This can be Observations of just about anything. It's hard to categorize it all.  Some things belong in UFO's, some in Science, Space and Nature. But it's when you can't explain what it is we're seeing or just not satisfied with the answers.



SNL Crowd Goes Silent as Woody Harrelson Goes on COVID Rant #Shorts


The Sun Continues its Explosive

Pattern and the Latest Planet X Photos




More NEW video surfaces of the Moon with a MOON!


⭐️ As bizarre as some of the footage you are about to see in this video is, it's all real. These are real-life encounters of 'something' the viewer saw, recorded and was unable to identify. These are ordinary people that saw something extraordinary. I also touch on earth and sun related topics such as a possible pole reversal, large earth directed solar flares that could take out the power grid and satellites, also monitor earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters.

Check out what Joe Rogan just said about the Dems and Trump for 2024!


What Metal is More Precious than Gold


The way Roger goes into detail here is phenomenal. When everything is absolutely broken down with examples of how they look, how they work.. It's just, impossible to unsee it.

"NO WAY" Videos That Will Glitch Your Brain Forever


A mysterious phenomenon is caught on camera in a Lana Del Ray concert and other strange phenomena are also seen in other shows. But are these unexplained events co-related? From super creepy jelly-like blobs that seem to be falling from the sky to unexplained glitches in the matrix in this video I will analyze the creepiest and most unexplained videos that will definitely glitch your brain. Welcome to the Impossible channel where James LaFleur analyses the creepiest and the most mind-blowing videos for your entertainment.

Tales of Old...Dinosaurs and Dragons and Giants Oh My....a True Mudfossil Documentary Pt2


The discovery of "Exceptional Preservation of Soft Body creatures" which are now Rocks led to a complete investigation of the creatures and the Process.


The creatures ...some Dinos and some Dragons and some Giants are extreme and, in many cases, bizarre.
The process was spoken of and was the Great Flood.

The chemistry is now well understood also.


There is more to speak of but not at this time.... this is enough for now.

What in the WORLD is GOING ON with the World?!


Weird carrots! Bright pink ponds! Frantically waving leaves! Animals staring us down on our cars?!! Berries all of a sudden on a never before tree? I LOVE IT!! @lesleyM84

Trucker perfectly dismantles electric vehicle narrative in 2 minutes: 'You would need to pack 50,000 pounds of batteries!'


A truck driver in a viral video explained that poor infrastructure and inefficient, heavy electric batteries make it nearly impossible to switch semi-trucks and other large vehicles to fully electric.

Giant 3ft Triassic HUMAN Fingertip still has fingerprint and DNA tested and is Homo Sapien mtDNA


The stories of Giants were real and can no longer be denied.


I discovered and did the research on "Mudfossils", and Yale Univ agrees with my claims of "Exceptional preservation of soft-bodied Creatures promoted by silica-rich oceans."....... which is the Great Worldwide Rapid Flood.


There were "Giants in the Earth in those days and After that more Giants ... who were the Mighty Men and men of renown... and now the Proof is shown and can be tested for validity.

These Mudfossils are everywhere but simply dismissed by Academics because it destroys almost everything they claim about Geology and History and GOD. You decide how we should handle this.......let me know your thoughts in the comments and Share and Thumb Up please.


I now look at Greek Mythology as more real than what I was taught.



He Got SILENCED Pretty Fast After Speaking The TRUTH


There Were Giants in the Earth in Those Days and now we have Proof


Okay, everybody wants to know about the gold, so we're going to get into that. So stay tuned, my friends; this is going to be a trip. Mystery blobs in Earth's mantle may be linked to ancient gold and platinum arrived from space. Now, this just came out 23 hours ago. Gold and Platinum came from giant space rocks.


Scientists have now worked out how this happened, and it may explain some really weird blobs deep in our planet's mantle. Now, they're trying to figure out where these metals came from. They're finding chunks of them here and there. Why are they in these blobs? The only way it could have happened is a big blob of it came through space and landed there. That's what they say.


Now, scientists may have finally figured out why Earth's precious metals appear close to the surface. I can show you why. This is specific gravity. A centrifuge spins real fast, and the heaviest stuff gets concentrated at the end. The heavier metals sink to the bottom.


Now, specific gravity is blood is much less heavy than gold. That's why the gold sinks underneath silicon completely. To understand mud fossils and this fossilization process, you have to understand the metals that are in blood.

These are the metal cores that carry all the other particles around your body. They have different colors. Opals are very colorful, and these colors are different transition metals. This is a heart. It's opalized, and it's a heart. It was turned blue because of the attachment of transition metals.


This is a heart, almost 100% sure. It's broken off, and it's a little, but there's a belt around hearts. This particular type of tissue wanted to make tonate the gold for some reason.


Now, this gold band was originally in that tubing of a heart. I have hearts here, and I cut one. That's what's inside the heartstrings and all that gooey stuff, which I showed a minute ago. It's beyond outrageous. This is gold, and there's a gold seam in between the red and black side of the ventricle wall of the heart. The blood ran down and turned into gold.


This lung was DNA tested, CAT scanned, and it's saturated with blood. But look at the coating on the outside, which is fabric. This fabric turned into gold, little flakes of gold.


So, what we're looking at here is the incredible transformation of biological tissues into precious metals like gold, driven by specific gravity and a unique geological process. These discoveries shed light on the fascinating relationship between our planet and the elements that make it up.

What do you think this is and What do Mars Experts claim this Feature is on Mars


I have been pointing out BIOLOGY on Mars since 2015 and NASA attacks me for Paradeolia (means to see what is not there) but I now attack them (mostly PHDs) for GROSS incompetence about life on the Bloody Red Planet.

It will be called PHDeolea and sufferers are blind to truth and reality.


SEE 5D Inverted Pyramids/Cubes

Floating Over 5G Towers


This video is showing a "beyond the veil" image of a pyramid or cube floating just above 5G cellular towers. The audio is in Spanish, but the video speaks for itself!

Are You a Useful Idiot?


Comments -

-In April 2015 at sunset I saw a clear sky sunset in Midwest Wisc. As yellowish white sun descended the horizon a clear round white planet appeared to be sitting atop the sun. Of course, never thinking beyond "I spoke out and announced to my sister that a full moon was sitting on top of the sun. Then I laughed at myself and said again "No that's not the moon, that isn't logical," then I blocked the whole thing out of my mind, dismissing the reality of a visual testimony. I only came back to it a couple months later as I saw a posted video with a photo of a planet near the sun. wow. And I have never again seen that kind of clear naked eye confirmation.

-Nemesis is RED and is behind the sun and moon: Helion is PEACHY and Arboda is UVC VIOLET and BLUE; and Nibaru is PURPLE and these travel with moons and comets and other planets! That’s where all the different colours come from!!!

-Wow there are a LOT of Ostriches commenting aren’t their. They remind me of the scoffers in Noah’s time who frantically banged on the ark when it started to rain. They probably don’t believe THAT story really happened either.

Those are only 3 images. Right now, the Government is being ran by criminals who own the Media.

So.. I don't believe anything the Media peddles.


@libertadespiritual3816 - 17 hours ago - I have been trapped in Lahia for the past four days. And I experienced firsthand what was happening there. What I went through is not important. I need to get this message out: This was not a natural disaster. It was a direct energy attack on the people and place of Maui. You know what is lived there. That descendants live there you know why this tragedy happened... Why 8-8 happened and if that's something you don't believe, it's time to stop being a sheep. They went in and took control. There were standing trees and missing buildings. This supposed weather system came from the Eastern Mountains. This does not happen in Nature! They didn't say anything to people to be careful, they didn't let in people they wanted to help, but if they came in they burned them alive, there were a lot burning alive in the streets; there were innocent people dying in the water. There were not hundreds, but thousands of people missing. What they tell you in the news is not true. And I experienced it firsthand. 

This is not to bring fear, it is to inform. Because there is a darkness that is hiding. And soon people are going to see the truth. Know that there was no warning, there was nothing and this is treason to humanity.

 What they tell you in the news is not what happened. This is an excerpt from a video that you will never see on this platform, so I transcribed it to help know the version of that girl. The survivor's statements and eyewitness accounts contradict the official version. And it is that the testimonies affirm that this was not created by natural causes. So, this could be a reminder, of dark interests. Residents of the island's indigenous peoples have been under pressure for years to sell their land.



Are We Living in Someone’s Mind? Why Are Brain Cells Similar to the Universe?


Comments -

-Imagine that the 13.7 billion years of our universe was just a passing thought in someone's mind.

-By default, we know the universe is conciously thinking via our minds, as we are quite literally just as much a part of the universe as anything else within it

-Our bodies are considered as universes so it’s not difficult to think that the cosmic universe could also be a body part of a bigger consciousness body.



Planet x Atu's moon Napisiti and more up there


I am not the only one who is thinking that the spraying being done serves two purposes. One is to hide what is really going on.



The final days. 2 planets in orbit around earth. Surreal images. Special word from the Lord. 8-15-23


OK! What is this in "our" water supply? Black Goo?


The "Black Goo" substance has been the sci-fy of the X-files series and other Horror features. But is it real science biology or is this blown out of proportion?


Where did THAT come from?


So let me tell y'all what just happened to me! These storms are getting so deadly! The one that kicked up yesterday here in Parrish Alabama had my power flickering so I went outside on my porch to check my propane tanks to make sure I had enough fuel to cook dinner outside on the grill and gas burner should our power go out. I was standing right at the top stair looking at the transformer that usually catches fire in the storms when all of a sudden WABAMMM! All I saw was blue/yellow/white then black! I couldn't hear anything but a very loud high pitch ringing in my ears and my head felt like my brains had exploded! I was very disoriented and searching for the front door. I found the doorknob and I fell stumbling into my house.


My vision slowly started to come back, and I made it thru the house to the dining room (a straight shot from my front door). I tried to tell my grandson, Cameron what had just happened. I know I must have been talking quite loudly because I still couldn't hear much of anything over that very loud high pitch buzzing sound. I honestly thought I was unalive! I was certain that I had been struck by lightning and was no longer in my body. Cameron was laughing at me! I think he must have thought I was joking or something because he was honestly LAUGHING at me. I stumbled back to my room and laid down for a bit.


When I regained my senses and my head stopped ringing, I got a message from Spectrum that my internet was down and that they were working to restore it by 5:00 pm. That's most likely what the lightning had hit. Then I found out that a woman a few blocks over was actually struck by lightning in her house! I don't know if she died or not. I haven't heard anything else about her. I think I'm ok now but that was honestly one of the worst things I've ever ever experienced.

Ok, I'm done now. Just thought I'd share.


Edit: I was reading some of the comments and I realized that I should have mentioned that my grandson is 20 yrs. old. I wouldn't be so annoyed with him if he were a child, but he's grown.


@TinaQuillen29 1 day ago - YouTube Commentor

Space is The Ocean and The Moon is a Continent


Has history been changed; did we have a 'reset' during the 1700-1800s?  Why do buildings all over the world have the same architecture?  Why is the nation of Tartaria excluded from our history when it is shown as a huge country on maps just a few hundred years ago?


Why do we have unexplained structures all over the world with no viable explanation as to who built them or how?


We find ourselves surrounded by the remnants of a previous civilization. A technically advanced civilization that has been hidden from history. So, we are left to ponder and try and figure out what is the truth about the world's fairs, the incubator babies and orphans. Why were all the cities empty in the 1860s and was there are purposeful reset?

What where cathedrals really built for? Were they frequency healing machines? What about Star Forts...who built them all and why? Were they part of a Free Energy grid?  Why do we have Giant buildings in all our cities, Were giants real?


We all know history is written by the victors which means at best we only get half the story and at worst much less. What we have now is His-Story we need to find our story.

It's Bigger Than the Sun Now and Getting Closer by The Day. Time For Climate Lockdowns?




Comments -

-I was made aware of the incoming system (and several other disturbing phenomenon) in 2000 by a family member that was in a position to know such things, thanks to his gig as a NASA engineer, DOD contractor and later as black project engineer. Found Dave in 2017. Thus far he has been spot on. See no reason to doubt him now. Dave, you're the only channel I follow for these matters. Please know you are loved and appreciated and respected. Keep up the good fight, Brother, we need you now more than ever!


-Amazing stuff, thank you. I watch the sun(s) set and moon set almost every night from my property. The moon once was setting in the west near where the sun was setting, now it sets in the South between two mountain peaks, literally on the opposite side of my view from where it once did less than a month ago. We were continually watching the moon turn orange/red when it got closer to the horizon, now it is not changing color, but is not setting even close to where it did less than 3 weeks ago.


-I saw the dual flame in the Westerly sky at sunset over 10 years ago but only through a telescope & it was far far away & small but looked exactly like this video.


-They pretty much discounted Pluto from our solar system in 2006 - so they had to have confirmed the model Dave has come up with - makes so much sense to me now


-Joseph 1964 shows its daily progress, among other things. Beyond the Spectrum captures the giant sky entities or something real daily. The channels sharing the Truth are heavily shadowbanned. It looks like we're here. Thank you, Dave, for consistently shining your Light on this.

The Hidden Truth About the Moon

When delving into the realm of lunar research, one cannot help but encounter intriguing aspects that might stir a sense of astonishment. The moon, an integral part of ancient history, presents itself with an undeniable air of enigma, marked by its exceptional geometric symmetry and the compelling accounts from astronauts who have visited its surface.


As we scrutinize these elements, they collectively point towards an extraordinary proposition: that our moon could potentially be a hollowed-out structure, an artificial satellite deliberately positioned into Earth's orbit a mere few hundred thousand years ago. And even more astonishingly, it is suggested that this celestial body was engineered by advanced beings with a dual purpose - not solely to influence Earth's biology but also to observe and exert control over its inhabitants.


To elaborate further, let us explore each intriguing aspect that contributes to this audacious hypothesis:


Ancient History and Lunar Significance: The moon has always held a special place in human history and mythology, being a subject of fascination and worship across various cultures. Its influence on tides and the lunar cycle's association with timekeeping and ancient calendars have imbued it with mystical importance. Such profound reverence towards the moon implies that it has long been perceived as more than just a celestial body.


Geometrical Symmetry: Astronomers and researchers have marveled at the moon's remarkable geometrical symmetry. Its near-perfect circular shape and precise proportions have sparked curiosity over the possibility of natural forces alone being responsible for its formation. The notion of an artificially engineered structure gains traction when we consider how rare such geometric perfection is in celestial bodies.


Testimonies of Astronauts: The accounts of astronauts who have been to the moon provide another layer of intrigue. Their observations and experiences, coupled with the strange occurrences, have led to speculations about the moon's true nature. The astronaut Edgar Mitchell, for instance, once mentioned that he experienced an overwhelming sense of interconnectedness and unity with the cosmos while on the moon, hinting at potentially profound implications of the moon's existence.


The Hollow Moon Hypothesis: The idea that the moon might be hollow is not entirely new in the realm of unconventional lunar theories. Some scientists have theorized that a hollow interior could explain certain seismic observations made during moonquakes. This concept, though speculative, fuels the notion that the moon might be an artificial construction, created for a specific purpose.


Artificial Satellite and Earth's Biology: If the moon is indeed an engineered structure, then its placement into Earth's orbit takes on a far more significant meaning. The deliberate positioning could imply a design that affects Earth's ecosystem and the development of life itself, making the moon an integral part of our planet's story.


Overseeing and Control: Furthermore, proponents of this theory suggest that the advanced creators of the moon may have had a vested interest in Earth's inhabitants. This leads to the speculation that the moon serves as a monitoring station or an instrument of control, influencing the course of human civilization and possibly intervening in its development.


It is crucial to emphasize that these theories remain highly speculative and do not hold mainstream scientific support. The traditional understanding of the moon as a natural celestial object formed through cosmic processes remains the prevailing scientific consensus.


In conclusion, the hypothesis of the moon being a hollowed-out structure, an artificial satellite, created by advanced beings with the intention to influence Earth's biology and oversee its inhabitants, is a captivating and provocative idea.


However, it is essential to approach such speculations with an open mind while maintaining a healthy skepticism until concrete evidence emerges to support or disprove these intriguing claims. Scientific exploration and research continually push the boundaries of human knowledge, encouraging us to ponder the mysteries of the cosmos and our place within it.

It was at LEAST 20 times bigger 

than earth and just VANISHED!


Comments -


-I remember that thing by the sun. The weird part is how perfectly round it was, and it would've been way bigger than Jupiter.


-Sun light definitely looks different in the cloudless skies these days


-I've never heard of a coronal cavity before! Thanks for sharing this awesome look at our sun from 11 years ago.


-That is unbelievably bizarre footage! It looks as if that sphere was docked to the sun, as to charge itself up, and then releases when it's done. Amazing!

-Clouds looking real strange lately


-I remember seeing that through social circles in my community. I was dumbfounded & absolutely astonished. I personally thought (and still think) that it was a craft of some type that has intelligence to take the suns heat and use it as a source of fuel.


-A cavity with a mind of its own that was not deterred by any rotation and radiation from the sun but remained on the same spot for 24 hours and then lifts off taking plasma with it. That's a very solid cavity.



Scientists have finally ‘heard’ the chorus of gravitational waves that ripple through the universe


Scientists have observed for the first time the faint ripples caused by the motion of black holes that are gently stretching and squeezing everything in the universe. (June 30, 2023)




Mountains Discovered on the Sun and Explains a Lot about Sun Spots and Global Warming as well


A Solar observer craft took photos of the edge of the Sun and saw Bumps about 1500ft high. There were 60 bumps just on the edge.


There are likely Many of the small Mountains ..... I believe these small mountains scrub and cause the Solar Flares and Fields as they SCRUB and concuss with the fields and debris it must push through.

This scrub at the edge of the Suns atmosphere is called the Corona and is 1,000,000s of deg and Suns surface only about 10,000 Deg. The scrub at that layer is ferocious and magnetic interactions and creates the Excess heat given off as Sun Light.


This will be clearly seen.

Worldwide Events - Episode 44

- Canada, Greece, Brazil...


China is Throwing Away Fields of Electric Cars - Letting them Rot!


Comments -

-What an eye opener. Sad to see the lack of ethics or common wellness for the planet and future generations. Gotta spread this around. Great content!

-All those discarded bicycles would bring joy to so many people in poor countries; this is completely crazy.

-I lived in Shanghai in 2016 when the shared bicycle craze took off. As someone who is experienced in manufacturing and inventory control, I could see that this scheme would never work. Without even considering the absurdly low prices, the problem of inventory management and maintenance is massive. 

At IBM in San Jose, we would lose valuable stuff on our own campus! How much easier to lose bicycles across all of Shanghai or other Chinese cities. Within 5 seconds I could see that this scheme was doomed to failure and waste. Why couldn't the Chinese government see the most obvious thing?

Yale Obesity Study on What Causes Obesity and Possibly a New Simple Procedure to Control it


The Interstitium.  A newly discovered organ.


What if there was a novel way to stabilize your weight and get healthy with a simple bottle of pills and usually the change is permanent and safe.


We are a chemical processing factory, and it requires enzymes which require a balanced Microbiome so you will have a healthy Gut Brain Axis.


The new research shows obese people brains did NOT receive the signals to stop eating on the fats side but sugar was ok... (what they found at Yale).

.... Details in the video and you SHOULD WATCH COMPLETE...My area is examining MULTIPLE SOURCE research papers and physical materials and specimens and the research results from many perspectives. I follow all leads and determining what conclusions can be drawn.


My approach is unique because I use material proof. I have a diverse knowledge base and many associates to draw on. Most "Researchers" are literally welded to a certain theory and rarely will even discuss other evidence.


David Adair – Moon Anomalies, Race for Helium-3, and NO PLANS

of Going to Mars


  • Moon Anomalies
  • Race for Helium 3
  • Why the U.S Space Program has no plans going to Mars
  • Dark side of the Moon
  • Hollow Moon


Comments -

-David is a true American treasure. I'd give anything to sit down and talk to that man.

-I love listening to what David has to say. He's sooo down to earth.

-I'm an Indian and never been to the US but I knew who David Adair was and what he meant for the science community interested in space exploration. His knowledge and ideas were far ahead than any and his intentions were noble. Hard to find another guy like him.
May his soul rest in peace.

War in the Heavens .... Fire in the Skies ... More Real than we Realize


The phrase "war in heaven" may sound like a new Christian thriller or a comic book series you read growing up. In the book of Revelation, the war in heaven is a major event that has huge consequences for God, humanity, and everyone in between.


What Is the War in Heaven?


In Revelation 12:7-10, John tells us about a pre-ordained war in Heaven at the end of the age. In this war, the archangel Michael and his angelic troops contend against Satan and his fallen angels.

Lacking the strength and power to defend their territory, Satan and his evil horde are “hurled” to the earth and forever evicted from Heaven.


Are we reaching the End of an Age? Think about this..."pre-ordained war in Heaven at the end of the age."

I Claim this is a Giant Heart but How Could a Giant Heart Still have very

Red Blood in It


Anyone unfamiliar with my Research will scoff at my claim made here now. The Thumbnail is a Heart in Libya and red blood still hydrates. The muscles are well articulated. I challenge any medical person or anatomist or anyone with any abilities whatsoever to point out why this is not a heart.

We Just Detected Oumuamua Again 


For many centuries, humans held the belief that we are the only ones in the entire universe. But sometimes, strange events happen that make us think there could be other forces and civilizations living somewhere out there among the vast galaxies. One of these events is the appearance of 'Oumuamua, a really weird object from space that suddenly showed up and then quickly flew away into outer space.

This NASA Insider Revealed A Miles Long Object Was Caught By The International Space Station Camera


 Today, we take a look at what was caught on the international space station camera. The International Space Station stands as a testament to humanity's insatiable curiosity and the power of international collaboration. It is an orbiting laboratory that serves as a symbol of scientific exploration, technological innovation, and the unifying spirit of nations.


The ISS is a joint venture between space agencies from various countries. Its construction began in nineteen ninety-eight, and was completed in twenty eleven, marking an unprecedented feat of engineering and cooperation.






2 Suns







Video shows what led to a customer shooting a robber

at a taqueria in SW Houston #shorts

Material Evidence Shows Many Statues are Human Bodies Turned to Stone in an Instant

as Ovid Wrote


Throughout history, countless tales of Giants and individuals being petrified have fascinated us, as Ovid himself recounted in ancient times. The concept of metamorphosis, or transformation, serves as a unifying thread woven through the various episodes of Ovid's renowned work, "Metamorphoses." Right from the start of the poem, Ovid explicitly emphasizes the significance of this theme, stating, "In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas / corpora" ("I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities"). 

Alongside this exploration of transformation, there is often a dark undercurrent of violence, where the victim's metamorphosis becomes an integral part of the natural landscape.






This Satellite Makes Chilling Discovery After Finding

This in the Middle of Nowhere #shorts


The Dead Internet Theory - Complete Edition


The Dead Internet Theory is a hypothetical concept that suggests that the Internet as we know it today will eventually become unusable due to its increasing complexity and the inability to maintain its infrastructure. This theory suggests that the Internet will become so clogged with data, spam, and malware that it will eventually become too slow to be useful.


Proponents of the Dead Internet Theory argue that as the number of devices connected to the Internet continues to increase, the amount of data being transmitted will become too much for the existing infrastructure to handle. They also suggest that as more and more websites and applications are developed, the complexity of the Internet will increase to the point where it becomes too difficult to maintain.


However, it is important to note that the Dead Internet Theory is just a hypothesis and there is no concrete evidence to suggest that the Internet will actually die. In fact, there have been significant advancements in Internet technology and infrastructure in recent years, which have improved the speed and reliability of the Internet. Moreover, the Internet has become an essential part of modern society and the global economy, making it unlikely that it will be abandoned or neglected anytime soon.

    • The Dead Internet Theory - 0:00
    • The Dead Internet Theory 2 - 28:21
    • The Dead Internet Theory 2 Cut Content- 45:11
    • The Dead Internet Theory 3 - 48:18
    • The Dead Internet Theory 3 Cut Content - 1:11:3
    • The Dead Internet Theory 4 - 1:16:48
    • The Dead Internet Theory 4 Cut Content - 1:53:23


    1. The Dead Internet Theory - https://bit.ly/3HIhBpU
    2. The Dead Internet Theory 2 - https://bit.ly/3Bad8cY
    3. The Dead Internet Theory 3 - https://bit.ly/3Ljscdb
    4. The Dead Internet Theory 4 - https://bit.ly/3W5dFaS




    Ok, where did THIS come from?


    I don't recall seeing sun halos until after 2010.


    Comments -


    -Exciting times. Imagine what they saw thousands of years ago, very cool to be alive.

    -Imagine that. A rocket launch at 3:33 am. Coincidence 😏 that was the veil thinning. It’s beginning to tear. There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars.

    -When you watch the shadow of the sun fall on the earth as we pass into darkness today, angle of it seems rather severe. Our tilt or height to the sun seems odd. I don't recall the angle being so deep into the south, but later in the north.