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February 18, 2023

Supreme Court Reconsiders Case to Reinstate Trump


The U.S. Supreme Court is set to consider whether or not to hear a lawsuit that seeks to remove President Joe Biden from the White House and reinstate former President Donald Trump to office.


The Brunson v. Adams lawsuit claims that lawmakers violated their oaths of office by allegedly failing to investigate a foreign intervention in the 2020 presidential race which allegedly rigged the election against Trump.


The case is based on the claim that the defendants—who include Congress and former Vice President Mike Pence —voted to certify the 2020 presidential election after receiving a valid request from 154 members of Congress to investigate unfounded claims of electoral fraud in six states.


The Supreme Court declined to consider the lawsuit on January 9, but the plaintiff, Raland Brunson, filed an appeal on January 23. Now, the court has to reconsider whether or not to hear the case, according to an update on the SCOTUS' website () that read that the lawsuit was "distributed for conference" on Friday.


'Are we under attack?': Donald Trump Jr. claims US train network is being sabotaged over attack on Nord Stream 2 after spate of derailments in Ohio and Michigan


Donald Trump Jr believes that Russia is behind the recent train derailments in Ohio and Michigan, saying that it's Vladimir Putin's revenge for the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipelines in Europe in September.


Does anyone believe you can have all of these major train derailments, all with severe environmental consequences, and it’s just total coincidence? Why have we not seen anyone even asking if this is perhaps retribution for our supposed attack on Nordstream 2?,' the ex-president's eldest son tweeted Friday.


On Thursday, Trump Jr. first linked the derailments to Nord Stream 2, mistakenly calling it Nordstrom, in a tweet.


In another tweet on Thursday, Trump Jr. questioned the media's ethics asking: 'Is media that's stupid and or bought and paid for that they wouldn't even be questioning it? WTF?'


The Trump Organization's executive vice president did not offer any evidence to back up his messages.

Also on Thursday, Russia demanded that the United Nations Security Council set up an independent inquiry into the pipeline explosions.


Russia gave the 15-member council a draft resolution on Friday, seen by Reuters, which would ask U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to establish an international investigation into the 'sabotage' and identify who was to blame.



Time to Say No to The Child..


U.S. tells Ukraine it cannot provide strategic missiles because American forces simply don't have enough.


For once, the Biden regime appears to be telling the Ukrainian government to pound sand over its latest weapons request.


The situation in Ukraine has been tense for years, with Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and ongoing conflict in the Donbass region. The recent escalation of violence has only added to the already volatile situation, as Ukraine has sought support from the U.S. and NATO.

However, with the news that the US does not possess enough long-range missiles to provide assistance, Ukraine may attempt to purchase ATACMs from other countries that have them such as Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, South Korea, Qatar and Bahrain. The longer-range missiles can be used with the HIMARS rocket systems that Ukraine already possesses.

Time for Another Humiliating Failure for the Fading American Empire


I recall that when I was attending St. Albert the Great elementary school in Burbank, Illinois, during the mid-to-late 1960s and early 1970s, some of the history teachers used to tell us that the United States had never lost a war. Keep in mind that this was while the foolish American fiasco in Vietnam was unfolding, and this was only a decade or two after the inconclusive stalemate of the Korean War. That shows you that the indoctrination of school kids is nothing new.


For a military-industrial empire that maintains approximately 800 military bases around the world and that spends more on its military than the next seven countries (as well as 144 other countries) combined, the U.S. global hegemonic empire is clearly crumbling before our eyes today, following decades of slow decay. The last war that the U.S. unambiguously won was World War II—and that victory was only possible because of the fighting of the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and other Allies in addition to America. That big win was almost 80 years ago.


Since then, the U.S. military-industrial complex has lurched from one military debacle to another in an almost constant state of warfare, with each conflict characterized by either eventual failure or, at best, ambiguous results. 


The many geopolitical messes created by these U.S. military interventions have, nevertheless, been very financially profitable for the elitist warmonger class. And after all, the U.S. purports to be “exceptional” () among nations, so it has a self-declared right to meddle wherever and whenever it wants to meddle, regardless of the negative consequences.

Tucker: The White House wants us to shut up about this


Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to the Biden administration's equity agenda on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #tucker


Tucker Comments -

-My son is trying to get into the air force as a pilot. I've offered to lend him a dress many times. I think it's the only way they're going to take him because he's white, straight, tall, fantastically fit, has a degree, and already has his pilot's license. Nothing going for him at all.

-How did this happen without some kind of vote by congress or the people.

-I’m Black and this is crazy. When I was overseas we all got shot at. Why are they making things worse?

-I don’t care who my doctor, Pilot or government sleeps with, wears or looks like but I sure as hell don’t want them given the job based on identity.


Health Alert on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Safety
February 15, 2023

Communications Office
(850) 245-4111


The findings in Florida are consistent with various studies that continue to uncover such risks. To further evaluate this, the Surgeon General wrote a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) illustrating the risk factors associated with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and emphasizing the need for additional transparency.


According to a study, exit disclaimer Fraiman J et al, Vaccine. 2022, mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were associated with an excess risk of serious adverse events, including coagulation disorders, acute cardiac injuries, Bell’s palsy, and encephalitis. This risk was 1 in 550 individuals, which is much higher than other vaccines.


A second study, exit disclaimer Sun CLF et al, Sci Rep. 2022, found increased acute cardiac arrests and other acute cardiac events following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination.


Additionally, exit disclaimer Dag Berild J et al, JAMA Netw Open. 2022, assessed the risk of thromboembolic and thrombocytopenic events related to COVID-19 vaccines and found preliminary evidence of increased risk of both coronary disease and cardiovascular disease.


February 17, 2023

Kari Lake loses appeal in Arizona governor race challenge


An Arizona appeals court has rejected Republican Kari Lake’s challenge of her defeat in the Arizona governor’s race to Democrat Katie Hobbs, denying her request to throw out election results in the state’s most populous county and hold the election again.


In a ruling on Thursday, the Arizona Court of Appeals wrote Lake, who claimed problems with ballot printers at some polling places on Election Day were the result of intentional misconduct, presented no evidence that voters whose ballots were unreadable by tabulators at polling places were not able to vote. The court said that even a witness called by Lake to testify had confirmed that ballots that couldn’t initially be read at polling places could still ultimately have their vote counted.


And while a pollster who testified on behalf of Lake claimed the polling place problems had disenfranchised enough voters to change the outcome in Lake’s favor, the court said his conclusion were baseless.


-- I admire Kari Lake's tenacity and courage, and she is headed for the Supreme Court, but the fact is this government will never admit there is election fraud because that delegitimizes the entire government. --


EPA head tries to assure Ohioans after train spill


EPA Administrator Michael Regan sought to assure residents of East Palestine, Ohio, of the agency's commitment to air and water testing after a Feb. 3 derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals caused a fire that sent a cloud of smoke over the town.



Government descends on Ohio in wake of train derailment


East Palestine hosted representatives from the Department of Health & Human Services, the CDC, the EPA and more. All officials promised to protect residents and hold people responsible for a train derailment.


It’s not just this town’s residents that’s upset. All citizens of this country are upset with the weak response from our government. If they ignore East Palestine, they will ignore your town too.


Seems to be A LOT going on right now!


MrMBB333 Comments -


-There ARE no coincidences. We all know what's happening, at least, those who are awake, know. Thanks for the report, Mr. B. 💜

-these train "Derailments", are EXTREMELY abnormal. Especially considering that kind of cargo these ones were transporting

-I have to admit that it was pretty surreal watching White Noise on Netflix, then turning it off to see the East Palestine derailment when it originally happened, considering it was life imitating art, and it was immediately after I finished the movie which was weird. I just wonder why it took ten days for it to become big news. They knew there were major issues on day one and the media ignored it until the “controlled burn” (yeah right controlled) got out of hand.


-Thanks for looking out for us and keeping us informed. There is a lot going on and I do believe that something bigger is going down that we aren't being told about.

-It's not just you. I've noticed that there seems to be A LOT more of these incidents than normal. Reminds me of a scene from the movie 'Knowing", where the frequency of events seemed to be increasing as they went down the list.

February 16, 2023

The U.N. pushes a new, post-COVID “great reset”; Elon Musk blasts the idea of one-world

government at the World Government


Summit: and the U.S. diplomat to Afghanistan touts the power of “black girl magic.”


  • 0:00 UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres: Time for Great Reset to Overcome "Climate Change"
  • 4:38 My Favorite Comment
  • 6:56 Elon Musk Blasts One World Government at World Government Summit
  • 11:50 Afghans "Black Girl Magic"
  • 19:25 Georgia State Senator Emmanuel Jones: Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom!
  • 25:20 China's Global Times Attacks Buttigieg as "Vanity Political Appointee"


  • 27:47 New York Times on Misinformation Podcast Study
  • 32:12 Nikki Haley's First Big Rally
  • 36:23 Arkansas State Senator Matt McKee to Trans Woman: Do You Have a Penis?
  • 39:50 East Palestine Resident Lindsay Johnston Interview





EVERYTHING BEGINS IN 2024. You and your children will be experiencing behavioral modification.




If You Can't Beat Them...Change Your Tactics.


Trump Announces MASSIVE Ballot Harvesting Plan!!!


Train derails outside Detroit, Michigan, with one car carrying hazardous materials


Van Buren Township train derailment unfolds nearly two weeks after East Palestine, Ohio disaster


A train containing one car of hazardous materials has derailed Thursday in Van Buren Township outside Detroit, Michigan, reports say.  The cause of the derailment was not immediately clear.   Police told Fox2 Detroit that there were no injuries, and the area is not a hazmat situation.


"We are also in touch with the relevant federal authorities, including the EPA," Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., said in a statement obtained by Fox2 Detroit.


"At this time no one is aware of the release of any hazardous materials, the car carrying hazardous material has been put upright and is being removed from the area of the other derailed cars, and EPA is dispatching a team to ensure public safety," she said.


Heads Up! Toxic Plume of Smoke Coming from Massive Fire in Kissimmee, Hazmat Monitoring Air Quality

- FLORIDA- Massive 5-acre fire has broken out a warehouse storing plastic plant pots in Kissimmee, Florida.  Hazmat teams are monitoring air quality due to the large amount of smoke coming from the burning plastics.


Residents with breathing issues should remain indoors. #Breaking #Kissimmee #Fire


Norfolk Southern Eliminated Key Maintenance Role In Derailment Region, Union Says


One union of rail workers has questioned declining maintenance standards following the Feb. 3 Norfolk Southern derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, which forced the evacuation of the 5,000-person town earlier this month.

Image removed.


A device that can play a role in preventing derailments is the wayside hot-box detector. It uses infrared sensors to detect bearings, axles or other components of a rail car that are overheating, then uses radio signals to flag rail crews of any overheated components.


The rail car that initiated the derailment had an overheated wheel bearing, according to a Tuesday report from the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB is still investigating the cause of the derailment and will publish a preliminary report in two weeks.


Wayside hot-box detectors — also called “hot boxes” — are typically placed every 25 miles along a railroad, according to a Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) report. Their use has contributed to a 59% decrease in train accidents caused by axle- and bearing-related factors since 1990, according to a 2017 Association of American Railroads study.


Declining head counts have led to these mechanisms receiving less preventative maintenance, according to an official from the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen union.


The FRA has no regulations requiring the use or maintenance of hot boxes.


A hot box in East Palestine notified the crew moments before the train derailed, according to the NTSB’s report.

It’s unclear if any hot box prior to East Palestine notified crews. A surveillance video shared on Facebook from an industrial facility in Salem, Ohio, about 20 miles from East Palestine, suggests the train’s axle was already on fire.


Norfolk Southern did not respond to a request for comment, and the FRA declined to comment on the record.


More ZeroHedge

Welfare State Weakens... 30 million Americans Are About to Lose 'COVID' Food Stamp Handouts


Enhanced benefits for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are set to expire at the end of February. The reduction in food stamps will impact more than 30 million Americans in 32 states -- many of these folks will face a "hunger cliff." (


Bloomberg reported that once the enhanced benefits expire, families will receive at least $95 less per month. Some families could have a reduction of up to $250 per month.


Households with children will, on average, lose about $223 per month, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a nonpartisan research and policy institute.


"Right now, people are really up against it."


"There's not a lot of cushions to absorb this," said Ellen Vollinger, SNAP director at the Food Research & Action Center, an anti-hunger advocacy group.


Bloomberg mapped out the 32 states where enhanced benefits are ending.

What You Need to Know About THE CHEMICAL PLAN


The truth is not being told about what happened in Ohio. Let's take a closer look.


Woodward Comments -


-I'm a long-time subscriber and live in southern Ohio. I'm also a clinical educator. The level of disgust I have for how this was handled is beyond my vocabulary. Mike DeWine stated this was to avoid an explosion throwing shrapnel a mile from the site. I'm getting bottled water and rinsing with bottled water after showering to rinse off any potential contaminants. I brush my teeth and wash my hands with bottled water. My water supply is from the OH River. According to the experts it shall arrive next week. Do you trust that? I don't! What about washing my clothes? Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs things. Everyone I know is even giving their pets bottled water. So, the water will travel SW and the plume will travel east. This will impact the most populated areas of the US. I also stocked up on everything before they are contaminated. This damn plume is even exposing Canada to the toxins. "Hi, I'm from the govt and I'm here to help." Need I say more.


-I'm in East Liverpool Ohio about 17 miles from there, this was no accident, I don't care what they say. Thank you for covering this heartbreaking situation! God bless brother!


-There are videos before it got to Palestine where the brakes were on fire and one where a whole car was glowing. It's tragic and they're still not being honest. How many derailments have happened over the last several months?? Thanks for your content. Love and prayers to your and all victims of those tragic events which ultimately affects all of us. 😑💖🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲


-My farm is 27 miles from the train derailment site. Livestock all around us have died or dying. We locally know that this is deliberate sabotage, a crime against humanity and an ecological disaster.

Tucker Carlson: This is very bad news


Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out officials handling of the toxic chemical spill in Ohio on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #foxnews


February 15, 2023

Erin Brockovich tells residents of East Palestine to 'get out' if they don't feel safe after toxic

train explosion and warns locals not to rely on feds for anything as local wildlife begins to drop dead


Erin Brockovich has urged those living near the Ohio site where a train carrying toxic waste derailed two weeks ago to prioritize their own safety, telling them to be skeptical of EPA assurances that the site is safe.


Brockovich, an environmental lawyer and consultant, whose work battling Pacific Gas & Electric was turned into the 2000 film starring Julia Roberts, said she was deeply concerned about the reports emerging from East Palestine.


'After 30 years of what I've been through, and what this community is going through - come on,' she said, when asked if she believed EPA statements claiming the site was safe.




2.14.23 Patriot Streetfighter w/ Dr Bryan Ardis, Miscarriage Nightmare, Serpent Transhumanism


Dr Bryan Ardis is closest to shocking news of 80% of pregnant women who received the Covid kill shot Site referenced to check your blood:


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JUST IN - UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashed on Highway 53 near Huntsville, Alabama - killing all personnel on board.


Helicopter Crashes Near Highway 53 | Feb. 15, 2023 | News 19 at 4 p.m.


NATO eyes fighting two wars Bloomberg


NATO is set to adopt a guidance that lays out plans for a scenario in which member states find themselves fighting on the home front and beyond the borders of the alliance at the same time, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. This comes as the US increasingly shifts its priorities to confronting China.


The classified document is to be discussed and signed off on by NATO defense ministers during a two-day summit in Brussels that starts on Tuesday, the news outlet reported. Members will be asked to prepare national plans for future military engagements.


The guidance will map out ways for NATO to engage in a “high-intensity so-called Article 5 conflict” – defending a NATO nation attacked by a foreign party under the treaty’s mutual defense provision – and “an out-of-area, non-Article 5 event.” The contents of the guideline were revealed to Bloomberg by “people familiar with the matter.”


While NATO bills itself as a defensive alliance, it has an extensive record of engaging in hostilities on foreign soil, including in Yugoslavia in the 1990s and against Libya in 2011. Critics regard the bloc as a tool of US foreign policy that is aligned with Washington’s goals and in rivalry with China and Russia.

Unlike Anything I Have Ever Seen: Ohio First Responder Says Residents Suffer From Health Issues After Train Derailment

A first responder who assisted the community near the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, said in an interview with The Daily Wire that colleagues and residents are experiencing health issues after officials conducted a controlled burn of hazardous materials at the crash site.


Local and state authorities evacuated all residents within one mile of the crash and started a controlled burn of spilled industrial chemicals to decrease the risk of an explosion. Vinyl chloride, a carcinogen that can contaminate water supplies, was released from five train cars in the form of massive plumes of dark smoke visible throughout eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, raising worries about air and water quality in the Ohio River Basin.


“A large number of firefighters, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers have experienced many symptoms including a bad cough, headaches, sore throat, and diarrhea,” recounted the first responder, whose identity was confirmed by The Daily Wire but who wishes to remain unnamed. “The same symptoms were reported by residents who did not evacuate.”


The first responder added that he and other members of his department were “encouraged to have a full physical and blood work done by our family doctors just in case any exposure could lead to lifelong ailments.” He personally experienced a cough, sore throat, and diarrhea that subsided two days after he was near the site on February 6 and February 7.


Norfolk Southern, as well as state and federal environmental authorities, publicly said that water supply tests have not revealed concerning levels of hazardous material. When asked about widely circulated reports regarding wildlife and farm animals dying in the days after the controlled burn, the first responder commented that he has “heard stories about dead fish being found in the basin near the crash scene.”


The Ohio Department of Agriculture on Monday told The Daily Wire that the “food supply is safe and the risk to livestock remains low,” adding that the agency has not “received any official reports regarding the wellness of animals related to the incident.”

The first responder was present at the East Palestine Community Center, slightly more than one mile away from the crash site, when officials started the controlled burn.  “When it first exploded, a dark gray mushroom-like cloud appeared overhead and colored the sky the same color,” he described. “It was unlike anything I have ever seen.”


Beyond the controlled burn of vinyl chloride, Norfolk Southern warned officials at the Environmental Protection Agency that a number of other volatile industrial chemicals were released at the derailment site. One train car containing ethylene glycol monobutyl ether presently has an “unknown status,” according to Norfolk Southern, while the amount of ethylhexyl acrylate in another car is still “pending.” The former substance can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, while the latter has been identified as a carcinogen in laboratory experiments.


Lawmakers have expressed concern over the incident, called for investigations, and floated the need for new railroad safety regulations. The derailment in East Palestine appears to have been caused by a malfunctioning car axle that was on fire or shooting sparks, as indicated by footage of the train captured by security cameras as far as 20 miles away from the crash site.





A top Democratic lawmaker in Michigan derided offering “thoughts and prayers” while pushing stricter gun regulations after a shooting at Michigan

State University on Monday.


State Rep. Ranjeev Puri, the majority whip in Michigan’s Democrat-controlled House, issued a statement just after midnight on Tuesday after, according to police, a 43-year-old gunman killed three students and wounded five more. The suspected gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.


“Today, we begin to collectively heal from the horrific events which transpired, tomorrow we work,” Puri said in his early morning post on social media. “My official statement regarding the Michigan State University shooting is below: F*** your thoughts and prayers.”


In a longer statement attached to the post, Puri called thoughts and prayers “meaningless” without “action and change” before calling for stricter restrictions on firearms.


“What happened in East Lansing is unfortunately far too common,” Puri said. “Going to school in America, whether it’s pre-school or college, means risking your life every day to the threat of a mass shooting. Yet all we have offered up are empty solutions – traumatizing active shooter drills and bulletproof backpacks.”


“We do not need to live like this. The United States is the only country where this happens,” he continued.


He went on to suggest “common sense gun reform” legislation could have prevented the Michigan State shooting.

“Thoughts and prayers with action and change are meaningless. Our office will continue to work tirelessly to pass common sense gun reform immediately. We will not stop until our students can attend school without fear, our communities can attend places of worship in peace, and our society is safe from senseless gun violence,” Puri said.

US wants to send ‘Iranian’ weapons to Ukraine – WSJ


With NATO stocks running low, Washington eyes loot from the Yemen blockade.


The US government is trying to find a legal way to send Ukraine weapons allegedly sent to Houthis in Yemen by Iran, but which were confiscated En-route, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.


Citing anonymous US and European officials, the WSJ said the White House is looking for “wiggle room” in UN regulations so that the rifles, rockets, and ammunition seized on the high seas can be redirected to Kiev.


Though the number of weapons seized is small compared to what the US and its allies have sent Ukraine over the past year, the unnamed officials say it would be a symbolic punishment for Iran supplying Russia with drones – which both Tehran and Moscow have denied.


“It’s a message to take weapons meant to arm Iran’s proxies and flip them to achieve our priorities in Ukraine, where Iran is providing arms to Russia,” one unnamed US official told the WSJ.


According to the Journal, the cache amounts to 5,000 rifles, 1.6 million rounds of ammunition for them, a score of anti-tank rockets, and around 7,000 proximity fuses. The loot came from three fishing boats boarded by US and French sailors over the past several months in the Gulf of Oman.


“What change can this make to war?” the Houthi deputy information minister, Nasr al-Din Amir, told the Journal when asked about the idea of sending the weapons to Ukraine. “They’ve been sending much heavier weapons.”


Washington, Berlin, and London announced last month they would deliver heavy tanks to Kiev. As of this week, according to the Pentagon, the US alone has provided Ukraine with over 100 million bullets.





Dr Vernon Coleman Warns Of WW3...Now Underway


An Urgent Warning to Everyone



February 14, 2023


AT&T Loses $10 BILLION After CANCELLING Newsmax!


Rumble Comments -

-Thats what you get! Get woke go broke!!

-I just read the message AT&T posted on the guide just below where Newsmax used to be. They said they "always wanted Newsmax available for you and are working with Newsmax to get them back". That sounds like the usual BS statement that we get from all the leftist entities. Does anyone have access to info regarding AT&T's alleged work to "get them back"? I'll give them a little while longer, before I cut my service. A very little while.



-I guess AT&T didn't learn anything from what happened to Disney and Disney+. This is the new law of Economics: "Go Woke, Go Broke"!



Gunman walks into restaurant and fires several rounds but another man in eatery who's also armed takes aim and blows away the threat, witnesses say


It looks like a gunman may have picked the wrong restaurant to shoot up over the weekend, as witnesses told police that another armed man who was inside the Phoenix eatery shot the gunman and halted the threat.  Officers arrived on the scene around 10 p.m. and found Luna suffering from a gunshot wound, the Republic said.


Sgt. Brian Bower added to the paper that a man whom police detained and questioned "was inside the restaurant during this incident and had shot the individual ending this confrontation." Bower noted to the Republic that the Phoenix Fire Department took Luna to a local hospital "where he did not survive his injuries."




In the meantime, the man police detained said he exercised self-defense, and other witnesses supported the man's statement, police told the paper.  Police added to the Republic that no arrests have been made, and the incident remains under investigation.


Once the active investigation is completed, KPNX said the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will review the case to determine if any criminal charges are warranted.

'Heads must roll': Spanish government spends $276 million on trains that don't fit in tunnels.


This is what you get when you put the

wrong people in the wrong job field.


Two Spanish officials were fired approximately a month after reports exposed that the government spent over $276 million on trains that do not fit in the tunnels of the country's rail network, according to Yahoo News.


The government purchased 31 trains for €258 million, equating to approximately $276,300,000, to replace its fleet in northern Spain, which is said to be aging and the railways poorly connected.


Renfe, the country's national train operator, ordered the trains in 2020 and claims that it provided the proper dimensions to train track company Adif. However, the manufacturing body CAF says the measurements were likely not correct. According to EuroNews, CAF flagged the error in March 2021.

The older train tunnels used in the north typically do not accommodate newer train sizes, with Adif having incorrect infrastructure data on the tunnels.


President of Cantabria Miguel Ángel Revilla called the error "an unspeakable botch,” adding that “heads must roll."




UPDATE: Toxic Contaminants from Train Derailment Reportedly Found

As Far Away As West Virginia, Drinking Water for Up To 5 million Affected


In a stunning new development, reports are coming out suggesting the water supply for nearly 10% of the American population could be at risk of contamination following a train derailment several days ago in eastern Ohio.


Toxic chemicals immediately began leaking and burning in the aftermath of the February 3rd train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. Media coverage of the event was surprisingly minimal, in part overshadowed by the appearance and shooting down of several unknown airborne objects as well as a sense of general silence.


Even on Sunday, local officials admitted to being quiet about the crash and potential for catastrophic fallout. “The reason for no press conference is right now it’s a slow process. We’re trying to be upfront with people,” East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway said. “I think it’s going to take a very long time to recover from this.”


'Unparalleled Influence' in WH Is Closer to Becoming POTUS Than We Think, Wouldn't Even Need to Be Elected


Joe Biden’s dumpster-fire presidency has taken another disturbing turn amid reports that his wife, Jill Biden, has become the power behind the throne. The first lady, who has never held elected office, is her husband’s “closest and most protective confidante” and is influencing every major decision he makes, according to Bloomberg’s Nancy Cook.


This is frightening because no one voted for Jill Biden, an English teacher who has no background in politics or public policy.

The report said Jill Biden “is expected to serve both as adviser and surrogate” in her husband’s re-election campaign.


Fox News columnist Liz Peek expressed alarm that the first lady is apparently telling the president what to do, concealing his deteriorating mental faculties from the public and assuming an outsized role in the Oval Office beyond the scope of her official duties.


WATCH: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he’d be comfortable debating Pres. Trump again if the science said it was safe. He stopped to talk to the press today, and had to be pulled back by Dr. Jill Biden, as he was standing close to reporters..


February 13, 2023




I Want My Dad to Be Kim Jong-un


Yesterday, the Ministry of Security in Jeongju City summoned women registered with the resident registration department under the name 'Ju Ae' to the Ministry of Safety to change their names.


Isn't that just.... Magical? In the land of Unicorns, if you are the daughter of Kim Jong-un, no one else can have your first name. So now, EVERYONE who has the name 'Ju Ae' MUST CHANGE THEIR BIRTH CERTIFICATES.





The name is now solely for persons of 'the highest dignity'. This is nothing new, in 2014, Kim Jong-un also banned people from having his name, ‘Jong Un', and ordered those who had it to legally change their birth certificates. In 2022, the North Korean government banned 'softer' or more 'gentle' names, such as 'loved one' and 'super beauty' and ordered people to change their names to something more patriotic or ideological, such as 'gun', 'bomb', and 'satellite'.




Ohio train derailment results in lawsuits, dead animals and lingering questions about toxic chemicals


The fallout continues from the derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border earlier this month, as local residents file lawsuits and some cast doubt on official assurances about air and water quality.


On Feb. 3, 50 train cars operated by Norfolk Southern derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, a town of about 5,000 people located 50 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. That derailment resulted in a massive fire and Gov. Mike DeWine ordering an evacuation on Sunday, Feb. 5.


"Within the last two hours, a drastic temperature change has taken place in a rail car, and there is now the potential of a catastrophic tanker failure which could cause an explosion with the potential of deadly shrapnel traveling up to a mile,” DeWine said in a statement, adding that those with children in their home who chose not to evacuate would be subject to arrest.


Last Monday, Norfolk Southern released toxic chemicals from five of the derailed tanker cars in an attempt to preempt a larger explosion. One of the chemicals they were most concerned about was vinyl chloride, a colorless gas used in the making of plastic products. According to the National Cancer Institute, exposure to the gas is associated with ​​“with an increased risk of a rare form of liver cancer (hepatic angiosarcoma), as well as primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma), brain and lung cancers, lymphoma, and leukemia.” The chemical can also enter water supplies and be ingested.

Concurrent with the releasing of the chemicals, DeWine and Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro issued a wider evacuation order for the area around East Palestine, stating, “The controlled release process involves the burning of the rail cars’ chemicals, which will release fumes into the air that can be deadly if inhaled. Based on current weather patterns and the expected flow of the smoke and fumes, anyone who remains in the red affected area is facing grave danger of death. Anyone who remains in the yellow impacted area is at a high risk of severe injury, including skin burns and serious lung damage.”


U.S. government to buy 1.5 million more Novavax COVID vaccine doses


(Reuters) - The U.S. government has agreed to buy 1.5 million more doses of Novavax Inc COVID-19 vaccine, the company said on Monday, adding that the modified agreement includes funds for development of an updated vaccine by fall this year.


Sales of the company's vaccine have been hurt by a global supply glut and waning demand, with Novavax cutting its full-year revenue forecast for the shots twice last year.


The protein-based vaccine was expected to convince those skeptical of the new mRNA-based vaccines against the virus from rivals such as Pfizer Inc and Moderna.


The deal comes even as the United States plans to end its COVID-19 emergency declarations on May 11, nearly three years after it imposed sweeping measures to curb the spread of the pandemic.

Novavax did not provide financial details of the contract.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is also in the process of simplifying its COVID-19 vaccine policy as it considers whether to recommend that Americans get an annual booster shot for the virus.



A Solar Polar Vortex & the X-Factor Returns | Space Weather News: 10 February 2023


This week our Sun goes viral with a stunning polar vortex that reveals some of its mysterious dynamics in the one final region still uncharted by solar telescopes (that is until Solar Orbiter begins to climb to higher latitudes later in its mission). This vortex has now been cited in many media outlets as " a piece of the Sun breaks off" but don't believe the hype. It is all part of the perfectly normal and stunning solar ballet! Turning towards the weather, we are still coming down from some fast solar wind that brought us to storm levels for a short while and is bringing some nice aurora to mid-latitudes, but things should calm down over the weekend. More storms are likely in store because we have a lot of big-flare players that have returned or have emerged in Earth view this week. 


Over the past several days we have had over 12 radio blackouts on Earth's dayside. This means radio operators, GPS users, and pilots will notice degradation in HF communications, and possibly GPS reception on the dayside, near dawn and dusk, and over the polar regions of Earth. Learn the details of all the Sun's activity and see what else might be in store this week.



WHO says Equatorial Guinea confirms

1st outbreak of Marburg


The World Health Organization says that Equatorial Guinea has confirmed its first-ever outbreak of Marburg disease, saying the Ebola-related virus is responsible for at least nine deaths in the tiny Western African country.


Like Ebola, the Marburg virus originates in bats and spreads between people via close contact with the bodily fluids of infected people, or surfaces, like contaminated bed sheets. Without treatment, Marburg can be fatal in up to 88% of people.


The rare virus was first identified in 1967 after it caused simultaneous outbreaks of disease in laboratories in Marburg, Germany and Belgrade, Serbia. Seven people died who were exposed to the virus while conducting research on monkeys.

There are no authorized vaccines or drugs to treat Marburg, but rehydration treatment to alleviate symptoms can improve the chances of survival.


In a 2004 outbreak in Angola, Marburg killed 90% of 252 people infected. Last year, there were two reported Marburg deaths in Ghana.



Lawsuit Seeks White Woman's Arrest in Emmett Till Kidnapping


A relative of Emmett Till is suing to try to make a Mississippi sheriff serve a 1955 arrest warrant on a white woman in the kidnapping that led to the Black teenager’s brutal lynching.


The torture and killing of Till in the Mississippi Delta became a catalyst for the civil rights movement after his mother insisted on an open-casket funeral in Chicago and Jet magazine published photos of his mutilated body.


Last June, a team doing research at the courthouse in Leflore County, Mississippi, found an unserved 1955 arrest warrant for Carolyn Bryant, listed on that document as “Mrs. Roy Bryant.”


Till’s cousin Patricia Sterling of Jackson, Mississippi, filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the current Leflore County sheriff, Ricky Banks. The suit seeks to compel Banks to serve the warrant on Carolyn Bryant, who has since remarried and is named Carolyn Bryant Donham.

“We are using the available means at our disposal to try to achieve justice on behalf of the Till family,” Sterling’s attorney Trent Walker told The Associated Press on Friday.


The AP left a phone message for Banks on Friday, seeking comment. The sheriff did not immediately respond. Court records showed that the lawsuit had not been served on him by Friday.


11 states consider 'right to repair' for farming equipment


ENVER (AP) — On Colorado’s northeastern plains, where the pencil-straight horizon divides golden fields and blue sky, a farmer named Danny Wood scrambles to plant and harvest proso millet, dryland corn and winter wheat in short, seasonal windows. That is until his high-tech Steiger 370 tractor conks out.


The tractor's manufacturer doesn't allow Wood to make certain fixes himself, and last spring his fertilizing operations were stalled for three days before the servicer arrived to add a few lines of missing computer code for $950.


“That’s where they have us over the barrel, it’s more like we are renting it than buying it,” said Wood, who spent $300,000 on the used tractor.


Wood's plight, echoed by farmers across the country, has pushed lawmakers in Colorado and 10 other states to introduce bills that would force manufacturers to provide the tools, software, parts and manuals needed for farmers to do their own repairs — thereby avoiding steep labor costs and delays that imperil profits.


"The manufacturers and the dealers have a monopoly on that repair market because it’s lucrative," said Rep. Brianna Titone, a Democrat and one of the bill's sponsors. “(Farmers) just want to get their machine going again.”

February 12, 2023






East Palestine, Ohio is undergoing an ecological disaster because authorities blew up the train derailment cars carrying hazardous chemicals and press are being arrested for trying to tell the story.


Oh, but UFO’s!


What is going on?


World War II Bomb Unexpectedly Explodes

In Europe After Being Found


A bomb from World War II that was discovered this week in Europe unexpectedly exploded on Friday as military officials tried to defuse it.

No injuries were reported, and police said all army and emergency service personnel were accounted for.



NJ GOP Councilman Was Murdered Over Employment Disciplinary Actions, Prosecutors Office Says


Russell Heller, a GOP councilman in Milford, New Jersey, was fatally shot earlier this week over a prior workplace dispute, the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday.




House Republicans Just Blocked a Law That Would Have Allowed Illegal Immigrants to Vote in Washington, DC


This is a reminder of how important the midterm elections are. If the November elections had only gone a little bit differently, this law would have passed.


More than 150 Democrats voted for this measure.


The Federalist reported:

House Republicans Block DC Law That Would Allow Illegal Residents to Vote


In a win for election integrity, the House of Representatives voted to overturn a D.C. law that would give noncitizens a right to vote in municipal elections Thursday.




“I applaud the House for acting to ensure that foreign spies and illegal immigrants are not voting in the nation’s capital,” Jason Snead, executive director of Honest Elections Project Action (HEPA), said in a statement regarding the vote. “Thanks to a Constitutional right and since the district is not a state, the House acted as it should have and has moved to stop this extreme and antidemocratic measure.”

Top Gun Rights Groups and Two Dozen States All Rush to Stop ATF Rule Against Pistol Braces


America's largest gun rights advocacy groups are suing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF's) new regulations on pistols with stabilizing braces. President Biden recently called these gun accessories "especially dangerous" weapons.


On Thursday, the National Rifle Association (NRA) filed a federal lawsuit in North Dakota that argues the ATF's new pistol brace rule is "arbitrary" and an "abuse of power," according to Fox News.


"The bureau is declaring that they will effectively decide on a case-by-case basis whether a firearm is subject to the NFA. Every American gun owner is in danger of potentially facing felony charges at the whim of these bureaucrats and without any new statute in place," said Jason Ouimet, executive director, NRA Institute for Legislative Action.


NRA is joined in the lawsuit by 25 states led by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley, including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Simultaneously, Gun Owners of America (GOA), the Gun Owners Foundation (GOF), and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the ATF on the pistol brace rule, according to Breitbart.


9 Things You Need to Know About Paxlovid


Summary of Key Facts


  • Paxlovid Is Not Yet Approved by the FDA
  • Paxlovid Should Be Used Soon After Virus Infection
  • Clinical Trial: 89% Efficacy with Side Effects of Dysgeusia and Diarrhea
  • Paxlovid Doesn’t Work in Younger Patients
  • In a Real-World Study, Paxlovid Has Shown Limited Effectiveness
  • Finding “Treatable” Patients Has Proven Challenging
  • Drug Resistance Is a Major Concern
  • Another Major Concern Is Paxlovid’s Interaction with Other Drugs
  • Natural Immunity Influences the Success of Paxlovid and Other Antivirals






Looks like its about time to start building bridges.


It literally shifted part of Turkey by several meters which can be seen from space and compared by previous satellite photos to new ones. The land has shifted by upwards of 3m.


February 11, 2023







US blew up Nord Stream pipelines connecting Russia to Germany, journalist Seymour Hersh reports


Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh reported the US government destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines that delivered Russian gas to Germany. The Biden administration approved the CIA operation, which used explosives and Navy divers, with help from NATO member Norway.



Disinformation Inc: State Department bankrolls group secretly blacklisting conservative media


The Department of State has funded a deep-pocketed "disinformation" tracking group that is secretly blacklisting and trying to defund conservative media, likely costing the news organizations vital advertising dollars, the Washington Examiner can confirm.

The Global Disinformation Index, a British organization with two affiliated U.S. nonprofit groups, is feeding blacklists to ad companies with the intent of defunding and shutting down websites peddling alleged "disinformation," the Washington Examiner reported. This same "disinformation" group has received $330,000 from two State Department-backed entities linked to the highest levels of government, raising concerns from First Amendment lawyers and members of Congress.


CDC Adds COVID Vax To Routine

Immunization Schedules for Both Children and Adults


The CDC changed routine immunization schedules to include COVID vaccines for both adults and children.


Researchers have indeed found that COVID vaccines impact menstruation; one international study from the Oregon Health and Science University concluded that “some people may experience a slight, temporary change in the length of their monthly menstrual cycle” after receiving the vaccine. Another study found that 42% of women with regular menstrual cycles reported heavier bleeding than usual after inoculation.





Will You Eat Bugs?


Will You Eat Bugs? You will if the WEF has their way!

FBI Collected Fingerprints of

Unvaccinated Teachers, Court Hears


During a Wednesday appeal hearing over a lawsuit challenging a New York Covid-19 vaccine mandate for teachers, a lawyer for the plaintiffs disclosed that teachers who refused the jab had their fingerprints sent to the FBI.


“When the city puts these ‘problem codes’ on employees who have been terminated because of their unconstitutional policies, not only do they have this flag in their files, but their fingerprints are sent with that flag to the FBI and the New York Criminal Justice Services,” said attorney John Bursch, who is representing 21 teachers and other Department of Education employees challenging New York City‘s vaccine mandate.


“So, it impacts their ongoing ability to get employment at other places,” Bursch told the appeals panel.

Reacting to this news, plaintiff Michael Kane noted that New York City sending unvaccinated teachers’ fingerprints to the FBI undermines the city’s justification for firing them. New York City has argued that it did not fire the teachers for “misconduct,” but instead for not meeting a requirement for employment.


February 10, 2023


Matt Walsh: You Can Beat Leftists by Making Them State Their Premise, Which They Won't Do Because Its Evil


Matt Walsh explained during an interview Thursday night his strategy for winning arguments against the political Left, saying that it simply boils down to making them state what their positions are.



Armed crook enters Texas convenience store, demands money. But clerk is a concealed carrier and gives crook painful 2nd Amendment lesson.


A 32-year-old Hispanic man entered the DK convenience store in the 5200 block of Fairbanks Drive around 12:30 p.m. and demanded money, El Paso police Sergeant Robert Gomez told KFOX.



Killery is trying to make herself look good

for another run at the white house...


Hillary Clinton has gone and got herself some Spirituality, folks..


FIRED Twitter Execs to Be




IT’S OFFICIAL: CDC Adds COVID-19 Vaccine to Routine Immunization Schedule for Children

and Adolescents (VIDEO)


For the first time, the ‘unsafe and ineffective’ COVID-19 vaccine was formally added to the routine immunization schedule for both children and adolescents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday.


It is common knowledge that COVID-19 poses no threat to young children, that mRNA vaccinations against the virus are not effective or safe and that some people have even died after receiving a COVID vaccine. But the CDC and its advisory council continue to push for childhood vaccinations despite all these facts.


“They know this is going to kill and injure a huge number of children. But they need to do it, for the liability protection.” () - @RobertKennedyJr


Which makes it protected by the 1986 law that removes all product liability from vaccine makers This needs to be repealed. Since then, billions have been paid out to victims of vaccine injuries through the VAERS reporting, federal vaccine court via the healthcare compensation fund And Only 1-10 of injuries are reported according to the Lazarus report



5 peer-reviewed studies show immunized chicken egg yolks stop viral infections,

as another large chicken farm in Connecticut burns to the ground


We wrote the following last week:


Eggs, particularly chicken eggs, may be some sort of superfood that TPTB do not want humans eating because it keeps them healthy. Food for thought (pun intended).


There now appears to be some truth to the foregoing premise – truth that goes a lot deeper than just eating omelettes and Eggs Benedict for good health.


National wholesale egg prices dropped $0.58, to $3.29 per dozen, at the end of January, according to The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). But that’s still way higher than $1.79 per dozen in December 2021.

We reported last week how numerous farmers are blaming commercial chicken feed for their hens suddenly not laying eggs. The brands Dumors, Producers Pride, and Purina, sold via retail chain Tractor Supply Company, are reportedly the culprits causing the problem. Mike Adams at Natural News announced that he will be testing those brands for heavy metals and other toxins that may be causing the hens to cease egg production.


Sea Level Is Stable Around the World The Good News the Media Dont Want Us to Hear


We have been studying climate change and potentially associated sea level changes resulting from melting ice and warming oceans for a half century. In the 1970s our primary concern was global cooling and an advancing new ice age. Many believe that increasing quantities of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere could result in rising levels of the sea in general. The record does not show this to be true. There is no evidence whatever to support impending sea-level-rise catastrophe or the unnecessary expenditure of state or federal tax monies to solve a problem that does not exist.


The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has updated its coastal sea level tide gauge data which continue to show no evidence of accelerating sea level rise. These measurements include tide gauge data at coastal locations along the West Coast, East Coast, Gulf Coast, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as seven Pacific Island groups and six Atlantic Island groups, comprising more than 200 measurement stations.

The longest NOAA tide gauge record on coastal sea level rise measurements is in New York at the Battery, with its 160-year record which is shown below with a steady rate of sea level rise of 11 inches per century. A slightly slower rate of sea level rise occurs at nearby Kings Point, New York, whose 80-year record also appears below.


Could prostitution soon be legal in San Francisco? A city supervisor is pushing for it


A San Francisco lawmaker is backing a plan by sex worker advocates and some residents to create a sanctioned red-light district in the city.


City Supervisor Hillary Ronen wants to lift criminal penalties from the sex trade altogether and is turning to state lawmakers in Sacramento for help, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.


Ronen, who represents District 9, which includes the Mission District neighborhood, is drafting a resolution that would urge state legislators to draft a bill that would legalize sex work.


February 09, 2023

Polish general warns that

Zelensky has nuclear weapon




Apparently, it's no longer just about tanks and fighter jets for Ukraine: According to Polish General Waldemar Skrzyptzak (67), the government in Kiev is said to have nuclear weapons once again. Other experts believe that even if they do not have such a weapon now, they'll have one soon.


In an interview, one of Poland’s best-known military officers gave an analysis of where Europe might be headed in the war in Ukraine: General Waldemar Skrzyptzak said in an interview with radio station Wnet that President Zelensky’s government probably already has nuclear weapons.


This was not absurd, explained the general: “Ukraine has officially had no nuclear weapons since the early 1990s, when it agreed to hand them over to Russia under international agreements. Now the reality could be very different.”

The General concluded: “I do not rule out that Ukraine has nuclear weapons, because Ukrainians have nuclear power plants, scientists, laboratories and know-how. So, you have everything to own such a weapon. In fact, as of today, no one will forbid Ukrainians from doing it.”

White House brushes off Bidens attempts

to cut Social Security, Medicare


President Biden’s recently resurfaced attempts to sunset Social Security and Medicare are no longer part of his agenda. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Thursday as Biden traveled to Florida falsely accused Republicans once again of trying to cut the old-age programs.


“Is the only difference the fact that Biden’s no longer in favor of that?” a reporter asked Jean-Pierre, referring to Biden’s attack on a plan by Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) to sunset all federal laws after five years and Biden’s own 1975 bill to do the same thing every four years.


You Too Could Look Young and Vibrant.

Like Hillary. This is basically adrenochrome going mainstream… Millions upon millions of kids go missing never seen again worldwide every year. No war on missing kids, but occasionally they let slip a few hints.


Young blood has a rejuvenating effect when infused into older bodies, according to recent research: Aging hearts beat stronger, muscles become stronger, and thinking becomes sharper.


"An aging blood system, because it's a vector for a lot of proteins, cytokines, and cells, has a lot of bad consequences for the organism," says Emmanuelle Passegué, Ph.D., director of the Columbia Stem Cell Initiative, who's been studying how blood changes with age. "A 70-year-old with a 40-year-old blood system could have a longer healthspan, if not a longer lifespan."


The founder of a startup that charged $8,000 to fill your veins with young blood says he's shuttered the company and started a new one


The company, called Ambrosia, says it shut down after the FDA warned against the procedure, according to emails between the founder and a potential customer that Business Insider viewed on Wednesday. 


There's no scientific evidence that shows that infusions of blood from young people can boost health. Several experts who have spoken with Business Insider about the process in the past have raised red flags.




In a paper published in 2021 in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, Passegué and her team first tried to rejuvenate old hematopoietic stem cells, in mice, with exercise or calorie-restricting diet, both generally thought to slow the aging process. Neither worked. Transplanting old stem cells into young bone marrow also failed. Even young blood had no effect on rejuvenating old blood stem cells.


Returning blood stem cells to a younger state 

I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids.

Now I'm Blowing the Whistle.


The center’s working assumption was that the earlier you treat kids with gender dysphoria, the more anguish you can prevent later on. This premise was shared by the center’s doctors and therapists. Given their expertise, I assumed that abundant evidence backed this consensus.


During the four years I worked at the clinic as a case manager—I was responsible for patient intake and oversight—around a thousand distressed young people came through our doors. The majority of them received hormone prescriptions that can have life-altering consequences—including sterility.


I left the clinic in November of last year because I could no longer participate in what was happening there. By the time I departed, I was certain that the way the American medical system is treating these patients is the opposite of the promise we make to “do no harm.” Instead, we are permanently harming the vulnerable patients in our care.


Today I am speaking out. I am doing so knowing how toxic the public conversation is around this highly contentious issue—and the ways that my testimony might be misused. I am doing so knowing that I am putting myself at serious personal and professional risk.


Almost everyone in my life advised me to keep my head down. But I cannot in good conscience do so. Because what is happening to scores of children is far more important than my comfort. And what is happening to them is morally and medically appalling.



Republicans boo Pres. Biden as he calls for unity during State of the Union | ABCNL


Former Trump White House official Sarah Isgur and former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-S.D., break down the reaction to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address from both sides of the aisle.


February 07, 2023

Two Suspects Arrested in ‘Cartel-Style’ Massacre as 911 Calls, Security Video Surfaces


Two suspects were arrested in connection to the “cartel-style” massacre that left six people dead, including a teen mother and her baby, in Goshen, California on January 16. Authorities announced the arrest as they released 911 calls and security footage from the tragic incident. The Law&Crime Daily team has the latest on this story.


Law&Crime Comments -


-I cannot imagine the fear she was consumed with while jumping the fence, running for her life with her infant and realizing she was caught. Just absolutely terrifying. This story makes me so incredibly sad and sick.

-Most people would be frozen in fear hearing loved ones being killed, but her maternal instincts kicked in, and she attempted to save her child's life. What a young brave soul. May she and her baby rest in peace.

-You would want to have a heart of stone to kill a person, not to mention a young mother & her baby. This is ruthless.


Biden Administration Transfers 'High-Value Detainee' Majid Khan from Guantanamo to Belize


On Feb. 2, 2023, a Saudi-born Pakistani citizen convicted of aiding Al Qaeda's terrorist activities in 2002 and 2003, Majid Khan, was released from U.S. custody at Guantanamo Bay and transferred to the custody of the small Central American nation of Belize, where he will be a free man.


Khan is the first so-called "high-value detainee" — a special prisoner designation made by the George W. Bush Administration in 2006 — to be released and repatriated. He was also the first detainee to publicly describe the torture he and others faced in the custody of the CIA prior to being transferred, in 2006, to Guantanamo.


Khan's repatriation to Belize comes nearly a year after his official sentence ended on March 1, 2022, and ends a complex diplomatic effort that had Khan waive his rights to call witnesses regarding the torture he experienced at CIA black sites in return for leniency in sentencing. In Oct 2021, he testified in open court about that abuse without calling or naming witnesses:



M7.8, 7.5, 6.0 and 120 more Earthquakes hit

Turkey and Syria in one day!


Updated footage of the Devastation of the Earthquakes hitting Turkey and Syria..


Powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked southern Turkey and neighboring Syria early. At least 43 aftershocks have occurred with a magnitude of 4.3 or more. The quake struck 23 kilometers (14.2 miles) east of Nurdagi in Gaziantep province. The quake was at a depth of 24.1 kilometers (14.9 miles).


A strong shock of magnitude 7.5 light after a devastating earthquake. This aftershock was extremely shallow, only 10 km deep, which worsens the shaking felt.


Entire city blocks were flattened by the quake. Metal rods were strewn across the streets and vehicles toppled over. More than a thousand high-rise buildings were destroyed.

At least 120 aftershocks have occurred following powerful earthquake in southern Turkey. Three of the aftershocks measured 6.0 or greater, that struck 95 kilometers (59 miles) north of the epicenter of the morning’s main quake. The aftershocks stretch for more than 300 kilometers (about 186 miles) along the fault zone.


The port of Iskenderun in southern Turkey was damaged. Some parts of the port’s dock collapsed. Elsewhere, cracks formed on the runways of some airports in the earthquake zone.

Mob of Trans Activists and Supporters STORM Oklahoma Capitol Which Is OK because They Support a Leftist Cause


A large mob of trans activists and supporters recently stormed the Oklahoma Capitol in an attempt to stop Republican lawmakers from passing a bill that would ban gender transitioning surgery for children.  Videos of the trans activists taking over Oklahoma’s capitol quickly made their way on Twitter and showed close to 200 activists filling the main atrium of the capitol.


Many members of the mob were waving trans flags along with holding signs that read “we are not a threat.”

At one point the mob started to chant “trans lives matter.” 

A second chant would shortly break out and the mob could be heard chanting, “This is our house”. 

At the moment there have been no reports of anyone being arrested during the protests.  The storming of Oklahoma’s capitol occurred after Republicans introduced Senate Bill 129 which would ban gender reassignment surgery for anyone under the age of 26.


Oklahoma state senator David Bullard filed the new bill and stated, “We have a sacred duty to protect our children from those who wish to do them harm.”


He would continue “Senate Bill 129 is designed to protect our children from those who want to benefit financially at their expense. Child abuse is a felony in our state and mutilating a young person’s genitalia should be viewed no differently.”






New Reports Reveal Biden Had ZERO Control Over Pentagon’s Shooting Down of Chinese Spy Balloon


The U.S. military on Saturday shot down the alleged Chinese spy balloon off the coast of the Carolinas.


Joe Biden told reporters he gave the order to shoot down the balloon on Wednesday. The balloon made headlines Thursday when it was spotted in Montana.


“I told them to shoot it down on Wednesday,” Biden told reporters. “They said to me let’s wait until the safest place to do it,” he added.


So, military officials overruled the Commander-in-Chief? Another example that shows Biden has no control over his administration.


Perhaps Biden never gave such an order and they’re running cover for the White House resident? Just a reminder, the Biden administration became aware of the balloon entering American airspace on January 28th.






4,000+ killed in powerful Türkiye-Syria earthquakes.


The death toll from catastrophic earthquakes in southern Türkiye and northwestern Syria surpassed 4,000 on Tuesday morning.


According to Turkish authorities, over 3,500 people were killed and over 22,100 were injured.


The country’s disaster management officials said that almost 6,000 buildings were destroyed.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared a seven-day period of national mourning for the victims of the disaster, which he called the strongest the country has seen since the 1939 Erzincan earthquake.


Anadolu news agency reported on Tuesday that a woman and her three children were rescued after spending around 28 hours under the rubble in Gaziantep.


Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said the Armed Forces established an air corridor to deliver rescue teams and aid to the disaster zone. “We have maximized the readiness of our aircraft to provide the necessary transportation service,” Akar told reporters.


Rescue efforts are still ongoing in Türkiye and Syria after the devastating earthquake that shook south-eastern Türkiye Monday morning. In footage captured by witnesses, entire apartment blocks are razed to the ground in a matter of seconds after the 7.8 magnitude quake.


Turkish media are reporting a possible explosion of a nuclear bomb that caused an earthquake in Turkey.


Against the background of already two powerful earthquakes in Turkey, which occurred with a difference of less than 12 hours, information appeared in the Turkish media that the test of a nuclear weapon could be the cause of the destructive tremors. Such information is provided by the RRN publication.

Buffalo, New York, area is hit with the

strongest earthquake in 40 years


A 3.8-magnitude earthquake struck Monday morning near Buffalo, New York, the strongest recorded in the area in 40 years.

The quake hit 1.24 miles east-northeast of West Seneca, New York, with a depth of 1.86 miles around 6:15 a.m., according to the United States Geological Survey.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said no damage reports have been received so far in West Seneca, a suburb of Buffalo that sits near the U.S.-Canada border.





Blackmailers-for-hire are weaponizing

deepfake revenge porn


Imagine you receive a video of yourself engaged in an explicit sexual act, with a demand to hand over money or else the clip will be sent to your family, friends and co-workers.


Only, it’s not really you, but a shockingly convincing fake that looks and sounds just like you.


Your options are to pay up and hope the blackmailer keeps good on their word or run the gauntlet of convincing everyone — including strangers who find it online — that you’re innocent.


It’s a worrying reality that’s not only possible thanks to rapidly evolving and widely available technology, but already playing out in a new trend called “malicious deepfakes.”


A victim told the Washington Post that she discovered a video of her face digitally stitched onto the body of an adult film actress circulating online.


“I feel violated — this icky kind of violation,” the woman, who is in her 40s, told the newspaper. “It’s this weird feeling, like you want to tear everything off the internet. But you know you can’t.”


The report said similar fakes, made using open-source machine learning technology developed by Google, had been used to threaten, intimidate and extort women.

February 06, 2023

The Feds arrested a Florida-based ‘Neo-Nazi’ leader and a Maryland woman for plotting to attack 5 substations in Baltimore.

Sarah Beth Clendaniel, of Maryland, and Brandon Clint Russell, of Florida were arrested last week in what prosecutors have alleged was a racially motivated plot to attack substations in Baltimore.


The FBI told reporters on Monday they believe they thwarted a “real threat.”





“This planned attack threatened lives and would have left thousands of Marylanders in the cold and dark,” Erek Barron, US Attorney for the District of Maryland said in a statement. “We are united and committed to using every legal means necessary to disrupt violence, including hate-fueled attacks.”


“The threat posed by domestic violent extremists is evolving and persistent,” Special Agent in Charge Thomas Sobocinski, said. “The FBI will continue to work closely with our law enforcement and private sector partners to identify and disrupt any potential threat to the safety of our citizens.”


Sarah Beth Clendaniel told an FBI informant about her plot last week and was swiftly arrested.





While NYC Teachers Are Fired for Refusing Covid Mandate, Illegals Allowed in Schools with No Proof of Immunizations


While New York teachers, and other city and state workers, were forced off the job for not complying with the Covid vaccine mandate, illegals pour into the United States without proof of any vaccines.


February 05, 2023

NATO issues RED ALERT! What Putin and China are doing will change EVERYTHING | Redacted News


NATO and the West are openly admitting that power is slipping through their fingers and they are getting desperate. Russia is the most sanctioned country in the world… and last week... the international monetary fund now projects Russia, now the most comprehensively sanctioned country in history, will have positive GDP growth this year–at a higher rate than Germany.


Idaho Satanists plan 'gender affirmation ritual' to protest ban on surgeries for children: 'I praise myself'


Members of The Satanic Temple plan to oppose a proposed Idaho bill that would prohibit sex-change surgery and drugs for minors by holding a "gender affirmation ritual" on the grounds of the state Capitol.

A bill titled the "Vulnerable Child Protection Act" was introduced by Republican state Rep. Bruce Skaug last week and would render offering puberty blockers or transgender surgery for minors a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The bill aims to protect "children from harmful pharmaceutical and surgical interventions for the purpose of changing the appearance of a child's sex," but would not apply to those who require treatment because of medically necessary treatments, according to a fact sheet released by the Idaho Family Policy Center.




CBDC | "Central Bank Digital Currency, You Have No Power Whatsoever. If They Don't Like What You're Doing They Shut You Down & You're Impoverished. We May Live to See That Day That It Does Happen." - Tucker Carlson


House Intelligence Chair accuses Biden of 'trying to change the News' by offering Congress a Trump classified documents briefing on the SAME day as Chinese spy balloon uproar began.


Republican House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner revealed on Sunday that he was offered a Congressional briefing on Donald Trump's handling of classified documents last week - on the same day Americans first learned of a suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over the country.


'You can see they want to change the news,' the Ohio Republican told NBC News' Meet the Press.


'There is nothing scheduled on the balloon, but they're scheduling Donald Trump.'

An American Famine? Is US food supply in peril?


Premiered May 4, 2022 - Join William Gheen of ALIPAC and Jeff Rense of Rense radio to discuss the perfect storm of problems confronting the American food supply in the Spring of 2022.

Will these compounding problems lead to food shortages and hunger in America? Will there be a famine in America like what has occurred in so many communist nations since 1900?


China Balloon Uploaded Data, Images, and Video to satellite BEFORE Being Shot Down off U.S. East Coast


The United States on Saturday CLAIMS it shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the North Carolina coast, ending a national security fiasco that had lasted several days.  One expert says video SEEMS to show China "Self-destructed" the equipment array before the US did anything. He also says it is likely that all data, images, and video from the balloon's trip was uploaded via satellite by China long before the balloon was downed.  The U.S. military says it destroyed the balloon over the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coastline. Why they didn't do that when it was over US airspace at the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, BEFORE it traversed the continental United States, has not been disclosed.


Citizens nationwide suspect China bribed quite a number of US government and military officials to make certain the balloon was allowed to cross the country unmolested, and those citizens think this is Treason, in everyone's face.  Before the balloon was downed, the Federal Aviation Administration paused departures and arrivals around midday at airports in Wilmington, N.C., and in Myrtle Beach and Charleston in South Carolina.  An operation is reportedly underway now to collect the debris, according to the reports.


The balloon incident had caused U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to postpone a planned trip to Beijing.  China has repeatedly downplayed the incident, saying that it was not a spy balloon.  A spokesperson for the China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated its contention on Saturday, claiming the balloon is a "civilian airship used for research, mainly meteorological, purposes" and adding, "we have no intention to violate and has never violated the territory or airspace of any sovereign country."




Full Article Hal Turner Radio show


Here is news video of the actual shoot-down

The Chinese official also said Blinken's planned visit was never actually announced.  "In fact, neither side has ever announced that there would be a visit," the spokesperson said, adding it is the role of diplomats on both sides to deal with "unexpected situations in a cool-headed and prudent manner."


Beijing asserted the balloon incident has been hyped up by media and politicians in the United States.

"Now everything will be different." Washington broke his own promise

MOSCOW, February 4 - RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. The US has raised the stakes again. Ukrainian troops will receive long-range missiles for the first time. Although a year ago overseas such a possibility was denied, "so as not to scale the conflict." About how this will change the situation and what else they can give away - in the material of RIA Novosti.


Bomb with an engine

Judging by the statements of politicians, the West intends to ensure victory for Ukraine this year. A week ago, the allies decided to give heavy armored vehicles - tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Now let's go even further.



Democrats' New Demon Statue | Ep. 1170


New York City erects a golden demon statue to abortion on top of a courthouse, Trump gets some good news in the 2024 primary polls, and another prominent politician finds classified documents at his house.


0:00 RBG Demon Statue
3:21 My Favorite Comment
4:59 Josh Hawley Reintroduces PELOSI Act
7:04 Pfizer Admits to Planning Gain of Function Research
11:56 Cruz Introduces Bill to Stop Non-Citizens from Voting in DC
15:22 Morning Consult: Trump Dominance Recovering in GOP Primary
19:00 Classified Docs at Mike Pence's House
20:42 Trump Defends Pence

23:18 Behar: Good That Pence Had Docs, So They Can Go After Trump
25:22 Schiff: I'll Defend Our Democracy
29:14 DOJ Sues Google for Monopoly over Digital Ads
33:28 Feds Raid Biden's Home
37:04 Chappelle Calls out Violent Trans Protesters
43:07 New Research: Antidepressants Cause Emotional Blunting

Detransition: The Wounds That Won't Heal | Chloe Cole | EP 319


Dr Jordan B Peterson sits down with 18 years old de-transitioner Chloe Cole. Chloe was indoctrinated, affirmed, and set on an irreparable path at the age of 15, and now finds herself abandoned by the community and the doctors that lead her over the edge.

Chloe Cole is an 18-year-old de-transitioner from The Central Valley of California. She started her transition at 12 years old, puberty blockers and testosterone at 13, and had a double mastectomy at 15 years old. She is now a strong advocate against gender ideology.


February 04, 2023



Second Chinese "Surveillance Balloon" Flying Over Latin America


The US government says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America.


"We are seeing reports of a balloon transiting Latin America," Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, a Pentagon spokesperson, told Fox News Friday night. "We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon."




US Surrounds China with War Machinery While Freaking Out About Balloons


In what Austin journalist Christopher Hooks has called "one of the stupidest news cycles in living memory," the entire American political/media class is having an existential meltdown over what the Pentagon claims is a Chinese spy balloon detected in US airspace on Thursday.


Secretary of State Antony Blinken cancelled his scheduled diplomatic visit to China after the detection of the balloon. The mass media have been covering the story with breathless excitement. China hawk pundits have been pounding the war drums all day on any platform they can get to and accusing the Biden administration of not responding aggressively enough to the incident.


"The important thing that the American people need to understand, and what we are going to try to expose in a bipartisan fashion on this committee, is that the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party is not just a distant threat in East Asia, or a threat to Taiwan," House China Select Committee Chairman Mike Gallagher told Fox News on Friday.


House China Select Committee Chairman Mike Gallagher also said, "It is a threat right here at home. It is a threat to American sovereignty, and it is a threat to the Midwest — in places like those that I live in."


“A big Chinese balloon in the sky and millions of Chinese TikTok balloons on our phones,” tweeted Senator Mitt Romney. “Let’s shut them all down.”



Final solution to the Russian question?

German politicians eye revival of fascism


The Russian foreign minister noted that now, just like during the Great Patriotic War, Nazi dogma is being used against Russia.


MOSCOW, February 2. /TASS/. Seeking Russia’s defeat as the "final solution to the Russian question" is nothing more than Nazism and there are politicians in the West, for instance, in Germany, who wouldn’t be against resurrecting it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a Thursday interview with TV news anchor Dmitry Kiselyov.




Irreversible Damage? | Abigail Shrier | EP 159


Abigail Shrier and I discuss identity, gender dysphoria, the increased rate of gender transitioning procedures among young female adolescents, details of these procedures, de-transitioning, her personal experiences writing her book “Irreversible Damage”, and more.


Abigail Shrier is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal and author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.

Abigail used her experience as a journalist to interview a wide variety of experts on the explosion in the number of young women self-diagnosing and taking steps to transition to male using hormones and surgery physically.

AMISH WARNING: Chickens & Eggs Inflation,

Food Shortages - SHTF 2023


In this SHTF 2023 AMISH WARNING about chickens and eggs, we learn about food shortages that may happen as a result of chicken and egg inflation. As Americans eat more chicken and eggs, the eggs that are left over may become scarce and more expensive.


It's important to be prepared for food shortages in the future, and this video is a good way to learn about what might happen as a result of chicken and egg inflation. Keep these AMISH WARNING about chickens and eggs in mind as you plan your meals for the future!

Pretty crazy warning for people who buy eggs and chicken.


Did you know that eggs supposedly cause many illnesses now as of many studies in 2020. It is now believed that eggs cause cancer and heart disease and diabetes and much more illnesses. Supposedly, what we do know is that we are seeing egg, inflation, chicken, inflation, and food inflation. The egg prices have gotten ridiculous.


People are seeing egg, shortages and food shortages all over the place and Omish warning is that egg prices are going up and egg laying chickens could see a price of $25 per check, inflation in egg, laying chickens as well, many of you I’m sure watch Doug and Stacy, off grid with Doug and Stacy.


They are about home studying off grid definitely prepping preppers ready for emergency preparedness and very effective with self-sufficiency, Doug and Stacy know the Amish people and Doug said that his Amish acquaintance stated that he was selling eggs for an inflation price of eight dollars a dozen the highest price he has ever sold eggs for and warrens the egg prices will continue to rise, and that egg laying chickens will be very expensive soon, so having a mindset of emergency, preparedness and self-sufficient lifestyles, you need to be prepared be prepping for SHTF 2023 with egg prices egg shortages chicken shortages egg inflation food inflation.


Many of us are already seeing the egg inflation in 2023 and people that are prepping for 2023 are thinking it might get much worse and with this Amish warning that egg prices are going up chicken prices are going up we can only believe that food inflation will rise. Food shortages will rise. People will see Walmart, food, shortages, empty shelves, and high levels of food inflation in 2023 as we have already been impacted by a lot of inflation, many of us prepping channels like Canadian prepper, pinball preparedness Alaska prepper, caution prepping and us here at Riverside homestead life YOU WILL LEARN about more inflation and food and shortages, so be sure you’re prepping for 2023 prepping for egg inflation in 2023.


Watch homesteading channels as they know lots of tricks to avoid the food, shortages and food inflation homesteading off grid people can teach you a lot about avoiding empty shelves about how to raise backyard, chickens, and everything you need to know about eggs and preparedness.


Tulsi Gabbard: This Biden official

just 'exposed' the administration.


Former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard discusses how the U.S. allegedly sabotaged Nord stream 2 on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’


Tucker Comments -

-"Throw these lying war mongering politicians out of office. " Tulsi Gabbard.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

-This administration is truly dragging us and the world as a whole straight to hell.

-It would be amazing if the guilty people were actually punished for their actions. This entire administration belongs behind bars.


February 03, 2023



A Panicked Empire Tries to Make Russia an 'offer It Can’t Refuse'


Those behind the Throne are never more dangerous than when they have their backs against the wall.


Their power is slipping away, fast: Militarily, via NATO’s progressive humiliation in Ukraine; Financially, sooner rather than later, most of the Global South will want nothing to do with the currency of a bankrupt rogue giant; Politically, the global majority is taking decisive steps to stop obeying a rapacious, discredited, de facto minority.


So now those behind the Throne are plotting to at least try to stall the incoming disaster on the military front.


As confirmed by a high-level US establishment source, a new directive on NATO vs. Russia in Ukraine was relayed to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Blinken, in terms of actual power, is nothing but a messenger boy for the Straussian neocons and neoliberals who actually run US foreign policy.

The secretary of state was instructed to relay the new directive – a sort of message to the Kremlin – via mainstream print media, which was promptly published by the Washington Post.


In the elite US mainstream media division of labor, the New York Times is very close to the State Department. and the Washington Post to the CIA. In this case though the directive was too important and needed to be relayed by the paper of record in the imperial capital. It was published as an Op-Ed (behind paywall).


Pentagon Refuses to Shoot Down Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Hovering Over Montana for Days


The Department of Defense announced on Thursday they have been monitoring a suspected Chinese spy balloon floating over the state of Montana for over two days.


Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder told NBC News, “The United States government has detected and is tracking a high-altitude surveillance balloon that is over the continental United States right now.”


Ryder went on to say once the US Government was notified about the floating balloon they immediately started to notify officials in Montana to protect sensitive information.




Flights were temporarily grounded on Wednesday after many noticed the UFO.


Not joking: It was a UFO Flights at Billings Logan International Airport temporarily grounded Wednesday as many noticed an unidentified object in the sky


Aluminum Snow: Lab Test Confirmed


Geoengineering Watch will start to release as of yet unseen footage from the filming of The Dimming, this is the first installment. Aluminum nanoparticle fallout from climate engineering operations are building up in our snow, soils and runoff waters, the levels are far beyond alarming. Lab test results of snow from the side of Northern California's Mt. Shasta are a truly shocking example. Testing samples from this formerly pristine water source have revealed levels of aluminum that are so astronomically high that the meltwater can only be considered completely contaminated. This 7-minute video contains important footage. The testimony revealed in this video is from a highly degreed former USFS government scientist, it serves as a sobering wakeup call and warning for us all.


All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make everyday count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most

comprehensive climate engineering documentary.


Manchin sends defiant message to Biden over proposed gov't rules that could prohibit nearly all gas stoves.


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) rebuked the Biden administration for proposing new energy conservation rules that would, according to Manchin, prohibit most gas stoves.


What about the rules?


On Wednesday, the Department of Energy proposed new rules for "energy conservation standards for consumer conventional cooking products," which would affect both gas and electric stoves and ovens.


The benefits of the updated rule, the agency alleges, include energy savings and environmental kickbacks.


The proposed rules come after widespread outrage against the Biden administration for allegedly considering a ban on gas stoves. Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Alexander Hoehn-Saric later denied the government was considering any such rule, but Fox News has since reported on internal administration memos showing a ban was, in fact, under consideration.


What did Manchin say?


At a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing, Manchin said the proposed Energy Department rules would negatively impact 96% of all gas stoves.


"Gas stoves have been in the news lately and I've come out strongly against the Consumer Product Safety Commission pursuing any ban of gas stoves," he began.


"I've always been a proponent of energy efficiency," he continued. "But the draft rule proposes efficiency levels that DOE says at the highest level, up to 96% of gas stoves don't currently meet. I don't like where I think they're going with this."

Manchin then made it clear he will

not relinquish his gas stove.


"And I'll tell you one thing: They're not taking my gas stove out. And my wife and I would both be upset," he said. "The federal government doesn't have any business telling American families how to cook their dinner. If there's technology down the road, and as we transition into new technology, that's fine. But basically, retrofitting or removing stoves that people have had for years is not going to happen."





Train mechanic dies protecting woman from armed suspect who had already shot 2 people

: 'Thats what heroes do'


A brave mechanic who worked for the Washington Metro Transit Authority died a hero's death this week after he intervened to help a woman who was being attacked by an armed suspect who had already shot two others.


Just after 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday morning, police in Washington, D.C., received a call about an "agitated" man who was "brandishing" a handgun on a city bus. According to a police report, Isaiah Trotman, 31, had shouted, "I'm the killmonger" before engaging in an altercation with a male bus passenger. The two exited the bus, at which time, Trotman allegedly shot the man in the legs before dashing down an escalator toward a Metro train station at Potomac Avenue.


As he neared the train station, Trotman allegedly encountered an adult male attempting to purchase a ticket. Trotman then attacked the man and shot him in the leg as well, police claimed.


Once on the train platform, Trotman reportedly "pointed the handgun at a female" and initiated a "verbal exchange" with her. Reports indicate that Trotman continued to hold the woman at gunpoint when 64-year-old Robert Cunningham, who worked in the WMTA power department, stepped in to shield the woman from harm.


It would be the last thing Cunningham would ever do.



According to reports, a single shot struck Cunningham in the head, and he died at the scene. Another WMTA employee then attempted to intervene, prompting the suspect to enter "an occupied Metro rail car," where passengers quickly tackled and disarmed him before he could fire off another round.


Trotman was soon afterwards arrested and charged with first-degree murder while armed, kidnapping while armed, and assault with a dangerous weapon. In all, he allegedly shot three people during the rampage. The first two shooting victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries, and another man suffered a laceration to the hand and is expected to make a full recovery.

Donald Trump CAUSED Tucker Carlson to See the Truth


It's about time that reasonable people ask reasonable questions and get reasonable answers.


Gibson Comments -

-Amen Devin!! And I feel the same way Tucker Carlson does! President Trump opened my eyes and made me look at things TOTALLY differently, and I'd vote for him again in a heartbeat!!! And Happy Birthday Devin!! 🥳🎂🎁🎈

-Amen brother, it's a blessing to see a man that is a pillar of strength in these times. Good content keep it coming



Councilwoman fatally shot in car

outside her New Jersey home


Police believe Dwumfour was the intended target in the attack, but the motive remains unclear, WABC in New York reported. No arrests had been made as of early Thursday. Residents told RLS Media, a local news site, that they saw the person they believed to be the gunman running toward the Garden State Parkway, which is not far from the scene of the shooting.


Sayreville Mayor Victoria Kilpatrick (D) said in a statement that the community was “shocked and saddened at the loss of Eunice Dwumfour,” describing her killing as “a despicable criminal act.”


“Eunice was a dedicated member of our Borough Council who was truly committed to serve all of our residents,” Kilpatrick said. “The fact that she was taken from us by a despicable criminal act makes this incident all the more horrifying.”


The sentiments were echoed by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D), who urged anyone with information on her death to contact law enforcement immediately.


“Her career of public service was just beginning, and by all accounts she had already built a reputation as a committed member of the Borough Council who took her responsibility with the utmost diligence and seriousness,” Murphy said in a statement posted to Twitter.

What Happened After the Protests in China?

- The Dark Truth LEAKED


Comments -

-We don't want PCR testing, we want food
We don't want lockdowns, we want freedom
We don't want lies, we want dignity
We don't want Cultural Revolution, we want reform
We don't want tyrants, we want elections
We don't want to be slaves, we want to be citizens -Bannerman

-My heart goes out to these brave and honorable protestors. I pray that their activism is not in vain.

-Out of all the channels covering China on YT, you're the one who's taking the most risk and talking about things that no one else will. Keep it up man.


-My heart breaks for the Chinese people, sadly that’s where the state of the whole world is headed, I’m afraid 😢



Tucker: This is a matter of national survival


"Control food supply, control people, Control energy, control the country, Control the Money, control the world" Henry Kissinger



Horror in South Africa as a blueprint for Europe?


Whites Brutally Discriminated Against - Forced
Into Shacks, Starving


Brace yourselves. This is not a pretty sight. In this day and age, who would have thought that Racism still prevails on such a level?




Click to pic if video does not load. ----->










Recruitment in Ukraine..


Everyone is eager to join and fight the Evil Russians!








"If you don't like your job, just quit. But what if there's nowhere to go. What if everywhere has ubiquitous monitoring." From this year's WEF.







SquirrelTribe Comments -

-We got what we deserved. There used to be many many grocery stores and other stores. Walmart comes in and they knew the plan. We watched in our communities, all the smaller grocery stores close as we made the choice to turn ours backs on these stores. No longer was it about supporting each other and community. Always wanting something bigger and better. Hook, line and sinker.

-I've seen this coming for years, as 66 year old women, when I first saw a self check out, I said it is here. So many jobs to be lost. 😳

-I think they're widening the Isles to cover up the food shortage. Our local BJ's Wholesale Club has been removing aisles and widening them. Edit: I love that you brought up AI! I love your brain! 💗



-It is happening everywhere. I'm in Houston, I was at a Kroger store and chatted with an employee who was working the self-checkout, she told me the plan for Kroger is to eliminate ALL human cashiers and go totally self-checkout. I had an employee at a CVS tell me to use the self-checkout instead of getting on his register and doing his job. I, like you, would definitely prefer a human cashier. Maybe it's time to realize that we are mere pawns in the game being played out on the world stage.


SHOCKING: Is This Where They HIDING The FOOD!!?

| Food Shortages | SHTF


Shocking is this where they’re hiding all the food is this the reason for food shortages and SHTF food for 2023? Are we going to have food shortages and whoever stocking up the food in the underground prepping facility will be prepared, mini preppers are prepping for SHTF and prepping for food, shortages, and empty shelves and inflation. In this case someone has 2 1/2 million square feet to prep food 3 1/half miles of underground road systems for storage, definitely time to be prepping and prepping for inflation too, if you watch Prepping channels like Riverside homestead life or pinball preparedness, full spectrum, Canadian prepper, prepared Homestead or Alaska prepper or GoshEn prepping, the economical ninja full spectrum, survival or any of these prepping channels that give you the Prepping news you would know that prepping for SHTS is eminent and having emergency preparedness and disaster preparedness for economic collapse, or food shortages or empty shelves, or even Walmart food shortages people are prepping for SHTS,..


SH do you have 2023 if you haven’t heard the term prepping for SHTF it means people are food prepping food for fruit for food, shortages and empty shelves. Many people are expecting food shortages in 2023 along with empty shelves and major inflation and most certainly food inflation which we’ve already seen food. Inflation going crazy people I’ve seen empty shelves at Aldie. They’ve seen grocery inflation even at Walmart whether it’s things like all the empty shelves in 2022 or 2023 you’re going to want to be prepared this underground cave of a storage is definitely interesting check it out.


Riverside Homestead Life



Another video from the front line somewhere in the Donbass showed the storming of the positions of the Ukrainian military by Russian servicemen. According to reports, the video was shot by a group of Russian soldiers who were mobilized several months ago and recently arrived at the front line.


The footage once again confirmed the attitude of Russian servicemen to their enemies. All Ukrainian servicemen remained alive, none of them were wounded. They were asked to lay down their weapons and lie down on the ground. After they submitted, the Russians promised not to harm them.


On the other hand, the video reportedly shows the first experience of mobilized Russian servicemen storming a Ukrainian stronghold. Russian kindness posed a great threat to their own safety. Instead of throwing a grenade into the trenches, they entered the stronghold and began asking the enemy to come out. There is no necessary control over the surrendered Ukrainian soldiers.  The video probably shows the capture of recently mobilized Ukrainian servicemen who were thrown into the trenches without the necessary training.


Russian assault groups are acting cautiously, trying to save the lives of as many Ukrainian soldiers as possible. The Russian side is actively spreading information, confirming that all Ukrainian prisoners of war are treated well and calling on enemy soldiers to surrender and save their lives. Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine is still a bloody battle, but the video above is another proof that Ukrainian servicemen have a choice.

February 01, 2023



BUYER BEWARE...Tractor Supply

Has Really Done It This Time


There are lots of stories out now that tractor supply is selling a chicken feed that is actually causing your chickens to stop laying eggs all together. The company that makes the name brand pride has changed up their formula for their chicken feed blend causing peoples backyard chickens to stop laying eggs.


Dutch Comments -


-From what I am gathering it's not what was or is left out it's something they added that stops the production so fast......just something to think about ✌️


-🐔🐔🐔🐔I am a back yard chicken guy with 24 chickens and can tell you this is TRUE! For 4 years I've used TS Feed with great results! 4 months ago I noticed a serious drop in Egg production form my girls! Yes, winter comes and there are normally a slight reduction. "I'm in central AZ, so not too cold". It was really baffling me, went from 12-16 eggs a day down to just 4-6 eggs a day! Then I heard the report on TS Feed, I went to my local feed store and bought PURINA brand and switched feed, eggs came back up to 11-13 eggs daily which is normal! Had one bag of TS Feed Pride brand left and switched BACK when the Purina ran out, two days later, only 4 eggs that day! I can verify that this report IS TRUE! No more Tractor Supply!


-That happened to me about 4 months ago. When I switched back to my local feed store feed, my hens started laying again. I never knew there was a problem until I started hearing others having the same issue.


House votes to terminate COVID health emergency IMMEDIATELY: Republicans win backing

of seven Democrats as they ignore Biden administration objections.


The US House of Representatives voted to terminate COVID-19 health emergency immediately and halt the vaccine requirement for health care workers with the help of democrats.


Republican lawmakers on Tuesday pushed for the bill the Pandemic is Over Act that passed in a party line vote, 220 to 210.

A second bill, the Freedom for Health Care Workers Act, was also passed with the votes of seven democrats.


The bill will now be heard in the Senate and if passed would eliminate the health emergency that has been intact since 2020.


TBT: This will get interesting. If the Senate passes this bill and Joe Biden vetoes, he will kill Democratic chances in 2024 across the board. If Biden allows this bill to become law, then he faces investigation as to just where all those trillions of taxpayer dollars went!

President and CEO of PayPal Dan Schulman (file photo). 'While we have made substantial progress in right-sizing our cost structure, and focused our resources on our core strategic priorities, we have more work to do,' Schulman said Tuesday in a statement

Tech giants' bloodbath continues: PayPal is latest to slash 2,000 jobs about

7% of its workforce as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are among those who laid off thousands.


--Disconnecting accounts that questioned vaccine safety or election honesty wasn't a good enough business decision!--


PayPal said Tuesday it will trim about 7 per cent of its total workforce, or about 2,000 full-time workers, as the digital payments company contends with what it calls 'the challenging macro-economic environment'.


PayPal said it will make the cuts over several weeks, with some of its organizations affected more than others. The company did not further specify. PayPal is the parent of Venmo, Xoom and Honey, among other brands.


The company based in San Jose, California, is the latest in the technology sector to trim its headcount. During the month of January alone, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce announced tens of thousands of layoffs. This has mostly been put down to a need to reduce costs as economic growth slows down around the world.




Zelensky Sent Out Government Decree to Destroy ALL INFORMATION on Hunter Bidens Metabiota Company on Same Day as Russian Invasion

Then Fire Spotted Outside Intel Headquarters


Zelensky sent out a decree on February 24, 2022 for government officials to destroy all information on the Ukrainian Research Anti-Plague Institute, Mechnikov Institute of Health of Ukraine, and the Zhytomyr Regional Laboratory Centers of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, who all worked with Metabiota Inc. (Metabiota) scientists.


Ukrainian President Zelensky ordered government officials to destroy all information on Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Company on the same day Russia invaded the country.


Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Zelensky sent out this document on February 24, 2022.

Putin will not dare use nuclear weapons on Ukraine, Zelensky advisor claims as Western military chiefs claim 180,000 Russian troops have been killed or wounded during invasion so far


The West must ignore Vladimir Putin's nuclear threats, a top advisor to Ukraine's President Zelensky has said.


The Kremlin claimed that it would resort to nuclear conflict if Europe and the US increased their supply of weapons and machinery to Ukraine.


Mykhailo Podolyak, an advisor to President Zelensky, told The Times: 'Putin is not ready to press the red button' as Russia understands the consequences of doing so.


-- Call me insane, but I do not believe Putin's threats to be idle, and I don't think he means to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. I believe he plans to use them against the countries who are fortifying the war. All those who are part of NATO. -- TBT editor


57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release

Shocking Study on COVID Vaccines and

Demand Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations


A group of 57 leading scientists, doctors and policy experts has released a report calling in to question the safety and efficacy of the current COVID-19 vaccines and are now calling for an immediate end to all vaccine programs. We urge you to read and share this damning report.


There are two certainties regarding the global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. The first is that governments and the vast majority of the mainstream media are pushing with all their might to get these experimental drugs into as many people as possible. The second is that those who are willing to face the scorn that comes with asking serious questions about vaccines are critical players in our ongoing effort to spread the truth.


Article link here



You can read an advanced copy of this manuscript in preprint below. It has been prepared by nearly five dozen highly respected doctors, scientists, and public policy experts from across the globe to be urgently sent to world leaders as well as all who are associated with the production and distribution of the various Covid-19 vaccines in circulation today.

Censorship of Covid Misinformation: DHHS Sued After Ignoring Freedom of Information

Request Over Censorship Demands


Activist group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for all records and communications between the Surgeon General’s office and social media companies about COVID-19 vaccines.


Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the HHS refused to adequately respond to a FOIA request filed in March 2022.


We obtained a copy of the complaint for you here.




The request was for: “All records, including, but not limited to, electronic mail, texts, memoranda, and handwritten notes, of, regarding, referring, or relating to any efforts of Alexandria Phillips, Communications Director, Office of the Surgeon General, to contact any employee of Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest concerning COVID-19 vaccines.”


Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has previously called for censorship of Covid misinformation. In 2021, he published a report titled “Confronting Health Misinformation,” which aimed to “slow the spread of health misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.”


The report encouraged platforms to censor vaccine misinformation and other misinformation related to the pandemic.


In March 2022, Murthy ordered social media platforms to hand over information about accounts spreading Covid misinformation.


Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said, “Biden’s Surgeon General is abusing his office to pressure Big Tech companies to censor Americans. This lawsuit aims to uncover the details of this government attack on the First Amendment.”


The Limits of Number One


The world is a mess, but Washington is determined to fix it. The secretary of state flies around the globe issuing instructions to friends and foes alike. When foreign officials refuse to listen, Uncle Sam dons his mailed fist.

First come sanctions to back his commands. Washington’s ability and willingness to conduct economic warfare is nonpareil. The U.S. and its allies understandably fret over Chinese economic coercion, such as trade restrictions, bans on tourism, and restrictions of investment. However, the Treasury Department issues new economic sanctions almost daily. Thousands of governments, businesses, officials, and others are presently on its naughty list.

With nary a thought, let alone serious debate, congress also penalizes other nations—friends as well as foes—that flout its will. Worst is imposing economic sanctions on already impoverished populations in an attempt to oust or influence their governments. Americans pay for such controls, which greatly complicate international investment, trade, and services, but foreign peoples suffer far more.


Egyptian FM in Russia Passes Message to

Lavrov From Blinken


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday said that his Egyptian counterpart delivered a message from Secretary of State Antony Blinken calling on Russia to “stop” its war in Ukraine.


Lavrov met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry in Moscow and told reporters that Shoukry “conveyed a message” from Blinken, who was in Cairo on Monday. “Russia is ready to listen to any serious proposal that is aimed at resolving the current situation in its comprehensive context,” Lavrov said, according to the Russian news agency TASS.


Lavrov said that the message was that Russia should “should stop, that Russia should quit, and then everything will be fine.” He said Blinken “omitted” something from the message, pointing to recent comments from NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who called for Russia’s defeat in Ukraine.


 From The Brutal Truth Editor -- This sounds like the US looking for a clean exit.. The USA has never apologized for any wrongs it might have been involved with.

January 31, 2023


Shelby County D.A. Says All Individuals Involved In Tyre Nichols Confrontation Could Face Charges


Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said Monday all individuals involved in the events leading up to, during, and after the beating of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, Tennessee, could face additional charges.


“This includes the officer present at the initial encounter who has not — so far — been charged, Memphis Fire Department personnel, and persons who participated in preparing documentation of the incident afterward,” the district attorney’s office told ABC News.


BREAKING: HORRIBLE – Arizona Regime Is Investigating Kari Lake and Trying to JAIL Her on Felony Charges for Exercising First Amendment and Exposing Election Fraud


The newly selected regime heading up Arizona’s top statewide offices is now targeting Kari Lake with potential felony charges for speaking out against the rigged election in Arizona.


Instead of fighting election fraud, the new regime will target good Arizonans who want honest elections.


Questionably elected Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, a former lawyer for Mexican drug cartels, sent out a new letter on Monday, asking questionably elected Attorney General Kris Mayes to “investigate and take appropriate enforcement action against Kari Lake” for sounding the alarm about the stolen 2022 Election.


This comes just TWO DAYS before the Arizona Court of Appeals is set to hold a February 1 conference in Kari Lake’s lawsuit contesting the stolen Midterm Election. They are terrified and will stop at nothing to cover up the truth.


As The Gateway Pundit reported, Kris Mayes recently revealed that the AG’s Election Integrity Unit (EIU) “is going to become a Voter Protection Unit” to “fight any effort by anyone to eliminate vote by mail” and prosecute alleged voter intimidation and alleged intimidation of election officials.







There Is Far More Going On Behind

The Scenes Than Most People Ever Imagined…


In secret facilities all over the planet, scientists are pushing the envelope far beyond what most of us thought was possible. They are developing technologies that are decades ahead of what the general public has access to right now, and in many cases little regard is being given to any moral or ethical lines that are being crossed.


Unfortunately, many of these new technologies are being designed to be used on us. The “Big Brother control grid” that we see all around us is going to continue to evolve, and each new “improvement” will give the elite even more control.


Ultimately, the goal is to get everyone to be completely and utterly dependent on the system that they have created, and anyone that chooses not to be a good servant of that system will be dealt with ruthlessly.


Perhaps you think that you will be able to fight back against the system when it gets to that point. But what are you going to do when they send shapeshifting robots made out of “liquid metal” against you...?


Scientists have created a “liquid metal” Terminator-style robot.


The human-shaped “droid” can flow through the bars of a cage before rebuilding itself – like the rogue cop cyborg in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator 2.


In the not-too-distant future, the elite will have access to ultra-efficient robots that are much stronger than you, much faster than you and much smarter than you.


So, what use will you be at that point?


Human employees are becoming a thing of the past.


Robot employees are the future.


To me, what is even more frightening are all of the new surveillance technologies that are now being used against us all over the globe.






High-Ranking Air Force Officer Admits To Taking Highly Sensitive Classified Material, Storing At Home: Report


A high-ranking officer in the United States Air Force has reportedly admitted to federal investigators that he took extremely sensitive classified material and illegally stored it at his home in Florida.


Robert Birchum retired from the Air Force in 2018 as a lieutenant colonel after working at the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).


The Daily Beast reported that Federal law enforcement officials were tipped off in early 2017 that he had a flash drive at his home that contained classified material that, if released, “could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security of the United States.”


Investigators recovered 135 classified files at his home that were marked Top Secret, Top Secret/ACCM (Alternative Compensatory Control Measures), Secret, and/or Confidential, the report said. Investigators later found an additional 117 classified files on a personal hard drive that he kept during an overseas deployment and 28 classified paper documents in a storage unit.



Ukraine is being demolished

by massive Russian offensives


Straight Calls with Douglas Macgregor (30) - Your home for analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States and the world.



US court rejects J&J bankruptcy strategy

for tens of thousands of talc lawsuits


Johnson & Johnson’s strategy to use bankruptcy to resolve the multibillion-dollar litigation over claims its talc products cause cancer was rejected by a federal appeals court on Monday, but the healthcare conglomerate said it would challenge the ruling.

The decision by the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia removed from bankruptcy the company’s LTL Management unit, which was facing more than 38,000 legal claims tied to products such as its Johnson’s baby powder.


J&J (JNJ) shares were down about 3% in midday trading on the New York Stock Exchange.


J&J, which maintains and reiterated on Monday that its talc products are safe, created and spun off LTL and assigned its talc liabilities to the unit and placed it in bankruptcy in 2021.

J&J had argued that bankruptcy provided a way to resolve tens of thousands of legal claims more efficiently and fairly than taking the cases to trial individually. The company pledged a funding “backstop” to ensure LTL could pay talc claimants.

Putin just pulled off the ULTIMATE sneak attack against the West


There are troubling new signs this morning that this war is spiraling out of control on two main fronts. The first front is the physical front and the second front is the economic front. Last March Russia changed some important rules that allowed them to quietly move away from U.S. dollar dominance while no one was watching.


January 30, 2023


'Black alien' who mutilated his

body says restaurants refuse to serve him


One Frenchman, who calls himself the "black alien" after mutilating his body with various surgeries, tattoos, and other procedures, now he says restaurants are scared to serve him over his extreme appearance.


33-year-old Anthony Loffredo covered his entire body in tattoos, cut off his ears, fingers, nostrils, and upper lip, and is now eyeing a potential leg amputation.


But, despite claiming that he is just a "normal guy," he says restaurants are afraid to open their doors for him.


"I would say like they say not to judge a book by a cover or its cover," Fox News' Julie Banderas said on Gutfeld! last week. "I would say judge all you want when it comes to this guy."



"If I was working at a restaurant, and he walked in, I would hide under the counter… So, I don't blame people for wanting to run away from him," Banderas added. "But I will say once again, I think he has a nice body."


Do We Need to See "The View" Cancelled?


"Do we need to see White people also get beat before anybody will do anything? I’m not suggesting that. So don’t write us and tell me what a racist I am. I’m just asking is that what people have to see in order to wake up and realize this affects us all?" Goldberg asked.


She also wondered when this brutality would "finally lead to some police reform from the ground up."


"I asked this question way too many times at this table. But, you know, when will the brutality finally lead to some police reform from the ground up? Because clearly it doesn’t matter if it’s a white policeman or black policeman. It is a problem in the policing itself. It seems things don't seem to make sense to people unless it's somebody they can feel or they can recognize," she said.


Critics Are Calling for Beyoncé to Be Canceled After Controversial Live Performance


The UAE has strict laws against homosexuality.


Homosexuality is illegal in the United Arab Emirates. According to Human Diginity Trust, under the law in the UAE, prison time can be enforced for same-sex sexual activity. "Both men and women are criminalized under the law," according to the organization. "Same-sex sexual activity may also be penalized under Sharia law, under which the death penalty is possible, though there is no evidence that this has been used against LGBT people."


Beyoncé was criticized for performing in the country.

Like other stars before her, Beyoncé was criticized for performing in a country that is oppressive towards LGBTQIA+ people.One tweet from @douglasgrnwd, which has over 20K likes, reads, "No beef but I'm struggling to understand why Beyoncé, who has half a billion dollars, would accept 20 million dollars to make her debut performance of the Renaissance album, a record which lifts heavily from queer culture, in Dubai, a country where LGBT rights aren't recognized."


Beyoncé reportedly did not perform songs from 2022's Renaissance, which led another Twitter user to question whether this was on purpose. @PeterTatchell wrote, "#Beyonce performs in #Dubai's homophobic dictatorship. Ditching her own progressive values, she put a money-grabbing pay cheque before human rights. And sang no songs from Renaissance album, to appease anti-LGBT+ regime that has death penalty for gay sex?" (As noted by Gay Times, Renaissance features samples and guest appearances by several queer artists.)Another Twitter user, @yungbobbay, wrote, "Beyonce's first performance in years and she decides to do it exclusively for celebs and millionaires in Dubai after releasing an album celebrating LGBT culture… It's gonna be a no from me. Like, slay girl but also no, girl!"


Some fans defended her.


The concert isn't being universally panned, however. Some spoke up for Beyoncé's right to perform in Dubai.@NightAmorphous responded to @douglasgrnwd's post and wrote, "As a queer person from a country that doesn't recognize lgbt rights, I gotta say that this is a stupid tweet. Y'all want celebrities to boycott entire countries over homophobia? The government wouldn't care and it'd just hurt queer people in Dubai who want to see Beyonce."@irlboy6 posted, "idk man, idrc that beyoncé performed in Dubai. potentially her presence there spreads values that could further LGBT acceptance. someone tell me I'm being an insensitive idiot."@pathrique1 wrote, "beyoncé performing in dubai means being anti-lgbt??? then that means everyone performing in the US are supporters of gun violence, using that same logic. yall are dumb i swear."



Strange eerie message appears in sky out of nowhere!


The Sky writing is from a company called Sky texter it's an advertising company that was testing out its sky writing capabilities they use 5 planes connected to each other by Wi-Fi and write the message with Parafin oil. The message the final countdown refers to the company opening to the public. They also put messages saying Hello Berlin and Hello Germany in the sky before this message of the final count down.




The Truth About the Tyre Nichols Case


In this video I discuss the Tyre Nichols case that is getting national attention. I explain what went down, how bad it is, potential defenses, the reaction & the state of Memphis.


I made 7 different cuts of this video to avoid the age restriction. However, even a joke edits where I blacked out the whole screen got hit. So, this is the original cut, as you can see it's already not super violent. But if YouTube is going to make me work for free, I'll just show you the original cut.


Comments -

-Aiu's content is amazing, the guy has balls the size of Africa, respect for shouting him out like that 👍


-YouTube has already flagged this as offensive, I kid you not. It literally hasn't premiered yet they've already flagged it.


-Dude, Sean, appreciate your analysis. It looks to me like they kicked him in the face while he was on the ground with at least one officer on him. It looks to me like the officer held his head up so that the kicker could get a clear shot at his face. The officer loaded up and got a clean right legged “football style” kick clean in the face. The kick you showed at 14:00 is not the kick I am talking about. There was another kick where the kicking officer had his back to the camera in the foreground. Tyre was being held down on the ground perpendicular, not parallel, to the vehicle they are next to.


This clip was shown on CNN on Friday evening.


Tyre, at this point, was clearly neutralized as a threat. He had one officer on his back who it appears held his head up off the ground to give the other officer a clear kick to the face. This is in my estimation likely the blow that most likely ended up leading to his death. The kicking officer got a less clear second kick in just moment later.


How is this not a clear and obvious overuse of force?


(This comment was edited after reviewing the clip I referred to: Begin watching at 36:00)

January 29, 2023







-Next week egg prices, $24.00 a dozen-





Practice and challenges for organ donation after medical assistance in dying: A scoping review including the results of the first international roundtable in 2021


The procedure combining medical assistance in dying (MAiD) with donations after circulatory determination of death (DCDD) is known as organ donation after euthanasia (ODE). The first international roundtable on ODE was held during the 2021 WONCA family medicine conference as part of a scoping review.


It aimed to document practice and related issues to advise patients, professionals, and policymakers, aiding the development of responsible guidelines and helping to navigate the issues. This was achieved through literature searches and national and international stakeholder meetings. Up to 2021, ODE was performed 286 times in Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium, including eight cases of ODE from home (ODEH).


MAiD was provided 17,217 times (2020) in the eight countries where ODE is permitted. As of 2021, 837 patients (up to 14% of recipients of DCDD donors) had received organs from ODE.


ODE raises some important ethical concerns involving patient autonomy, the link between the request for MAiD and the request to donate organs and the increased burden placed on seriously ill MAiD patients.




Utah Republicans Pass Ban On Trans Procedures For Minors, Gov. Spencer Cox Not Likely To Veto


The bill, which bans both transgender surgeries and puberty blockers for children, will likely be the first such measure passed in 2023 as other states also look to pass similar legislation protecting children from irreversible procedures.


“Our country is witnessing a radical and dangerous push for children to enter this version of health care,” said Republican State Sen. Michael Kennedy during a debate on the bill in the Senate. Kennedy, who sponsored the bill, said that transgender surgeries for children “lack sufficient long-term research.”


Antidepressants linked to rise in superbugs, study finds


-- I've been hearing about this since 2020. I think there is a lot of truth to it. I haven't met a single person on anti-depressants who actually benefited well from it. And this I say applies to mainly those who get prescribed these drugs with no counseling visitations or follow-ups. --


Jianhua Guo, a professor at The University of Queensland‘s Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology and the study’s lead author, told Nature magazine that despite being a completely different class of drugs than antibiotics, antidepressants trigger the formation of superbugs that evade pharmaceutical treatments.


Published on January 23 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the paper outlines Guo and his colleagues’ experiments on the bacteria Escherichia coli, more commonly known as E. coli. They exposed the bacteria to five common antidepressants: sertraline (Zoloft), duloxetine (Cymbalta), bupropion (Wellbutrin), escitalopram (Lexapro) and agomelatine (Valdoxan).


For two months, Guo and his colleagues tested the bacteria’s susceptibility to 13 different antibiotics representing six different classes of drugs. All of them pushed E. coli to develop antibiotic resistance within that exposure window.


The worst offenders were sertraline and duloxetine, which generated the highest ratio of resistant bacterial cells to normal cells. (Related: Last year, research out of Saudi Arabia found that people who take antidepressants do not find happiness.)


California court releases video showing brutal attack on Paul Pelosi | GMA


Comments -


Here is my two cents worth. Why was the glass on the door originally on the outside pavement? Here we see this guy whacking the outside doorknob. Why does this video appear staged? Why didn't Pelosi call the police immediately? Other comments below issues pretty much the same responses.


-Isn't it cute how they're both smiling, and Paul is holding a drink? Such frivolity!


-Why did David show up with all that gear? Who opened the door for the police? Why did Paul have a drink in his hand? And why did he just stand there? Why didn’t Paul put the drink down and fight back with both hands if he was really being attacked?? Why did David stop mid attack to smile for the police camera?? Anyone with an IQ above 50 can see this was staged. But why??? Was this really a lover's quarrel?


-This still doesn't make any sense.... if I was sleeping at 5am, was woken up to a home invader, I definitely wouldn't pour myself a drink until after i fed the scumbag copper and lead. Paul's reaction and demeanor does not look like someone who is dealing with a threatening person who just broke in threatening their wife.


January 28, 2023




Satire Or Serious: "Why Didn't the Unvaccinated Do

More to Warn Us?"


Given the gargantuan level of gaslighting going on globally, it is difficult for us to judge whether the following is the most serious reframing of the entire COVID crisis yet or the most satisfyingly satirical take on the farcical narrative-managers op-eds we've ever read.


You decide...





They knew: why didn't the unvaccinated do more to warn us?

The unvaccinated knew what we didn't. Some of them said too little. Most said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands.

As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn't do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.




While well intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID19 vaccinations -- now seeming to do more harm than good -- their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.


Even though they knew what we didn't.  Our blood is now on their hands.






Suicide Pact: Minnesota Democrats Pass Bill to Ban Coal,

Oil and Gas in One of Nations Coldest States As

Biden Bans Mining in States Iron Range


Democrats in Minnesota banned coal, oil and gas after passing historic legislation in the state House of Representatives on Thursday.






And there you have it. Proof that ultimately, they want to keep us SICK and DEPENDANT on the Big Pharma Industry.




Tucker Carlson Calls Out Antifa Protests

as Coordinated, Political Propaganda


Did you notice the way that the far left snapped back into protest mode tonight, as if they were just waiting for this moment?

Tucker Carlson did.


During his opening monologue tonight, Carlson acknowledged that the Tyre Nichols video was awful, but he also pointed out that the far left’s reaction, and Antifa specifically, is in many ways just a propaganda campaign that magically gets trotted out whenever they’re needed.


Carlson suggests there is nothing organic about it.


Here’s a partial transcript, via FOX News:


That propaganda campaign, like all propaganda campaigns, is by definition dishonest, but it’s more than that. It’s worse than that. This is yet another attempt by our leaders of our country to inflame racial hatred in the United States. Why would anyone ever do that? The consequences of doing that ripple through the generations.


They don’t go away quickly, but they’re doing it anyway. Why? We can’t say for certain, but we can’t help but notice that the last time we had race riots in this country, a president, an incumbent president, lost reelection. There was a point.


So, Joe Biden, if he weren’t senile, might be concerned by this, but whatever the intent of lying about what you just saw might be, we know that it’s evil and we are beginning to suspect that the violence expected in Memphis tonight is not organic.


It’s not just outraged people taking to the streets. Why are we guessing that? Because similar violence is also expected tonight in cities across the country.













“If you are willing to walk among us

unvaccinated, you are an enemy."


This is what I call "Libtard Psychology."

Who is "Jordon Trishton Walker"?


The key takeaways that I want to highlight, based on the results below are somewhat chilling in the context of the “pandemic,” Covid-19, Pfizer's and the FDA’s cozy relationship with China, and the timing of Dr Walker’s experience with the pandemic and all of its outcomes:


He helped create market forecasts for therapeutics related to oncology in 2021 (Operation Moonshot comes to mind).

He “conducted impact evaluation of Value-Based Payment models and COVID-related changes in hospital reimbursement policies for a US federal health agency”. (Does this mean Boston Consulting Group or Pfizer, or both were working with the US government to actually create POLICIES THAT AFFECT US TAXPAYERS???)


He took a BCG sponsored Mandarin (Chinese) language and business immersion course…RIGHT BEFORE THE PANDEMIC HIT THE UNITED STATES. Does this mean BCG and/or their clients (who are either Pfizer, the US Government, or both) knew that these vaccines would be (or were already) being made in China? Business immersion (I am guessing business terms and colloquialisms) was also a focus. Does this mean he and his clients knew in 2019 or earlier that a mass vaccination/pharma boom was about to hit that both the CCP (who control the Chinese pharma industry and, of course, all of the BSL-4 labs the research occurred in) & Pfizer et al would be partnered on?



He is clearly a marketing specialist in the pharma space. Was Dr. Walker one of the “Vaccine Confidence” team members that created the strategy to manipulate the American population into taking an experimental, and as we now know dangerous/deadly mRNA experimental shot?


Did he actually go to Yale? Only one profile lists his attendance there.


Full Article

Original Project Veritas Story


Daughter Rams Mom's Rapist with a Car Multiple Times


These are the opinions and ramblings of a foul-mouthed lunatic. They are for entertainment purposes only and are probably wrong. You listen at your own risk.


Salty Comments -


-When a Criminal does not Fear the Law...they must be taught to Fear the Victim!


-You don't stop vigilantism by punishing them, you stop vigilantism by actually punishing the real criminals.


-When the law protects criminals more than the victims then we must bring justice to them ourselves


-In the court of public opinion, justice 🚘was just served. I'm telling you people are going to start taking matters into their own hands! Good people are at a breaking point! I salute this young lady.



 Japan Orders Investigation into Covid Vaccine Deaths as MSM Admit “The Jabs Are Killing Us


In another case of yesterday’s conspiracy theory becoming today’s fact, mainstream media is finally reporting on what we have known all along. Biden, Fauci and Gates have been sharing misinformation with us. There was no “winter of severe illness and death” for the unvaccinated.


In reality, this is a pandemic of the vaccinated.


Official investigations are being launched and lawsuits are being readied. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at an incredible phenomenon occurring closer to home. In the US, mainstream media outlets are beginning to quietly and tentatively report on the truth.


Source Rumble

January 27, 2023



Plot Twist: Ex-FBI Agent Involved in Trump-Russia Probe ARRESTED For Violating Russia Sanctions


Stands to reason. Whatever they are going after someone else for, they are doing themselves. I am very tired of it. Is anyone else tired of it?


No Evidence of any Vax Benefit. Covid Vaccine Makes the Problem Worse. Professor Byram Bridle


I interviewed virologist Dr. Byram Bridle, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Guelph University, Ontario

He points out that there is no evidence of benefit. If anything, all the evidence shows the vaccines INCREASE risk of infection, hospitalization, death.



According to Professor Bridle, at best, there are no benefits for the COVID vaccines.


But the data shows they make the problem worse in every metric: infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. You’ve been completely misled by the medical community about these vaccines.


There isn’t a single “expert” in the world who is willing to show Professor Bridle that he got it wrong.


Here’s my latest interview with Professor Byram Bridle


Source GlobalResearch 

The consent form for immunization does not list mortality reduction as an expected benefit yet it mentions death is possible with the vaccine. I anticipate more direct sources of information will become available including vaccine administration information from the CDC linked with the National Death Index. No matter what source is used, the number of deaths is far too large and the campaign should have been terminated for excess mortality before February, 1, 2021.

Catastrophic COVID-19 Vaccine Casualties in 2021


Several sources of data emerged in 2021 pointing to a biopharmaceutical public health disaster with the COVID-19 vaccine campaign.


Pfizer recorded 1223 deaths occurring shortly after administration of their product within the first 90 days of use starting December 10, 2020. Pantazatos and Seligmann reported an excess in all-cause mortality from vaccine administration and US census data during 2021 between 146k and 187k, with a midpoint of 166k deaths.


By the end of December, 2021, the CDC VAERS system had reported ~8K with an under-reporting factor of 30, the casualty estimate from that source was 240k. In a recent paper published in BMC Infectious Diseases, Dr. Mark Skidmore used a valid representative survey to learn from population reporting. A total of 22% knew of someone who was seriously injured by the vaccine and the estimate based upon deaths attributed to the vaccine by respondents was 278K deaths.


More - GlobalResearch




Legislators submit motion to impeach

Peru President Dina Boluarte


A group of left-wing politicians in Peru have submitted a motion of impeachment against President Dina Boluarte over her handling of nearly two months of protests following the removal of her predecessor Pedro Castillo.


Some 56 people have died amid violent confrontations between protesters and the security services.


Israel raids: Why are so many Palestinians being killed?


Israel has continued to step up its near-daily raids across the occupied West Bank, killing scores of Palestinians over the past year.


The spike in killings comes as part of intensified nightly raids by Israeli forces, particularly in the northern occupied cities of Jenin and Nablus, under the banner of crushing limited Palestinian armed resistance.


Civilians confronting the army during raids and uninvolved bystanders have been killed, as well as Palestinian fighters in targeted assassinations and during armed clashes.


More than 170 Palestinians, including at least 30 children, were killed across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem last year. In January 2023 alone, at least 29 Palestinians including five children have been killed.


The UN said that 2022 was the deadliest year for Palestinians since 2006, but 2023 is already on course to surpass that, if the number of deaths stay at the same level, and there is now the potential for a full-scale uprising among Palestinians, particularly in the wake of Israel’s new far-right government, which came into power at the end of December.

Died Suddenly


US Life Insurance companies have reported a mysterious surge in unexplained deaths in 18- to 49-year-olds. The Stew Peters Network presents DIED SUDDENLY, a documentary from award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer, on how we are seeing depopulation become a reality.


By tts-admin on November 23, 2022

Died Suddenly can also be viewed on




Also available at BitChute


and Brighteon


…and Rumble




Ukraine got its tanks. Now it wants jet fighters too


For Ukraine, the struggle to secure Western battle tanks was just the start.


With U.S.-built Abrams and German-made Leopards now headed for the front-line following months of bickering among Western allies, military planners in Kyiv are turning their attention to what they see as the logical next step in their effort to repel Russian invaders — shipments of modern fighter jets.


Conversations with more than half a dozen Western military officials and diplomats confirm an internal debate about supplying Ukraine with jet fighters is already underway, pushed by Ukrainian officials with support from hawkish Baltic states.

“The next natural step would be fighters,” a diplomat from a northern European country said.


The debate will likely prove even more contentious than the row over supplying tanks. In Europe, multiple officials and diplomats said their governments no longer consider the idea a non-starter, but that fears of escalation remain high.

January 26, 2023


-Politicians needs to be held more accountable in case like this and punished harder if found guilty. It can't be right that YOU get punished more severely for minor stuff, than politicians basically undermining and/or betraying the nation.

Yep... This is real. He actually said this.


Comments -


-This guy is a perfect reason why we need term limits; he is part of the machine. The only thing he represents is the swamp


-I’ve been on to him for years. He plays poker well, but you explained it well. His timing is almost unnoticeable. He has tell tale signs. He is pure establishment just like McCain.


-We need to bring back corporal punishment for politicians.


-It just doesn't matter if there was intent or not, everyone who has removed classified information without the proper authority needs to be sent to prison. There is no damn way they "accidentally" took the documents. They knew very well what they were doing when they did it.


Charlie Kirk & James O'Keefe Discuss Groundbreaking "Directed Evolution" Investigation Into Pfizer


Mission Statement

Investigate & expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical & transparent society.


Comments -

-Project Veritas is the gold star of how investigative reporting should be done.

-Conspiracy theorists proven right AS USUAL

-This is as scary as it gets. PV is doing amazing reporting and it scares “Reporters.”

-Thank you, Project Veritas, for showing us the Truth!




-This is nothing less than evil. He is laughing and seemingly proud of what they are doing at these about having blood on their hands. And nobody seems to be held accountable. Thank you, Project Veritas, for all your hard work.




Stacy Abrams Aide: Burning Cars

And Smashing Windows Isnt Violence


Marisa Pyle, a top adviser for Stacy Abrams’ voting rights nonprofit, defended anti-cop protestors who had smashed in police car windows and set them ablaze.


Pyle, a senior rapid response manager at Abrams’ Fair Fight Action, who was also a senior manager for Abrams’ One Georgia Leadership committee during her latest failed attempt at the Georgia governor’s seat, had rushed to the defense of anti-police protesters and the chaos that they had caused.


“You cannot commit violence against a window or a car. Killing a human? Now that, that is violence,” Pyle said in a tweet. “Shame on Atlanta’s leaders who fall into the same tired path of protecting property while our people are murdered by their police.”





John Kirby Fields Questions on Biden Classified Documents Scandal After

Karine Jean-Pierre Fails to do Her Job


Joe Biden’s affirmative action hire Karine Jean-Pierre has dodged questions on Biden’s classified documents scandal and stonewalled reporters for nearly two weeks.


John Kirby to the rescue.


Joe Biden’s affirmative action hire Karine Jean-Pierre has dodged questions on Biden’s classified documents scandal and stonewalled reporters for nearly two weeks.


So, John Kirby (former Pentagon spox) had to come into the press briefing room to do Karine Jean-Pierre’s job for her.


John Kirby actually answered some questions!


Peter Doocy: “John, how hard is it to walk out of a SCIF with classified material?”


“Everybody who goes in to a SCIF knows what the requirements are. To go in and knows what the requirements are to go out. You can’t bring personal devices in, and you certainly can’t leave with material unless that material is appropriately secured,” Kirby said.


Article Cuzzblue


Pelosi laughably denied last summer her husband ever made a stock purchase based on information he received from her. But as The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Pelosi was ranked the top trader in Congress in 2020 and in the top five in 2021.


Josh Hawley Introduces PELOSI Act to Ban Congressional Members and Their Spouses from Trading Stocks


An anti-corruption bill trolling Nancy Pelosi is certainly an honor she has earned. Pelosi, after all, was the most corrupt Speaker in American history.


Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) on Tuesday introduced the PELOSI Act, which bans one of Capitol Hill’s most notorious activities, congressional members and their spouses trading and holding stocks. Nancy’s husband Paul Pelosi not only bought $5 million worth of computer chip stocks before a vote on semiconductor legislation in June, but he also purchased over $1 million in Alphabet stock (Google’s parent company) immediately before Democrats introduced a bill banning Congressional stocks in September.



Meta Will Restore President Trumps Facebook and Instagram Accounts After 2 Years Spokesman Clegg Lies and Says Facebook Believes in Open Debate


Meta announced on Wednesday the company would restore President Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Meta spokesperson Nick Clegg lied through his teeth about free speech in the company’s announcement.


Social media is rooted in the belief that open debate and the free flow of ideas are important values, especially at a time when they are under threat in many places around the world. As a general rule, we don’t want to get in the way of open, public and democratic debate on Meta’s platforms — especially in the context of elections in democratic societies like the United States. The public should be able to hear what their politicians are saying — the good, the bad and the ugly — so that they can make informed choices at the ballot box. But that does not mean there are no limits to what people can say on our platform. When there is a clear risk of real-world harm — a deliberately high bar for Meta to intervene in public discourse — we act.


Facebook is the FURTHEST thing from free speech. And the fact that they lie to the public about their extensive censorship tells you everything you need to know about the company.


Establishment Demands You Stop

Damar Hamlin Conspiracy Theories


These are the opinions and ramblings of a foul-mouthed lunatic. They are for entertainment purposes only and are probably wrong. You listen at your own risk.


Salty Comments -


-It's a badge of honor to be considered a conspiracy theorist.


-The more they push against conspiracies, the more I believe them to be true…


-Only in these times does being called a conspiracy theorist mean you have a 98% effective rate...


-Best thing about being a conspiracy theorist is not dying suddenly.





- “Establishment Demands” are the two most frightening words anyone can hear. It’s like “you must submit” or “we’re from the government and we’re here to help” we are obligated to tell them “We will not comply.”


-My dad took the Pfizer and had a heart attack a week after. He survived but he is far from alright. He’s had a pacemaker put in, a triple bypass open heart surgery and is currently back in the hospital because he’s having trouble breathing. Damar Hamlin is not ok.

January 25, 2023


"In the past 24 hours, over 60 servicemen, two armored combat vehicles, three motor vehicles, two howitzers (Msta-B and D-30) and also a US-made AN/TPQ-50 counter battery radar were destroyed in that [Donetsk] area," the spokesman said.


Russian forces eliminated about 30 Ukrainian troops and a Grad rocket system in the Zaporozhye area over the past day, Konashenkov reported.

Russian forces strike over 60 Ukrainian artillery units in past day, top brass reports


Zelensky - "But we're WINNING!" -


Russian combat aircraft, missile troops and artillery struck over 60 Ukrainian artillery units at firing positions in the past day during the special military operation in Ukraine, Defense Ministry Spokesman Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov reported on Monday.


"In the past 24 hours, operational-tactical aircraft, missile troops and artillery of the Russian group of forces struck 63 artillery units at firing positions, manpower and military equipment in 97 areas," the spokesman said.


Russian artillery struck amassed manpower of two Ukrainian army brigades in the Kupyansk area, eliminating over 40 militants in the past day, Konashenkov reported.


"In the Kupyansk area, artillery of the Western Military District inflicted damage on amassed manpower of the Ukrainian army’s 14th and 92nd mechanized brigades in areas near the settlements of Dvurechnaya and Berestovoye in the Kharkov Region and Novosyolovskoye in the Lugansk People’s Republic," the spokesman said.


Wow... I wonder if Ron DeSantis Knows About This?


Gianno Caldwell 'disturbed' after being kicked out of Miami cafe for political views


Fox News political analyst Gianna Caldwell discusses his experience with a Miami cafe owner after he was kicked out of the establishment for his conservative views.



BREAKING: Viewers Report Tractor Supply Chicken Feed Is Bad | Food Shortage Updates


Boots on the ground reports from viewers on chicken feed issues from Tractor Supply and empty shelves at Walmart, Aldi, and other grocery stores across the US.


3 weeks ago
Our hens stopped laying for nearly 2 months. We had been buying our feed from TSC. Last month we switched to a local feed producer within 2 weeks our hens returned to their normal laying.


The Paul Pelosi scandal is not dead. The Pelosis wanted it to die but not so fast.


As you may recall Paul Pelosi was injured and taken to the hospital on the early morning of October 28, 2022. Pelosi was not alone. A man named David DePape was also sent to the hospital. The story that surrounded the event that led to them being sent to the hospital was suspect and it changed over time.


According to the first police conference, DePape was charged with burglary, but the police never mentioned how he entered the house.


In a second police conference, the police confirmed that DePape forced entry into the rear door at the rear of the home.


The day after the incident TGP reported that nothing added up.


Additionally, it’s been reported that DePape was in his underwear when the police arrived. This means that he most probably took off his clothes inside the house. This is because anyone walking around in that neighborhood in their underwear would immediately be arrested. This is not something that someone could do in that neighborhood. Also, why did Paul Pelosi refer to him as a friend on the phone?


Why aren't the chickens across America Producing Eggs? Hint... There is something wrong with the feed.


We went for months with extremely low egg production, some weeks getting no eggs at all, until we switched feed. This video is not sponsored by anyone. I'm not advocating you switch to the feed we're now using, but if your production is unusually low, it might be a good idea to take a look at what you are using to see if it's enough for your girls.


YouTube Otter Creek Homestead

Kick In The Face Soldiers Fired For Refusing COVID Vaccine Forced To Pay Back Signing Bonuses


U.S. service members who got fired for refusing to comply with the Pentagon’s tyrannical COVID vaccine mandate are now being forced to pay back their signing bonuses.


One former Army soldier who was fired for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine last May told Fox News Digital that he would have to pay back his original signing bonus upon his termination from the military because he did not complete the commitment in his contract.


The soldier had signed a contract with the Army for six years and received a $7,000 bonus. However, because he fell short of the six years, the military notified him that he owed the government a prorated amount of slightly over $4,000. In order to pay it back, he ended up having to “sell” 60 of his unused vacation days to cover the amount owed.


He said that effects on his mental health have been extremely negative because the way he was treated by the military was a “final kick in the face.”



Another service member called this “another example” of the Department of Defense failing to make up for their wrongdoings.


He said if this continues “the recruiting and retention shortfalls will only continue.”


Source Womensystems

Seriously... Who is planting these documents? This is surely an attempt to throw off Biden indictments!


President Trump Defends Mike Pence After Classified Documents Found at Former VPs Indiana Home


Shortly after news broke that classified documents were found inside former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home, President Trump took to Truth Social to defend Pence.


Trump wrote, “Mike Pence is an innocent man. He never did anything knowingly dishonest in his life.”


The 45th president would continue to write “Leave him alone!!!” (


As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today Pence lawyers announced several documents marked as classified were found inside of Pence’s Carmel, Indiana residence on January 16th.


After the documents were found, Pence’s attorney, Greg Jacob, contacted the National Archives.


Trump coming to the defense of Pence was quite shocking considering the two have bumped heads a few times since leaving office.


Since leaving office Mike Pence has taken jabs at Trump at almost every media appearance he has had.


The most notable attack was when Pence sat down with ABC News and stated there will be “better option” than Trump in 2024.


Arizona's Katie Hobbs Halts Executions of Over 100 Murderers Here's Who Shes Sparing


Arizona’s first Democratic governor in over a decade spent no time proving she was every bit a Democrat by putting the state’s executions on hold — sparing more than 100 murderers on the state’s death row, including a man who kidnapped and brutally killed his girlfriend’s ex-husband.


Gov. Katie Hobbs, the victor in a contentious race with Republican challenger Kari Lake, ordered the hold on Friday “due to the state’s history of mismanaging executions,” according to The Associated Press.


In the executive order, Hobbs didn’t officially declare a moratorium on executions. However, she appointed a commissioner to oversee a review of how the death penalty is carried out — and the state’s new Democratic attorney general, Kris Mayes, has said she won’t be seeking court orders to execute prisoners while the review is underway.


“With the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry now under new leadership, it’s time to address the fact that this is a system that needs better oversight on numerous fronts,” Hobbs told reporters.


The executive order spells out the purview of the commissioner, who will review, among other things, “ADCRR procedures and protocols for conducting an execution by gas chamber and by lethal injection, including but not limited to setting lines for a lethal injection, transparency and media access, access to legal counsel for the inmate.”

January 24, 2023


-Maybe next person to have Highly Classified Documents at their home is Kamela Harris! Face-blue-wide-eyes




BREAKING: Classified documents found at Mike Pence's home


Classified documents have been found at former Vice President Mike Pence's Indiana home according to two letters NBC News has obtained from his legal team to the National Archives. NBC's Monica Alba reports.


NBC Comments -


-Next it will be Cheney and Gore coming forward with their own docs going, "See, we all do it. It's no big deal."


-It was never about the classified documents. It was about the defiance of multiple attempts to recover documents; the I declassified them/they belong to me games. Yes, maybe NARA needs some additional procedures in place to get documents back, but this wouldn't have escalated to the point it is now if there were more cooperation.






⚠️ BREAKING: Asteroid ALERT - Satellite Could Get HIT - Earth Core Stopped SPINNING


Source GrandSupremeNews


Grand Comments -

-Wasn't there a movie about this? The core. Now we can expect a pole shift and Yellowstone going off.


-The CIA is going to knock out some satellites.


-I would like to see the science of how they figure the Earth core has stopped spinning.


-Maybe those trumpets in the sky people heard was actually the earth's core!

-I notice about 6:30 am today it was still dark outside, the sun would be rising about 5:45 before, central time zone. There are changes and I just register what I notice and then come across these videos. Truly was about 7 am when the sunshine.




Ted Cruz: Biden admin's plan to indict

Trump has gotten more complicated


Sen. Ted Cruz joins 'The Bottom Line' to discuss President Biden's alleged mishandling of classified documents.



Fox Comments -

-Imagine buying a painting for a half million dollars and getting a copy of a top-secret document for free. 10% for the big guy.


-It's soon to be a Trump's world.... 2024... time to make it right again.


-This man speaks the truth and I love them for that and I'm so happy that fox can bring people like this on to their shows and actually tell you the truth of what the hell the Democrats are doing to you people and thank you Fox for bringing on intelligent people that know what they're talking about and that are straightforward and honest.

January 23, 2023

America did not Promise Death to the Unborn.


The White House Revises the Declaration of Independence | Ep. 1098

00:00 - Opening.
01:10 - The White House Revises the Declaration of Independence
13:11 - Mass Shooting in Monterey Park
24:43 - White House Posts Abortion Propaganda
30:20 - Tony Dungy Speaks at The March for Life
35:18 - Sarah Huckabee Sanders Bans the Term "Latinx"
41:02 - The Comments Section
50:37 - Jessica and Adriana the TikTok Influencers Are Canceled




Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the White House makes revisions to the Declaration of Independence in support of "abortion rights." A major mass shooting falls rapidly out of the headlines when the Left's assumptions about the killer's motives prove to be unfounded. Tony Dungy, one of the least offensive people on the planet, is condemned as a rabid extremist when he reveals himself to be a conservative Christian. The state of Arkansas bans the word "Latinx" from its official documents. And a woman films and publicly shames a man who she claims harassed and traumatized her at the gym. The footage shows something else entirely.


DeSantis Discusses Ban of High School AP African American Studies Class That Contained CRT and Section on Queer Theory


Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has spoken to reporters about why his administration has barred an AP African American studies course from being taught in the state’s schools.


The course was banned after a review found that it violated the state law prohibiting CRT from being taught in classrooms. It also contained a section on “queer theory.”


Naturally, the left lost their minds over the ban, accusing Governor Ron DeSantis of implementing a “Don’t Say Black” rule, alluding to the “Don’t Say Gay” nickname for his Parental Rights in Education law.


“They’re advocating things like abolishing prisons. Now that’s a radical political position,” DeSantis told reporters. “You’re free to take that in your own life, I don’t think very many people think that would actually work, but how is that being taught as fact?”


“It’s not fair to say that somehow abolishing prisons is linked to black experiences, that that’s what black people want,” the governor continued. "I think they want law and order, just like anybody else wants law and order. So that is more ideology being used under the guise of history, and we want to do history.”


DeSantis’ office said they are ensuring Florida schools “utilize accurate, historical curriculum.”


Source DomiGood




Judge Dismisses Lawsuit from Whole Foods Employees Who Were Banned from Wearing Black Lives Matter Masks at Work


A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought on by Whole Foods employees who were upset that the company would not let them wear Black Lives Matter masks to work.


The ban was reportedly being enforced during the deadly riots in 2020 over the death of George Floyd while in police custody.


The employees, Haley Evans, Savannah Kinzer and Christopher Michno, claimed that the rules were in violation of Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.


US District Judge Allison Burroughs disagreed.


According to a report from Reuters, Judge Burroughs, in a 28-page decision, found little evidence to refute Whole Foods’ ‘legitimate business explanations’ for strictly enforcing the dress code, and no significant evidence it targeted the plaintiffs by firing them in the summer of 2020.”


“The evidence demonstrates only that Whole Foods did not strenuously enforce the dress code policy until mid-2020, and that when it increased enforcement, it did so uniformly,” she added.


The company prohibits employees from wearing any visible slogans, logos, or ads — political or otherwise.


Source Yourdestinationnow





"We Do Not Have Different Rules for Democrats or Republicans"   Merrick Garland Pushes Back on Claims Biden Has Been Treated Better Than Trump


Merrick Garland fielded some questions after the Justice Department’s meeting with its abortion rights task force.

Garland insisted the Justice Department equally applies the law to all people.


“The department has a set of norms and practices,” Garland said. “These mean, among other things, that we do not have different rules for Democrats or Republicans, different rules for the powerful or powerless, different rules for the rich or poor.”


A reporter asked Merrick Garland how he would answer those who say Joe Biden has been treated better than Trump. The Justice Department sent machine gun-toting FBI agents to raid Mar-a-Lago to seize lawfully stored presidential records. In contrast, the DOJ is covering up Joe Biden’s crimes. Biden STOLE classified documents and improperly stored them at his private office and Delaware home.


Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is working with Biden’s lawyers in the searches for documents and hid the scandal from the public. Garland absurdly claimed the DOJ treats each case in nonpartisan manner.




“We apply the facts and the law in each case in a neutral and nonpartisan manner,” Garland said. “That is what we always do, and that is what we do in the matters you are referring to.”









Why did Pfizer never sell its mRNA product in India? 🧐


Room Sits in Stunned Silence After Ex-Trans Teen's Shocking Testimony


| DM CLIPS | Rubin Report


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of detransitioner Chloe Cole sharing her heartbreaking story of how she was fast tracked into transgender surgery. Her testimony was given to fight Scott Wiener’s SB 107 proposal to make California a sanctuary state for trans kids escaping the trans healthcare bans in red states and provide gender affirming care for any kid who wants it.


You won't see this kind of news on MSM. That would of course, go against the Narrative.





The leader of a top pro-life hospice group has sounded the alarm over a recent study showing Canada as the

world leader in organ donations from people

who obtained state-sanctioned euthanasia.






Investigative Journalists Uncovers Gut-Wrenching Story: State Pushes Trans Agenda Over Child's Safety


Taken away because her parents identified her to her true biological gender... She ended up in an abusive foster care.



"The coronation is a celebration of hereditary power and privilege, it has no place in a modern society," said Republic's Chief Executive Graham Smith.

Anti-monarchists: King Charles coronation slap in the face for people amid high inflation


British anti-monarchists say they have planned a protest for the day of King Charles' coronation, which is expected to take place amid much pomp and circumstance as the public continue to struggle with high inflation and an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis.


Campaign group Republic, which is a British republican group advocating the replacement of the United Kingdom's monarchy with a parliamentary republic, made the announcement on Sunday.


The group said it had notified London's police about its plans for a peaceful demonstration at Parliament Square, which is overlooked by Westminster Abbey where Charles III is to be crowned in May.





Dear America - You Are Delusional, and Failing at Everything You Undertake

Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia sanctions - "All of these harebrained schemes, hatched in Washington, have backfired grandly."


"Those who have pushed for them are now reduced to just two face-saving maneuvers: blaming their political opponents; and blaming Russia. And these two maneuvers are set to backfire as well."





Zelensky's Wunderwaffe Weapons


March 20, 1945. With Berlin in critical danger, the Führer chooses General Gotthard Heinrici to replace Heinrich Himmler as chief of Army Group Vistula. Heinrici’s mission is to defend Berlin, which is now coming within striking distance of Red Army artillery fire, and to kick-start Zhukov’s retreat right back to Bakhmut, Moscow and Crimea, so as to give Hitler time to bring his wunderwaffe, his wonder weapons, into the fray.



Though Heinrici knows that these jet aircraft, together with the V1, V2 and V3 systems are too little and much too late, as a Prussian officer, he will do as commanded and try to forestall, for however long he can, Zhukov’s 1,500,000 troops with his 100,000,000 strong scratch army at the Seelow Heights. Heinrici, the Reich’s greatest defense tactician, has no illusions as to how either this battle or this war will end.


Late January 2023. With the Ukrainian rump Reich in critical danger, Kiev’s comedy king orders his remaining troops to go on the offensive and kick Gerasimov out of Bakhmut and right back to Moscow and Crimea. Zelensky’s NATO buddies declare that wonder weapons are on the way, Bradley personnel carriers and advanced air defense systems that Zelensky’s child conscripts haven’t a clue how to operate or maintain.


Source Strategicculturenews


Cold Weather, Wind Not Blowing Sees UK Bring Coal Power Plants Back Online


The United Kingdom is presently calm, cloudy, and cold, leaving the burning of natural gas picking up the slack for becalmed ‘renewable’ generation, and even coal-fired power plants saved from being decommissioned this winter ordered back online to keep the lights on.


Three coal-fired power plants, two at Drax in Yorkshire and one at West Burton in Lincolnshire, were ordered to make themselves ready for use in the early hours of Sunday morning as a cold snap — predictable for winter, perhaps — combined with short cloudy days and very little wind sees solar and turbines producing little energy.


The National Grid made the announcement at gone four o’clock Sunday morning, saying warming up three “winter contingency coal units”, as they call them, “should give the public confidence in Monday’s energy supply”, strongly implying the Grid predicted possible shortages to come tomorrow had that extra capacity not be there to call upon.


The order by the Grid to bring the three coal plants back online is particularly striking given they were all meant to have been permanently decommissioned — that is to say, disconnected, disassembled, and even demolished — by now. The United Kingdom government has been pursuing an aggressive policy of removing coal from its national coal generation mix, and all three plants activated today were meant to be shut down forever by September last year.


Source Breitbart