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Most Disturbing Experiments

@James-wd9ib -- About the AI creating weapons, the experiment wasn't really using "data that was already out there"... the scientists were running AI combinatorics algorithms to figure out feasible molecular arrangements and the AI would check how stable each new molecule was. Then somebody put in parameters for biotoxins more just to see what it would do, left it running, and when they came back the next day and saw the data, they were like, "oh shit."

The First Ever Footage from Beyond the Ice Wall of Antarctica Terrifies the Whole World

What secrets are hiding beyond Antarctica's thick icy walls? As scientists go further into this unknown land, they face very cold weather and puzzles that nobody has solved for a long time. Some people think it hides old treasures that have been lost for ages. Others guess there might be secret places or strange creatures at the very edge of the world. Join us on this adventure as we delve into the terrifying muster beyond the ice wall.

As scientists venture deeper into the uncharted territory of Antarctica, they encounter extreme cold and unsolved mysteries. Speculations emerge regarding the secrets concealed beyond its icy borders. Some believe ancient treasures lie buried beneath the snow, waiting to be discovered. Others speculate about hidden realms or unknown creatures inhabiting the far reaches of the continent. Join us on this thrilling expedition as we explore the cryptic world of Antarctica.


The land of Antarctica is a vast expanse of ice, filled with secrets and stories, and has been the backdrop for countless exciting journeys that have sparked the interest of many explorers and adventure-seekers over the years. These journeys, fueled by a desire to learn, scientific questions, and the resilience of the human spirit, have expanded the limits of what we know, revealing the hidden details of this far-off and unwelcoming place.

20 Circus Freaks That Actually Existed!


In the past, individuals with exaggerated physical disabilities, unable to pursue traditional employment, often found opportunities in the circus or freak show circuit. Explore with us as we delve into the lives of 20 historical figures who were part of the circus and sideshow realm, showcasing the diverse and fascinating stories of these individuals.

The Black, Satanic, Unseen Hand Of
Central Banking - Rense Video


Central banking rests on the bedrock of money created at interest loaned into circulation for indebted governments for whom the money is created.


1 day ago
The Rense video does not completely expose the inner workings of "Money Creation."

Like the Legal System, the Secrets are hidden in plain sight. As always, well-meaning content sometimes can be mis-leading. I will start at the beginning, using the correct terms, to make this sleight of hand trick understandable to all..

The first term, that must be used, is currency and not money.. It is Currency Creation. not Money Creation. Real Money is only Gold, Silver or Copper and is mined and not created. Currency can be regarded as money substitute but not money. All UN countries must have a Central Bank which uses the Federal Reserve Fractional Banking System. 

When applying for an alleged loan, at a Retail Bank the applicant signs a form or booklet which is a Promissory Note [PM] and belongs to the signer. There are Retail Banks for you and I and Commercial Banks for the Banks. The Retail Bank is able to sell your PM for the face value applied for, saying that you donated your PM to the Retail Bank. This action raises Currency Credits which are then transferred to a Transaction Account and then to an account titled Loan Account, then you start paying back the alleged loan. The credits belong to you, not the Retail Bank who steal your PM and use it as described. In any legal action an audit of the equities will reveal that the Retail Bank puts nothing into the deal. For every 100K applied for the Illuminati Banks receive 1 Million of whatever countries currency is being used. All alleged loans are in reality fraudulent. The Trillions that accrue to the Banks has been used by the Illuminati to corrupt the World. There is more and if anyone would like further information please contact me on this thread so everyone can see the information.

THE GREAT AWAKENING (2023) Full Documentary


7 months ago
😂 I always considered myself dumb until 2020. I realized the people around me with the higher IQ still can't see what's happening. It's very stressful.


6 months ago
My deepest gratitude to all of the people who contributed to this great work.

7 months ago
32 yrs old and that was the most powerful message I've ever heard and probably will ever hear. Share this as much as possible to everyone you know and do not mind if they disagree or shun you out because our lives literally depend on it.

7 months ago
This needs to be show in EVERY theater on EVERY tv in the world! I’m thankful to have been awake to this agenda for years already but seeing it all at once is even more so eye opening.

Old Camera Found in the Deep Ocean Revealed Horrifying Titanic Photos


The RMS Titanic was branded by many at the time to be an unsinkable ship. However, if you look at history and conspiracies, it seems like the RMS Titanic was sewn together by bad omen and crucial mistakes from beginning to end.

From forebodings of a tragedy to the ship’s missing key, here are 20 mysterious photos before the Titanic sank.

Nazis vs. Freemasons - Looting of the Lodges | Free Documentary History


On June 14, 1940, German troops marched through the Champs Elysees in Paris. On the same day, special units ransacked the headquarters of the French Masonic Obedience. Under the orders of Alfred Rosenberg, a leading theorist of the Nazi Party who was obsessed with the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory, they seized tons of archives and valuable books, shipping them to Berlin.

Kid pulls ‘greatest costume’ in America after dressing up as falling Joe Biden


Joe Biden has inspired the younger generations to build the “greatest costumes and routines” in America.

"Kids from coast to coast on Halloween competed to outdo themselves as the stumbling Joe Biden and his detail of aids and agents," Mr Morrow said.

A group of youngsters who went political with their costumes decided to parody US President Joe Biden.

The concepts were inspired by several of Joe Biden’s trips and falls while he's been president.

One video posted to TikTok stars with costumed Biden walking with his bodyguards before suddenly veering to his right and falling over.

This Land Is Mine MATURE


A brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant.






The Twisted Tale of 'Mary Mary Quite Contrary': Origins You Won't Believe


"Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" is a cherished nursery rhyme with historical roots that reach back to the 18th century. Though the precise origins and meanings of nursery rhymes can be elusive, they are often intertwined with historical events or figures. Here, we delve into the history of "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" and its intriguing connection to Queen Mary I, also known as Mary Tudor, who reigned over England during the mid-16th century.


1. Historical Context - Queen Mary I: This nursery rhyme may bear a connection to the tumultuous political and religious climate of England during the rule of Queen Mary I. Mary Tudor was a devout Catholic monarch who ascended to the throne in 1553. She aimed to reinstate Roman Catholicism as the state religion in England, leading to a period of intense religious strife and persecution.


2. The Persecutions and "Bloody Mary": Queen Mary I earned the infamous nickname "Bloody Mary" due to her brutal crackdown on Protestantism. During her reign, Protestant dissenters were ruthlessly persecuted, and many were executed by burning at the stake. This period of religious persecution is a dark chapter in English history and serves as a backdrop for interpreting the nursery rhyme.

3. Interpretation - Hidden Meaning: Some scholars suggest that "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" may have concealed references to Queen Mary I and her reign. In this interpretation, "Mary" represents the queen herself. "Silver bells" could symbolize the instruments of torture, such as thumbscrews and the rack, used during her rule. "Cockleshells" might allude to the badges worn by Catholic pilgrims. "Pretty maids all in a row" could be a grim reference to the condemned Protestant martyrs, lined up for execution.


4. Folk Tradition and Evolution: Like many nursery rhymes, "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" has evolved through the centuries as it was passed down through oral tradition. Different versions and variations emerged, making it challenging to pinpoint the rhyme's precise origin or intended meaning. Nursery rhymes were often used as a means of conveying hidden political or social commentary during eras when open criticism was perilous.


5. Literary and Pop Culture Impact: This nursery rhyme has left its imprint on literature and popular culture. It has made appearances in various forms of artistic expression, including books, films, and songs, cementing its place in modern folklore.

In essence, the history of "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" is an intricate tapestry of historical context, oral tradition, and interpretation. While its exact meaning and origins may remain enigmatic, it endures as a beloved nursery rhyme cherished by children and adults alike, offering a glimpse into a bygone era of political and religious strife in England.


The BRUTAL Executions of the Female Guards of Stutthof Concentration Camp


- Full WW2 Documentary


Following the Second World War, there were many executions of concentration camp guards and many women or female guards were condemned for their crimes. In Gdansk, 200,000 people flocked to see the executions of the guards of Stutthof Concentration Camp and these took place on a huge gallows. But amongst those who were executed that day were five women who had worked at the camp and they had a fearsome reputation for execution, torture and brutality.

Gerda Steinhoff, Jenny Wanda Barkmann, Wanda Klaff, Ewa Paradies and Elisabeth Becker were all brought to the gallows for their executions. Each one had been found guilty of crimes against humanity for their involvement in the evils of Stutthof. But what is the story of their actions and also their executions?


The FBI vs the truth


Obey Your Masters! Now clock out and get back to work!

The Most TWISTED Punishments in History - No.3


Throughout human history, all manners of punishments have been employed that defy comprehension. Some we have already covered in our previous two videos on the subject yet there still are plenty more to discuss today.


There are some featured in this video that are still happening to this day.

Title: The Battle of Bull Run: The First Pivotal Clash of the American Civil War


In the initial stages of the American Civil War, a significant event unfolded—the Battle of First Bull Run. It was a battle believed to hold the key to determining the war's outcome. This episode delves into the preceding events that led to this historic clash, presenting a vivid account of the battle and its aftermath. The resounding defeat suffered by the Confederate forces threw Washington into a state of panic.


Over the course of four harrowing years, the Northern and Southern states engaged in a relentless and bloody conflict that claimed the lives of over 600,000 soldiers. 

The nation was torn apart as the war's military, political, and ideological struggles endured. For those who lived through this tumultuous period, life would be forever altered. This compelling series provides a comprehensive narrative of the American Civil War—an all-encompassing conflict that left an indelible mark on the nation's collective conscience.

Uncovering the Dark Past: Rare Heartbreaking & Astonishing Historical Photos and Footage |1800-1900s


This video presents a rare collection of historical photos and footage from the 19th and 20th centuries, offering a unique glimpse into the past and capturing significant moments and people that shaped history.


The images range from heartbreaking moments of loss and tragedy to astonishing photos, taking the viewer on an emotional journey through time. The video features historical photos and footage that are rarely seen and explores some of the most significant events of the time, showcasing the people and places that shaped history.

One scene from 1899 shows two women who selflessly feed the locals during the French occupation of Vietnam, and the video also showcases the aftermath of the Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum fire in London, including melted and damaged mannequins.

The Futurists (1967) | Scientists Predict The 21st Century


"The Futurists" is a video that features a group of prominent scientists and futurists who gathered together in 1967 to discuss their predictions for the 21st century. The video explores a wide range of topics, including technology, energy, transportation, communication, space exploration, and the environment.


The experts in the video provide insights into how they believe the world will change in the coming decades, and how these changes will impact society and the way we live our lives. They discuss the potential for new forms of energy, such as solar and nuclear power, and how these could transform the way we power our homes, businesses, and transportation.

The Futurists also delve into the possibilities of space travel, including the potential for permanent settlements on other planets and the development of advanced spacecraft capable of traveling at incredible speeds.  They also discuss the impact of technology on communication and the potential for new forms of media to emerge.


Throughout the video, the experts provide a thought-provoking look at the future and the many possibilities that await us in the 21st century. While some of their predictions have proven to be accurate, others have yet to come to fruition, providing a fascinating glimpse into the uncertainty and excitement of predicting the future.

Al Campanis Cancels Himself

on National TV (1987)


Al Campanis, the first Greek American to play in the major leagues, died June 21, 1998, but many felt he gave up the ghost long before.


On April 6, 1987, he dug himself a hole on an ABC's Nightline episode remembering Jackie Robinson. Was this a bigot exposed on National TV?


Someone out of step with the times? Or someone speaking their cringeworthy truth in a politically correct era of soundbite TV?

Ironically, currently the only manager of African American decent in MLB is Dave Roberts of the LA Dodgers.

Malcolm X First Appearance on The Barry Gray Show (March 10, 1960)


Malcolm X interview with Barry Gray on WMCA Radio New York from March 10, 1960, in which he explains the nature and mission of the Nation of Islam.


Malcolm X gave an interview on March 10, 1960, with Barry Gray on WMCA Radio New York. During the interview, Malcolm X explained the mission and beliefs of the Nation of Islam, which he was a prominent member of at the time. He discussed the organization's teachings on racial separatism, Black self-determination, and the rejection of Christianity as the religion of the oppressor.

Barry Gray was a well-known radio and television personality in the United States during the mid-20th century. 


He hosted several talk shows, including The Barry Gray Show, which aired on WMCA Radio in New York. The show featured interviews with politicians, celebrities, and other notable figures. Gray was known for his incisive questioning and his ability to get his guests to open up on a wide range of topics. He was particularly interested in issues related to race and civil rights, which may have led to his decision to invite Malcolm X onto his show for an interview.

This is how much the authority controls you


| Milgram Experiment


The Milgram Experiment was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram in the early 1960s. The experiment aimed to investigate the extent to which people would obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform actions that went against their personal moral code.


The experiment involved three participants: the experimenter, the teacher, and the learner. The teacher was the actual participant in the experiment, while the learner was a confederate who pretended to receive electric shocks. The teacher was instructed to administer electric shocks of increasing intensity to the learner each time the learner made a mistake on a memory task. The shocks were not real, but the teacher was led to believe that they were.


The shocks began at 15 volts and increased in 15-volt increments up to 450 volts, which was labeled as "XXX". The learner would cry out in pain, plead with the teacher to stop, and eventually fall silent, pretending to have passed out or even died. 

Throughout the experiment, the experimenter would instruct the teacher to continue administering the shocks, even if the learner's protests became more intense.


The results of the experiment were shocking. Despite the apparent pain and distress of the learner, around two-thirds of the participants continued to administer the shocks up to the highest voltage level. Milgram concluded that the experiment demonstrated the power of obedience to authority figures and that individuals are capable of committing acts that go against their personal moral code if they perceive an authority figure as legitimate.


The Milgram Experiment sparked a great deal of controversy and ethical debate, as some critics argued that the experiment placed undue stress on the participants and violated their rights. Nevertheless, the experiment remains an important landmark in the history of psychology and has had a profound impact on our understanding of the human capacity for obedience and conformity.



Few Of You Are Old Enough to Remember LONG DISTANCE When She Said It Over the Telephone.


Back in the day, phones were quite expensive and so was their usage. Long-distance calls were reserved for important matters like checking in on elderly parents or parents contacting their grown-up children. Additionally, toll calls to neighboring towns or cities were also memorable expenses.

26 Mysterious Old World Photos


26 mysterious old-world photos from the past. Historians have kept records through these haunting photographs of the old world and evidence of mud floods. Sepia, black and white and color prints that leave you wondering who and what came before us on this enchanting realm.

When people became

animals for Gold Money.

Shocking photos you've never seen!


Serra Pelada Brazil 1980s gold mine. The shocking events that happened there reveal the true nature of our humanity. And it's disgusting.


Comments -

-So Flippin epic! Makes me think of the metropolis cover the 'Lucius Aurelian' just did. He's touching on very similar themes with the "working hells on earth".

-Some people are more psychopathic than others and will do anything for gold.. but another trait of the psychopath is to blame others for they're own actions and decisions


-People trade gold for paper money that worth nothing..

-Imagine the amounts of fine Colombian central stimulants and alcohol that must have been consumed in that mud pit from hell! 😮








Metal Road, Red Bricks

How a Forced Bad Habit Destroyed a Woman's Jaw


When Mae Keane was let go from her prestigious job at a factory, painting watch dials with glow in the dark paint, she never imagined she would want to thank her boss years later. For in just a few years, the watch dial painters fell ill by the dozens, impaired by all manner of vicious diseases. Their teeth fell out, their jaws came unhinged, their legs snapped under their own weight, and even their spines crumbled. Out of those top female workers now laid bodies, "still glowing in their coffins". This is how a company legally took the lives of their own staff and escaped full responsibility: The story of the Radium Girls.

David Koresh: The Final 24 (Full Documentary)


April 18, 1993. One of the most notorious religious leaders in the United States, David Koresh, and 83 of his followers have been trapped inside their Waco, Texas compound for over 50 days. Unwilling to surrender and surrounded by authorities, the siege is the longest modern-day standoff in American law enforcement history. In 24 hours, however, it will all be over… And Koresh and 73 others will be dead. Featuring archival footage, dramatic reenactments, and key interviews, Final 24 documents the final moments of the infamous preacher’s life.


Return to Jonestown | Survivors revisit.

site 40 years after the tragedy. 


Jim Jones - a charismatic preacher responsible for what is now known as the Jonestown Massacre. He would have been 90 years old on May 13, 2021. And now, 44 years since over 900 men, women and children died after the cult leader ordered them to consume a deadly cyanide-laced drink. Melissa Doyle takes a journey into the remote jungles of South America, following the footsteps of the most dangerous cult leader of all time – and returns to Jonestown with two survivors who share a surprising story of courage and resilience.


The Most DISTURBING Human Experiment


What happens when a child is forced to accept another as a sibling? Well, what happens when the new baby sister is actually a chimpanzee? A couple conducted an experiment in the 30s, using their own toddler as the control and a baby chimp as their test subject. However instead of the chimp learning to act like a human, they got unexpected results as their own child ended up having developmental issues. Monkey see, monkey do. Let’s get into it.


1965. Effect of emotional deprivation and neglect on babies. Subtitled in English


The narration of this film references antiquated Freudian psychoanalytic theory, refrigerator mother theory and other anachronisms, and should be taken in a historical context.


Catalogue description: This film studies the effect of emotional deprivation on the sensory-motor behavior of infants aged 7 to 18 months, some of which came from normal families, and others raised in institutional settings for social reasons. The simple experimental conditions remain the same. We present blocks to the child and record the reaction to this object of stimulus.


What they NEVER told you about SEXUALITY in Nazi Germany


One of the many goals of Hitler's followers was to control the sexuality of the population. The goal was for the Germans to reproduce at any cost and reverse the downward trend in the birth rate. To do this, the government implemented all kinds of incentives and absurd programs, while establishing strict surveillance of customs.


The Unspeakable Things That

Happened In Unit 731


Japan has a unique history. From the early 17th century until the mid-19th century, the island-nation was isolated from the world by order of the ruling Shoguns, the military-leaders who ruled in the name of the emperor. Foreigners were only allowed on one small island near Nagasaki, and no Japanese at all were allowed to leave – ever.


This all changed in 1853-54, when American naval officer Matthew C. Perry forcibly opened Japan to international trade. What the naval officers and Marines in Perry's fleet saw when they came ashore in Japan shocked them – Japan had been suspended in time since the early 1600s. Its buildings, clothing, and especially weapons, were 200 years behind America and the Western world.


At the same time, China was becoming almost a vassal state of European countries. Sections of the country were under virtual foreign rule, and the Chinese had been forced to sign a series of what historians call “The Unequal Treaties.” Foreigners enjoyed favorable trade conditions which allowed them to profit greatly while many Chinese suffered. Additionally, in those parts of China, known as “concessions”, under European control or influence, European citizens and soldiers, and later, Americans, were subject to their own law – not that of China. This included crimes committed against Chinese. For all of these reasons and more, the Japanese were determined not to let that happen to their own country.

Playing one nation against another and occasionally using the threat of violent uprisings against the Western Powers who came to trade in Japan, while at the same time understanding the limits of their own power and compromising with the West when necessary, the Japanese set themselves two main goals: to modernize their country as quickly as possible, and to prevent the Western countries from doing to Japan what they were doing in China.


The Japanese exploited the Chinese under their control economically. China also became one vast laboratory. Its people were subject to not only modern warfare, but were subjects for the Japanese military to learn about chemical and biological weapons. The war itself cost China millions of people, but in the military and among civilians. The estimates of Chinese losses from 1936-45 range from ten to twenty million people.


Doing his best to increase that total was a monster named Shiro Ishii. Ishii, like Mengele at Auschwitz, was a doctor. He was born in 1892 into an established middle-class family and became a doctor. In 1921, he joined the army as a surgeon. Ishii was fascinated by the process of infection, and after a trip to the battlefields of WWI Europe, became interested in the possibilities of chemical and biological weapons.

The Cult with CIA Ties


00:00 Sponsor
01:07 Intro
03:03 Chapter 1: The Incident
07:58 Chapter 2: The Hunt
13:11 Chapter 3: The Cover-up
16:55 Chapter 4: Behind the Scenes
27:14 Chapter 5: Conspiracy
32:04 Chapter 6: Unclassified
50:13 Conclusion


| blameitonjorge Comments -


- “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.”

-When he mentioned "Africa", it sent chills down my spine because even my little community in the West of Nigeria has seen increased child kidnappings in recent times (especially since 2012).

-The fact that this was so quickly covered up and dismissed from media coverage is a sure sign that there were/are some powerful people involved.



-It's funny to me that the Head FBI Agent in Charge of LA Ted Gunderson did a lecture on all of this in 2005 and that lecture he gave is still on YouTube. He holds up a stack of documents and said, "They're called THE FINDERS ". He talks about the McMartin Preschool case, Franklin Cover-up, OKC Bombing, WTC 1993 Bombing, 9/11 and much more...but he went into this subject first. He died in 2011 and I ask, why isn't anyone tipping their hat to this hero or mentioning his name in these videos? Especially now that the FBI released the documents' admitting Gunderson was right all those years ago. His 2005 lecture is easy to find. Go to the dead whistleblowers for real information.




The Mouse Utopia Experiments | Down the Rabbit Hole


As the world recovers from World War II and fears of overpopulation swell in America, one researcher begins constructing horrifying experiments to model it.



The Execution of the Female Torturer

of Stutthof Concentration Camp


One of the most terrible concentration camps of the Second World War was Stutthof, which opened almost straight after the Germans invaded Poland. Inside the camp, disease spread very quickly, and the prisoners were guarded over by a number of terrifying guards including a number of female guards who were known for their brutality and evil. One of those women that treated the prisoners awfully was Ewa Paradies, who was notorious within the prisoner population.

Ewa Paradies was brought to Stutthof late in the war as many women were drafted there to oversee the inmates. But on a daily basis she would beat inmates, and torture them horrifically. 

She forced many to stand outside in the cold and threw freezing cold water at them. 

But after the war she was sentenced to death at the Stutthof Trials, and on a huge hill in Gdansk she was executed on huge gallows in front of 20,000 people.


What if you put your head in a particle accelerator?


On 13 July 1978, Bugorski was checking a malfunctioning piece of equipment when the safety mechanisms failed. Bugorski was leaning over the equipment when he stuck his head in the path of the 76 GeV proton beam. Reportedly, he saw a flash "brighter than a thousand suns" but did not feel any pain. This is what happened next.


The Nuclear Warhead Explosion That Nearly

Ended The World | Alive | Wonder


The infamous Damascus Missile Explosion. An accidentally dropped socket wrench punctures a fuel tank, leading to the complete destruction of a gigantic Titan II missile carrying a nuclear warhead. The explosion sends Greg Devlin flying 60 feet, burning his body with toxic fuel, as coworkers rush to save him and his crew. With a destructive power 600 times that of the Hiroshima bomb, the warhead could ignite other nuclear warheads in the region if it explodes, and bring an end to the world as we know it.




Three Mile Island - What Really Happened


The Three Mile Island accident is one of the world's most infamous, but was it more of a communication meltdown than a nuclear one?



The Time We Nuked Five Men to Prove a Point


On July 19th, 1957, a 2-kiloton nuclear warhead exploded above the heads of five volunteers during “Shot John” of the Operation Plumb bob series of US nuclear tests. Why would anyone volunteer to be at ground zero for such a blast, and what happened to them?



History's Worst Software Error


In 1985, a state-of-the-art radiation therapy device called the THERAC-25 started blasting holes through patients' bodies, leading to the world’s first death by radiation treatment overdose. It killed two more people before anyone knew what was going wrong. Why?


US Military Technique to Open Your

Third Eye in 30 Seconds.


In this video, I share some incredible research and experiments regarding how to Open Your Third Eye and Activate Your Pineal Gland. I was amazed by the incredible experiments US Military conducted with Stanford on Remote Viewing. These were formerly classified top secret research, which is now declassified by the USA.


There was an amazing documentary about this called "Third Eye Spies" - and it goes deeply into the nature of the remote viewing and third eye techniques that they used for some pretty interesting research. 


Essentially, the military was testing how they could use pineal gland activating and the third eye in order to find new discoveries and information that could assist them.

TRUTH about the Irish - First slaves brought to the Americas - Forgotten History


Slavery is perhaps one of the oldest profit making endeavors in human history and the Irish were a special target for a thousand years, persecuted by one faction or another, to include enslavement and indentured servitude. But were they the first slaves in the Americas? Find out here. Hosted by Colin D. Heaton. The Forgotten History Channel is a 10th Legion Pictures Production.


Requiem for the Suicided: Terrance Yeakey


In this edition we turn the focus of our open-source investigation to Sgt. Terrance Yeakey, one of the first responder heroes at the scene of the OKC bombing who discovered something that conflicted with the official story of the bombing…something that cost him his life.


Corbett Comments -


-I saw some random Twitter post about this man. I have never heard of him (and I am old enough to have). Someone posted a link to this video on the thread. This is unbelievable. My jaw is on the floor and my heart is broken. I hope your video and channel does not get taken down now that it has been brought back to light. I am afraid that is what we are turning into. Don't question our government!


-Wow what a jaw dropping story!!! Rest well Mr. Yeakey ✨


-I've heard it said that the devil fails when honest men and women are willing to lay down their lives for the truth. May we all be so courageous.


Even More Bizarre CIA Documents

Reveal the Most Horrifying Secrets


Few organizations have a reputation quite like that of the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA’s mission is to protect the United States from enemies foreign and domestic, but over the years, questions have been raised over whether the CIA's actions live up to its noble goals. We recently shared a video looking at some of the darker secrets of the CIA. Today, we’ll be looking at even more stories that show the sinister and downright bizarre things the CIA has gotten up to over the years.


Operation Gondola Wish


Sometimes, what the CIA got up to was not so much terrifying as it was insane.


By the 1960s, gripped by Cold War paranoia, the CIA had become convinced that the Soviets had figured out how to use “paranormal senses” to gather intelligence. They genuinely believed that the US was vulnerable to these new techniques of “parapsychology” and that action had to be taken to counter them. These ‘techniques’ included psychokinesis, moving objects with the mind, out-of-body experiences, which allowed people to ‘leave’ their bodies and move around, and remote viewing, which allowed people to see or sense things without any apparent physical way to do so.

By 1970, the CIA was funding a research program called SCANATE to investigate “gifted individuals” who possessed these special talents. Surprisingly, these early experiments reported an accuracy rate of over 65% in many instances. There was enough perceived success to form a proper project, codenamed Gondola Wish, by 1977. Gondola Wish was supposed to consolidate this parapsychology research so that it could be properly integrated into counterintelligence. It proposed training people in these techniques to act as special agents in Eastern Europe.


The documents relating to Gondola Wish treat it with complete seriousness. For example, the CIA put great thought into who might be recruited for such work. They were worried that the paranormal nature of the work would offend some people’s religious sensibilities, creating a risk that they would go to the public to expose what they thought was an “immoral” project. It is also apparent from the documents that, for whatever reason, the Soviets were believed to be equally certain of the value of this research. Since Russia does not declassify things in the same manner as the US, we can’t really know how far the Soviets really took these experiments. It’s even possible that the Soviets were leading the CIA on a wild goose chase to rate their time - such things were known to happen in the Cold War - but we can only speculate.

Rod Serling on the topic of RACE


Vladimir Comments -


-He cast black people as something more than a caricature. Much respect to him and Gene Roddenberry.


-As a black man I've always loved Rod Serling's work and it is so refreshing to know that he stood on the side of right when it came to oppressive racism. He was a visionary ahead of his time and left us prematurely at 50 years old but his body of work will continue to inspire future generations. God bless you Rod.


-In Taiwan this is still like the number one show. Rod Serling was one of the greater gifts to humanity.


-This man was ahead of his time! Very intelligent, socially aware, and compassionate. Excellent human being!!!


-Rod Serling fought tooth and nail against the sanitizing of television and wanted to do stories that would tackle current social issues, but network executives and sponsors would oftentimes demand changes so that the viewing audience not be offended or made to feel uncomfortable. This drove him crazy. He presented one script which went through so many changes that it was a shadow of what it was when initially submitted. Rod was a scrappy fighter, but I think he knew that it was a fight that he was bound to lose.




September Clues



Solid Waste Comments -


-After all these years I now know the TRUTH about what happened on 9-11-2001.... THANKS a million for posting this!

-I am astounded this has only limited viewing? It is so clear in its statement that it should be more publicized... But we probably know why it isn't... Well done for the amount of effort you put in, to try to open people's eyes. But therein lies the problem... Shame it's not been received the way that it should be... Great work. If at all possible,

-One of the first documentaries that opened my eyes so many years ago. A great time to share again.

-this is the kind of investigative journalism we need to see more of bravo to the producer of this film

-What history wants me to believe is that jet fuel melts steel & crematoriums can operate just fine with wooden doors. What's next, are they going to tell me they landed men on the moon? Someone was right about everything!

The Unspeakable Things The Bolsheviks Did During Their Reign


Few words in 20th century history have been as complicated as ‘Bolshevik.’ The Bolsheviks were a splinter group of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party and became a formal party in 1912. They were avowed Marxists and revolutionaries who spearheaded the Russian Revolution in 1917, toppling the Tsar and giving rise to the Soviet Union. They would later rename themselves as the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, although the Bolshevik nickname still stuck. For decades, the Bolsheviks ruled one of the most powerful countries on earth, endured a World War, and became locked in a decades-long ideological stand-off with the Capitalist world.


The Bolsheviks fell in 1991, and the USSR along with them, but in the years since, the legacy of their rule has been increasingly scrutinized. How much did the rosy propaganda of the USSR align with reality? What truths were revealed when the archives were opened? What diabolical things did the Bolsheviks do during the reign?




From the outset, the Bolsheviks were possessed by ideology. They preached a form of revolutionary Marxism that scorned private property and land ownership. They detested capitalism, monarchism, nationalism, and religion as tools of powerful groups to control the masses and instead believed that all of these things should be overthrown and replaced with a system of collective ownership for the benefit of the workers. The ideal Bolshevik future was one where everyone was equal in wealth and legal status, living in a world free from poverty, war, and oppression. It was an inspiring vision that had long appealed to many and continues to inspire people today. Advanced by articulate and intelligent thinkers, most notably Vladimir Lenin, Soviet-style Marxism gained traction in the early years of the 20th century.


However noble its goals may have been, even in these early years, the Bolsheviks showed that they were perfectly willing to sacrifice human lives on the altar of their ideology. For example, one of the ways that the Bolsheviks raised money in the 1900s was through robbery. This robbery often harmed the very people the Bolsheviks claimed to be protecting. In June 1907, in the Georgian city of Tiflis, a group of Bolsheviks ambushed a shipment of cash in the town’s Erivansky Square with firearms and explosives. In the ensuing violence, around 40 people were killed, many of them civilians. The robbery caused mass outrage against the Bolsheviks and many of the Bolsheviks leaders involved in the robbery, most notably Lenin and Stalin, later attempted to cover up their associations with the event. In the grand scheme of history, 40 deaths would be a mere drop in the ocean of what the Bolshevik would go on to do, but it was a chilling forewarning of what was to come.


By 1917, the memory of the robbery had faded. The Bolsheviks had become a potent force for Marxist revolution amidst a Russia locked in the grueling First World War. It was the Bolsheviks that lit the revolutionary spark that burned down the Tsarist regime in 1917 and eventually inaugurated the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR). It was the first socialist state in history, and it would be christened in blood. In July 1918, the deposed Tsar Nicholas II along with his family, including his 13-year-old son, were executed by Bolshevik forces in an act that remains deeply controversial to this day. The Russian Civil War erupted as countless factions sought to oppose the new regime.


What is Wicca?


I am a believer in The Kingdom of God. I offer out this video as a means of understanding those who identify as "Wiccan" or "Witch" or "Satanist."



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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen
Ran The Democrats' FTX Crypto-Theft - Part 6


By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense


Part 6 of the FTX series now probes the highest levels of t Obama-era chairwoman of the Federal Reserve and masterminding of the global financial crimes of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange for fund transfers from Beijing and Shanghai for Democrat candidates and Joe Biden’s presidential bid. As discussed in earlier chapters of this ongoing report, FTX boss Sam Bankman-Fried engaged in illegal campaign finance included funneling slush funds from Hunter Biden’s liaisons with leaders of the Chinese Communist Party into Hong Kong crypto-accounts and onward into Democrat campaign coffers. Later, after FTX’s flight from regulatory inspectors to the Bahamas, millions of dollars from the Aid for Ukraine charity were stolen for kickbacks to the Democrat leadership in illicit payoffs for Pentagon weapons to Kyiv. FTX was a money laundry for Democrat politicians aka crooks.


By a long stretch, Janet Yellen has set an unenviable record as the most corrupt chief of the Fed and Treasury ever, a female Fagin who masterminded the Democrat vote-rigging in the 2019 elections. Along with her minions, the Bankman-Fried family and Biden’s drug-addled son on the lam, her treasonous theft and political bribery raise the curtain on the elite Jewish Democrat cabal that has dispensed bribes to subvert and control the highest levels of the U.S. government.


One of Yellen’s key instruments is Mind the Gap, a secretive multi-million-dollar superPAC run by Stanford economists Barbara Fried and Joseph Bankman, the parents of SBF. These illicit money flows were used to fund voter fraud and ballot tampering, which led to the 2019 rigged election of Joe Biden as president. Grand larceny to throw ballots overboard and subvert the electoral process is treason and therefore deserves the sternest punishment to discourage would-be dictators of the future. This generation of Americans must set the precedent with no less than capital punishment for usurpers who violated the fundamental right to vote. Otherwise, the door will be left wide open to tyranny. The Constitution demands no less of us than the solemn duty to protect this basic right of the citizenry.


Yid Mob Troika

At the end of November that liberal Jewish rag, The New York Times, gave away the plot behind its Deal Book conference in the Big Apple, held on Wednesday, November 30, which featured the Big Three of Cryptocurrency Crime: the financial “whiz” out on bail Sam Bankman Fried, CEO of the collapsed FTX fund; the evasive Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen; and Ukrainian mafia boss and international arms reseller Volodymyr Zelensky. The trio of brazen Jewish embezzlers mumbled nonsense from the podium or by Zoom videoconferencing. The actual purpose of their participation at that illustrious gathering of hustlers was a secret three-way Zoom parley in New York to coordinate their alibis and pleas of ignorance about their fraudulent transactions, including the heist of Pentagon weapons that were shipped to Ukraine for resale by mafia arms traffickers to the usual-suspect rogue regimes and crime syndicates.


Another guest speaker at the NYT’s Deal Book conference was Shou Chew, the CEO of TikTok, that espionage window of the Chinese leadership, to watch for any fallout from the FTX scandal for Beijing and Shanghai elites who seek to maintain a clean image for themselves above the fray. As secret mega-funders of the Democrat Party, the Beijing higher-ups and their intelligence agents have a strategic economic interest in the piecemeal takeover of the U.S. economy through control of turnkey politicians.


The Chinese agenda for a captive USA is now being advanced with the Beijing-invested U.S. gas industry’s reallocation from home-heating toward super-profitable mega-shipments of American-sourced gas to a shivering Europe, a trade opportunity caused by the CIA-NATO sabotage of the Nord stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea. This globalist financial plot is behind the sharp spike in consumer gas prices across the USA during an exceptionally cold winter (which invalidates the Democrats’ global warming hoax). Another China-targeted operation is conversion of American transport to electric vehicles, the Chinese monopoly on production of two-ton toxic battery units for EVs. The burial of used batteries made of lethal heavy metals is another way to exterminate Americans without declaring war. (Note: According to the liberal version of American history, we did something like that to the Indians so it’s just desserts, right?). Then there are geopolitical issues, for instance, blackmail of the Biden Democrats to prevent American intervention in the Taiwan crisis. If you have further questions about these issues, phone Hunter Biden to explain the new global reality on behalf of his brain-dead Dad.


Janet’s Evasion on the FTX Collapse

Alarmed by potential fallout from Treasury’s blasé attitude and Yellen’s hands-off order on the FTX collapse, the Democrat head of the Senate Financial committee Sherrod Brown penned an open letter to Treasury Secretary Yellen, which reads: “As we continue to learn more details, the failure of this crypto exchange brings to mind the litany of financial firm failures due to the combination of reckless risk taking and misconduct. It is crucial that risks in this area are contained and do not spillover into traditional financial markets and institutions, and we draw the correct lessons regarding customer and investor protection.” That dire appeal fell on deaf ears, because the troika of Yellen, the Bankman-Frieds and Zelensky were more focused on saving their own rotten carcasses from investigation and prosecution for malfeasance.


Yellen had the temerity not to reply. Like the Sphinx of Egypt her lips are sealed. On the spot to say something, anything to Senator Brown, a lowly clerk at the Treasury Department had to regurgitate her comments at the Deal Book Summit: “To the extent that the crypto world could deliver faster, cheaper, safer transactions, we should be open to financial innovation. That said, that’s not what most of it has been about. And I strongly believed and continue to believe, and I think everything we’ve lived through over the last couple of weeks, but earlier as well, says this is an industry that really needs to have adequate regulation. And it doesn’t.” RU kidding, Janet? Who’s in charge? Allow me to simplify your rambling excuse: I supported crypto wholeheartedly even though it’s a fraud.


The obvious question in the minds of Congressmen was and still is: “In whose bailiwick is financial regulation, Ms. Yellen? Who is supposed to be in charge of imposing some rules on the crypto sector?” Her evasiveness and inane blame game mirrored right back onto herself, the fat pig in a poke. AKA the bag lady at Treasury.


Oh, sorry about the Scottish lingo. A friend recently asked me: What’s a poke? Well, it’s the Scots’ term for a bag, tightly woven with goat hair or plant fiber, used to carry hogs to county fairs. A pig in the poke. In the remote Highlands, ruffians and thieves were sometimes crammed inside a poke to be beaten with walking sticks, a fitting punishment for embezzles and lying treasurers too. The Scots are renowned for fiscal penny-pinching, a fine trait to be restored to the U.S. Treasury. Oh, and that curious term “poky” refers to a tight small room with a latch on the door, which is used to hold pigs and thieves, a perfect vacation home for SBF and his Fagin-like godmother Yellen who should soon be oinking to be released on bail. Oh, let’s not get into details of how I learned Scottish terms during my sojourn in Hong Kong when it was still a Brit colony. She was a beauty beyond compare.


What has changed since the Three Cabbage Rolls appeared at the Book Deal conference is an upheaval of reorganization at the House of Representatives following the mid-term election disaster for Biden. Speaker Kevin McCarthy should now be able to launch an extensive congressional inquiry into the FTX-MTG (the latter: Mind the Gap) circus and the illicit Yellen-SFB connections with Beijing and Kyiv, along with the middleman role of the despicable disappearing Hunter Biden. Oh, well, like father like son, both being Beijing’s stooges, ever since at a young age Joe was an “old China hand”, way before volunteering as their Manchurian Candidate in the 2019 presidential elections.


A Woman Scorned  Continued..  

Rookie Georgia police officer resigns after department bars him from expressing views on traditional marriage


Rookie Georgia police officer Jacob Kersey resigned after his superiors threatened to terminate him for expressing his views on traditional marriage, the Daily Signal reported today.


“If someone somewhere considers an opinion I have—that isn’t a direct quotation from Scripture—to be offensive, then that would be a fireable offense,” Jacob Kersey, the former officer, told The Daily Signal.


Kersey, 19, who began working last May at the Port Wentworth Police Department in a jurisdiction just outside Savannah, says “everything was going well” until the start of the new year.


On Jan. 2, Kersey posted a 20-word message about his view of marriage () on Facebook.


“God designed marriage. Marriage refers to Christ and the church,” he wrote, paraphrasing the Apostle Paul’s teaching in the Book of Ephesians. “That’s why there is no such thing as homosexual marriage.”



These Bizarre CIA Documents

Expose The Most Horrifying Secrets


The Central Intelligence Agency has been a core part of the United States’ defense against foreign and domestic enemies for decades. However, it has attracted plenty of criticism for its methods and motives over the years. Declassified documents have only fueled this criticism, revealing all manner of unethical or illegal conduct hidden in the CIA’s closet. Many of the declassified secrets are more absurd than creepy. Wacky plots and absurd technology like bird spy drones, catfish spy drones, dragonfly spy drones - a lot of animal spy drones, come to think of it - are among the stranger revelations from declassified archives. However, some of these documents reveal far more gruesome secrets. Plans for political assassinations, mind control, torture, and even inciting international wars reveal that the CIA has gotten up to far more than the public ever suspected.


Source A Day in History


The HORRIFIC Executions of The Nuns Slaughtered by The Red Army


During the Second World War, there were a huge number of war crimes which were committed by the Soviet Red Army. As they rampaged towards Germany, there were many women who were targeted by them, and because of this many women were treated terribly. But recently, the story of 7 nuns has been uncovered in Poland, and their remains tell a horrific story of torture and suffering at the hands of the Red Army. The Soviets were supposed to be in Poland to liberate the country from German occupation, but they committed scores of executions and war crimes.


One of these war crimes was carried out on the Sisters of St Catherine of Alexandria, a group of nuns who were working as nurses helping out in a hospital. After their remains were found, they told of the horrific story of their suffering and how the Red Army soldiers had taken their lives. Each of the women were peaceful and had no place in the conflict and on the battlefield, but still they became victims of World War 2.