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Clint Howard returns as Balok

Of course this is from 13 years


Someone has too much weed and free time. That person is me👉🏻...

that's why I'm here.

All Your AI Drawing Nightmares Come to Life..



Once more, this surreal encounter leaves me pondering, especially the intriguing backgrounds that seem to merge nostalgia with a hint of nightmarish imagery. It's another instance I never would have imagined experiencing in my lifetime—a mixture of revulsion and fascination. Perhaps I'll give it another viewing.



I Spent Six Years and $45,000 Developing The Burrito Bone


We at the WWG Shopping Network would like to take this opportunity to address the allegations that Burrito Bone founder and CEO, Skee Leguzio, physically attacked a young child at Juan Poncho’s Chimichangeria and Guac Trough this past Thursday. We stand by our client and would like to dispel all rumors that Mr. Leguzio was intoxicated at the time of the alleged incident. Yes, the time in question does fall within the 5-6 PM 8-for-1 Margarita-rama, but Mr. Leguzio insists that he had only participated in this sales event in order to scrape the salt from the rims of his glasses to further season his Tacaritos.

His understandably heightened emotional state was, however, a result of a large stain caused by a faulty burrito that ruined his favorite pair of slim-fit Old Navy chinos.

We affirm Mr. Leguzios assertion that 9 year old Graphne Dilkerson indeed looked like she was laughing at him as she watched a show on her ipad with headphones on, in her seat at a separate table facing away from him. We also hold that once Mr. Leguzio confronted her about her reaction, her attempts to offer him several napkins and her own burrito did, in fact, seem like threats and therefore warranted a physical response in self defense.

Mr. Leguzio merely pushed her a little and was not aware of her allergy to the chilis in the salsa verde on his fingers. …We offer our condolences to the family of young Graphne.

Ozzy Osbourne listens to an AI version of himself singing.


Imagine him walking into a public place hearing that being played and him wondering... "...When the F*** did I record that?"

The current aroma reminiscent of a Delta flight prompts speculation and curiosity.


Exploring an unconventional perspective, an intriguing discussion unfolds on the benefits of not wiping. While many consider this action a hygiene essential, a particular individual challenges the norm, offering a unique perspective on cleanliness. Delve into this unconventional take on personal habits and hygiene with the insights of a fascinating lady who sees things differently.

Farts | Off The Air | adult swim

Music of the gods.


Divine melodies! Eleven minutes of humor centered around flatulence – truly, a masterpiece. After all, you can't have "arts" without "farts." Well done!

The return of regular Off the Air uploads signals a promising year ahead. Anticipating more laughter and creativity, it seems we're in for a delightful period of entertainment.

CDK - Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye


The accessibility of thousands of hours of collective dance practice and creative editing, condensed into a free click and a four-minute video, exemplifies that we are living in an era of unparalleled world-class entertainment. This remarkable feat, deserving of an Oscar for the world's best choreography, showcases the precision and dynamism in executing intricate dance routines. The costumes contribute to the unique and captivating "vibe" of the performance. 

Each dancer involved deserves commendation for their collaborative efforts, working seamlessly as a team to produce a finished product that not only exceeds expectations but sets a new standard for excellence.

The UNKNOWN Planet Hiding Behind the Sun - Antichthon


Is there a planet hiding on the other side of the sun? directly behind our star? For centuries astronomers have been on the hunt for new giant worlds lurking in the shadows of the solar system. Such as the hypothetical Vulcan, the elusive Planet Nine and Pheaton the missing planet said to exist between Mars and Jupiter. But what about in a region that we cannot see from Earth? The opposite side of the Sun? Could there be an unknown planet there? This is the fascinating theory of the Antichthon planet.

Billie Jean But Every Instrument Is a Spring Door Stopper


Just thought I would SPRING into action ha-ha do you get it?

3 years ago
Making Billie Jean in the 80s: A group of decorated and musically astute musicians.
Making Billie Jean in 2020: A bored kid with a mic and a computer.

All In the Family | Meet the Bunkers


| Season 1 Episode 1 Full Episode


Life with the Bunkers (Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton and Sally Struthers) is never boring, especially when Gloria's boyfriend, Mike (Rob Reiner), is around to fight with Archie on any given occasion!

From Season 1, Episode 1 'Meet the Bunkers' - It's Edith and Archie Bunker's 22nd wedding anniversary and their daughter Gloria and her husband Mike are planning a surprise Sunday brunch. Edith is pleasantly surprised, however, Archie's "no big deal" attitude leads to a huge argument with his son-in-law on topics ranging from Archie's prejudices, problems with the nation's government and Mike's atheism.

The Was (2016) - The Avalanches + Soda_Jerk


The Was is a collaborative meeting between Australian sample artists The Avalanches and Soda Jerk. It was released July 1, 2016.

The Was is a sample-based video for now, about the time before now. Part experimental film, part music video and part concept album.

Director: Robbie Avalanche & Soda Jerk
Post-production: Soda Jerk & Sam Smith
Additional production: Chris Hopkins & Sam Smith
Design: Chris Hopkins
Music: The Avalanches

This Incredible Transformation Was Done in One Take, No Edits and No CGI


Robert Downey Jr. was HIGH!? | Interview from 1996


🤣Taylor Swift's Grammy Outfit😁


New Kids On The Block - Bring Back The Time (Ft Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley, En Vogue) (Official Video)

Fun stuff!

Jason has done very Funny Commercials in the Past... Here's Another from T-Mobile


“People are just seeing a different side of me,” Momoa tells Variety in an interview, while noting that he’s primarily “known as a dramatic actor” due to the roles he won early in his career. But in commercials he has done for Rocket Mortgage and others, he gets to play things for laughs, he says: “People reach out and ask me to do some funny stuff.”

Klaus Vader and his double fists of Vaxx..


Watch A Camera Drop into A Hole Beneath Antarctica


Clearest Footage of

Them Gathering Released


Welcome to the eerie world of Dread Captures, a Trail Cam channel, where the woods hold secrets, and the unknown lurks in the shadows. Our cameras, strategically placed in the most secluded corners of the wilderness, have captured on cam the most chilling scares and strange things on trail cam you've ever seen.


Immerse yourself in a collection of trail cam videos that unveil the mysterious and the unexplainable. From scary encounters in the dead of night to the most cryptic creatures caught on camera, our footage is not for the faint of heart.

Delve into the depths of the unknown with our "Captured on Trail Cam" series, showcasing a range of mysterious videos from around the internet, including those caught on security cam, caught on ring cam, and, of course, our specialized trail cameras.

Oh my god...

Trump looks just like his Mother!


92% Of Your DNA Is From Your Parents. 8% Is Now From...


8% of your DNA isn't actually yours. It was inherited from viruses that have been part of human evolution for millions of years. Imagine waking up to the news that all viruses in the world have been eradicated. While it might seem like a relief at first, the absence of viruses could lead to unforeseen consequences. Viruses are everywhere, from the depths of the oceans to the highest mountains, and they have played a significant role in shaping life on Earth. In the early days of our planet, viruses may have been among the first forms of genetic material, co-evolving with early cellular life.

When Prince challenged

Eddie & Charlie Murphy to a

game of basketball

#eddiemurphy #prince #comedy


It took 10 YEARS (But it was worth it) - Amazing Science Gadgets/Toys 3

Sit back and relax. Enjoy 9 minutes of oddly satisfying scientific curiosities featuring various mind-blowing stuff!

How White people should respond to

Black people pulling the race card.


..And A Couple of Comments..


1 month ago
I literally kicked a friend out of my life yesterday who I have been friends with for over 10 years because I thought a meme about women was funny that just so happened to have a black woman in it. And immediately she was like "All you white people are the same. You all love to laugh at black people. You're so racist". I was like "This meme has nothing to do with race and if I can't laugh at any meme with a black person in it, then I'll have to stop laughing at half of all memes". Needless to say she only got more angry and started saying how she hates white people and I finally told her to get out of my life. It's no loss though, because for years I've had to deal with her paranoia seeing racism in everything. She literally told me once that the amount of dairy sold in stores is racist because of the prevalence of lactose intolerance in black communities. I was like, do you even hear yourself talk sometimes. 😅

1 year ago
I retired from policing after 30 years. Some of the funniest reactions I ever got were when I’d be asked by a black driver if I had stopped them “just because I’m black”, and my response would be “Did you just ask me that because I’m white?”

If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35


What happens when meat eaters embody the mentality of a vegan? This video solves the oldest riddle of the ages, what if meat eaters acted like vegans.

Watch: At This Japanese Restaurant, People Pay to Get Slapped by Waitresses


While restaurants across the world are experimenting with innovative themes to attract customers, an eatery in Japan has adopted a bizarre practice to captivate the attention of people. At an eatery called Shachihoko-ya in Nagoya, people willingly get slapped on their faces before having their meals served. For a mere 300 Japanese Yen (Rs 170), kimono-dressed waitresses slap a willing customer in the face with their palms, over and over again. There’s also a 500-yen (Rs 283) surcharge if patrons request a specific staff member to slap them. The service is popular with both Japanese men and women, as well as foreign tourists.

Rare Discoveries Show a Different Side to History Than You Already Know


 Forget what you learned in history books. Often, they tell only one side of a nuanced story. The rare finds collected here show an aspect of history that we rarely get to see. They peel back the layers of the stories we think we know to reveal little-known facts that make history more fascinating. If you're ready to see a different side of history than what you already know, click ahead...the truth is waiting for you!

Amazing Secrets Hidden in Everyday Things - Part 7


I'm definitely getting nostalgia seeing those screen savers 😂 I remember those from school and the DVD player growing up and would be thinking "go for the corner" too.😂 During class at school, some of us would get distracted by the screen savers. A teacher would wiggle the mouse to stop the distraction to get us focused.😆 -- @mollystrack7902

Crazy Chick Flips Out in Barnes & Noble


This is Paul Shelden's NUMBER #1 FAN!

Do you know what a "green waist" is? The most beautiful program of the Spring Festival Gala, "Only This Green", has brought the ancient painting "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" of the Song Dynasty to life with dance across the millennium! It is so beautiful that it is suffocating~

Watch Male Cheerleader Try to Fit in With Female Cheerleaders


..Annnnd a Handful of Comments...


*What has been seen cannot be unseen. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. We are becoming a more ridiculous society with each passing day. I don't wish evil on the male cheerleader, and I hope he has a happy life, but someone should have said, NO, to him.

*The next time I’m asked why I’m a Black Conservative Republican I will show this video.

*What's annoying to me is, there are a lot of young women that would love to be a cheerleader but can't because these men are stealing their places and schools/colleges allow it just to be "inclusive". This bs mockery has gone on for way too long now.

*That dude has the right to frolic around like a wood nymph, and we have the right to make fun of him for it.

*That anyone in a position of authority (coach, band leader, university professor, etc..) ever allowed anything like this under their watch demonstrates how far gone we are.

*That guy is hilarious. He should be on SNL. Way funnier than anything they've done for the last 20 years 😂

*As a black man this is more than sad.

Disgusting Things That Were

Normal in Ancient Rome


Welcome to a journey through one of history's most iconic civilizations. In its past lies a bag of bizarre practices that would make the skin crawl of those in the modern world. Join us as we unearth ancient bizarre and disgusting practices that were considered normal in ancient Rome.


Feeding the dead was not merely a mysterious ritual; archaeologists discovered that in ancient Roman graves, people fed their deceased loved ones for the afterlife. Explore with us the intriguing and sometimes unsettling customs that shaped the lives of the Romans.

The Life of Death


- named one of the best short films of all times on YouTube by "No Film School".



hardjump from my team jumpstyle russia video by best mass jumpstyle
Song: Noisecontrollers - Confusions

This is Some Serious Retardation.

Whatever happened to using a spoon or a strainer?

That better be unscented... 

NYC is Full of Fake Buildings… Why?


Can you guess how many of NYC’s Buildings are Fakes?

😹So you want a CAT? Are You Really Sure?? 😹

😹 #funny #animals #shorts😹




I know we are all poking fun at this for how ridiculous it is, but you have to admit, it was pretty entertaining lol.

Rick and Morty | S7E2 Cold Open: The Jerrick Trap | adult swim


WTF Is This? - China's Most Hated Subculture - Episode #63


Shamate is one of China's most hated subcultures. It's pretty hilarious, but hey, we gotta give them a little credit for trying to stand out.


China's vaccine chaos and bizarre cures.

dimension 35C...


If this scene doesn't hook you into watching .. Nothing will.. lol


| Rick and Morty | #rickandmorty #shorts

Mike Tyson beats up Butterbean on live TV #shorts


The deleted scene that proves Jack Sparrow is a good man.


The BEST of "In Living Color" WANDA, FIRE MARSHAL BILL, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, ++ MORE


In Living Color • Music Video Parodies 1992 Download


Craziest Cartoon Secrets You Won’t Believe Are True


Fun fact: Lisa and Bart’s weird “haircuts” are actually part of their skulls. In X-rays and when they get electrocuted or in another scene where they’re just skeletons, we get to see that the strange hair-spikes are part of them.

Birds with Arms being the Funniest Thing Ever




Meet the cutest spiders in the world. While it is true that many people are arachnophobia, perhaps this video may change our perspective on spiders a bit.   Here is the list of the most tender spiders.


-Green jumping spider (Mopsus mormon)Considered as one of the longest jump spiders because they can reach about 0.47 inches, it’s pretty common to find them in big leaves where they can camouflage themselves, they’re usually found in the east side of Australia and New Guinea.


-Sequined Spider (Thwaitesia argentiopunctata)
This specie was seen for the first time almost 100 years ago in Australia, it surprised more than one with its peculiar body, specially its shiny abdomen


-Smiling spider (Theridion grallator)
Known to be a spider that only lives in Hawaii and close island, this splendid arachnid can usually be found under rocks from different plants where they normally knit their nests and spend almost all their life.


-Peacock spider (Maratus volans)
If colors are what you’re looking for, this spider has it. Its tones look like a Peacock and can be found in Australia. Even though is a very little specie, which can measure up to 0.2 inches, it’s very notorious because of its colorful body.


-Heavy jumping spider (Hyllus giganteus)
This spider is considered as the biggest jumping spider in the world, reaching 0.98 inches. As the other species, it can be found in Australia, however, it’s been documented that this kind of spiders are also found in African countries, even in the India.



-Wide Jaw Viciria (Viciria praemandibularis)
This spider is known because its legs have different colors, they can be found in great vegetation places in Singapore or Indonesia. However, even though it possesses colorful extremities, this specie only reaches 0.5 inches.


-Arrow-shaped micrathena (Micrathena sagittata)
This beautiful creature is distributed in almost all United States and Mexico. As it names says, it’s bigger peculiarity is that its abdomen has a yellowish coloration with 2 big spines in the back, characteristic that makes this spider look like a character from Pokémon.


-Ladybird mimic spider (Paraplectana tsushimensis)
You just need to see this animal and you’ll quickly realize why it’s named like this, however this coloration is because ladybugs don’t taste good and predators and birds usually avoid them.


-Spiny Orb-weaver spider (Gasteracantha cancriformis)
This peculiar creature, unlike the other ones already mentioned, can be found in abundance in low vegetation zones, usually in yards from American countries, also these spiders have been seen in African and Asian countries.


-Skeletorus (Maratus sceletus)
This striking spider was discovered in 2015 in south Queensland, Australia, so there’s not much know about this arachnid, except that, same as the Maratus Volans, they stand out for their peculiar color patrons...

This Spider Will CURE Your Arachnophobia - The Bold Jumping Spider


People have asked me how I overcame my fear of spiders- this spider was a HUGE help. The bold jumper is one of my absolute favorite animals of all time, and I can't wait to share it with you!

Bea’s Bugs


Arnold Houston


How This Film Made the Most Unique Aliens in All of Cinema - Edge of Tomorrow


The Mimics in the movie "Edge of Tomorrow" presented an intriguing design challenge. These creatures had to possess a level of menace that necessitated the repetition of time itself to defeat them, while also not being so invincible that they were beyond defeat.

To accomplish this, I believe the filmmakers capitalized on the concept of the unknown, transforming the Mimics into the most enigmatic extraterrestrial entities in cinematic history. Their movements, appearance, combat tactics, and even their sounds were deliberately crafted to be utterly unfamiliar. When a threat as formidable as the Mimics remains shrouded in mystery on all fronts, the act of confronting them repeatedly becomes the means of gradually uncovering their weaknesses.

In this video, we will delve into the methods employed by the filmmakers to make these creatures exceptionally distinctive and formidable. We'll also examine why other films often refrain from using a similar approach. Furthermore, we'll explore how this theme of the "power of the unknown" was skillfully integrated into the movie's narrative.

So, let's embark on an exploration of a film that may not have received widespread attention but still stands as one of the most inventive and captivating creations of the past decade!



What Red Hot Chili Peppers sound like to people who don't like Red Hot Chili Peppers


Vocal performance by There I Ruined It with A.I. assistance.

"Snuffleupagus ate my asparagus" is one of the best lines ever written, I love this song..
- @vichenzadoorian7551


Terminator Vs Jesus HD The Greatest Action Story Ever Told Mad Tv 1996


Now in High Quality here is A DVD rip of The Greatest Action Story Ever Told or Terminator Vs Jesus This is from Mad Tv 1996 in masked Hd. I know this video is on YouTube, but now you can see it in better quality, Enjoy.





Morbid Facts about the Wizard of Oz


Very Morbid Facts Indeed!




Mad TV - Gump Fiction


I do not own this, property of FOX corporation. Phil Lamar and David Herman in this pulp fiction/forrest gump crossover from the golden days of mad tv.



Mexican Star Trek - Mad TV


I know what they're saying and it's absolutely hilarious because it's badly pronounced Spanish AND yet they're saying a full, elaborate script. This was such a great sketch. I think people would have to speak Spanish to fully appreciate the effect they're going for. PURE GENIUS from MADtv.

- @FortheHorde1546 (YouTube Commentor) 13 years ago


Paul Williams Arrives Straight From Filming "Battle for the Planet of the Apes"


Paul Williams shows up in his Planet of the Apes costume and performs "Here's That Rainy Day"
Original Airdate: February 09, 1973


Gorilla glue spray adhesive vs huge hornet nest amazing results must see!!


In this video, the wasp hunter fulfills a viewer's request by applying Gorilla Glue spray adhesive to a gigantic bald-faced hornet nest. The outcome of this experiment is truly astonishing, making it a must-watch video.

"Nug Hut", an AI commercial video


This AI commercial unquestionably stands out as one of the most amusing I've encountered! As is often the case, AI seems to struggle when attempting to accurately portray the intricacies of hands and fingers, leading to entertaining interpretations, including miscalculations of the number of fingers and hands. Moreover, I couldn't help but burst into laughter at the sight of eyes rotating within their sockets, and one character even appeared to be sporting what looked like "nug huts" on their earlobes. In fact, some of them seemed to be playfully nibbling on their own lips!





This was found legally right next to the Petrified Park in Arizona!




TOP 100 Colorized Eerie Photos Not Suitable For All Viewers, i'm heartbroken..


You cannot believe your eyes when you see the eerie mystery of "TOP 100 Colorized Eerie Photos Not Suitable For All Viewers." These photos bring the chills of history to life in haunting hues - be careful!










Watch these graceful young stallions!

The First Recorded Sound Was Never Meant To Be Heard


The first sound recording is often credited to Thomas Edison, but in 1857, a typographer named Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville actually beat him by inventing the phonautograph, a device designed to capture sound waves on paper. It was never meant to be heard, but more than 150 years later, researchers were able to reproduce the sound and bring it back to life. It’s an amazing story - and it happened almost on accident.

SCP-1128 - The Aquatic Horror


SCP-1128 is an entity that manifests as a massive aquatic predator to anyone given a full description of the being's appearance through either spoken/written descriptions or visual depictions of the being. Persons infected by SCP1128 will initially exhibit no abnormal behavior, though some cases show a general aversion to activities involving bodily immersion in water such as bathing or swimming. Should subject ever be fully immersed in water, they will disappear completely under the surface of the water, regardless of the water's actual depth.

The History Of Man's Weirdest Myths And Legends


| Myths And Monsters | All Out History


Myths and legends have shaped who we are as people since the earliest days of prehistory. But where do these stories come from and why do they endure? Discover the real history behind humanity's most significant fantasies.

If you're a history fan who loves binge-watching, this is the channel for you! From the pyramids of Ancient Egypt to the Trenches of WW1, we'll be publishing the best history documentary series for you to sink your teeth into.





Burger King messed up BIG TIME...


Is It Scary - Music Video (A.I)


Presenting the "DARKNESS EDITION" of the music video for Michael Jackson's iconic track "IS IT SCARY," uniquely crafted by an AI. The video features a pitch-modified rendition of the music, adding an intriguing dimension to the visual experience.


This composition holds a special place within the esteemed "Blood on the Dance Floor" album, standing out as a personal favorite. The aspiration to witness corresponding visuals for this composition has lingered, evoking reminiscences of Michael Jackson's prior accomplishments such as "Thriller" and "Ghosts." In an alternate timeline, this rendition could have emerged as a pivotal masterpiece in his repertoire.

Gratitude is extended to the audience for the considerable viewership garnered by the preceding rendition titled "THREATENED A.I version." As a token of appreciation, a new rendition is hereby offered, channeling the essence of horror, and paying homage to a cherished epoch.



Star Trek: 10 Things You Didn't Know About T'Pol


She was the first Vulcan to serve long-term aboard a Starfleet vessel, but never got the uniform.



The Simpsons in Real Life




The Simpsons Live Action Opening


From Season 17, Episode 15. "Homer Simpson, this is Your Wife."



Arnold Schwarzenegger - Nothing Compares to Sharon Stone and...


Arnold Schwarzenegger sings about Sharon Stone and... Her.. <coughs>



Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood 2019 - SNL


Mr. Robinson returns to explain how a lot has changed since the last visit to his neighborhood.



Mr Schwarzenegger's Neighborhood


Arnold Schwarzenegger sings in the neighborhood!

This Is What Happened To Survivors Of Predator (2010) Movie! Did They Ever Come Back Home?


Their story was further explored in a Game Predator:Hynting grounds. Long story short, Royce helped Izabelle get on a ship and set autopilot for earth. She eventually reached earth and was recruited into OWLF, organisation partiallt ran by Alan "Dutch" Sheafer. As for Royce, He felt he is slowly losing his humanity. Unable to imagine going back home, he stayed in the preserve. According to Izabelle, his plan was to jack another spaceship and fly to wherever "They" are coming from. Hope this little story helps.



Mcdonald's AI generated Commercial


Complete with AI Trans Ronald, AI customer service, AI Gapping Mouthed Customers, with AI burgers and AI McNuggets stuck on AI customer's lips... Very Freaky.

You got to watch this at least... Once.



Ultimate AI Generated Commercials Compilation


Another strange mish-mash of AI created commercials. Very weird.



Hand pan ON Water 💦🛸💦


My life is complete as I have now witnessed a Viking emerge from the depths to play me a beautiful melody on a flying saucer.


The People (1972)


A has-been rock star hosts horror films in his haunted mansion. The gang watch The People from 1972.


Fun times.

Star Trek: Borg


This episode is from the 1996 Interactive Movie game "Star Trek: Borg".  Written by Hilary Bader, directed by James L. Conway, and featured an original score by Dennis McCarthy.  It is presented in first person like an FPS game, though it was a "decision" game, where you watch the action and make decisions at key points.


You are Cadet Qaylan Furlong, who meets a certain entity "Q" who takes him back in time to the battle of Wolf 359, where his father died.  Furlong is given the chance to change history and save his father's life.


😂 Pineapple Casserole In a way you’ve never seen! I promise you that 😂


Pineapple casserole is a thing, but this is something I’ve never ever imagined it looking like 😂 If you try it, take pics and send it to me so I can see your face! Video Credits @joshandmomma



Asian Makeup Transformations!

You won't believe

your eyes!


I just love how respectful he was through this whole video. Other youtubers would have bashed some of these people for how they looked without makeup. Props to you man for being a decent human ❤



Rare Star Trek Convention Bloopers:

Unearthed Footage from the 1970s


How awesome it was to watch my favorite Star Trek Heros doing these hilarious bloopers.. I will always love the OST!