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Oct. 06, 2023







BREAKING: Warrant issued for suspect in murder of far-left Philly activist Josh Kruger


On Friday, law enforcement in Philadelphia issued an arrest warrant for 19-year-old Robert Edmund Davis, the man accused of murdering local journalist Josh Kruger.

Davis allegedly shot and killed Kruger in his own home on Monday, and was identified as a suspect the following day.

According to NBC10, Davis has been described as a 5 foot 5 inch tall black male weighing 160 pounds. His last known address is around two blocks away from Kruger's apartment. 

He is believed to be armed and dangerous, and police have warned those who spot him not to get too close.


TBT: At lot of people who said Josh Kruger was killed by a MAGA extremist are looking really stupid right now..


Report: Agent in Hunter Laptop Case Misses Testimony


FBI agent Elvis Chan, who has been accused of lying under oath about his part in censoring the story about Hunter Biden's laptop, did not appear Thursday for his scheduled testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, according to a source familiar with the proceedings.

Chen's interview was scheduled after he was subpoenaed on Sept. 21 when he previously did not attend another scheduled interview, reports The Daily Caller.

"Everything is on the table for Mr. Chan, including contempt," Russell Dye, a spokesperson for the House Judiciary Committee, commented.

Initially, Chan was to testify on Sept. 15, but a dispute between the Department of Justice and the committee caused the interview to fall through. The FBI commented, though, that "after an FBI employee traveled across the country to voluntarily participate in a scheduled interview, he was denied the right to have his chosen legal counsel accompany him. Upon arrival at the Capitol, Committee staff directed agency counsel to leave the premises, and the interview was unable to proceed."

Trump Cites Presidential Immunity In Request To Dismiss Election Interference Charges


Former President Donald Trump asked a federal judge on Thursday to throw out the Washington, D.C., election interference case against him for his alleged actions in the aftermath of the 2020 election, claiming presidential immunity.

Thousands Of Health Care Workers Strike As Hospitals Face Staffing Shortages


Around 75,000 Kaiser Permanente health care workers went on strike this week hoping to get better pay and benefits in what has been described as the largest health care strike in U.S. history.

Trump Would Accept Short Term Role As House Speaker


Former President Donald Trump said Thursday he would temporarily serve as the Speaker of the House until lawmakers vote for a permanent presiding officer.

Senate Democrat Open To Forcing Government Shutdown Over Ukraine Aid


A Senate Democrat declared this week he is open to shutting down the government if aid to Ukraine is not included in funding legislation.

Biden Admin To Restart Deportations To Venezuela Amid Record Border Crossings


The Biden administration has said that Venezuelan immigrants who illegally entered the United States will be directly deported back to the South American country after a record number crossed the southern border last month.

This One Seemed Personal: Joe Manchin Says He Would Have Voted with McCarthy in Historic Ouster


Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) weighed in on Thursday on the historic ouster of now ex-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), saying that the move had appeared to be primarily “personal” rather than political.

Adam Schiff: This Is Why Democrats Didn't Save Kevin McCarthy From Ouster From Speaker Position


In a video released to social media, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) reacted to the ouster of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the Speaker role.

World War III will be the Excuse for Extreme FOOD RATIONING Across America..

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Things were very different in the U.S. during the first two world wars, though. There was solidarity and a common culture, for one, and the average person was much more resilient and willing to help a friend or neighbor in need.

Today's Americans are the opposite of this, feeding off the greed and corruption that keeps the system going.

During every major world war, food rationing was imposed to offset hiccups in agricultural production – and the same will be true upon the arrival of World War III, which will serve as the excuse for an engineered food collapse.

During WWI, so many farms were transformed into battlefields, and so much of the transportation network disrupted, that moving food to grocery stores was no longer as easy as it once was. This is why on Aug. 10, 1917, right after the United States entered the war, the U.S. Food Administration was established: to manage the wartime supply, conservation, distribution, and transportation of food.

Then-President Woodrow Wilson appointed future-President Herbert Hoover to head up the U.S. Food Administration, to which he also developed a voluntary program “that relied on Americans’ compassion and sense of patriotism to support the larger war effort,” to quote

“In order to provide U.S. troops and allies with the sustenance required to maintain their strength and vitality, posters urging citizens to reduce their personal consumption of meat, wheat, fats and sugar were plastered throughout communities,” a report explains.

“Slogans such as ‘Food will win the war’ compelled people to avoid wasting precious groceries and encouraged them to eat a multitude of fresh fruits and vegetables, which were too difficult to transport overseas. Likewise, promotions such as ‘Meatless Tuesdays’ and ‘Wheatless Wednesdays’ implored Americans to voluntarily modify their eating habits in order to increase shipments to the valiant soldiers defending our freedom.”

WWIII will be the war to end all wars.

Once again in WWII, a voluntary conservation effort was attempted, but that failed and had to morph into mandatory restrictions on foods. Like with WWI, so much food was being shipped off to Europe to help soldiers and others impacted by the war that there was not enough left for Americans.

On Jan. 30, 1942, the Emergency Price Control Act was implemented to grant the Office of Price Administration (OPA) the legal authority to set price limits and ration food and other commodities to discourage hoarding and to ensure there was enough food to go around for everyone.

At one point, Americans could not purchase sugar unless they obtained special government-issued coupons. There was also a voucher system imposed for coffee, meat, cheese, fats, canned fish, canned milk, and various other processed foods.

Then came the war ration books filled with stamps that Americans were told to use to buy restricted items. Within the first weeks of their issuance, more than 91 percent of Americans had registered to participate in the war ration books program.

“The OPA allotted a certain amount of points to each food item based on its availability, and customers were allowed to use 48 ‘blue points’ to buy canned, bottled or dried foods, and 64 ‘red points’ to buy meat, fish and dairy each month – that is, if the items were in stock at the market,” explains

“Due to changes in the supply and demand of various goods, the OPA periodically adjusted point values, which often further complicated an already complex system that required home cooks to plan well in advance to prepare meals.”

Things were very different in the U.S. during the first two world wars, though. There was solidarity and a common culture, for one, and the average person was much more resilient and willing to help a friend or neighbor in need. Today’s Americans are the opposite of this, feeding off the greed and corruption that keeps the system going.

What will the food rationing programs during WWIII look like? Learn more at

Watch: Before-and-After Photos Show Skyrocketing Food Prices at Costco, Proving Inflation WAY WORSE Than Reported by Gov.

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Costco customer films as he walks around the wholesale retailer observing price spikes sometimes 75% more than original prices.

A savvy Costco shopper showed how food prices have gone up way more than the inflation rate reported by the government, hitting consumers with devastatingly high food costs.

In a video going viral on social media, the Costco customer films as he walks around the wholesale retailer observing price spikes sometimes 75% more than previous prices.

“I’m walking around Costco here and I’m noticing prices, for example these Madras Lentils, for $15.99 — I bought those a year ago for $6.99,” the man says.

“I keep getting told that we got 6, 7% inflation — you gotta be kidding me,” he says, going on to show photos he snapped just months ago of the same items with lower prices.

The video has been viewed over 14 million times.

Popular X user Wall Street Silver noted: “Overall, many people know intuitively that food inflation is way higher than the official number of 4.3% from August 2022 thru August 2023.”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is ignoring the economic plight of the average American consumer as food, energy and gas prices soar, and continues to gaslight the public into believing out-of-control inflation is a good thing.

Everyone is aware that prices on just about everything have risen during Biden’s tenure, but hopefully enough Americans will remember this as they head to the ballot box in November 2024 to counteract potential cheating by the corrupt uniparty establishment.

Watch: Before-and-After Photos Show Skyrocketing Food Prices at Costco, Proving Inflation WAY WORSE Than Reported By Gov. (

Court blocks school district from enforcing ludicrous gender identity policies


A preliminary injunction has been issued by a federal court in Cedar Rapids, Iowa blocking the enforcement of a school policy that required students and employees to "respect a student's gender identity," even if it did not align with biological or spiritual reality.

Retailers lost $112B in 2022 because of “unprecedented levels” of THEFT, causing stores to take drastic measures.

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Retailers across the nation faced a "dramatic jump in financial losses" – $112.1 billion in 2022 that is up from $93.9 billion in 2021 and $90.8 billion in 2020 – due to unprecedented levels of organized retail crime, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).


NRF data shows the hardest hit last year were retailers within metros, including Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle.  

"Retailers are seeing unprecedented levels of theft coupled with rampant crime in their stores, and the situation is not only becoming more dire but continually threatening the safety of the workers and shoppers," warned NRF Vice President for Asset Protection and Retail Operations David Johnston in a statement.

Echoing Johnson's concerns, big-box stores have started collaborating and working with law enforcement, legislators and other retail industry partners to advocate public policy solutions and discuss more effective, realistic and workable countermeasures that will not result to price hikes or store closures.


Anti-theft measures implemented by big-box stores


Insider reporters Ben Tobin and Dominic Reuter visited some big-box stores in the Midwest to see how they are tackling the retail industry’s willful shoplifting epidemic.

Other retail establishments and theft prevention experts have also shared measures that could be taken or that they have already taken to counter their past vulnerabilities.

Security cameras – Many stores have started installing more security cameras to watch every aisle, corner and nook in addition to surveillance "lot cops" in parking lots.

Signs – Stores have put up signs warning customers that there are "Security cameras in use," "These premises are protected with video surveillance," "Shoplifters will be prosecuted" and "Reducing theft helps us all by keeping prices low" in strategic locations.

Lock-and-key – Several stores have secured high-value items and other merchandise prone to shoplifting behind glass doors, locked cases and/or plastic boxes that require the help of store employees to retrieve.

Spider wrap alarms – Stores have also resorted to covering items throughout the store with spider wrap alarms that sound off once an item is pilfered.

Cyber defense security – Aside from using traditional cyber defense technologies, stores have also bolstered their cyber defense by strengthening and upgrading authentication, access control, information encryption, intrusion detection systems, vulnerability scanning and virus protection.

Many stores have also begun taking advantage of some of the most popular and effective technology options, such as:

    • RFID or radio frequency identification tags, which are placed on applicable merchandise and are only removed following completed sale transactions. If they are not removed, these tags sound an alarm upon exit from the store.
    • Point of sale activation (POSA), which require certain products to be scanned at the cash register for gift cards to be activated or electronics to be activated.
    • Bells that signal entry and exit, which are ideal for smaller stores.

Store layout – Some stores have opted to arrange their layouts to ensure the checkout area is by the exit rather than at the back.

Additional workforce – Many stores are now hiring more employees so they can:

    • Assign extra security at exits, e.g., a security guard or two to mark and check store receipts. This not only discourages retail theft but also helps prevent accidental overcharges or missing already charged items.
    • Employ "greeters," which not only enhances customer experience but also lets people who enter the store know someone is aware of their presence. They can also do double duty and provide customer service assistance.

Training on de-escalation strategies – Some stores now provide regular training for store leaders, key employees and security team members so they can protect themselves or take individuals down before agitation evolves into violence.


Retailers lost $112B in 2022 because of “unprecedented levels” of THEFT, causing stores to take drastic measures - STATIONGOSSIP


GRAND THEFT AUTO: Philadelphia car dealership loses most of its vehicles to thieves less than a week after opening.


A car dealership in Philadelphia has already lost most of its vehicles less than a week after it opened.


City Motors, located in the Mayfair neighborhood in the City of Brotherly Love, is on the brink of closing for good just days after opening. This is because thieves made off with several vehicles it was selling on the early morning of Sept. 27, according to WPVI 6.


The outlet reported that a group of criminals broke into the dealership's office on Frankford Avenue during the late hours of the previous day and ransacked the premises. The thieves stole the keys to seven of the 11 cars on the lot and made off with them – including the vehicles' titles. They also broke into an eighth car and attempted to hot-wire it, but in vain.


"If we don't recover the cars, we probably won't survive it. It could be the start and the end [of the business] all in the same week," said City Motors co-owner Nathan Kriegler.


"We called our insurance company and unfortunately, we only have liability insurance for the vehicles. So if we don't get the cars back, we have no coverage for the vehicles whatsoever."


WPVI 6 said police are investigating the break-in and thefts at City Motors. Security camera footage was unavailable, given that the business was so new – the security cameras were supposed to be installed on Sept. 27. Three of the stolen vehicles were later tracked down, with investigators probing if the incident is connected to a string of looting across Philadelphia last Sept. 25.


Madison Wittenberg, who handles social media for the company, questioned the thefts: "I mean, what's the point? What is the point of this? Retaliation against something?"


For his part, Kriegler is unsure whether opening City Motors in Mayfair is the right decision. He also called on officials in Philadelphia to crack down on crime. The City of Brotherly Love has seen an increase in crime under its District Attorney (DA) Larry Krasner.  


"I think if I had the choice all over, I would not come to Philadelphia," said the business owner. "I think a lot of people are feeling that way."


Nothing "brotherly" in crime-infested Philly


Jesse James of Not The Bee, a sister site of the Babylon Bee, put in his two cents on the issue. He predicted that City Motors won't last in Philadelphia, advising: "Maybe it's best they close up shop. It's only going to get worse."


Meanwhile, CBS News reported that 72 people have been charged in relation to civil unrest and the looting of stores across the city. Swarms of thieves looted businesses in the City of Brotherly Love on the evening of Sept. 26 – concurrent with the break-in at City Motors.


Krasner and other city officials gave an update on Oct. 2 regarding the chaos in the city. Assistant DA Clint Orem said 67 adults and five minors were arrested and charged, with burglary and theft being the most common charges. Twenty-one-year-old Dayjia "Meatball" Blackwell, who played a central role in the looting spree, was charged with multiple offenses and taken into custody.


"A robbery charge, a burglary charge, a theft charge, receiving stolen property – whatever we can possibly apply to this situation, we're going to apply it," said John Stanford, the city's acting police commissioner. "Philadelphia is not going to be the place that you can come and do this type of behavior."


According to CBS News, the chaos began hours after a judge dismissed all charges against former police officer Mark Dial. The erstwhile member of the Philadelphia Police Department shot 27-year-old Eddie Irizarry in August, leading to the latter's death. Law enforcement has clarified, however, that the rioters weren't connected to the peaceful protesters who gathered that day to protest the ruling.


"The DA and the courts need to make sure these people pay a price for what they did, said Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.

Teacher Sexual Abuse Suit Against Lake Forest High School Can Proceed


A lawsuit filed by six former Lake Forest High School students who say they were sexually abused by David Miller, the school's longtime drama teacher, can continue after a federal judge denied the district's attempt to dismiss it.

The half dozen male alumni say district officials were aware that Miller used his position of authority to abuse teenage boys at his house, on school property and on school trips, but they intentionally failed to take action.

The abuse occurred in the 1970s and 1980s, according to the suit, and attorneys for Lake Forest Community High School District 115 had asked a judge to toss it out on account of the statute of limitations.

But in a 36-page ruling filed Saturday, U.S. District John Kness said allegations that the district covered up abuse by its former teacher could mean the normal deadlines for filing a lawsuit do not apply due to a legal concept called the "fraudulent concealment doctrine."

Biden Admin to Resume Building Border Wall; Will Cut Through Wildlife Reserve and Private Land to Do So


The Biden administration announced that it will resume the building of the U.S.-Mexico border wall as part of a plan initiated during the Trump administration. The federal government will need to purchase or seize private lands while ignoring environmental laws in order to follow through on its plan.

Transgender homecoming queen responds to backlash: 'It made me feel like a woman'


A Missouri teen boy who believes he is a girl responded to backlash after he was crowned homecoming queen, stating that while he still had a voice in his head that others see him as a man, the award made him "feel like a woman."

Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri, recently named a male student homecoming queen after he beat four female competitors on his way to the crown.

Tristan Young, the 17-year-old male recipient, said backlash has been rampant but so have words of praise.

“As much as my life isn’t normal right now, I’m trying to keep it normal,” Young said. “Navigating through the darkness of hate, like, you just get a sea of love contrasting it.”

Tulsi Gabbard "They Are Destroying Our Democracy"


Tulsi Gabbard: By abusing our justice system and the rule of law to go after their political opponents, the Dem elite are not only sacrificing the foundation of our country and democracy for temporary political power, but they’re also setting an extremely dangerous precedent for whoever takes power next - they will not hesitate to do the same.

Ukraine 'Corrupt at All Levels', 'Not Eligible' to Join EU - Ex-Bloc Head


The European Union is preparing to launch formal talks on possible Ukrainian accession into the bloc, despite dire warnings by senior officials that the EU might not survive enlargement economically and lose what’s left of the pan-European project’s political cohesion.

Ukraine in its current state is corrupt to the core and absolutely ineligible to join the European Union, former European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said.

"One mustn’t make false promises to the people of Ukraine who are up to their necks in suffering. I am very angry about the presence of some voices in Europe who are telling the Ukrainians that they can become members immediately," Juncker said in an extensive interview with German media on Thursday.

“That would not be of any good for the EU nor for Ukraine. Anyone who has anything to do with Ukraine knows that this is a country that is corrupt at all levels of society. Despite its efforts to date, it is not eligible to join, and needs massive internal reforms. 


We have had bad experiences with some so-called new members, for example when it comes to the rule of law. This cannot be repeated again,” the politician, who served as EC chief between 2014 and 2019, and dealt with Ukraine-related matters repeatedly over that time, added.

Mayor Eric Adams begins Latin America tour to discourage migrants from coming to New York City


Earlier this week, New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams announced plans to travel to Latin America to learn more about the migrant crisis and discourage more asylum-seeking hopefuls from coming to the city.

LGBTQ groups praise Swiss authorities for imprisoning writer after he called a journalist a 'fat lesbian'


LGBTQ groups are ecstatic that authorities in Switzerland sentenced a man to prison time for calling a journalist a "fat lesbian" in 2021.

Texas mom sentenced to 75 years for 'sadistic torture' of woman who weighed 68 lbs when police rescued her


A woman in Texas was sentenced to 75 years in prison for the "sadistic torture" of a young woman who weighed 68 pounds when police rescued her.

'A man is a man': Backlash erupts online after British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaks the obvious truth about sex


While delivering a speech at the Conservative Party conference, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak noted the obvious truth that men are men and women are women.

Parents Win Ruling Against Wisconsin School District Over Pronoun, Name Change Policy


A court ruled against a Wisconsin school district policy that allowed teachers and officials to address students by new names and pronouns without parental consent.

Biden Admin Approves Construction of Border Wall, Citing Acute and Immediate Need


The Biden administration on Wednesday announced it will begin construction on a section of border wall, saying there is an "acute and immediate need" for the move as illegal immigration has surged.

"There is presently an acute and immediate need to construct physical barriers and roads in the vicinity of the border of the United States in order to prevent unlawful entries into the United States in the project areas," Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said in a notice.

The White House is waiving 26 federal laws in Texas to begin construction, which will take place in Starr County, Texas.

"The Secretary of Homeland Security has determined, pursuant to law, that it is necessary to waive certain laws, regulations, and other legal requirements in order to ensure the expeditious construction of barriers and roads in the vicinity of the international land border in Starr County, Texas," a summary in the DHS notice reads, adding that border wall will be constructed at "high illegal entry" points.

Biden said in 2020 that "there will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration."


TBT: This is all show for the 2024 elections!


America's border war has begun: TODD BENSMAN's dramatic eyewitness report on Texas' invasion of a Mexican cartel island crawling with gang members and ringed with sniper nests... and it's all happening INSIDE the U.S.


In the early dawn's orange glow, a Texas Rangers commander briefs a heavily armed invasion force.

They're preparing to seize a remote, 170-acre Mexican cartel-controlled island in the middle of the Rio Grande River overlooked by sniper nests and potentially booby-trapped.

Some of the dozens of assembled men shift from one foot to another or reposition their M-4 rifles as they listen to their commanders' instructions.

'Keep a close eye on those structures up there that have height advantage on us,' he warns.

'In case we do get engaged and someone is shot' medical evacuation plans are in place and there are blood bags if the wounded need a transfusion, he assures them.

Any questions?    This may seem like a scene from a far-flung warzone.

Russia pinpoints cause of Luna-25 moon lander's failure


Russia says it knows what caused the failure of its first moon shot in nearly 50 years.

The Luna-25 lander —  the first Soviet or Russian moon probe since Luna-24 in 1976 — crashed into the moon on Aug. 19, during a maneuver designed to set up a touchdown attempt near the lunar south pole two days later.

Officials with Roscosmos, Russia's federal space agency, announced a proximate cause for the mishap shortly thereafter: Luna-25's engines fired for 127 seconds during the burn instead of the scheduled 84.

Now, a likely ultimate cause has come into view. It turns out that an onboard control unit failed to turn the engines off because it wasn't receiving the necessary data from one of Luna-25's accelerometers, devices used to detect and measure motion. The accelerometer unit was not turned on, "due to the possible entry into one data array of commands with different priorities for their execution by the device," Roscosmos wrote in a Telegram post on Tuesday (Oct. 3). (The post is in Russian; translation by Google.)

Hes Not A Victim: AOC Blasts McCarthy, Claims He Expected Democrats To Vote For Free


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tore into ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday, responding to his attempt to blame Democrats for the fact that he had lost his position.

McConnell Advises Next House Speaker to Get Rid of Motion to Vacate.

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) voiced support on Wednesday for the House to get rid of the mechanism by which Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was removed as speaker.


The Kentucky Republican described the “motion to vacate” as being unproductive after a handful of Republicans joined with Democrats to oust McCarthy from his leadership role on Tuesday.


“I hope whoever the next speaker is gets rid of the motion to vacate. I think it makes the speaker’s job impossible, and the American people expect us to have a functioning government,” McConnell told reporters.


At least one House Republican, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), fired back at McConnell.


“Someone let [McConnell] know (or his comms director since that’s who is writing his tweets) we don’t take orders from the Senate and he should stay in his lane,” she said in a post to X.


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) filed a “motion to vacate the chair” this week after the GOP-controlled House passed a short-term spending bill to avert a government shutdown. Gaetz and seven other Republicans then voted with Democrats to remove McCarthy as speaker, citing frustrations with his leadership.


Lawmakers had changed the rule in 2019, as Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) began her second stint as speaker, to do away with a one-member threshold in favor of requiring a majority of either party to bring a motion to vacate to the House floor after Republicans filed one against then-House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) in 2015 before he eventually stepped down.


But the House rules package approved for this session of Congress, agreed upon in negotiations that originally secured McCarthy the speaker’s gavel after 15 rounds of voting in January, restored the ability of a single member to trigger the process that could lead to a no-confidence vote in the speaker.


McConnell released a statement on Tuesday night praising McCarthy and thanking the California Republican for his service as speaker.


“I am particularly grateful to the Speaker for our close working partnership. As Congressional Republicans continue the essential work begun during his tenure, Speaker McCarthy’s unapologetic patriotism and unshakeable optimism will remain a valuable guide,” McConnell said, in part.


Candidates are now stepping up to enter the race to become the next House speaker, a role which is currently being held in a temporary capacity by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC). A simple majority will be needed to secure victory.


So far, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) have announced candidacies. The speaker does not have to be a sitting member of the House, according to the Constitution, and there has been some chatter about nominating former President Donald Trump, who is already running another campaign for the White House.


While Democrats are likely to rally behind someone such as Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) for speaker, one House Republican said he would not support any candidate until there is a commitment to reform the motion to vacate.


“The coup against Speaker McCarthy was DESPICABLE & must never happen again. No one can govern effectively while being threatened by fringe hostage takers,” Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) said in a post to X.


Gaetz responded with a post that said, “So the way moderates want to punish me is by making it harder to remove Speaker Jordan or Speaker Scalise? OH NO! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!

Court-Appointed Child Advocate Dismissed After Refusing to Support Gender Surgeries for Kids Under 12: Report

A longtime volunteer child advocate for the King County, Washington, Superior Court said she was dismissed after refusing to say she would encourage children under the age of 12 to undergo life-altering gender surgeries and hormone treatments. 

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A longtime volunteer child advocate for the King County, Washington, Superior Court said she was dismissed after refusing to say she would encourage children under the age of 12 to undergo life-altering gender surgeries and hormone treatments. 


The child advocate, who requested to remain anonymous, told conservative radio host Jason Rantz that for the past seven years, she had worked for the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program, which recruits and trains people to represent the best interests of children between the ages of 0-11. Rantz reported that the child advocate was recently forced to undergo new training after taking some time off and was dismissed after she said she wouldn’t be comfortable supporting a minor who wanted to undergo gender surgery.


“I am very disappointed that CASA, whom I have supported for many years, has succumbed to the extreme liberalism that is rampant today,” the volunteer told Rantz on his radio show on KTTH. “I am appalled that an organization that is supposed to protect our most vulnerable, children between the ages of 0-11, would require that its volunteers be willing to advocate for medical intervention that would alter the natural gender of children.”


A CASA spokesperson told Rantz that while those who volunteer for the program can choose a specific case, they cannot “refuse to serve a category of children.” 


“Among the commitments made by CASA volunteers in their oath is to maintain objectivity, treat all persons with respect, fairness, and courtesy regardless of their human diversity,” the spokesperson said. “CASAs also commit to maintain an active commitment to the child for the life of the case if possible and because each child’s case is dynamic, CASAs can select a specific case but may not refuse to serve a category of children.”


The dismissed child advocate said she would never refuse to serve a child who identified as transgender, and she was surprised that her objection to gender surgery caused her to be discharged since she had always chosen the cases she wanted to take. 


“I cared about the children I advocated for and put a lot of thought and time into the decisions I made on their behalf,” she added.


Washington has pushed to protect experimental gender surgeries and hormone treatments for children, recently passing a law that shelters, or “host homes,” are not required to notify parents of a runaway child if the child claims to be fleeing parents who do not approve of a gender surgery or an abortion. Instead of reporting the runaway child to the parents, the host home is required to notify the Washington Department of Children, Youth, and Families. The state’s Democratic Governor Jay Inslee was sued in August by America First Legal, which is seeking to stop the enforcement of the law allowing the state to hide child gender surgeries from parents.


When he signed the bill, Inslee said the law is a “compassionate, developmentally appropriate, and reasoned approach to support these youth as they access gender-affirming treatment and reproductive health care services.”


Republicans in the Washington state Senate slammed the bill, saying, “People are overwhelmingly against SB 5599, including many LGBT+ folks. Democrats pass it anyway, allowing youth shelters to hide kids seeking ‘gender-affirming care’ from their parents.” 


Court-Appointed Child Advocate Dismissed After Refusing To Support Gender Surgeries For Kids Under 12: Report | Women System (



Conservative TV Network Makes Huge Reveal and It's the Perfect Anti-Woke Move


In recent years, Americans have been turned off by once-beloved entertainment companies. From movie studios to TV networks, fans have been switching off content–because of its political messaging.


Americans have stopped supporting large, Hollywood companies. They have instead flocked around new alternatives that are providing content that reflects their values and convictions.


One of these alternatives defied strong opposition to launch a cable network. Stars from the Hallmark Channel and other networks joined this new network to produce conservative-minded movies and shows. Now, this network just revealed its Christmas plans. This is sure to please many fans.


From Daily Wire:

Great American Family network announced its “Great American Christmas 2023” line-up is ready in a new trailer as it revealed that fans will get 20 new premiers starting in October and running through the holiday season.


In the 30 second clip from GAF, viewers learn that coming this October “the stars you love” will appear in 20 all-new original holiday movies that are part of the networks 24-hours-a-day and 7-days-a-week Christmas programming this year for GAF’s Christmas season, a press release read.


Science (with Government!) Marches On.

by Lee Duigon

October 5, 2023

You have to respect Science for its uncanny ability to discover what it wants to discover. Oh, sure, there are incentives—zillion-dollar grants, enrollment in the ruling elite—maybe even a TV series on PBS. Find out who’s important, who’s writing the checks—and discover what they want you to discover. As easy as falling out of a canoe.

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For long, lean years Science tried to discover “the gay gene.” Gee, how would that help any organism to reproduce? Shut up! Today’s politics is tomorrow’s science.

Well, they haven’t yet come through with the highly sought-after Gay Gene, but a few years ago they came up with the next best thing—the ancient grave of a man buried as a woman (so there!). Obviously, it could only mean one thing: that once upon a long time ago, the whole human race was fantastically tolerant of every imaginable form of sexual expression. If that’s not what this find says to you, you’re off the team.

So that’s settled, and we can move on to some of today’s burning scientific issues.

What makes people get fat?

You were going to say, “Too much food and not enough exercise,” weren’t you? Do you honestly think 21st-century Science would ever be satisfied with an answer like that? Sheesh! Get with it!

According to a study made by I don’t know who, a major contributing factor to the risk of obesity is… wait for it…

Experiencing discrimination”!

A hundred people filling out questionnaires and looking at slides of tasty snacks can’t be wrong.

And don’t even bother to say what you were gonna say next: “Gee whiz, when people are feeling stressed-out and demoralized, don’t they just naturally reach for comfort foods or sweets? Hasn’t that always been true?”

Shut up, he explained.

At the same time as our wealthy progressive political sponsors anoint “plus-sized activists” as their high priests among the hefty, all the while trying to ban large sodas, they look for a way for you—please excuse the expression—to have your cake and eat it, too. A solution wasn’t long in dawning on them.

Simple! Just initiate some action by government, some “policy,” that will reduce (oops!) or wipe out discrimination against the morbidly obese.

You knew it all along, didn’t you? What is the answer to every woe that flesh is heir to? Put ‘em together, Science and Government, and what have you got? You’ve got Policy! Mandates! Rules and regulations, new ones every day. And this is such an easy one—abolish, through cunningly crafted Policy, all forms of Discrimination against excessive corpulence. Just redesign and rebuild all things to accommodate the plus-sized, censor and punish any contrary opinions, and we’re home free.

Sure, it’ll cost trillions and trillions of dollars to replace hallways, doorways, seats, beds, car interiors [temporary: the long-range plan is to do away with private car ownership altogether] and everything else—but since when has Congress shown even the least aversion to spending public money?

There’s even a slogan ready to hand: “Our jumbo jets are really Jumbo jets!”

It’s big, I tell you. Bigger even than the Green New Deal! Social justice on steroids.

Not a single Democrat will vote against it.

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Bombshell Report Exposes FBI Targeting Trump Supporters (Ep. 2103) - 10/05/2023


Spodeboy -- Now Mayorkas is building a section of the border wall. This is after he said time and time again that the border is secure. What a liar! What a self-own! Trump 2024!

Massive Strike Blindsides President Biden Now Joe Is

Facing a Brand New Crisis in 5 States


Joe Biden, along with nearly all Democrats, has long claimed to be a union ally. Truth be told, Biden enjoyed the endorsement of many unions in 2020, which helped him get elected. But since that time, Biden’s economic policies have appeared to hurt American workers, including those protected by unions.


This year alone, Biden has been rocked by two major union strikes. Hollywood writers went on strike for a historic five months, dwarfing the 2007-2008 strike. Currently, the United Auto Workers union has gone on strike for the first time, largely due to Biden’s EV push.


These strikes are underscoring the major problems facing our economy–problems the Biden White House is apparently ignoring. Now, yet another strike has just broken out, which is exposing more of Bidenomic’s weaknesses.


From Breitbart:
Picketing began Wednesday morning at Kaiser Permanente hospitals as some 75,000 health care workers go on strike in Virginia, California and three other states over wages and staffing shortages, marking the latest major labor unrest in the United States…

Wednesday’s strike is the latest one for the health care industry this year as it continues to confront burnout with the heavy workloads — problems that were exacerbated greatly by the pandemic.


Yet another strike has broken out, this time involving 75,000 healthcare workers. These workers are organizing against Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest insurance and healthcare providers in the country.



@lourdesvilar8515 - Yes, we are paying for this while the elderly and low-income American Citizens are struggling to put a decent meal on the table for their family wondering where the money for heating is going to come from this winter! Is this right? Yes, praying for Carlos, God Protects Truth!

Oct. 05, 2023





Opposition To WEF Growing at Every Level of Politics




The WHO Power Grab Must Be Stopped – Our Silence is our Consent.

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The 75th World Health Assembly adopted amendments to 5 articles of the International Health Regulations on May 27, 2022. The currently proposed amendments to the regulations are primarily designed to support the “Pharmaceutical” Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex (PHEIC) and will give the WHO power over worldwide health regulations that violate our human rights.

An 18-month period of unawareness, ignorance, and silence is all that is needed for the amendments to enter into force.” The deadline to reject the amendments is December 1, 2023, which is rapidly approaching.” and to remain silent cannot be an option as our silence is our consent.

Although the 194 member nations may invoke their right to REJECT the amendments (under Article 61), practically no one on earth seems to be aware of this situation according to James Roguski who has been working tirelessly for months to bring awareness to both the people and leaders of nations.


They Changed International Law

It is essential for us to understand the 194 delegates, who are unelected, unaccountable, and largely unknown, have acquired an unusual level of authority to modify international law by simply agreeing to do so.

Once they have discreetly accepted and adopted any proposed amendments, no further endorsement or signatures from Presidents, Prime Ministers, or legislative bodies like Parliaments, Congress, or Senates are required. (source). The amendments in question were submitted on May 24, 2022, by the following nations:

  • Australia,
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Colombia,
  • the European Union and its Member States,
  • Japan,
  • Monaco,
  • the Republic of Korea,
  • the United Kingdom and
  • the United States of America.

The amendments were adopted just three days later on May 27, 2022, without any opportunity for public discussion, debate or comment. If amendments were adopted in this manner on May 27, 2022. This can easily happen again in 2023 or 2024 (source).

Video is of May 27, 2022, at the 75th World Health Assembly, the 194 member nations adopted amendments to the International Health Regulations. “The ending was absolutely bizarre,” says Roguski

The “Silence Procedure”

The “silence procedure” is a form of tacit consent or acceptance, says James Roguski who cites G. R. Berridge (2010) from his work “Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (Page 158.).

“… a proposal with strong support is deemed to have been agreed unless any member raises an objection to it before a precise deadline: silence signifies assent – or, at least, acquiescence. This procedure relies on a member in a minority fearing that raising an objection will expose it to the charge of obstructiveness and, thereby, the perils of isolation.

Roguski explains “Often the “silence procedure” is the last step in adopting or agreeing to specific text after the basic premises of the text have been agreed upon in previous negotiations.” adding that “Those who remain silent are taken to agree.”

The Main Reasons to Stop the Amendments

Yet we do not agree, how can any of us agree now that we know what the WHO is capable of? We have experienced one-world health governance in action throughout the plandemic, and have found they certainly cannot be trusted with our health, our lives, and our sovereignty.

Roguski has documented his argument as to why the amendments must be stopped and asks for it to be freely shared, the excerpt below is from his work “The People’s Guide to the Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations” which can be viewed here.

The lessons that the World Health Organization claims to have learned from the past 4 years are NOT the
lessons that they need to learn. The currently proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations are
primarily designed to support the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex (PHEIC). These negotiations are NOT addressing the fundamental health and unalienable rights of “We the People of the
World.” These negotiations MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY (source)

Enormous atrocities have been committed over the past 4 years. An extensive and comprehensive international investigation and tribunal to deal with all of the following must be held before any potential agreements can be negotiated.

  • The origins of “SARS-CoV-2”
  • Transmissibility and contagiousness of COVID-19
  • True level of danger/risk
  • Efficacy and safety of social controls relative to the harm that they caused
  • The true nature of the “medical countermeasures” (such as mRNA injections)
  • The suppression of less harmful/costly/invasive alternatives
  • Conflicts of interest, private profits, etc.
  • Lack of accountability of the World Health Organization and the dangers of diplomatic immunity
    enjoyed by the unaccountable, unelected and largely unknown bureaucrats within the WHO/UN system
    that operate with impunity.



No Derogation of Rights

Roguski has asserted that in order to prevent the abuses that have happened in the past, fundamental, unalienable human rights MUST be enshrined into international law. Every government, every corporation, every organization, and every individual human being must respect and honour everyone’s unalienable rights despite any declaration of a “state of emergency” by anyone.

Governments do NOT have the authority to suspend human rights because of so-called “emergencies.” The declaration of an “emergency” does not give anyone the right to infringe upon anyone else’s unalienable human rights.

Every individual human being has the right to withhold their consent and refuse treatment or intervention of any kind, at any time, regardless of whether there is a declared “emergency” or not. Regardless of the scope and/or severity of any disease outbreak or real pandemic, human rights remain unalienable and may not be limited in any way”

We can take action by letting our MPs and Prime minister know that Nations Can Reject the regulations, but have until the end of November 2023 to let our leaders, know that this is what the people want and expect in our “democratic” nation. They are in their roles to serve us, the people, not the WHO, the UN, the WEF, Klaus, or themselves, US, it is time they did so.

We do not have much time left for the so-called leaders of our nations to take action in what is a threatening power grab from the WHO and although petitions have proved to be next to useless in the past, we still need to raise awareness and show that we are not consenting and our Our Silence is our Consent.

Send an email to every member of Parliament: YOUR MP

MORE  The WHO Power Grab Must Be Stopped – Our Silence is our Consent – The Expose (

FBI Creates 'MAGA' Extremist Category, Targets Trump Supporters Ahead Of 2024 Election.


THURSDAY, OCT 05, 2023 - 06:48 AM


The Biden FBI has 'quietly created a new category of extremists that it seeks to track and counter: Donald Trump's army of MAGA followers' ahead of the 2024 election, according to prolific (and well connected) anti-war journalist and political commentator, William Arkin, who has previously reported on the FBI's efforts to "Fight MAGA Terrorism."

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In a Wednesday Newsweek article, Arkin reveals that the vast majority of FBI investigations into "anti-government" activities are of Trump supporters.



"The FBI is in an almost impossible position," a current FBI official told Arkin, who added that the agency's stated intent is stopping a repeat of January 6th type incidents (which was riddled with feds), while balancing the Constitutional right of Americans to protest the government "Especially at a time when the White House is facing Congressional Republican opposition claiming that the Biden administration has 'weaponized' the Bureau against the right wing, it has to tread very carefully," the official continued.

Newsweek spoke to over a dozen current or former government officials who specialize in terrorism in a three-month investigation to understand the current domestic-security landscape and to evaluate what President Joe Biden's administration is doing about what it calls domestic terrorism. Most requested anonymity because they were not authorized to talk publicly, were reluctant to stray into partisan politics or feared the repercussions of speaking frankly.

Newsweek has also reviewed secret FBI and Department of Homeland Security data that track incidents, threats, investigations and cases to try to build a better picture. While experts agree that the current partisan environment is charged and uniquely dangerous (with the threat not only of violence but, in the most extreme scenarios, possibly civil war), many also question whether "terrorism" is the most effective way to describe the problem, or that the methods of counterterrorism developed over the past decade in response to Al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups constitute the most fruitful way to craft domestic solutions.

We would note that an FBI whistleblower in March claimed that the agency pressured him to inflate domestic terrorism figures against conservatives, and that the agency created a specific threat tag for pro-lifers "THREATSCOTUS2022" following the leaked Supreme Court opinion on abortion (and not a threat tag for the violent leftists who threatened SCOTUS justices?).

The FBI told Newsweek in a statement that: "The threat posed by domestic violent extremists is persistent, evolving, and deadly. The FBI's goal is to detect and stop terrorist attacks, and our focus is on potential criminal violations, violence and threats of violence. Anti-government or anti-authority violent extremism is one category of domestic terrorism, as well as one of the FBI's top threat priorities," adding "We are committed to protecting the safety and constitutional rights of all Americans and will never open an investigation based solely on First Amendment protected activity, including a person's political beliefs or affiliations."

According to the FBI's data leaked to Arkin, the number of domestic extremism cases has dropped since Jan 6, but that "Sociopolitical developments—such as narratives of fraud in the recent general election, the emboldening impact of the violent breach of the U.S. Capitol, conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and conspiracy theories promoting violence—will almost certainly spur some domestic terrorists to try to engage in violence."

So - while the threat that the FBI has encouraged agents to inflate may have fallen, they're on the lookout!

The agency has even created a new subcategory of threats, "AGAAVE-Other," to denote those who are a threat but don't fit into its anarchist, militia or Sovereign Citizen categories.

Introduced without any announcement, and reported here for the first time, the new classification is officially defined as "domestic violent extremists who cite anti-government or anti-authority motivations for violence or criminal activity not otherwise defined, such as individuals motivated by a desire to commit violence against those with a real or perceived association with a specific political party or faction of a specific political party." -Newsweek

Trump or MAGA aren't directly menti0oned in the official description of AGAAVE-Other, however "government insiders acknowledge that it applies to political violence ascribed to the former president's supporters."

"What other name could we use?" said one FBI officer, who added: "Obviously if Democratic Party supporters resort to violence, it [AGAAVE-Other] would apply to them as well. It doesn't matter that there is a low likelihood of that. So yes, in practical terms, it refers to MAGA, though the carefully constructed language is wholly nonpartisan."

Sure anonymous FBI guy... there's a 'low likelihood' that Democrats (the party which the FBI's top brass belong to) aren't causing political violence. Did someone get into Hunter's crack stash?

As The Federalist perfectly notes;

Despite widespread, leftist-led and encouraged riots during the 2020 summer of rage, FBI data says that spikes in domestic violent extremism and domestic terrorism investigations in 2020 and 2021 “show clearly that the main targets of the investigations and cases open were of Trump supporters,” not the people who wreaked billions of dollars of damage on American cities.

Similarly, “assessments,” a shadowy tool used by the FBI to spy on Americans who have political or ideological associations deemed unfavorable by the agency, “more than doubled from 2019 to 2021.”

A drastic rise in politicized probes of Trump voters follows an avalanche of rhetoric touted by President Joe Biden, his White HouseDemocrats in CongressAttorney General Merrick GarlandFBI Director Christopher Wray, and other officials who have named the “domestic extremism” often pinned on Republican voters as the nation’s biggest threat.

The increase also serves as a continuation of the Biden regime’s persecution of its number one political opponent and his popular brand of wrongthink ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Totally 'not weaponized.' 


FBI Creates 'MAGA' Extremist Category, Targets Trump Supporters Ahead Of 2024 Election | ZeroHedge

Trump Slammed with Gag Order After 'Disparaging' Attacks Against Court Clerk.

Trump is facing accusations in a New York civil trial that he defrauded investors by massively inflating the value of his properties and inflating his net worth.

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 The New York Attorney General's Office is seeking to recover $250 million in addition to permanently barring Trump and company from engaging in any business deals in the Empire State.

The judge presiding over Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York issued a limited gag order for the former president and other parties involved in the case, barring them from publicly speaking about his staff.
The order came after Trump’s Truth Social account posted about the judge’s principal court while he sat feet from her in court. Judge Arthur Engoron did not mention Trump by name while issuing the order, saying instead that “one of the defendants” posted a “disparaging, untrue and personally identifying post” about his staff.
The judge ordered the post deleted, but by that time it had already been shared across the internet.

“Personal attacks on members of my court staff are not appropriate and I will not tolerate it under any circumstances,” Engoron said, adding that he warned counsel about the issue previously.

“Schumer’s girlfriend, Alison [sic] R. Greenfield, is running this case against me. How disgraceful! This case should be dismissed immediately!!” the now-deleted post read, which also shared a link to one of Greenfield’s social media accounts.

The photo showed Schumer and Greenfield smiling while standing next to each other. Schumer’s arm can be seen high on Greenfield’s shoulder and the two do not seem to be in any kind of embrace. The image has been likened to photos people take with celebrities or politicians.

Screenshots of the post include a comment by Greenfield saying it was taken at a brunch event for the Chelsea Reform Democratic Club Founders. Greenfield also took a photo with US Rep.Carolyn Maloney (D-NC) at that event.

There have been no credible accusations that Greenfield and Schumer have an inappropriate relationship or any relationship at all. Schumer has been married since 1980.

Trump was apparently sharing an accusation made by a conservative account on X (formerly Twitter) that started posting about Greenfield shortly before the trial began. The same account previously accused Engoron of drinking on the job.

It is not clear if the account, which has less than 500 followers, is satirical in nature. It purports to be "applying the 69th Amendment to the internet."


Gag Order Issued After Trump Attacks Court Clerk (

What FEMA’s National Emergency Test is REALLY About


FEMA will (conducted) a test of the nation's wireless emergency alert system on Wednesday, but its timing is a little... interesting. For starters, Russia is testing its nuclear evacuation alert system as well. Plus, Glenn explains why he believes NO ONE should be in charge of an emergency alert system if they call your cell phone a "wireless." And should ANY president, let alone the 80-year-old one currently in office, be able to blast a message to all cell phones?




FULL COMEDY SPECIAL | Jim Breuer - 'Somebody Had to Say It'


@higashi7 -- You know the world is screwed when there're more true statements in a 1-hour comedy special by Jim Brewer than over 2 years of BS from the corporate media, government and public health agencies in the entire world. Best comedy special I've seen in years!

Oct. 03, 2023

NO WHITES ALLOWED: 94% Of Corporate America’s New Workforce Are People of Color.

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Following the 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, there is a trend toward systemic discrimination against white individuals. According to a Bloomberg study, the S&P 100 companies collectively added over 300,000 jobs, with 94 percent of those positions filled by individuals from diverse racial backgrounds.


The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission mandates that companies employing 100 or more workers annually report demographic information about their workforce.

Bloomberg acquired data for 2020 and 2021 from 88 S&P 100 companies and analyzed the overall job growth at these firms. In total, these companies expanded their U.S. workforces by 323,094 individuals in 2021, marking the first year following the BLM protests. This data represents the most recent available.

Among these job additions, 20,524 were white employees, while the remaining 302,570 positions, constituting 94 percent of the overall increase, were filled by people of color. The data suggests a proactive approach to diversity, which may raise questions about discrimination practices.  

As noted by Chris Menahan of Information Liberation, there are reports that the chief executive officer of telecommunications giant British Telecom is terminating white employees en masse to replace them with non-white individuals, achieve "diversity goals" and potentially earn a £220,000 ($266,000) bonus.

When Elon Musk acquired Twitter in 2022, the executives of the social media giant purportedly recommended the dismissal of white employees to prevent legal issues and promote "diversity."

DOJ sues Musk for hiring Americans over refugees and asylum seekers

Musk, however, disregarded their advice. As a result, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recently filed a lawsuit against Musk for prioritizing the hiring of Americans over refugees and asylum seekers.

Following the BLM protests, Walmart initiated training programs stating that "white is not right;" Coca-Cola trained its employees to "strive for less whiteness;" and AT&T conducted sessions telling white employees, "You are part of the problem."

Bloomberg's report indicates that companies are hesitant to discuss the "progress" they have made through race-based hiring practices, possibly due to concerns about discrimination lawsuits.

Many CEOs are now contemplating whether the Supreme Court's June ruling on race-based admissions might apply to their hiring objectives.

"We've noticed that DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) is gradually losing importance three years later. Now, amidst business challenges, the question arises: 'Where should we cut resources and investments?' DEI and HR teams are impacted," said LaJoie-Lubin, a consultant who previously worked for a company but now works independently.

Esther Silver-Parker, an independent consultant who previously helped Walmart establish its DEI program, noted that companies are less eager to discuss topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion on earnings calls and at conferences.

Data compiled by Bloomberg reveals a 54 percent decline in mentions of these topics among Russell 3,000 Index companies during the third quarter. None of the companies that made significant diversity gains were willing to provide extensive details on the matter.

Silver-Parker explained: "The approach now is to do what is necessary without drawing attention to it. 'Let's keep a low profile. Let's avoid attracting attention. But we acknowledge our moral and market obligations.'"

Individuals who have been denied job opportunities or dismissed from these companies based on their race may have a moral and market responsibility to pursue legal action against these companies.

In recent years, numerous white individuals have secured substantial settlements by suing their employers for anti-white discrimination.

Just a few months ago, a jury ordered Starbucks to pay over $25 million in damages to a former regional manager who was terminated due to being white – a move perceived as a gesture to appease the BLM movement.

Bloomberg's comprehensive research could serve as valuable evidence in such legal proceedings.





Now we just need to get rid of the rest of the blue coat Republicans. Vote them out.




Biden Appears in Public with MASSIVE Mysterious BLACK Bruise On FACE!


Elder Abuse? Another Collapse?


What is it with Biden and showing up with weird marks and bruises on him?

Health Freedom Defense Fund seeks justice for more than 1,000 employees wrongfully terminated.

On August 13, 2021, the second largest public school district in the United States -- the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) -- ordered all employees to be “fully vaccinated” against covid-19 by October 15, 2021. Employees who did not consent were considered a threat to public health and to the lives of children. These employees were stripped over their medical privacy, put under duress and subjected to weekly medical testing requirements that were coercive and discriminatory in nature and based on medical fraud. The LAUSD enrolls nearly 575,000 students annually and employs around 38,300 staff. Over the course of LAUSD’s unlawful covid-19 vaccine mandate, the district wrongfully terminated around 500 employees and forced another 500 employees into unpaid leave or early retirement.

👀click to read👀

On September 26, 2023, the LAUSD Board of Education rescinded the covid-19 vaccine mandate for all district employees, with a 6-1 vote. This victory for health freedom and human rights would not have been possible without the tireless dedication of the Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) and the principled lawyers who fought back against the corrupt school district officials. Leslie Manookian, president, and founder of HFDF said this vote was “another huge victory” for the health freedom movement, as covid vaccine mandates continue to fail in the public school system. However, Manookian warns that the vote is a “cynical attempt to evade justice as the judges signaled, they believed LAUSD’s vaccine mandate was irrational.”

HFDF has provided legal representation for LAUSD employees who were discriminated and wrongfully terminated by the district’s unlawful vaccine mandate. After the mandate, HFDF and LAUSD employees partnered with the California Educators for Medical Freedom and sued top officials at the LAUSD. They argued that the district’s vaccine mandate violated employees’ 14th Amendment “rights of personal autonomy, self-determination, bodily integrity, and the right to reject medical treatment.”

On September 2nd, 2022, a U.S. district judge dismissed their case, but the plaintiffs pressed on and appealed. The case was eventually brought before a three-judge panel in the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals on September 14th, where oral arguments were heard.

The LAUSD used a 1905 Supreme Court ruling -- Jacobson v. Massachusetts -- to justify their mandate. During that time, the Supreme Court ruled that the state could compel a person to pay a small fine for refusing a smallpox vaccine that was believed to be safe and efficacious in an emergency. The ruling never said that the state could condition employment on an experimental vaccine or force people to take an injurious product. Today, we know that the covid jabs do not stop transmission or infection and pose severe risks to personal health. Also, natural immunity has proven superior over the so-called vaccines, so the 1905 precedent does not apply in any way, shape, or form.


Vaccine mandate finally gets rescinded, but justice must be brought for those wrongfully terminated and injured


During the initial covid-19 rollout, there were already signs that the so-called vaccines conferred little to no protection. As such, by September 2021, a third dose of mRNA spike protein was approved for the Pfizer and Moderna brands and a second dose was approved for Johnson & Johnson brand. Today, even the Centers for Disease Control admits that the vaccines do not stop transmission of SARS-CoV-2. It was easy to see early on that the mandate to be “fully vaccinated” was a system of slavery and forever compliance, of surrendering one’s body autonomy and dignity to an endless medical experiment that puts people in danger of further health complications with each cumulative dose. Sadly enough, further boosters have been approved by the FDA and recommended by the CDC, despite there being no evidence to support them.

Manookian told the Defender that “This is about authoritarianism, not about science or public policy.”

While the mandate has been rescinded for now, the HFDF continues to fight for justice for those wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, and injured by the so-called vaccine, the coercion, and all the unlawful mandates.

“There are still somewhere around a thousand people who have lost their jobs, their benefits and everything,” Manookian said. “You can’t just argue that it’s moot and dismiss those people as though they’re disposable.”


BREAKING: Los Angeles School District rescinds covid-19 vaccine mandate – over 1,000 employees who were wrongfully terminated now await justice - STATIONGOSSIP

Kevin McCarthy is out as speaker of the House. What happens next?

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The House of Representatives is entering uncharted territory after a far-right effort to remove fellow Republican Kevin McCarthy from the speakership succeeded thanks to support from Democrats.


A resolution — titled a motion to vacate — from Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., passed Tuesday with the support of eight Republicans and all the Democrats present and voting. The vote made McCarthy the first speaker in history to be removed from office, a bitter humiliation that came after less than nine months on the job.


WATCH: What led to the collapse of McCarthy’s speakership and what’s next for the House


The California Republican told his conference shortly after that he would not run for the job again. It is a stunning outcome in the House that shocked lawmakers of both parties and left them wondering what the future will bring.

Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry, now the acting speaker, declared the House in recess until both parties can decide on a path forward. There is no obvious successor to lead the House Republican majority now that McCarthy has opted not to run for the job again.


Here’s a closer look at what could happen next:

Who’s in the charge of the House now?


Immediately after the vote, McHenry, a close McCarthy ally, was named temporary speaker or speaker pro tempore. The North Carolina Republican was picked from a list that the speaker is required to keep of members who can serve in this position in the event a chair is vacated.

McCarthy turned over that private list to the House clerk in January when he was first elected speaker. And while McHenry can serve in the temporary role indefinitely, he does not have the full power of a duly elected speaker but only those that are deemed “necessary and appropriate” for the purpose of electing someone to the job, according to the rules governing the House.

McHenry will be unable to bring legislation to the floor or take it off. He also does not have the power to issue subpoenas or sign off on any other official House business that would require the approval of the speaker.


What happens next?

The first order of business for McHenry would be to elect a new speaker.

As of now, it is unclear who House Republicans will nominate for the speakership. Some members left the chamber Tuesday determined to renominate McCarthy and vote for him for speaker until it passes. But now that he is out of the running, the path is clear for any Republican to jump in.

Some members, including Gaetz, have been broaching potential consensus candidates like Majority Leader Steve Scalise or Whip Tom Emmer who they see as bringing the conference together. Other names up for discussion include Rep. Kevin Hern, chair of the Republican Study Committee, and Rep. Jim Jordan, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee and a favorite of the right flank of the party.

Once Republicans decide who to nominate for speaker, the House would have to vote as many times as it takes for a candidate to receive the majority of those present and voting for speaker. It can quickly become an arduous exercise, as it did in January when it took McCarthy an unprecedented 15 rounds to win the gavel.


Another speaker?

Once a speaker candidate has won a majority of the vote, the clerk will announce the results of the election.

During a normal speaker election, which takes place at the start of each Congress, a bipartisan committee, usually consisting of members from the home state of the chosen candidate, will then escort the speaker-elect to the chair on the dais where the oath of office is administered. The oath is identical to the one new members will take once a speaker is chosen.

It is unclear if that is the same process that will be followed in this instance. It is customary for the minority leader to join the successor at the speaker’s chair, where they will pass the gavel as a nod to the potential future working relationship between one party leader and another.

AP Congressional Correspondent Lisa Mascaro contributed to this report.


Kevin McCarthy is out as speaker of the House. What happens next? | PBS NewsHour

WARNING: U.S. food supply will soon be contaminated with mRNA vaccine-tainted MEAT – beware the source of your beef, pork and seafood.

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Americans will soon be able to add shrimp to the list of high-risk meat products getting slipped into the increasingly toxic United States food supply, thanks to an Israeli company that just raised $8.25 million from a group of venture capitalists to start administering oral, RNA-based "vaccine" drugs to the marine life food chain.

Since shrimp are bottom feeders, everything that eats them, including humans, will end up intaking these RNA chemicals through the muscle tissue, or meat, of these animals. Once ViAqua, as the Israeli venture capital operation calls itself, gets its RNA-based vaccine product into ocean life as planned, Americans and the world will have one less safe meat product to consume.

According to reports, ViAqua's RNA-based vaccine, which is still in development, uses ribonucleic acid interference (RNAi) to manipulate the genetic profile of shrimp, essentially turning the sea creatures into living genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

"RNAi is a biological process where RNA molecules are used to inhibit gene expression or translation by neutralizing targeted mRNA molecules," reports Epoch Health about the Frankenfood technology.


 If nobody stops them, the globalists will genetically reengineer the entire "food" supply, creating a global population of GMO "people"


Instead of using needles to inject each and every shrimp – because that would be silly, eh? – ViAqua's mad scientists are planning to "inject" the RNAi poison into the food that shrimp consume. A specially coated feed supplement designed to resist white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) – or so we are told – will be added to farmed shrimp feed in an attempt to stymie the loss of $3 billion worth of shrimp every year.

We are told that 15 percent of the world's shrimp production is lost every year to WSSV, which is what ViAqua says it wants to stop by mass-vaccinating shrimp with RNAi drugs.

"ViAqua suggests RNA molecules can inhibit the expression of genes that cause disease with every meal containing its coated product," reports explain.

Also known as a "nanovaccine," ViAqua's RNAi drug was supposedly found in a 2022 "proof-of-concept" study to be 80 percent effective against WSSV in vivo (in living organisms). At the very same time, the study did not assess the potential long-term impact of creating GMO shrimp – not to mention the long-term impact of what will become of humans who eat them as "food."

"Oral delivery is the holy grail of aquaculture health development due to both the impossibility of vaccinating individual shrimp and its ability to substantially bring down the operational costs of disease management while improving outcomes," proudly announced Shai Ufaz, the CEO of ViAqua.

"We are excited to bring this technology to market to address the need for affordable disease solutions in aquaculture."

The first GMO shrimp from ViAqua is expected to be produced starting in India in the year 2024.

Another company called Genvax Technologies also recently launched a startup to develop mRNA "vaccines" for other animals, having secured $6.5 million in funding to develop a self-amplifying mRNA (saRNA) platform to rapidly develop herd- or flock-specific vaccine injections for all sorts of animal species.

Genvax's approach involves inserting a specific "transgene" or "gene of interest" based on the matched variant strain of a virus or disease. The saRNA portion of the technology then generates an antibody response, we are told, without requiring the entire pathogen to be matched to a given circulating disease strain.

WARNING: U.S. food supply will soon be contaminated with mRNA vaccine-tainted MEAT – beware the source of your beef, pork and seafood - STATIONGOSSIP

Oct. 02, 2023



Doomsday in New York! Brutal Flood Explosion Submerged Millions of Homes, Cars in Brooklyn


Imagine driving in an electric vehicle in this mess …

SoCal Doctor Charged with Stealing $150 Million From Federal COVID Program.

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A SoCal doctor was charged with stealing $150 million from the Federal Covid Program. Anthony Hao Dinh, 64, of Newport Coast, is alleged to have stolen the money through filing false claims for reimbursement under the Covid Uninsured Program. His alleged fraudulent claims were from July 2020 to March 2021.


The Department of Health and Human Services allows doctors to submit claim reimbursements if the patient did not have insurance and got a Covid vaccine or was tested and treated for the virus.

KTLA 5 reported:

An Orange County doctor was charged with stealing around $150 million from a federal program providing COVID-19 health services to uninsured patients.

Anthony Hao Dinh, 64, from Newport Coast operated clinics in Westminster and Garden Grove. He is a licensed doctor of osteopathy who was an ear, nose and throat specialist, as well as a facial plastic surgeon, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Dinh allegedly stole millions of dollars by submitting claims for reimbursement under the Health Resources and Services Administration’s COVID-19 Uninsured Program.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides claims reimbursement to healthcare providers for testing, treating or administering vaccines to uninsured patients for COVID.

From July 2020 to March 2021, Dinh allegedly submitted false claims for treating patients who were already insured, services not actually rendered, and services that were not medically necessary, officials said.

“As a result of these false and fraudulent claims, HRSA made payments to defendant Dinh, through [his medical] practices, in the approximate amount of $150 million,” according to court documents.

KTLA continued: Officials said this is the “largest fraud scheme in the nation targeting the HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program uncovered at this time.”

Five current or former IRS employees in Tennessee and Mississippi fraudulently received thousands of dollars in COVID relief funds to finance lavish lifestyles, according to the Department of Justice.

The five suspects allegedly submitted bogus loan applications to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Program in an effort to gain over $1 million in funding.

They then used the loan funds to finance their extravagant lifestyles, such as buying new cars, luxury goods, and personal travel, including trips to Las Vegas, according to court documents.

“The IRS employees charged in these cases allegedly abused the trust placed in them by the public,” said Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “The Criminal Division is committed to safeguarding that public trust and protecting pandemic relief programs for the American people.”


SoCal Doctor Charged With Stealing $150 Million From Federal COVID Program - STATIONGOSSIP



How the far right could remove McCarthy and why his fate could be in Democrats’ hands.

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Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz has been threatening for weeks to start the procedural motions to try to remove Kevin McCarthy from the speakership.

"The one thing I agree with my Democrat colleagues on is that for the last eight months this House has been poorly led and we own that, and we have to do something about it," Gaetz said on the floor earlier this week. "And you know what? My Democrat colleagues will have an opportunity to do something about that, too. And we will see if they bail out our failed speaker."

Gaetz is one of a few hardline Republicans who have tied McCarthy's political fate to a spending fight ahead of a looming government shutdown.

McCarthy wouldn't be in this position had he not agreed to far-right demands to change House rules to make it easier for a single member to offer a resolution to remove him from office. But without that concession McCarthy may not have been able to secure the gavel after 15 rounds of voting at the start of the Congress in January.

How does a motion to vacate work?

Gaetz, or any combination of McCarthy detractors, could at any time introduce a privileged resolution to declare the office of the speaker of the House of Representatives vacant — known as a "motion to vacate." The introduction alone doesn't guarantee a vote, but it would be like firing a warning shot to to the House that it's coming. This is precisely what former Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., did back in 2015 against then-Speaker John Boehner, but Boehner stepped down before a vote was called.

After introduction, a lawmaker would have to go to the House floor and request a vote on the resolution, which would be considered privileged and therefore require a vote to occur within two legislative days. Party leadership can determine the timing of the vote, and it could happen as soon as it's introduced.

The resolution is subject to motions that could ultimately block it from getting a vote. For example, motions to table the resolution, or refer it to committee would be in order. If any of those intermediary steps succeeded, then a vote on the resolution to vacate the speakership would not occur.

If the blocking motions fail, and a vote on the resolution is called, it requires a simple majority of lawmakers present and voting to succeed. If it passes, the speakership is immediately vacated.

This is where Democrats come into play

McCarthy still appears to enjoy the support of the vast majority of the 221 House Republicans. But with a narrow four-seat majority, only a sliver of the GOP conference could vacate the speakership if the 212 Democrats vote en masse to defeat any blocking motions, and then in favor of the resolution to vacate.

Democratic leaders have refused to engage in any war gaming about the vote. "We haven't given any thought to how to handle a hypothetical motion to vacate, because we are entirely focused on making sure that we avoid this extreme MAGA Republican shutdown," Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., said Thursday.

Two senior Democratic aides who asked for anonymity to speak candidly about internal party deliberations said that informal conversations are happening among blocs of Democrats about how to handle the vote, but there is no united party consensus.

The aides said one calculating factor is if the resolution is offered during a government shutdown, Democrats might be less inclined to add to the governing chaos by offering their votes to remove the speaker. At the same time, if Democratic votes are necessary to save McCarthy, there would likely be some negotiations as to what Democrats can receive in exchange for their votes.

Additionally, one of the aides said there is so little regard for McCarthy among Democrats — for his fealty to the far right, his authorization of an impeachment inquiry against President Biden and his actions after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on that Capitol — that it was hard to envision saving him.

“I can tell you I have been in a number of conversations, and I have not heard one Democrat voice any interest in saving Kevin,” an aide said. Another aide noted that Democrats don’t believe they can trust the speaker to cut any deals to win their votes, noting he walked away from the budget deal he cut with President Biden in late May just days after it was signed into law.

No speaker has ever been removed in this manner.

If a resolution were to pass, the House would enter into unchartered waters of making new precedent. Under continuity of Congress procedures enacted after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, there is a list of people who can act as speaker pro tempore in an event where the speakership is vacated. This was created in anticipation of a mass casualty event like a terrorist attack, but it would apply if the speakership is vacated. The irony is that list is written by the sitting speaker — so McCarthy knows who is on the list — and it is kept by the House Clerk and only to be made public in the event of a vacancy.

Three sources with parliamentary expertise, who all asked to be granted anonymity, said that the next immediate order of business before the House would be the election of a new speaker. The speaker pro tempore cannot serve in the line of succession to the presidency so it would be a matter of national security and constitutional prerogative to have a duly elected speaker.

What would be different in this scenario than in January at the start of a new Congress is that all lawmakers are sworn in, House Rules have been approved and committees are constituted. Lawmakers could still hold committee hearings and assist constituents, but the business before the House would be to elect a speaker. As the House experienced in January, this can take days and multiple rounds of balloting until a lawmaker receives a majority of the full House.

How long that could take, or who could replace McCarthy, is hard to predict. Multiple news outlets reported this week that some Republicans have approached Majority Whip Tom Emmer, R-Minn., should the effort to oust McCarthy succeed. Emmer in turn pledged his support to McCarthy.


How the far right could remove McCarthy and why his fate could be in Democrats’ hands - OPB

Something Strange is Happening Worldwide!


It appears to resemble directed frequency weapons, which are typically employed for crowd control purposes. The events unfolding on October 4th in the U.S. will certainly be intriguing to observe. Will it merely be a "test" of our emergency systems, or could there be more nefarious intentions involving this technology? Attributing the adverse effects to "stress" as a consequence of our bodies enduring this kind of torment is undeniably absurd. Havana syndrome is a genuine concern with a long history, and its implications should not be dismissed lightly.

Oct. 01, 2023





I can almost see this as equally disturbing and horrible as something like the Holocaust because it's just horrible, the treatment and suffering that these people are going through.


Federal Appeals Court Upholds Tennessee, Kentucky’s Bans on Cross-Sex Hormones, Puberty Blockers for Children.

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A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld Tennessee and Kentucky’s bans on gender-related medical interventions, such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender surgeries on children.

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 to reject a challenge to the laws from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and families of trans-identifying children.

“This is a relatively new diagnosis with ever-shifting approaches to care over the last decade or two. Under these circumstances, it is difficult for anyone to be sure about predicting the long-term consequences of abandoning age limits of any sort for these treatments,” wrote Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton.

The ACLU called Thursday’s ruling a “devastating result” and promised to take further action.

“The disastrous impact of Tennessee’s law and all others like it has already been felt in thousands of homes and communities. Denying transgender youth equality before the law and needlessly withholding the necessary medical care their families and their doctors know is right for them has caused and will continue to cause serious harm,” the ACLU said Thursday in a statement.

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh reacted to the ruling Thursday evening, calling it “huge.”

“This is huge. Our ban on child mutilation has been upheld. When we passed the bill, trans activists gloated that they would easily get it overturned in court. Who’s gloating now you child butchering ghouls?” Walsh posted on X.

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti celebrated the ruling as well, posting on X, “Tennessee’s law that protects children from irreversible gender-related medical interventions remains in effect.”

Tennessee Representative Jason Zachary (R) called the ruling a “big win.”

“Protecting children is a priority in TN,” Zachary said.

Another state congressman, Representative William Lamberth (R), said Tennessee will “continue to lead the way” when it comes to “protecting our children.”

This is a huge win in the fight against a dangerous and extreme ideology that harms children and ruins lives,” Lamberth said.

A similar ban in Alabama was upheld by a federal appeals court last month. Bans in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Montana, and Indiana have been overturned.

Over the last few years, critics have sounded the alarm about the permanent effects of both gender hormone treatments and surgical procedures, especially on children.

Both puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones come with serious health risks. Puberty blockers can affect bone growth and density and cause sexual dysfunction, voice damage, and infertility, among other issues. Cross-sex hormones can cause infertility, deadly blood clots, heart attacks, increased cancer risks of the breasts and ovaries, liver dysfunction, worsening psychological illness, and other serious conditions.

The number of gender surgeries nearly tripled in the U.S. from 2016 to 2019, according to an analysis published Wednesday in JAMA Network Open. In 2016, there were about 4,550 procedures, and that number spiked to around 13,000 in 2019.

Hundreds of girls in the U.S., some as young as 12, have gotten elective, gender-related double mastectomies to remove their healthy breasts over the last few years.

Meanwhile, it is more popular than ever for youth to adopt new gender identities. An estimated 300,000 minors aged 13 to 17 identified as transgender as of last year.






Oncologists are Not Allowed to Talk About This.


But every single one of us should be


Only 3% Of San Francisco Restaurants Have Not Been Vandalized in Past Month: Survey

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Vandalism is becoming almost unavoidable for San Francisco’s restaurants; a new survey shows.


Only 3% out of 74 restaurants surveyed said they had not experienced graffiti or property crime in the last month, according to a new survey from the Golden Gate Restaurant Association.

The city has spent $1 million on grants for vandalism relief since 2021, and nearly 800 businesses have received $1,000 or $2,000 grants for graffiti, broken windows, or other vandalism, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

San Francisco’s 311 call center has received 10,000 reports of graffiti on commercial buildings and sidewalks in the last six months, the outlet reported.

Now, the San Francisco Police Department has even assigned an officer to investigate graffiti full-time.

Meanwhile, businesses are suffering, and repairing the damage is expensive.

A pizza shop in San Francisco’s Mission District was recently hit with acid, the owner told ABC7.

“This is acid so you can’t just remove it. They have to replace the glass,” Supreme Pizza owner Leandro Jayme told the outlet. He said replacing even one small glass square costs him $300.

Some restaurants said they gave up, including Shuggie’s, also in the Mission district, which received a grant, but gave up trying to clean up the almost daily graffiti.

Shoplifting is another major problem for the crime-ridden city.

In the past, San Francisco’s stores have geared up with unprecedented security measures to try to deter shoplifters.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retailers have installed extreme security devices and paid for private security guards to combat rampant theft.

Supermarket chain Safeway installed exit gates that require customers to scan their receipts in some of its Bay Area grocery stores. A Walgreens locked its freezers with chains in response to shoplifters hitting the store 15 to 20 times a day, according to an employee.

In 2021, businesses in San Francisco’ Union Square hired private security to combat the “smash and grab” robberies that plagued the area.

Part of the reason for the shoplifting increase is Proposition 47, a 2014 voter-approved law that made the theft of merchandise under $950 in value a misdemeanor that is often not investigated.

Most Californians support changing Prop 47 to reinstate penalties for certain thefts, according to a 2022 poll.

Overall crime in San Francisco is slightly down this year, but certain types of violent crime are up, according to police data.

Murder is up 3% to 40 murders so far. Robberies are up 16% to 2,039 robberies so far. Car thefts are up 11% to 5,038 thefts.

Crime, open-air drug use, and homelessness have caused businesses to flee San Francisco’s downtown, where foot traffic has thinned.

A string of major retailers has recently fled their downtown San Francisco locations. Mall company Westfield, AT&T, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, and two hotels have all shuttered locations in the city recently.

The city’s drug crisis hit a grim milestone last month with a record 84 accidental drug overdose deaths in August, according to preliminary city data. So far this year, a total of 563 people have died from a drug overdose in San Francisco.

Homelessness has only gotten worse since before the pandemic. About 38,000 people are homeless in the Bay Area on a given night, up 35% since 2019. 

Sept 30, 2023

Tyson Foods to Deploy Driverless Trucks in Arkansas


Tyson Foods, Inc., is teaming up with Gatik AI, Inc., in a multi-year collaboration to deploy autonomous, "self-driving" refrigerated box trucks to bolster Tyson routes in Northwest Arkansas. Operating 18 hours a day, trucks will deliver Tyson, Jimmy Dean and BallPark products, among others, to the company’s distribution and storage facilities in the Rogers and Springdale, Ark., areas.

"The deployment will introduce Gatik trucks equipped with commercial-grade autonomous technology to the Tyson supply chain, operating on predetermined short-haul, repeated routes to support fast and efficient product flow from plant to storage facilities," Tyson said in a release. "In a nationwide truck driver shortage, these autonomous trucks are an innovative and safe way to add resources that will allow the company to elevate drivers to other transportation positions in the Tyson business, while ensuring continuous supply chain reliability."

Beginning this week, the collaboration includes multiple trucks with the potential for expansion at other Tyson locations in the future. A safety driver will initially be present in the cab to monitor the autonomous system and take command of operating the truck if required.

Teachers Are Being Decimated by

Aggressive and Metastatic Cancers After

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Dr. William Makis presents 34 recent

tragic cases in the United States.

By   Influencers

Originally Published on Dr. Makis' Substack


  • Aug.21, 2023 - Loveland, CO - Emma who is a young teacher and soccer coach was attending a game, when she received a soccer ball kick to the head, had a seizure and was found to have a brain tumor


  • Aug.15, 2023 - Allentown, PA - Julia Dweck, a teacher, fell ill with a series of blood clots, strokes and was found to have Stage 4 pancreatic cancer


  • Aug.4, 2023 - Woodbridge, VA - 45 year old Cristin Lee Kline, died August 14, 2023 at Inova Fairfax Hospital. She was a schoolteacher with Prince William County Schools.
  • Aug.3, 2023 - Cape Coral, FL - Julia Ringenberger McKinnon, Gulf Elementary School teacher, died after a 2 months battle with Stage 4 Gallbladder cancer


  • Aug.1, 2023 - Boyce, LA - John Upton turned 30 years old, the next day he was found to have a brain tumor, Grade 4 astrocytoma, IDH mutant.


And 29 even more tragic stories that have yet to see MORE OF THE LIGHT OF DAY!

New York Battered! Storm, Massive Flooding Submerge Thousands of Homes,

Cars In Brooklyn


Flash flooding is wreaking havoc in New York City as torrential rain pummels the northeastern US. Emergency responders are on the scene of a partial roof collapse at a warehouse in Lexington Avenue between Classon and Franklin Avenues in Brooklyn, It happened around 8:30 a.m. (Yesterday)





SHOCKING VIDEO: Looters raid, destroy Target store in Philadelphia


Another BIBLICAL PROPHECY. Crime such as we've never seen before. Uprisings of crime.

Impeachment Hearing: Nancy Mace: We Already Know Biden Took Bribes From Burisma… Betraying Your Country is TREASON..

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Congresswoman Nancy Mace on Thursday suggested Joe Biden committed treason when he took bribes from Mykola Zlovchesky, the oligarch who owns Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.


The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability held its first hearing on the impeachment of Joe Biden on Thursday.

The three witnesses testifying today are:

  • Bruce Dubinsky, Founder, Dubinsky Consulting (forensic accountant)
  • Eileen O’Connor, Former Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice Tax Division
  • Jonathan Turley, Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law, George Washington University Law School

Rep. Mace blasted Joe Biden for taking a $10 million bribe from Burisma.

Senator Chuck Grassley in July released the FBI document showing Joe Biden was involved in a $10 million bribery scheme with Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky.

The FD-1023 form alleged then-Vice President Joe Biden FORCED Zlochevsky, a Ukrainian oligarch, to pay himself and his son Hunter Biden a total of $10 million.

According to the document, Biden’s bribery arrangement was described as “poluchili,” which is Russian crime slang for being “forced or coerced to pay.”

Per the FD-1023:

According to the FBI’s confidential human source, executives for Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, brought Hunter Biden on the board to “protect us through his dad, from all kinds of problems.” At the time, Burisma was seeking to do business in the United States, but was facing a corruption investigation in Ukraine, led by then-Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. Regarding that investigation’s impact on its ambitions in North America, Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky reportedly said, “Don’t worry Hunter will take care of all of those issues through his dad.” Zlochevsky reportedly stated that he had to pay $5 million to Hunter Biden and $5 million to Joe Biden, an arrangement he described as ‘poluchili,’ which is Russian crime slang for being “forced or coerced to pay,” according to the document.

Also, according to the document, Zlochevsky claims to have text messages and recordings that show he was FORCED to pay the Bidens to ensure Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was fired.

Zlochevsky also retained two documents, presumably financial records, as evidence of the arrangement, according to the document.

Per the FD-1023:

Zlochevsky claimed to have many text messages and recordings that show that he was coerced into paying the Bidens to ensure Shokin was fired. Specifically, he claimed to have two recordings with Joe Biden and 15 recordings with Hunter Biden. Zlochevsky also retained two documents, presumably financial records, as evidence of the arrangement, but said he didn’t send any funds directly to the “Big Guy,” a term understood to be a reference to Joe Biden. References to the “Big Guy” surfaced in communications involving other Biden family business arrangements independent of the Burisma arrangement. Zlochevsky claimed it would take investigators 10 years to uncover the illicit payments to the Bidens, according to the document.

Joe Biden publicly bragged about bribing Ukraine with $1 billion to fire Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General who was investigating Burisma corruption.

I “said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. He got fired,” Biden said in 2018.

“We already know the president took bribes from Burisma — I also want to add ‘betraying your country is TREASON..’” Mace said.

Impeachment Hearing: Nancy Mace: We Already Know Biden Took Bribes From Burisma... Betraying Your Country is TREASON (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila


VIDEO: Trans Male Student Brutally Beats Defenseless Girl at Woke Oregon Middle School, Leaving Her in Tears While Fellow Students Film Incident


Women’s rights activist and former collegiate champion swimmer Riley Gaines uncovered video Thursday showing a trans male student viciously assaulting a helpless girl at school while fellow students filmed the assault instead of coming to the victim’s aid.

The incident occurred last week at Hazlebrook Middle School, which is located in Tualatin, Oregon, a southwestern suburb of Portland.

TBT Update: Charges have been filed against the Transgender student.


Ted Cruz Weighs in On Who Was the Big Winner From Second GOP Primary Debate


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said following the second Republican Party primary debate on Wednesday night that he believes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was “the big winner” and that most of the candidates did not do anything to help themselves.

Sept 29, 2023

Ayanna Pressley Stuns CNN Anchor By Repeatedly Insisting Border is ‘Secure.'

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Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) this week claimed repeatedly that the southern border is “secure,” leaving CNN anchor Jake Tapper stunned.


“No doubt about it, our border is secure,” Pressley said Wednesday on CNN. “And we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, and we have to fix a broken system —”

“You think it is secure? You think the border is secure? Or it is not secure?” Tapper interrupted her.

“I believe that we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis and there needs to be federal investment to support those migrant families,” Pressley said, adding that the crisis is a consequence of “longstanding broken policies.”

“I don’t disagree with this being a humanitarian crisis at all, but just to get some clarity on this … do you think that the border is secure? Is that what you said?” Tapper asked again.

“Yes, the border is secure,” Pressley said, adding that the border situation is one reason Congress should avoid the impending government shutdown.

“But if you have millions of undocumented migrants coming into the country, how is the border secure?” Tapper pressed.

“Jake, this is not a new crisis,” Presley said, adding that the situation requires “more political will and commitment.”

“I’m not disagreeing with anything you’re saying except for the idea that the border is secure. I mean if you have people crossing the border, it’s just by definition not secure,” Tapper said.

He added that some critics argue the porous border encourages migrants to put themselves at the mercy of smugglers who prey on them.

“It just seems like such a refusal to acknowledge reality, to say that the border is secure when we all know millions of people are crossing the border illegally every year,” Tapper said.

“Jake, and that is a consequence of a number of things,” Pressley said, mentioning “climate refugees,” as well as people fleeing violence and corruption.

“Okay, it sounds like in there, you acknowledge that there are millions of people crossing the border illegally, which would mean that the border is not secure,” Tapper said, adding “would you grant me the point that the border is not secure?”

“Jake, that is a conversation for another day,” Pressley responded.

The migrant crisis at the border has been ramping up in recent weeks.

In August, there were nearly 233,000 migrant encounters at the southern border, the highest August on record, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said. That number marks a jump from under 184,000 encounters in July.

Last month’s numbers are also a significant rise from August a year ago, when there were only 204,000 migrant encounters. September’s numbers are already tens of thousands of encounters higher than last year as well.

Meanwhile, several major cities, particularly New York and Chicago, have been struggling with a migrant crisis as tens of thousands of newcomers show up on their doorstep.

New York City is struggling to metabolize more than 113,000 migrants who have shown up in the city since last spring, nearly 60,000 of whom are still being housed on the city’s dime. The city has already spent more than $1.2 billion on the migrants.

Chicago has seen an influx of about 13,500 migrants recently and has already spent at least $250 million on the issue.


Ayanna Pressley Stuns CNN Anchor By Repeatedly Insisting Border is ‘Secure’ - STATIONGOSSIP






HAARP 1995 Documentary


Sightings segment on HAARP prior to it becoming fully operational.



How does a person with dementia see the world?


Video from the Alzheimer's Society from the point of view of someone living with dementia. This is part of the Dementia resource for care professionals, page 'What is dementia?'. This video is copyright of the Alzheimer's Society.





Everything EVIL Returns for THE END (2023) 

"Nothing Is Working": Volkswagen's Factories in Germany Paralyzed After Massive "IT Malfunction"


What's being described as an "IT malfunction" has paralyzed Volkswagen Group's central infrastructure, forcing the automaker to suspend production at several plants on Wednesday. 

German business newspaper Handelsblatt spoke with a Volkswagen spokesman who said an "IT disruption of network components at the Wolfsburg location" was detected around 12:30 pm local time. 

The network disruption has led to production lines at the main auto plant in Wolfsburg, as well as in Emden, Osnabrück, and Zwickau, to halt operations.  

"Nothing is currently working in the offices at the Wolfsburg headquarters either. The extent of the disruption is not yet entirely clear," Handelsblatt said. 

The newspaper noted, "An attack from outside is considered unlikely." However, nothing is confirmed amid a spate of recent cyberattacks across the Western world (remember Vegas a few weeks ago). 

How long until Russia is blamed? 

Sept 28, 2023

Ukraine Offered To Conduct Strikes On Syria & Iran To Halt Drone Production


The Guardian on Wednesday has published some of the contents of a secretive document sent from the Ukrainian government to its Western allies in the G7, which compiles findings from the Iranian-manufactured drones Russia has used in hundreds of attacks on Ukrainian targets.

The conclusion of the document entitled "Barrage deaths: report on Shahed-136/131 UAVs" is that Western components have made their way into construction of Iranian Shahed Kamikaze drones, which Kiev sees as a scandal which must be dealt with.

"A wide range of components produced by western companies have been found in the downed drone models, according to the submission to the G7, which comprises France, the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada, plus the EU," The Guardian writes, based on the secret document it has reviewed.



Allen Dulles, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, will explain the thinking behind various operations conducted by the CIA during his tenure as its head (1953-1961) on the CBS news special report "In the Pay of the CIA: An American Dilemma, " The broadcast will be seen Monday, March 13 at 10:00 to 11:00 p.m., Eastern standard time in color on the CBS television network.

Former Senator Barry Goldwater and Senators Wayne Morse (Dem. Ore.) and Eugene McCarthy (Dem. Minn.) will also give their views on the secret CIA payments. Goldwater will be seen as he spoke during a February 26th, 1967 "Face the Nation" interview.

The broadcast will present many of the persons involved in recently revealed secret payments by the CIA, through legitimate foundations, to student, labor, broadcast and other organizations. The implications to the American way of life of the secret funding will be discussed by all participants in the broadcast. Telling their own stories on "In the Pay of the CIA--

--An American Dilemma" will be Gloria Steinem, who headed the Independent Research Service and admitted taking secret CIA funds to pay for American students attending Soviet sponsored youth festi- vals, and Philip Sherl.e, former president of the National Student Association, who was the first to reveal the CIA payments to NSA.

Justice William O. Douglas of the Supreme Court will discuss the CIA involvement and their meaning to Americana. !'In the Pay of the CIA; An American Dilemma" is produced by Ron Bonn. Leslie Midgley is executive producer.

California Governor Signs Disturbing New Bill And Parents Are Already Furious with Newsom


Anyone not believing there is a culture war raging across America only has to look at California as a prime example. Lawmakers in this left-leaning state have repeatedly worked against the constitutional rights of citizens there.

The attacks against American rights and values extends all the way to Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) who this week readied his political hammer to slam down on school districts that dare disobey leftist edicts. Any district that doesn’t bow to laws that force the teaching of leftist ideals will be slammed.

Newsom has openly targeted conservative school districts and sought power from the state legislature to punish communities that don’t align with LGBTQ+ issues and “ethnic” studies.

From Breitbart:
Newsom signed a bill Monday that will enable him to slap fines on local school districts that refuse to obey state edicts on curriculum involving controversial subjects like race, gender, and sexuality.

Despite supermajorities of Democrats in both houses of the state legislature, the bill was failing before Newsom jumped in to save the legislation.

He has voiced his plans to punish one school district in particular, in Temecula, California, where a new conservative majority won school board elections and rejected LGBTQ+ materials.

Newsom claims the law “bans book bans and censorship” and gives families the “freedom” to “decide what’s right for them.” The reality is that now the state can force districts to follow state-mandated teaching plans that do not include conservative or traditional perspectives. His claim of “freedom to decide” now doesn’t exist because the law strips that freedom from families, via their own school districts, wanting to decide what their children should learn.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Is Alzheimers Type 3 diabetes?


Are some cases of Alzheimer's disease triggered by a form of diabetes in the brain? Perhaps they are, according to researchers. Mayo Clinic's campuses in Rochester, Minnesota, and Jacksonville, Florida, recently participated in a multi-institution clinical study, testing whether a new insulin nasal spray can improve Alzheimer’s symptoms.

“This study has furthered our understanding of the gene that is the strongest genetic risk factor known for Alzheimer’s disease,” says Dr. Guojun Bu, a Mayo Clinic neuroscientist. "About 20 percent of the human population carries this riskier form of [the gene] APOE, called the E4," says Dr. Bu. It's believed that more than 50 percent of Alzheimer’s cases can be linked to APOE4, according to the study, which was published in Neuron.

Drivers slapped with 11 million parking tickets from private companies in brutal crackdown


A record 11.1 million tickets were handed out between March 2022 and March 2023, according to new data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

The data shows that an average of more than 30,400 penalty charge notices were handed out every day.

It is also a dramatic increase in the number of parking tickets in the past year when just 8.6 million fines were issued.

Chicago’s Defund the Police Leads to Supermarkets Closing in Black Areas.


An often-overlooked aspect of the "defund the police" movement is its profound impact on the mindset of law enforcement officers, even when no budget cuts have actually occurred. Let's consider a different perspective: imagine being a dedicated police officer who has just completed a strenuous 10-hour shift. During that shift, you had to respond to a challenging domestic disturbance call or meticulously document a lengthy car crash report. After a long day of service, you return home, turn on the news, or scroll through social media, only to be confronted with a torrent of public animosity directed at your profession. These individuals, many of whom you've never met and likely never will, harbor deep-seated resentment toward you simply because of your career choice.

In another scenario, picture being a law enforcement officer who has just graduated from the police academy, full of idealism and a genuine desire to make a positive impact in your community. However, shortly after beginning your career, you find yourself thrust into a highly polarized and contentious political climate where the very institution you've joined is under intense scrutiny. As a result, you experience an immense sense of disillusionment and frustration, as your commitment to serving and protecting is overshadowed by the broader societal debate about policing.

It should come as no surprise that during this period, there were mass resignations among law enforcement officers across the nation. These were individuals who had embarked on their careers with a strong sense of purpose, only to grapple with the harsh reality of being painted as adversaries for circumstances well beyond their control. They were being vilified and held accountable for systemic issues they did not create and had little influence over, leading to a demoralizing and disheartening environment for those who had chosen a career in law enforcement.


Why doesn't BLM open their own grocery stores to help the black community? They received over $90 MILLION in donations. What better opportunity could this be for BLM to prove they are here to help the black community and not themselves? @VGHCX YouTube Commentor


 Christie Goes After Trump: If You Keep Skipping Debates,

‘We’re Gonna Call You Donald Duck’


Editor's Quick Reply -- "If you keep skipping that diet plan,

can we call you Christie Crispy Cream?"


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie criticized former President Donald Trump during the second Republican Party primary debate on Wednesday night.  Christie made the remarks at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

“And I want to look at camera right now tell you, Donald, I know you’re watching,” Christie said. “You can’t help yourself. I know you’re watching, okay? And you’re not here tonight — not because of polls and not because of your indictments — you’re not here tonight because you’re afraid of being on the stage and defending your record.”

“You’re ducking these things,” he continued. “And let me tell you what’s going to happen. You keep doing that, no one up here is gonna call you Donald Trump anymore. We’re gonna call you Donald Duck.”

Senate Ends Fetterman Rule By Approving Formal Dress Code


 The U.S. Senate passed on Wednesday a formal dress code, putting an end to the brief reign of “The Fetterman Rule” named after Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) and his penchant for casual attire.

Californias Mental Illness, Homelessness Court Program Takes Effect Next Week


 California’s new court-ordered treatment program goes into effect next week, a significant attempt by the state to get a handle on California’s addiction, mental illness, and homelessness crises.

Alabama Democrat Who Made Killem Now Or Killem Later Remark On Abortion Indicted On Federal Charges: Report


 Alabama State Rep. John Rogers (D) — who previously gained national attention over controversial remarks that he made about abortion — has been indicted on federal obstruction of justice, according to prosecutors.

Trump Blasts Bidens Economic Policies In Appeal To Michigan Voters: Sending Auto Workers To The Unemployment Line


 Former President Donald Trump spoke to autoworkers in Clinton Township, Michigan, Wednesday night, calling on striking union members to back his campaign while slamming President Joe Biden’s economic and environmental policies. 

JUST IN: Katie Hobbs Has Stepped Down As Governor For A Day, And No One Knows Why


Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs has withdrawn from her position for the day, leaving the chattering class to speculate about her reasons and whether she would return to work ready to fill some of the positions that her temporary successor is saying are in desperate need of attention.

Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee on Wednesday night posted on X that she would be filling in as acting governor, saying she is “pleased to step in this role” without giving an explanation. She added her hope that Hobbs would appoint 13 agency directors upon her return, positions that have languished under the first-term Democrat.

NYC gun arrest unveils Satanic pedophile cult after blood covenant, child sex abuse files found


The arrest of a Queens man on gun charges two years ago may have led federal authorities to the discovery of a Satanic pedophile extortion cult that targets minors over the internet.

Investigators uncovered the heinous group — 764 — while probing disturbing social media posts made by Angel Almeida, 23, who was busted in Nov. 2021 and charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, according to court documents and a report published Thursday.

In February, Brooklyn federal prosecutors announced they had filed a superseding indictment against Almeida, adding charges related to child exploitation and enticement of minors.

Prior to Almeida’s arrest, the FBI followed anonymous tips that allegedly linked him to social media accounts containing vile posts about child sex abuse — including one Instagram profile, “@necropedocell,” that featured a photo of what appeared to be a child bound and gagged.

A post on another one of Almeida’s alleged Instagram profiles showed him posing with ammunition strapped to his chest, in front of a black flag bearing the logo of the Order of Nine Angels (O9A), which prosecutors described as “a worldwide Satanist…group which embraces elements of neo-Nazism and white supremacy.”

DeSantis: Trump ‘Didn’t Deliver On’ Promises, He Owes It to Voters To ‘Defend His Record’ At the Debate.

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Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis criticized former President Donald Trump during an interview Tuesday night, saying that the former president needed to show up to this week’s GOP primary debate to defend his record as president.


DeSantis made the remarks during an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham ahead of Wednesday’s debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. DeSantis, who is second place nationally in current pollingwill be at the center of the debate stage since Trump is not attending.

“I think it’s interesting that he is not willing to stand on that stage,” DeSantis said of Trump. “I think he owes it to all the voters to show up, defend his record, and articulate what he would do going forward and what he would might do differently. And he’s not willing to do that. I think the voters have a right to hear from all the candidates.”

“I mean, I think we can talk about a lot of the things — he’s running in 2024 on a lot of the same promises he ran on in 2016 and didn’t deliver on,” he continued. “He said he was going to drain the swamp. They didn’t drain the swamp at all. He still defends hiring Christopher Wray, he didn’t fire Wray. He didn’t fire Fauci. He said Mexico was gonna pay for the border wall. That didn’t happen. They started the wall, but we’ve got a lot more to be able to do to finish the wall. He said he was going to eliminate the national debt. They added almost a trillion dollars to the debt in four years, and then remember, he promised to appoint a special counsel for Hillary Clinton, then after the election two weeks later, he’s like, ‘Oh, no, forget about it. That’s what you say before the election, it’s not what you say after.’ So now, he’s saying he’s going to do one for Biden, but he had promised to do that for you in 2016. So I think it’s about, you got to deliver on these things.”

Trump announced back in August that he would not be attending any of the Republican debates, citing voters’ familiarity with his record and his commanding lead in the national polls, which currently stands at around 40 points, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

“Many people are asking whether or not I will be doing the DEBATES?” Trump wrote in a post on his social media platform Truth Social ahead of the first primary debate in August. “ALL AMERICANS have been clamoring for a President of extremely High Intelligence. As everyone is aware, my Poll numbers, over a ‘wonderful’ field of Republican candidates, are extraordinary. In fact, I am leading the runner up, whoever that may now be, by more than 50 Points. Reagan didn’t do it, and neither did others. People know my Record, one of the BEST EVER, so why would I Debate?”

A few days later, he confirmed that he would not do any of debates. “The public knows who I am & what a successful Presidency I had,” he wrote. “I WILL THEREFORE NOT BE DOING THE DEBATES!”

Instead of attending the debate Wednesday, Trump is planning to meet with striking autoworkers from the United Auto Workers union in Detroit, Michigan.


DeSantis: Trump ‘Didn’t Deliver On’ Promises, He Owes It To Voters To ‘Defend His Record’ At The Debate - YourDestinationNow

Sept 27, 2023

‘The View’ Hosts Go Off on Their Own Network Over Poll That’s Bad for Biden..

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 The hosts of ABC’s midday talk show “The View” aired their grievances about a recent poll showing former President Donald Trump beating President Joe Biden in a head-to-head match-up.

The cohosts addressed the poll in question — which showed Trump holding a ten-point lead over Biden — during Monday’s broadcast.

Republican cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin attempted to qualify the results, suggesting that the poll was “an outlier” — but she did note that Biden certainly has some weak points going into his 2024 reelection campaign.

Griffin pointed to his consistently low job approval ratings — and concerns from both sides of the political aisle about his advanced age and mental acuity.

Cohost Sunny Hostin turned the attack on Trump then, arguing that the polls meant nothing as long as Trump’s trials had not yet begun.

Ana Navarro suggested that the pollsters had been “high” when they gave their responses, and went on to claim that the economy was in better shape under Biden — despite other polls showing that nearly half of Americans believed that they were worse off financially since Biden had taken office.

Whoopi Goldberg weighed in next, blaming the media for not doing enough to scare people off from voting for former President Trump and suggesting that if media outlets were better at “messaging,” no one would support him anyway.

Hostin spoke up again then, saying that the network had called on her to read a legal note — after which she conceded that the people polled had not, in fact, been “high” (as Navarro had suggested) when they gave their responses on the ABC poll.

Dr. 'David Martin' Reveals Events & History Behind The 'COVID-19' Pandemic

& The Perpetrators


Dr David Martin discusses the University of British Columbia’s role in developing the lipid nano-particle technology used to deliver the spike proteins in the jab, as well as Justin Trudeau’s financial stake in his self-proclaimed “pathway to the new normal”. This is an excerpt from Vaccine Choice Canada’s webinar August 18th 2021. He alleges that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated international biological weapons treaties, engaged in racketeering, collusion, federal restraint of trade violations, market allocation, antitrust violations, and reckless – if not willful – mass homicide.





Documentary: What in the World Are

They Spraying? Truth Media Production



OUTRAGEOUS! Brothers Who Killed Ethan Liming, Stomped on His Chest, Broke His Neck and Took His Car Acquitted of Involuntary Manslaughter Charges


This is outrageous!


The U.S. Marshals Service last year arrested three men accused of fatally beating 17-year-old high school student Ethan Liming to death outside the school founded by LeBron James in June.

The three men beat Liming to death and later bragged about it to friends.

According to reports, Ethan Liming, whose father is a pastor, tried to calm the situation in the parking lot when he got jumped and hit in the head from behind.  The suspects broke his neck.

We learned from the police report that the suspects took Liming’s car and prevented his friends from driving him to the hospital.

Liming was later pronounced dead in the parking lot.

Sept 26, 2023




The Dark Side of Hollywood They Try to Hide Then This Happens


Hollyweird is trying to silence the truth.



This Is Important


YouTube sucks. I like Rumble much better anyway. Burger King and Hello Fresh pulled ad funding from Rumble because they wouldn't silence Russell Brand. Two more companies to add to boycott machine.

U.S. Offshore Wind Plans Are Utterly Collapsing


Offshore wind developer Ørsted has delayed its New Jersey Ocean Wind 1 project to 2026. Previously, the company had announced construction of the project would begin in October 2023. The delay was attributed to supply chain issues, higher interest rates, and a failure so far to garner enough tax credits from the federal government. For now, they are not walking away from all their U.S. projects but will reconsider long-term plans by the end of this year. Ørsted’s stock price has fallen 30% in 5 days. This is just the latest bad news for offshore win.

Ocean Wind 1 had one of the highest guaranteed prices among the 18 projects currently in the approval queue. The actual wholesale price guarantees for Ocean Wind 1 start at $98.10/MWh, rising 2% a year to $145.77. Over twenty years revenue will average $126.47/MWh according to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU). 

Ørsted is seeking higher guarantees from the BPU and an increase in federal Investment Tax Credits from 30% to 40%. Recognizing the potential financial problems, New Jersey’s largest public utility, Public Service Electric & Gas Company sold its 25% share of the project to Ørsted in January.

The Great Reset reads like a globalist plot with some plot holes- Will happen fast, you wont be warned. (Youll either be ready in advance or you'll be subject to whatever crisis unfolds.


Have you heard of the reset which the International Monetary Fund has planned for the world’s financial system? Likely you haven’t, but that’s OK, most people haven’t. If this weren’t the head of the most powerful financial institution in the world, it would be easy to write off as irrelevant, but the IMF has the power to pull this off.

But how? Quick answer, the SDR. The SDR is short for “Special Drawing Rights,” which is IMF money, so to speak. Without getting into the complexities of it, think of it as currency for nation states only.

Businesses and individuals cannot access SDR’s. SDR’s are what the IMF uses to bail out nations and “rebalance economies.” They are digital, not hard currency. You cannot hold an SDR in your hand, nor can you write a cheque for one. What backs them? International currencies. Larger economies like the EU, USA, Britain, China, and others contribute their currencies to the IMF as donations to be used to maintain the global financial system.

When a nation like Greece gets in trouble, the IMF may choose to issue SDR’s, which can be converted into any currency required, so in the case of Greece, they would convert their SDR’s into Euros. Remember, SDR’s are digital only, and you could say they were created to be converted into another currency.

Top Fox News Anchors Looking To Jump Ship, Join Tucker Carlson: Report


A handful of current Fox News talent have contemplated jumping ship and joining former top-rated host Tucker Carlson, according to several media reports. Carlson has been airing his program on Twitter for months, despite threats from Fox News.

“Carlson’s Twitter move could have additional reverberations with talent at the network. A handful of Fox anchors have reached out to Carlson directly or had their surrogates contact him to say they are eager to join whatever venture he starts on Twitter when their contracts are up, according to sources,” it was reported.

Carlson currently remains under contract with Fox News at a reported $20 million a year, so he isn’t free to sign on with another network. Reports said his contract doesn’t expire until after the 2024 election, in January 2025.

WATCH LIVE: DAY 2 of Trial in Kari Lakes Lawsuit to Inspect Maricopa Countys Fraudulent Mail-in Ballot Signatures 9AM PT/12PM ET


Today is Kari Lake’s last day of trial in her latest lawsuit to inspect fraudulent 2022 mail-in ballot signatures from Maricopa County in her fight against the stolen election.


The hearing starts at 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET.


The Gateway Pundit reported live on day one of Lake’s trial last Thursday. RINO Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer testified Thursday on Maricopa County’s illegal mail-in ballot signature verification procedures and excused his office for refusing to be transparent by providing public records

Watch a replay of Thursday’s hearing here.


THE REPLACEMENTS: Biden regime to offer nearly half a million jobs to Venezuelan migrants flooding through Americas southern border


 As illegal alien migrants continue to pour across the border by the tens of thousands and get relocated to New York City and other Democrat strongholds by Republican leaders, the bureaucrats who run said Democrat strongholds have resorted to begging fake president Joe Biden to offer all these undesirables work permits so they can get out of the elite's backyards as quickly as possible – and Biden is complying.

The U.S. is in the throes of a total financial collapse, followed by the Mark of the Beast WATCH as Jeffrey Prather explains


 There is very little time that remains before the inevitable collapse of the current financial system, aka Ponzi scheme, commences, and the world as we currently know it comes to an end. What will it look like?

Study: 34% of children put on transgender puberty blockers end up becoming mental cases


 To all those LGBT advocates out there who claim that turning children transgender does them no harm, how about the more than one-third of children who suffer serious mental health problems after taking hormone-altering drugs like puberty blockers?

American Beverage Association Pays Health And Wellness Influencers To Deceive The Public About Aspartame


 As more consumers learn about the toxicity of artificial sweeteners and switch to natural alternatives like stevia, the American Beverage Association was caught running a “Safety of Aspartame” campaign that intentionally deceives the public. The propaganda campaign pays off health and wellness influencers, dieticians, and doctors to promote processed foods and toxic chemicals (aspartame) that are directly harming children’s brains, causing visual problems and impotency.

GOVERNMENT WASTE: Workers At Illegal Migrant Shelters In Chicago Are Earning Up To $200 AN HOUR


 NBC 5 in Chicago aired a segment this week about where all the millions of taxpayer dollars for illegal alien migrants is going. It appears that a good chunk of it is being siphoned by employees at these private shelters and camps for illegals straight into their own bank accounts.

SET TO TUMBLE? Im an online expert Russell Brands refuge platform Rumble may be forced offline under new internet safety laws


The "free speech" website, used by comedian Brand to host his videos, risks being forced out of Britain, it has been suggested.

Russell Brand has posted online videos denying allegations against him.

The Canada-based platform has come under scrutiny after being used by Brand to share videos as he denies allegations of rape and sexual assault.

He has been posting daily episodes of his Stay Free programme on Rumble since signing a deal with the website a year ago.

It now faces being regulated by UK media watchdog Ofcom under the new Online Safety Bill, which was approved by Parliament last week and is due to become law next month.

Tougher new rules could prompt Rumble's bosses to stop broadcasting to Britain, a tech expert has now suggested.

Police Announce Major Development in Case Against Woman Arrested for Praying Outside Abortion Clinic.

👀click to read👀


Pro-life activist Isabel Vaughan-Spruce is no longer under investigation for “thoughtcrime” charges after praying silently outside an abortion clinic in December 2022 and again in March 2023.


Vaughan-Spruce, who is the U.K. March for Life director, was approached by police officers outside of BPAS Robert Clinic in Birmingham, England in December. Police reportedly approached her with pictures of her standing outside the clinic and demanded to know if she had been praying. A jury decided Vaughan-Spruce was “not guilty” in February after UK authorities dropped formal charges against her. 


The charity volunteer was arrested for a second time in March for “engaging in prayer,” police told her. The UK voted to ban even silent prayer outside abortion clinics in England in Nov. 2022. Violators could face up to six months in jail.


West Midlands Police has issued an apology for how long the investigation took, according to a press release from the Alliance Defending Freedom.


“This isn’t 1984, but 2023 – I should never have been arrested or investigated simply for the thoughts I held in my own mind. Silent prayer is never criminal,” Vaughan-Spruce said, according to the release. “I welcome West Midland Police’s decision to end their investigation and their apology for the time it took to do so, but it’s important to highlight the extremely harmful implications of this ordeal not just for myself, but for everyone concerned with fundamental freedoms in the UK.”


“What happened to me signals to others that they too could face arrest, interrogation, investigation, and potential prosecution if caught exercising their basic freedom of thought.”


Home Secretary Suella Braverman published an open letter in September telling police not to politicize criminal investigations, saying that, “It is worth remembering that silent prayer, in itself, is not lawful.”


“I am thankful to resume my practice of praying silently for women in crisis pregnancies,” Vaughan-Spruce said.


Police Announce Major Development In Case Against Woman Arrested For Praying Outside Abortion Clinic - YourDestinationNow

Hunter Biden Wanted To Lobby Sen. Bob Menendez On Behalf Of Foreign Client


Hunter Biden and pals wanted to lobby indicted Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez on behalf of a Spanish rail company after regulators scrutinized the firm, according to emails found on Hunter's infamous laptop.

According to the Daily Caller, Spanish rail company Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) hired Rosemont Seneca Partners, Hunter Biden's investment firm, to lobby the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Amtrak in order to obtain government contracts on various railway contracts, the emails reveal.

In fact, Hunter and pals spoke with Menendez's office about CAF, and even arranged for meetings between CAF and DOT officials.

CAF hired Rosemont Seneca in June 2010 and Hunter Biden’s firm appeared to discuss potential contracts with Amtrak shortly thereafter, according to the laptop archive. Biden and his associates also appeared to work with CAF on a letter sent by the Spanish ambassador to Amtrak advocating for the firm, emails show.

Hunter Biden sat on Amtrak’s board from July 2006 to February 2009 after he was nominated by former President George W. Bush. Prior to his Amtrak position, Biden worked in former President Bill Clinton’s commerce department and at a Washington, D.C., law firm. -Daily Caller

CDC Makes Disturbing Coughhh Potion

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a group of wise healers known as the CDC. They held secret knowledge about people who had heart troubles after getting a magical potion called the Coughhh vaccine. Normally, they shared this knowledge with everyone in the kingdom, but this time, they kept it hidden. Instead, they showed some old tales, not the latest ones.


But here's where it gets interesting. In their own enchanted book, it told a different story – one with more people having heart troubles than the CDC had told the kingdom. A group of advisors, like wizards, said it was still safe to use the new potion, even though one wizard among them was worried because they didn't know all the facts.


So, the moral of the story is, it's crucial for everyone in the kingdom to have the truest and most complete knowledge. Sometimes, it feels like we're not getting all the magical secrets we should. But let's make sure we gather all the right enchantments to make wise choices in our kingdom.





She’s a well-known witch in the music industry, and now she’s getting into politics. Incredible. God bless the world.

Now she is being asked by Zelensky to be an Ambassador to Ukraine.

Sept 25, 2023

Las Vegas teen expected ‘slap on the wrist’ for hitting, killing cyclist: ‘I’ll be out in 30 days."


The teenager who police say intentionally struck and killed a retired police chief in Las Vegas said he would get a “slap on the wrist” after he was taken into custody, the 8 New Now Investigators have learned.


These aren’t criminals. They are sociopathic killers. Nothing short of the gallows is true justice.




She Tested her Blood and found...


A couple of Nurses are speaking out and no one is helping them.... you are on your own!




Global Sky Phenomenon Seen Halfway AROUND the World on 9/23/2023!


We never used to have sun halos back in the's not really a halo it's the sun being eclipsed.

A Message to America... This was Only Phase One


Most of DARPA's projects are classified secrets, but many of its military innovations have had great influence in the civilian world, particularly in the areas of electronics, telecommunications, and computer science.

Potential for threats from Trump in 14th Amendment case sways Colorado judge


Most of the Friday hearing concerned procedural matters. Trump’s lawyer in the case, Scott Gessler, a former Republican Colorado secretary of state, indicated he intends to try to get the case tossed under a recent Colorado law that protects people who exercise First Amendment rights from the threat of lawsuits — known as an anti-SLAPP law. The allegations against Trump in the case are all “based on his speech,” Gessler said.


“We believe it’s a winner,” Gessler said of the pending motion under anti-SLAPP — or “strategic lawsuits against public participation.”


Gessler had objected to the proposed protective order by arguing that witness tampering and intimidation are already outlawed and that Trump critics had also engaged in objectionable speech. He noted that Griswold has said Trump tried to “steal an election” and labeled the events of Jan. 6 an “insurrection.”

Sept 24, 2023








The new holocaust at all costs, do you fight or take flight or join the get along gang? Make this reel go vi-reel if you are going to do the right thing!


Amerigeddon is the movie made in 2016 in reference to Agenda 2030 coming to a war theater near you!

The vow of chastity is “no longer understood by society,” Felix Gmur argues.


Time for Catholic Church to abolish celibacy

– top bishop.


The president of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference has called on the Vatican to abolish its celibacy rule and consider admitting female priests, after a study revealed more than 1,000 cases of sex abuse by priests since 1950.


“Celibacy means that I am available to God. But I believe that this sign is no longer understood by society today,” Bishop Felix Gmur told the Neue Zurcher Zeitung newspaper on Saturday.


“The time is ripe to abolish celibacy,” he continued, adding: “I have no problem at all imagining married priests.”


The Catholic Church forbids clergy from marrying or engaging in any kind of sexual activity, although the Vatican admitted in 2019 that these rules are broken so often that it has a secret set of guidelines detailing how to deal with cases of priests fathering children.  Under the Church’s strict regulations, abuse often flourishes too. Earlier this month, a study commissioned by the Swiss Bishops’ Conference revealed that more than 1,000 cases of alleged sexual abuse involving clergy took place in Switzerland between 1950 and the present day. Some 510 people allegedly took part in the abuse, and three quarters of all victims were minors, the report found.

The Church shielded accused clerics from criminal prosecution by transferring them to different jurisdictions, sometimes abroad, the study revealed. Gmur said he would “lobby in Rome for the Church to decentralize,” arguing that individual dioceses should be allowed to set their own rules on celibacy and the ordination of female priests. The Swiss Bishops’ Conference has also announced that it will set up a criminal and disciplinary tribunal to investigate and punish those involved in the alleged abuse.


However, the establishment of this tribunal would set the conference up for a clash with the Vatican, as Canon law does not allow for such a procedure. Pope Francis vowed in 2019 to crack down on the “destructive evil” of sexual abuse within the Church and issued a decree making it obligatory for priests and members of religious orders to report suspected cases. However, the pontiff has been accused of tolerating abuse by high-ranking clergymen, including his “trusted counselor,” Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. 

We're Being Prepared For The Ukraine War To Last Into The 2030s


Western officials and media pundits are now directly acknowledging that Ukraine’s much-touted “spring counteroffensive” has been a catastrophic failure, but rather than seeing this as a reason to reconsider the mainstream political consensus on this war, they are instead telling everyone that the counteroffensive’s failure means we must commit to the status quo of bloodshed and nuclear brinkmanship for years to come.


In a recent article titled “US and G-7 Allies Expect War in Ukraine to Drag on for Years,” Bloomberg reports that the US-centralized power structure expects to be backing its proxy conflict against Russia for a very long time, potentially into the 2030s.

Klaus Schwab and the Coming Human Reset


| Billy Crone


This is Billy’s third expose on Schwab and the World Economic Forum. After reviewing the material in this book, the publisher refused to print the book and then canceled Billy’s entire collection of prophecy books going back many years. What is in this book they found so offensive? There was a time they operated in the shadows, but now, with the help of wealthy globalists and a corrupt media their actions are out in the open. Cyborgs, super soldiers, transhumanists and yes … Human 2.0 … it fits in perfectly with their plans. 

A one world government, a one world economy, a cashless society and a surveillance system that circles the entire globe … the system of the Beast.


Cancers Appearing In Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations: Dr. Harvey Risch


There is evidence that cancers are occurring in excess after people receive COVID-19 vaccinations, according to Dr. Harvey Risch.


Dr. Risch is professor emeritus of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. His research has focused extensively on the causes of cancer as well as prevention and early diagnosis.


In an interview for EpochTV’s "American Thought Leaders," Dr. Risch said patients must now wait months, not weeks, to get an appointment at an oncology clinic in New York.


here is difficulty in observing whether a vaccine can cause cancer, because cancer usually takes time to develop, Dr. Risch said. It can take anywhere from two years to 30 years, depending on the different types of cancer, from leukemia to colon cancer.

What clinicians have been seeing,” said Dr. Risch, “is very strange things: For example, 25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don't have family histories of the disease—that's basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works—and other long-latency cancers that they're seeing in very young people."


He said this is not how cancer normally develops.


"There has to be some initiating stimulus to why this happens," he said.

Who Could Have Seen This Coming? All Over America, Blue Cities Are Facing A Severe Shortage Of Police Officers


It turns out that we really do need the police after all.  Do you remember a few years ago when blue cities all over the nation wanted to defund the police?  Needless to say, that didn’t work out too well.  Wherever police budgets were slashed, crime rates shot up.  Today, we are in the midst of a massive crime wave that is sweeping the country.  In fact, it has gotten so bad that even many our most liberal politicians are desperate to restore law and order.  But that won’t be so easy, because after everything that has transpired blue cities are discovering that they are having a really difficult time finding enough warm bodies to serve in their crime-ridden communities.


Just look at what is happening in Minneapolis.  Since the death of George Floyd, the number of officers serving in the MPD has fallen by about 35 percent


The Minneapolis Police Department is experiencing historically low staffing shortages, with ranks down approximately 35% since the death of George Floyd in 2020.


According to a June report from the Department of Justice, the MPD had 892 sworn officers in 2018, but that number has since dropped to just 585. An officer told the DOJ that the police department’s morale “is at an all-time low.”

Once upon a time, Minneapolis was one of the most beautiful cities in the country.


But now it is a crime-infested hellhole, and at this point the city “has one of the lowest ratios of police officers to population” in the entire nation…


Some days, the department has only four officers working a given precinct, the outlet reported. The MPD is often so understaffed that it does not have anyone available to work the station’s front desk.


Minneapolis has one of the lowest ratios of police officers to population, with 1.4 officers per 1,000 residents, while the national average is 2.4.

Words alone cannot adequately capture the essence of what visual accounting achieves.


I recently came across a news report detailing the findings of a Maltese rescue team, and it has deeply moved me. I can hardly begin to comprehend the unimaginable horrors that these innocent men, women, and children endured, nor can I fully grasp the ongoing challenges faced by the rescue teams. May all the victims find eternal peace.


This is an absolutely devastating tragedy! The affected areas bear a haunting resemblance to a war zone. I sincerely hope that Libya can swiftly recover from this natural disaster. My heart goes out to the families who have lost their loved ones. It's an unspeakable tragedy for all these dear people.

I wish I were younger, free from responsibilities, and stronger so that I could lend my assistance.


In my 63 years of life, I've witnessed more devastation on this Earth in the past couple of years than I ever thought possible.

Sept 23, 2023

Global Takeover Advances to Final Stages


The World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty, the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs) and the global One Health agenda are all part of a soft coup, a global power grab


The globalists’ plan for our future can be summarized as “global dominion by the few and total control of the masses”

The technocratic cabal has control over most if not all Western governments, as well as the bureaucratic structure of the WHO; 85% of its funding comes from private entities, so it’s owned by private interests


Based on the current treaty draft and proposed IHR amendments, it’s clear that mRNA-based vaccinations will be mandatory under the WHO’s power structure, and these vaccines will be made in 100 days by skipping human trials and shaving safety and efficacy testing down to the bare bones

Under the treaty, as currently written, nations will be required to surveil and censor social media. The WHO’s narrative will be the only one allowed.






Ken Paxton’s office was handling 900 cases of voter fraud and Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan blocked them all.


Philadelphia Elected Officials Wants to Turn City into Anti-Gun Safe Space


On September 14, 2023, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania heard arguments from the legal counsel advocating for the city of Philadelphia about if the city government has the power to pass its own gun control laws. 


On that day, justices didn’t issue a decision on the matter but plans on doing so in the forthcoming weeks.


The plaintiffs contended that the state’s preemption law, which bars cities from passing local gun control measures, deprives Philadelphians of their right to life and liberty by allegedly subjecting them to gun violence.


Pennsylvania initially passed its preemption law back in 1974. State judges have used that law to stymie the city of Philadelphia’s efforts to implement local gun control measures which include:


  • A prohibition on firearms at recreation centers and parks
  • A hard limit on how many handguns an individual can buy on a monthly basis.
  • A requirement compelling individual to report lost or stolen firearms or be subjected to fines.


Sept 22, 2023







Erasing Women: British General Medical Council (GMC) Scrubs “Mother” From All Internal Policies – Only Gender-Neutral “Parent” References Allowed.

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There is no longer any such thing as a “mother” as far as the British General Medical Council (GMC) is concerned.

The English political body has changed its internal policy
to remove all mentions of the word “mother” in reference to its
employees. Instead, from now on, all mothers will simply be called
“parents” to avoid using female-specific language.

The new GMC guidance
stipulates that the term “surrogate mother,” for instance, will now
simply be called “surrogate parents.” The GMC’s maternity document was also changed to state that the “GMC offers maternity to all colleagues going on maternity leave,” including surrogate “parents.”

Concerning the GMC’s menopause advice, this was also changed to
include not just women. The GMC now says it “will work proactively to make adjustments where necessary to support individuals experiencing the menopause,” the suggestion being that men can also experience the menopause.

“The decision by the GMC to obscure the fact that only women have
babies is ideologically driven, medically inaccurate and unhelpful to
women and babies,” complained Heather Welford from the maternity action group With Woman about the GMC’s changes. “It moves away from the drive for plain English and makes medical literature unclear.”

“For medical professionals, the sex of a person is salient to
their health care. Reputable organizations such as the GMC should not be changing language on a population level to pander to ideologically driven pressure groups,” she added.

Female vaginas should now be referred to as “bonus holes,” says Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

These changes at the GMC come on the heels of other recommendations by pro-LGBT groups to rename female anatomy as well to avoid being female-specific.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, as one example, altered its glossary
of terms in partnership with the LGBT Foundation to no longer call
female reproductive anatomy a “vagina,” but rather to instead call it a “bonus hole,” or a “front hole.”

“It is important to check which words someone would prefer to
use,” Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust insists in its “Language to use when
supporting transgender men and / or non-binary people.”

Another change the group made is to add new made-up words like
“microaggressions,” “misgendering,” and “deadnaming” to the lexicon to allow anti-white racists and transgenders to claim “hate crimes”
whenever someone else uses real words and terms that offend them.

“Remember, everyone makes mistakes from time to time,” the guide
goes on to state, adding that it is “important that you acknowledge
them, correct yourself, learn from them, and move on.”

Funded by British taxpayers, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust was
described in 2019 by Baroness Susan Williams, the then-Minister for
Equalities who is now Chief Whip for the government in the House of
Lords, as one of a number of LGBT groups doing “incredibly important” work within the Government Equalities Office to promote “the advancement of equality in the UK.”

“It’s a concerted effort to ignore the existence of women,” claimed one GMC employee to The Telegraph about the changes. “Well, I am a woman.”

“It’s not appropriate for a medical organization to ignore
biology. They should stick to science. People are worried about putting their heads above the parapet … They are having the organization’s ‘woke’ ideology forced on them. It’s not right.”

“By rewriting its maternity policy to be gender neutral, the GMC
is sending a hostile message to women in medicine,” added Helen Joyce, director of advocacy at the campaign group Sex Matters. 


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Erasing women: British General Medical Council (GMC) scrubs “mother” from all internal policies – only gender-neutral “parent” references allowed | USSA News | The Tea Party's Front Page.