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July 08, 2023

Judge Rules Against DOJ in Trump Deposition Case Brought By Fired FBI Officials


A federal judge has slapped down a motion filed by Joe Biden’s Justice Department in a case involving a pair of lawsuits filed by former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.


The DOJ was attempting to prevent former President Donald Trump from providing depositions in the lawsuits “to determine whether he met with and directly pressured FBI and Justice Department officials to fire Strzok or urged any White House aides to do so,” NBC News reported Thursday.


The report continued: “The judge’s order was in response to the Justice Department asking her to reconsider an earlier ruling that said Strzok’s attorneys could move forward with a deposition of Trump in lawsuits against the Justice Department and FBI filed by Strzok and Page in 2019. 

The Justice Department had argued Wednesday that ‘newly available evidence’ stemming from FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony last week, as well as sworn testimony from other high-level government officials with ‘direct knowledge’ of Trump’s communications regarding Strzok and Page, was grounds for reconsidering a deposition involving the former president.”



Hitler reacts to Biden running for re-election in 2024.




'TEST EVERYONE!': Boebert Calls for White House Drug Tests After Cocaine Discovered


Well, that’s one way to get to the bottom of it.


Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert is calling for drug tests for President Biden and everyone on the White House staff until they find out who smuggled the cocaine into the West Wing.


So let me get this straight, the White House is refusing to say whether the cocaine culprit will be arrested? Well, I think we should drug test EVERYONE, including Joe Biden, until we know who smuggled illegal drugs into the White House,” Boebert tweeted.

What can we learn about COVID-19 from the vaccine hesitant Amish?

The district of Holmes County Ohio, has a high concentration of the Amish community and low vaccination rate (20%).

Their Belief in God is what kept them safe. - TBT

Comments -

-My mother’s family was Mennonite/Amish (AH-mish) from Northeast Ohio. Neither my mother nor her parents ever got colds, flus, or other common ailments. They grew their own foods and rarely saw doctors (pretty much just for dental and vision health). They weren’t vaxxed. I had a number of childhood jabs in the 1970s. I have ME/cfs, allergies, autoimmune diseases, etc… and I don’t even have the standard American diet!

-Thank you dr McMillan. In the netherlands we have the same story in a place called "Urk". A relegion village with low vaccinations, low contaminations curves and low mortality. It was reported in dutch mainstream papers last week.

-Now look to see what increase in Myocarditis did the Amish have compared to Delaware County. I seriously doubt the Amish are dying suddenly.

-You are correct Dr McMillan. We do need these questions answered. I know I appreciate the research you present to us and will stay informed. Thank you.🙏

-I was totally against getting tested as well.

-I used to think the Amish were crazy, now I realise they're one of the smartest groups of people on the planet. They're just way ahead of the game.

-They were protected by having EXTREME GOVERNMENT SKEPTICISM. In Canada, they would have arrested the pastors and put up a 10 foot high fence around their properties so that they could not continue. Like they did with Artur Pawlowski and some businesses.

Ted Cruz Makes Surprise Prediction About Who Brought Cocaine Into White House


 Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) says that he does not think that the cocaine that was found in the White House this week belongs to Hunter Biden.


It doesn't take a psychic to figure this one out. - Ed. TBT

California High School Suspended Kids For Five Days For Misgendering Teacher, Parent Group Says


 A California high school suspended two children for five days last year for “misgendering” a teacher, according to a local parent group.

A Democrat is "Alarmed" Biden Will Send Ukraine Cluster Bombs

Democratic Representative Barbara Lee is expressing strong opposition to the Biden administration providing cluster bombs to Ukrainian military forces.


National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said during a press briefing Friday that the U.S. will provide cluster munitions to Ukraine, a decision he cited as one not made lightly since the administration reportedly weighed their use in the Russia-Ukraine war dating back to December. President Joe Biden will be present alongside allies at next week's North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Lithuania.


Cluster munitions are either dropped from aircraft or fired from the ground or sea. After being fired, the missiles, projectiles or rockets open in mid-air to release tens or hundreds of submunitions, according to the Cluster Munition Coalition, "which can saturate an area up to the size of several football fields" and injure or kill numerous military members or civilians in the vicinity of a strike.


"We recognize the cluster munitions create a risk of civilian harm from unexploded ordnance," Sullivan said, according to the Associated Press. "This is why we've deferred the decision for as long as we could. But there is also a massive risk of civilian harm if Russian troops and tanks roll over Ukrainian positions and take more Ukrainian territory and subjugate more Ukrainian civilians, because Ukraine does not have enough artillery. That is intolerable to us."


The U.S. will send a version of the munition with a reduced "dud rate," he added.


"I am alarmed to hear @POTUS is considering sending cluster bombs to Ukraine," California Representative Barbara Lee, a candidate for Senate who while in Congress opposed the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistantweeted on Thursday. "Many people are unaware of these dangerous weapons."


Lee added: "The Ukrainian people are engaged in a just struggle for their rights, freedom and humanity. The U.S. and Ukraine don't need to stoop to Putin's level."

"Beyond making the United States a global outlier, acting in contradiction to partner nations' and NATO allies' express ban on the transfer and use of these weapons could hurt the U.S.' ability to forge and maintain coalitions that have been so crucial to supporting Ukraine," last month's letter read. "It would also harm efforts to promote other arms control agreements."

Supreme Court Hands Down

5-4 Norfolk Ruling


"There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution."  - John Adams

The left wing vs. right wing paradigm has been a massive psy-op on patriots.
John Adams was correct.




Democrats TRY TO REMOVE TRUMP FROM BALLOT IN 2024 as Former President Poll Numbers Rise


"Look over here, no …. where? Look over there…  No no no..

Here. Over here."

Tucker Carlson Says He Made A Huge Mistake Getting Involved With Politics In 2022


 Tucker Carlson said he made “a huge mistake” when he decided to get involved in American politics in November 2022, noting that he doesn’t plan to weigh in on the upcoming Republican or Democratic primaries.



That is very disappointing, considering that there are very few reporters or journalist willing to stand up and do the right thing by telling everyone the TRUTH.  

July 06, 2023



White House provides sad 8-word answer when confronted about Biden's refusal to acknowledge granddaughter


The White House refused on Wednesday to acknowledge President Joe Biden's seventh granddaughter.


What is the background?


Over the weekend, the New York Times published an exposé about the complicated relationship between the Biden family and Lunden Roberts, with whom Hunter Biden shares a 4-year-old daughter. According to that story, neither the president nor the first son have ever met the young girl.

Shockingly, the story even claimed that White House staff are instructed to say that Biden has six, not seven, grandchildren, effectively pretending that Hunter's youngest daughter does not exist.

CNBC Hosts Argue Over Biden Censoring Social Media: 'If It Was A Different Administration,

You Might Have a Different Take'


 CNBC hosts Joe Kernen and Andrew Ross Sorkin battled back and forth about a judge's decision to limit White House communications with social media companies. One host claimed it was a free speech issue, while the other said he doesn't want the executive branch calling media companies to silence them.


UN "Pact of the Future" Gives Them PERMANENT EMERGENCY POWERS for Future "Complex Global Shocks"


The UN is set to outline a far-reaching plan to secure emergency powers that would allow the global body to lead a “common agenda” for all nations during any “complex global shocks” such as a new pandemic.


One such policy is an “emergency platform” during any events that have a global impact that would provide the UN the authority to “actively promote and drive an international response that places the principles of equity and solidarity at the center of its work.” #Breaking #News

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles Produce Five Times More Greenhouse Gases Than Claimed By Manufacturers


 A new report has revealed that plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) produce much more greenhouse gases than their manufacturers claim.


POWER PLAY: Cuba spy station brings US-China rivalry closer to American shores.

China's plans to build a listening post in Cuba hint at Beijing's global power ambitions. The move also brings the country's brewing rivalry with the U.S. closer to American soil.


The spy station will be located about 100 miles off Florida and could potentially allow the Chinese military to monitor communications throughout most of the southern United States. This adds to the already present concern of putting China in a region of extreme economic and geopolitical importance to the U.S., giving the communist nation an advantage as it competes with Washington for influence. The listening station also turns the tables on a major source of conflict for Beijing: the U.S. spying off Chinese shores.


Michael Mazarr, an international security specialist at the Rand Corp, warned that the "symbolism is much bigger."


He warned that if the station is built, the U.S. can no longer be complacent in thinking of the "China challenge" as being limited to the Indo-Pacific, with the U.S. being strong enough to invade on the other's region in security terms because "those days are over."


The Cuba spy facility will give Beijing an advantage in the U.S.-China rivalry, but it's unlikely that it's being proposed as a bargaining chip.


America isn't likely to pull back military deployments from China's periphery, especially since Washington has some concerns about Beijing's more assertive posture and American security commitments to allies Australia and Japan.


The Cuba post may be a sign that China now considers its struggle with the U.S. as a global one and that it must operate across the world to keep Washington out and protect Chinese interests.



China has already set up facilities that could work with its navy in Asia and the Pacific and is on a global search for basing sites.


China to use Cuba as a staging point for expanding influence in the region.


China has looked to Cuba, which is also controlled by a communist party-led government, as a potential entry point to further expand its influence in Central and South America and gain the upper hand over the U.S. in a region Washington has long considered an American preserve.


Within the past 20 years, China has gained strength as an economic player in Latin America by increasing trade and investment in agriculture, energy, mining and other sectors. China has already become the top trading partner for many countries in the region, like Argentina, Brazil and Chile.


The engagement has given Chinese companies access to raw materials like copper, oil, soybeans and other resources that Beijing considers crucial to grow the Chinese economy.  


R. Evan Ellis, a professor at the United States Army War College who tracks Beijing’s relations in the region, explained that China's engagement in Latin America is about "seizing what it needs for its own benefit."


In the longer term, China's relations with Latin America are about the country preparing for a world where the U.S. or other countries may try to interfere with its attempts to do so.


Chinese President Xi Jinping has even said in the past that the U.S. is planning to contain China "as it rises to become a global peer." Other Chinese officials have warned that the U.S. may be planning to bring the North Atlantic Treaty Organization into Asia as another tactic to keep China in check.


US trying to maintain defense cooperation with allies in Asia.


Assistant Secretary of Defense Ely Ratner said the U.S. has made gains in expanding access to military facilities and working with countries like Australia, India, Japan and the Philippines. Ratner added that America's bonds with these countries are "in overdrive."


"There's just a very strong demand signal right now for the U.S. to be playing its traditional stabilizing role," said Ratner.


There is no denying that China's assertiveness and coercion highlight the importance of the U.S. and other countries working together to prepare for the worst.


With Beijing planning the spy station in Cuba, the U.S. could try to make sure that China's military presence doesn't get stronger.


And with economic sanctions and strained ties, the U.S. may resort to collaborating with its European and Latin American allies to exert pressure on Havana, particularly if Washington isn't prepared to offer inducements.



Visit to learn more about China's rivalry. 


Number of homeless people in Los Angeles County surges to more than 75,000

Los Angeles County now has more than 75,000 homeless people in its streets, constituting a 10 percent rise for the city and nine percent for the county.


According to a massive count conducted by thousands of volunteers during a three-day period in January, an estimated 75,518 people were living in temporary housing tents, vehicles, RVs or other kinds of makeshift shelters, compared to 69,144 people with similar living conditions recorded in the previous year.


The figures demonstrate a 70 percent increase in homelessness in the county and an 80 percent increase in the city since 2015.  


Most of these increases were in the Westside and Harbor areas of Los Angeles, each experiencing an influx of over 2,000 people, an approximately 45 percent increase from the previous year.


South L.A., which has the second-highest number of homeless people in the county behind central Los Angeles, bucked the trend with a 10 percent decrease representing around 1,600 fewer homeless people. The number of homeless people in the rest of the county remained relatively stable.


Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, who took office late last year, has made decreasing homelessness her foremost priority. She set an ambitious target of transitioning 17,000 people off the streets in her first year, planning to house them in local motels.


However, this strategy has faced limitations as many homeless people seem to prefer the relative freedom of life on the streets. Additionally, most homeless people struggle with drug addiction and mental illness, further complicating efforts to provide effective assistance. 


Homelessness growing despite presence of multiple housing programs.


Despite allocating funds for shelter, permanent housing and outreach, the annual point-in-time count released by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) reveals a continuous growth of street encampments.


Va Lecia Adams Kellum, the newly appointed CEO of LAHSA described the results as disappointing but not surprising.


"We thought with last year's numbers that we were flattening the curve," she said. "However, what we see in this trajectory is that people remain in a situation of vulnerability where they're falling into homelessness faster than we can house them. There's much more needed to right the ship."


The surge in homelessness was primarily driven by a rise in the number of unsheltered individuals, as opposed to those in shelters. The unsheltered population increased by 14 percent countywide, surpassing 55,000 people, while the count of sheltered individuals slightly declined to just over 20,000.


The annual count also revealed an 18 percent increase in homelessness, particularly among those living on the streets. Over 27,000 people experiencing homelessness for more than a year and suffering from mental health conditions and substance abuse were counted. An additional 5,000 homeless individuals were identified in shelters, marking a 7 percent increase.


The demographic breakdown showed an overrepresentation of Black people, including 31 percent of the homeless population, more than four times their share of the county's total population. The Hispanic American proportion remained steady at nearly 43 percent, while the count of homeless Asian Americans more than doubled, but still represented less than two percent of the overall homeless population.


A subsequent survey after the count indicated that 25 percent of homeless individuals self-reported experiencing severe mental illness, and 30 percent reported substance use disorders.


Bass expressed frustration over the latest numbers. She raised concerns that the upward trend would continue as more people fall into homelessness following the expiration of pandemic-related protections.


Bass emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating: "The challenge before us is vast, but we will continue to work with urgency to bring Angelenos inside. We must sustain our momentum by locking arms with leaders at every level of government as we confront this crisis as the emergency that it is. Lives depend on it."

Businesses in major US cities refusing to take cash payments due to brutal series of robberies


 For modern shoppers, cashless payments are a convenient option if you want to skip counting bills and coins while paying for your groceries.


Solar farms sucking up Californias water so much for sustainability


 Large swaths of formerly dry and empty land across rural California now house massive solar farms that we are told will make the Golden State more energy sustainable – but there is just one problem: these solar farms are sucking up the state's scarce water supplies at an astounding rate.


Aspartame Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World Movie


This movie shows the damage that Aspartame will and does to the body. A poison that we have been hoodwinked into believing it's food.


Comments -

-This documentary is under rated. My grandmother died 2 years ago from the majority or the side effects of aspartame. I pleaded my family to make her stop drinking diet coke. To turn to more natural drinks, but it's hard since she was diabetic. She had tumors in her brain, liver, ovaries, as well as cancer. I can't get over the fact that this could have been prevented, how can this known poison be in our beverages and food supply? 

There is so much evil in this world that only care about themselves more, and don't care about our loved ones....

Governor Vetoes Bipartisan Bill Protecting Women’s Sports

 North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed a bipartisan bill that would protect women’s sports on Wednesday.

HB 574, which is titled the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” and passed with bipartisan supermajorities, would prohibit men from playing in women’s sports in middle schools, high schools, and universities.


“We don’t need politicians inflaming their political culture wars by making broad, uninformed decisions about an extremely small number of vulnerable children that are already handled by a robust system that relies on parents, schools and sports organizations,” the Democratic governor stated. “Republican governors in other states have vetoed similar bills because they hurt their states’ reputation and economy and because they are neither fair nor needed.”


The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act was passed with the support of two Democrats in the state legislature — Rep. Michael Wray in the House, and Sen. Val Applewhite in the Senate. If Cooper’s veto is overridden, the bill would apply to all public schools and any private school that competes against public schools.


Applewhite said that her vote was “a tough decision to make” and was based on conversations with coaches and other constituents in her district. One umpire told the Democrat that changes in strength levels between boys and girls can start as soon as seven years old.


“I even reached out to some members of the LGBTQ community who said they understood it as well,” the state senator told The News & Observer. “I think it’s a misnomer to think that everyone in that community feels the same way, they’re not one groupthink.”


According to the Fayetteville Observer, Applewhite received “bad threats” after her vote. When approached by The News & Observer, Wray declined to comment on why he supported the bill.


Cooper also vetoed SB 49, named the “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” and HB 808, which would ban sex change treatments for minors. Unlike the women’s sports bill, these two bills passed with no Democratic support.


Cooper’s vetoes of HB 574 and HB 808 are likely to be overridden by the North Carolina General Assembly, since the GOP holds supermajorities in both houses, thanks in part to Rep. Tricia Cotham, who switched parties from Democrat to Republican in April and voted for all three bills.


However, the path forward for the Parents’ Bill of Rights is less certain, since one Republican, Rep. Hugh Blackwell, voted against the bill, leaving Republicans one vote short of overriding the governor’s veto on that bill.


Cooper is not the only Democratic governor to veto bipartisan bills surrounding protecting Womens’ sports, banning sex change treatments for minors, and strengthening parental rights in education.


Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana vetoed three similar bills Friday, all of which saw multiple Democrats join Republicans to support them in the state legislature. In a press conference, Edwards compared the bills’ supporters to segregationists during the Civil Rights Movement. 

Iowa Governor Calls Special Session To Fight Against The Inhumanity Of Abortion


 Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds called the state legislature to a special session to revive the state’s abortion restrictions after the Iowa Supreme Court blocked the state’s Heartbeat Act last month.


The largest teacher's union in America recommended educators include ‘Gender Queer’ in their summer reading.

'Gender Queer' has courted major controversy among parents for its depictions and descriptions of oral sex, masturbation


The National Education Association (NEA) on Monday recommended that teachers include the controversial book "Gender Queer" on their summer reading lists.


The book was featured in the NEA's "Great Summer Reads for Educators!" list that showcased 11 books. Among those books are "White Fragility," a book that insists that White Americans use anger, shame and guilt to avoid taking responsibility for racial inequality. 


Other sections included "books to help you forget about work" and "books to celebrate or help you understand Juneteenth."


Under the "banned books" section, Gender Queer is recommended as a reading. 


"Gender Queer" has as courted major controversy among America parents for being in public school libraries throughout the U.S. and has been challenged for its depictions and descriptions of oral sex as well as discussions on masturbation.


"For us at the NEA, education justice must be about racial justice, it must be about social justice, it must be about climate justice. It must be about all of those things," president Becky Pringle said. 


"For our students to be able to come to school ready to learn every day--We can never think of education as an isolated system because everything connects to our students' ability to learn. So, we have to necessarily talk about housing justice, food inequality, and the reality that we all just went through a global pandemic together and of course it was the most marginalized communities that were already suffering from the inequities in every single social system in this country and every country."

White House Shuts Down Multiple Questions Related to Cocaine Incident

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shut down multiple questions during Wednesday’s press briefing related to the cocaine that was found inside the White House at the start of the week.


Jean-Pierre refused to disclose where in the West Wing the cocaine was found or what entrance was closest to where the cocaine was found.


She said that the Secret Service needs “space” to be able to conduct its investigation into how the illicit drug made its way into the White House.


“As you know, the president and the first lady and their family were not here this weekend, as you all reported on this and as you also know that they left on Friday and returned just yesterday,” she said.


“Where this was discovered is a heavily-traveled area where many White House  West Wing, I should be even more specific, West Wing visitors come through this particular area, I just don’t have anything more to share.”


Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked Jean-Pierre: “How determined is the president to get to the bottom of who brought illegal drugs to the White House?”


“The Secret Service is getting to the bottom of it and that’s what matters, and it’s under their purview,” the press secretary responded.


“But the question was how determined is the president,” Heinrich pushed back.


“The president thinks it’s very important to get to the bottom of this,” Jean-Pierre replied. “That’s why the Secret Service, which is under their purview, is looking into this. And they’re going to look into what happened this weekend. So the president thinks this is incredibly important to get to the bottom of this.”


Report: Army’s trannies are exempt 

from physical fitness standards…


During the month of June, which sadly, has been hijacked by the LGBTQ+, the woke US military pushed out a slew of trans-related propaganda, including the latest debacle involving “Rachel Jones,” the newest cross-dressing military man. In what can only be seen as a spiteful and disrespectful move, the military strategically released this clip just ahead of July 4th.

The US military is at a major crossroads — or perhaps a “cross dressing” road, to be more exact.

Secret Service investigating suspected cocaine found in White House.

A preliminary field test indicated a white powder found inside the White House was cocaine. Authorities sent the sample to a lab for further testing.

A preliminary test indicated that the white powder found inside the White House Sunday evening, prompting a brief evacuation, was cocaine, according to two officials familiar with the matter and the recording of a dispatch from a D.C. fire crew that responded to the incident.

In a dispatch with an 8:49 p.m. timestamp, a firefighter with the D.C. department’s hazardous materials team radioed the results of a test: “We have a yellow bar saying cocaine hydrochloride.”

July 05, 2023

San Francisco reparations panelist calls straight white men are ‘serial killers’.

A member of San Francisco’s slavery reparations committee blasted straight white men as a “danger to society” — and claimed “white supremacy is ingrained in the DNA” of America.


Nikcole Cunningham, who serves on the California city’s 15-person African American Reparations Advisory Committee, launched the broadside against straight white men in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.


“Straight white men are abusive. Straight white men are serial killers,” Cunningham told the news outlet. “They have the most — I watch these shows — the most serial killers. Straight white men are the ones who are shooting up schools, right?


“So they are a danger to society,” she said, adding: “Not all of them.”


Cunningham also claimed that “white supremacy is ingrained in the DNA in this country and definitely in this city.”


The committee — which was established in 2020 to advise officials on how to address discrimination — seeks to grant each eligible black resident $5 million in reparations for slavery.


Cunningham told the Telegraph that white people should be held accountable for the actions of slave owners as they are “still benefiting from the harms that… [their] ancestor[s] caused.”


She slammed white men for not backing reparations.


“They’re not doing that. So, if anything, they pose more of a harm than support and help. And then you got to remember their ancestors … are the ones who were standing out here in their Sunday best watching black people hang and burn,” Cunningham told the outlet.


“So until white people come to grips with their ancestry too and make amends with them, to say, I want to be the change,” added Cunningham, who was reportedly appointed to the committee because she is suing the city, her former employer, for discrimination.


She is alleging that she was targeted because she is disabled, according to the outlet.


Critics responded to her comments, saying she was being hypocritical.


“Bigotry of any kind is unacceptable,” one Twitter user wrote.


Another added, “It’s pretty disgusting to hear these people spew racism such as white men are no good. There are good and bad people of all skin colors.”


“This is racism at its highest and gravely offensive,” a third Twitter user wrote.


Last week, the reparations task force handed lawmakers its draft report.

Biden set to approve CLUSTER BOMBS for Ukraine, even though they are BANNED in 120 countries.

President Joe Biden is close to approving cluster bombs for Ukraine, according to sources within his administration.


ZeroHedge's Tyler Durden wrote about the development, citing a report from CNN. According to the mainstream media outlet, insiders from the White House said Biden is "strongly considering" the approval of the transfer of dual-purpose improved conventional munitions (DPICMs) – the technical name for cluster bombs.


"Officials … [said] a final decision is expected soon from the White House," the fake news network stated. "If approved, the [cluster bombs] could be included in a new military aid package to Ukraine as soon as next month."


According to the outlet, "cluster munitions – which the U.S. has stockpiled in large numbers since phasing them out in 2016 – could help fill that gap." An official remarked that the DPICMs "would undoubtedly have a significant battlefield impact."


A June 26 report by Foreign Policy magazine remarked that the White House's decision to provide Ukraine with cluster bombs appears to be the result of a bipartisan letter penned by lawmakers. The June 23 letter by Reps. Joe Wilson (R-SC), Victoria Spartz (R-IN) and Steve Cohen (D-TN) urged the executive branch to send DPICMs to Kyiv in aid of its counter-offensive.


"[Transferring] DPICMs to Ukraine presents an opportunity to provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with a powerful capability to use against the Russian army and mercenary forces," the three representatives wrote. "Let us use this untapped, vast arsenal in service of Ukrainian victory and reclaiming Europe's peace."


Many Republicans have remained among the most outspoken promoters of massive spending and a muscular approach against Russia. Back in March, a letter penned by Congressional GOP members chastised Biden's "reluctance to provide Ukraine the right type and amount of long-range fires and maneuver capability to create."  


Top GOP brass in both chambers of Congress were signatories of the March 2023 letter. Idaho Sen. Jim Risch of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker of the Senate Armed Services Committee affixed their names to the letter. Texas Rep. Mike McCaul, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Alabama Sen. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, also signed the letter.


Cluster bombs are banned for a reason.


According to Foreign Policy, cluster bombs "can be fired from artillery cannons and scatter up to 88 bomblets on the battlefield." It added that these weapons could be of much help to Kyiv as it faces Russian tanks and trenches. However, it also warned that "if not cleaned up, the bomblets can be left to kill and maim civilians long after the fighting has died down."


"Experts worry that because the bomblets scatter randomly, civilians could easily mistake them for toys or debris," the magazine noted.


Durden remarked that Washington's "'reluctance' of cluster bombs stems from the fact that some 120 countries have banned cluster munitions. They have been long understood to be more indiscriminate than conventional weapons, given [that] they randomly disperse small bombs over large areas."


Kyiv has set its sights on one such DPICM – the MK-20, which disperses 240 dart-like bomblets after being fired. For the meantime, it relies on cluster bombs quietly obtained from other countries part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Foreign Policy earlier reported that Turkey began sending U.S.-designed artillery-fired cluster munitions to Ukraine last fall.


However, Arab American Institute President James J. Zogby remarked in a tweet that the president's hesitation on sending DPICMs to Kyiv was justified.


"Biden's right to not send cluster bombs to Ukraine. They're an insidious weapon," he tweeted. "In the [1980s], I brought kids from Lebanon who'd lost limbs to Israel's use of cluster bombs."


"We shouldn't have them. They should [be] banned [and] using them should be a war crime."

Planned Parenthood is BANNED across Saskatchewan after supplying 9th graders with sexually explicit card game for 'queer youths' that teaches them about being attracted to TVs, kink and extreme pornography.

  • Planned Parenthood Regina, in Saskatchewan, delivered a seminar to Grade 9 students and offered a game that included descriptions of extreme sex acts.
  • The organization was banned from schools after parents complained to officials. 
  • The local school district has said it wasn't aware the 'inappropriate' material would be offered after the seminar.


A Planned Parenthood organization has been banned from schools in a Canadian province after children were offered an 'A to Z' guide that included descriptions of extreme sex acts.


Planned Parenthood Regina, in Saskatchewan, delivered a seminar to Grade 9 students at Lumsden High School before children were able to take the card game that included a series of explicit terms and definitions.


Some parents complained and the Saskatchewan Education Minister, Dustin Duncan, announced that Planned Parenthood Regina has now been suspended from working in the region's schools.


'It's completely inappropriate to be in a classroom and has no part of being in a classroom,' Duncan said.


A spokesman for Prairie Valley School Division, where the school is based, said the material was 'inappropriate' and it has asked Planned Parenthood to remove it from 'future school presentations'.


Planned Parenthood Regina, an organization focused on sexual health education, has been banned from schools in the province of Saskatchewan after holding a seminar with sexually explicit games to Grade 9 students at Lumsden High School. The card game includes an 'A to Z' guide describing extreme sexual acts.


The sexual health presentation was part of a Grade 9 health class curriculum. The controversial 'A to Z' guide, intended for gay, bisexual, and queer young people, was not directly referred to during the presentation but was made available on a side table afterward. The 'A to Z' guide was produced by the Aids Committee of Toronto (ACT) in 2014.


The explicit guide contained definitions of extreme sexual acts with cartoon portrayals. In addition to the detailed descriptions, the 'A to Z' guide included peculiar references such as 'cathodillia,' defined as "being attracted to one's television set."  


Parents immediately complained about the content of the guide, urging Dustin Duncan, the Saskatchewan Education Minister, to take immediate action. As a response, Minister Duncan announced on Thursday that Planned Parenthood Regina had been suspended from working in schools across the region. He expressed his view that the material was "completely inappropriate" for a classroom setting and should have no place in educational institutions.


The Prairie Valley School Division, where Lumsden High School is located, also disapproves of the explicit material. A spokesman for the school division described the content as "inappropriate" and requested that Planned Parenthood remove it from any future school presentations.


The Prairie Valley School Division spokesman emphasized that while the presentation aligned with the Saskatchewan curriculum, the secondary resource brought by Planned Parenthood was not approved.


Planned Parenthood organization BANNED FROM SCHOOLS in Saskatchewan after conducting a seminar with SEXUALLY EXPLICIT GAMES for Grade 9 students - STATIONGOSSIP

As well as explicit descriptions, the A to Z also include references to bizarre terms like 'Cathodillia', which it said was 'being attracted to one's television set.'

Each word was accompanied by a letter card which included a cartoon depiction of the term.

July 04, 2023



Was Covid a master plan? It sure seems like it after you watch this video that Redacted correspondent Dan Cohen unearthed. It compares viruses to a zombie apocalypse and says that quaratines and vaccines and central global power is the only way out of it. It is getting harder and harder to offer the globalists the benefit of the doubt over Covid, isn't it?

The Hilarious Truth About the Wagner 'Revolt'


The Hilarious Truth About the Wagner 'Revolt' Definitely worth a listen.

VERY URGENT: The fertility crisis in mRNA countries is deepening. Why will no one investigate the plunge in births since 2021?

The global baby bust is worsening - and the problem is deepest in countries that relied most heavily on mRNA Covid shots.


Most notably, several nations that had stable birth levels before the mRNAs were introduced in 2021 have seen sharp drops since. Sweden had about 115,000 births annually from 2012 to 2021. Last year, births plunged to 105,000. In 2023, they are tracking below 100,000. Germany has a similar trend.


Meanwhile, Eastern European nations like Bulgaria - which had much lower mRNA jab rates - have seen in some cases increases in births in the last year.


The trend is not universal, and how the jabs might damage fertility remains unclear. They cause serious menstrual changes in many women, but large studies show their use in pregnancy does not cause miscarriages. If they are doing harm, it probably comes earlier, by reducing the odds of conception or implantation of new embryos. Several studies show sperm declines in men who’ve received them.


Yet governments, scientists, and the media have shied from examining possible mRNA links to infertility. Instead they mock or ignore anyone who mentions it.


Mike Pence: The Days Of Needing Affirmative Action Are Over


Former Vice President Mike Pence declared on Sunday that the days of America needing affirmative action are “over” following the Supreme Court’s ruling last week that two colleges that were using race as a determining factor in the admissions process acted illegally.


Presidential Assassination Cover-up! What Happened at The White House at the

Stroke of Midnight?


Imagine my shock (Not really) when I first learned this myself. We all knew we would never learn about who was involved. That is because there are still living relatives, FBI, CIA, and "Friends" who also co-conspired who we would IMMEDIATELY link to the murder of John F. Kennedy. It goes a lot deeper than anyone knows.


Comments -

-Memorandums have the same weight of law as an executive order by the President. Most people don't realize this, so they play the game of issuing memorandums, so their number of executive orders don't look excessive. We need to eliminate the memorandums, so the public becomes more aware!

-I'm not a member of the JFK and RFK family tree. I am a Kennedy. I'm outraged by this decision. I want to know what happened. To John Kennedy and to Robert Kennedy. Not only do all of the Kennedy family members. Deserve to know who killed the two Kennedys. The American people deserve it just as much. We all want answers and deserve them.


-Basically, two things are possible: 1) They let Russia get away with it (nah). 2) They DID IT. (yep)

July 03, 2023

Governor Vetoes Bill Protecting Children from Transgender Procedures in State with GOP Supermajority

 Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has vetoed a bill that would have protected children from life-altering transgender surgeries and hormone procedures. 


Edwards vetoed the “Stop Harming Our Kids Act,” a bill that would have prohibited a wide range of transgender procedures on children, including giving girls who identify as boys double mastectomies. It would also have banned giving children cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers.


“Just as conservative courts have found in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee, I believe that there is no legitimate state interest and no rational basis that justifies harming this very small population of children, their families, and the healthcare who care for them or for the cruel and extreme consequences imposed on children through the overt denial of healthcare by this bill,” Edwards claimed in a letter to Louisiana House Speaker Clay Schexnadyer explaining his veto.


He claimed that the law would be a violation of the 14th Amendment and claimed that lawmakers believing in limited government should not support the bill, which he characterized as part of a “targeted assault on children.”


Despite the governor’s veto, the bill could still have a path forward as there is a supermajority of Republicans in the state’s House and Senate. The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 29-10 and the House by a vote of 75-25.


A Republican state senator previously held up the bill in committee before it was moved to another committee from where it advanced. Initially, Republican state Senator Fred Mills joined Democrats in a 5-4 vote on the Health and Welfare Committee to block the advancement of the bill. Edwards reportedly pressured lawmakers on the committee to kill the bill. 


Roughly 20 states have passed bans on life-altering transgender procedures on children, including Kentucky, which is also governed by a Democrat. The Republican legislature was able to override his veto before portions of the law were just blocked by a federal judge.


The laws have faced an uphill battle, with federal judges in Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, and Florida blocking portions or all of the bills, largely claiming the legislation could violate the 14th Amendment.


Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti filed a motion for an emergency stay from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals after U.S. District Judge Eli Richardson placed a temporary injunction on Tennessee’s prohibition of cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers for children, which have been shown to have life-altering impacts.

New York cop who claimed fellow officers were sending her threatening texts arrested for allegedly sending them herself


A female police officer in upstate New York accused her fellow officers of barraging her with threatening text messages, including invitations to kill herself. It appears that 36-year-old Emily Hirshowitz of the Ossining Police Department might be her own worst enemy.




Texas Christian University now offers 'The Queer Art of Drag' as an ACADEMIC course.


First it was reading books to children. Then it was dressing in religious garb. Now it’s become a subject worthy of academic study.


If you’re a student at TCU, you can earn actual college credit for taking a class titled “The Queer Art of Drag,” which is, unsurprisingly, offered by the Department of Women and Gender Studies.


In this class, students create their own drag persona and explore how such personas “contribute to queer world making.”

“Oh, that’s good,” Pat Gray sarcastically remarks. “We’re trying to make a queer world.”

“Any time any school has a department of gender studies, weird things are going to be going on in that department. Every time,” he continues.


The course is taught by Dr. Nino Testa, whose drag name is Maria von Clapp, and is designed to “[challenge] dominant norms and systems of oppression.”


“Tell me this is only one [college credit],” Keith adds.



Israel launches major military

operation in West Bank


Israeli forces raided the West Bank city of Jenin on Sunday night, killing at least five Palestinians. The attack reportedly involved an air-based strike, triggering a gun battle that lasted into the morning. The Israeli military says its forces targeted a building that served as a command center for fighters from the Jenin Brigades, a unit made up of different militant groups based in the city's largest refugee camp. Sounds of gunfire and explosives could be heard across the city as residents gathered on the streets to mourn.

The escalating violence in the West Bank over the past 15 months has caused mounting international alarm.

At least five Palestinians killed as Israeli forces strike West Bank city of Jenin.

Lindsey Graham: We gonna help Ukraine defeat Russia Booed at Trump Rally..


Just in case anyone is wondering, this is the same guy who visited Ukraine and chimed about how it was the best money we ever spent. and about how good it was that Russians are dying.   No matter what party he serves, it is despicable to hear a congressman speak in such a manner.  Please retire yourself, Lindsey. You are a DISGRACE


"The Russians are dying... it's the best money we've ever spent." - Lindsey Graham ("Out of Context" but said none the less.)

A 19-Point Timeline of Joe Biden’s Infamous Links to the Family Business / Read the first 5 right here

Although President Joe Biden has personally denied involvement in his family’s international business scheme nine times, a timeline of events suggests Joe Biden not only is linked to the family’s affairs but is a key member of an “organized crime” operation, as House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) termed it.


Comer recently identified “six specific policy decisions” that Joe Biden made that indicate he could be “compromised.”


“Where is the money?” Biden responded in June when asked about his ties to the business. He later said he was joking. “It’s a bunch of malarkey.”


The following 19-point timeline lays out the data points obtained from whistleblowers, the “Laptop from Hell,” James Comer, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and the Senate 2020 report on the family.



In 2013, Hunter flew to China with Vice President Joe Biden aboard Air Force Two. During the excursion, Hunter introduced the vice president to his business partner Jonathan Li, the CEO of a company linked to Chinese intelligence.


Ten days after the visit to China, Hunter secured a ten percent interest in BHR Partners, a Chinese state-backed investment fund co-founded with Li. The fund’s capitalization was $1 billion.


The Bank of China, a state-owned bank, controls BHR Partners. BHR Partners’ website boasts 15 billion RMB (renminbi, the official Chinese currency) in various portfolio companies, translating to more than two billion U.S. dollars.


Hunter Biden held a ten percent interest in BHR with the entity Skaneateles LLC. He controlled Skaneateles, according to Chinese public records from Baidu, as the sole governor until its dissolution in September 2021, a Washington, DC, registration indicated. Documents obtained by Breitbart News, first revealed by the nonprofit Marco Polo, show the control of Skaneateles LLC is held by Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden’s top attorney, who also paid Hunter Biden’s IRS debts.



Photos from 2014 reveal Joe Biden met with Hunter’s Mexican business associates, billionaire Miguel Alemán Velasco and his son Miguel Aleman Magnani, in the vice president’s office.


“The then-vice president also flew Hunter and his partner Jeff Cooper on Air Force 2 to Mexico City in 2016 where Hunter arranged to meet Alemán’s son for meetings over a ‘flippin gigantic’ business deal,” the Daily Mail reported.



In 2016, Hunter and Joe Biden flew aboard Air Force Two to Mexico, where Hunter met with a business associate from Mexico City. On the trip, Jeff Cooper, who ran a large litigation firm, Simmons Cooper, invested $1 million in Hunter and James Biden’s now-defunct hedge fund. The New York Post reported:


Simmons Cooper also put up $1 million in investment capital for Hunter and his uncle Jim [James] Biden’s abortive attempt to run a hedge fund in 2009. When the venture ended, the Bidens returned the money.


Cooper joined the VP’s entourage on Air Force Two to Mexico in 2016, when he and Hunter were trying to negotiate an ill-fated petroleum deal with Aleman Magnani.


At 6 p.m. on Feb. 24, 2016, about an hour after “wheels up” from Joint Base Andrews on the five-hour flight to Mexico City, Hunter wrote a plaintive email to Aleman Magnani using Air Force Two’s secure, high-speed satellite communications channel. He blind-copied Cooper.



A photo reportedly taken in 2014 shows Joe Biden golfing with Hunter and Devon Archer, Hunter’s fellow board member at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. Archer, who was imprisoned for fraud, is in talks to comply with the House Oversight Committee’s subpoena regarding his knowledge of the Biden family’s alleged $10 million Ukraine “bribe” and additional Biden family business transactions.


“The photograph includes a fourth man who has not been identified. However, he is not Burisma’s top executive Taras Burdeinyi or founder Mykola Zlochevsky. Photographs of both men can be seen here and here,” Reuters reported.



In 2015, Burisma was under suspicion of money laundering and public corruption. Prosecutor Victor Shokin was investigating the case before his termination due to pressure applied by then-Vice President Joe Biden, who threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid from Ukraine if the Ukrainian government did not fire Shokin.


Joe Biden later bragged about the firing during a 2018 appearance at the Council of Foreign Relations.


“I said, ‘I’m telling you; you’re not getting the billion dollars.’ I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in,’ I think it was about six hours,” Biden told the audience. “I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.”





Comer recently identified “six specific policy decisions” that Joe Biden made that indicate he could be “compromised.”

Summer Operations | The Second Stage Of Ukrainian Offensive Has Started.


Military Summary 2023.07.2

Comments -


-American Marine David Bramlet has shared his story of fighting against Putin --


I'm not going back to fight. The war in Ukraine is more dangerous than in Iraq or Afghanistan. This is my third war that I've been involved in, and this one is definitely the worst. You can get crushed by artillery, tanks. Last week, they dropped a bomb from a plane about 300 meters away from us, and it was a horrible mess. There's nowhere to hide. When we went out on missions, I thought we were all going to die. There won't be a helicopter coming for you, no one will rescue you when you're surrounded. When I came back home, I had time to think about everything. I came to the conclusion that I'm not going back.


-Saw a post from The New Atlas today entitled Ukraine's Offensive at 1 Month - Losing the War of Attrition. The post uses Pro Ukrainian Maps drawn to scale, not telescoped to make a few meters look like kilometers, and Pro Ukrainian Sources. Was the best detailed report that I've seen to date from anyone as the lies of the Uke-bots are exposed in no uncertain terms by their own sources.


-I pray for the souls of all fallen soldiers. No matter which side human life is precious and holy. They were all victims of western greed and imperialism.

July 02, 2023

Buttigieg Attacks Christian in SCOTUS Case: Only Went into Business to Provoke a Case Like This


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg attacked the Christian web designer who the Supreme Court sided with last week in striking down a Colorado law that would have required her to design a website for a same-sex wedding.

Ocasio-Cortez: It Is Profoundly Disrespectful for Clarence Thomas to Say Blacks Are Not Victims


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claimed over the weekend that Supreme Court Justice Clarence was “profoundly disrespectful” for writing in his concurrence with the Court’s overwhelming 6-3 ruling that race-based college admissions are illegal that blacks are not “victims.”
Her Ignorance is Staggering.



DEA Administrator Blames Social Media Companies For Fentanyl Crisis Infecting U.S.


 DEA Administrator Anne Milgram said over the weekend that Congress needs to pass some sort of legislation to crack down on social media companies for allegedly not doing enough to stop the sale of fentanyl on their platforms.



Since when are Social Media companies responsible for illegal drug sales? Isn't that a BORDER ISSUE?

Most Americans Support Supreme Court Decision On Affirmative Action: Poll


 Despite scenes of protest and statements of disapproval from the leadership of colleges and universities across the country, the majority of Americans are supportive of the recent Supreme Court decision restricting race-based college admissions. 



The only ones who don't are the Liberal Far Left.

AOC Suggests She Does Not Know Of Any Checks On The Supreme Court


 Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) suggested over the weekend that there are no checks on the U.S. Supreme Court and that there was nothing balancing out their power, despite the fact that those things exist.


Hunter Biden's former business partner was willing to go before a grand jury. He never got the chance.

A former business partner of Hunter and James Biden, who worked directly with them on a 2017 China energy deal, was never asked to testify to a Delaware grand jury investigating Hunter Biden, two sources familiar with the discussions tell CBS News.

Tony Bobulinski, the former business partner, was open to testifying, and his attorney reached out to the office of Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss. Weiss did not return their calls, the sources said. Weiss' decision not to bring Bobulinski is the latest indication that prosecutors investigating Hunter Biden may have avoided investigating allegations about his father, President Joe Biden.

In October 2020, Bobulinski was invited by the Trump campaign to attend a presidential debate after he released business records about his dealings with Hunter and James Biden. At a press conference before the debate, he claimed to have met with Joe Biden in May 2017, as part of discussions over a potential business deal with a Chinese energy firm, CEFC.

"I've heard Joe Biden say that he's never discussed business with Hunter. That is false. I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden," Bobulinski said at the press conference. Contacted this week by CBS News, Bobulinski said he stands behind those statements.





Douglas Macgregor - One Last Counter-offensive.

July 01, 2023

Biden’s Feds Cut Through Razor Wire Placed by Texas

Authorities to Let Illegals into U.S.

They're Just Letting Them In.


U.S. Border Patrol agents allegedly cut through razor wire placed by Texas law enforcement officials on the southern to let illegal aliens enter the country, according to new video.


Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin shared a video on Twitter of the incident, which he said occurred on private property, according to officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety.


“Video from source in Eagle Pass shows Border Patrol cutting through razor wire placed by the state of TX to allow migrants to enter & be processed after crossing illegally,” Melugin said. “[The Texas Department of Public Safety] tells me this is the first time they know of this happening, and that it’s being looked into for potential destruction of TX property.”


“The federal government’s position is that once migrants are on U.S. soil, under U.S. law, they need to be processed, and cannot be repelled or turned away,” he continued. “Texas is taking a much different approach, and has been physically blocking migrants under orders from Governor @GregAbbott_TX . TXDPS tells me the location this video was shot at is private property, and that they have permission from the owner to lay down razor wire and arrest migrants for criminal trespassing.”


Melugin noted that the Border Patrol agent in the video is “likely just doing what he’s been told – but this will likely lead to more friction between TX & the Feds, who have drastically different approaches at the border.”

Democrat State Senator Jokes About Pornhub As Virginia Age Verification Law Takes Effect


A Virginia law that took effect on July 1 requires users of pornography websites to prove they are 18 or older, prompting Pornhub to block the website in Virginia over concerns of legal liability due to the law.


Who Died: June 2023

Week 4 | News


This video features “The Rose” and “Apocalypse Now” actor Frederic Forrest, “Antony and Cleopatra” actress Carmen Sevilla, “Fiddler on the Roof” lyricist Sheldon Harnick, NASA Mars program director Firouz Naderi, Olympian and stuntman Dean Smith, bluegrass mandolinist Jesse McReynolds of Jim and Jesse, Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz, Nobel Prize-winning lithium-ion battery creator John Goodenough, “Santa Barbara” star Nicolas Coster, NFL and CFL player Dahrran Diedrick, “Hurricane” Carter judge H. Lee Sarokin, 


bluegrass mandolinist Bobby Osborne of the Osborne Brothers, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Ryan Mallett, former Connecticut governor Lowell Weicker, Tuskegee Airman Homer Hogues, Mexican TV host Talina Fernández, and “A Room with a View” star Julian Sands.







EXCLUSIVE: Rep Rosendale introduces bill to prohibit the IRS from purchasing guns after armed Montana raid

 Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., alien a bill Friday to prohibit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from application aborigine dollars to acquirement accoutrements for its agents, afterward the abrupt arrest of a local Montana gun store.


The agent aliens the "Why Does the IRS Need Guns Act" Friday, afterwards 20 armed IRS and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents entered Highwood Creek Outfitters in Great Falls, Montana, beforehand in June and reportedly confiscated the claimed advice of barter who purchased a gun from the store.


"Biden’s alphabet agencies have no business alarming accomplished Montanans," Rosendale informed Fox News Digital in an absolute statement. "The weaponization of our government charge end, which is why I am appreciative to acquaint these legislations to prohibit aborigine payments from actuality leveraged adjoin the American people."

After the armed agents bankrupt the gun shop unannounced in June, Rosendale visited the armpit and begin which 4,473 forms absolute gun acquirement annal were acquired by the federal agencies.


Rep. Matt Rosendale, left, at Highwood Creek Outfitters in Great Falls, Montana. (Rosendale Twitter)


The Montana agent alien the legislations to advance alternate adjoin the contempo accident and prohibit the IRS from buying, accepting or autumn accoutrements and ammo. 


The new Republican-introduced bill would also "transfer the IRS’ armory to the GSA aural 120 days area it would be awash at arrangement to accountant dealers and the accepted public" and "transfer the Criminal Investigations Division to the Department of Justice."


Cosponsors of the bill accommodate Reps. Clay Higgins, R-La., Randy Weber, R-Texas, Harriet Hageman, R-Wyo., Eli Crane, R-Ariz., Mary Miller, R-Ill., Bob Good, R-Va., Brian Babin, R-Texas, Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., and Nancy Mace, R-S.C.




Rosendale's bill mirrors legislations lately alien by Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa., which seeks to "prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from accouterment accoutrements and ammunition to its employees, and for added purposes."


Ernst accent which the IRS reportedly spent $35.2 millions of aborigine payments on "guns, ammunition, and military-style apparatus back 2006," including $10 million on "weaponry and gear" back 2020, in accordance to a Contempo Open-The-Books report.


Tom Van Hoose, owner of Highwood Creek Outfitters, recalled activity abashed while he begins the aggregation of IRS agents entering his shop unannounced.


"I was once absolutely abashed for all the passers byers," the gun shop owner informed Fox News' Jesse Watters. "What do you do while you got heavily 20 armed in abounding battle bang with accoutrements at the ready?"

LEAK: Jack Smith Preparing to Hit Trump with 45 More Charges as ‘Back-Up Plan’ in Classified Documents Case

Another day, another leak.


Jack Smith is reportedly preparing to hit President Trump with 45 additional charges as a ‘backup plan’ should Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, delay or thwart the classified documents case currently in the Southern District of Florida.


The additional charges are expected “in the coming weeks,” The Independent reported.


President Trump was recently indicted on 37 federal counts in a Florida court in Jack Smith’s classified documents case.


According to the latest leak, the special counsel’s prosecutors are preparing a “superseding indictment” – a separate set of charges against Trump in the Southern District of Florida.


Jack Smith’s prosecutors may also bring additional charges against Trump in a different venue if they feel Judge Aileen Cannon is being too fair to Trump.


This is the same theory that corrupt prosecutor Andrew Weissmann recently floated.


Trump was charged with 31 counts of willful retention of national defense information and 6 other process crimes stemming from his conversations with his lawyer.


Jack Smith however did not charge Trump with dissemination of the national defense information related to documents stored at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club.


According to the indictment reviewed by this reporter, In July 2021, at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ, during an audio-recorded meeting with a reporter and two staffers, Trump “showed and described a “plan of attack” that Trump said was prepared for him by the DoD and a senior military official.”


The Florida indictment did not include a charge for the so-called ‘Iran memo’ – so Jack Smith can hit Trump with charges in another venue outside of Florida.


The Independent reported:


The Department of Justice is prepared to seek indictments against multiple figures in former president Donald Trump’s orbit and may yet bring additional charges against the ex-president in the coming weeks, The Independent has learned.


According to sources familiar with the matter, the department has made preparations to bring what is known as a “superseding indictment” — a second set of charges against an already-indicted defendant that could include more serious crimes — against the ex-president in the Southern District of Florida.


But prosecutors may also choose to bring additional charges against Mr Trump in a different venue, depending on how they feel the case they have brought against him in is proceeding.


The Independent understands that prosecutors’ decision on whether to seek additional charges from a grand jury — and where to seek them — will depend in part on whether they feel the Trump-appointed district judge overseeing the case against him in the Southern District of Florida, Aileen Cannon, is giving undue deference to the twice-impeached, now twice-indicted former president.

Homelessness Exploding in Los Angeles Over 75,000 Living on the Streets


Homelessness is exploding in the Democrat-run city of Los Angeles, California.


The left loves to talk about income inequality. So why aren’t the rich celebrities of Hollywood sharing their wealth with these people and opening their homes to them?


Breitbart News reported:  Disaster: Homelessness Skyrockets in Los Angeles; Over 75,000 on Streets in L.A. County


Homelessness in Los Angeles skyrocketed over the last year, increasing by 10% in L.A. County and 9% in the city, leaving more than 75,000 people living on the streets of the county in an epic setback for local leaders.

Planned obsolescence comes to brain implants; the dystopian future we are creating is scary.

Medical implants are designed with a lifespan design goal. The manufacturer often knows what's going to break first, and how bad that's going to be. Usually it's the battery, although after that it's probably connectors and wires for the communication, sensors, and stimulus. Having worked on permanent battery powered implants in the skull (implantable hearing aids), I understand the issues on both sides - I've seen participants in experimental trials in tears at being able to hear for the first time. Sometimes participants in trials disappear, as it's the only way they can keep their implant, and knowing that it will someday fail.


It seems very reasonable to allow patients with externally powered implants (powered via induction rather than an internal battery) to opt to keep the implants, and to regulate that any batteries degrade in a harmless manner. I feel that if this is the case, it may be useful to provide the available design information, knowing that there is almost no hope that the patient will be able to make use of it. Ideally, for a device with a lot of users, it would be best for a non-profit consortium of patients to get the materials, as they would stand the best chance of properly making use of them.


However, understand that experimental devices are thought of as proprietary, as are all the data and designs, as these are normally a direction that the company wants to head in for future devices. Additionally, if a company shuts down, the intellectual property is one of the few things that a company can sell off to try to reduce losses. Maybe the companies should provide a roadmap for device development, and if the device is orphaned, all materials should be required to become public knowledge, similar to orphan drugs, but the companies will factor that loss in and increase the cost of goods, or perhaps decide not to pursue the research in the first place.


It's a problem that doesn't have a good solution. One thing I'd like to see is more modular approaches, perhaps a standard for packages, batteries, and communication, that would make public transfer easier, but much of the IP problem still remains. The big tradeoff with improved modularity is bigger implants and/or lower battery life (it's much more important with implants than with cellphones).


The right thing should be to prioritize the patients' overall well-being - all the medical companies have words to that effect as a bullet in their mission statements. Unfortunately, because of the time it takes while the quality of patient's lives hang in the balance, it may take a regulatory agency or court to decide what the overall well-being actually is, rather than a company. - @scottmiller2591

Biden Attacks His Admin Over Report on Afghanistan Failures: - ‘No, No … I Was Right’

Joe Biden attacked his own administration late this week for saying that his actions in Afghanistan in 2021 led to “serious consequences” and failures as U.S. forces pulled out from the country.


The report from the U.S. State Department said that the decision “to end the U.S. military mission in Afghanistan had serious consequences for the viability of the Afghan government and its security.”


The report found that “there was insufficient senior-level consideration of worst-case scenarios and how quickly those might follow” and that the administration “failed to establish a broader task force as the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated in late July and early August 2021.”


Biden was asked about the report at the end of a press conference on Friday that he held to discuss the Supreme Court ruling his student loan bailout was unlawful.


“Mr. President, do you admit failure in Afghanistan? Mistakes?” a reporter asked. “There was a — there was a report on Afghanistan withdrawal, saying there was failure, mistakes. Do you admit there was mistakes during the withdrawal and before?”


“No, no,” Biden shot back. “All the evidence is coming back.”


“Do you remember what I said about Afghanistan? I said al Qaeda would not be there,” he said. “I said it wouldn’t be there. I said we’d get help from the Taliban. What’s happening now? What’s going on? Read your press. I was right.”

What is IgG4 antibody and why would it rise almost 4000% after covid vaccination?

Irrgang, Pascal, et al. "Class switch towards non-inflammatory, spike-specific IgG4 antibodies after repeated SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination." Science immunology (2022): eade2798.




I may not be a Rocket Scientist and I am certainly not a Medical one either. But I do know how to read. My basic understanding is that the "Plan" was to make the body manufacture the so-called virus. The T-Cells would alert the immune system to get out the infection fighting white cells to fight off the virus and thus have a "memory" of it within the body so it could defeat that virus next time around. It all looks good on paper. Forbes was the first to actually list the ingredients and explain the Moderna delivery system and explain what they hoped the vaxx could do.


The unfortunate reality is that it was injuring people with all those "Rare" side effects. And of course, there were the consistent lies and misuse of power during the "Pandemic." I am glad I didn't take the shot. There is not a shot of Alcohol or donut that could woo me into the mistake of a lifetime.




Sean Hannity today 6/30/23 FULL END SHOW HD


| FOX NEWS June 30, 2023


Comments -


-I am very happy with the Supreme Court. They are standing up for the Constitution.


-It’s simply AMAZING that these people don’t understand or respect the law of our Constitution!


-I will always be proud of this country and the men and women who died for it but I'm ashamed of our government. We need a CONVENTION OF STATES to set us back on the right path.


-Interesting how little respect dems show towards our constitution.

-It's always nice when your President teaches you not to pay your bills. So, the Government can declare bankruptcy. Soon someone has to pay plus interest.


-Thank you, Donald J Trump. Look what the Lord has done. Thank you, Jesus!


-No one should be FORCED to pay someone else's Bill's, pledge's or responsible.





Justices Let Stand Ruling Protecting Gender

Dysphoric Under Disability Law


In a win for transgender rights, the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday declined to review a first-of-its-kind ruling from a federal appeals court that found people with gender dysphoria are entitled to the protections of the Americans With Disabilities Act.


Advocates praised the decision to leave a ruling from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in place.



Matt Walsh DEBUNKS Anti Alien Propaganda - Part 1


If you enjoyed the "Pandemic", you're gonna love the "Alien Invasion."


Fox News Settles For $12 Million With Former Tucker Carlson Producer


Fox News has agreed to pay $12 million to Abby Grossberg, a former producer for Tucker Carlson, to settle her two lawsuits claiming the network was a hostile and discriminatory environment and that Fox pressured her to lie in a deposition.

June 30, 2023



Ron DeSantis' Brutal Reaction After Seeing San Fran Decay Up Close | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of the Daily Wire filming DeSantis’ reaction to seeing the urban decay of San Francisco crime.

Impeachment push set to take center stage in House, bringing new chapter for GOP (read it here)

House Republicans are preparing to let the push for potential impeachment proceedings dominate their agenda over the next few months, as Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces growing pressure from an increasingly restive right flank eager to take aim at President Joe Biden and his Cabinet.


The increased focus on impeachment — with Biden’s attorney general and homeland security secretary the highest on the GOP’s list — underscores how Republicans are quickly shifting their focus to red-meat issues that could fire up their base, even as some in their conference are nervous about voter backlash over the more aggressive approach.


Between July and September, Republicans are slated to hear high-profile testimony from a trio of Biden Cabinet officials who have been top impeachment targets on the right: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and Attorney General Merrick Garland.


Just this week, a new focus emerged for McCarthy when he announced that Republicans are prepared to open an impeachment inquiry into Garland if an IRS whistleblower’s claim about alleged meddling in the Hunter Biden case holds up, an idea that has been heavily promoted by the far-right bloc of his conference.


McCarthy’s comments then set off fresh momentum. He appeared side by side with House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan on Fox News Wednesday night to reaffirm his position. And on Thursday, Jordan, along with House Oversight Chair James Comer and House Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith requested transcribed interviews with Department of Justice, FBI and IRS officials involved in the Hunter Biden case, including US Attorney David Weiss, the Trump-appointed attorney who oversaw the criminal investigation. Garland has rejected claims that the Justice Department improperly interfered in the probe.


The moves come amid pressure on House GOP leaders and committee chairmen to launch official impeachment proceedings – potentially on Biden himself. House Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green said he is conducting a “five phase” investigation into Mayorkas over problems at the southern border that could culminate in an impeachment recommendation to the House Judiciary Committee, which Green expects to finish by this September. His committee is also expected to include a review of Biden’s handling of the border as part of that impeachment probe.


“We’re looking at all the things that they’re failing to do,” Green told CNN. “There’s not going to be that much of a change other than we’ll dig into the actual actions of the president in conjunction with what’s happened.”


With patience on the right wearing out, one hardline GOP member, Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, tried to force a snap floor vote last week on impeaching Biden, though Republican leaders rebuffed the effort and referred the matter to relevant committees instead.


“We’ve been investigating this failure at the southern border now for a little while … and now the House has asked us to add the president’s actions into this,” Green said. “And we’ll dig into that too.”


Conservative firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has introduced a slew of impeachment articles against Biden and various Cabinet members, has also signaled she intends to force floor votes on her resolutions, meaning the issue is sure to take center stage for the House GOP in the weeks and months ahead.


“I’ve talked to everyone here until I’m blue in the face for a long time about impeachment,” Greene told CNN.


It all represents a new chapter for the nascent House Republican majority – and particularly for McCarthy, who has up until this point been reluctant to lean into impeachment proceedings, instead insisting that his committee chairs focus on gathering evidence and holding hearings before going down that route. And he has instead tried to channel his conference’s focus on messaging bills like energy and immigration.


Many in McCarthy’s conference are uncertain about the new focus.


“Impeachment should be treated in the serious matter it deserves,” said Rep. Don Bacon, who represents a Nebraska swing district and said he would review the facts before deciding how to proceed with any impeachment proceedings. “We’ve lowered the bar over the last four years, and it’s not healthy.”


After facing backlash from conservatives for cutting a debt limit deal with Biden and as the clock ticks toward the 2024 elections, McCarthy has started to warm up to the idea of impeaching a member of Biden’s Cabinet – whether it be Garland or Mayorkas or both, according to multiple sources familiar with this thinking. The move could win over some on his right flank.


McCarthy has also faced pressure behind closed doors as members like Greene have met with him to personally make their case for why the House GOP should launch impeachment proceedings.


And McCarthy will need every ounce of conservative support he can get as he heads into spending season, where he may be forced to ultimately compromise with Democrats once again and fall short of the demands from the far right.


“I think what the House is going to do, we’re going to continue to investigate. We’re going to continue to follow this chain of evidence,” Rep. Byron Donalds, a member of the hardliner House Freedom Caucus, told CNN after the IRS whistleblower testimony was revealed. “I think the evidence is leading us to clear issues of obstruction of Justice at the Department of Justice. And with the White House.”


Impeaching a Cabinet official has only happened once in US history when William Belknap, the secretary of war, was impeached by the House before being acquitted by the Senate in 1876. But some in the GOP view the idea of charging a Cabinet member with committing a high crime or misdemeanor as an easier sell than impeaching Biden himself.


Yet McCarthy would still have some serious work to do in wrangling the votes for impeachment, with some moderate and vulnerable House Republicans still concerned about the optics of the politically contentious move, which would be dead on arrival in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Some of those Republican holdouts serve on the House Judiciary Committee, whose panel would be responsible for launching any official impeachment proceedings.


“I don’t know why we have members on Judiciary that can’t vote for impeachment,” Greene told CNN.


In the meantime, committees are expected to plug away with their investigative work. The House Oversight panel intends to conduct transcribed interviews with witnesses in the investigations into Biden’s mishandling of classified material and potential Biden family influence peddling, an Oversight Committee aide told CNN, while Weiss faces a deadline of next week to hand over documents related to the Hunter Biden probe.


And in addition to taking aim at Biden, some key Republicans are pushing the House to take up a symbolic effort to clear Trump’s name, in just another example of how Republicans are using their power to run defense for Trump. Last week, Greene and House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik introduced a pair of resolutions to expunge both of Trump’s impeachments – something McCarthy also said he supports.


“It is past time to expunge Democrats’ sham smear against not only President Trump’s name, but against millions of patriots across the country,” Stefanik said in a statement.

Bill Gates private office asked women applicants about porn, sex history, STDs: Report


A recent report suggests that female job candidates for Bill Gate’s private office were subjected to sexually explicit questioning regarding their personal lives.


According to the Wall Street Journal, some female candidates for Bill Gate’s private office, Gates Ventures, were asked questions during the screening process such as whether the candidates had ever engaged in an extramarital affair, if they kept nude photos on their cell phones and what their preference was regarding pornography.


Some female candidates also indicated that they were asked if they had previously “danced for dollars,” while at least one candidate said she was asked if she had ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

Other candidates were questioned about prior drug usage and additional details concerning their private lives. The Wall Street Journal noted that the sexually explicit questioning was meant to indicate whether a candidate could be “vulnerable to blackmail.”




It’s time to put the entire DOJ on trial for crimes against the nation. Penalties from jail to execution are warranted.


Just 3 Companies Are Leading the Charge in The Marxist Takeover of America - (click to read)

For nearly nine out of 10 companies listed on the S&P 500 stock exchange, their largest single shareholder is one of the “Big Three” investment firms: BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street. Managing more money than most small countries, these firms have an invisible foothold in virtually every sector of American society. But how did these paragons of capitalism turn into a Marxist Trojan Horse?


Two trends emerged in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. One was a new type of investment that concentrated capital among a small number of firms. The other was left-wing activism in the style of Occupy Wall Street. Combined, these trends helped empower three firms to push much of the corporate wokeness that is so common today.  


The financial meltdown precipitated a transition from active to passive investment. Active investment is what one typically thinks of as investing — making risky stock purchases in an attempt to beat the market in the short-term. Passive investment, on the other hand, requires much less effort. According to Investopedia, it is a long-term strategy where investors try to “replicate market performance by constructing well-diversified portfolios” (e.g. mutual funds) typically based on a “representative benchmark” like the S&P 500 index.  In other words, it bets on the market rather than against it. 


Passive investing took off after the financial crisis when investors realized it wasn’t worth trying to beat the market. Why pay a broker a one to two percent fee every year to actively manage your assets, especially when the downturn revealed they often under-performed the regular market returns? Many opted for passive asset management that cost a fraction of a brokerage fee.


One study found that between 2008 and 2015, active funds lost $800 billion while passive funds gained over $1 trillion in new investment. As of 2019, more money is now invested in passive than in active funds.


This empowered the rise of the Big Three firms, which all specialize in passive asset management. Combined, the three firms have a total of $22 trillion in assets under management, much of which comes from large institutional investors like pension funds


These firms invest in passive index funds on behalf of their clients, but the sheer volume has allowed them to become major shareholders in nearly all public American companies. With this comes out-sized voting power on corporate boards.


At the same time passive investing took off, social leftism was escaping from college campuses into the real world.  


Occupy Wall Street represented legitimate outrage against the wild mismanagement of Wall Street finance. However, what started out as an ostensibly class-based protest quickly devolved into dysfunctional identity politics.


As one former Occupy protester reflected, the movement “fell apart largely because of the endless bifurcation of members’ agendas. Whenever a task force of leading members was proposed to discuss some almost-consensus working-class issue like support for an increased minimum wage, the call would immediately come for a women’s task force. Then, what about a Black women’s task force? A Black gay women’s task force? Very often, 37 quarreling proposals about what to do would eventually be made, and nothing would ever get done.”


Occupy provided its own foil for elites to replicate. The best way to neuter a class-based revolution is to divide the middle and working classes into factions and have them fight among each other rather than unite against the financial and political elites. Identity politics — what’s really just American Marxism — became a sure-fire way to insulate elite power. 


Like Marxism, identity politics pits victim against oppressor, except in the American case it is based on racial categories rather than economic class. The Big Three weaponize the framework of Marxism to keep the lower classes occupied without actually having to give up any of their power or wealth.  


Thus, it’s not surprising that the Big Three have used their shareholder power to impose an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) agenda on corporate America that makes companies bend the knee to identity politics. The “E” focuses on climate issues and supposed externalities; the “S” factors in identity concerns like diversity and inclusion; and the “G” requires structuring corporate leadership to reflect the previous two components. If companies want to be included in vaunted ESG funds, they must meet the often arbitrary benchmarks.


Just one of many egregious examples shows how this scheme plays out in practice. 


After George Floyd’s death, BlackRock decided it wanted all the companies it invests in to put greater effort into diversity and inclusion. They forced American companies to disclose the “racial, ethnic and gender makeup of their employees.” This was then used as a benchmark to force companies to re-make their boards of directors so that the “board’s composition reflects . . . the diversity of the company’s key stakeholders.” BlackRock pledged to vote against any directors who refused to do so.


At virtually the same time, Vanguard and State Street imposed similar diversity mandates across their portfolios, making it near impossible for companies to avoid. The number of companies now releasing their diversity data tripled in the year after the new requirements were imposed.


This formula has been replicated on numerous left-wing priorities. Additionally, as industry leaders, the Big Three serve as respectable actors for smaller firms to emulate — even those they lack the direct power to coerce.


Elites like BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink have recently attempted to distance themselves from the ESG name and the “woke” connotation it now carries. However, don’t be fooled — ESG by any other name is just as destructive.


Just 3 Companies Are Leading The Charge In The Marxist Takeover Of America | Women System (

Speakers At Little-Noticed Biden Admin Webinar Urged Teachers To Avoid Using Girl And Boy To Refer To Students


A teacher and a school principal at a Department of Education (DOE) webinar encouraged teachers to use gender-neutral language when referring to students and to don Pride gear at school in an effort to support LGBT individuals.

Its Consumed Him: Biden Reportedly Lashes Out At Top Aides Worried About Hunters Scandals


President Joe Biden has reportedly been “consumed” by worries about Hunter Biden, despite all the public appearances and words of praise, an unnamed source close to the president told NBC News.

‘A Dagger in Our Back’: Sharpton ‘Right-Wing Trump Court’ Should Be ‘Resisted’

MSNBC host Al Sharpton said Thursday that the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down affirmative action programs was “a dagger in our back” that should be ignored.


“I think that this is tantamount to sticking a dagger in our back, because what they have said now is that it is unconstitutional to even consider race and given the racial history of the country, let’s not act like blacks are behind because of something in our genes that made us behind,” Sharpton told MSNBC guest host Alicia Witt. “It was against the law for us to even read and write until 160 years ago. We were enslaved 246 years. So it is to completely throw to the wind the history of why we needed affirmative action in the first place.”  


The Supreme Court struck down admission policies at the University of North Carolina and Harvard that took race into account, with a 6-3 ruling in the case of North Carolina and a 6-2 ruling in the case of Harvard (Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson recused herself from the Harvard case).


“You have a right-wing Trump court,” Sharpton said. “’Cause let’s not forget Trump nominate a third of the sitting court, nine members, three of which Trump put on there, that is saying well, we’ll protect the voting rights on Thursday, Friday and Monday and then we’re going to pull the rug from under you in terms of you being able to have an even consideration.”


The Supreme Court ruled against Republicans in the North Carolina state legislature in a dispute with the state’s supreme court following a February 2022 ruling on congressional districts, claiming the Constitution reserved that power to state legislatures. Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh voted with Chief Justice John Roberts and the three more liberal justices in that case. 


“My last point that really is frightening to me is now, in the private sector, corporations, many of whom made pledges around the George Floyd movement, that didn’t live up to them, can now say, well, we can’t consider race in terms of contracts and employment and board members and what we do in the community because the court now is saying it is unconstitutional,” Sharpton said. “This is a tremendous setback that must be resisted by every corner, including the Department of Justice and including states because what they have said is that it is unconstitutional to even consider race and I think it is unimaginable not to consider race.”

Wikileaks dumps all their files online! (click to extend)

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01-Jan-1984 01:01 2305829 af447-acars.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 503429 afg.7z 01-Jan-1984 01:01 81745030 afg.csv.7z 01-Jan-2011 09:00 20083904 afghan-order-of-battle-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 989663 afghanistanacmttp-s.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 198293 ag-kaiserslautern-quote.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 274167 aig-bailout-shareholder-approval.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 82317 aig-is-the-risk-systemic-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 134733 aig09162008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 88754 01-Jan-1984 01:01 185337 airbus-kingfisher-mou-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 619576 aircraft-procurement-airforce.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2530444 airline-pilot-scab-list-2004.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 475381 airline-pilot-scab-list.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 318830 al-qaeda-documents-visual-recognition-guide.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 590347 alcatel-support-document-for-cable-system-in-cu..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 473639 algonquin-park-road-expansion.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1021562 alien-user-manual.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 971696 alms-for-jihad.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 23900820 alp-v-whozadog-claim-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 150698 alp-v-whozadog-orders-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 33858 alpha-chi-omega-ritual.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2713083 alpha-chi-sigma-ceremonies.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2102085 alpha-gamma-delta-ritual.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1054505 alpha-kappa-alpha-ritual-circa-1977.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3280683 american-casinos.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4523446 01-Jan-1984 01:01 185588 anatomy-of-a-subway-hack.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4360850 anc-nhi-presentation-nehawu-school-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 859616 anc-nhi-submission-nec-july2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 354093 anderson-county-palmetta-agreement.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 201402 anderson-county-private-investigators-invoice-2..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 837295 angela-merkel.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 15984 anti-anonymous-flyer-by-scientology-germany.jpg 01-Jan-1984 01:01 353571 ap-iht-test-returns-2008-0-30.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 362052 ar-525-13--2002-1.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 151359 arbeitsentwurf-sperr-gesetz-bmwi-250309.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 143352 arbeitsentwurf-sperrgesetz-2009-04-01.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 101859 army-playbook.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1671715 aryan-nation-2009.7z 01-Jan-1984 01:01 83831423 asnsw-edl-09.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 35333 asnsw-social-media-policy-sop2009-027.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 62343 aspen-police-manual-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 913103 atm-fraud-eurocash-automatia.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1572913 au-acma-efa-sublime-link-deletion-notice-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 143132 au-dha-sydney-medical-students-foi-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 852532 01-Jan-1984 01:01 879894 auchi-hawaii-free-press-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 167487 auchi-to-newstatesman-oct-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 571442 auchi-to-wikileaks-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 647553 audio-recording--secret-call-to-defeat-employee..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 59298432 aus-io-panning-manual-2001.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 364701 australian-national-broadband-network.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1810529 austria-election-result-forecast-restricted.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 72751 austria-evoting-beilage-2009.jpg 01-Jan-1984 01:01 92244 austrian-e-voting-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4525878 autumn-of-nations.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 7734062 avian-flu-chair-text-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 179328 ayman-difrawi.html 01-Jan-1984 01:01 86993 ba-038-air-traffic-control-tape.wmv 01-Jan-1984 01:01 5574440 01-Jan-1984 01:01 8491364 bahrain-bdf-plan.png 01-Jan-1984 01:01 32688 01-Jan-1984 01:01 100124 bandargate-report-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 32611087 banned-in-lebanon.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 176630 barclays-tax-avoidance-scm-censored-guardian-20..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2993296 barry-diller.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 709639 bat-south-africa-report-sept07.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3002708 bawue-dienstaufsichtsbeschwerden.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 165512 bayer-china-2002.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 390043 bayern-skype-interception.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1190205 bbc-original-trafigura-video.flv 01-Jan-1984 01:01 42363031 bbc-trafigura-killer-toxic-waste.mp3 01-Jan-1984 01:01 21863381 bbc-trafigura.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3095881 bdo-assessment-iqwig.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 727402 belgum-tax-property-registrar-2008.jpg 01-Jan-1984 01:01 295471 berats-box.7z 04-Dec-2016 23:00 10175472662 01-Jan-1984 01:01 15290561 bernard-securities-contact-information.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1168 bevatron-demolition-plans-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3361745 bia-san-pasqual-letter-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 125623 01-Jan-1984 01:01 532721 big-profits-from-a-very-dirty-business.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 16554 bilboa-de-chavez-2005.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 172693 bilderberg-history-1956.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 30988 bilderberg-meeting-report-1957.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 115783 bilderberg-meeting-report-1958.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 737103 bilderberg-meeting-report-1962.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1971462 bilderberg-meetings-report-1955.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 105245 bilderberg-meetings-report-1960.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 105093 bilderberg-meetings-report-1963.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 135878 bilderberg-meetings-report-1980.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4048562 bill-foster-divorce-documents.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 235788 bill-oreilly-hacked-2008.jpg 01-Jan-1984 01:01 211360 01-Jan-1984 01:01 58216 01-Jan-1984 01:01 82934 01-Jan-1984 01:01 708792 01-Jan-1984 01:01 269617 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1399488 01-Jan-1984 01:01 454472 bjb-elmer-no-data-theft.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 160408 01-Jan-1984 01:01 121872 01-Jan-1984 01:01 63346 01-Jan-1984 01:01 139355 01-Jan-1984 01:01 134735 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1201407 bjb-leonhardt-pec-invest-steuerhinterziehung-us..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 42705 01-Jan-1984 01:01 128955 01-Jan-1984 01:01 371692 01-Jan-1984 01:01 26855 01-Jan-1984 01:01 176111 bjb-mass-murderer-mexico-several-millions-of-us..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 156130 01-Jan-1984 01:01 52362 01-Jan-1984 01:01 79229 bjb-polygraph.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2315715 01-Jan-1984 01:01 491532 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1042208 bjb-shortcomings-in-trust-administration.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 813682 01-Jan-1984 01:01 204371 01-Jan-1984 01:01 85032 bjb-swisspartner-tax-scheme.xls 01-Jan-1984 01:01 19968 01-Jan-1984 01:01 63261 01-Jan-1984 01:01 44051 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1203308 bjb-zurich-moonstone-trust-prosecution-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 135500 bka-auskunftsverweigerung.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 140743 blackwater-bankers.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 97543 blair-nhs-it.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 471062 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1347642 blue-force-comms-emc-warlock-test-results-2-200..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 191032 blue-force-comms-emc-warlock-test-results-2004.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 191278 bmf-gatzer-bmz-leprich.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 363036 bmwi-antipiraterie-gipfel.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 82918 bnd-correspondence.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3612 bnd-kosovo-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 7461937 bnd-kosovo-feb-2005.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2992669 bnd-networks.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 125452 bnetza-anhoerung20091105.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 138000 bnp-2009.xlsb 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1453930 bnp-email.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 9363 bnp-language-discipline-2005.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 19688 bnp-member-list-email.jpg 01-Jan-1984 01:01 171530 01-Jan-1984 01:01 628827 bnp-members.csv 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1471011 bnp-members.xls 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2710016 bnp-membership-list.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1551384 bnp-racism-leaflet.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 851743 boeing-737-fire-suppression-report-2000.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 415017 01-Jan-1984 01:01 322712441 boeing-denmark-hornet-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 904331 boeing-f15-auto-flight-system-1998.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1461729 boeing-f15-engine-starting-system-2001.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 13976156 boeing-uses-employees-to-keep-pork-flowing-2009..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 42443 bohemian-grove-guest-list-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4904113 boliva-chille-intel-report-2006.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 119510 boomerang-system.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 538799 bosetti-walker-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 97126 bradford-city-valley-parade-stadium-fire-footag..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 76956936 brasilian-senator-roseana-sarney-estimated-usd-..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 647872 brazil-inception-report-2003.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2007713 brdc-final-reports.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1842692 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1206066 briefing-cfc.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 11529926 british-waterways-targets-2008-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 236630 british-waterways-targets.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 6645978 bsu-sex-trips-1999.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 75794 bt-phorm-report-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 17553260 bucca-sop.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2148123 01-Jan-1984 01:01 45735482 bulgaria-dans-report-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 9030132 bundesministerium-access-blocking-19-feb-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 45987 bureau-of-diplomatic-security-report.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 561606 burning-man-paul-addis-message-2008.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 5601 business-software-alliance-belgium-21-september..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 419055 butswana-stock-exchange-rules-1996.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 442505 cabinet-paper-port-klang-free-zone-malaysia-sca..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 31515 01-Jan-1984 01:01 5199394 01-Jan-1984 01:01 7553575 california-bar-complaint.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 163094 california-dentical-adjudication-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 707505 call-fm-3-50.1-personnel-recovery-aug-2005.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2809905 call-fmi3-07x22-counter-insurgency.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2505799 call-hb-03-34-mre-ttps-oif.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1536912 call-hb-using-interperters-04-7.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 413591 cameroon-corruption-in-parliamentarian-caucus-f..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2929160 canada-afghan-detainee-investigation-richard-co..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 105008 canada-ambush-1977.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 5019238 canada-conservative-harper-stump-speech-may-200..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3295453 canada-mines-boobtraps-1999.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1418522 canada-nuclear-linda-keen.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2642547 canada-patrolling-2002.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4108191 canada-tam-insert-807-2000.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 889313 canada-training-for-war-1992.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 545738 canada-unit-sop-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 459737 canada-us-secret-communication-on-abousfian-abd..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 173291 canadian-acta-consultation-report.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1877545 canadian-coin-operations-manual.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 17777930 canadian-mine-manual.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 573388 canadianfederationofstudents-agm-november2009-a..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3314530 01-Jan-1984 01:01 5062890 carleton-uni-campuscard-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 123209 carleton-university-fiasco-disciplinary-decisio..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 362459 carleton-university-property-theft.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 428987 carter-ruck-mccann.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2046621 cartoon-and-article-upsetting-to-muslim-prisone..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 957363 caryle-group-financial-crisis-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 586082 catholic-social-services-forgery-of-documents.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 812004 cbc-opcca-story-2009.mp3 01-Jan-1984 01:01 554498 01-Jan-1984 01:01 79089611 cca2-yorkshire-humber-2008.ppt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2003968 cchr-emails-2.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 141724 01-Jan-1984 01:01 282977 cctv-keys-2009.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 10447 cdc-china-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3728605 cdc-pems-2005.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 65926 cdu-regierungsprogramm-2009-2013-entwurf.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 392146 01-Jan-1984 01:01 23369850 01-Jan-1984 01:01 458184 censored-dla-piper-story.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 618055 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2140652 census-bureau-estimates-of-unauthorized-persons..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 370688 chares-brown-trial-transcript.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3728276 chavez-resignation-letter-2002.jpg 01-Jan-1984 01:01 21525 01-Jan-1984 01:01 14722652 chicago-the-barack-obama-campaign.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 995227 china-censorship-olympics-2008.html 01-Jan-1984 01:01 229878 china-green-dam-censorship-negotiation-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1100519 china-green-dam-censorship-negotiation-2009.doc 01-Jan-1984 01:01 11966464 china-green-dam-falun-gong-keywords-2009.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1154137 china-olympics-age-data.xls 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3438080 chinese-olympic-age-fraud-data-2008.html 01-Jan-1984 01:01 49352 chinese-youth-athlete-competition-entries-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2057196 01-Jan-1984 01:01 175346 chithithamgiabietquyet-dexuatmorongthudo-vnexpr..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 103755 cia-afghanistan.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 138132 cia-alqaida-threat.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2402107 cia-fbis-bin-laden-statments-1994-2004.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1739309 cia-studies-in-intelligence-nro.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 210551 cisco-government-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 7668430 01-Jan-1984 01:01 17938086 ciss-ism-implementation-guide-v2.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 577148 city-of-sydney-council-planning-global-3am-lock..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 347062 cjcsi-joint-spectrum-usage-3320-01a-2002.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 86583 cjcsi-satellite-communications-2001.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 289264 clean-air-foundation-canada.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 115900 clearstream-counterparties-2004.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3125370 01-Jan-1984 01:01 64936854 coca-cola-kills-10-children-in-tanzania-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 47638 coffee-cup-dimingo-cuadra-malaga-marabella-usd-..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 53456 coleman-contributions-2009.csv 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1346346 coleman-contributions-2009.xls 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2297344 coleman-webster-ag-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 177451 collegepark-deans-retreat-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1095938 colombia-helio-2006.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 311109 command-channels-of-scientology.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 14303745 command-chart-of-scientology.png 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2370941 commanders-handbook-for-antiterrorism-readiness..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 756950 commission-acta-summary.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 106551 commission-for-truth-and-friendship-indonesia-a..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1127417 complains-from-azerbaijani-muslims.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1800569 complete-scientology-domain-list.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 45267 complete-student-record-university-of-goettinge..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1060585 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1729266 01-Jan-1984 01:01 648106 comunicacion-a-casa-militar-i-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 107714 confidential-memo-tl-petro-fund.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1716230 congoplans.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 886271 conocophillips-shareholder-proposal.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 369497 constitution-of-cabinet-commitee-on-uidai-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 166681 copia-pasaporte-ps-vladimir-gonzalez.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3585487 corona-exhibits-unredacted.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2191815 corus-bi-steel-g20-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 143894 01-Jan-1984 01:01 18290239 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4746752 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3465619 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3707168 cos-staff-application-1999.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 716262 cottonwoodyouthacademy-utah-violations.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 59371 counter-ied-smart-book-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1975246 cox-interception-worksheet-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 191615 craig-murray-censored-chapter-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 39088 crazyhorse-15-wrapped-in.mp4 01-Jan-1984 01:01 216369750 crazyhorse-38-wrapped-in.mp4 01-Jan-1984 01:01 646348798 creating-a-unique-id-for-every-resident-in-indi..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1218390 credit-suisse-africa-commodity-warrant-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2228779 crisis-management-plan-marriott-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 852793 crysler-dodge-jeep-dealer-cutlist-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 327723 csir-totten-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 636024 ctbto-us-ru-tabletop-2001.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 228403 cttso-physical-security-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4411659 01-Jan-1984 01:01 10070937 cyber-threat-summary.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 58425 dasht-e-leili-afghanistan-massacre-foia-2002-20..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 7667579 dasht-e-leili-afghanistan-massacre-foia2-2002-2..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 5809349 datenschutz-bei-der-bahn-original.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4976182 datenschutz-bei-der-bahn.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 65142 davenport-lyons-and-digiprotect-filesharer-acti..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 42304 davenport-lyons-and-kornmeier-monetary-and-work..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 412379 davenport-lyons-letter.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 654267 davenport-lyons-to-ferris-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 21985 davenport-lyons-to-green-2008.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 6026 davenport-lyons-to-wikileaks-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 20810 david-irving-emails-2009.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 125632 david-springfield-letter-2009.doc 01-Jan-1984 01:01 50176 dc-sec-08-0116.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 279140 de-isaf-cas-kunduz-sep09.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3936953 deborah-jeane-palfrey-phone-records.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2331424 declaration-of-suspicion-malaysia-pm-wife-2008.gif 01-Jan-1984 01:01 173971 deloitte-project-forest.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 980980 demilitarization-procedures-for-longbow-hellfir..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1353210 denic-domain-reg.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 228138 denti-cal-crowns-errors.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1178222 denti-cal-fraud-14-feb-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 114108 denti-cal-report-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 132081 department-of-health-salary-readjustments-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 49038 detainee-abuse-statement.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 771226 detainee-ops-2004.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4004382 detainee-ops.doc 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2092544 deutsche-bahn-kbvit.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 277761 deutsche-bahn-stellenabbau-netzsstreichungen.jpg 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1409307 deutsche-bank-subsidiary-change-policy-2009.jpg 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1326580 devrywatch-censorship-threat-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 67602 dhs-bay-area-allocations-2006.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 60065 dhs-casinos-2006.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 88428 dhs-ecoterrorism-in-us-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1136029 dhs-fbi-ied-initiators-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 114078 dhs-fbi-terrorist-aircon.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 62708 dhs-golden-guardian-2004.pd







June 29, 2023



Who Died: June 2023

Week 3 | News


This video features “The Young and the Restless” actor Brett Hadley, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Clark Haggans, “To the Manor Born” star Angela Thorne, first person diagnosed with autism Donald Triplett, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, Butthole Surfers drummer Teresa Taylor, Philadelphia Eagles football player Bob Brown, Houston rapper Big Pokey, “Back to School” and “Friends” actor Paxton Whitehead,

“Flying Wild Alaska” star Jim Tweto, Holocaust survivor and Olympian Ben Helfgott, historical romance author Julie Garwood, Minnesota Twins pitcher George Frazier, pioneering meteorologist George Winterling, and mystery novelist Carol Higgins Clark.

Shocking Study Reveals Alarming Suicide Rates among Transgender Individuals


A new study out of Denmark finds that transgender individuals have "significantly higher rates of suicide attempts." This shows that people who DO live an affirmed life still have a high risk of suicide. Not affirming gender does not decrease this risk. Meanwhile, GLAAD has published an open letter from celebrities to speak out on behalf of transgender medicalization.


They want social media to disallow people from saying that medicalization of gender ideology is harmful.


But it is.



 First Local Spread of Malaria in US in 20 Years Detected in Florida and Texas


The first local outbreak of malaria in 20 years has been reported in Florida and Texas, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


On Monday, the CDC issued an urgent health advisory, confirming the first local outbreak of Malaria in the United States in over 20 years. Locally acquired cases of Plasmodium vivax malaria have been identified in Florida and Texas, prompting concerns of a possible resurgence.


Over the last two months, four cases have emerged in Florida, with a single case reported in Texas. There is no current evidence suggesting a connection between the cases in the two states.


We need a study to determine how many of these cases had the mRNA shots.  Especially since one of the side effects is VAIDS. 



Report: OceanGate Bought Carbon Fiber Past

Shelf Life for Titanic Sub


Stockton Rush revealed in a conversation over cigars with Travel Weekly editor-in-chief Arnie Weissmann that he bought expired carbon fiber graded for airplanes at a discount for the Titan submersible that met a tragic end with five people on board.


“I responded right away, saying, ‘Don’t you have any concerns about that?’”


Weissmann told the Washington Post. “He was very dismissive and said: ‘No, it’s perfectly fine. Having all these certifications for airplanes is one thing, but the carbon fiber was perfectly sound.’”


Exposing the Hidden Covid Injury - The Retina of the Eye does not Lie!

In circumstances where autopsy data in the vaccinated is not forthcoming, where else can we look to find important indicators of damage?

Comments -

-Two US populations that were targeted for vaccine mandates were the military and health care providers. It can take up to 10 years for serious latent adverse reactions from vaccines to occur. Imagine what we will be facing in 8 years if even 10% are eventually disabled. The economic cost of caring for them will be enormous, and the impacts on the health and security of our nation could potentially risk our nation's continued survival.

-Well since most professionals are still denying the possibility of adverse reactions, the chances that they'll be willing to screen the eyes for abnormalities is basically zero.

-My husband had his 1st jab to keep his job. Within 2 weeks had a TIA and minor stroke. This lead to a cloudy left eye which then developed to a cataract. This has been fixed. Now his left eye is going cloudy and we are currently waiting to go to hospital again. He was 59 when this happened and is only 61 now. He never had anything before and was a marathon runner. I never had the jab and my eyes are fine! I'm 60 in 2 weeks.

-I am already Legally Blind (and then some) from a progressive, retinal disease called Stargarts - I’m SO GLAD I never got this HARMFUL, UNNECESSARY JAB!!!

-Thank you for sharing the truth unlike 90% or more of the Doctors.

-My dad had a stroke, went blind and lost his hearing after his Covid vaccine. He used to love reading and watching world news and now he can’t anymore. I’m so glad I didn’t take any of the Covid vaccine.

-I was a 37 year old male, never vaccinated and never had any health problems before. Two people in my household got vaccinated at the same time and within that same two-week period I had a retinal detachment. I had complications from the surgery and ended up with a misaligned eye as well, which required eye muscle surgery. Could vaccine shedding or spike protein shedding be responsible for my problem? Seems like a crazy coincidence.

-Myself (wife with heart failure) 2 late teen daughters and several friends have had no jabs, no masks and no tests also, covid not be an issue, all our family and friends who have had jabs seem to have had covid 3 or 4 times plus other ailments and infections. I bet if we had these strange mRNA jabs we would suddenly become as vulnerable as the people who have taken part in this multi billion pound money making experiment...

-I lost significant vision in my right eye within 36 hours of being given my first Moderna jab.
There’s no known medical reason for the loss and it was too sudden to be aging.

My Dr. used to get me to 20/21, now we can’t get better than 20/50.

My retinologist has told me in a very serious voice to never get any more vaccines or boosters because she is seeing a lot of this right after patients have received jabs.

She acknowledges that we don’t know what the vaccines have done to our bodies, nor do we know what Covid does to our bodies.

At least there’s one doctor paying attention, unfortunately neither my primary care nor my cardiologist see the facts 🙁😳

EXCLUSIVE: The Jeffrey Epstein Files: Trove of never-before-seen emails and calendars gives unprecedented insight into late pedophile's network of power and influence that includes Chris Rock, Peter Thiel, and Richard Branson


A vast trove of Jeffrey Epstein's private calendars and emails are being revealed today by

The hundreds of pages in the files give an unprecedented insight into the late pedophile's extraordinary network of power and influence. 

Among the revelations is that Epstein appeared to know personal details about the marriage of Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda – while magician David Blaine had numerous dinners with the financier.

Presidents, prime ministers, royalty and famous names previously not linked to Epstein are also featured in the hundreds of pages of documents.

They show that Epstein courted the world's elite even after serving 13 months in jail for having sex with underage girls – and being labeled a registered sex offender.

“Yes, indeed, he is in Belarus today,” Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko confirmed to BELTA. (Click here to read)

“As I’ve promised, if you want to spend some time in our country and the rest, we will help you. Naturally at [your] expense,” he said of the exiled leader and his men.

Lukashenko, the Putin ally who has ruled Belarus with an iron hand for 29 years, also confirmed in a Tuesday address that he had put his own armed forces on a combat footing as the weekend mutiny unfolded, framing it as an existential risk to the region. 

“If Russia collapses, we all will perish under the debris,” he said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, meanwhile, told a news briefing Tuesday that Putin had provided Prigozhin with “certain promises … certain guarantees” with the apparent amnesty deal in Belarus aimed at avoiding a “worst-case scenario.”

Despite Putin’s own admission that it had been close to “a civil war,” Peskov dismissed suggestions that Putin’s grip on power had been shaken as “hysteria.”

The Wagner Group has played a key role in the 16-month Ukraine war — leaving Prigozhin furious with how military leaders ran the drawn-out mission.

On Monday, the ex-convict once dubbed “Putin’s Chef” claimed his weekend march on Moscow wasn’t a coup but a “master class” in how the war should have been waged.

“We went as a demonstration of protest, not to overthrow the government of the country,” Prigozhin claimed.

Prigozhin had sought to remove Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu — who was instead by Putin’s side during Tuesday’s military event, a clear show of support.


According to Women System 

The Wagner soldiers have to sign a contract at the start of July to work for the Russian government or they will be allowed to go back to living as civilians in Russian society “under the watchful eyes of the Kremlin,” the report added.

A source close to Prigozhin said that the FSB has “started shaking down sympathizers and those who violated their oath” during the mutiny, according to a report from the Financial Times.

The report said that the Russian government is now moving to remove “patriotic hardliners” from key positions of power within the government and is now focused on elevating Putin loyalists.

The Moscow Times reported that multiple sources confirmed to the publication that Russian General Sergei Surovikin was arrested because he “chose the side [of Prigozhin during the rebellion] and they grabbed him by the balls.”

The source, when asked where Surovikin was, said: “We don’t even comment on this information through internal channels.”

Another source appeared to say that Surovikin sided with Prigozhin “for power.”


-- I would like to know what Main-Stream-Media thinks the Russian President should do with Dissenters, Sympathizers' and Traitors. Pat them on top of their heads with a wag of the Finger saying No No No..?  The Wagner Group was part of a coup to try to take power from Putin. 

If you're going to run with the big dogs, you can't pee like a puppy.  ~ TBT--



 Suicide risk is much higher among transgender people than others, study shows.


New research has found that people who are transgender are far more prone to suicide than their peers.


The new study, using Denmark's centralized data repository, found that transgender people had 7.7 times the rate of suicide attempts compared to others. They also had 3.5 times the rate of suicide deaths.


Suicide rates in all groups did decrease over time, the study noted.


Still, transgender people died at younger ages than others, whether by suicide or from other causes, researchers said.


"This is beyond doubt a huge problem that needs to be looked at," study co-author Dr. Morten Frisch, a sexual health epidemiologist at Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen, told the New York Times.

To study the issue, his team identified nearly 3,800 transgender people in Denmark through hospital records and applications for legal gender changes. The study found 92 suicide attempts and 12 suicide deaths in the transgender group between 1980 and 2021.


The U.S. and Denmark have similar suicide rates, so the findings may also apply in America, the researchers noted.

Biden Denies Taking Part In Sons Alleged Shakedown Of Chinese Businessman


Reporters questioned Biden over the WhatsApp message, revealed last week by IRS whistleblowers who investigated the president’s son’s tax affairs, at the White House on Wednesday. The president has so far refused to comment at length about the message that allegedly ties him with his son’s dealings with foreign agents.




People are now poisoning Homestead Gardens to stop food production.


Comments -

-It’s crazy how no one seems to be alarmed by the way we are being poisoned in every way possible


-We are at war. Alot more is coming thru our borders n now our air. Keep our country in prayer. Thankyou Doug for keeping us aware. (Keep Doug n Stacy in prayer too.)


-This is overwhelming, so sad about the farmer. People are pure EVIL! Doug, you speak the truth and work tirelessly to keep people aware of what’s going on. God bless you and Stacy.


The Ukraine War is Not a Fight Between Liberal and Illiberal Values


The Ukraine war is portrayed as a fight between liberal and illiberal values. Here’s why that distinction is deeply flawed.


What you see might not always be the truth. Sometimes people are fooled by a lie.


This mother has my full support! Thank you for standing up for what's right! 

School Threatens to Sue Mother for Asking about Class Curriculum


In my humblist opinion, if this kind of indoctrination continues with no regard to the constitution of our country and the rights that a parent naturally has over their children while in our public school systems, then it is time to DEFUND the Public School system and simply have Home Schooling or Approved Private Schools.


By Defunding the Public School Systems, Parents would not have to foot any taxes on Public Schooling and use that money that BELONGS TO THE PARENTS, into the schooling of THEIR CHOICE.


This is America. Parents raise their children. Not the Government.


Must have been something REALLY big!

Comments -

-We've had the same skies here in the UK. The sky here in Liverpool today went through all kinds of different activity. There was the usual whiteout, then the black clouds came in, then some of the clouds turned red and the whole sky was whiteout again but was tinted red. This happens most days, plus the frequent parahelia etc. and has done for the past few years and has nothing to do with wildlife smoke from Canada, or anywhere else.

-I'm in Halifax, N.S. where the first wildfires started, and I can confirm that it smelled horribly of plastic. I lost my home in a wildfire in 2009 and it smelled nothing like this. Something does not add up...

-Others have mentioned this, so I'll just add to it. I live near Terre Haute, Indiana. Yesterday or so there was an in-air refueling over the city. The local news station (WTHI or WTWO, I can't remember which) covered this and said it was in honor of the first in-air refueling done by a US military. My thought is...why, really?

-I'm in Ohio and it's pretty smoggy. The air smells heavily of fertilizer, I would not think that this was caused from wildfires. I was just talking to somebody about the strange smell and came across your video. Two co-workers are having migraines. I've been having a hard time breathing while walking the dog. The air quality is bad.

June 28, 2023



Tucker Carlson [Ep. 7] 6/27/23 FULL END SHOW | TRUMP BREAKING NEWS June 27, 2023


Tucker Carlson, an honest and awesome person. Very few honest People left. Thank you so much Mr. Carlson.


Antonov Bridge | The Second Battle of Bakhmut | Tactical Redeployment. Military Summary 2023.06.28

Comments -


-there should be round 2 rematch for bakhmut for it to be so historical


-Russians must invite a number of even-handed people from outside to the nuclear plant to stay and monitor the situation.


-what will happen if the Merkava tanks reached Ukraine, will it change the outcome of this war, just asking.


-Ukraine have enough boats to send tens of thousands across the river. But how many will make it to the other side? 10 thousand Russians can hold 20-30,000 Ukri.


-June 27, 2023, The Kremlin, Moscow

Meeting with Defense Ministry personnel

The President met in the Kremlin with military personnel of the Defense Ministry.


President of Russia Vladimir Putin:




Perhaps you noticed or maybe heard that I just met with military personnel from the Defence Ministry, the National Guard, special services, the FSB and the Interior Ministry, and thanked them for making preparations to repel an armed rebellion.

However, you and your comrades had a special part to play in this. Special words of gratitude go to you.

I want us all to understand what happened and what could have happened if you hadn’t done what you did and hadn’t fulfilled your military duty and hadn’t shown loyalty to your oath and the Russian people.

As is always the case during such developments – the same thing happens every time and everywhere – armed rebellions are usually followed by total chaos and civil war. This is what you have prevented. That was your role. As the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, I would like to express my gratitude to you. I want to make clear what it was all about and what I am talking about now.

Regrettably, you had to work in difficult circumstances in order to avoid civilian casualties, because you had to work on busy motorways.

The fact that we have losses is even more regrettable. These are, of course, combat losses. There is no other way to put it. Our comrades died defending the Fatherland. It is not an overstatement or an exaggeration. I want to stress once again that chaos in the country would have been inevitable, and the enemy would have surely taken advantage of it.

The enemy is trying to do so anyway – I will get to that a little later – but nothing is coming out of it, and, I hope, nothing will come out of it, I am even sure of that. But it is absolutely clear that they would have taken advantage of it. No one knows what would have become of the country in the end, but all the achievements that have been made during the hostilities, many of them, anyway, would have been lost. And you prevented it.

Without any doubt – I have told the defense minister so – everything will be done to support the families of our fallen comrades.

As for this Wagner Group, you know, we have always treated these fighters and commanders with a lot of respect because they did demonstrate courage and heroism. Soldiers and officers from the Russian Army, as well as volunteers operated in combat with the same dedication, heroism and self-sacrifice. But those who served and worked for this company, Wagner, were respected in Russia.

At the same time, I would like to point out, and I want everyone to be aware of the fact that all of the funding the Wagner Group received came from the state. It got all its funding from us, from the Defense Ministry, from the state budget.

Between May 2022 and May 2023 alone, the Wagner Group received 86,262 million rubles from the state to pay military salaries and bonuses, including 70,384 million rubles for payroll and 15,877 million rubles for paying out bonuses. Insurance premiums totaled 110,179 million.

But while the state covered all of the Wagner Group’s funding needs, the company’s owner, Concord, received from the state, or should I say earned, 80 billion rubles through Voentorg as the army’s food and canteen provider. The state covered all its funding needs, while part of the group – I mean Concord – made 80 billion rubles, all at the same time. I do hope that no one stole anything in the process or, at least, did not steal a lot. It goes without saying that we will look into all of this.

And here is what I wanted to say when I was talking about combat action. We have combat pilots sitting here, who did a lot to ensure that we were effective in combat action like this.

I have just received the adjusted data: since June 4, when the so-called counteroffensive started, the adversary lost 259 tanks and 780 armored vehicles. In the area of the city of Orekhov, which the adversary considers its principal attack direction, over the past seven days alone the enemy lost 280 units of military hardware, including 41 tanks and 102 armored vehicles.

This is largely attributable to your efforts and those of your comrades-in-arms. And for that, please accept my gratitude too.

Of course, I have already instructed the defense minister: services of all those who took part in combat action will be duly recognized, I am talking about state decorations.

I have alrady told the Minister but allow me to repeat one more time: those of you who perform well in combat action should form, in the near future and in the long-term, the command core of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, including its aviation units, of course.

This is what I wanted to tell you. Once again, thank you for what you did for Russia, for the country and for our people.


Thank you."

Everyone Is Being Played / The HIVE MIND is about to be Released!


Comments -

-Speaking of bees. I read that Australian bees can get drunk from nectar that ferments in the heat. When they return to the hive, they are refused entry so they can't make Alcohol Honey in the hive. I thought that was an odd thing. I have never heard of bees becoming drunk on fermented nectar.

-No matter what happens to your body they can't touch your soul. That is totally in the hands of God.

-The crazy thing about Hive Mind is how both Elon Musk and Alex Jones says the exact same thing about it.

-Flys also stop instantly flying when you sit the light switch off and they just drop right where they were in the air and then you turn it back on and they fly again after just a brief moment. 


...Was a young kid playing with this flu turning the light on and off cracking up. Made it easy to swat it when I was done playing 😂


-I observed the whole Russia news and compared it to news in other countries and I have to say, we have bad intel. And the Russian event played out like a bad stage drama. Our news keeps getting it wrong. My concern is, the day decide to report truths, no one will believe.

'Sound of Freedom' exposes brutal fight to rescue victims of child trafficking


A new movie premiering in theaters across the country on July 4 highlights the work of an American nonprofit organization that aims to combat international child trafficking rings.


The film follows the story of Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR Rescue) who is played by actor Jim Caviezel, as he quits his job with the Department of Homeland Security while on a mission to rescue missing children in Honduras and starts organizing his own independent team of child rescuers.


"What you see in the movie ‘Sound of Freedom,’ that was based on a real-life operation called ‘Triple Take,’" OUR Rescue President and COO Matt Osborne, a former CIA agent, told Fox News Digital. " … In October of 2014, in three cities in Colombia, in a one-hour time period, we helped Colombian authorities and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security rescue 123 trafficking victims – 55 of those were minors."

The film opens with a fictional story based on real-life events about a lower-middle class father living in Honduras who is approached by a woman claiming to be a talent recruiter. The well-dressed, well-spoken woman tells the father she sees potential in his young daughter after hearing her sing at the market and convinces him to let her attend singing tryouts to qualify for a young celebrity program.




Anyone in this group living in Canada? 

They are about to strip away 

Social Media from You!


Here is my email addy. Take it down now!

Time to renew the mail string newsletter.

Send me an email and put in the Subject "The Brutal 

AND I will place your name on the email string.

The TYRANNICAL Trudeau regime just did the UNTHINKABLE and they're not stopping


| Redacted News


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's censorship agenda progresses with the passing of Bill C-18 in the Senate. This will force social media companies to pay Canadian media to post their stories. Sure, that will show them. Facebook has already said that they won't work with Canada to allow news stories because of this.




Just RANDOMLY appeared out of NOWHERE!!


Comments -

-The lines have to be one of the craziest sky anomalies you have posted. They were far too high to be anything tethered to the ground. They almost became cross-hatched at one point. Great video!


-We just had a very high windstorm go through North Florida around 7PM. It lasted about 30 minutes and I'd compare the strength to Hurricane Irma just prior to hitting our area 😳

-SEE IT?  At 4:32, I see a dark object in the sky briefly move from right to left and then become invisible. The darkish object appears just left, and slightly above the white object positioned just above the thickest power line near the center of the frame. See it?



Florida Judge TOSSES TRUMP INDICTMENT OUT OF COURT "If DOJ Leaked" the CNN Audio Conversation


♥️♥️I do have a great amount of respect for Tulsi & RFK Jr. as well. I would like Trump to pick either of those 2 for VP. ♥️♥️


June 27, 2023




Putin's address to the nation after

Wagner rebellion (English subtitles)


BREAKING: Biden Admin. To Announce $500M In New Military Aid to Ukraine

 On Tuesday, the United States is reportedly set to unveil a new military aid package for Ukraine, with an estimated value of up to $500 million.


The aid package will specifically include ground vehicles to aid Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive efforts. According to Reuters, it is expected to comprise 30 Bradley fighting vehicles and 25 Stryker armored personnel carriers.


As part of this comprehensive aid package, Ukraine will also receive various munitions. These will encompass supplies for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), anti-tank weaponry like Javelin missiles, as well as munitions for the Patriot and Stinger anti-aircraft systems.


...Is Zelensky blackmailing Joe Biden over Burisma? Is that why Joe will keep sending our money to Ukraine until the US is bankrupt?


New York Appeals Court narrows NYAG case, dismisses Ivanka Trump as a defendant, cuts statute of limitations.

A New York Appeals Court narrowed state Attorney General Letitia James’ civil lawsuit against the Trump family on Tuesday, dismissing Ivanka Trump as a defendant and deciding that the statute of limitations would prevent her from suing for alleged fraud.


The Appellate Division in Manhattan decided that James can no longer sue for alleged transactions that occurred before July 13, 2014 or Feb. 6, 2016.


Fox News excerpt;

"Today’s filing is neither focused on the facts nor the law — rather, it is solely focused on advancing the Attorney General’s political agenda," Habba (Trump's Lawyer) said in a statement. "It is abundantly clear that the Attorney General’s Office has exceeded its statutory authority by prying into transactions where absolutely no wrongdoing has taken place. We are confident that our judicial system will not stand for this unchecked abuse of authority, and we look forward to defending our client against each and every one of the Attorney General’s meritless claims."


Putin just called their BLUFF, and they lost big time | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Russia announced the Wagner group is done, laying down their weapons. Putin declared that those responsible for Friday's mutiny will face stiff consequences. Meanwhile Germany says European leaders are ready for a peace deal but did anyone consult with Russia on this? Former U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter joins us to analyze the latest developments.

5 Minutes Ago: Home Depot Made Huge Announcement. Something BIG is Happening in Yellowstone


-So far, where I live up in northeastern part of my state, nothing weird has happened (unless you count how weird Chicago is becoming. I'm not living in a cocoon, but I am keeping my eyes open for odd things happening at groceries around here, and how prices are changing (not much so far, but....)


-This was definitely planned. Come on now we are both way too smart for this. You know how many train derailments there have been strategically dropped over water since the Ohio incident.? Too many.


-These train derailments are a good representation of the state of America right now!


-I do feel as though these train "accidents" are not really accidents. Thank you for keeping us informed!!!


-I’m a Plumbing Engineer and my water comes from the Adirondack Mountains, and I don't drink the tap water. Some of the local pipes are still made out of lead. I use tap water for ice, but I boil that water first, then I filter that water.


-They are doing everything on purpose wake up guys


-they can lock all the criminals that are stealing up in the Home Depot's when they close there's no windows there's just like three or four exits 😂👍🏻✨ Ready-made penitentiaries





President Trump Headlines The New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women Lilac Luncheon


Putin seals Wagners fate

Western media is claiming that Putin will break his promise and deliver a harsh and brutal punishment to the Wagner officers!


Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered a choice to the soldiers of the Wagner private military company involved in Saturday's failed armed rebellion. They can either sign a contract with Russia’s Defense Ministry Ministry or other security agencies, return home or move to neighboring Belarus, the Russian leader said in a televised addressed.


"The overwhelming majority of the fighters and commanders of the Wagner group are also Russian patriots, devoted to their people and country. They proved this with their courage on the battlefield,” Putin said in his address on Monday evening.


The organizers of the insurrection “kept them in the dark and tried using them against their brothers in arms, with whom they fought shoulder to shoulder for the sake of the country and its future,” he said.


The Russian leader thanked the Wagner soldiers and commanders, who “stopped at the last line” and didn’t allow the “fratricidal bloodshed” to take place. He added that the promise he gave during negotiations to settle the crisis will be kept.



New COVID Variant Has Unusual Symptom; WHO Launches Global Vax Passports


Let's just move polling places to outside of Home Depot, Lowes, Casinos, Walmarts, and Liquor Stores which all managed to stay open during the pandemic - should be fine to vote there.



NATO is About to Go To War with Russia. Eminent.

Comments -

-I think I speak for us all when I say you’re not just some hoo-ha kind of person with this stuff but everyone here absolutely is interested in everything. You’ve always been very intricate and hell bent to make sure we have the info that everyone deserves to have. We all appreciate you and hope for the best in the future for everyone who’s awake and paying attention.

-Just like the saying, “if you want to see change you must be a part of the change”. You are the perfect example of that, Nate. You get everyone else to do the same. Much love and respect.



Listen and wake up. Why are parents allowing this?


Thanks for the share, Kathy Wathy. 🌹


PAY ATTENTION! Former WHO officer WARNS against Pandemic Treaty - (click here to read more)

| Redacted News


The United Kingdom is holding parliamentary discussions about the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty, which would hand global powers over to the WHO in shockingly broad ways.

Two experts testified last week warning about this. One, Dr. David Bell, is an ex-WHO officer. They outlined how this could re-shape health policies in WHO member states in a major way.
Updated drafts of the WHO Pandemic Treaty are due this summer. In the U.S., few politicians are raising alarm about this.


Comments -


-Never comply. Total civil disobedience renders their powers totally useless.


-It was never about safety. It was always about control.


-As an American Citizen I, and hopefully others, will not allow this to become reality. This has got to stop.


-This is what the 2nd amendment was designed for.


-A new bill should be written up preventing such treaties from invading a country's autonomy.


-We need to fight this. Immediately


-People we all need to stand against this. NO NO NO to all this BS. This is crime against humanity.


-I think this will be confronted with massive NON compliance.They won't be able to enforce it either, most countries have a Bill of Rights which cannot be pushed aside, plus everyone is fed up with the BS.


-I would bet discussion, questioning and criticism of this treaty will be illegal under upcoming legislation.


-The WHO should have n0 say in our life. just look at its creators and leaders

June 26, 2023



Biden makes first public comments on Wagner revolt in Russia: 'We had nothing to do with it'


President Biden addressed the Wagner Group's revolt against Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime for the first time on Monday, saying the top priority for the U.S. and NATO was to establish that they had "nothing to do with it.

Biden says he asked for hour-by-updates on the situation throughout the weekend, in addition to holding virtual meetings with key allies. He clarified that the U.S. is still assessing the fallout from the weekend's events and went on to affirm that the U.S. is continuing its full support for Ukraine, 

"They agreed with me that we had to make sure…we gave Putin no excuse to blame this on the West, to blame this on NATO. We made clear that we were not involved. We had nothing to do with it. This was part of a struggle within Russian system," Biden said.

"I also talked at length with President [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy of Ukraine. We'll be keeping in contact with him and maybe speaking to him later today," Biden continued. "I told him that no matter what happened in Russia, we the United States will continue to support Ukraine's defense and its sovereignty and its territorial integrity."


ANOTHER DAMNING WHISTLEBLOWER: Biden Avoids Questions From Press


IRS whistleblowers have come forward claiming a direct interference in the Hunter Biden investigation in a new bombshell report and President Biden’s handlers tried their best to not let President Biden answer any questions regarding this topic.

Hunter Biden was recently handed down a sweetheart deal from Biden’s Justice Department where he would not face any jail time for his crimes, however whistleblowers are claiming that the DOJ rigged the investigation by tampering with evidence, obstructing investigations, and leaking information to Biden’s expensive lawyers.

On Thursday, President Biden held a press conference with India’s Prime Minister Modi after news reports surfaced of interfering in the investigation. Biden was heard saying he could take questions from just two handpicked reporters. And after taking only two questions, Biden was keen to make a quick departure.

One reporter was heard yelling, “Mr. President, what’s your response to Republicans who say your son got special treatment? Do we have a two-tiered system of justice, Mr. President?”

Russian fighter jets scrambled after at least two UK warplanes detected near border, Moscow claims


Russian fighter jets were scrambled after at least two UK warplanes were detected near the country's border, Moscow has claimed.

In a statement, the country's ministry of defence claimed that the RAF fighter jets made a U-turn as its aircraft approached - and Russia's state border was not violated.

It said the two Typhoon craft were spotted over the Black Sea and that they were accompanied by an RC-135 reconnaissance plane, which is used by both the RAF and the US Air Force.

"The flight by the Russian fighter jets was carried out in strict compliance with the international rules for the use of airspace over international waters without crossing air routes or coming dangerously close to aircraft of a foreign state," it added.


University of Wyoming sorority reveals it CHANGED its definition of 'woman' to allow 6ft2, 260lb trans member to join - and slams sisters who sued because she 'Stared at them with an erection visible through leggings.' (Click here to read more)

  • The University of Wyoming's Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority is being sued for allegedly changing the definition of 'woman' to accept a trans member
  • Artemis Langford is accused of ogling the girls and staring at them with 'an erection visible through (her) leggings' 
  • The sorority hit back at the lawsuit, insisting the term 'woman' is 'unquestionably open to many interpretations.'



A University of Wyoming sorority has slammed its female members for complaining after it allowed a 6ft2, 260lb trans woman to live in the house - insisting the term 'woman' is 'unquestionably open to many interpretations'. 

Sisters at the campus' Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) chapter claim the organization changed the definition of a woman to allow trans member Artemis Langford to join in September 2022.

After the sorority's leadership allegedly bullied and intimidated the girls to accept Langford, she was then quickly met with accusations she would 'peep at (the other girls) while visibly aroused'. 

Members said they were left 'in constant fear in our home', and the lawsuit alleges that she was frequently caught with 'an erection visible through (her) leggings'.  

In a fiery response to the lawsuit, the KKG sorority condemned the girls for their 'frivolous' legal action, arguing they only tried to boot Langford from the sorority house for 'their own political purposes'. 


Ministers are accused of 'stealth' reinstatement of 170 'Net Zero' charges on energy bills from next month


Ministers have been accused of 'slyly' reinstating 'Net Zero' charges worth £170 a year on energy bills.

Green levies that were temporarily removed from household electricity bills will return from next month.

The suspension, announced by Liz Truss's government as part of a support package amid skyrocketing prices last September, was initially meant to last for two years.

But the Treasury will end the subsidy in July when the Ofgem price cap falls below £2,500 for the average household. 


Terrifying moment Tesla nearly blows past a

stop sign into oncoming traffic during a test

of its self-driving system in California


The video shows the Tesla Model S driving on a two-lane road, navigating windy roads and obstacles before nearly hitting a white SUV at an intersection.

'I braked,' Gerber said. 'I wasn't gonna wait and find out, because I saw the two cars going at each other, and I wasn't gonna test that one.'

The incident comes months after a self-driving Tesla caused an eight-car pile-up on a Bay Area bridge, injuring nine people, including a two-year-old.  

The Great Awakening

(Plandemic 3)

Documentary Full Version


The Great Awakening is the third instalment of the Plandemic series. This documentary experience assembles forbidden puzzle pieces to reveal the big picture of what’s really happening in America and beyond. The Great Awakening is intended to be a lighthouse to guide us out of the storm and into a brighter future.

Creepy, Cringe and Confused: The Decline of Joe Biden


Joe Biden has officially begun his campaign for re election in 2024, but it hasn’t been without his usual stumbles and mumbles, which has the Democrats concerned. Sky News All Stars Rita Panahi, Chris Kenny, James Morrow and Paul Murray delve into the recent public performances of the President and ask whether he should be on the campaign trail or in a nursing home.


Secret Global Phone Biden Used As Vice President Could Reveal Tight Communications With Foreign Nationals: Report


 Then-Vice President Joe Biden allegedly used a secret global cell phone paid for by Hunter Biden’s business, according to Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweitzer.


Well well.. 

Senator Klobuchar Chuckles When Asked About Hunter Biden Going To Event Attended By Merrick Garland


 Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) chuckled on Sunday when asked if it was appropriate for President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, to attend a state dinner where Attorney General Merrick Garland was also present just days after Hunter Biden was charged with tax crimes.


Marchers at the NYC Pride event shouted,

"We're here, we're queer,

we're coming for your children,"

and caused public outrage.


LGBTQ activists at New York City's annual drag queen parade chanted, "We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children," in Manhattan on Friday.


The group of hundreds of drag queens and other members of the LGBTQ community marched through NYC's Tompkins Square Park. The Drag March parade kicked off NYC's "Pride Weekend," which marks the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, a major moment in the success of gay rights in the U.S.


Friday's drag march went through NYC's East Village and ended at the Stonewall Inn.


Video shared on social media showed that, in addition to chants about "coming for your children," marchers could be heard saying, "We’re here, we’re queer, we’re not going shopping."

Members of the radical LGBT group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence could be seen throughout the Friday event.


The anti-Christian group last made national news when the Los Angeles Dodgers chose to honor them at the team's annual LGBTQ Pride celebration earlier in June.


"A Message from the Gay Community" Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus


Joey B vs. the World #28:

Generation Zero


In this episode: Auschwitz Selfies • 90's Concerts vs. 2023 Concerts • Kids Who Beat Teachers Over Smartphones • Bud Light Update • Guy Who Harasses People in Traffic • Low IQ Americans • Sugar Daddy Celebration Day • Unhinged Americans • White Trash Bars • Miami Degenerates • Q & A


Montana Becomes Third State Reporting Suspicious Letters Received By GOP Officials


At least two GOP legislators in Montana have reported receiving suspicious letters containing white powder, following similar reports from both Kansas and Tennessee, Governor Greg Gianforte said Friday.





House Intel Chairman: Report on COVID Origins Given To Biden Has Info That Contradicts IC Statements


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) said over the weekend that the report that was given to President Joe Biden about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic has classified intelligence in it that contradicts information that was released last week by the Intelligence Community.

BREAKING: Putin just dropped a BOMBSHELL & outplayed the Western coup (click here to read further)

| Redacted w Clayton Morris

We are at the most dangerous moment in war as Russian President Putin warns the West. Putin told NATO leaders to avoid trying to take advantage of the failed coup attempt that unfolded over the past few hours. Of course, the collective West had fever dreams and fantasies that Russian President Putin was about to be overthrown in a civil war, a coup instigated by Western intelligence agencies. It backfired, and now we're watching to see what NATO does next.


Comments -


-Impeach blinken, mayorkas, garland, and biden/obama


-I have MORE RESPECT for the Russian government than I do here in the U.S. BY FAR!


-It's so refreshing to see Putin's opinion first hand instead of the western MSM telling us what he (said).


-I'm just wondering how they are going to blame the failed coup on Trump, along with the submarine implosion.


-Patrick Lancaster is keeping true journalism alive.


-This is why we need to protect our second amendment


-At least Putin looks out for his own country. I have more respect for him than our ''president''!


-Mad respect to Patrick! That takes guts to not only tell the truth, but show it as well! Thank you Redacted for being one of the very, very few to air true news!!


-The globalists wanted to make a fool out of Russia. But instead, the globalists ended up making fools of themselves. Let that be a lesson.






BREAKING NEWS: Laura Inaghram Just Shared HUGE Announcement


Happens AGAIN! This time piles up IN the Yellowstone!! (Click here to read)

Comments -

-It's amazing how well those things will hold water when there's nobody trying to keep them artificially low.


-I witnessed a spherical object resembling an orange hue in the sky, seemingly positioned just beyond our atmosphere. However, its movement was far from linear as it engaged in a peculiar zigzag pattern, which struck me as highly unusual since I am unaware of any phenomenon capable of maneuvering in such a manner within space. Eventually, the object vanished from sight. It is worth noting that this incident occurred in 2009, a time when smartphones were not yet prevalent. Even if I had possessed a smartphone, capturing such a minuscule object would have been highly improbable.


-It bothers me that Train derailment season started so early this year. It’s seems like it’s only been a few weeks.


-It was not an accident. It was all by design. Trust me. 😊


-Those who are Orcastraring the spills, know Yellowstone is close to erupting, and with a Supervolcano erupting, it can spread the chemicals more easily


-Oops!.. I’m not worried about UFOs.. I’m worried about the food and water my adult children and grandchildren have in the future 😨😰😥 love your channel ❤


-Train derailment in to Yellowstone is so disturbing! This land is sacred to the Shoshone Nation! Humanity has no respect for the resources of mother Earth!😢

June 25, 2023





Judge Jeanine Shared Disturbing Message





Donald was ahead of his time at 34!


There are people who say, "I don't like him. He is arrogant and smug." I call it, Righteousness and above the Criminals and Smug Supporters.

Is The U.S. Behind the Russia Coup Attempt? (Click here to Read)

 America's History in The Region Forces Independent Media to Ask the Questions the Biden-Loving MSM Won't


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


We woke up this morning, as many did, to the breaking news of Russia's Wagner Group, a Russian private military company, being accused of trying to stage a coup against Vladimir Putin. After going through multiple reports, it appears the Wagners Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin believes Russia's defense minister was behind bombing of Prigozhin's war camps in Ukraine.


A quick recap from New York Post, before delving into the possibility, and given our recent history in that geographical area, perhaps probability might be more accurate, that the U.S. is once again behind another coup attempt.


Forces from Wagner Group, the private military contractor that had been fighting for the Kremlin in Ukraine, have reportedly crossed the border and stormed back into Russia, demanding the removal of the nation’s defense minister in the most serious threat to President Vladimir Putin’s authority since he took power in 2000.


Yevgeny Prigozhin, owner and founder of the mercenary organization, is calling for an armed rebellion and threatened to rush Moscow in order to oust the minister who he accused of ordering the bombing of his war camps in Ukraine. The Kremlin has called for his arrest on mutiny charges in response.


There is a lot of news coming from that region fast and furiously, so "the fog of war" reporting applies, where nothing can be reported with 100% confidence.

We'll keep our eye on the situation in the coming days and weeks, but for the purpose of this article, we are looking at our own history of actions in that region. Specifically with the Obama regime's overthrow of the democratically elected pro-Russia president of Ukraine in 2014, to install a pro-America puppet, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Some background from a piece titled "Why Did America Overthrow a Democratically Elected Government in Ukraine?":

United States and the European Union supported the overthrowing of a democratically elected government in Ukraine in February 2014. In particular, the U.S.A. conducted all the planning regarding this overthrowing. U.S politicians facilitated most of the funding in the Ukrainian protests. Moreover, the U.S state department handpicked and installed new politicians in the country at the expense of what democracy or political stability. The involvement of U.S in overthrowing of a democratically elected government could be explained in a realistic perspective of international relations. This owes to the fact that much of the concern in this involvement was focused on serving the interests of U.S (Kennan, 2014, p.7). This aspect can be seen in U.S disregard of the destruction and the many deaths that occurred during the civil conflict in Ukraine.
Upon the overthrowing of Ukrainian government, there was much celebration in U.S media and political circles. Majority of people in U.S hailed these as a putsch while ignoring the fact that the neo-nazi militias instigated the instability.

As to the funding, we know from former assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, Victoria Nuland, at a speech at the National Press Club, Washington DC, that the U.S. had spent $5 billion promoting 'democracy' in the Ukraine. That money went to supporting rebels against the democratically elected pro-Russian president, which resulted in his ousting.


At the 7:43 minute mark in the video below, Nuland admits to investing $5 billion in Ukraine.


(1) Victoria Nuland US has invested $5 billion in Ukraine - YouTube


This next short video shows conversations leaked from a conversation between Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, planning the overthrow of the elected President Yanukovych.


Via the details of the video:


The two people are heard discussing strategies to work with the three main opposition figures. She is heard telling him that she doesn't think boxer-turned-politician Vitaly Klitschko should be in a new government and also saying "f**k the EU." The date of the conversation was not specified but the events it describes appeared to have taken place in the last days of January. It is not known who uploaded the audio clip and reports that it was the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin have not been confirmed. This episode will be embarrassing for the US as President Barack Obama has denied the administration is manipulating the Ukrainian opposition.


(1) F*** the EU: Alleged audio of US diplomat Victoria Nuland swearing - YouTube


That video provided bits and pieces of the entire conversation, but the video at the bottom of this article offers the entire conversation, including talk of then VP Joe Biden being all in on their plan.


I think it is pretty clear that the Obama regime was clearly planning the coup as well as being in direct contact with the Ukrainian opposition at the time, while planning who should and should not be installed in the new Ukrainian government after Yanukovych was ousted.


Given that history, is there any question that there is a huge probability that the U.S. is behind the ongoing situation in Russia right now?


Then we have the following from Independent journalist JD Rucker:


Here's a conspiracy theory for you. Viktor Bout, the "Merchant of Death" who was released by the Biden-Harris regime and sent back to Russia in exchange for WNBA player Brittney Griner, met with Wagner Group boss Yevgeny Prigozhin less than two weeks ago.


Readers can make of that what they will.




The timing of this happening right now is quite coincidental as it has buried other news, such as whistleblowers accounts of the DOJ covering up Hunter Biden crimes, as well as his recent sweetheart deal from the Biden regime for tax and gun crimes he committed.


It has buried news of Joe Biden's involvement with his son's foreign business dealings as his son threatens businesses associates.


On Thursday, the House Ways and Means Committee released shocking transcripts of encrypted text messages in which the younger Mr. Biden, in a threatening tone, demanded money from a Chinese business associate shortly after Mr. Biden’s father left the vice presidency in 2017. According to the transcripts released by the committee, Mr. Biden fils went so far as to claim that his father was right there beside him when the menacing message was sent. 


“I am sitting here with my father and would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled,” the future first son reportedly threatened in the July 2017 message to his business partner, Henry Zhao.




Mr. Biden’s message grew increasingly agitated as it went on. “Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight,” Mr. Biden wrote. “And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction.” 


Related: Hunter Biden was at Joe’s Delaware home the same day he used his dad as leverage in China biz text, laptop photos reveal


It has buried the news that special counsel Jack Smith is requesting a four-month delay in the start of the Trump trial, deliberately bringing the date closer to the primary season for the Republican nomination for president.


It has buried the newly released report on the investigation of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Of course, the report was released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, so the information can be taken with a large grain of salt considering the part that agency played in the Russian collusion hoax.


Once again, we cannot say that the issues happening now in Russia is to deliberately bury the damaging information against Biden that has recently been released or the other top news of the month, but we can and must ask the questions that the Biden-loving MSM will not ask.




Putting aside the current news that has been buried under the avalanche of reports regarding Russia today, we are still left with questions regarding how much of what is happening in Russia right now, is from the type of planning we heard in those much-talked about leaked conversations between Nuland and Pyatt, from nine years ago.


U.S. intelligence agencies and democrat American regimes from Obama to Biden now, have been trying to cause civil unrest in Russia, to get rid of Putin, for decades, so it is only natural to ask whether or not we are behind this as well.


The full Nuland and Pyatt leaked conversation, where at the end they make it clear that Joe Biden, the then-VP, was part of the entire plan.


(1) Nuland-Pyatt leaked phone conversation _COMPLETE with SUBTITLES - YouTube

Building 7 REVEALED! The TRUTH about 9/11 and what really happened. (Click here to read more)

| Redacted with Clayton Morris


In this Redacted conversation, Clayton Morris sits down with Ted Walters to uncover the truth about what really happened to Building 7 in New York City during the 9/11 terror attacks. What he reveals will shock you and we should all demand answers from our government. 


Comments -


-How anyone can believe anything the government says is something I can't understand


-Thanks for bringing this guy in, Clayton. Thanks for being brave enough to report the truth about this unspeakable atrocity.


-My sincere sympathy to those impacted by this atrocious, premeditated crime against humanity.  I have known these facts all along.  I saw it unfold.  I saw the demolition, the pulverization, and the deception from day one.  The people who profited from this heinous act should be held to account.  War is Terror.


-I am a Chartered Professional Engineer.  The engineering observations made in this interview are valid and accurate.  Well presented, factual with very plausible conclusions.


-Patriot Act is the reason for 9/11, not the response.


-After what we’ve seen from the FBI etc. over the last couple of years, it’s much easier to understand how 9/11 was an “inside” job!


-I always thought it was very strange how the buildings came down as cleanly as they did.

I'm a veteran who served before 9/11. I did some hard thinking afterward, having watched the second plane hit on 9/11. I almost went back into service but ultimately decided that I physically couldn't do it. Almost 22 years later, I consider it the right decision not to have gone back in service. 

After seeing what the American government has done since, with the Patriot Act, with the war in Iraq, with Edward Snowden and in the UK with Katherine Gun. I've lost my faith in my government that I used to see as the hand or right in the world in my younger and more naïve years. 

And now today, seeing that America is nothing more than a banana republic seeing how the government today is selectively targeting, persecuting, and prosecuting political rivals. I have ZERO trust in my government being the beacon of freedom and right in the world.


"This is nuclear suicide unfolding before our eyes" - Scott Ritter | Redacted with Clayton Morris - (click for comments)

NATO is getting dangerously close to making the mother of all mistakes pushing us to the brink of nuclear war. As Ukraine's counter offensive has collapsed NATO and the U.S. are planning the next stage of this war, either repeat the mistakes of the failed counter offensive or escalating the attacks against Russia with long range weapons. Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter joins us to explain NATO's suicide mission.


Comments -


-I'm not suicidal, the American government is.


-2 statements that stood out for me: "We are sleep walking right into a nuclear war" & "the Ukrainians are being thrown into a meat grinder". Total loss for words. Thank you Clayton & Scott for this enlightenment.


-Such a total shame. No civilian on either side of this conflict wants this. All this death and destruction what purpose does it serve? Shame on our leaders shame 😢


-NATO is not a defensive alliance. They illegally bombed Yugoslavia (a direct violation of the U.N. Charter). We must never forget what they did to Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc.


-Wondering how involved the CIA and FBI are really involved with what's been recently happening.


-Okay I get it, but the difference is that Trump was never promoting nuclear armageddon like we see under the Biden administration

 Kremlin reveals details of Wagner deal.


The PMC's founder Evgeny Prigozhin will "go to Belarus," Dmitry Peskov says.


The criminal case against Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) founder Evgeny Prigozhin will be dropped and he will leave Russia, the Kremlin announced on Saturday evening.


Spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealed that Prigozhin, a Saint Petersburg tycoon who made his initial fortune in catering, "will go to Belarus."


He added that Wagner's fighters will not be persecuted, taking into account their efforts on the frontlines of the Ukraine conflict. Peskov explained that President Vladimir Putin's team "have always respected their exploits."


PMC contractors who refused to take part in the mutiny – and whole units did not – will be allowed to sign contracts with the Russian Defense Ministry, Peskov stated.

Wagner launched a major mutiny in Russia overnight, seizing control of the Southern Military District headquarters in the city of Rostov-on-Don, as well as advancing towards Moscow. The insurrection was stopped late on Saturday, following talks between Prigozhin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, with the PMC leader agreeing to return his units to their “field camps.”

Russian Spring | Lukashenka Saved Russia. The West Revealed All Plans. Military Summary 2023.06.24 - (click here to read)

Comments - 


-Blazing through Russian cities, occasionally stopping for coffee... The most laid-back coup attempt I've ever seen. Was more of a cross country road trip but with tanks.


-Lukashenko is a special statesman and person. As a Serb, I can confirm this by remembering the NATO bombing of my country in 1999. You should know that Mr.Lukashenko is the only foreign statesman who gave full support to Serbia (Yugoslavia) from the whole world, and not only that, he flew in for a diplomatic visit in the middle of the bombing. Yelcin supported bombing. Belorussian brothers, you have a man of man for president, be proud!


-I think this is the most surprising and spectacular moment in the war between Russia and Ukraine so far!


-Nobody attacked the Wagner forces. The Wagners did not fire a shot, did not threaten anyone. A brilliant ploy by Putin.


-Nobody was keeping the Rostov civilians from Wagner forces. They were enjoying a very pleasant visit together and the civilians were spending time with them all the time.

June 24, 2023

BlackRock recruiter claims - ‘War is good for business,’ says asset management giant - ‘Decides people’s fate.’ (Click here to read article)

A recruiter for asset management behemoth BlackRock has made some startling admissions about how the company operates, why it operates the way it does, and how much global influence it really has.


In its latest undercover sting, the media organization founded by former Project Veritas principal James O'Keefe "published a new story focusing on perhaps [his] most powerful investigative subject to date, BlackRock Inc.," said a post by O'Keefe Media Group, also known as OMG.


The recorded video showcases Serge Varlay, a recruiter from BlackRock, who reveals in approximately seven minutes of captivating undercover footage how BlackRock holds the ability to exert influence on a global scale. The footage was clandestinely filmed during a series of meetings in New York by one of the skilled undercover journalists from OMG News, the report says.


BlackRock Inc, the world's largest asset management company, has garnered increased attention recently due to its substantial acquisitions. In a revealing statement, Varlay acknowledges that BlackRock finds it advantageous to operate when "people aren't thinking about it" and prefers to remain inconspicuous, away from the public radar.


Varlay told our journalist that BlackRock manages $20 trillion dollars worldwide, leading him to say, “It’s incomprehensible numbers.” In addition, it has over $9.5 trillion of assets under management, which is more than the GDP of all countries on the globe except the US and China.


What he said about the ease at which U.S. lawmakers can be bought (and presumably sold) is incredibly low.


"You can take this big f*** ton of money and buy people, I work for a company called BlackRock…It’s not who is the president it’s who is controlling the wallet of the president. You could buy your candidates. First, there is the senators; these guys are f**kin cheap. Got 10 grand you can buy a senator. I’ll give you 500k right now, it doesn’t matter who wins they’re in my pocket," Varlay claimed.


Varlay doesn’t stop there. According to OMG, he went on to describe what people in his line of work think about the tragedies related to war, to which he said: [It's] real f**king good for business."


"Ukraine is good for business, you know that right? Russia blows up Ukraine’s grain silos and the price of wheat is going to go mad up. The Ukrainian economy is the wheat market. The price of bread goes up, this is fantastic if you’re trading. Volatility creates opportunity for profit," he added.


He also said its “exciting when s*** goes wrong.”


BlackRock is a global investment management firm headquartered in New York City. The company was founded in 1988 by a group of entrepreneurs led by Larry Fink, who still serves as the CEO.


BlackRock's success is driven by its focus on risk management, technology, and innovation. The company's investment approach is based on the belief that risk and return are closely related, and that active management can add value over time. BlackRock's investment teams use a range of quantitative and qualitative tools to identify opportunities and manage risk. The company's Aladdin platform, which was developed in-house, is a key part of its technology infrastructure. Aladdin is an integrated platform that provides real-time risk analytics, portfolio management, and trading tools to BlackRock's investment teams and clients.


In recent years, BlackRock has faced criticism from some quarters over its role in the global financial system. The company's size and influence have led some to question whether it has become too powerful, and whether it poses a systemic risk to the financial system. BlackRock has responded to these concerns by emphasizing its commitment to risk management and its role as a responsible steward of its clients' assets.


These people are evil.


Sources include:

BlackRock recruiter claims ‘war is good for business,’ says asset management giant ‘decides people’s fate’ –

Wagner agrees to end ‘insurrection’ – Lukashenko (click here to read)

Evgeny Prigozhin agreed to halt his march on Moscow and avert “a bloodbath," the Belarusian president said.


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced on Saturday that he had arranged a deal whereby Wagner Group leader Evgeny Prigozhin will abandon his mutiny in exchange for “security guarantees” for his fighters.


“Evgeny Prigozhin accepted the proposal of President Alexander Lukashenko to stop the movement of armed men of Wagner in Russia and take further steps to de-escalate tension,” read a statement from Lukashenko's office.


According to the statement, Lukashenko and Prigozhin held talks for the “whole day,” and “came to an agreement on the inadmissibility of unleashing a bloodbath on the territory of Russia.”


Lukashenko’s office said that the talks were held in coordination with Russian President Vladimir Putin, adding that Prigozhin was offered “an advantageous and acceptable option of resolving the situation, with security guarantees for the Wagner PMC fighters.”


The news came as a Wagner convoy drew closer to Moscow, several hours after members of the private military outfit passed through the southern city of Rostov-on-Don. In a series of video statements released since Friday, Prigozhin declared that he was advancing on Moscow to confront Russian military officials he deemed corrupt.


Prigozhin garnered no support from the Russian establishment. Instead, Putin accused the Wagner chief of “backstabbing our country and our people,” while Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) opened a criminal investigation into Prigozhin for “calling for an armed rebellion.”

Senior Russian political and military figures denounced Prigozhin’s mutiny and called on Wagner fighters to lay down their arms.


Shortly after Lukashenko's announcement, Prigozhin confirmed that his troops were abandoning their push to Moscow and returning to their field camps.


Wagner agrees to end ‘insurrection’ – Lukashenko — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Who Are the Newly Revealed Jeffrey Epstein Associates? (Click here to read short list)

Recent reports from The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times have revealed a number of additional prominent people who were associates of Jeffrey Epstein’s. Their ties to the notorious sex trafficker and longtime high society hobnobbed were not previously known, having not appeared in Epstein’s infamous black book or in the public flight logs of passengers who traveled aboard his private jet before his jailhouse death in 2019 while awaiting trial.


The new reports also deepen public understanding of the ties between Epstein and some boldfaced names who he had previously been associated with. And they underscored just how frequently Epstein met with his high-flying pals. The Journal delved into his packed itinerary for just one day — September 8, 2014 — and found that he planned to meet with four extremely wealthy men: Bill Gates, Leon Black, Thomas Pritzker, and Mortimer Zuckerman.


The Journal discovered the names after it obtained a previously unreported trove of documents, including thousands of emails and Epstein’s private schedules dating from 2013 to 2017. (The New York Times says it obtained Epstein’s scheduling documents through a public records request to the U.S. Virgin Islands attorney general.) The documents all pertain to the time period after Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 to soliciting and procuring a minor for prostitution in Florida, and at least some of the period was after Epstein was publicly accused of sex trafficking by victim Virginia Giuffre in 2015.


The schedules include details of numerous meetings Epstein planned and with whom — but the Journal notes that it could not verify whether all of the meetings actually took place. Many of the meetings took place at Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse, one of the locations where he is alleged to have sexually abused women and girls.


In 2019, New York published an exhaustive list of all of Epstein’s alleged high-society contacts, according to public documents available at the time. Below, a look at the new names contained in the Journal’s reporting and what we know about how and why they were linked to him.


Here are a few from the list.


Bill Gates

The connection between Epstein and Gates has been well known for years, but in late May, the Journal published a revelatory new story on their relationship. The paper reported that Gates had an affair with a bridge player named Mila Antonova in the early 2010s and that Epstein attempted to leverage his knowledge of the situation against the Microsoft co-founder.


By Antonova’s account, Gates, an avid bridge player, had met her at a tournament in 2010 while Gates was still married to his ex-wife, Melinda. Antonova later sought money to fund a start-up that would help people learn the game online. Boris Nikolic, a friend and then–scientific adviser to Gates, introduced Antonova to Epstein in 2013. Epstein didn’t agree to fund the venture but did pay for Antonova to go to software-coding school.


Then, in 2017, well after the Gates-Antonova relationship had ended, Epstein reportedly emailed Gates requesting that he reimburse him for the cost of the schooling. That message came shortly after Gates rebuffed Epstein’s efforts to get a major charitable fund with JPMorgan Chase off the ground. From the Journal:


The implication behind the message, according to people who have viewed it, was that Epstein could reveal the affair if Gates didn’t keep up an association between the two men.


But Gates reportedly never paid Epstein.


“I had no idea that he was a criminal or had any ulterior motive,” Antonova told the Journal of Epstein. “I just thought he was a successful businessman and wanted to help.” She said, “I am disgusted with Epstein and what he did.” And Nikolic said, “I deeply regret that I ever met Epstein. His crimes were despicable. I never saw anything like his illegal behavior. My heart goes out to his victims and their families.”


William Burns, CIA director

The documents indicate that Epstein had three scheduled meetings in 2014 with Burns, who was at that point the deputy security of state in the Obama administration. They met both in Washington, D.C., and New York, per the Journal:


A lunch was planned that August at the office of law firm Steptoe & Johnson in Washington. Epstein scheduled two evening appointments that September with Mr. Burns at his townhouse, the documents show. After one of the scheduled meetings, Epstein planned for his driver to take Mr. Burns to the airport.


The longtime diplomat left the State Department in October of that year and became president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he remained until President Biden nominated Burns to run the CIA in 2021.


CIA spokesperson Tammy Kupperman Thorp released a statement to the Journal denying Burns had any kind of relationship with Epstein: “The director did not know anything about him, other than that he was introduced as an expert in the financial services sector and offered general advice on transition to the private sector,” she said. “They had no relationship.”


Ariane de Rothschild, chairwoman of Edmond de Rothschild Group

In 2019, the private Swiss bank Edmond de Rothschild Group falsely claimed it and its chairwoman, Ariane de Rothschild, had no ties to Epstein. According to the documents reviewed by the Journal:


Mrs. de Rothschild, who married into the famous banking family, had more than a dozen meetings with Epstein. He sought her help with staffing and furnishings as well as discussed business deals with her, according to the documents. In September 2013, Epstein asked Mrs. de Rothschild in an email for help finding a new assistant, “female … multilingual, organized.”


“I’ll ask around,” Mrs. de Rothschild emailed back. 


She bought nearly $1 million worth of auction items on Epstein’s behalf in 2014 and 2015, the documents show. Mrs. de Rothschild was named chairwoman of the bank in January 2015. That October, she and Epstein negotiated a $25 million contract for Epstein’s Southern Trust Co. to provide “risk analysis and the application and use of certain algorithms” for the bank[.]


In a response to the Journal, the bank admitted that its 2019 statement was inaccurate and said that de Rothschild had business-related meetings with Epstein from 2013 to 2019, that he had introduced the bank to U.S. finance leaders, provided tax and risk consulting, and had recommended law firms. The bank also said that Epstein “solicited her personally on a couple occasions for advice and services on estate management” and that she “was similarly unaware of any questions regarding his personal conduct” at the time.


Who Are the Newly Revealed Jeffrey Epstein Associates? (


Covid Is Genocide - A Biological Warfare Crime - Dr. David Martin Speaks to The European Parliament (click to title to read comments)

Comments -

-People involved with this Genocide must be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

-“The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense.” ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

-This needs to broadcast on EVERY media outlet worldwide! The facts reported here must be common knowledge!

-We want accountability for Crimes Against Humanity. If not it will surely happen again.

-I'm just lying here trembling with rage. Bless Dr. Martin for bringing this out in the open and plainly spoken. Now is time for Justice, and try to prevent any more evil Corporatism.

-👏👏👏 This must NEVER be allowed to happen again. Thank you, Dr. Martin, for being one of the many honest doctors to speak the truth.

-I have tears in my eyes! Thank you, Dr. Martin for your bravery and for putting into the atmosphere the words that we have all been wondering how we could globally communicate to the masses!

-"If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivised, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished or criminalized - if all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance - you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.” Great speech, well done doctor.

-While listening to this outstanding report I am overlooking the back yard of my dear neighbors whose mother was victim to corona... she was such a lovely lady constantly working in her backyard, around the flowers... picking cherries or blueberries generously shearing with us... she died in 2021 in hospital, alone, far from her beloved... and we miss her terribly...

-How bloody refreshing is it to hear from someone who hasn't been compromised by Blackrock and the agenda? iLOVE IT!



Thanks for taking the time to keep the updates coming dude. Absolute respect and appreciation.
I was learning Russian at the Defense Language Institute as a 19 year old Army Private First Class, on my way to becoming an Army Intel soldier, when the attempted military coup in the Soviet Union took place in 1991. So much changed so quickly after that. I am getting a strange feeling about what is currently going on, but today, the potential consequences of an unstable Russia are SO much HIGHER!
Thanks, Nate. As always, these updates and your insight are so valuable. If the worst happens, we need to be there for each other instead of falling into the chaos we see during much less emergent situations. Get your HAM radios ready folks. Nate, you need to designate a frequency for your channel :)
Oh man, I hope it all just settles down. Sometimes I fantasize about the world ending. I have firearms, ammo, training, food, water, and infinite entertainment (thousands of hours of videos and movies, emulators, thousands of games) saved to Steam Deck, Switch, Laptops, external SSDs all protected from even a potential EMP, but then I realize... my family would be in danger, and I'm so f..king worried. I wish my sister could grow up in a normal world, I wish my parents could be proud of their grand children, not having to worry about fucking nukes.. I wish our family dog could just enjoy life... I wish the best for everyone. NO ONE deserves starving. NO ONE. I hope you'll all make it through the hard times coming. Stay strong, be creative, strong, loving and protective. Your loved ones NEED you
What once was a Prepping channel has graduated to a Situational Assessment Briefing channel. Go S.A.B.C.P.! Well done! Love and truly appreciate your hard work, Thank you and your talented team!
I am currently in Moscow, been here for several days for work, and I haven't seen anything. Literally, there is no increase in even police activity where I am. I'm not saying nothing is happening, but Prigozhin tricked the ukros in Artemovsk, and I'm inclined to believe that this is the mother of all trolls. We'll find out soon enough.
To all preppers: Keep prepping and remember, we prepare because we can offer help to our families and loveones and even strangers in the time of need. Love you guys.
Keep us informed, Nate.
Hi Nate, Thank you for the regular updates. Time to go back and re-watch those awesome survival skills and prep review videos you have shared over the years. Take care and God Bless you all!
Thanks mate Nate for keeping us well informed… Good night, great weekend
Hope folks get it together quick. Time is running out to prepare. SHTF is coming...just a matter of time.
Thanks Nate for keeping us informed. Thanks for attempting to wake the asleep. Thanks!
Thank you for the update, Nate. Just about finished building my walk-in Faraday cage. Also picked up several jugs of water today.




Gutfeld! 6/23/23 FULL HD | FOX BREAKING NEWS TRUMP June 23, 2023


Comments -


-The pork joke and then you showed the view excellent that was absolutely perfect thank you so much

-"Gimme the Eye!' screeched Whoopi. "No, it's Mine!" cackled Behar. Meanwhile, Hostin stirred the Cauldron.

-Ever since Tucker was removed, I have not watched Fox News at all I used to watch you drink coffee😮 everyday it was part of my morning but now I ignore Fox News like I ignored every transgender

-Tyrus, don't mention the word turnover around the View. You'll have them running amok yelling things like "What flavors are they?!" "I want blueberry!" "Dibs on the apple ones!"

-There should be a reality show where all the subjects of Greg’s obsession would drive cross country. They’d receive weekly mission assignments via telephone calls from Greg.... or it might be Funnier if Kat made the call.

-TYRUS is funny as hell....

When your momma calls and asks what you did this weekend and you reply " Why, what did you hear ".......Get an EMMHMMM on the other end of the line...


political humor

Only 16% of Americans would support adoption of CBDC, survey finds.

A survey has found that a vast majority of Americans do not support the widespread adoption of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the United States.


This was according to a survey conducted by the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute in collaboration with market research and polling company YouGov, known as the "Cato Institute 2023 Central Bank Digital Currency National Survey." (Related: State legislatures are sneakily introducing amendments to laws that would pave the way for CBDC domination.)


According to the survey, just 16 percent of Americans support the adoption of a CBDC in the country. More than double – 34 percent – would actively oppose the Federal Reserve offering a CBDC, and many Americans – 49 percent – do not have a strong opinion on CBDCs, likely from a lack of proper information about what CBDCs are.


Support for a CBDC is widely unpopular with both Democrats and Republicans, with only 22 percent of Democrats and 11 percent of Republicans stating that they would support a CBDC. Similarly, only 14 percent of political independents support a CBDC.


The survey was conducted from Feb. 27 to March 8 from 2,126 respondents, who were then matched down to a sample of just 2,000. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.54 percent.


CBDC would link Americans directly to the Fed.


In its report on the survey, written by Cato Institute Vice President and Director of Polling Emily Ekins and research associate Jordan Gygi, the institute said that while Americans regularly use digital dollars through credit cards, debit cards or other digital and mobile platforms, those dollars are liabilities of private commercial banks issued by them.

A CBDC would be a liability of the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve, and thus would create a direct link between regular citizens and the central bank that many Americans might not be comfortable with.


To illustrate this point, Ekins and Gygi noted that 74 percent of Americans expressed their opposition to a CBDC if they knew that the government would be able to monitor their spending. Sixty-four percent said they opposed a CBDC if the government could end up charging a tax on people if they do not spend enough and stimulate the economy during recessions.


Furthermore, 59 percent said they would oppose a CBDC if the government could use the reliance on digital currency to freeze the digital bank accounts of political protesters.


Sixty-eight percent opposed CBDCs if they would abolish all American cash and replace it; 65 percent said they oppose CBDCs if they would attract more cybercrime and cyberattacks; and 52 percent were opposed if CBDCs would cause people to stop using private banks, resulting in regional and mid-sized banks going out of business.


When considering the potential benefits and risks together, 76 percent of Americans believe the "government should not issue a [CBDC] because it would potentially allow the government to monitor what people buy and potentially control how they spend their money. The remaining 24 percent said they are mildly interested in exploring the potential of a government-issued digital currency if it could realistically reduce financial crimes and other illegal activities and increase regular access to the financial system.


Learn more about digital currencies like CBDCs and cryptocurrencies at


Watch this clip of International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva calling for a global, interoperable system to allow international transactions using CBDCs.

Only 16% of Americans would support adoption of CBDC, survey finds –

Starbucks Workers At Over 150 Stores Will Strike Over Pride Decor, Union Says


Starbucks workers at more than 150 locations will go on strike over accusations that the company is not allowing Pride month decor in cafes, the Starbucks workers union said Friday.

Merrick Garland Pushes Back on Claims Hunter Biden Prosecutor Was Blocked from Bringing Charges

Garland’s remarks come after IRS whistleblowers claimed in testimony that was released on Thursday that Weiss was blocked from bringing charges against Hunter Biden in multiple jurisdictions last year.


Garland told reporters that Weiss was “permitted to continue his investigation and to make a decision to prosecute any way in which he wanted to, and in any district in which he wanted to.”


“Mr. Weiss has since sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee confirming that he had that authority,” Garland said. “I don’t know how it would be possible for anybody to block him from bringing a prosecution, given that he has this authority.”


When asked to confirm that Weiss was never told “no,” Garland responded, “I’m saying he was given complete authority to make all decisions on his own.”


Garland was later asked about allegations from the IRS whistleblowers that Weiss was asked to be named a special counsel to give him extra power and protection in the case and that the Justice Department denied his request.


“The only person with authority to make somebody a special counsel or refuse to make somebody a special counsel is the Attorney General,” Garland said. “Mr. Weiss never made that request to me.”


“Mr. Weiss had, in fact, more authority than a special counsel would’ve had, he had and has complete authority, as I said, to bring a case, anywhere he wants in his discretion,” Garland continued.


Garland said that he supports Weiss addressing the allegations from the IRS whistleblowers in a public setting “when [Weiss] deems it appropriate.”


Garland was later asked about Republicans who have discussed holding the FBI Director in contempt over a document that allegedly contains information about a criminal bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden.


“I certainly understand that that some have chosen to attack the integrity of the Justice Department and its components and its employees by claiming that we do not treat like cases alike,” Garland said. “This constitutes an attack on an institution that is essential to American democracy, and essential to the safety of the American people.”


“Nothing could be further from the truth,” he said. “You’ve all heard me say many times that we make our cases based on the facts and the law. These are not just words. These are what we live by. They’re the foundation of the way we make these decisions.”


Merrick Garland Pushes Back On Claims Hunter Biden Prosecutor Was Blocked From Bringing Charges | Women System (

Syracuse University Professor Hosts Writing Workshop For Black Students Only


 A Syracuse University professor’s company is hosting a writing workshop that is only open to black students, excluding people of other races. 


Republicans Cut University of Wisconsin’s Budget By $32M For Promoting DEI Programs

 Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin voted Thursday to cut $32 million from the University of Wisconsin’s (UW) budget due to the university’s promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs.

State lawmakers say the $32 million cut is the amount Wisconsin’s flagship university system spends on DEI initiatives, intending for the university to cut those programs altogether. Lawmakers said that the university could get the $32 million back if it shows that the money would be spent on workforce development rather than DEI programs, the Associated Press reported.

According to Republican state Rep. Alex Dallman, the university should not be “forcing these students to view the world through a lens of race, gender or economic class just to obtain one of these degrees.” He continued, “[The] UW System ought to be teaching them different things, such as critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork and collaboration, professionalism and communication skills.”

The vote is part of an ongoing battle between the university, the state’s Republican legislature, and Democratic Governor Tony Evers. The Badger State’s Governor has vowed to veto any budget that cuts diversity funding from the state’s premier university system. 

Democratic Rep. Evan Goyke called the plan “garbage,” saying, “You are sending such a painful message to communities of color, people of color around Wisconsin.”

The UW system’s president, Jay Rothman, also derided the cut, saying, “Continued erosion of state investment will diminish student access and affordability at our public universities. This is a missed opportunity and a significant setback to Wisconsin’s efforts to win the war for talent.”

UW-Madison’s Diversity Inventory promotes events like “Citational Justice,” which encourages students to use sources in their research based on the racial or sexual identity of the author rather than the source’s merit, reliability, or relevance.

Another program promoted by the UW-Madison Diversity Inventory is the Coalition for Leading Anti-Racist Schools. According to the program’s “Lunch and Learn” session, the program “disrupts and dismantles long-standing norms and practices steeped in whiteness.” 

“For people on the left, (DEI) has become their new religion,” Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told the Associated Press last week. “They no longer go to church on Sunday, but boy, are they trying to make sure that everybody is evangelized on campus, that there’s only one acceptable viewpoint. That’s not what I think taxpayers should be funding.”

Rothman admitted that DEI efforts can “go too far” and ordered campuses to stop asking job applicants to provide diversity and equity statements last month. Similar statements are required by universities like UC Berkeley and are criticized for being “litmus tests” for hiring based on political views, which is unconstitutional for public universities.

Still, the head of the Madison campus, Jennifer Mnookin, said Thursday that she supports DEI employees, saying they “play a critical role on campus.”

University officials asked the state for a $500 million increase in its budget. Governor Evers previously proposed to increase the University of Wisconsin’s budget by $300 million, a number of university officials say is insufficient to prevent tuition increases.

University of Wisconsin officials say that the cut in subsidies will force the institution to further raise tuition costs amid a financial crisis spurred by a tuition freeze and increased spending by the university. The university has not revealed any plans to cut spending for DEI initiatives.



Tucker Carlson 6/23/23


| BREAKING FOX NEWS June 23, 2023


Tucker on Twitter. Long live the Tucker.



Liberal WH press corps SAVAGES Karine Jean-Pierre on Biden crime family.


I so love the way they unite and badger her to death... She needs to be dealt with exactly this way at ALL TIMES.

America First Legal Files Civil Rights Complaint Against Nordstrom for Woke and Racist Hiring Practices That Exclude White People

America First Legal’s (AFL) Center for Legal Equality filed a federal civil rights complaint against Nordstrom for engaging in the illegal practice of hiring based on race, color, sex, and national origin” — to exclude white people, especially men.


The complaint was filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on Friday.


According to AFL, “The company’s recent annual report suggests that it is using numerical quotas for hiring, training, and promotion and that management has taken extraordinary steps to ensure that these quotas are deeply embedded in its business operations. For example, to ‘increase representation of Black and Latinx [sic] individuals in people-manager roles by at least 50% on average’ by the end of 2025, management ‘has operationalized diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging through consistent reviews with Erik B. Nordstrom, our Chief Executive Officer, and Farrell B. Redwine, our Chief Human Resources Officer.'”


The organization found that according to Nordstrom management’s “Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Fact Sheet,” by the end of 2025, it “will increase representation of Black and Latinx populations in people-leadership roles by at least 50%” and through its internship and other early-in-career programs, it “will create opportunity for underrepresented populations with an aim of 50% representation.”


“Management admits to engaging in a program of explicitly race-based procurement and purchasing. The ‘Nordstrom Now Blog’ claims that in 2021, management signed a ‘Fifteen Percent Pledge’ and that the Company’s President said, ‘Over the next 10 years Nordstrom will grow purchases from brands owned or founded by Black individuals by 10x by the end of 2030. Long-term societal change cannot happen overnight. We are excited to partner with the Pledge on this commitment to economic equity and sustainable growth as we work to increase the number of Black-owned and founded companies we partner with throughout our business,'” America First legal’s press release explained.


America First Legal has vowed that they will not stand by as corporations discriminate against Americans in the name of “equity” rather than “equality.”

“Major corporations across the United States appear to have forgotten about their obligations under federal law. Businesses cannot discriminate against employees or potential contractors based on race–but they openly display their brazen schemes for the world to see. In any other context, the EEOC would be on the corporation like a bee to honey. We will continue to work to bring these violations of law to their attention for their swift and appropriate action, “said America First Legal Vice President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton.

June 23, 2023

 Biden Ignores Question on Son Hunter Sweetheart Deal and ‘Two-Tier Justice System’ As the Reporter’s Microphone is Cut! 


Joe Biden on Thursday held a joint press conference with Indian Prime Minister Modi.  Of course, Biden called on a list of pre-approved reporters.  After mumbling through remarks and reading his answers, Biden shuffled away from the lectern.


A reporter shouted a question about Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal.  Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges and a ‘gun charge’ after a five-year investigation.


“Hunter Biden received taxable income in excess of $1,500,000 annually in calendar years 2017 and 2018. Despite owing in excess of $100,000 in federal income taxes each year, he did not pay the income tax due for either year,” David Weiss’s office said in a statement on Monday.

Prosecutors ignored Hunter Biden’s tax evasion on income he earned from 2014 to 2016.  Hunter will avoid prison time after he got a sweetheart deal from his father’s corrupt Justice Department.


“What’s your response to Republicans who say your son got special treatment? Do we have a two-tier system of justice?” a reporter shouted at Joe Biden. The reporter’s microphone was cut!  Biden ignored the question and shuffled away.

Zelensky bans Russian books.

The Ukrainian president has signed a controversial bill outlawing the import of Russian and Belarusian publications.


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky announced on Thursday that he had signed a law making it illegal to import and distribute Russian and Belarusian language products in Ukraine. However, some Ukrainian officials have pointed out that the step could hinder Kiev’s plans to join the EU. 


The move comes after Ukrainian citizens registered an online petition on the official presidential website asking for the ban, back in May. The petition reached the 25,000-vote threshold required for it to be formally considered by the head of state. 


The author of the petition noted that the Ukrainian parliament had already approved the law on June 19, 2022, but that Zelensky had never signed the bill. As a result, Russian books continued to be sold in Ukraine, which undermines “the information security of the state and the economic foundations of Ukrainian book publishing,” according to the petition.  


“I consider the law to be correct,” Zelensky stated in a Telegram post announcing that he had finally signed the legislation. 


He noted, however, that the text of the legislation had been sent to EU institutions for an “additional assessment” of whether it could breach Kiev’s obligations to protect minority rights, particularly linguistic ones, in the context of Ukraine’s application for EU membership. 


In a written response to the petition last month, Zelensky explained that there had been a “number of reservations” that prevented the law from being adopted. 


The president stated that Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice had proposed applying the right of veto to the bill, arguing that completely banning the import and distribution of Russian publications would contradict several articles of Ukraine’s constitution. 


Additionally, Zelensky said that despite agreeing with the nature of the law, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry had also advised vetoing the bill. The ministry had warned that its current version “does not meet the norms and standards of the EU in the field of human rights, including freedom of opinion, protection of the rights of national minorities, prohibition of discrimination on the basis of language, and therefore may complicate the process of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.”



The Ziolensky, US-NATO Slaughter Of Ukrainian
Troops As Told by Surviving Soldiers - Still Buying
Propaganda Lies? Watch The TRUTH - Rense Video

Russian Spring | Ukraine Is Cracking Under the Blows of Russian Forces.

Military Summary 2023.06.22


Comments -

-Life of a regular Ukrop: You get forcibly drafted on the street; you may even get beaten depending on how much you resist. If you're Russian speaking citizen, you get minimal training and you get sent to the front lines for utilization ASAP. If you're Ukrainian speaking and confess your love for Bandera loud enough, you may be first sent to some NATO country and then you get used as cannon fodder for the great Feilens've. If you're one of the lucky few to survive your utilization, you get sent to the rear and paid a pittance of 500-800 hryvnas a month. You can then use the pittance to try to survive somehow, if your card was not blocked for some petty debt and your money confiscated by the regime. What a life!


-Thanks to Dima for the update. Ukraine's "counteroffensive" is becoming ridiculous.

-The sad part is this war was SO unnecessary. I am TRULY ashamed our gov'ts here in the West CONNED the Ukr people into this terrible situation. 😪


-Calling NATO, a defensive alliance is like calling Ukraine a democracy ✌️🇷🇺


-Putin just did a speech too where he states 115,000 volunteers have just finished training and are about to arrive at the front lines next week.





Comments -


-Hodges stated that Ukraine's counter-offensive may get a sudden breakthrough if they keep fighting. This is an example of common groupthink within the US warfare state: eventually they will achieve the objective if they don't give up. It somehow never occurs to them that maybe the plan is failing because it's flawed. So they keep launching attacks - without enough troops, armor, air cover, and engineering support - splattering themselves against a Russian brick wall. Russia's stated objective is to de-militarize Ukraine, and they are doing just that.

-Sickening. My heart goes out to all the innocent civilians.


-"Democratic societies" aren't democratic: they are just "plutocracy by proxy". Oswald Spengler called it right a hundred years ago.


-Unfortunately, we will NEVER get a warning but instead, we will observe a mushroom cloud.

June 22, 2023

Food expiration dates don’t mean what you think - Carolyn Beans


Find out what expiration date labels on food actually mean and discover ways communities and governments can lessen food waste.


Countries around the world waste huge amounts of food every year: roughly a fifth of food items in the US are tossed because consumers aren’t sure how to interpret expiration labels. But most groceries are still perfectly safe to eat past their expiration dates. If the dates on our food don’t tell us that something’s gone bad, what do they tell us? Carolyn Beans shares how to prevent food waste.


Why is War Exciting?


BREAKING: James O’Keefe Confronts BlackRock Recruiter (who) Denies His Own Words. Hides in Police Station


Comments -

-So, he's obviously a terrible person that enjoys working for terrible people, but did he also dine-n-dash from the restaurant???


-"I'm a nobody!"

But he ran like a BITCH to the police...I'm sure he believes the police need to be defunded or abolished, however.

-Real change happens when these monsters are put down, not embarrassed on camera.


-James, you are a true American hero. The work you do is incredible. Thank you so much!

Is The Transgender Craze Losing Steam? Gallup Poll Finds Most People Are Sick And Tired Of LGBT Pride

Despite the constant in-your-face drag queen shows and pride parades that aim to desensitize and soften up the nation to accept transgenderism and pedophilia, a new Gallup poll has found that public support for all this gender insanity is cratering.

An overwhelming majority of Americans, the poll found, believe that only men should play on men’s sports teams, while only women should play on women’s sports teams. To claim that a man is a “woman,” or vice versa, is simply not as in vogue as the LGBT lobby is attempting to make it.

Of the 1,011 adults surveyed between May 1-24, 69 percent told pollsters that they believe athletes should only be allowed to compete on teams that match their biological sex. If you have male reproductive parts, then you should only be allowed to play on sport’s teams with teammates who have the same male reproductive parts, and vice versa.

This is up from 62 percent just a couple years ago, by the way, suggesting that increasingly more Americans are done with transgenderism.

Another important little tidbit from the survey is that 64 percent of those polled who reported knowing a transgender personally indicated that they still believe that biological sex should determine which sports team a person plays on.

(Related: At Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, Mass., students revolted this week against a teacher-led “Pride Spirit Day” event that was set up to celebrate LGBT perversion.)

More than half of America believes it is “morally wrong” for people to butcher their bodies to try to become another gender

Even though the propaganda continues to be laid on thick, 55 percent of America still believes that it is “morally wrong” for any person to try to change his or her gender through a “gender-affirming” sex change. This is up from just 51 percent in 2021.





Victory News: Adam Schiff Censured, Durham & Rogue IRS Agents?


Welcome to VICTORY News coverage in a spirit of faith! Stay tuned for top stories,

important announcements and breaking news!


Comments -

-He will get his badge of honor when he gets tried for treason and goes to Gitmo!

-What a time to be Alive, in these darken times, And of the Gross Darkness before us, Just Watch, watch Whatal, Of our Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ shall do, before His Children. 🖖SHALOM 🖖!

-O of The Goodness of The Lord Jesus Christ, And that of Whatal is coming Forth, And is it, Of Him, Who is The Alpha and The Omega of All Things, Christ Jesus, Who is Instilling in His Children, That of His Light-Bearers, Those whose rising Up, And taking their stands, Standing Up, And are we the people of The Lord God Almighty, Are Awaken, AWAKENING UP. Rep. Andy Gibbs of (AZ), what this man Spoken, who is from and is a ( Rep. Arizona )! What a man, What a mighty man. {🖖Shalom👑SHALOM 🖖}!

'The words "cis" and "cisgender" are considered SLURS on this platform!' Elon Musk launches Twitter crackdown on term pushed by gender activists to describe non-transgender people - with poll showing majority agrees.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has announced the words 'cis' and 'cisgender' are now 'considered slurs' on the platform - and warned that people who use them will face account suspensions.

Replying to a user who claimed to have been targeted by pro trans activists, the billionaire made the brash declaration Wednesday - tweeting out to say he rejected both terms.

The assertion made the adjectives trend on Twitter, with Musk warning that moving forward, they will constitute hate speech. Their repeated use to refer particular individual, he said, would serve as harassment.

Almost immediately, the assertion sparked a chorus of approval on Twitter - with Musk later commenting on a poll asking if others agreed with his assessment. Seventy-eight percent voted 'yes.'

Musk, 51, then tweeted out to bash the German sexologist who created the phrases, which refer to someone whose gender identity matches their sex at birth, as opposed to a transgender person.

That same scientist - whom Musk called a 'creep' - once wrote that 'the sensuality that spontaneously unfolds between a child and an adult is something wonderful.'

The heated discourse began with a tweet from James Esses, an anti-trans commentator, who who complained of being harassed by trans rights activists on Musk's website.

'Yesterday, after posting a Tweet saying that I reject the word "cis" and don’t wish to be called it, I receive a slew of messages from trans activists calling me “cissy” and telling me that I am "cis" "whether or not I like it",' Esses wrote early Wednesday.

'Just imagine if the roles were reversed.' 

The post quickly went viral, and has since been viewed more than 5.6million times.

Its popularity spurred Musk - who purchased Twitter in October and has since touted a newfound focus on free speech - to weigh in.

'Repeated, targeted harassment against any account will cause the harassing accounts to receive, at minimum, temporary suspensions,' the South African mogul wrote.

'The words 'cis' or 'cisgender' are considered slurs on this platform.'

The CEO's assertion - aside from causing the terms to trend on Twitter - quickly earned a reply from the wayward tweeter who sparked the conversation in the first place.

He wrote: 'Thank you for standing up for reality, Elon.'

Over the course of the next several hours, multiple others expressed gratitude toward the outspoken Twitter boss for taking such a firm stance on the issue, as the two terms prevalence has increased in recent years.

As the conversation continued, a Twitter user posted a now viral poll asking if they considered 'cis' and 'cisgender' to be slurs - to which the vast majority said yes.


The vast majority POLLED said yes.

  • Replying to a user who claimed to have been targeted by trans activists, Musk made the declaration Wednesday - tweeting out to say he rejected both terms



  • The assertion sparked a chorus of approval on Twitter - with Musk  commenting on a poll asking if others agreed with his assessment. The vast majority said yes

Genetically Modified Diseases Or Gain of Function: There is a Difference in Definitions

Genetically Modified Diseases (GMDs) refer to diseases that are caused by or associated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically modified organisms are living organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. While GMOs are primarily associated with agriculture and food production, they can also be used in biomedical research and pharmaceutical applications.

In the context of diseases, GMOs can be created to study and better understand the underlying mechanisms of various illnesses, develop new treatments or therapies, or even produce vaccines. Here are a few examples of how GMOs have been used in the field of medicine:

Animal Models: Genetically modified animals, such as mice, rats, and pigs, can be created to mimic human diseases more accurately. By introducing specific genetic alterations, scientists can study the development and progression of diseases, test potential treatments, and gain insights into the genetic factors contributing to certain conditions.

Gene Therapy: Genetically modified viruses are often used as vectors to deliver therapeutic genes into human cells. These modified viruses can be used to treat genetic disorders by replacing or repairing faulty genes responsible for the disease. This approach has shown promise in the treatment of conditions like severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), hemophilia, and certain types of cancer.

Vaccine Development: Genetically modified organisms, such as bacteria or viruses, can be engineered to produce proteins or antigens that stimulate an immune response. This technology has been used in the development of vaccines against diseases like hepatitis B, human papillomavirus (HPV), and influenza.

It's important to note that the term "Genetically Modified Diseases" itself is not widely used in scientific literature. Instead, the focus is more on the specific applications of genetic engineering in disease research, diagnosis, and treatment. Genetically modified organisms and techniques have the potential to greatly advance our understanding and management of diseases, but their use is strictly regulated to ensure safety and ethical considerations are addressed.

Gain of Function

Gain of Function (GoF) refers to a type of scientific research or experimentation that involves modifying the genetic makeup or characteristics of an organism, typically a virus or bacterium, to enhance or create new functions or capabilities. This research is conducted to understand how pathogens evolve, spread, and cause diseases, as well as to develop strategies for prevention, treatment, and control.

In the context of virology, gain of function research involves introducing specific genetic changes into a virus to investigate its potential for increased virulence, transmissibility, or host range. The modifications can be aimed at enhancing the virus's ability to infect different species, replicate more efficiently, evade the immune system, or become resistant to existing treatments. By studying these altered viruses, scientists can gain insights into their mechanisms of action and better prepare for potential outbreaks or epidemics.

Gain of function research has been conducted on various pathogens, including influenza viruses, coronaviruses, and others. The ultimate goal is to improve our understanding of viral biology and pathogenesis, which can inform the development of vaccines, antiviral drugs, and diagnostic tools. By studying how viruses gain new functions, researchers can also identify potential vulnerabilities or targets for therapeutic interventions.

It's worth noting that gain of function research is a highly controversial topic due to concerns about biosafety and biosecurity. Critics argue that such experiments could inadvertently create highly infectious or dangerous pathogens that could escape the laboratory or be intentionally misused. As a result, there are strict guidelines and regulatory frameworks in place to ensure that these experiments are conducted with appropriate safeguards and oversight to minimize risks and address ethical considerations.

In recent years, the debate around gain of function research has gained prominence due to its potential implications for public health and biosecurity. It highlights the need for balancing the benefits of scientific advancement with careful risk assessment and mitigation strategies to ensure responsible and safe conduct of such research.

(The Brutal Truth)

Oh SH*T this is about to get MUCH worse


| Redacted with Clayton Morris


If you really want to know the truth about who is winning the Ukraine war and WHO will ultimately, REALISTICALLY will win.. Then you're not going to want to miss this show.

BREAKING: House Votes To Advance Biden Impeachment Resolution


On Thursday, the House cast a vote of 219-208, forwarding Lauren Boebert’s resolution to impeach President Joe Biden to the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees.


H. Res. 503 is a resolution in the US House of Representatives to impeach President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., submitted on June 13, 2023, by Representative Boebert and co-sponsored by Representatives Gaetz and Crane. The resolution alleges that Biden has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” which is the standard set by the US Constitution for impeachment.


The next step for the impeachment resolution is a review by the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees. 

These committees will evaluate the evidence presented in the resolution and may conduct additional investigations or hearings to gather more information.

JUST IN: DOJ Ignored Text Showing Hunter Biden Threatening Chinese Officials For Payments, Refused To Investigate


On Thursday, whistleblowers raised claims of direct interference by the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) in the criminal investigation of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The whistleblowers’ testimony, just released, outlines recurring unjustified delays, a lack of transparency, and threats from the Defense Council in an alleged campaign to “delay, divulge, and deny” the investigation.

A key point of concern is the DOJ’s alleged refusal to probe a WhatsApp message, recovered from Hunter Biden’s communication with Chinese businessman Henry Zhao. In this message, Hunter Biden explicitly threatens that Joe Biden, reportedly present in the room, would “destroy” Zhao if payments to the Bidens were not made immediately:



Comer: IRS Whistleblowers Reveal Justice Department Attempted a Biden Family Cover-Up


House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) issued the following statement on IRS whistleblower testimony revealing that the Department of Justice interfered in the U.S. Attorney for Delaware’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax evasion:


“Americans have been wondering why the Justice Department took five years to do what H&R Block could have done in five hours. Now we know that Biden’s Justice Department has been actively engaged in a cover-up to protect the Bidens from facing justice. We now also know that critical evidence contained within the FBI’s Biden bribery record was not shared with tax investigators who have since revealed they had potentially corroborating evidence during the investigation. Americans are angry about this two-tiered system of justice that allows the politically connected to operate above the law.

“In five months, the House Oversight and Accountability Committee’s investigation into the Bidens has revealed evidence of corruption, influence peddling, and possibly bribery. Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal and the Justice Department’s efforts to obstruct justice only embolden our efforts to follow the facts and deliver answers, transparency, and accountability to the American people. We will not rest until the full extent of President Biden’s involvement in his family’s schemes is revealed. Accountability is coming.”


New Illinois bill would allow noncitizens to receive standard driver's licenses


In an effort to help immigrants, Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias is calling for "driver's licenses for all."

Giannoulias worked with the state legislature to pass a bill allowing noncitizens to receive standard driver's licenses instead of the current temporary visitor driver’s licenses.

He says the purple "TVDL" marker is like a scarlet letter. 




New emails show COVID vaccine mandates were based on a lie


It is not uncommon for politicians or bureaucrats to lie. What seems to be unique, though, is just how common and consequential the lies were during the COVID pandemic.


On Monday, we got a bombshell. New documents indicate the entire justification for vaccine mandates was based on a falsehood — and that public health officials knew it.


Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request show that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and former NIH Director Francis Collins were aware of, and discussed, “breakthrough cases” of COVID in January 2021 — right when the vaccines became widely available. In her email, Walensky says that “clearly,” it is an “important area of study,” links to a study raising the issue, and assures the person she is sending it to that Dr. Anthony Fauci is looped into these conversations.

However, in public, Walensky was saying something quite different. Two months after discussing this data, she said vaccinated people “don’t carry the virus” and “don’t get sick.” In a congressional hearing, after it became clear people were able to get infected with COVID even after receiving the vaccine, she defended her original statements by claiming it was true at the time she said it — namely, for the strands we were dealing with in early 2021.


We now know that was not true and that Walensky herself knew it was not true.

Watch: LGBTQ Activist Stumped By Question - "Is There A Difference Between Men And Women?"


During a Congressional hearing on ‘LGBTQ Civil Rights’, Human Rights Campaign President Kelley Robinson was unable to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when asked by Senator Ted Cruz if she believes there is any difference between men and women.


Cruz had asked the same question to former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, who was present to share her experience of having to competing against and share facilities with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas.


Cruz asked Gaines “as someone who competed at the elite level, in your experiences, is there a difference between women and men?”


Gaines responded, “Of course, I think we learned this at a very young age, watching even 12-and-unders play. Going through puberty causes irreversible advantage that no matter the training, no matter the diet, no matter any alterable change you can make, will overcome that male advantage, especially in sports like swimming, where lung capacity matters so much.”


After speaking with Gaines, Cruz turned to Kelley Robinson, who as head of the HRC recently declared a ‘national state of emergency for LGBTQ Americans,’ and asked “Do you agree with Miss Gaines that there’s a difference between women and men?”


Robinson responded “If the question is about trans women,” prompting Cruz to interject “I’m just asking, is there a difference between women and men?”


Robinson replied “What I can say is that the NCAA has rules in place. They’ve had rules in place for the last decade.”

Cruz tried the question again, stating “No, I’m asking a question. Do you believe there’s a difference between women and men, most people could answer this very simply, I’m curious if you’re willing to do so.”


“I think that there are definitions related to sex,” Robinson said, prompting Cruz to ask “Is that a yes? I’m trying to get a yes or no. I’m not trying to get a speech.”



How Much Does Spotify Pay for 1 Million Streams? The Answer In 2023 Is Downright Depressing


“I think we had 25, 26 million plays last year, and I think personally I got about 20 pounds, which is less than an hourly work rate,” says Filth, calling Spotify “the biggest criminals in the world.”




Sweden Wins With Lowest Pandemic Mortality in Europe, BBC Analysis Shows


Sweden, having famously refused to follow the world in imposing lockdowns and mask mandates in 2020, had the best Covid pandemic record in Europe, a new analysis by the BBC shows.

The U.K., meanwhile, had one of the worst over the three years from March 2020 to February 2023.




CDCs Walensky Knew Vaccines Didnt Stop Infections in January 2021 But Still Told

Americans Vaccinated People Do Not Carry the Virus, Email Reveals


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky knew that Covid vaccines did not stop infections in January 2021 but continued to claim they did and promote policies based on it, a newly released email reveals.




New Satellite Evidence Suggests 20-Year Fall in Extreme Rainfall Events Globally


A new study investigating satellite data has found that rainfall trends in the 21st century have become less intense on a global scale, contradicting alarmist claims that climate change is making weather more extreme.



The Unspoken Truth About the Titanic Sub


A submersible carrying five tourists into the depths of the Atlantic to view the Titanic was lost. Half of the internet is condemning the tourists and the company for cutting too many corners in regard to safety. The other half of the internet is praising the tourists for taking risks and going on an adventure. I am not on either side of this debate. Here's why.

June 21, 2023



What is GOING on? She actually

SAW them both!


What if Nibiru is actually in our solar system? That could explain the white blob everyone is mistaking as "Our sun." From what I understand, Nibiru's sun is very small. We've all been noticing what looks to be something possibly eclipsing our sun, making our afternoons "dark". That's been happening for about 4 years now. Also, Sun Halos are no longer a rare thing. We've been seeing them since after 2012.


Comments -


-What if it’s a planet actually behind our sun? Perhaps because it is behind it or it’s close proximity to our sun, the sun’s light obscures its surface so much that it looks like a second sun.

-This kept happening about 4 years ago. People were putting out pics of what they thought was another planet hiding behind the sun. I wonder if it is and we just don't know about it because it has an odd, long ellipse.


-Question: if it is a second sun, wouldn’t it be altering the orbits of all the planets including our home planet and wouldn’t the increased radiation from a second sun be affecting the integrity of life on Earth in a massive way?


All the crimes that Hunters ridiculous

plea deal missed.


“Hunter is resolved.”


Those words yesterday from Hunter Biden’s counsel, Chris Clark, were confident and certain. He declared the “five-year investigation” effectively closed even as the Justice Department insisted the investigation is “ongoing.”


If none of this seems to make sense, it is because it doesn’t. 


For years, the political and media elite have struggled to “resolve” the disaster that is Hunter. They have finally done so with a long-predicted “controlled demolition” of the scandal by having the president’s son plead guilty to a couple of minor tax violations without a serious threat of jail time.


They even threw in a phantom felony allegation that will evaporate once Hunter completes a diversion program. 


The diversion program is particularly insulting to the intelligence of the American people. Hunter is reportedly no longer an addict, having attended treatment and taken up painting. Yet he will be treated like he is a junkie picked up in a drug sweep, and everyone will pretend that this is about addiction rather than corruption.




The Would-Be Emperor Has No Clothes: The Bidens Illegal Payment Scandal Triples Overnight


When the emperor wears no clothes, those who praise his regal attire are in actuality burying the truth with rags of lies.

Joe Biden is the would-be emperor. Those who praise him seek to bury the truth to maintain a false reality.

But as the preponderance of truth becomes overwhelming, will those effusing praise stand naked with the emperor?


Central Banks Are Badly Losing Their War Against FOOD INFLATION


 Amid a wave of interest rate hikes by central banks across the globe, the surge in food prices continues unabated. Experts associated this phenomenon with two key factors: the inelasticity of food demand and a looming long-term supply crisis.


Is the transgender craze losing steam? Gallup poll finds most people are sick and tired of LGBT pride


 Despite the constant in-your-face drag queen shows and pride parades that aim to desensitize and soften up the nation to accept transgenderism and pedophilia, a new Gallup poll has found that public support for all this gender insanity is cratering.


Beware of WEF- and Bill Gates-funded Apeel Organipeel food coating chemical on ORGANIC produce


  The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has dropped a bombshell this week about a chemical substance called “Organipeel,” produced by a company called Apeel, that is hiding in plain sight as a protective coating on organic produce.






The 5 Foods You Will NEVER EAT



What are you basing your diet choices on? With the abundance of information available there is no shortage of diet camps to choose from. Whether you have decided on being carnivore, vegan, raw vegan, or decided to lovingly follow a plant-based diet to support being more humane to animals, how is your decision impacting your health and the environment?


Dave Asprey, “the father of biohacking” and founder of the Bulletproof diet and Upgrade Labs, has been digging into the research and data determined to live 185 years. 

He’s already reversed his biological age by 11 years and in this episode, he’s laying out mind-blowing ways to bio hack your way to better health with less time and effort in the gym and why following a plant-based, vegan diet may not be as kind and friendly to the planet as we’re led to believe.


There are many ways to achieve optimal health, the question is which one is best for you? This episode is about covering your bases and knowing what areas are more meaningful for you to look into and consider.





19 Most Unhealthy Junk Foods to NEVER Eat


0:00 - Intro - The 19 Most Unhealthy Junk Foods
0:26 - Why These Foods Taste So Good (carbs + fats effect on the brain)
2:21 - Doritos
2:48 - Fried Sweet Food
3:02 - Ramen
3:38 - Fruit Loops
4:30 - Use Code TDL100 for $50 off Your First 2 Boxes ($100 value) of Butcher Box!
5:10 - Milk Shakes
5:48 - White Chocolate
6:15 - French Fries
6:50 - Ice Cream
7:09 - Salty Fried Foods

7:52 - Flavored Yogurt
8:10 - Donuts
8:26 - BBQ Sauce
9:16 - Margarine
9:24 - Frozen Pizza
9:58 - Mayonnaise
10:25 - Nachos
11:10 - Hot Dogs
11:42 - Skittles and M&Ms
12:24 - Fake Dark Chocolate


 Trump: Hunter Biden Plea Deal ‘A Massive Coverup,’ ‘Full Scale Election Interference Scam’


Former President Donald Trump, a Republican presidential candidate, slammed the plea deal announced for Hunter Biden on Tuesday, calling it a “massive coverup” and election interference.


He posted in a statement on Truth Social:



 As part of his plea deal, Biden, 53, will plead guilty to willful failure to pay federal income tax — most likely on his foreign earnings — and will enter a “pretrial diversion program” regarding his gun crime, indicating that he will face no jail time.

Meanwhile, Trump is facing up to 400 years in prison related to retaining allegedly classified information at his home in Mar-a-Lago.


Conservatives on Tuesday slammed the plea deal as evidence of two tiers of justice in America — one for the president’s son and another for the president’s political enemies.


BREAKING: Tucker Carlson SLAMS Hunter Biden plea deal, 'a lifetime of sins washed away in an instant'


"In fact, the Justice Department just baptized Hunter Biden, a lifetime of sins washed away in an instant. It was a secular miracle."


In Tuesday’s episode of Tucker on Twitter, Tucker Carlson reacted to the news that Hunter Biden will be given a plea deal in connection with federal charges of failure to pay taxes and gun possession as a drug user, coming amid the ongoing inquiries into his finances and overseas dealings. 


"This spring, word began to circulate in Washington that the House Oversight Committee under its new chairman Congressman James Comer had discovered criminal behavior after review of thousands of pages of the Biden family’s bank records," Carlson began.


Carlson said the White House publicly dismissed the investigation as being politically motivated and irrelevant, and that Hunter Biden’s business dealings had nothing to do with his father. "But in private, everybody understood that it wasn’t quite that simple."


"There has long been overwhelming evidence that Joe and Hunter Biden’s financial lives are not separate at all, but deeply intertwined. And on Hunter Biden’s laptop there’s a suggestion the two of them even at one point shared a bank account." 


"And of course, Hunter Biden wrote himself that he kicked back cash from his foreign business deals to his father. He wrote that bitterly," Carlson added, noting that the Oversight Committee’s investigation was "potentially a disaster for the White House, a scandal, possibly even the prelude to criminal charges."


So "in order to get ahead of all that," Carlson said, Joe Biden had an interview with MSNBC during which he said, "First of all, my son’s done nothing wrong. I trust him. I have faith in him. And it impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him."

Carlson said Joe Biden framed the situation with his son Hunter as a "sad family tragedy" and something "personal, not of public concern."


Carlson later added, "The point, the only point of enforcing FARA after decades of ignoring it, is to harass and imprison high profile political opponents."


"If it was a fair system, Hunter Biden would be first on the list of those next to be charged with a FARA violation, in fact, many of them. Hunter Biden was a foreign agent. He never registered as one. But for years, that's exactly what he was. He sold access to his father and other lawmakers to the Chinese and the Ukrainians and countries throughout the world. There's no debate about that. The FBI has known about it for years. For years they've had possession of Hunter Biden's laptop, but they didn't charge him for it today. They never will."

 Judge Strikes Down Arkansas Law Banning

Sex-Change Procedures 

For Minors As ‘Unconstitutional’


A federal judge struck down Arkansas’ ban on sex-change surgeries and treatments for minors as unconstitutional on Tuesday.


U.S. District Judge Jay Moody issued the ruling, permanently blocking the law — which would have forbidden doctors from providing hormones, puberty blockers, and sex-change surgeries for minors — after temporarily blocking it in 2021. 


“Rather than protecting children or safeguarding medical ethics, the evidence showed that the prohibited medical care improves the mental health and well-being of patients and that, by prohibiting it, the state undermined the interests it claims to be advancing,” the Obama-appointed judge wrote in his opinion. 


Moody’s scientific claim stands in sharp contrast to many medical journals that warn of the dangers of such treatments and provide little evidence of benefits to minors, as was highlighted in a recent hearing in the House Subcommittee on Health.


Moody argued that the law violated the due process and equal protection rights of trans-identifying minors. He relied on heavily substantive due process, a theory that argues that the Due Process clause protects rights found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution. 


The judge also argued the 2021 law violated the First Amendment rights of doctors by banning them from referring patients to other providers. He hinged on the fact Arkansas used the word “refer” rather than “prescribing or administering” as evidence the law was viewpoint discrimination, making it unconstitutional.

The first-in-the-nation ruling may set a precedent for 19 other state laws seeking to protect children from sex-denying treatments that are in litigation. While other judges have temporarily blocked similar laws, as in Indiana and Alabama, this is the first such law to be struck down as unconstitutional.


Dylan Brandt, 17, who successfully sued the state in the case, reacted to the decision in a statement released by the ACLU.  “I’m so grateful the judge heard my experience of how this health care has changed my life for the better and saw the dangerous impact this law could have on my life and that of countless other transgender people,” he said.


The Arkansas statute was enacted by the Arkansas legislature in 2021 over the veto of then-Governor Asa Hutchinson, who is now running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Hutchinson said the law was “extreme” because it affected those already receiving sex-change treatments. The law was the first in the United States to ban the controversial treatments.


Hutchinson’s successor, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, signed legislation to effectively restore the 2021 law by creating an avenue for individuals who received “gender affirming care” to pursue civil litigation against medical providers who perform sex change procedures on minors. According to legal experts, the 2023 law, which takes effect this summer, effectively stops those treatments by making it impossible for medical providers to get malpractice insurance.

Pentagon Accounting Error Gives Extra $6.2 Billion In Aid To Ukraine


 The Pentagon has reportedly overestimated the value of weapons and equipment it has sent to Ukraine by $6.2 billion dollars over the last two years, and it intends to make up the shortfall in future shipments.


Communist China Is Planning To Build Military Base Just 100 Miles Off The Coast Of Florida: Report


 Communist China is reportedly planning on building a military base in northern Cuba, approximately 100 miles off the coast of Florida, sending U.S. officials into a panic over how to respond.


James OKeefe Drops Bombshell Video On BlackRock: You Got $10k? You Can Buy A Senator


 Independent journalist James O’Keefe dropped a bombshell video on BlackRock Inc. — a prominent investment management and financial services firm — revealing just how broad the company’s impact might be.