Nov 14, 2023

Ga. lawsuit on alleged weakness in Dominion machines set for trial, with a push for paper ballots.


A 2017 lawsuit in Georgia regarding alleged vulnerabilities in Dominion Voting Systems machines is set for trial in January, following the public release of a report on the possible issues earlier this year.

The Atlanta Division of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia is hearing the case of Curling v. Raffensperger, where the plaintiffs are asking to switch from electronic voting machines to paper ballots. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) and State Election Board members were first sued by the Coalition for Good Governance and several individual voters in 2017.

On Friday, Judge Amy Totenberg issued a 135-page ruling, which alleges that the state’s electronic voting machines have significant “cybersecurity deficiencies that unconstitutionally burden Plaintiffs’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights and capacity to case effective votes that are accurately counted.”

The footnote to that summary by the judge reads, “The Court notes that the record evidence does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety. Indeed, some of the nation’s leading cybersecurity experts and computer scientists have provided testimony and affidavits on behalf of Plaintiffs’ case in the long course of this litigation.”

South Korea Warns U.S. Of Possible Hamas-Style Attack From North Korea


 The president of South Korea is warning officials in the United States of the possibility of a “Hamas-style” attack from North Korea. 

State Department Staffers Sign Letter Accusing Israel of War Crimes


A number of State Department staffers joined with staffers from the Agency for International Development — 100 in total — in criticizing President Joe Biden’s response to the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.

House Deflects MTGs Mayorkas Impeachment Resolution To Committee


 The GOP-led House approved a motion from the Democrats on Monday to punt on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s (R-GA) impeachment resolution against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Political Statistician Airs Concerns Over Dems Running A Biden Re-Election Ticket


 A political statistician suggested on Monday that the Democratic Party should consider finding a new candidate to run for the White House in 2024 if President Joe Biden fails to run a “normal campaign,” becoming the latest analyst to cite concerns about his chances of winning a second term.

Attack From Within! Biden Just Ruthlessly Assaulted!!!!


Chinese focusing him to smile.

Coming to America...

Haley Plans $10M Ad Blitz to Set Up Showdown With Trump


 Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign is planning to reserve $10 million in advertising for a blitz across Iowa and New Hampshire in the final weeks leading up to their primaries in January.

Newsom Defends San Francisco Homeless Sweep Before International Summit


 Recent comments from California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom surfaced online showing him defending San Francisco for clearing out areas of the city occupied by homeless camps and public drug markets before world leaders — including China’s President Xi Jinping — arrived for an international economic summit this week.

That wouldn't get Hunter through till lunch time!

Chrysler Offers Voluntary Separation Packages

to Cut U.S. White-Collar Employee Count


Chrysler is giving the option of voluntary separation packages to about half of its U.S. white-collar employees. This offer is available to 6,400 out of their 12,700 U.S. employees who have been with the company for five or more years. The intention behind this move is to reduce the total number of employees at the company. These packages often include incentives or financial benefits for employees who decide to leave the company voluntarily.

Supreme Court Reveals Ethics Code for Justices


The Supreme Court unveiled a formal ethics code this week amid scrutiny from the media and Congress over concerns that the justices have failed to properly disclose gifts and did not recuse themselves in cases in which they might have a conflict of interest.

When Murdering White People Becomes a Positive Fact of History: US Army Overturns Convictions of 110 Black Soldiers in 1917 Houston Riot Who Were Convicted of Mutiny, Murder and Assault (Killing Whites)


James Kirkpatrick put it best on Twitter: “It’s precisely because they murdered a lot of white people that the government is overturning the convictions and journalists are celebrating. After all, what is their only real enemy today? Should probably find some of the murder victims’ relatives to denounce the slain too.”

Posthumously being absolved of mutiny, murder and assault are totally okay in The Current Year if those convicted of such acts more than 100 years ago are the good guys now. [US Army overturns convictions of 110 Black soldiers charged in 1917 Houston riot,, November 12, 2023]:

Gaza Israel Has Longtime Policy of False Flags


Netanyahu has hoodwinked his nation and the world into embracing war by using the oldest trick in the book, the false flag attack.   Think the USS Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty, 9-11…

The state…. must see the sword as the main if not the only instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may — no it MUST — invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation and revenge…. And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space.” (41)

Moshe Dayan May 1955

In March 1954, an Israeli bus traveling between Eilat and Beersheba was attacked and 10 passengers were killed. The UN armistice Commissioner, a Col. Henderson said, “from the testimonies of the survivors, it is not proved that all the murderers were Arabs.”

In June-July 1954 an Israeli terrorist squad blew up many British and American institutions in Cairo in an attempt to sour relations between the Arabs and the West. Dubbed the “Lavon Affair,” this was a precursor to the attack on the World Trade Centre and the current era of false flag terror.

Israeli War Crimes and Propaganda Follow US Blueprint


We have both been reporting on and protesting against U.S. war crimes for many years, and against identical crimes committed by U.S. allies and proxies like Israel and Saudi Arabia: illegal uses of military force to try to remove enemy governments or “regimes”; hostile military occupations; disproportionate military violence justified by claims of “terrorism”; the bombing and killing of civilians; and the mass destruction of whole cities.

Most Americans share a general aversion to war but tend to accept this militarized foreign policy because we are tragically susceptible to propaganda, the machinery of public manipulation that works hand in hand with the machinery of killing to justify otherwise unthinkable horrors.

This process of “manufacturing consent” works in a number of ways. One of the most effective forms of propaganda is silence, simply not telling us, and certainly not showing us, what war is really doing to the people whose homes and communities have been turned into America’s latest battlefield.

The most devastating campaign the U.S. military has waged in recent years dropped over 100,000 bombs and missiles on Mosul in Iraq, Raqqa in Syria, and other areas occupied by ISIS or Da’esh. An Iraqi Kurdish intelligence report estimated that more than 40,000 civilians were killed in Mosul, while Raqqa was even more totally destroyed.

CLUELESS: Teacher Union Head Randi Weingarten Wonders Why More Americans Are Turning to Homeschooling


America has seen a large increase in homeschooling over the last few years and there are multiple reasons for that.

School closures during the pandemic were an obvious one, but also woke policies in public schools, diversity, equity and inclusion policies, the LGBT agenda, woke teachers pushing nonsense, and on and on.

Randi Weingarten, the head of the largest teacher union in the country, doesn’t seem to understand any of this.

 UK Defense Secretary 

Endorses Gaza Genocide


Shapps was born on 14 September 1968 in Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, the son of Beryl and Tony Shapps. His family is Jewish.  Grant Shapps is Jewish. So is Dominic Raab.


So is Suella Bravermans husband and her kids, all Israeli citizenship.

Keir Starter leader of the opposition has an Israeli wife, and his kids are raised Jewish.

Rishi Sunak worked for Goldman Sachs.

Our entire political establishment is born or married into Zionism, just take a look at Trump and Biden.

US launches 3rd set of strikes on Iran-linked groups amid continued attacks on American soldiers in the Middle East. [The Situation is deteriorating]

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American aircraft on Sunday struck a weapons storage facility and a command-and-control center used by Iran-linked militants in Syria in the latest round of retaliatory strikes amid continued attacks on U.S. troops in the Middle East, officials said.

“Within the last two hours, the U.S. has taken precision defensive strikes against two sites in Syria,” one official told ABC News.

American aircraft on Sunday struck a weapons storage facility and a command-and-control center used by Iran-linked militants in Syria in the latest round of retaliatory strikes amid continued attacks on U.S. troops in the Middle East, officials said.

“Within the last two hours, the U.S. has taken precision defensive strikes against two sites in Syria,” one official told ABC News.

The U.S. military said the strikes are part of a larger strategy of deterrence intended to keep other groups from escalating conflict in the region, where tensions have been sharply inflamed by the fighting between Israel and Hamas.

The tit for tat comes as regional tensions flare over the Israel-Hamas war. Unless an attack causes multiple American casualties or serious damage to U.S. assets, experts don’t expect to see the Biden administration changing its posture in any major way. But the exchange of fire has already injured dozens of U.S. troops and adds to the dangerous landscape facing the Biden administration in the Middle East. And the assaults are not expected to let up.

Militant groups have already come close to inflicting major damage on U.S. forces. In an early morning Oct. 26 incident, a drone launched at the Erbil air base in Iraq made it through U.S. air defenses, crashing into a barracks housing American troop, Reuters reported Thursday. The heavily explosive-laden drone failed to detonate, however, with only one service member suffering a concussion, officials told the outlet. Lord described the steady uptick of attacks on U.S. troops as “increasing escalation on a dimmer switch,” injecting a bit of uncertainty into American decision-making.

“Historically, the red line that has drawn a U.S. response has been either serious injury or, more often than not, the killing of U.S. forces or personnel,” he said. “Obviously that creates a pretty terrible dilemma for the president because no one wants to sit around and wait for these attacks to ultimately claim another American life before responding.”


US launches 3rd set of strikes on Iran-linked groups amid continued attacks on American soldiers in the Middle East. [The Situation iz deteriorating] – Citizen Watch Report

Australian Labor Partys Net Zero plan involves killing koalas that get in the way of wind turbines.


 Craig Kelly, national director of United Australia Party, shared on X that the Australian Labor Party's plan to reach Net Zero "involves killing koalas that get in the way of their wind turbines by hitting the koalas with a hard, sharp blow to the base of the skulls to euthanize them."

Chinese scientists bring record-breaking Stirling generator to life while Nasas patent stays on paper


Chinese scientists have taken a step forward in the race for alternative energy with the development of the most potent thermoacoustic Stirling generator to date.

Powered by heat, the highly efficient generator operates very quietly, which is ideal for applications where silence is critical, such as in submarines and the aerospace industry.

In a recent demonstration, the prototype delivered a groundbreaking 102 kilowatts of power from a heat source of 530 degrees Celsius (986 Fahrenheit). It marked the first time that type of generator had crossed the 100kW threshold – a milestone for practical application.

Nov 13, 2023

A Palestinian man claims the soldier who forced him and

his family to flee their home had an American flag on his uniform.


NEVER FORGET: CBS Breaks the News on Election Night that a Water Pipe Burst in State Farm Arena and Voting Will Be Delayed WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT! (VIDEO)


NEVER FORGET THIS The moment CBS broke the news on Election Night 2020 that a “pipe burst” at the State Farm Arena, “pausing” the vote count in Fulton County, GA.

Video first released by Rudy Giuliani would later show multiple people inside the arena continuing to count votes unsupervised.

Further footage by The Gateway Pundit would later show the select ballot “counters” running stacks of ballots through the voting machines at least three times each.

As seen in this clip, Trump was winning by more than 160,000 votes at the time (56.3% to 42.7%) but would go on to “lose” Georgia by less than 12,000 votes.

Migrant crisis has US taxpayers on the hook for up to $451B, House GOP report says


Americans could pay up to $451 billion to care for migrants who entered the US illegally but have been released into the country or escaped from custody, according to a new report due out Monday from House Republicans and obtained exclusively by The Post.

“Every day, millions of American taxpayer dollars are spent on costs directly associated with illegal immigration and the unprecedented crisis at the Southwest border sparked by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ policies,” the House Homeland Security Committee interim staff report states.

“Only a small fraction is ever recouped from the taxes paid by illegal aliens, with the rest falling on the shoulders of American citizens and lawful residents,” it adds.

True The Vote has RICO Ballot Trafficking Evidence: Americans Should Care


UncoverDC has written several articles to specifically address the details and implications of the bombshell True The Vote (TTV)/OPSEC investigation. We spoke at length on April 29 with the Founder of TTV, Catherine Engelbrecht and probed deeper into the timeline of events, actors involved, and the ways public officials and law enforcement have obstructed the investigation at almost every turn. This column serves to sturdy the foundation for further revelations and deep dives into the tributaries of TTV's 2-year ongoing ballot trafficking investigation.

Subpoenas went out on April 21 in Georgia, referencing the TTV and OPSEC ballot trafficking investigation. The subpoenas requested—among other items—the identity of a whistleblower, his mother, and "any receipts, invoices, bills, or other documents evidencing any medical payments you or your contracted team of vendors made for any person you suspect participated in ballot harvesting in Georgia." 

The main topic discussed in this column addresses why the request for those identities is, at once, egregious but also arguably unnecessary as a vehicle to prosecute the alleged crimes committed. Keep in mind that many were interviewed during the investigation, and TTV has purposely never made public some of the information in the referenced subpoena.

CONFIRMED: Supervisor Shaye Moss Who Yelled Out for Georgia GOP Observers to Go Home Is Same Woman Who Pulled the Suitcase Ballots Out from Underneath the Table When they Left


Last Thursday Cristina Laila reported on the explosive video that was revealed during the Georgia ballot counting at the State Farm Arena where crooked Democrats pulled out suitcases full of ballots and began counting those ballots without election monitors in the room.

Trump’s legal team showed a video from the State Farm Arena tabulation center after poll workers were told to leave at 10:25 PM.  

(The liberal media is now pretending this call to quit was a myth despite the numerous reports to the contrary!.)

A few “workers” stayed behind and were seen pulling suitcases full of ballots out from under tables to be tabulated!

This was the most explosive video of the entire campaign season!



Earlier this week a Fulton County Georgia election official admitted that the chain of custody documents that are legally required per state law are missing from the 2020 election.  

Brad Raffensperger, the corrupt Secretary of State in Georgia is ultimately responsible (see picture above).  For the first time an elections official admitted the chain of custody documents are missing in Georgia per the Georgia Star.

Then today John Solomon and Just the News reported that an audit of documents found that more than 100 batches of absentee ballots are missing in Fulton County Georgia!

Is this why Fulton County officials recently hired top criminal defense attorneys to defend them?

EU Moves Forward with Digital ID Despite Security Concerns And Potential For Abuse


The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union reached a final agreement this week on the establishment of “European Digital Identity Wallets,” the first central and fully digital identification system for all Europeans.

“Under the new law, the EU will offer its citizens so-called ‘digital wallets’—on a voluntary basis, at first—which will contain digital versions of their ID cards, driving licenses, diplomas, medical records, and bank account information,” the European Conservative reported.

These documents will be recognized as means to access online services throughout Europe, and citizens will be able to prove their identity or share electronic documents from their wallets “with a click of a button,” the legislators hope.

“This marks an important step towards the Digital Decade 2030 targets on the digitalization of public services,” the EU Commission said in a statement Wednesday.

“All EU citizens will be offered the possibility to have an EU Digital Identity Wallet to access public and private online services in full security and protection of personal data all over Europe.”

Toilet Paper Replaced with Framed Photos of Product in D.C. Drugstore As Retail Theft Soars


As retail theft soars in Washington, D.C., one CVS store is taking drastic measures to prevent its stock of toilet paper and other products from being stolen.

Feds Quietly Release Disastrous Border Numbers


Updated data from the southern border of the United States has been released, further emphasizing the alarming situation at the United States-Mexico border under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

The report highlighted a record-breaking number of border encounters in September, reaching 269,735, and the highest number of encounters in a fiscal year at 2,475,669.

“CBP releases RECORD BREAKING Sept FY23 Encounters – 269,735 – highest month ever on record – brings FY23 Total to highest year ever on record – 2,475,669,” Fox News’ Griff Jenkins posted online. (Trending: Is It Time For Joe Biden To Drop Out Of 2024?)

“Of course, Customs and Border Patrol waits until Saturday morning to release the new disastrous border numbers so that no one is paying attention,” he wrote.

It also noted the apprehension of 18 individuals on the FBI terror watchlist, bringing the total for the fiscal year to 169, the highest ever recorded.

3 More Conspiracy Theories Which Have Just Been Confirmed


Just when it seems like the mainstream media can’t sink any lower, somehow, they find a way to do so.

So, did any of these news organizations have advance knowledge that the attacks were going to take place?

World War II myths fuel Western crimes


Freshman US Senator Tom Cotton already has two claims to fame. First, he wrote a letter to Iran in an effort to sabotage his own President’s diplomatic efforts and start a war. And then he set an all-time record by invoking Hitler in less than one minute during his first Senate speech.

Sen. Cotton thus stands condemned under Godwin’s Law, which states that whoever mentions Hitler first automatically loses the debate. “Playing the Hitler card” is widely reviled. Yet people like Cotton cannot resist the temptation.

Why has the demonization of Hitler—and of anybody one wants to demonize through comparisons to Hitler—become such a massively overused, utterly shopworn cliché?

In Western culture, Hitler is everybody’s favorite villain. And while the German dictator’s transformation from historical figure to avatar of ultimate evil is partially based on fact, it is primarily the product of a mythological process. Scholars who study the creation of myths, legends and folktales can easily see the distortions in mainstream Western accounts of World War II, “the Good War,” enshrined in the collective imagination as a struggle of pure goodness against diabolical evil.

Several Answers to The Calls to Attack Iran


One answer came from Mohammed Hijab, a young Muslim popular on YouTube for confronting Zionist and Colonialist ideologies. He talks about getting 1.8 billion Muslims to decide they have had enough of Zionists and Colonialists occupying their minds. What he is talking about is GWF Hegel’s essay on the Master Slave relationship. In a Master Slave relationship only, the former Slave is capable of changing his ex-Master’s beliefs about him.

China was the object of Colonialist humiliation several times. Her Majesty’s Jewish Government declared war on China twice in the Opium Wars of 1839-1842 and again in 1856-1860. And don’t forget the Boxer Rebellion of 1899-1901.

On November 15-17 in San Francisco APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) will be meeting with China as the most powerful member state. But China needs to do something to remind the West that they are no longer to be humiliated. Perhaps, they could sell a billion dollars of US Treasury bonds every 10 minutes for half an hour to get their attention. Or Chinese officials at various ports could simultaneously tell China’s American Pharmaceutical customers that their products will be delayed until Secretary of State Blinken can answer Xi Jinping’s questions about Palestine and Gaza. Just when does America plan to stop the genocide?

After the Military Industrial Complex and the Zionist Lobby, which are joined at the hip, Big Ag and Big Pharma are the most powerful lobbies in America. Medicine in America would not function without Chinese and Indian imports.

The shattering of Schengen: The map that reveals how ELEVEN countries - from France to Slovakia, Sweden to Germany - are rebelling against EU free movement in the face of terrorism and out-of-control immigration.

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Day by day, the face of Europe is dramatically changing as terrorist threats and out-of-control immigration destroy the EU's idyll of passport-free travel between its member states.

Border checks are springing up across the bloc in a scramble by governments to restore their sovereignty and bolster national security to safeguard citizens.

A detailed map compiled by the Mail shows how 11 nations in the Schengen area — from France to Slovakia, Sweden to Germany — have re-instated long-abandoned border restrictions including identity vetting, passport checks, police interviews, static checkpoints and vehicle inspections.

According to an EU report on the new controls seen by the Mail, many countries believe border checks are essential to stop 'infiltration' by Middle Eastern terrorists posing as migrants, and growing strains on overwhelmed asylum reception centres.

Italy, for example, ramped up border checks this month with neighbouring Slovenia, blaming the Israel-Hamas war for an 'increased threat of violence within the EU' and the risk of terrorist-migrants arriving amid 'constant migratory pressure from land and sea'.

Slovenia, in turn, announced checks on its borders with Hungary and Croatia, saying it faced much the same problems as Italy, as well as 'threats to public order and internal security'.

The border clampdowns fly in the face of the Schengen treaty introduced nearly 40 years ago to allow free movement of travellers between France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Named after the area where Luxembourg, France and Germany converge — and where the treaty was signed — it soon covered the majority of countries in the rapidly expanding EU.

Schengen rules allow passport-free travel between member states — without identity checks — to anyone entering the EU until they leave.

Although championed by Brussels bureaucrats and politicians as 'the crown jewel of European integration', the policy has been blamed for acting as a lure for migrants and terrorists.

Last year, a third of a million asylum-seekers, refugees and illegal migrants successfully entered the EU through its external borders and were then — under Schengen rules — able to travel on wherever they wished inside the bloc.

The Mail has monitored migrants both on their arrival in the EU and during their onward journeys. This summer we tracked Tunisians who took only four days by bus and train to travel from the island of Sicily, via Italy, to the northern French port of Dunkirk, where they bought a journey on a trafficker's boat to the UK.

Meanwhile, as we await a decision by the UK Supreme Court this Wednesday on whether the Government's proposal to send migrants to Rwanda is lawful, Germany last week announced its own plans for a Rwanda-style scheme to process asylum-seekers outside the EU and speed up deportations of illegal migrants, while ramping up checks at borders with Austria, Switzerland, Czechia and Poland.

Italy, too, said it hoped to send migrants to Albanian reception centres for decisions on who should be refused entry.

But the border crackdown by EU nations has come under fire for restricting travel rights for 400 million Europeans living in the bloc.

A recent report by Euroactiv, the pan-European news website, noted: 'Taking the train from Austria into Germany feels like Schengen never existed. Upon crossing the border, the journey stops. All doors... are closed. Well-equipped policemen stroll on to the train to begin checking identities. The immediate impact: a delay on every trip.'

Posters have been put up all over the town of Banyuls-sur-Mer in southern France demanding that four roads over the nearby border with Spain are opened again. Used by people-traffickers bringing migrants illegally northwards in the EU, they have been shut as an 'anti-terrorism' measure, says the Paris government — dismaying locals who now have to travel miles further to visit relatives or work.

At the Brussels-based Centre for European Policy Studies, migration expert Alberto-Horst Neidhardt warned earlier this month that tightening borders showed 'the fragility of the Schengen zone'.

Thanks to Schengen, he added, 'large numbers' of migrants arriving in southern Europe move freely across the continent to countries such as Germany, which saw a sharp rise in asylum applications to a quarter of a million last year.

Germany's ruling coalition — which includes pro-migration Greens — has sounded the alarm over police figures showing 20,000 illegal migrants entered the country in September alone. This came on top of an influx of 92,119 in the preceding period from January until the end of August.

The German authorities predict the number of undocumented migrants arriving this year will be the highest since 2016, when the then Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed Syrians fleeing the civil war in their homeland — an act which had the effect of opening the doors of Europe to all-comers.

Germany's president Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said the current scale of the influx has marked a 'breaking point' because of demands on the country's taxpayers to provide housing, food and benefit payments for the newcomers from the Balkan states, Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has added: 'We must finally deport on a grand scale those who have no right to stay in Germany. We must significantly limit irregular migration. They must leave our country.'

In France (which has reintroduced checks at all its internal EU borders), Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that French citizens are looking for 'decisions in a Europe surrounded by unstable lands.

'To speak of [controlling] immigration is to speak of our sovereignty... deciding ourselves those we want to welcome, and those we want to separate from'.

Our map lays out the reasons so many countries are breaking with the Schengen deal. They make extremely alarming reading.

Denmark, now monitoring its land and sea borders with Germany, says it is facing a 'significant threat' to internal security from terrorists, organised crime and illegal migration. It announced it may soon extend checks to air travellers arriving from elsewhere in the EU.

Sweden warns it is checking all its EU borders due to Islamic terrorism and the serious threat to national security posed by it. Croatia's prime minister Andrej Plenkovic has welcomed the stricter pan-European borders: 'The EU is surrounded by a series of very big crises... bigger than any time in the past 30 years.

'We have Putin's aggression against Ukraine, Hamas's attack on Israel, all this in the context of intensified flows of illegal migration.'

He added: 'Once the Hamas attack took place, Italy decided to reintroduce its EU internal border controls vis-a-vis Slovenia. Hence, Slovenia did the same within 24 hours vis-a-vis Hungary [and Croatia].'

MORE  The shattering of Schengen: The map that reveals how ELEVEN countries - from France to Slovakia, Sweden to Germany - are rebelling against EU free movement in the face of terrorism and out-of-control immigration | Daily Mail Online

Beetles in your cake? How this secret ingredient means you could be eating insects EVERYDAY - from Mr Kipling slices to yoghurt (and it's even in your favorite lipstick!)


A preservative known as E120, produced from ground up cochineal beetles, can be found in everyday products from cake to lipstick.

The sneaky product is sometimes labelled on packaging as Carmine, such as in Mr Kipling's Angel Slices.

Carmine is found in a range of foods, from yoghurts to red sweets, jelly and M&Ms.

But it's also among ingredients in Estee Lauder's lipstick range.

Israel-Palestine war: 'Up to one million'

take part in London protest


As pro-Palestine demonstrators around the world defiantly marched on Saturday, whether in the streets of Cape Town or the avenues of Paris, central London was a blur of red, green, white and black, the color of the Palestinian flag, as hundreds of thousands marched in Hyde Park, calling on the UK government to push for a ceasefire in Gaza. 

Organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), the protest drew criticism from the British prime minister and home secretary because it coincided with Armistice Day, when people across the UK mark the moment the guns of the First World War fell silent in 1918.

Before Saturday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called the protest "provocative and disrespectful" for coinciding with Armistice Day.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman sparked widespread condemnation for an article she wrote in The Times, where she described those taking part in pro-Palestinian marches as "hate marchers" and went on to accuse the city's Metropolitan Police of "playing favorites" with left-wing groups over right-wing and national activists.

10 HUGE Gaza Lies Israel Wants You to Believe w/ Due Dissidence


There’s a tremendous amount of disinformation and number of outright lies being spread by Israeli officials and their apologists about the assault on Gaza. Journalist and political commentator Caitlin Johnstone has compiled what she believes are the ten biggest lies currently circulating as a means of spreading pro-Israeli propaganda.


Jimmy and his guests Russell Dobular and Keaton Weiss from Due Dissidence discuss these lies one at a time and comment on each.

PM warns ministers to pipe down after comments on new Nakba and nuking Gaza.


Netanyahu cautions cabinet, ‘if you don’t know – don’t speak,’ as members’ comments seen to harm Israel’s international legitimacy.


TBT: What legitimacy?

Trump's plans if he returns to the White House include deportation raids, tariffs and mass firings.

TBT: Good. We Need All of That.

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NEW YORK (AP) — A mass deportation operation. A new Muslim ban. Tariffs on all imported goods and "freedom cities" built on federal land.


Much of the 2024 presidential campaign has been dominated by the myriad investigations into former President Donald Trump and the subsequent charges against him. But with less than a year until Election Day, Trump is dominating the race for the Republican nomination and has already laid out a sweeping set of policy goals should he win a second term.

His ideas, and even the issues he focuses on most, are wildly different from President Joe Biden's proposals. If implemented, Trump's plans would represent a dramatic government overhaul arguably more consequential than that of his first term. His presidency, especially the early days, was marked by chaos, infighting and a wave of hastily written executive orders that were quickly overturned by the courts.

Some of his current ideas would probably end up in court or impeded by Congress. But Trump's campaign and allied groups are assembling policy books with detailed plans.


A look a couple of his agendas:



Trump would try to strip tens of thousands of career employees of their civil service protections. That way, they could be fired as he seeks to "totally obliterate the deep state."

He would try to accomplish that by reissuing a 2020 executive order known as “Schedule F.” That would allow him to reclassify masses of employees, with a particular focus, he has said, on “corrupt bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system” and “corrupt actors in our national security and intelligence apparatus.” Given his anger at the FBI and federal prosecutors pursuing criminal cases against him, Trump probably would target people linked to those prosecutions for retribution.

Beyond the firings, he wants to crack down on government officials who leak to reporters. He also wants to require that federal employees pass a new civil service test.



Trump has pledged to “immediately stop the invasion of our southern border” and end illegal immigration.

As part of that plan, he says he would immediately direct U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to undertake the largest domestic deportation operation in American history. He would target people who are legally living in the United States but harbor “jihadist sympathies" and revoke the student visas of those who espouse anti-American and antisemitic views.

Trump's plans if he returns to the White House include deportation raids, tariffs and mass firings (

EXCLUSIVE: Newsweek Miserably Fails to Discredit Bombshell Loomer Report on Judge Engorons Wife


We brought you the scoop on the bias of the Engoron family against President Trump as they play their role in election interference during the recent Civil Fraud trial against Trump in New York. How can a case be considered fair when it is one-sided, brought by a Soros- funded Activist Attorney General, Letitia James, and decided by an activist Judge that allowed his activist son to benefit from exclusive courtroom seating and presence?

According to the rules of the Chief Administrative Judge of the New York State Unified Court System, judges must “not allow family, social, political or other relationships to influence the[ir] … judicial conduct or judgment.” See screenshots of those laws below…

Judge Engoron needs to recuse himself and there needs to be a MISTRIAL in President Trump’s NYC Civil Fraud Trial.

We have also exposed Judge Engoron’s wife. While her husband has been overseeing the civil case against Donald Trump in New York to determine the fate of the Trump Organization, Mrs. Engoron has been attacking via social media Trump and his lawyer, Alina Habba, and Laura Loomer as discovered while Loomer Unleashed was airing on Rumble. 

We became aware of Mrs. Engoron’s behavior as she incessantly tagged @LauraLoomer on social media with various Anti-Trump memes during the course of the show. However, when we exposed the judge’s nepotistic behavior in the courtroom to benefit his son, Ian Engoron and his firm, his wife’s account posted about The Loomer Unleashed interview with Rep. George Santos (R-NY).

Trans Owner of Miss Universe Pageant Files for Bankruptcy Following Major Woke Inclusivity Push


Days before two men join the competition to be crowned Miss Universe, the company that operates the pageant has declared bankruptcy.

JKN Global Group says it has a “liquidity problem” a year after buying the pageant for $20 million and trying to make radical changes, according to the BBC.

The company missed a $12 million debt payment due Sept. 1. Its stock has fallen 80 percent in the past year.

Company CEO Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip is a Thai transgender who says he is a woman and vowed from the first to make changes.

Nov 12, 2023

 New House Speaker Mike Johnson Says

There is Insufficient Evidence

at the Moment to Begin Formal Impeachment

Proceedings Against Joe Biden


Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has expressed a cautious approach towards the impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden.

During a closed-door meeting with House GOP moderates, Johnson highlighted the lack of sufficient evidence at present to begin formal impeachment proceedings, according to the Washington Post.

This sentiment was echoed by Representative Don Bacon (R-NE), who summarized Johnson’s stance, noting that even a single Democratic vote is unattainable at this point.


“We’ll just go where the evidence goes and we’re not there yet,” said Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.), recapitulating Johnson’s remarks about the inquiry.



There are three possibilities here.

1. Johnson is bought. 

2. He might be one of those on the Epstein flight logs.

3. Johnson knows that he needs a strong case to get the Senate to remove Biden.

 Report: Colorado Judge in Trumps Insurrection Case Donated to Anti-Insurrection Organization




The Colorado judge presiding over a case to keep former President Donald Trump off the state’s 2024 ballot using an “insurrection” clause of the 14th Amendment has been exposed as being potentially compromised.

According to a report from Colorado Politics, Trump attorney Scott Gessler last week sought to have Denver District Court Judge Sarah B. Wallace recuse herself over a $100 donation she made to the Colorado Turnout Project before she took the bench.

“Its website proudly proclaims that the group was formed ‘shortly after Colorado Republicans refused to condemn the political extremists who stormed the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021,'” Gessler wrote in his motion seeking Wallace’s recusal. “A contribution to the Colorado Turnout Project shows support for the view that January 6, 2021, constituted an ‘insurrection.'”

Hamas official calls on Arab, Muslim states to take decisive action against Israel.


A senior Hamas official has called on Arab and Muslim governments to take decisive action against Israel as the regime continues to kill Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Osama Hamdan, a senior representative of Hamas in Lebanon a member of the group’s politburo, told a press conference in Beirut on Friday that Arab and Muslim countries have the capacity to put pressure on Washington to stop the aggression and open the Gaza crossings.

Referring to an extraordinary session of the Arab League on the Gaza war set to be held on Saturday in Saudi Arabia, Hamdan said participants must go beyond merely denouncing Israeli crimes and boycott the “Nazi terrorist entity.”

He called on the participants of the Arab League meeting, which will be held in Saudi Arabia, to reject any external interference in Palestinian affairs.

Hamdan said it is “unacceptable” for Arab states to have relations with Israel, urging them to stop the so-called normalization process.

The Hamas official also called on the international community to hold Israel to account over its crimes against the Palestinians.

Colombia brings war crime charges against

Israels Netanyahu over Gaza bloodshed


Colombian President Gustavo Petro says he will formally bring war crime charges against Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his regime’s ongoing bloodshed in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Petro said on X on Thursday that his foreign minister Alvaro Leyva would meet with the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Friday to formally prosecute Netanyahu over “the massacre of the Palestinian people’s children and civilians he has caused.”

Israel waged the war on the impoverished Gaza Strip on October 7 after Palestinian resistance groups launched the surprise Operation Al-Aqsa Storm into the occupied territories in response to the Israeli regime’s intensified crimes against Palestinians.

Since then, the occupying regime has embarked on an incessant bombardment of the densely populated enclave, with the Gaza-based health ministry announcing on Friday that 11,078 people, including 4,506 children, have been killed, and 27,490 others have sustained injuries.

Petro’s announcement came on the heels of a supportive statement for his Algerian counterpart, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who called for a similar prosecution, earlier in the week, against Netanyahu and his regime.

Johnson & Johnson Finally Admits: Our Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients


You’re probably familiar with Johnson & Johnson family products. I remember using it as a child and well into my teen years. But what I, and many people to this day didn’t know, was that their products contain cancer-causing ingredients.

Although Johnson & Johnson labels their bath products as being “baby safe,” they have recently faced lawsuits and public outrage over their baby products and the ingredients they use.

Questionable Ingredients

The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit environmental research organization, describes the dangers of the ingredients used in Johnson & Johnson products. These ingredients include quaternium-15 and 1,4-dioxane.

Quaternium-15 is a formaldehyde-releasing preservative, and well-known carcinogen that causes burning sensations in the eyes, nose and throat; watery eyes; wheezing; nausea; and skin irritation.

Daily exposure is linked with leukaemia and brain cancer.

In fact, the North American Contact Dermatitis Group considers quaternium-15 to be among the most clinically significant contact allergens in children.

West Antarctica Temperature FALLS 2C in 20 Years


The continent of Antarctica is a difficult hunting ground for climate apocalypse fanatics since there has been barely any overall warming over the last 70 years. The exception is West Antarctica where there has been some local climate variation, possibly helped by significant geothermal activity. Of course, this is enough for a scare or two, so don’t expect to see reported in mainstream media some startling new evidence showing significant cooling in West Antarctica starting in the early 1990s, with temperatures falling by 0.93°C each decade from 1999-2018, a total of 2°C over the 20 years.

In a paper published by the American Meteorological Society, a group of international scientists note the “statistically significant” rate of temperature decline with the strongest cooling occurring in spring. During this season, the temperature fell by a massive 1.84°C every decade between 1999-2018. In the winter, the decadal fall was 1.19°C. The cooling was measured by a number of databases, while an accurate consistent record was collected from the Marie Byrd weather station. 

Despite some differences in cooling, all the databases are said to have shared similar changes across seasons and throughout the region. The graph below plots the temperature record at Marie Byrd back to the 1950s.

Map Shows Another Key Ukraine City Almost Fully Encircled By 40K Russian Troops


More evidence has emerged this week that Russia is poised to soon solidify hold over all of the Donetsk region, in yet more bad news for Ukraine, after its struggled to make any gains at all for the last six months. 

Newly published military maps show that Russian forces are in the midst of a large pincer move involving some 40,000 troops closing in on the key city of Avdiivka, which has long been a Moscow objective since the war's start. 

Ukraine's military has acknowledged this week: "They are building up reserves. They’ve brought in about 40,000 men here along with ammunition of all calibers."

According to more of the statement issued by Anton Kotsukon, spokesman for Ukraine's 110th mechanized brigade, "We see no sign of the Russians abandoning plans to encircle Avdiivka."

Iran wants IAEA to notify UN Security Council on Israeli threat to nuke Gaza


Iran’s human rights chief on Thursday wrote a letter to the IAEA director general demanding the UN nuclear watchdog body to inform the United Nations Security Council about dangers of possible use of nuclear weapons by the Israeli regime against the downtrodden Palestinian people in Gaza.

The letter by Mohammad Eslami, the director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), to Rafael Grossi came a few days after Israel's Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu suggested in a radio show that atomic weapons could be "one option" to target Gaza.  Eliyahu called all the residents of the Gaza Strip militant.

In part of his letter, Eslami said it goes without saying that the Israeli regime has not signed any treaties on banning weapons of mass destruction, especially the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

This regime is also halting efforts to establish a Middle East zone free of nuclear weapons, Iran’s top nuclear official added.

Revital Gotliv, a Knesset member from the Likud political party, has also made calls for Israel to resort to a "doomsday" weapon to target Palestinians in Gaza. 

Russia has warned that nuclear threats made by Israeli officials in relation to the war in Gaza are becoming more escalatory, calling them "provocative and unacceptable."

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that such provocative statements associated with nuclear use is proof that Israel has such weapons in its stockpile.

US Corn Farmers Defy a Scorching Summer to Grow Record Crop


So much for the summer of drought and extreme heat in the US that triggered early fears about crop damage. On Thursday, the Department of Agriculture made it official: This year’s corn harvest was the biggest ever.

The most widely grown US crop will total 15.234 billion bushels, the USDA said in its latest set of monthly estimates, surpassing the previous peak of 15.148 billion set in 2016. The final tally was higher than what most analysts polled by Bloomberg expected.

Corn futures subsequently sank in Chicago trading to their lowest in almost three years.

The bumper crop can be explained in part by advances in genetically modified seeds, which have improved the resilience of corn plants. But the biggest factor by far is the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year.

Judge in Trump civil fraud trial allows four witnesses Attorney General James wanted to block


The judge in former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial rejected a request from New York Attorney General Letitia James, who wanted to bar four witnesses from defending Trump, the Washington Examiner reports.

James had argued that bringing the four witnesses would be “irrelevant” because Judge Arthur Engoron had issued a partial ruling against the Trump Organization in September, according to the Examiner.

“I don’t want a retrial of this. I don’t want to be reversed,” Engoron said, according to a Messenger reporter who is attending the trial.

Engoron later said that while he would allow the testimony from the witnesses, they would be required to stay on topic when they take the stand.

Telling the truth when it matters most.


Episode 5: Fed-Surrection, Part 1


Episode 6: Fed-Surrection, Part 2


Was Ray Epps the victim of right-wing conspiracies and speculation? Or was he being used, like everyone else on January 6th, but for a different purpose? 

Voting Machine Error Flipped Ballots In Pennsylvania Election: Report


A “coding error” was to blame for a voting machine flipping votes in a local election in Pennsylvania earlier this week, a mistake that will likely prompt new criticism of such machines and a call to return to paper ballots.

“A coding error in Northampton County, Pennsylvania’s voting machines, caused a significant issue during a recent election. The glitch resulted in votes being incorrectly flipped on a ballot question concerning the retention of two state judges,” Resist the Mainstream reported.

The malfunction affected votes for candidates running for the Pennsylvania Superior Court, Judges Jack Panella and Victor Stabile, according to The Associated Press. Votes marked “yes” to retain one judge and “no” for the other were switched on printouts from touchscreen ballot machines, County Executive Lamont McClure said, per the AP.

The reports said that the problem was significant, affecting more than 300 voting machines. Voters noticed the glitch after seeing discrepancies on printed records. The AP noted that the Pennsylvania Department of State confirmed that the issue was limited to Northhampton County and didn’t occur in any other races.

James Comer Rips Dan Goldman for Defending Hunter Bidens Subpoenaed Art Buyer


The House Oversight Committee ripped Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) on Friday for defending Hunter Biden’s art buyer, Elizabeth Naftali, from a subpoena issued to compel her compliance in the House impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

Goldman, who received campaign contributions from Naftali, FEC filings show, defended Naftali after the committee subpoenaed her as a part of its impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

Naftali is a prominent Biden donor and Biden appointee to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. She bought Hunter Biden’s art in July 2022, Business Insider first reported. It is unknown if Naftali’s purchase occurred before or after her appointment to that position.

Fulton County: Massive Last-Minute Order of over 1M Ballots Discovered


Ever since the 2020 general election, there have been countless details, facts and records uncovered which suggest that whatever happened on November 3rd was not acceptable. As the “non-existent” evidence of nefarious election manipulation mounts in swing states, the surprises coming from Georgia are unbelievable, and the scope of election “mismanagement” is shocking. Each situation is far worse than what we would have ever thought possible.

Recently, UncoverDC reported that Fulton County paid Dominion nearly $2,000,000 to essentially staff and run their voting systems for the 2020 general election. The reason for this was because much of the County election staff was quarantined, presumably due to contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

While investigating election-related invoices for the article mentioned above, other expenses raised suspicion. One of the funding lines showed a payment to Runbeck Election Services for $223,360.90.

(Readers are likely familiar with Runbeck as the company that printed and mailed the ballots for Maricopa County, AZ.). An Open Records Request for Runbeck initially returned “No Responsive Records”:


TBT: The really troubling thing about all this is not that the elections are rigged but that how many Americans are willing to go along with it!

American nurse who got out of Gaza describes desperation she saw


CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Emily Callahan, an American nurse with Doctors Without Borders, who gives a harrowing description of what she witnessed in Gaza as she was attempting to get out of the area.

We have nothing: Families seek safety from bombs inside Gaza hospitals


As bombs rain down upon neighborhoods and refugee camps in Gaza, hundreds of Palestinian families are setting up temporary homes in an unlikely place: hospital common areas.

Tents are popping up in hospital corridors, parking lots and courtyards, as families seek safety in and around medical facilities — places that should be protected under international humanitarian law.

It is only the latest sign of the new reality as the Israel-Hamas war reaches its 29th day on Saturday, with growing fears of medical supply shortages and explosions disrupting the vital health services unfolding at hospitals and clinics.

With only cloth walls for privacy, families inside the tents are going about their daily routines, sleeping, eating and trying to reestablish a sense of normalcy.

Speaker Johnson Gives Blue City 1 Direct Order Do This, Or Funding Will Disappear


The new House Speaker has quickly gone to work, pushing Republican values through Congress. He has helped pass resolutions that take money from the IRS, Kamala Harris, and other Biden officials.

He is fighting to get spending deals passed that cut reckless spending and preserve American values.

Just recently, he announced a plan to provide aid to cities overwhelmed by a major crisis. But if this one mayor refuses this direct order, it will all go away.

From Fox News:
House Speaker Mike Johnson on Thursday told New York City that if it wanted federal money to help house migrants amid the ongoing crisis there, it would have to axe its sanctuary city status…

Heavy fire by paratroopers shocked Ukraine on the north flank of Artemovsk


#bakhmut #artyomovsk Heavy shelling in multiple directions simultaneously by paratroopers of Russian Armed Forces on the north flank of Artemovsk. Direct fire from the Grad MLRS and BMD-2K-AU assault vehicles surprised the Ukrainian troops positions, who were driven from their positions with heavy losses.

These things are getting WAY TOO CLOSE!!


Something huge is coming to Earth...but scientists are not warning so that people won't panic.

WHOA, Busted! High-End Brothels In D.C.'s Backyard, And Guess Who Their Top Clients Are?


While the identities of the accused have been disclosed, further details about their backgrounds remain unknown. This has led to speculation about their citizenship status and the nature of activities conducted within these brothels. Given the historical use of brothels as intelligence-gathering hubs during wartime, there is conjecture about whether similar practices were employed in this case.

Nov 11, 2023

Former US marine’s pro-Palestine interview resurfaces online


“I would be involved myself in violent resistance if I were a citizen of Palestine.”


An interview conducted with the former US Marine Kenneth O’Keefe in 2010 resurfaced on social media amid Israel’s Gaza onslaught. The US Marine had affirmed his support for Palestinian resistance.

WATCH: Legislator Gets Interrupted by Republican Calling for Death to ALL Palestinians


Democratic state Rep. Angie Nixon was giving a passionate speech calling for a ceasefire when she was interrupted by Republican Rep. Michelle Salzman, calling for death to "all" Palestinians. John Iadarola, Mondale Robinson and Rayyvana discuss on The Young Turks.

California sheriff rips into Target over 'unbelievable' restrictions against policing retail theft


A sheriff in California is so fed up with restrictions on law enforcement trying to cut down retail theft that he called out Target on social media.

Sacramento County Sheriff Jim Cooper expressed his frustration Thursday after meeting with the company's regional head of security.

"Recently, we tried to help Target. Our Property Crimes detectives and sergeant were contacted numerous times by Target to help them with shoplifters, mostly who were known transients. We coordinated with them and set up an operation with detectives and our North POP team," wrote Cooper.

He went on to say that Target would not let them contact suspects inside the store or handcuff any suspect inside the store. Cooper said if police arrested anyone, Target told them to process them outside and behind the store.

Rise of Vigilantism ReeEEeE Stream 11-10-23



These are the opinions and ramblings of a foul-mouthed lunatic. They are for entertainment purposes only and are probably wrong. You listen at your own risk.

Kari Lake Manhandles Two Leftist Show Hosts When They Think the

Cameras Aren't Rolling


Importantly, the attribute of "class" is consistently ascribed to Kari Lake, distinguishing her in the ongoing discourse. Even in the face of opposition, she is depicted as calmly addressing differing views, highlighting a quality that sets her apart.

I look forward to Kari Lake's continued advocacy, with an expectation of her maintaining a poised and thoughtful approach, even amidst heightened reactions from those with opposing views in the near future.

Magma intrusion moving south to under Grindavik, danger of eruption at coast or in water


In the past few hours, the earthquakes have shifted to the southwest, forming a SW-NE oriented linear shape under the coast at Grindavik town.

This is interpreted that the magma now forms a dike underneath this area and could erupt right inside the town or out at sea, in which case, an eruption will be very explosive as magma interacts with sea water and causes violent steam explosions. As a precaution, ships are now banned from the area as well.

At this point, it is still not possible to predict when (and if, where exactly) the eruption might begin, but it would not be surprising if it is even within hours from now.

Cutting off the Head of the Snake in Geneva


“Everything evil in the world related to democide unfortunately comes from Geneva,” -Pascal Najadi

War epics on screen skip

mass slaughter of civilians


Does the history diet fed to Americans by Hollywood promote an unhealthy national memory? The latest screen epic about American heroism in World War II — the HBO miniseries “The Pacific” — is clouded by an unintended irony.

Creators Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, who teamed up also on “Band of Brothers” and “Saving Private Ryan,” have sought to strengthen the authenticity of Hollywood renderings of World War II. But while such portrayals may give us a keener appreciation of the courage and suffering of U.S. troops on the battlefield, they also add further weight to a lopsided World War II history that leaves the dishonorable part of America’s wartime behavior buried deeper in national amnesia.

In what may be added irony, the widely reported premier of “The Pacific” came but four days after the little noticed anniversary of one of the darkest events in American war history — the March 10, 1945, firebombing of Tokyo. The two-volume World War II history “Total War,” by Peter Calvocoressi, Guy Wint and John Pritchard, describes the massive napalm attack on Japan’s capital as not only “the greatest air offensive in history” but also “deliberate, indiscriminate mass murder.”

The raid by B-29 bombers probably ranks as history’s largest mass killing of civilians in a short time span. The estimated death toll of 100,000 exceeded the immediate deaths in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki, or the Dresden firebombing.

Washington botched up and now Kiev must accept worse peace conditions retired US Colonel


Kiev will have to accept even worse conditions in peace negotiations because Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky put his faith in the United States, former Pentagon adviser and retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor said in an interview with the Judging Freedom YouTube channel. Macgregor’s voice is not alone in sharing this belief, especially now that the world’s attention has shifted from Eastern Europe to the Israel-Gaza conflict.

“When he halted the advance of his forces in response to a stated willingness on the Ukrainian side to accept neutrality, he was being very serious,” the former Pentagon adviser said of Russian President Vladimir Putin, adding that then Washington intervened in the dialogue between Moscow and Kiev, and “that was all botched badly.”

Macgregor agreed with independent commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano’s view that the conditions in the Ukraine negotiations will not be the same as two years ago. In addition, Western elites continue to lie, according to the retired US colonel.

“Zelensky was promised everything, and Zelensky believed it. He’s going to end up like everybody else that’s ever cooperated with us over time, out of a job and maybe lose his life in the process,” Macgregor pointed out.

Earlier, Macgregor highlighted that sooner or later, the US will have to admit the truth about defeat in the Ukrainian conflict publicly.

Russia has repeatedly expressed its readiness for negotiations, but the Ukrainian authorities have imposed a legal ban on them. The Kremlin also noted that there were no prerequisites for the situation to become peaceful now while achieving the objectives of the special operation remained an absolute priority for Moscow.

Nov 10, 2023



Nashville Police Place Seven Officers On Administrative Assignment After Leak Of Covenant Shooters Manifesto Pages


 The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) placed seven individuals on “administrative assignment” as the department investigates the leaked three pages from the Covenant School shooter’s writings.

Feds Bust Sprawling Prostitution Ring Allegedly Serving Politicians, Military Officers


 The Department of Justice (DOJ) charged three men on Wednesday for allegedly operating brothels in Boston and Virginia serving politicians, military officers and other high-end clients.


NATO Calls on Ukraine to SURRENDER!


2 days ago

Trump's loss in the 2020 elections spelled the loss of half a million young Ukrainian lives.

Let that sink in.



2 days ago (edited)

I never believed what the media was trying so hard to convince us about Ukraine. The second I heard an interview with Putin I was convinced. If the media says left, I go right. Literally!


2 days ago

I have to admit the more I learned about Ukraine and this war the more I found myself Rooting for Putin, and as an American that was so bizarre to me.

Comer Issues Subpoenas to Biden Family


House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) today issued subpoenas to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, brother, James Biden, and Biden family associate, Rob Walker, to appear for depositions. Chairman Comer also requested additional members of the Biden family and their associates appear for transcribed interviews. Chairman Comer plans to send additional subpoenas and transcribed interview requests later this week.

“The House Oversight Committee has followed the money and built a record of evidence revealing how Joe Biden knew, was involved, and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes. Now, the House Oversight Committee is going to bring in members of the Biden family and their associates to question them on this record of evidence,” said Chairman Comer. “Unlike the many lies President Biden told the American people about his family’s business schemes, bank records don’t lie. These records reveal how the Bidens sold Joe Biden around to the world to benefit the Biden family, including Joe Biden himself, to the detriment of U.S. interests. The House Oversight Committee, along with the Committees on Judiciary and Ways and Means, will continue to follow the facts and deliver the transparency and accountability that the American people demand and deserve.”

According to financial records obtained by the House Oversight Committee, the Biden family set up over 20 shell companies – most of which were created when Joe Biden was Vice President – in a concerted effort to hide payments from foreign adversaries. The Biden family, their business associates, and their companies received over $24 million from foreign nationals over the course of approximately five years – including millions of dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan. The Bidens and their associates made complicated financial transactions to conceal the source and total amount of money they received from foreign nationals and companies.

Another Debacle in Maricopa County’s Election - 11/7/2023


EXCLUSIVE: Recurring Nightmare Maricopa Countys Latest Election Interference: CAMERAS OFF, Voting Locations Close Early, Voters Who Called Maricopa Sent to CLOSED Locations in Jurisdictional Election (VIDEO)


The Maricopa County Elections Department oversaw another third-world election on Tuesday, where polling locations closed early unannounced, and voters were forced to drive around town looking for a place to vote.

Additionally, live cameras recording signature verification and counting of votes at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center were turned off or inaccessible, according to Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman Craig Berland. Maricopa County even acknowledged the suspicious activity, alleging this was caused by a “network issue.”



"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." -- Joseph Stalin


Following the Florida election debacle of 2000, Americans were promised a more honest, transparent, and verifiable system of elections. We didn't get it, because the election stealers won that election and decided that keeping the current system was their best guarantee of re-election.


The election of 2016 changed that. The candidate being cheated by the system, Donald Trump, still prevailed thanks to a landslide that overcame the vote rigging. He will see having an honest election system as his best chance for a second term. Hence, there is a real opportunity to throw out the current system, which is designed to enable and conceal stealing elections, and replace it with a system that hinders cheating as much as possible.

To begin, stolen elections are a reality in this nation. John F. Kennedy stole the 1960 election from Richard Nixon. Nixon stole his re-election in what became known as the Watergate scandal. George W. Bush likely stole the 2000 election from Al Gore, and everyone had a ring-side seat watching Hillary Clinton trying to steal the election from Donald Trump.

A good place to start to learn about election stealing is the HBO documentary, "Hacking Democracy." It is available on NetFlix, Amazon Live, and Hulu. Here is a YouTube video of the final scenes showing how an electronic voting machine has the election results changed without even needing to touch the machine!

And now it's Time to Tighten our Budgets..

Elections Department Sends Out Wrong Ballots to Undetermined Number of Voters


Almost two years after Kalispell, Montana, approved new ward and voting precinct boundaries, the Flathead County Elections Department used the old ones in mailing out absentee ballots for Tuesday’s elections.

Elections officials made the announcement Tuesday as balloting was taking place,  according to the Flathead Beacon, which said the issue impacted an “as-yet undetermined number of voters.”

“The Flathead County Election Office acknowledges this oversight raises concerns regarding a safe and accurate election process,” a news release from Flathead County Public Information Officer Kim Grieser said.

“The elections department is fully aware of the gravity of the situation and is unwaveringly committed to ensuring error-free execution of our elections,” the release said.

Jordan Shares Key Takeaway from Testimony By Hunter Bidens Prosecutor


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) shared what he called a “key takeaway” from Tuesday’s testimony by special counsel David Weiss, the federal prosecutor who spent years investigating allegedly nefarious foreign business dealings involving Hunter Biden.

The Daily Wire reported that Weiss told lawmakers that he requested but never received special attorney authority that would have given him the power to bring charges against Hunter outside of his jurisdiction in Delaware last year without having to partner with the local U.S. attorney, a top congressional investigator said.

Jordan said that statement, which belies how Weiss “pretends that somehow he did have that” authority, was “the key takeaway” from the transcribed interview the special counsel did on Tuesday after negotiations with the Department of Justice.

“He won’t answer a lot of questions. But that’s the key takeaway, because this whole deposition was about the changing story we got from DOJ, regarding the authority that he had,” Jordan said, according to a post to the X platform by House Judiciary Republicans.

JUST IN: Conservatives Win Big In Deep Blue New York


Long Island Republicans are celebrating after what appears to be a surprise win that portends further victories for the GOP in New York and possibly other urban hotbeds.

The Long Island county executive seat was captured by Ed Romaine who faced David Calone in a bid to replace outgoing Democrat Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone. Results as of Wednesday morning show Romaine eking out a victory.

“How excited are we? We are about to celebrate a huge win of our friend, the great leader, give it up for Ed Romaine,” former congressman Lee Zeldin said.

Pharma-Funded Fact Checkers Control the Internet


In the video above, PragerU CEO Marissa Streit takes a look at NewsGuard, a for-profit fact checking organization backed by Big Pharma, Big Tech, the teacher's union and the U.S. government.

NewsGuard has set itself up as the self-appointed global arbiter of what information is "trustworthy" based on nine "credibility and transparency" factors, for information viewed on private electronic devices, in schools and in public libraries.1,2

NewsGuard's $6 million startup was funded in part by the Publicis Groupe,3 one of the largest PR firms in the world.4 Many of the largest drug companies use their services, and the Publicis Health board also consists of a power pack of high-profile individuals with Big Pharma position backgrounds or affiliations.5,6,7,8 I detailed these connections in my October 5, 2021, article, "The Web of Players Trying to Silence Truth."

Massive Explosion at Chemical Plant in Shepherd, Texas Residents Ordered to Shelter in Place Developing


Residents were ordered to shelter in place and turn off air conditioning units after a massive explosion at Sound Resource Solutions, a chemical plant in Shepherd, Texas on Wednesday.

Highway 59 was closed due to the explosion.

“At this time, the effects of the chemical in the air are unknown,” Polk County officials said, according to NBC News.

One person was injured and all 40 employees are accounted for, according to Fox 26 Houston.

Globalists weaponize food and energy supply to pave the way for global Holodomor.


Agriculture in Western nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe is being destroyed by globalist ideologies. Even the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine can be realized to target food and energy supplies to bring about mass starvation in line with their genocide and depopulation missions.

Nov 09, 2023

TRUE cost of owning an EV equates to $17.33/gal of gas, study reveals.


A recent study titled "Overcharged Expectations: Unmasking the True Costs of Electric Vehicles" recently disclosed that owning an electric vehicle (EV) comes with a hefty price tag of $17.33 per gallon of gasoline.

Biden Lavishes Astronomical Dollars on LGBT Promotions in 3 Years


The U.S. government, under Joe Biden, has handed out some $4.1 billion in taxpayer money to promote the LGBT ideology and lifestyle choices around the globe in just three fiscal years, according to a new report.

Zelensky TERRIFIED Ukraine Is Being Abandoned for Israel!


This discussion delves into the situation surrounding Ukraine, with a focus on various aspects of the conflict. It begins with the frustration of finding accurate insights in the media and highlights the rarity of an objective perspective. The video touches upon the challenges Ukraine faces in rallying financial support after a failed counteroffensive, amid allegations of widespread corruption. It explores public sentiment and American attitudes towards providing more weapons to Ukraine. The narrative also covers the complexities of the conflict, from the geopolitical landscape to the average age of soldiers, and the shifting global media attention from Ukraine to Israel and the Gaza Strip. 

The discussion concludes by drawing a humorous analogy to the situation, likening it to a dramatic episode of a talk show. George provides insights and predictions about the ongoing situation, highlighting the complexities of the conflict and the international dynamics at play.

Canadas Provincial Premiers Form a Rare United Front Against Justin Trudeaus Carbon Tax


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under siege: low in the polls, juggling foreign relation spat with India with investigations over China’s influence over high echelons of the government.

WORLD WAR III WATCH: NATO Members, Including US, Suspend Cold War-Era Arm Control Treaty Following Russian Withdrawal


On November 7, 2023, Russia formally withdrew from a landmark Cold War-era security treaty, the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE Treaty).

Scott Ritter provides a much-needed perspective – that of a soldier with a commitment to the truth.


It's frustrating to find individuals in the media who genuinely grasp the complexities of the conflict at hand. Scott is a rare voice, speaking objectively about the situation. However, large mainstream media platforms often refrain from featuring such candid viewpoints. Scott's insights are highly regarded, and many wish for a wider audience in the United States and Europe to hear his message. His explanation is eloquent and precise, leaving readers with a desire for leadership that mirrors his clarity and accuracy. 

The discussion revolves around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, exploring the dynamics of power, influence, and the pursuit of peace in the Middle East.

Are Police REALLY Finding Fentanyl in Cannabis?


There are lots of scary stories on the news, but is this REALLY happening, or is this just modern day 'Reefer Madness'? When you see what's actually going on, you will look at all of this in a whole different light.

This video does not depict or endorse any drug use and is not intended to promote or glorify drugs. 

This video is for educational and documentary purposes only and attempts to prevent drug abuse and reduce harm. This video complies with all YouTube's community guidelines.

Christian Wedding Photographer Who Refused to Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage Wins Settlement


Virginia state officials agreed to settle a lawsuit with a Christian wedding photographer after he refused to use his business to celebrate same-sex marriage, according to a press release.

Bob Updegrove filed a lawsuit against then-Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring in September 2020 after a state law required him to affirm same-sex marriage in his photography business, according to court documents.

Alliance Defending Freedom, the nonprofit public interest law firm representing Updegrove, announced Monday that the state had agreed to settle, following the recent Supreme Court decision in 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis, which determined that the government cannot compel a business owner’s speech.

Trump Triumphs in Court Amid Election Poll Boost


Thank You President Donald J. Trump for being on our side. I can't wait until you get sworn back in.

Russia finds damage to its Baltic Sea telecoms cable


A Russian telecoms cable in the Gulf of Finland was damaged last month in yet another undersea Baltic infrastructure mystery.

Russian state-owned telecommunications operator Rostelecom first notified Finland about the failure of one of its cables — the Baltika telecommunications cable — on October 12, according to Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

The Baltika telecommunications cable, a 1,000-kilometer cable that connects St. Petersburg to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, runs through parts of Sweden and Finland’s economic zones.

After negotiations with Helsinki, the Russian repair vessel Spatsel Karev arrived on site Monday to start repair work.

Ivanka Trump Arrives at NYC Court for the Letitia James Show Trial Wicked Regime Is Now Targeting the Trump Kids (VIDEO)


Ivanka Trump arrived this morning at the New York City courthouse where she will testify in the feckless lawfare suit against her father President Trump and the Trump business empire.

Ohio Legalizes Killing Babies Until the Moment of Birth and Overwhelmingly Votes to Legalize Marijuana


Jim Hoft reported last night that Ohio voters voted to approve Issue 1 Tuesday night, which legalized abortion up until the moment of birth. At the same time, Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved Issue 2, which gives them the “right” to smoke marijuana.

Maybe the Devil Made Him Do it?


These days, I think we should just call a spade a spade.  With all the corruption in church and politics these days. Now they think they can just do it out in the open.


On November 3, Msgr. Jamie Gigantiello was relieved of his role as the Diocese of Brooklyn's vicar for development due to the filming of a controversial music video at Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Brooklyn, where he serves as the pastor.

Pop artist Sabrina Carpenter released a music video for her song "Feather" on October 31, featuring scenes of her dancing and performing both inside and outside the church, including the sanctuary with the altar.

Earlier this week, Bishop Robert Brennan expressed his strong disapproval of the video, stating that it was filmed inappropriately within the church. The diocesan statement mentioned that the documents provided to the parish prior to filming failed to depict the full extent of the scenes but clearly showed unsuitable behavior for a church sanctuary.

Msgr. Gigantiello will continue to serve as the pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Annunciation Parish. However, Auxiliary Bishop Witold Mroziewski has been appointed as the temporary administrator during an ongoing administrative review.

John Notaro, executive director of the Catholic Foundation of Brooklyn and Queens and Futures in Education, has assumed administrative responsibilities for both organizations, previously overseen by Msgr. Gigantiello.

Msgr. Gigantiello has been a priest in the diocese since 1995, and he has been the pastor at Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Annunciation since 2017. He also held the position of diocesan vicar for development since 2011 and serves as a chaplain to the New York City Fire Department.

Bishop Brennan will preside over a Mass of Reparation at the church during the weekend to restore the sanctity of the church and address the harm caused, as stated by the diocese.



Congressional Democrats Urge Joe Biden to Facilitate Entry for Thousands Of Palestinian Nationals Into The US


Democratic leaders Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) are reportedly circulating a draft letter pressing the Biden regime to open the floodgates for Palestinian nationals to seek refuge in the United States.


God help us. - TBT

America's major banks are sitting on $650 BILLION of unrealized losses thanks to crashing bond market which also took down beleaguered Silicon Valley Bank


A US bond market collapse has lumbered some of America's largest and most prestigious banks with $650 billion in unrealized losses, analysts have predicted.

As interest rates have climbed thanks to aggressive hikes by the Federal Reserve, the value of Treasury-issued bonds - owned in large quantities by many banks - has fallen.

Typically, Treasury bonds have been considered a safe place to invest customer deposits, but high interest rates available elsewhere and the availability of new bonds with higher yields has made older bonds less appealing to investors and therefore less valuable.

The diminishing value of those bonds played a major role in the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March and has led to sustained concern about the overall condition of the US banking industry.

Nov 08, 2023

Italy moves to ban lab-grown meat to protect food heritage.

Italy's right-wing government has endorsed a bill to prohibit laboratory-produced meat and synthetic foods, emphasizing the country's culinary heritage and health safeguards. Under the proposed legislation, violating the ban could result in fines of up to €60,000 (£53,000).

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Italy's right-wing government has endorsed a bill to prohibit laboratory-produced meat and synthetic foods, emphasizing the country's culinary heritage and health safeguards. Under the proposed legislation, violating the ban could result in fines of up to €60,000 (£53,000).

Francesco Lollobrigida, head of the rebranded ministry for agriculture and food sovereignty, underscored the significance of Italy's food tradition. This move received applause from agricultural lobbies.

However, some animal welfare groups are disappointed, as they view lab-made meat as a solution to environmental concerns and food safety. Coldiretti and other agricultural lobbies have gathered half a million signatures in support of "natural food vs. synthetic food." Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and others have endorsed this initiative.

The proposed bill closely follows a series of government decrees that banned the use of flour made from insects like crickets and locusts in pizza or pasta. The motivation behind both measures has been Italy's prized Mediterranean diet.

Mr. Lollobrigida, affiliated with the far-right Brothers of Italy party, stated that "laboratory products do not guarantee quality, well-being, and the protection of Italian food and wine culture and tradition, to which part of our tradition is linked."

The approved proposals seek to ban synthetic foods produced from animal cells without harming the animals, including lab-produced fish and synthetic milk.

In November, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared cell-cultured chicken for human consumption, and in 2020, Singapore approved lab-grown chicken meat for use in nuggets.

While no approval has been sought from the European Food Safety Authority, it has been suggested within the European Commission that cell-based agriculture, such as cultured meat, "could be considered as a promising and innovative solution for healthy and environmentally friendly food systems."

Italy may not be able to oppose the sale of synthetic meat produced within the European Union once it gains approval due to the free movement of goods and services.

The International Organization for Animal Protection (Oipa) emphasized that lab-produced meat, derived from animal cells, is an "ethical alternative" that does not harm animal welfare, environmental sustainability, or food safety.

However, Paolo Zanetti, the head of the dairy industry group Assolatte, supported the government's decision, stating that milk producers face a paradox as they are encouraged to make their product more environmentally friendly while facing competition from "investors with no scruples" promoting a less natural product under the pretext of environmental protection.



Poll Sets Off Tidal Wave of Anti-Biden 24 Sentiment Among Big Shot Liberals


A New York Times/Siena College poll set off a tidal wave of anti-President Joe Biden sentiment for the 2024 race from a handful of big shot liberals who appear to be questioning whether the incumbent is up to the task.


If we hold another election without witnessing a single indictment stemming from the previous one, how can we be confident that history won't repeat itself, albeit through a different means? It's a daunting challenge. The prevailing reason for sidelining Biden is the difficulty cheaters would face in justifying his re-election at this point. Regardless of the chosen Democratic candidate for 2024, there's a pervasive belief that electoral misconduct will persist.


When it comes to these "polls," should we simply follow the popular sentiment and turn a blind eye to the wrongdoers right in front of us? If elections can be electronically manipulated, it stands to reason that polls could be manipulated as well.

EXCLUSIVE: Senate Candidate Asks Peers to Sign Contract That Would Change Everything About Politics.

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Utah Senate candidate and Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs is asking his fellow candidates to sign a “Contract with Utah” that would change major aspects of political life in the state.

The seven-point contract, obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller, was developed by Staggs and his Senate campaign in order to “reduce corruption within the halls of Congress” and “restore fiscal order” by focusing on a few key areas of legislation. 

“Right now, Washington is broken. Fixing it starts with getting special interests out of Congress,” Staggs told the Daily Caller. “I’m making sure Utah voters know exactly where I stand, and I’m asking all others running for the Senate to do the same.”

Staggs’ contract, named after former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s 1994 “Contract with America” agenda, seeks to ban the trading of individual stocks by members of Congress and their families. The contract would also ban lobbyist donations to candidates and sitting members and prevent lawmakers and “high ranking federal government officials” from lobbying for at least 10 years after leaving government service. 

If lawmakers cause a government shutdown, they won’t be paid and won’t be eligible for back pay either, according to point five of the contract. Point six requires that all appropriations bills be single subject, while point seven calls for a balanced budget amendment. 

If the contract were were implemented, it would change everything about the nature of politics. By removing so many avenues for financial corruption, members of Congress might actually put their voters first … instead of just enriching themselves through countless terms.

EXCLUSIVE: Senate Candidate Asks Peers To Sign Contract That Would Change Everything About Politics - STATIONGOSSIP

It Ruins Their Case: Attorney Reveals Why New York Judge Tried to Hush Trump During Testimony


A legal spokesperson for former President Donald Trump said that the judge in Trump’s civil fraud trial was trying to hush the former president because Trump’s explanations wrecked the case against him.


Trump and attorney Alina Habba clashed with Judge Arthur F. Engoron during the former president’s testimony Monday, with the judge threatening to remove Trump from the courtroom. Engoron ruled that Trump was liable for fraud Sept. 26, and ordered that several business licenses Trump held were to be rescinded, but an appeals court ruling stayed the order Oct. 6.  


“There was a fiery exchange with the judge,” Habba told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow. “Frankly, I can’t even say it was with the judge and I… I’m very polite, I’m very professional when I’m in the courtroom, but the judge did not like him finishing or explaining because it wasn’t good for his case. He is interfering. He made his decision, let’s not forget that, Larry. He made a decision on summary judgment. He found liability already.”

Democratic Attorney General Letitia James of New York sued Trump in September 2022, alleging he overstated the value of real estate holdings in order to obtain loans. 

“We’re wasting all this time, and he won’t even let the president, who is the person they’re trying to get to, explain why he certified to certain values,” Habba said. “Why? Because the minute he starts to explain it, it ruins their case. He was worth more than his statement of financial conditions, and Miss James, her politics are not allowing to backtrack. She needs a PR team, I’m telling you.”

Real-estate experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation that Engoron’s ruling greatly undervalued Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate owned by Trump, which some considered to be worth more than $250,000,000.

“We are obviously going to move to completely dismiss this case. There should be a mistrial based on some of the things you mentioned today that I can’t talk about,” Habba added later. “There should be a mistrial here. Bias in general, I’ll say. There is a judicial code of ethics. Those ethics extend to the entire courtroom and when you violate the rules of judicial ethics there need to be certain things that hold you accountable.”

REPORT: Alabama Pastor Kills Himself In Front Of Police After Getting Exposed As Alleged Transgender Curvy Girl.

A Baptist pastor and mayor in Alabama shot himself in front of police officers Friday after a news article exposed him as an alleged “transgender curvy girl,” according to multiple reports.

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A “slow” car pursuit began after police received a call that F.L. “Bubba” Copeland may need a welfare check, WTVM reported, citing the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Copeland then pulled over on the highway, exited the car and killed himself with a handgun, per the outlet. 

The outlet 1819 News published a story Nov. 1 that shared screenshots of a private Instagram account and multiple Reddit posts allegedly showing Copeland posing in women’s clothing and makeup. The article alleged Copeland could be seen posing in lingerie and calling himself a “thick transgender woman.” He allegedly encouraged other transgender people to get cross-sex hormones and wrote transgender erotica.

Copeland later confirmed to 1819 he controlled the social media account and that it was him in the pictures, the outlet reported. Copeland said it was a way of “getting rid of stress” and “purely fiction,” according to 1819.  

Copeland later addressed his alleged secret identity in a Wednesday night service, saying, “I have nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of things that were said were taken out of context.” He added the photos were taken out of an “attempt of humor.” 

“Yes, I have taken pictures with my wife in the privacy of our home in an attempt of humor because I know I’m not a handsome man nor a beautiful woman either,” Copeland continued. “I apologize for any embarrassment caused by my private, personal life that has come publicly.”

Another 1819 article alleged Copeland wrote erotic fiction about local residents and posted pictures of them without their consent that offered explicit commentary. Ansley Summerlin alleged Copeland used her identity and that she appeared on multiple porn sites without her consent, 1819 reported.

Copeland told a friend the day before he died that he’d been dealing with “dark days,” NBC News reported

“We have become aware of the alleged unbiblical behavior related to the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Phenix City,” Alabama Baptist state leadership said after the 1819 story about the pastor’s alleged transgender identity, according to WTVM.

“We are praying for the leaders of the church family as they seek to determine the truth concerning these accusations. As the people of God, we pray for the pastor and his family as well. We are in consultation with the Russell Baptist Association’s leadership as they endeavor to assist the First Baptist family during this critical time of need.” 

Democrats Are Growing Increasingly Concerned That Bidens Campaign Is Ignoring Political Warning Signs: REPORT


Democrats worry that President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is ignoring political warning signs and is not working enough to turn around the direction of the operation, according to The Washington Post.

Judge Overturns Election, Calls

Evidence of Fraud ‘Shocking’


"Connecticut Judge William Clark overturned the results of the Bridgeport mayoral primary after evidence of absentee ballot fraud was presented in a lawsuit filed by mayoral candidate John Gomes. The judge called the evidence of fraud ‘shocking’.


It’s important to have judges who are willing to look at evidence objectively and make decisions based on facts. It’s also important to hold people accountable for their actions.


It’s unclear whether the people who were caught stuffing the ballots were prosecuted. However, it’s important to note that voter fraud is a serious crime and should be pursued as such.

Some people believe that mail-in ballots should be eliminated, and that voter ID should be required at the ballot box to prevent criminal activity. This is a complex issue that requires careful consideration and action.


Thank you, Judge William Clark, for doing the right thing and keeping watch over our elections. It’s important to expose cases of voter fraud and hold those responsible accountable."



BREAKING NEWS: Assassination Attempt on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas; Guard Killed in Convoy Ambush


Gunmen launched an attack on the convoy of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, killing one of his guards. The ambush occurred in the northern West Bank, raising concerns about the security situation in the region. Abbas was unharmed, but the incident highlights the ongoing tensions and violence faced by Palestinian leaders.

In a shocking turn of events, gunmen attacked the convoy of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, resulting in the tragic death of one of his guards. The incident occurred today during a routine trip near Ramallah, the administrative capital of the Palestinian Authority.

According to eyewitnesses, a group of armed individuals ambushed the convoy, firing multiple shots at the vehicles. The presidential guard valiantly tried to fend off the attackers, but sadly, one guard was fatally wounded in the exchange. President Abbas himself was unharmed, as his security team quickly responded, successfully repelling the assailants.

Five Nordic nations are slowly ending

their love affair with Muslim immigration


The other day, someone posted a video on Facebook of Sweden back in the 1960s. It was incredible footage of an immaculately clean country filled with beautiful blond people. There are still a lot of blond people in Sweden, but it’s also a country that voluntarily opened its doors to Muslims, at which point it went from one of the world’s safest countries to one of the rapiest countries in Europe. Now, though, Sweden is joining with four other Nordic nations to end its little experiment with multiculturalism.

Sadly, I can’t find the video, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. After all, for those of us older than 35 or so, we remember when Sweden was held up as the perfect society, one in which everyone was healthy and beautiful, and the nation was clean and well-organized.

Sweden wasn’t alone, of course. We heard the same about all the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and Norway were also remarkably wonderful. 

It was easy for us to believe that stereotype because American communities settled by Nordic immigrants were also clean, well-organized places with good-looking people.

Central banks on record gold-buying binge industry group


Central banks bought 800 tons of gold from January to September this year, the highest on record for the nine-month period, according to the World Gold Council.

In its Gold Demand Trends report for the third quarter of the year, the industry group said net buying of bullion by central banks in the first nine months was up 14% year-on-year.

Global gold demand excluding over-the-counter (OTC) trading was 8% ahead of its five-year average in the third quarter, but slipped 6% compared to last year’s all-time-high, the report added.

FCC commissioner calls Biden equity plan for internet control 'sweeping, unprecedented, and unlawful.'


Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Brendan Carr is calling the Biden administration's "digital equity" plan for all internet services and infrastructure an "unlawful power grab."

"President Biden’s plan hands the Administrative State effective control of all Internet services and infrastructure in the country. Never before, in the roughly 40-year history of the public Internet, has the FCC (or any federal agency for that matter) claimed this degree of control over it. Indeed, President Biden’s plan calls for the FCC to apply a far-reaching set of government controls that the agency has not applied to any technology in the modern era, including Title II common carriers," Carr said in a statement on Monday.

Nov 07, 2023

We Keep Our Gaze Fixed On Gaza


I hate every goddamn fucking second of this. I crack jokes here and there to highlight the ridiculousness of the pro-Israel position, but the truth is I’ve never enjoyed this commentary job of mine less than I’ve enjoyed it this past month.

Some nights I see dead kids when I close my eyes. There’s a phenomenon called the Tetris effect where if you play the classic puzzle video game a lot you start seeing the colorful digital blocks in your mind’s eye when the lights are out. For me it’s dead Palestinian kids. That’s just my life now.

As this horror drags on one seemingly endless day after another, I find myself acutely aware not just of the unfathomable suffering in Gaza but of all the other millions of people around the world who are having the same experience I’m having, staring this nightmare dead in the eye's day after day, week after week, unable to look away in good conscience.

Woman jailed after assassin turned out to be surprised FBI.


A 34-year-old woman has been jailed for 18 months after trying to use – no, really – to pay a contract killer to eliminate a rival she was beefing with. Her would-be assassin-for-hire unsurprisingly turned out to be an FBI agent.

Zandra Ellis, of New Orleans, earlier pleaded guilty to transmitting threatening communications in interstate commerce and was sentenced by a US district judge on October 31. After serving time in the clink, Ellis will spend an additional three years under supervised release and pay a mandatory special assessment fee of $100. 

And, we hope, she will stay far away from any websites purporting to provide murder-for-hire services.

REPORT: The Simpsons Will No Longer Show Homer Strangling Bart Because Times Have Changed


The sight gag of Homer throttling Bart has appeared in countless episodes of the long running show but is apparently no longer politically correct.

California School District Starts Three-Year, Six-Figure Plan To Turn Students Into Critical Race Theory Activists


A school district in California’s Bay Area is launching an initiative to train over a hundred students to become Critical Race Theory activists in a plan that could last three years and cost more than $100,000.

Trump Defends Business Record in Contentious Court Testimony


Former President Donald Trump defended his business record against allegations of illegally enriching himself through inflated property valuations in a New York court on Monday.

Donald Trump testifies in New York fraud trial: Judge tells lawyers to CONTROL the former president as he takes the stand and sparks fly.


Donald Trump delivered another series of blistering attacks on New York Attorney General Letitia James and the judge in his combative fraud trial testimony on Monday. 

The furious 77-year-old singled out James in the front row of the court and accused her of being a 'political hack' who brought the $250million case against him to help her failed bid to become New York governor.

The former president became animated and audibly frustrated as he attacked James and the judge during confrontations about the property values and net worth he is accused of inflating by billions.

The frontrunner in the Republican presidential race also pointed at Justice Arthur Engoron and berated him for calling him a 'fraud', even though he 'didn't know anything about me'.

'He said I'm a fraud because I didn't value my property correctly,' Trump continued. 'He's the one who didn't rule my property correctly.'

DEVASTATING Death Toll In Gaza Reportedly Tops 10,000, Including 4,000 Kids


The death toll in Gaza from the Israeli military offensive has reportedly topped 10,000, shocking the outside world on the growing humanitarian crisis unfolding. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

"GAZA, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Gaza is becoming a "graveyard for children", U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Monday, amplifying demands for a ceasefire in the enclave, where Palestinian health authorities said the death toll from Israeli strikes had exceeded 10,000.

Both Israel and the Hamas militants who control Gaza have rebuffed mounting international pressure for a ceasefire. Israel says hostages taken by Hamas during its rampage in southern Israel on Oct. 7 should be released first; Hamas says it will not free them or stop fighting while Gaza is under assault."

STEVE, an atmospheric optical phenomenon known as "Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement," manifests as a distinctive purple and green light ribbon in the sky.


This remarkable occurrence is associated with concerns about a 30% reduction in our protection against solar radiation, storms, and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). This reduction is attributed to the ongoing weakening of Earth's magnetic shield, primarily due to the magnetic pole shift in progress. The consequence is that we can anticipate witnessing these auroras more frequently in the years to come, contingent on the safety of outdoor exposure concerning solar radiation levels.


The rarity of this phenomenon has diminished, with documented occurrences numbering at least six times in the current year, 2023. The weakening of Earth's magnetic field during the magnetic pole shift will result in increased solar particle penetration, a clear sign of the ongoing magnetic pole reversal.


These developments indicate a significant transformation and potential consequences, including the migration of the northern lights beyond their typical range. Such occurrences are expected to become more frequent as the shifting poles continue to weaken our protective shield and simultaneously impact geological phenomena, such as the activation of the Ring of Fire.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that there is a wealth of hidden celestial activity, as enhanced telescope imagery, particularly in the infrared spectrum, promises to unveil a broader spectrum of celestial phenomena occurring in our skies, often beyond our immediate perception.



Nashville Trans School Shooters Manifesto Reveals She Made a 10 Minute Final Video, Where is It?


The third page of the manifesto contained Hale’s schedule, which showed her morning routine the day of the deadly shooting.

One thing that eerily sticks out on the schedule is that she planned to make a “final video” at 11:20 AM that was 10 minutes long.


The previously unseen schedule has many people wondering where the video is.

America is developing a new nuclear gravity bomb that is 24 times more powerful than Hiroshimas atomic bomb


Hans Kristensen, a nuclear weapons expert at the Federation of American Scientists, explained that the B61-13 will employ the same warheads from the 1980s- and 1990s-era B61-7s, fitted into the same casing and tail kit as the B61-12.

As natural health solutions were being suppressed, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases exploded post covid infection.


After a year of lockdowns, bioterror, and censorship of treatments and natural health solutions, there was an explosion of covid-19 infection and subsequent autoimmune disease and inflammatory conditions. Despite the forced launch of an mRNA vaccine experiment, there was a sustained wave of breakthrough covid-19 infection and an increase of inflammatory diseases of both the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The inhumane lockdowns, insidious protocols, and rigorous mitigation efforts ultimately had a negative effect on infectious disease risk and contributed to worse outcomes for individual health.

House GOP Working on FISA Reform to Block Snooping on Americans Phone Records Without Warrants


Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are pushing for broad changes to the government’s FISA surveillance authority, which would, among other things, make it illegal for the FBI to search through phone records of Americans without a judge’s approval.

As several Patriot Act authorities expire at the end of the year, the effort is expected to be completed by then. Legislators told Just the News that there is unusual bipartisan cooperation between Republicans and Democrats on this issue.

“We’ve got, I think, strong agreement amongst members of the Intelligence Committee and members of the Judiciary Committee. And frankly, some Democrats as well, that there needs to be stronger penalties if you abuse the system,” Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan said during an interview with “Just The News.”

Jordan stated that his focus was on the Section 702 system, which allows agents to search phone communications metadata “where they can create this database” without a warrant.

Wall Street Experts Try and Fail To Blame Tanking Economy On Israel-Hamas Conflict


Wall Street experts are trying to blame the already failing global economy on ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, despite the world’s finances being a mess for years, even prior to COVID-19.

A Defiant Trump Battles Justice Engoron on

Stand in New York Civil Fraud Case


A defiant former President Donald Trump took the stand on Monday at the New York County Supreme Court in his civil fraud case regarding the valuation of his assets, clashing with Justice Arthur Engoron, who struggled with controlling Trump.

Trump early on the stand reportedly went off a monologue in which he called the trial “crazy,” prompting Justice Arthur Engoron to instruct Trump to only answer questions presented to him, according to Messenger reporter Adam Klasfeld.

Trump reportedly took a swipe at Engoron, reportedly going "off on a tangent about the statute of limitations in which he said, “I’m sure the judge will rule against me because he always rules against me.”

Engoron asked Trump’s counsel Chris Kise if “that was necessary,” before telling Trump, “You can attack me, do whatever you want, but answer the question.”

Engoron asked Kise, “Can you control your client? This is not a political rally.”

Kise reportedly responded to him, “You’re in control of the courtroom, not me.”

UN Body Leaders Insist Israels Counteroffensive Against Hamas Must Stop Now


The leaders of several major United Nations (U.N.) bodies and principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) insisted that Israel halt its counteroffensive against Hamas in a joint statement released Monday.

Med School Says Its Not Trying to Change Students Religious or Political Beliefs With Mandatory LGBT Training


The University of Virginia (UVA) is requiring medical students to take an LGBTQ+ “Safe Space Training.” However, it claims it is not trying to “change anyone’s religious beliefs or political affiliations.”

2024 Election Is in Great Trouble: Rep. Jayapal Tells Psaki Its Time to Hit the Panic Button Over Biden


Democratic Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal said President Joe Biden appears to be in big trouble in the upcoming 2024 presidential election during a Sunday interview with former White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

Her Reaction is Priceless 😂


YouTube cares less for your privacy than its revenues


YouTube wants its pound of flesh. Disable your ad blocker or pay for Premium, warns a new message being shown to an unsuspecting test audience, with the barely hidden subtext of "you freeloading scum." Trouble is, its ad blocker detecting mechanism doesn't exactly comply with EU law, say privacy activists. Ask for user permission or taste regulatory boot. All good clean fun. Only it isn't. It's profoundly depressing. The battleground between ad tech and ad blockers has been around so long that in the internet's time span it's practically medieval. In 2010, Ars Technica started blocking ad blockers; in under a day, the ad blocker blocker was itself blocked by the ad blockers. The editor then wrote an impassioned plea saying that ad blockers were killing online journalism. As the editor ruefully notes, people weren't using blockers because they didn't care about the good sites, it was because so much else of the internet was filled with ad tech horrors. Nothing much has changed.

Elon Musk Announces Grok, a Rebellious AI Without Guardrails


Last week, Elon Musk flew to the UK to hype up the existential risk posed by artificial intelligence. A couple of days later, he announced that his latest company, xAI, had developed a powerful AI—one with fewer guardrails than the competition.

The AI model, called Grok (a name that means “to understand” in tech circles), “is designed to answer questions with a bit of wit and has a rebellious streak, so please don’t use it if you hate humor!” reads an announcement on the company’s website. “It will also answer spicy questions that are rejected by most other AI systems.”

The announcement does not explain what a “spicy” or “rebellious” means, but most commercial AI models will refuse to generate sexually explicit, violent, or illegal content, and they are designed to avoid expressing biases picked up from their training data. Without such guardrails, the worry is that an AI model could help terrorists develop a bomb or could result in products that discriminate against users based on characteristics such as race, gender, or age.

Side channel attacks take bite out of Apple silicon with iLeakage exploit


University researchers have developed a novel exploit that can steal information from virtually all modern Apple Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

Dubbed "iLeakage," the exploit targets WebKit, the JavaScript engine that powers Apple's Safari browser, and is reminiscent of the Meltdown and Spectre attacks of 2018.

The research shows how a remote attacker could steal secrets such as Gmail inbox data, text messages, password manager-supplied credentials via autofill fields, and other miscellaneous information like watch histories from YouTube.

The attack can be launched against Macs, iPhones, and iPads running Apple's A-series or M-series chips. For macOS, the attack only works on Safari, but for iOS and iPadOS, there's a much larger attack surface.

As Apple requires all browsers on its App Store to be based on WebKit, third-party browsers on Apple devices, like Chrome and Firefox, are essentially just Safari with proprietary wrappers on them that add functionality, and are therefore vulnerable to the attack.

Facebook Censors Nashville Trans Shooter Manifesto Minutes After Leak


To the surprise of absolutely no one, Facebook immediately censored the Nashville shooter’s manifesto. See what happens when these things don’t fit the ‘white supremacist’ narrative? 

Haaretz Declares Netanyahu to be an Existential Threat to Israels Survival


Haaretz on Netanyahu:


“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is meant to be leading the country, is a haunted politician facing the end of his career, with the present troubles compounding the serious criminal entanglement into which he maneuvered himself with his own hands. Netanyahu does not enjoy the public’s confidence, and most of his efforts are invested in his personal survival.”

BREAKING: Manifesto of trans Nashville school shooter LEAKED, full of anti-white hate


A leaked manifesto reveals the Nashville trans school shooter had a violent hatred of the “little crackers” with “white privilege” that were murdered.

First obtained and released by the Louder with Crowder conservative YouTube show, the three-page handwritten document shows Audrey “Aiden” Hale meticulously planned their last moments and the mass school shooting at The Covenant School on March 27. Three young children and three school staff were killed before Hale, 28, was shot dead by responding police. 

The manifesto, written in a spiral notebook, has various screeds and thoughts scrawled down by pen. 

“DEATH DAY,” Hale wrote on one page with the drawing of a target reticle and a pistol, along with the date “3/27/23.”

"The day has finally come!" Hale wrote. "I can't believe its [sic] here. Don't know how I was able to get this far, but here I am. I'm a little nervous but excited too. Been excited for the past 2 weeks."

Biden Admin to Give Billions to Amtrak as It Hemorrhages Cash


President Joe Biden is traveling to Bear, Delaware, on Monday to announce billions in new funding for Amtrak, even as the company fails to turn a profit, according to the White House.

"How is this Possible? "Peter DOOCY in Heated Clash with Karine Jean-Pierre over ISIS Sympathizers!!


In a critical examination of the current press secretary's performance, it's evident that there's a growing frustration among observers. Many express their exasperation with the perceived unchallenged dissemination of misinformation during press briefings.

Repeated claims that the current president has outperformed all predecessors in addressing border issues have raised eyebrows, leading to calls for greater accountability. The frustration has reached a point where some have likened the press secretary to the president himself, with both figures facing increasing scrutiny and public disapproval.

The ability to deliver statements with a straight face while being accused of dishonesty has left many baffled. The perceived discrepancies between the administration's actions and their commitment to national security, particularly concerning border control, are a subject of widespread concern.

Observers note that the current climate of political discourse seems to have fostered an environment where blatant dishonesty is more prevalent than ever before. This assessment extends to the press secretary, with some deeming her as the least effective in U.S. history.

Critics argue that the press secretary's responses often fall short in terms of clarity and accountability, leading to skepticism about her effectiveness. The prevailing sentiment is one of disappointment, as observers expect more transparency and candidness from this role.

In summary, the commentary reflects a sense of dissatisfaction and frustration with the press secretary's performance, suggesting a desire for more rigorous and transparent communication from the White House.



Nov 06, 2023

 ‘My Jaw Dropped’: CNN Anchor Shocked After Black Voter Tells Outlet About His Potential 2024 Vote.

CNN’s Phil Mattingly on Friday said his “jaw dropped” after a black Milwaukee Democrat couldn’t say whether he would give his vote to President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

👀click to read👀


CNN’s Phil Mattingly on Friday said his “jaw dropped” after a black Milwaukee Democrat couldn’t say whether he would give his vote to President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

CNN’s John King went to Milwaukee to talk to dissatisfied black voters, asking Devonta Johnson, a canvasser for Black Leaders Organizing for Communities, if Biden could win reelection today.

“If you’re Joe Biden and you want to be reelected today, you’d have a big problem, right?”

“Yeah, he would, he’d have a big problem,” Johnson said.

“If it were just Biden and [former President Donald] Trump, who would you vote for?” King asked. 

“That’s just a tough one,” Johnson said, laughing.


“It’s just stunning — young man there, ‘I don’t know who I’m going to vote for,’ young black man in Milwaukee,” King said. He then told Mattingly that for a lot of voters, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ “visibility” will matter.

“My jaw literally dropped at the end of that piece when he didn’t say who he was going to —” Mattingly said.

“21-year-old young black man, in the activist community — doesn’t know. Because he sees — he looks at Washington, and says, ‘What are they doing that’s relevant to my life? Nothing,'” King said.

Several polls paint a grim picture for Biden among black voters, with a Fox News poll from October showing Biden leading 74% to 26% among black voters in a hypothetical matchup with Trump, down from his 90% lead in 2020. An Associated Press poll from May found black voters were slowly moving toward Trump. Biden remains the frontrunner in his party for the Democratic presidential nomination.


‘My Jaw Dropped’: CNN Anchor Shocked After Black Voter Tells Outlet About His Potential 2024 Vote - STATIONGOSSIP


Americans Might Finally Catch A Break On Food Costs This Thanksgiving: REPORT


 As the holiday season approaches and inflation continues, Americans could finally see a break when buying groceries for Thanksgiving, but mostly when it comes to the turkey, according to multiple reports.

Joe Bidens Office Allegedly Helped Coordinate Hunter Bidens China Trips During Vice Presidency, Emails Show


 Then-Vice President Joe Biden’s office appeared to offer assistance to Hunter Biden with coordinating his business trips to China, newly released emails show.

Bill Gates Facing Life Behind Bars on Child Rape Charges


Bill Gates has already lost his marriage due his friendship with the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, but he is about to lose a whole lot more, according to investigators who revealed the globalist billionaire is about to be thrown under the bus and prosecuted on child rape charges.


Gates isn’t the only global elite facing charges. A whole host of household names, including members of the US House and Senate, are currently sweating as the walls close in on them.

Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza – Israel Grants Development Licenses.

Since the war started, Israel has already awarded a dozen oil and gas exploration licenses in Palestine to six different Big Oil companies, including BP.


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Since the war started, Israel has already awarded a dozen oil and gas exploration licenses in Palestine to six different Big Oil companies, including BP.


We should know by now that when both political parties in the U.S. show bipartisan support, something deeply sinister is happening behind the scenes. We should also know that when a superpower starts using human rights as a justification for their actions, there’s always an ulterior motive. Remember Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction?”

Four years ago, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) published a report on “the unrealized potential of Palestinian oil and gas reserves.” The report estimates these reserves could generate “hundreds of billions of dollars” for whoever develops them. It also criticizes Israel for preventing Palestinians from developing those resources as a way to alleviate their massive poverty. You can read it here.

OKDoomer reports: It just so happens that the U.S. is now proposing an international coalition of western governments to preside over Gaza once Israel pushes its 2 million inhabitants into Egypt. There’s similar plans underway for the West Bank.

Since the war started, Israel has already awarded a dozen gas exploration licenses to six different oil companies, including BP. They’re going to explore exactly where those Palestinian oil reserves are located, off the coast.

Let’s face it, this plan comes straight out of the disaster capitalism playbook, and it hits right in the middle of a global energy crisis exacerbated by war. When it comes to geopolitics, there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

It’s not just about oil and gas, either.

As Richard Medhurst explains, there’s a wide range of economic and logistical incentives for the U.S. and Israel to depopulate Gaza, including the construction of a canal alternative to the Suez, allowing them to dominate maritime trade and giving them key military advantages. The preferred canal route runs right through the middle of Gaza. They’ve been planning this project for decades, and now they have a great moral cover story. All of this looks like a repeat of the Iraq invasion, with western countries antagonizing a rogue actor until they do something that seems to warrant an extreme response.

Likewise, the war in Ukraine has nothing to do with democracy, human rights, or even Russian aggression.

It’s about natural gas.

The U.S. and Russia have been fighting for dominance of Ukraine for at least ten years. Ukraine sits on Europe’s second-largest natural gas reserve. Russia has also exported natural gas to the EU through pipelines across Ukraine. Months after Russia’s invasion, a pro-Ukrainian group sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines that carried natural gas from Russia to Germany. Now Germany is signing 20-year deals to import liquefied natural gas from the U.S. On a side note, liquefied natural gas is “way worse than coal.”

Before all of this, Joe Biden’s son just happened to find a way onto the board at one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies.

Now do you get it?

Once you see the facts, you can’t deny it. Sure, you want to deny the facts. But then you look at world history. You look at U.S. history in particular. You come to understand that every single war we’ve ever fought was about resources or influence, or both. Even when there’s a human motive, it’s always the presence of resources and fossil fuels that tip superpowers over into violence. Why else would our leaders spend hundreds of billions of dollars on these wars, and literally no other human rights need, like hunger?

Freedom and democracy are always a cover story.



Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza - Israel Grants Development Licenses - The People's Voice (


17 Questions to Challenge the Climate Change Crisis


Although the masses are waking up there still remains an ‘epidemic of incuriousness.’ The masses still continue to blindly accept authority and go into unquestioning agreement with the general consensus to which the Deep State and their associates rely on to advance their imprisoning agendas based on PSYOPS and false circumstances.

As the saying goes: Question everything. Break the spellbinding disinformation spun by the mainstream media…Many claim that it’s never been about climate change. It’s really about dystopic world takeover.

Zelenskyy: There is no stalemate, and there will be no talks or concessions


Zelenskyy added that last year everyone similarly thought Ukraine had entered a stalemate.

"Several military tricks – and the Kharkiv region was liberated, if you recall," he said.

"We have no right to give up. What’s the alternative? Surrendering a third of our country? That would just be the beginning. We know what a ‘frozen’ conflict really is; we’ve made our conclusions," Zelenskyy stressed.

"We need to work with our allies to secure more air defence equipment, to put an end to [Russia’s control] in the skies, and to give our soldiers an opportunity to conduct offensive operations," he added.

Zelenskyy also denied that Ukraine’s partners were putting pressure on him to negotiate with Russia.

NEW: Judge Aileen Cannon SCOLDS Jack Smith In Fiery Order


The federal judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s election interference case has shot down another attempt by prosecutors to deny him access to the evidence being used against him.

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon wrote on Thursday that Biden Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith presented a “broad and unconvincing theory” about the Classified Information Procedures Act, which his team claimed allows them to withhold certain documents obtained from Mar-a-Lago on the national security grounds.

Judge Cannon was unconvinced, writing that Smith’s deputies attempted to restrict defense attorneys “almost entirely from reviewing classified discovery to be produced in the case, and then placing the burden to justify otherwise on defense counsel.” Their argument, she wrote, was an “a textual” and “almost blithe” interpretation of the CIPA law.

Republicans Raise Terror Alarm After Illegal Immigrants Caught With Explosive Devices


Republicans are raising the alarm over a possible terror threat to the country after Border Patrol agents caught illegal border crossers carrying explosives.

Republican senators have sounded the alarm on the Biden administration’s border policies after Border Patrol agents caught illegal border crossers who were carrying explosive devices that Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) said were “tailor-made for terrorism.”

Mr. Barrasso, who is the Senate Republican Conference Chairman, made the startling revelation at a press conference on Oct. 31, alongside Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Pete Ricketts (R-Neb.), following their recent visit to the U.S.–Mexico border.

The senators said that over 8 million illegal border crossings have taken place under President Joe Biden’s watch, while asserting that explosive devices found on some border crossers in recent days represent an elevated risk of terror acts against the homeland.

“We have just returned from our southern border, and it is painfully clear that with Joe Biden’s open border policy, our country is really at an increased threat for a terrorist attack,” Mr. Barrasso said at Tuesday’s press conference. 

Several days ago, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents seized illegal immigrants carrying with them improvised explosive devices that Mr. Barrasso said were the “size of cannonballs” and were “tailor-made for terrorism.”

Biden caught in MONEY LAUNDERING scheme with China?!


It’s getting harder for the Biden crime family to hide their crimes.

In a huge blow to their cover, House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer has just released evidence that Joe Biden received $40,000 in laundered money from China in 2017.

According to Comer, a Chinese company called Northern International wired $5 million to Hudson West III. Hudson West III is a joint venture established by Hunter Biden and a CFC associate.

That joint venture then sent $400,000 to an entity owned and controlled by Hunter Biden, who then wired $150,000 to Lion Hall group. The group is owned by James and Sarah Biden, who then withdrew $50,000 in cash from Lion Hall.

The same day, Sarah Biden deposited it into her and James’ personal checking account — before cutting a check to Joe Biden for $40,000.

The memo line of the check said “loan repayment.”

So, where are the original loan payments, and why were these loans never on his financial disclosure forms?

ACLU Asks Supreme Court to Strike Down Tennessee Law Protecting Kids from Transgender Procedures


 Leftist legal groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, have asked the Supreme Court to strike down a Tennessee law protecting children from undergoing life-altering transgender procedures. 

New Speaker Scores His First Big Win Even Democrats Are on Board with This One


Speaker Johnson successfully passed his aid bill for Israel. The bill includes cuts to the IRS, a continuation of House Republicans’ goal of reducing the billions President Biden wants to give to the tax collecting agency.

In a move that will be celebrated by lawmakers, twelve Democrats joined with Republicans to pass the bill. Johnson can boast that his first major piece of legislation passed as Speaker by bipartisan.

The question remains if the Senate will take up this bill. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed that it will not pass the upper chamber. However, the Speaker has made it clear that the House will not support Biden’s massive omnibus bill, which could hide billions in funding from Americans.

If the Senate wants to get anything passed, to help Israel or keep the government funded, it will have to play ball with Johnson.

Nov 05, 2023

Zelensky’s Corruption EXPOSED: ‘Stealing Like There’s NO TOMORROW’ in Ukraine Government, Per Report


In the transition from one government with corruption issues to another, there is a marked shift that raises concerns. The assertion that the "war was lost a long time back" suggests a level of responsibility for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine that can be attributed to the United States.

A notable point to consider is the significant influence of major investment firms such as BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street. They hold substantial stakes in the top three defense manufacturers linked to U.S. Department of Defense expenditures, implying that government officials have entered into contracts that commit substantial public funds. This situation prompts questions that should be directed towards politicians.

Advocates who have consistently presented this perspective, despite facing criticism for nearly two years, may argue that an apology is owed.

However, obtaining such acknowledgment may remain elusive. Their argument centers on the idea that the motivation behind these actions is to maintain a steady and profitable flow of funds for defense contractors.

In the words of Henry Kissinger, "To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal." This quote underlines the complexities of international relations and alliances.

The central inquiry pertains to why citizens accept their leaders allocating hard-earned funds to potentially corrupt nations. The sentiment of working for overseas conflicts while the needs of our own people seem to be neglected is a growing concern. This disparity between government priorities and the sentiments of the citizens is a palpable issue that warrants further examination.   



"Anti-Semitism" Narrative Is Blowing Up as Jews Try to Shut Down Criticism of Mass Child Murder

Universities have begun hunting down people who don’t love the Jews enough or think that Jews shouldn’t be engaged in the mass-slaughter of children.


As a very celebrated expert in crisis management, I can declare that this is not good damage control. This is simply going to lead to more anti-Semitism.


The logical thing to do would be to do what I’ve been saying and promote the idea that many Jews are against what is happening in Gaza. It’s actually not even a lie. There is no way to estimate percentages, but I would guess that at least 30% of American Jews are opposed to it, either because they are high on their own supply and believe in “brown people first,” or because they recognize it as very bad PR for the Jews.


The Jews do not appear to be aware of what they are doing by claiming these protests are anti-Semitic. Basically, they are communicating that any opposition to any behavior of the Jews – including the mass murder of children, which is one of the worst behaviors imaginable – is anti-Semitism. They are thereby changing the established definition of anti-Semitism, claiming that actually, even if you have a seemingly good reason, opposing anything the Jews do is just as evil as opposing Jews for no reason other than blind hatred. 

DeSantis Mocks Those Focusing On His Boots: This Is No Time For Foot Fetishes, U.S. Faces Serious Issues


 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pushed back at some online who are focusing on his height and the boots that he wears, saying that the U.S. has serious issues it is dealing with that are more important than their “foot fetishes.”

PragerU Documentary DETRANS: The Dangers of Gender-Affirming Care Takes Over X


In a new documentary by PragerU, young adults who de-transitioned from radical sex-change treatments they received as minors discuss what they describe as the false promises and ultimately “tragic” consequences of so-called “gender-affirming care.” To promote the film, PragerU purchased a “takeover” ad on X as part of a $1 million marketing campaign on Thursday.

Tucker Carlson VISITS Wikileaks' Julian Assange In UK Jail: Rising Team Reacts


Briahna Joy Gray, Robby Soave, Jessica Burbank and Spencer Brown react Tucker Carlson's visit to see Julian Assange in Belmarsh Prison in London. #tucker #assange


In alignment with Glenn Greenwald, the belief is firm that Julian Assange stands as the preeminent independent journalist of our time. Having individuals like him and Tucker Carlson, who remain dedicated to defending rights and exposing violations, is essential. Keeping Assange's name in the public discourse serves as a vital public service.

Julian Assange's commitment to protecting his sources exemplifies the core principles of journalism. It raises the question of why he isn't a top interview choice for all journalists.

Over the years, the remarkable transformation of Tucker Carlson is evident, as he has expanded his horizons by listening to a broader range of voices and shedding light on abuses from both the right and the left.

The urgent call to secure Julian Assange's freedom grows more pressing each day. He has endured imprisonment and torment for an extended period, all without legitimate grounds. If Tucker can play a role in exposing this injustice, such efforts are supported.



Palestinian Journalist Dismantles

Host’s Israeli Propaganda


In this compelling interview, Palestinian journalist Ahmed Alnaouq shares his perspective on 'Good Morning Britain.' He raises a thought-provoking point, suggesting that certain media outlets might have a role in the ongoing violence between Israel and Gaza. Presenter Kate Garraway counters by emphasizing that Israel's conflict is primarily with Hamas and not the Palestinian people. Alnaouq provides a heartfelt response, highlighting the tragic loss of over 20 of his family members, including children, who were not associated with Hamas. Join us as we delve into this crucial discussion.

Target CEO: Conservatives Upset Over Trans Merch More Dangerous To Employees Than George Floyd Riots


 Target CEO Brian Cornell deflected when he was pressed Thursday about specific Target products that generated a boycott starting in May, while suggesting blowback over transgender merch came from violent customers who threatened his employees’ safety more than the George Floyd riots.

Feds Arrest African Illegal Alien Wanted for Terroristic Activities After Border Patrol Let Him into U.S.


Federal law enforcement officials arrested an illegal alien terror suspect from Africa late last month after he was apprehended and released into the U.S. after being caught unlawfully entering the country.

Disney Releasing Fourth Consecutive George Floyd Animated Film Despite Massive Losses


People don’t really seem to be aware of it, but George Floyd’s fat, stupid corpse is still hanging over all of society.

Probably, everyone is aware that Disney has turned the Marvel Cinematic Universe full George Floyd. However, people without kids and people with kids who don’t take their kids to the movies anymore because everything is black and gay probably don’t know that Disney’s line of animated kids' movies is full George Floyd.

Seven of the top 10 grossing animated releases were from Disney and released in the five years leading up to George Floyd. None of them feature colored main stars (excluding the Lion King remake, where the blacks voice talking animals in Africa) or homosexual themes, and none have colored people or female directors.

Britain Is So Desperate for Famous Blacks It Invents Them


Just last month, Britain got terrible news. “Half of Britons can’t name a Black British historical figure, survey finds.”

Fifty-three percent couldn’t, to be exact. As for the 47 percent, they only claimed they could.

I couldn’t. Because there is none to name. Black people, yes. Historical figures, no.

But don’t worry. Soon, you’ll soon be able to name plenty. The push is on to hunt them down, even invent them.

Israel Is Not Acting in Self-Defense


Israel is framing its war against Gaza as a nation’s legitimate right, under international law, to defend itself. “We are in a war for our sovereignty, for our existence, and we have set ourselves two fundamental objectives: to eradicate Hamas’ military and governmental capabilities and to do everything possible to bring the hostages held by the Palestinian Islamist group back home,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told TV viewers. “There is no place for a balanced approach. Hamas must be erased off the face of the planet!” added Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen.

Indeed, there is nothing balanced about Israel’s response. Carpet-bombing has destroyed nearly half the homes in the Gaza Strip. Israel has killed many times more Palestinian civilians than it lost on Oct. 7. A ground invasion will unleash more misery and mayhem.

Reasonable people may disagree over whether Israel’s response is justified or likely to prove effective. No one should call it self-defense.

Nov 03, 2023

Update on Missing Shipment Carrying 30 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate


Union Pacific Railroad said its investigation into the disappearance of 30 tons of aluminum nitrate from a hopper car in April indicates the material was lost in transit because of a leak during the trip from Cheyenne, WY to California, local Cheyenne news KGWN-TV reported.


The hopper loaded with ammonium nitrate — used as a fertilizer and as a component in explosives — was empty when it arrived in Salt Dale, CA, near Mojave, two weeks after departing the Dyno Nobel explosives plant in Cheyenne on April 12. Here is the back story of the missing 30-ton shipment.


Because of the explosive application, the incident triggered state and federal investigations.


The railroad company now believes the ammonium nitrate dropped in small pellets over the course of the 800-mile trip. Union Pacific said in a statement to the news station that it has completed its investigation, and that “As we have previously indicated, all the available evidence suggests this was a leak that occurred over the course of transportation from origin to destination.”

TBT: Considering the disputed nature of the story involving a slow leak from the hopper car, it's important to note that there are indeed approximately 30 tons of ammonium nitrate in circulation. When combined with oil obtained from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, these components could potentially create a powerful explosive device, estimated to be approximately 15 times more potent than the one involved in the tragic incident at the Murrah Federal Building. Such a combination could, in theory, pose a significant risk and be exploited for nefarious purposes, raising concerns related to potential false-flag attacks and their attribution.

Reporter Confronts Sen. Menendez Over Attending Classified Briefing Despite Foreign Agent Charge


A reporter confronted Sen. Robert “Bob” Menendez (D-NJ) on Wednesday over the senator’s attendance at a classified briefing on Ukraine despite facing charges of improper ties to Egypt, including conspiring to be a foreign agent of that country while in office.

Bank Records Show Biden Received Laundered Money from China, Comer Says


House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said that bank records uncovered by lawmakers reveal that President Joe Biden received $40,000 in laundered money from China.

 Priest hid murdered wife’s head

in fridge – media.


The clergyman appeared to be mentally ill and may have been motivated by extreme jealousy, Russian media has reported.


Russian police have arrested an Orthodox priest on suspicion of murder in Tatarstan, a republic in the Volga Region, national media reported on Wednesday. The clergyman allegedly stabbed his wife to death before dismembering her and hiding the remains in their house, the Telegram channel Mash reported.

The woman’s severed head was found in a fridge in the couple’s home by their children on Tuesday, Mash claimed, adding that police were immediately called to the scene. It is unclear how many children the couple had, or how old they are.

The motives for the murder remain unclear, but police suspect that the priest, identified as Mikhail Zubarev, might have killed his wife out of jealousy, Mash noted. 

The regional archdiocese has confirmed charges have been brought against the man, who is being held in custody, calling his actions a “heinous crime.” The cleric had been barred from performing his church duties since mid-October for violating “canonical norms,” the statement added.

Zubarev moved to Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan from the northern Murmansk Region. He received a church award for “his faithful work for the good of the church” back in 2016, Russian media reported. Since 2019, he had been leading a department responsible for church services in local prisons, the reports added.

The suspect had allegedly been on sick leave since October 11. According to the regional archdiocese, he appeared to be suffering from mental health problems. The regional church authorities had received complaints from the clergy and locals about Zubarev’s “inappropriate” and “unworthy” behavior, the archdiocese’s statement said, adding that he also “demonstrated contempt for the holy sacraments.”

There have been no official comments about the suspect’s mental state from the police. It is also unclear whether law enforcement officials plan to request a psychiatric examination for Zubarev.

Priest hid murdered wife’s head in fridge – media — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

 Israel’s Gaza operations not ‘self-defense’ – Moscow


The Jewish state is an “occupying power,” Russia’s UN representative Vassily Nebenzia has claimed.


Israel does not have the right to cite self-defense as justification for its military operations in Gaza because it is an “occupying power,” Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia told an emergency special session of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

Nebenzia said all the US and its allies can do is “talk about Israel’s supposed right to self-defense.” However, he pointed out that “as an occupying power, it does not have such a right, which was confirmed by the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice in 2004.”

The diplomat went on to accuse the US and its satellites of hypocrisy, stating that in other situations they always call to respect humanitarian law, create special commissions, and impose sanctions on those “who actually use force only as a last resort to stop decades of violence.”


“And today, seeing the horrific destruction in Gaza, many times greater than everything that they angrily criticize in other regional contexts – attacks on civilian targets, including hospitals, the deaths of thousands of children – they seem to have taken water into their mouths,” the permanent representative said.

Nebenzia also stressed that Russia nevertheless recognizes Israel’s right to ensure its own security. He noted, however, that “it can fully be guaranteed only if there is a fair solution to the Palestinian problem,” which should be based on the basis of UN Security Council resolutions.

“We do not deny Israel the right to fight terrorism. But fight terrorists, not civilians,” Nebenzia said.

The Russian government has officially condemned the October 7 Hamas attack, which left some 1,400 Israelis dead and prompted the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to launch retaliatory airstrikes on Gaza. However, Moscow has also accused Israel of indiscriminately killing Palestinian civilians and has called for an immediate ceasefire. More than 9,000 Palestinians are said to have been killed since October 7, according to the latest figures from Gaza health officials.

Israel’s Gaza operations not ‘self-defense’ – Moscow — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

 Ukraine brands Swiss food giant ‘sponsor of war’


Nestle has become the latest addition to Kiev’s blacklist of businesses that operate in Russia.


Swiss food giant Nestle has been declared an “international sponsor of war” by the Ukrainian National Corruption Prevention Agency (NCPA) due to the multinational’s continued operations in Russia, according to an announcement by the agency on Thursday. 

The NCPA’s statement on Telegram claimed that although the Russian market makes up just over 2% of Nestle's global activities, it has not yet “dared” to leave the country. 

Nestle has claimed that the company has “drastically reduced” its portfolio in Russia since the onset of the Ukraine conflict but still provides locals with essential goods and fulfills its obligations toward its employees there.

Among the food giant’s most well-known brands are KitKat, Nescafé, Nesquik, and Nestea.

In its statement, the NCPA claimed that, in addition to importing raw materials to produce basic goods, the company has tried to “covertly send technological equipment to Russia for the development of its own business” in the country.

According to the latest ranking issued by Forbes, Nestle is in the top ten of the biggest Western firms remaining in Russia amid sanctions, with reported revenues of over $2 billion in 2022.

Ukraine’s list of international war sponsors has no legal power and is seen as a shaming mechanism with which Kiev attempts to inflict reputational damage on selected companies with significant business interests in Russia.

Almost 40 international brands, including PepsiCo, Mars, Unilever, Xiaomi, Bacardi, Procter & Gamble, Yves Rocher, and Alibaba (the owner of AliExpress) were added to the list over their alleged reluctance to leave the Russian market.

Ukraine brands Swiss food giant ‘sponsor of war’ — RT Business News

Apple’s warning about ‘state-sponsored’ attack linked to Soros-funded NGO – BJP

The notification received by opposition leaders could be an attempt to “influence discourse,” the ruling party’s IT chief told RT.

👀click to read👀

A day after over a dozen opposition leaders, public figures, and journalists in India received notifications from Apple that their devices were possibly being targeted by “state-sponsored attackers,” India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alleged it could be a plot to slander the country's democratically elected government. 

Opposition MP Priyanka Chaturvedi wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday, calling for action after she and other opposition leaders received a notification from Apple warning about the possibility of government-linked attacks. The notification suggested that they may have been targeted by “state-sponsored attackers,” who could try to compromise their iPhones because of “who you are or what you do.”

India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), the agency responsible for responding to computer security incidents, has started a probe into the Apple email alert. A notice has been sent to the company, Indian media reported on Thursday, citing government officials. 

In an interview with RT, Amit Malviya, the head of BJP’s Information and Technology department, alleged that the warning received by opposition leaders on October 31 was linked to American billionaire financier George Soros.

Malviya noted that the email they put out, which cited procedures they could follow to protect themselves, referenced the US non-profit organization ‘Access Now’, founded in 2009 and engaging in defending “the digital rights of people and communities at risk.” 

The NGO is funded by various entities, including George Soros' Open Society Foundations, the Omidyar Network and the German government, Malviya noted as he questioned why a tech giant like Apple had seemingly outsourced its security to a nonprofit organization.

Malviya claimed that the language of the email that was supposedly sent on behalf of Apple was “not a technical email,” opining that it was political and fairly loaded. “That raises questions on whether the Open Society Foundation funded by George Soros is using networks such as Access Now and trying to influence the discourse in various countries, including India,” he said. 

Apple has earlier claimed that users across 150 countries had been sent alert messages similar to what Indian opposition leaders have received. 

Claiming that Access Now has a dedicated network of other NGOs across India that have in the past “put out several media reports that have been needlessly critical of the various agencies in India and the federal government in particular,” Malviya suggested that Apple could be “leaning” on NGOs funded by George Soros, who “fancies himself as a regime change agent.”

Malviya further stated that in the past, big tech organizations have been the “victims of these ideologically motivated groups,” citing the example of Elon Musk-owned X, which was accused of having an ideological bias in its previous incarnation as Twitter. 

“We know how they meddled in American elections, how they had become a tool in the hands of the FBI,” he said, adding that the ‘Twitter Files’ which were put out after Musk took over the platform, “bear testimony” to the fact that there was a lot of “editorializing” that was happening on the microblogging app. 

Are some of these big tech companies now susceptible to this kind of ideologically motivated groups operating out of the West, sponsored by big money and billionaires like George Soros, who have stated their intent of bringing about regime change in countries if they do not suit their wider agenda?”, questioned Malviya. “Is it about destabilizing a democratically elected government by working in cahoots with journalists, civil rights activists, lawyers, advocates and politicians from the ranks of the opposition?

Describing the process as “dangerous” and “sinister”, he said it is intended to “disrupt democratic orders in countries.

It is not the first time the BJP has raised concerns over Soros’ ties to the Indian opposition. Earlier this year, Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani alleged that Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi was “hobnobbing” with associates of Soros while on his trip to the US. Notably, her statement came in response to police in the southern state of Karnataka lodging a first information report (FIR) against Malviya over a video posted by him on X claiming that Gandhi was trying to “break India” at the behest of foreign power.

Soros has been openly critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in India. In February, he targeted Modi in a public speech and said he was “no democrat” before going on to claim that Modi and business tycoon Gautam Adani are close allies; that their fate is intertwined.

The comments came in the aftermath of the US-based company Hindenburg Research alleging that Adani Group was involved in accounting fraud. The billionaire’s criticism of Modi drew sharp objections from political leaders affiliated with India’s ruling party, the BJP, with Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar lambasting Soros as “old, rich, opinionated and dangerous."

Apple’s warning about ‘state-sponsored’ attack linked to Soros-funded NGO – BJP — RT India

Putin changes Russia’s obligations on nuclear test ban.

By revoking its ratification of the Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, Russia is restoring parity with the US, the Kremlin has said.

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Russia has downgraded its participation in the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) to the status of a signatory. President Vladimir Putin signed the change into law on Thursday, revoking Moscow’s ratification.

The bill was approved by both houses of parliament last month. Specifically, it changed a 2000 Russian law by removing any mention of ratification of the CTBT, while leaving the rest of the text intact.

The Kremlin stressed that the move was taken in response to US policies regarding the ban and does not signal an intention to renew underground nuclear bomb tests.

“Among the states that have not ratified the Treaty, the most destructive position is that of the US, which has for many years declared that there would be no support for ratifying the Treaty in Congress,” Putin’s office said in a statement. “Thus, there was an imbalance between Russia and the US in terms of obligations under the Treaty, which is unacceptable in the current international situation”.

The CTBT has not entered force because its terms require ratification by all nations on a list of 44, which operated nuclear reactors in 1996. With Russia’s withdrawal, the treaty will be nine ratifications short of taking effect. The remaining seven absentees are China, North Korea, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, and Pakistan.

President Putin has suggested that the US may decide to break its de facto moratorium on live nuclear tests as part of the modernization of its arsenal. If this happens, he pledged, Russia will follow suit.


Last month, the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) conducted what it called an underground chemical explosion experiment at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS), a key nuclear test range. It was described as bolstering Washington’s capability to detect nuclear explosions.

Putin changes Russia’s obligations on nuclear test ban — RT Russia & Former Soviet Unio

US using Africans as ‘free clinical resource’ – Moscow.

The Pentagon is conducting illegal biological research under the pretense of ‘public health,’ the Russian Defense Ministry has claimed.

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The US is exploiting Africa as a testing ground and is relocating “unfinished” biological weapons projects from Ukraine to the continent under the guise of public health programs, the Russian Defense Ministry has claimed.

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, head of the Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces, alleged on Tuesday that “illegal” experiments are continuing in Nigeria, in addition to a host of African countries listed in a previous report.

The project is being led by America’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and the State Department, he added.

Washington claims, according to Kirillov, that biological projects in Nigeria are aimed at combating HIV/AIDS. He cited recent figures showing that 60% of Nigerians suffering from the disease have received antivirus therapy using products from “Pentagon-affiliated” biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, which Kirillov said had previously tested its drugs on Ukrainians.

However, the effectiveness of this program raises serious concerns. Despite annual funding increases totaling about $100 million, the HIV incidence rate has remained virtually unchanged and corresponds with 2009 figures. The mortality among HIV-infected people also shows unfavorable progression,” the Russian official stated.

This suggests that “American pharmaceuticals, even with the documented increase in consumption in Nigeria, do not have a tangible therapeutic impact, and Nigerian citizens are being exploited as a ‘free clinical resource,’” Kirillov added.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that a three-year contract signed between DTRA and American non-profit RTI International in August 2022 to monitor infectious disease threats in Africa’s largest economy is part of the Pentagon’s broader “biological espionage” schemes.

This includes “analyzing the epidemic situation along the borders of geopolitical adversaries and in the expected regions of military contingent deployment,” according to the ministry. Moscow also claims to have documents confirming that the Pentagon was spying on the biological situation in “Iraq and Afghanistan bordering China, Türkiye, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

Earlier last month, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed the US was transferring dual-purpose biological research activities to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Uganda, and South Africa. The move came after Moscow repeatedly exposed the Pentagon’s illegal military-biological operations in Europe, including Ukraine, Kirillov said.

US using Africans as ‘free clinical resource’ – Moscow — RT Africa

 Death Rate for Babies in America

Rose for First Time In 20 Years


The U.S. death rate for babies rose 3% last year, the first jump in two decades.


In 2022, there were 5.6 infant deaths per 1,000 live births, according to provisional data released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That’s 3% higher than the 5.44 infant deaths per 1,000 live births the country saw in 2021.

Last year marks the first time the infant mortality rate has jumped since 2002, when the death rate rose to 7 deaths per 1,000 live births, up from 6.8 deaths in 2001.

Some groups of infants saw significant death rate increases, including baby boys, white infants, Native American infants, and premature babies born at 37 weeks or earlier. Native American mothers saw their infant mortality rate rise from 7.46 infant deaths per 1,000 to 9.06 deaths in 2022. White mothers saw the death rate rise from 4.36 per 1,000 to 9.06 deaths.

Maternal complications and bacterial sepsis, two of the leading causes of infant deaths, also increased last year.

Dr. Eric Eichenwald, a Philadelphia-based neonatologist, called the new data “disturbing.”

An increase in RSV and flu infections last fall among babies that led to emergency room visits across the country “could potentially account for some of it,” Eichenwald told the Associated Press. However, he said experts can only speculate so far about why the death rate for babies suddenly increased after years of declining.

The infant mortality rate, which measures how many babies die before they reach their first birthday, has otherwise been declining in recent years. The neonatal mortality rate, which measures how many infants die less than 28 days after birth, also rose 3% last year. The neonatal mortality rate jumped to 3.58 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2022, up from 3.49 deaths in 2021.

The post neonatal mortality rate, which looks at infant deaths between 28 days old and one year old, jumped even higher, 4% up to 2.02 infant deaths per 1,000 live births, compared to 1.95 deaths in 2021.

Overall, more than 20,500 babies died in the U.S. last year. That’s more than 610 infant deaths than during the previous year.

Georgia, Iowa, Missouri and Texas saw significant increases in their infant mortality rates last year. Only one state, Nevada, saw a decrease. Georgia saw 116 more infant deaths last year than in 2021. Texas had 251 more infant deaths.

“It would appear that some of the states could be having a larger impact on the [national] rate,” said Danielle Ely, the CDC report’s lead author.

Meanwhile, the overall death rate in the U.S. fell 5% last year. The falling death rate has been mostly attributed to the country recovering from the pandemic.

Maternal deaths also fell last year across the nation.

OCONEE COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office said deputies are investigating following an incident at the Oconee Nuclear Station Thursday night.


Deputies said they responded to the plant at around 8:05 p.m. after someone reported that a car had driven through the exit side of the gate on the part of the facility facing Highway 183.

According to deputies, once the driver hit the pop-up barricades that plant security activated, they backed the vehicle up and went down a dirt road where Duke Energy security members blocked the car in.

Deputies stated that the driver then drove through a fence after trying to hit the security officers there. There, the driver drove out of the plant’s exit, where he tried to hit a security member’s truck before going back onto Highway 183 and onto a property on Jones Mill Road, where shots were fired. Deputies added that they are currently unsure what the source of the gunshots was.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” -- William Casey, former director of the CIA, upon being asked what the goal of the agency was (in 1981).


This quote was originally spoken by Casey sometime in early February of 1981, at a meeting in the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House, at which the White House policy analyst Barbara Honegger was present (who was then acting as Assistant to the chief domestic policy adviser to the President). She then relayed it to her Godmother, the Senior White House Correspondent Sarah McClendon, who made the quote public without naming the original source, through the Radio host Mae Brussel.

Nov 02, 2023

Ready for another DRAFT? 

New GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson says U.S. 

“Boots on the ground” may be necessary for America to “stand with Israel.”

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Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.), the newest puppet of Israel, has been installed as America's new Speaker of the House.


And his fake-polished, syrupy-sweet southern sweet talk to Fox News' Sean Hannity this week suggests that there could soon very be a draft imposed in the United States to send America's young people to an early grave for Israel.

After finishing up spewing all the usual rhetoric about how Russian President Vladimir Putin must be stopped from prevailing in Ukraine because then China will attack Taiwan, Johnson proceeded to call for limitless and unconditional support for Israel.

"We are not going to abandon them – to be cooperative we need to work together on this," Johnson said about continued U.S. aid for Volodymyr Zelensky. "We owe it to the people to know what the plan is, where the money is going to be spent, and we need the auditing for the dollars that we have already sent over there – these are not tough questions, right?"

"One thing that House Republicans are resolved on is that we must stand with our most important ally in the Middle East, and that's Israel."

House Speaker Mike Johnson, Sean Hannity and most American politicians are Israel-firsters pretending to support Americans.

Whatever happens next will depend on how successful Israel is in committing mass genocide against Gaza and the West Bank. If all goes as planned for Israel, then the U.S. will simply cheer from afar – or at least its puppets, Israel-first politicians like Johnson will do that.

If the ethnic cleansing operation fails, then Johnson foresees drafting American children to be sent into the incinerator for Israel, a position that seems to also be supported by Hannity.

"We certainly hope that it doesn't come to boots on the ground," Johnson told Hannity with that quintessentially artificial southerly "duper's delight" smile.

"If it comes to that – and we've communicated this to the White House staff today that we have the Article 1 power in the legislative branch of government, and they have Article 2 – they have very limited authority on what they can do to respond without coming to Congress to seek consent. And even my Democrat colleagues, Sean, the committees and jurisdiction understand this, and the Foreign Affairs Committee."

Should Iran get involved, which it has promised to do, then Hannity and Johnson both agree that the Middle East will soon see "a full-on war ... with Israel at the center of it."

"If Israel's existence is put in jeopardy, I don't think Prime Minister Netanyahu, who I've known for almost 30 years, I don't think there's anything he won't do to preserve and protect his country from people that have committed their lives to destroy it," Hannity said, namedropping Netanyahu for pro-Israel points.

"They have an existential threat every day," Johnson responded, also namedropping Netanyahu as his longtime buddy.

"America will back him up. They tell us, they say, 'The reason that we are able to sustain ourselves and survive is because everyone knows that our big ally is America ... The House is back in business, and we are going to stand with Israel."

 What Can You Do If a Mob

Surrounds Your Car?


Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, delves into a recent video circulating in the virtual world. This video depicts an elderly gentleman being surrounded by an angry mob of pro-Palestinian protestors who decided to start smashing his car. 

The incident brings to the forefront one of the most common questions we receive here at Washington Gun Law: What can you do when you find yourself and your car surrounded by an angry mob? 

The answer is far more intricate than you might initially assume. Therefore, we encourage you to learn more and equip yourself with knowledge today.

Congressman Blasts Callous Washington Capitals for Taking Money From Hamas-Supporting Qatar


The National Hockey League and its Washington Capitals could face a congressional probe after the hockey franchise took money from Qatar, which backs Hamas, and the league ignored pleas from the parents of a hostage begging it to use its leverage to free him.

Americans urged to buy Israeli wine to aid Jewish relief efforts:

Sip for Solidarity:


Americans supporting Israel are urged to take a “Sip for Solidarity” by buying wine produced in the Jewish nation — with 10% of sales from the US’s main distributor going toward humanitarian relief efforts there.

Israel’s 300 wineries — many in such historical Biblical regions as Nazareth and Galilee — were severely impacted by the Oct. 7 invasion of the country by the terrorist group Hamas, according to a vintner industry rep.

The war broke out during the tail end of the harvest season there, and many operators and workers at the wineries are reservists called up by the Israel Defense Forces, said Joshua Greenstein, vice president of the Israel Wine Producers Association.

Greenstein, an Albany native who now resides in Westchester County, has been the major distributor of Israeli wine in the United States for 15 years.

Watch: Pro-Palestinian Activists Throw Box of Live Rats into British McDonald's.


WEDNESDAY, NOV 01, 2023 - 05:45 AM

👀click to read👀

Pro-Palestinian activists in the west (many of them far-leftists with no ties to Palestinians or Muslim culture) have called for boycotts and punishment directed at any major companies seen as providing aid to Israel. 

McDonald's angered the woke mob recently with its offer of free food to members of the Israeli military (McDonald's also gave $1 million to the Red Cross and the World Food Program providing aid to Palestinians), while Starbucks and Google have triggered their wrath as well. 

Given that woke activism has been on the decline in terms of effectiveness and many in the public have taken to ignoring their demands, protesters are changing their tactics in some bizarre ways.  

Customers were waiting for meals at the McDonald's branch at the Star City leisure complex in Birmingham as an activist threw a box of what appear to be rats into the building.

The rats were spray painted the colors of the Palestinian flag...

Actions like this might be sending a message that pro-Palestinians did not intend.

Rate of American babies dying before their first birthdays increases for the first time in 20 years


The Biden administration announced another bleak signal for life in the United States this week. The rate accounting for the number of babies to die before their first birthdays jumped 3% in 2022 — the first year-to-year increase since 2002, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC indicated that the infant mortality rate was 5.44 in 2021. Last year, the rate was 5.6. The total number of reported infant deaths in 2022 was 20,538, up 610 from the previous year.

Referencing infant birth and death certificates collected from all states and the District of Columbia by the National Center for Health Statistics, the CDC concluded there were increases from 2021 to 2022 more or less across the board. Some of the most significant increases were seen among baby boys, whose mortality rate leaped from 5.83 deaths per 1,000 to 6.06; among premature babies, those who had been in the womb for fewer than 37 weeks and 34 weeks; and among infants of women ages 25-29.

TBT: I wonder how many of them were born to mRNA vaccinated mothers?

It Begins. Bidens DOJ Starts Arresting Trump Supporters Who Stood Outside the US Capitol and Committed No Violence Despite Registered Rallies on Capitol Grounds that Day


On October 13, 2022, the FBI testified that they were using geo-tracking data to identify Trump supporters who had gathered near the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

A bombshell report by the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) revealed the “vast, secretive” partnership between private companies and the federal government to surveil and track the movements of millions of Americans.

According to the EFF, the intel alphabet agencies, including ICE, the FBI, US Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Department of Defense (DoD), as well as state and local law enforcement, are being funneled hordes of private cell phone location data by private brokers who harvest the information.

This is the same tactic that Gregg Phillips, Catherine Engelbrecht, and True The Vote used for their investigation into the mail-in ballot dropbox fraud during the 2020 election. The cell phone location data collected by this group was used to identify the network of Democrat operatives who committed mass election fraud, as seen in the recently-released documentary “2000 Mules.”

What kind of Crap is this?





Ohio Conducts Statewide Simulation of Anthrax Attack (VIDEO)


Public safety, health, and emergency management agencies across the state of Ohio came together recently to conduct a three-day anthrax attack simulation.

The simulation was conducted at the Historic Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio and consisted of emergency responders dressed in layers of personal protective equipment, testing anthrax in mock exercises.

Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff shared, “Exercises like this allow us to evaluate our ongoing readiness and make adjustments that we may find are necessary based on that experience, and it’s all with an eye towards best protecting the people of Ohio.”

Senate Confirms Iran Nuclear Deal Architect Jack Lew for Ambassador to Israel Despite GOP Criticism


The U.S. Senate voted Tuesday to confirm Iran Nuclear Deal architect Jack Lew for ambassador to Israel with all Democrats voting in Lew’s favor.

IRS Chief Claims $14.3 Billion Israel Aid Offset Would Cost $90 Billion: Report


The House GOP plan to offset billions of dollars in aid for Israel by cutting the same amount of money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would end up being a costly one, said the head of the agency.

Youngkin Stops Using Eventbrite After It Deplatforms Riley Gaines Event


Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin said in an interview that he had fired Eventbrite after the company pulled promotion from its website for a speech by former college swimming star Riley Gaines.

WATCH: In Effort to Remove Trump from Ballot in Colorado, DC Metro Officer Under Oath Details His Injuries from Jan 6 but His Facebook Photos Tell a Different Story


During their opening remarks, the far-left attorneys shared two clips of President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse to a million supporters on January 6, 2021.

They omitted the part where President Trump told his supporters to be PEACEFUL!

In an effort to remove Trump from the ballot, DC Metropolitan Police Officer Danny Hodges testified under oath about the injuries he sustained on January 6.


However, as Julie Kelly noted, photos posted by Officer Hodges on Facebook on January 7 of his injuries – just one day after the January 6 Capitol protest – tell a different story.

Matt Hancock 'repeatedly failed to tell the truth 'To ministers and officials during Covid crisis and ex-health secretary aped playing cricket shots as he claimed everything was 'fine.'


The ex-health secretary, who has become a reality TV star since leaving frontline politics, was slated for his 'nuclear levels of confidence' and revealed to be widely seen as 'untruthful' across Whitehall when he was in post. Helen McNamara, who was one of Britain's highest-ranking officials during Covid, offered a disparaging view of Mr. Hancock when she appeared before the inquiry this morning. She even described how, in one bizarre incident, Mr. Hancock imitated being a cricket batsman at the height of the pandemic and told her: 'They bowl them at me, I knock them away.'

Nearly 1,000 Ulez cameras have been stolen or damaged in the last seven months - as two people charged with criminal damage.


Sadiq Khan's expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) to cover the whole of Greater London, meaning people who drive in the area with a polluting vehicle must pay a £12.50 daily fee, has been met with anger by affected motorists. There has been widespread evidence of cameras and vans becoming the target of activists as they are sprayed with paint or even toppled in an effort to halt the tax on drivers, which came in on August 29. Today, the Met Police said there have been 987 crimes relating to the cameras in the capital, including 220 reports of them being stolen and 767 being damaged.

Leader: Stop Gaza bombings, halt exports of oil and other commodities to Tel Aviv


Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has called upon Muslim states to press for an end to the ongoing Israeli atrocities against the besieged Gaza Strip, impose sanctions on the Tel Aviv regime and stop oil and goods exports to the occupied territories.


Ayatollah Khamenei made the remarks during a meeting with students from across the country on Wednesday, ahead of the National Student Day and the National Day of Fight against Global Arrogance, which Iranians celebrate on November 4.

The Leader lauded the Palestinians for their resistance and steadfastness in the face of Israeli atrocities in the besieged Gaza Strip, stating that their resilience has aroused the human conscience.

“What Muslim states must insist on is the immediate cessation of [Israeli] crimes in Gaza. They must promptly stop the bombardment of Gaza and stop the export of oil and other commodities to the Zionist regime,” he said.

"Muslim states must not cooperate economically with the Zionist regime but denounce these catastrophes and crimes vociferously and without hesitation in all international forums."

JUST IN: Controversial Arizona Attorney General Convenes Grand Jury to Harass and Subpoena Cochise County Supervisor


Cochise County Supervisor Tom Crosby is the latest conservative to be hit with a subpoena and a grand jury investigation for fighting for free, fair, and honest elections. 


In an October 13 cover letter from Assistant Attorney General Todd Lawson, Crosby is informed of his right to remain silent “if a truthful answer to the question would tend to incriminate you.” Further, if Crosby fails to appear, the letter threatens a warrant for his arrest.


This is the latest act of lawfare by the corrupt AG against Crosby and Cochise County.

As The Gateway Pundit reported in April, Kris Mayes filed a lawsuit against Cochise County, alleging that Cochise County entered an illegal contract. The dispute arose over a mutual agreement between the Cochise County Board of Supervisors and the County Recorder, which gave the Recorder authority to administer elections. Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge Thomas Fink shot down this attempt to target election officials who refuse to accept fraudulent elections.

Democrats Outraged as, God Forbid, Speaker Mike Johnson Tries to Limit Spending Bills to a Single Issue


Watching the outrage from Democrats (and the muted anger of some Republicans) over newly appointed House Speaker Mike Johnson's approach to spending is quite something. One gets the sense that responsible fiscal governance was never really on their agenda. But it is certainly on his.


So, in insisting that aid to Israel - a check to an ally - is actually covered, he offset the spending with cuts to the IRS. Keep in mind that he's not taking funding they've been using for years, but he is cutting new spending that was being sent their way via the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act." This has confounded and outraged the "This Isn't How We Do Things" crowd in Washington D.C., and they are struggling to come up with a coherent message.

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News simultaneously questions Johnson's strategy and yet explains the problem with D.C. perfectly.

Reporter Tries to Get Kirby to Shift Some Blame Off Hamas; He Doesn't Bite


ABC News Senior White House correspondent Selina Wang asked John Kirby to explain the factors “beyond Hamas” that were complicating the United States’ efforts to get Americans and other civilians out of Gaza — but Kirby was adamant that Hamas was quite literally the only roadblock.



It was one of the best Social Media outlets I was part of. I have over 1,000 followers... I will miss that platform.


With all due respect, it was one of the most well-moderated social media platforms I've had the privilege of being a part of. I genuinely appreciated engaging in discussions and debates with fellow users on the diverse topics I shared there. The individuals I interacted with were both passionate and knowledgeable, and some didn't shy away from expressing their opinions, even if they were a bit provocative at times. However, that was perfectly fine. I must commend the creators and owners of the platform for their efforts. I hope they consider launching another platform in the future.


I guess we won't be heard there anymore.. 😥


Learn Why Biden Regime Deployed Forklifts to Raise Border Fences

for Illegal Migrants to Flood Across Southern TX Border


Border Hawk cameras captured the moment Border Patrol used heavy machinery to raise concertina wire erected by Texas authorities – just as a group of more than 300 illegal aliens ‘coincidentally’ arrived in the area and stormed the riverbank at Eagle Pass, TX.