy around a complete conducting loop, transferring their energy to the load. This video was sponsored by Caséta by Lutron.


Veritasium Comments -


- I have no idea who showed me this or how I discovered it, but if you go underneath the huge transmission lines that you will find in the desert areas surrounding Phoenix and hold a fluorescent tube style bulb in the air at night, it glows. Actually, a lot brighter than you would expect. I always kind of figured this was due to the huge amounts of power running through the lines somehow radiating through the insulation (You actually can hear the lines buzzing and crackling, pretty sketchy actually) but this explanation makes way more sense now.


-phenomenal 3D diagrams and animations.


-Had to watch this vid 3 times just to make sure I wasn't hearing wrong, but man u just cleared up a lot of misconception. Now I got to go and look for some basics of electrical engineering because you sparked my curiosity. Thank you!


This Is Why the World Should Fear Crows


Corvids are wicked smart. I worked at a remote camp in Northern BC, Canada and someone has left a wolf/husky pup chained to a pole and had to leave it behind. That dog was the most beautiful and friendly animal I had ever seen or "met'.


The puppy couldn't reach its bowl and the Ravens would grab food from the bowl and bring it to the dog.

So, the camp informally made the dog it's mascot, but I didn't know her history, of course. When I first started cooking, I brought some food out for the dog on my break.


The Ravens immediately flocked to the dish from outta nowhere, about 12-15 of them, and started chowing down, making all kinds of racket, some of it sounded a lot like barking!! (A murder of crows, indeed!!).

The dog came out of the bush, and I said to the other guy: Those birds better get lost or they gonna end up on the menu.

The guy just laughed and said: Nope. Watch this.

The dog trotted up, gave a little woof, and without even looking up, they made room for her, and they all ate together. The Ravens had saved the dog when it was a pup and adopted her as their own.


The other guys told me stories of the birds bringing rabbits, mice, and other birds to the dog when he was forgotten to be fed.


Mother nature is truly metal!!



Strange New Species Scientists Recently Discovered


You would wonder how something could be there all that time without being noticed because there's not many places on earth that humans haven't set their foot in, so it is astonishing that there's so many undiscovered species.




What was the Earth like at the time of Pangea?


| History of the Earth Documentary


🌍 Six continents separated by vast expanses of water - this is the familiar image of our planet that we have all shared since childhood. But the Earth hasn't always looked like this. Over the past 4.6 billion years, our planet has gone through many geological eras. During some of these eras, almost the entire surface was covered with ice, while in other periods, on the contrary, the polar caps melted completely.


In the distant past, the continents were not arranged as they are today. Land blocks moved relative to each other, which led to movement, collision of continents and the emergence of supercontinents that united almost all the landmasses.


This is Pretty Alarming..


Earth’s inner core may have temporarily stopped rotating relative to the mantle and surface, researchers report in the January 23 Nature Geoscience. Now, the direction of the inner core’s rotation may be reversing — part of what could be a roughly 70-year-long cycle that may influence the length of Earth’s days and its magnetic field — though some researchers are skeptical.


“We see strong evidence that the inner core has been rotating faster than the surface, [but] by around 2009 it nearly stopped,” says geophysicist Xiaodong Song of Peking University in Beijing. “Now it is gradually mov[ing] in the opposite direction.”


Our planet may have had a recent change of heart.

Man 'Awestruck' as he observes

mysterious craft do the impossible in daytime sky!


Wow. Scotty recorded something extraordinary. It’s frustrating as a sky watcher and a truth seeker to see footage like this and know that there are still people out there that refuse to acknowledge that our skies are filled with craft and other phenomena not of this world. Great capture Scotty. 👏 -- YouTube Commentor

Also, some incredible photos of Moon Halos

Lake Mead Water Levels Appear to be Rising!

Source MRMBB333

Multi Level City Found On The Moon! ~ 1/16/2023


YouTube Comments -


-All those straight lines, the rectangles, the right angles... no way in hell that's natural! They sure blurred the heck out of most of it, but it's sure intriguing. (How I wish we had honest people in charge of the space program.) Excellent work!



-A lunar base of some kind, if ever I have seen one, I've seen it now.  Far too many separate elements-when combined reveal this complex. This is stunning.  Thank you, sir, we appreciate it.


-Thanks Chris! Thought provoking. Since the moon doesn't spin and the sun always shines on the same place on its surface, it would seem like the area at the margin of the light/dark side would be the perfect area to put down a community, in a general sense not too hot, not too cold, kind of a perpetual sunset. It makes more sense than other places that I've seen claims of non-natural structures. Wish we could see the censored stuff.



Cooling Our Homes Without Electricity?


Whether it’s to regulate the temperature of food, medicine, or people, we’ll always need some form of cooling tech to survive. We tend to turn to air conditioning to solve these problems, but that uses up a lot of electricity.


A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have an idea: stack the same cooling techniques we’ve been using for thousands of years by harnessing the power of aerogel. No power, no emissions…no problem?


-One point of contention - I think the rear left side of Ice Sphinx appears more like a deliberate excavation. Which may mean that it's being presently unearth and not buried.




YouTube Comments -


-Your efforts in this regard are heavenly. I can't wait for the transition from the evidence to the reality of what's there under the ice. This is one of your best finds.

-I’m getting the feeling that the next 2-3 years is going to be a wild ride. Buckle up amigos!



NASA Just Revealed That Something Huge Has Been Observed Entering Our Solar System


Recently, scientists have been awestruck by a large unidentified object that has made it into our solar system. Where did this object come from? Does it tie in with the UFO conspiracy? And why are people so worried about it?





Ancient 15,000-Year-Old Viruses



I would be worried..




First Ever Organism That Actually

Eats Viruses for Nutrition - Halteria


Phages have been around for some time now. It's been used for treating red meat, pork and other foods as well.



25 Interesting Things That Happens

to Betelgeuse During This Video


Betelgeuse Supernova BREAKING NEWS! Once-in-a-Lifetime Sight 1/8/2023


Betelgeuse in Orion could go supernova at any time. The system was predicted in 2022 producing a luminous red nova for the first time in 10,000 years! Betelgeuse is a red supergiant star located approximately 640 light years from Earth in the constellation Orion.

It is one of the brightest and most well-known stars in the night sky and has long been a subject of fascination for astronomers and sky watchers. In recent years, Betelgeuse has garnered even more attention due to speculation that it may be on the verge of a supernova explosion. A supernova is a catastrophic event that occurs when a star collapses and explodes, releasing an enormous amount of energy and light.


If Betelgeuse were to go supernova, it would be visible to the naked eye from Earth, even during the day. The explosion of a supernova is a rare and spectacular event, and the explosion of Betelgeuse would be no exception. Astronomers estimate that the explosion could release as much energy as the sun produces in 10 billion years, and the light from the explosion would be so bright that it would temporarily outshine the entire Milky Way galaxy.


While it is impossible to predict exactly when Betelgeuse will go supernova, it is thought to be relatively close to the end of its life. Some estimates suggest that it could explode within the next 100,000 years, while others suggest that it could be much sooner. Regardless of when it occurs, the explosion of Betelgeuse will be a truly remarkable sight, and a once-in-a-lifetime event for anyone lucky enough to witness it.




The Tonga Volcano Is FINALLY Exploding

and Cracking Up the Earth


Nature’s wrath can be extremely ruthless, as the residents of many parts of Australia have found out over the summer. Major cities were flooded leading to immense loss of property and displacement, and the cause of all that destruction can be traced back to the devastating underwater volcanic eruption that occurred in Tonga.




For many years, there had been fear in the scientific community that any increase in volcanic activity in Tonga would result in massive flooding in Australia, and their fears were realized when this exact thing happened. 

This Satellite Just Sent Us A Message Revealing That A Huge Monolith Showed Up On Mars


Despite decades of research and exploration, Mars remains an utter mystery. Scientists still have many questions about the history of Mars and the possible future of the planet. For example, while scientists have found evidence that Mars used to have oceans, the real answer remains a mystery. Scientists also wonder if humans could potentially live on Mars, but it will take a lot of research and exploration to get that answer.








Google Earth Pro 2023 Hi-Res Maxar QUANTUM 4k Satellite Imagery ~

Once? An Anomaly, *TWICE??? Nope....Confirmed!!

​TR3B Location #1:
66°28'20.27"S 110°42'7.76"E

TR3B Location #2:
66°20'29.16"S 162°15'59.97"E



Evidence of Intracoastal:
Start Here: 77°50'18.95"S 179°41'18.17"E

Facing the Coast 30-degree aspect move to the Left (Clockwise)

Massive Port Structure Here:
78°23'8.53"S 170° 7'52.26"W

Arriving Finally Here at the MONSTER Inlet Structure:
77° 5'44.77"S 157°29'6.84"W

This Physicist Has Just Announced They've

Detected the Engine That Runs the Entire Universe


Scientific theories can often go decades, or even centuries, without any explanation or confirmation that they are correct. When we make a discovery that inches us a little closer to being able to confirm a theory it is thrilling, but when we uncover something monumental, it is truly revolutionary to the field, to our history, and to our futures. Physics is a discipline that truly captures our understanding of the world; to advance our understanding of physics is to advance our understanding of everything we are surrounded by.




Comments -


-Out of the content of the video I had a hard time correlating the title of the video into any engine that runs the universe. Unless the universe is a program simulated by a computer of an ancient race of Gods eons advanced of our understandings, outside and before this finite universal dimension ever came into existence.


-School books need to be rewritten so the students can be kept up to date... they have proven that we did not come from apes...


-Thise is a great channel to get away from the stress off earth politic thank you 💯❤




Scientists Discover ALIEN FUNGUS

That Will REPLACE The Human Brain


We are advancing so fast, it's almost unbelievable.


This Will Turn Υour World Ιnside Οut! Νew Prehistoric Discoveries REVΕΑL Secrets Οf Our Αncient Past


Comments -


-That makes perfect sense about how the worldwide flood happened. Thanks for this information. Its very interesting.





-You forgot to mention the windows of Heaven were opened. I do agree with you about the mid ocean ridges being the places the where the waters below burst forth from. I didn't understand your comment about comets coming from the ejected rock that would have been shot up. There are comets cruising around up above in so called space, but with the firmament up above as well I am don't see how things would work.

Terrifying Photos from Space NASA Can't Even Explain


In this video, we're taking a look at some of the most terrifying photos from space NASA can't even explain. From dark galaxies to raging storms, these photos will send chills down your spine! If you're a fan of scary photos, then you'll love this video! We're exploring some of the most terrifying photos from space, and you won't be able to look away! from dark galaxies to raging storms, these photos will leave you unbelieving!










Cone Shaped Anomalies... 2012 Historical Imagery Layer
1~ 76° 2'20.06"S 150°24'24.83"W
2~ 66°38'13.15"S 99°25'1.37"E
Tentacle/Snake? ~ 66° 3'33.36"S 101°25'48.26"E
Turtle Shell~ 66°30'3.40"S 99°58'3.29"E
Serpent Skeletons
1~ 71°31'24.19"S 24° 3'50.49"E
2~ 78° 3'4.28"S 162°40'3.35"E
Pyramid Generating Heat~ 81°36'25.21"S 28°17'35.84"W


Seated Winged Nephilim~ 76°18'44.26"S 112°11'20.89"W
Slaughter Site ( 2010-2014 Layer ) 78°27'48.16"S 106°49'16.73"E
Arterial Outlet Ridge~(2010 Layer) 75°41'21.84"S 162°41'16.93"E
Jaw & Eye ( 2012 Layer ) 76°18'57.08"S 112°33'5.51"W
Threshold to Agartha~ 68°50'1.24"S 39°57'51.87"E
Planets Circling Pyramid~ 73°38'23.59"S 64°12'11.52"E
8 sided Pyramid~ 78°28'53.69"S 86° 1'50.29"W
Frozen Water Monster~ 72° 3'26.16"S 168°54'58.42"E
Birds ( Thoth Worship )~ 79°38'36.50"S 157°59'8.81"E
Craft in Mid Launch~ 73°20'49.24"S 164°55'1.95"E
Snake Tree Carving~ 77°45'21.23"S 162° 9'50.79"E
Turquoise Obelisk~ 70°37'59.82"S 70°16'34.28"W

Why Did The Earth Totally Freeze For 100 Million Years?


00:00 Introduction
05:33 Mystery Glaciers
17:00 Snowball Earth
27:22 How?
39:23 Escape



| Unlocking The Mystery Of Life | Parable


The modern debate surrounding the origin of life on Earth has. always been divisive. Historically, scientists have sided with the theory of evolution, whilst followers of the world's religions side with the theory of creationism. This documentary follows a meeting of some of the world's top scientists and scholars who harbor doubts that evolution holds all of the answers.




The Scientists Beginning to Doubt

The Theory Of Evolution

Oil Eating Fungi...

Why isn't this being used more for cleanups?

Russia Reveals Antarctica Is Not What We're Being Told!


Welcome to Techspace, where we explore the fascinating world of science, technology, and the universe! From the inner workings of the human body to the outer reaches of space, we delve into the latest and most interesting discoveries that are shaping our world. Whether you're a science buff or just looking for some mind-blowing facts, we've got you covered. Join us as we uncover the mysteries of the world around us and discover new frontiers in the fields of science and technology. Get ready for a journey that's both educational and entertaining!




Been mountaineering and rock-climbing most my life. Seen some amazing stuff up there, but this is pretty cool.


Sharks Living in Volcanoes.


🦖: My first thought was this is impossible & it would kill them, cooking them alive... But then again, the saying "Nature, you scary." comes to mind... 💀


The Largest Volcano Ever Is About to Crack Open the Earth


Yellowstone National Park has one of the most diverse collections of natural wonders in the United States. With its geothermal features, abundant animals and more than 2 million acres of sprawling wilderness, Yellowstone is one of North America’s greatest assets. However, one of the park's officials has cautioned that this wonderful area will soon become a hazard. What exactly is going on in Yellowstone? What sort of warning have authorities issued regarding Yellowstone? In today’s video, we bring you an announcement made by Yellowstone National Park officials on an impending natural disaster.

John Colter, a veteran of the Lewis and Clark expedition, was the first American to visit the Yellowstone area. Interestingly, after returning home after years in the woods, Colter began to tell others about the area's extraordinary geothermic activity, but few believed his fantastic claims and mocked the place, dubbing it Colter's Hell. It's obvious to see why some were highly skeptical: the region seemed too good to be true. For instance, did you know Yellowstone has its own canyon, similar to the one in Arizona? The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, as it is officially named, was formed by erosion from the Yellowstone River. 

Making an old hypnotic sedative and preservative


Today we are going to be making chlorobutanol. It was historically used as a hypnotic sedative, and it is currently used as an antibacterial/preservative. I think it has a pleasant minty/camphor like smell to it.


Wind also creates problems for Buffalo residents. Winds at Buffalo International Airport were 72 mph


Heavy lake-effect snowfall is also expected in the area over the weekend, with up to 4 feet of rain forecast in parts of western New York by Christmas.


Boston Dynamics' New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete, Here's Why


Military robotics technology is not far behind as our world becomes more advanced. If you have seen Corridor Digital’s parody video, you may know what the future will look like. Don't worry; the realism of that video is a testament to the advancements in visual effects at the Los Angeles production studio, and not necessarily robotics.


Human Missions to Asteroids, Rockets and Global Warming, Dark Antimatter | Q&A 204


Does the Black Knight satellite really exist? Can JWST explore the Oort cloud? Did we hopelessly contaminate Mars with life? Would I fly on the dearMoon mission without the abort system? Should we do crewed missions to near-earth asteroids? Answers to all these questions and more in this week's Q&A with Fraser Cain!


You Can't Make This Stuff UP!! What are the ODDS!


-This quake was felt up in Idaho! People there reported feeling it! I believe it was a foreshocks n will be a bigger one to happen! A big long bridge in Ferndale was damaged with big cracks n,bridge is shut down! Check you water n gas lines folks! Prayers for Safety! God Bless. 🙏🙏❤❤


UFO??? Between Iraq and Iran on 12/18/22 @ 9:29pm


The Genes Of This Tribe Carry DNA Of A Third Unknown Human Species


Humans have drastically evolved a great deal through the years. Human ancestors first showed up on Earth five million years ago, and Homo sapiens appeared on the Earth’s surface roughly 300,000 years ago. From wild apes to humans, we have come a long way. Civilization began as far back as 4000 and 3000 BC, and the massive industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries took humanity to an entirely different level.

Photographic Proof Demonic Entities Are All Around Us


Demonic entities captured on film. Photographic proof demonic entities are all around us. If this does not prove humans are being visited by something other worldly all the time. Maybe no proof will ever be enough. We find these images to be the scariest form of an unknown reality we have ever witnessed.


-Trust nothing that keeps itself hidden and secret or that goes to the ones sitting in high places that manipulate everything.


The Dimming, Full Length Climate
Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch )


Global weather engineering operations are a reality. Atmospheric particle testing conducted by has now proven that the lingering, spreading jet aircraft trails, so commonly visible in our skies, are not just condensation as we have officially been told.



Who is responsible for carrying out these programs? What will the consequences be if geoengineering / solar radiation management operations are allowed?


THE DIMMING documentary will provide answers to these questions and many more. This is the most complete documentary regarding climate engineering operations. Thank you for viewing and for notifying others of The Dimming film release.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News,
December 17, 2022, # 384 ( Dane Wigington )


Holiday weather, anyone? Geoengineered winter at its finest.


A geoengineered record deep freeze is scheduled to hammer the Eastern US, just in time for the holidays.


Increasing warmth and drought through the first of the year is what the weather makers have planned for the US West.


The airline industry has finally acknowledged that "contrails" are a major environmental problem, but the deeper truth on this issue continues to be denied and omitted. NATO has just held it's first round table on "climate change and security", was climate engineering the primary discussion behind closed doors? Are they preparing for climate collapse? Is that a part of the plan?


All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Elon Musk 7 Minutes Ago: "We Are All in Trouble, This is So Serious!!"


The video in a nutshell... What Elon's message is; We are Cyborgs. We are just waiting for our "snap-on" parts. We are Already Cyborg in the capacity as we are with our cellphones. Like the monkey on the video playing pong.. So too will the person with a neuro-link be able to "telepathically" play video games as well.


“Stripped” LUNAR Images, Dark Side of the MOON, and Secret SPACE Programs with Lt Col Ken Johnson


@ZoharStarGateTV Ken Johnson story goes like this: whilst working at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, he was the Director of the Data and Photo Control Department, responsible for all the photographs and data generated by the contributing scientists from around the world. One day he discovered that certain individuals within NASA were stripping out details in lunar images that might be hard to explain. In this interview, Ken discloses exactly what happened, and why he decided to go public about it.


This Probe's Alert System Just Sent Out A Warning To Us After It Detected A Threat Above Us Today


The planetary defense system is used to track near Earth objects. NASA established the Planetary Defense Coordination Office, and so far have detected countless Near Earth Objects. It’s an uncomfortable truth that we are vulnerable within the universe. It’s a fact that asteroids approach the Earth every year. There is never a guarantee of total safety, and it's just a matter of sheer luck as to whether we are directly hit.


This Is What All Polar Bears Are Afraid of


Comments -


-It kinda sad but we can't change anything in a snap, we can only hope for the animals we have today to adapt and help them


Scientists Terrifying New Discovery Frozen Under Siberia


Siberia, the supposedly coldest place on earth, is experiencing record warm temperatures, melting sea ice, and massive wildfires—environmental changes that even the scientists most urgently monitoring the climate crisis didn't expect to see for another several decade.



Siberia's expanding "Doorway to Hell" and its enormous sinkhole are just two
of the numerous and horrific discoveries that have been made in this region
of Russia.

That is what SIM expert David Allen Burgess asked when he found secret records of phone activity that the user had no idea about.


Welcome to the magical world of proactive SIMs - SIM cards that send data off your phone without you or your phone's operating system knowing. There is no public documentation about these messages, there's no way to see all the information in the messages, and the cell companies won't talk about it.


China's Mars Landing Mission | Shocks NASA and the USA


China's Tianwen 1 Mars mission has been awarded one of the spaceflight world's most prestigious awards.

The Tianwen 1 spacecraft lifted off from Wenchang spaceport on July 23, 2020 and entered Mars orbit in February 2021. The mission's solar-powered Zhurong rover then successfully landed in the Red Planet's Utopia Planitia plain in May that year.

The mission carried out a historic first-ever combined orbiting, landing and roving in a single launch, earning the mission the International Astronautical Federation's annual space achievement award on Sunday (Sept. 18) during the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Paris.

Elon Musk's Neuralink Killed 1500 Animals


Elon Musk’s Neuralink is under federal investigation for potential animal-welfare violations amid internal staff complaints that its animal testing is being rushed, causing needless suffering and deaths, according to documents reviewed by Reuters and sources familiar with the investigation and company operations.


Neuralink Corp. is developing a brain implant it hopes will help paralyzed people walk again, blind people see and disabled people control technology without the need for movement. Co-founder Musk recently said he hopes that the Neuralink brain chip will be ready for human trials within six months.


NASA Just Announced That They Are Monitoring a Huge Escalating Anomaly In Earth's Magnetic Field


A Pole Shift may be eminent.


Archaeologists Anonymous


A few days ago, the Archive came across an article that is nothing less than whistleblower quality AND originating from inside the academic community itself. To be clear, the article is not really a criticism of Academia per se, but more an indictment about the decades-long introduction of political ideologies into modern disciplines like archaeology, anthropology, geology, genetics etc.


Psychopath Vs Sociopath | How to Spot the Difference and Why You Need to Know This


After our favorite murder documentary was over, my friends and I sat on the couch, taking in all that had happened, before one friend blurted out, "he was clearly a psychopath". “No, he was a sociopath", another friend offered. The argument between the two went on for some time before they looked at me to bring this to an end. Having been trained in psychiatric conditions in med school, I was the bona fide expert in the group. Of course I had heard people use the two terms interchangeably, but I never really stopped to think about how to differentiate them. Do you find yourself wondering what the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath really is?




Alien DNA Found in Octopus Genetics | Ancient Aliens


A study done in March 2018 reveals that octopuses possess extraterrestrial DNA. See more in this clip from "Aliens and Strange Creatures."